The Cloud Party Declares War

When the Muslim Brotherhood “won” the 2012 election in Egypt, most of the world just assumed Egypt was going to go down the road to Islamism. Either a slow trot like we have seen with Turkey or perhaps a faster pace into something closer to Iran. That did not happen. Instead, Egypt ground to a halt as the civil service and military, which are intertwined, refused to cooperate with the new government. The result was a sort of coordinated work slowdown and the Brotherhood got the blame for it.

That was not the only reason the Brotherhood failed. They had no idea how to run a country and they never had the depth of support they assumed. Still, the bureaucracy set itself to stymieing Morsi, so they simply stop functioning. People still showed up for work and manned their posts, but they got nothing done. It was a good lesson in how a modern country works, even one on the fringe of modernity. Real power is not in the office, but in control of the system. He who controls the bureaucracy controls the nation.

That comes to mind after Trump has been in office for little more than a week. His initial flurry of executive orders has dominated the news cycles, simply because of the infantile theatrics of the Left. Adult toddlers throwing tantrums at the local airport makes for good TV, especially when the people covering it are toddlers themselves. What has gone unnoticed is the fact that the Republicans appear to have settled on a  strategy similar to the Egyptian bureaucracy. They will slow walk everything Trump wants out of Congress.

So far, the Senate has approved the national security appointments because to do otherwise would make them look bad. The education secretary is still bottled up for some reason. Allegedly, everyone in the GOP would just as soon scrap DoE, but they are making a big issue of this nominee. The AG nomination has similarly been slow walked by the Senate. Of course, the traitor John McCain is stirring up trouble over the DHS appointments. The result is there will not be a full cabinet for months.

The bigger issue is the fact that the GOP Congress has no plan to repeal ObamaCare or pass tax reform. It’s pretty clear that the people we thought were secretly supporting Clinton, people like Paul Ryan, really thought she was going to win, so they never bothered to prepare for this. The result is all their big talk after he election about major reforms and repealing ObamaCare was just talk. They were planning for surrender and suddenly found themselves with a President ready to sign off on major reform.

That’s probably only part of it. The fact is, the leadership of the GOP has more in common with the Democrat Party than the emerging Trump Party. Despite the election results, they cannot let go of their belief that the winning hand is to turn the country into a flop house for the refuse of the rest of the world. Globalism is their creed and they will not let go of it just because the people hate it. They are sure Trump will fail so they are going to work hard to make it happen, After all, a prophesy that does not come true is not much use.

Then there is the bureaucracy, which appears to be organizing itself in opposition to Trump in the early going. Senior people in the State Department made a big show of quitting the other day. The acting Attorney General is instructing her department to sit on their hands over challenges to Trump’s immigration orders. It’s all small time and petty, but with the aid of the media it’s becoming cool for the governing class to throw sand in the gears of the Trump administration. At least that’s the hope in DC.

All of this points out the underlying reality in Washington. There is the Cloud People Party and an insurgent Dirt People Party. The Cloud Party and its donor class hate Trump and the people he represents. If you look at the funding sources from both parties, it comes from areas Hillary Clinton carried 2-to-1. According to this Brookings study, the 472 counties that Clinton won last year accounted for 64 percent of the nation’s wealth, while the 2584 counties that Trump won accounted for the remaining 36 percent.

There are plenty of Republicans who support Trump and a surprising number of people in the bureaucracy who know reform is long overdue. Some of the harshest critiques of the state you will hear come from people in the system. There’s also the fact that Trump is proving to be an exceptional political athlete. He has a knack for baiting the media in order to gain public support for his positions. No person has moved the Overton Window further to the right than Trump has done in my lifetime. It truly is amazing.

Even so, the next year will be about the Cloud Party conspiring to undermine the Trump administration, while Trump figures out how to work around the system to undermine the system. His immigration order is a foreshadow of what is to come. Instead of looking for compromise, Team Trump will go big in order to trigger the political class and their media to overreact. This tends to turn off the public and thus turn the Cloud Party assets into liabilities, as we are seeing with these ridiculous protests.

At some point, the Cloud People will shift gears, but for now, the game will be Trump picking fights and the establishment going bonkers.This gives Trump cover to do some important stuff, like we see with the H1B executive order. While the Cloud People are wailing about the so-called Muslim ban, they did not have time to notice the order to shake up the visa program Silicon Valley uses to screw its employees. This sort of cat and mouse game is how an insurgent party must use its speed and agility to overcome the establishment’s size.

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  3. At some point, the Cloud People will shift gears, but for now, the game will be Trump picking fights and the establishment going bonkers.

    Reminds me of Mel Gibson in Braveheart before that first battle scene.

    “I’m gonna picka fight.”

    We all know how that one ended.

  4. Trump’s biggest problem will be the ‘copperhead republicans’ that will back stab him at every turn. McCain, McConnell and those dinosaurs that need to die off are his biggest threat.

  5. Thanks Zman for another enlightening column to ponder over my morning coffee. I wish Trump well in his fight against the bureaucratic windmills of DC. The excellent points you raise are just more justifications for term limits. With all the tasks that Trump is taking on, I hope the term limits windmill is one of the high priority targets.

