The Death of Tinker Bell

The Tinker Bell Effect is an expression for when people want something to be true so deeply, they believe it actually exists. This is commonly used in education reform, where the reformers are so sure their blank slate fantasies are true, they convince themselves their reform efforts are having the desired effect. Head Start is a total sham, but proponents pretend it is wildly successful. It’s a step beyond confirmation bias, in that the believer not only sees the desired result, they make it a core assumption and act on it.

This has been the condition of the America Left since the election. What we call Progressivism has curdled into a feminist cult. Maybe it was always thus, but not always obvious, and the election made it plain. Maybe the election was a triggering event. Either way, the Left is now just angry women who can’t get past the fact Hillary Clinton lost the election. To cope with this, they have concocted a number of fantasies about why it happened. The most obvious one involves Boris and Natasha colluding with Trump.

To most people, the Russian collusion thing has always been absurd, but to the hardcore Hillary supporters, it is an article of faith. The political Left may have piped down about it, but their supporters have never stopped believing that Trump won the election because of nefarious forces out of Moscow rigging the election. For the last 18 months, the Left has been operating on the assumption that this is true and it will be revealed any day. In other words, they have been operating as if the removal of Trump is a forgone conclusion.

Another example of the Tinker Bell Effect is with immigration. The Left has been swallowing the multiculturalism pills for so long, they can’t imagine an alternative view is possible. They as so sure about what happens when bad whites are swamped by noble browns, they have started to assume that it has already happened. As a result, they ran an explicitly anti-white campaign in 2016. They even had the so-called conservatives convinced of this, which is why they have yet to get past their hatred of Trump.

This fantasy has been so powerful, than even some people on our side are sure we are following the path of South Africa. In other words, they have blown past the Argentina or Brazil models and gone straight to white genocide being the future. That’s why they cannot see how Texas is much less likely to become California, despite the demographics. They believe in the vision of white dispossession so strongly, so emotionally, that any facts or arguments to the contrary are treated as insults. This is the reverse Tinker Bell Effect.

Another group still clapping their hands, yelling “we believe!” are the libertarians. They are so sure that Trump prudent economic policies with regards to trade are going to usher in the end times, Goth Fonzi has started to stock up on canned goods. Reason Magazine has at least one post a week working from the assumption that economic devastation is spreading across the country. This one is the latest. Amusingly, they now pretend that Trump voters are locked into some sort of cult, where reality is replaced with fantasy.

Libertarianism, like Progressivism, has always been a cult, so it is not surprising that libertarians are prone to magical thinking. It’s a requirement of cults to hold a set of beliefs that are at odds with reality. This way, the adherent invests their energy into believing and helping their coreligionist believe. It’s why there are no cults built around observable reality. Even so, libertarians are so sure Trump’s policies are going to usher in the end times, they are convinced that displaced Okies are now trundling cross America.

In fairness, it is not unreasonable to think that liberal democracy must rely on the Tinker Bell Effect. Much of the voluntary conduct of American citizens is based on the belief in things like equality before the law and the rightness of our economic model. If people stopped believing in this stuff, they would act differently. Most Americans believe our society is morally good, something to sacrifice for, so lots of people sacrifice to keep the current regime in place. Look at how many young men join the Army each year.

Reality is that thing that does not go away when you stop believing in it. Patriotism has started to slip, as the younger generation, facing the mess their parents created for them, comes to terms with that reality. Boomers had a great ride in a great country, so they will remain patriotic and optimist. In fact, the rise of national populism and the nascent white identity is driven by the death of Tinker Bell. The younger generation simply does not believe the things the older generation believed and still believes about America.

The interesting thing to watch for is what happens to the feminist scolds when Tinker Bell dies for them. The end of the Mueller probe is coming sooner rather than later. Trump is not going to be impeached and he will most likely win in 2020. Similarly, the great brown future is not just around the corner, so the Left will be confronted with demographic reality at the voting booth. Belief is powerful stuff, but so is disconfirmation. One of the most emotional parts of Peter Pan is the death of Tinker Bell. There’s a reason for that.

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  1. I’m confused. In this article, we are told that the “Great Brown Future” doesn’t exist, and yet in the immediately previous article, we are told exactly the opposite: that whites are dwindling and the Brown voter is going to vote in their own interest. So which is it?

  2. Whites are an aged 60% or so of the population. The dark tide will overwhelm us soon enough unless we act. Deep alarm is the appropriate emotion to feel. If we had felt the terror sooner, maybe something could have been done to stave it off. But Legions of “conservative” pundits kept the People asleep. We’re already past the tears and sweat stages, only blood remains (Churchill’s famous three liquids stages)

  3. here are facts even Z-man can understand:

    % of world population that is White:

    1900: 30%

    2000: 8%

    2100: 0% via simple extrapolation. When the Jews – Sontag, Wattenberg, Ignatiev, Soros, and many others say IN PUBLIC that they are going to annihilate us,

    they mean it. And they are doing it.

