Playing With Fire

The great mistake over the last century, or more, is in thinking that the American Left is an intellectual movement that relies on facts and reason to formulate policy and strategy, with the goal of making the nation better. Conservatives have long been obsessed with talking about the Left as their colleagues, insisting they are simply mistaken, but otherwise well intentioned. The truth is, the Left in America is a cult, a suicide cult, that seeks to pull down the support beams of society so the roof collapses on all of us.

Here is a good example of it.

More Democratic electors are joining the call for an intelligence briefing on Russian interference in the presidential election before they cast their votes for president on Monday.

Twenty-nine electors now are pressuring Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to disclose more information about the CIA’s conclusion that Russian interference helped sway the election in President-elect Donald Trump’s favor.

On Monday, 10 electors — spearheaded by Christine Pelosi, the daughter of House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) — wrote an open letterto Clapper, demanding more information ahead of next week’s vote.


“The Electors require to know from the intelligence community whether there are ongoing investigations into ties between Donald Trump, his campaign or associates, and Russian government interference in the election, the scope of those investigations, how far those investigations may have reached, and who was involved in those investigations,” the letter reads. “We further require a briefing on all investigative findings, as these matters directly impact the core factors in our deliberations of whether Mr. Trump is fit to serve as President of the United States.”Twenty-eight Democrats and one Republican have now signed the letter.

On Monday, the Clinton campaign voiced support for the effort.

The absurdity of the Russian hacking claims should be enough to put this story to bed long ago, but the media is run by the Cult so they are pumping air into this story every day. The Washington Post ran a fake news story with claims that the CIA has proof the Russians forced John Podesta to write all of those embarrassing e-mails that got released by WikiLeaks. Put another way, the people running the Post are willing to destroy what is left of their reputation to promote something they know is nonsense.

It is one thing for a campaign to cook up fake news in order to divert attention. The Clinton people were desperate to get their scandals out of the news so they made up the Russian hacking stuff. Politicians of all stripes do this sort of thing. LBJ used to accuse his opponents of horrible things, just so they would have to deny it. What the Left is engaging in now is an attempt to undermine public support of the political system. It’s as if they figure that if they can’t win, then everyone must lose.

What makes it especially suicidal is the obvious consequences, if their efforts actually succeeded. Let’s assume they are able to crack the Electoral College and overthrow the election. The result would be a constitutional crises. As Steve Sailer pointed out the other day, the people pushing for that should think about who would probably step into the crisis to impose order. The military is full of PC ninnies, but there are plenty of people in uniform that would like a shot at changing it. It is a safe bet that they did not vote for Clinton.

Of course, none of this is going to happen. Still, the public does notice that the people in charge are unwilling to abide by their own rules. To some degree, that is why Trump won the election. Corruption is just lawlessness among the ruling class and Trump promised to clean it up. If the ruling class appears to be throwing the rules aside in order to stop Trump, the public is going to begin to wonder why they are supporting the political system at all. Millennials are already on the fence about democracy.

None of this is to say the nation is staggering toward revolution or civil war. That seems unlikely at the present date, but the lesson of history is that things can spiral out of control quickly. The number one duty of every ruling elite is to maintain public support of the system that props up the ruling elite. Progressive attempts to kick the legs out from under the system could eventually work. The fact that they will be the first ones sent to the gallows does not seem to bother them. In fact, they probably long for it.

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  1. The Millennials no longer care about democracy precisely because they would prefer unmediated progressive elite rule and identify democracy, rightly or not, with their enemies.

  2. It’s anti life. It’s a death cult, Z. I don’t care if you think it is a manifestation of the devil, a Jungian archetype, a glitch in our programming (moist robots gone wild) or space aliens trying to off us a la the Screwfly Solution, it’s got to be stopped.

    • I sometimes wonder if “Leftism” is embedded in our DNA. Were they around prior to agriculture? Did they try to get their “fair share” from the tribe’s hunters without actually facing a mastodon with a spear?

      Or did that behavior only become a survival strategy after humans became domesticated through agriculture and civilization?

      • I think the latter, Drake. To survive slavery, you would have to be strongly disassociative. How else would you survive all of the degradation without being able to mentally escape into some fantasy world?

        Sadly, slavery has been so widespread that the genes are widespread. The problem isn’t so much stupid people as much as it is smart slaves looking for a master. As much as I despise Nietzsche for his nihilism, he nailed the “some people are born slaves” thing.


    This above explains quite a bit for me, and maybe you will see the crux of the matter here, because it is all inextricably linked, guns, property, freedom of expression, to petition our government, that our will is the highest and only true positive law of this land. And it is these things they are desperate to deny us, because those things deny these usurpers of their power as was their intention as the bases for our Republic and it’s structure.
    It is why I voted for Donald Trump. For I saw in that man somebody with the great potential and personal courage and virtue who could, quite possibly in my entire life other than Ronald Reagan, who would represent the idea my primal rights are not up for discussion or vote, or for sale to the most corrupt bidder. Further more, the Presidents job, his only job is to defend and protect those rights we all have as people, as individuals.

    Hillary Clinton represents the ideology, and an agenda, along with the special interests of a cabal of unaccountable actors, to increase the power of that ideology, that my rights are a bargaining chip for more power to decide what I can and can not do based on a mob’s wishes and interests, and the special interests, wealth and further power of the self appointed elites who adhere to that ideology. For that reason I would not vote for her or any form or representative of that tyranny.

