The Big Rake

One of the things normal people don’t get about Hillary Clinton is how seamlessly she fits into the moral universe of the ruling class. For instance, to normal people, lying is a bad thing. It lowers your status among the other Dirt People. In the Cloud, lying is a conditional concept. Lying to the Dirt People is fine. It’s what Cloud People must do to maintain order and assert their superiority. Lying to rivals while wrangling for power can be acceptable, as long as it does not reflect too poorly on the managerial class.

Another way to see how Hillary Clinton is emblematic of the managerial class is to examine her motivations. Normal people assume she is running for the White House as a power grab. It is assumed that politicians have big egos and winning office is driven by those big egos. That used to be true, but not in the modern managerial state. The real motivation is money. Most of the people in the managerial class are always aware of the fact they are not rich, at least not as rich as they deserve, and they hate it.

Hillary Clinton has always been obsessed with money. In Arkansas, she would complain constantly about not having enough money. Some will recall how she used to moan about how they were not rich enough when they left the White House. Presumably, that’s why they stole the furniture. All of her capers have been about turning her position or her husband’s position into cash for the family business. In the managerial class, credentials and connections are to be monetized. That’s their purpose.

Hillary Clinton did not weasel her way into the State Department gig because she wanted to burnish her foreign policy credentials. It was not about staying in the game. There was always a money angle. At State, she could travel the world, shaking down the rich and powerful for cash to her money laundering operation. Her husband could charge outlandish fees to give speeches on behalf of the foundation and maybe put in a good word, for the foreign potentate, with his old lady at the State Department.

Clinton’s run for the White House has a similar angle. This story about Clinton’s scheme for American retirement plans is a classic managerial class rake. Getting picked as one of the firms with a license to “manage’ these new accounts is a license to print money. The government will have to “supervise” this process, which means the bankers will now have a billion reasons to be on good terms with the government. Put another way, Team Clinton is planning to build a giant graft machine .

Now, Team Clinton will not benefit in the long run, but they are getting tens of millions in contributions now, because they are promising to push through this new plan. If Wall Street wanted to bring back slavery, Hillary would be talking like Colonel Sanders and singing Dixie during her speeches. Her political motivations are a manifestation of her financial ambitions. All over the managerial class, the game is to monetize access, power and prestige. It’s why Hillary fits in so well with these people.

For about twenty years, the managerial class has been trying to figure out how to get their mitts on American retirement funds stashed away in 401K’s. Talk to any Progressive and they will tell you how terrible these plans are, while they drone on about the terribleness of Wall Street. They floated a scheme in the 90’s called the Guaranteed Retirement Account that was like a 401K, except all funds were invested in US treasuries. This never got far as it was just a complicated tax and the math could never work.

This new scheme is simpler, but potentially much more lucrative to the managerial elite. If every American is required to have a retirement account, administered by a fund manager, that’s billions of new money siphoned off the real economy into the pockets of the financial sector. Better still, those funds will be controlled by Wall Street. They will put those funds into investments good for Wall Street. What’s good for the bankers is to be on good terms with the government. You see where this leads.

This is the way the managerial class works the rake. In less sophisticated countries, like say France, the politicians just raid the pension funds. It’s legal plunder. In the managerial state, the plunder is more nuanced, tarted up with soft feminine language like “inclusion” and “coming together for a common cause.” You can be sure that this plan will be sold as a way to bring the country together to solve our retirement problems for those who “play by the rules and just want a fair deal.”

What will happen, of course, is the same thing we saw with health care and pretty much every other part of the economy these days. It will be a bust out. The billions that pour into these new funds will be “invested” in things that benefit the rulers. Politicians will get advance notice on some new move so they can cash in their privileged status. The fund managers will kick back a piece of their rake to the politicians for the right to manage these funds. It will be systematic robbery of the middle class.

You would be forgiven for thinking that this sounds a lot like organized crime. That’s because it is organized crime, except the criminals write the laws, thus legalizing their plunder. This is a feature of the managerial state. It is the big rake. Instead of the criminals eluding the state in order to plunder the people, the criminals acquire credentials, which are a license to skim off a portion of middle class wealth. The whole point of winning office or gaining access is so you can get a taste of the skim.

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  1. I like your use of the “bust-out” concept to help clarify things. First I heard the term was from a vice cop in Detroit early 70’s. We’d just had one at a local men’s club they burned down. I’m reading your posts in reverse and thought I’d pass on a long quote from a treasured book. You can find it online these days.

