Crisis and Crackdown

Imagine yourself as the head of an organization facing some sort of crisis. External pressures are revealing fissures and faults within the organization, thus magnifying the external pressures. There’s a very real concern that the organization could collapse or succumb to the external threat unless something is done to calm the organization and get it focused on the external threat. Maybe you were the boss as the storm gathered. Maybe you were brought in after the organization realized they had a problem.

A society at war is the most obvious example. For example, the Russians were locked in a stalemate with the Germans in World War I and the accumulated costs of war began to reveal the faults within Russian society. Czarist Russia, in times of peace, could provide enough food and enough authority to maintain order. The war sapped the strength of the state such that it could no longer provide enough food and enough authority. In the ensuing crisis, the state broke and eventually collapsed.

The Bolshevik Revolution is a great example of how leadership failed to respond to the crisis because their range of options was limited by forces outside of their control. Liberalism, in the European Enlightenment sense, had not taken root in Russia, because it was a land of peasants and aristocrats. There was no middle class, at least not one with power, with which the aristocrats could bargain. The Czar should have struck a deal with the Kaiser early on, but he did not and the result was disaster.

More pleasant examples are the English Civil War and the French Revolution. The former is a good example of an intransigent ruler, unwilling to adjust and accommodate to the social changes buffeting his rule. Charles had plenty of chances to strike a deal with Parliament and the growing merchant class that Parliament represented, but he chose confrontation instead. His response to crises was to crackdown, as much as possible, on any resistance to his authority. Charles made his enemies.

In contrast, the example of Louis XVI is a textbook case of how a weak leader can be swallowed up by crisis. The financial crisis that consumed the crown was avoidable, but Louis was unwilling to exercise his authority over the aristocracy in order to resolve it. At the same time, when he had chances to squash the revolution, he hesitated, allowing his authority to be challenged without response. Just as Charles should have been more flexible. Louis should have been less flexible. Like Charles, he lost his head as a result.

Modern people in Western countries don’t think much about how their rulers will respond to crisis. It is assumed that that the people in charge will examined the data, consult with experts, hold an open debate in the media and then settle upon a course of action to address the crisis.That’s because for as long as anyone can remember, there has been no crisis, at least not one that threatens the existing order. The only thing to come close to a threat to our rulers was the communist menace in the 40’s and 50’s.

That’s instructive because the response from the ruling class was the classic iron fist in the velvet glove. The government relentlessly hunted down communists, while the popular press relentlessly defended those “wrongfully” accused of being communists. The Venona Project allowed the government to root out subversives, with a fair degree of precision, at least the ones that posed a real threat. It was not until the 90’s that the public was made aware of the extensive domestic espionage operation.

The lesson of the Venona Project is that when the people in charge feel threatened, they will do whatever it takes to dispose of the threat. We’re seeing that today with the coordinated attacks on the trouble makers by the media companies. Twitter and Facebook are banning anyone that they think is in in the resistance. Even comedy posts can be deemed blasphemous. Yesterday some guy named PewDiePie was erased from the media for impure thoughts. Here’s the google search:

The level of coordination is astonishing. Google and Disney team up to erase the guy and then the mainstream press is out reporting within minutes that he was eliminated due to heresy. It could be a coincidence that all of the big media players were on this at the same time, but it could also suggest a high degree of cooperation. The people in charge are pulling out all the stops to crack down on dissidents. They consider the threat posed by errant comedians on YouTube so serious, any means necessary will be used to end it.

What’s important here is not that some comedian lost his livelihood. That’s part of the message being sent. The more important part is the coordination. The tech giants made it clear in the election that they were working together to defeat Trump. These are people who colluded to suppress wages and violate the nation’d labor laws so they have a history of this. Now we are seeing social media coordinating with the legacy media to send a clear signal that they are cracking down on dissidents.

Crackdowns on dissent are always in response to crisis. Whether it is perceived or real is the big question. A heavy handed response can turn a manageable situation into a full blown crisis. On the other hand, passive responses to challenges can lead to rebellion. The people in charge believe the lesson of the last election is to crack down hard, using every means necessary, to quell any challenge to their authority. That is the reason the intelligence agencies are now working with the media to undermine the President.

How this will play out is unknown. Charles I and Parliament were willing to fight a war over their disputes. The revolutionaries in France were willing to commit regicide to impose their vision on society. People today are not the fighting sort. The rulers struggle to imprison criminals and the people passively acquiesce to encroachments on their liberty. In other words, despite the big talk, there’s not a lot of fight in the people or their rulers. For now, it is cat ladies from HR harassing normies over their use of twitter, but that could change.

