The Globalist Cries Out…

One of the favorite tactics of the usual suspects is to attack the good guys in order to provoke a response. Then they use that response as an excuse to wage war against the good guys, claiming it is in self-defense. The game is to find a Fort Sumter and if one is not available, they manufacture one. That’s why the Left is attacking Trump people in public places. They hope someone will lose their temper and throw a punch. Then they can claim they are the victim and their crazy demands are justified. It’ll be proof Trump is a Nazi.

A corollary to this strategy, one popular with so-called conservatives, is to undermine the efforts of their supporters, then claim they were justified in their reticence, because it was doomed all along. It’s a weird game of “I told you so.” The Tea Party movement is a great example. The Republicans were dead in the water after 2008, until white voters revolted and resuscitated the party on populist issues. The GOP repaid them by systematically undermining their efforts and ideas, then yelling “I told you so!” after the inevitable failure.

It’s tempting to think this is unique to America, where our two party system forces everyone to choose between the turd sandwich and the giant douche. It means the two parties can collude with one another, without fear of a third party stealing away their voters. As we see with the Brits, a multi-party system does not prevent the so-called conservatives from selling out their voters. After two years of foot-dragging, the Tories have figured out how to comply with the Brexit referendum, without actually doing it.

The UK position crucially “evolves” in two ways that would allow for a Norway-style Brexit deal covering at least part of the EU single market. The first is Britain’s proposal for a “free trade area for goods” involving the UK and the EU that in effect continues existing regulatory and customs arrangements for manufacturing and agricultural products after Brexit. This is achieved by the UK becoming a rule-taker, with a treaty-based commitment to “ongoing harmonisation with EU rules on goods”. Just as important is Britain’s concession on enforcement. UK courts would pay “due regard” to European rulings in cases relating to EU-set rules. In other words, while Britain is a separate legal jurisdiction after Brexit, the European Court of Justice would be supreme in interpreting the UK-EU goods rule book. There are caveats — for example the British parliament could veto changes to the rule book if it accepts the “consequences for market access”. But taken together, the safeguards offer no more freedom than Norway enjoys as a member of the European Economic Area. In his resignation letter Mr Davis dismissed the sense of parliamentary control as “illusory rather than real”.

The short version of this ploy by the Tories is that Britain will technically leave the EU, but continue to abide by all of the rules of the EU. It is an elaborate game of make believe, where everyone is supposed to pretend the government is complying with the will of the people, but nothing really changes. Of course, the Brexiters in government have no choice but to resign. Brexit Secretary David Davis resigned, followed by Boris Johnson a day later. This split in the party could lead to the fall of the government and new elections.

Of course, the usual suspects are out in force saying, “See? We told you so! Britain can’t leave Europe.” Just in the Atlantic, we have all the examples of the typical tactics from these guys. There’s blaming the victim, claiming the Brexiters are responsible for the failure. Then there is the claim the Brexiters are getting what they deserve. Then, of course, the claim that Brexit could never work. Since the usual suspects have had no luck with Trump, they are keeping in shape by plying their trade on British topics.

This is just another reminder that the first enemy of the populists must be the legacy conservatives, who work as bodyguards for the ruling class. The whole point of the Brexit referendum was to undermine the populists. When that failed, the Tories shifted to a policy of killing the initiative with an endless process. If the result of this is new elections, they will try to frighten the voters, by claiming Jeremy Corbyn will scuttle the whole deal, which he probably would do, if given the chance. Years will past and nothing will happen.

What needs to happen in Britain, as well as the United States, is for the conventional conservatives to collapse. What must replace it is an authentic Right that offers a reasoned and practical alternative to the neoliberal order. In Britain, it means the Tories become UKIP without the eccentrics and trouble makers. In the US, it means the GOP becomes the party of Trump. That can only happen with a populist intellectual movement to provide energy and ideas to the New Right, while delegitimizing the legacy Right.

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  1. “The short version of this ploy by the Tories is that Britain will technically leave the EU, but continue to abide by all of the rules of the EU. It is an elaborate game of make believe, where everyone is supposed to pretend the government is complying with the will of the people, but nothing really changes.”

    As always, the jewsolution is verbal doubletalk. The Charlie White always falls for Lucy van Peltstein’s trick. Getting to be old and pitiable.

  2. The line between the Dissident Right and the Cuckservative must be whether a person is willing to take his own side and where his own side is defined, not by allegiance to abstract principles, but by blood. Whom are you explicitly willing to exclude? Anything less is faggotry.

