The Face of Modern Antisemitism

In a speech delivered Wednesday, that was supposed to be the pièce de résistance for one of the dumbest men to take up space in the political class, John Forbes Kerry declared himself an anti-Semite. He was not that polite about either. If he had simply said, “I hate Jews” that would be better than what he actually said. Specifically he said, “Israel can either be Jewish or democratic, but it cannot be both.” In other words, he hates the very concept of Judaism, not just a particular manifestation of it.

The implication, the only way to interpret it, is that he thinks Judaism is incompatible with liberal democracy. There’s never been a time when he has hinted at the same argument with regards to Islam. He has not even said this about Christianity. That would be laughably stupid, but Lurch is a laughably stupid man. No, he specifically singled out Judaism for this argument. Judaism is incompatible with democracy. Presumably, he would argue that Jews can either be Jewish or citizens of a democracy, but not both.

Sensible people have pointed out for years that Islam is incompatible with modern liberal democracy. The reason we say this is Muslims regularly say that Islam is incompatible with Western liberalism. Logically, Imams and Muslim scholars are good authorities on these issues so taking them at their word is a good idea. The fact that everywhere Muslims get to vote they go for theocracy confirms these claims. Muslims are not fond of democracy and they really hate modern liberal democracy.

Israel is a Jewish state and a liberal democracy. Christians and Muslims are free to do their thing, as long as they abide by the laws of Israel, which are written by the Israeli parliament. In theory, Israelis could vote to fling open their borders and let the Muslims pour into the country. They can vote for all sorts of things, because it is a democracy, but they choose to be a Jewish state that preserves itself as the homeland of world Jewry. As a sovereign people, that is their right and consistent with western liberal democracy.

John Kerry disagrees. He does not thinks Jews have a place in a liberal democracy, even one of their own. The modern Progressive sees national and ethnic identity as obstacles to the glorious future. It’s why they embrace open borders and multiculturalism. They truly believe that obliterating ethnic and national identity is the key to the lock. Jews are the most stubborn of ethnic groups because they combine race and religion into a single, immutable identity. That simply cannot work in the glorious future.

It was always just a matter of time before American progressives got around to Jew-hating. Once you go down the road of multiculturalism, you eventually end up trying to erase anything resembling cultural identity. Now that you-know-who is far enough in the past, no longer in the rear view mirror for most people, taking on the tree stump of ethnic identity was inevitable. For 2,000 years, Jews have kept their thing going in the West, despite every conceivable attempt to erase them. Now it is the Left’s shot at them.

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  1. Good article.

    However, the reason sensible people say Islam is not compatible with Democracy is NOT because Muslims say it isn’t.

    The reason is because Islam says, “Apostates” should be put to death.

    This goes against Freedom of Conscience and Freedom of Speech, which are the intellectual foundation of Democracy.

  2. On an entirely different note…..Sitting down with coffee in hand at breakfast, and launching my browser only to have this FULL FRAME headshot of Kerry come peering back at me was like “shotgunning” a shot of Ipecac…..

    Zman, really….. resorting to shock jouralism….?
    you dont need to go there my friend…. ; )

    Good discussion as usual….though…..

  3. Of the many indignities and atrocities foisted upon the World – no less, upon Western civilization in general and the more-than-somewhat-tattered Republic of the United States Of America – by the ongoing lunacy of “Liberal”/Prog-Tardian “policies” and politickin’, certain of such protrude obscenely-prominently in the present day/time – among these, rearing his uglified, largely-empty, monstrously-proboscised skull, is Johnnie F’n’ Kerry…ol’ Ketchup Johnnie hisself…

    If we promise to “miss him” (we can deliberately take poor aim, right?…), can we get him to go away?…far, FAR away? – The Moon would maybe be good (even though even THAT’s a trifle too close, really…)

  4. I realize I’m late commenting on this post about Lurch, but I have been wondering for some time about this, so I thought I’d just put it out there.

    Am I the only one that has noticed Lurch sticking his tongue out and licking his lips all the time while he’s speaking? It looks like some Jabba the Hut crap.

  5. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. The progressive left all around the world have embraced Islam as their ally because it fits into their narrative of oppressed people in need of saving. Money from the gulf monarchies looks to me like a protection money in the case of the clintons. There is more than enough money in the US so the foreign funds are not needed . The militant wing also welcomes them as their shock troops.

    As an outsider I might be getting things wrong but it looks to me that the term itself has become outdated . Everyone in the public arena has in house Jews to deflect the stigma of being called an anti Semite . Look how trump is using his family as a shield . Milo serves the same purpose as a public display of being pro gay

    But is Kerry really an anti Semite or is just expressing the views of Jews supporting the Democratic Party ? I have more recent links but this old post is still valid IMHO

  6. All I can say is, Madame Tussauds is going to have a very hard time indeed trying to make this visage lifelike. The Horror. All that Botox and polymer filler, the yellow cast to the skin….ghastly. Boris Karloff is spinning in his grave, in envy.

    My advice to the good Madame is, complete the bust from old photographs, leave it on the workbench, dial the heat up to about 115°F and leave it overnight to let the physics of materials take their course. It’ll be a spitting image by morning, and you’ll be richly rewarded – trust me – the customers are going to want to spit.

  7. I always thought that the American role in Palestinian negotiations was just Kabuki Theater to keep money rolling in to the imperial capitol. Otherwise they have never made any sense to me. Everybody knows that the Arabs one and all deeply want to exterminate Israel and Jews everywhere. Yet Cloud Folk repeatedly invite Israeli leftists to cut their own people’s throat: They reluctantly decline. American Jewish money flows to Republicans in Congress, Gulf Arab money flows to the Arabists in the State Dept. and to the DNC. Rinse and Repeat.

