The Answer Is Always More

One of the more entertaining bits of black humor on Steve Sailer’s blog are the stories he posts about how every problem can be solved with more immigration. No matter the problem, someone will have a reason why the solution to it is more immigration. It’s as if our elites have a bizarre form of Tourette’s, where any stimulation causes them to blurt out lines from Emma Lazarus. When the lunacy of their claims is pointed out, the response is usually just a blank stare, suggesting their enthusiasm for open borders is involuntary.

The reason for this is the people championing open borders are not working from a set of facts, or arguments from those facts. Sure, the indentured servant lobbies are thinking in economic terms. The refugee lobbies want the money spigot to remain open, but these are relatively small influences on public debate. The vast majority of people championing open borders have no monetary incentives. They are doing it because they view the issue in purely moral terms. They are pro-immigrant in the same way normal people are pro-life.

Among the cognitive elites, there is a strong social incentive for embracing ever more extreme positions on the popular fads of the moment. It’s how we went so quickly from tolerating homosexuals to embracing mentally disturbed men in sundresses. Similarly, it is how miscegenation went from casual outlier to the only acceptable form of mating. When it comes to immigration, the furthest possible extreme is open borders, so the game is to come up with ever more creative ways of justifying it.

When looking at it in moral terms, it helps explain why both types of Progressive have gone berserk on the issue of immigration. Fundamentally, the so-called Left and the so-called Right share the same moral framework. Both sides of Progressivism embrace an intolerant, smothering set of universal principles rooted in the blank slate. All people everywhere are the same and interchangeable. As Senator Lindsey Graham would put it, people don’t exist as flesh and blood beings, but rather as ideals.

Anyway, it is good to keep that in mind when seeing so-called conservatives make their pitch for open borders. This piece in the hilariously misnamed American Conservative is a a rather bizarre attempt to justify redefining temporary to mean permanent.

That’s why this recent decision will be particularly advantageous for MS-13. Realistically, the federal government will be unable to enforce this immigration policy. Likewise, the vast majority of the 200,000 Salvadorans are unlikely to voluntarily leave. Instead, they’ll live in the shadows as prey for MS-13.

Trump has masterfully used MS-13 as a straw man in the immigration debate. The constant references to this glorified street gang leave the impression that most illegal immigrants are violent felons. It is a particularly artful tactic, given that 80 percent of voters believe that illegal immigrants convicted of a felony should be deported.

However, the vast majority of the 200,000 Salvadorans aren’t violent criminals. Although Hurricane Mitch is listed as their official reason for refugee status, the reality is that a high percentage of these people fled to the U.S. to escape violence in El Salvador.

Those who do return will be much more vulnerable back in El Salvador where MS-13 and their rival, Barrio 18, control large swaths of the country. In turn, assets these immigrants acquired while working in the U.S. will eventually be appropriated by these gangs.

There is a common misconception that a “weak immigration policy” led to the rise of MS-13. In fact, it was the aggressive deportation policy of the Clinton administration that transformed MS-13 into a transnational criminal organization.

You see how this works?

Enforcing the law creates more criminals. This sort of sophistry that has become common, because there is no rational argument in favor of open borders. As Americans have become familiar with the facts, the open borders people are left with mendacity as their only option. Coming up with the most extreme justifications inevitably leads to defending the indefensible, not on merit, but as a form of virtue signalling. Demanding easy access to Americans by bloodthirsty criminal gangs is extreme in the extreme.

This quest for the most virtuous position on the immigration topic answers the question posed in this post by Sailer. If all people are the same, that we’re just interchangeable meat sticks, there can be no moral justification for inequality and diversity. Our elites see diversity as the result of some evil force. Nothing can be too extreme when combating evil. More important, one cannot be seen by his coevals as beyond the pale when he is engaged in combating evil. The crazier the better when it comes fanatics.

