National Populism

If you were of an intellectual after the Great War, you would have formed your thoughts and opinions in the shadow of what was the most horrific cataclysm to strike the civilized world since the collapse of the Roman Empire. J.R.R. Tolkien, for example, fought at the Somme in the Great War. The images of which were in his mind as he wrote his legendary work, The Lord of the Rings. Not only would the images of the war be always on your mind, the causes of the war would also be at the center of your thinking.

If you were an intellectual in France after the Second World War, you would have developed your moral philosophy in the shadow of two massive industrial wars that very nearly extinguished civilization. It is nearly impossible for modern people to imagine what life was like for Europeans, and to a lesser degree Americans, following two civilization wrecking wars. It was not the physical devastation that haunted the minds of Europeans. It was what caused it that haunted the people of the West.

After the Great War, people on both sides of the conflict blamed their leaders for the bloodbath. Germans soldiers thought their leaders had stabbed them in the back and brought shame on Germany. The French soldiers largely agreed with them, even though France came out as the victor. If you had fought in the war, it was hard to find a reason for it and benefit to it, regardless of which side you were on in the fight. Winning looked a lot like losing. Intellectuals blamed the people in charge for the disaster.

After the Second World War, it was no longer possible to just blame the leaders. The people in charge in the Second World War had lived through the Great War. Many had fought in the trenches. Many had dedicated their lives to preventing such a thing from happening again. Neville Chamberlain is vilified today, but he was not alone in thinking that any peace was better than war. Yet, within a generation, Europe was in rubble after another industrial war that killed millions. There had to be a reason.

The thinking classes settled upon nationalism. For the last half century the belief among the ruling classes is that national identity always ends in conflict. In a world with nuclear weapons, national conflict is annihilation. Therefore, blunting national identity and nationalism has been the the raison d’être of Western ruling classes for half a century. It is what has driven the integration of Europe into a single political entity. It is what is behind things like the World Bank, global trade deals and the IMF.

It has become an article of faith that open borders and unlimited migration are the ultimate solution to the problem of nationalism. If people are free to move around as they please and homogeneous communities are diluted by foreigners with no allegiance to local customs, there can be no national identity and therefore no threat of nationalism. It is why European leaders cling to mass migration in the face of local opposition. They see the opposition as the problem they are trying to solve.

It is why Western intellectuals are scrambling to figure out how to blunt the rising tide of discontent all over the West. Brexit was the first big jolt to the system. The election of Donald Trump is is the second. The next year is promising more body blows to the status quo. The Italians got to the polls next to vote on a referendum that is largely seen as a proxy vote on the European project. In France, Marie Le Pen is suddenly looking like a possibility. Then there are populist uprisings all over like the recent one in Catalan.

The thing is, there are two brands of nationalism The Germans and the French were not driven to slaughter one another because French truffle hunters hated German watch makers. The people of France did not care about the people of Germany until their leaders insisted they care. Millions of men were called to battle by leaders appealing to their sense of national duty and their patriotism. Europe was not dragged into two wars by populist movements. It was dragged into two wars by the greed of its rulers.

The nationalism that is sprouting up between the paving stones of globalism is nothing like the ruling classes imagine because it is organic. Human beings are tribal, clustering together with those who share a common biology, ancestry and heritage. The flood of migrants sponsored by the ruling classes looks like an invasion at the street level so people at the street level are responding. The fact that their leaders not only refuse to help, but actively aid the invading foreigners, is not going unnoticed but the public.

A century ago, the nationalism of the West was a top down phenomenon. National socialism was embraced by large swaths of the political and intellectual classes. Mussolini was celebrated in America as a model for Progressive rule. The virulent nationalism that is blamed for the great wars was always a ruling class phenomenon. It simply exploited the public’s sense of civic duty and national identity. Blaming low-church nationalism for the Nazis is blaming the the gun for the murderer.

National Populism is a bottom up phenomenon. The people organizing resistance to the globalists are doing so out of self-defense. AfD is not planning to invade Poland. The alt-right is not looking to invade Mexico and claim it for the United States. UKIP is not interested in rebuilding the Empire. The populist movements of the West are simply a response in self defense to global elites that no longer respect the people over whom they rule. They are the backlash to the relentless front lash of multiculturalism.

The logical end of these populist movements is that everyone goes back to where they belong to live in peace. Unlike the nationalism of a century ago, National Populism is not ambitious. It is mildly isolationist and inward looking. A century ago Western rulers were swollen by excessive pride. Today, populist dissenters are simply interested in crawling out from under a half century of shame, heaped upon them by people who claim to be their betters. National Populism is nothing more than the a return to normalcy.