    A President of The United States is by definition the penultimate representative and protector of the sovereign nature of the people. All the President has to do, is wake up in the mourning, check to see if the interests of the people are being served as sanctioned in our governing documents, then have a cup a tea and go for a walk.

    My rights, my freedom and liberty, are something that is not subject to any law but natural law as they exist and can not be taken from me or modified, they are primal concepts that make up the sovereign human I am. None of which are open for negotiation or compromise. It is the same thing with my guns. They are my property, first and last. Like my home. I own both outright and clear.

    What would it be like if an actor in the government, local, county, state, what have you, suddenly, out of the air, out of whole cloth mind you, drafted a diktat without my input blessing or say so, I am required by “law” or regulatory fiat, I am to get a permit to own my home? That I could only stay in it under specific circumstances, and if I violate these diktats, I become a criminal and am subject to arrest, prosecution, and incarceration, confiscation of my house, my land, it’s contents, and if I choose to defy this diktat, ultimately armed representatives of those who create these specious “laws” have the power to use their guns, which are not restricted, which the tax assessment I am required by “law” to fork overs owner of my house, is used to pay for and fund the very diktat and it’s functions in the first place.

    This above is what comprises what is termed common sense gun control laws. What is to stop these people from infringing further upon my property, my freedoms, my prosperity, my very liberty, once they have taken my guns, my property. What comes next after guns, because when they take all our guns, what is left that is yours to stop them with?
    Your vote?
    How is that working out so far?

    So far I see a mob whose special interests are to deny me that which is God given, who will take those things that are my property, my liberty. Including taking away a man who would protect my rights and not take them away.
    It is all the difference in the world. All I want is to be left alone, nothing more. I don’t want anything but which is mine to begin with. But these forces want everything, they want to take all those things that belong to me, right down to the dignity of who and what I am, and nothing will ever be enough for them.
    They are the human extinction movement, they destroy everything they can touch, they create nothing but more destruction.
    And I think if they are not stopped somehow through peaceful redress, they ail have to be stopped with violent redress. And that violent redress is fraught with misery and ugliness, it very well destroy and tear this country apart. And all that stands in the way of that Ragnorak, this Obamageddon, the destruction of everything, is us dirt people and our providence of tolerance and humble grace.

  4. “It’s as if they figure that if they can’t win, then everyone must lose.”

    I was told an old parable when I was just a kid: “The Dog in the Manger”. Go ahead and look it up and read it to your kids and grandkids. If they were born with any common sense at all they will immediately understand it.

    These days it’s increasingly looking like the only solution is to take the dog out back and put a round in it’s head. 

  5. “The fact that they will be the first ones sent to the gallows does not seem to bother them. In fact, they probably long for it.”

    If I can be of any assistance…

  6. So what should Trump do to send the message to the Cloud People that this had better stop_? My idea is to say something like, “You’re right, the Electrical College needs reform. ‘State winner take all’ is SO unfair_! [Now that we control enough states & legislatures] Let’s have electors be chosen Congressional district by Congressional district. More democratic. So much closer to the voters.”

    Any sane folk in the DNC would recognize that they’d never hold the presidency again in their lifetimes: Just look at the red/blue map by county. If there are any sane elite D’s they would know it’s time to back off,

    OTOH, maybe we should do it as a preventive measure just to ensure an end to this over centralized madness.

  7. I hope this all leads to failure. The Dems and MSM are throwing all in on ruination. Trump is doing well ignoring it for the most part and slowly more politicians are going to be forced to pick a side.. There is no doubt though, that the jig is up for the Donks. Trump has a mandate, now, for election reforms. The integrity of national elections should not be taken lightly. Instead of top down, Trump should actively promote States pass new safeguards and vow to defend those measures at the Federal level ( when the left sues) AND ask the Congress to repeal motor-voter.

  8. I’m encouraged that Trump is ignoring this nonsense and driving ahead with some very interesting cabinet appointments.

    You’ll notice that not one of his nominations have been rescinded in the face of increasingly hysterical tantrums from the establishment.

    Given that nothing in national politics happens by accident, I think there is a real ideological war going on at the highest levels of the real ruling class.

    The utopian progressive experiment has failed spectacularly, and at its core, is simply bad for business.

    Money doesn’t talk, it screams.

  9. “…the core factors in our deliberations of whether Mr. Trump is fit to serve…”

    Ah yes, the self proclaimed core factors of their their self appointed new role as minister of election truths.

    The left is a death cult. Zman mentioned that civil war is unlikely in this case and in the same breath says that these things happen fast. I don’t know about the first assertion but the second is fact.

  10. It may be instructive to be aware of the difference between narcissists and nihilists. We assume that the Left is populated by narcissists, who are all about themselves and their own interests, but do not want to burn down the house. Instead, they are nihilists, who are perfectly willing to burn it all down if things don’t go their way. Keep that in mind, if you ever feel tempted to try to reason with them. You are not dealing with normal people.

    • Read Dostoevsky’s “The Possessed” (sometimes translated as “The Devils”). The title refers to political radicals who were sociopaths. These nihilists who love burning everything down are nothing new.

  11. I have been tuning in (or is that clicking in), regularly, to this site for about a year now – this is my first comment. I believe that many here would be interested in the most recent post of Michael Scheuer (December 13) on his web site “non-intervention”, entitled “Clinton and Her Party Are the Criminals, Not the Russians”. The article (essay) compliments this one by “Z” and adds further insights. Worth your time to have a look and some of you will like the way it ends, I guarantee it!