  6. Zman, I apologize for a comment somewhat off-topic. But you brought up Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, and that reminded me…
    One of the campaign promises that Morsi made was that he would bring back the Blind Sheik. Now, how would some Egyptian politician cause the release of a criminal serving time in a maximum security prison in the United States? A file in a cake? Have him jump in the laundry truck?
    No, you need someone inside, high up. Here is my theory:
    Morsi got the signal to use that campaign promise from the WH. The plan was to cause a kidnapping of a prominent American by some radical /organization/group, one which acted as proxy for Morsi. The kidnapping would get great emotional play in the U.S., and there would be orchestrated calls from selected Cloud People to negotiate for the release of that American. After the proper amount of feigned reluctance, the WH would negotiate for the release of the American. Could the WH withstand the criticism? Surely someone who trades 5 Gitmos for a traitor then beatifies the traitor and his family on the WH lawn could take the backwash.
    But the plan backfired. The radical group needed a likely victim with no warning of the attack, no protection from the attack and no protection/support during the attack. This takes some co-operation from insiders, high up.
    But the radical group screwed up the plan. They got all jihadi’d up and killed the person they intended to kidnap, which screwed the whole plan.
    And in the scramble to create a plausible narrative, insiders-high-up WH promoted hard the idea that some obscure video stirred up a random group of protesters.

  7. Zman (et als) given that the clouders are so fukking incompetent, isn’t there a very good chance that they in fact will be ousted from their perches? I am thinking an Agincourt type wipe out. dibs on the Cock Brothers!

  8. Well, our Cloud Folk have had practice and relatively recent experience, so Z Man’s scenario is not at all far-fetched. It’s already hapened_! More specifically, GWB failed to root out the Clintonoids and so suffered the bureaucratic slow-down Z Man describes (except for DoD ?), not to mention the gusher of leaks from the Intel Community, etc.

    IIRC, GWB’s rationalization was about restoring comity and dignity to the office of the presidency after The Horndog-in-Chief’s Scandal Machine departed with the White House crockery and furniture. I guess W thought that his fellow elites would be appreciative. But, once he disclosed via the 9/11 Commission’s makeup* that they had nothing to dread they put a match to his presidency every chance they got and eventually burned it down.

    So, in order to avoid this, Trump needs to Fire ALL the Sally Yates’s throughout our beloved government ASAP. A government slowdown is not without its attractions, after all. Indeed if it weren’t for the ongoing cost, a complete stoppage for most of it would be a blessing in disguise.

    *To me, the tell was Jamie Gorelick on bench instead of in the dock.

    • Jamie Gorelick,Washington insider extraordinaire. The woman has managed to fail upwards,spectacularly. It gave me pause to learn she is advising Pres Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner about Ethics and Nepotism in Government. Let the irony of that sink in. Maybe it’s a case of “keep your friends close,and your enemies closer”.

  9. Has anyone else noticed that there appears to be a polling “black-out”on the Immigration Executive Order?

    Rasmussen has a poll showing 57-33 in favor of the EO. Quinnipiac just issued a poll showing 48-42 in favor of “tightening immigration from ME countries” but was take a week or so before the EO was issued and is a generic question. Media have ignored Rasmussen and barely acknowledged the Q-poll, but keep saying its “unpopular” and “controversial” at best.

    But that has been it. None of the large media polling groups has issued a thing. You know they’ve been working on it since Saturday AM.

    I have a feeling based on my media paranoia, that the polling groups are getting numbers showing that the EO is popular and are sitting on the results. Probably working on how to repoll/rework party affiliation/rework questions to get the numbers they want. I bet if they had even preliminary numbers that showed the EO was unpopular we’d be seeing them wall to wall.

    • What among Trump’s EO’s and policy positioning has not been favorably polled, especially once one separates the policy from the man? An element of the man’s success is that he understands the “normal” is now revolutionary, and is not spoken of in “polite company”. His job would be a lot tougher if the status quo was not so weird. He can take positions very difficult to intelligently argue with, and contrast them with the drivel we have been spoon fed for so long.

      Of course, the Democrats, the GOPe, and the media try to malign the motives and style of the messenger, because the messages resonate so well. How’s that working out?

      • An element of the man’s success is that he understands the “normal” is now revolutionary, and is not spoken of in “polite company”. His job would be a lot tougher if the status quo was not so weird


        Exactly. One of the crazy things about the border security EO from last week was that all much of it consisted of was telling the Border Patrol to enforce the law as written.

        • How dare a President assure the law is being honored and the interests of the people are foremost in regards his duties. The Audacity of it, a President who follows his Oath of Office. That is political and cultural apostasy in that order. Imagine, a President holds the bitter clinging principles of representative form of government of White people in the highest regards. The illegitimacy of it all. It…it’s…It is Trumpageddon! There is no safe place to hide!

    • Along with stalling tactics from Congress, I think they are trying to run out the clock in hopes of undermining President Trumps legitimacy.
      Maybe it is desperation. Could have a lot to do with all the corruption and treason that has gone on so long and how it is impossible to cover it up because it has been so rampant. Stalling Senator Session’s confirmation and Trump’s head of the Fed, is part of it. Those two guys right there are going to have a first hand look at whats been going down for a long time. Going to be a lot of rats jumping ship and probably not a few who are going to tattle tail on their associates. These .gov positions at stake are the best paying salary jobs in America. There is no jobs like these out in the real world of employment to replace working for the federal government. You got to imagine what is going through these peoples minds. That’s Gravy living man. Graaavy! And with Trumpism ascendent having a .gov job you lost on your resume, how is that perceived out in flyover land?

    • I say this constantly. The media does more damage by refusing to report things than they do by making up fake or exaggerated stories. Their power of censorship is the greater power they wield.

      I keep saying that we should be working to destroy their control of the information streams. We have to break past their ability to censor.