  3. Though it has to be said that this cloud has a silver lining. The illusions of millions of voters and their faith in the Cuckservative Party have been shattered to smithereens, probably forever. This makes the case for destroying the Cucks much easier to make with a far more receptive audience.

  4. There may be hope for the U.K. yet. Watching Boris Johnson and others resign rather than buy into the fraudulent Theresa May thing is encouraging. Boris may have a shot at things, as much as Trump seemed to have a few years ago. He appears to have the tenacity, smarts, sense of humor, and squared away thinking for it.

    • Johnson is a gifted man, but is nonetheless flattered by the dire quality of his opponents. As Mayor of London, he pandered shamelessly to immigrants and IIRC he spoke in favour of amnesty for illegals. He is arguably better than what we have now, but hardly a wet dream.

  5. the South Park reference made me laugh. I got to admit, I enjoy your posts but they rarely make me laugh

  6. There are a few intellectual populists out there. Pat Choate, Buchanan, Lou Dobbs, Varney and some others whose names escape me. On line voices, I’d put Denninger as one of the intellectual populists. Deryshire would be another.

    The alt-right per has no one since they mostly focused on HBD issues.

    Bannon really had potential but his boozing and ego just ruined him.

    What we need are more Trumps to get the message out beyond the A/V club set that constitutes the alt-right. They aren’t hard to find. However there is a problem.

    You see the entire MSM–Political party machine is designed to keep such people from going anywhere. The elite know damn well, ever since Williams Jennings Bryan that these people represent a threat and have set up a system to prevent them from getting power. And if the system doesn’t work, they end up like Huey Long – dead.

  7. As this article points out, our most immediate enemy is mainstream conservatism. What an embarrassing failure it has been. It was in a position to prevent so much of what we now see around us, and it didn’t. Even worse, it actively sabotaged those within its ranks who tried.

    There is still too much of the Muh Constitution, Muh All Men Are Created Equal mythologizing among nominal conservatives. Left to their own devices, these people will engage in an autistic obsession with preserving the form while discarding the substance of our civilization.

    In case it needs to be stated explicitly, we are not going to have a Western society with a high quality of life if we become 85% brown. The future of the political Right in the West is necessarily eurocentric. “Conservatives” who countersignal this are doing great damage to their own posterity.

    • People can’t comprehend it until they are living amongst it though and by that time it’s to late to change it…White people for the most part have lost their survival instincts because of the lack of adversity and the easy lives we lead…We have grown soft because we don’t worry about where our next meal is coming from…I bet if you took a poll here of how many people work in an office environment you would find more than half do and maybe even up to 90% that is if they haven’t retired already…

  8. Our school book history blinds us to the fact that the Republican Party itself, so hard to kill, was born as a radical evangelical party and ended the republic only six years later. But the Whigs were clearly dying, and here our Republicans are evolved passive-aggressive saboteurs, more clever zombies than dead. At the root of all things, universal suffrage is the enemy of all our better angels and experience. It consumes everything. There is no war to be won within that system. Reagan won a battle, Trump is winning a larger battle, but the house wins at it’s own tables of universal suffrage. As our tutor has pointed out most recently, it is the entire system that must change, not the politicians. No one knows how than comes down, or if it does. All we can see is what happens as it does not come down.

  9. The foundational premise of the proposed strategy is that we can actually talk our way out of the dilemma that we are in. It assumes that there are still enough citizens of sound mind and body to reassert themselves and gain the day. But there are major forces working against this outcome. Dilution by illegal immigration is one of these, but also the more comprehensive and insidious decline of the species. We are growing fatter, more dependent, and hive-minded with each passing day. A new paradigm is needed.

    • The most crucial question, “Do you believe we can vote our way out of this?” Your answer determines your view of the future. (Of course we can’t vote our way out of this although voting for Trump may have bought us some time.)

      • >Do you believe we can vote our way out of this?
        Not really, no.

        But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying. But it would be foolish to not have contingency plans for if/when the voting doesn’t work. And for myself at least, I’m not thinking “ethnic redoubt in the Northwest” or similar is desirable. I don’t want to cede the majority of my country to The Others in hopes that their greed will be satiated and they’ll leave me alone. I want to take my country back. ALL of it.