It’s also why appeals to reason never work with these people. We are ruled over by fanatics, convinced that anything worth doing is worth overdoing. They are like addicts seeking a high more intense than the one before it. You don’t talk an addict out of his blind quest for the ultimate high. He has to find that limit on his own. That usually means dying in a pool of his own vomit. That’s most likely the fate of our rulers. They will realize they have gone too far just as the trap door snaps open and they begin the drop.

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  1. Then there are the economics of the situation. Yet another Cloud lie. Contra to the propaganda, current immigration policy is an economic drain on the economy. This is particularly so when chain migration lets one green card holder bring in all his dependent relatives to go on welfare. Dot Indians are absolute masters at this.

    Want to continue the market run-up and add at least 1 growth point to the GDP. Cut off illegal immigration and you cut off their transfers of our wealth to their countries of origin to support their dependents there. Hard hearted_?

    The object of the US government is the safety and prosperity of *US* citizens and not facilitating foreign elites’ avoidance of dealing with their own state socialist stagnation. Mexico most definitely is at the top of the list.

    Want them to pay for ‘the wall’ and start re-negotiating NAFTA seriously_? Put on a 10% or 20% foreign remittance tax on individual transfers. Give the banks a slight haircut slice, say 1% just like VISA: Carrot and stick works every time.

  2. Most of theses jokers are just me-too virtue wannabes, the thought [sic] leaders can’t conceive of anything more moral than permanent Socialist majorities composed of browner-than-thou invaders, having failed to raise such a voter base among the pallid people.

  3. As Z states, our rulers won’t stop with this insanity period. We are well past the point of figuring out why they went bat shit crazy, maybe it was total social and economic isolation, maybe utter contempt for lower class whites. Doesn’t matter at this stage.

    The point is we’ve identified the source or disease causing the destruction of the West and we need to figure out how to deal with them. It’s clear the elite and their underlings cannot be reasoned with in the least, they are total nutjobs. So that avenue is out. That leaves either a political approach or selective violence against major media and businesses types and their associates.

    I’d prefer a political solution but the elite own D.C. and the system or at least the parts that matter and made that approach useless because of the fragmented electorate/ The elites did a fine job alienating upper class whites from blue collars and middle-class, government workers against private sector, etc. So getting even a slim majority consensus is going to be damn near impossible.

    My guess either the elite panic and do something really bloody or we have a black swan event that forces everything to a confrontation.

  4. Well speaking of Germans it seems at least some of them are finally got their act together !!!

    “””German city bans new refugees anti migrant mood increases”””

    Sadly the swedes are still getting their ass kicked

    “””Teens run the streets with rifles as crime swamps Sweden”””

    ( both stories pulled from Drudge )

  5. Always more of everything: more socialism, more government, more taxes, more regulation, more diversity, more immigration….

    The only thing that the people in charge want less of is individual liberty and honkies.

  6. Some good news

    And this the next time somebody mentions slavery ( taken from )

    January 21st. Eliza Moore, the last surviving individual born into slavery before the Emancipation Proclamation died on this day, in 1948, in Montgomery County, Alabama, at age 105.

    Since 68 years have now elapsed since her death and 151 years have now elapsed since 1865, JWR perhaps presumptuously hereby declares that it is now fully high time for Americans to Get Over It, and instead focus on current slavery issues, like the uncounted thousands of slaves now being held by Muslims in North Africa.

    There is no cause for so-called White Guilt in our generation, but we should feel badly about doing little or nothing (both individually and collectively) toward seeing modern slavery abolished once and for all!

    • All well and good, Sir Lance, but to channel Cathy Newman, so what you are saying is…..the twenty million Afericans yet to be born in the next generation alone would be stripped of the same special rights of the previous generation? So you are saying that the unconceived have no special rights? There must be a long and menacing German word for that.

    • Here’s my review of Muhammida’s autobiography from your link. No matter how special she was in America she was never special enough because, racism. In Gambia, which has no race but does have class, she is upper class! Muhammida is happy! May a strong man take you for his first wife and slap you lightly.