  4. Trump needs to fire every Jew in his administration. Nothing will ever improve for him unless he does.

  5. One of your best recent columns. I’m amazed by your continuous level of output. I keep reading for the gems among the many pretty stones, this is one.

    “Reality is that thing that does not go away when you stop believing in it.”

  6. I don’t think its fair to represent libertarianism as just shreeks. The fundamentals of libertarianism (free speech, gun rights, skepticism of powerful governments, skepticism of foreign entanglements) are the core tenets of what America was founded upon. Yes, the capital L Libertarianism of the Libertarian Party or of Reason has some core problems as it’s founded upon Tinker Bell conceptions of human nature. But I think to dismiss the entire umbrella of libertarian thought (which in no way is some monolithic version of Reason or Ayn Rand) as a cult is to throw quite a few babies out with the bathwater.

    • Meh. This is the same line people use about Islam. “Let’s not judge Islam for what it is. Instead, let’s judge the theoretical version that exists no where on earth.”

      • Fair enough. But in a sense, I think many of the aspects in our country that work (save open borders) are libertarian-esque. When I try to justify small and non-invasive government, a rational foreign policy, gun rights, and the immorality of the sureveillance state, I inevitably fall on libertarian arguments.

        • Yea but it all hinges on one thing which a libertarian will never admit too so you will always be defeated or did you actually think this country is headed in the right direction…

  7. Z-MAN
    “The younger generation simply does not believe the things the older generation believed and still believes about America.”

    Therein lies the rub. Most of the younger generation were edudoctrinated and media-marinated to believe in Che-good/Leftism-HateAmerica-means-HateWhitey – including an alarming proportion of young Whites who are in fact ethnomasochists parroting the “All the World’s Evils Came and Come From RACIST! White People’s RACISM!” Tinker Bell-ism. The question, then, is this: will enough younger generation Whites be red-pilled, or will they go on parroting the GoodWhites’ Che-good-Leftism of their Tinker Bell edudoctrination and media-marination – and thus form a neutralizing counter-force to younger generation red-pilled BadWhites?

    In short, a vast majority of red-pilled younger generation Whites will be necessary to dethrone the present Globali$t Invade The World, Invite The World $ellout regime. Do you, Z-Man, expect that the vast majority – a sufficient majority – of younger generation Whites will be red-pilled, or will that generation’s division between Tinker Bell GoodWhites and red-pilled BadWhites assure the doom of Western Civilization?

    Myself, I’m a Boomer who was red-pilled over thirty years ago, as soon as I observed, in the corporate workplace and in the commons, the deleterious consequences of the 1965 Hart-Celler Open Immigration Act, but the problem with most of the Boomers I know is that they continue to dwell in the Tinker Bell dream world of “color blind”/Magic Dirt civic nationalism – exactly as you, Z-Man, wrote of them in the quote at the top of this comment.

    • Is a majority even needed? 10% of the American white male population headed in one direction would wield a considerable amount of influence.

      9.5 million men.

      Are you so black-pilled that you can’t imagine just half of the 15-35 white male demographic seeing the light? Have you been asleep for the last few years? This doesn’t even include the old-timers who have had, and would have, their backs in a fight.

      Stop giving up.

  8. (1970s Hi Karate cologne commercial)

    *Slap!* *Slap!*
    “Thanks… I needed that”,

    said with a cocked eyebrow, a wry smirk, and a mischevious sexy twinkle in the eye

  9. We are never going to become Brazil, Argentina, Uraguay, etc. Thise countries have the luxury of being like they are because the US military keeps the real predators out of the Western Hemisphere. As our demographics start to resemble theirs, so will our military (it already is starting to) and at that point it will become a global free for all.
    Also, as Europe wakes up to what mass African migration is doing to them, their attitudes will increasingly influence ours as they grant us the moral permission to follow our instincts.
    Whatever our future is, it won’t be Brazil or South Africa. Probably it will be something much worse than either.

    • China’s social credits system:

      “Government documents show a plan to block poorly scored citizens from air or rail travel for up to a year, though perhaps less for minor infractions like leaving a bike parked on a footpath. More than 7 million citizens have already been blocked from travel, Human Rights Watch reports, for offenses like “insincere” apologies.
      *In some cities, cameras scan train stations for China’s most wanted. Billboard-size displays show the faces of jaywalkers and list the names of people who don’t pay their debts. Facial recognition scanners guard the entrances to housing complexes. Already, China has an estimated 200 million surveillance cameras – four times as many as the United States.

      That’s just one piece of the system. The data flow in from GPS, social media, credit cards, banks, job sites – just about everywhere.
      “This is potentially a totally new way for the government to manage the economy and society,” said Martin Chorzempa, a fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

      “The goal is algorithmic governance,” he added.”
      The New York Times

      “Whatever our future is, it won’t be Brazil or South Africa. Probably it will be something much worse than either.”

