One of the many harms inflicted on us by the hive minded lunatics running our society is the binary world view. Everything is either all good or all bad. As such, everyone must either fully embrace something or completely reject something. Indifference, ambivalence and moderation are not permissible in a world run by zealous fanatics. The only things that matter, that can matter, are those things that require a moral position. Everything else falls outside the set of things that exist, at least to the hive minded.

The most obvious example is homosexuality. Like all normal men, I am mildly intolerant of homosexuals. I get that they cannot help themselves and I get that it is “natural” in the same way schizophrenia is natural. I’m fine with them doing what they must, just as long as they do it in private. Of course, that makes me a monster. In the hive, you must either fully embrace homosexuality and what comes with it, or you are a homophobe and not fit for decent company. There’s no room for indifference or mild intolerance.

Hive mindedness is much more of a female attribute, than a masculine one. That’s not to imply that all women are howling at the moon zealots. It’s just that the fairer sex is much more inclined to deal in absolutes. The reason is that men have ways to arbitrate disputes that do not require a transcendent set of rules. One chimp squares off with the other chimp and the winner is the one who was right about where to find the best bananas. Women don’t have that so they look for a set of rules to figure out winners and losers.

It’s why it was no accident, that as soon as the girls got the vote, and the boys were off fighting the Kaiser, the girls banned alcohol and prostitution. To quote Judge Roy Bean, “Drinking and gambling and whoring were declared unlawful. All those things which come natural to men became crimes.” Morality, at least in the modern age, is the set of rules the girls use to control the boys, which is why the prim-faced moralizers of today are running around trying to stamp out anything that smacks of masculinity.

That came to mind reading this teary-eyed tantrum on National Review the other day. It is supposed to be a take down of Mike Cernovich, but it reads like a fit of jealously by one girl toward another, after the latter stole the former’s guy. The only thing the writer did not do is call Cerno a “doo-doo head” and claim he had cooties. National Review calls itself the flagship publication of conservatism, yet it routinely publishes articles that would be rejected by Ladies Home Journal for being less than serious.

The primary complaint in the piece is that Cernovich is a brute. There are a lot of ways to dismiss Cerno, I’ve done it a few times myself, but attacking his excessive masculinity is strikingly bizarre. Why would the writer latch onto that, rather than the fact that Cerno’s book is generally awful? Or, why not do the point and shriek about Cerno being associated with alt-right figures? The reason is the writer of that piece is a boy named Ian Tuttle, who appears to have spent his youth with his underwear over his head.


Calling him a boy is mean, but it is not inaccurate. He popped out of college two years ago and landed at National Review. He should be working at his local newspaper or maybe a TV station, covering girl’s softball games or perhaps the local crime beat. Maybe in a dozen years, after having lived in the world for a while as an adult, he could think about writing opinion pieces for adults about adult topics. At that point, he would not be bawling about how a guy like Cernovich is a brute.

That’s not the world of elite opinion journalism these days. Rich people send their not-so-bright off-spring to college to major in journalism. Then those boys and girls find their way to the big news sites or the elite journals of opinion. There they type out the approved messages and show up on approved TV shows to repeat those messages. It is cheap content from people, who are happy for the job and will not make any waves by asking the wrong questions or thinking the wrong thoughts.

What’s nuts about this is that there are still some adults working at National Review. The guy approving these posts is Charlie Cooke, but he’s a ridiculous poof-berry too so perhaps he is the one who commissioned it. Even so, you don’t have the dorks write the articles ranting about excessive masculinity. You leave those to the lesbians or the more masculine writers on the staff. Otherwise, you defeat your own purpose. A squealing tantrum from a ridiculous poof-berry convinces no one.

All joking aside, that’s one reason Buckley Conservatism is circling the bowl. It is chasing an audience that is locked up by their masters on the Left. Liberalism is the secular religion for the girls, mostly single white girls. They try to cobble together a coalition of hues for political reasons, but it is mostly a religion for cat ladies and the women who intend to be cat ladies. Buckley Conservatism is trying to fish in those waters, but that hole is all fished out and take that however you like.