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  1. So as I’m mass consuming your blog in reverse order…

    PewDiePie gained youtube viewers from this “scandal.” Even people he never met and who didn’t watch his channel went to bat for him. And he also followed up with a few videos on how full of it the mainstream press is. So literally over five million normies got red pilled by this. All in all this came out as a win for the good guys I think.

  2. What is really interesting is the battle going on in the shadows of government. There are several intelligence services who could be at cross purposes: CIA, NSA, FBI, and Pentagon intel agencies. At the moment, no one is sure who is on whose side. It is a hall of mirrors and will probably become deadly as the tension ratchets up. Trump badly needs to purge these agencies before they can do him more harm. But how?

  3. With all due respect, trotting out dancing guys with a “Death to [Insert ethnic group here]” doesn’t exactly strike me as a path to mainstream success.

    I guess I can forgive the Jews for being a little antsy with that kind of rhetoric, what with the experience of the last half dozen centuries.

    For entertainment purposes, now imagine they’d said Muslims intead of Jews.

    • Steve Sailer makes the point that the Left has fallen in love with Muslims because the muzzies really do hate the right way. Instead of throwing a hissy fit, they behead people or shoot up a gay club. This PewDiePie character would be dead now if it was Muslims instead of Jews.

      That said, I feel luck that I had never heard of PewDiePie.

  4. OT but related to the last post.

    Anyone have any thoughts on upcoming movie “Get Out”? It appears to be a comedy/horror fantasy in which a black guy ends up in a sort of Stepford Wives world, except it’s the white people programming or android-substituting for tame blacks to do chores in their suburban utopia.

    I took it for the next step up in aggressive social programming against the rayciss types.

    • I know nothing about it except that, at a minimum, it will be nominated for a number of Oscars this year.

  5. Zerohedge reporting Labor Secretary Pudzer is withdrawing after being betrayed by Republicans.

    I don’t have any particular feelings about Pudzer and I recall that one or more of Obama’s nominees had to withdraw for employing undocumented workers as housekeepers, but the fact that Republicans are betraying Trump on the Labor Secretary is revealing.

    • This “undocumented” stuff must end. Use the withdrawn nomination to leverage such a move. This is easy stuff right now, the enemy is on its heels. Have the nerve to press the issue and get it done.

      • Use the withdrawal to dissolve the department. Don’t want my nominee at Secretary of Labor? Okay, I’ll fire everyone in the Department. Same for Energy (minus the nukes), Education, Commerce, whatever.

  6. While in the UK last week I enjoyed a very interesting BBC radio broadcast on how President Trump is being held responsible for Twitter losing popularity and share value because they can’t get the advertisers they want. Evidently many main stream products do not want to be connected with Trump, thus they refuse to advertise with anything associated with him.

    But on the flip side, there seems to be a correlation to him boosting subscriptions to many main stream publications, including, as the BBC pointed out in the UK, The Guardian. Evidently media like the New York Times and Vanity Fair have also seen increases in readership. Even the ACLU has seen increase donations because of the fear that Trump will somehow strip Americans of their civil rights.

    It’s amazing how this particular American president can polarize the media, and the general public, so quickly and so completely, despite the fact that he hasn’t really done anything. At this point, I think Chancellor Merkel could get away with bringing in another 1-million Muslims and still be considered for saint-hood thanks to President Trump and the global media.

    • Twitter has never made money and is not likely to be profitable anytime soon. Given that it is Trump’s favored path around the media, I will bet that there are plenty of people hot to kill it off and Twitter’s precarious finances offer a good opportunity to do it.

  7. “Yesterday some guy named PewDiePie was erased from the media for impure thoughts.”

    I never heard of this guy before yesterday and I’m guessing both that most people haven’t either and that he’ll be forgotten in a couple of days. Does casting somebody most people haven’t heard of into the outer darkness really send a message? Can you really send a message if most people aren’t listening?

    As for the coordination aspect on the part of the tech companies, that is an issue but I wonder how much of it is actual confrontational coordination and how much of it is because of how centralized everything has become. This might be less of a revolutionary issue and more of a need for monopoly busting. In other words, we are probably right now in a situation not where we need Robespierre or Lenin but where we need someone like Theodore Roosevelt. The question of whether Trump will fill that spot is still open.

    “That is the reason the intelligence agencies are now working with the media to undermine the President.”

    The thing that really gets me watching this season of “Presidential Politics” is how much of this is driven by snobbery on the part of the establishment. Trump talked strong during the election but he’s ultimately a 1980s New Yorker; he’s no stranger to hobnobbing with Al Sharpon and he made most of his money while the city was run by Ed Koch. I can’t believe that it would be impossible for all the powers that be to come to some kind of accommodation with him except that they seem to be completely repulsed by the fact that he’s not really a member of their class.

