The Gangster State

The defining feature of gang life is personal loyalty trumps all else. This is true for low level street gangs, as well as highly complex organized crime gangs. The rules are not written down or agreed to by consensus. They are imposed top-down by a group of men loyal to one man. The head of a drug cartel has lieutenants to enforce discipline on the the sub-groups down the line. The rules within those groups are similarly enforced by lieutenants loyal to the guy in charge of the group. This continues down to the street level gangsters.

The effect of this is a chaotic lawlessness. The punishment for the exact same transgression may be wildly different in two different cases. It all depends upon the relationship between the boss and the offender. While all criminal organizations have rules against betraying confidences, there’s no hard and fast rule on the punishment, despite what you see on television. Baltimore gangsters rat on one another all the time to get better prison terms, without facing a universally applied death penalty for snitching.

Consider what we are watching with our government. News brings word that the US Attorney is dropping charges against the terrorists, who went on a rampage during the inauguration last year. They announced this in a holiday week, so it would get the least amount of news coverage. Now, they certainly could have looked into who financed the riot, who helped organize it and then went after the shot callers, but they never bothered to do that. Instead, they sat on it until people forgot about it and then dropped the case.

Now, we have mountains of laws for dealing with self-defined criminal groups. The Feds could go after a Lacy MacAuley, who details her activities on-line, in order to figure out who pays her rent. Then they could go after that person or group. This is basic police work. At the very minimum, the people financing these terrorists would know they have some exposure, but that never happens. You see, everyone knows who finances Antifa and other terrorists operations and they have friends in high places.

Here’s another example. Peter Strozk is the focus of a very serious criminal conspiracy to subvert the last election. A mountain of evidence pointing to his guilt has been in the public domain for a year, yet he was just recently fired from the FBI. He has not been charged with anything and it appears he will never be charged. In fact, he is now telling Congress he has no intention of testifying. It is not that he plans to take the fifth. He is not going to show up. Their silly laws no longer apply to people in his gang.

Again, this gets to the way in which gang life operates. There may be rules, but what matters is who enforces the rules and on whom the rules are to be applied. In this case, the wide ranging criminal organization known as the Democratic Party will never let their people get punished by the Republicans. Those rules about complying with a subpoena from Congress only apply when the gangsters with power can enforce them and they will only enforce them when it suits their interests. This is gang life. This is the gangster state.

This becomes more obvious when looking at the whole criminal enterprise that is currently called the FBI. There’s no question that the people at the top engaged in a wide-ranging criminal conspiracy to spy on the Trump campaign and engineer a criminal investigation of his administration, for the purpose of removing him from office. This is the one explanation that explains the mountain of evidence piled up in the public domain. This is so obvious that no one bothers to deny it. Instead, the game is to avoid discussing it in public.

Lurking in the secret FBI files can be only three possibilities, with regards to this conspiracy. One, there is proof they cooked the whole thing to help get Hillary Clinton elected. The other is some out of left field explanation for the mountain of data, that points to an innocent motive. The final option is a massive hole in the system where the damning proof used to exists, but has now been destroyed as part of the cover-up. To date, the FBI and DOJ refuse to comply with Congressional subpoenas to answer this question.

Again, we’re back to the gangster model. The people inside these agencies have a primary loyalty to the gang, not to the laws of the country or the alleged institutions charged with promulgating and enforcing the laws. In gang life, you are first loyal to the gang and that’s what we see with this case. Rod Rosenstein was sent to Congress in order to deliver a threat to Congress, if they persisted in their interference with the gang’s business. In a prior age, Devin Nunes would have found a black palm print on his door.

Of course, that seems to be what has happened to Representative Jim Jordan, who is now having to answer questions about a sex scandal from 30 years ago. He was an assistant coach at Ohio State, when another coach supposedly had homosexual relations with some his players. The claim is it was molestation, but adult males cannot be molested. That’s ludicrous. Even so, the liberal media is running with it, because they are told to go after Jordan. The reason? Jordan went after Rosenstein at a hearing.

