Stalin’s Children

When I was just starting out in the world, I worked for a company that had an active human resources department. This was when HR was being overhauled to accommodate middle-aged women without useful skills. Companies were trying to “diversify” their management so they hired a bunch of women for their personnel departments, re-branded them as “human resources” and set them loose to get involved in things well outside the normal scope of corporate personnel departments.

I was new in the world so I had no way to see what was happening. I just assumed it was the way things worked, even if it was obviously insane. There was one woman, who was always gossiping with the female staff, trying to find out who was dating whom, who was socializing with whom and generally playing the role of busybody. In a better age, she was the sort of woman who would end up fitted with a bridle. As far as I could tell, her only job was to gossip, as I never saw her doing anything else.

Inevitably, people would be called into HR for some crime. Once in a while, someone would disappear. It was always males getting the call and it was almost always over having said or done something that offended a female employee. The thing that puzzled me at first was that the males who survived the interrogation never spoke of it. Maybe it was shame or fear, maybe something else that was not obvious. They got called in, something happened and they came back chastened from the experience.

The way it worked is familiar to anyone who has read about Stalin’s show trials. The prosecutor, in this example it was the gossip, functioned as a spokesman for the accusers, as well as the witnesses, in addition to laying out the case against the accused. She would say something like, “Some people have said you said X and you know that you have a reputation for saying X so you can see how we would be concerned. In order to get to the bottom of this, we thought it was a good idea to call you in so we could talk about it and hear what you have to say.”

The accused was presented with an invisible accuser who could never be confronted so their testimony went unchallenged. Slipped into it was the assertion that the accused had a reputation for whatever it was he was accused of doing. Again, there’s no way to confront this as there is no accuser, just a whisper in the wind. The poor bastard in the hot seat was faced with the impossible task of not only defending himself, but doing so as a person assumed to be a habitual offender or at least known as one.

The use of invisible victims and imaginary crimes is the core tactic of the social justice warriors. You see that in this response from Apple to Gab about their application to the Apple app store.

Notice the language. They “find content that is defamatory and mean spirited” but they never mention who is being defamed. The only way words can be defamatory is if someone, a real living human, is being defamed. You see the same thing when they write “there is no tolerance for objectionable material.” Objectionable to whom? The only way something can be objectionable is if someone objects. The person defamed and objecting is an undefined entity that is just assumed to exist.

In Stalin’s show trials, the victims were accused of mysterious crimes like conspiracy and sabotage, even though it was never clear with whom the accused were conspiring or what it was they were sabotaging. Stalin’s henchmen would use pressure to get some of the victims to confess, which was then used as “proof” that the rest of the accused were not just guilty, but guilty of obstructing the revolution’s search for truth. An innocent man trying to defend himself was left to swing at ghosts and shadows.

The modern day Stalinists use the same tactic, in which they accuse enemies of fostering a hostile environment or promoting objectionable material. Apple is not saying they object to the material. They are claiming to speak for those unnamed people who do object, because Apple is just looking out for them, whoever they may be. Since these alleged victims are a mystery, there’s no way for Gab to confront them or argue that they are complying with Apple’s terms of service. It’s just modern show trial in which the verdict is known in advance. The only question is how long before the accused breaks.

Those who confessed quickly in Stalin’s trials did so hoping for leniency, but that never came. Just as the verdict was known in advance, so was the punishment. The same system applies today. Gab could ban all of its users and just have pics of Hillary and Obama and they would still not get on the Apple store. They have been found guilty of blasphemy and heresy. That will be the verdict of the trial and the punishment will be banishment. The only mystery is whether Apple can make them grovel.

The guy running Gab is not going to grovel. He knows the deal. In fact, more and more people are figuring out that there is no dealing with the Left. There’s no accommodation to be made, no compromise to be found. In fact, that was true thirty years ago when I was just getting started. The company gossip was not a person with whom you could strike a bargain. She was a Torquemada, who existed to find the guilty. The answer then as now was what Andrew Breitbart said years ago. The answer is “Fuck you! War!”

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  1. Since we can no longer download Gab from Apple, could you provide a link so we can download it directly from the developer? Thanks!

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  5. Pretty funny that Gab thing…when you consider just one day of Twitter or Facebook. Apple’s ethics are for sale, and that’s no secret.

    At my last job, one of my friends there was the HR lead whose job was to enforce corporate HR policies across 15 states and about 5,000 employees in her region. She was one of the few HR people I knew who considered most of her job to be complete bullshit, sprinkled in with important HR matters like helping people access their pay/benefits, helping managers fire poor performers (on, in my case, helping me fire a guy who tried to do what Hillary Clinton got away with). Her basic job, as I saw it, was to implement policies in such a way as to keep the Firm from getting slapped with lawsuits. Companies put middle aged women in this role because when the “sexual harassment lawsuit” arrives, they get some inoculation because of the gender of the HR person who signed the paperwork.

    When they started to downsize after an acquisition, they terminated (no notice- just boom. gone.) a very senior female executive. We could hear the screaming down the hall as they had to physically carry the woman out of the building to the elevator down to her car, etc. because she had lost control of her faculties. HR is the crappiest and most stressful of jobs if you’re a logical person who finds people at the individual-level to be greedy, selfish, illogical, emotional, and rude, and if you dislike giving people really, really, bad news. When I went to get my MBA, the school had an “HR” bolt-on option, and I asked my wife about it. She said, “You’d go crazy and shoot everybody inside of a year.”