    “People today are not the fighting sort. The rulers struggle to imprison criminals and the people passively acquiesce to encroachments on their liberty. In other words, despite the big talk, there’s not a lot of fight in the people or their rulers. For now, it is cat ladies from HR harassing normies over their use of twitter, but that could change.”

    It’ll probably remain that way as long as there isn’t a major event that makes everything a zero-sum game. Weimar-like hyperinflation changes everything. So would mass terror attacks (I mean something like hundreds of dead every couple days) or a nuclear attack; something that really upends the system. Until then people will grumble but not be ready to support a revolution. And while getting fed up is a good first step on the road to revolution, its not a hop skip and a jump to it; people have to feel that they either have nothing to lose or too much to gain from a fight.

    The problem with social media, even blogging is that it gives an inflated vision of how many people are really into politics or even are getting radicalized by events. Are most people really that invested in free speech on Twitter or is it just a few voices on marginal system that is in the process of killing itself off? Most of my Facebook feed is crazy leftist bullshit but most of it is also not what you’d remotely call the shock troops or vanguard of a movement. And is there a mob ready to form a militia to fight for PewDiePie?

  8. Remember, everyone is lying and spinning right now. On the Flynn matter, there are two basic issues. One is the leaking of classified conversations, and the other is what Flynn did or didn’t do, and whether he lied to Pence and/or Trump’s other people about it. Don’t conflate the two. Trump has rightly spoken about the leaks, but perhaps the push should be to quietly identify the leakers and their allies, and do a massive purge. We do not know whether or not that is going on right now, but my guess is “yes”. Some things are best accomplished by getting them underway under the radar.

    On the second issue, that of what Flynn did and said he did, my sense is that Trump is loyal to those who are loyal to him. Flynn may have done inappropriate things or lied to Trump’s people about them. My guess is that it is one of these things. So it is not Trump throwing someone under the bus, or playing defense. It is Trump doing the right thing. Give the man the benefit of the doubt, until you have reason not to. That is what I am doing. Otherwise you are playing into the hands of those who are against us. Be vigilant, but don’t assume what you are hearing from anyone is the truth on this thing.

    • Sensible people who follow these things always said that Flynn was a bit of a lose cannon. Of all the important picks Trump has made thus far, Flynn was the one a lot of pro-Trump people thought a bit odd, simply because Flynn had a reputation for being bad at politics. The reason Team Obama took him out is Flynn was a vocal opponent of the Iran deal, but it was also because he made it easy for them. Low hanging fruit.

      The thing everyone forgets is Obama had to withdrew a few nomination for scandal. Some lasted but a short time. The same was true of Bush. By comparison, Trump has done exceptionally well. Losing Flynn is not a terrible blow to his administration and it looks really bad for the Democrats and the political establishment.

      • “The thing everyone forgets is Obama had to withdrew a few nomination for scandal. Some lasted but a short time. The same was true of Bush. By comparison, Trump has done exceptionally well.”

        That’s something I tell people I know who get a bit worried by what they are seeing in the news. Obama had plenty of issues and problems that time (and the media) has helped everyone forget about. Trump has only been in power about a month. He’s not dead in the water or even remotely close to it yet.

      • Could this possibly have been pre-planned by Trump and Flynn? The scenario: Flynn agrees to take a fall for the good of the country and Trump’s agenda. He reassures the Russian guy on sanctions, knowing he’s being tapped. An Obama mole in the CIA/FBI (predictably) outs Flynn. Outrage follows. Flynn deliberately lies to Pence, setting up the reason for the firing and leaving Pence untouched by the “scandal.” Trump pretends to do an investigation and to agonize over firing Flynn, then pulls the trigger. He replaces him with somebody just as ballsy. This accomplishes several things: 1. it signals to Putin that he will get something (sanctions relief) if he is willing to give something (real help in destroying Isis, becoming less aggressive overall), 2. it infuriates Trump’s base; they hate the media even more now, 3. it gives Trump a real reason to clean the Obama assholes out of the intel agencies (someone broke the law by going to the press on Flynn and will have to be discovered, prosecuted and maximally punished, which will be a serious warning to all the other assholes in intel who hate Trump, 4. it leaves the liberal Dems and media wondering if they’ve been played for the fools they are.

        Just a thought.

        • I have been thinking along similar lines. Trump is going to beat the bushes for awhile to flush out the problem people. In the meanwhile he works on other things in the background. Eventually the battlespace is prepped, and the head chopping (figuratively for now) begins.

        • Even if there is no truth at all to your supposition events could play out as if it were right on the money.

        • My thoughts exactly although with one slight alteration. I also wondered if the lying to VP Pence was for a reason. My instinct is to trust Gen. Flynn over a politician, and being I don’t really know Pence, maybe Flynn had good reason to keep info from Pence. I’m just speculating because I have not heard that scenario mentioned. Like I said, I would trust my life to Flynn more than I would to a career politician any day. We just don’t know what game is afoot.

