Nth-Generation Politics

The concept of fourth generation war is credited to the paleoconservative thinker William S. Lind and it remains a popular topic on the Dissident Right today. The idea is that rather than direct conflict between professional armies, 4GW conflicts are ones where non-state entities, possibly sponsored by a state actor, use propaganda, subversion, terrorism, and disinformation to undermine domestic support for state actors. The weak non-state actor uses stealth and cunning to bypass the strength of the state actor.

The concept is not without its critics. The term “fourth generation” implies it is new or part of a natural progression. The term “guerrilla war” dates to Napoleon and the Vendée could be called a fourth generation war, even though it occurred in the age of first generation war. The use of subversion and psychological war date to the dawn of settled societies. The non-state actor, using irregular tactics against a state actor, possessing superior military strength, dates to the rise of the state itself.

This is more of a language issue, than anything else, but the concept is a useful starting point, when thinking about social conflict in the modern age. For example, the Left’s fetish for doxing heretics is a facet of the new kind of politics in the surveillance state. It is not just the unmasking, but the fact that the heretic will be known forever, just by putting his name in a google search. Everyone now has a permanent record, so the people in control threaten those who challenge them, with a negative entry on their permanent record.

Another aspect of this is the moral role of corporations. It is one thing to have your name plastered all over the internet as a heretic. It is quite another to find yourself banned from the internet. Social media companies are not just companies selling your personal information. They see themselves as morality police. Instead of jailing dissidents or banning inconvenient speech, the ruling class uses its social control to threaten the social capital of their enemies. Whatever you want to label it, ours is the age of social war.

The question though, is what does the other side look like in this social war? Given the disparity in power, resistance to the ruling orthodoxy will have to be irregular, but within the narrow bounds of the law. It will also have to operate in the social sphere. An obvious example is the meme war that the alt-right waged on social media during the last election. The swarming of mainstream accounts with mockery and criticism scrambled the signals in the Progressive echo chamber. Conformation became cacophony for them.

That was an ad hoc response, but going forward, a more complex and organized effort will inevitably develop. You see hints of it with the Identity Evropa guys. They stay out of the spotlight and perform guerrilla marketing style actions, like hanging banners over highway overpasses and putting up posters around Progressive strongholds. The subtle message being sent is “We are in your neighborhoods, walking among you.” It is a form of psychological warfare that encourages the dissidents and freaks out the Progressives.

Of course, an aspect of the social war has been with us since Dan Rather was exposed back in the Bush years. The last two decades since then has been a steady discrediting of the main propaganda organs, by pranksters, honest citizens and partisans. Every time some dope on cable falls for a Sam Hyde prank after a shooting, the mainstream media becomes a bit more useless as a weapon. Trump won the White House largely by riding the fake news wave. The mass media has been turned into a liability.

In all probability, a weapon the resistance will use against the orthodoxy is a take on what the guerrilla movements have always done to conquerors. Occupying forces inevitably rely of collaborators to control the local population. Targeting collaborators and their handlers not only scares the collaborators, it sows distrust in the occupiers about the reliability of the collaborators. In a prior age, this meant violence. In the information age, it means operations that turns the paranoia of the Left against its own people.

We see glimpses of how this will work whenever “It’s OK To Be White” signs turn up at a workplace or college campus. The company hustles everyone off to a re-education camp and the college campus has a day of mourning. When Greg Conte was revealed to be a member of the alt-right, the school spent the rest of the school year investigating its staff, looking for heretics. Now, imagine if Conte was not a heretic, just a guy caught up in a witch hunt, orchestrated by subversives pulling a clever prank on the school.

Following this through to a logical conclusion, the ruling classes of western societies will be engaged in an endless war to undermine the moral legitimacy of their own people. The resistance will be engaged in a war to discredit the factual legitimacy of the ruling classes. One side cannot be trusted because they believe the wrong things, while the other side cannot be trusted because they lie all the time. Eventually, the people will have to decide if they want to side with the heretics or side with the liars.

That’s what is unique about this new brand of social conflict. In prior guerrilla wars, the public was nothing more than camouflage for the resistance and an obstacle for the occupiers. In the information age, the public is the battle field. Instead of winning turf, the goal is to win the crowd. Good humor, cleverness and daring are more useful than power and intimidation. The hail fellow well met is hard to hate, even when he is causing trouble. The severe prude is impossible to love, even when she is right.

