The Haunting

A couple of years ago, John Derbyshire, in one of his podcasts, talked about the sexual aspect of what ails the West. He referenced this comment to Steve Sailer, in one of Sailer’s blog posts. No doubt others have noted that women in the West seem to be the driving force behind things like immigration. The angle is always that the women are ascendant, because the men have grown soft. As Derb talked about in that podcast, the girls are inviting in the swarthy foreigners, because they are dissatisfied with their men.

That is appealing to men, especially older men, as older men are always sure that the younger generation is soft. When I was a boy, my grandfather would say, “In my day it was iron men and wooden ships. Now, it is iron ships and wooden men.” I’m an old man, but not so old that my grandfather lived in the age of sail. It was just his way of saying that his generation was tough, while the younger generation was soft. The thing is though, this assumes that only men have changed, while women are just responding to this change.

Maybe a better way of thinking about the sexual aspect of our cultural crisis is that both men and women are haunted by different specters. For instance, our women are growing increasingly deranged, not because men are wimps, but because the traditional sex roles no longer exist. This leaves them as free radicals, with the wacky fads out of feminism and gender studies, orbiting them like unpaired electrons. Put a different way, women are like bees without a hive. Without the normal social stimulants, they become erratic.

Here’s a good example. This women is not satisfied being an angry lesbian. She has been a public nuisance for a long time, ranting and raving about homosexual causes. Self-identified lesbians are 1.3% of the population, according to the CDC. That’s a small club, but not select enough, so she is now claiming her son is transgender, which is not even a real thing. Like so many of our women, this woman is in a race to the most bizarre and deranged position imaginable. It’s the need for attention, applied to inappropriate things.

The male side of this coin features a nostalgia for a lost future. It is a form of romanticism, where men imagine a past that led to a different present. All of those decisions by prior generations, have led to a present where there is no point to being man, because there is no role for being a man. The only place where men are needed is the military, but even there, the multicultural nags are working to ruin things. It’s not a longing for the past, but a longing for a different past that resulted in a more fulfilling and meaningful present.

If you look at the various sub-groups within the Dissident Right, they are almost exclusively male. The alt-right certainly has a strong romantic streak. Their embrace of the fascist aesthetic was always based on an imaginary version of history. The PUA guys go the other way, embracing a cynical and callous view of women as nothing more than a game to be won. It is an absurd version of the alpha male. Even guys into alt-lite stuff like Patriot Prayer or the Proud Boys are trying to create a space for men to be men.

The result of all this is men and women are rocketing off in different directions, seeking something that fills the void left by traditional sex roles. The trouble is, the current culture views traditional sex roles as toxic. That not only directs the search for biological fulfillment toward the wrong answers, it makes the right answer the polar opposite of what is acceptable. The result of this is blue-haired feminists screaming into the teeth of reality and the cartoonish primal scream of the Bronze Age Mindset.

It’s why polling on so many issues divide sharply between males and females, married people and single people. That last part is probably the most important, as people living the traditional married life may as well be in a different country from the single. The former have a point, while the latter are searching for one. The former see politics and the state as a necessary burden, while the latter view it as the hunting ground for personal fulfillment. It’s why Antifa is run by girls and the alt-right is run by boys.

Of course, the specter driving all of this was created in the bygone era, the one where the West still had its traditional social arrangements. The increasing animosity toward baby boomers, by younger people, has a lot to do with the fact that the young blame their parents and grandparents for screwing up the system. This is certainly true in America, where the boomers inherited a world of order and then set about destroying it, replacing it with a world of disorder and irrationality, without ever explaining why they did it.

That really is the specter haunting all of us, regardless of our age and circumstances. It all seems so unnecessary and pointless. What was so monstrous in the 50’s and 60’s that it spawned a generation hell bent on self-abnegation? That’s the specter that haunts our age. It’s as if the point of the cultural revolution was to create a society of people infected with the existential attitude. The result of the revolt was a people gripped by a sense of disorientation, confusion and dread in the face of an absurd and meaningless world.

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  1. I’ve been thinking of this post over the weekend. Z has talked a lot about limits and the lack of limits in leftist movements.

    Society is form of control and is usually accompanied by a major religion that reinforces the limits and adds some cohesiveness. East Asian societies impose tight controls on behavior, that’s why they seem to be surviving the onslaught of technology, media, affluence, and some of the other factors commentators mentioned above.

    Traditional African society has few limits on behavior and tribal disputes are still often settled with machetes.

    During the Renaissance, Western society became the happy medium between those extremes. Mozart, Newton, and Adam Smith were free enough to fully pursue their talents while there were still clear limits.

    Things started going off the rails with the French Revolution. The revolutionaries did a vicious turn against their allies in the clergy and left all limits behind. A decade of madness followed by a world war ensued.

    Since then, every radical leftist movement in the West seems designed to destroy the limits and controls of society and religion. All the variants of Marxism and feminism seem custom designed to destroy society.

    The 50’s and 60’s – the older generation had fought two world-wars with the Depression in between, Younger adults had grown up in the Depression and fought in WWII and/or the Korean War. They were tough and had little patience for extremism. A “return to normalcy” is all people wanted. It didn’t last and the next generation despised that normalcy,

  2. Z: “This is certainly true in America, where the boomers inherited a world of order and then set about destroying it, replacing it with a world of disorder and irrationality, without ever explaining why they did it.”

    They did what they were taught to do by their tele-screens. Television was the
    satanic altar brought into every home, spewing an increasingly vile message,
    programming the majority of the population to mock their elders and embrace

    The tree of the knowledge of Good & Evil was brought into the family room, not whispering but shouting its lie: Surely you will not die!

    • Excellent! Such imagery!

      Imagine if the TV’s forte had been skills, “how 2” and “how things work”, instead of vaudeville, soap opera, and secular religious programming.

      What youtube is for mechanics, a library.

  3. Almost all of the societal dysfunction that is present in our current culture derives from the modern environment of boundless affluence and the extinction of existential hardship and threat. Millions of years of evolution in the cauldron of natural forces made us the ultimate survival machines. No species cannot remain healthy in the absence of fitness selection similar to this ancestral gauntlet. We are in the process of breeding ourselves from wolves into chihuahuas.

