The Game Of Chicken

A corollary to Hanlon’s Razor is”never attribute to behind the scenes scheming what can more adequately be explained by chance.” It’s always tempting to think there is some great design or designer behind events, but most of the time chance is the real hand pulling the strings. Humans in general simply lack the ability to see more than a few moves ahead and usually just react to what is in front of them.  We’re seeing this in real time as the Senate prepares to vote on the Brett Kavanaugh nomination this week.

The game began when Mitch McConnell decided to schedule the hearings and vote on the nominee before the election. He calculated that it was good politics for the Republicans and tricky politics for the Democrats. They have half a dozen Senate seats up this time in very Trump states. Now, McConnell correctly figured that the Democrats would have to go nuclear on the nomination, so he and the GOP brain-trust convinced Trump to go with the cleanest guy on the list. Kavanaugh had been vetted many times, so he was safe.

That was the first mistake by McConnell. Despite being in Washington for a lifetime, he somehow failed to notice that the Left never abides by its own rules. When their rules work against them, they either ignore them or make up new rules, swearing that the new rules are ancient traditions handed down by Moses. That’s what they did here by hiring the Jewish lesbian to troll for middle aged women willing to swear Kavanaugh assaulted them in the time before anyone could verify. They were going to #metoo him into withdrawing.

Given the climate in the world in which the beautiful people live, this seemed like a clever ploy to Feinstein and Schumer. After all, they could count on the cucks in the GOP to run screaming into the darkness at the first sign there was heresy afoot. In other words, they never thought they would have to actually produce witnesses. That’s why Feinstein leaked the anonymous letter she was holding since the summer. She figured all she needed was a good whisper campaign run by the fake reporters in the media.

Despite spending so much time with Kavanaugh, they appear to have misjudged how he would handle being smeared. It also reveals how petrified white men in the Democrat coalition feel right now. They just assumed Kavanaugh was as scared about this stuff as they are right now. Either way, the judge turns out to be a Boy Scout, who thinks he has a duty to defend his honor in public against these smears. His speech last week resonated with white people, who are the only demographic that still believes in fair play.

Another miscalculation by the tribal leaders of the coalition is they assumed Trump would light up Twitter about these attacks. That would allow them to shift the focus from their attacks on an innocent white man and instead make this into a fight against the pussy-grabbing womanizer in the White House. Instead, Trump was strangely quiet, saying it was up to the Senate to decide. Trump’s instinct was that this was working to his favor so he could just stand aside and let the Democrats dig their own grave on national television.

An interesting bit from the Hill story on the Democrats is this:

The lawmaker said Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer (N.Y.) is urging undecided centrist Democrats to wait until three undecided Republicans — Sens. Susan Collins (Maine), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) and Jeff Flake (Ariz.) — make their positions known.

“He’s telling them, ‘Keep your powder dry.’ That means you don’t have to decide this — wait and see how it plays out. There’s some speculation that Kavanaugh may not last,” the lawmaker said. “They always vow to stay right until they don’t.”

A second Democratic senator said there’s widespread disbelief in the caucus that Kavanaugh is holding on.

“I just had a conversation with a colleague who said they couldn’t believe he hasn’t dropped out yet,” the second lawmaker said Monday evening. “There was a time he could have done it gracefully and could have protected the Supreme Court.”

In other words, all along the tribal elders were telling the members of the coalition that they would never have to actually vote on Kavanaugh. Just as we saw with vulnerable Democrats being forced to vote for ObamaCare in 2010, the tribal leaders of the coalition have no qualms about lying to their members or putting them at risk.It is what allows them to be so brazen, but it also means being reckless. The Democrats may have blown up their chances to win the House and could lose some Senate seats, as well.

The game is not over yet. McConnell really was out foxed on the smear campaign, which is a reminder that he is no Machiavelli either. The hysterical reaction of Lindsey Graham to the discovery that his “colleagues on the Left” were willing to lie to him, should be a useful reminder that the average GOP politician is quite stupid. The fact that Feinstein has not been reported to the ethics committee is another reminder that the GOP will play fair even when they know the other side plays dirty. We’re not dealing with geniuses here.

Thus we find ourselves in a strange game of chicken. The Democrats are praying the FBI pulls their bacon out of the fire by finding anything they can use to force Kavanaugh to retire. Otherwise, they will have to vote. On the other hand, McConnell has to wonder if his three super-cucks will fink on him at the last minute, thus blowing up the GOP’s chances in the November election.Those vulnerable Democrats have to be wondering if it makes sense to be in a party that is so willing to throw them to the wolves, just for the sport of it.