To their credit, the people in charge have understood this for some time. It is why they have unleashed the social media hounds on the heretics. At some level, they know they cannot win playing straight up, so they cheat. The other side is still too disorganized and leaderless to have a coherent plan, but there are signs they are figuring it out. Ultimately, the dissidents need to win turf by winning converts and that means exploiting their freedom of intellectual movement, to outmaneuver the people in charge.

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  1. If you aren’t cheating, you don’t care enough about winning.

    That’s why the alt-right is despised so much. because we actually care about winning.

  2. “Given the disparity in power, resistance to the ruling orthodoxy will have to be irregular, but within the narrow bounds of the law.”

    You assume that banner hanging and putting up posters is within the narrow bounds of the law. That is not true. It is illegal, at least in Europe. Simply hanging a banner or putting up a poster is a petty offence. Depending on the message of the banner or poster, it can also be a felony.

    Sure, doing such things is not very risky. If you get caught (unlikely if you are putting up a poster in the middle of the night), you’ll merely be fined.

    However, I expect things to escalate. In Brittain a guy was sentenced to a few days of prison for placing ham on the door of a mosque. As prison populations in Europe are mostly muslims, that was a death sentence. The other inmates knew what he had done and a group of them beat him to death.

  3. Speaking of 4GW, an example, twitter comments at the glorious @HappyHectares:

    “Starbucks acts as a ‘safe space’ to avoid diversity. If their stores become “enriched” with funky dances, loud voices and occasional stabbings, their business model will collapse.
    Replying to @ramzpaul
    I really hope the upshot of this is Starbucks demanding all their locations never evict loitering “people of color”. Just think of how much diversity can be forced into these often left-wing enclaves. Just imagine the stories we’d start to hear.”

    But we can’t become the same thing as our enemies, can we? Use their tactics against them?

    Yes, yes we can. Si se puede.

    If democracy is a bus we get off of once we reach our destination, well then, maybe so is subversion.

    Who’s up for a marketing campaign?
    Starbucks is where de white wimmins at!
    So is the NEA convention, and at the local campus cafe!
    Lookee here, a Pussyhat march!!

    Then let’s start a flash mob on the Gay Pride march- rich queers askin’ for a beatdown, easy pickings…

    Bacon sandwiches at the mosque…

    Tweets accusing lefty officials or activist organizers of these horrific acts…

  4. Meh, the majority of the “soy-bunch Mills” don’t have enough physicality, basic skills or time away from their “dumb-phone” social connections to be of any significant threat to anybody other than picking the bones of remaining “comfortably numb”/complacent Boomers increasingly unable to defend themselves any longer. But, there is a growing element of gunned-up aware that just may be able to “tak’m down”.

  5. Since any search engine can find info on a person according to name, it is a shame to give google free advertising by referring to research as specifically ‘a google search”– pls, that language often leads to the “google it’ substituted for “research it.” I just hate to see the left make fools of ordinary people by substituting their own language…”misgender” is another one that has taken on official status.

  6. There’s always a reluctance on the right to use the “fight fire with fire” method. It’s commendable conservative America has always taking the high road, but we’re fighting some truly despicable people.

    Would like to see an alt right version of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Create a organization with a humanitarian mission ( making it unchallengeable like the NRA ) but use it to go after and discredit the lefty loonies.

      • Yeah that’s because today’s conservatives leaders are looter-cucks who conserve nothing other than their posh gigs

        They don’t care about anything other than money and being liked and are basically Democrats from the Clinton era at best

        The real conservative people are out there of course but the Fake Right especially hates them on class grounds much the same way the elite hates President Trump.

        In the end the Fake Right are going to have to removed from power and someone far more akin to European Ultra Nationalists will have to run the show if the nation is to survive

        The only upside is maybe thy can be redeemed along with their cousins the Liberals. Those sides are just stupid and greedy but neither are evil in the way the Left is.

        Of course getting the Right off its ass can be troublesome but its starting, Its civilization or Leftism and you can’t have both.

  7. Memes, counter Tweets, posters are all a form of shaming. Shaming can only get you so far. Once you have control of the zone at some point you have to go physical with your opportunity. The Left will never stop unless you prevent them from breathing.