    • As a Boomer, and someone whose knee jerk reaction is to blame the Boomers for all that ails us I must offer a partial defense.
      As to what caused the Boomers to throw their inheritance out the window the answer is at least partially three fold.
      The first 2 are grounded in reality, while the third is an abstraction.
      1) Vietnam – although awash in self interest the Boomer’s rejection of Vietnam was certainly not without merit. Of course that for many Boomers their protests and their own insistence on not paying a price for objecting to the war, in fact, their use of protesting to feather their own nest set a life long habit of profiting from moral posturing.
      2) The Civil Rights era. America’s original sin keeps on exacting a heavy toll on the Nation’s psyche. The Boomers embrace of civil rights for all their fellow (read blacks) citizens certainly had its laudable moments, but the contemporaneous abandonment of organized religion left way to many Boomers morally confused, and as nature abhors a vacuum ‘racism, the first and still most powerful of what are now many isms came to be for many Boomers the only sin. This has lead inevitably to our present situation when any criticism of blacks, gays, transgenders, and God knows how many other groups, no matter how benign is greeted with moral shrieking reminiscent of the most irrational tribal supertistions imaginable.
      Again what should have been the Boomers crowning achievement has instead degenerates into a moral morass that no one is satisfied with.
      3) The strange forces that circle our globe periodically, forcing large numbers into madness in their wake.
      Only great artists have a feel for these forces, and unfortunately the age of Boomers has failed to produce any great artists leaving all of us groping in the dark.

  4. I feel that the 1970s were the happy medium. Society was more liberal and laid back than it had been 10-20 years earlier – but it was also still accepting basic gender roles.

  5. I’m sorry, but isn’t this what you have to do if you’re convinced that Western Civilization is pointless and wicked, especially given that Western civ is nothing except the synthesis of Greece, Rome, and the Church?

    We thought for a very long time about how to live meaningful lives and came up with pretty good insights. Those were abandoned by the culture in the 19th century & there is a sense in which the Boomers of cursed memory were merely completing the work that their grandparents had begun.

  6. Z’s question: “What was so monstrous in the 50’s and 60’s that it spawned a generation hell bent on self-abnegation?” Answer: To a first approximation, J*wish dominance of the media and universities. To be a bit more precise, add in the effect of unparalleled affluence.

    Good article worth reading from a British perspective but ties into what Z has said. I do think that entrophy seems to be an unfortunate part of life bar a reasonable state of pressure. A lot of our problems are due to our success as a civilization. I’m not enthusiastic about discarding modernity and larping as a medievalist but Brett Stevens at does wax lyrical about it and there’s a bit of truth in it. I remember growing up in Ireland in the late 80s. Lower middle class/ Working Class. Dad a mechanic then Service Manager. From a monetary perspective we were far poorer, but despite class differences, economic differences, iq differences, there was a distinct sense of self which you don’t see anymore in the subsequent generations. Had an interesting conversation with one of my staff members tonight, reminded me of Z’s assessment of Irelands future from the Euro Cast. A nice chap, product of his time. Enthusiastic, but impractical. Got talking about life and kids and his hunger to meet someone and settle down. He’s 21. I’m 37. At his age I was probably trying to bang anything moderatly attractive that moved. By the way, if you ever come to Ireland our prostitution system is excellent. It’s illegal but, if someone offers you money for sex thats not illegal. So label yourself a courtesan and say some guys charging for your company and its totally legitimate, Hookers are off the streets so it never lowers the tone, but there’s online options to fill a need. Hit escort Ireland and away you go. Discretion is a very underrated virtue. Theres a lot to be said for Catholicism, but I digress. It seems like to some decent normies the poz has become a huge accelerant. Talked about experience of travel in New Zealand Australia U.S. How the Christchurch earthquake just affirmed everything I had suspected about race, identity, gender, humanity. It was like a veil had been lifted oft his eye’s. Talked about recent fake rape involving Pro Rugby players, immigration, and how the Slavs have integrated pretty seemlessly as opposed to others of the swarthier persuasion. Glacially slowly a sense of identity, nationalist but as part of larger group seems to be taking place in Europe. It will be fascinating to see where it leads.

  8. there is no mystery here. The Jews – a matriarchal feminized race to begin with – launched during the 1950’s-60’s a full frontal attack on Whites and White reproduction via culturally-normalized and then legalized abortion, porn, sodomy, and above all Judeo-feminism.

    the current smoking ruin is the result. Blame the boomers all you like. They were merely the target; Jews fired the arrow. If you think otherwise,

    go over to wikipedia and type in “List of Jewish Feminists”.

    read and study. Then type in “List of not Jewish Feminists”.

    compare results.

    • Damn, so you’re saying a bunch of matriarchal feminized faggots beat the fuck out of us. That’s sad.

      • “Sad but true” In our defense, we were defeated by an exploitation of our naïve universalism, our trusting nature. Today, we face up to our defeat and proceed with awareness.

        • Being in a high-trust society we created from our European Christian values, whites had trust in and believed the institutions, who lied to us and inculcated us with destructive ideas.

  9. PUA and MGTOW are responses to feminism and a rigged judicial system that favors women at all times. All them mean the cold death of the West. They are the canaries in the coal mine that are falling over.

    As for feminism, foisted on us by a bunch of rich Jewish socialites and Marxists, it was and is a toxic supremacist ideology from day one. But business loved it, because it flooded the market with more labor that would keep wages down and did. Though at the cost of wrecking traditional roles for women and society as well. It’s final end product are a bunch of college educated spinsters with cats.

    The other fly in the ointment is that’s it’s almost impossible to buy a house and raise a family on less than a six figure income in many regions That also means both need to work. And given that most jobs being created are under $20 a hour, it makes it hard on both parents to generate enough income. IOW no more traditional single income families except in rare occasions. And in many urban areas a six figure income will only get you a apartment. Talk about anti-family.

  10. Yes, romanticism. Even men who have awakened to the fact that America is lost, are still morbidly attached to the flawed past that lead directly to the disaster. Typically the apogee of their delusive mindset is WW2 with America as the ultimate Good Guys, simultaneously completely virtuous and incredibly tough. But all in a relaxed, cool way – able to gun down hordes of subhuman “Huns” with a cigarette dangling in the corner of their mouth – perhaps a brand prescribed by their physician.

