Bodymore, Murderville

I saw on-line that Chicago rang in the start of the summer murder season with their 60th homicide of the year. In the ghetto, Memorial Day is the traditional start of crime season. The weather is nice so everyone is outside, making them easier to shoot. Chicago gets a lot of attention because it is a big city so the crime numbers are gaudy. That and the mayor is a former Obama and Clinton rumpswab. Here is a handy website that logs all the crime in the Windy City if you have an interest in the details.

The thing is, Chicago is a city of 2.7 million people. For a city that size, sixty murders is a great start to the season. Last year they finished with 507 murders. Doing a little math, they are on pace for an all-time low, if current trends hold, which is unlikely. Even so, Chicago is not in the top-10 list of most violent cities. The last look had them in the 30’s and that was after their record setting 2015. The apparent drop in homicide so far will drop them down the per capital homicide rankings.

[edit] I misread the Chicago murder stats. That is 60 for the month of may, not year to date. I will not have the editor killed for this horrible error.

That is what makes Baltimore an interesting place. The city is not excessively big. The census puts the population at 600,000, but the flight from the city has surely lowered that number. Even so, they managed 344 murders last year. That is a homicide rate three times that of Chicago. This year the body count is at 108 so they are a little off the 2015 pace, but not by much. The late spring in the Mid-Atlantic has probably tamped down the numbers a bit. Gunning down Trayvon over his sneakers is not so much fun in the wind and rain.

When you look at the details, the pattern is obvious. Murder in towns like Baltimore is nothing like you see on television and it sure as hell is not like the libertarian scolds imagine. It is not well-organized street gangs in territorial wars over the drug trade. Instead, it is low-IQ knuckleheads shooting each other over petty slights. The drug trade is real, but it is ad hoc and disorganized at the streets level. The beefs that lead to murder are just as likely to be over sneakers as drug deals.

It is what drug legalizers never understand. The drug game in America’s urban reservations is not what drives crime and social dysfunction. Libertarians imagine that legalizing drugs will lead to young black males throwing down their guns and heading off to community college. Legalize drugs and they will find something else to fill the void in their lives. Murder and mayhem in the ghetto are about the most basic of human attributes – status.

Talk to a cop that works the ghetto and he will be the most cynical guy you will meet. The reason is he spends his days working cases that have no rational explanation. Ray-Ray pops Darius one night not because of a business beef. No, Ray-Ray did not like the way Darius looked at him at a cookout so he walked up on him and started blasting. Sometimes, there is simply no reason at all. Ray-Ray just decided to kill Darius “cause he got to go.”

Of course, no one in the neighborhood talks to the cops. Again, the white romantics get it all wrong. The “community” is not hostile to the cops because of race. They are hostile because they are hostile to everyone. The ghetto is not a community. It is just a bunch of people who live in close quarters. One neighbor will steal from another and then shamelessly be seen on the street with the neighbor’s property. It is the one place where Hobbes was right.

All of the sentimental explanations for the ghetto are to avoid the reality of the situation. More important, they allow good whites to avoid facing up to doing what has proven to work. You did not see this level of dysfunction and violence in the black neighborhoods in the 50’s and 60’s. Every metric for blacks has gone the wrong way since desegregation. Literacy, crime, drugs, illegitimacy, etc. are all worse for blacks today than they were in the bad old days of segregation.

That is not to say integration magically turned some blacks into savages. It is that intolerance of bad behavior was an essential element of segregation. Whites had a “zero tolerance policy” for certain types of behavior from blacks. Black leaders, not wanting trouble, would police their ranks more ruthlessly than those imaginary bad whites the good whites are endlessly telling us are the cause of all bad things. Segregation made black leaders responsible for their people and therefore intolerant of misbehavior.

Over the last forty years, every black person with a clue has gotten as far away from the black neighborhoods as possible. The result is the ghetto is now a concentrated population of the worst black America has to offer. There is no one inside to police the ranks, so we end up with a blue wall around the reservation that maintains the border. When a body turns up, there is some effort to find the killer, but most times the crime goes unsolved.