  8. ZMan, a few additional points about fourth-generation warfare – or 4GW as it is known to those conversant with Lind’s generations-of-war model. William Lind was one of the acolytes of the late Colonel John Boyd, perhaps the finest military theorist this nation (USA) has ever produced.

    Boyd was famous in the Pentagon for his briefings and lengthy talks on the history and nature of war. Boyd himself had undertaken a lengthy and in-depth study of war across the ages – after retiring from the military and taking a post in the Pentagon.

    Boyd is perhaps most famous for his OODA loop – “Observe, orient, decide, act” – and his observation that successful warrior often get inside of the decision-making (OODA) loop of their enemies.

    Boyd’s quest was ignited by his service in Vietnam, where he sought an answer to the question of how a small, relatively-backward nation like North Vietnam was winning the war against a super-power – the United States.

    Colonel Boyd’s work was never committed to a formal publication such as a magazine or book. Instead, his marathon lecture, “Patterns of Conflict,” sometimes 6-8 hours in length, was the forum in which he expressed his ideas. Only later did his associates and former colleagues collect and formalize his work.

    Boyd was famous as a maverick and unconventional thinker, one utterly unimpressed with the perquisites of rank or protocols of the military. He was known to tear into generals, face-to-face, if he felt the situation called for it. “Ghengis John” was his nickname for his scorched-earth, take-no-prisoners attitude and behavior. Boyd didn’t suffer fools too well, but he could also be a remarkably kind and gentle man, according to those who knew him – as well as a person of considerable moral rectitude.

    Boyd was famous for thundering at his audience “People, ideas and technology – in that order!” and also for stressing that the mental and moral aspects of war-fighting trump the physical. Tactical and operational superiority does not necessarily lead to strategic victory, if one’s grand strategy was fatally flawed. A lesson Germany learned in WWII and that the USA learned in SE Asia.

    Those interested in learning more about one of the most-fascinating military men this country has ever produced may wish to pick up a copy of Robert Coram’s biography, entitled “Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War.”

    • Wish that were so, but I fear that it may be our confidence in firearms that has become obsolete against the quality of state arms, against the surveillance state, drones, social control, a weakened native stock, and an indifferent or hostile immigrant stock. Like High Noon, Marshal Kane wrote out his will and stayed to fight because that is who he was, but his search for volunteers demonstrated that the town was not worth saving. I question that we have a nation or a people left to reclaim. Z’s idea improves the quality and attractiveness of the resistance stock.

  9. I have read a couple of Lind’s books.* The Wiki article is the usual, shallow ‘some say X, others say not X.’** They entirely missed that the best potentially trenchant criticism of Lind’s ideas is historical.

    That is, throughout history, an insurgency using guerrilla warfare methods ordinarily needed to gain the support of an external power that its target either cannot get at or fears to strike in order to succeed. Otherwise the targeted established power can usually summon the wherewithal to eventually crush it. Even with external support, the insurgents still need to fight well to succeed.*** Lind address the latter, necessary-but-not-sufficient, aspect only, but well. IMHO.

    Examples from American History:
    – The Native American insurgency during the French & Indian War collapsed once the French base of support in Canada was eliminated by the English Army.

    – The American Revolution was on shaky grounds until it gained extensive French army and naval support following our victory at Saratoga.

    – The Ohio Valley was impossible to settle due to Native American insurgency until our victory in the war of 1812 removed their British support.

    – Vietnam was lost in no small part because our ‘best and brightest’ feared a re-run of McArthur’s Korean Yalu River debacle from China and so refused to deal with the massive aid China and Russia gave to North Vietnam.

    – The Russians lost in Afghanistan because Reagan dared to support the insurgents in the face of much elite subversion and caterwauling.

    – We will lose in Afghanistan because our elite will not deal with the duplicitous Paki’s and ‘our friends, the Gulf Arabs’.

    – We are fighting other losing rearguard actions in Syria and Iraq because our elite refuses to deal with Iran.

    Note: I do not say that any of these wars are either just or unjust. But, as Clausewitz says, wars have their own logic that you ignore at your peril. That’s why they’re better not started, particularly for non-existential reasons.
    *He was spot on re Maneuver Warfare – but easy to say, hard to do.

    ** ‘He never smelled powder’ is only a sometimes relevant criticism concerning proposed tactics that are too elaborate to actually execute. But Lind is about *tactical doctrine* and not, mostly, about strategy or operations. The tactical doctrine he proposes has been used since the dawn of time and so ought not be controversial, per se. When to use it is the main point under discussion.