    Now Lurch wants to tell us that this is all International Law serious_? He’s so dumb that he forgot that it’s an act as well as his stage blocking.

    Really, what ability does any halfway sane Cloud Capitol actually have to demand that a nuclear power commit seppuku as happens to the poor lone samurai in Kabuki_? We really dodged a bullet with Trump else there might have been a 50Kt decapitation strike on DC of unknown origin just as Iran was about to cross the nuclear threshold in order to clear the decks for taking down their program likewise.

  8. He’s actually calling for their extermination. What he means by “democracy” is what liberals in America typically mean by “democracy”: we get what we want, everybody else kneels. In the case of Israel, that means a demographic overthrow of the Jewish state via “democracy”, then the newly elected leaders get what they want…extermination of the Jews. It’s not like the Palestinians haven’t been clear about their intentions.

    Bonus insult: Israel is the only stable, pluralistic, democracy in the region, and arabs and Jews have the highest standard of living as well. Secretary Kerry and President Obama – as the have done in Libya, Egypt and Syria – are trying to collapse the State of Israel and throw it into anarchy.

    It’s not just that they “hate Jews”…it’s much worse than that.

  9. The face of modern anti-Semitism is itself semitic, then, as Kerry’s background is partially Jewish (though subsequently converted to Catholicism). Then again, that might go to explain why he’s against Judaism.

  10. Lurch is one strange dude. Generally people of modest intelligence figure it out and adjust their public pronouncements accordingly. Never happened with Kerry. And he presumes that other people are utterly fascinated with whatever he has to say on a topic. Unfortunately, we both summer in the same place and the stories (which I’ve been told first hand) of him pinning some poor 20-something girl in the verbal equivalent of a Full Nelson at the Boardinghouse bar (and elsewhere-though no confirmations of a “score”) are legion. And this was even before poor Theresa was med-evac’d off island with what was probably a catastrophic stroke a few years ago. At least now we won’t have to contend with the frozen zones when Lurch needs to get to the airport or even to the gym. Honestly, looking at his history with wives and Vietnam really wonder if there is some sort of narcissistic/sociopathic mix going on.

  11. I wonder if liveshot’s antisemitism stems from his claim of having a Jewish Grandad? No one knows with this halfwit, his entire identity is mythology. Jewish grandparent, only Irish every six years, and did you know he was in Vietnam? — with his own movie camera… I’ve met a lot of Jewish people who border on antisemitism via self loathing, it seems to be a thing with the Eastern Euro origin types.

    Nonetheless, this “man” is a fool and has only managed to pull the wool over the eyes of dull witted partisans and a pair of wealthy socialites. JFK, just for kerry as they say in the place where Boston used to be. I think you should update your penal colony idea to include Naushon, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard Islands.

  12. So the Democrats have expelled blue collar workers, gun owners, Christians, and anyone who doesn’t wholeheartedly buy into the full pantheon of SJW insanity. Now they just expelled the Jews. (Not necessarily the secular Hollywood types, but all the ones who actually still practice the religion.)

    Great job Obama / Kerry / Soros. Your destruction of the DNC is complete.

  13. “It was always just a matter of time before American progressives got around to Jew-hating. Once you go down the road of multiculturalism, you eventually end up trying to erase anything resembling cultural identity.”

    while Trump is not the perfect solution he has successfully tilted the progressive focus toward something other than the American public. Lets hope it enough for honorable people to get their feet under them and banish the evils of multiculturalism into the toilet it deserves

  14. Kerry is half Jewish, right?! In any event, the invention of the State of Israel has been a distinct negative for Americans and American foreign policy, which Israel has repeatedly attempted (usually successfully) to hijack. The last President to stand up to Israel was Ike, who in 1956 ordered them out of captured Egyptian territory. When the Israelis balked, Ike added the phrase “or else” to his ultimatum.Later on, Nixon bailed out Israel in the 1973 War…I’m all in favor of a Jewish ethno-state, but only if it can sustain itself without American subsidies and support, whether that be economic, military, or diplomatic…

    • Oh come on Kokor. You mean to tell me that you have no empathy for the ones who are put upon by all the neighborhood bully’s? Israel issurrounded by Arabs and terrorist, and supported by many close and distant governments who only wish ill on them and their homeland. Presumably international organizations who are “supposed” to be non-partisan in managing global “peace” are nothing of the sort.

      While the underdog, so to speak, they are not dumb. They have proven themselves quite resilient, brave and determined but it goes a long way to have friends. I’m sure if you were being mugged by a gang whose members were named Syria, Eygpt, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon (aka Muslim Bros.), Saudi Arabia, etc., you would like Uncle Sam, a passerby, to give you a hand in driving off the punks to leave you with your life.

      I can’t believe you would be so callous to just leave them to the wolves.

  15. “Once you go down the road of multiculturalism, you eventually end up trying to erase anything resembling cultural identity.”

    This only applies to *white ethnic groups as far as the left is concerned. We’re supposed to embrace “salad bowl” multiculturalism for all non-white groups. Progressives consider it unforgivably racist, for example, to frown upon female genital mutilation in Somali immigrant communities in flyover country. Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but FGM in Muslim immigrant communities is a topic that’s off limits. They also consider “colorblindness”, i.e. viewing people as individuals regardless of their race, as an unforgivable sin.