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  1. It’s one of the things I’m enjoying about 1970s tv over the air. They aren’t relentlessly pushing homosexuality. And frankly, they all dress better. I was watching Kojak last night and commented on how the 70s were the height of black fashion.

  2. FWIW, Ian did not just pop out of college and land at NR.

    Ian Tuttle is the Thomas L. Rhodes Journalism Fellow at the National Review Institute. He was previously a NRI Buckley Journalism Fellow in 2014 and 2015. …. Ian graduated from St. John’s College (Annapolis, MD) in May 2014 with a degree in Liberal Arts.

    From his official bio. He was spotted in college by NR and had a spot kept warm for him there.

  3. Except for your forays into misogyny (we’re not all the way you portray “women”), this is terrific as it skewers Ian Tuttle and Charles Cooke in the same article. Ian is indeed a boy. The internet has been overrun with them for the past number of months as they appear to have been hired on to cover the presidential primaries across the country. (Why does the old saw “Never send a boy to do a man’s job” come to mind?) Ian’s photo probably appears next to Effete in the dictionary, and Charles Cooke’s could be there as well. The latter is one of our poorer Brit imports who get their little Oxford diplomas and then hustle over to the colony to enjoy the good stuff and raise hell with the way we run our country. They would rather have what’s left of their usually sparse hair pulled out than live at Home (Brit for the UK). Never having gotten over the Revolution, envying our American teeth, loving our lifestyle but feeling a need to carp, they grab their laptops and pick away at our political processes and everything else that we are doing. They always know better.

    So, fie on your misogyny, but bravos for your recognizing the doltdom of Tuttle and Cooke!

  4. “Hive mindedness is much more of a female attribute, than a masculine one. That’s not to imply that all women are howling at the moon zealots. It’s just that the fairer sex is much more inclined to deal in absolutes. The reason is that men have ways to arbitrate disputes that do not require a transcendent set of rules.”

    True dat!

  5. Cernovich and the alt-right media provide the right sources of information for our times. Since you really can’t trust any media to tell you the truth, all you can do is gather up as much information as you can and decide for yourself what makes sense. Cernovich, though a bit of a kook, often makes sense.

    • Cernovich is breaking some important stories, e.g. Susan Rice. Kudos to him for that. As to the child Tuttle, he needs to find out what the real world is about……

    • Cerno is about to jump the shark, I think. He got a whiff of fame and now he is floating around high on celebrity. His “report” that there’s a plan to invade Syria is laughable nonsense. We have a plan to invade every country on earth. Multiple plans in most cases.

      He’s just a guy willing to do and say anything to be famous. He’s harmless, but I would not take anything he says seriously.

      • You really think so Z?
        Seems like there’s easier and more long term potential for notoriety and profit than spitballing with SJW’s and the Fabian media, unless your a sadomasichist or looking to seriously mind job them.
        If they manage to destroy your public persona, your usually kaput.

      • Z Man;
        Spot on re plans to invade everywhere. Of course there are. The real question is if the Syrian ones are being updated *right now*.

        There’s always been a plan to invade Syria. I did one myself in the early ’80’s in Command & Staff College. It was a class exercise.

        IIRC, the big binary in the problem was whether or not there was Russian involvement. (Some things don’t change.) Also IIRC, we were told to ignore that possibility since it made all the planning assumptions invalid and unstable, even if non-nuclear. After all, it *was* just an exercise, the actual point of which was to demonstrate that logistics matter a lot more than the average mid-grade officer might think.

      • This week somebody was feeding him the line that Bannon wasn’t really demoted. Move Along folks, nothing to see here. Obviously, somebody was feeding him this spin and he couldn’t see through it or maybe he thinks his place in the world is now to spin. Likewise with the Syrian false flag operation claims this week. It’s not that it wasn’t a false flag, it’s that he was so certain that it was. He was basically spilling propaganda or misinformation. Like I said, I think the right approach is to consider stuff from Cerno as just another piece of information. You listen to it, assimilate it, and weight it accordingly.