    I will say that the way you beat back the kinds of things you wrote about is to simply reject it out of hand. If they’re not going to tell me who said it, what they said, when they said it, and why, then I’m not going to listen. It’s like Wargames, “The only way to win is not to play.” The people who run those things don’t know how to compute when you just look at them and say, “Uh, no. Never happened. Get the video/audio tape, otherwise I’m here because of a rumor.” The thing is, I know where I was, when I was there, what I said, who I said it to, etc., and can take people apart in about 10 seconds when they falsely accuse me of things.

    This skill came in handy in my new career as a small business owner. I had a deadbeat customer try to take me down in this manner, and I not only torched her in front of everybody she tried to bring down on me, I got her to admit that she owed me money and had refused to pay.

    It took 10 minutes. But you have to have that “Clint Eastwood” or “Donald Trump” attitude of “IDGAF, bring it.”

  6. They are terrified of this guy. I think Steve Bannon is Andrews legacy. Look where Steve ended up. They will be calling Steve Trumps Rasputin any day now once calling him Vice President Bannon wears off.

  7. Modern day Stalinists will try to use every trick in the book to quell dissent – and real progress, not Progressivism.

    (I’m still chuckling about Torquemada!)

  8. Years ago, when I was giving other more senior executives (men) too much trouble, it was suggested that I be “promoted” to the newly-vacated directorship of Human Resources. I did not allow myself to be “kicked upstairs” to a title that sounded impressive – a position I’ve always thought was way down the hall and around a corner in the corporate structure. The worst kind of “staffnesss” as opposed to the line management I was doing well and well-suited for. The woman they hired was the busybody you describe.

    I love retirement.

  9. All this started with people complaining that there is ‘hurtful’ content out there. I’m beginning to believe that their should be an internet ‘safe space’ that this millennial group can join, and leave the rest of the world out of it. If you can take the heat, go chat with you friends in you internet safe haven comprised of like minded spirits.

  10. “Fuck you. War.” This has been the only choice you ever had, from the day you first popped out of your ma’s womb … submit or fight.

    I’m assuming now, that you are alive, else you wouldn’t be reading this. So, it’s safe to bet that you have thus far lived a life of submission. Submission to the State and the demands of its acolytes. Otherwise, you’d be dead, or some sort of outlaw, forever on the run.

    Because you were born into it, you didn’t see it as submission, of course. It was the norm. It was expected of you. Your parents trained you to it; of course, they had a lot of help.

  11. As a security officer I witnessed a deportation at work. I was asked about it by a coworker, then based on what I said what I truthfully witnessed, was called into HR. I had forgotten there were two people in the breakroom. That was what saved me.

  12. In the citizen small unit infantry tactics community, essentially a widespread body of people who are arming and training to defend themselves and theirs from the left, who are universally viewed as a most probable source of violence against those who do not submit, over the last couple years what Andrew said, and he is well respected for his warrior ethos, has evolved into “BFYTW”: Because Fuck You Thats Why.

  13. Now, if Gab could just get one of those automatic post linky things it would save me having to copy/paste all of your articles over there.

  14. An interesting and apt connection of the dots between Stalinism and Feminism (both forms of the religion of Marx) in action against their internal enemies. Another larger lesson is that it is a critical strategic mistake in any possibly looming war, particularly a religious civil war, to not recognizing that, due to enemy intentions, war might soon be afoot and act accordingly. Often this mistake plays out in making seemingly trivial concessions that the potential opponent seems oddly fixated upon, that have large implications. Both the Stalinists and the Feminists knew that religious civil war was afoot but the unseeing normal folk evidently hoped that it was not.

    IMHO, in the upcoming religious civil war with Cultural Marxism that circumstance occurred when the Feminists were allowed to invert the definition of sexual harassment from using objective to subjective elements of proof. As in, ‘Sexual harassment consists of … UNWANTED touching, … or verbal expression … ,etc. IOW, accusation became a matter of the shifting feelz (not to mention calculations) of the accuser and not demonstrable overt actions by the accused. So adjudication could then easily be detached from questions of fact and circumstance. The result is the ‘Pink Purges’ described above.

    A parallel example is that the Vietnam war was arguably lost in 1961 by Pres. Kennedy when he agreed to the ‘neutralization’ of Laos. The so-called Ho Che Minh Trail was immediately established as a well defended logistical network (i.e not a ‘trail’ at all but a jungle covered highway). Once Russian patronage was assured to fill the top end of the pipeline via Haiphong, S Vietnam was going to be very hard to defend. It was particularly well suited to defeat the Kennedy-Johnson incremental escalation model so favored by the elites of that age (because it kept them in charge and not the much-detested military). In retrospect, only an immediate large-scale military intervention ‘in defense of the freedoms of all people everywhere, most particularly in Laos’ would have had a favorable chance. Else the cold-blooded decision to not fight for SE Asia was required.

    Back to the present: Now that we know it’s war, no further placation can be entertained. Look at what happened to the soon-to-be extinct Boy Scouts of America.

  15. One of the most crippling blows to employment in the US was when colleges started offering masters programs in “human resource management.” That’s where stupid shit like not having a job being a disqualifier for employment came from. It’s where people with no productive skills insert themselves as gatekeepers to those who do.