    Advice to the Privileged Orders in the Several States of Europe by Joel Barlow – 1792
    Chapter V – Revenue and Expenditure
    A nation is surely in a wretched condition, when the principal object of its government is the increase of its revenue. Such a state of things is in reality a perpetual warfare between the few individuals who govern, and the great body of the people who labour. Or, to call things by their proper names, and use the only language that the nature of the case will justify, the real occupation of the governors is either to plunder or to steal, as will best answer their purpose; while the business of the people is to secret their property by fraud, or to give it peaceably up, in proportion as the other party demands it; and then, as a consequence of being driven to this necessity, they slacken their industry, and become miserable through idleness, in order to avoid the mortification of labouring for those they hate.
    The art of constructing governments has usually been to organize the State in such a manner, as that this operation could be carried on to the best advantage for the administrators; and the art of administering those governments has been so to vary the means of seizing upon private property, as to bring the greatest possible quantity into the public coffers, without exciting insurrections. Those governments which are called despotic, deal more in open plunder; those that call themselves free, and act under the cloak of what they teach the people to reverence as a constitution, are driven to the arts of stealing. These have succeeded better by theft that the others have by plunder; and this is the principal difference by which they can be distinguished. Under these constitutional governments the people are more industrious, and create property faster because they are not sensible in what manner, and in what quantities, it is taken from them. The administrators, in this case, act by a compound operation; one is to induce the people to work, and the other to take from them their earnings.
    In this view of government, it is no wonder that it should be considered as a curious and complicated machine, too mysterious for vulgar contemplation, capable of being moved by none by experienced hands, and subject to fall in pieces by the slightest attempt of innovation or improvement. It is no wonder that a church and an army should be deemed necessary for its support and that the double guilt of impiety and rebellion should follow the man who offers to enter its dark sanctuary with the profane light of reason. It is not surprising, that kings and priests should be supposed to have derived their authority from God, since it is evidently not given them by men and that they should trace to a supernatural source claims which nature never has recognized, and which are at war with every principle of society .

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  3. You get it. The cloud people always take theirs off the top.

    Another concept to explore is how the securitization of virtually everything has affected everything from food prices to commercial rent to the price of gasoline. When you were paying $4 a gallon for gasoline because of an overheated futures market, when there was never any issue with supply, there is something terribly wrong with our system.

    • The trouble with the securitization of everything is that you set up easy manipulation of both the price and the supply. You also create a situation where someone, somewhere can dump a bit of supply, or buy up a bit extra, and it can send prices gyrating all through the markets. Finally, you create an environment where everything is pixels on a screen, and who knows if the physical even exists? As South Park so eloquently put it, “And it’s gone!”.

  4. All that Social Security money is already under the control of the government anyway – Social Security buys loads of US treasury bonds, thus supporting the spending spree which keeps the (D)irtbags in power. Imagine the economic effects if that money was invested in productive business instead, not to mention the FREEDOM resulting from the fact most would be millionaires by retirement age if they saved that 15.4%? FICA(with employers contribution) and were able to get even a puny safe bank rate level return – which you can’t do nowadays, because money has become so cheap due to excessive Quant easing (another way the govt is stealing value from US).

    I think a lot of evils would go away if the social safety net was limited to an unattractive “poor house” for anyone who wanted it. No longer would we need a welfare bureaucracy, no more SS admin, no more (D)irtbags buying popularity with that huge stack of money. If we gave up our wars: on poverty and drugs, it would be huge savings, in money and in oppression and in supporting a load of inherently socialist govt workers. We could also limit our military to: either kickass, kill people and break all their stuff, or better yet stay the hell here – no more meddling, rebuilding, aiding moslem ingrates…

    Also,western civ could restore our birthrate in one shot if we took the task of education away from govt. , and awarded it to any family that could teach their kids well enough to pass the tests each year. 100% vouchers for anyone who could find a better way to teach their kids than govt schools. I’d expect a big increase in stay at home moms, @~10k per kid per year, and a bunch less women working (often govt jobs or supporting bureacracy in bizness).

  5. A Constitutional Convention must be convened by the states to amend the Constitution and strip the federal government of the vast majority of it’s powers.
    These powers – including the ability to levy taxes and fees – must be the exclusive right of the states and the Supreme Court must be restricted to adjudicating only conflicts between the states. Each state Supreme Court would have the “last” word about what is Constitutional or not in their own respective state.
    By returning all powers to the states the federal outlays to the states (i.e., the primary method the federal govt. bribes and blackmails the states) would cease and all federal agencies would be abolished. Each state could implement the policies they choose.