      Oh yes, dear Rosie, I do believe you are precisely, terribly right.

  10. The Reason article in particular makes no sense at all. I’m on a job site in “fly over” country. I can tell you the job market is actually quite good, even better than the late 90’s. Unlike the late 90’s its fly over country with all of the jobs too. And, yes, I’m a libertarian as well and I think Trump’s the best president, at least since Reagan.

  11. Why when there is talk of a trade war with China, is it always “but you are hurting Americans by raising consumer prices”, and never ANYTHING about how CHINA is hurting their people? Or Japan. Or the EU? Or Canada depiving their citizens of inexpensive dairy products with the 200%+ tariff?

    Just once I’d like Woods or Murphy or Stapleton or Molyneux to explain how the Evil Trudeau, Xi, Merkle & May & Macron, etc. are monsters killing their own people instead of attacking Trump

  12. Here’s another great example, from an article about the recently executed leader of Aum Shinrikyo. Mind you, this is the last line of the article:

    “The attack shocked Japan, which prides itself on low crime rates and its multicultural society.”

    I am pretty sure Japan is one of the LEAST multicultural countries in the world. For example, according to wikipedia Japan received 20k applications for asylum and approved 20 (TWENTY!!!) in 2017.

    Pure Tinkerbell belief at work.

    • I’m highly confident that whoever proclaimed Japan “multicultural” has no idea whatsover of the meaning of that word. They think it’s just a synonym for “good.” I’m also sure that in their job, that level of knowledge is entirely adequate.

    • Multicultural Japan? Heh.

      But the rot is at work even in Japan. A few months ago a Japanese friend and colleague came to visit, and in the course of getting caught up she noted that her high-school age son’s class (at an elite school in Japan) were all assigned to write essays and hold oral debates on whether Japan should broadly open up to immigration, particularly of Muslim “refugees”. A little questioning revealed that there was likely a PRO-immigration agenda behind the assignments. Japanese Friend was a little surprised (then pleased) by my vehemence on the topic.

      • Japan very recently has been pressured to accept 500,000 immigrants “to boost the economy”. As DeBeers noted, enrichment-free Japan shrugged when the US/EU was running around with it’s hair on fire.

        • Japan is unattractive to invaders thanks to language barriers and karoshi. Most of the temporary workers will be from Southeast Asia, and there is no jus soli. It was a minor scandal a few years ago when a leftist politician was found to be a dual citizen, which is illegal. Watch the career of Taro Kono, Foreign Minister, very closely, he’s the leading globalist in Japan.

        • On an additional point, while Japan recognizes few of the rights that the US Constitution does, there is arguably more free speech, tempered by their notion of manners. The UN has complained that Japan doesn’t have anti-discrimination laws and hate speech laws. Japanese youth are also profoundly disillusioned with politics, so the country is ruled by the gerontocracy of older rural voters.

  13. I’m hillbilly. My people have fought, with distinction, in every war of this country. I got lucky and had a brilliant son, national merit scholar, perfect math score on the SAT, 4.0 grades. When he was 12 i had a doctor friend diagnosis him with a rare bone disorder and file it away. It is my insurance policy. No way in hell will i countenance him fighting for this system. My point is, they lost me and mine and they better not start a serious war because they may very well find ….

  14. I don’t believe for one minute that leftist progressives believe any of the total BS they keep screaming about – Trump and the Ruskies; diversity is good; open borders is good, etc

    If they did, they would not all be living in mostly lily white enclaves, send their kids to mostly white middle/upper class schools- public or private, and vacation in lily white and/or “sophisticated” spots.

    Like most folks, I know some liberal progressives; I have not seen any of them move anywhere near “diverse” neighborhoods or “hang” with some bros or “wetbacks.”

    (By the way, “wetbacks” was a term coined by, of all people, Cesar Chavez, the Mexican-American union organizer of agricultural workers in California. Chavez was a staunch OPPONENT of illegal immigration !!!)

    What leftists REALLY believe is that the worst thing ever to happen to planet earth was the founding of the USA and that all of the world’s problems are due merely to the existence of the USA.

    By continuously screaming about anything and everything that is anti-Trump, anti-capitalism, anti-EVERYTHING non liberal progressive/socialist/communist they hope to completely destroy what remains of our Constitutional Republic.
    And towards that goal, nothing for them is off limits.

    They invent problems where none exist, they worsen problems where problems exist, and they make sure that no solutions are found to real problems.
    All the while living and working totally insulated from the chaos they support, cause or engage in.

    Chaos, disorder, anarchy, violence, lawlessness are all needed to destroy the existing state and open the door for the leftists to step in and establish their “heaven on earth” utopia.
    Rest assured, their heaven will be pockmarked by numerous gulags; it is their MO. Already they have their own Sturm Abteilung in action – BLM, ANTIFA, etc. – as we have seen numerous times since their dear Fuhrer, Obama, left office.