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  2. You may be giving the elites too much credit. Rather than their opposing nationalism in order to avoid war, massive immigration is probably both intentional on their part (divide and conquer) and an unintended consequence of socialism (offer people free shit – then don’t be surprised when they come after it) and of imperialism (immigrants escaping the madness in Syria and Libya). Generally, wars are almost always the project of the ruling classes. Ordinary people don’t want it, and have to be whipped into having enthusiasm for it.
    “The loud little handful – as usual – will shout for the war. The pulpit will – warily and cautiously – object… at first. The great, big, dull bulk of the nation will rub its sleepy eyes and try to make out why there should be a war, and will say, earnestly and indignantly, “It is unjust and dishonorable, and there is no necessity for it.”

    Then the handful will shout louder. A few fair men on the other side will argue and reason against the war with speech and pen, and at first will have a hearing and be applauded, but it will not last long; those others will outshout them, and presently the antiwar audiences will thin out and lose popularity.

    Before long, you will see this curious thing: the speakers stoned from the platform, and free speech strangled by hordes of furious men…

    Next the statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception.”
    — Mark Twain, “The Mysterious Stranger” (1910)

  3. A fact usually lost in this fractious time. Humans are tribal by nature. They form tribes wherever they are, The whole diversity thing pursued so forcefully by the Left is crap. New immigrants band together with others who share the same language and origins, ordinary people look for others who share the same interests and ideas –whether church groups, bridge or poker clubs, mountain climbing enthusiasts or football fans. I just don’t believe that skin color nor ethnic origin are the prime reason people group together.

  4. The “left” will never end. The “left” is of satan. And if you really want to know who is Satan’s “Main Man”, search out the Rothschild’s. That family has backed both sides of every war since the 1500’s or so. Find out for yourself.

  5. Very Very close. It was the communists that drove down Nationalism, calling for all the workers to Unite under the banner not of Nation, but of Class, to wrest power from their leaders before the Great War. To the (((Communists))) horror, after years of workers going to “Workers Unite” meetings listening to rhetoric about overthrowing their leaders, joining the Revolution International and anti-nationalism meetings, the German and French workers happily put on Uniforms and joined their “comrades” at the Front.

    It is the (((Communist))) that desires the elimination of Nationalism, so that all humanity can be harnessed under one whiphand. It is the (((Marxist))) that sees the goy as the cattle to be slaughtered. When (((George Soros))) gives money to Black Lives Matter to shoot police Officers, those dead officers are sacrificed on the alter of bringing down a particular order, a particular Government, just as Merkel’s reactions are against her Society. It is all for the greater good, the good of the Shekel, the One World Government Plan.

    But it failed. There are too many interests, too many different peoples to be ruled a single, elite. As to the damage they have done, it will take generations to repair. The poverty, the rapes, the murders all to the false god of diversity has been a lie.

    We will call them the Resettlement Wars.

  6. Obama must read your blog, Z man.

    “ATHENS — President Obama warned Tuesday that Americans and people around the world “are going to have to guard against a rise in a crude sort of nationalism, or ethnic identity, or tribalism” taking root amid the populist movements that are gaining currency around the world.”

  7. Regarding Cal-Exit: It isn’t going to solve much of anything. We will still unfortunately have those millennial “cancerous cells” as neighbors. You can damn sure bet they aren’t going to stay put. They will be even MORE radicalized once Uncle Sams shackles are removed. Yes their movement, if successful will implode over time. And like rats scurrying from a sinking ship they’ll be coming back to neighborhood near you. Let the left fantasize about such a Cal-Exit utopia . Some Leftwingers are finally understanding what damage they’ve done by not engaging in polite politics. Always labeling us with -isms or -ists. This either ends with those on the left who’ve actually soul searched helping us or it turns into “militias vs millennials”. I’m hoping for prevailing voices of reason despite being armed enough to handle whatever I’d need to handle.

  8. Allow me-brief but angry rant…. So now it really starts. The leftist rent a mobs have started up, with not one word from the Democrats. They want this, and may even have okayed it. Rather, trump it’s expected to restrain the racism of his supporters, which consists of nonexistent hoaxes. They are going to start a legal war against trump, similar to how they hamstrung Palin in Alaska. And the democratic media will be relentless. Trump is not a “legitimate” president. And the GOP in congress will crumple, Ryan first. Buckle up. The election was only the prelims. Tim

    • It will be war then. I do not think the Silent Majority in this country is willing to put up with a lot, especially not anything from Paul Ryan. To be honest, I think you will see someone hurt or killed by the protesters first.

    • The public will not be denied this time. If the rent-a-mobs keep at it, you will see mass arrests and detentions, and I don’t think too many of the rest of us will have much complaint. The ’60s were a long time ago, and no one is being drafted and sent to Vietnam. This protest stuff is not cute this time around and it has no moral basis.

  9. Interesting. I’ve commented here before but can’t comment w/ my twitter handle while I’m serving my 12 hr Twitter Suspension. What happens to posts made at Medium under your Twitter handle if they perma-ban you? I wonder.