    • Oh man did you say a mouthful there. I’ll give you an great example what your talking about. I been a welder for 42 years, 11 of those years as an aerospace “metal joiner”, I have 64 weld certifications to my credit in various materials and processes, not including induction, torch, furnace brazing, various certs in non destructive testing and inspection. I love it, its what I wanted to do from when I was a little kid. It is all I’ve done. I have self educated myself to the point I have quite frequently more pratical knowledge of engineering and materials science than credentialed engineers I work with. But because I have no sheepskin, I have no standing or credibility.
      I go into companies and apply for a job as a welder, and come into contact with “human” resources, what happens is I am interviewed by people, these gate keepers, who have no conception what 42 years of craftwork, craftsmanship, pride in my trade and my skills/experience even mean. Most have no experience in dealing with a guy like me. I rarely ever get the opportunity to meet with a shop floor foreman or management that has hands on trade experience.
      What I have to do is literally find a back door, walk into the shop floor and manufacturing areas, and ask around who is the shop foreman? Then I either walk right up to that person, or get his name and make a personal appointment. it’s the only way I can get by these horrible gatekeepers of human resources.

      • Same thing is true in medicine. One of the problems I have with electronic medical records is that it slows the productivity of the most experienced and capable down to the level of the least experienced and capable because the least experienced and capable are faster with computers and having to go through interminable documentary steps negates all of the accumulated learning that results in cognitive shortcuts that can only come via experience or superior learning skills.
        I was going through some computer teaching with a tech the other day and pulled up an x-ray, mentioned that the patient was diabetic and was continuing on when she asked me how I knew that the patient was diabetic. I showed her the calcified vasa deferentia I’d noticed. Then she insisted on looking at the lab results which showed high sugars and records of insulin injections. I also noted something on the physical exam that indicated congestive heart failure and said that that was the cause of the patient’s problem, not the presumed infection they were treating him for. Said I usually checked a BNP before admitting and could then turn the patient over to a hospitalist or cardiologist. She then looked for that result during the admission and it hadn’t been done. It HAD been done by someone as an outpatient and was off the charts. Tens of thousands of dollars were being spent on that patient and the hospitalization itself was unnecessary.
        This was in a thirty second look at one chart.
        The pencil pushers are destroying every aspect of life.
        To the gallows.

        • I here you Doc. It is the disease of the left. The lowest common denominator. It’s is a plague. That is what equality and diversity gets you. It destroys everything good. I could trade experiences just like described all day. I’ve had “managers” and manufacturing engineers tell me something I just did, actually welded, and passed, a very technically challenging weldment that everyone who tried previously failed radiographic inspection, couldn’t be done. One day we got a tube assembly from Lockheed Martin, for Atlas launch vehicle, to be qualified to weld these parts you had to pass a .250 OD aluminum tube butt weld, 6G position, with a .020 wall thickness. Max drop thru permitted was 20%, no defects allowed. No porosity, inclusions, etc. Launch vehicle specs are stringent to say the least. We have 23 manual fusion welders who took the test. All failed but me. They asked me how I passed, I used this old analog weld machine which you could changed the AC balance frequency, pre heated the weld joint on one end of the AC balance to clean the surface oxidation off, which is always present on Aluminum alloys, then changed the balance to get just enough fusion to make the joint fuse. They said I couldn’t do that. I said I just did, it passed Xray too. they said I had to retake the test because something wasn’t right, that I “cheated” on the qualification. I retook it, passed again. They said I was cheating again. I took it a third time with an engineer looking through a weld helmet watching me. I never cheated, I just knew some tricks from having been a welder so long and from working in so many different manufacturing processeses. And I passed the 6G fillet weld also. Know what the welding engineer did? He tried to outlaw the technique I used. They even tried to invent a new radiographic defect, they called it “unclassified indications”.

          One time I worked in a “cell” called the Flexible Metal Hose cell. In fact the President himself asked me if I would start the welding department for the cell. We had to obtain FAA qualification. We got it and started production. I went to third shift, worked alone, the day shift had 5 welders, a pressure tester, an inspector, and three assemblers. By myself I produced 43% of total cell output, not just welding, but I did all the pressure testing, fixture checking, inspection, plus I went to the chem cleaning department and took all the parts i also cut and prepped, cleaned them and then assembled them. On a 7.5 hour shift. All by myself I did almost half the work of 11 people on 1st shift.
          I was accused of everything imaginable when it came out. In fact, when the company president went out to Sandiego CA on business, the guy running HR and a couple engineers accused me of shoving one of them in an argument they staged, and walked me out with a police escort.
          I worked there for 11 years. I was only late one time by 12 minutes. I had the highest pass rate in company history, and I did everything, from clean toilets to shovel snow off the roof. I train 32 welders with no compensation to pass their aerospace quals. I have run into this more frequently as time goes by. I was trained in the old trade, came up as an apprentice, I worked in the worst shitholes and sweatshops imaginable. But these experiences Taught you how to be a craftsman, how to learn how to learn how you find away to get things done. I feel like an extinct dinosaur. What is amazing is to most people I meet, I know nothing to them. Try to show somebody a quick easy old school trick to fit like a branch tee on a gas pipe, takes 15 minutes, a piece of paper and a pencil and a soapstone, to obtain an almost perfect fit on a schedule pipe, which are always out of round and wall thickness is random, they take offense with you. But they will spend 1-2 days chasing their cope around the pipe and then fail Xray due to mismatch or excess gap. Just amazing to me. Because the old guys showing me all those tricks is how I learned to be a better welder and fitter.