      • As you say very correctly. The media denizens are the most destructive element imaginable. It seems People are breaking past, just the simple act of us all commenting back and forth, on an alternative media of Z’s blog, is defiance and insurgency. It’s more evolutionary than revolutionary, which in the long run has far more benefits than a sudden revolution, like hanging the worst of them from lamp posts. Though some days that sure is a mighty fine alternative.
        Just saying…

  10. This is something that I thought I would never say a politician, let alone say it about Donald Trump, but I’ve come to admire him. His work ethic, loyalty, and craftiness are examples of how life should be lived.

  11. My money is on someone — not Trump himself — forming a new Trump Party, maybe a year or two into his administration. This way they’re not “outsiders,” “third parties,” aka the perennial joke of American politics, but fed-up insiders who are just pragmatically working for the common good. Of course, it’ll be full of grifters looking to use Trump as he actually tools them over and over and over (the one valid Hitler comparison in this whole mess)… but if/when that happens, whoo boy. This is a chubby-rific time to be a historian.

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  13. In 2006, 11 bubble billionaires of Silicon Valley had a meet with the emergent Obama in Palo Alto. They told him they would make him President.

    The explosion in surveillance, hi-frequency trading, and informatics infrastructure was the result. QE monies pouring into Silicon Valley and the new DC Beltway suburbs. This is the new Gilded Age, the Railroad Barons.

    • Ya, for the mother of all reach arounds in return that would strip mine America and make them all even richer and more powerful.
      They aren’t liking Trump and us dirt people too much. We wrecked their party. Did you see how they have filed a number of Amicus-Briefs, and have pledged funding for litigation of the 19 States Autourney General’s suing Trump on, ahem, “Constitutional Grounds” his immigration directives violate the law of the land.
      That is so rich it defies all known theories of relativity.

      • We no longer care what they say, what their opinion is, or for any of their monkey barking because they are chauvinist hypocrites too arrogant to ever listen.

        Virtue, to them, means bringing in foreign mercenaries to improve the native Americans.

      • they will get theirs, good and hard. i expect them to be driven from the country, along with the obamas, pelosis, clintons, bushes, etc. keep in mind the nationalism tsunami is just getting started; in 4 years it will be a monstrous force rolling across the land.

        • Doug was so right that the real revolution is that we no longer care about their opinion.

          The next unanswered question is, “why did we EVER care about their opinion?”

          • Why? Thats a question right there. The marxist/fascist social engineering formula of the Big Lie
            has much to do with the why. Agitprop and propaganda, revised history. Blind trust in the “system”. The erosion of Patriarchy, a culture that forgets what the shovel, the axe, the sword, and the rifle are for. Tar and Feathers was once an honorable remedy. A government too big, too intrusive, which has usurped too much authority over dirts peoples primal right to self determinate.

  14. May I go offtopic a bit to thank Karl Horst for provoking a most educational discussion of terms and history yesterday?

    I see an excellent intellectual floor supporting for our developing Movement.

  15. There is an important factor here that is very different from years, decades past. There is not the full weight and power of the federal government for the clouds as their ally. The clouds are having to rely on their own motive power and having to finance their long march. That means they are going to have to actually sell their interests and agenda to the public. They risk exposure of their true motives and interests like never before. The 5th column media is reviled by a majority, and it too for the same reasons as the clouds risks greater exposure. It is not a good position to wage counter insurgency warfare from.
    They have another problem also, they have to do everything they can to exclude the franchise of the dirt people, because for one thing they can not afford an increase in the dirt peoples relevancy and the power that provides, that only makes President Trump more powerful. at the same time they have to avoid pissing off the dirt people any more than before. An impossible task. So they will probably do what they always revert to when reality knock them upside the head: Double down.
    Trumps power is directly related to how much the oligarchy hates him, how much it fears him, and especially how it tries to undermine him. The more they do, the more power they grant Trump. What they do to Trump they do to the dirt people. Trump is the dirt peoples champion. He is a little bit Spartacus and General E Lee, with a touch of Jackson and Patrick Henry. A more powerful leader of dirt people is hard to come by. And he is fearless. The clouds have their work cut out for them. They actually created Trump, it is the unintended consequences of literally fucking with and fucking over dirt people nation for fun and profit, while making the dirt people pay for the privilege of the screwing.
    Payback is a bitch, but winning is much better.

      • Easy Peasy I’m a willing dupe, I just copped out on thinking for myself the easy way. Trump is a fascist, there I fixed it. And anyone who voted for him is a fascist too. Bitter Clingers! Waaaah! were’s my safe place!
        Sincerely, I believe many people have never experienced a Leader in the White House, I’m saying a president who is a leader, behaves like a leader, takes action, (the most important thing, the Act), like a leader. Not a puppet who is in essence an effective echo chamber of the cloud clan. It appears to me many people are bewildered by it. They have never known such a thing as true leadership in power. They may not even recognize it as such, but they are effected by it. In that light, it is very serious grade of change, and it scares many. If they are scared, they are easy to manipulate and fool into thinking it is something else.
        Consider the leftist pejorative President Trump is a fascist. It seems to me they equate string principled leadership with fascist leaders. Fascist leaders are always very strong leaders, their motives not withstanding. If your not thinking for yourself, and are the kind of person who is willingly led astray, it is only a leap of cognitive dissonance to turn a White successful businessman turned insurgent resident/leader President who aspires to traditional american values, and stands his ground on such, into a fascist strongman.