    • Hi John, I follow you on twitter and believe you do a magnificent job redpilling normies, keep up the good work. You are one of the reasons we are celebrating the Great Trumpening.

    • I think the old drug deal maxim applies here. Don’t get high off your own supply. The doe-eyed romanticism of immigration and racial harmony is fine as a way to keep the peace. It’s what the rulers sell the peasants. Instead, the rulers made it their religion.

  10. Z Man, very astute analysis. Re top-down nationalism as the major cause of WWI: Don’t forget the ever-constant ‘struggle for elite supremacy vs elite succession’ (as good a definition as any for ‘political science’) aspects of the history you cite. In 1600 the nearly universal (possibly excepting China) form of government was a semi-unified (but constantly scheming against one another) aristocratic elite overlay on a number of often diverse small n nations/cultures. IOW, trans-national empires or principalities aspiring to become one. For example, the Hapsburg’s ruled over a patchwork of separated nationalities, often with different languages and cultures from their own. These were acquired by dynastic inheritance as likely as by conquest.

    But the rising urban-located mercantile classes naturally wanted power, to defend themselves against aristocratic exploitation as much as anything else. Cultivating monarchism (father of the nation etc.) via vague overlay nationalism was a potential tool to be used to expand the elite ranks and supplant the aristocrats, and so it was. By the late 1700’s monarchism could now be denounced by the ambitious because it had discredited itself via ‘institutional decay’*. But something had to justify this displacement. So, voila, full-on nationalism arose, particularly in France via the revolution and subsequent wars to defend it (at first). The aspiring then-new elite elsewhere had an easy sell in that their nations had to emulate French full-on nationalism to avoid being gobbled up by France or another newly nationalist competitor. And it worked wondrously well for them. Plus it berthed technocratic managerialism as a measure to prevent their displacement in turn because nobody else could possibly run such complex things as a 1880 economy but them.

    The imperialism that made European nationalism so dangerous prior to WWI can be seen as each nationalist elites’ efforts to create more elite slots for their offspring with the cashflow needed to support them protected by closed trading areas and the expansion of same, enabled by technological superiority. But the frontier was closing, so to speak, by 1914. The various nationalist elites had to choose between war or potential displacement. The decision was obvious since displacement by their competitors abroad was unthinkable. So they were mostly displaced by their internal competitors who turned the nationalism dial to 11. Plus the new post WWI elite invented moral progressivism (Marxism’s new man) to help solidify their rule: They were’t just creating a material heaven-on-earth but morally perfecting the nation_!

    It was therefore also natural that the post-WWII shamans and necromancers would focus on nationalism and closed trading areas as the culprits in their diagnosis, not on simple elite over-population, overreach and moral progressivism. The treatment was instituted and results are now in full view.

    * In poly sic, ‘institutional decay’ is where we find ourselves now. Actually IMHO, it is usually the result of financial overstretch caused by elite search for ‘offices’, per the quaint usage of the time, so as to support their ever more numerous average-to-below offspring in proper elite fashion. Now it results in the suddenly vast NGO world (soft imperialism), then it resulted in hard Imperialism.

  11. Daily Mail article on Caliexit. They are shooting for a 2019 referendum.

    Trump can guarantee his reelection by getting out in front of this. Appoint a negotiator. Get California to hold a special referendum in 2017. Finalize Calexit in 2018. Democrats will be finished as a national party.

    • There’s no percentage for Trump if he gets involved in this one way or the other so he should just leave it alone. That said, I hope they get their million signatures, because the ensuing carnival leading up to the referendum would be once-in-a-lifetime entertainment. And who would be hard hearted enough not to laugh while watching the Mexican Army overrun post-secession California?

      • The author of One of the CA exit articles I read today quoted some knucklehead or another as saying that California could join Canada after secession. The ever growing Latino electorate may feel otherwise.

      • Rubbish. There’s a guaranteed electoral victory in 2020 for Trump if Calexit occurs before the 2020 election. Trump pulled off a coup in 2016 because the Democrats ran the world’s worst candidate. A moderate Democrat without criminal baggage like James Webb or even Martin O’Malley would have crushed Trump. Democrats won’t make the same mistake in 2020.

        A peaceful, orderly separation can be negotiated. In many ways it is simply formalizing in an explicit manner what has already happened in a de facto manner. California has become a multi-ethnic polyglot with no particular allegiance to American values or traditions. There is no compelling reason to keep California in the Union.

        Grant California independence effective January 1, 2020. Those who wish to become citizens of the Republic of California surrender their US citizenship and, accordingly, their right to vote in US elections.

        • Wiser Democrat heads–there must be four or five of them to be found somewhere–will see that making California succession a reality unlocks a door they cannot close, and they have been the gatekeepers on that door since 1865. Without that, they cannot trap people in Utopia. I take that back. There are not five wise Democrats. It will be pointed out by the right, who cannot resist a good irony..