You see, Ohio State hired a law firm to investigate the matter. That law firm is named Perkins Coie, a mammoth firm with global operations. Coincidentally, they were the law firm at the heart of the phony dossier the FBI used to get secret warrants on the Trump campaign. Perkins Coie was the Hillary Clinton campaign’s firm and they hire FusionGPS to put together the fake dossier, then gave it to the FBI, the media and scoundrels like John McCain. It’s not hard to connect the dots here, with the Jordan story.

What appears to the rest of us to be corruption and lawlessness, is actually the natural functioning of gang life. It is the ultimate expression of who? whom?, in that everything revolves around who is enforcing the rules and against whom they are being applied. The first and only question anyone cares to answer is “how is this good for us?” Everything follows from that answer. The people in the DOJ and FBI are only concerned about what’s good for the gang. This is gang life. This is the gangster state.

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  1. This brings up another question: Was there ever a state that was not a gangster state, at least for some reasonable period of time? Seems to me you are describing ruling class behavior that is ubiquitous – with any exceptions to the rule, not lasting very long. Mencken recognized it:

    “People do not expect to find chastity in a whorehouse. Why, then, do they expect to find honesty and humanity in government, a congeries of institutions whose modus operandi consists of lying, cheating, stealing, and if need be, murdering those who resist?”

  2. The government, and specifically the security agencies, is the biggest baddest gang in town, by definition. You shouldn’t be surprised that they act like it, even if they rarely do so in public view.

    Maybe a better question, pace Moldbug, it is why our government is rapidly devolving from a “stationary bandit” (one who diligently protects, educates and grows its productive population so that it can farm lots of taxes from them) into a “roving bandit” intent on strip mining that population as quickly as possible.

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  4. The US has always been configured as a corrupt oligarchy since day one and a society of traitors to their lawful king as the Founding Fathers (including my ancestors were) , whether justified or not and colonized by the flotsam and jetsam of Europe is naturally going to crooked.

    In the past though there was much less to steal as the Feds didn’t do anything. You can blame technology for that, as automation and AI increases the State will get more and more bloated just so workers whose work is increasingly less valued have something to spend to keep it alive

    In that sense tech is cancer if you have a Protestant work ethic or like people having babies

    So is cheap labor.

    That said after almost all the laws that are drawn from the S&L crisis were reversed by lobbyists, I was pretty much certain the US was corrupt beyond repair

    Instead of “hey they locked people up for this, maybe its a bad idea” we got “eh, just make it legal.”

    Lastly re: Sessions

    Assuming he’s not doing good stuff behind the scenes and that he’s basically useless, we the people are no better than he is.

    None of us do much but complain and for the same reason. We are afraid of the consequences and just want things back to the way they should be.

    That isn’t going to happen, ever.

    Problem is the fix is essentially killing the patient , it requires a near tyranny with staggering brutality and all the horrors of collective punishment or a separation of the republic into smaller states.

    Otherwise we all become gangsters ourselves which essentially ends the West as a high trust culture.

    Right now these things aren’t acceptable and even the Bullshit Republic is better than that. Its going to require a lot more hate and a little more decay to kick things off otherwise till than we are like that insurance commercial with the old guy holding up a dollar, Almost Got It

  5. No doubt I’m in the minority here (and everywhere), but I am more optimistic. I think Trump has been planning this for years, and in fact has it planned out like a reality show. Much of the sturm und drang we see is strategic deception.

    Trump and Sessions know Spygate is a huge scandal and must be handled carefully. They probably could have indicted everyone from Obama on down last year, but it would have looked like vindictive partisan politics. Instead they are getting their legal ducks carefully in a row, keeping the scandal alive with periodic releases of new information, getting some small fry to flip, building suspense.

    If I am correct, there will be lots of bad news for Democrats between now and the midterms. There are 7-8 good scandals brewing, with investigators and grand juries working in secret. Trump has plenty of ammunition in reserve. Just look at the big sections of the Strzok/Page texts that have been released but redacted. There are entire pages that are blacked out. Want to bet those redactions include some discussion with (and at) the Obama White House?

    Plus the Awan IT scandal, Project Cassandra, Hillary’s classified emails, the Clinton Foundation, the Iran deal, Antifa funding, Uranium One, and whatever I’ve forgotten.