      • Flynn talked about pizzagate. I think that’s why he canned him. He was supposed to keep quite about it, I believe. I think we worry too much. Trump has them by the balls. They have screwed up. There’s no doubt that for years they’ve been abusing children. Way too much evidence. It gets shut down but…the evidence is still there. It hasn’t gone away. Same with 9-11. Building 7 falls same speed as rock for roughly 108 feet. Slam dunk. Building demoed. He’s just gathering evidence so they don’t get away. The Pedocracy is like a herd of spooked cattle bellowing about. They’re cooked…unless Trump punts. If he does the country is done.

    • I think Flynn was not entirely forthcoming when the FBI came to speak with him. It’s a process crime, even if what he did (talking to the Russian ambassador) is not illegal in any way. My bet is that he said X, the transcripts said Y, and the FBI raised the b.s. flag. There’s always an element of truth to these things.

      The other thing is that there are several people from Trump’s campaign that never made it onto the Administration…notably Guiliani, Gingrich, and Christie. Flynn always struck me as a likely “pass” because he does get a little too carried away with the conspiracy theories. I was surprised Trump kept Flynn on. My bet is that after seeing Flynn at the helm of the NSC for a few weeks, Trump and Mattis got together and found somebody better. I doubt Mattis liked Flynn much, and the front-runner to replace Flynn is a Mattis pal.

      • There is something deeper to this than low hanging fruit. Struck me as quite a signal when HRC trolled Flynn with that “Comet” as in Comet Pizza, Faceborg post.

      • I think Gingrich and Giuliani didn’t want to give up lucrative speaking or “consulting” gigs for the term + 5 years….. not unless it was a BIG position.
        Also probably why his talent pool in general was not as robust as it might have been…..

  9. One observation about the Government Party, then some words about strategy and tactics. In 1860 when war was imminent, soldiers on the Confederate side headed home to fight with their fathers and brothers. We’re seeing that a bit now with McCain and Graham in the Senate who sound more like Chuck Schumer these days. I think you’re going to see these realignments taking more concrete form as opposed to these slashing and cutting actions that McCain is currently engaged in. He’s far into the Permanent War Party culture at this point, and seems to want a two front war in Syria and Ukraine.

    Anyway, on to strategy and tactics. I read this morning that the Secret Service Director is now gone. Another Obama appointee. I think the strategy Trump is embarking on is to do the thing Bush 43 refused to do: purge the entire government of the previous administration’s political hacks. More firings and resignations are coming. You have to take out the political class in these organizations in order to get your own people in there and root out the career bureaucrats.

    A useful tactic in this bureaucracy war where nobody actually fights will be security clearances. Does Trump need to fire a bunch of people in the CIA? No. They’ll just show back up wearing a different lanyard, and set about trying to destroy him further. Or, there will be endless “wrongful termination” lawsuits. What you do is pull their security clearances. They can’t get into the building. At all. They cannot attend meetings with other government officials. They cannot access systems to “leak” sensitive information. And they cannot get hired anywhere because nobody is going to pay 6 or 7 figures to a guy who isn’t even allowed to talk about the matters at hand. The President is the ultimate decider of who does and does not get a security clearance. It is purely at his prerogative. When you pull the clearances, that’s like shutting off the ventilator to the Intelligence Community bureaucracy.

    Another tactic in the bureaucracy war? Refusing to work through the established order. Hence Trump not kicking reporters out of the briefing room, but inviting a whole lot more people in. And then ignoring the established media outlets. You marginalize them by putting them in a bigger crowd. If you kick them out, you’re just making them martyrs. Bring in 100 more reporters.

    Note also today’s reports that the IRS will no longer reject tax returns which fail to identify “health care plans”. There’s another leg of that 47-leg stool called Obamacare getting knocked out. Only 46 to go. That’ll take time, and we can be patient. Expect more executive orders and memoranda that kick the legs out from under the different bureaucracies. A lot of the EPA and Education Dept power resides in executive orders and regulations not legislation. Trump’s “2 repeal for every 1 new” will tie these bureaucracies into gordian knots because it’s literally an unsolvable problem for them. He just basically ordered them to cut off limb for every beard they grow.

    Another thing I think you’ll see is that it is customary, as a courtesy, to continue to brief former Presidents (national security briefings, in particular). Another nonviolent weapon in the war will be cutting Obama off from official channels of information. Pull his “tickets”, refuse to provide intel briefings/analysis. He and his minions will violate the law to get Obama the information, but that’s a risky proposition if it gets found out that they’re running an Espionage Operation out of Obama’s condo in D.C.