          • Thanks for the “welding p0rn”. Awesome stuff. I am a self-trained uncertified amateur welder, armed with Home Depot sourced equipment and a lot of Youtubes. I have rolled through piles of practice material with a willingness to try different things to make it work. I have learned a few things. Welding is an art and a skill, as surely as making music. There is immense satisfaction in a job well done. You never will learn all there is to know. You figure things out by using different techniques, not by doing the same thing over and over again. But doing the same thing over and over again gives you the skills you need, in any particular technique.

            Aerospace and pipeline work appear to be the most exacting, because the consequences of failure are big and lethal. I am a bit in awe of what you have been able to do there, I would imagine there are only a handful of people with your skill set.

            For myself, I do no work for anyone but myself, and never in an application where failure would put anyone in danger. I try to recognize and respect my limitations.

          • Your so right Dutch, that is a wonderful insight, you never stop learning. I too think it is why it is such a rewarding trade and skill. I think it one of the skills only a mind can accomplish. Is that called pysonic? Sure there are weldments that are perfectly suitable to robotics mass production, but in processes like GTAW and SMAW used in complex weld joints, they require a level of instantly interpreting constantly changing variables only a living person can accomplish them. There is an intuitive aspect to it probably even advanced AI may never be able to duplicate.
            I hope you keep at it, with your insights and desire you have a large part of the skill already to become very good at welding if you have only started. If you can, get yourself a analog vintage Miller Syncowave 250 TIG machine, a pre inverter technology vintage. It is probably the finest TIG machine any company produced in my personal opinion They sold for around $1650 new, can be had under a grand. That machine has qualities to its current that make it a superb unit to learn on. I have one in my home shop, I wouldn’t give it up for all the tea in China. It is 25 years old and works as good as the day I bought it. If you don’t mind, I’m telling you this if you are entertaining learning more as a trade. Because TIG welders are always in high demand. It is the only manual weld process accepted for certified aerospace, and it is increasingly used in other tube and critical manufacturing and also in pipe, in particular for non corrosive alloys. Pay is excellent for good TIG welders and always in demand.
            A great way to get experience is in precision sheet metal production and job shops.
            My hats off to you Dutch. You should be proud justly of yourself. It is a particularly difficult skill to learn on your own.

          • Thanks for the recommendation. Everyone in the field has his own preferences, but I prefer to follow those who have been-there, done-that. I am learning for myself, as I am an older guy now, and I have a good late-career desk job, but “hands on” appeals to me, the metalworking I like to do would cost a mint if I farmed it out, and it is always good to have tradeable skills if the SHTF.

          • Oh don’t mention it, my pleasure. You got the right attitude and git er’ done mentality. That is half the battle right there. Perseverance and not being afraid to try things takes you far. Practice is everything as you yourself recognize. You would be surprised how many welders don’t understand that simple thing like diligence and mind set. It is very important. But I’m telling you anything. I can see you have a natural talent for welding.
            Dutch, you would probably like being a Bladesmith, one who forges knives, weapons, and tools. Forge welding is intriguing and a serious challenge. Forge welding Damascus steel billets for blades is the most difficult welding I’ve come across. It is fairly reasonable money to set up a forge shop. You make a good part of your equipment and tools. It is a great skill to add to your kit.
            I’m going to try my hand at foundry work this summer. Some things been wanting to cast, like knife and sword furniture, pommels and guards, artistic accrutriments, that sort of stuff. Have an idea for hi performance V Twin motorcycle engine cylinder head. Did a mockup using a stock head, and got a 25% increase in HP verses the OEM design with no other mods, so I got some blocks of machinable wax, and made a 2nd generation head design. But the cost of having a pattern made from it and the casting minimum quantities is prohibitive for my resources. So I’m planning on pulling a wax pattern mold from the wax master I machined and investment, (lost wax), casting a couple sets of heads so I can do some further experimenting. Got a set of plans on an iron melting Cupola, pretty neat bugger too. Thats for cast iron, and I understand some steel alloys can be run through one. But you build everything yourself, which makes it more fun. Try to figure out the art of sand casting. There are so many useful and practical things you can produce that are no longer manufactured.

            By the way, a set of books which are very useful, they are the Welders Handbooks. Kind of pricey, they are engineer reference books, highly recommend them. You can get them used off Amazon sometimes.
            Now there are three wicked handy little pocket reference books for pipe welders/fitters. They are a must have even if your not a pipe or tube welder, there is so much useful info and quick formulas, tricks and shortcuts, they are indispensable. You can find them off Amazon:

            The Pipe Fitters and Pipe Welders Handbook’ by Thomas W. Frankland
            Pipe Layout Helps (For The Pipefitter & Welder), by C.L. Hart
            The Pipe Fitters Blue Book by W.V. Graves

            Another superlative reference is The Metals Handbook, what you want is the earliest revision you can find. I’m not kidding. It was first published for the war effort in 1940, they where considered so important they where classified as secret. MIT and associated engineers and PHD’s wrote the early revisions. I have a first revision. There is nothing that even comes close to the kind of metal knowledge, techniques and processes contained in them. Straight forward, plain to the point, written for a time and for craftsman as there was nothing out there when it was written. Later revision are washed down and the editing and writing is not even close to the early volume. Amazing book, there is stuff n the early revisions, technology, that is just now beginning to become standard manufacturing practice. It has been my metal working bible for 38 years.

          • Doug- in my high school we would have pushed you into some sort of college track- welding? when you could go to college? Very little appreciation for the trades among professional “educators”. Sad, really.