  12. I’ve come to the conclusion that committed Leftists are like serial killers. You can’t reason with them, and no therapy will work. They have to be stopped, forcibly if necessary; at the very least, they have to be rendered impotent and harmless, separated from any possibility of exerting power over others. They will never reform on their own.

    • The only conversation possible with them is one of first principles. Anything else is more frustrating than explaining calculus to a dog.

    • Well, while I agree with you in general, I wouldn’t condemn all liberals. There are lite-liberals, liberals and die-hard liberals. I come from a Democrat family and shocked everyone to be the first, and only, to vote Republican. After decades though, and through the Obozo experience, I finally had enough direct experience of “their pain” to discuss the flaws in their thinking and why I think the way I do. They have come around to my way, for now, and actually voted Trump. It took a lot of work but it paid off. So all it not lost with everyone who is “liberal.”

  13. What does not seem to enter into the Progressives calculus is that, at the endgame, one thing stands, an oath to “protect and defend”. That is immutable. My personal belief is that the average Prog can think of nothing worth dying for. I can. That’s a real difference. They huff and puff and throw fits, but that is only because they’ve been indulged in those behaviors. Exact a real penalty for sedition and they will quickly reconsider.

    • The saying goes “if you want to see change, you have to make someone feel the pain.” Until then, it isn’t real.

      • Several years back when trying to get math reforms in our local district (the edu-crats had completely FUBAR’d the implementation of a new and fundamentally flawed program) I had to explain to the assembled group of angry parents that bureaucrats respond to only two stimuli, fear and pain. Unless you were willing to administer the latter and gin up the former, you would get nothing. Playing their game would be an endless rope-a-dope until you got tired and went away. So we administered pain, lots of it. At every Board Meeting, school coffee, via FOIA requests, until they broke. Have to admit I rather enjoyed it.

  14. It is self-destructive panic right now for the left. The elites of both sides have been relying on “the narrative” to control the masses and that has more or less stopped working. In their desperate attempt to regain the narrative, the elites are further destroying public faith in their own institutions. They are undermining their own future by doing this. I don’t know that they have any other option. There doesn’t seem to have been any alternative plan besides the narrative. The smart move now would be to retreat, lay low, and come up with a new plan, but I don’t think their SJW foot soldiers have the patience for that. The left has created a monster in the SJWs, who have elevated the narrative to the point of gospel, and I don’t think the elites really have complete control over them anymore, if they ever truly did. Without the social justice movement, I believe the left would shatter into pieces, so they must be placated at any cost.

    The current trying to undermine/steal the election is kind of a delaying action. They don’t know what to do, but they have to do something. They almost seem to be trying to imitate the republican opposition to Obama, without understanding why that succeeded and why things aren’t the same this time.

    I’m really curious what comes next. The left I think has a lot of dying to do before it’s over, and I think it’s going to take a while. People are starting to fight back in the culture war and the media is seriously wounded right now, but the (necessary)war against academia hasn’t really begun yet. There is a lot still to do.

    • What comes next is that they shriek hysterically until science kills their religion. Sex and race creationism is intellectually indefensible today, but like you said, the war against academia hasn’t really begun. If you want to believe that there are no differences, on average, between men and women and different racial and ethnic groups, there are dozens of well-respected public intellectuals who will assure you that you’re right and that anyone who disagrees is blinded by bigotry. But that can only last for so long and it’s highly probable that advances in genetics and neuroscience will completely destroy the blank slate in the short term. I’d guess 5 – 10 years. It’ll be a gradual process as more and more average people come to realize that the SJW narrative is false.

      Before Trump won the election, I used to think the SJWs that I know personally recognized that they were encouraging white identity politics by constantly lecturing everyone about white privilege, systemic racism, BLM, etc. I thought they just didn’t care because the status signaling was too sweet. Plus, making white people more racist than they’d be otherwise gives them more targets for their endless supply of hate. But now I realize that many of these people are True Believers. What I viewed as status signaling was actually proselytizing.

      The people I’m talking about aren’t morons, either. It’s almost kind of sad to watch them double down on identity politics while becoming apoplectic over Russia “hacking the election.” They genuinely seem to think that they’re making persuasive arguments.

      • I just remembered that Zman disagrees with the idea that science will kill the religion of social justice in this post:

        It’ll be interesting to see how things play out. I don’t see how the religion endures once HBD science is being used as a defense against disparate impact lawsuits.

        • Agreed. To clarify, for example, prior to the election when I’d see an SJW post a Facebook status update explaining that taking a colorblind approach to society is the very definition of racism because colorblindness erases the lived experiences of people of color, I’d view that post as being primarily driven by the desire to virtue signal and let the in-group know that you belong. I thought the kind of person who posts that status update realized how toxic it was to regular people, but now I realize that these people are completely deluded by their own bullshit. I still see the virtue signaling element to posts like that, but now I’ve come to realize just how strong this religion is since Trump was elected. It’s my own dumb fault for not seeing it earlier. I know SJW parents who are teaching their toddlers about about white privilege.

    • @ Taco_Town
      Academia might collapse more quickly than you think.

      At the moment, it’s main revenue generator is having a brick & morter-built, warm isolation tank experience for snowflake youth. Education is not happening, other than some science & engineering skills. Even they are polluted with global warming and diversity crap. Kids enter with some potential and “graduate” as SJWs with Zero critical thinking ability. Sad.

      They have some elements in common with where newspapers were 15 years ago. Then along came Craigslist and the internet which hollowed them out. Irrelevant shells now. No credibility.

