No Easy Answers

It is natural for people to embrace simple answers to complicated problems, even when it is obvious that those simple answers have no chance for success. One reason is complicated solutions imply a lot of hard work. Most people would prefer as little struggle as possible, so the option that offers the least amount of effort is always going to have the most appeal. Then there is the fact that hard solution mean hard problems, problems that change things. People don’t like change, so they avoid facing reality as much as they can.

This is the heart of the current crisis. White people in America are faced with a set of facts that are immutable. Demographics is a straight forward issue. As of 2011, about 60% of the population was non-Hispanic white. The percentage of the minor population that is non-Hispanic white fell below 50% for the first time. Given current immigration and fertility numbers, America will be a majority-minority country within a generation. The crisis of our age is not just how we respond to this reality, but how we come to accept it.

The civic nationalists will move heaven and earth in order to avoid facing demographic reality. In fact, they do everything they can to avoid thinking about it. The results of the NY-14 election are a great example. The civic nationalists latched onto the socialist angle, with the desperation of a drowning man. The fact that the district is over 60% Hispanic was lost on them. Even when presented with the facts, they preferred to prattle on about “muh socialism.” The simple answer asks the least of them, so they go with that.

On the other hand, we have the recently red-pilled. Like ex-smokers, they demand action now, believing all they have to do is explain what they have just learned to everyone else, and public opinion will turn on a dime. Paul Nehlen and Patrick Little are good examples of how this works. They read Culture of Critique, had a revelation and then found the nearest street corner on which they could preach the gospel. All of their efforts were based on the belief that the solution was simple. Just red-pill everyone and the problem is solved.

Of course, the very act of running for office is a denial of reality. It assumes the system is fine, but the people are defective. This has been the guiding star of conservatives for three generations. The simple solution to the culture war is to get the “right people” in office and they will solve the problem. The fact that this has proven impossible, and that the system has led us to this point, is never considered. The possibility that liberal democracy inevitably leads to cultural suicide is unpleasant, so even the red-pilled look the other way.

It used to be a popular line on social media to comment about something being the reddest of red pills. The JQ’ers loved using that line to pose as the most “woke” people in the movement. The truth is, the reddest of red pills is accepting that there is nothing to be done, with regards to our demographic destiny. The die is cast. Barring genocide or some weird plague, the land currently called America will be majority-minority. We can seal the borders tomorrow and the facts will not change. There’s no answer to that problem.

Further, liberal democracy assumes things about the citizenry that cannot be true in a majority-minority nation. The Founders saw this from the start and worried about factionalism ripping their new creation apart. Even in a completely white, English speaking country like early America, there was lots of diversity. People putting loyalty to their tribe ahead of loyalty to their nation was a legitimate concern. The American Civil War was not fought along regional and cultural lines by accident. It was tribal warfare.

The fact is, another bit of that dreaded demographic reality is that what comes next cannot include the current system of governance. In a multicultural society, everyone’s primary loyalty is to their group. Liberal democracy assumes people are loyal to their narrow economic interests. The black guy will vote for what works for him, not for what blacks ad a whole think is in their interest. In an all-white society, this works as whites are the least tribal humans. In a majority-minority society, this cannot possible work.

What comes next for us is what we see in the Middle East. In every country, one group dominates the rest, imposing their idea of order on the society. Saddam controlled Iraq for his people. The Persians run Iran. The Muslims run Lebanon, where every hill and valley may as well be its own country. The rule in multi-cultural, multi-tribal societies, is that one tribe rules the rest. That’s our future. The question is which groups will come to dominate the rest and what sort of system will they impose in order to remain in charge.

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  1. The reddest red pill is female nature.

    A lioness will lead a rogue male back to the pride to fight her mate to the death. She will allow the male to kill her existing cubs and then she will produce new cubs with this new mate. The defeated male, as he bleeds to death, always gathers the corpses of his cubs together. He dies as he watches his lioness mating with the new lion, who just slaughtered their offspring.

    This is the typical life cycle of the father lion.

    As humans, we can examine this behavior and choose better. For the last century, we have chosen to ignore everything we previously understood about female nature. Thus, Sweden and Rotherham.

  2. Think the last couple of post nailed it. It’s been said we’re the most connected generation ever yet suffer from the most loneliness.

    Finding like-minded people in these liberal enclaves won’t be easy. However have now realized that is the important thing to do. Find like-minded people ,get to know them and see what happens next.

    We could easily sputter long in this political morass for years to come or things should go south very quickly. There are some similarities with history, but I feel this present situation is unique and there’s really no way of telling what the future will bring.

    Banding together will at least give us a chance against the present evil.

  3. My hope for God’s justice is when the brown people and muslims do a pogrom on the Jews that the whites don’t hide them or offer them escape because it was they that caused their own destruction

  4. Current demographic trends may very well result in a majority-minority population — when looking at the entire landmass currently known as the USA.

    But who says the relationship between that landmass and that political entity is set in stone? We may bear witness to the emergence of several new polities, some of which would be majority White by design.

    Whatever happens, I expect the following axiom will remain true:

    Diversity + proximity = conflict

  5. yo, Zman, great “stuff” as usual, but “answer[s]” only have relevance in action/substance. Meh, “majority-minority” is NOT about WHATEVER group takes power, but how that power is then exercised. It’s the “from my cold dead hands” G-U-N-S that keep the globalist/int’l financial [D]elites/PTB (Psychopaths That Bugger) at bay, and only in so long as “Merkaa” remains strong.

    There is no voting our way out of this. Voting was for never getting ourselves in this pickle to begin with. Not for getting out of a mess we are ultimately responsible for, as in, it all begins with each of us, before it involves all of us.

    What’s next is 4th Generation war.
    Z, you live in the thick of the most sordid Marxian state imaginable, the peoples state of Massachusetts. I know, I was born and bred in NH, watched the statist invade the granite state. It was cultural and economic genocide. Literally.
    It is hard to see a different forrest for the trees. There is a whole world of dirt people out in the Globalist’s unsecured spaces. Tribes, big tribes, of rural white men of the west. Men born with a rifle in one hand, and a logging or mining equipment joystick in the other.
    I escaped from little Massachusetts to seek out the dirt men I knew growing up. And I found them, living in the forgotten lands of Appalachia, and I am at home with my new tribe. It is a world long forgotten but in the North East most remote rural lands you and I come from.

    When my wife and I announced we where moving to WV we where essentially dis-owned by family and friend. Much to our dismay, but move we did, because we saw a place and people who hadn’t forgotten where they came from, their Faith in God, in family, tribe and community. It was like going back to the 50’s 60’s and 70’s in NewHamshire and western Mass. We found home. True dirt people who live an economy of living where Christian mores and precepts which built this country exist today.
    It is a wonderful and precious thing. And today, the contrasts to the archipelagos of statist voting and gerrymander could not be more distinct, except for the eventual class race war the Marxist hope to instigate so they can have their precious order out of chaos.
    I can to you and all it is a barn blindness. Dirt people land is legion. It is just about impossible for the demographic of the Marxist enclaves to imagine, because in the mind of these enclaves it literally might as well not exist.
    But there is a very important feature to dirt people land, it is territory. Vast territory. And the first law of waging 4th generation war, is you must take and hold territory in order to become an entity which controls that territory. Ideology, agenda, politics, power, grows from two places, having territory, and the barrel of the gun. As Mao, he had it right.
    The problem for the statists is in order for them to obtain power over the dirt people and their lands is you have to disarm them. And in the mountainous lands of Appalachia, the physical geography and spiritual steadfast nature of said dirt people is indomitable, it is legion in these lands.
    Ever ask yourself why up in the North East people are so bigoted against the dirt people of the South, particularly the mountain states? We all are brainwashed from diapers to degree that the south is this place of the unwashed. That Yankeedom waged just war against evil white trash slave traders. Why in every media, Appalachia is portrayed as sister fucking mouth breathing godless heathens?