    Lincoln arrested something like 14,000 people in the North during the Civil War. He didn’t much seem to mind doing it. He even arrested and deported a Congressman. That begs the question, when you think about Chuck Schumer’s threat that the CIA “has 6 ways from Sunday to get back at you”, at what point do you start arresting people?

    The CIA take-down of Flynn, and ongoing covert operation against the Trump Administration, might be about to put this to the test.

    • This goes along with my idea of using a version of the buffer overflow to choke the immigration activists. Instead one grand sweeping EO, write one a week that tinkers with one small aspect of the visa process. No fan fare or hoopla. Just sign one order after another that slows the process to a crawl. This also means thousands of lawsuits that cost money. Even if some get blocked with TRO’s from crazy judges, enough will stand to bring the system to a crawl.

      • Nobody likes going to court or being held in legal limbo. The “flood the zone” strategy the open borders people are contemplating will have the effect of getting people to leave on their own rather than get their brains bashed in by legal process. As somebody once said, “The process IS the punishment.” Do they want continued punishment, depleted $$ resources, and frustration? Or, do they just want to go home? Many will choose the latter.

        He can also write EOs affecting allocation of resources. Money over here goes over there. Some money cannot be moved due to legislation, but there are slush funds all over the place in the government. The Federal hiring freeze is another good example. The Government people think the “freeze” is to somehow save costs. They’re wrong. The purpose of the freeze is to force mandatory attrition of the workforce. Yes, some will delay their retirements, but most will take the retirement money and run. And they won’t be replaced. They can’t just go out and hire more contractors at the flip of a switch. It can take months and even years to get procurements spooled up. Lots of good can be done in that time.

        It’ll be interesting to see what Trump does with the courts. Does he allow vacancies to remain vacant, for example? The temptation is to rush in there and fill every vacancy. Why take the chance that your replacement is another leftist? Just leave the court vacancy open, and let the system get overloaded even more. Want to file a motion to stop an executive order? Get in line…and the line is long!

        This is a bureaucratic civil war. Bureaucrats can be defeated by using their own processes and procedures against them.

        • My read on Trump is he is not the sort of guy inclined to waging a long war. He’s no dummy. He knows he is dealing with five factions in Washington: Democrats, Ryan Republicans, Conservatives, the political-media complex and the money men who finance both parties. What he wants to do is force the Republicans to bargain with him on the hot button issues like immigration. Right now they are playing coy, acting like they have nothing they want to pass, but no one is buying it.

          It is going to be a long fight.

          • The tactics thus far seem to support that. He’s basically kicking out legs from the stools rather than trying to do an Obama-like complete reorganization of American society. It pleases his voters. It makes it tougher for the current system to sustain itself. The GOP wants to keep power in 2018, so they’ll have an incentive to do two things: address a few of the hot button issues so they can run on having done something, and not be left holding the Obamacare bag as that particular house of cards is about to collapse.

            There are all KINDS of things Trump can do to kick out the legs on the stool. For example, those illegal subsidies that are being sent to states that refused to set up exchanges? Yeah, those can be ended with the stroke of a pen. A great way to get the ball rolling because the collapse of Obamacare is inevitable at this point.

            Don’t go toe to toe with the CIA. Just pull their accesses and declassify things they do not want made public.

          • I’ll go out on a limb and say it. There may be another faction. I don’t know if it’s true, but it looks more and more as time goes by like there is something awfully nasty about it. And if these people who are allegedly involved are, how would President Trump not be apprised of it? I would imagine there is serious motivation to get rid of the outsider President. Even HRC made a cryptic troll post on Faceborg to Flynn using a play on words with “Comet” as in Comet Pizza. there is something awful fishy looking join on here. Maybe Flynn knows the dirty secrets about Benghazi and funding/arms smuggling to ISIS?
            this is what I suspect:
            One word.
            Pizzagate is not the problem.
            Pizzagate is they key to the problem.
            Pizzagate is indicative to those who rule without limits.
            Pizzagate is what these people are and everything about them.

            Get rid of President Trump and they kill two birds with one stone, they save Pizzagate from being exposed they save their power.
            Pizzagate is their power personified.

            Except there is one part of this equation of power they will have to deal with regardless. Pizzagate won’t help them either.
            Us dirt people.

          • I agree. Blackmail is what is used to get everyone to do what The Powers That Be want them to do — and people are blackmailable because of their involvement in activities ranging from unsavory to demonic. All of which someone has caught on film. There is very serious evil going on in Washington. Children have not only been sexually abused but tortured and even killed in occult rituals. I hope our new Attorney General pulls out all the stops exposing, prosecuting, and incarcerating these people.

          • Wasn’t it one of the Rothchild’s who said on the late 1800’s blackmail was how you controlled the wests political class and industries managerial class?