        • I agree Brother but you have to have a base to work from…You can’t feed yourself when your fighting if your enemy is burning your crops and killing your livestock…There was a reason why forts were built in the old West and why we have bases for our militaries…You really want your family to be in the middle of the war zone…If they are you won’t be fighting you will be defending your family from attack…

          • That “Northwest” remark wasn’t meant as a criticism of like-minded folks in that area — sorry if it came across that way. After all, a man’s got to live somewhere, and that seems like a good (for Reasons) area to be. I was trying to say that I am not a fan of the idea of forming an breakaway ethnostate in the NW and letting the rest of the country go to hell. On a practical basis: 1) “they” will never leave “us” alone — non-producers who are shit at self-governance will always gravitate toward the productive and orderly; 2) why cede the resources and infrastructure of “occupied territory” to the occupiers? And on an emotional basis: screw ’em!

          • why cede the resources and infrastructure of “occupied territory” to the occupiers? And on an emotional basis: screw ’em!
            I would agree wholeheartedly with that statement if we didn’t have to be subsidizing the occupiers…By staying in those areas you are propping them up and providing them resources to in essence enslave you our as it progresses kill you…If every conservative left those areas that have no hope of turning around they would fail and then we maybe just maybe we could come back clear the mess out and rebuild…
            1) “they” will never leave “us” alone — non-producers who are shit at self-governance will always gravitate toward the productive and orderly;
            We have never tried keeping them out Brother might be time to do so…

  10. I think Z said, talking to Luke Ford, that Trump is a transitional figure. And what we really need is a Pinochet to solidly depose the globo-homo. My read then is that it is our duty to radicalize and polarize people. Let the red-pills on Human Biodiversity and the JQ euthanize or energize the conservative middle. Let ¡Ocasio! Cortez whip her mad-dog party into a frenzy. And let us have the courage to put them down.

    • Joe, your photo belies your words, words with which I agree. Grow a beard, but for Heaven’s sake, don’t use any globo-homo products on it.

      • A neck-beard, with Mane-and-Tail for that glossy, silky shine!

        (M&T is a shampoo for horses. Literally.
        Popular out West. I swear by it!)

  11. Henry Ford wasn’t acclaimed a genius
    What he did was to hire people who could do the job and he gave the vision and the goal

  12. Trump Party? Sign me up. Even though without Himself it’ll go the way of the Tea Party, I’m still signing up.

  13. “….In the US, it means the GOP becomes the party of Trump…..”

    One can only hope !!

  14. I’m seeing a lot of “why even vote” talk here. I’m not going to preach against it, but only make an observation. This may be of more interest to the Brits than the Americans.

    In the French Revolution, despite all the talk about forming a republic and having local democracy in the form of civil committees in the sections of Paris, the further things went along the less local participation there was. Many of the people whose names we associate with what are presented to us as leaders of popular causes in Paris were elected with tiny numbers of voters compared to the number of eligible voters.

    What one may think is that some savvy politicians saw an opportunity and took advantage of it, winning at the polls. This is not what happened.

    The revolutionary government collapsed from within. Robespierre’s purity spiral butted up against the systemic corruption of the representatives on mission, and corruption won. Then the worldliness, materialism, and licentiousness of the bourgeois liberals that made up the new political class associated with the representatives on mission (which were basically the same kind of officers of the government as intendants, except they had the powers of life and death, which the intendants never had) joined with the royalists, who had been heretofore silenced, to form the Thermidorean reaction.

    So the French swung from one extreme to the other, until Napoleon came along only to make things worse in the long run.

    The votes were there for reform all along, but no one was able to put them to use. Is this the human condition?

  15. A lot of the issues are based on fears of immigration

    Here’s how Canada has solved that problem:

    “But there is a clear lesson worth importing from Canada: When a city or province passes a certain threshold of diversity, pro-immigration politics can become a self-sustaining virtuous cycle. International research on xenophobia has found that whites who don’t know many foreign-born people are more likely to fear their presence, while those who actually know immigrants are much more likely to have positive attitudes toward them. This is true even in the U.S., where, despite Trump’s election, immigration is more popular than any period in the last 30 years. A majority of babies born in the U.S. for the last four years have been non-white. Historic ethnic diversity is not a future the U.S. can choose to accept or reject; it’s the only future on its way. And it’s a world where Republicans might finally choose to imitate Canadian conservatives by looking to steal immigrants’ votes, rather than their children.

    • OMFG. Jeb! Arbusto can run with the Dippers!

      Say, isn’t the head of Canada’s Immigration a Punjab? Such marvelous coincidences in the Commonwealth.