          • Nobody in the ruling class, left or right (not that there’s much difference between the two) is going to have any enthusiasm for a CalExit. Rulers do not willingly let the ruled escape. Secession will be the desire of ordinary people.

    • I like the idea, but regrettably California is not going to experience the true result of it’s Utopian dreams. This will give people who have the vapors a hobby to occupy themselves.

    • Some Californians are actually US citizens and as such, the State of California cannot require them to surrender their citizenship. I suppose the state could abuse eminent domain proceedings to buy out the dirt people, but then they would also have to buy out the federally owned lands as well. I’m not sure eminent domain could be employed there.

      • Most of the Californians outside of the coast between L.A. and San Francisco would want nothing to do with this, they are proud U.S. citizens. L.A. and San Fran are to California what the big cities are to the U.S. as a whole. All the crazy is there.

  12. It’s OK for people to want to come to America for a better life. But it’s a mistake to come in such numbers and then refuse to assimilate as an American. Didn’t anyone ever tell them how this works?
    It’s like swamping the lifeboat, everyone drowns. It isn’t the ‘magic dirt’ here that results in a better life, it’s the American System. And it’s breaking down.

    • Every western country is swamped with people “only wanting a better life.” The people who promote this as a social good continually fail to see how people merely arriving to take from this “better life” wealth but not putting back in to it will result in it soon becoming unsustainable.

      If, as has been reported in the Uk, the majority of immigrants (especially those of the One True Faith) either draw more in benefits, welfare and social advantages such as health and education than they return to the pot, or work in shadow areas — such as unregistered taxi-drivers — which avoid the majority of tax payments (other than, one assumes, paying for fuel) then it is short terms to the extreme. In short, one day soon the balance shifts from the costs being covered to a deficit that either results on the collapse of ‘free-to-the-immigrant’ services (and the possibility of riots) or inflated taxes levied on a smaller and smaller base, who will too have less to look forward to such as healthcare when growing older.

      But as always the proponents of letting millions in have never thought of this because they never have any understanding of what money is, or how it works. It’s all just fuzzy good feelings.

  13. Amen, zman! Thing is, I can get along with just about anybody if you are willing to act reasonably adult: work, teach your children responsibility, have decent manners ( I don’t won’t to hear every third word out of mouth to be f this or f that ), and clean up your trash. And it’s all or none; not 2 out of three. If you can’t, we don’t like your kind.

  14. If Our Betters really were as smart as they think they are, they’d look at the results of decolonization. Somehow nationalism, which started two global wars when the white man tried it, was supposed to work for the brown. Get every native who knows how to tie a necktie in a room, slap some lines on a map, and toss the keys over your shoulder as you walk out… yep, great plan. Result: instant tribal war and exploitation by multinationals. I’d almost call that… rayciss… but whatever, point is, there are only two possible conclusions: tribes should be allowed to separate themselves, or you need the kind of heavy-handed imperialism that would make Curzon flinch. “Rule” by multinationals and NGOs gets you Rwanda.

  15. The ruling class think that migration will end up being like the coffee analogy, add cream and then you have cappuccino in color and culture. Reality is it’s like oil and water, it doesn’t mix at all and spoils both. In America historically (except for the period of 1934 to 1965) we had some immigration but always it was controlled and limited so as to (to continue the coffee analogy) keep the coffee as it originally was adding to the pot but all who entered came out the same not significantly altering the original recipe of color or culture. Now is not the case in America or Europe, the hoards are coming in such numbers and with not a joining friendly attitude but with a militant conquering stance. This will not end well.

    • Sorry to be a spelling Nazi, but it’s hordes, not hoards, for what you are describing. I have the correspondence with the US immigration authorities in California and in China conducted with my grandmother who had come to the USA from Russia by way of China in the early 1920s after fleeing the Bolshevik Revolution to visit my mother and her sister, students at the University of Cal/Berkeley. The paperwork was “Application to Extend Time of Temporary Stay”; also have receipts for payment of immigration bonds. All sorts of contact information, addresses, familial relations foreign and domestic, etc is recorded. Six months was granted. Just desiring to visit her two daughters produced several letters from US Consular Officials saying that the quota for immigrants coming from Russia had been “exhausted,” as had the time allotted for her visit. Meanwhile, back in Siberia, my grandfather had been arrested by the Bolshies and never seen or heard from again, until word of his death got out (1932). By then my grandmother was back in the USSR and Mongolia, where she and my grandfather had conducted medical research (he was a veterinarian). My father arranged for a “ransom” payment to the Soviets and she was “sprung” and came to the USA, where she lived until her death in 1953. She gave up the ghost when she learned of hated Stalin’s demise! Babushka’s Soviet passport is in Russian and French, and is stamped “veuve”, i.e. widow. I’m relating all this because here you see how our Immigration bureaucracy during that period worked so very diligently to keep out someone fleeing oppression and who also was a well-educated person, certain to contribute to the country which she sought entry. She became a Naturalized US citizen in 1942. It boggles the mind to imagine US authorities on our southern border attempting anything like that sort of “enforcement” today!