      Acedemia has had one thing that has kept them in the game – accreditation.
      Kill that off, or at least require a new, realistic accreditation organization that is not brick & morter biased and to the left of chairman mao, and watch the walls come tumbling down. How? Easy. Be accredited by the new, realistic organization or lose federal funds, including access to student loans. Which, by the way, is exactly how the left has kept acedemia in their hammerlock for the last 50 years.

      Severely cutting back on Title IX abuses will help. If Mr. Trump rescinds Executive Order 10988 (JFK’s allowing public unions), that will really club the anthill, too.

      Traditional & Online universities which actually teach skills that people need to learn vs. indoctrinate will flourish.
      So will the students, unburdened from all the cult crap.

    • Taco, you are spot on. And along with Academia housecleaning there also needs to be a thorough fumigation of the justice system and judiciary. Way too many people there not upholding the Constitution and doing their own thang!

  15. Whats stunning to me has to do with who these usurpers are to begin with. They are red diaper babies, their decedents are originally products of the old Soviet efforts to infiltrate the US government with cultural marxists.
    The irony here is fabulously rich. That they are using “Russian Influence”, the CIA, obviously “turned” faithless elector’s, and hiding behind the US constitution as a shiny object to distract from the truth of their treason and other crimes says it all. I mean come on, how fake can you get?
    Not enough people bought into the fakery of the clinton crime/treason syndicate and their obvious globalist Junta, is it as it is said about the definition of insanity where you keep doing the same thing over and over again hoping for different results?
    This election was about us dirt people, nothing more nothing less. To blatantly ignore that and attempt what is an outright politikal coup, an in our face repudiation of a clear win for our choice of who is to defend and protect our interests and will as the governed, is an act of tyranny and treason only equaled by the hubris and omnipotence of these usurpers disguised as Americans in name only.

  16. “Of course, none of this is going to happen.”

    There I agree with you. Where I don’t agree is your assertion that an unexpected result from the Electoral College would somehow “change the rules.”

    Under our Constitution the president is chosen by the Electoral College. Most people don’t understand it, and many I’ve talked to are still baffled about how Mrs. Clinton could have won two and a half million more votes than Mr. Trump and still lose.

    That’s our system, for better or worse. But he who lives by the Electoral College dies by the Electoral College For myself I don’t see any plausible way that so many electors would change their votes. But (unless they fail to give one candidate a majority), the election is solely in their hands. It’s all part and parcel of the Founding Fathers’ distrust of democracy. If they choose someone else, whoever so chosen would be president, strictly within the rules.

    • Two-and-a-half million votes seems within the range of statistical significance given the way immigration laws have been circumvented for decades. So who is to say that she “really” beat Trump in the popular vote, legally that is? Never mind, dead people voting, multiple votes, unregistered people voting, cancelling Armed Forces absentee ballots, and all the other shenanigans that make up the cheating game.

      I also find it interesting that of all the attacks liberals make about Republicans moving for voter suppression, there is no “real” accusation or investigation into who controls precincts, voting apparatus and tabulation. Why is that? Could it be because the Dems have that part of the process “locked up?” Well, they should be “locked up.”

  17. The thing about cults is not only that their members sacrifice their individualism to the cause, their identities as free thinking humans, but they give up their souls as well. They made the decision somewhere along the way that being a free human being navigating between birth and death was too much for them. We are left with monsters who will do and say anything that advances the cause, for example, lying about Russian hacking or electors asking for intel briefings. It’s not that they have closed minds, they have no minds. I say forget about analyzing them and simply fight them at every turn, push back fast and hard at every destructive thing they say and do. This is why God gave us the internet.

    • ultimately the left will have to be driven out completely. it’s time for a cure to their evil.

  18. Millenials are “on the fence” about democracy because they’ve been indoctrinated to believe at a) the United States is a democracy, which it is not, and b) that democracy means they get to have whatever they want, which is true only if you live in an actual democracy (we don’t) and only if you happen to be in the majority (they aren’t). Of course they’re sour on it.

    It’s the inverse of why they’re sour on capitalism. They don’t realize, again because of indoctrination, the paradox of their belief systems. We are, if you listen to them (and Obama), already a “socialist state”. You’ve heard this before…if you support police and fire departments, you’re a “socialist”. They have no idea what socialism actually is. That being said, they complain endlessly about the state of the country. Well, if we’re already a socialist state, and you hate the country, that would ordinarily mean you hate socialism because socialism would have to be to blame.

    Nope! Just plug your ears and do your best Axel Foley, “I’m not listening to Larry! LA! LA! LA! LA! LA!”

    These mindsets about democracy and capitalism are particularly appealing to Millenials who have been getting participation ribbons (democracy) and cookies for minor accomplishments (socialism) since they were born. Many really do think they are God’s Chosen People, that anybody who disagrees with them must be an alt-right knuckle-dragger (assuming the standard definition in the media of that term), and that they should therefore always be in the majority of thinking.

    After all, what they think has been defined as “right thinking” by the Cool Kids, and surrounding yourself with people and media that agree with you is the surest way to convince yourself that you are in the majority.

    And then………..there’s an election and they lose. It reminds me of when the Berlin Wall came crashing down, and all the Soviet flags hanging up in dorm rooms around the college came crashing down, and there were tears. Turns out, people actually hate communism, and that it doesn’t work.

    What a drag.

  19. What the libs do is simply typical and they can’t help themselves. However, people like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, having met with their new Master, PE Trump, are being so blatantly disloyal and disrespectful that they deserve whatever hell fire The President brings down on them. He needs to do something about this to shut down this kind of crap. Without RINO help, the Dems/libs are simply pissing in the wind and howling at the moon about Russians and election tampering. Like the Dems/Libs should be talking about voter fraud. Heck, they coined the term and developed the racket for doing just that.