    Ta-Nehisi Coates has popularized the phrase “people who believe they are white” to describe white people. This is a blatant attempt to deny white Americans any kind of cultural group identity, and the opposite is happening thanks to people like Mr. Coates. I’m halfway through Between the World and Me and if I didn’t know better, I’d think it was written by a troll who’s trying to drive his average white reader toward white nationalism.

    *I consider Jews a white ethnic group and so does the left.

  16. well well the muppet has now decreed “Israel can either be a democracy or a Jewish state but not both” This gem of wisdom from a moral degenerate who’s only claim to fame is that he serially marries well. Like his boss curious George he has never had a responsible non government job his entire life. After HRC i figured there couldn’t be a worse Sec of State, needless to say i was wrong. What everyone has to remember is the contents of that speech were written buy people who “Own and Operate OBAMA” (POOO) neither Obama or Kerry could articulate anything that vile on their own, they are just plain too STUPID. Come on January 20th

  17. Everything in the state; nothing outside the state. Sure Mussolini said it , but it really began with the civil constitution of the clergy in the constituent assembly after the French Revolution. When government is your God things like this are a natural consequence. The idea that you can’t live with any inconsistencies and that power is necessarily expressed in a unitary manner leads to things like this. Christianity introduced the idea of the two swords, one secular and one religious, that could balance themselves. This was in part based on the covenant relationship between God and Israel in the Bible. After centuries of talking about the idea of mixed government in which powered are balanced against each other as described by Aristotle and Plato and carried on by Polybius, the idea was written into Church government by the Puritans and made its way into our state constitutions. Those formed the basis of the Constitution of the USA. No unitary power to be found anywhere. Israel immitates this. The leftist sacks of shot hate this with all their being. Fuck them.

  18. Kerry apparently comes from a string of relatives who wanted to be someone else. From a source that sounds reliable – a woman searching her own roots who found a connection to Kerry (poor soul). An excerpt from an interesting read:

    After the beer maker’s first wife died, he married Mathilde Frankel, and they had a son named Fritz Kohn — who would be Kerry’s grandfather.

    In time, the half-brothers, Bernhard and Fritz, decided that their Kohn name and their Jewish heritage made it too difficult to advance in the many anti-Semitic quarters of the Austrian Empire.

    Bernhard changed the family name to Kaulbach.

    But Fritz, according to family lore, dropped a pencil on a European map, where it landed on County Kerry in Ireland, and so he changed his name to Kerry and changed his religion to Catholic. Fritz wrote on an application that he wanted to change his name because “it is so typically Jewish” and he believed “that the name will hinder his career in the military.”

    Why the half-brothers chose different new names is unclear. But the fact that they separated into Kaulbach and Kerry clans appears to be a key reason why the descendants of both families didn’t know they had common ancestry.

    More here:

  19. UNSCR 2332 demonstrates just how ridiculous the UN is, since it ignores or erases UNSCR 242 and, more importantly, The Palestine Mandate of 1922. The Jews were given everything west of Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea, period.

    As to Kerry, he is an interesting character. He can have many different personas: stupid, arrogant, noisome, obtuse to name just a few. On a good day he can be all those things. What a multi-tasker. 23 days and counting.

  20. Its amazing how quickly our politics has been taken over by the Saudis and UAE guys without anyone in particular noticing. A decade and a half ago it was all the Israelis, all the time. Now all these guys are funded by the Arabs.

    Its kind of like how Microsoft realized it needed to go heavy into lobbying after the government came after it because of the Netscape browser anti-trust thing. After 9/11 and the Iraq war the Arabs have gone full bore and for the past half decade at least we have been more or less on the side of al-Quaeda in the middle east itself. (here’s a story on their links to high level Dems, the devlish Podesta boys, oh and by the way … Jeb people: )

    Obviously it helps that Obama feels connected closely to Islam even if he doesn’t practice it. Jews also used to stand up for Israel no matter what side of the aisle they were on – now influential Jews are more interested in buttsex.

  21. I think Wilbur Hassenfus has the right of it, but it can be put in more neutral terms. Or neutral from a certain point of view.

    The idea has always been that if there is a 2 state solution, one will have an Arab majority and the other Jewish. Both could be democracies without affecting that, though only the latter actually would be a democracy.

    If there is a 1-state solution in which Israel reaches the Jordan at all points, it was assumed this would have an Arab plurality so large that calling it a Jewish state would be explicitly undemocratic, by imposing the primacy of the Jewish ethnicity/culture/religion. Or even it would eventually have an Arab majority, and keeping it as a ‘Jewish state’ would make it effectively an Israelite version of white South Africa. Untenable in the long term, even on pragmatic grounds. Many Israelis have in the past opposed annexation on such grounds. They have feared that the price of expansion would be the eventual loss of the Jewish character of the state.

    I don’t have current numbers to hand. But the recent upswing in Jewish birthrates and decline in Pal rates suggest that a 1-state solution might actually have a solid and permanent Jewish majority at some point. Tough to predict.

    But the 1 state solution is still potentially dangerous for Israel on demographic grounds.

    Of course, there are other considerations. Palestinian refusal to accept the verdict of 1948 and their own part in it, refusal to accept Israel as a Jewish state, refusal to accept the “1967 borders” until they became in effect an unrealistic demand in their own right, refusal to renounce terror, etc.

    And in the end I share Wilbur’s instinct- Kerry and his ilk don’t really like the idea of a Jewish state anyway, or any other kind of ethnostate. All God’s chilluns gotta have Diversity.