      • The Nazi’s did not have ‘spelling Nazis’. German is a phoenetic language and therefore has consistent rules. It is possible to read then speak German well even if you do not know what you are reading, unlike English.

        Nonetheless, the evil Nazis supported education (health, welfare, housing, holidays for workers etc) and many people gained university degrees in their prisoner of war camps (Ooops, you’re not supposed to know that).

    • “….The ruling class think that migration will end up being like the coffee analogy…..”

      I don’t think so.

      Any idiot can see what has occurred in Africa,, the Middle East, the former USSR, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia when various ethnic groups were forced to “live” together.
      Also, the native american population in N.America or S.America or any of the Pacific Islands or really ANYWHERE else, , prior to any European migrations, was not exactly a bunch of tribes all living together in peace and harmony.

      The ruling class is mostly composed of left wing socialists and communists ; internationalists. They wish to import millions of foreigners – mostly from third world nations – because these illiterate types, upon provided free housing and food, will vote for the existing ruling elites.
      It really is that simple; it is a power play of the ruling elites to attain and maintain power.

      The ruling elites have figured out that the only way they can prevail using “free” elections is to pollute the electorate with third world illiterates who do not care about the form of govt. they must live under.

      It is all about power.

  16. I’m not sure how a new American nationalism would work without divesting ourselves of certain coastal urban areas. In 1925, the corps of school marms and school boards were largely made up of older American stock. That is demonstrably not the case now. Not to go all Leninist on you all, but without a “transmission belt” like we had in the 1920s to get all of those immigrant kids up to speed on American culture, I think that the cities will remain something other than American in their nationality.

    • There’s a fix for that. The economic boom needs to happen in flyover country. In retrospect, the tech industry has been a disaster for the country. It’s run by Leftists and concentrates money on the West Coast. Both California and Washington state are being ruined by it.

      • I absolutely agree. One of the worst things happening in the world is the top .01% of the world’s talent flowing out of the rest of the globe and into Silicon Valley and Wall Street. It hurts other countries by denuding them of talent they need for growth. It hurts us by bringing in a lot of exceptionally capable people who don’t get federalism, natural law, the traditions of church, charity, and voluntary association that make America exceptional. My direct experience is that it is impossible to debate them on those things — not because they’re uneducated — but because they lack any cultural feel for them. They overwhelmingly support Westminster-style parliamentarianism, strong central government, and elite, top down rule. The mestizos flooding over the border don’t scare me. The newly-minted citizens and green card holders of Silicon Valley do. They have power, money, and influence. That’s something that prior generations of immigrants didn’t have.

  17. Haven’t seen a hint of jingoism or “we want eight and we won’t wait” expansionary nationalism in any of this. So again, the Cloud folks are probably forgetting that history rhymes, it doesn’t repeat. George Friedman does a very good job of explaining European tribalism in “Flashpoints”–ironically published in 2014, just before the refugee crisis. But he nails it. Unlike the armchair theorists that missed this and “forgotten man/woman” in the recent election, Friedman does his work on the ground. In some ways the push for systems like the EU reminds me of the original “theory of the corporation”–that only scale and vertical integration could succeed since certain functions were more efficient with internal lines of communication. That has changed. Certainly in my business, we’ve seen the giants consistently flanked and upended by smaller competitors that use new technologies to create virtual supply chains, networks and customer bases. The giants have retreated into regulatory capture (Dodd Frank as an example) as their last bastion of defense. Rather like the EU. It seems to me that smaller, more stable nation-state units are perfectly capable of finding their way in the world without the necessity of larding on layers and layers of scale and bureaucracy. But the pigs at the globalism trough will fight them every step of the way.

  18. Since the beginning of time, war is about territory and/or resources. Since the industrial revolution, all wars — including the World Wars you mention — were fought over energy, or crude oil. If you don’t know this, you shouldn’t be writing about history..

    • Agree. You might think that with a great globalization plan to move manufacturing to “off-shore” locations in Asia, i.e. China, that the plan would include providing via market forces, the energy and other raw materials needed to keep costs low and conflict over resources low. So why is China encroaching on the South China Sea and other areas for oil and minerals at a time when global demand for their products is softening? I think these globalist wizards are not so smart and maybe tribalism is still too strong in China. Russia is trying to have a strangle hold on oil and gas to Europe. And OPEC continues to try to keep their sinking ship afloat with deals that have nothing to do with basic economics.

    • There is no such thing as a single-factor explanation for any conflict as complex as the First or Second World War; if you didn’t know that – maybe you are the one who shouldn’t be writing about history!