    *** The essential point of a guerrilla war strategy is to keep the enemy on the horns of a dilemma: If he concentrates his forces, the guerrillas dominate the the countryside. If he disperses his forces to go after the guerrillas, you hit and defeat his scattered units with your own (usually foreign supplied) main force units and attack his cities (e.g. battle of Saigon & Hue in 1968).

  10. Lol @ playing Casanova with the plebs while a civil war is coming

    Casanova is needed but he bows his head to Mars।।

  11. Great question! The first answer is that you need access to the modeling tools that permit reasonable analysis and forecasting of macro-scale social phenomena. Then you need to understand that hi-tech memetic manipulation of the masses is already occurring and this is fundamentally altering the human species. These changes are being accomplished via intentional manipulation of the social environment and humans naturally respond to these drivers. Do this repetitively and long enough, and you will change habits in the main body of the population. In order words, our descendants will adapt to the new environment, for better or for worse. Spoiler – the current macro-drivers are designed to produce subliminal and compliant hive behavior (worker bees).

  12. Side with the heretics or side with the liars. Deliciously put. We’re on the wrong side of history, so our odds are not good, but this might just be the framing of the fight that will pull history back to our side.

  13. The Culture War / Civil War 2.0 / American Social War / whatever is, indeed a 4GW. And will continue to be a 4GW up to the point that contiguous territory is bitten off from the USA and a functioning gov’t and political apparatus is implemented in that territory.

    True, 4GW may be a new term, but it puts a name to the concept in the context with the post-Westphalia Western concepts of warfare. USMC, AF, Navy, and Big Army all consider guerilla warfare to not really be war and 4GW allows (some of) them to think of it as “real war.”. Most will continue to think discount 4GW until the state they serve dissolves around them. The more effective US Gov’t/ruling class forces will be LEO and intel. Both are already conditioned to take the hammer to Americans on American soil.

    • That may come sooner than you ever expect. Consider if you will, Illinois or California going belly up due to respective pension crises. They will look for federal assistance. That always comes with strings usually not of a favorable kind. Several other states that are being asked to belly up the cash might well insist they sit on an approval for all expenditures. (precedent for that in US bankruptcy law. Just not to the States yet.)

      In an effort to right the ship all boatloads of Liberal pipe dreams might get flushed. Personally I like the territorial governor approach. Plenary veto till all bills are paid.

  14. Also the way globo/homo collects information on you is through the census. If your census tract is too white then they import a bunch of section 8’s to your neighborhood. Next census maybe it’s I good idea to report the race you identify with. After all were all from Africa, right?

    • I like to call myself “Native American” because I was born here and self-identify as American. The fact that I am as white as a glass of milk and have blue eyes is secondary to what I FEEL like I am.

      • It is ok. ”Native American” is a virtue-signalling term made up by white people. I live in Oklahoma and know quite a few actual (as opposed to white people with Federal Indian cards) Indians. They invariably refer to themselves as “Indians.” Professional Indians in the grievance industry, of course, will use the term “Native American.”

  15. It’s too easy, the way you describe it Z. Clever typing and sloganeering are good for a chuckle and can start a mighty landslide of opinion but nothing will truly change without flies and smoke and stink.
    Ares will collect his interest due.

    • Violence is fairly useless in domestic conflict. It only works when the object is a distinct “other” that the public cannot relate to emotionally. So if you fantasize about violence in the streets, you need to get busy “otherizing” the people in charge.

      • Violence a feature of wars of dynastic succession. One tack might be to encourage such a w ar. Hillary vs Kamala. Such wars weaken dynasties as many conces ions must be made by victors to gain support.

      • violence, useless or not, happened as the french revolution for so many reasons familiar now. that ended in paranoia, eating itself.

      • Its starting.

        The Right’s problem though is wisely its terrified of what needs to be done, Leftist carriers made into Non People, Foreigners forced out if they won’t leave voluntarily and acting Collectively for Collective ends.