    There are many days when I am unsympathetic to Israel, but this reminds me of my attitude when I was a teenager in the 1980s and Israelophilia was at its all time high on the conservative right in the Angloworld.

  22. His paternal grandparents were Austro-Hungarian Jewish immigrants who converted to Catholicism. He’s a traitor to his own heritage.

  23. The Republican response: American politicians can be either Jewish or Democrats.

    In my “yes, I’m dreaming” world Senator Schumer would have led his colleagues in “crossing the aisle” to join the Republican party.

  24. While I despise Kerry as much as you, I believe you misinterpret the meaning of the statement. I believe he was referring to the fact that if Israel was to incorporate the West Bank etc. as a part of a democratic Israel, the demographics would eventually result in a majority arab/muslim population. Kind of like what the muslms in the United States are doing using our freedoms against us. This is known as stealth jihad. It only stealth to the useful idiots known as progressives.

    • I’ve seen this interpretation and I just cannot square it with what he said. He said Israel can be Jewish or democratic. If he had preceded that with some clear references to demographics, then maybe. As it stands, Israel is 75% Jewish. Adding a few crumbs of land is not changing those numbers. Therefore, for your interpretation to be correct, we have to assume a lot of things not in Kerry’s speech.

      The fact is, Progressives reject the concept of national identity and ethnicity as antithetical to their concept of a democratic society. You see that everywhere. My interpretation of Kerry’s speech fits neatly into the larger domain of Progressive ideology. I think what we saw was the mask dropping.

      • There’s the not weak position that Kerry is dumber than we give him credit for and wrote what amounted to a long rambling speech that was cobbled together from materials he had on hand, I.e. old speeches of his. Or could this be how he negotiates? And if that’s so, can you imagine how simultaneously frustrated and consumed with laughter the Russians must have been the last few years?

        I don’t disagree that Progressives want the kind of world you describe; I just think Kerry is a useless joke who dreamed of a legacy that put him in world history instead of being a footnote failure and he honestly thinks this speech will help give him that. After all if this speech was supposed to be something world changing, wouldn’t Obama ego have made him have given it himself?

      • You are probably right. But I do remember the late Meyer Kahane who believed that all arabs should be told to leave Israel as he feared that they would eventually outbreed the Jews and take over the country at the ballot box. Of course he was New York many years ago.

  25. the face of a dunce is more like it.m

    with RE: Sowell retiring, given how badly he blew it by joining the #NeverTrump Boys Brigade, isn’t his judgement on other things tainted? How is he any better than Kristol, for example? Did he actually *do* anything other than write all these years? How is he any better than Goldberg then?

  26. Some Jews happily use their own people as human shields- these are the psychopaths hiding in a larger, decent population.
    The first ones to claim lurid victimhood.

    Each pogrom further concentrates the pathology; the good ones get killed, the bad ones work at improving their camoflauge.

    John Kerry is actually Jewish, isn’t he?
    If so, then he’s a case in point.

    • Kerry is a WASP. He used to peddle himself off as Irish when he was a Senator. When he ran for president, he claimed he had some Jewish ancestry. Like everything else about the guy, it was all bullshit.

      • I always have an extra kick , in my step, when I remember Swift Boating. Also, I expect Fonda to do a Hamas photo op very soon.

        • I wonder if any of those viet cong cornholed Jane during her visit? [and yes I know Jane was in the North, and the VC were in the South]

      • Thanks. Palestinian murderers would be a better example of Semitic claims of ‘victimhood’.

        Both are factions of the same demographic, with different yet successful strategies of propagation: infiltration culture vs rape culture.

  27. We do not really know how John F’n Kerry chooses. Perhaps he is not anti-Semitic, but anti-democratic.Not that it makes any difference to me. I’ve had no use for the Ketchup Konsort since 1972. And I’ve not been mellowing at all.

  28. The main issue I have with this analysis is the words “John Kerry thinks…” Just listening into his speech for a few minutes and it seems pretty clear that he recycled the same talking points he’s had written down since about 2004 or so. Just the fact that he even gave the speech at all is a sign that he’s not thinking; he’s playing in his own little world. Everyone knows that the current administration is leaving in less than a month and that the new guy is planning on a completely new direction and that nothing Kerry says now is going to matter but he got up on stage and basically humiliated himself by putting up a speech that wasn’t going to be taken seriously anywhere.

    I don’t doubt that progressives and the left as a whole would like to take down Israel mostly because it probably strikes them as low hanging fruit. Plus the Israelis themselves were helping things along that road right up until the early 2000s. Shimon Peres spent most of the 1990s gushing about an open and borderless Middle East. Ehud Barak practically went on his hands and knees to beg Arafat to take the West Bank and most of Jerusalem too. The real shift in the left though happened in the last 10 years mainly because both sides reached an impasse. (Part of it is demographic – Israel today isn’t the Israel of 1993; the massive immigration of Russian Jews and the growth of the Orthodox population make it a country that leans differently than it did when the Oslo Peace Process started. Part of it is also the changes in the region – the whole place is on fire and a Palestinian state bordering Jordan could create something there that nobody wants.) The left can’t pretend that its going to get what it wants through negotiations because no matter how hard they negotiate the two sides want incompatible things. The Israelis want to keep their state and their independence; the Palestinians want a humiliating defeat thrust on Israel that will set the stage for its eventual rollback. Look at all of Kerry’s talk; does anyone think that if tomorrow all the settlements disappeared and 100 percent of the West Bank was under Palestinian control that there would be peace? That’s why nobody ever brings up the Gaza disengagement; its been done and all its generated was three different wars in 7 years.