    • 100 years ago, at the end of 1916, the Germans offered peace, and did not want territory or compensations. They were the last to enter a war they did not want. Similarly, Poland declared war on Germany and attacked Germany (after Poland had attacked Czechoslovakia in March 1939). When Germany stated four hours later that it would defend itself, seven countries declared war against Germany (not Poland) three days later.

      We are still at war with Finland, Hungary and Romania – there has been a ceasefire but no truce since the war. Mention that to your politicians and the MSM but expect no action. It’s too embarrassing for them to admit that Stalin was the glorious ally when the aforementioned countries resisted him.

      Nobody should write about history unless they can admit to reading Hitler’s unexpurgated speeches and determined what in them is untruthful – good luck with that.

      I recommend ‘Hitler’s reply to Roosevelt’ and his ‘Declaration of war against America’ as an introduction.

      P.S. The US did not fight in Viet Nam over energy or oil. It fought because it had already rescued a million indo-Chinese Catholics in 1954 (operation Exodus) funded by nickles and dimes raised in the US schools. 50 US warships and the British Arkroyal aircraft carrier evacuated about 700,000 refugees to South Vietnam, Ten years later, when the North attacked the South, Cardinal Spelman who had organised the rescue and had become JFK’s friend would have influenced JFK to rescue them again – no oil or energy. The war became a mess but it was initiated for good purpose. Remember this the next time you see a movie or theatre presentation about the war. They all feature someone in the background singing “I don’t know why we are here (in Viet Nam”). At the time, everyone knew why they were there.

  19. “AfD is not planning to invade Poland. The alt-right is not looking to invade Mexico and claim it for the United States. UKIP is not interested in rebuilding the Empire.”

    True, but we are told repeatedly they are planning worse than that, even if it is never articulated what evil these people will do should they get the chance. If nothing else the worst that can be levelled at all these groups is that they “want to be left alone to make their own decisions.”

    In a world sadly dominated by socialist control and dictatorship, this is the most repellant thing of all. How can one rule when the peasants don’t want be ruled?

    • “How can one rule if the peasants don’t want to be ruled?”

      By disarming them, like all of Europe has done.

      Like Cankles would have done.

  20. The history lesson is enlightening, however, a key point is missing following WWII. Our so-called elites/intellectuals engineered a post war scenario to not only jump start the economy but to make the US a global powerhouse without the need to be imperialistic. Why else would we have spent like we did on the Marshall plan or on rebuilding Japan, our arch-enemies on both fronts of the war? The Nuremberg trials, the escape of so many Nazi’s, and Japanese, who should have faced the gallows, and the absconding of untold wealth to other regions of the world like South America are atrocities to Justice and Humanity. And all for the sake of a buck.

    The globalist march has been on since the Cold War and Joe McCarthy was right about Communists’ in our midst. After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union, the march continued unabated, the goal being to bring down the baddest actor on the planet, America. The EU was not some benevolent activity to create harmony and safe spaces for the European tribes, it was a concerted effort by the rich and powerful to fill gaps created by WWII and later the fall of the USSR.

    And the global organizations like the EU, IMF, World Bank, etc., Central Bank power grew with the advent of computers and the game was on by stock, currency, commodity traders et al to rig the system in their favor and steal from the regular investor. The so-called democratization of day trading was a scam because the Big Banks and Institutions had the resources to trade in real-time, milliseconds in large blocks or small, in volume transactions, in a programmatic manner that no individual investor could hope to keep up with. The result is the day trader was left with some scraps as profits, if they were lucky enough to have made a good call.

    As for mass immigration, I find that has been largely a “recent” occurrence which I attribute to the Globalists tactics of applying the Cloward-Piven strategy of “breaking” governments and their financial systems by overloading them with these kinds of costs and the inherent problems they generate. It all goes to financing debt which leads to further dependency on the financial class. It has become unmanageable and the Deplorables know so. After this election, now we see the “signaling” of the Purple Revolution and moving on to the next phase of the Soros/Globalist efforts at world conquest. Taking down America is still the number one priority and the election of Hillary would have put them on the brink of achieving their goals.

    The fact that we “are” tribal means that the Orwellian picture of the state domination over the masses may never (let’s pray) come to fruition. It is a natural state and the sooner the red diaper babies learn this, the better off everyone will be. But it is what is it, a mental illness and I do not think there is a cure. The best defense against this is to take back control of the educational system and kick out the left/liberal/socialist/commie thinkers and move back to promoting respect and appreciate for tribal history, culture, and responsibility, as well as global citizenship. But in that order.

  21. Very well put and I have been saying something similar for years. We have been inundated with cultural enrichment in the UK for the last 50 years without our consent. You only have to look at our major cities to see the evidence through white flight.

      • I first visited London in 1969. Didn’t go back until 2008. What a shock! In 1969 London was a quiet place and you could walk through Westminster Abbey unsupervised, for free. When I went back, $35 admission, packed with tourists yapping, and you had to keep moving all the time.