      “while those who actually know immigrants are much more likely to have positive attitudes toward them… where, despite Trump’s election, immigration is more popular than any period in the last 30 years.”

      The Delusion. They just keep making sh*t up, and believe their own stupidity ‘with invincible ignorance’.
      Impea foie fie! Impea foie fie!

      (Sorry. XM Radio had an “Against Hate 45: Anti-Trump” show on last nite, with such musical giants as Pussy Riot!)

    • No one here “fears” immigration. We just oppose it, the way normal countries do.

      Thought experiment for you: Pull the US Army from all its ridiculous postings around the world, invade and conquer Mexico, wipe out the drug gangs and execute the corrupt officials that plague that country, and add it to our Empire.

      Exactly who does not benefit from this – either American OR Mexican?

      Be honest and candid in your reply.

    • Wrong emotion in.

      I know tons of immigrants . I’m not a afraid of them , most are people and most where I am Christian. They still have to go back

  16. The Brexit maneuvering looks like deckchairs-on-the-Titanic stuff.

    Those guys are sinking into the third-world shithole fast. They’re on the brink of the permanent midnight of left-wing, multicultural totalitarianism. They need WAY MORE than Brexit just to survive, let alone thrive.

    Sad dying joke country.

    • The UK isn’t in Schengen, so the migrant invasion that flooded into Germany, France and Italy didn’t wash up on the streets of London and Edinburgh. That quieted the anti-immigration sentiment, while it intensified on the Continent.

      • That’s a good point. But the demographic projections are still worrying. Also, I taught for a year in East London a few years back, so perhaps I’m suffering from a form of “proximity bias,” not to mention general trauma…

      • With a Muslim Home Secretary directing British Immigration, who needs Schengen?

        You’re right, though, “softly, softly, catchee monkey…”

        • Party members have the option of de-selecting their constituency MP, but rarely exercise this option. The Tories have been infesting their ranks with globohomo, by a wildly disproportionate share compared to the demographics of the membership. Party primaries are heresy outside of the US.

  17. The question is, for the English right, who do they have in the stable to replace May as PM if and when Parliament tosses her ugly ass out, as they should? A general election positions Socialist Corbyn as the presumptive winner. That, obviously, would destabilize England even more, which might be a good thing, since if the English want to ever stop living on their knees, Corbyn augering the economy and the culture into the ground might finally wake up the cucks, much as Obama, with the help of his Republican collaborationist friends, begat the conditions that produced Trump and the ongoing reshaping of our political landscape.

    So, who do the English right have to challenge Corbyn? And do they have the balls to go full nationalist?

    • Looks like Boris Johnson is going to take a run. I don’t know much about him other than he’s better on Brexit and has far more wit and charisma than May.

    • The Tories have done precious little for Britain since they’ve been in office. The rape of English girls continued apace under Cameron and May. In some ways, Labour will be far worse, but perhaps things getting worse is what is required if things are ever to get better.

      • Maybe the presumptive King William and Queen Katherine might decide that being more than useless, spineless props could have benefits? After all, those two have three healthy children, who have been threatened by Muslims, and could serve as a rallying symbol of Old England. William’s father was a literal muslim cuck, which ought to make William a reactionary, since his line looks at either exile or conversion if the islamification of his kingdom continues as it has.
        The English royal line means nothing without an English realm. They do know what happened to the Hohenzollerns, Habsburgs, and the Romanovs.

    • There’s no-one really. Zman is correct that the Cuckservative Party as a whole needs to be collapsed before there is any chance of anything better emerging. The sooner we clear its giant, rotting carcass off of the road, a rebuilding can being. That may require a period of government for the commie hobo and his chums.

      • Farage is anti-EU, of course, but is pro-immigration and a coward on Mohammedanism. I’m grateful to him, but we need more than he has to offer.

  18. I think the insane immigration policies of Western Europe were part of the same game.

    Labour / Tory Prog to normal Englishman: “You’re racist – you live in an all white country”

    Normal: “No I’m not”

    Labour / Tory Prog: Dumps 10,000 uneducated Arabs and Pakistanis in a neighborhood. “See – you have Islamophobia because you’re complaining about your daughter being raped by Muslims.”

    The proper response from the normals at this point should be a rope-party in Trafalgar Square.

    • It wasn’t exactly a rope party, but it was wonderful to see the large Tommy Robinson demonstrations in Whitehall a few weeks ago.