          • What is the ultimate status symbol for those who have everything, and a ticket to a Club that you can never leave?

            Forbidden fruit.

        • have ICE agents at the hearings to take custody of the persons clogging the place up; they go in but they don’t come out.

    • The Neo-Cons are a bloodthirsty oligarchy in of themselves. Their existence is selling everything and anything for the money and power. A more heinous bunch of genocidal maniacs can not be found. True psychopaths. Their Big Daddy Warbucks decedents didn’t have nukes.

    • Excellent suggestion re pulling the clearances of Obama’s left-behind operatives. So far as I know there is no legal right to a security clearance and there are a lot of govt. jobs that don’t require one and a ‘pullee’ would be eligible to bid on them, so there’s no termination to sue about.

      The critical issue is to smoke out out the active moles, pull their clearances and promote active supporters to their positions, if possible. Actual apolitical folk would be OK (if there are any): The fence sitters will then get with the program. But it’s easy to say and hard to do. The cynic in me wonders if paralyzing the bureaucracies by running a get-even campaign of anonymous denunciations like the feminists did during the Clinton years is a wholly bad idea.

      • My US Government Issued TS/SCI clearance was granted solely at the discretion of the President of the United States. The President can also instantly “declassify” ANYTHING he wants by Executive Order. It is NOT reviewable or challengeable in court because the only people with legal standing work for the President, and the DOJ can just ignore them.

        You want to delay, disrupt, degrade, and deny the bureaucracy, you don’t want to destroy it. Security clearances are a sole Presidential power that would accomplish this without destroying the system. We do still have National Security needs. But if you fire people, they’ll just get resurrected as contractors or consultants since the CIA has a crap load of money floating around. Take away their clearances? That’s FULL STOP.

        • Your strategy sounds perfect, Hokkoda. Now how do you get this idea to the Trump Administration? Do you have connections? At the very least, I hope you’ll go to and leave a comment explaining this, or else go to and click on the “Tell Your Story” tab to leave a comment. One way or another, you need to get this idea to the Trump administration.

        • I thought the same thing about the President’s authority to issue an EO on immigration ban. So who the hell is the Washington judge who decided he could throw a wrench into the works and why did that work? I thought the President and his Legal Counsel could simply tell that “so-called” judge to Piss Off!

  10. You are conflating several things here. PewDiePie isn’t alt-right, he committed the unpardonable sin of making jokes about Jews. Guess who runs all these corporations that coordinated to squash him….Twitter has several thousand ISIS and al qaeda accounts, and a fair number of pro Trump accounts, which doesn’t bother them, but anyone who violates the insane dictates of blank slate cultural marxism is at risk of having his account closed.
    BTW, the Venona project, which was a long running process of deciphering Russian embassy messages from the ’40s, implicated large numbers of leftist favorites, from Alger Hiss to Harry Hopkins. Its results received virtually NO coverage from the media, but was revealed by the famous memoir ‘Spycatcher’.

    • PewDiePie isn’t alt-right, but probably is living a whirlwind of cognitive dissonance right now …. he is being punished… his livelyhood in peril, b/c of the puritans of the PC culture SJWs. He lives in Sweden or something so he is surely left of center politically, but events like this banning will either quiet him or force a change of mind on him. He could evolve to be a very loud critic of the harpy SJW and PC heavy-hand laid on him. Time will tell.

  11. In my mind the Deep State consists of the CIA and its media allies. It has the support of a few highly placed politicians because after all the CIA has dirt on everybody. It has struck early and will aggressively continue to try to destroy Trump. They feel it needs to be done before Gorsuch goes on the bench, which will probably be in April or May, and which will change everything. For example, the travel ban will be upheld. The Dems will do everything they can to stop Gorsuch. If McConnell doesn’t go nuclear then we know he is with the bad guys.

    • don’t doubt it, he is one of the bad guys. he will come up with some lame excuse or concocted scenario which makes a good reason for not doing so. He is simply a spineless puke without a pair, and an ugly mofo.

  12. I’d say that based on the comments on Sunday’s thread, the nation is nowhere near revolution, glorious, bloody, or other.

    • And it is a really bad idea to be on the internet-is-forever record as unequivically advocating for a bloody insurrection. The obvious first targets in any crackdown are going to be the keyboard Che Guevara’s from either side: Likely not serious people with important connections so therefore easy to be made into public examples. As the Chinese say, ‘Killing the chicken (which you can get at) to frighten the monkeys (which you can’t)’.

      So how much is hanging back well advised prudence and how much is indifference_? I have no idea.