          • Fascism has been around a long time. I think the 20th century characters who took it to the extreme gave it a bad rap. In milder forms, isn’t it a kind of feudal chief or lord, kind of form of rule? If there is an honorable form of fascism, more like big tribe nationalism, with certain inalienable powers of will of the governed, like primal rights to weapons, it would be a balance of co-operating co-powers. It might have certain dynamics of the Viking clan system, or Scotts, or Irish Chieftans.
            But the thing is to fight for and retain a balance where us dirt people can not be pushed around. Because that right there is the issue, it’s timeless. I like our Republic, it has a lot going for it, but too much power is trusted to trusting people too far removed from the daily life of the dirt people. And we see how that has worked out. Even if the issues can be addressed it is a high maintenance system because it is in physical and political terms too large.
            The original system pre USC ratification of compact of confederation was working quite well. It still had bugs to work out, and that was the understanding when the various states sent delegates to Philadelphia, and not to create a federal system. But it happened as we see every day. I can’t but help believe it is time to go back to that confederation, it is the best of both worlds in so many facets, when you discover the history and reason, it is why did they bring us administrative tyranny when we could have had a confederation of many sovereign states.

      • Not just a leader. They know Patriarchy when they see it. And the White female dirt people tribe understands with White Patriarchy comes White Matriarchy. That is only effectively possible with a strong prosperous dirt people family/clan/tribe/community. What self respecting dirt woman doesn’t desire a strong successful protecting dirt man to stand by, and he for her?
        If that is the leftest ideal of fascism, count me in Brother.

    • Good points Doug. Everything they try to do to Trump they do to the dirt people and makes it much harder for them to put daylight between Trump and his supporters. Trump is defined by his opposition…. ie, he has all the right enemies. I’d worry about someone with a weaker character or of modest means, as they would try to amass wealth and or power. With Trump, he had all he wanted before he ran. There is room for a careful eye, but for now, I take him at his word that he wants to make us great again and set a new course. We’ll see.

      • Many of us are figuring out we don’t care what they think about us. That is the revolution. We make them irrelevant. Because they simply are to dirt people ways. It’s not complicated. They only have power over us if we let them have power over us. Difficult to explain, very easy to do when you grok it.
        I took a couple small unit infantry tactics combat courses up at Max Velocities school in Romney WV. Great guy, A highly intelligent gentleman, was in the SOS, immigrated to America, was a US Special Forces, then became a combat medic. Retired, started this citizen combat training school with a chunk of land and no students, a simple website, because he saw what is coming. The guy is a died in the wool patriot only as an immigrant can be. Anyway’s, Max in a conversation between rounds of live fire combat training when we were talking about the way the world seemed to be going and what the oligarch’s where trying to do to our country, and how they would like to disarm us dirt people, Max in this wonderful articulate British accent say’s, Because Fuck You Thats Why.

  16. As long as Trump continues the strategy of doubling down in the face of resistance, I suspect things will go as well as they can go. Beat them down and wear them out, that’s all he has. When you are already Literally-Hitler, what’s the danger of doubling down?

    Humans love strong leaders, it is just a thing, and while some leaders abuse their powers, others do well with it. To look at the nuts and bolts of Lincoln’s decision making as President is troubling. To look at the long term results and outcomes is much more encouraging.

  17. One other trap that the clouds and globalist and media haven’t picked up on is the fact that about 47-48% of the country voted for Trump despite him being called Hitler. I don’t think that they understand that while we take Trump seriously but not literally, that we take them literally but not seriously. In other words, they say that Trump is Hitler and don’t believe it themselves, while we are willing to take them at their word, and if they are right we don’t necessarily care as long as he gets the job done.
    In that case, if Trump gets enough organized opposition from the powers that be he can call in his troops. He knows this. He saw the size of his rallies. He called it a movement, and it is. I think he’s holding his powder for now, knowing that there may well be a time to ignite it. If and when he does, you can figure the left hoist on its own petard.

    • A favorite! A petard was a primitive grenade on a stick- sometimes the wobbly thing would fall off, thus, “hoist by his own petard.”

      Obama and Hillary are the Jimmy Swaggart and Tammy Faye Baker of the New Religion.
      Mere mention of their names will trigger Daily Show listeners into foaming fits of frenzy.

      • I saw a great documentary once about the seige of Malta in the 16th century. (The Ottoman Turks were trying to take the island from the Christian Knights of Malta.) Cannon had been invented, but small arms not so much. The defenders had a lot of cool pyrotechnic weapons, like wooden hoops wrapped in flaming oily rags that they rolled downhill at the towel-heads (who then as now wore loose, billowy robes). The most fascinating weapon was called, so help me, a “trump.” Imagine a bundle of Roman candles attached to a spear shaft – essentially a Renaissance flame thrower.

    • Not sure about your figures: 47-48 percent of the vote is not the same as 47-48 percent of the country. over a third of the country did not vote. still: a third for Trump, a third against, a third who didn’t care. similar to 1775.

      • i think it is safe to consider only those who vote when talking about “the country”. if a person isn’t moved to vote — especially in the last election — they aren’t going to be a factor in any “change”.

          • There’s an underground of people who believe there is no voting our way out of this, (TINVOWOOT). They may be right. (Interesting aspect of that is those who choose not to vote on principle, is actually a vote, if they are a plurality, their power of withdrawal of consent for the status quo is a real thing. Ignore that at your peril if you are the reason for that non vote vote). In a way it is relying on voting to solve problems that got us in this pickle to begin with. Both sides have valid arguments, regardless, the remedies and redress begin with each of us.