There is no going back to segregation even if there was the will to do so, but there are lessons to be learned. The one lesson from the bad old days is that intolerance is under appreciated. Celebrating the dysfunction and general lunacy of the underclass not only encourages it, but it also gives people, who should know better, a reason to ignore it. The music company executives, for example, who promoted hip-hop in the 80’s, should have been keelhauled. Instead, they were made extraordinarily rich from the promotion of murder and mayhem.

Intolerance is why stop and frisk worked so well in New York. It took the status out of thug life. If you went out with your pants around your ankles and your hat on sideways, the cops would humiliate you on the street. No one looks hard when they have their hands against the wall and a cop has pulled their pants down, looking for weapons and drugs. Remove the status from thug life and you get less of it. Ban the public display of “black culture” in West Baltimore and crime drops quickly.

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  1. “Every metric for blacks has gone the wrong way since welfare started.”

    There, I fixed it for ya. Nothing wrong with ending forced segregation. What’s just as wrong is what followed it, forced integration. Never will government lay off and let people figure out things on their own.

    Anyway, are you suggesting we NOT decriminalize drugs? Yeah, that’ll help. Let’s continue this program that has destroyed countless lives for decades. At least some people get rich off it.

    The reason to decriminalize is because it is idiocy and tramples liberty, not because “blacks” (now there’s some collective-speak for ya) might or might not decrease their murder rate. The point of decriminalizing is no more for decreasing the murder rate, then that criminalizing was to increase it. The point is that it is the right thing to do.

  2. None of this should be surprising, since average US black IQ is only slightly above that of a retarded white. There are many other cognitive differences as well (r/K selection, time preference, etc.), which are due to evolution.

    The environment that blacks evolved in was very different than the one whites evolved in, so it should not be surprising that a society that works well for 1 won’t work for the other. The only solution is either going back to militant segregation (for what benefit to us?) or deporting them all back to Africa. Perhaps the coming race riots in Cleveland will give Trump enough of a casus belli to deport all non-whites back where they belong. I’d recommend deporting liberals to Canada.

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  4. Two points:

    Derbyshire – it’s statistical, in that blacks appear to have a larger percentage of feral assholes. Not hugely larger, but big enough to drag all of them down. Suppose you had not just one loser cousin to look out for, but 3 of them?

    History, evolution and welfare. My peeps are German, I’m pure Saxon heritage, complete with big square head requiring block press every morning. Imagine how the Romans felt when my swaggering, feral asshole ancestors turned up. The difference is that the Romans killed their feral German assholes expeditiously and we give our feral black assholes welfare money. The German assholes the Romans dealt with were too dead to breed more assholes, and our black assholes … well, breed more assholes is all they do.

    Is anyone surprised that subsidizing assholes generates more assholes?

  5. If it wasn’t for all the normal, decent and hard working Negros I’ve known and worked with I’d seriously be considering joining the KKK. They are I believe the majority.

    How about a class action suit directed at the networks for their action in ONLY popularizing the ‘Thug Life’?

  6. The illusion is the thing. TV crime dramas show clever people — both white and black — solving complex crimes committed by mostly-white people with a reason to do them but justice is done. More, someone I was reading the other day pointed out that Batman never fights a black villain: the bad guys are white with face paints as far as I can recall, but I am no fan of the Gotham tales especially as the perps turn up time and time again which says more about the court and prison system than anything else.

    Reality is a lot of crime is low-level, nasty and senseless. A lot of thefts are done by people with (in the UK at least) a guaranteed welfare/benefits income from the state*. Such crimes are hard to solve unless the idiot who did the robbing turns out to be even more idiotic and boasts of their easy pickings on Fickbook, and anyway who cares about the underclass being robbed by other members of the underclass? Television and movies aren’t the least interested in someone’s iPhone being stolen by someone who already has one.

    *The amusing thing about the state welfare system is that it is the state who pays the fines imposed by the state. Joe Dumber pinches a television, gets caught and is fined by the court. As Joe Dumber has no income other than from handouts from the state then the state will have to pay the fine. It is money moving round the welfare system.

    • Yes, but, being writers even they may look at it from a second point of view, the forbidden one. What’s interesting about black crime? If, for example, serial killers are your thing, whites are hands down more interesting than blacks. I hope my racial pride is not showing.