        The last is probably the biggest problem, way too many Right wingers are openly uncooperative with groups larger than a family or at absolutely most a county. You can’t run a society like that and to be honest such people are worse than the Left

        The Left is my enemy , will always lie and can never be trusted to keep a treaty. I get this. I can even respect such a point of view after a fashion. Its utilitarian and somewhat logical oddly enough

        I have no use for someone who is on my side and is not all in . They’ll cut and run like an Arab army , lost a few kinsman ? Sorry I’m out

        Such armies always lose to more disciplined forces and usually to shit forces too who at least are whipped into battle

        In the end the Right will need to understand that the Left is a collective, hive mind and treat it like they would a hive of bugs , all the bugs are responsible for the hives actions

        Hopefully we can do this without violence but if we can’t if minarchists “muh family” and “muh rugged individualism .” are all you care about you are part of the problem

        Like the old Franklin flag said “Join or Die”

        As a caveat, this is why a separation would be optimum for casualty reduction if it could be done. This way the uncooperative people could be kettled in their own areas well away from the sane people who want a culture and are willing to use force to get it

  16. Are late night comedy shows 4GW? I think so. Here in Europe many people get 100% of their news on America from them, John Oliver may just as well be wearing a pope hat, or Jon “America was never great” Stewart before him. That’s why i go easier on Gavin McInnes than most.

    Monty Pythons joke warfare concept is spot on!

  17. “The hail fellow well met is hard to hate, even when he is causing trouble. The severe prude is impossible to love, even when she is right.”

    Did you mean Trump vs Comey?

  18. To this point, the bad behavior of the elites and provoking or exposing that bad behavior has been the most effective red pill, not making persuasive arguments on the superiority of our side. I expect this to continue for the foreseeable future and the dissident right should be focusing on the negative campaign.

  19. How about getting some brave ar guys to enter and win women’s sporting events as trannies? Then sue universities for title 9 scholarships. Attack the left’s alliances.

    • I coached 4 years of men’s college basketball and 4 years of women’s college basketball. If a school, or a coach, wanted to completely upend Title IX, scholarship 8 males, who claim to be women, and win a national championship… The Left would have to publicly admit there’s a difference between the sexes or the race would be on to fill women’s athletic scholarships with 6′ tall makes smart enough to play the “I was born a woman in a man’s body.”

      • I think you’re on to something there. Do that enough times, and there will no longer be any women competing in women’s sports. Except woman’s beach volleyball, leave that one alone.

  20. Zman: “The hail fellow well met is hard to hate, even when he is causing trouble. The severe prude is impossible to love, even when she is right.”

    Well said, and especially true in the English speaking world where personality is overvalued. I still feel the ostracism of Milo was a great loss to the cause, for the reason just quoted.

  21. So start spreading rumors that certain liberal personalities are secretly alt-Right and make popcorn.

    • That. That right there. Pure Alinksy.
      Heretics in the Church, Catholic spies in England, snitches gettin’ stiches.

      • Hot damn, we could start another version of the #MeToo witch hunt.

        They wanted a low-trust society, everyone sniffing out secret heresy?
        One where accusation equals guilt, with penalties to match?
        Bearing false witness to get ahead?

        Let’s give it to ’em, good and hard.

  22. You’re not seeing the forest for the trees, Z. The left is on the run.

    They had the social war sewn up: The schools are pozzed, the courts are a joke, and with the media singing the official tune, all was well.

    Today public schools are less than bad day cares; America’s best and brightest are being home or private-schooled. Because the courts don’t work, Americans dispense justice right at the crime scene via the Second Amendment. The mass media now only caters to the loons or geriatric hippies and can’t sell a newspaper. Even Sloppy Williamson can’t find a job because he has to compete with guys like you that can think, write, and chew bubble gum, and provide a superior product for free.

    Nor can Lefty operate in the shadows anymore. We are taking names and making records same as they are. Hillary Clinton, the Jewish Hollywood Perverts, etc… They are getting burned at the stake regularly too. And now… On his own social media platforms, they are losing there too. If Zuckerface politicizes that platform to favour pedos, homos, and hairy chested feminists, they’ll be the only ones that will use it, and the social media will go the same way the mass media did.

    That’s why I think we’ll see a first, second or third gen war soon – these skirmishes and sparring sessions aren’t teaching our Cloud people anything. It’s time to kill them and replace them.

    Or watch our civilization collapse.

      • I’ll admit it doesn’t look good ight now, but after spending 25 years of my adult life in a pozzed community and a hopelessy progged family? Take a deep breath – savor this with me Z – this blog is balm for the soul. We have finally begun to fight. This – right here, right now, is as bad as it gets.
        And no, you don’t want to see what losing looks like. Yes things could be much worse. That is why they’re trying to take our guns and platforms. They have much worse planned for us.