    In contrast, the Reality: the Nazis knew about the dangers of both Capitalism and Communism – and that they worked together very, very well. How not since the latter was the creation of the former, basically Janissaries funded and created to tear down traditional societies and open them to modern materialism and ultimately to Capitalism. And Hitler knew about the Kalergi plan to breed Whites out of existence – and the Judeo-Masonic support it enjoyed from its inception.

    Of course American troops were often virtuous and tough. They fought well for the Enemies of their Race and Civilization against their own People and the Man who might have saved both it and them.

  11. Z’s post posits plausible cause for the poz, as do many of the astute commenters. I’m in the “death of God” camp. Of course He didn’t go anywhere. We (most of us anyway) decided we preferred material and sexual self-indulgence.

    All together now:. “This will not end well.”

  12. Drugs. That’s a big part of what happened. Still going pretty strong, I imagine. Gender goofiness, is not normal or common outside of the hippified West. And even there, is easily slapped down by a quick glance of what the grantedly deranged and tragically damaged youth regard. This may rub many the wrong way. But I do not care. Check outdide of yur tiny bubble of what is considered American youth pop culture. And you will find rather virile and strident gender defining.

  13. A way I often look at it is that the people fighting against over-population in the 50s and 60s won, but never did any planning for after the victory. We are in the fertility equivalent of Baghdad in 2003 and onward. The seed of this truth is contained in your observation about the difference between those with families and the single.

    I am increasingly starting to wonder if Andrea Dworkin and here ilk were almost correct: a great deal of female reproduction (not sex as the Dworkinites would have it) has been coerced, especially since the Neolithic. The genes of the women who cannot bear the thought of bearing children will disappear from the gene pool in just few generations. It will not be a settled time.

  14. The sad thing is that a New Order will not emerge until we’ve either destoyed everything and/or started killing each other.

  15. anglo germanics cant handle idleness and boredom. there always has to be a dynamite stick with a short fuse stuck up in your a***. top it up with the widespread usage of mood enhancing drugs and cannabis and you get a chaotic world we live in today

  16. “What was so monstrous in the 50’s and 60’s that it spawned a generation hell bent on self-abnegation?” . It was the slow creep of communism into our culture. Once the state and media employed Marxists made sure Joe McCarthy was considered a nut job they could begin the insidious take over of our culture. First they had to get God out of all schools and education, then out of the public. Once they convinced the Catholic Church it was somehow “Christian” to bring in homosexual perverts to teach children all they needed to do was wait for nature to take its course. I would say that Godless schools run by Marxist teachers and churches with gay priests did their part in making the 50’s and 60’s monstrous enough to spawn a generation of self-sexualized existentialists with no moral compass and no parental or historical guidance. From there it’s just a self fulfilling prophecy of douchebags educating douchebags.

    • Alas, The Z Man’s jihad against boomers reflects the need for a scapegoat combined with historical ignorance. The boomers inherited all the things younger members of the alt-right complain about. All the cultural marxist pieces (as were the Deep State, corrupt parties and Perpetual War machine) were in place by the end of the 60s.

      Now with the internet providing a way around the Jew controlled media and entertainment industry boomers are fired up and, while still not being as red pilled as they need to be, were the bedrock Trump and Brexit won on. Worth keeping in mind that Nixon one the first Boomer vote, not McGovern, when the voting age was lowered to 18.

  17. Dr Kevin Macdonald provides the correct answer to your question on what is wrong with the 60’s generation. Silly puritans manipulated like the self righteous fools they have always been.

  18. Z Man;

    I think you are really on to something here profound here. In discussing what has gone wrong with our society, we are still somewhat acting on the assumption that women lack agency. As you say, this must change (or actual Patriachy must be restored). Feminism’s fundamental absurd proposition is the demand to have recognized agency without any personal accountability for the consequences thereof. Not to mention the absurd demand that men are required to fix this situation asap.

    In your linked previous post you said:

    “One of the top-level duties of a ruling class is to keep its young men busy.”

    I would amend this eminently sensible insight to, ‘One of the top-level duties of a ruling class is to keep its young men AND young women busy’.

    In the bad old days it was a given that life was hard enough that there were very few young women who were not going have busy lives, even if they never married or had children. One of the things that changed in the ’50s and ’60s was that, with the real possibility of living on one paycheck and all the new labor saving devices, there were suddenly a lot of young women whose material lives suddenly improved so much that, unlike their own mothers, they didn’t really have to be all that busy. Not all of them took it well.

    My own mother was an example. She had a ‘hard enough life’ during The Great Depression. One would think that arriving at a pretty secure middle class situation by the mid-50s would be eminently satisfying. But no. She was highly intelligent (she got a pre-WWII full college scholarship but her single-parent family was so poor that she couldn’t go past one year for lack of R&B money). This almost ruined her because, having a taste of it, she aspired to upper-middle class status (or above) but lacked the credentials, connections and socialization such as were furnished the daughters of the elite in finishing schools or women’s colleges without much effort on their own parts.

    In the bad old days her, no doubt common throughout the ages, status unhappiness would have been suppressed by urgent necessity or the obvious lack of practicable opportunity. In the ’50s the urgency was suddenly gone. But opportunity was still denied: Elite females are particularly vicious about guarding their status, after all. As you point out in you link to C Nixon, they’ll gladly ruin their own kids’ lives if that’s what it takes.

    So, many of the angry female fads of the day stopped by our house early. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. I could easily understand why Dad always had something to do outside the house most every night of the week, etc.

    But the story has a good ending: Mom found Jesus, at a mainline church, no less. She now understood existential gratitude, let go of envy and smiled, no longer chronically unhappy. I couldn’t believe that she was the same person I grew up under.