    You couldn’t get this Yankee out of these mountains with a stick of fucking dynamite. I’m serious. We have tribe and family, friends and allies for life. Its a thing that binds you for life, because it is love and nurture, a closeness to the Earth, how these dirt people indeed live close to the dirt via rural traditions which hark back to when going over the Alleghany’s was going into the grew unknown frontier. Much of that leave me alone, mind your own fucking business, and where a Man’s consent and word is his honor and his bond.

    They are going to have to wage 4th generation war against my adopted dirt tribe and family. We will fight like nothing imagined, it will make the first war of northern aggression look like a fart in a mitten in a hurricane.
    We all know in our backwards white trailer trash way what’s in store. That we must be liquidated just like Kulaks because represent all that America is, family, God, tribe, legacy, liberty, self determination and relience.
    except this time, the neo-bolsheviks are facing a legion of Kulaks with guns, lots of guns, mountains that break whole armies. The neo-bolsheviks might as well stick their dicks in a meat grinder, because 4th generation war is our stock in trade.
    The fat lady hasn’t even begun to warm up.
    America Bitchez
    MAGA Bitchez!

    • A number of people here do not have the guts to lift that ax, especially if it means slicing and dicing white children who the offspring of the enemy.

      • Mortality can be a bitch sometimes and going from a prosperous healthy society to one where everyone acts like they are the illegitimate love child of Anders Brehvik and MS13 is a lot to ask from people

        We live in Internet time so everything seems to take forever but in reality , in meat space time things are happening fast and we’ve gone from White Nationalism as cranks and bad people to just about everyone to more than few people saying “they have a few points” in a decade or something and we’ll be at “damn right” in not that much longer

        Its far from too late to as the libs say be the change you want

        There is a caveat, until people have a will to power and the ability to work together, positive change won’t happen . In the near future the individual will only matter in context of his group and it will be many years before individualism can be tolerated.

        That is a poison pill for people battened on The Enlightenment and who these days are individualistic to the point of solipsism. It will start with rednecks and churches and things like the Cajun Navy and with former military and clubs and will grow but its going to be a big change and while people fear it, ironically they’ll be mentally better off

        The system wants you alone and friendless, an atomized consumer in the gulag shopping mall economy. Half your fight is simply not being that

  7. Well at least the Yankee’s had the winning model,kill a whole lot a people,problem solved. Bring back the “Wide Awakes”!

  8. That whole “get the right people into office!!” is a typical left wing whine if you ask me.

    I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve heard this come out of the mouths of lefties. After Obama got elected I heard that refrain CONSTANTLY. “He’s really smart” “he’s new so he won’t do things the same old way” ….. over and over and over again.

    Although the “conservative” types that we now refer to as cuckservatives seem to also make this same comment quite frequently too. Listening to them use that excuse to all sorts of left wing overreach – while ignoring that the system seems to do repeats on it’s abuses over and over again was – if I think about it – one of the main things that opened my ears to the libertarians types and people like Pat Buchanan.

    At least the LewRockwell strain of libertarians would come right out and say ” It’s not the people – the system is fucked up”.

    You’re correct on the easy way out assertion. In my experience people will expend an awful lot of energy looking for the easy way out – and then avoid doing work – even if it takes a lot of work – to avoid the work.

    I’ve seen an awful lot of cases where people would have been much better off in the end if they had just chosen the “hard way” to begin with and expended the labor up front. In the end – it would have been the easy way. I think in days of old – the “hard way” was sold as the “right way” – so people had a reason to do it.

    • Practically every day, (I work in construction) I am faced with a choice between hopeful short-cuts and what I know from experience will work. What works will take longer, and it will require more sweat – maybe a little blood – lots of 4-letter words, and a lot of effort. The younger guys who work with me are all in favor of the short cuts, and now and then – if there’s enough time in the job – I actually try some. I like to finish the day early as much as anyone else, but we rarely do. Still, every day is a learning experience, and I don’t mind my role as the old guy who knows how to get shit done.

  9. I agree with your contention that we needn’t worry about things we can’t change. And I’m interested in hearing more about your ideas on changing the moral climate of the culture. It seems like the cloud people take amoral issues (like noticing differences or immigration) and turn them into complicated morality plays. It is why the whomp whomp meme is so funny. It’s an enfuriating way to tell them, I don’t care about your morals without even listening to their case. If you do another single topic podcast this would be fascinating subject.

  10. I’m sure I’m not the only one to note the lack of terrorist attacks since the CIA and FBI have been diverted to the more important task of dethroning Trump.

    And the Zman doesn’t believe in conspiracies?

  11. Liberal democracy assumes people are loyal to their narrow economic interests

    I disagree with your terminology but not the general idea.

    A focus on “economic interests” is the hallmark of Marxist analysis. Unhappily, both the (R) and the (D) parties subscribe to that theory. It is almost unique to Trump NOT to subscribe to that analysis, by the way. He rises above the fray because his ‘economic interests’ are that of the ENTIRE country, not just the pharmaceuticals, or farmers, or welfare recipients, or social security recipients, or manufacturers, or shopkeepers (etc.)

    Should the (R) Party ever subscribe to the Trump vision of “NATIONAL economic interests” vs. “slice-and-dice economic interests,” the (R) Party may emerge with a very large Congressional delegation for the next 20 years.

    But that would require that the (R) Party poobahs grow their average IQ to somewhere north of 90.

  12. I was thinking about the CivNats during the buildup to the announcement of the SCJ nominee. The usual suspects were going on about wanting a strict “originalist.” In reality they’d be leading the outrage brigade if the nominee interpreted the plain meaning of the Preamble to the Constitution and the Naturalization Act of 1790 as the founders’ intention.
    There are things that could be done but there’s not the political will to do them, which is pretty much the same thing.

  13. “Barring genocide or some weird plague, the land currently called America will be majority-minority.”

    Why do we keep barring genocide? Looking back through history, it seems to work pretty well. Whites historically seem to be rather good at it, though certainly not the only ones.

    I’m not interested in advocating genocide; I’m not advocating it at all. I just wonder why everyone acts like it’s so unthinkable. Almost like since it’s such an effective option, we’ve been trained not to think about it. *shrug* I just wonder about things like this.

    • There are genocides in play right now. The obscene black-on-black ghetto murder rate is one, and the high black abortion rate is another. Interesting in that the “compassionate” left is front and center in keeping these genocides up and running. My practical side is not completely opposed to letting these things play out as they do, for both the obvious reasons, and also that it feeds the cognitive dissonance on the left.

    • It’s not unthinkable. It happens quite often.

      And it’s foolish to think the Orks will allow whites to live in peace when they get into power, there is every indication they want us dead and gone.

      Yet for some odd reason no one is paying attention to this. Oh happy, happy, joy, joy as Stimpy the Cat would say.

      Sailer writes endless posts on the elite mouthpieces in the NYT and other rags just putting the sheer hate on whitey and openly want us to die. He doesn’t need to add commentary because they speak for themselves.

      When people in power tell us publicly they want us dead and gone,, you should pay attention. These people mean business.

  14. Given that the country is one economic upset away from a revolution of sorts and we are in a massive asset bubble that can burst at any time. I wouldn’t go making long term predictions. We barely dodged the bullet in 2008.

    It’s just a matter of how long they can keep kicking the can down the road and by extension keep the welfare state alive, which in turn keeps the cities from being burnt down by all the low IQ cultural vibrants.