    • Love that — “take him (DJT) seriously, but not literally”! That explains why people like me did not worry about the pussy comment etc., whereas a number of my contemporaries, female college classmates and similar types, went screaming around the bend with that stuff. Michelle Obama did, too. Remember her comment about being damaged to her “core”? BTW, is she still on va-ca in the Virgin Islands somewhere, w/ her “husband” golfing with new friends in Palm Springs? I am keeping an eye on the newsstands at my local Publix, waiting for that National Enquirer that breaks a big story about their marital bust-up.

  18. It is difficult to fire civil servants without cause, but much easier to transfer them to posts where they can do little or no damage. Hiring new people may be the answer in the long run. The first hirees should be people with a strong personal loyalty to Trump and they should be placed at key points in the bureaucracy not to do work, but to observe and report. You can call them “political officers” if you like. When someone is a bit slow they get transferred to bureaucratic Siberia, or the Eastern Front, figuratively speaking. You create an office in an inhospitable location, say, downtown Baltimore, and send them to “work” there, making out TPS reports for “Bob”.

    • Like I said above, civil service reform would be near the top of the agenda if the GOP leaders in Congress were on our side. End the ridiculous pensions, no more government unions, and make them all at-will employees. In other words, make government workers just like us peasants in the private sector.

      Then the wholesale downsizing can start in earnest.

      • My daughter is accounting manager at a VA hospital. She had an opening because of someone leaving which was filled internally by a veteran. Veterans should have preference but the problem is this one knows nothing about accounting, hates working with numbers and doesn’t want to learn. He plays computer games all day and there is not a damn thing she can do because of the union. She is now forced to hire another individual just to get the work done.

        • Shame on you Doug, the two Senators pictured above PROUDLY wear their pussyhats. It appears you think badly of them, both are heros!

          • Now that you mention it, they do look like they fit their heads well, rather becoming wouldn’t you say so? And the color, washed out has been red. It’s the latest fashion trend this presidential election year.

          • Dumb and Dumber! Beavis and Butthead! Whatever you call them, they are not heroes. And just what is up with this Gang of Two being together all the time? Was there a Civil Marriage performed we were not told about? Weird.

    • Not as hard as most think in the Federal government. Our Constitution invests all power of the executive in the President. Executive branch employees and appointees only job is to execute the power of the chief executive, the President. That pretty much covers all the regulatory tyranny, and the executive tyrants who have operated without check, we have been under for waaaaay to long.
      The US Constitution has been used as an instrument of administrative tyranny for over, at least 150 years. That administrative tyranny has evolved into an almost unaccountable autonomous government in and of itself serving it’s interests at us dirt peoples inordinate expense.
      No matter what else that has to change or we are screwed. This Republic can not survive much longer under that jackboot of an Amerikan Nomenklaturer Class. If Trump keeps going the way he is, the executive tyrant class will be decimated, it’s legs cut out from under it. By law it has only two choices, faithfully fulfill the power of the chief, our resign. There is no other choices. You are not allowed to undermine the executive. It is why acting AG Yates was fired yesterday within a couple hours of her act of treason. So to two chief executives heads of HS, they violated executive orders on Trumps immigration mandates. I’ll bet the EPA and Interior are next. Hopefully Trump will give them enough rope to hang themselves. You know the left, when all else fails, double down.

      • What about The likes of a Secret Service agent that says she’s not going to take a bullet for Trump?? in my mind she earns a dishonorable discharge…. I don’t know what kind of an oath a Secret Service agent takes but I would imagine in the first couple sentences it involves a pledge to make the ultimate sacrifice

        • Secret Service are employees of the Federal Reserve, which is neither. I’ve often wondered how that was set up in the ratification of the 16th Amendment myself. Do they work for the 12 family banking cartel, or are they direct federal employees. Are they there to protect the interests of the cartel, and if so, what happens when a President is hostile to the interests and intentions of that Cartel?
          There’s two more reasons why Trump is smarter than most grasp. Rumor has it Trump has his own personal protective detail that buffers him from direct controlling contact with the SS.

      • After firing the poobahs and pajundrums, well, Trump could just shut the agency down or merge it. Take that, union bosses!

      • Send them to Clay County West Virginia running a National coal miners museum. Best of all worlds, all the HillBilly white trailer trash dirt people and meth addicts you can make friends with, no Starbucks for 250 miles in any direction, no cell service. Only iceberg lettuce, 100 lb sacks of taters, and stacks of Bud Light in the local 3 isle IGA. Best of all they can get some of that cultural die-ver-city they like so much, going from living in the richest counties in the US to the poorest.
        (Don’t get me wrong, I live next county over from Clay, beautiful country and the warmest sweet hearted people you can know in these mountains)

        • I think it would be wonderful to house some of these bureaucracies in the Midwest. Cheaper cost of living, so how can they complain? And it would get rid of a lot of the dead weight.

        • The lack of proximity to Starbucks is a deal breaker, let us never mention this again, hives you know.

    • relocate all the ones you want to get rid of to the ghettos. and cut their pay by 80%.

  19. Like Britain leaving the EU , it is going to be a generational endeavor to replace the entrenched elites. France is next , a few exploding Mohamed’s and Le Pen becomes president. Than its all out war

    • $10 says germany and france go down in flames, rather than face reality. you just can’t imagine how wide spread and deep the shit headery is over there. forget about them, they are already lost.