  19. It was the bullshit of the Camelot Kennedys that started a lot of this. Add on the noble savages immigrating to our shores, then the free love diseases that Hollyweird fully embraced-along with the Manson Clan. I grew up in the crazy days, in Los Angeles no less, and yet I turned out a fully normal white woman. How? My mom was a nurse, knew a lot of people “in the Industry”, and nothing says crazy like witnessing the drugs, the narcissism,the cruelty up close and direct. I was cautioned daily about the insanity she saw. I had no illusions of granduer about these people-and that included the producers, the cameramen, or the production dudes. Somehow, in the 60’s, parents stopped being parents and wanted to be best friends forever. My mother called a spade a spade, and she didn’t take any BS off of anyone. Who did my girlfriends come to when they were in trouble? Not their parents-their BFF-no! My Mom sat up with many a weeping pregnant teenager who wasn’t her own.
    We have been fighting this culture war since CW1, but it became chaos and destruction when Kennedy was elected. Let’s go Full Barnhardt and cite Vatican 2. There is a major upheavel right there. Neither Clinton would have been able to be elected dog catcher in 1955. San Francisco was a moral, heterosexual society in 1945. My grandmother didn’t have a fight with her husband in 1925 and decide she was a lesbo who was moving in with her friend Beulah. As a society, we have lost a moral compass. And it is doing no one any good.

    • In 1925, 1945, and 1955, status was attained by living in a two-parent family, in your own house, with a car or two to drive, membership in a mainline church, also in the service clubs, a veteran of the service on the male side, a couple of clean cut kids, and a nice career in a respectable profession. Each and every one of these elements has been replaced by something else, which means, in the popular culture of the last 50 years or so, status is achieved by rejecting these elements of life, not embracing them.

      How did this happen? Bernays and the media, as front people for others, took it all down, piece by piece. Watch M*A*S*H, the TV show, and count the elements of traditional culture being mocked and rejected (hint: all of them). This was the most popular show of the late ’70s and early ’80s. Then watch Seinfeld, the most popular show of some years back. Hilarious, rude, and all of the characters live emotionally dissolute lives, in the midst of material prosperity. Every character, objectively, is a vile personality. Yet they are held up as some sort of example as to how to live one’s life.

      Was this a conscious plan? In most cases, probably not. The writers, producers, and actors were simply playing out their own ideals, in a clever and entertaining way, drawn from the human social cesspool they all lived in. But the lifestyle they espoused and held up as ideal was corrosive to the body public.

      In the meantime, the trappings of old school culture are available to almost everyone. Living in a reasonably nice suburban neighborhood, driving a nice, newer-model car, getting your health care taken care of, and sending the kidlets to a halfway acceptable public school is available to almost everyone, and it doesn’t cost much if you play your cards right and milk the system in all of its facets. But if you choose to achieve and pay your own way to prosperity, it costs a ridiculous amount to do any better than the freeloaders are getting. You end up in roughly the same neighborhood and the same quality of life for a lifetime of work, if you are not in the top 10% or so.

      The seeking of status now means you reject everything traditional, get a tattoo, dye your hair blue, and go find some vibrancy, gayness, or tranny elements of your family tree. Then you use any or all of those things to bash people over the head for not celebrating all of this (mere acceptance is not enough, any more). That is how you seek status these days. And if everything falls apart around you, hey, you still are top dog in the status hierarchy. That’s worth more than anything else.

      • I can’t imagine why anybody would think that the characters in Seinfeld would be “taken as some sort example as how to live one’s life.”

        • Perhaps not held up as such, but the snark, the self absorption, and the total lack of consideration for anyone around you is how many people live their lives today. So maybe more of a reflection than an example. The cultural resonance of those Seinfeld characters came from somewhere.

  20. I think the alt-right stuff will fade away in the next couple years. I make this prediction based on two previous waves os movements like it in the past. The first was the last 2 years of Carter. This was the John Bircher/world end in hyperinflation crowd. This crowd faded away with the Reagan economic resurgence by 1983. Later came the militia movements during Clinton’s first term. These went away with the economic resurgence of the late 90’s (which Clinton himself had very little to do with). The massive jobs boom wave is what I think is the beginning of a Trump-Reagan economic resurgence that will likely be even bigger than the original Reagan boom of the 1980’s.

    I don’t know any alt-right people personally. But my impression is that it is largely comprised of pissed-off unemployed white guys who bore the brunt of the obama “long recession”. It is only natural that people get angry when there is no opportunity. Create the opportunity and everything is fine.

    All three versions of this conservative “angst” movements were driven by hard economic times coupled with the preception the country is going the “wrong” way. Restore economic growth and opportunity and the conservative angst will go away.

    • Mebbe so. If guys can start doing guy stuff again, chasing after it, frustrated girls will start doing girl stuff again- chasing after guys.

    • This is about demographics and less about dollars. As we’ve seen before, solving economic hardship for young White men is a band-aid that can easily be ripped off by the next political regime that rises to power. As things stand, this is our future ( (

      Don’t believe me? In two years the majority of babies born in the US will not be White ( and given the continued influx of foreigners via illegal immigration, refugee admissions and green cards being passed out like candy you will see an increasing shift in voting patters, even in places you may not expect (

      The only thing that’s going to stop this is a MASSIVE reversal in immigration policy that unfortunately, as of this date, has not been enacted. The reasons the Alt-Right exist today are more vital and compelling than ever before. The current path of our demographic destiny is one of poverty, violence and chaos. Until that reality changes the Alt-Right MUST fight on.

    • There was no jobs boom under Clinton, just a stock market boom fueled by the internet that was just getting going. It finally imploded under Bush the Lesser.

      Employment wise Clinton, butchered the working and middle-class with NAFTA, and PNTR with China. which sent over 8 million jobs overseas and created the Rust Belt. He is also responsible for turning the mid-West Red with this.

      Your understanding of alt-right is equally flawed as much as your understanding of what happened to the Birchers and the militia movements. The Alt-Right is basically a grab bag of different folks. This also includes college professors, scientists, people in high tech, tradesmen, you name it. Most driven to it because they realize the GOP no longer represents anyone but corporate interests and that in many respects they are a wing of the Democratic party as well.

      • All true, but Roulf is still spot on.
        Only one banner opposes our doom.

        And I am sorry, Christians, but you have already sold your people down the river.
        It won’t be your banner, only, either.

    • I appreciate your honesty in saying, “I don’t know any alt-right people personally. But my impression is that it is largely comprised of pissed-off unemployed white guys.” Go to AmRen! You will have a great time and be impressed by the high quality of the attendees. That was Z’s response.

  21. The world changed. I’m in a reality where communication is at the speed of light over any distance I choose and the other side of the world is a day away by jet plane if I need to get there. There are no certainties, it is chaos… and out of chaos comes opportunity. The hard thing is keeping up and not being paralysed by the overload of information: more facts and opinions than a human mind can hold – even though a human mind can hold a whole universe inside.

