The New Model Rhodesia

I read a book years back titled Banana Sunday by a former Telegraph reporter named Chris Munnion. The book is a memoir about his career covering Africa for the British papers. Munnion was an old school reporter. By that I mean he did not subscribe to narrative journalism where the reporters collect up facts to fit the pre-written story. In his memoir he covers the rise of that form of journalism and why it was and is totally insane. That’s not the point of the book, but it is an interesting side bar. Otherwise, the book is about Africa.

The book is full of a great observations about the Dark Continent, but the part that stuck with me is on the fall of Rhodesia. There are two schools of thought on what happened in Rhodesia. One says it was inevitable, as Africans would eventually revolt against their white rulers just on racial grounds. We don’t hear this sort of argument much these days, as it is just politely assumed. The fact that what came next for what is now called Zimbabwe is not exactly the ringing endorsement for the claims of the multiculturalists.

The other school of thought says that Zimbabwe is the inevitable end of multiculturalism. The elevation of non-whites to preferred status is simply viewed as a surrender by whites to non-whites, who do what victors always do in ethnic conflict. They slaughter and subjugate the vanquished. In 1960 Rhodesia was 4% white, with the prosperous portion in the south being 7% white. The total population was 8 million. Today it is all black with a population of 15 million. It is also one of the poorest countries in the world.

The thing about these competing theories is they are not really in competition as they both accept the inevitable conclusion. In the West, the people in charge are possessed with a bizarre fatalism about migration out of the south into the north. Exactly no one makes the claim that importing millions of Muslims into Europe, for example, is good for Europeans. They simply claim that it is inevitable and since the mystery forces of history will it, it must be the morally correct thing to embrace. Right side of history and all that.

You see this in the increasingly bizarre acting out by America’s PC elites on the college campus. This story from Emory University is one that caught my attention, because it shows that we are a long way from the old Civil Rights days of equality and integration. There’s little doubt that the organizer spends his free time nursing anti-white revenge fantasies, where his tribe rises up and smashes the Pale Penis People. After all, if your organizing principle is hatred of the honkies, what else are you dreaming about?

If these sorts of things were organized by fringe minority nutters, it would be of no consequence. The truth is multiculturalism shrivels up in an instant without the support of white elites. They invented it and they sustain it. It is their religion. Non-whites are vastly more practical, but they play along as this is their ticket up the social ladder. Fifty years ago black elites named their kids after Founders and preached the Protestant work ethic to one another. Today, they give their kids nonsense names and preach hatred of whitey.

When you read about Rhodesia the thing that jumps out is that many of the whites in charge of the country were just as delusional as their superiors back home. Both assumed things about the black population that have proven to be completely false. The people on the ground, however, had enough of a survival instinct to work their way through reality to a solution. The European elites were simply too drunk on multiculturalism to see what was happening and anyway, they were isolated from it.

There’s a similar vibe going on in the West today. The overgrown boys and girls romping around the campus kindergartens of America are just high on the fumes of their own sanctimony. They can indulge all of their fantasies because they are inoculated from reality, at least for now. They can rail against white males and turn them into lepers on campus because there’s no risk. Even if public pressure thwarts these efforts, guys like DeLa Sweeney suffer no personal or professional consequences.

The big difference between what happened in post-colonial Africa and what is happening in the West now is there is no escape. Instead, the elites, based on and around the campus, both corporate and academic, imagine a world like New Haven. Yale is a safe, secure world where the modern Eloi can live self-actualizing lives. Occasionally one of them is eaten by the Morlocks living down the hill in the rough parts of New Haven, but otherwise they are immune to the reality of daily life. That’s the future our elites dream for themselves.

I’m sure it will work out just fine.

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  1. CaptDMO mentioned Liberia.

    An interesting colonial experiment in its own right, taking African Americans whose ancestors were from all over West Africa and making them a colonial settler population in an arbitrary portion of West Africa, ruled by an all-settler oligarchy practicing a twisted version of Anglo-American politics and lording it over the actual native tribes. Went well for a very long time and ended in tears.

    I was standing free-reading in a bookstore yesterday, a book on the OSS and the securing of uranium in Katanga province during the Belgian colonial regime, this even before WW2 and in support of the Manhattan Project. Rich in derring do both of the Livingstone/Stanley vein and the “Heroes of the OSS” vein. Of course, it was “our brave boys in Africa conspiring to rip off the natives”, but still fun to learn about.