    Leftists know exactly what they are doing; they are not delusional, they are not blinded, they are not stupid, they are not suffering from any Tinker Bell affect.
    Everything they do is purposeful and calculated – all aimed at achieving absolute power.

    As for libertarians, I will confess; long ago I was actually a card carrying member of that political ideology. I was attracted by the premise that individual freedom should be the highest goal of government – a great idea in theory.
    My membership lasted for about 2 years; I realized that their worldview was too Utopian and unrealistic; but at least they are not big fans of death camps (unlike progressives/leftists).

    Lastly, anyone notice that liberal progressives are always eager to begin a conversation that reveals their political inclinations??
    Why is that?
    Why is so important to them for other’s to know their political opinion?
    Do they need affirmation? Does it make them feel “intellectual”?

    • The term “wetback” was borrowed by the INS in 1954. INS claimed to have deported 1.1 million Mexican nationals. The good old days!!!

      • I remember being on the schoolbus, seeing Chavez’s men with baseball bats, waiting beside burning campesino busses in the fields. Now they’re naming streets after that union organizer cultist.

  15. I say it’s high time to bring on war in the streets. Liberals can go flee to their favorite brown parts of the city (heh, we know how well that will go), whites can hole up in the suburbs and rural parts and then when the smoke clears, the victors can subjugate the vanquished and no more wasteful bickering.

    Is there really any other way to pull us out of this endless sea of leftist bullshit?

    • The problem with that is once it gets started it can’t be stopped at such an agreeable end point. Nobody can predict what will happen once the cities go up.

      • The US could lose 200 million people so long as all the survivors are almost entirely White and thrive .With a stable system and a TFR over child hood morality your population will grow

        There is a vast population of useless people anyway

        The caveat though, two groups are going to have to lose big time, modern women who are going to have to be sent back to the proverbial kitchen and big business who if they are allowed to exist will need to work in the public interest

        Urban White fertility rates are heavily effected by income and also by the rile of women, people need to be able to afford to start a family on one wage at a young age or modernity has to go if we want a future

  16. What in gods name makes you think being like SA, Argentina or Brazil is a good thing? Unless you can afford to live in a guard enclave you’re f**ked in those hell holes. That means life for 90% of whites will be a living hell. It won’t be overt genocide but the effects will the same – a massive drop off in white births. Really why have families or children in such a cesspit, it’s already happening here.

    We have middle-class whites suiciding at a high rate, a massive opioid epidemic brought on by globalization, big pharma and China killing off whites.

    Genocide can take other forms than a bullet in the noggin and a horde of cholos on the rampage.

    • Don’t lump Argentina in with Brazil and SA. It’s a different animal; outside of Buenos Aires, Argentina can be extremely pleasant (and FWIW very white).

  17. I have come to the conclusion that you people and others in the right wing are just some trolls who don’t have a lot going for them in real life: few if any friends, unpopular, suboptimal home life, etc. So perhaps some of this comes from you guys looking for any kind of validation/attention you can find.

    Though there are also some of you who seemingly have it together in real life but still resort to right wing dogma….these ideas can be extremely appealing to white men as it absolves them of all guilt, and in their own minds, elevates them. Toxic masculinity is a part of this as well, at least recently. The slur ‘cuck’ wouldn’t be as widely used if it wasn’t.

    But you people will lose

    The Left is up to the challenge

    • Looks like I have some soul searching to do, boy did you nail me. Now what do I do? Ok, for starters how about I don’t click on your fucking link!
      I am toxic.

    • Greg, the reason the Alt Right consistently (or gratuitously, to an outsider) uses the word Cuckservative (beyond the obvious emasculating intention) is because they don’t want to denigrate the term Conservative entirely. Cuckservatives are a pernicious subset of Conservatism. You can think of it as any delineative term, like Meat & Potatoes Liberal or NeoCon. It’s sexual because that image best captures its pathetic, submissive essence.

    • I repent! I am a sinner! Tiny Greg, I have seen the light and feel the love in that room!

      Please enrichen me. I demand favelas for everyone. And multifaith prayer spaces!

  18. I’ll probably get lambasted here for stating this, but Texas *IS* going the way of California. Fort Worth still has a Republican mayor, but Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio are all solid blue and have Democrat mayors. The mayors of Dallas and Austin are old school white Southern Democrats, but the mayors of Houston and San Antonio are new school leftists.

    The state legislatures are still solidly red and the Governor is a Republican. It will take a while for that to change, but over the course of time the Texas house will trend toward blue and the election for Governor will be a toss up.

    The University of Texas implemented a “top 10%” rule, which in effect functions like a California style Affirmative Action program by discriminating aggressively against students in predominantly white, suburban school districts (good luck getting your white kid into UT). They just told Sessions to pound sand in response to the new DoJ guidance on Affirmative Action guidelines.

    Texas 2018 looks a lot like California in the 1990s. Give Texas 20 years or so.