    Each state would then be left to compete with all the other states ; some would sink (NY, NJ, CA, VT, etc. ) and become their own version of present day Venezuela , and some would thrive (TX, etc., ) But at least the people could relocate to the states that provide the most opportunity and freedom.

    When you think about it, the usurpation and abuse of power of the federal govt. is far more severe than that of King George III in the late 1700s.

    Of course, the states could pursue seceding from the union, and if enough of them decided to do this, well, that’s all she wrote.

  6. The worst part about this is that the rake is a growth industry.
    These people have lifetime careers.
    Their victories against the citizenry fund future success.

    The successful pirates then go teach at uni to recruit more pirates!
    Robert Kennedy Jr.’s students’ final exam, for example, was to go dig up 4 eco-lawsuits apiece for his firm.

    • Managed to wipe out the first part of the post. This is what happens when Lefties control everything.

      • Now that Obama gave domain control to the UNknowables- the Shadows- Drudge is headlining an Internet flash crash by a domain name host.

    • Hot damm, that’s as big a deal as the retirement accounts.
      Your water, where you can live, and the processes involved, thanks mate!

  7. “In the Cloud, lying is a conditional concept.”
    Yes, but you see, even among the clouds, “peers” who consistently pull it off SOOO
    badly, SO often, are deemed Fuck-ups, and are quietly escorted to the kitchen, lest they
    initiate a critical thinking revolution by chattel they DON’T own.

  8. It has been coming for a long time. When you hear someone speak about changing retirement plans to resemble “safer” long term pension plans, you know this is more than a shell game. Boobus Americanus will eat it hook, line and sinker. Aluminum siding salesmen never really went away. I have always thought that any person too stupid to protect their assets from grifters should have no legal access to justice.

  9. In 1977 the New Jersey state budget was $3billion, in 2016 $34billion. That’s roughly a billion a year increase. The population stayed the same. What it comes down to is that the federal government and all of the state governments are money laundering schemes for politicians and their cronies, the pirate class.

    • Next week our gas tax in NJ goes up 23 cents a gallon to plug a “hole” in the infrastructure budget. It would be funny if I wasn’t going to be paying it until I escape from this asylum.

    • In the year 2000, Mayor Rudy Guiliani’s last year in office, the New York City annual budget was about 25 BILLION DOLLARS — and he had actually reduced the expenditures by about a BILLION DOLLARS from the year before.
      Currently NYC’s annual budget is 78 BILLION DOLLARS.
      There are about 8 million residents in NYC, about 3.5million are working taxpayers.
      That’s about $20,000 of expenditures per year per taxpayer.

    • I agree. IRAs a 401Ks are the true third rail. I’ve been stashing money in mine for 30 years because I’m not an asshole who thinks he’ll live off Social Security for the last decades of his life. Touch them and I will become violent.

      • Better stock up on ammo then Drake.

        First they are going to confiscate your 401k in a de facto manner by requiring you to invest an age-dependent portion of your funds in government bonds which will be used to subsidize retirement programs for your fellow citizens.

        And on top of that they are going to assess you a 3% payroll tax to fund retirement accounts for your fellow citizens.

        I’m not sure that even Trump can stop this from happening. The vast majority of Americans have little or no savings for retirement and are facing a life of extreme poverty in their retirement. The political pressure to address this issue is going to be overwhelming.

        I believe we will see a grand bargain in which all retirement plans, including public and private sector pensions, are effectively nationalized. The Federal Government will establish a government sponsored entity (GSE) into all assets and liabilities will be dumped. The GSE will provide a guaranteed retirement income which will likely vary in inverse relation to a recipients asset base, i.e., the more you have the less you get. Additional funding for the GSE will be provided from bonds backed by your 401k and payroll taxes as outlined above.

        From each according to his ability to each according to his need. Forward!

    • Reposted & relevant: The other source of plunder for the connected grifters and grafters is the endowments of NGO world, private universities most definitely included. Plus, unlike 401k’s they have the easy possibility of being effectively demonized by the Dirt People. So an inviting target for the aspiring pseudo-populist political entrepreneur.
      Perhaps the few actually smart Cloud People realize this, hence the visceral fear of Trump.

  10. “Most of the people in the managerial class are always aware of the fact they are not rich, at least not as rich as they deserve, and they hate it.”

    Tony BLiar became extremely rich after leaving the Prime-Minister office, it pays to be on the side of the (((Elite)))

    • Not just Bliar, but the ever-so-useless Gordon Brown who followed him into Prime Minister office. Once Brown had, as widely expected, lost the 2010 election to Cameron’s Tories, he soon abandoned any pretence of representing the people of his constituency who elected him and much preferred giving economic lectures to whoever would pay him the most.