    • They key thing here in all this we must remember, it is not and never will be about Russian or any type of that kind of foreign influence. It is “look a squirrel!” time. Because those creating this shiny object to distract every one from the truth is SOP. This is about The Great Fuck You and us dirt people. We won because we withdrew our consent for the sonsofabitches, and they can not accept it.
      The foreign influence here is the influence of people among us anathema to everything that America is about. And you can not get any more foreign than that.
      But you will notice how cunningly they have turned the narrative into a Russian Boogeyman. So in my mind it goes much deeper than just creating their usual false narrative/crisis as a means BS by rigging the electoral system with faithless electors, this is the elites sending us dirt people and our Great Fuck you a return message, and that is we don’t matter. Well they are terribly mistaken.

      • Doug, you are right on! And if they were truly American at heart, they would be pointing their stinky fingers at people like George Soros instead of Putin. Talk about election manipulation! Trump should have his citizenship revoked and like enemy countries, seize his assets.

        • Russia banned that psychopathic shit stirrer and his NGO’s from their country for those same reasons you mentioned.
          How Soros isn’t in solitary confinement Quantico, or dead, as a terrorist kingpin is beyond me. How many countries has he bankrupted, who knows the suffering and dead he and his dirty money have funded?

  20. I think that the desperation of the left is caused by the fact that their narrative is at higher risk now than it has been in the last forty years. The big bet they made was on the white working class not seeing their own interests while they engaged in identity politics with everyone else. They were working on an equation where they thought that one of the variables was a constant, and it turned out to be otherwise. Now that they can see this, and the fact that they know that they are up against a master persuader (having Kanye up to the tower was a stroke of genius and he puuls this shit out of his hat every day) they now know that all of their constants are turning into variables. Despite the fact that this election was close everywhere except the electoral college, they realize that the whole game is at stake and they were so sure of themselves that they never thought to work on a plan B.
    And the centipede is a nimble navigator.

    • … this election was close everywhere except the electoral college…. Not really. Clinton won the popular vote overwhelmingly in a few enormous urban areas. That’s what gave her the popular vote. Take any enormous urban area out of the equation, and Trump gets the popular vote (or so I read, I haven’t done it). She milked a few cows with giant udders, and left the rest of the herd for her neighbor to milk. The neighbor got more milk.

  21. Influence!? The only valid “influence” I’m seeing is the classic hideous corrupt influence of the globalists and their decidedly amerikan vassal political operatives at work. This lawlessness is going to end up working both ways, at the barrel of a gun.

    So 40 faithless electors, anyone notice almost all come from Dumbfuckistan and all that implies regards every kind of leftist political corruption, influencing, vote rigging and gerrymander possible happens?
    The faithless electors where already the lefts hole cards, they didn’t just all of a sudden become faithless objectors, they are precinct system operatives, it is their job to throw elections already.

    Original 10:
    Christine Pelosi (CA)
    Micheal Baca (CO)
    Anita Bonds (DC)
    Courtney Watson (MD)
    Dudley Dudley (NH)
    Bev Hollingworth (NH)
    Terie Norelli (NH)
    Carol Shea-Porter (NH)
    Clay Pell (RI)
    Chris Suprun (TX)

    Newly Added Electors:
    Edward Buck (CA)
    Donna Ireland (CA)
    Vinz Koller (CA)
    Katherine Lyon (CA)
    John P. MacMurray (CA)
    Andres Ramos (CA)
    Gail Teton-Landis (CA)
    Olivia Reyes-Becerra (CA)
    David Scott Warmuth (CA)
    Gregory H. Willenborg (CA)
    Jerad Sutton (CO)
    Robert Nemenich (CO)
    Nancy Shepherdson (IL)
    Dori Dean (MA)
    Jason Palitsch (MA)
    Parwez Wahid (MA)
    Paul G. Yorkis (MA)
    Robert Leonard (MD)
    Salome T. Peters (MD)
    Melissa Mark-Viverito (NY)
    Stuart Appelbaum (NY)
    Stephanie Miner (NY)
    Melissa Sklarz (NY)
    Andrea Stewart-Cousins (NY)
    Sam H.W. Sappington (OR)
    Beth Caldwell (WA)
    Bret Chiafalo (WA)
    Deb Fitzgerald (VA)
    Terry C. Frye (VA)
    Jeanette Sarver (VA)

  22. The difference in liberalism in America and Europe is a matter of scale. Because European countries are so much smaller and more densely populated, the influence of liberal policies in major cities has a greater influence since the majority of Europeans live in or around large cities.

    Munich and Berlin, as liberal as they may be as cities, don’t really have much influence across eastern part of Germany. The state of Bavaria for example is very conservative. However Frankfurt and Koln have a great deal of influence over the areas that surround them in western Germany. In France, Paris only effects Paris and has very little influence in southern and central France. In the US, New York and San Francisco, while very liberal, have almost no influence over “fly over” states at all.

    Liberalism needs three specific conditions to develop and flourish, (1) an advanced and stable economy (2) a high level of cultural development in the arts and sciences and (3) a broad spectrum of demographic diversity. The constructs of liberalism is to change the conservative, static and established ways of the culture where it exists. However it has a hard time doing so when the majority of the population is ignorant and barely able to feed itself.