      • I totally agree about Germany. I speak German and spend quite a bit of time there and reading the awful Lügenpresse. The stereotype about German susceptibility to brainwashing is frighteningly accurate. The country is a lost cause (unlike Austria, where the no.1 party is UKIP-like).
        I fully expect in 75 years there to be a war between Europe (Poland, Russia, etc.) and the Muslims (Germany, France, etc.).

  20. It’s too late for me, but I believe this election may save the jobs of many engineers that I knew, trained and worked with. Now I know what Moses felt watching the People enter the promised land.
    Now the best work I can get into is joining the fight to deny Elizabeth Warren re-election next year. Truly a ‘Left-handed’ blessing, but living in Massachusetts I’ve been able to cast votes against some real monsters, Liz hasn’t killed anyone yet, but she’s second to none in BS.

      • I didn’t want to whine about it, the thing of it is it will be almost 7 years since I was laid off from my job that was sent to India . And in telcom engineering after seven years what you know is of limited use . Add a couple of accidents and my back and knees aren’t up to starting over again at the bottom.

        • that is a tough situation, for sure. but if you do want to get back into the game, try Code Academy to bring your skills up to date, then apply for intern jobs. that’s what i did (am the oldest working s/w engineer in America) and it may pay off for you. good luck sir!

  21. Trump has a major edge with elected Republicans for the moment, as the voters at home overwhelmingly approve of Trump more than their congressmen/senators. That is why we see foundations, think tanks, and commentators on the right opposing Trump more than elected officials.

  22. Great post, Z man.

    The Cloud People may be hiring boatloads of foreign H1Bs to run their companies , but they are American through and through when it comes to strategy.

    Something in the American psyche makes it very hard for us to hide our centers of power (avoiding using the Clausewitzian “center of gravity”). The Chicoms used to take advantage of this in Korea. They’d send the first wave in and the GIs would open up with everything they had. The Chicom commanders would note where the machine guns and mortars were and then send the second and beyond waves between them. It took us a while to figure out masked fires, kill zones and above all, massed indirect fires to our front.

    The Soviets in turn built their offensive (described above but with tanks) and defensive tactics to take advantage of this weakness with layers of combat outposts designed to get us to reveal our main effort early even before we got to the main defensive line where “holes” in the lines were really fire sacks designed to chew up large formations.

    So I find it kind of amusing that the Cloud People are doing what Americans always do and are showing their hand too early. I guess it is a product of their ahistorical educations.

    After the first wave of actions, I expect Trump to take to the bully pulpit, attack the weaker members and institutions in the Cloud all the while naming names and stripping away BS pieties like not letting in “refugees” is somehow un-American when in fact it is just cover for bringing in more indentured servant H1Bs.

    • you might want to mention that the PRC lost 1M+ men using their superior tactics 😛

      • The Chicoms had numbers to spare. What’s a million to them? And their troops could either take it from the front, from US fire or from the rear where the Chicom political officers manned the machine guns aimed at their own troops..

    • H1Bs are not really indentured servants. They’re scabs. All Americans working in tech know that sooner or later they will be laid-off and perhaps brought back as a contractor for half the pay and no benefits. They know the H1Bs will take their full-time jobs and put up with whatever management wants because they just want to get to the US. They are all desperate to get to the US.

      Wave after wave of Americans is laid-off but American tech workers, if they’re not working in defense, routinely go to the polls and pull the lever for “D.” At work, despite years of layoffs of Americans and replacement by H1Bs, white male Baby Boomers are running around complaining about Trump and his immigration crackdown. Cuckholdry knows no bounds. Tech workers are really getting the treatment they’ve asked for.

      I think Trump’s attack on H1Bs is really just a flanking move to disrupt one of the Left’s CoGs: Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley is leading the way on California secession, despite the fact that most Silicon Valley moguls weren’t even born here. We’re getting lectures on our immigration policy from some Hindu who runs Alphabet, Inc. The chutzpah is mind-boggling. They all need to be put on the next flight back.

        • As a person who lives in CA, I can tell you that any secession vote will fail by about 70/30. Outside of the newsrooms and college campuses, secession is a dead duck.

          • Those same newsrooms and colleges characterized secession talk as racist when it was emanating from the likes of Tom Woods and other conservative / libertarian circles during Obama’s tenure.

        • Hell yes, I am done ceding anything to these clowns. My fathers fought and died for this country since before it was a country. We fought for it all. Not for some of it to be taken over by Mexicans who never owned it really in the first place.

          They can pack off to Puerto Rico. I don’t care if it is crowded and live there.

          • It makes me sick when I hear people simply say “let them leave!” Why would we let the Left “take” California? If you look at the history of the state (since 1850), it is only in recent decades that it has become liberal. So who built it into the glorious powerhouse that it became? That’s right! Hard working Americans. Generations of them. The clowns who want to secede today have done nothing to “build” the state and, in fact, have done much to destroy it and bring it down from it’s former glory.

            So, I say “Hell NO!” You want your nirvana … go find your own sandlot in the middle east or some other failed state and build it on your own dime with your own blood, sweat and tears.

          • Are you willing to grant the federal government even more power over your life in order to prevent “ceding” California?

            Are you willing to give up 75% of your income in order to give the federal government all of the resources it claims it needs in order to prevent the people of California exercising their right to determination?

            Are you willing to die for the cause of federal aggression?

            Are you willing to sacrifice the lives of your children for the cause of federal aggression?

            Are you willing to sacrifice the wealth of your children and your grandchildren so that California be forcibly confined to the Union?