    The photo section included a picture of some official facility in Liberia decorated with sundry flags, including a German swastika flag, circa 1942-43, and the caption indicated that at this time Liberia enjoyed close relations with Germany.

    I always assumed Liberia was basically a US vassal, even at times when the US was barely concerned with the outer world. I would certainly be curious to know how independent the Liberians were in foreign policy, and how they managed to have close relations with Nazi Germany even during the war, and of what those relations consisted.

    Also, is it possible to construct an ideology that corresponds to the name True Whig Party, that would be an acceptable basis for an Axis Power?. “True Whiggism is really just National Socialism with an African-American Face”?

  2. Never had any connection to Rhodesia that I know of, but have sympathized with them a bit since I was a kid [in the 70s]. My mother [from Scotland] used to say that when she was young in the 40s and 50s she knew people whose emigration destination of choice had been Rhodesia.

    As I said, I sympathized and still do, for many of the same reasons as others here. And perhaps people who went there then figured they’d have a good long multigenerational run as self-governing colonists under the British imperial umbrella, with time to build more and time to grow their population before tackling the big racial questions from a position of greater strength. Perhaps they also thought the Cold War would evolve differently. They didn’t expect the empire to fold everywhere else so quickly, or for Britain to turn on them. They didn’t expect colonialism in general to fold up with such breathtaking speed and strip away all their buffers, or for Western racial attitudes to change so much so quickly, in conjunction with Cold War imperatives the way that conflict and its ideological demands actually did evolve. [Driven mainly by the US’ ideological need to shore up its image and self-image.]

    They should have expected these things, of course, or at least saw them on the horizon. The writing was on the wall before 1950. But none of us ever quite sees ahead more than a few years. [I’ve recently been going through a kind of existential crisis about how I will be regarded in the future and what my own country will be like if the campus-style prog ideology continues to pervade society this way, but I digress.]

    So I sympathize on those grounds, too.

    But Rhodesia was always way out on a limb. Only taken over by a BSAC expedition in the 1880s or 1890s, tiny settler population even when annexed by the Crown or first given self-government after WW1, still small in 1945, with many if not most white Rhodesians who lived there in the Bush War being post-1945 origin. And Shona and Ndebele and others being indisputably indigenous by the time whites showed up, the Bantu speakers having arrived long before. Compare that to South Africa, whose Afrikaners, at least, had roots by then 300 years deep, had essentially no connection to their ancestral homelands, had started in a relatively unpopulated Cape, and had arrived not that much later than the Bantu speakers coming southward. And who were a much more substantial minority by orders of magnitude.

    South Africa barely had a chance, demographically, if history had played out differently. Even they had to adopt the rather extreme measure of apartheid to secure the bulk of the country, which made the demographic and political imbalance obvious. The Rhodesians eschewed such things and could not have made them work anyway. They had no chance.

    Rhodesia was white Anglo Israel in a sense, contemporary with Israel and also becoming viable only due to postwar influx, but it lacked the ancestral claims, the resonance with Western sentiments, and the postwar moral oomph that Israel used to such great effect.

    Not that I can’t imagine a 1940s in which Western Holocaust guilt led to some different endorsement for the Jews than a state of Israel in Palestine. There was reluctance to endorse that solution and plenty then who saw it as colonialism in its own right. And I can imagine a 1940s-50s that gave Rhodesia more of a chance. But it would have had to be very different indeed.

    Maybe if the Jews had been planted in Uganda to build their state. That would have upended the moral and political conflicts of Africa for decades after.

  3. And of course, Liberia.
    It’s all too confusing to me, I think I need a Rhodes Scholar to ‘splain it.
    Maybe a pro athlete, with a diamond and gold “game” ring.

  4. On a positive note, that commie Tom Hayden died yesterday.

    May he be ass-raped in the Lake of Fire throughout eternity by Mohammed.

  5. Just thought of something else. We talk about elites, but sometimes the middle class is just as screwed up. In the town I lived in there was a store run by an Indian fellow that was right down town between the Standard Bank and the grocer, chemist and butcher. Prime spot. Just about every day he could be found having a drink in the shade of the marula trees out in front of the local hotel, where many of the white folks in town would also be to enjoy the evening. Rhodesia had no apartheid. He would rail on mercilessly about how racist Rhodesians were and how Ian Smith was the worst thing since Hitler. I’ve often wondered how he made out under Mugabe. I doubt if he even lived long past 1980.

  6. I know a guy who participated in the Rhodesian fighting, a merc. Has some interesting stories, some of which might even be true.