      • You are right, James: my racial prejudice tells me a show about black people is less interesting than one about white people. Inserting token black people in the show is understandable, and giving them lines that show them to be the best in their class, etc, is fine. There are bright black people indeed. Possibly though we would be troubled by a story of a skilled, ruthless serial killer who is black. Perhaps it is one thing (white) television audiences would be unhappy with, fearing it could happen.

        • It already has happened; it’s just not reported widely. According to this article, Carl Eugene Watts, a black serial killer, may have more kills than John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Ted Bundy. Combined.

    • I think if you look at the history of crime, the most complex crimes are committed by white-Europeans; train robberies, bank jobs, corporate embezzlement and various corporate scams. Blacks are typically associated with “thug” criminality that is more along the lines of crimes of opportunity rather than crimes that require well planned timing and execution. This is also true of organized black violence; when was the last time a black military leader was noted in history? The Detroit and LA riots were spontaneous, certainly not planned.

        • @ UKer – Yes, you nailed it. I don’t think there’s ever been a serial black killer anywhere that I’ve heard of. I challenge anyone to list a Hollywood movie that has a serial or psychotic killer like in ‘Saw’, ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’, ‘Freddy’ or ‘Dexter’. Hollywood always picks white nut-jobs for their characters. In my eyes, the Scandinavians have the best authors for psychotic murder stories (e.g. Hennig Mankell)…and all the killers are white. On the flip side, in real life, it’s always whites who have tied up and molested women and children in a basement somewhere or an underground buried bus or what have you. Not blacks. Interesting.

          • Oh no, the black serial killer is alive and well, approx 40% of the US serial population, but they are a different breed (so to speak) of killer. With the possible exception of Wayne Williams, the Atlanta SK, their murders are not defined by obsessive ritual. Neither are Mestizo spree killers (Night Stalker).

    • Really? What happened to fifty dollars or thirty days? Lots of highway that has trash to be picked up, culverts cleaned out, dead skunks disposed of.
      Detroit has acres (square miles really) of dead, abandoned buildings that need to be torn down, the salvageable parts neatly loaded on trucks and the lots raked flat and planted with grass, trees or whatever. I’m guessing the UK also has candidates for that kind of activity.
      What we have here is a failure to communicate.

    • The author there is dead accurate (no pun meant) and I believe may be an ex-Chicago cop.

  7. “”That’s not to say integration magically turned some blacks into savages. It’s that intolerance of bad behavior was an essential element of segregation. Whites had a “zero tolerance policy” for certain types of behavior from blacks. Black leaders, not wanting trouble, would police their ranks more ruthlessly than those imaginary bad whites …. Segregation made black leaders responsible for their people and therefore intolerant of misbehavior.”

    I’m afraid the “Black Leaders’ are now riding a tiger grown vicious and beyond their control.

    I submit that with the growth of the urban drug trade the cash infusion and the need for arms to promote and protect the trade and the cash, that today there is zero chance of putting that genie back in the bottle in less than a generation (without the use of Federal troops and/or National Guard) . Remove (or attempt to do so) the entitlements and the riots would probably spill out of their neighborhoods in a replay of the attack of the Visigoths. But if nothing is done the problem will grow larger year by year and the final cost of the cleanup will escalate.
    Why would any sane man or woman run for POTUS?

    Our foreign friends, understand something about our black urban thugs; against the weak such as women or the elderly the young and muscular thug will work singularly or in pairs, against single or a few able bodied white men they will only attack in overwhelming numbers and their females conduct themselves similarly. That’s the reason for the guns and they know it. And so do we.

  8. Not only are we no longer intolerant of bad behavior, we now subsidize it.

    Kids out of wedlock? Congrats! Here’s you allowance.

    Can’t get a job (because of a long rap sheet, illiteracy, and general thug appearance), here’s your allowance.

    We get what we pay for.

  9. Z-man, this was an excellent, on-point exposition of the lunacy that abounds here in Baltimore. Not only is black culture status on display in West Baltimore, it is supported by the mayor and the Feds and is being virulently exported to eastern and northern Baltimore County according to federal demands upon Baltimore County and also–over the past three years–by the duplicity of the Baltimore Housing Authority, which has been placing welfare mothers and their fatherless broods and semi-dependent criminal breeding drones, from the most criminal ghettos of the city into Baltimore County by buying houses at auction. White Flight is rippling through the county area where I coach to such an extent that crime has increased fourfold and the black population has doubled in a single year. I am now threatened by thugs on the street after giving a cop boxing lessons, where I used to help old ladies with groceries two years ago.