      Unfortunately, one talk required him to fly to Switzerland and he endured untold misery on the flight for cooped up with him in the plane were a good number of Celtic football supporters travelling to an away match in Zurich or some such lovely Swiss city. For those who don’t know, Celtic fans are almost entirely made up of those Scots and wannabe Irish who hate and detest Westminster and anyone associated with it. Even though Brown was a fellow Scot, these footy fans taunted him loudly and obscenely for the whole flight and left him in no doubt how unpopular he was.

      I suppose sometimes rushing off to earn a luxuriously-buttered crust can cost one a lot in terms of of wounded pride and ringing ears.

  11. You’ve got her pegged to a “T”. She should be called “Meretrix Maxima.” She will do anything or anyone for a buck.

  12. I read this once, somewhere, that the original incipient governments were really just marauding gangs that got big. I think about that all the time now

    • I am always thinking of the western theme similar to that used in many movies like “Open Range” or “Pale Rider” where the heavy and his gang run roughshod over a town doing what they want, taking what they want, treating the locals how ever they want until someone comes along who is not afraid to stand up to the evil and take them on.

      Heh, so much for being civilized in the 21st century. We haven’t really come so far except for the sophistication of the scoundrels who have insinuated themselves into the political and legal framework of the country. With the blatant demonstration of Comey and the FBI and Clinton’s “Deplorables” type attitudes, the cloak of pretense has been completely removed (except for those who are like the Stepford Wives).

      Time for the citizen, the rabble, the deplorables to rise up and kick ass and take names. But take no prisoners. To the gallows with the whole lot of them!

    • “Justice being taken away, then, what are kingdoms but great robberies? For what are robberies themselves, but little kingdoms? The band itself is made up of men; it is ruled by the authority of a prince, it is knit together by the pact of the confederacy; the booty is divided by the law agreed on. If, by the admittance of abandoned men, this evil increases to such a degree that it holds places, fixes abodes, takes possession of cities, and subdues peoples, it assumes the more plainly the name of a kingdom, because the reality is now manifestly conferred on it, not by the removal of covetousness, but by the addition of impunity. Indeed, that was an apt and true reply which was given to Alexander the Great by a pirate who had been seized. For when that king had asked the man what he meant by keeping hostile possession of the sea, he answered with bold pride, What you mean by seizing the whole earth; but because I do it with a petty ship, I am called a robber, while you who does it with a great fleet are styled emperor.”””

      St. Augustine, The City of God, Book 4, Chapter 4

    • There are two types of government as there are two types of bandits: mobile, and stationary.

      Mobile bandits are just that—mobile. They often move from place to place, or they are often replaced, and so they have no real attachment to the people they rule. They loot, and pillage, and steal everything not nailed down, for their tenure is short and their time horizon is the short term. If they don’t get the gold bullion, the next mobile bandits to come along will.

      Stationary bandits, on the other hand, are stuck in one location, stuck with one people. Oftentimes, they are the people, and if they are not the people now they shall surely be the people after a generation or two of intermarriage. Because the head stationary bandit rules now, expects to rule in 20 years, and expects his son to rule in 30 years, there’s no incentive to steal everything not nailed down, nor do is there incentive to piss off their people by screwing them over needlessly. Hence the origin of property rights, rule of law, and the traditional arrangement of loyalty and taxes in exchange for military protection.

      The difference between careful stewardship, and looting and plundering is the difference between mobile and stationary, the difference between secure and insecure power.

      Of course, our government is growing increasingly insecure in its power, and its looting and plundering is exactly as described here:

      • Damn KGIII. That was good!

        But I still don’t get you animus towards people of color who are hardworking, lawful and productive citizens? Besides your aim on “illegal” immigrants, which I agree with wholeheartedly, now you are showing me you have your sights on the right kinds of targets for revolt.

        I wonder if you are not a provocateur in your other writings?

        • “animus towards people of color”

          The only colored people with any legitimate claim to American residence and American citizenship are those here before 1965, namely the Blacks. In 1965, the country was 88% White and 12% Black. ( All other groups were so diminishing as to be entirely negligible; no Mexicans, no Moslems, no Cubans, no Pakistanis, no Indians, no Chinese, no Arabs, no Dominicans, no Puerto Ricans, no Guatemalans, no Venezuelans, no Vietnamese, and so on, and only a fraction of a percent of American Indians. (

          Then the left, meaning the Democratic Party, meaning the Inner Party, meaning the government, decided to elect a new people, and so began importing Nonwhites by the tens of millions. Why? (

          Because all White people are racists, irredeemable racists, racism being the condition of being White, intrinsic to being White, and the only way to eradicate racism is to eradicate White people. Finally, those filthy racists are getting what they deserve: (

          You ask why anyone would have animosity towards colored people who are also hard-working, law-abiding, and productive citizens. Well, your question betrays you. Your question implies that colored people are not usually hard-working, law-abiding, and productive citizens. Your question suggests that most colored people are not hard-working, law-abiding, and productive citizens. Nobody talks about “White people who are hard-working, law-abiding, and productive citizens”, only “White people”, because the vast majority of White people are hard-working and productive, and if not hard-working and productive, then at least peaceable and law-abiding.