      • It smells like Tabun.

        In any case either we win the culture war and deport around 30 million or more people, become genocide victims or a violent civil war breaks out and the Left is destroyed,

        Choose wisely if you can.

      • Stopped by to see Amy Wax collect her NAS “Courage in Academia” award last Thursday. Her talk afterward was chilling in describing the thoroughness with which leftists have run the table in academia. This will get worse before getting better. On a positive note, finally got to meet Derbyshire.

    • I was captivated by this story yesterday, not so much by the arrest of the two men but by the sheer number of white people who openly confessed that they routinely sit in Starbucks for hours without making a purchase. WTH?

      It’s inconceivable to me that anyone would presume to take space in a coffee shop/restaurant/bar without making a purchase. It’s disrespectful to the business owner, who has payments to make. Worse, it’s disrespectful to the workers who make a substantial portion of their pay in tips. I had no idea this takes place. What type of asshole does this?

      The two black guys richly deserved their fate by refusing the reasonable requests of the manager and then the police to vacate the premises. With any luck Starbucks will start tossing out the white freeloaders as well.

      • My wife’s nephew talked about his “office” at Starbucks.
        When I grilled him, he justified his using a whole table for his work and laptop by saying he was a paying customer.
        One lousy beverage mind you. Try as I might, couldn’t explain or shame him out of it.

        • I am vaguely aware that Starbucks has become a daytime pickup bar for the “work at home” crowd. Hear lots of stories from guys in sales/bus dev type jobs about getting laid in the afternoons with women they meet at Starbucks. Who knew?

      • Agree, I at least buy a pop if I’m going to wait inside a place. Plus I don’t like making the staff feel nervous.

      • It’s a place to hang out. A non-alcoholic bar. Like Denny’s used to be, before the non-smoking bullsh*t.

        • I get it now. The very smart bruthas were there for the white girls, but skipped the protocols. Can’t go low rent in uptown.

      • Many a business meeting has been held in a ‘Bucks and not a dollar was spent but the gas to get there. Guilty of that myself. As to respect… they don’t respect me or my views at all so returning the favor makes us even.

      • The point isn’t to do work at Starbucks. The point is to be SEEN appearing to do work at Starbucks. It’s all about appearances, which is what the current generation is all about these days.

      • Don’t use Starbucks unless desperate for a cup of coffee. Do have a simple rule when stuck in airports or anyplace else where I need to eat and get some work done…tip goes up for the time past a normal “turn” spent at the table. Never be an asshole to people who actually work for a living.

  23. “Now, imagine if Conte was not a heretic, just a guy caught up in a witch hunt, orchestrated by subversives pulling a clever prank on the school.”

    This needs to be looked into. It sounds like a good way to attack collaborators. Say some guy like Jonah Goldbrick is working at a private school and is the model controlled opposition that he is at NR. Puts up a bit of a front but can be relied upon to acquiesce, and even turn on right wingers.

    You put out some heavy right wing shit in his name, maybe even using his own accounts. It doesn’t even need to be that hard core. Just enough to get him harassed or fired. Brought before some lib tribunal.

    It’s a way of cleaning up the movement and getting rid of people who punch to the right and at the same time keep normies wondering about whether or not they might end up jobless for wrongthink and how it might be better if freedom of conscience were valued once again. To keep him questioning the system.

    • Imagine some white male engineer working at twitter. He’s just a guy who likes money and does not care for all the PC lunacy. Most white males at these companies have no interest in this stuff. Now, imagine some of his female co-workers get notes claiming that the guy is secretly in the alt-right. Maybe one of those gals is in HR. Before long, our white male engineer is being hauled into HR to answer questions about his life.

      Alternatively, imagine the female HR shrew who spends her time nosing around in the lives of her co-workers. She lives with her bet male husband in a nice suburb. Her neighbors start getting blind mailers making claims about her that are not flattering. All of a sudden. our nosy shrew is wondering who is targeting her. Everyone becomes a suspect.

      • Whew! Kafka, Machiavelli, the Borgias, Shakespeare come to mind. Suspect the Hildabeast/Soros would to talk to you!

      • We will see famous lefties eaten by their own because of online ‘rumors.’ It will be effective and become a game.