    Here in So Cal, I get to see the slow and destructive decline as we get more “diverse”., it’s not pleasant. The state is dying. It’s vastly overpopulated thanks to Brown and company importing 10 million illegals into the state. And factor in the drought and the insane scheme to bring back Salmon has led to a massive water shortage. When we had 20 million, it wasn’t a issue. Now it is.

    CA is becoming like Yemen, a over populated shit hole in the Southern half and sucking the state and surrounding states dry of water. The entire South West will suffer the same fate as time goes on.

    No it’s not business as usual.

    Politically we are not far from a civil war. Because once Trump is gone, the Left and the elites will come down us like Napalm and Willy Pete. Problem is most people don’t understand fights start long before the first blow or shot is fired so they don’t see the setup.

    • We don’t really need an economic upset, the process in play takes us to the same place anyway. The Rodney King riots started over a police traffic stop.

  15. I think we also have to look at demographic breakout across portions of these United States and regionally to make sense of what is happening and might happen.

    Looking at a county-by-county level, across broad swaths of this nation (looking to move, myself), I’ve noted that this demographic impact is tremendously localized. Even with regards to hispanics, there are areas of extreme minority population, and vast sections that are 85, 90 or even 95 to 98% comprised of European descendents. The huge growth in non-white groups is largely confined to our cities. Of course, this is why Obama had his stealth relocation programs in effect — to get ahead of awareness of this on the part of the larger population.

    The open conversation about this talks as if this “60% & falling” situation obtains uniformly across America. I think, in this, lies part of the answer to the problem of retaining our culture, our social and political forms, our history, and (perhaps only part of) our nation.

  16. “Given current immigration and fertility numbers, America will be a majority-minority country within a generation. The crisis of our age is not just how we respond to this reality, but how we come to accept it.”

    Z, it sounds like you have chosen as your role the doctor who delivers the bad news and won’t give you any false hope.

    Maybe your diagnosis is right; but there are a lot of variables in play and none of us can know them all. One I am pretty sure of is that if we are not to become Northern Brazil, whites need to believe that nothing is “written” in advance — that we can still struggle and win.

    If you reply, I expect you will say I am in denial (“You can’t handle the truth!”). But in part, at least, the truth is what we will make it.

    I enjoy your posts and find much that is stimulating in them. But please don’t stand on the street corner wearing a sandwich board telling us The End Is Nigh. Such predictions haven’t generally worked out very well.

  17. What we see in the Middle East is not merely one group dominating the rest. In most cases, and Sadie Hussein is but one example, it is a minority group which dominates. In Syria a tiny minority. Correct me if I err, but this is no less true in Mexico and points south (substitute Caucasian for ethnic Arab sect). So it is that our new majority-minority ruling population of Progs will only have to change it’s facade to reach down to it’s fascist soul, like Mexico. That turning could be quicker than we think.

    There is no way forward, or out, to be made with the present form of government, nation, and borders. There is no place for good men, or for men to become good. No solution will be found in the reanimated corpse of 1789. So, finally, we look elsewhere.

    As a man said, jimmy madison should have picked his own cotton.

  18. There’s also the issue of pride involved. At this point, both the most rational and the most likely solution involves breakup. Yes, the red areas and blue areas must go their own way, but it’s also true that everything we conquered from Mexico in the 1840s is almost certainly going to have to be written off and returned to them (or made an independent new Latino country). Precisely zero white Americans – conservatives especially – want to hear that. Are we not an Empire? Do we not span the globe like colossus? How can we lose half of California and Texas while we still have troops in Okinawa and Bavaria? (The answer is, of course, that the Empire isn’t sustainable either, but that’s a truth we faced during the late Bush II years and have allowed ourselves to forget about in the decade since.) Also, did brave men not die at Gettysburg and Shiloh to preserve the Union given to us by Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Monroe? (Yes, but so what? Brave men died to keep every empire in history together, but they all fell apart eventually anyhow.) Are we not the Shining Nation on a Hill; the light of freedom unto the world, the envy of everyone everywhere? (Only in the sense that everyone wishes they were rich and powerful; almost nobody abroad genuinely likes America any more than they genuinely liked the Soviets or the British or the Romans.)

    Pride will make it very difficult indeed for us to do the obvious necessary thing. There’s a chance that we’ll opt for Caesarism over it in order to keep the Empire together, but that runs into our equally prideful and more-irrational love of democracy, so that’s not an easy path either.

    “It’s all a muddle”, as Stephen Blackpool might say.

    • “did brave men not die at Gettysburg and Shiloh to preserve the Union given to us by Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Monroe? ”

      No, they didn’t. They died for fanatics determined to destroy the old Union and remake a new one to their liking, all to free an inferior race that’s caused nothing but destruction wherever they go.

      • “free an inferior race”- bollocks.

        It really is time to end the nonsense that the Civil War was about slavery.
        It wasn’t.
        Read Lincolns First Inaugural address, the one they don’t teach you at school. He’s happy with slavery and threatens violence only if the Feds taxes aren’t collected.

        “I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so.”

        “The power confided to me will be used to hold, occupy, and possess the property and places belonging to the Government and to collect the duties and imposts; but beyond what may be necessary for these objects, there will be no invasion, no using of force against or among the people anywhere.”

        • I believe anything that Lincoln said to be on the same level as the lies that spewed from Obama’s mouth for eight long years. Oh, he said it, but he sure as shit didn’t mean it, any more than the Clintons when they open their holes. Lincoln’s Party was full of radical abolitionists, who secretly funded and encouraged John Brown’s murder sprees in Kansas and at Harpers Ferry, and he relied on them to get him elected, and you tell me that old Honest Abe wasn’t gonna touch slavery? That’s naivety of astounding proportions on your part. Southerners, rightfully, didn’t believe a word of it, and neither should you.

          The war was about slavery, full stop. My ancestors knew it, and they made no bones about it. Read every single Ordnance of Secession and Declaration of Causes issued, as well as the public speeches by Confederate leaders.

          I’m a historian, not some internet amateur, so peddle that cucky avoidance stuff to someone unable to refute it, because it doesn’t fly here. My ancestors fought in the Confederate army to keep feral negroes from doing exactly what they’ve been doing since 1865, when Lincoln and his fanatics released them. They are incapable of being useful, productive citizens and have been for 150 years nothing but a source of embarrassment, criminality and uselessness to the country. By fighting to keep slavery as a means of control, the South knew well what Lincoln intended and what the results would be. They made no apologies for it, and I won’t either.

          • “Lincoln’s Party was full of radical abolitionists, who secretly funded and encouraged John Brown’s murder sprees in Kansas and at Harpers Ferry, and he relied on them to get him elected, and you tell me that old Honest Abe wasn’t gonna touch slavery?”

            Don’t forget than many of lincoln’s ‘supporters’ were jewish adherents of karl marx that fled Europe after 1848 to colonize here for marx. In fact , lincoln and marx knew of and approved of each other and shared their ideas quite extensively via letters. karl marx wanted to see America turned communist; he hoped that lincoln could achieve that, or destroy it if not successful.

    • If I’m not mistaken, this is the 2nd time you’ve written about ‘writing off’ the greater southwest, including Texas. Why don’t you come down here to South Texas and tell that to our faces. Ain’t no way any white in Texas is going to cede any acreage whatsoever back to the meskins. Who the F are you to be spouting that horseshit anyway?

      • For the record, I don’t think we’d have to write off all of Texas, just the southwestern parts of it. But since you don’t like that, what’s your alternate plan?

      • I’ve got family roots in Texas so this isn’t some Damned Yankee talk here you might be proud enough to take a poke at someone when they hurt your Texas pride but your guys haven’t the spine to put in politicians to do with it much less commit mass slaughter.