          Totally cohencidentally, all immigrant groups since 1965, 98% of them Nonwhite, vote majoritively for the Democratic Party, meaning they vote for more government and more gibs, meaning they vote themselves more stuff, meaning they vote themselves your stuff, hard-working, law-abiding, and productive (White) citizen. Your productivity, of which probably 80% or more is captured by the net effect of all the taxes imposed on you by your rulers, goes to feed and clothe and house the teeming Nonwhite hordes, of which 75% of the legal immigrants are on direct government welfare and 85% of the illegal immigrants are on directly government welfare.

          And if 75-85% of them draw direct government benefits, are thus incontrovertibly tax negatives, exactly how many of the remaining 15-25% do you think are net tax positives? So you, the hard-working, law-abiding, productive citizen are not merely forced to witness the social dissolution of your community through the joys of diversity (see Robert Putnam’s Bowling Alone) but are forced to pay for it with your blood, sweat and tears. How does it feel to pay to raise other men’s children?

          Why do you think housing costs have exploded? Is it because the actual cost to physically build houses has exploded, or is it because you have to pay out the ass to live in a “nice” neighborhood, meaning a neighborhood not (yet) overrun by the Global South?

          Why do you think healthcare costs have exploded? It is because the actual cost to administer medicine has exploded, or is it because they have to charge you ever more in order to provide free childbirth services for Consuela’s fifth 80 IQ “New American”, her fifth contribution to “the human race”?

          Why do you think the cities are crummier than ever before? Is it because our technology is insufficient to keep trash out of the streets and keep the streets from smelling like sewers, or is it because most of the “New Americans”, most of them mestizos, are no more than four hundred years removed from being actual, literal hunter-gatherer jungle-dwellers?

          And regarding the Blacks, which have the only legitimate Nonwhite claim to American residence and American citizenship, I simply do not see why we should continue to pay them tribute so that they may continue to infest our cities, continue to predate on (real) Americans at every opportunity, riot, continue to destroy cities (Detroit, Atlanta), continue to burn down the occasional town (Baltimore, Ferguson), and every day practice their traditional tribal warfare updated for the concrete jungle via drive-by shootings and such. Send them back too, I say.

          • Well now, if that didn’t spark something within you.

            I betrayed nothing as we both know that there are people here from other countries who have made the USA their home for decades and they did so the legal way. Naturalization.

            As for your assertion that prior to 1965 only whites and blacks were in the USA, you really display your ignorance of statistics and history of America. My folks were here in the 1940’s, grandparents, and were naturalized citizens who worked the fields and in construction making what is Silicon Valley today. Even I, worked at a Cannery loading freight cars, then moved on to hanging drywall building homes and apartments throughout the valley during my summers off from college. But back to the point … I don’t know where you grew up prior to 1965, but it was not lily white with a token black here and there.

            If the picture you posted of the “All American Family” is what floats your boat, well, you missed your chance with the Third Reich back in the day. Get up to speed with the real world man! YOU, me, we all will be assimilated.

            Why? Because of your brothers, our white leaders who have sold ‘you’ down the river. All of the “laments” you give are programs created by and for the elites who saw only money to be made of the backs of deplorables and they don’t care what color those backs are.

            So take your poor trials and tribulations to the white supremacists sites where you will undoubtedly be heard and your feelings validated. Talk about a victim mentality. Sheesh! Go sell it somewhere else.

          • Prelude: I went and found the official US Census Bureau’s Statistical Abstract of the United States for 1965, and this is what I found:

            In 1960, the total US population numbered 179,323,175, of which 158,831,732 were considered White, 18,871,831 were considered Negro, and 1,619,612 were considered Other Races. Of those Whites, 149,544,000 had Native Parentage, 23,784,000 had either Foreign Parentage or Mixed Parentage and 9,294,000 were Foreign Born. Of the 33,078,000 “Whites” considered to be of Foreign White Stock, 67.6% were of White ancestry west of the Hajnal line (and Ireland), 23.1% were of White ancestry east of the Hajnal line, and the remaining 9.3% comprised 1.5% Asia (all Asia just 1.5%!), 5.2% Mexico, 1.2% Other America, and 1.3% All Other and Not Reported. The missing 0.1% seems to be a rounding error.