    Good job, man.
    James LaFond, drinking cheap beer in Hamilton, Baltimore and enjoying your blog. Will give a heads up to my readers when I’m sober, tomorrow.

    • When I lived in a relatively poor area of an industrial northern city in England, the home owners there didn’t have much but they (mostly) owned their own homes. They were what we call terrace houses with tiny or non-existent front gardens and small back yards/gardens, and usually only two or maybe three bedrooms (sometimes with one divided into two to accommodate the bathroom) with kitchen and livening room downstairs. Be it ever so humble, etc, but it provided small homes.

      Then the local (socialist) council got worried about the level of crime and anti-social behaviour in their neat, pretty council estates which had large open spaces neatly trimmed each week by council workers, so to placate the estate dwellers troubled by the troublemakers, the offending families were moved into houses in my area of the city. The houses were cheap and it was easy for the council, with their vast amount of cash, to buy up the small houses and move the problem families in to my part of the world. Suddenly, we had out-of-control kids and feckless parent(s) with nothing to do but roam the streets looking for trouble.

      The council had a ‘duty’ to house people but no one said their duty was to move trouble into once trouble-free areas.

  10. Why do you think segregation is impossible even if there was the political will to do it?

    • Legal segregation is never happening unless there is a some sort of crisis that forces the issue. Frankly, I think we are on the front edge of a trend where troublesome populations are slowly moved to the country. The future will be elites in the town, the middle in a surrounding ring and the poor in outer boroughs. Those outer boroughs will be multicultural to the extreme.

      • The cleansing of center city, while true, applies to only a dozen or so cities. Despite the new condo and apartment construction, only urban hipsters and the artsy-fartsy types are moving to Dtwn LA. I read something that developers have now fully satiated that niche, and then some. I just see more Fergusons (which, BTW, was nothing novel in-and-of itself. Simply a replay of Inglewood and Compton of the 60s. It was just new to greater St Louis.

      • Sounds very much like the 1600’s when Cromwellian soldiers surrounded the Irish elites in their tower-forts. We all know how that turned out…heads on pikes!

      • Mr Z: The folks from the inner city are petrified of the rural areas. This is true of all flavors of the hive dwellers. Night time is particularly entertaining, with their sense of direction nonexistent and no illumination to speak of.
        The stories are rich. Soapweed

      • HUD’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing program (Yes, that is a real thing.) is making a start on that. For example, Dubuque, IA, recently discovered that Chicago was the center of its geo region for AFFH purposes, so its public housing must be adjusted to have the same % blacks as does Chicago’s. It is currently being flooded with Section 8 applications from Cook Co. blacks – which the feds say it must accept. Picture Dubuque in 10 years’ time. I live in a small, rural town in the same zone – with 0% blacks. Our time is coming.

  11. “Remove the status from thug life and you get less of it.”
    Hand sorting of garbage for recyclables.

    A reason for our cultural declines is that people seek to imitate the ruling classes. Those who are above the law are seen as the rulers. Those who do no work and are able to spend all their time with the hoes.
    Those we are not allowed to criticize.

    Between the treasonous top and the murderous low class ends of the (D)irtbag parties ruling coalition, I don’t think a society has ever been dominated by such useless trash. Children growing up in this society cannot avoid getting indoctrinated into terrible stupidity.

  12. Saw this up close and personal during stint in Detroit in the 80s. Everyone, and I mean everyone that had a middle or lower middle class job got the hell out of dodge. Funny, if you saw “Gran Torino” and the “spooks” scene, that closed bank branch on Charlevoix looked the same in 1985 as it did 25 years later. Used to loop through there almost every day to get on the Belle Isle bridge. Interestingly there was also a population of former Appalachian white trash that lived up near the Detroit Edison plant and whose neighborhood was every bit as dangerous as the African American ones–removing everyone with a job, education, ambition, morals….will do that. Grosse Pointe Park finally stopped maintaining the bridges along the canal that separated the two so they could be condemned and sealed off. Another twist on the stop and frisk issue. Knew a guy that worked narcotics, mostly in Spanish Harlem, we had a lot of dead time hanging around swim meets with our kids. He as a big guy, about 6’5″ and built like a tight end. What finally forced him to retirement was that by the 90s the guys he arrested had to make a “show” to save face when being arrested. But he was so big that to do that they increasingly pulled knives and guns for the “show”, since hand to hand he would kick their ass sideways. So decided it was time to take the 20 and find another line of work. You only get lucky in so many gunfights.

