Suicide Watch

In the 17th century, European settlers in North America saw the native populations as an obstacle to progress. That was not an unreasonable proposition since the natives had not made it far past the Stone Age. They were using stone arrows and spears, wore animal skins and lived in nomadic tribes. From the perspective of Europeans, these people were barbarians.

The locals may not have been very advanced and they were certainly not very bright, but they soon figured out that it was a bad idea to let the white man settle in their lands. A long war of attrition won by the technologically superior (and eventually numerically superior) whites turned North America into a European outpost and then a European country. The point being that even primitive nomads could quickly figure out that the tribe that controls the land wins and the tribe that loses, dies out.

Everywhere else on planet earth, human populations have been killing one another over land since the dawn of time. So much so we have developed elaborate methods to keep tribes apart from one another. People knew that mixing a bunch of Tribe X into Tribe Y’s turf was going to lead to violence. One tribe would try to dominate the other, assuming the other tribe was going to do the same thing. It’s just a fact of human existence that people used to understand.

Now, against that backdrop consider what the GOP is considering for the end of this summer. It will consist of at least four bills, to be voted on by the end of the summer. One bill is an amnesty for illegal aliens that doesn’t lead to citizenship.The second bill is a Dream Act–like amnesty granting green cards (and eventual citizenship) to illegals who came as juveniles. The third bill will require tracking of foreign nationals. Finally, the fourth bill increase importation of low-skilled workers to compete with unemployed Americans.

And though none of the bills is likely to offer a path to full citizenship, the fact Republicans are preparing to take on immigration at all is a sign the party is coming to grips with a political reality: if they want to win elections in the long run, they’ll have to face the issue.

After the last amnesty in the 1980’s, the GOP’s share of the Hispanic vote declined from 37% to 30%. In fact, it has never again risen above 31% and that was with George Bush, who spoke Spanish and was super friendly to Mexicans. Bush arguably did more for Mexican peasants than any Mexican leader in the history of the country. Bush expanded resettlement and dropped the English requirement.

The author of the piece just assumes it is the GOP’s problem to fix what the Left has destroyed. Liberal democrats were the champions of the last two amnesty deals and are behind the current amnesty deal. In fairness, the global elites are buying off people like Boehner and Ryan so both parties have their snouts in the trough this time. Still, the assumption that the GOP has to win the votes of invaders, rather than citizens says a lot about the state of the American political elite.

Immigration is neither a good thing nor a bad thing. The degree and timing is what determines the right course. In boom times, it may make sense to bring in guest workers and ramp up the naturalization of immigrants. The numbers should reflect the needs of the native population. In lean times, like the last five years, foreign workers should be thrown out with some rare exceptions, like those who possess some unique skill. We don’t want to deport all of our hockey players.

Nothing like economic necessity is involved here. The ruling elites of America have concluded that America is too white. They want to remedy that by importing fifty million Hispanics, who they consider non-white. If it were practical, they would bring in fifty million Congolese, but the running of slave ships over the Atlantic is bad form, for now. The question that comes to mind is “If our government hates us, what would they be doing different?” Replacing the population sounds like hatred to most people.

That’s part of what is driving the mass suicide we see going on throughout the West. When the majority of British school children are not British, it is not hard to see what the future holds for the Brits. At every turn, the citizens of the West are being told that they are worthless or that they are evil. It’s done in pop culture, the media and public policy. When the political leaders care more for the welfare of foreigners, the message is clear. There are other factors for sure, but the West is dead, so the people are dying.