  22. If I were a young man today I would do the same thing I did when I was young. Find a woman interested in raising a family in a traditional manner with a religious upbringing.

    This is what you call a winning reproductive strategy.

    To me everything else is whining.

  23. In my reductive Three Peoples theory, the culprits are the People of the Creative Self. For them the meaning of life, the universe, and everything, is to be creative.

    If you are a complete idiot, without the chops to be creative, the only way to get creative is with sex.

    In my view, sex is probably the last thing you want to get creative with.

  24. I am a boomer and my view is that the screwups started in the 60s. Now many would say see what I mean you are the problem.
    In 1969 I turned 16, not yet able to vote for 2 more years. My generation did not achieve political power until at the earliest 1982. The earliest that we all could have voted.
    Oh gosh, Regan was president.
    My thoughts are that the greatest generation voted for the freebees because they had lived through both the great depression and world War 2. Not an easy time to be young. I am not angry about this idea, I personally would not want to have to have lived their lives. More could be written to flesh this idea out, to the naysayers I say,do the math and look at it from a logical perspective.

    • In Vietnam we exempted the university students, particularly the Ivy League from serving as officers. Instead McNamara filled the enlisted ranks with those of low IQ. Draft-dodging white boomers were one of the worst things to have happened to our culture. It was foolish of us to have gone to Vietnam, but just as foolish to have given amnesty to those that left for Canada. By contrast the IDF will pull teeth to ensure their people’s best are made officers.

      • Consider the number of prominent politicians of age that didn’t go to Vietnam. Clinton, GWB, Romney, Trump. All four of them would have been roughly competent officers. John McCain was an unqualified pilot that was only allowed in because of his Admiral father and grandfather. The elite circa 1965 had no confidence, and shielded their children. Imagine if Oliver North had been elected Senator in ’94, and President in ’00.

        • You’d get a massive gun grab, Ollie North was essentially a traitor and hated the right to bear arms.

          That said the US has faced no military threat other than China since 1991 or so and is just to corrupt to withdraw and mind it own business.

          Too much profit there to be had and frankly I’m more sympathetic than you might think, the number of useful things to do in the private sector that are remunerative has shrunk year after year since the 70’s , automation and computers and economies of scale gut wages

          And its not all “making stuff” its awful hard for my family run hardware shop to compete with Lowe’s or my small store Walmart

          A nation of employees, expecting to uproot at a moment notice so that global capital can maximize efficiency will fail

          Cultural Marxism and mobility are the accelerants not the fire .

          People in some sense are like trees, without roots they die.

          • The military is not loyal to the Constitution, no doubt. What should be especially troubling for the Right is the prominent veteran Dems (Duckworth, Moulton, Kander, Gabbard), the veterans of the neocon wars have a lesser-known leftist streak, even the GOP veterans (Brian Mast of Florida). A President North might have listened to Powell, Cheney certainly wouldn’t be VP.

        • President Ollie would’ve increased the cocaine flights to Mena, AR with Hillary as his V.P.
          John Negroponte’s Contra death squads would be here, instead of with the Sons of Iraq. Oh, wait, MS-13 is here now, isn’t it?

          I don’t know whether to agree or disagree.
          How badly did Vietnam corrupt our patriotic military core? Asking for a friend named (((John Kerry))).

    • The 60’s also coincides with the Left taking over institutions within and without the government. From education to the foundations, etc. And they still control them to this day.

      After that came feminism, AA, set-asodes, the Great Society, all the toxic shit that ruined the country. TV producing endless streams of garbage.

      Boomers didn’t do it. They didn’t want forced busing, they didn’t want to live next to blacks, etc.

      It’s really easy to blame them though. Nobody bothers to notice they didn’t have the internet back then, all they had for news sources was the corporate controlled news media that fed them pablum and outright lies. Getting red pilled wasn’t possible except for outcasts that were screwed by the government.

      • The Boomers were freely consuming drugs en masse, and the military was not immune. Our lunatic drug war policies are a hypocritical reaction to Boomer excess. Boomer elites also passed on their aversion to military service down to the next generation. Romney has no excuse for not having one of his five sons become an officer. Don Jr and Eric would be more than subjects of mockery if they’d done a term in the Corps.

        • A traditional aristocratic career used to include a term of military service. Now it includes a term of revolving-door corporate consultancy or university clerisy.

          The new Order is emerging, isn’t it?

          • Richard Spencer would have been far better off if he’d been an officer versus wasting away in grad school. He might even have ended up in Congress. The dissident Right’s most glaring weakness is the absence of disciplined leadership. Say what you want about the MIC, having responsibility for hundreds of men as an O-3 teaches something that McKinsey can’t.

      • LOL.

        The progressive left took over institutions long before the 1960’s.

        Income tax. The Federal Reserve. Elimination of the TRUE militia (the National Guard is NOT a militia), Voting rights for women. Changing the election of Senators to a direct ballot, the Permanent Apportionment Act, involvement in WW1………… all of these and more were brought to you by the “progressives” long before the 1960’s ever rolled around.

        It seems there are a lot of people here who cannot separate cause and effect.

    • “Why waste time and energy obsessing over culture wars when there is a world of opportunity beckening out there?”

      The Americans in the 1950s and 60s took your advice and the result is what Z writes about in this column and most of his work. If we are only maximizers of short term material success, we become spiritually lost and are exploited by our enemies.

  25. “…our women are growing increasingly deranged, not because men are wimps, but because the traditional sex roles no longer exist. This leaves them as free radicals, with the wacky fads of feminism and gender studies, orbiting them like unpaired electrons.”

    Ha – brilliant, Z

    • Real men are in short supply today. It’s a supply and demand thing. Such is the fruit of the failed feminist movement.

  26. Say what you will about the fascist aesthetic, the first politician to make an American version of the Bund Deutscher Madel mandatory will get the votes of 75% of the men… and 95% of the women. (And let’s pour one out for that “Promise Keepers” guy from the late 1990s. Alas, he came too soon… and couldn’t keep it in his pants, but you could make a killing with that today).

  27. There is an explanation for this, if you follow the Good Book. Read 2Tim 3:1-9. It is all described. It is happening right before our eyes. We are indeed on a highway to Hell. When we arrive is up to Him. Brace yourselves. Bleib ubrig.