  19. It seems to me that the conventional conservatives have already collapsed, at least in the United States.

    I note the hundred million dollar bonfire of Jeb! Arbusto’s laughingstock of a presidential campaign, as well as the miserable failure of the DC establishment to buffalo the right-leaning slice of the electorate into supporting an Iraq war-style Syrian intervention, because war crimes or something.

    I also think the GOP is already the party of Trump. I’m seeing ads from a senate candidate who sounds exactly like Trump, complete with denunciation of unfair trade deals. I have no reason to believe them, but I certainly like them better than the usual idiotic prattle about conservative principles.

    I don’t think there is any going back to ante-Trump for the GOP, no matter how much the establishment wishes that could happen.

    The actual people who vote have moved on from all that, courtesy of experience.

    • 16 Psyche: The Repubs might morph into a populist, nationalist party. However, I’d be surprised if the employer class doesn’t make a great effort to keep control of the party. They’ve got a lot invested in it. I doubt that they’ll give it up without a knock-down, drag-out fight.

      • The employer class, neolibs, have no loyalty and will simply dump the GOP for DNC in even greater numbers. Bought and paid for reps are already signaling their allegiance to the neolib cause. The open question isn’t whether the GOP will change, but whether it will survive with the ovwerhelming majority of the donor class arrayed against it and with comparatively green beuracrats on their side challenging seasoned neolib/cons fighting for their fortunes.

        Perhaps the one feather in the dissident cap is that there simply aren’t enough slices of pie to go around anymore. The coalition of brown has exponential demands for both resources and representation from within their own cohort. That edges out a good deal of the white and diaspora functionaries who make up the super-majority of the DC circus. Pressure will have to be applied firmly to the fissures opening within the neolib camp in order to take advantage of their short term instability.

        Ther is only a brief window of legacy america votes to be tapped in order to wrest a faction of the upper class into the dissident sphere. If they are allowed to hole up and weather the storm, it’s flavelas all the way down.

  20. All true. But I think a lot of this BS stems from putting old women in charge of everything.

    • They were oppressed, you see, by God and Nature.
      So it’s time to throw out God and Nature, and let the Oppressed become the Enforcers.

      Rise, helots, your time is at hand!

  21. The short answer is that politics is still politics. No matter how noble, high minded, etc., they are still politicians and politicians benefit from their actions.

  22. I could never in all honesty vote for Labour: they have become the party of the immigrant, the lazy and the idiotic and as such abandoned the working man and stable families a long, long time ago.

    On the other hand while the Tories gave me a chance to vote and a reason to hope, their recent actions under the Remain-appeaser May now means I can no longer support them, so effectively I am voteless. Of course, we have other parties here in the UK but the vast majority of them are socialist in all but name. Like the Greens for example, rightly described as Green on the outside and Red on the inside. It is still unclear if UKIP will ever renew and a pro-British party like For Britain has a mountain to climb with the media utterly against them.

    I can only now hope for a truly independent candidate in my ward but even then I suspect that many of them will lean towards the usual socialist principles of a bloated NHS, open borders (because we all love people coming here to enjoy unfettered benefit and welfare handouts) and of course, restrictions on business and yet more regulations.

    What May and Corbyn and whoever currently runs the lacklustre Libdems have done is, together, simply kill political choice and with it freedom in these islands. There is now no point in voting because the idiots will get in anyway.

    This democracy thing had a good run, but it was never real if we are honest.

    • Regardless of conservative failures there is nothing on this earth that would stop me voting against the loathsome corby and his terrorist loving commie comrades.

  23. Britain is not a multi-party system – on the contrary. It is more polarized than the American party system; the fact that they are a 2½-party system at the moment is a fluke.

    Mind you, parties in multiparty systems sell out their voters too, but they’re punished more promptly because there are usually 6-8 viable alternatives to vote for. If you vote for an entrant party in Britain (like UKIP), you might as well save yourself the effort of going to the polling booth and just drop your ballot in the nearest trash bin.

  24. Same crap, different pamper in Germany. The “compromise” between Seehofer and Merkel includes one sentence with literally something like fifteen clauses in it. The plan is just to hope no one reads it, or even tries to read it. Italy has the right idea. Ships being forced to make an about-face sends a message. Those are deeds, not just words. Something similar is brewing on our southern border. It’s time to play chicken, and if someone doesn’t swerve and they get hurt, oh well. Either we have borders, a country, and dignity, or we have nothing. If they abolish ICE, they may as well go ahead and get rid of stop signs and traffic lights. (DUI laws cause tearful children to be parted from their parents, after all). We can’t keep kicking the can, or delaying a really ugly conflict.