  6. I used to scoff at the idea that white people were entering a steady-state Hell from which there is no escape, but I’m not so sure now. The little dweeb with whom ZMan illustrated this essay seems pretty typical of the young white males I see every day, and I live in the most backward part of Flyover Country. You just have to watch these poor boys walking around and you can see from their body language that they are broken. Most were probably raised by single moms and grew up on a diet of PBS for KIds.

  7. Tuttle looks like the “supreme gentleman” elliot rogers, the INCEL killer from a few years back. how odd for someone like him to ever write (or think) about masculinity; it’s not something he’s going to be very familiar with.

  8. Spot on Z. The best right wing journalism is coming from non-journalists like the Zman and the folks on his blog roll. The best journalism comes from folks who have lived in the real world …. Re: binary choices that is so true. Either you want to be the grand marshall of the Gay Pride parade wearing assless chaps , riding a unicycle with a ball-gag in your mouth or you want to put gays in ovens. Also what is up with with these establishment right wingers that write for NRO?? Big Giant Pansies ! Good lord….Can’t imagine the number of Atomic Wedgies that Tuttle kid got in high school….

    • NRO and the likes are terrified of having young, smart tough guys write for them. They would seem too much like the alt-right crowd and these publications are not going anywhere near that.

  9. To survive as a people we need to:

    1. Agree sexes are complements not duplicates and that IS freedom which will express naturally in various ways.
    2. See clearly those among us whose goal it is to divide and conquer by playing on womens vanity because united we cannot be undermined.
    3. Agree that there was some realignment that was needed but we are well past this era.
    4. Fight FOR each other as ourselves and be steadfast on this, because without a strong complement we don’t survive.
    5. Know we need to be internally consistent (there is no beauty without strength and there is no strength without beauty).

  10. When I was a teen, educators and leaders frequently spoke of the “whole man concept.” Being smart might get you a job as an engineer or a scientist, but if you wanted to be a manager or leader, you had better have some varsity sports in your background, at least at the high school level.

    You never find anyone really talking about the “whole person concept.” The whole thing seems to have gone away. Observing my wife’s alpha friends,* I’ve found that none of them seem to have the least bit of athletic background. All of their competitive spirit seem to have been devoted to the corporate grind.

    These catty, whiny boy-men seem to have that in common with the alpha females I have known. As I have often said here, this new class, this managerial class seems to be composed mostly of band kids and debate kids. They are the wrong people to lead.

    (An aside, all of my wife’s alpha friends are married to betas. None seem all that happy about it, but they make it work. An alpha-alpha marriage is tough – my wife and I fight all the time – but we both agree that it is way better than the alternative.)

    • We’ve survived an alpha-alpha marriage for 62 years. That’s what keeps us young. People who know us well (the few that are still alive) marvel that we’ve made it this far.

  11. Pingback: “POOF-BERRIES”: “Morality, at least in the modern age, is the set of rules the girls use to control the boys, which is why the prim-faced moralizers of today are running around trying to stamp out anything that smacks of masculinity.” – the

  12. Nice lil’ “lesbian” jab at Kevin D. Williamson, Zman, but you’ve done better full-scale take-downs of KDW before.

    Speaking of NR’s Daughters of Bilitis, the good one, Florence King, shuffled off this mortal coil in 2016.

    “The more immoral we become in big ways, the more puritanical we become in little ways.” – Florence King (1936-2016)

    “My object is to live in a place that does not call itself ‘the community with a heart.’ I want one of those godforsaken towns where all the young people leave and the rest sit on the porch with a rifle across their knees.” – Florence King, in her National Review column, “The Misanthrope’s Corner”

    “No matter which sex I went to bed with, I never smoked on the street.” – Florence King, Confessions of a Failed Southern Lady (1985), on meeting her Virginia grandmother’s expectations

  13. “All joking aside, that’s one reason Buckley Conservatism is circling the bowl.”