  28. Q: “What was so monstrous in the 50’s and 60’s that it spawned a generation hell bent on self-abnegation?“
    A: White Christian Normal Men were in charge, instead of Jews.
    So the media & educational system that did have Jews in charge taught the Americans that traditional values were stupid, evil & low-status. And that anti-traditional values were smart, moral & high-status.

    • It wasn’t Boomers ramming through the 1965 Immigration act nor removing decency standards in the film industry. Throw in Norman Lear’s contributions and you start to get a clearer picture of how it all went south. The masses just went along with it asit is their wont to do.

      Throw in Great Society reforms and Feminism for good measure. It’s tough to survive and raise a family with all of that.

      • Great point. The reason for the upheaval and continuing change is readily obvious, and its name is the media, particularly TV & film. Even as far back as the early 60’s, one of the FCC commissioners christened television ‘the vast wasteland”. TV and film normalized homosexuals, then homosexual marriage. Now those same players are normalizing transgenders/transsexuals. And, they’re normalizing the ‘noble refugees’ flooding into the US. Starting about 1970-71 with Norman Lear’s TV series and Hollywood’s films, this country has been fed a steady and unrelenting diet of images & sound that has normalized all manner of sicknesses and deviant behavior until we now view that same deviancy as normal. Consider this: in 2015 just one man overturned centuries of canon & common law by normalizing gay marriage. (Thank you Justice Kennedy)

        The point of all this? The fountain of filth that is the film and television industry has to be dramatically changed before there’s any hope of changing our culture and/or politics. /end old man rant.

        • TV programming, machine guns, the printing press, the Bomb, the Pill, drugs, cars and planes, nitrate fertilizers and supergrains, medicine and energy-

          Everything used to depend on how fast an army could walk.

          Now, the shattering impact of modernity.
          In this, the Whites really are to blame!

      • All societies, in time, become a reflection of their ruling class. It is our ruling class which has changed. And the bar to entry has never been so low, so…..democratic.

        • Very astute about society reflecting the ruling class; however, there is no such low bar to entry. The upper class in the US is as impermeable now as it was in the gilded age, perhaps more so due to the ubiquity of information (dirt) on would-be class transcending noveu-rich.

          The problem is that the class in question has become utterly ossified and without flexibility. This may be due to diaspora elites having become unable to grapple with the reality of being an elite with an empire to rule rather than simply live within. It may also be that American elites generally lost so much coherence after US ascendancy that they can no longer so anything but strive for a borderless dominion. Regardless of diagnosis, the upper class will either right the ship or ride it to the bottom.

          The best a prole can do is esteem himself in a local community and build the network and resilience necessary to prepare for either eventuality. Politics has been largely exhausted. Trump may have another term, but he will be the last of the white men leading a western empire. Plan accordingly. I’m certainly not going to remain on airstrip one when the time comes for him to step down.

          • It seems you are speaking about people who are of a somewhat different and more exclusive sort than I include as members; for example “journalist”, MSM talking heads, or the 44th President, among others. Your interpretation is more important than mine if it explains where power is actually created and maintained. It probably does.

    • Absolutely. Reading Unz Review’s American Pravda, I see that FDR (and Churchill’s) wartime government was filled with Soviet spies, the architects of the postwar order.

      They came here as settlers, not refugees.
      Their children, the Red Diaper babies, replaced our WASP aristocracy just as they had the German and Russian traditional administrations.

      Been doing that since Hyksos Egypt, and before.
      They exploit a specialized niche in the human ecology. Selecting for traits, as much as Hajnal whites (no close-cousin marriage), testosterone-laden Bantus, or child-rapist Arabs.

      Yesterday’s column, what did it say?
      We are ruled by mafia- the Families.
      Outside Fam, you’re a target.

  29. “What was so monstrous in the 50’s and 60’s that it spawned a generation hell bent on self-abnegation?”

    Why, these were the decades the Massachusetts elites imposed Horace Mann’s educational reforms on the country. We’ve been going through genetic degradation ever since, as Prussian style schools are used as spawning pools by the underclass. Within a century they’ll literally use artificial wombs, genetic mutants, cyborg slaves, all the Brave New World techniques. Already, the ship of the line and firing line and assembly line are obsolete, but they haven’t figured out what to do with the drone factories that used to be useful in supplying “human capital” to the machine. All the elites need is a flashy new word for slavery and it will catch on as rapidly as a new gender these days.

    If you mean the 1950’s and 1960’s, then that’s just postwar prosperity LARPing and the ensuing hangover. Overrated and not interesting or relevant, but it produced a few good rock bands.

    • Oh yes. The social progress schools also produced lawyers in abundance. Soap opera on a public stage, with Daddy Gov muscle as her own personal bulldog.

  30. Being raised in a prog family is in a way, no different from being raised in a traditional one. As a kid you are taught to think and speak a different way. You accept things because that is all you ever knew, and that is the way things were. For me, I accepted the matriarchy setting up in our families because if I didn’t I was punished. I got punished a lot. The thing is that as I grew older the punishment and conditioning didn’t stop. It grew worse.

    And worse.

    A decade ago the old shitlib women in my family decreed that not only was I to accept them as my moral and intellectual superiors – when they died and went to hell my lesbian daughter and her creepy girlfriend would take over for them. The red pill is not taken orally. It’s a suppository.

    I found myself unpersoned from the hive and out in the void with no direction to go. I started to read others in or close to my situation and it was like a fish that lived in air suddenly dropped in water. My wife and I went back to the 50’s, while the rest of our families went to whatever future awaited them. We found a good church run by people like us. The women are warm and good natured. The men are strong and united in community and spirit. There is little argument and dissent because common sense is what it is, so no one is inclined to be at his neighbour’s throat. The time for arguing with chitty old lunatic liberal women is over. Their time is over. Doing away with the poz and political correctness is as easy as rejecting it and ignoring it. I understand the anger of the younger generations because I was raised in their shoes. When you realize your upbringing and parents failed you and you have to start all over again the cold fury is almost uncontrollable.

    That is probably the hardest part – leaving it all behind. Christianity is a great start to redeeming yourself, as is immersing yourself in the alt/dissident right, and classical manly philosophies like stoicism. Men have a spiritual component too, and without care he can end up as bitter and unhappy as those wretched cat ladies and feminists. Look after yourselves and have a good Sunday.