    This is why Europe and America are fertile grounds for liberal ideology, but Japan is not. Japan is unique because unlike the rest of advanced western nations, it has retained its language, culture and for the most part, its ties to the Shinto religion. These are culture constructs that have been gradually disappearing in America and Europe, which would explain why we have been losing touch with who we are as a people since the end of the Second World War.

    • Your explanation is a little too simple and deterministic. Here in the US Wisconsin became the leading state for progressivism at a time when there was practically no demographic diversity whatsoever. There had been a lot of recent immigration from Europe, however, and if that is demographic diversity, I guess you have a case, but the progressives were mostly home grown. Lafollette ain’t exactly a German name. I’ve been thinking all my life about what the key to liberal thinking is and haven’t come up with any philosopher’s stone.
      The closest thing I can come up with is Peter Abelard and the the idea that intentions absolve doers of responsibility for the consequences of their actions. As long as they can pretend that their actions have some purity of motive they can do anything. Sort of like Islam.

      • I have always subscribed to Michael Savage and his saying “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.” However, since he coined the term, it seems that the mental dillusions the left suffers are only encouraged by long-suffering citizens, The Deplorables, who have let these cretins have their way as spoiled children without any kind of ass whooping.

        As my father used to say “Time to go get the belt.” Well, the last time he tried that was when I was ten and when he was finished administering my punishment, I asked him “Are you done?” He never did that again. Both of us, being more normals, resorted to other methods of communicating. Seems like the Libtards are stuck in that state called “arrested development.”

        • Sure is, it’s an iconic chunk of metal and wood. I’ve heard some say the last of the queen’s of battle. I see it as the last of the battle rifles from a traditional industrial manufacturing age. No doubt what it is, a rifle for those who haven’t forgotten what a shovel, a knife, and an axe is for.

          • Doug, don’t fall for all the clichés. Although some European countries have very strict gun laws – yes, the UK, I’m looking at you – others do not. I mean, sheesh, every male between 18-65 in Switzerland keeps an assault rifle in his home and is required to by law as part of his compulsory military service. Finns, French, Greeks, Italians and Belgians are all notoriously well armed.

          • Recusant, maybe your confusing something here for another thing. Cliche’s have absolutely nothing to do with my comment. Switzerland is a postage stamp of a country, they are only concerned with defending that tiny kingdom and the lucrative banking system, which is everyones interest not to mess with, which that protects them more than their guns. The European Union is in the large part a dis-armed citizen union ruled by virtually unaccountable socialist political party, an elite group of one world order banksters and their state vassals. Not one country within the main body has a constitution based on the ideas of freedom of speech, will of the governed and enalianable unfettered rights to property, which guns are, property, that being the first thing, property, and the primal right to their application in ones personal sovereign defense.
            And far as my liberty is concerned, can’t speak for you, it is everything and all the difference.

          • Having guns in the closet is much different than using them to protect your interests. I know I am going to offend some when I say this but why is it that the US is the one fighting in Europe’s backyard cleaning up “your” local problems if you have so many weapons and trained people? Why are we the one’s willing to step up and, in a very sizable way, protect the oil & gas interests in the middle east that Europe depends on. The EU try’s to talk and “negotiate” their deals which include lots of corruption but someone else is doing the fighting and dying in larger numbers. Sure there is a coalition and the US has allies, but the truth is the US carries the load. Why are your countries not doing more proactively to fight the scourge of terrorism and radical islam? Your politicians fight against you, your country and culture by advocating mass immigration of people’s from the worst parts of the world, the ME, growing, training, and facilitating terrorism. And they welcome them with open arms and “pay them” the come live amongst your prople.

            At least Trump will square things up by makiing Europeans pay for their protection in a much more equitable fashion. As he says, “it’s about fair trade, not FREE trade.”

          • LP, well said. I for one agree with you 100%
            It is one thing to come to the assistance and rescue of allies in their time of great need. It is another to abuse that largess and generosity. A Military welfare system us costing trillions is another matter that deserves serious changes.

          • Hi LP, the answer to your question is the Neo-Cohens and The Military Industrial Complex wants it this way. War is a very lucrative business.

          • US military presence works both ways. We already have well established bases dating back to WW1 (Grafenwoehr) and the UK has a number of of WW2 air force bases sitting idle (RAF Sculthorpe). While some have already been returned to civilian use (Wiesbaden Medical Center, Lindsey Air Station, Hahn AFB) others are just waiting to be reused.

            The American presence here in Europe has nothing to do with the US being able to suddenly “come to the rescue of Europe” but It allows the US to justify continued investment in their military without costing lives. Billions of US dollars in equipment, material, buildings, maintenance with local contracts and through by major US firms (Lockheed and Raytheon) which keep everyone happy.

            European host countries benefit from the boost to their local economies around these bases and the country benefits from the lease of land to the US. In return, the US can continue to keep it’s presence local for a quick airlift to any hot spot in the middle east or Africa while keeping money flowing from Congress.

            As mentioned, Russia isn’t about to roll through the Fulda Gap anytime soon, so forget about the “saving Europe” nonsense. Land wars here are over. Occupation today is all about corporate giants like GE and John Deere, not the 1st Airborne.

          • Understood Karl. But you miss my point. I am not talking about economics. I am talking about Blood-Sweat-Tears, Body Bags, Mangled Bodies of predominantly American troops who have been fighting as in Bosnia, Gulf War I, II and ever since in AfFuckistan and elsewhere. Our “allies” make a token presence so the local politicians can say “we were there too!” but it is a sad commentary on the alliance (which I blame OUR politicians for).