Of course, what this sorry episode reveals is that the people who have been building the coalition of non-whites is not as clever as they assume. They are dishonest and devious, for sure, but they can’t see around corners. What they always rely upon is their ability to turn the virtues of white people into vices, that they then use to sow division in the white population. A point that can’t be made enough is that if whites thought like Jews or blacks, there would be none of this. After all, 60% is still a majority in a democracy.

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  1. You play their game, let’s try my game that is not a game, but it is life, or perhaps death. Their game of who said what and who did what is complete Bull-Shit.

    “If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected .”
    ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

    I AM born as an individual, I will die as an individual, no one can be born or die for me. What I think are my individual thoughts, no one can think it for me. What I do is as an individual, no one can do it for me. Why AM I not a collectivist? Because I AM an individual, that’s why!

    You cannot tell me what to think, but the only reason I will do anything is because I want to, or I need to and there are no other reasons. I will do what I do and not as a group, unless I see the need to. I AM and individual. And oh, by the way, so are you!

    Choose up sides if you need to, still my decision was made some time ago and will not change, because I AM an individual. Kill me if you will, but you will never kill the soul, never, I will be back.
    Such is life and perhaps death, it is the plan.
    Joe X

  2. What comes to mind is the Yeats poem with the line: “…the center cannot hold.” We are here, people. If that Bonesman empty suit is confirmed by the syphilitic, craven US Senate, the Left will just lick its wounds and prepare for November. Remember the axiom: MONEY IS THE MOTHER’S MILK OF POLITICS.
    There are legions of filthy rich Marxists out there other than Soros. I see the satanic deviates in Hollywood holding rally after rally, benefit after benefit to turn the tide in just a little over a month from now. If they are not successful, then look for more vandalism, riots, and public figures receiving the Congressman Scalise Memorial Award. This country will be further polarized. Do not waste your time in debate. Plan accordingly.

  3. the gop destruction will happen — if they abandon Kavenaugh and don’t vote on it. but that isn’t happening now.

  4. I don’t understand the proclamation made by many – Z here, Bongino, many others – that it Kavanaugh is borked, it will destroy the Republicans at the polls in Nov. The right is as fired up as they’ve ever been, and I think a no vote on Kavanaugh ends up fueling a bigger red turnout, because of the injustice by the left, and the treachery of a few liberal RINOs.

    • The question to ask is where does the independent voter land. Turnout by partisans always matters, but independents matter more. We need them to turn out against the left.

      • Matt, there’s a lot of regular guys and their wives that identify with Kavanagh. Left, Right, and Center. Having their effing high school years turned against them 3 decades later. Men are still men and the Dems fucked themselves on this. I refuse to believe it’s all lost because of two bitches screaming at a faggot in an elevator.

        The Left may win in the end, but it’s not quite their time.

  5. A conspiracy doesn’t require careful scheming and backroom deals, just a group of people acting with a collective interest, who are willing to promote that interest over their bona fide responsibilities and provide aid, comfort and cover to others who are doing the same.

    Left-wing movements are “spontaneous” and “grassroots” but they are also conspiracies. The conspirators don’t (usually) think many steps ahead, but they will rush to defend anyone else with the same goals, hiding or excusing away their malfeasance as necessary. And to a large extent their movements ARE directed by a coordinating Intelligence; it’s just not an individual at the helm, it’s institutions (primarily the media and adademe).

  6. The Right’s anti-abortion vibe provides a power station of energy to the Left.

    Rolling Stone: “On Wednesday, Planned Parenthood will release a new “red alert” report concerning Kavanaugh and the impact that his confirmation could have on reproductive rights. In a draft of the report provided exclusively to Rolling Stone, Planned Parenthood indicates that 25 million women of reproductive age across America “are poised to lose access to abortion immediately if Kavanaugh is the fifth vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade.”

    • I understand your point, but if we embrace abortion then we lose the traditional Christians. For example, Trump has to pretend to oppose abortion. Even if we surrender on abortion, will that be sufficient to attract enough feminists and liberals to our side to make up for the Christians we lose?

      A few observations:

      For the women in my family, the fundamental divide in the world is between those who support abortion and those who don’t. Every other issue is secondary.

      Abortion sickens me but given our embattled situation I am thankful for every non-white abortion.