      • What difference does it make, whether you cede land to the Beans? They are outnumbering you 2 to 1 in births, your state power will flip to blue within the next couple of election cycles and they will have the power of the state to take your land in the ballot box, after they take your guns.

    • Fertility issues in the US are loopy. As of now the Hispanic Fertility rate is maybe at replacement and it requires new immigrants to keep significant growth since demographic momentum is less of an issue

      The Black rate is higher, its subsidized though and the homicide rate is insane

      Just sending some people back freezing future admissions and fixing marriage would tip the scales back in Y/T’s favor though at current rates the US will belong to the Amish /Evangelicals and LDS in a hundred years change anyway

      The real t fix need to be an appetite for conquest and giving orders, Problem is the Right are lazy and just want to toddle home to Monticello 2.0 and I guess let global corporations make all the decisions while everyone starves because they are too cheap to pay to maintain society

      It doesn’t work that way, you break it you buy it, you buy it, you own it, you own it, you run it. No opt outs, no cheap outs no running away . Rule or be ruled

      People terrified of taking and using power are useless and until that changes, nothing can be fixed

      Heck if you need someone with the spine to rule, even though I think they are loopy sometimes put the abortion is Moloch /Deus Volt crowd in charge . Those guys will gladly sign as many death warrants as it takes to get a worthwhile country and if you pick the smart ones, they are race realists too.

      • Hispanics are replacing themselves at a higher rate than both blacks and whites.
        They don’t need new immigrants to win the game of demography.

        • Hispanic is a vague category and Hispanic fertility rates are declining very fast.

          Pew Research notes that Hispanic fertility jumps for the 1st five years but bricks soon after and from what I can tell reaches close to White levels . No inflow less problems

          In any case its not a numbers game if it comes to lead , its a brains game

  19. If it’s inevitable that whites will become a minority, and if it’s inevitable that one minority will dominate the rest, then whites had better develop the idea that they are going to be that dominating minority. Perhaps the election of Donald Trump is an indication that that idea is emerging.

  20. ” In every country, one group dominates the rest, imposing their idea of order on the society. … The rule in multi-cultural, multi-tribal societies, is that one tribe rules the rest. That’s our future. The question is which groups will come to dominate the rest and what sort of system will they impose in order to remain in charge.”

    Uh, the Jews? Isn’t that the plan: America becomes NYC, ruled over by the beneficent Bloombergs and other fixers?

    • “one tribe rules the rest. That’s our future…” I was going to comment on that slip of the lip (was a slip, right Z?) but thought against it. Too passe these days I guess. Sheesh, took half a hundred comments to acknowledge it.

      Anyway, thanks Flash.

      And to be clear, it’s our PRESENT AND OUR PAST. The “Tribe” that rules us is Esau/Edom, in a battle to the death to get their ‘birthright’ back, which our father, Jacob “the heal-catcher” stole from them fair and square.

  21. Thanks, Z, for this extended version of your teaching moment with the annoying Ecce on Luke Ford. Demographic realism is just part of being a grown-up.

  22. Z: “America will be majority-minority. We can seal the borders tomorrow and the facts will not change. There’s no answer to that problem.”

    The answer in capitalists countries has always been to help usher as many people into the middle class as possible. Once bourgeoisie, their anger subsides and they seek to enforce the peaceful order. I guess, for many reasons, that’s no longer a viable plan?

    • Did middle class blacks in Detroit or Chicago help to enforce peaceful order? Or did they vote along racial lines and turn cities into rule by the mob?

    • Were the Bagel People, whom we’ve bent over backwards ushering into not just becoming members of the bourgeoisie, but dominating large sections of our elites, subsumed their anger and sought to enforce the peaceful order? Did Harvard educated Obama or any of his minority minions like Jarrett, Holder, or Lynch?

      • I’m not trying to nit-pick, but Obummer wasn’t “Harvard” educated – he was passed along as an AA “graduate” so pathetic that his grades have been kept “secret”.

    • Homo economicus is a figment of the globalist’s rhetoric. Race is real and DNA matters.

  23. Z recently pointed out that black Americans live a negative existence, in that every facet of their lives and history bump up against and are defined by white reaction to them. Hispanics/Latinos and Asians don’t seem to have this problem.

    Similarly, the Left has situated itself so that every element of their existence bumps up against politics (read “Trump”). They are appropriating the negative lives of the black Americans, in their own twisted way!

    While I don’t doubt the dangerousness and the seriousness of the majority-minority situation that is headed our way, perhaps we can rise out of it by simply ignoring it and inviting others to do so as well. Maybe enough of the Hispanic and Asian community will recognize the good deal we all have here, and join us in protecting it. Maybe the butthurt betas on the Left, which is most of them IMO, will simply learn how to shut up and sit in the corner and whimper. It seems like such behavior would come naturally to them. We can help them along in that path by standing firm.

  24. I’ve believed for a while that what we whites have to do, to prepare for the future, is to find one another and go back to living together in walled towns like we did in the Middle Ages, with thick walls like the Vatican has. Vet the people who want to move in. Post guards at the gates who will challenge any stranger who approaches. Kick people out who can’t get along.

    • Walls ceased to matter after gunpowder. Need to control surrounding countryside like the Spartans. They got along fine without walls.

      • Walls ceased to matter after gunpowder…
        I could have fun with that statement but I will just ask are you one of those that are taking off their front doors because you don’t believe in walls at the border…I’m guessing you’re not so why throw out that argument about walls not mattering…

  25. When all is said and done, today will be “the good old days”. Like the Roaring Twenties before the depression and WW2. Enjoy the trip, ladies and gents.

  26. There was a blackpilly article in Thermidor recently about how the right is basically too disorganized and/or lazy to do much.

    And that they can basically only be bothered to VOTE, which is why Trump and Brexit won, but why leftists control everything–because the leftists put in the time and energy to take control.

    Accepting that as a reality, a realistic plan might be to pursue state-by-state independence referendums. Just gotta vote–doable for even the demoralized and enervated.

    After that, the whiter states can put in white-people policies and institutions. And you might get a big sort, with whities/righties moving there, and lefties moving out.

  27. Not really.

    The only people who seem to have a problem with diversity and vibrancy are whites.

    The truth is that white men are scared for two reasons

    1. we know we cannot compete on a level playing field. Once are privileges are removed a meritocracy ensues and demographics mirror those of the NBA where People of Color thrive. The very fact that business and education do not mirror the NBA tells you all need to know about white supremacy working in society

    2. we know that we possess inferior masculinity. there is a reason that whites do not have children. Simply white men do not make good fathers and white women do not want to breed with weak men. this is why white girls prefer Men of Color and convert to Islam and marry Muslims. Take a look around and see how many white women bear Children of Color

    • Excellent trolling. I love me some “diversity and vibrancy”. Hell, I have tacos every Tuesday.

    • Wow, is that true? I’m woke now.

      Consider the country of Iceland(pop less than 500k) has over 15 grandmasters of chess. This is more than the entire continent of Africa, with over a billion people, and African Americans everywhere (1grandmaster). How can a pipsqueek country be sooo selfish? We should be talking about Icelandic privilege.

    • What nonsense. You think physicality is everything. My dog is probably 10 times stronger than me pound-for-pound but she’s never going to rule the world

    • Hahahaha!
      This is awesome performance art you’re doing here. Now public auto-disimpaction is a little avant garde for my tastes, but as they say, “You gotta be you.”