  7. “[A]ppeals to reason never work with these people”

    That sums it up nicely and the inference that by default one must draw is that some sort of direct action is all that remains with respect as to how to deal with them, assuming it’s not already too late to turn the tide; sadly, I suspect it is.

  8. Interracial mating the only “acceptable” form to whom? Silly college students? Hollywood? (That fountain of evil touting it for years tells you it can’t be a good thing.)

  9. “Enforcing the law creates more criminals.”

    This is the argument used by libertarians and anarchists about anything they disagree with. Also how you end up having your entire society run by gangsters. The corollary to this is the idea behind “property is theft”. Normal modes of thinking are the only things that turn out to be criminal, worthy of punishment. These people are mentally ill.

  10. I saw footage of the womens march rally in Toronto.. speakers were all “persons of color”…twenty something university students. That they can rant and rave about their oppression unironically while being the most privileged children on the planet boggles the mind. Even the normie i eat lunch with asked “what rights dont they have now?”

    Ungrateful children of immigrants.

    • Even the normie i eat lunch with asked “what rights dont they have now?”

      Change we can believe in.

  11. When someone is agreeable to open borders/illegal immigration I ask them do you lock your doors and why? They get it, but they don’t like it or change their mind.

    • No, people especially do not like to be caught out in their own bullshit, but some percentage will change their minds, only it takes months or years after somebody first cracked the door open. Did for me. .

  12. It’s a morality competition.
    They’re more moral than that stunted Christian patriarchy, you see.

    1st wave feminism:
    I’m sending money to Feed the Children.

    2nd wave feminism:
    I’m adopting a child from Peru.

    3rd wave feminism:
    I’m adopting two semi-orphans from Nigeria, one has birth defects and the other has AIDS.

    4th wave feminism:
    Since they were child soldiers who killed their mother, their father and his three new wives are coming with them.

  13. I don’t understand why we’re debating immigration. We won the election; we own the executive branch. Enforce the law. If that means firing every executive branch employee to fund the wall, so be it. Fuck congress. They are the swamp.

    • The Russians understood it, saying simply the US is not agreement capable.

      This means roughly not enough people who are trustworthy or an adult is in charge and while the Russians didn’t say this, this applies internally as well as externally

      When the election of a mildly liberal 90’s business Democrat like Trump causes a civic meltdown only a couple of decades later simply the political system is broken,. The uniparty D/R can’t cope with any change or any responsibility and is freaking out that the voters demand things that they don’t want to do

      An adult would simply not run again and yes this means Jeff Flake to his credit is a grownup and apparently not a total power junkie but most of the political class?

      Long and short , they mostly suck.

      The thing is if the elite could, they’d declare an end to elections but not only do they need the pretext of elections to succeed at what they want to do, if they tried they be replaced either by an ambitious underling or the military or in the US or somewhere else pissed off patriots

      The US has stupid levels of arms and ammo and just lacks a real idea of what else to replace the rot with.

      So in order to prevent this you get election fraud, and media brainwashing all day long

      That of course is wearing off and causing an even bigger panic, heck even fraud is getting fought Judge Moore is still fighting for that seat in Alabama which rarely would have happened in the past

      So with all that going on its like that Godspeed You Black Emperor lyric from the Dead Flag Blues “we are all trapped in the belly of this horrible machine and the machine is bleeding to death

  14. Sophistry it is, Zman. Because everyone knows that Italian and Vietnamese criminal gangs never victimized legal Italian and Vietnamese immigrants. Nope. Never happened.

    I am getting really tired of upper middle class kids from well to do, exclusive suburbs telling me about what’s really going on in the streets. Really tired of it. (If my cyber-stalking skills are still any good, the author grew up in a very affluent community with a median household income well above the state and national medians.)