    • We can’t keep kicking the can, or delaying a really ugly conflict.
      They can as long as the economy is good…Once that crashes then a reckoning will happen and it will be ugly…

      • A reckoning?
        They will have their people in place to promise order. Ordo ab chao.

        Their foreign Enforcer class will fiercely defend their privileges. Not just “benefits”, either- instead, they are being offered the highest prize in the world.

        White girls. There is no greater treasure.
        “You too can have a white slut of your own!”

        Rotherdam, Telford, and American miscegenation- the enforcers are being offered gelt in something greater than coin.
        In blood and soil.

        • So are you saying we should give up? Should we not be trying to have our own system in place to bring stability back after it falls apart…

          • I’m saying I am daunted by the scale of what the Zman seeks to oppose.

            Both you and he are right.
            Latifundia, Brazil, isolated Irish monks hoarding precious libraries, a Tribulation of half or more the world’s population lost to banditry, famine, and Plague after the Roman trade roads fell- holdfasts may be our only hope against the locust hordes.

            The hungry, crowded South sees the glittering, childless cities of the North, and is coming to take them.

            Marx himself said that 80% of the stupid, vicious poor must die- so that the remaining 20% will gratefully trim the orchards where the New Men shall stroll.

            As much as I rail against the deceits and pissing contests of religion, the Christians show the way. They were born in the urban slums of a wracked Empire, ruled by corrupt mayors of their own people- yet they held fast to the Good King Above Kings, an example of what could and should be striven for. The Whites, people of empathy, chose Him as their standard, and created a miracle amidst a world of warring slavery.

            We are the breakout race, this animal world’s hope, our birthright by the Force of Creation’s design. The old gods, trapped, feral, and amoral, callous and ignorant of pain, know only hunger, and they send their bestial thralls to feed.

            Hold fast! Hold horns high!
            We must survive what is to come, or the soul of this world is lost!

          • Bravo, Alzaebo. You take the long view, as I do. We’re in for a crisis – we all know that in our hearts – and the question becomes, can humanity, at any rate western humanity, be reborn at the end of the chaos cycle that has already started?

            Yes, provided Christianity survives, which I believe it will.

            It’s going to be hard slog, What emerges on the other side of the impending catastrophe may not look like our world, but it will be human, and that’s not nothing.

          • Amen Brother…I think though you and others mistake my intentions when I call to build Community’s…It is not my intention to withdraw but to regroup, resupply, and then set forth and take back territory we have lost to the left…Hope you’re well Brother…

        • Why be content with table scraps?

          Rome found out the hard way with the Goths and Vandals. Byzantium in it’s later centuries relied on mercenaries who sometimes simply turned on them and took a chunk of territory for their own like the Catalans did(these guys were very bad ass fighters, who could butcher the Turks at will and did so).

          The point is the elites are not smart and probably never were except for the founders, however the current lot is privileged beyond belief and quite blind. They don’t understand without native enforcers loyal to them, their goose is cooked.

          You cannot keep loyalty of the people who have the guns and numbers and who are utterly alien to you while you and your ilk have no means of waging war.

    • Let the cops abandon the border! Lets see what the citizens can do. I know, it’ll be ugly for a bit. F3%k it!

  25. All the feet dragging will end on 29 March 2019, the ‘hard exit date’.
    If the populists can drag the negotiations out to that date, its a hard exit.
    Maybe not the worst option…

  26. Tehnocrats have a point when it comes to brexit. it is norway option or an economic disaster. the US is different, being a large, self sufficient market . British companies are integrated into the European supply chains. if those are disrupted businesses will move

    • The UK won’t regress to Russian levels of gdp per capita. What might happen is the FIRE economy bails on London. Real estate values would crash, but the same happened in Japan with marginal social impacts. Some subcontinental colonists might return to their homelands.

      It is highly relevant to remember that the Brexit vote passed because median voters were convinced of an NHS funding increase. Instead Sharia May lifted the immigration quota on foreign nurses/doctors.

      • Unhelpful leftists will eagerly point out that the 2/3rds of the invasion into the UK at present is from outside of the EU. The Conservatives could restrict this at any time, but they haven’t. In fact shitheads like Daniel Hannan wanted more subcontinental invaders instead of Eastern Europeans.