    The truth of the matter is that the only thing Kerry has done is make Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State seem competent. And the only point of his speech here (and the UN vote right before it) was to strike at Trump with the benefit of hitting Netanyahu too. “There’s only one President at a time…” is what Obama said a month ago and this is his way of showing it. Otherwise whats the benefit? Again everyone is waiting out the clock until Trump takes power in the rest of the world and all this UN/Speech business is likely to end up going in the opposite direction of what it seems to intend. For instance, the vote has caused a massive problem for the Ukrainian government which is now proposing moving its embassy to Jerusalem in response; Russia got up and endorsed bilateral talks as the only way to go; and does anyone think that Trump isn’t remember this when it comes time to move the embassy or maybe recognize Israeli annexation of settlement blocs?

  29. If I were an Isreali, I would be very sick and tired of people who do not live in my country or participate as a member of my culture presuming to boss me around, as if they know better than I do what is best for me and my countrymen. Do these people (such as Kerry) have any idea how they come across as such extremely pompous twits?

    • “If I were an Isreali American, I would be very sick and tired of people who do not live in my country or participate as a member of my culture presuming to boss me around, as if they know better than I do what is best for me and my countrymen.And I am an American and sick and tired.

  30. What Secretary Kerry said was entirely accurate. If Israel annexes the lands currently under the PA, Israel will in short order have an Arab majority. It therefore could no longer be considered a Jewish state, unless anti-democratic measures were taken to prevent political dominance by the Arab majority.

    American presidents have consistently opposed expanding Jewish settlements in the West Bank, beginning with Ronald Reagan. Far from being “anti-semitic,” Kerry and this administration (and past administrations) are simply trying to prevent the Israelis from shooting themselves in the foot for some short-term political advantage.

    • Or, there are plans in place that have little to do with present arrangements, the kind that America will itself have to some day employ if it wishes to remain a liberal democracy. Kerry is stupid, Netanyahu is not. There is a plan.

    • Rick, is it your opinion or someone else’s that Israel would shoot themselves in the foot for short-term advantage and can’t play chess? Nope, I don’t think they are that stupid. There has to be another explanation and to me it is territory primarily for defensive purposes. I have always been confounded that in past Israeli governments, so much territory has been “conceded” back that has been won in wars that the Arabs started. No, I think the Israeli’s have been more than accommodating with regards to the “Palestinian” issue and should hold the line for their own protection.

      • The ‘Palestinians’ should go back to Syria or the Muslim countries they came from.

        Syria Palestina was divided by the French in 1922, leaving southern Syrians confused.
        The rest were debt bondage slaves imported for the farms of the six Arab legacy families. Israel and Jerusalem were mostly depopulated except for a few Bedouins creeping in to sell trinkets to passengers of the newly built British rail line at the turn of the century.

        ‘Palestinian’ is as artificial as the Labor Party’s ‘Pakistani’ creation. P-a-k-i means Pashtun-Afghan-Kurd-Iranian.

        ‘Palestinian’ was created by an American PR firm after the Arab League paid them $10 million to turn opinion away from “plucky little Israel.” The Arabs were told that they must replace Israel as the brave underdog in the public’s mind. Everyone roots for the little guy, even if they outnumber the “powerful Jewish lobby” by a billion or so.

        • Fascinating information. I admit to my ignorance of history to this part of the world but nevertheless am stunned at the legacy of problems resulting from the West carving up and creating nation-states post WW1 and WW2 under the auspices of world peace, ala the United Nations (League of Nations). Yep. And here we are claiming sovereignty and “hands off” from interference from other country’s in our own affairs.

          In any case, I have always said that with the small land that is Israel, the Palestinians should just go to their Arab brothers and take some desert for themselves and “create” something they can be proud of. Instead they declare the death of Israel and the Jew and want what others have built as if they could maintain and grow such. Fat chance. As has been proven in lands that have already been “returned”, they only succeed in destroying viable arable land and businesses and running them back into the desert whence they came from.

          • The “legacy of problems” in the Middle East and North Africa long predates Western influence in the region. These were, and remain, strongly tribal societies with all the attendant dysfunctions and no legacy of democratic institutions. With the rate of cousin marriage remaining at approximately 50% and average IQ hovering around 85 there isn’t much hope for these societies in a modern world. The failures of the East are most emphatically not the fault of the West.

            The Brits quite shrewdly assigned minority sects to rule in most of their mandates precisely because they understood that a government run by a minority sect had to rule in a manner that maintained the support of the majority sect. This arrangement protected the rights of minority sects and tempered the actions of the government vis-a-vis the majority sect. It kept the MENA region fairly stable until the Iranian revolution.

            As Alzaebo noted, the “Palestinians” are Syrian and/or Jordanian. End of story.

          • I appreciate your insight into this issue. You are quite correct regarding the tribal aspects of the region and the cultural issues attendant to them. With Iraq as an example, it seems apparent that the Kurds, Sunni and Shia should have been left to separate themseIves and form their own homelands as desired and not by some foreign government acting as a superior judge. I guess I chaff a bit at the “legacy” of imperialism and geopolitics of the past even though I know full well it has simply been a natural part of history. Take for instance, the damage done by the French in many parts of the world that are today failed states. At least the Brits left mostly successful infrastructure where they landed. So many countries, the Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, etc. among many others have all had their share of adventures and hand in raping and abusing other people’s and lands for their wealth. And now, Americans have done the same with the middle east. We have created a situation much worse I think than if they had been left to their own devices.