  13. An important question involves where this leads eventually under dire circumstances, in future tense, the passion and limits of cognitive grasp of circumstances and unintended consequences, that murdering others as a justified concept of social order, within cultural norms of urban enclaves, is not conducive to general happiness in the long run for anyone, that it is a devolving and downward spiral. Sure, it works well in a third world African shithole, it is survival of the fittest and nothing more or less, it is at human rock bottom. Is there a breakout from these areas in the making, is it possible to spread to other areas and consume everything in its path. Once you start killing people, it is only the first one that is the hardest. It is the ultimate in power to snuff out another human, think of the rush, the emotions, the thrill of it, the blood lust. Think of entire tribes, villages, and towns in flyover land where murder becomes a way of dealing with those you don’t like? Hey asshole your dog barked all night and I couldn’t sleep. Bang! No more barking barking dog problem, the owner is dead. Takes care of that issue. Man I’m gonna have a cheese burger and a cold one for dinner. Imagine that kind of world. Where does it end when savage means are the solution?
    No matter how it is sliced, it is savagery, and being possible decedents of slaves has nothing to do with murder as a means. Who is enslaving whom here anyways? A race caught in a trap of it’s own making, enslaved upon its own bloody petard, pavlova dog, but this dogs laps up blood. Like consent, murder is always a choice, you got to do it to begin with, it is an act, nobody makes you do it, nobody can force you to murder, you have to choose to murder someone. Murder is like a bullet, there is no taking it back, so the serious question is not a matter of murder rate, but what of these human’s who have evolved, devolved?, into taking the final solution against others of their own race who they disagree with. Does it require a savage heart? Is it an absence of spatial reference, grasp of consequences in forward time? Murder is the ultimate act, it is never “cold blooded”, you may behave in a cold blooded murder, like a psychopath, but somewhere, maybe the first time, when you terminate the life forever of a fellow human, something in you drove you, compelled you, to do the deed, something involving fierce passion and dark power. And if it spreads, as events tumble out of control, I can imagine shoot first and that takes care of that will become a matter of survival. Cultural marxists really really suck. This is their order out of chaos in no uncertain terms.

  14. I recommend James LaFonds posts on Harm City, aka Baltimore, for more insight.

    Plus some references for a possible future post:

    From The Color of Crime 2016 revised edition

    “If New York City were all white, the murder rate would drop by 91 percent, the robbery rate by 81 percent, and the shootings rate by 97 percent. In an all-white Chicago, murder would decline 90 percent, rape by 81 percent, and robbery by 90 percent.”

    over NYC gunfire statistics for 2011:

    “Whites are less than 3 percent of the hundreds of suspects who criminally fired weapons, while blacks, who make up only 23 percent of the population, were over 70 percent of the shooters. Of those killed by police, whiles who were only 3 percent of the criminal shooters were an astounding 44 percent of those killed. Blacks who were over 70 percent of the shooters make up an astoundingly low 22 percent of those killed!

    As the figures show, it is blacks who are far less likely to be fired upon or hit by police gunfire in proportion with their criminal activities, and, astonishingly, according to the official statistics, there are no — zero — recorded incidents of white suspects actually firing guns at the police, while nearly 70 percent of all shots fired at the police in that city came from gun-wielding black people and the rest from Hispanics. So, even though not a single white suspect fired at any police officer, 44 percent of those killed by police were white!”

    And to finish it up: “While illegal immigrants account for about 3.5 percent of the U.S population, they represented 36.7 percent of federal sentences in FY 2014 following criminal convictions, according to U.S. Sentencing Commission data obtained by Breitbart News.

    Broken down by some of the primary offenses, illegal immigrants represented 16.8 percent of drug trafficking cases, 20.0 percent of hostage taking, 74.1 percent of drug possession, 12.3 percent of money laundering, and 12.0 percent of murder convictions.”