    Trump knows he has to win the midterms to have a successful presidency. He remembers what Watergate did to Republicans. He is also a fan of revenge. He devoted a chapter in one of his books to the topic. I expect that in 2019/2020, the leaders of Spygate will be under the spotlight: Brennan, Clapper, Comes, Hillary, Obama, Rice, Jarrett, and the rest. Just in time for a devastating Democratic Party defeat in November 2020.

    I see things lining up for not just swamp drainage, but a huge political realignment that pushes the Democrats into minority party status.

  6. Regarding the Lacy MacAuley link. Part of what’s so infuriating about the situation is that the guy feels the need to deny that he is Alt-Right and that he has associated with Richard Spencer. There is nothing either illegal or immoral about being Alt-Right or associating with Richard Spencer. That is not cause for suspension. So not only are MacAuley’s allegations false, what she allegates is nothing someone should be ashamed of, nor suspended for.

    “I am a dedicated public servant,” Goldman says. Geez, guy. Talk about things that should embarrass you! In this government, “public servant” isn’t a badge of honor. But I wouldn’t drive you from public for saying it.

    • So many conservatives and alt light who think that virtue signalling that they aren’t alt right or Nazis can’t allow themselves to understand that they are on the enemy list to be destroyed merely because they aren’t on the left.

      • I had lost it before, but I TOTALLY lost it when RR got to “redact” the IG report we had been assured was going to “start the indictments flowing,” etc. If Sessions is still AG (which is highly questionable), why is RR redacting when that had nothing to do with RussiaRussiaRussia ™, but with Hill’s emails and server??

        I figured then that JS had recused himself from the job. Oh, like a boutique law firm, he’ll still prosecute a case or two that esp interests him, but for the main part, RR is now the man.

  7. Haven’t read all comments yet, this may have been mentioned, but does anyone remember that affair back in the 80s where, I think it was, the FBI investigated the heck out of this CIA man for espionage for the soviets. They had gone to ridic lengths like mapping out all the “drop points” along his jogging route, total surveillance for decades and then the true culprit turned out to be someone within the FBI? They even gave the guy multiple lie detector tests and when he passed them, they claimed it proved that he was an “ice man,” I suppose citing the movie top gun as evidence. Everyone acted like this had all been some baffling misunderstanding about how good people can become wedded to their theories, etc etc, but I of course had the suspicion that they were simply covering for their guy….in regular gang style!

    • Brian Kelley was the cia agent wrongly investigated and even suspended for a year without pay. There was a 60 minutes show about it. Hanssen was the fbi spy’s name. There were others; It appears the fbi was riddled with soviet spies in those days.

  8. Soros funds antifa.

    Trump’s son-in-law, (((Kushner))),

    is in big Wall Street business with (((Soros))).

    Since Trump got into the WH,

    the DC swamp has deepened and putrified.

    • Give it a rest, dude. NO ONE, across multiple blogs, is buying what you’re selling.

    • A good way to have sane people write you off as a conspiracy hunting nutjob is to put triple parentheses around somebody’s name.

  9. IMHO, the most insightful post since I’ve been following you. Keep up the good work!

  10. Not for nothing but:

    1) A number of the founders of this country warned against political parties. They may have been living in fantasy land – but they recognized the fact that political parties operated as gangs and would corrupt the political process of what they envisioned as a REPUBLIC with democratically elected representation (and it should be said: some strict rules on WHO got to vote)

    2) You bitch about libertarians – but the strain of libertarianism that you’d find over at – has been saying pretty much this same thing for something like 20 years now. Any analysis of the totality of the US government’s claims against “citizens” – seems to end up pretty quickly at “we’re being run by a criminal gang”. The US Federal governments claims on your hard earned money – are really not much different than how Jack Nicholson went into the corner grocery and intimidated the owner into handing over part of his profits in “The Departed”.

    My point here is: You’re a little late to the party on this realization.

  11. You’ve been on an excellent tear, Z man. I’ve been reading all you’ve written to my husband and forwarding it to my older son. No one with a shred of honesty could contest a single word you’ve written. It’s anarcho-tyranny all down the line. There’s no doubt in my mind, however, that TruCons, cuckservatives, libertardians, and their assorted ilk will refuse to accept that this is a fight to the death until the knives are at their throats . . . at which point they’ll squeal “We’re not evil notsee racycissts, honest we’re not!”

