A Little Too Late

I had an exchange last week with someone about the future of the country. Specifically the future of the country after the Republicans push through another amnesty. His point, one with which I largely agree, is that amnesty pretty much ends the Right as a force in American politics. The Right has very little influence now, but it is an obstacle that causes problems for the Left and their enablers.

Classical Liberalism, the only post-Christian alternative to the the radicalism we typically associate with the Left, will die out in a America with another 30-50 million third world citizens. If these newcomers really wanted western style civil order, they would institute it in their own lands. They don’t, which is why their home countries are something other than orderly. Bringing tens of millions of people who prefer the dynamics of a banana republic means America will become a banana republic.

The argument that these people will l change once they land on the magic soil of America is crazy, given what we know about democracy. Both parties will change in order to appeal to the sensibilities of the new imported peasant class. The political parties will resemble what we see in Europe, one form of socialism versus other forms of socialism, along with some multicultural stuff. Anything resembling the chamber of commerce style conservatism of the GOP will be on the fringe.

No nation is perfect and a “propositional” nation like America is always going to be at odds with itself over the defects. As long as the country is overwhelmingly white, it beats the homogenizing and stifling conformity forced on the citizens of most civilized nations. It certainly beats the barbarism of the uncivilized lands. The key though is for American to remain overwhelmingly white and that’s not going to happen now.

If you are going to love your country, loving one that loves you back is a good choice. That has been the relation for most white people in America, but that will soon be a thing of the past. My “countrymen” will have no more in common with me than a guy living in China. My rulers will see me as just another subject, no different than any of the other entries on the spreadsheet. That’s the reason fertility rates in Europe have collapsed. Why would anyone bring someone into a world of strangers?