    In the US diversity is literal death.

    • LaFond lives in Balto and deals with the ghetto population. He has an interesting perspective on things there.

      • If you look at the map I I linked to, you’ll see that LaFond’s neighborhood is well outside the murder zone. His part of the city is still mostly white, but very downscale. Those neighborhoods used to be where working class guys lived who worked at the mill or the car plant.

  15. And if they didn’t have access to guns, would be number of murders be lower? I read some time ago that in the US, gun-related murders are actually a small percentage of the cause of death and are well behind deaths caused by physical assault (beatings), blunt trauma (baseball bats, etc.) and knife wounds. The question here is not pro or anti gun but simply to understand the primary cause of death in these cases. And does the cause of death change between racial groups when you look at White or Hispanic murders?

    • In theory, sure, no guns around would result in fewer homicides most likely. Since you have a better chance of inventing a pill to cure murder than of ever eliminating access to guns, it’s just a way for Americans to avoid facing reality. “Let’s not talk about what’s happening in the ghetto. Let’s talk about those bad whites down at Walmart buying pistols!”

      As far as the most popular homicide tool, guns are #1 in America. This has been true since we started keeping records. It’s also true for many European countries like Italy and Switzerland. I suspect there is a cultural element at work. Thirty percent of homicides in Germany are with firearms, In Italy it is 77%. Yet, there’s no great variation in gun laws or gun ownership rates. There’s a also an age element. The killings in the American ghetto are done by young males, of which there is an abundance.

      • Interesting numbers from your FBI website: (2010 data) “Concerning murder victims for whom race was known, 50.4 percent were black, 47.0 percent were white, and 2.6 percent were of other races. Of the offenders for whom race was known, 53.1 percent were black, 44.6 percent were white, and 2.3 percent were of other races.” Statistically, this would indicate blacks don’t lead whites by much either as victims or offenders. Perhaps the big differences is black on white vs. black on black victims/offenders.

        • “Statistically, this would indicate blacks don’t lead whites by much either as victims or offenders” Perhaps you have a learning disability.

          • He probably doesn’t realize that blacks are only 13% of the US population.
            To spell it out completely, 13% of the population commits 50% of the murders.

        • You are aware that the United States is not 50/50 black and white? Blacks are only about 12% of the population, yet they are more than half the murdered and the murderers.

          • “…murder victims/offenders for whom race was known…” This statement indicates the percentages listed are based on a total number of murder victims/offenders, not the number of murder victims based on separate demographic populations. I would agree those statistics may be significantly different.

            “There are three types of lies — lies, damn lies, and statistics.”
            ― Benjamin Disraeli


            The linked was actually done by the Obama administration. Young black males are 3% of the population but commit 27% of homicides. Net at that cohort and black crime in America looks a lot like Hispanic crime, which is not too terrible. Put another way, net out black crime from US totals and America has a crime rate consistent with the typical European country.

          • Our primary criminal element in Germany is foreign (e.g. non-ethnic German); with our prisons population being a majority of Turks, Russians, Romanians, Albanians, etc.. Our government doesn’t differentiate demographically as does the US in terms of ethnicity (black, Hispanic, Asian, etc.) and since all prisoners are German citizens, they’re counted as “German”. But everyone knows the real story. Gun crime however is very low across most of Europe with the exception of those associated directly with the attacks in Belgium and Paris.

          • I’m fond of pointing out that America does not have a gun problem. We have a black guy problem. To a lesser extent, we also have a Spanish guy problem. But, we count Spanish guys as white so everyone can feel better about it. While the “white” population in prison is at 59%, the Hispanic population is 35% and the black population is 37%. It’s not hard to get the right numbers, but you can also indulge your favorite fantasies too.

          • The Bureau of Justice statistical abstracts are probably the most devastating counter to most gun-grabber proposals. It is too bad that the numbers are not taken down to the zip code level–but once you cut by age/race demographic and toss in a major metro overlay the conclusions are pretty simple. If you are not a combo of black, male, under 30 and live in one of the top 20 metros, you are at higher risk walking down the street in Amsterdam.

            This never makes the news cycle.