    • Ann Richards was governor 25 years ago and no one would mistake her for a conservative. Texas will end up like Argentina or Chile, except the ruling class will be a blend of Appalachian and Cavalier. California whites are from the cuck belt. Midwestern midlanders who go along to get along. Even there, the ruling class is white.

      • “California whites are from the cuck belt. Midwestern midlanders who go along to get along.” Funny, true. I remember growing up in NW Ohio and hearing that phrase stated as an imperative virtue. Other regions say it with an half-embarrassed sigh. But yeah, it’s thought of as a indispensable strategy up in Niceville.

        • Get out of the California cities and suburbs of same, and the whites are a different breed entirely. Armed, trained, and don’t even think about trespassing. When I bought a bug out place out there, I was not asked whether I served, I was asked which branch and where.

    • I lived in Dallas for about 18 months a few years back. A lot of white people are getting turfed out of both the blue- and white-collar job markets by bilingual requirements.

      And I don’t know about the “smart fraction” or “dumb fraction,” but although Latinos aren’t as bad as blacks, they have a sizable “gangster fraction” (as compared with whites) which hugely impacts quality of life anywhere they inhabit in numbers.

      One other observation for connoisseurs of diversity: the Latinos hate, hate, HATE the blacks. Don’t know what will come of it, but there you go.

  19. I appreciate your calls for intellectual honesty and avoiding hysteria, but when the terms of the debate are “will the United States of America really end up like South Africa, or only like Brazil?” then things are already very bad indeed.

  20. Part of the problem is that their “reality” is so different from our reality that there seems to be no way to peacefully adjudicate or negotiate between them. We inhabit the same physical country but live in different worlds.

    Another problem is that many “conservative” people in power still live in THEIR world, the gaslit CNN world–like when “conservatives” defend Antifa as a “protest” organization. An unredpilled conservative is no conservative at all. We’ve either got to redpill the ones in power, or replace them with authentic redpilled conserving conservatives.

  21. In South Africa the whites with money live in gated communities which protects them at night, but when they try to leave they become targets. 46 a day are carjacked. We never hear about this of course, because our MSM is useless.

    In 2016/17, the police recorded 16,717 carjacking incidents in South Africa. This was the highest number recorded in the past ten years.

    The hijacking of cars increased 14.5% from the 2015/16 figure of 14,602.

    On average, 45.8 cars were hijacked per day in 2016/17. Over half of the crimes occurred in Gauteng.

    • It’s a matter of when. My bet has always been when Trump leaves office and the Dems take over. They and the elite really want vengeance on white America for Trump. Plus they really, really hate whites.

      Anyone who thinks it will be business as usual for whites when this happens is fooling themselves.

      • And if we are genocided who’s fault would that be… Would it be those who have told us want they want to do to us time after time and is in their nature or ours for ignoring what they say and not banding together and defending what we love…I think you know the answer to that one…

  22. South Africa becoming a Chinese protectorate is more likely than any genocide of whites. The ANC exists to steal, and that’s hard to do when half of your income tax revenue vanishes. Any Rwanda-level killings would awake even most liberals in the West to the demographic question. The global elite would therefore not allow it to happen. The real problem is that South African whites live under a repressive system that they cannot vote their way out of. Nor are they blameless given the reluctance to build more Oranias. Even under the current conditions, probably half are still liberals.

    • Much of the anger that the black majority has towards whites is rooted in envy. A lesser known part is the expectation by whites that they should be treated according to Western standards. Blacks see this as unacceptable arrogance. It’s hard for us to accept a system that demands a white person put up 100% of the capital to start a business, but then hand over 80% of the equity. Blacks see it as treasonous that whites didn’t gleefully accept this. They call it “Ubuntu”

    • The ANC exists to steal, and that’s hard to do when half of your income tax revenue vanishes.

      That’s an extremely sensible and rational evaluation.

      Unfortunately, that means you’re thinking like a White person.

      The plain history of Africa is that the population lacks sufficient people of high IQ to prevent the imposition of massively irrational, self-destructive policies.

      • Genocide isn’t an “irrational” policy, it is almost always planned out well beforehand. The accusation is that the ANC has a long term plan to genocide or expel the white minority. Africans are impulsive with high time preference. Mugabe went after a rival ethnic group upon gaining power, but waited decades to merely expel whites that refused to pay tribute to the ruling party.

    • “Any Rwanda-level killings would awake even most liberals in the West to the demographic question. The global elite would therefore not allow it to happen.”

      What could they do? Or, more specifically, what would they be allowed to do? Can you seriously imagine a divest and boycott movement aimed at a black-run nation? Or sending troops to kill black Africans in order to defend whites?

      Besides, there’s no possibility of any Rwanda-level killings in South Africa, because in Rwanda the victims were black. Blacks own a moral multiplier of somewhere around 100. Whites would be the victims in South Africa; and not just whites, but the racist descendents of super-racist whites. That gives them a moral multiplier of around .001. That means that if 100,000 white South Africans are massacred, the press will treat it as though 100 people died. Big deal; that’s a few bad bus accidents; happens all the time. You might be outraged; but that only demonstrates that you’re on the wrong side of history.