    • Most people just want to do what they are told and get on with their lives. They don’t want trouble-making dissidents making them and others upset. Unless the elite is replaced, the people will continue towards decadence.

      Ask your average Trump voter who is casually interested in politics if he should cancel his cable. Add on that Fox News isn’t conservative at all, Tucker excepted. Usual reaction I get is agitation at why every thing has to be “politicized” and how buying HBO somehow isn’t support of Bill Maher. Colin Kapernick sacrificed something tangible to promote his far-left views, most of our people probably still buy Starbucks.

      • De Beers. It’s not a good idea to advise conservative normies to tune-out, or cancel their cable. Because 1) They need to continue to witness what pisses them off, and how radical and degenerate the Left has gotten. TV is their window into this. 2) Fox can be useful. 3) Telling normie-con to cut the cable is telling him to spend more quality time with his wife. No one wants this. Stop annoying normie with your fuddy duddy notions. You’re pushing him away from us.

        • Disagree, the media is controlled entirely by our enemies. Agree on my lack of tact. Boomercons supporting the dead tree media and cable out of habit is sustaining otherwise unprofitable businesses. I’ve never known anyone to have become more Rightist because of Fox, I do know several that expressed annoyance with the leftist tilt of ESPN that were uninterested in politics.

        • Outside of Carlson and Dobbs the rest of the Fox talking heads are busy convincing people it’s still 1985.They are not honest in the least. Sometimes Laura Ingraham says something truthful but it will go over normie heads unless they are already red pilled.

          Fox News is there to keep normies on the reservation that is all. Most of their shows have on a endless stream of globalists and cheap labor conservatives and paid whores from the “think tanks”.

          Normies watching fox will never get red pilled if that’s all they do.

          • Fox News acts in the same way as National Review, The WSJ, and the various members of The DORK Web, such as Dr. Jordy P and Lil’ Benny Shapiro-as gatekeepers.
            This far, no further.
            You must engage within (((our))) Overton Window of acceptable discourse, or be ‘cast into the void.’
            And you don’t want THAT, do you, Goyim Prole?

    • I agree. I’ve been amazed about how incisive the Ol’ Zman has been recently. I’m starting to feel genuinely guilty for getting the content for free. I’m also getting curious as hell to know who the zman is, his background, ex-prof? eccentric? of course i would never ask because don’t want to come across as a federallie. Can tell you i have begun to consider attending amrem, Notwithstanding that it is dangerous for me:(

      • I never want to know the Zman’s personal details, ever.

        Wait, wait, I got it- he’s an English teacher!

  12. Of course, another analogy is religion.

    Many dissident right guys (including you, I believe), as well as traditional thinkers, have rightly claimed a strong similarity between leftism and religion.

    In particular, (1) insistence on doctrine over reality, and an attempt to ruthlessly suppress any facts, and/or people who assert facts, which contradict doctrine.

    And (2), punishments which are more consistent with religious punishment for heresy (banishment from the community, career death, long prison sentences for “mere speech”) than for mere secular “crimes.” This is where I recall one of your signature phrases, “hurled into the void.” (That should be the title of your first anthology, by the way.)

    Who, for example, has a brighter future in the white-collar world today: (a) a guy who in college brutally punched out another guy in a fight, badly injuring him, or (b) a guy who, in college, published an article under his own name correctly stating the IQ of black people?

    A normal person would probably think the first action was worse, but a PC religionist would of course see heresy in the second.

    Therefore I posit this name for our enemy: the TLR, the Totalitarian Left-wing Religion.

    Why are all these guys helping each other all the time, breaking countless laws along the way? Because they’re all in the TLR. They’re helping their co-religionists. They adhere to a “higher” law (cf. the title of the recent ass-covering slimeball FBI memoir) and are fighting an infidel, which justifies any means necessary.

    Imagine for example, if a Christian correctly accused a Muslim of a crime in a Muslim country. Do you think the Muslims in various agencies would apply the letter of the law to bring the guy to justice? Of course not. The Muslims would close ranks and make sure the case got buried.

    All these recent cases are just TLR rank-closing.