      • LP, if in fact you are correct, and that Israel wishes to control Gaza and the West Bank for use as “buffer zones,” then you are agreeing with the Secretary of State, i.e. that such control can no more be “democratic” than the Soviet Union’s hegemony over the Warsaw Pact countries during the Cold War. You may not care about preserving Israeli democracy, but many Israelis do.

        If you are interested in a well-written and relatively brief history I would recommend John Keay’s “Sowing the Wind: Seeds of Conflict in the Middle East.” A larger perspective is furnished by “A History of the Arab Peoples” by Albert Hourani, a Christian Arab.

        • I would have to say that I would never agree with anything Kerry would think or say. I think he is a complete putz. What I find disconcerting, if I can find an appropriate term, is giving back territory won in war to a “people” or organization that is a complete fraud and incapable of true and honest communications.

          I appreciate the Keay reference and will read up on this as it seems that Trump will have an opportunity to do something no one else in his position has been able to accomplish. He can clear the board of charlatans and find true power brokers to negotiate with and find a way to end this without the involvement of a feckless organization like the UN. They too will wind up on the dustbin of history, like the DNC, the MSM, the EU, and the current political paradigm. Talk about The Winds of Change. PE Trump, God willing, seems like the man who is at the right time in history to make his mark in many meaningful ways.

    • What no one mentions is that Arab settlement building outnumbers Jewish more than two to one- and no, we’re not talking a room addition in Jerusalem.

  31. If Trump hadn’t won, I believe Obama and his gang of haters would have been content with pushing Israel to the edge of extinction via the Iran deal and would have let Hilary finish the job. This is open Jew hating, their parting shot. I’ve asked myself what their motive is and have concluded it’s hate, pure hate. Netanyahu pissing on them made it worse but it was always there. They are not going to stop either. Obama has sided with the Shiites in the Sunni-Shiite fight for domination and will continue to aid and abet Iran in all their murderous activities.

  32. “The Legal case for Israel” excellent video

    What is international law and how does the history of Israel reflect it? Professor Eugene Kontorovich gives a clear explanation of which legal bodies have the power to influence the borders of countries, and more importantly, which do not. This fascinating video gives a different perspective on the boundaries of Israel.

  33. Respectfully, I took a somewhat different interpretation from Kerry’s sentence, as read in context. Kerry was speaking of one-state and two-state “solutions.” He said, “Today, there are a number — there are a similar number of Jews and Palestinians living between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. They have a choice. They can choose to live together in one state or they can separate into two states. But here is a fundamental reality, if the choice is one state, Israel can either be Jewish or Democratic, it cannot be both. And it won’t ever really be at peace.”

    I took that to mean that, if Israel expanded its national sovereignty and borders to include the West Bank and its Palestinian population (the “one state” solution), extending to them all the rights and privileges of Israeli citizens (as Israel does now for its Arab/Muslim citizens), adding those voters to the Israeli electorate would likely jeopardize the continuation of Israel as a Jewish state.

    So long as a Palestinian foundational tenet is the destruction of Israel and the death of Jews, it would be equivalent to welcoming a scorpion or a venomous snake into your bed.

    • Well that makes sense but for Kerry being a “diplomat” to leave such understandings open to “vague” interpretations is not, to me, the example of good diplomacy. Why, with such a lengthy forum, didn’t he as much as say what you just did? What an idiot? We are left to “give him credit?”

      Not in my book.

      • If the “give him credit” refers to my “thinking outside the box” quip, I was praising the Bolton piece for looking beyond the 1- or 2-state “solutions” of the last 60+ years.

        Kerry is an idiot who has risen ‘way, ‘way above his “Peter Principle” threshold. …which, for Kerry, lies somewhere below that of a county dogcatcher. To call him a diplomat is an insult to true diplomats.

        • Ah, I see. I did not make the connection ColoC. You are dead on about Kerry and also about Bolton, whom I respect very much. Yes, he has made mistakes but his patriotism and fortitude in standing up for America is second to none.

    • I was about to post something similar to this, that’s how I interpreted it too, there only options in a single state solution would be an apartheid type system, some sort of gerrymandering where Jewish votes were worth more than Palestinian votes, so not true democracies or a more final solution, not considered democratic in this day and age.
      I don’t have a strong opinion on Kerry one way or the other but I agree with him on this one.

      • Barring annihilation off Israel by an Iranian nuke, the dream of the terrorists is the so-called one state solution. They know that apartheid would be internationally condemned and would end as South Africa did, with them in control and repressing Jews, or slowly killing them. This is probably the scenario Obama and Kerry like most as it would be “political” not violent.

      • The Israelis have a solution. They intend to make sure that Muslims are never more than an ineffectual minority. Jews are 75% of Israel with a TFR on par with the Muslim minority.

        Look. Kerry is an idiot. He really had no idea what he was saying. Even so, the implications are clear. To the Left, ethnic and national identity are antithetical to their vision of the glorious future. That future is one where they rule with an iron fist and we hold mock elections that they win with 90% of the vote and call it democracy.

        • Israel: the most stubbornly ethnic, and therefore, to the Cult, the most viciously hated nation on earth.

          • Is Israel really the most stubborn ethnic state in the world? I don’t think that’s true; there are plenty of other states that are just as dedicated. Are Russians or Japanese or Poles or any number of other states across the world outside the Anglosphere not also “stubbornly ethnic” in various degrees?