    I’m pretty sure that Buckley Conservatism has already been flushed and is in the sewer on the way to the waste purification plant. It just takes a long time to get there.
    Speaking of homosexuality, I have to laugh when I hear the term homophobe floated by some libtard or poof (is there a difference?). Is any man actually “afraid” of a fag? Sure, you might be afraid to use a needle with them, but I think most men find them laughable. In a “sympathetic” sort of way.

    • For a boy to be actually afraid of Homosexuals is a good thing, an urban survival skill even. But, as you say, it’s one thing for a man to be repulsed, mildly or strongly, and another to actually be afraid.

      Think of ‘homophobia’ as a recruitment meme to be used against insecure young guys: “Wasa matter, you too chicken to _____ me_?”.

  14. ” I am mildly intolerant of homosexuals”
    Pretty much sums it up for me. I’ve often wondered how any man can accept men who engage in sodomy with each other. I’ve mentioned this to a few females and they usually find this funny – i suppose there’s an obvious and painful reason for that.

    • To be honest, i feel some sympathy for homosexuals. It is a tough life. Still, there are worse afflictions and there is nothing wrong with requiring them to keep their private lives private. Minority populations must respect the sensibilities of the majority.

      • Gays are just people, like everyone else. When being gay starts coloring the rest of the conversation, that’s when you lose me.

        • Gay people define themselves by their homosexuality. They are gay before they are anything else. You must hate chatting with them.

          • I don’t think that’s generally true. Probably plenty of gay writers we don’t know about who do the sports and business pages. It shouldn’t be a surprise that it is those that write about society and politics that are prone to starting articles with ” as a gay man/woman…” Milo is of course quite big on making people aware of his gayness, although he uses this as a mindfuck tool against the left.

      • So long as heterosexuals are required to suppress our interests and attractions to women, it does not seem terribly unreasonable to require the homos also to suppress their inclinations.

      • All people who define themselves principally by their sexual behaviour annoy me. What you do in the bedroom is the least important part of you.

        Do you pay your bills? On time? Do you do your work carefully, well and in a timely manner? Are you loyal? Do you keep your word? Do you care for the sick and weak and give to charity? Are you proud and haughty? The list goes on but you get my point.

      • There is an old wisdom about “the majority is always sane”: that is my beef with the present politics regarding homosexuality, (my personal beliefs aside, they are mine), the idea is to make cultural sexual and other taboo perversions look like they are the majority, mainstream, then you can do anything with them, like shove them up everyone’s arse by making people who are not fags or lickers of the boots of minorities and illegal aliens look like evil racists, it’s marxism 101. It gets people going at each other, it’s divide and conquer writ large.
        That the gay community permits this, to be used as tools, even willing dupes, well in simple terms it gives me every reason to see gays as despicable people, with no moral compass or principles, and that has nothing to do with their sex preferences, and everything to do with their character.

      • I once advised a very nice young homosexual man:

        “Don’t let that be the first thing that other people find out about you.”

        Many of them live quiet, productive lives, working, achieving success, enjoying hetero friends, being kind to their families, their neighbors. Not racing around in the streets, waving rainbow flags and generally making fools of themselves. We don’t hear about those.

  15. I agree with you but you are critiquing him for calling Cerno a brute while at the same time you are calling the writer a boy.

    • No, I pointing out that it is dumb to criticize Cerno for his alleged toxic masculinity and it is ridiculous to send a poof out to wail about it. It’s the sort of thing girls do.

  16. Nah, women don’t care about “absolutes” and “transcendent sets of rules” — they just care about what the highest-status, dominant people prefer and do their best to reinforce those preferences and make sure that all of the people that they themselves associate with share those preferences. They want to align themselves with the in-crowd, that’s all. It’s men who look to heaven and try to see what’s written there. That why it’s the men who rebel — sometimes it seems to them that what’s written in heaven opposes high-status preferences.

    • Women want the things and mates that the other women want. Capturing a rich or alpha male is all about rubbing the other women’s noses in it. I have him, not you. Which throws down the gauntlet for the other women to steal him away. The other attributes of the male in question are irrelevant.