          • California is not going anywhere. The media is playing up the tiny minority who are pushing this thing. Most of us Californians will exercise our right to stay put.

      • The discussion here a few months ago was that given the terms of their visas and employment they are effectively indentured and their employment violates the 13th Amendment of the Constitution. I was looking for a legal and emotional fallback position to counter the mewling of the SJWs once you start sending them home.

        I think that they are a lot worse than scabs. They are like the Levantine slaves brought in to work the latifunda after the Plebs had been dispossessed. Those servants could buy their freedom, too.

      • Something similar is happening in medicine. The affirmative action docs aren’t as productive as white males and they try and make up the difference with foreign graduates. These doc’s will take orders and comply with stupid administrators much more readily than self assertive natives and make better chess pieces for the big systems.
        If we get more immigration restrictions the med schools will have to concentrate on producing productive docs rather than ones that fill the quotas that aren’t supposed to exist but we all know do.

        • My last trip to the hospital, about four years ago for a pacemaker job, I saw a parade of Indian and Pakistani staff docs, a couple of whom spoke such broken English I couldn’t follow what they were trying to say. One tried to change around my long-prescribed, and somewhat complex hypertension-kidney function medications, which I figured had nothing to do with the pacemaker deal. I chased him off and got hold of my nephrologist (friend of the wife) to make sure the hospital stuck to whatever regimen he wanted. I dread my next hospital trip (if there ever is one) because of this experience.

        • In a matrix organization, I was once responsible for a significant fraction of the output of the design work of what I called our in-house H1-B sweatshop (we didn’t want to pay top dollar for this category of engineer so some genius had the bright idea of hiring a bunch of second-raters instead).

          They weren’t competitive, we fell behind the competition, and since we also hired an Arab (!) green-card holder as their manager, they were all miserable.

          So I oppose the H1-B program on nationalistic, economic, and humanitarian grounds. End it and end it now.

          • All H1-B is is open borders profiting for the connected and oligarchy. The kickbacks and influence money involved alone would probably fund a nation wide school of industrial trades.

          • This is what happens when management is a bunch of short timers fluffing up their golden umbrellas with faked quarterly numbers.

          • Someone over on Vox Day’s blog commented on how Intel used to be a great place to work until the H1B visas started. Apparently, many American Intel engineers actually lobbied Congress for the H1B program at the suggestion of their employer.

            Silicon Valley engineers actually believe that foreigners have a right to come and dispossess them. If they have any children (which is rare), they are estranged from them in some way. They see their bubble of a world as Star Fleet Academy (I’ve been told this literally) and the foreigners are just different Federation races. The East Asians are the Vulcans and who doesn’t want more Vulcans to advise them? The Hindus are the something rather. They almost all believe in open borders. When they lose their jobs, I don’t think most of them even realize the connection with H1B immigration. If they did, we’d see more of them going postal.

            I also think that we’re in a demographic winter and most of the great American engineers and scientists we knew in the past aren’t even born today. Again, rarely do engineers have kids. If they do, few go into engineering. American kids don’t want to do anything hard. Work is something immigrants do. at least in California.

            Another part of the problem is probably how many spots in engineering school are given away to foreigners. Again, I don’t see many American kids fighting for these spots though.

          • This is mostly an artifact of living in the expensive cities and the more “elite” jobs. In the smaller cities (Portland, for example), almost everybody has kids much younger than you see in the larger cities on the West Coast. It’s something that people from SF, Seattle, LA, NY, Boston comment on regularly. The IT people are generally less autistic, whiter, and more balanced socially.

        • my family will only go to white doctors. passing tests is not the same thing as actually being a good doctor.

        • Ditto civil engineering. To add insult to injury walk into any state DOT in the nation. You’ll find more brown and Asian faces beavering away than home grown white or black ones.

          To be fair, some – by no means all – of them do know their stuff. But no better than the home grown guys I graduated with. If we’re going to overcompensate people for doing next to nothing, at least let them be native born.

          No other country in the world would do this. They would laugh at the mere suggestion.

      • Having worked in IT services consulting for close to a decade, I can attest to the fact that the H1b program is nothing but a rampant scam scheme, abused by foreign corporations and Silicon Valley. It amuses me to see the reaction of the population of enlightened tech leaders in the media. Trump has shifted the starting point of negotiations on the H1b to his terms, not theirs. His starting point is always to be extreme in his favor and negotiate from there, rather than let the opponent define the starting point.

        How much leverage will his team have with Silicon Valley who will be negotiating to salvage something/anything rather than to dictate the terms? The absolutely mind boggling part of all this is Trump published books about his methods decades ago. These pygmy Napoleons would be better served to actually learn about their opponent than to screech about the injustice to immigration. F them.

        • Few in tech voted for Trump, so he’s not going after H1Bs to stick up for engineers. We don’t deserve it. I suspect he’s doing several things to Silicon Valley. First, he’s trying to drive up the cost of their labor by reducing H1Bs. He has also torn up the TPP, so all of Intel’s manufacturing in Malaysia will probably be facing stiff import tariffs soon. (They were building a plant in Colorado in the Aughts but abandoned that for tax bennies in Asia.) This will drive up the prices of Silicon Valley goods that are actually still silicon and not software. Finally, he has promised to reduce regulations that form a barrier-to-entry for smaller tech companies. THese barriers have been erected by large Silicon Valley firms over the decades. Competition will further erode their pricing power.

          Say Trump prevails in only two or only one of the prongs of his attack. What might this due to Silicon Valley profits? Might they disappear completely?