            Israel gets a lot of attention but some of that has to do with the fact that it can be treated in a way that other nations can’t; they don’t have a lot of options for alliances or even friends. They are low hanging diplomatic fruit so to speak. It doesn’t help matters that Israel’s own deep state is left wing and had a hand in kicking off the whole process Kerry is trying to hang on their necks. (The left went behind the backs of the government in the 1990s to begin the whole process with Arafat. At least then the left in Israel was still able to win an election; now they’ve been out of power so long that they’re basically keen on the idea of getting outside intervention to give them what they can’t win at the ballot.)

            Will Israel be able to maintain itself the way it wants in the face of a left that would like nothing more than a worldwide Thunderdome favela while they watch we-are-the-world commercials on the screens of their Davis mansions? It’s difficult but not impossible; their state is almost 70 years old after all. I don’t think Kerry’s speech will amount to much in the long run. He’s not the first government official to pontificate and make an ass of himself without realizing it. We just notice it more because of 24 hour news and social media.

          • Poles have been amazingly resilient, but numbers count for a lot. The Jews survived as a people despite some fairly deliberate attempts to wipe them out. The exile to Babylon was a clear attempt to cut off the head of the Jewish people. I’m not sure any other ethnic group has something similar in their history.

            Good point though. Israel gets treated much different from other countries, both good and bad.

          • Agree that Israel is treated differently- and very unfairly, in my opinion.

            Disagree that Judea’s “exile” was penurious slavery. The Judeans were flipping the story to make themselves the victim, after they had betrayed the ten “Lost” Jewish tribes who would not submit to their rule.

            I do agree that it was a check on their power, cutting off the head off the snake.
            Those whose authority is based on a stolen birthright keep getting themselves and their fellows in trouble.

            Using others as a human shield while proclaiming one’s innocence is quite effective in one way, yet also leads to prophylactic reactions. It accounts for both the longevity of the identity (we gotta stick together, cuz they’ll come after us someday) and the inevitable pogroms (they’ll come after us someday, so we oughta shiv em now anyways).
            Their expectations both cause and lead to betrayal.

          • You make sense re the Russinan, they are a tough bunch, but I was thinking that by joining the EU the Poles, and other Central Europeans opened themselves up to ethnic blending and Muslim invasion. I’m not saying stubbornness is a virtue. But what else can you do when you are surrounded by mortal enemies on all sides?

    • Or, if Israel was to embrace full mobocracy, and give Arabs the chance to vote themselves into dominance.

      Yes, he’s given himself legalistic plausible deniability for the inevitable Democrat walk-back, the “but what I meant was” soundbite sure to come.

    • Kerry is is trying to set up Israel for charges of ethnic cleansing.
      His plan is for all the Israel controlled land from the river to the sea to be divided into two countries; the day that happens there is guaranteed to be an exchange of populations, Jews fleeing westward from the West Bank, and Arabs fleeing eastward into it.
      We’ve seen that before when India/Pakistan were partitioned (1 million dead);
      Kerry’s plan would be to blame the Jews for any deaths, not to blame the Arabs, certainly not to blame himself for the deaths caused by the partition he wants.

  34. It’s modern American leftism’s turn. That guy disappearing in the rear view was as left as anyone.

  35. It appears O’bambi and the stupid John Kerry have joined the BDS movement. This is really the “Hot Setup” for the Neoliberal/ Neoprogressive crowd. Expect to see a lot more of this nonsense. I am not a fan of the Jews, but they should have their own nation and run it as they see fit. Perhaps this Sovereign Nation thing will catch on when O’bambi and Kerry are slapped down by the angry and smart Jews. Mossad is likely working on this as we type. Good luck boys.

  36. Somebody needs to jam a flame thrower down this simpering little pervert’s throat and pull the trigger. I’d pay folding money to see that. Hell, I’d buy the flame thrower.

    • I want him to suffer before he dies. Suffer for a long, long, time. That’s why I want him alive and healthy, but out of power. No role, not even at some committee to control pencil supplies. No conferences, to government jets, helicopters, limos or rickshaws. Nothing. Nichts, nada, rien, Ничто не and especially, דבר.

      Because he lusts for the public life more than real life and we’ll kill him slowly.

  37. Do Western liberal democracies really support ethno states? According to the Jews in the US that isn’t the case. Most Jews in the US for example are stridently against White Nationalism.

    • Israel is the Jewish homeland, established by the UN and supported by Harry Truman (and until the last 20 years or so, supported by the democrats.) I can only assume that the Saudi oil money and Muslim Brotherhood infiltration have pushed the democrats into this horrible position. White nationalism is not the same as nationalism, which is mainly cultural.

      • You didn’t really get my point or answer my question. White Nationalism is nationalism – for Whites. Just like Zionism nationalism – for Jews. In the West it seems like White nationalism is frowned upon, but Zionism isn’t. It doesn’t take a genius to see that this is a double standard, which isn’t really addressed in the article.

      • Gee. I guess white people in America live in a cultural desert, then. Maybe I should quit going to my non-denominational church sell my guns and fishing equipment, quit hunting and fishing and sharing with extended family, quit celebrating holidays, receding the sacrifices of the military, flying the flag, joining local associations, participating in political processes,praying before meals, being polite to women I don’t know, having birthday parties and baby showers, go bowling with friends, having picinics and inviting friends to go boating. Maybe the thing to do is join a kibbutz.