            So I am not talking Second Amendment rights here and who has the most guns per se but who is acting as part of NATO, the UN, or any Alliance to help fight terror and injustice around the world. I acknowledge the insane and gross money part of the business but that does not take away from the commitments that are made and who pays the piper at the end of the day. All I am saying is that Europe, heck, most of the world, enjoys freedom at the expense of American treasure, blood and riches.

            Believe me. I am happy to see Trump picking some real fighting men who will take the fight to the enemy and will not stop until they have won and defeated the enemy. Both our politicians and military leadership have failed our troops. They have sadly lacked vision, planning for the fight to come in equipment and training, and Rules of Engagement. I shake my head in disbelief at the thought of our young men and women having to fight with one hand tied behind their backs and blindfolded due to the political correctness of our leaders. They should be the ones to get theirs arms and legs blown off.

            Ever thought about this: we spend billions designing all terrain vehicles that are bomb “resistant” but stay on the roads precisely where the IED’s are planted. If these vehicles can “go anywhere” why not take them the fuck off-road?? I am not a military guy but I do know that one of the lessons learned in Vietnam was “stay off the trails … they are booby trapped.” The enemy knows this too.

          • As pointed out previously, Europeans are well armed, we just don’t run around waving them about and making a big deal about them all the time.

            So you own a gun. So do a many Europeans – and? Have you used yours recently to shoot an illegal immigrant attempting to cross the border? Just how many families have you gunned down protecting your border with your 2nd Amendment rights? I would guess none. None yesterday, none today and probably none tomorrow. So how are all those guns working out for you?

            It reminds me of the problem Americans have with toilets. For some reason, it’s suddenly a whole new thing in the US and you’re all confused about them. We’ve had public toilets in Europe for decades. Men, women, children and trans-whatever have no problem finding or using them and we really don’t care either. In France they are called a “pissoir”. They work really well, you might consider them in your country.

            Americans tend to think they have the corner on patriotism, gun ownership, fast cars and everything else. This from a country that is far from the top of the list when it comes to things that really matter in life like infant mortality, education, employment, medical care, vacation time and personal savings.

            America is not so perfect as you like to think, and certainly not any better than Europe. So just be honest with yourself and admit what everyone knows. A gun isn’t going to fix any of those problems. But if you can convince me owning a closet full of guns will somehow make kids smarter, provide thousands of jobs and stop illegal immigration…please tell us in Europe how that works. We’re willing to learn.

          • What’s really the matter Karl? Are you having some difficulty with the truth? Personal liberty goes against your world view?
            For all your crafty sophisticated rationalization’s you miss the thing that matters most in a culture armed in self defense of life and property. Not using one arms to begin with. That my natural right to arms has nothing to do with governments. When you understand that you will be a free man Karl. Your a slave of the Sate and you can’t even see it.
            You been steeping in the tea of statism so long you can’t see liberty for freedom.
            Remember Karl, America was created by people who left Europe to get away from exactly the mind set you have. Rightful liberty is thine no matter what anyone else thinks or says others can or can not do.

  23. A few things are at play with these empathy stunted people. One is that they never had it really good. I know they have had it easy but that is not the same thing. I was brought up by my grandparents in a ‘Leave it to Beaver’ type of house hold. Men were men, women were women and all of us had wholesome entertainment and expectations. So what if I worked harder at age eleven than any of them worked their whole lives? I was loved, unconditionally and taught the value of life and hard work, family and friends.

    Another factor is that while they’ve never had it really good they thinks they know what is good (they don’t know there’s an alternative and that they could be working towards it) they have been told that the reason they are miserable is not because they live joyless unreal lives but that somebody has been keeping their ‘prize’ just out of their reach. It’s partially true there are forces keeping the good life out of their reach but they wouldn’t know the good life if it bit them on the behind.

    They have never faced hardship as an adult. No matter what age their first adversity hits them they face it like children. Coloring stations and playdough at work and school? Shrieking ‘Bully!’ at anyone who says something that makes them uncomfortable? Being trained to see and react like a child to discomfort? These are not accidents nor unrelated. The world needs them to be dependent, irrational, easily manipulated children.

    Since they have never stood against the world as an adult must and often stand against fictitious boogymen, they are unprepared to see what their desires will lead to and even if they had an inkling they would still want it because they are not capable of seeing the destruction and pain they would cause as really mattering. Sure, if they get hurt it matters but half the country hungry, homeless, in pain, dead? To them it is just words and images.

    There is something fundamentally broken in these perpetual children, these selfish manipulative adults. You see them playing xbox all day while drinking and smoking whatever clouds their feelings the most. They indulge themselves in endless debaucheries of the most sordid kind and only the amount of money they have limits the degree to which they immerse themselves in filth. Keeping artwork of Jeffery Dahmer’s victims or pretending to eat a sacrificed woman while keeping other humans naked as props to their sick fantasy is just to fill the gaping hole that a lack of decent upbringing has caused.

    Like victims of pedophiles they are trained by the MSM and their own sensory experience to enjoy their own degradation and participate in it. They don’t see that their actions have an end point because the world has never done that to them yet as long as they had cash, credit, or could sell a piece of themselves. They don’t see that the consequences, even if they understood them, can really happen. Serbia? That happened to other people. Somalia? That’s in Africa, man not the real world. The collapse of the Soviet Union? Propaganda. It was never as bad as people said.

    If you don’t have somebody you care about and have never faced life as an adult and your soul has been hollowed out like a rotten tree just waiting to fall, why not try to tear it down?