        • Herr Horst, I would remind you that Chicago is a “gun free” city. Guns are illegal to begin with. Plus the data you are looking at was published in 2010 which no doubt barely covers the time Obozo started his first term as president. And that data is national, not just for Chicago. The problem has only escalated since then so you must make allowances for that fact.

          • @ Infidel – “gun free” means no one is allowed to own a firearm who lives in the city limits? How is that possible when your Constitutional amendment states the right to bear arms?

          • It means just what it says. Cities and States completely ignore 2nd Amendment Rights by doing their own “word-smithing” to make it mean what they (liberals) want. You really need to read more about this hot/important issue.

          • Example: Washington, D.C. lost a Supreme Court case years ago that said the City could not deny gun permits and forbid the private ownership of handguns. Lost. In the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court.
            That plaintiff is still vainly waiting and the City is still erecting new hurdles and barriers. And that is why nobody says “Americas a free country” anymore.

          • Karl, you need to flush out your headgear. There’s a lot of retarded leftist progressive bullshit that the German public education system taught you about America.

            But hey–don’t feel bad. There’s a lot of retarded leftist progressive bullshit that the American public education system teaches Americans about America…so you’re in good company. Unfortunately.

          • @ Buckaroo – I appreciate any redirection. Trying to find accurate data, even from US or Germen government reports, is a never ending challenge. While I can’t speak to the US education system, I’d be curious to know what you have experienced in German schools. To be honest, most of what I learned about the US was from 20-years in the Bay Area. Living there was an education in its own right.

          • I’m an attorney who works pro bono on Second Amendment issues and follows the litigation as it unfolds through our courts. I also work with law enforcement buddies on understanding street crime and particular gun related violence in large American cities. Over the last 35 years or so, several large American cities have tried to basically ban handguns, other types of firearms and/or ammunition within their city limits but all such laws have been successfully challenged. For example, I live in San Francisco and back in 2005 the city government put a proposed ordinance (“Proposition H”) on the ballot that would have outlawed handguns and banned the manufacture, distribution, sale and transfer firearms, ammunition etc. within the city. Limited exceptions to the proposition would have allowed residents to possess handguns only if required for specific professional purposes, e.g. police, security guards, active members of the military. Proposition H passed with 57% of voters in favor and would have taken effect January 1, 2006, but enforcement was suspended by litigation brought by various citizens’ groups and lobbying groups, including the NRA. A California state court struck down Proposition H as unconstitutional. The judge’s decision was not without precedent considering a California state appeals court nullified an almost identical San Francisco gun ban on exactly the same grounds back in 1982. The city government appealed the judge’s decision that Proposition H was unconstitutional and a federal appeals courts upheld the state court’s decision rendering Proposition H a non-starter. San Francisco was later forced to pay a $380,000 settlement to the National Rifle Association and other plaintiffs to cover the costs of litigating Proposition H. Other cities, e.g. Chicago, NYC, etc. have tried to limit gun ownership by imposing similar gun bans and then when those failed, adding stringent requirements for gun licensing/permitting. What’s so funny is that these efforts do no more than reduce the numbers of law-abiding gun owners; those who obtain their firearms illegally, e.g. the criminals committing 90% of the murders in the US, don’t even concern themselves with such rules/laws because according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms most such individuals obtain their weapons on the black market.

      • Pretty sure the homicide rate in Switzerland is essentially zero, and it’s illegal to not own guns there. Although Switzerland is following the west down the rabbit hole since 1971 with women’s suffrage, they did get a late start.
        It is regrettable that no matter if the homicide rate among young male Afericans quintupled it would effect no change in the makeup of the ghetto because the female breeders are unaffected when twenty women may share the same baby daddy anyway. The welfare society puts Darwin on his head and promotes survival of the least fit. Like the Amish, we might be seeing the genetic evolution of an ethnic group but in reverse, Bonobos and Pan Troglodytes.

        • It used to be the practice in Switzerland that Swiss soldiers would take their weapons and ammunition home with them as part of their reserve duty kit. It’s not uncommon even today to see soldiers on trains and busses with full kit. However, over the past few years, a number of soldiers committed suicide or assaulted family members with their issued weapons. The Swiss Army still issues rifles, but not ammunition.

          • Probably because unlike the US military, they let their soldiers take weapon home. The Swiss have a very active reserve military and really no one even notices even on Saturdays when you can hear them at the rifle range. I’ve often seen Swiss soldiers in trains and busses fully armed. No one’s worried.