          • Oh brother I remember that time when it began, how you couldn’t be somebody if you didn’t go to college. It was such a departure from before, when a trade was held in esteem. Knowing what I know now I’m pretty sure that was a meme of the intelligentsia to deliberately destroy another facet of the wealth and prosperity of this country.

          • Doug, with that much skill in your craft, why were you not working for yourself? Why make someone else wealthy at your expense?

          • Oh I do work for myself, I also have a regular job. Right now I’m a coal miner/welder. It is a great profession. I just like to do things, money isn’t everything. I have a fab shop at my house. At one time I had a full on custom fab business, designed, raced built and sold my own racing chassis for V Twin road racing bikes, using Ducati and Buell engines. I started out designing/crafting fully tuned race exhaust systems. They where my mainstay product. I also designed built and raced Titanium alloy tube chassis kits. I’m the only guy in the world whip has done it. There may be others now. Titanium is a amazing metal for this. Everyone said it couldn’t be done. I fooled them all. My chassis’s, which included a main frame, swing arm, and subframe, ready to bolt on to your OEM components, wieghed 14.7 lbs. On the bikes the kit was designed to replace the factory chassis, it was over 100lbs weight savings. The power to weight savings alone was a serious advantage.

          • These guys (based out of Spain) have a Buell kit that looks pretty good. But they’ve been perfecting it over a number of years, including prototype iteration testing on a race track.


            For similar Ducati work Walt Siegl seems to be the man these days.

          • The BOTT is pretty cool. You know BOTT, stands for Battle Of The Twins? It has been an on again off again racing series since the 80’s. We had one going up in NH at the old Loudon track.
            I love that Buell engine, the raw torque it puts out is exhilarating, it’s almost primal. I’m building a Ti chassis right now. I raced Ducati’s and Buell engined bikes for almost 20 years. I’m partial to the 750SS engines with the late engine cases for racing. They can be made light enough and enough reliable power can be made to be competitive. I got my 750 race bike down to 385 lbs wet weight ready to run. That’s with total loss ignition to get rid of alternator and flywheel weight, no starter, Ti frame, one front rotor, Ti shock spring. Marvic mag wheels. It is as minimalist as physically possible.

          • Ti shock spring! That’s really going for it. I wish the OEMs had the same “lighter is better” philosophy in their mass products instead of “bigger/complex is better” (and has higher profit margins).

            The only ones currently doing it are those with their main product line in the racing applications, like KTM.

          • PS, I’m about to quit the coal mining gig. there’s a really sweet guy lives down the other end of the ridge, he opened a custom meat cutting shop. I been curing my own and friends ham’s bacon, corned beef all my life. I approached this fellow, and we struck up a business arraignment adding to his meat business to cure bacon and other products. We have begun constructing an addition to his current shop, a separate processing space, freezer and cooler, plus a smoke house. We got the OK from the state back last August. Already my wife and I have cured almost 5000 lbs of bacon since then using his current facilities. It looks like it is going to be a gold mine too. It has been very well received, we are getting meat to cure from all over WV, even a couple customers from Va. and Kentucky. He has only been open for a couple years, and since we started curing meat, his business has more than doubled.
            Pretty cool huh?

        • That is my biggest complaint about digitizing medical records. It should make those connections. In my case, I take prednisone. That should flag for a regular bone density check and something to boost my adrenals. My pulmonologist didn’t even ask if I’d had a bone density scan. It seems like a huge waste of money and it’s left us with doctors that spend more time staring at the screen than looking at the patient.

          • When my blood pressure/cardiologist’s practice was merged with a larger group from the hospital, I went in for my yearly blood pressure check-up and the nurse asked me how I was doing on my surgery recovery. I had had no surgery; I only see them for blood pressure medication. She insisted that the records showed I had had a double by-pass! I had to open my shirt and show her there was no scar before she really believed me.

            What is scary about this is that someone who HAD had a bypass was probably not listed as such, so that dangerous medications could accidentally be given to that person. I always tell peole to ask about their records. Great efficiency, isn’t it?

          • My in-laws recently went into the hospital for care, one for COPD and the other for heart issues. When their doctor forwarded their medical records to the hospital, they blended the medication list together so that each one listed the medications for both of them. We, the family, had to go back to their house and read the names on each bottle to sort it all out. What a dangerous mess.

  16. Completely O/T (but maybe not so much). This is far too important not to post here. 

    (H/T WRSA)

    This is a petition asking President Trump to declare AtiFa a terrorist org. It’s up to well over 65,000 sigs as of 1000 PST last night.

    These are the fuckers that rioted at Berkley and NYU, and they will  continue to do do until stopped. 

    Please sign and then spread far and wide, twitter, FakeBook, Gab, blogs, wherever. 


    • It jumped to 76,000 this morning. There is an interesting facet to a petitioning the present Administration, I think, I could be wrong though, President Trump needs all the populist support he can garner. MAGA is only possible if we stick together and act. It really begins with each of us. Donald Trump is only one guy. And the left is arrayed in unity against him. The support of the dirt people of actions and of what Trump does, lends those things, and just as important Trump himself legitimacy. Legitimacy is the battle. The left creates illusions of legitimacy. The dirt people are natural legitimacy, we have no need for illusions of it. All we need to do is exercise our legitimacy.

  17. There is no method I have found, despite searching, to reason with leftists. They do not want to debate because they have no factual information with which to make a point.
    Trying to discuss current events with them merely elicits cries of well worn slogans and catch phrases designed to deflect the conversation, not engage in it.
    We really have only one option to deal with them, and it’s not afternoon tea.