      • So important about Japan. It was the inflated FIRE economy, wasn’t it? Not production.

        Little known is that the Yakuza lost their ass when Tokyo real estate collapsed from it’s $22,000/sf height. Guess who was laundering money in FIRE.

        One could say that, with the zaibatsu corporations directed by the national goverment and central bank, homogeneous Japan has a functional system of national socialism. Ahem.

      • Apples and oranges. UK is an unique case , there is nothing comparable out there. All those foreign investors came because UK had access to European single market. Financial services industry loses its passporting rights once UK exits without a deal.

        Brexit median voter can’t tell the difference between a customs union and a single market. They have spoken two years ago , now it’s up to politicians and technocrats to deliver .

  27. I’m less concerned what happens to Britain vis a vis the Brexit issue as every day passes. It really doesn’t seem to matter whether they stay or go to the rest of the world, now does it? I think the stress on the EU will be driven mostly by the Visigrad countries’ refusal to engage with the madness that is the policies of Brussels and Germany and France. It seems to me it will sort itself out here in the next decade, especially if Italy and Spain tell Brussels to get bent.

    I have been thinking a lot about how to use existing social and political structures to generate the change we want. After all its easier to re-purpose something built rather than build something new. For example, as a former libertarian (ahem), my thinking on trade unions has changed dramatically. They are no longer the bugaboo of free trade and capital preservation, but actually mechanisms through which we can support the middle class and most importantly generate significant leverage against the Open Borders crowd.

    One has to give it to the Immigration Progs, that they hit at least a double with the crying children on the border shtick. Why don’t we look for our own version of that? “Crying children” in Wisconsin or Indiana whose parents have to take significant pay cuts ’cause manufacturing is moving to Mexico? “Crying children” with a parent dead from an opioid overdose, thanks to Chinese/Mexican Fentanyl? “Crying children” who get beaten up at school by the vibrancy at school ’cause the Section 8 housing vouchers came through, and their parents don’t have the cash to move to a better district?

    I listened to your interview with Luke Ford, and that Ecce guy represents someone who you keep talking about; they guy with hand-waving ideas and no plan, the guy who thinks that engaging with the Prog political system will help the cause. That sort of guy would have been thrown out of a union hall three decades ago. We need more tradesmen, and fewer folks like that if this thing will succeed.


    • Paying the television licence fee is optional. The leftist BBC is surviving thanks to Tory Boomers.

  28. A populist intellectual movement? Hope you’re game. You, Derbyshire, Sailer, and a couple of others are the ones I can think of off the top of my mind.

    • That’s what I’m thinking also. A D-Right brain trust. And also, a D-Right leader. Trump is great. A real bruiser. But he’s mentally and verbally limited. The problem with the idea of our top guys getting together is they’re all so alpha and intellectually independent, they’d just fight with each other. Freaking Vox, Z, and Enoch, et al, aren’t going to get along. I’m just thinking out loud like you. Pipe dreams of a consolidated D-Right front. One can hope.

      • To be successful, we desperately need the fighters — the bruisers, as you called Trump. And I’d suggest he’s not so intellectually limited as you think. He’s just not packaged in the smarmy, elite-educated presentation our political class has set out as the proper or acceptable standard. As to getting along, to make this work, the leaders of a newly energized and re-constructed right would have to impose or accept a certain discipline …. without checking or constraining egos, none of this will work. First, though, there must be a plan, an accepted course, and until we can get together those disparate voices shouting out there in the dark, we will go nowhere.

        • Primi, when I said Trump was limited, I meant it more matter-of-factly than as a negative put-down. Anyway, I shouldn’t have mentioned him as we’re talking about movement leaders not party leaders.

          Anyway, first time I realized Trump was pretty smart or clever, was watching The Apprentice back in 2004. His boardroom exchanges with the two competing teams showed him to be an acute listener and quick on his feet. As someone was be speaking, he’d catch subtle, revealing things, then exploit it to create friction with the opposing team. Or he’d question the person’s character or smarts over it. It was really good.

          Yes, this was part of his roll, but he did it very well, especially for an amateur host. This isn’t just hindsight. I remember at the time turning to whoever I’d be watching it with and saying stuff like, “you know, this guy’s actually really perceptive. And witty.” The witty part is important, as it requires intuition.

          That was Trump 14 years ago. The mind ages. But he still kinda has it. I wish he’d run for pres back then.