    But, of course, everything about gangsterism in your post is *also* true. Therefore your homework, ZMan, is to carefully delineate the ways that leftism is like a religion, and which ways it’s like a gang. Of course, if you’re in the mood, you could do a *general* work-up of the overlap of religion and gangsterism 😉

    Thanks for the good work.

    George Elwit

    • DC gangsterism is akin to a religion, and the Islamic religion has significant elements of gangsterism. Both also share important elements of being a cult. On one of those “new math” circle diagrams, the two circles lie almost totally on top of each other.

    • Elwit: “Therefore I posit this name for our enemy: the TLR, the Totalitarian Left-wing Religion. Why are all these guys helping each other all the time, breaking countless laws along the way? Because they’re all in the TLR. They’re helping their co-religionists. They adhere to a “higher” law and are fighting an infidel, which justifies any means necessary.”

      It’s useful to keep hammering the above criticism of the enemy. While planning to reach that lofty position for ourselves one day, with all its attendant vice. The conceit that the Dissident Right is free of ideology or Leftist religiomania is partly just a proud pose. But it doesn’t matter. The point now is to win. And once the balance starts to shift our way, we will close ranks and double down religiously. Hypocrisy be damned as we enforce our own “higher law”. Zman casually alludes to this in the latest podcast from 46:00 to 48:00.

    • The “TLR” sounds like what you’d expect to get if you combined Scientology with Amway.

  13. Trump has to know all of this, and is likely stringing things along, as long as his support continues to broaden and deepen. Waiting to pull the trigger at the time of his choosing. He may also see all of these DC intrigues as noise, as his real mission appears to be taking nukes out of the hands of crazies. The 4/8/84 NYT backgrounder is instructive here. Finally, Trump will be the Elvis of politics, and applause and toasts will follow him wherever he goes, for the rest of his life. The DC gangsters cannot take that away from him.

    • He’s done if the GOP loses the House. This years midterms are in effect the first parliamentary style election in US history. The GOP needs to match the Dems for intensity by going hard against the invasion from the southern border and threats of impeachment. But they are still a converged party dominated by the Koch Bros and fellow oligarchs.

    • He’s taken no nukes from anyone including the NORKS, who look more and more to have taken him for a ride.

      He’s done nothing on the border unless he’s forced to. His NG call up was a joke. He refuses to order the DoD to build the wall,. He got elected on that. He let Ryan and McConnell two major anti-Trumpers screw him on border security. Especially McConnell who was protecting Senate Dems by keeping a lot of bills from coming to a vote that would put them in a bad light.

      Right now he’s betting that GOP being near comatose as the election nears will keep it’s majority. It’s very much in question.

    • I’m waiting until I read of various political executions by “unknown assailants” who I can assume to be hard right or military shooters before I’ll believe we’re in for anything other than continued obliteration.

      • 3g4me – Unfortunately, it might come to vigilante justice. Vigilantism occurs when the authorities can’t or won’t administer proper justice.

      • No. IF there is any real sea change of “swamp cleaning,” in the near future, (which I’ve NEVER thought would happen), it will be in the form of “accidents,” and “suicides.”
        Or, maybe another Seth Rich mystery robbery where the body isn’t robbed, for some inexplicable reason.
        There won’t be a mass firing or any top dogs getting hit with real charges.
        The Republicans don’t have the stomach for it, if it were even a viable idea.
        The reason the left is so blatantly arrogant, from Maxine Waters to the retarded, middle class, LARPing Antifa, is because they know they have nothing to fear, in regards to serious repercussions.
        The Evil Party and The Stupid Party have been playing a game of chicken since Day 1, and The Evil Party KNOWS they have a firm grip on The Megaphone.
        Even if they didn’t, who really cares,because EVERYONE knows that The Stupid Party will blink first, every single time.
        There will be no reform, there will be no standard forms of justice, there will be no throttling of rhetoric and displays.
        There are NO BRAKES on this train.

    • Jim – To protect Peter Strozk from one of Hillary Clinton’s goons?