  18. Speaking of twitter, I can no longer access twitter posts on my iPad without first taking the “always block” off in my cookies preference. This just started happening about two days ago. I wonder what they’re up to? Hope this is not considered OT. Tim

  19. How I became a Native American

    This is more on the theme of the inanity of identity politics insinuating into the workplace under the guise of diversity. A long time ago, when I was working on a large RIF and HR was running their “disparate impact” analyses I made the mistake of asking how racial assignment was determined since it was illegal to flat out ask. The reply, “well if they don’t we will assign based on appearance, last name, anything we think might indicate their race”. Ok, so you operate one step above phrenology. Okey, dokey. Science at work.

    Fast forward a few years. I get a call in December from the Chief Diversity officer. Not a bad guy, but stuck with the booby prize for a few years until he could move back to a real job. He asks me “are you Native American”. We’re friends so my response is pretty much, “WTF?”, because nope, I’ve never identified as anything but Caucasian. Then it dawned on me. A couple years before I’d taken a genetic test that confirmed a bit of genealogy. That my g-g-g-grandmother was a full blood Shawnee. BTW, nothing special, and not an uncommon occurrence on the frontier in 1805. The old George Carlin bit about if “you don’t kill it, you fuck it” played out more than either side would ever like to admit, so I was in a group of about 25mm other Americans. But realized I’d made the mistake of discussing that with one of the HR folks in a regular meeting on staff issues. And shown her the results of the test. I think the discussion was around how absurd all this identity stuff is. Well, the little Stasi operative went downstairs, changed my ID in the system and probably got a cookie for her sleuthing. Now the CDO was stuck with a mis-identified Indian, and because of my exec level changing it would skew the numbers badly. So we agreed it was a mistake, but he held back making the change until the 1st of the year, so the year end would still look “good”. The board would not ask why the drop and force an explanation of the idiocy of their process and he would have a full year to round up another Injun. This is the world we now live in.

  20. My fix- use the armed might of the state to force Apple and Google to allow non-sjw content on their platforms, whether they like it or not.

    Plainly they won’t, but elections have consequences. Those consequences should include making these losers dance, because they need to be taught that there should be limits to what the government should demand of its citizens.

    It’s rather obvious that they don’t comprehend that now, having been taught by the miserable failure of the Republican party that are no consequences for them and their endless thuggery.

    Failing that, we will indeed get that war.

      • That is of course a good start, but I don’t think it goes nearly far enough.

        I simply don’t think the worthless minions of the gop have the stomach for this fight or any other. Assuming the Trump administration would enact such regulations, the left would immediately judge-shop to with the intent to find one that would declare that their discrimination against dissenters was constitutionally protected, unlike (for example) when Christians (but not Muslims) decline to bake cakes for gay weddings.

        I’m sure they would find a judge to rule as desired, just like they were able to find a judge to rule that the US has no power to deny visas to foreigners. The GOP establishment would of course drop the matter, being much more interested in whatever policy might enrich the donor class this week.

        Thus, I conclude that something much more intense is required than merely noticing that these public utilities are in fact public utilities.

        I suggest that every single leftist company like google and twitter and square get sued for anti-trust violations, with of course the abolition of such programs as H1B visas. Then indict every single person involved in the violation of the Civil Rights of conservatives on Federal charges of violating those sacred Civil Rights, plus use the full majesty of the weaponized state empowered by Obama over the last eight years to ruin their vile leftist lives.

        After a few sjw corporations get gutted and destroyed, and a few hundred leftists get bankrupted and ruined, maybe- just maybe- they’ll learn to respect the Rule of Law, and why there should be limits on how far the government can go to criminalize dissent.

        But I doubt it.

        Hence, I want them smashed, along with all they hold dear.

    • Go around them, find and create alternatives. Reject it and them. It adds up when more and more people turn their backs and withdraw consent. It is far more powerful than many of us realize. The alternative media is one way. The effect is it makes them irrelevant. Just as MAGA has had a devastating irrelevancy effect on the political elite. They are going nuts over being rejected and resisted. The growing defiance of them has caused them to employ desperate measures as we are seeing everyday. Riots. Violence. Witch hunts. The legacy media has turned into a lie manufacturing machine. The great awakening is existential to them. They will do anything to try to survive their own illegitimacy. I’d say that is all they do now, exist to survive their own illegitimacy and irrelevance. Sucks to be them. Too bad.

  21. The only thing I can recall from my days working at a place with a small HR department was when one of the computer programmers was dismissed on the spot — reasons unknown — and one of the HR team was detailed to accompany the ex-employee to collect his lunchbox and see him out of the building. Presumably the HR man had to be close by to stop this man throwing himself on a spare keyboard and in a few clever keystrokes reduce the company’s accounts to zero.

    But as the man in question once came to work stinking of petrol/gas because he had pulled the nozzle out of his car too early while filling it and soaked himself, I presume any attempts to change the company’s computers would have been equally ham-fisted.

  22. Apple really screwed Gab and hurt their growth as they’ve spent 6 weeks running in place trying to get the iPhone app approved.

    I’m hoping that Progressive Web Apps (Native Apps are Doomed can help break the App Model, bypass the Duopoly Gatekeepers and return us to the Website Model on mobile. Apple and Google have too much power. They control 99% of the mobile market. And they’ve proven they will abuse that power.