      Progressives won’t care when the mass killings start in South Africa; they won’t believe the ANC has gone too far because they don’t believe in the concept of going too far. They only believe the obstacles are presently too large to overcome. They’re more likely to be inspired by a white holocaust than be alarmed by it.

      • The ANC obeys orders from the Communist Party, the IMF and the PRC. While all of those organizations are anti-white, they need to ensure that whites in the West remain blue pilled. Widespread ethnic cleansing and genocide can’t be covered up. The ANC’s strategy is “boiling the frog”, a few hundred farmers killed per year convinces several thousand to quit and emigrate.

        • The Rothschild-controlled Bank of England sent Britain to war to seize the gold holdings of the Transvaal, the largest gold producing region in the world, and the Boer ended up in concentration camps.

          Today, the Kirsch network, funders of the communist ANC and EFF, want the deBeers diamond mines back, and are getting them.

          If the YouKnowWho are allied with the PRC (who they also formed, incidentally)- that bodes very ill, indeed.

        • The ANC is composed of typical African thugs, which is a subset of typical Africans. They have yet to demonstrate that they are capable either of working out a coherent plan (of any kind), or sticking to it. If they continue to behave in typical African fashion, it’s easy to predict they will be unable in the end to resist immediate gratification in the form of killing off the whites and taking their stuff, as opposed to simply taxing them heavily for decades and thus gaining many times more stuff.

          It doesn’t matter who “owns” them. The boots on the ground are all African, and in the end Africa will win again.

      • If the blacks in South Africa start genociding the whites – then you’re likely correct: the *mainstream* media won’t say a word. But that doesn’t mean that the news won’t get out. It will get out on the same news channels that have talking about what is going on in S.A. for a few years now.

        And the people that it gets out to – will be a whole bunch of white people who will say “I told you so”. With any luck – there will be a lot blacks who will also hear the news – and start ramping up their “Kill Whitey!” rants and protests. In the longer run – this is probably a good thing for us over here. With REAL evidence of black urges to genocide whites becoming actual reality – and a whole bunch of sympathetic noises from blacks over here – the whole dynamic is going to change.

    • If the Rwanda type killing involved White victims, there would be no outrage and even encouragement from the West.

  23. There are so many ludicrous aspects to the Russian narrative. James Clapper claims (with zero evidence) in his book that it is obvious that Russian “interference” threw the election to Trump. Really? Election data suggests a very simple reason for the Trump win: rural white voters in the upper midwest starting voting like rural whites everywhere else. So the Russian operation was sophisticated enough to target JUST those voters and have no effect on other voters? One would think that the ability to analyze data would be an important prerequisite to serve as Director of National Intelligence. Evidently, not so much.

    Clapper is a joke. Too bad he’ll never see the jail time he deserves, or better yet, the helicopter ride.

    And all of that is just the interference angle. The crazy only gets much worse when talking about collusion. The Dems don’t really seem like the party of logic and science to me.

    • I wish the left would investigate voter fraud with the same vigor they do for the phony Russian collusion. There is some major malfeasance there but for the life of me I can’t figure why they won’t do it.

      • Oh, believe me, the left has investigated voter fraud in depth. They know exactly how to do it.

        • I think I read somewhere awhile back that there is some ruling that the Republicans agreed to that they can’t contest vote fraud on a national scale… Maybe someone has a link because I can’t find one at the moment…

    • Clapper subscribes to the notion that “because I say it, it is so”. The Left has used such thinking to push their agenda, and it seems to align with the thinking that got the Steele Dossier converted into an FBI investigation. That crap is over now. People rightly look at things and see the ulterior motives and manipulation at work. Clapper is way behind the times, and looks like a fool to most of us now.

      • I’d disagree with characterizing Clapper as a clown or fool.

        Clapper may be behind the cutting edge of politics and intelligence (“yesterday’s man”), but rest assured that he is both self-serving and evil.

        Given their high position and malign intent, Clapper and Brennan richly deserve helicopter rides, if only as a lesson to others.

  24. We may be heading more to the Brazilian model than the South African, but I have spent a lot of time in Brazil, and it would be a terrible thing for our country to become. If fear of the South African and Rhodesian outcomes wakes people up, I’ll use it.

    Brazil isn’t scary enough for the uninformed — it’s hot girls, soccer and the Amazon to most Americans. The average American doesn’t really comprehend the endless, violent slums, massive corruption, dingy decay, massive social stratification, and inability to maintain basic services.

    • I’ve never been to Brazil, but from what I do know about it, it does seem to be the closest model for the futureof the US. Great natural resources and a large population of descendants of African slaves. Add in the increasing economic stratification that we’re seeing here and you get something like Brazil.