    • I grew up in the mountains hearing my grandmother tell stories she had heard as a child about our family hiding in the fields as the Union Army burned houses… I never had a problem understanding the gubment ain’t your friend.

  31. “What was so monstrous in the 50’s and 60’s that it spawned a generation hell bent on self-abnegation?” Yes – I’ve thought what in the world even set the stage for what we’re seeing today? What societal virus was introduced? I’ve asked for years, why did all the self proclaimed “peace-and-love” folks grow up and then want to join the gestapo?

    • Mostly I think it was boredom, coupled with mediocrity. By the 1960s, most of the frontiers on earth had been conquered, new ones such as the space race were reserved for a small cognitive elite.

      So what was left for your typical suburban mediocrity? Not much. All they had were complaints of how the people who built the world built it wrong, and unfairly, and go about trying to prop up their self-esteem by criticizing and undermining the work of their predecessors. Having no new worlds in reach to conquer, they set about reconquering the old ones.

      • Your take on boredom is often cited as the reason for the rise of the feminists. Women’s lives had grown so much easier, what with all manner of labor-saving devices, etc., that women had time to become bored. Seems a reasonable theory.

        • The bored mid-century women idea is verboten on the D-Right. Goes against their happy myth that women were thrilled to hang with screaming kids all day.

          • I’ve seen too many spinsters regret not having kids, and there is empirical data showing declining female happiness over the last 50 years. I will also proffer that on certain measures women should be outright ignored wrt their temporary feelings.

          • Women werent thrilled. But woman had a support network of family and community to help. I remember when I was kid, and my father would be gone for months at a time while he was in the military. There was a whole network of wives who all helped each other out and shared the burden. The kids got looked after, and mom got to socialise.

            Our atomised culture doesnt have that. Our families are small and distant, and our neighbours are strangers.

          • Ah true but the administrative state hates anything larger than the nuclear family.

            Extended families and private support networks lower dependence and weaken the state

            This isn’t new, the Catholic Church back in Medieval times preferred the nuclear family to strengthen it and Feudalism but everyone lived in one place for life and needed each other and so while they were able to weaken clannishness , it was replaced by localism .

      • Bruno the Arrogant – Yes. While working on a degree I rented an apartment from a far-Left english professor who frequently attended Leftist parties. Upon returning she had comments like, “Well… you know… I heard all the most WONDERFUL art museums are on the COMMUNIST side of the Berlin Wall!” It’s fashionable and “edgy” for Leftists to disrespect the freedom they’re living in as if they’re an “intellectual vanguard”.

    • I think it is all a lot more simple than people make it out to be. Good vs. Evil. In previous generations God was God. Now man is god. The road to ruin.

      • Solzhenitsyn would have agreed with you (as do I):

        “All attempts to find a way out of the plight of today’s world are fruitless unless we redirect our consciousness, in repentance, to the Creator of all: without this, no exit will be illumined, and we shall seek it in vain.”

        “Over a half century ago, while I was still a child, I recall hearing a number of old people offer the following explanation for the great disasters that had befallen Russia: “Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.” Since then I have spent well-nigh 50 years working on the history of our revolution; in the process I have read hundreds of books, collected hundreds of personal testimonies, and have already contributed eight volumes of my own toward the effort of clearing away the rubble left by that upheaval. But if I were asked today to formulate as concisely as possible the main cause of the ruinous revolution that swallowed up some 60 million of our people, I could not put it more accurately than to repeat: “Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.”

        • Not lost. Not your god. Replaced.
          Good King Jesus was replaced by terrible old El, god of Abraham the Lucifer, and his children, per the irrevocable Covenant.

          (The one a Jewish spy for the secret police told you had been revoked, as he preached propaganda written by his Roman clerks, spreading the word in all languages (“toungues”)- seeking the hidden Apostles that they might be found and executed.
          Your God above the local gods uses all tools, even the most flawed. The local gods seek to wrest those tools from the Creator’s hands.)

          The Reign of the Lucifer’s children began growing generations ago. ‘Seven years’ is not some calender date or specified period. (‘Seven’ is used like ’40’, a mystic numerology.)

          The Tribulation is here not because it was ordained, but because some are working to make it happen. According to their prophecy- not yours.

      • Mr. Incredible for the win. The Dright is asking all the right questions, and turning away the simplest answers.

      • The 30 Years War was fought for God mostly and was entirely faithful White Christian fighting White Christian.

        In places it killed at the Black Death level and an argument can be made we still are suffering from the effects.

        Organized religion is just cheap social capital and not far from what Marx wrote

        Religious suffering is, at one and the same time, the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.

        In any case the US is the most religious society in the West and its in much worse shape than many of its peers despite all the God and Guns

        Once the organized religion stops being important, society flounders for a while but it will find its own equilibrium and a workable new faith , if only personal and local.

        Anyway my opinion is technology and urbanization are killing us. Put people into urban areas than take away stability of income and stability of life and despair and lack of family formation are the result.

        If you want to fix that make sure the rootless cosmopolitans of all races are out of power and that stable societies and people are job one instead of trying to use a heavily corrupted church as a cheap patch

        Or just wait and eventually the few people natural immunity , some devoutly religious LDS and Evangelicals and the Amish take over

        And note the Amish birth rate is so high that in theory (and yes stats don’t work this way) in a couple hundred years they’ll be most of the population


        One word


      • You’re invoking ethics to avoid the ugly reality, which is the racial aggression of non-whites against whites, not good versus evil, excuse me, “Good vs. Evil.” Everyone can prove that God is on their side.

    • I think a lot of it was undiagnosed mental trauma relating from WW2 that was largely self-medicated with alcohol. There was also the omnipresent threat of nuclear annihilation, amped up by “duck and cover” drills. Western society allowed this individualist Poz reaction, while it was harshly stamped down upon in the USSR (note the abortion data). Some of it was also the birth control pill allowing women to follow the animal programming.

    • The car. Car culture, as the highways were built. All this spontaneous mobility to move, unlike the orderly small rail network between towns.

      • It is not boredom. It is a social construct that gives status to certain things, and takes status from others. The urban/suburban leftists have been rewarded with social status, so untethered people seek it by going that way.

        • To borrow from Kenneth Clark, the most concise reason for the fall of the West: advertising.