  17. In the past, the best journalists were the ones who did NOT major in journalism. Nowadays, collegiate schools of journalism are simply cranking out brainwashed cucks, sexual perverts, and feminists…all of whom have an edge to grind.

  18. The degeneration of “major” journalism such as National Review is yet another symptom of our decline as a society and culture.

    But it can also be a weather-vane. If National Review dies out due to its journalistic pathology, then that is a sign that our species is getting healthier again. If it becomes more popular (including its advocacy for masculine subornation), then it likely means that the disease is metastasizing toward fatality.

    Regardless, we are not going to talk our way into either outcome. If that were true, then psychiatry would cure everyone all the time.

    • TomA:
      “But it can also be a weather-vane. If National Review dies out due to its journalistic pathology, then that is a sign that our species is getting healthier again.”


  19. National Review has become parody, ala The Onion,without the humor. Young Mr Tuttle looks like the poster boy for low-T. How fitting for NRO.

    • It’s not just the NRO, ever look at those beltway males FoxNews brings on to comment on daily events, issues? They all look like pasty faced little boys or low T pajama boys.

      You know these guys never worked a real job in their lives or even dealt with reality for that matter. They walked right from the college bubble to the MSM/consultant/paid hack bubble world.

      Look at Evan McMullen aka: Eggs McMullen. A classic poof berry put up by the NeverTrumpers and Neo-Cons. If this is their idea of a male, they may as well put a bullet in their collective noggins.

      Kushner is another one. The guy looks like a total frail, the notion of physical labor or the gym are foreign concepts to the twerp.

  20. I don’t follow Cernovich, I think he puts himself out there for gain, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Everyone has to make a living. I made mine by helping people with physical problems and chopping out cancers. He makes his by promoting himself.
    To me this is a girl fight between girls.

    • I celebrate his audacity and courage to single handedly go up against the hive. He was on 60 minutes. You know they edited his interview to paint him in an out of context light to suit the hives meme of Nazi Alt-Right White Supremicist out for himself.
      Andrew Breitbart brought the fight right to the cultural marxists, literally, physically. Remember how he would wade right into the for hire method actor/”protesters”. Remember how he called out the hive for pejoratives like “Tea Baggers” Astro-Turfing”, for the left calling Sarah Palin a “cunt”?
      You always need people with that kind of courage and indomitable spirit.
      Cernovich operates on the principle he is feared and reviled at the same time. The fact he doesn’t fear the collective makes him very dangerous. He has his A game on, he is focused, knows the answers before the loaded questions are dropped on him. The hive can’t help itself, Cernovicich is a cancer on their cognitive dissimulation mind set, he must be destroyed. Not assimilated, but made an example of.
      Thats the thing about cultural marxists, it is a hive collective. It takes them years and decades to effect negative change and social engineering, it’s false narratives require industrial level 5th column media complex to employ, and in one sentence in 10 seconds, one man, like a Cernovich, can undermine and destroy years and decades, billions of dollars, literally, of bullshit.
      Look what Andrew did, he literally single handedly exposed and smashed the entire cultural marxist narrative. He was a catalyst for an entire zeitgeist and it’s insurgency that rejects the collective in entirety.
      I think Cernovich is just getting started now that Milo has receded and Richard is on the back burner. You have Jack Donovan, Brett Stevens, the red pill men over at The Men of The West, Vox Day, Colin Little, Andy Nowicki, Robert Gore, an entire grass roots uprising of the dirt people. Cernovich is the tip of the spear moment of the zeitgeist.
      Look at Z here, one humble guy blogging creates dialog and critical thinking, that creates preference cascades, because dirt people begin to see they are qualitative and quantitative people who have value and principles worth more than everything.
      These men are destroying the hives narratives and memes. Like the timeless axiom of “How do you eat the elephant: One bite at a time” The collective is unable to counter, never mind get ahead of the guerrilla campaign against it, they are reacting, and you can not win if your enemy is making you have to fight him on his terms.
      Cernovich is one in an underground insurgency that is truly open source. You can call it Alt-Right, Hard Right, Traditional Right, The Great Fuck You, Men of The West, The Red Pill, shitlords, it doesn’t matter what it is called, it doesn’t care, it needs no permission, to be asked, it doesn’t care. It just is.
      Shit the hive owns the entire media complex, they controlled the entire leviathan, had billions at their disposal, almost the entire wealth and influence of the uber rich. And a few guys like Milo, Andrew and Cernovich can only be stopped if the hive implements the gulag’s and summery execution.
      National Review is a joke to us Men of The West, it is repugnant in every facet of it’s form and reason. You read it and you feel somehow you have been infected by it, it’s stink of cowardliness and submission, no matter how subtle to the hive.
      Cernovich is a breath of fresh air in comparison. He has more balls in his pinky toe that the the entire National review combined.