    The exciting thing is that Progressive Web Apps seem to have that potential. (Why Native Apps Really are Doomed: Native Apps are Doomed pt 2

    Hopefully this new model will come along just in time.

    • I think I saw that “letter” from Apple to Gab, posted on Twitter. On the Twitter app. Freely available in the precious App Store. With the screen cap. With the mean words. Can you imagine? Mean words on Twitter?

      Let’s not dump the oligarchy of NBC, CBS and ABC just to replace it with the dual hegemony of Apple and Google.

      This revival of web apps should proceed with all haste. Let the war over content begin as well. There is no modus vivendi with these cancerous totalitarians.

      • Google and Apple control 99% of the Global Mobile OS Market. Making them the gatekeepers for 99% of Mobile Apps.

        The App Model just gives them too much power.
        Apple has abused that power much more than Google.
        With Google, they at least allow sideloading of apps even if they won’t allow the app in their official App Store.

        With Apple, they just ban the app completely.

      • I’ll bet somebody in the open source software community develop’s an interface for things like Gab. That will bypass that tyranny of monopoly of apps of Apple and Google.

  23. Kind of puzzled by Gab’s decision to go to GabTV next. I know money is tight for them and video streaming & hosting is very expensive. Hopefully it works, though.

    • Thinking about it, I think they may be onto something. Instead of just becoming twitter for normal people, they seem to be aiming to be an ecosystem, what Faceberg never fully became, along with the cool features of Twitter like video.

      • Gab is an interesting spot. Unlike VC-funded tech firms, they can’t build huge features and capacity and hope the users comes. They can only grow as they get donations or unveil premium features that generate revenue, each stage has to fund itself.

        I do hope some wealthy right-wingers have written them a million dollar check or two to give them some breathing room.

      • One good thing, the Regular Right is starting to use Gab more. RS McCain, VodkaPundit, Kurt Schlichter all jumped on just yesterday. Gab spread through the Alt Right fast but – as we’ve seen – it’s not really that many ppl. Gab will need to start appealing to Conservatarians and assorted Regular Righters. I think it’s starting to. Hopefully, the Alt Right was like the kindling to get the fire of Gab going. To be sustainable, it needs the Normie Right.

        • It’s pretty neat how so many people are becoming Alt-Right, at least in in part, many don’t even recognize they are, it’s that zeitgeist thing.

        • What’s starting to become apparent is the hate thinkers are now the cool kids. Five years ago, no mainstream pundit would dare mention Steve Sailer, for example. They read him, but never mentioned him. Now he is Ok to mention and reference in the mainstream press. Now that the cool kids on-line are heading Gab, the mainstream guys feel the pull and are starting to make the move.

        • The normal right are there. During the Super Bowl they were on GAB saying how great it was that the sociopath war criminal did the coin toss.

      • GabTV will an interesting experiment. I doubt it will drive a lot of user growth but it might generate some revenue. VoxDay is moving his Darkstream there. Which is good. But I don’t think more than a few thousand watch it.

        GabTV plus Gab Tipping could generate some revenue for Hate Thinkers.
        The problem is the Left will immediately try to No Platform Gab from its banks if it does.

        VoxDay’s ideas are pretty hardcore even if his personality and style aren’t vulgar or in your face like the TRS crew. Vox also has the shield of being part Amerindian. I still expect the Media to claim Gab is funding White Supremacism by letting ppl give VoxDay money, though.

        • As a trans-black hotep, I don’t worry about anyone claiming I’m racist, so I may get on the GabTV thing.

        • Being labeled a white supremacist publicly only matters if you work for a megacorp in a city. Remember: you’re already a Nazi for voting Trump, so it doesn’t matter if you’re called a white supremacist.

    • It’s the message that matters. TV is another medium. The idea being the lefts days of it’s insidious monopoly of social media and communications is over. Look at it this why, it has been called TV programming for a reason. Look at the agitprop and propaganda, the social engineering platform it has been for the left. They hold an almost exclusive monopoly. Gab is action in the direction of freedom. Plus you have to think, maybe the people behind Gab, and Infogalactic, the alternative media, Z’s blog here for an example, they all probably are not in it for the money.

    • They had to filter the registrations in order to guard against trouble makers. It also allowed for a a relative small community of users to help test and make suggestions. The real issue though is they don’t have the backend at the moment to handle a massive user base.

      So far, I like what they are doing.

      • It’s that whole Alt-Tech thing guys like VoxDay and others have been working on getting up and running, seems like Infogalactic is another facet of the Alt-‘s community of insurgents. I hope it all comes to fruition.

    • You’re welcome for the free (paid for by my donations) beta testing. Please enjoy the platform. Would you like a free invitation to bypass the waiting period?

      Oh wait, you called people bad names instead of using reasoned logic. Hmm. You seem like a jerk. No soup for you.

    • Freedom is never convenient. It has to be earned. If you think it should be handed to you on a silver platter or somehow it is owed to you you will never have it.

  24. We are living in the time of a Great Awakening of sorts. Seems folks are figuring out that the Left cannot be shown the error of their ways and need to be shown the consequences instead. Did I just say that? Until recently I was still trying to explain my views to them, casting pearls before swine. The times they are a changin’.

    • I do so hope you are right about the Great Awakening because we certainly have been in the era of the Great Delusion for some time now. Reminds me of a quote from Brian Andreas – “I know there is balance in life, I can see it as I swing by.”

      • When do you think the Great Delusion began? I tend to see the Kennedy assassination as the beginning.