      But on the off chance this is not theater of the absurd: Ah, what the hell, there’s half of a moldy old bag of Purina Troll Chow somewhere around here. Lemme see if I can find it…
      Just for the sake of argument, let’s say there really IS white privilege. So how do those weak, incompetent, inferior, non-masculine white men MAINTAIN this white privilege?

      >NBA where People of Color thrive
      Are you denying yellow folks their sacred Color? How many East Asians star in the NBA? But race is purely a social construct, so it must be racism keeping them down.

      >white men do not make good fathers
      Oh come on, you’re not even trying now.

    • PATHETIC. An “OOT” – “Out Of Touch” – cucked, soy-boy beta-male/academic cry-bully, I suspect. BARF.

  28. Been reading Francois Guizot’s History of Civilization in Europe as part of my French Revolution project. At the fall of Rome and the barbarian invasions he sees three powers competing for hegemony, the municipal, clerical, and monarchical. These despite all of the competing tribes of barbarians. Of course, the people involved were all white, but they could easily be distinguished on the basis of appearance, clothing, speech, and behavior, probably as easily as one can see racial differences.

    My take is that there ultimately many kinds of forces at play in how society shakes out after a crisis, and even in retrospect it is practically impossible to get it right.

    It is my impression that the left sees power in the cities, and that this is a legacy of their view of prior revolutions. If you can control the cities and capitals, you can control the state. People gravitate to cities in times of crisis and they provide manpower for levees of armies with which to conquer the countryside. They will starve rather than leave the city. You only need deal with the occasional hunger riot and constant grumbling.

    The race thing is merely a means of getting control of the cities. I’m not sure they’ve thought past the point of race when it comes to political control. In this regard they are the lefty version of civic nationalism. Will blacks be willing to traipse about in the countryside to take farms away from rebellious whites? If they’ve thought this one out, maybe that’s why they are so enthusiastic about Mexicans, but the problem remains: most of them ran away from trouble to get here. Will they turn into conquerors when the food and money run out in the cities?

    How many liberal college towns will remain liberal when the students have migrated back home in time of crisis and half of the faculty have gone to relatives in the cities? The place I live was Republican up until the 18 year olds got the vote in 1974. Migration and a few well placed bullets make it right wing within a couple of months of the beginnings of a real crisis.

    I’m thinking we can control a lot if we can disrupt the supply chains to cities by harrassing highways and waterways, and messing with fuel supplies. Heck, the truckers are with us, all we have to do is feed them.

    I see the libs holding desperately to a few enclaves with inconstant electricity, hard winters and very little food while we eat and disrupt their lives in guerrilla warfare. Half the standing army will go with us and what’s left won’t be big enough to make a difference.

    I think they see this too, and that’s why they are desperate to take our guns.

    • Good analysis – thx. To those not yet inland rural “GROUNDed” on a portion of UNencumbered/UNaddressed county “allodium” and . . . REPENTed, GROUPed/GATHERed, GUNned, GARDENed, PROVISIONed and . . . S-I-M-P-L-I-F-I-E-D, the “clock is ticking”. The “quickening/entropy” will NOT be [forever] deferred/avoided.

  29. It doesn’t seem like whites have the will to rule. When you look at that 60% white number I always cut it in half because we’ve been so fractured by generations of propaganda that really only 30% of white people count. And of course that numbers always dropping

    • The road from soft, complacent and atomized to hard, cooperative and focused can be traveled, but I wonder how many of us have the desire and the time to travel it?

      Most American whites work inside and are not even capable of killing and dressing a chicken. A significant percentage appears to be insane. A distressing number can’t change a flat tire. Most of us are not reproducing so the population will be old when The Day comes. Pulling an army of Minutemen out of that mix will be tough.

      • Doesn’t have to be most whites who do the work of policing the others, if-and this is the problem today- the limp wristed universalists stay the fuck out of the way. A very small minority of Southern whites were able to completely control the antebellum South (and the 1876-1958 version) prior to the interference of Yankee whites with bayonets in 1863 or Supreme Court writs in 1958.

        Soft and complacent isn’t hereditary-the Japanese and Germans learned that lesson to their sorrow in 1945. That hardness can be relearned with the minority who still have that skill to teach it.
        It doesn’t have to be violent, since you can flip von Clausewitz’s most famous dictum on its head and remember that politics is war by other means.

      • The road from soft, complacent and atomized to hard, cooperative and focused can be traveled, but I wonder how many of us have the desire and the time to travel it?
        It won’t happen until the pain hits I’m afraid and by that time it will be at the point that many will just give up and submit to whatever is facing them…I’ve come to the conclusion most people won’t do anything for their survival(except a few illusions) until they are forced to…You know its kind of ironic because I should be one of those who think the good times will never end because of what I do and how much I make and what the mindset of my co-workers are…But alas I have a brain and read and study history so I can make informed decisions on what the future may hold for me which is why I advocate for what I do…Hope you’re well and I hope people wake up in time…

      • There are a lot of smart folks here… a lot of academicians… a lot of esoteric if-this-then-that theorizing. All great stuff over a beer. Probably many folks here are high achievers living in nice houses in the suburbs surrounded by pinko neighbors and all relatively safe. Up to now maybe the most you’ve experienced is being asked to go to the back of the line so the immigrants can go to the front. I’ll venture a guess. It’s going to get a whole lot less theoretical.

        • Up to now maybe the most you’ve experienced is being asked to go to the back of the line so the immigrants can go to the front. I’ll venture a guess. It’s going to get a whole lot less theoretical.
          If you were directing that at me then your way off base since I’ve worked in the ghettos of Chicago, LA, Seattle, Deep South, and have experienced a lot more than back of the line…

          • Lineman – oh no… I especially liked your stuff and gave you a “+”… that was sub-nested under Ivar’s comment and wasn’t intended for anyone specific, just a generic comment more for the academic side of Z’s readership

      • Ivar, I really admire your turn of phrase…”The road from …”. It almost makes you think that the very best thing the white population could do is prepare, then burn the whole mess down and wait out the inevitable die-off.

    • What percent of the colonists supported the Am Revolution during its infancy? It wasn’t until the FOREIGN “Brutish” bastards began increasingly acting like most of the “Feral” gov “agents/enforcers/thugs” are doing now. Doesn’t matter which majority-minority group takes power – its how said power is “exercised” that causes the [opposite] “reaction”.

      • I thought the Am revolution started because of what a minority feared might happen. There was a lot of extrapolation and propaganda. People were looking for change and used anything to justify it. The opposite seems to apply now: people refuse to see what is happening and are wishcasting about the future regardless of the evidence in front of them.

        • Exactly this.
          Rod Dreher, who many here would call a type of cuck, had an interesting piece yesterday in which he reviewed an author who describes, in detail, what life was like for the final pagan generation in Rome, before the entire society was Christianized and barbarized, so to speak.
          The author makes clear, and Dreher emphasizes this point, that that final pagan generation could clearly see that overwhelming change was upon them, and yet had neither the will nor the vision to change course, despite being the elites of their Empire.
          They couldn’t imagine life being anything other than what it had been for countless generations… until it wasn’t that way, and everything changed seemingly overnight.
          You can either take that in a white pill way, or a black pill way.
          I can’t decide which fits our current situation best.

  30. Anybody willing guess how all the “gunned-up” may “react” to such a “scenario”?

    • How will they react ?
      The “gunned up” haven’t done anything yet, and give no indication, other than talking, that they will ever organize and start shooting.
      The gunned up are as comfortable and apathetic as the rest of white America.

      • Suspect “Dave” doesn’t “pack heat” cuz “Dave” doesn’t seem to know that the serious “gunners” don’t whip out heat until they fully intend to use it. If/when all the local gov-agents/enforcers/thugs hastily bug families to the nearest “FEMA Gulag” camp, all those guns will get “utilized”. Until such a “show-down” materializes, said WORKING/PRODUCTIVE “gunners” will simply carry on being said, but PREPARED – quietly.