  15. Right on schedule, today’s news brought the brilliant comment that we need to import more Muslims, because the males behave better in the presence of their mothers and wives.

    • Maybe she means if there were more Muslim women around to rape they wouldn’t rape so many Germans. And if it’s a preventive we are looking for, Muslim’s doing what they will naturally do to German women is the cure for German women doing what women naturally do, welcoming aliens.

  16. Moe Gibbs will always demand more; more entitlements for housing, food, eja-muh-cation, more quotas. Moe is so used to demanding more he just assumes more immigration is the correct action, even though he is securing his peepsols’ firm hold on America’s number 1 permanent underclass.

  17. Just read today some actor declaring that we are a nation of “illegal”immigrants.
    The insanity continues fueled by ever increasing hatred for Trump and normal Americans.

      • I always wondered why they never understood this. Contrast is an illuminating thing. Once the west is flooded with third worlders the white man will sparkle like a demi-God. Our talents will be in high demand and hard to find. White privilege will explode.

        Just look at how The Jews were empowered through minoritization. See how the Janissaries carried the Ottoman Empire.

        They are fools… wasteful, myopic, ideological fools.

        • I have to ask: Are your comments, and james+wilson’s comments meant to be satire? If not, please explain how you think the decrease of White numbers will result in Whites having more power. Maybe you could explain South Africa and Rhodesia to me? Or any urban area in the US in which blacks and hispanics make up the majority population?

          • Whites in Rhodesia (8%) and South Africa (20%) exercised great power necessarily, and surrendered it voluntarily to their doom. Mexico is fairly typical of Latin America, 10% white. Business, government, entertainment, and media–all white. Brazil is split between white and black and will become two states in time.

          • So, how does this explain your comment,

            “Look around the planet. The fewer white men there are, the more power they exercise.”

            Are you saying that losing the majority demographic results in more power for the ex-majority, or are you saying it leads to “the more power (((they))) exercise”, or “the more power the ex-minority exercises”?

            And if you think that Mexico and Latin America are examples of this, you need to re-examine. Yes, the face of the leadership is more European looking than the peasants, but it is “more European looking”, not all White. Plus, this speaks of the docility of the mestizo and the fact that those of European descent did not relinquish their control. They are still just a step away from Venezuela.

          • It is not for me to make that effort when you put so little effort toward questioning yourself.

          • Do you think Donald Trump could have been elected when America was 90%+ white? No.

            As conditions deteriorate people get desperate enough to drop the equality pretense.

            Vilifying whitey is a luxury of a wealthy society.

    • Most of the guys I know don’t really care about power. They do worry about about what the morons are going to do with the country

      And some of them worry about what they might have to do to stop it.

  18. Here’s the thing. I am not anti-immigration. I am anti-illegal immigration. The Left has managed to conflate legal and illegal immigration into one giant thing. So when I criticize illegal immigration, I am bundled up as a racist no-good person.

    This conflation is not an accident. The Left hides their support of open borders behind it, so they can step out and accuse anyone who criticizes any aspect of the immigration question as flat-out bigoted racists and nativists.

    They do a similar thing with “voting rights”. To go so far as to criticize an illegal voter or the dead voting en masse, it gets turned into “you want to take away the voting rights of everyone who is poor and of color”.

    • I’m anti immigration period since all immigration policy, even anti illegal pro legal immigration policy is based around more is better.

      No its not. The US has over 300 million and that is more than plenty. I don’t really think we need more Leftist European migrants not that there are many to spare , we need a tiny handful, 10k a year carefully selected at most

      Frankly if your business model, church model , social model can’t handle population stability its flawed and needs to go

      You know what I’ll go farther the US needs to send millions of people back and restore gradually the pre 1968 demographic or its gone. Its either Brazil or Civil war time which si an ignominious end to a concept nation if you ask me.

  19. Identity is, to borrow a SJW term, problematic for me. I don’t want to call myself a Republican because of guys like McConnell and Ryan, I hesitate to call myself alt-right because so many Nazi LARPers are skulking around, but outfits like The American Conservative make me hesitate to call myself conservative.