      He wasn’t fired, but was escorted from the FBI building. The speculation is that he is on administrative leave, but still employed by the FBI

  14. Not going to look it up but pretty certain David Bois of Perkins Coie also represented Gore in Bush v Gore

  15. Today it’s Russia vs Croatia. We are pulling for Russia to win it all. For many reasons. Even over Sweden (out) or England…especially over England. Watch today on Fox, 2PM ET. Try to remain conscious during this crushingly boring sport. Root as directed. Dismissed.

  16. I’ve read that the Porter Wright firm was hired by the Ohio AG to “oversee” the investigation. I don’t know how Perkins Coie got involved but they somehow did. I thought they represented Saboto, a scumbag who is supposedly one of the molestees., but I could be wrong. Perkins Coie is the firm hired by Hilary to produce the Steele dossier. Thier credibility is non-existent. Their involvement is a stroke of luck for Jordan.

  17. Mr. Z, I’d feel better if I could make myself believe you’re hallucinating, but I can’t.

  18. Either people begin using their votes to shut this shit down or they are going to see the arrival of a rival gang. Simple as that.

    • The more the senior Leftist crime spree sails on the more when the whole shit house comes down it better be something like the Titanic “incident”… they better be feeling the shock waves in Tuvalu

    • You truly believe we can still “vote our way out of this”? Seriously? And lest you’ve forgotten, it’s who counts the votes that matters. Recall when Soros focused on electing state attorneys general? Besides, while Congress is rotten, “MY” conressman/senator/rep is a good guy . . . says every last damned normie.

      • You can believe that all across America democrat operatives are busy figuring ways to stuff every ballot box. They’re gonna try and steal this election and declare a “mandate” to impeach Trump and take over.

        • Antifa won’t be charged for rioting. But you can guarantee that the civil suits against the CVille people will go to trial, a jury is 50-50.

          We need to get economic self-determination, and it won’t be easy. If we could not be fired for our views, we would no longer need anonymity and would be considerably more powerful.

      • There is no voting yourself out of an oligarchical tyranny. History does not provide such an example.

  19. Yes, all true, but I’m more and more hopeful everyday that this situation is within Trump’s target site and the more careless and arrogant they get, the better the chances they will hang themselves saving taxpayers the expense of trying and incarcerating them.

  20. I was dearly hoping that there would be a whole bunch of perp walks and firings after the IG report came out. The widespread malfeasance is obvious and egregious. So why has nothing been done? I figure either Trump does not feel strong enough at this point in time to challenge the forces of darkness, or he plans on trotting out multiple ‘October Surprises’ before the November elections to build a majority in congress and do as he pleases.

    • Remember, there is at least 1 more IG report coming, I believe, on the FISA abuse, meaning Carter Page, Trump campaign, et. al.
      And you’re right, why not wait until October when Team Red might need the ammo for the midterms.

  21. With regard to the senior swamp officials, Democrat officials, alphabet agency anti-American goon officials… I’ve stopped listening to the arguments. I’ve stopped wading through the list of crimes. I’ve stopped reviewing the evidence. I’ve stopped reading the articles. There is now only one more possible meaningful news story that could be written. Only one more. And that one will be reporting the times and places of their arrests.

        • Seems everybody gets that immediately. The ones who keep saying “trust the plan” have also been saying ” any day now,” since sometime last year–

          – while the rest of us say maybe if you’d stop saying “It’s happening… NOW it’s really happening… no wait, not yet, but next week, THEN it’s really happening” — well, you know. Maybe we’d give it a little more credence.

  22. the bad: the truth of the evil written about in the article cannot be denied.

    the good: it will end at some point, as all evil does. there are signs everywhere of the impending fall and subsequent dissolution.

  23. Comparison could be made to the dual state of Hitler’s Germany, (not so much the Soviet state, which of course had progressed much farther than the Nazi “coordination” programs by 1939), except for one glaring exception-the heart of the ground combat arms in the army, and more especially, the Marine Corps. Superficially, of course, the poz, the rot, and the virus has infected significant areas, but the elites of the Ivy League have not sent their graduates into the military since the Vietnam debacle. Notice that the deep state’s attempts to co-opt, emasculate and politicize the military are being rolled back. In all this deep state coup plotting, note that military intelligence hasn’t been heard from, not once. Mattis has been quietly cleaning house. I wouldn’t put it past that genius to be considering the run up to 1860, and figuring out who is, and isn’t, loyal.