        We also see fake news fed to MSM for subsequent clarification which will further steepen their decline.

        All the Internet needs is an example or two and it will become a wave. It is the power of non-hierarchical, complex systems, and virtually impossible to target.

        BTW, I chose the two examples above because when the left abandoned the rule of law and due process, they rely on authority. The internet makes that a very easy target.

  24. The greater explicitness of anti-white rhetoric from the mainstream media forces more white people, who would rather believe in multiethnic pleasantries, to face the tribal nature of (most) non-whites. For example, a very liberal acquaintance of mine was visibly shaken when I recounted what happened at Evergreen State College. Specifically, prior to 2017, the non-whites had a “Day without Minorities” day during which they did not go to campus. In 2017, they decided that the “Day without Minorities” should entail the whites not coming to campus. My acquaintance was forced to recognize that she won’t be granted an exemption from the coming conflicts because she is a “white ally.”

  25. While a five to ten-minute video may offer a summary, it will still be too long for the masses. Unfortunately, most people seem to get most of their information from headlines and sound bites.
    As an example. A former coworker has never fired a rifle or a shotgun, in fact would be hard pressed to tell them apart. He has two handguns that he hasn’t fired in over twenty years, in fact he doesn’t even know how to clean them. Yet, when there was all this recent discussion about banning modern sporting rifles this expert was all for it. When presented with facts he didn’t want to hear them. He and the wife live in a bubble and don’t want to know what goes on outside.

  26. Jonathan Haidt got a lot wrong in his book on social intuitionism, but he’s right that one of the main ingredients necessary to attract people to a position or a movement is to be attractive. This can mean literally good-looking or well put-together in a bespoke suit (a lot of the hand-wringing over Jared Taylor or Richard Spencer’s existence is that they are the “fashionable” or “genteel” face of white supremacy, with degrees and clean-cut appearances, etc.), but a position of power is also attractive. Trump’s ace in the hole was pretty simple: Money. He was too rich to care about losing a gig over doxxing, and he told the people who hold the Sword of Damocles over wage slaves to go fuck themselves. The slaves who liked the rebellious warlord voted for him because he could say things they couldn’t, on their behalf, and he could go unpunished (which furthered the sedition against the ruling class). You see this with Mel Gibson, too. He says one thing while drunk about Jews and the powers that be (especially Ari Emanuel, Rahm’s brother in L.A.) try to isolate him and target him for destruction, but there’s one problem: He self-finances and recoups because he’s supported by people who either don’t care about his personal opinion of Jews or share his opinion. Also he’s very talented and he’s not a degenerate. If your mansion has thick walls, the antifa fags can’t catapult their fat transgender carcasses over the walls to poison your kingdom. I know my solution isn’t brilliant or easily attainable, but it is simple: We need some people with money on our side.

    • Mel stilled crawled back begging forgiveness in the background. Social acceptance among peers is a real thing.
      Did you see the award show where Robert Downey brought back a very humble Mel to the audience?

    • “Jonathan Haidt got a lot wrong in his book on social intuitionism, but he’s right that one of the main ingredients necessary to attract people to a position or a movement is to be attractive. This can mean literally good-looking or well put-together in a bespoke suit (a lot of the hand-wringing over Jared Taylor or Richard Spencer’s existence is that they are the “fashionable” or “genteel” face of white supremacy, with degrees and clean-cut appearances, etc.)”

      Look at the left’s representative faces today. Fuckerberg. Cankles. Bernie Sanders. Rachel Maddow. Morning Joe. Fat, fish mouthed lesbians with green streaks in their hair. Noodle armed soy boys with gaping mouth selfies begging to give a blowjob. There might be some correlation between looks and social dominance. This would explain why the left has lost so much of their media power. No one wants to look at them.

      There have been exceptions. The gay mulatto is an example of how a dog turd may be polished. Gays and liberal females found something attractive about a Dumbo eared mixed breed. That was just an example of the “soft bigotry” of low expectations the left has for minorities. Make sure they can speak well. Make sure they can read a teleprompter. Dress them up in tailored suits. As Baba Wawa said, his admirers thought he was the next messiah. The media adulation of this incompetent low IQ placeholder is one of the many things that made people realize that they are completely compromised. The left still have the courts and the educational establishment. But the fake news media is dying. And if something that has been weaponized to the tune of trillions of dollars can be crippled, so can the courts. The educational system will take longer. It is too useful as a baby sitting service for working mothers. Until we strangle feminism and repair the economy enough to support single paycheck families with stay at home moms, that won’t change. That may have to wait until after the apocalypse.