    • “I hesitate to call myself alt-right because so many Nazi LARPers are skulking around,”

      How many Nazi LARPers constitutes “so many”? This is like the SPLC and black parasites (or SJW’s) talking about the invincible KKK. How many people TOTAL in the US do you think belong to the KKK? I think about the same amount that are Nazi LARPers. In other words, such an insignificant amount that it isn’t even worth the oxygen to mention it. I don’t know about you, but I bet there are more pedophiles in the Democratic Party than there are Nazi LARPers in the “alt-right”, whatever that is. I would rather have the support of Nazi LARPers than pedophiles. What about you?

    • Not reacting like a scared child every time you see or hear the word “Nazi” is the key to being a political adult.

  20. I see their motivations rooted in egalitarian and universel moral values. It has nothing to do with help but indignation. As long as there unequally between individuals, groups, cultures there is a basis for indignation. We saw it with communism that didn’t make all people rich but killed the classes that was and the basis for indignation was gone,-equality had been realised. To destroy the west will bring justice as the basis for indication will be gone that is their motivations. I myself have come to the conclusion that we have to send those people to the too. If you as a liberal has become “citizen of the world” and send to Sudan, Congo or Afganistan with John Lennons “Imagine”, U2 “One” on your iPhone X, a copy of the human rights declaration you have all you need. The basis for the indignation is gone because they are not part of the west anymore.

  21. Their number one ruling principle is non-discrimination. I have a neighbor who is Christian, talks about God and Jesus constantly, and unlike most, has a good understanding of Islam, including the religion’s justification of violence. After discussing Islamic immigration into Europe, and the resulting rapes, murders, their war waged against Christians, etc, I shared my opinion that we need to stop importing Muslims into the West. He looked at me with a shocked look, and said, “We can’t go that far.” Even though he’s Christian, the religion of non-discrimination trumps everything.

    • “I have a neighbor who is Christian, talks about God and Jesus constantly, and unlike most, has a good understanding of Islam, including the religion’s justification of violence.”

      Unfortunately, he has a poor understanding of Christianity. Because of a few poorly translated verses like, “But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also”, Christianity has become totally converged. Do you actually think that God doesn’t want you to resist evil? If so, how come the Messiah gets to take a whip to the money changers in the Temple? There is no thinking in Churchianists. They take 20% of their supposed
      scripture and ignore the 80% that exposes the weaknesses in their dogma. Christianity used to be a masculine religion. It is now pussy whipped. Or, maybe I should say “pussy hat whipped”.

      • Exactly. Grew up in it, walked away in my 20’s. The Church Militant has been wholly replaced. These guys don’t believe anything about carrying weapons, protecting their borders, communities or families. It’s all clearly laid out for them, just as it was practiced by our ancestors for centuries:

        “Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.” ~ Luke 22:36

        “But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for those in authority beareth not the sword in vain: for they are minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.” ~ Romans 13:4

        “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel.” ~ 1 Timothy 5:8

    • Your neighbor, quite frankly, is not a Christian. He is a Baal worshiper. I am sure he believes his religion is the proper worship of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and that he in fact is a follower of Jesus Christ, but that is because he is deluded and blind.

      If you could point out to him the tenets of Baal worship (as described in the OT—notably by Isaiah and Ezekiel), and how the ancient Israelites were constantly carried away with this false religion, perhaps he might concede the fact… BUT, he would probably say it is YOU who worship the false Jesus, Baal, and he and his church have it right.

      Yet none of them will search the scriptures to find out the truth.