    • Well said! My experience of folks of the type described above is much the same: they have a hole where the soul should be and there is simply no filling it. They belong to a type called “resentidos” where I live and the word speaks for itself; they are not so much FOR anything; they are simply against what is normal for the happy folk from whom they believe themselves to be excluded. The normal human emotional ties these folks lack are twisted into the embrace of abstract “causes” for which a normal person has little time and less interest. One pities them, but only up to a point; when they encroach upon normal folks’ territory, they pass the point of further tolerance as far as I’m concerned.

    • The men who play Xbox all day while drinking and smoking whatever clouds their feelings the most do so because they have no expectation of ever taking a wife, starting a family, fathering children, and not being divorce-raped of their assets in “family court”.

      They will never take a wife, because those women who would in any other time have been their wives, are not marriageable women. They are not marriageable, because they’re all used-up sluts and whores. They’re all used-up sluts and whores because they’ve been fucked by 6-12 different men, or more. They’ve been fucked by 6-12 different men or more, because their fathers were cut off from their families by the state, and because what fathers they had that were not cut off were utterly emasculated pussies.

      If you want a man to be a functional member of society, he must be initiated into the great Darwinian game. If you want to initiate a man into the great Darwinian, you must subjugate your daughters so he can reasonably expect to marry them, else they will become sluts and tramps and whores, and he will find drink, drugs, despondency, and porn to be a better option.

  24. “The number one duty of every ruling elite is to maintain public support of the system that props up the ruling elite.”

    What if a significant number of the elite have come to believe their own propaganda and don’t think that they are really in charge anymore? Its one thing to call the elite nuts as an insult and as an expression but what if its literally true? What if the disconnect from reality is so pronounced that these people really believe that they’ve lost everything?

    The best case scenario to explain things right now is that the elites are being opportunistic to create a second stolen election narrative that can rally their base and undermine Trump with the backup hope that if it doesn’t work the public won’t really remember the specifics of it and will move onto something else. But nothing they’ve been doing since the turn of the century is remotely normal; what if we’ve reached a point where the same leftist cultural march of the past 40 years has made the elite into the equivalent Charles II (

    • I don’t know what they are thinking, but if they manage to pull off this faithless elector scam, The Great Fuck You of this election is going to turn into The I’m Gonna Get You Sucka Party. It’s the Big Lie in progress. It will only work if enough people do not withdraw consent of such kubaki theater. And consent of the governed is the crux of this no matter what false narratives are created. How are they going to manage that if they pull off this stunt of insanity is a serious question. Stealing this election isn’t going to win any hearts or minds no matter how it is dressed. A cake made of shit covered with frosting is still a cake made of shit.
      Their thinking obviously, is a game to politicize everything, that way it is easier to circumnavigate the principles of rule of law and long held traditional concepts of republican form of government. It is an effective strategy, as long as you can create at least a fig leaf of the illusion of legitimacy to cover your total illegitimacy.

    • Hard to figure out what these psychopaths are thinking, but if they manage to pull off this faithless elector scam, The Great Fuck You of this election is going to turn into The I’m Gonna Get You Sucka Party. It’s the Big Lie in progress. It will only work if enough people do not withdraw consent of such kubaki theater. And consent of the governed is the crux of this no matter what false narratives are created. How are they going to manage that if they pull off this stunt of insanity is a serious question. Stealing this election isn’t going to win any hearts or minds no matter how it is dressed. A cake made of shit covered with frosting is still a cake made of shit.
      Their thinking obviously, is a game to politicize everything, that way it is easier to circumnavigate the principles of rule of law and long held traditional concepts of republican form of government. It is an effective strategy, as long as you can create at least a fig leaf of the illusion of legitimacy to cover your total illegitimacy.

  25. The left is giving Trump all the cover in the world to bring the full weight of the state down on them, in all their haunts. Honestly, they are going to learn the lessons Cromwell taught the Irish. The inauguration will be a good test; looking forward to the trouble makers getting well bloodied there.

  26. A typical smear aided and abetted by media. The Wash Post and NYT have sunk to new lows and are now no more than “yellow journalism” and fake news. All the screaming is coming from the left. From my perspective, it is not changing any minds on the right. Why would the Repubs give up the Presidency and have their electors vote differently? They could handle Trump when necessary.

    The real battle is going to be on January 6th when the votes are counted and accepted by Congress. I expect to see the Dems object to every state’s vote to prolong the outcome and then they may take it to the Supreme Court to contest the election. Don’t put anything past them especially when the Clinton’s are involved.

      • So all of those “permanent conservative majority” books written during Dubya’s first term were accurate?

    • I don’t expect a battle. These maneuvers are the death throes of the Clinton machine and the hardcore left. Most mainstream Democrats aren’t touching this BS with a ten foot pole.

      Several of the leaders of the Hamilton Electors are from Colorado. They just got smacked downin court today. The commies at NPR are giving them lots of attention and cover, but the mainstream Democrat politicians from Colorado are steering clear of this mess.

      The notion of independent electors exercising judgment made sense when Hamilton was writing the Federalist Papers. At that time there were no opposing political parties. Further, there was no popular vote for the President. Rather, the state legislatures selected electors who voted for Presidential and VP candidates separately according to their best judgment. Popular votes for presidential elections didn’t become widespread until well into the 1800s.

      But in the modern context of popular voting the role of an elector is a ministerial function. Their job is to show up and cast their vote according to the laws of the state they are representing. End of story. They don’t need a CIA briefing to do that.

      Trump should announce that the CIA report will be declassified and released to the public in the first week of his administration. That will give the CIA something to think about as they prepare the report.

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