    • Respectability has both a visual and presentation dimension. Taylor pulls both off quite well. Spencer has much better visual than presentation, where he has made blunders. The majority of dissident right figures excel at neither. Those who delight in being visually and presentationally edgy should be presumed as bad actors.

      • Respectability is about looks and presentation. People who look and act edgy shouldn’t be trusted.

        Those are your first and last sentences as written by a normal person. Pretentious writers shouldn’t be trusted. And there’s a whole bunch of them here.

      • There are two groups of persuadables, old and young, and they are engaged by different messengers. Respectability helps persuade the few older people who are sufficiently dissatisfied to listen. Edginess helps persuade the young, who see affluence receding. The problem with the respectability argument is that there are very few persuadable older people.

        Mike Enoch has persuaded more people in 3 years than Jared Taylor has in 3 decades, and Mike has persuaded the young. And I greatly admire Jared Taylor. I wish we lived in a world where his intellect and character were more resonant.

        Do you want to win or do you want to be dignified?

        Finally, we don’t have to choose one of these two approaches. We just need to ensure that they don’t fight each other.

      • Neither project strength. Trump does and as a result, men want to be him and women want to be with him. For some reason, virility and raw masculinity are shunned in dissident circles. I believe the line of reasoning is “you’ll scare the normies.”

        We don’t need boring, crusty boomers or metrosexuals. We need warrior-philosophers, Spartans, Crusaders. We need to project strength and wisdom at the same time, yet too many of us fear our own strength.

        • “For some reason, virility and raw masculinity are shunned in dissident circles.”

          I don’t know what friggin circles YOU travel in, but the dissident right is the ONLY place I see real masculinity these days.

  27. The difficulty and opportunities are going to be the overall lack of knowledge of the masses. Most working people get up, go to work, come home, take care of kids, eat dinner, go to bed. Or some variation of those things. They spend little time researching things and will require everything thing presented on a silver platter.

    The parasitic class will go along with what ever the ruling class comes up with as long as the checks keep coming and more importantly clearing.

    Whatever the opposition comes up with needs to recognize the public at large has the attention span of a gnat.

    • Someone with a decent IQ and stock movie-making software can put together a five to ten minute video that summarizes an issue and also provides motivation to the troops. Look up “Turn it off” by “The Alternative Hypothesis” on YouTube as an example.

    • Most people wake up in the morning asking who do we hate today and what do we believe?

      • Nah, got to be another full-blown “blood-letting” – glorious and honorable historically, of course.

    • We aren’t going to win because we’re right. We’re going to win because they are wrong. You’re right, the public is dumb and can’t be persuaded by reason or logic. They can however lose faith in the status quo, and they are losing faith.

      • “win/lose”? I’d just like to remote-view the “contest” from the RURAL sidelines with the neighbors, while munching on garden-grown veggies – and packing serious “heat”, of course, just in case the “combatants/belligerents” want to take said contest “out of bounds”.

    • This is one reason why guerrilla theater can be more effective than lecturing. Even overwhelmed working stiffs can usually find a couple of minutes for entertainment on the long drive home.

    • Andrew;
      From my part of the world: I know gnats. You have no idea how persistent they are.

      Wow, it really *is* easy 😉

    • A problem with using words like ”masses” or ”proles” is that they deny people a human face. Nobody is a hero or philosopher-king these days. People who get on with life may be the smart ones.

    • What about when the checks stop coming?

      They can’t keep the current ways of spending forever. They can do it for a long time – and already have. But they can’t do it forever. Sooner or later somebody is going to want to cash in their chips. And I’ve already seen quite a bit of evidence over the last 10 years or so that there’s a significant part of the white working class – who have said : “fuck this – I’m out – I’m not going to play this game any more”.

      As an example: the net effect of Black Lives Matter’s constant whining among a lot of white guys I know – has been a change of attitude from ” poor discriminated against black people ” …. to: ” screw them – get a freaking job and stop your bitching “.

      People who know their money is being stolen and given to their enemies – tend to at least *attempt* to change that. That alone is a significant difference from the willing bend-overs most US taxpayers have been doing for about a century.

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