          It’s damn close to the truth.

    • Read “The Fourth Turning” to see, not what, but why the social order established after the crisis of WW2 was turned against.

    • There were many influences. Never underestimate the impact of the birth control pill.

    • The threat of human extinction through global nuclear war. This Western Civilization had to end. To save the planet

      That is the ghost haunting the West.

  32. Cynthia Nixon is trying raise her position in the leftwing caste system. By declaring her son is transgender, she demonstrates to the Priesthood that her Karma is superior to normal white lesbians, and thus she really belongs to a higher caste.

    • But in a sane society, this natural urge would be directed to something beneficial, like a big family, church work and charity. That’s the thing to understand. The people have not changed so much as the environment has become unstable. The normal feedback loop has been disrupted.

      • Since ww2 we have seen the destruction of the organic connections that were rooted in time and place. Everyone is a nomad now, moving about. Our suburbs are just refugee camps full of people fleeing urban chaos. Connections are constantly disrupted. What replaced them are shallow identity groups dominated emotional defectives. Lacking a proper support network of family, friends, institutions, people become dependent on these erstaz “communities”. The threat of ostracism from these communities creates purity spirals.

        The ones most deeply affected are the white middle and upper classes. Their sense of identity and connection to their historical inheritance has been ripped from them. All they have left is their status, and so their identity is built on this status. That’s why they must signal so hard against working class whites. Working class whites are low status, and the white urban eloi can be mistaken for a working class white. this threatens their status, and with it their very identity. Thus they double down on their hostility towards all things associated with lower class whites. The easiest way to do this is through Poz.

        • That happened before WW2.

          Pat Buchanan (and others) – have pointed out at least as far back as WW1 the West put a gun to it’s head – and pulled the trigger. In WW1 the Western countries (not so much the US – but the European countries definitely) – took an entire generation of young men – and dumped them into holes in the ground. I’ve heard the period between the end of WW1 and WW2 described as waiting period that was needed to birth out another generation of young men – after which the West promptly went to war again and dumped them into the ground too.

          Given that male/female birth ratios are roughly equal – but the amount of males vs females in a society is typically tilted towards the female slightly because of higher death rates of males ……. what do you think happens when you SEVERELY tilt the balance towards the female?

          The after-effects of WW1 on British society have been written about. The names of the books escape me – but I remember reading a number of years ago that since that generation of men were dumped into a hole – you had a generation of women left behind that had no prospects of marriage. So the end result was women going lesbian for companionship, becoming mistresses, going into the working world, etc. All of these things preceded WW2. All of them were the destruction of the organic connections made in a normally functioning society.

          All of this begs the question of who is more nuts. The males or the females? Remember – it was the men who largely SIGNED UP for WW1. You can still see the same effects today – as every time there’s a durkha jihad event – the inevitable cries to invade the Mideast and nuke the whole place go out. Is that “toxic masculinity”? I don’t know – but I do know if I got my legs blown off acting as a soldier when I was 22 years old – I wouldn’t have built a house, worked a productive job, and “contributed to society” much at all during the following years. If had gotten my dick blown off from a grenade blast – I wouldn’t have produced a son. And given the end-results of every war the US has fought in since at least WW2 – the sacrifice would have been for nothing (especially since the freedom I was ostensibly supposed to be protecting – is being pissed away on a daily basis by leftist lunatics).

          So you’ve really got to ask the question: where did the crazy start? Which came first – the chicken or the egg – the male crazy – or the female crazy?

        • Basically yeah, that’s my experience dealing with various younger women. It seems they are so desperate to conform to society out of fear they will be ostracized, which in that, I guess they’re not wrong, now are they?
          They just don’t know what to do, they don’t have any rules, there’s little to no parental guidance, authoritarian fathers, and very few mothers to use as examples to model themselves on.
          They’ve been given way too much privilege & control over things they didn’t build, things they don’t know how to maintain, and most of all, things they didn’t earn & don’t deserve.
          A world with millions of manically spun tops, spiraling & wobbling, totally out of control.

      • In a sane society whomever that man was that put a baby into her would have been trained at an early age to recognize the lunatic that she is – and stayed the hell away from her.

        I’ve thought for quite some time that one of the major things that wrong with our so-called society is that it spends all of it’s time pumping so much junk into people’s heads that they don’t know which way is up any more by the time they reach their mid 20’s to early 30’s. I still remember reaching my late 20’s and (finally) coming to the realization that much of what had been pumped into my head during all those years getting “educated” – was utter horseshit. That’s a hard pill to swallow – realizing that much of the world around you is just a goddam lie. I don’t think a lot of people want to or even can swallow that pill. So they continue to lie to themselves – and it slowly eats them up. It takes a lot of energy to continue living a lie.

        RE: Lesbians having kids. Nixon apparently was straight long enough to have a kid. I know a couple of gay men who have done the same thing. One of them in particular was with his wife just long enough to pump out two daughters – and left her as he “discovered” himself in his mid-30’s – just after she had the 2nd one. In a sane world – just like how that man should have recognized Nixon for the loon that she must have been – the woman who married this man and had two of his children – should have had an immunity to hooking up with a man who would dump two children into her and then leave.

        The only saving grace (for this woman with two kids by a gay man) – is that he makes a crapload of money as a marketing VP and has not divorced her – and therefore still supports her ( and the kids) in a pretty nice lifestyle. This is one of the points I hear the MGTOW guys make all the time: All the woman really wanted was the support. The fact that the man “went gay” and left her – is a secondary issue to the fact that she’s still getting the checks.

        This is similar to the problem of the welfare state. The women don’t REALLY care if the men are around – they just want the support.

    • Yes, she is trying to get attention (all leftist women are attention whores) and a temporary rise in status, at the minor expense of wrecking her child’s life…Just collateral damage

    • From what I understand, white lesbians seem to be getting kicked down the ladder on the Progressive Stack of Victimhood, the same way they did with the white male homos.
      The old school rug munchers and the new, tranny “women,” AKA, BETTER WOMEN, seem to have broken their Sisterhood of the Traveling Rants deep,deep bonds.
      I guess at that point you’re stuck & the only way you can LEVEL UP and work your way back up the Stack, is to mutilate your son’s genitals, put him on hormone blockers, & to start the ol’ suicide countdown clock.

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