  7. Through marriage, I have a distant relative who was born in Africa and raised there, though not in Zimbabwe. When I asked her about Mugabe her view that he was okay until a few years ago and then became nuts.

    I expressed surprise because to a European like me Mugabe was always nuts. So I conclude that is how Europeans and Africans differ: we can see the nuts earlier (even if we resolutely refuse to do anything about them)

  8. Paul Theroux’s Dark Star Safari is a valuable addition to this discussion. Paul is definitely not “high on the fumes of his own sanctimony.” Nice one, Zman! Oddly, his major interview subjects in Angola all turned up dead afterwards….

  9. I lived there in the sixties. Don’t see anything that I disagree with. Elites tend to be blind to obvious truths, and misinterpret them even when they can see them. One problem is not being able to distinguish between micro and macro in phenomena. How individuals interact with you on a personal level or even in small groups is in no way predictive of how they will interact in the aggregate. Garfield Todd, who was one of the PM’s before Smith is a prime example. He tried to liberalize black white politics before either side was ready based on his own personal experience. I think he ended up marrying a black or at any rate cohabitating. Sometimes personal experience is blinding.

  10. The Rhodesian bush war was a fascinating period of military history. The Rhodesians had probably one of best light infantry units in history. Look for books by Neil Grant, Dennis Croukamp, Chris Cocks. Rhodesian may have been “suburb that thought it was a country,” in the dismissive British phrase (and it was the brits who sold them out, just to be done with it) but the eventual verdict of history was that the blacks of the country would have been off with the whites in charge and gradually turning over power. Tim

    • “the blacks of the country would have been [better] off with the whites in charge”

      And what about the whites of Rhodesia? Why should they have relinquished any power at all to their enemy, however little and however slowly?

      I say the whites of Rhodesia would have been better off without the blacks of Rhodesia, and should have deported them all.

      In fact, the whites of Rhodesia faced the same problem now faced by the jews of Israel, an intransigent hostile population of subhumans slavering for their blood and their women. It would seem that in all Apartheid-esque societies there are only three possible outcomes: A) deport them, B) carpet-bomb them, or C) let them out-breed you while they wait for you to lose the initiative, and then be cleansed from this mortal coil as they zerg-rush you in the manner of dusky mutant zombies, except dusky mutant zombies with AK-47s and a taste not for brains but for white pussy.

  11. At best they get Brazil most likely they wind up with Rhodesia. They should pray we stop them but they put their short term interest first.

  12. In my opinion the Emory thing is quite simple. Mud people are jealous of whitey and do not feel equipped to compete in intellectual pursuits. I remember as a young lad hearing negroes say some version of “dat boy a raysis, but he sho be smart”. I believe this is the basis of negro hatred for whitey. They hate what they can not understand.

    • Its not that they don’t understand, its that they DO but don’t have the sense to pick themselves up and have it for themselves! Sucks to be them!

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  14. DeLa Sweeney? Why not ALa Sweeny? PorLa Sweeney? One made-up name is as good as another. As for social events for people of color only, perhaps this sort of idiocy will eventually result in Emory suffering the fate of the University of Missouri: declining enrollment because parents got tired of paying to support colleges where insanity is the norm.

    • One of my sons had a good offer from there, turned it down last year. The weird vibe on the campus was one reason. Said the place just seemed strange. Problem for Missouri appears to be most of the “refuseniks” are out of staters that pay the full toll. That has a disproportionate impact on the finances.

  15. As I’ve written before, I chose to make my last stand in a country in South America that has nearly no blacks and there are none within a hundred miles of me. I once planned to send my grandsons to university in the USA (long-ago Ivy grad myself), but no longer, barring great change and perhaps grad programs in STEM studies. Our version of blacks are dark-skinned mestizos commonly and openly called “negros de mierda” (“black pieces of shit”) if their behavior merits the slur, but it can be applied to a lazy white as well.

    The USA has become a far worse place than I’d imagined when I left it 28 years ago. Europe has gone just as bad, worse than I’d imagined when I left it 12 years ago. I didn’t used to be a racist, but thanks to the pc folks and the uppity negroes I’ve become one, although a goodly number of latino/a mestizo/s are the peers of nearly any white as far as I’m concerned; it’s more about behavior than color when all is said and done.

    Re-institute segregation and do it asap while taking away the handouts and afact and just maybe you’ll get your country back.

    • Would you care to share where, or is it some kind of secret? I think there are a lot of us on this board who are re-evaluating where we might spend our golden years.