        • “Dave” “here”, I “suspect” that “wholy1” is a part of the same “molon labe” tribe that talk a good game and never follow through.
          Will “you” utilize your guns like that sap Lavoy Finicum did ?
          You’ll end up just like he did, face down in the snow while his family watches in horror.
          I’ve been reading about “preppers” and “survivalists” for 30 years and you guys have sat silently by as our entire society crumbles while warning about the day when you all pick up your guns and save America, which is going to happen any minute now.

          • To be fair, they are waiting for the time of complete lawlessness and chaos — when they’ll be needed.

          • yo Ursula – kisses, dear. In such a “situation”, what be you – “needer” or “provider” [to the repentant]? (wink/smile)

          • LOL – >” . . . reading about “preppers” and “survivalists” for 30 years and you guys have sat silently by as our entire society crumbles . . .”< Uh, "OUR society"? Ya gotta turd in ur pocket? Your eagerness to presume/label pretty much discloses your . . . .whatever, let alone your eagerness to blame somebody/thing else. Bet you're a "citYzen", though – and UNprepared to boot. If that be the case and you have wife/children – shame. Also suspect you disregard/know ANYTHING about "PlanB/SystemD". Did ya vote for the Hildabeast? Shame again.

  31. I had exactly this conversation the other night. We agreed with the inevitable minority status of whites that we had better secure our dominant status and power. Under our present form of government this cannot happen. Some sort of upheaval slow or quick will have to happen for this to manifest itself.

    The Democrats are heading for more internal chaos and restructuring that will force whites there to abandon it. Hillary and her ilk don’t get it yet but they are done now. It’s a brown and libertine party all the way down. Of course the scattering cockroaches of white shitlibs coming over should give one pause.

    • Yes – their scattering should give people pause.

      Because it’s apparent by reading thru some of the comments here that they are spreading around everywhere – including here.

    • Doesn’t matter if the left fails now, they can sit back & fail for a while,because they know they will win thru demography, in the end.

  32. This version of the future will also be interesting respective of US Foreign Policy. The mandarins in DC will be having to run rear-guard actions here at home to defend their decisions to invade other countries. I think the isolationism that has just begun under Trump will accelerate as the American homogeneity of the 20th Century devolves into the tribalism of the 21st.

    • The failure to attack other countries is not “Isolationism”, a word used by warmongering morons.

      • YES.

        “Isolationism” is another progressive word attack on traditional American values.

        Whenever you see somebody using it – assume their intentions are bad.

        The United States used to have a very deeply rooted live and let live attitude. That’s why the disparate pieces were able to get along as well as they did. The Union Yankees blew that to shit in the Civil War , but then the underlying culture bounced back to it – at least to a point.

        In the early 20th century the progressive destroyers started in on their long term project to destroy the Republic – and the culture – as it stood. I have made the point to a great many people who wanted to call themselves “conservatives” – that the elimination of the TRUE militia in favor of the National Guard (which can be called up and sent overseas – the militia could NOT) – was a direct attack on the Republic and another piece of the globalist effort that has evolved into the globohomo crap we see in the current day.

        “Isolationism” is when you walk deep into the woods – and don’t have contact with ANYBODY. Minding your own damn business and not going around the neighborhood ratting out the neighbors and attacking them for perceived offenses – is NOT isolationism.

        Ron Paul tried to make this point multiple times during his Presidential campaign – and got attacked viciously for his efforts. I think this is in part why we ended up with Trump. A lot of the same people who were supporting Ron Paul – watched what happened with him. Then when Trump came along – they thought to themselves: We tried to do it the nice way – now we’re going to try and do it the not nice way.

        What comes next if Trump fails – is we’re going to try and do it the REALLY not nice way. That’s when all the lefty shits will be able to legitimately cry “he’s literally Hitler!!” – but they’ll be doing it from behind concertina wire.

    • “Isolationism” paints you as a progressive globohomo activist.

      The true traditional American value that has been destroyed by the progressive left is: MYOFB.

  33. My mother is a boomer shitlib all the way through. Her vision for the future is one where the races eventually mix and homogenize, and all the frooty colours of the rainbow meld into a muddy brown sameness that will set the stage for the next glorious stage of human development.

    I see race wars and genocide myself. But what do I know? I’m a deplorable fascist, literally worse than Hitler…

    • You and your mother share the same desire for genocide, the difference is, she just wants to genocide all races.

  34. This is where lots of folks in Our Thing chime in with, “it’ll be Whites in power, because only Whites can run a first world society!” The second part of that is true, all right, but is the first? Look at South Africa — there are lots of folk, Black *and* White, still alive who remember when S.A. was a first world country. They know Black Africans are completely incapable of maintaining what they were given… but they’ll be cooking each other in the ruins of the streets before they beg the White man to come back and rule them. (And by then it will be too late). I’d wager that places like California will be essentially a Chinese fief by about 2040 — gated communities run by corporations, with PRC security, protecting them from the Vibrant chaos outside.

    • Japan seems first world, I’ve been there 3 times over 30 years for about six weeks total. Traveled pretty extensively ..

  35. A couple thoughts on “multicultural” America-

    Don’t assume that minority groups will maintain their power they currently have (either political or demographically) without the substantial support of the white welfare state. These groups apparent ascension is largely dependent on white largesse. Remove that, and they could quickly revert to their 19th century status and power very quickly.

    Crudely, their power is solely based on white sufferance and unwillingness to impose our will on them, which, as any student of history will clearly see, is an exception, rather than the norm.

    If the social compact disintegrates, majority minorities will quickly find out that if the gloves come off, the old racial hierarchy might reestablish itself.

    • Z-man believes the mandarin class can and will stop any of that from happening. He is likely correct. On the other hand, Z writes doom porn as a hobby.

    • Whites/Yankees who have been here since the 1600s are sneaky little shits and will mess with these clowns like they’ve always done.

    • Z makes one mistake and that’s the same one the Romans – who were much better at this stuff than we are. You can’t control aggressive outsiders when you lack the military means to do so. Bribes only go so far. Sooner or later the Orks will realize they are being played by weaklings with no hole card.

      Really whats to stop Julio and Wanique from going into Malibu or Palo Alto loaded for bear with their homies once the white police are no more? Nothing. Look at Mexico, police are as corrupt as the cartels. That is what will happen here as the elites drive out the white cops and stop them from joining. And they are doing that right now. That is the first and last line of defense for the elites and they are destroying it.

      • This only happens if whites continue to fear the police.

        You can only get a true vision of where your scenario goes – if you can answer the question of what whites do once the rules disappear and there’s no more police standing in their way.

        Once the police are full of black and brown faces – and are seen quite clearly to be utterly corrupt and/or ACTIVELY acting in the worst interests of whitey – I’m pretty sure you’re going to see a big change in the game.

        It might take a while for people to lose their illusions, but that can be helped along by ENCOURAGING the excesses of the Orks.

        Throw a few sacrificial Hollywood starlets or reality stars into the mouth of the beast – and watch a whole bunch of people wake up to reality.

    • The Dem NeoLib shitlibs and Jews will have them all on UBI, welfare benefits, and they will vote for them in return. They will always vote for more socialism & authoritarianism. It takes a long, long time for a country like the US to fall. Hell, Venezuela is still chugging along, as well as Cuba.