      Fact is, Christianity is fundamentally a discriminating religion. The Bible begins by discriminating between the religious sacraments of two brothers (one was accepted, the other not)…thus Cain slew Abel…to the racial distinction God made from another two brothers, Isaac and Ishmael–one the seed of the Promise, the other the seed of the Flesh; and again to two brothers, Jacob and Esau, the former God loved, the latter He “hated” before they were even born.. Finally to the Christ, the Son of Jacob, the son of Isaac, the son of Abraham, the son of Adam, the son of God; the chosen racial line, the Chosen Seed, whose followers He “chooses” Himself, calling them His “ELECT”.

      First an election of race, then an election of grace… “Many are called, but few are chosen”. How’s that for discrimination?

      • Yes, Tekton, thoroughly discriminatory, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with that. We discriminate against petty thieves, too, but it’s still true that Trinitarianism is invidious b.s. No god worthy of our trust would be the prisoner of its own law of human nature, as is your alleged god under the doctrine of “originated original sin”. An omnipotent god in charge of human nature would be able to accomplish redemption, salvation, and the rest of it directly, no hypostatic union required. Islam has a clear advantage over you here, and it doesn’t undermine its own theology by arguing that a necessarily extant god has become permanently entangled with human nature even though humans, themselves, are not necessarily extant beings (as far as Trinitarian ontology is concerned, anyway).

        In fact, it’s obvious to you also that the Trinitarian interpretation of expulsion from the garden is ridiculous. An omnipotent god could prevent the birth of Cain, Abel, and Seth while allowing the two supposed scofflaws, Adam and Eve, to live out their lives and die. Then the god annihilates the world, and only two need salvation, although nothing needed by the god would be lost by annihilating any spiritual residue of the two humans. Anyhow, a sane god terminates his own failed experiment with human freedom and begins again from scratch with new first humans and a new garden in a new cosmos unpolluted by risible claptrap such as “originated original sin”. It also constructs adequate security to keep out the rebel angel. Or the god just kills that rebel. After all, that rebel has no inalienable rights, correct?

        Alas, your awesome Israelitic god is a god of petty vindictiveness, like an adolescent school girl or an American ghetto boy.

        P.S. “Love” knows in advance that many humans will die in infancy with no faith in Jesus. They too are “ELECT”, but in an inverted way which highlights the silly Trinitarian claim that the Israelites’ god is “Love”. Muslims have a clear marketing and PR advantage here, too, for they insist that their god is “ever merciful”, in which case the god can be both continuously loving to its own “ELECT” but shockingly malevolent to the souls of dead infants and aborted fetuses. Hence, the Muslims don’t need to blow smoke enthusiastically in our faces about “Love” as do both Trinitarians and Progs for reasons that may even include their extremely close genetic relationship and a legacy of inbreeding carried on for more than 1000 yrs in a Europe under the spell of Trinitarianism.

        • Well, first of all, Allan, I’m not a trinitarianist. Trinitarianism isn’t a biblical doctrine.

          Second, Islam is a parasitical religion—the basis for its core beliefs is simply stolen from the Christian scriptures and polluted and perverted with Talmudism and a few other isms of Arabic tribal deities. An obvious fraud—similar to Mormonism, in fact, and as any counterfeit is inferior to the original you obviously can’t make a valid claim that it is in any way “superior” to Christianity. Sorry, it’s just a nonsense statement which I doubt you’ll get many takers in debate. Especially not here.

          But, I perceive you are an ‘atheist’ of sorts. Since I generally don’t waste time discussing religion with fools (and yes all atheists are fools, as even they don’t honestly believe their own philosophy), I’ll just have to leave the rest of your ignorant comments uncorrected. If anyone cares to find out why and how your description of the God of Israel is deeply flawed, they have His Word and all of history to back it up as evidence against your false claims.

          “Alas, your awesome Israelitic god is a god of petty vindictiveness, like an adolescent school girl or an American ghetto boy.”


          “Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.” (Psalm 46)

          He will most certainly be exalted, and Allah and Allan will be debased and humiliated. Any doubters should consider that that statement from the mouth of God has stood for at least 3,000 years… long before Allan was even a twinkle in his mother’s eye and will be here in billions of written copies, in every human language, and on the lips and minds of His people and His enemies alike long after Allan’s great grandchildren’s bones have turned to dust.