      • If Bolsonaro wins in October that will certainly create some “interesting times”. The surprising thing about Brazil is that it has lower TFR than the US does. Aging societies tend to trend away from violence, but Brazil is in no position to afford the welfare payments to a large portion of retirees. “Grey Dawn” could be a real thing there.

    • Brazil isn’t scary enough for the uninformed — it’s hot girls, soccer and the Amazon to most Americans. The average American doesn’t really comprehend the endless, violent slums, massive corruption, dingy decay, massive social stratification, and inability to maintain basic services.
      I would say the average American doesn’t care rather than not comprehending…If it’s not affecting them right at the moment or in the near future then they don’t even think about it… They can’t even think about what’s happening in this country with the invasion going on unless it’s affecting them directly… Which is why I think it’s moved to the forefront of people’s thoughts these last couple of years because more people have been affected by it…

    • Good point Vizzin. Brazil “isn’t iscary enough”. You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the winds are blowing. Better to be prepared for 40 days and 40 nights of rain and get sunshine, than sunshine that turns into 40 days and 40 nights of rain.

  25. I genuinely wonder how much longer the left can keep up this level of outrage and delusion. I know they get off on the rush of brain chemicals it provides them, but there’s only so much adrenaline and cortisol you can dump into your system before you quite literally chemically fry your brain. Too much more of this, and all of them will end up like Rev. Jim Ignatowski.

    • They have the reasoning power and emotional discipline of toddlers. When interacting with them (as one is forced to do in the Commonwealth) it takes all the willpower I can muster not to laugh in their faces.

  26. There’s a lot of fantasy destroying going on out there.

    I know you’ve criticized people like Stephan Molyneaux in the past – but I believe this segment (taken from one of his longer videos – they’re often too long and rambling to listen to) – is a good example:

    He makes the same basic point you have made multiple times in the past:

    “intolerant cultures do not mix with tolerant cultures – the fact that this even needs to be said – is so ridiculous”

    And the main gyst of this segment is his talk with a woman – about why men are just turning away from “society” – it’s because of “Feminists”.

    My point here is: there is an awful lot of fantasy destruction going on out there – it’s just not everybody is approaching it in the exact same way.

    • There’s a lot of fantasy destroying going on out there.
      I hope there is enough time for that to happen so we will have enough “woke” people to save civilization…

      • I think you’re right, Z. Stefan Molyneux has been mentioned here before, but it’s been by commenters. I know I’ve responded to criticism of Molyneux once or twice.

      • Ah, the progressive dishonesty reveals itself: A post is not the same as comments on a post.

        • I just searched the comments and only a few threads mentioned him. Maybe the search is not accurate or maybe people spell his name wrong. People swear the comedian sinbad played a genie in the movie Shazaam, but it never happened. It’s called the Mandela Effect.

          • The Berenstain Bears thing still creeps me out.

            Further evidence we’ve vectored off onto a B-Movie thread of the multiverse:

            – John Mayer is excellent Jerry Garcia surrogate
            – Cubs win World Series
            – Donald Trump elected president

  27. I don’t think even Eric Hoffer could explain the deluded actions of these “True Believers”. On our side we have to watch out for assumptions of the future based solely on our pessimism due to the present demographic and political climate. Act accordingly, yes, but avoid the black pill.

    Two years ago I would have never believed we would be talking about immigration policy not just illegal. Trump is challenging Nato and the standard order it is now. Trade tariffs and the taking down of the main stream media. Not too bad when you contemplate where we were.

    Yes, whites will be a minority in the future but in plurality who will rule and how. That is determined now. Of course there may be an asteroid with our name on it out there and could change planet Earth’s whole dynamic. Ya never know. As Stephan Molyneux says, plan accordingly.

    • This pretty much describes the current southern states. They have large black populations, but vote overwhelmingly for conservatives. Robert Conquest’s first law of politics: Everyone is conservative about what he knows best.

  28. “This fantasy has been so powerful, than even some people on our side are sure we are following the path of South Africa. In other words, they have blown past the Argentina or Brazil models and gone straight to white genocide being the future….”

    Yep. That’d be me. I believe that wars are fought because people are different. Smarter men like you will call it tribalism and whatnot – but it is what it is and it will set up wherever you have differing populations in close proximity. When the average Texan is told that he is going to be forced to live like a Mexican or else – and be subservient to them… I think you’ll see the gloves come off and the guns come out. And if it happens, I think it will be the whites doing the ‘genociding’ on the browns. I hope I’m wrong, I really do.

    Here’s the deal: of all the current batch of tool-using super apes on this planet, only Whitey has developed the sense of loyalty and discipline to act in an organized and coherent way even in the face of overwhelming odds. When motivated to do so, huge numbers of them can stand shoulder to shoulder against superior but less disciplined forces – and eat them for lunch. The Romans did it, the Brits, Krauts, fwench, and Americans did it at one time or another all over the globe. Right now we have a temporary situation where Good Whites can feed Bad Whites to the savages and get away with it – and that is rapidly drawing to a close. Trump just read the riot act to the Krauts when they sat down to discuss defense spending for NATO. It was a thing of beauty.