      • I don’t know where Montefrio is, but if I were white flighting to South America I’d probably head over to Argentina, find a nice place in the mountains, set up a little oasis, and then find a nice little white-in-exile community, grab an apartment near them, and then split my time between the two.

        I also hear there are about 12 million German descendents in Brazil, but German-buttressed white-ish south Brazil seems to be locked in a political death embrace with the northern Indio and African parts of Brazil.

        If you run, I hope you enjoy the final chapter to a semi-nomadic life spent in perpetual white flight, which white flight finally drove you from your very homeland. May your departure leave the rest of us one tiny bit less cowardly, and leave us one tiny bit more able to do what need be done Through the chilled years ahead / When Time shall count from the date / That the Saxon began to hate.

        Kek Vult.

    • Race exists. If noticing defines racism, sign me up. The war on noticing type is racially obsessed like no other. All unspoken truths become poisonous.

  16. Finally! The blacktivists are down with segregation. It’s been a long struggle, but we has overcome. I fully support “whites only” water fountains and lunch counters.

  17. I don’t know a whole lot about Africa — who does, unless you’ve served there? — but I know enough to know that it’s long past time for a second look at Ian Smith and Hendrik Verwoerd. And since nobody on a modern college campus has any idea who they are, you can even fool kids into studying their idea (Millennials only shout “that’s rayciss!” at something after they’ve seen it on the midterm).

    • Long long time ago, went to high school with a significant slug of (ex) South African kids. Parents were mostly Jewish Anglos. Now this was before the current political solution was found and the universal assumption was that Boers would laager up and fight it out. But one of the reasons Jews have always survived is that they have a pretty good sense of when the keg is going to run out and it’s time to move to a new party (granted 1930s Germany is the counter argument). We see them fleeing Europe now. I don’t put that down to simple paranoia.

      • I remember a formerly Rhodesian doctor’s wife at our kids’ (private) school in Ohio years’ ago. She loved going shopping in Columbus;-) Yes, they were Jewish. He was associated with one of the big hospitals in CLE.

        • I’ve worked with a fair number of South Africans. The strange thing is they still carry with them the guilt that was heaped on them in the 80’s. They will never say an non-PC thing, no matter how much they talk about their home country. It’s sort of a void in their consciousness. It reminds me a lot of upper class whites living in Baltimore City. They can talk about the problems in a way that never touches on the cause. For the same reason Jews do not say the name of God, other than in prayer, the modern believer in the New Religion never mentions certain aspects of the natural world.

          • I have a soon to be former friend from SA. I have never met such a defeatist sell out in all of my life. Unfortunately he is now a US citizen.

          • I second this. Every Boer or South African Englishman I’ve ever talked to can’t say anything non-PC. The Bayou Renaissance man appears to be a white SA refugee and couldn’t mention blacks in combination with the crime he experienced as he fled Hurricane Katrina.

            All of the SA residents saw what happened to Rhodesia and their country still went the same way. So will we, though more like a combination of Brazil and SA.

            The thing we have going for us is a combination of empty space and cold, inhospitable regions.

      • I’ve always chuckled at the goy interpretation of “never again” with regards to the Nazis. The goyim assume it means “never again can we allow such people to gain control.” That’s part of it. The other part is Jews will never allow themselves to be fooled into sticking around long after they should have fled. Run first, figure out if it was wise later.

        83% of all Jews worldwide live in the US and Israel. My bet is we see that creep into the 90’s by the end of the decade. The 12% of Jewry in Euro countries are packing up for Canada, the US and Israel. America, for better or worse, is West Jerusalem now. I suspect we also see a fair number of German and French goyim following the Jews out of Europe into Canada and the US.

        • When my friend was in college in Montreal, she said the local Orthodox synagogue was full of French Jews in their late teens and early twenties. Their parents would send them over to study or get some menial job as an au pair or in a Jewish business in the hopes they’d meet a nice person in Montreal, marry and resettle there. This was fifteen years ago. It amazes me there are any visible Jews left in France, actually, but it’s still got the third largest Jewish population in the world, I believe.

          • France holds about 3% of the world’s Jews. We have 40% and Israel has 41%. I would assume that French Jews head for Montreal, the US and Israel. There’s no future for them in France.

      • Rhodesia’s Jewish population peaked at 7500 in 1961. So did house prices in Salisbury and Bulawayo.

    • Some years ago Ian Smith was asked about how bad things had gotten in Zimbabwe. He said that if he and Mugabe were to stroll down the main street of any town, Mugabe would be the one who would need protection from the crowds.

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