            Now, if a city bus pulled up in say San Francisco or Fremont with half a dozen soldiers with M-16 and full gear, I suspect there would be panic in the streets. While the Americans are proud of their military, they still don’t really trust them on home turf, at least not armed. Rome had the same thing going on too – legions were banned from crossing the Rubicon and entering the city..

      • If you remove blacks and Hispanics from of the equation, the homicide rate would drop 90+% overnight to European levels or bellow, depends on which European country. When Obama compares our crime rates he somehow never brings this up, that diversity accounts for the difference, not guns or gun ownership.

        • Germans are allowed to own and keep guns at home just like Americans. However we do have tight requirements for ownership. We have had a few school shootings where the student was able to gain access to their fathers legally owned guns, just like in the American school shooting incidents, but it is a very rare occurrence. But yes, generally, gun crime is nearly zero across Europe. Knifings however, are a different story that doesn’t get much press.

      • “In theory, sure, no guns around would result in fewer homicides most likely.”

        That doesn’t sound likely to me. More guns means less crime. Lott proved it.

  16. This is as clear an explanation of the problem as I have ever come across. The linked site and maps are an excellent guide to what is happening. I have read that the black on black murder rate here in the states is roughly the same as west Africa generally. Is this true?

    And why would our current administration encourage this behavior? How do they gain by it?

    • Actually YTD is 256 which puts Chicago on track for over 600 homicides this year. Most of these are committed by blacks and most of the victims are black. Meanwhile, the Black Lives Matter idiots were protesting Milo at DePaul rather than trying to fix the real problems in Chicago. Black Lives Matter. Pull my finger.

    • Black violent crimes rates do track well across borders and regions, but it is lower in the US. Getting reliable data from Africa is also a problem. Then you have the warfare issue.

      The thing is, black crime is mostly about a small number of blacks committing outlandish amounts of crime against other blacks. Nothing gets done about it because everyone is afraid to be a racist. Black people know this better than anyone, but they face the same pressure white face, except it is from the racial solidarity scolds.

    • “And why would our current administration encourage this behavior? How do they gain by it?”
      (A) They simply don’t care about the welfare of black people. If you are black and in a position of real power, that usually means you spent your political life getting away from Black problems, not trying to solve them. Or, you actively leveraged black dysfunction for political value (Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Barry Soetero) so therefore you want to preserve or increase it, not eliminate it.
      (B) If blacks weren’t killing each other, how could you blame Whitey for it? Ghetto deaths have real propaganda value.
      (C) You can’t solve a problem without defining it first. And the real problem, as ZMan pointed out, was that segregation was forcibly ended; black violence is just a symptom of that problem, and not the problem itself. Since desegregation/multiculturalism is the third leg of the Holy Trinity of Progressivism (the other two being abortion and feminism), any attempt to solve the problem would flatly contradict the Holy Trinity. Ignoring this problem is required by dogma.

  17. Several years ago, a black woman who taught in a black country school in Northeast Texas said to me in conversation, “When Brown vs. the Board of Education was handed down, we thought it meant we now would get new textbooks, just like the white schools. We thought it meant we would get new equipment for our science labs, just like the white schools. We thought we would get new instruments for the band and new athletic equipment. We did not think it meant the destruction of our schools.” But, she added, that is what happened with desegregation. Schools were destroyed, and black-owned businesses went under. There is no simple “good answer,” but there is “This is what happened.”

  18. There’s no way to say this without sounding awful, but…. I really wish it were “well-organized street gangs in territorial wars over the drug trade.” The cops could cut a deal with them, similar to the old arrangement between local police and the Mafia back when. In effect, reimposing segregation…. but segregating the irreducible minority of people who will never be productive members of society, and who will end up in the gutter no matter what anyone does. Drugs let those folks opt out, and so to a lesser extent do firearms — as you say, Darius gon’ blast Ray-Ray no matter what. Well organized, de facto sanctioned drug cartels in the inner city would keep productive citizens from catching stray lead. I imagine that this is what will happen as the economic crunch arrives and already cash-strapped municipalities have to police more with less… as soon as they find an acceptable euphemism to dodge the “racism” charge.

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