    • The Hitler comparison that comes to my mind is how the German political class accepted Hitler and the Nazis, rather than fight them, and told themselves they could control the Nazis. Was it an excuse of necessity, to obscure their weakness? Or, was it just foolish hubris?

      The Washington political elite let the Clinton crime syndicate into elite politics. The Democrats made this deal because they were desperate to win in ’92. To their credit, the conservatives saw the danger and tried to remove Clinton from office. The political elite refused to go along. The result is widespread gangsterism in Washington now. It is entirely possible that reform is now impossible.

      The non-violent way out of this is for the political elite to give Trump the green light to clean house in the DOJ and FBI. If you are pining for a good solution, a solid GOP win in November, followed by a purge by Trump is it. Having proven his staying power and political capital, Trump shuts down Mueller and decapitates the DOJ and FBI. A special prosecutor is installed to investigate both departments, while a special Congressional committee works on a package of reforms for the FBI and DOJ.

      I’m not betting that happens.

      • There’s an idea floating around that the deadline for Rosenstein to supply Congress with formerly requested documents is a set up to allow Trump to fire him and start replacing top players in the DOJ, which would then set up a housecleaning at the FBI.

        I do not know what the status of turning over those documents is, as of now.

        • I suspect Trump views all of this as good for him. He’s playing the role of reformer and critic, so the festering corruption is slowly turning him into a white hat in the battle with Washington. If the GOP holds the House, then he owns the party and he can drop the hammer on Sessions, Rosenstein, Wray, et al. If the GOP loses the House, then he can portray the Democrats as a lynch mob out to get him. He’ll run against them in the 2020 election.

          Trump likes to keep his options open, so that would explain his reticence.

          • I’m Jacked! I highly anticipate Trumps address to the nation.

            “Americans the republic is in danger” A surveillance state has arisen, it has been caught subverting our democracy. Here is what we have found B C D E…. These are the actions that i am taking… F G and H… PS don’t count sessions out yet. I still suspect that his little duck feet are paddling away.

          • “If the GOP holds the House….”

            Interesting case in WI-01. Ryan is quitting thank God. The Dems are running a circus clown, Randy Somethingorother, who has a fairly long list of arrests–usually minor stuff–and a little trouble with women. The Lefty newspaper up here ran the story about his legal problems(!!!?!!) Hmmmmm.

            Meantime, when Ryan announced he’s outta there, a VERY well-known, moderate, and likeable (D) who was elected several times in that district (to a State leggie slot) was encouraged to run against the circus clown in a primary.

            He turned it down in 10 days flat.

            WI-01 is a very purple district. It’s a winnable race, as Ryan anointed his ex-chauffer to replace him, and that guy has zero track record. The “good” Democrat must know something, and we all suspect that polling says damn near any (R) will win the race.

            So Trump may well have his day, but good!

        • Fox has reported that they have not been turned over, to the best of their knowledge. FWIW

      • In terms of terminal Weimar, the German political class coming to terms with the Nazi movement was definitely out of necessity from a position of weakness, but only because of the economic meltdown of 1929. The normie coalition of the SPD and the Zentrum and the DNVP held both the KPD and the NSDAP at bay until then. Our impending civil war will share some commonalities with the Weimar implosion culturally, but not economically, since right now we’re booming, not crashing, which points to a model replicating 1855-1860. When the John Brown Moment happens, it’s gonna get real crazy, real fast. First, though, there’s going to be a fundamental party realignment where the old coalitions splinter, in which the newly non-white Democrats realize they’ve painted themselves into a corner and react to a Trump re-election with violent revolution.

      • Reform is always possible. That’s not the issue.

        The issue is: what are people willing to do – to get “reform” ?

        If there’s one thing I have discovered in human behavior – it’s that people who are either unwilling to carry out a task – or have no idea how to carry out said task – will pretty much always resort to the ” It can’t be done ” excuse.

        It’s pretty rare that somebody who knows something can be done but has no idea how to do it will say ” this can be done – but I have no idea how to do it “.

        I’ve seen it said before that if you can’t imagine something – then it’s impossible to ever build it. This makes perfect sense once you think it out.