          • President Trump is an extraordinarily capable man, who offered himself up to serve our country in an extraordinarily bad time. Do people really think he’s accomplished all he has by some fluke? He’s not only a stellar success in the business world, but is also a flamboyant public personality with magnetism and a great sense of humor. And beautiful to behold, a tall, blond, white man. How can anyone see all this and then say he’s mentally deficient? He’s a renaissance man trying to help us in our time of need. God bless Donald Trump and Godspeed.

      • >so alpha and intellectually independent, they’d just fight with each other

        Sorry, but that’s not “alpha”, that’s being a narcissistic jerk. If two men have a set of similar goals (as well as other issues on which they disagree) and can’t find a way to cooperate and support each other toward achieving their common goals (especially in the face of a host of enemies who are solidly against ALL the goals of BOTH of those men) then those men are no more than fools. And they desperately need to grow the hell up.

        This attitude of “That Guy is not 100% aligned with me, so HE’S the enemy” goes beyond counterproductive and pegs the meter at “fucking stupid”. And is all too prevalent on the, for lack of a compact unifying term, the “Anti-Progessive” or “Anti-Anti-Western” side. And followers who immediately call those not slavishly enamored of the-object-of-their-adulation “fanboy” are no better.

        The demand for intellectual conformity is neither conservative nor pro-individualism (the latter being of course a tautology). And for those of you all about the masculinity thing, or the MGTOW thing, or god forbid the PUA stuff, keep in mind that requiring uniformity of thought and feeling about every damned thing is NOT masculine behavior, it is a TEEN-AGED GIRLS thing. “So we all think Jeremy is hot, Brandon is a dweeb, and Tiffany is a slut!” “Um, I kind of like Brandon.” “Hah! Shun, ostracize and cast out the unbeliever!” Don’t be that teenage girl.

    • Maybe as a vanguard, but still far-outsiders. We also need some heavyweight insiders to break in our direction. They are out there, i believe.

    • “Populism” is just what globalists call democracy. “Democracy” now is anti-democratic supra-national bodies acting against the democratic will of the nation-state. There’s nothing revolutionary or extreme about someone like Jared Taylor or Steve Sailer, unless you think Eisenhower or JFK were foaming at the mouth radicals. Most of this stuff is just common sense. Don’t deliberately make yourself a hated minority in your own country. Don’t support sexual degeneracy or mental illness. What’s considered “populist” or “right-wing” at this point was commonly accepted even by centrist democrats a couple decades ago.

      • Tell me more about the greatness of the political system of two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner.

        • It wasn’t great. It did function. The end. Is your curiosity satiated, bad ass, or would you like a bedtime story about Johnny Reb?

          • I’d rather hear the story about what crawled up your ass this morning. When did democracy function?

          • It did not function. It’s part of what got us where we are today.

            The founders of this country knew damn well that democracy was a problem – and that’s why they restricted voting rights to certain groups.

            Wasn’t it Winston Churchill who said : ” Democracy is the idea that the voting public knows what they want – and deserves to get it – good and hard” ?

            This is (yet another) one of those examples where I suspect that a good many people in the comment section are nothing but fallen away leftists who just can’t seem to stomach what their movement has become. But yet they still can’t give up the propaganda of yesteryear that was pumped into their heads and that they still use as their basic rules of operation.

      • No. Populism is not democracy. It should be but isn’t. Now the elites use it as a tool. Clinton and Obama both ran as populists but instantly reverted to throat cutting anti-American elitists once in office.

        What we have in the U.S. is a oligarchy which has a political class they use as front men who give you the illusion of choice and participation. Nothing more. Now once in a while we’ll get a outlier like Trump, but he and his ilk are not the rule.

        This is why life and community in the U.S. has been getting progressively worse and worse for the average American no matter how we vote. Because our vote doesn’t matter. The pols don’t listen to us, they listen to the people who write them fat checks and that’s not us.

      • Heck the .Alt Right as currently configured is just the Paleo Cons using Rules for Radicals where needed.

    • But none of these men are ‘populists’. Populism is a term invented by the rulers to ‘laugh off’ the cacophony of little people, the way one turns on fans in the house to cancel out the sound of 17-year cicadas when they take over the streets of your town.

      “Isms” are the nets into which the vast and threatening chaos of normal human opinion is sluiced into the channels of the thought-stoppers and their paymasters.

      My “ism” is pathetically simple: I hate the Left and its financiers. It ain’t ‘populism’. Call it ‘fuckyouism’, all you thinkers.

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