    Why did the war on drugs fail? Because it was never fought. If it had been, the cartels would have been hunted down and killed without remorse or mercy. Duterte is doing it in the Phillipines and he’s winning. You’re a drug addict? He’ll end you rather than putting up with derelicts supporting themselves and their habit on petty crime and propping up feral drug lords. It’s brutal, it’s nasty and unpleasant – but that is what a war on drugs will involve and I believe it could be done easily – IF you have the spine and fortitude for it.

    I’m going to get egged for this but I don’t care: when the twin towers came down on 911 the die was cast. Large numbers of yodelling moslem mutts had to die, they had to do it publicly, and it had to be an effective warning to the others. Make no mistake: we know who most of the big fish are in that racket, we know where they live, and we know who’s bankrolling them. Half the time it’s us. The war on terror WAS successful – but you have to have the capacity to game out alternatives, see what COULD have happened… and think two steps ahead in order to see it. And that is where I see your ‘Tinkerbelle’ effect going on Z: George Bush was not an idiot. He was just a regular man in an impossible situation. He didn’t have the benefit of hindsight as we do today.

    I think your host on that two hour podcast the other day asked you ‘where do you think this is all going’ and ‘who do you think will be replacing our elites when the current ones inevitably fall?’ and the conversation shifted away from that. I’d be most interested in your thoughts on that.

    • You have to understand, some parts of the country, such as the northwest are still almost like they were in the 50s, allowing for small perturbations. They won’t look like Texas of Cali for another century or better. Also, the yanks have a tendency to put on the brakes when it comes to THEmselves. Recall the uproar when they tried to implement forced bussing school integration back in the 70s.

      • The Northwest? Isn’t that where Leftist thugs attack patriotic Americans in the streets?

          • There are 39 counties in Washington State, of which 34 went for Trump in 2016.It’s agonizing to watch the loony left in Seattle/Tacoma control the rest of the state.

          • Oregon suffers under similar demographics. The Portland/Salem area controls the whole state.

          • There were very few “I’m with Her” bumper stickers outside of the larger metro areas in the Pacific Northwest.

          • I live in rural western Washington; it is indeed a pretty conservative place.

            Anywhere within an hour’s drive of Seattle is pretty much intolerable.

          • There is a movement, liberty state, to split Wa in two along the cascade mountains. it is beginning to get some traction. admittedly it would have a very long uphill climb, but its not without precedent, Virginia west Virginia. i believe there is/are similar movements in Oregon and a ballot measure to split the state of California. Washington state is held hostage by leftists. their favorite tool voter fraud, the state is mail in ballot only effectively ending exit polling. Even lifelong democrats I have had conversations with are no longer sure the system is honest. particularly in the governors contest of 2004 which IMO should have been investigated by the feds. Some are carpet baggers from California.a few are natives. they are enabled by billionaires such as Bill Gates, the Hanaour & Bullet families.& virtue signaling corporations such as Starbucks. I like to say that there are many of us trapped behind enemy lines but at least we will be in a target rich environment if TSHTF

        • I’m not referring to what they think politically, just that the temperature on the ground can be very different depending where you are in the country. One person in San Diego would think things are much more far gone than someone in North Dakota might.

  29. Many Americans living away from the coasts still live the lives their forebears lived – God, community, patriotism, family – all that good stuff that’s supposed to be long gone. It’s a good life. Maybe a small life, by some elite standard; but a darned good life for a human being who just wants to do his three score and ten and be left alone.

  30. Tinker Bell deaths also include the overdue demise of the childlike faith in the FBI and Department of Justice; the belief the media transmits factual information; assumptions America military interventions are for the greater good, and so forth. That most no longer believe these things is almost too positive a development for those on our side to accept (as you point out). Whoever follows Trump, and whatever succeeds our rapidly unraveling system of government and “justice,” will have to reform or clamp down even more. While either is possible, it’s more likely to be the former now. That’s not to write we don’t have a rough patch ahead, because we most certainly do, but Leviathan is doomed. We need to discuss what comes afterwards and how it will benefit our people.

    • Over at Ace of Spades, there is one guy, nice guy, over there who is convinced that people are going to be seriously punished for spying on Trump during and after the campaign.

      • That’s more and more of an outlier, and likely from someone who has connections to the legal system. Trotsky may have been among the most evil people in history, but he nailed one thing about propaganda: the educated classes were more likely to believe something with authority attached to it than workers, who were just as likely still to dismiss it. Self-proclaimed conservatives were the last to cling to the notion the constitution and Rule of Law still were applicable, and now have been disabused of this nonsense.

        Short version: even if not a single criminal involved in the coup attempt against Trump ever goes to trial, the FBI and DOJ are irreparably damaged. Given where they were going, that’s great news.

      • Ace of Spades prefer their coffee and donuts filtered. What else would one expect from such a crowd?

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