          Someone’s got the clear advantage here, my friend, and it’s not you or your god, allah.

          • I’d like to clear something up. Trinitarianism isn’t a positive invention of conservative ancients. It was invented in response to heresy. Sure, the word appears nowhere in the Bible. The reason it was invented was that without it Arianism would have ended up as dogma, and that would have been a more handicapped vision of the world than otherwise. The trinity was the best thing they could come up with in response.

            If Arius hadn’t been such an asshole we would not likely have ever heard the word “trinity”.

          • Glad you cleared that up, Doc.

            You are correct, sir.

            And just to be even more clear, the Bible unequivocally declares there is One God. Not three. But the enigma of the full nature of God (Father-Son-Spirit) is probably not going to be unraveled for anyone of us as it is far above our mortal understanding. Anyone who is a serious student of scripture knows this (as do all Christians in the honesty of their own hearts—whether or not they know the scriptures) .

            And that’s just one more concept that mohamedians stole from Christianity then tried to pawn off as their own.

        • “An omnipotent god in charge of human nature would be able to accomplish redemption, salvation, and the rest of it directly, no hypostatic union required.”

          And you know what an omnipotent God would do because…….what? Because of your finite intelligence and your “feelings”? Because you read some shit written by other humans with a finite intelligence? Or just because you know what’s best?

          • Well, based on the meaning of the word omnipotence I can’t see what in that claim is outlandish…

  22. That, and the fact that both varieties of Progressives (love that) are convinced above all that they are Smart, and to be Smart simply IS to embrace counter-intuitive conclusions, the weirder the better. They’re trained to do this in college, where the fastest way to an A in the Liberal Arts (and they never take STEM classes unless required) is to turn some established fact on its head. E.g. George Washington may have been the commanding general at Yorktown, but it was really his disabled lesbian Wymyn of Color seamstress who deserves all the credit, because reasons. I exaggerate only a little — at most institutions I’ve worked for, a class called, say, “The American Civil War” will simply not mention the following names: Grant, Lee, Sherman, Jackson, Davis, Calhoun, Garrison. But Harriet Tubman and the US Colored Troops? A whole semester’s worth. And that is Smart. So very, very Smart.

    • Hmmm. GOP stands for…


      Or do the Democrats’ leaders have too firm a lock on that description to share it with Republicans?

      It’s btw that many STEM classes, so called, amount to rote memorization and periodic regurgitation of claims made in fat textbooks. If you don’t believe me, audit biology and organic chem. My experience with those very classes taught me that time would be better spent studying logic and theology. Anything that you might learn in Bio 110 and Chem 210, and retain for more than a year, can be obtained with less effort and at much less cost with a few Schaum’s Outlines.

    • Most of the geeks in Silicon Valley are flaming liberals and Hillary supporters. STEM classes are no inoculation against insanity and fanaticism. All they do is impart a skill set/trade nothing more at a very high cost.

    • Happen to actually hold a history degree + the bulk of the class work for a masters. What has happened in both the general survey courses and the derivative {fill in the blank} “studies” versions of history is the work dives straight down that “disabled Wymyn of Color” wormhole from the git go, with no general survey framework to provide context. That’s fine at the PhD level but it leaves students utterly lost beyond concepts like “Colonialists are really, really Bad People of Paleness, because colonialism!” Watched “Dunkirk” with one of my sons over Christmas break–one of his first questions was “what was Dunkirk?”. Yep in Euro and US AP, Never. Covered. It. Have had to reteach my daughter virtually her entire US AP curriculum over the course of this year. Same problem.
      Bonus fun fact: “Mr. Dawson” in the movie is drawn almost vertbatim from Charles Lightoller, the surviving 2nd officer of the Titanic.

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