        Mayfair was full of shops catering to Middle Eaastern oil money (think half-million dollar diamond bracelets) and whole blocks were occupied by Arabs. Very unnerving to see the change.

    • Ever listen to or read Enoch Powell’s “Rivers of Blood” speech?

      He knew that “Diversity + Proximity = War”.

      I’ve been saying for the longest time that Germany will start amother European war.

      Civil or otherwise.

  22. Two things
    1. In Niall Ferguson’s The Ascent of Money chap. 6 From Empire to Chimerica he discusses the causes of WWI among them being globalization. He noted that in 1910 the proportion of foreign born in the US was 14% compared to 12% in 2003. In the margin I wrote that it had grown to 15% at the time I read the book. He also notes that much of the focus of the globalization was on Asia as it is today, and that the promises of that spasm of globalization went largely unfulfilled. Much of the colonization and imperialism of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries was not in order to gain access to raw materials but to gain access to markets and erase national borders so that countries couldn’t default on their loans (made in attempts to catch up industrially, politically and culturally). I’d say that this sounds a lot like what international financiers are trying to do today, only they throw moral reasons in our faces rather than the truth. Many of the conflicts leading up to WWI were nationalist reactions to this globalism, the Chinese Opium war and Boxer Rebellion, for example. Blind to this, people expected that these connections would bring peace and that war would become inconceivable because of the system.The act that set off the war one of state sponsored terrorism.
    2. The very definition of the word revolution implies a return to normalcy. It had done so up until the French Revolution when it became associated with political and social novelty. See my earlier references to Hannah Aren’t and On Revolution in this blog.

    • I’m not sure if Ferguson addresses the 1924 Immigration Act, but it was largely the legislative reaction equivalent to today’s move to not import lots of people with bad ideas. Then it was Anarchists and Bolshevists, today, Islamists. Interestingly, Bob Gordon (hardly an ideologue) in”The Rise and Fall of American Growth” posits that this reduction in immigration was one of the big drivers of productivity and wage gain in the 1920s, and counterintuitively in the 1930s when firms had to employ labor more productively just to survive. Will have to Kindle Ferguson’s book for the train reading list.

    • I’ve written a lot about the parallels between today and prior to the Great War. There are differences, particularly with regards to war, but the similarities are many.

  23. Developing resources (let’s say…food) takes work.
    Some pigs will “intellectualize” why they should be given food, without that “work” bit.
    “I’m more of an idea , and administration person!” seems to be popular.
    When denied, they will exert an ASTONISHING amount of effort in seeking out “free” food, in new lands.
    Their new hosts have problems with their OWN “pigs, on top of the new ones.
    The OBVIOUS response is to have the foreign and domestic pigs kill each other off
    to reduce the demand on limited “extra, free” resources.
    Alas, it’s the bold who actually plant, water, reap, ensile, defend from “pests” (sometimes with fences), distribute, prepare the food with amassed firewood, serve it in the shelters built from “weather”, they and clean up afterwards, that are deemed suitable for the job of fighting as well…because, you know…profiling and “fairness”.
    Malingerers survive, the bold “fertilize” Flanders Fields, and “we” are left with…..
    Once upon a time there were some ants. A grasshopper came along…

  24. National Populism is inseparable from monetary sovereignty, as was demonstrated in the American versions thereof. Then too, the post-Weimar Germans had their own “economic miracle”, described in Ellen Brown’s “Web of Debt”. Once the money masters are deprived of their fraudulent interest payments, it’ll be a lot easier to fight them and their minions.

    Subsidiarity and monetary sovereignty: the foundation upon which National Populism can be built:

  25. Re: “Therefore, blunting national identity and nationalism has been the raison d’être of Western ruling classes for half a century. It is what has driven the integration of Europe into a single political entity. It is what is behind things like the World Bank, global trade deals and the IMF.”

    The western elites of today are not unlike their forbearers a century ago in their smugness and certainty that reality holds no surprises for which they are unprepared. Today, as then, the ruling classes assessment of current events is badly-warped by normalcy bias, the illusion of control, and many other fallacies and cognitive biases.

    Thus burdened, the elites erred in their understanding of the fundamental causes of the conflicts in question, in this case the Great War and the Second World War. The danger was not nationalism, per se, but collectivism taken to fanatical extremes – as in traditional fascism, National Socialism, Stalinist Communism, Maoism, Japanese imperialism, and the like.

    The western trans-national elites have also badly-erred in the belief that human beings can simply renounce their origins and those things that bind them to home, hearth, family and community – and exist as rootless automatons adrift on the currents of globalism. Although humans are capable of becoming remarkably cosmopolitan and in some cases may in fact identify themselves as “citizens of the world,” in the end everyone comes from someplace they first called home – and most people, no matter where they go or what they do – maintain those all-important ties to the people and places they have left behind.