      • Baloney, as shown by the fact that Israel is exclusively run by and for the Ashkenazi minority. Israel was created by Irgun terrorism, including blowing up the King David Hotel, and expanded by ethnic cleansing in the supposedly Palestinian territory. Nations are ethnically pretty homogeneous or they don’t last.

        • The same thing happened in the Ukraine and Germany/Poland.
          Bolsheviks starved Ukrainian patriots and hid behind Sephardi patriots.

          Nations, even a Jewish nation, are mere vehicles. The rabid loyalty is to an ethnic vision, thus its enduring power.

          One can be the wrong kind of Jew, just as you can be the wrong kind of Muslim, or black, or Irishman.

        • Yeah, suuure, kokor – I saw that moom pitchur too, a long time ago – only, they left out a lot of the actual, political and legal reality of the book it was made from, thereby leaving a false impression – an early version of “fake news”, no doubt…

    • It’s called the Double Standard. Israel has 3 walls, and is deporting the Africans who snuck in earlier. But that is unacceptable to most Jews in America.

  38. Lurch has had eight years to show these colors. No. What I think is on display is plain and simple. The gravy train is coming to and end and he is using his last opportunity for one BIG payday.

    Someone is paying him for this speech and UN action (maybe Peter Schweitzer can follow the money trail). He and Obama. Paying them big-time.

    No. After all this time, the truth was always there. The antisemitism was always on display by the Obozo administration. This is a last ditch effort by TPTB to leave a ticking time bomb that Trump will have to spend time and energy defusing and distract from his other goals of draining the swamp. All is not what it appears to be. Don’t be fooled.

    Follow the money. Plain and simple. Then prosecute his ass!

  39. Seemed to me he meant that Cathedralist “democracy”, for that particular country, means abandoning the Jewish ethnic character of the state — letting the Arabs take over.

    He clearly favors that outcome, if he’s putting it in those terms: As a Cathedral bishop, he regards “democracy” as the highest possible value — if you can be Cathedral-Democracy or else some other thing, the former is the only choice you can be allowed to make.

    He may or may not fully grasp that this means a whole lot of dead and displaced Jews in practice. He probably has a dim notion that it would be very bad for a lot of innocent people, but as a Cathedral believer you get used to writing off the victims as losers who deserved it.

    Indeed, to be fair, the status quo is not wonderful for a lot of Arabs, and that costs me no sleep. Maybe it should. It doesn’t; they’re not my people.

    I’ve gotten awfully tired of American and European Jews, but the sabras I met in Israel didn’t seem to have the chip on their shoulders. As a rule, I liked them and I liked their country. There are enough retarded Arab countries already. Let Israel remain.

    • Israelis don’t have that luxury of being reckless. Therefore they remain very serious and realistic. In the US, even serious people can carry on like children. At least for now.

      • It is true that Jews don’t have the luxury of being reckless, but that hasn’t stopped them from pushing it right to the edge, and Oslo was by no means the only example.

          • Fair enough. Kerry, and the Democrat party, don’t hate Jews, they hate Israelis. But not all Israelis. They don’t hate Arab, or Christian Israelis. Only the Israelis that aren’t Christian or Moslem or of Arabic descent.

            Yeah, that’s totally different from hating Jews.

        • Those Fabian socialists, the Labor Party, worked with foreign leftists to create Oslo.
          These were the same bozos who rebranded Zionism in 1931. Instead of Herzl’s safe haven, they saw a vehicle of imperialism.

          Calling Labor Israeli is like calling Democrats American. “Nation” be damned.

        • The vomiting of the State of Isreal onto the people of Palestine was the biggest foreign policy balls-up since the Armada.

          • Secretary of State George C. Marshall, the highest ranking military officer in WWII, was adamantly opposed to the formation of a Jewish state in Palestine. So was Churchill. We now know why.

      • True…Unfortunately, prominent Jews in the west, and some in Israel, who are almost universally leftist, have been extremely reckless by advocating and funding the entry of large numbers of moslems and other 3d worlders into those democracies. In fact, polls continue to show that western Jews prefer moslems to Christians. This is both reckless and irrational, as almost all of these “immigrants” are anti-Israel….If the moslems get control of, say, France’s nuclear arsenal, the fruits of this recklessness will be epic….

        • Advance troops. Jewish ‘advisors’ created the vassal mercenary armies that became Islam, to attack the Eastern and western Roman empires that chose the Christian “heresy”.

          Eventually, the back story used to recruit the “other sons of Abraham” evolved into the Frankenstein’s monster we have today.

          (The final version of Quran was written by Uvalve in 333 A.H.-After Hajira. The half-Jewish bandit of Mecca, Salmeen Qurayza, called ‘the Mohammed’- the ‘Prophet’, a title, not a name, was largely a fictional composite.)

          The advisors are back at it, riling up a Muslim front for “Jewish” colonization.
          They used “Stalinism”- “atheist Communism” or “cultural Marxism”- in the same way, as a front for camoflagued ethnic colonization.

          Their supemacist vision, not ours. Our definition or beliefs don’t matter to them, why should they?

          • Note: colonization of the administrative niche of the human ecology. They dont need numbers, only command-and-control of the social Narrative.

            The shock troops- stupid allies, such as Muslims or Africans- will provide the numbers.
            Smart allies, such as Puritan pirates or corrupt government ministers, will provide the means.

    • I would triple upvote if I could, just based on that last paragraph. I have not had the opportunity to visit Israel or interact with any Israelis in their own place, as it were, but I suspect I would have a similar reaction.

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