        Visualization and imagination are the two precursors to every breakthru there has ever been. I’ve read that top level sports stars constantly “imagine” their way thru plays. So when they finally get there – they’ve already ran the play before – in their head.

        Now – in this case , if you can’t imagine hundreds if not thousands of government gang members gently swaying in the breeze on public gallows set up around the Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool – well then of course it’s never going to happen.

        If however , enough people start thinking the same thoughts – then sooner or later critical mass is reached – and the solution becomes self obvious………

        Just sayin………………

          • “If there is hope it lies with the proles”
            If the average white person so desired en masse, the invasion and poz would cease. That it does not indicates grudging support. No one is forced to drink Starbucks, but yet this company is everywhere despite being openly anti-white.

          • Just like chemistry, political and, more importantly, cultural change requires a catalyst. The revolutionary left’s reaction to President Trump (and by extension, us dirty plebs who elected him) is reaching a point where the chain reaction becomes explosive. That’s going to push a lot of people sitting on the sidelines one way or the other. A lot of people on the right have begun sensing a showdown for all the marbles might be inevitable because knuckling under to the leftist demands is no longer going to be tolerated by a very large, and growing, segment of normal Americans. I’m ready to throw the dice because this moment, right now, is the last, best hope we have of liberty, because we all know what will happen if the revolutionary left gets their boot on our neck again. They will not repeat the mistakes Obama made. Next time around will be the wall or the gulag if we don’t go quietly into the dustbin of history.

          • The people at the top are not completely immune from pressure being exerted from below.

            Otherwise they wouldn’t worry so much about taking all the guns away, and try so hard to keep their propaganda machine spewing out lies.

          • In order to get reform the monied interests must be decapitated (literally or figuratively). When Bezos falls you know we have the country back.

          • Yes and no. The fact a half-witted lunatic with a .223 could terrorize D.C. to the point the elites deployed a metric ton of classified military assets to protect themselves and every cop and Fed with legs says otherwise. It’s not hard to panic overpaid sheep who think shopping at Ikea is a adventure.

            The only reason he was caught because he bragged to the cops. Imagine what happens when it’s someone who simply does it once and vanishes.

          • Or you have 20,000 guys going at once all in small cells.

            You could get half or all of them and still end up at best a Pyrrhic victory or a loss.

            As morally questionable as Anders Brehvik’s acts were, they worked. Norway is far less hospitable to immigrants because of him

            I should also note this is hardly new as an idea , Andrew Vacchs author of the Burke series of hard boiled anti hero, anti sex offender fiction wrote A Bomb Built in Hell back in 1973 exporting the same idea.

            Hopefully we won’t come to that but the elite know they are vulnerable , its just they trust people to stay passivized and frankly being status junkies couldn’t change course of they wanted to.

            How we fix that, rotate the elite within the law is a real difficult issue and the longer it goes on, the more I think we can’t

            That said I’m content to trust in President Trump for his terms.

            Its sounds silly but I trust him because I think he’s a rival elite looking to improve his families position. He also appears to have some moral fiber, re: kids which is enough for me

            If he drains the swamp a bit, maybe for his own ends, Great

            If he doesn’t, as the old saw goes “Any day not at war is a day you can spend sharpening your hatchet.”

          • With 400 million guns and maybe a trillion rounds of ammo.

            Of course organization is the real issue, Americans are too damned individualistic for their own good

  24. The good(?) news is that gangs often have bouts of internecine warfare, especially when they come under pressure from outside, and lots of gangster bodies pile up.

    Keepin’ my fingers crossed.

    • The problem with gangs is you have to kill them all. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM – to eradicate the problem. Otherwise the survivors pop up like weeds again to just start the cycle over again.

      • I disagree. Usually it is sufficient to kill 5% of any group to get them to settle down. Japanese 1945. Maybe the Spartans and jews were exceptions.

        • I would add that killing gangster’s families also serves to discourage people from joining gangs in the first place. A man may be willing to risk his own life, but not that of his wife and kids.

        • Esp when many of them, esp spouses, as we know, were part of the operation, doing their part as attorneys, other DOJ officials, and members of the media.

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