      • Hear, hear. Mike is quite fearless and has inspired many others to be the same. His detractors mock him, he offers to take them on and they wimp out. He rubs their faces in their cowardice and never lets them forget it. He also hates the same people I hate which is enough for me to forgive some of his shortcomings.

        • The one thing his detractors are concerned with more than anything is exactly all what you said.
          Divide people so you can conquer them, never let them become united, or gain solidarity, keep everyone going at each others throats. A united America, or at the very least a cascade of like minded thinking is existential stuff to the detractors.
          It’s obvious to say so, but it can not be said enough, we all don’t have to agree to make our country our home, because that is what America really is, our home, but to be a plurality of undeniable people with the same goals, principles, and ideals, it is indomitable, because it has a certain motive power that can not be stopped.
          And that is why nationalism, Western Christian based mores and virtues, is so reviled, always under assault. Because it binds people together, in positive ways, gives hope, provides faith.
          Cernovich is on the front fighting this war of hearts and minds. Winning minds is a science, but winning hearts is an art, in the face of the 5th column media, you got to be a cognitive critical thinking creative surgeon of the 1st order to avoid the traps, and always keep the sonofabitches off balance.
          It is probably one of the most difficult things to be able to consistently accomplish. Look at what they did when Milo made a mistake, it was like a piranha feeding frenzy. But it was instructive too, Milo hot a touchy subject, and I think he was working up to Pizzagate, and that they saw where it was heading, they had to destroy Milo no matter what it took to keep him from going there.

          Could you imagine National Review investigating Pizzagate? Or linkage to the trail of dead bodies in the Clinton’s wake? The DOJ’s blatant criminal activities? Never mind anything about RINO’s or AINO’s?

  21. It only reinforces the fact underneath cucks are not much different from cultural marxists. Just a lighter brand.
    This is the law of the lowest common denominator in living color.

      • A guy doesn’t necessarily have to be a fag to give off the fag vibe. In the case of Buckley, he wasn’t just a flashlight but a lightning staff of the sort in the Frankenstien movies. Apparently drew them in like flies to shit.

        • sometimes a “guy” like cooke or tuttle is very effeminate without being a peter puffer. but still, you have to wonder. in any event, i concur that they are ll pussies and should be harried and mocked unrelentingly…

        • Buckley’s magic didn’t seem to work on Gore Vidal. A homo and a lefty, yes, but the man had a brain.

      • Yes.
        At some point if we men of the west are to survive and preserve western Christian culture the window remedy will have to be re-instated. It does have a rather immediate and succinct results.
        Do you think the cucks and pajama boys over at NV they even have an inkling there isn’t a shitlord among them, or even understand what that term implies?

        • I am a regular and I have been reading ZMAN for some time. Thank you for the link and enjoyed it very much. I feel so much the same way and I will bookmark the site and visit often..

          • Glad you enjoyed, I did too.
            Even if your from a different generation or stage in awakening, you can identify with the author.

  22. For the love of God. The Tartars are at the gate and Mr. Tuttle is at the ramparts, crying himself to sleep.

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