      • I know without any doubt I’m on that list. They let me know the day obama took over. I was involved in a citizen journalist on line paper back starting in 2007. Our editing system was hacked via all of our personal computers. The FBI investigated, then dropped the case. They even told us they where ordered to by somebody in the white house, and that the hackers IP was in the executive wing.
        A few weeks later they sent 3 goons to my farm here in WV, in a white unmarked van to rattle my cage, most likely because I told the FBI agents to tell them they can never stop us from being free, and kiss my ass. Well I seeI this white van coming up the road to my property, 3 black dudes in it. It’s pretty obvious this isn’t kosher. Because somebody had been in our house the week before. Nothing stolen, just lots of things had been moved or gone through. Well, I boogied down the ditch along the road, and came up behind them with 12 ga pump, they never saw me. I stood right behind their van while they got out and went around the house, looked in my windows and felt the hoods of my vehicles to see if the cars had been run recently. They came back around front and I came around their van with the shotgun, asked them if they were obama’s Organizing for America? You want to see what guilty and scared looks like, those boys exemplified it. I told them they are out of their fucking minds they think they scare me. You best be getting down off this mountain before I shoot your ass’s. And if you come back again, bring an army, your gonna need one.

  13. I really wish Trump had called a White House announcement for the press (NOT a presser) and said in prime time to the whole nation the following:

    “Fuck the press. Flynn is my man and all the rest of you can kiss my ass. Oh, and BTW, I hereby publicly announce a $75,000 reward to any and all FBI, CIA and NSA patriots who reliably inform on any moles informants and other bastards who are, have, or plan on working to undermine my administration which has been duly elected by over 63 million Americans. These traitors will then be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law by the DOJ including prison time.

    Thank you, good night, and God bless the United States of America.”

    I’m pretty damn sure that would have gone over pretty well and we would have the further pleasure of watching Leftoid’s heads exploding for months on end. 

    • You know it. Make it a cool million in Gold. Tax free. Talk about stimulus. There’s so many rats and red diaper babies Trump will have to raid Fort Knox. (if there is any gold left).

  14. The past week has been disconcerting in the extreme. Team Trump has very clearly shifted from an offensive push to a defensive crouch in the corner. They grossly underestimated the degree to which the deep state would seek to undermine his presidency. If Trump doesn’t regain control and move back into an offensive push ASAP his presidency will be neutered before he completes his cabinet and impeachment or forced resignation will become a real possibility.

    Trump needs to take control of the security apparatus immediately–the whole Flynn debacle demonstrates that he does NOT control it now. He needs to clear out the top brass of the military and replace the Obama generals with Trump loyalists. Gut the leadership of the CIA, NSA, State Department, and Justice Department. Identify the spies that illegally taped Flynn’s phone conversation, fire them, indict and imprison them–that will bring the rank and file back in line.

    BigTech can be brought in line with a carrot and stick approach. Carrot: announce negotiations with Congress for a one-time deal to repatriate cash to the US with no tax. Stick: announce a review of all GSA contracts with BigTech and open antitrust inquiries into Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Microsoft–there’s nothing like an antitrust inquiry to focus the mind of C-level executives.

    The MSM has declared their opposition openly and must be crushed. Disband the White House Press Corps. Grant access only to media organizations that have publicly dedicated themselves to neutral coverage, as did the WSJ. Exclude all others. Aggressively pursue, fire, and indict leakers.

    Americans elected Trump to be a wrecking ball, not a fine-tuning managerial technocrat.

    • Good points, but ponder this. You can learn from an opponent winning a given battle. You observe their tactics and observe what they bring to bear, ie, just how far are they willing to go to achieve their aim? Trump benefits by seeing just how brazenly the moles in the intel agencies and career staff violate laws and decorum to try and take him and his administration down. That is yuge. He and his know the fight is serious…. as serious as we’ve seen in a long time in the U.S., if not without precedent, and close to what Zman speaks to in the main post.

      So, we KNOW, Trump likes and appreciates Patton and military thinking. I think he has this. I hope he does. With these leaks and the media storm, he has been presented with chaos and withering attacks, but too… an opportunity to observe and take the hits. In a fight, it’s not that you take no punches, but that you absorb them, learn and then beat the crap out of your opponent knowing you can take their best shot.

      The Intel moles at FBI, NSA, CIA and Pentagon are there. Trump and his folks are better served by this lynching of Flynn early so they get their head right with what they are up against instead of assuming they can get along with these people. I’m putting the best case forward, but it is important to see what a opportunity this is going forward. The media and left and progs are laying it all out there. IF this is the existential threat we think it may very well be, a very serious threat to the country and the basis of our federal government, then the moles have played their cards and they got their scalp… but at what cost? I hope Trump is the tactician I think him to be. And I hope his team is ready to fight back… for all of us… and really, they must. Lines have been crossed here. ( sorry so long)

    • One way to cut the power of the MSM is have the FEC force the satellite and cable companies to stop the bundling of programing. If you had to pay by the channel, how many people would pay for CNN, MSNBC and the rest. Without those funds, they would dry up and go away.