    The men who fought and died in such numbers in WWI and then WWII, did so predominantly not for some abstract notion of nationalism and statehood – men do not normally risk their lives for abstractions – but because of simple patriotism and love of home, hearth and family. That is why Japanese and German soldiers fought ever-more-ferociously as they were driven back to the frontiers (and then inside the borders of) their homelands. By the time the conflict was on the doorstep of their respective nations, these soldiers were not fighting for the Emperor or the Fuehrer – but for the protection of their homes and families. For the same reason, the out-numbered pilots of the Royal Air Force managed to defeat the much-larger Luftwaffe forces sent against them in the Battle of Britain. Those young RAF pilots were fighting above their homeland – and above their cities, towns, homes and families.

    • Patriotism is a love of the Patria: the Land, its people and their customs. A concept that has been deliberately perverted by the thieving elite looters of the West.

  26. “Human beings are tribal, clustering together with those who share a common biology, ancestry and heritage.”

    But national political (imaginary) lines drawn on a map, earlier elites had told us, were the answer to the ‘problem’ of tribalism and constant tribal war. I think the problem is not us nor is it the nation, tribe, or country. The problem is the self appointed know-it-all’s who grant themselves their own will over us.

    Linked on
    #AltRight #2A

  27. Don’t forget the role of the Comintern in all this! Uncle Joe Stalin had done a remarkable job infiltrating the governments of Europe, the USA and Japan, for the express purpose of fomenting an second world war to benefit the Soviet Union; as the Venona files and other Soviet Era files clearly show!

    FDR could have ended WWII in mid-1943 if he had not been persuaded by Uncle Joe’s No. 1 agent, Harry Hopkins, to reject the anti-Nazi Germans when they wanted assurances regarding the fight with Stalin, if they removed Hitler for benefit of all. FDR could have saved millions of European, American and Jewish lives, had he acted upon the anti-Nazi German pleas for assistance and a negotiated surrender.

    • I thought I read in a book on the war, one of the biggest issues was FDR demanding unconditional surrender of both the Japanese and the Germans. Japan, I understand completely,…. Germany, no so much except for what you say…. FDR was surrounded by commies.

  28. In Europe, the nationalisms of the smaller actors has always been bottom up, to use your term. It was always about having safe spaces, a place of ones own where one would not be ruled, overwhelmed, stripped of one’s liberties and ways of life by the bigger neighbors with imperial ambitions and resources. Ask the Swiss for instance, since the Middle Ages, or in more recent times the Norwegians, or the Danes, or the Dutch, or within living memory the Slovenes, Macedons, what have you.

    But France, an old imperial power (think Louis XIV and Napoleon), and Germany, a much newer one (there was little imperial ambition before Adolf H.; in the first half of the 19th c. the Germans were even thoroughly victimized by the French), today are the dominant actors in Western Europe, and their leaders have a hard time thinking about nationlism as anything other than a prelude to imperialism and large-scale bloodshed. Over time, they have even successfully conditioned most of their population to think in that way.

    Unfortunately, it will take quite a bit of French and German bloodletting at the hands of the sainted immigrants to have these two peoples (to one of which I belong) unlearn these conditionings, to see the nation state as a safe haven again. The French are already further down on this road, both in term of bloodletting as in terms of unlearning.

    So sad, to paraphrase a great man.

    • You left out the Franco-Prussian War of 1870. The Germans marched all the way to Paris during that one, so they weren’t all that pacific in the century before Hitler.

      • Dr. Mabuse,

        the 1870 war was declared by France on Prussia, not the other way around (check it on the net), so your argument doesn’t really hold water.

        Okay, maybe declaring victory in Versailles was a bit over the top, but it would never have happened had the French not declared this unnecessary war in the first place.

        I remember how I was quite surprised myself when I first found out that Germany had NOT declared this war. This is because we Germans too were thoroughly conditioned in historical back projection, à la because we unquestionably (and on an epic scale) were the bad guys in the Adolf situation, we must have been in the earlier wars too, not only in WWI but even in 1870/71. But actual history does not fit the convenient cliché, not for the clusterfuck runup to WWI and even much less for 1870/71.

  29. The thing is, I don’t want the Left in a position to try for the brass ring again. And that means they are pushed out of the country. Status quo ante is not an option….

    • The left has effectively neutered themselves as a national party. If the Trump administration decides to enforce law and go after the big non-profit foundations ( and Soros ) that are largely funding the Dems walking-around money, it wouldn’t just be an ideological shell, but would truly be bankrupt. Right now, they have money and the media. But sadly, they are losing their ability to offer their soldiers fame and influence in office. The Trump GOP is on the rise, and in 8 years will hopefully have aligned to his successes and abandoned the new world order stuff of Bush 41. It’s going to be great to watch and see what comes to pass.

    • No, sadly; it means all of them instead of all of us. This actually means some of my own extended family; who for various reasons just don’t fucking get ‘it’. Sad, that.

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