  36. 1. the country splits up. 2. A strong man takes over. 3. Chinese or Russian invasion. 4. Civil war. 5. Cyber/Satellite/bio-chemical/nuclear/EMP holocaust

    • I appreciate that many want it not to be true, but there are two words to describe the future, “Mad Max”

      • What’s going to happen when a government vehicle passes your house with loudspeakers announcing you must vacate your home and property for it to be “reallocated” to several immigrant families? Anybody gonna’ have any heartburn with that?

        • Or when the 2nd Civil War comes about, and when the Alt Right foot soldiers demand that white people must leave their house because 1) they have Negro friends, 2) they are opposed to race realism, and 3) only “good whites” must remain. I’m sure you will be at the forefront, with AK47 in tow, leading the charge, right?

    • Why would the Chinese or Russians invade a fucked up shithole?

      Take your neocon gibberish back to National Review.

      • It’s a nice place to live once you get rid of the brown skins and the white urban coastal dwellers, that’s why.

      • That whole “we’re going to get invaded by the Russians!!” – and the current day ” We’re going to get invaded by the Chinese!!” – really gets tiresome after a while.

        Especially since we’ve got an invasion actually happening on the southern border – that all these same players go out of their way to completely deny.

        There seems to be a strain of “Invasion!!” retardation that runs thru American society. It’s latest manifestation was the “ISIS is going to invade us!!” crap I used to see pop up with regularity on many so-called conservative forums. Seems whenever ISIS would throw a gay from a roof or there would be a story about them taking over some town – the hysteria would start to rise about the ISIS blue-water 600 ship navy making it’s appearance off the East coast and launching their long planned invasion.

        Yet nobody seems to want to do shit about the fact that Boston sells public land for them to build a mosque (at a bargain price) – and then a number of years later we’ve got spectators blowing up at the Boston Marathon.

        Which invasion should we really be worrying about? Apparently the one that makes for some great CGI scenes in the next rehash of Red Dawn, but will NEVER happen – and not the one that’s staring us right in the face.

        • Yup. And you have one commenter above who likes the Bean people invasion so much, he out married his race, in order to have Bean hybrids instead of white kid’s.

    • You think it’s likely the Chinese or Russians will invade us sometime within the next few decades? China still can’t afford most of their ppl, the Russians aren’t a whole heap better in that regard.
      No. The future looks more like a hybrid of a M Eastern country mixed with Brazil.

  37. What is interesting to me is what the coalitions will look like going into the future. The Democratic Party is an unstable coalition an dI have to believe that one or more parts will break off, especially if the Democratic Party is seen as being dominated by blacks who will not share power. Blacks assume that immigrants will agree with them on whites, while in my experience it is the opposite: immigrants agree with whites about blacks. This is why I think immigration, though it is destroying white America, is ultmiately going to destroy black America as well. My guess is that Asians will eventually realize that the Republican Party is more in their interest, and ice people, whites and Asians, as the Derb would characterize them, will form a coalition against blacks, Hispanics and Muslims.

    • I agree, Peter. It’s a numbers game. If asians ally themselfs with whites, it won’t matter much if they are vastly outnumbered by blacks, hispanics & muslims. Whichever sides wins, we are still on the path of long term conflict, as multi-ethnic societies are inherently unstable.

    • The dems are a classic tribal coalition, where the tribes stay together as long as the flow of loot and plunder continues. As long as white america can be exploited and plundered then the dem coalition will remain. Once the flow of loot stops, the coalition will fracture. And once that happens the various tribes will be looking for allies to create a new coalition. One of those tribes is going to realise that there is a vast, alienated and untapped source of allies waiting for them in white america. Then shit gets real, because the former coalition strove to keep white america divided and demoralised for a reason.

      Who is going to lead the dems tribal coalition? Right now america is a kind of Jewish Raj, with white catholics as junior partners and blacks as the sepoys. But this raj is crumbling. Keep an eye on the South Asian population, esp the Indians.

    • Wrong

      People of Color get along great with each other

      The problem in society is white people

      Read Marie Lu, Sabaa Tahir, and other Authors of Color to see how they think

      • “people of color get along great with each other. The problem is white people”. it all makes sense to me now. black ppl. they love each other to death. that’s why they be shooting each other.

      • Tiny Duck, is that you? Except for the absence of misspellings, you’ve got TD down pat.

      • Hey Duck. Sup?

        Blacks kill each other at a vastly higher rate than Whites like 15x I think do as do Hispanics. Not one White hand pulls those triggers.

        Asians don’t even get along , not one of them wants a thing to do with anyone of not the same Asian race he or she is or maybe with Whites though they don’t kill one at least in public.

        That said if POC’s are effected by Whites so much, all of Whites will gladly chip in to repatriate them with reparations. They can go to Africa or return home to South/Central America or Asia or wherever where they live without the influence of Whites.

        A ten year pilot program, 20K per head paid over 2 years plus plane fare , first class even a one year of AF Com Marine Corp aid in getting settled into wherever there aren’t any Whites

        It will be costly yes , probably 750 billion a year but we’ll mange

        In exchange you never set foot in our lands again and yes we are keep Oz , NZ and the US sorry

        What say you?

          • Consider it a bribe to make it easier if you like or to satisfy shitlibs guilt over “muh racism”

            I figure a one time payoff while not cheaper than lead, is probably kinder, more peaceful and saves lives. It also might encourage people to go along with it

      • The good people of Chicago might disagree with you, Greg. Not to mention the inhabitants of the lovely Maxine Watters’ congressional district.

      • That’s a hoot unless, for example, 40 people shot and 9 killed over the 4th in Chicago is what you call POC getting along great with each other.

      • People of Color get along great with each other

        This is, of course, why Africa and Asia are such a triumph of progress, and everything south of the Rio Grande to Tierra Del Fuego is a paradise, while Europe has been mired in backwardness unchanged since the fall of Constantinople, and the rest of North America lives in relative squalor compared to the prosperous latinante “people of color”.

        Because Wakanda is real.

        Just wondering: have you ever been out of your mom’s basement, even to go to the corner store…or not?

    • We have heard these rumors that people under 18 (gen Z or whatever) are ridiculously right wing on issues of race realism, and if that assessment is correct, I have a feeling it is a meritocratic Asian chattering class that is responsible for this ideology. It’s a Singapore effect—ain’t no bs obstructing their road to Harvard!

      • The people in Gen Zyklon are not all far right wing, you have a huge split that’s growing. They are the most polarized generation that I’ve ever seen, far right vs. far left, without a center. I’ve yet to meet on who wasn’t already a little bit political, with a large number appearing to be quite political.
        Maybe this will change, maybe a center will be found, but all I’m seeing is 3rd worlders wanting socialism & gender confused white kids who agree with them on one side, and white kids, (predominantly male), who are ready to take over government & institute White Sharia.

    • Z wrote, “The die is cast. Barring genocide or some weird plague, the land currently called America will be majority-minority. We can seal the borders tomorrow and the facts will not change.” I’ve been saying this for over a decade. The terminal poison has been injected and the cancer is spreading and irreversible. Brace for impact.

      • The womb is mightier than the sword and the pen… demonstrably true when every two that cross the border reproduce six or eight or ten… I recall my time in So Cal twenty-five years ago… was an impressive sight to see the colorful parades of conquest… many double-wides, countless three-wides, and the rare and impressive five-wide side-by-side immigrant baby buggies…… and the conquest parades would just roll on sidewalks and front yards and out in the streets in the driving lanes moving deliberately slowly… “F you – my land now.”

        • and the conquest parades would just roll on sidewalks and front yards and out in the streets in the driving lanes moving deliberately slowly… “F you – my land now.” And it’s still going. Long parade, unobstructed. In my current grid square, north of your last 20 these residents don’t know what they are in for. EJECT EJECT EJECT! Look for me due east of my last transmission.