            In 1960 the racial breakdown of the state of California was as follows: the total population numbered 15,717,204, of which 14,455,230 were considered White, 883,861 were considered Negro, and 378,113 were considered Other Races. Of those Whites, 1,222,000 were Foreign Born and 2,503,000 were Native of Foreign or Mixed Parentage. Of those either Foreign Born or Native of Foreign or Mixed Parentage, 391,000 were from Canada, 345,000 were from Germany, 348,000 were from Italy, 110,000 were from Poland, 367,000 were from the UK, and 224 were from the USSR. Mexico is clearly nowhere near to being a significant contributor, and Asia (all Asia!) hardly even makes an appearance.

            Even so, we can use these numbers to make an educated guess as to the Nonwhite occupation of California in the golden years of surf and fun before California had degenerated into a recognizably Nonwhite state and a bad joke. At 883,861, the Negro component of the Californian population was 5.6%, the Other Races component of the Californian population was 2.4%, and supposing we take 50% above the national percentage of Asian (all Asia!) and Mexican ancestry, 10.05%. Thus can we suppose the upper bound of the aggregated Nonwhite population of 1960 California to have been 18%, and the White population of 1960 California to have been 82%, just 8% below the American norm at that time.

            So except for your proclamation that Nonwhites made Silicon Valley the technology capital of the world, your delusion that 1965 California wasn’t (by today’s standards) a lily-White American oasis, and your stubborn denial of official US Census Bureau statistics, everything you say is true.

            Including and especially the way you mock me for the way my grandfathers’ generation lost the land their forefathers conquered, lost their nation and their land and their country to people like you, and in so doing mock not just me but every White person for losing every White country, mock every Christian for losing Christendom, and most of all mock every son of the West for losing the West.

            Let me tell you something, Mexican (or Asian?). I am not my grandfather and I am not like my grandfather’s generation. I am not tolerant and inclusive and soft the way my grandfathers and my grandfathers’ generation were.

            Given the slightest opportunity, I will ensure you find yourself squatting in a favela or a rice paddy, whichever your your grandfathers were born in. You will get the chance to Make Mexico/China Great Again (if it ever was).

            Maybe that’s Trump. I pray for it every day, the only thing I’ve prayed for in the last ten years. Probably, it isn’t. But when me or someone like me regains control of the West’s destiny…oh boy.

            Kek Vult.

          • As a kid in the 1960s, I grew up on the San Diego/Tijuana border. Anecdotally, I would agree with the population breakdown of the time. Back then, even the border areas were predominantly “white”. I hadn’t really thought about it one way or the other since then.

          • First you completely misread my post. I did not say “Nonwhites made Silicon Valley the technology capital of the world.” I simply said ‘my’ parents were here and helped “build,” i.e. construction, the valley.

            And as for mocking you, what I am trying!! to do is point out that “illegal” immigration is the fault of other white folks in politics and business. Don’t blame the illegals, they come for the free stuff, sure, but who is it that is giving away the free stuff? The politico’s, that’s who. You don’t like it, I don’t like it.

            Now, as to the fact that you would like this country to be “lily white” we have a very different issue and for that it will take you and an army to try to move me anywhere else against my will. I was born in America. My father was born in America. And from the sound of things, I would say I am more American in attitude about understanding and honoring the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. My freedom has nothing to do with you or your wishes. My freedom is God given. I do not like or respect our government. And from your words, I do not like or respect you either. You are just a mirror image of the same evil. You want to rule over others and tell them how to live, have your exclusive, elitist club where the entry is “white??” skin? Gee this reminds me of Hilter and the Aryan club of pure blood, zee master race. Just how do you prove that! Well, we make up the rules as we go along to fit the narrative.

            Here we are trying to fight fascism in the name of Hillary, and god forbid she win, even if Trump wins, then “we,” freedom loving Americans of all color, will still have assholes like you to deal with.

            Come on big man, you will ensure me a one way ticket. But will you be there to make it happen? Bring it. Or will you have someone else do your dirty work?

          • “All immigration is the fault of other white folks in politics and business”

            Correct. White men (including Jews) jockeying for money, status and power.

            “I was born in America. My father was born in America.”

            I was born in America. My father was born in America. My great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather was born in America.