  15. This time, it’s not the government, it’s the big media cracking down on the hoi-polloi peasants.
    The Trump administration isn’t cracking down on the peasants, he’s cracking down on the media… he has been doing that since the early days of his campaign, calling out their lies, using alternates like Twitter. But now Twitter and Facebook have joined the old guard big media by becoming part of the ruling class.
    When governments crack down, there’s no escape; all you can do is run, hide, or grin and bear it.
    But when media companies try to control and destroy us, we have choices. We can fight, we can call them out without fear, we can create alternate media or shadow media.
    It will be easier for us to destroy and ignore our Media Giants, than it was for Russian peasants to destroy their own rulers and masters.
    Let Glasnost reign.

  16. the current deep state is clearly incompetent, especially with regards to IT and comms. they are all in the database now, and will be easy to roll up. kill the head and the body will rot on its own. keep in mind that Trump is the master of misdirection; who knows what he has percolating on the “back” burner…

    • There’s another way to look at it via your comment Solomon. They talk about calling Mr. Trump incompetent and dangerous. For good or bad, the unaccountable power of the executive branch employees, if you can call them employees, are a part of the construct of the state. In a way, they themselves are having a constitutional crisis of their own creation. As the saying goes “The Center Can Not Hold”. Being who and what they are, they can not back down and walk away. It isn’t a job, it is power. They are hooked on it like a snack junky, never mind the arrogance they possess. Because of what they are doing to retain that power and position they are rending the fabric of the government apart. I think they won’t stop, because they will bring it all down before permitting us people our will as the governed.

  17. Every couple of months I check in on Weev’s YouTube channel because I find many of his rants amusing. His latest video is called “Is PewDiePie White?” I’d never heard of the guy and when I looked him up, I saw that he’s a huge star. In this particular case, I think the coordination might be a coincidence because of PewDiePie’s fame. But overall, yeah, the crackdown is happening.

  18. i can only speak for myself and those i talk to face-2-face, but we are pretty damned radicalized. the great herd of course will mewl and moo as they always do, but both ends of the bell curve are gearing up. personally i think a pinochet like solution is very palatable to many. kill the root players (soros, schmidt, zuckerberg) fire the middle players, put 100k of the noisest street zombies into prison.

    i think trump’s strongest weapon in this clash is his innate understanding of showmanship and presentation. he will re-program the herd.

    • It’s hard to know, but it does feel like the two sides are more intense now. I no longer debate lefty. I’ve stopped talking to some liberal friends entirely. I just don’t have the tolerance for their bullshit anymore.

      • Things do feel more intense these days; the lefties that I do encounter (its NYC so I guess I should say the majority of people) act like Rome fell. None of them articulate it like that but I suspect what they are trying to express is that they thought that with Obama they had won the final victory and that they were simply in clean-up mode. The idea that maybe the last two terms were a mirage or just a historical blip is so unbelievable to them that they are all freaking out about it. Their map didn’t match reality.

        Now the question is though, are we in a pre-revolutionary period? I’m not so sure about that. We talk historically about the 1850s but its probably more like the 1910s. Things might calm down a lot if we get some solid reforms to a bunch of major issues.

  19. Am I really FIRST?!? I hardly post or even read Facebook any more, although I will put up a great article, like one of ZMan’s, and make a snarky comment to FB readers. The people who hate my guts never comment anymore, so I wonder if FB even permits them to see my stuff these days. This morning my husband asked me if I had any idea of who might be leading a protest of some kind FOR President Trump. Isn’t there some nationwide event, a peaceful one supporting him, coming up soon? Please share this info and contact details here. BTW, I am descended from one of the Regicides of King Charles I. Edward Whalley was a cousin of Oliver Cromwell and he signed the death warrant. He escaped to Connecticut with a couple of others and hid in a cave near New Haven. Then lived out his days in Holyoke MA. None of the Colonists turned him in when the King’s agents came looking;-)

  20. They are backing Donald Trump into a corner. That’s very, very dangerous. It’s rapidly becoming obvious that Trump now has two options: Get a goon squad of his own, or be doomed to irrelevance. People in his own administration are openly breaking the law, as are a whole bunch of “judges.” I don’t think Trump is the kind of guy who will let himself go down in the history books as the guy who lost the USA, who proved beyond a doubt that the true powers in the land are Zuckerberg, Soros, the 9th Circuit, and some midlevel NSA bureaucrats. He’s going to have to organize some Brownshirts for real. It’s going to get real interesting, much faster than anyone imagines.

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