    • “Blacks assume that immigrants will agree with them on whites, while in my experience it is the opposite: immigrants agree with whites about blacks.” This has been my experience as well. My wife is a first generation American hispanic, and her entire family is racist towards blacks. I am a race realist, but these folks make me look like MLK.

      • Why the word salad? By describing your wife as a “first generation American hispanic,” you indicate she is an American solely via magic dirt or magic papers. If she is foreign-born with magic papers granting her American citizenship, there is also a term for that (i.e. putatively legal immigrant). Words mean things.

    • > immigrants agree with whites about blacks
      In general, yes, though I might amend it to “NON-WHITE immigrants agree with whites about American blacks.” I work with a lot of immigrants (admittedly high-IQ, highly credentialed STEM/medical types so a very skewed and probably non-representative sample) and [painting with very broad strokes from here on] the ones from western Europe are the most, let’s say “cautious” in what they say and most likely to trot out the usual education/poverty/systemic-racism excuses for misbehavior and lack of achievement.

      East Asians and South Asians are puzzled, bemused, and occasionally outraged by how cautious we have to be in what we say and do here in the US. My sample size of Eastern Europeans/Slavs is too small to draw conclusions, but the few I know seem to be staunch realists who find our political correctness ridiculous. My African sample is Nigerian, some from South Africa or peri-RZA countries, plus a few blacks from the Caribbean. Overwhelmingly they are horrified by and disdainful of ghetto-black behavior and culture, but some are trying to walk the tightrope between getting the benefits of set-asides for blacks (and the theater required of you when you are the token minority) and not getting otherwise contaminated (concern that their children will get sucked into ghetto culture is HUGE among many of these folks).

      But I think the westerners (my experience is mostly with Nordics and Germans) have learned to be cautious, fearful even, because of their experiences back home with how careful one has to be dealing with and talking about Muslims. And most of those people, once they get to know and trust you, make clear that they have no love for the Muslim invaders who behave badly and refuse to integrate.

      • Derb has noticed, and I have noticed too, that non-American blacks disdain American blacks, mainly b/c they think they are lazy. I have a Phillipino that I work with who is in charge of hiring. In a fit of frustration she once told me she would fire all the blacks and hire Indians if she could, given that blacks fight among themselves, call out sick, spend countless hours on the phone, and are generally disrespectful.

        • What you’re saying: We want to celebrate the high-functioning immigrants who can more ably displace our people because they occasionally say mean things about blacks!

          • That is not what I am saying. My point is that blacks here’s in the US think immigrants are going to relate to them more than to whites. I think some of these immigrant groups that blacks are welcoming into this country are going to turn on them.

        • This isn’t anything new.

          I had a second cousin who died twenty years ago. He was much older than I was – and lived in Boston. Because he was disabled (= no money – he was legally blind) he lived in a boarding house and worked jobs like dishwasher in restaurants and other similar things.

          I still remember him saying – and this was probably in the late 1970’s – how his Jamaican friends talked about native born blacks. Long story short – the Jamaicans thought the natives were pretty much useless.

    • “Blacks assume that immigrants will agree with them on whites, while in my experience it is the opposite: immigrants agree with whites about blacks. ”
      Both will agree that whites are there to be looted.

      • I think the difference is that latin immigrants suck on the teat for a generation or two, which is bad. But black dependency is permanent.

        • Wrong. Numerous studies have documented that all varieties of “latin immigrants” have less educational attainment, higher crime rates, and more welfare use with each ensuing generation – i.e. the American-born grandchildren of latin immigrants are assimilating to their own genetic norms and to levels of dysfunction approaching that of the American-born Negro. Ever heard of Jason Richwine’s badthink/research?

        • This is false. The longer immigrants are here, the more they and each generation afterward take in welfare benefits.
          80% of Hispanics in America use at least 2 forms of welfare benefits, some 20-30% use up to 10 different forms of welfare benefits.
          White Americans naively think when they see Juanita & Paco heading out to do landscaping & toilet cleaning each day, that this means they aren’t getting any government gibs, because they themselves work and don’t get gibs.

          *shakes head*

          No, just no. They are siphoning off way more than blacks because they have more agency than blacks overall & understand how to work the system of every drop.
          Blacks in ghettos don’t go out & search for services like Social Security, Health Department, Food Stamp office, Small Business Loans, HUD, etc. and apply for all these things. The way they get most of their aide is through hospitals and schools signing them and their kids up for “dem programs,” or through the 1 gazillion white girls hired by the government for social work to go out and go door to door, signing them up for stuff, making them appointments, gathering their financil details, identification, etc.
          Y’all have NO IDEA the hive of people the government hires to do nothing more than redistribute your tax money & benefits to non-whites. I’d have to write 5 pages to give you a taste of it.

      • This. Everyone here purporting to be dissident right also supports NAXALT and IKAGO. They are in for a rude awakening . . . which will be far too late for them and their offspring.

      • Bingo! That’s the long and short of what this conversation was missing.
        It doesn’t matter if these groups love or hate one another, as long as they can get gibs from Whitey, and they can blame Whiteys system of government that they are currently plundering.
        Immigrant blacks, per commenter above, dislikes the ghetto culture of blacks, but is more than willing to identify as one of them, if only for the purpose of getting Whiteys money from the government.
        As for the white immigrants from Europe willing to talk shit on the blacks & Muslims on the down low-why are they not in their home countries, going to school/training?
        Is it because they got run out their own institutions by the invaders and they just sucked it up, kept their mouths’ shut,
        and fled to America?
        As for the person above with the Bean wife, who cares if her & her family are racist toward blacks? They’re here as part of Reconquista and the next generation of them will begin recessing to the mean, and mixed raced kids will follow the dominant force/culture/political ideology, and in America that means black, brown, & yellow, against white and pushing for socialist/communist governments of their people, voting to remove the 1st & 2nd Amendment rights, chiefly among those beliefs.
        If POC genuinely respected this country, they’d stop coming here and diluting it.

    • This is why we need to do all we can to encourage the break up of the Democrat Party (please don’t call it “democratic” – because it’s not).

      I think you’re correct: the blacks seem to think they’re going to grab power and lord it over whitey while everybody just goes along. How they think that 12% of the population is going to rule over 60+% of the population – is beyond me. Maybe they think they’re going to recreate South Africa – with the blacks in charge this time? The only explanation I can come up with to explain this is that they’re too stupid to know they’re stupid. I mean seriously – when you keep electing people like Maxine Waters you’re not talking about a group that has the chops to rule over a civilization.

      And I agree : immigrants of all stripes seem to agree with and align with whites in this country far more than they do blacks. This is another example where it appears blacks just can’t learn. Look at what happens in places like LA – the Mexicans drive out the blacks.

      The Hispanics who have resided in this country for a long time are MUCH more integrated with whites – than they have ever been integrated with blacks. The ones who are coming in now – are much more integrated with whites and they do this almost immediately. My father knows a guy who came here from China 20 years ago. He got sick of MA politics – so he moved to NH. When he moved up there – he bought himself a pickup truck and hoisted the Stars and Bars in front of his house.

      I think this guy is making it pretty clear which racial group he’s aligning with.

      • You are right. I always say DEMOCRAT Party, and the folks therein are Democrats, right? What’s the problem?

      • Why do you care if ppl call it the ‘Democratic Party?’ Democracy sucks ass and has proven to be a complete failure.
        I cringe everytime I hear that word.
        Besides, we already know what (((tribe))) rules us now, and what (((tribe))) will rule us in the future.

  38. “ The rule in multi-cultural, multi-tribal societies, is that one tribe rules the rest”

    Well, we already know the answer to that. Ask Andrew Anglin if you are not sure.

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