            “I would say I am more American in attitude about understanding and honoring the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights”

            Which Constitution and Bill of Rights, the modern hippy-lovey-dovey-guru version professed by all extant conservativisms, or the version written by the same men who, when deciding upon who would be granted citizenship of their nascent country, wrote laws like the Naturalization Act of 1790, which first paragraph is as follows:

            “Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That any Alien being a free white person, who shall have resided within the limits and under the jurisdiction of the United States for the term of two years, may be admitted to become a citizen thereof on application to any common law Court of record in any one of the States wherein he shall have resided for the term of one year at least, and making proof to the satisfaction of such Court that he is a person of good character, and taking the oath or affirmation prescribed by law to support the Constitution of the United States, which Oath or Affirmation such Court shall administer, and the Clerk of such Court shall record such Application, and the proceedings thereon; and thereupon such person shall be considered as a Citizen of the United States. And the children of such person so naturalized, dwelling within the United States, being under the age of twenty one years at the time of such naturalization, shall also be considered as citizens of the United States. And the children of citizens of the United States that may be born beyond Sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born Citizens: Provided, that the right of citizenship shall not descend to persons whose fathers have never been resident in the United States: Provided also, that no person heretofore proscribed by any States, shall be admitted a citizen as aforesaid, except by an Act of the Legislature of the State in which such person was proscribed.”

            Evidently, the Founding Fathers and their successors, you might even say their posterity, considered Americans to be “free white persons”. I think I’ll use their definition.

            “You want to rule over others and tell them how to live, have your exclusive, elitist club where the entry is “white??” skin?”

            Just like those dastardly Founding Fathers, those conniving racist bastards, who thought Nonwhites incompatible with European civilization and incompatible with what, if they were speaking in modern parlance, they might call “American values”.

            “then “we,” freedom loving Americans of all color, will still have assholes like you to deal with”

            And here you finally reveal you are not really on the side you pretend to be on.

          • I fail to grasp just how your little brain works. So tell me, Kek, what side do you think I am on? Spell it out. Don’t leave any hanging implication.

          • I checked out your reference to the Naturalization Act of 1790 and it is accurate. However, what I find somewhat humorous is that this too is an Act of Congress, and we know what a bunch of idiots Congress-critters are, then and now.

            What I rely on for my “claim” on citizenship, regardless of your sentiment, is the text from Declaration of Independence which, maybe unwittingly, left the barn door open for us deplorables, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

            So you can be like the whiner-class and do nothings who only long for the days of yesteryear, but I prefer the life I have had. I do count it a blessing to have been born in America, to have led the live I have lived, to make choices for myself, good or bad decisions and enjoy or suffer the consequences of such. I have been able to contribute to the best of my ability and use the following phrase as my motto, “meliora cogito” to do as my father taught me. If something is worth doing, do it well. Learn, improve, leave where you have been a better place than when you arrived.

            So, I know you have every right to believe what ever crap you want, but I do not have to respect your opinions or you as an individual because to me respect is earned and is primarily a matter of personal character.

            You whine about things more than 200 years ago, things that can never be, things that really never were. It is so ridiculous that you fall on the words of “Congress!” What a joke. They only existed in your warped mind. So go ahead and be a troll, spout your supremacist tripe as is your right, but I am done trying to discuss this with you any further. I am out.

          • In closing, allow me to summarize our conversation.

            Me: Explication of mobile bandits versus stationary bandits, implying democracy may lean toward the mobile side, that Cthulu may swim left.

            You: Good job, you’re obviously a smart guy, so why are you a racist?

            Me: I’m a White man with lineage going back 350 years to the Puritans, my ancestors conquered this land and build this country for my people and me, their posterity, but my rightful inheritance was stolen from me, and I want it back.

            You: I’m a Nonwhite immigrant, and I was around back then and the country of your grandfather, the country you were supposed to inherit, that country didn’t actually exist. The West wasn’t White, America wasn’t White, and you’re a racist for thinking so and a Nazi for wanting the old America back, which didn’t actually exist.

            Me: Here are official US Census Bureau statistics showing that just fifty years ago California was no less than 82% White and probably more like 84% or 86% White.

            You: I’m a Nonwhite immigrant, and I was around back then and the country of your grandfather, the country you were supposed to inherit, that country didn’t actually exist. The West wasn’t White, America wasn’t White, and you’re a racist for thinking so and a Nazi for wanting the old America back, which didn’t actually exist.

            Me: Your loyalty lies not with the White man, not with America, and not with the West, but with your fellow Mexicans, and for that reason if given the slightest opportunity I will personally deport you.