      • I can’t really fault them there. The GOP has been just as bad, or worse, than the Dems on H1Bs. Until this point it hasn’t mattered which party you voted for because both were for “legal” immigration designed to take your job.

  23. Trump canned Yates in a NY second. And he will not hesitate to cashier entire departments if the natives act up. Since all levels of government are horribly over staffed, it will soon sink in that it is everyone against everyone as far as keeping your job; i.e. Trump will turn them against each other. As you mentioned, there is an emerging Trump party, so the gope is just about out the door. i suspect that primarying ryan and mconnell will be more successful next time. There will be a fight for sure, but at the end of the day the cloud people are badly out numbered. Ask the Bourbons how things worked out for them. The fatal mistake the Left made, was keeping their ghetto cadres too well fed — only a hungry cat chases mice.

    • Yep – he made a perfect example of her. I doubt Congress has the balls for wholesale civil service reform, but Trump need to fire as many of these people as he legally can.

      • Trump doesn’t need congress to gut the fed workforce. but i expect the worms in the gop to fall in line.

        • Hey, the 800 pound Gorilla in the room is the Clouds have declared war on me.
          Notice how they do not in any circumstances ever put me and dirt people like me in front of the camera and ask us what we believe in, how anything effects us, what we believe is the right thing in the given circumstances.
          Now I know why they do not. It is clear as a bell.
          I’m exactly the so called “un-American, racist, white, mysigonistic, privileged, bitter gun bible and tradition clinging supremacist Schumer and the rest are railing against. So they say.
          Steve Bannon was spot on when he told the NY Times the media has no idea still, why Trump won.

      • The civil service is the bane of a representative democracy. It is overstuffed with substandard people doing non-jobs.

    • I tried to upvote your comment twice!! I gag when I see Ryan’s blank, blue-eyed stare or McConnell’s quivering wattles. The state Republican Parties need to shake off these old reprobate clowns. Glad that Ohio has a fresh faced WOMAN Party Chairman. She’s also a Timken, from NE OH. Her male relative used to be the State Party’s Finance Chief. Timken Roller Bearings was the company. Not sure what the status is now, but it was a manufacturing powerhouse in Canton. Say buh-bye to Governor Kasich and his tawdry hangers-on;-) I have a feeling that the ghetto cadres, who do admire winners, will be re-aligning themselves with the Trump Party. I mean, who actually buys lottery tickets?

      • That’s too funny….My dad instilled in us ( at about the soap box racer level) that Timkin bearings were the ONLY bearings we should EVER buy. I have followed his advice.

    • Bingo. The old “helicopter interrogation”. “I’d like to ask you some questions”. “I’m not answering any questions”. “Time to learn how to fly”. Turns to the next guy. “I’d like to ask you some questions”. “What do you want to know?”.

    • Easier with political appointees than career Civil Ssrvice. He’ll most likely have to look for ways to reorganize the various departments to essentially organize people out of jobs…like redistricting in Congress. Some might require legislation, but it’ll be interesting to see what organizational bloat his cabinet can eliminate without Congressional authorization.

      • Look up “Senior Executive Service” and understand how it works. Understand that Obama was able to turn the DoJ 180 degrees in four months as a result – NO charges against those armed Black terrorists at the polling place in Philadelphia. And understand that DoJ is largely people with law degrees. You think they might know their rights under Civil Service law? If President Trump wants to change the Federal government, he can do so thanks to the Senior Executive Service. And he can do so within one year.

        Here’s a subtle hint:
        Anyone who nominates Christine Whitman to run the EPA has NO interest in changing the EPA.

    • I made it my full time unpaid job for eleven months to eliminate Mitch McConnell in the 2014 primary. He’s actually fairly despised among his constituents here in Kentucky for all of the right reasons (he represents crony big government and not us, he’s a flat out liar, and he’s the poster child for out-of-control big government), but he had too much money, power and connections. There were two positives from that experience: 1) McConnell’s Republican primary opponent, Matt Bevin, is now our governor. 2) I had the Bevinmobile (my friend’s box truck) parked at the entrance to the world famous Knob Creek Machinegun Shoot (thank you Kenny!) and Mike Vanderboegh introduced himself and we had a nice visit.

      The funny thing is, while I was donating all of my time and money to retire weasel Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump donated around a million dollars to McConnell’s reelection SuperPAC (including money funneled through Trump’s immediate family). Hmmm…. Why would a New York City businessman and reality TV celebrity be so keen to reelect a senator from Kentucky? Probably for the same reason that he gave somewhere between $100,000 and $250,000 to The Clinton Foundation political money laundering scheme.

    • I certainly hope you’re right.

      Trump won the election but the might of the entire Affirmative-Action Bureaucratic Deep State is arrayed against him, and they mean to make sure there are no changes in public policy regardless of election results.

      He may have to do more than do away with departments–he may have to rip large chunks of the Permanent State up by the roots and start over, and while I am hopeful, and willing to be convinced, does he even, legally speaking, have the power to make all sitting Federal judges go away, to be replaced with individuals loyal to him and the New Right?

      Reagan campaigned in 1980 on making BATFE go away and banning its then-current staff from holding any other federal government jobs in perpetuity, or at least for the rest of their natural lives. Then he won the election, and was taken aside by a gaggle of smirking goons from the American Federation of Government Employees and told in no uncertain terms how things were gonna be.

      If Trump is serious about draining the swamp he’s going to have to start by throwing nets over about half a million enormous blubbery GS-16 ghettogators named Shaneequa and Keywanda.

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