        • my aunty was the lady who dropped a dime on Oswald, at the movie theater. her testimony to the Warren Commission is in the public record. John McCone was also well known to our family at that time (you might want to look that name up).

        • Seems to me the Era of the Great Delusion began in the shadows long before Kennedy was snuffed. Even as WW2 was wrapping up, and the wounded beast retreated to repair and regenerate, new kinds of delusions were being born and nurtured by the era of advertising. The Great Delusion is a system for coaxing logic and reason out of thought processing. Makes the herd more pliable. It takes time so it’s a slow seep not a flash.

        • The hardcore government lying definitely began in 1963. That was related to Operation Northwoods, which was related to 9/11/01.

    • Reluctantly agree. But as is demonstrated every day, their ideology is the leftists entire raison d’etre. For me conservatism is a framework to maximize freedom, opportunity, and the possibility of just being left alone. I’ve got other things to do and politics is simply a tool to enable that. This is going to be a razor fight in a closet and we need to understand that up front.

    • The next stage of the Great Awakening is because we are legion, we have to realize we are legion, and discover solidarity. It is this unity we become indomitable, they can never win against us. They use fear as a tool to cow and frighten us, their enemy, thus the intent is thru fear and intimidation we can not bind together to win.

      • We are not legion, never were, and never will be. They are legion. To win the fight let us understand our limitations better than they understand theirs.

        • Am I missing something here James? Explain to me if you don’t care please, if us dirt people are not legion, why is Hillary Clinton not POTUS and Donald Trump is President?
          How did that man win with the entire cabal of globalists, cultural marxists, probably the largest organized crime syndicate the worlds has seen, billions of dollars in influence money, probably millions of fraudulent votes, gerrymander by the oil tanker full, and an entire media complex, not to mention almost the entire Republican party apparatus arrayed against the will of us dirt people, the governed?
          Are you smoking your lunch?

          • Trump won because a lot of us quietly did what needed to be done to get things done, by voting for him. What we do now is what Harrison Ford did in one of the Indiana Jones movies. The guy comes out with a machete and makes a big production, and when things get scary Ford takes him out with a bullet. The point being, don’t look for trouble but be prepared and willing to take care of matters when trouble finds you. That is how you stay on the right side of things and still take care of business, at the micro level. See Brandon Smith and for more.

          • “Explain to me if you don’t care please, if us dirt people are not legion, why is Hillary Clinton not POTUS and Donald Trump is President?”

            You do realize that for every 1 vote the winning president gets, there are about 3 people who didn’t vote for him, right? Even wildly successful candidates only get about half of the vote from the half -ish of the population that that votes.

          • I realize there is no voting our way out of this. It will take much more than that. I also think that not voting can be a vote, in the sense it is a form of withdrawal of consent, or tacit consent, depending on one station. It also seems to me nat a few who voted for Trump are rebelling against the administrative state of tyranny and technocrats they deemed itself immune for the will of the governed.

    • I have been saying for years that “reality has been classified since the National Security Act of 1947”.

      • I think this is an absolutely true statement. I don’t see how democracy can function if the government routinely lies to the people. Especially if the government tells us it is for our own good.

    • Exactly….These people have shown us that there can be no retreat, only war. Excellent. As Sun Tzu wrote 2500 years, it’s a mistake not to leave your enemy a way out, because then they will have nothing to lose.

      • Never underestimate their capability for violence either. They certainly have proven themselves capable of doing anything to advance their ideology.

        • That’s because well-mannered people have been watching this for a while thinking it is a silly phase that will soon pass. Like a parent watching a little boy who thinks he is a cop. He dresses up, yells at parents who smilingly comply with orders and play along. Then the child starts beating the dog for loitering. Then playtime is over. If he doesn’t settle down, superior force will be employed. As it goes with the fuckheads on the rampage now. They have had their time of yelling and crying. We’ve played along and tried to be “tolerant.” Next, the people with the force will step in and start spanking some bottoms. They have had their tantrum and they aren’t afraid of the time-out corner. Just as when the psycho Muslim started killing homosexuals in an Orlando nightclub and they did nothing to fight back, when confronted with real violence they will cower and retreat.

      • He also said something about not interrupting your enemy when he making a mistake. They kind of screwed themselves, they walked into a couple traps of their own making. One is these call for a military coupe against Trump by former Obama Administration official, Rosa Brooks, who just happens to be a Fellow at a George Soros-funded New American Foundation. That is the kind of stupid you can’t fix right there, but give it a good think, would you want to? If they try a military coupe, guess what? Trump declares Martial Law, and being declaration of Martial Law gives the President unlimited powers, who do you think he going to go after?
        The other is the blocking of President Trumps travel ban, the idiots own that one now. If there is another muslold terrorist attack on domestic soil, the left owns it lock stock and barrel. And they make Trump even better looking. The nitwits have underestimated Donald Trump and us dirt people repeatedly. They haven’t learned a thing since The Tea Party protest. They didn’t learn a thing in the 2010 elections, matter of fact neither did the cucks, but thats another thing. They didn’t get the message November 8th. They just double down. One day here in the not distant future they are going to learn the lesson in the most ultimate final way imaginable.
        Lot of us dirt people have had enough. They push us dirt people into a corner, they are going to find out what genocide is by being on the receiving end of it for once instead of dishing genocide out.

      • Leave them a way out? No way! We annihilate them, or they annihilate us. There is no middle ground.

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