            You: I’m a Nonwhite immigrant, and I was around back then and the country of your grandfather, the country you were supposed to inherit, that country didn’t actually exist. The West wasn’t White, America wasn’t White, and you’re a racist for thinking so and a Nazi for wanting the old America back, which didn’t actually exist.

  13. Have to understand the cloud’s method of rule. For them the only rule is there is no rule, but us dirt people have to obey all and any rule they decide suits or benefits their rule there is no rule.
    At some point the dirt people figure out there isn’t any rules they have to morally or ethically obey.
    Then the cloud’s are in deep shit.
    Let them hide behind the rules then, see how much protection those rules they flaunted provide them.

    • Yep, it all boils down to consent to be governed. The state doesn’t have the sort of force needed to overtly control the population the way the Soviets did. The thing is the Soviets needed their vast secret police apparatus because the population *knew* the boss class were not legitimate.

      If the American people realize there is no rule of law and that the political class are merely criminals, then it’s over for them because their control largely relies on obedience of the masses since they have no real enforcement mechanism beyond that for any mass refusal.

      This is why they are freaking out over Trump always talking about how the system being rigged and dishonest and that elections have been gamed. The videos by O’Keefe just served to substantiate Trump’s claims.

      • Rubbish. The Soviets had secret police. The US ruling class has simply privatized that function and handed it off to SJW networks financed by nonprofits and Soros, and enforced by HR departments in the private sector. Why do you think we all have to post anonymously on the Internet? And why do you think the powers that be are doing everything they can to eliminate anonymity on the Internet?

        If you disagree try posting controversial material under your real name. You’ll be outed, doxxed, and most likely fired and rendered unemployable in the future.

        • Yes, political officers embedded in every military unit and corporate workers’ collective.
          University is where commisars get their credentials.
          And, Citizen, if you see something say something, 1-800-Snitch-Society.

        • Well dude, I publish all sorts of things, like the truth. Know what? I’m not afraid, they are afraid of what I am, a free man. I’ll be a free man if they try to come for me or not. They want people to be afraid. It is those of us who refuse to comply that make the difference. It is how this nation was created to begin with.
          The rubbish is those who permit their fear of tyrants to rule their souls.

        • You miss the point.

          Compared to the USSR, there are few overt enforcement mechanisms in place. The main tool the corporate state has is the MSM which is used to convince the people the system is legit and thus rendering the vast bulk of the people passive and apathetic.

          Any state, including ours can only remain legit, if the people see it as legit. Once the people see the state is no longer representative of them, then it’s finished.

          Even in brutal police states like the Soviet Union and Romania. They collapsed overnight.

          The elites know this and is why they work so hard to limit and massage the sort of news and information the masses get through the MSM. They have keep making the people believe the Republic is still alive and they have a say in things.

          Those privatized enforcement mechanism you mentioned are a joke. They’re social conformity enforcers nothing more. Glorified busybodies. No one outside of college campuses takes SJW seriously. Most are just dried out punks.

          I don’t do twitter, facebook or any social media. No leverage there.

  14. Lying to the Dirt People is fine. It’s what Cloud People must do to maintain order and assert their superiority.

    Or as the Cloud People like to call it, “The Narrative.”

    I still remember Ol’ Baghdad Bob telling the camera crews that all was still well while M1’s were prowling around in the background.

  15. Union bosses stole like this in the 70’s, and now the Dems are going to do it on a national government scale. Just like the Clinton Foundation is charitable fraud on steroids compared to Jesse Jackson’s charitable scam of the 70’s.

  16. This seems like an excellent analysis, in part because it strikes me sorrowful. I would like to think that folks like the Clintons started out scrabbling for power and have continued out of habit and sheer doggedness. That is, I would like to think of them as automatons. To remember that these creatures have betrayed their race, their country, and their fellow citizens for simple old filthy lucre is depressing somehow.

    It’s evil, but it’s not the evil of a rivalry gone wrong. We don’t mean enough to the managerial class to be worth opposing. We’re just a natural resource.

  17. How is the managerial class going to raid the 401k’s when *all* of its members are lying dead in the gutter, missing various body parts? Because that’s what’s coming…

      • Glory to Kek, may He steel our spines and harden our hearts.

        Kek, the redeemer.

        Kek, the wrothful one.

        Kek, his brilliance that of a thousand suns.


        • If you’re not serious, I’m there with you.

          This is the first time I’ve seen the Kek thing used in possible a semi-serious manner. If alt-right ends up insistent on sacrilege and it grows, you all are on your own (not that me in particular matters much).

          If you want God’s strength and blessing, you only ever had to ask for it by name.

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