      • Agree (except for last sentence).

        Yep, the Right has been in a jam with abortion for decades. I used to be flexibly anti-abortion. But in the last 20 years since white man has come under serious threat, I stopped caring so much about the pill bottle sized life forms inside the uterus. Plus I just don’t think life is so precious anymore. The little guys are kinda lucky they never make it into this world. The issue enrages and electrifies the Left against us. The Dissident Right doesn’t need any more obstacles than we’ve already got.

        Also, I can see why women care so much about it. I’d be pretty concerned about the supreme court if I were them. Not to excuse the current shitshow.

  7. “After all, they could count on the cucks in the GOP to run screaming into the darkness at the first sign there was heresy afoot. In other words, they never thought they would have to actually produce witnesses. ”

    When this whole thing started, I was pissed off at the Democrats for trying to pull crap like this; as its gone on, its become pretty obvious that they’d have been nuts not to given how utterly worthless the GOP through the whole fiasco. The correct response to Feinstein’s letter was to say “Oh, an anonymous letter claiming the candidate did something in 1982? Well, you should have brought it up during the hearings; too late now. Better luck next time!” and hold the vote. Instead of behaving like any normal person would and dismissing the whole thing as an obvious ploy to derail the proceedings, they actually started running around talking about how they’re more than willing to look into it. Its easy to call Chuck Schumer a devious mastermind when all his opponents act like they just got off the short bus.

    “Despite spending so much time with Kavanaugh, they appear to have misjudged how he would handle being smeared.”

    Its not all on him though; even though Trump was quiet, Kavanaugh had to understand that he had real support to stand up for himself. Any other President probably would have pulled the candidate (or at least washed his hands of him). Even Reagan ultimately dumped Bork.

    “The Democrats may have blown up their chances to win the House and could lose some Senate seats, as well.”

    Is that such a bad thing from the point of view of the Democratic elite in the Congress? They lose some seats but keep an angry coalition going, ginned up with stories about how Trump turned the Supreme Court into a frat rape house. At the same time the potential for any upstarts who might have started angling for taking power from them is weakened as the younger, less established crowd gets voted out of office. The money flows, the struggle continues, and like any true believer they have to figure that sooner or later they’ll be back in charge. Voters have short memories and you only people to be fed up with one party in power or for there to be one economic downturn to shift an election or two in the future.

    “The fact that Feinstein has not been reported to the ethics committee is another reminder that the GOP will play fair even when they know the other side plays dirty. We’re not dealing with geniuses here.”

    The fact that no one in the GOP is threatening hearings on Feinstein’s Chinese spy connection or strong arming the three Republican holdouts (that’s the real reason after all that we don’t have a vote after all) is a black mark against the Republicans. Graham’s anger makes for good TV but he its just as scripted as anything else on TV. When I hear that Senators Flake, Collins, and Murkowski have had the fear of God threatened into them by the GOP leadership so that their votes aren’t in question or that the GOP makes the Democrats pay a price for their antics then I’ll believe differently.

    • Feinstein’s Chinese staffer? Trump has her dead to rights. Uranium deals? Hillary and Obama dead to rights. Iran deal? Obama and Kerry. Russia collusion hoax? All those DOJ and FBI people. The Kavanaugh Drama is simply setting the table for a scorched earth series of indictments. I’m looking forward to it. And if Trump doesn’t set it all in motion soon, he’s a fool. All of the elements for the prosecutions are in place, including the mood of the public.

      • “The Kavanaugh Drama is simply setting the table for a scorched earth series of indictments.”

        It’d be nice if it were true; I hope it is but I’m not going to hold my breath. The only way Jeff Sessions will ever be roused to do anything about the Democrats is if someone sent him a picture of Nancy Pelosi smoking weed. And while I’m glad Lindsey Graham lost his temper over the farce he helped to create, everyone who thinks he got some backbone can calm down. It’ll go away in a week or two.

        Even if the Republicans manage to get Kavanaugh on the Court, the Democrats will be able to fundraise on the “Supreme Rapist” for years; as the whole thing shows, there’s tons of damaged women in America who’ll eat that story up and open their wallets. Diane Feinstein still has a smile on her face and meanwhile its Lindsey Graham being chased down by protesters and even then the idea of drawing political blood isn’t happening. The Democrats should be white as a sheet in panic and they aren’t. The Republicans on the other hand are wondering if Jeff Flake will sink them for a book deal.

        • the dems are panicking, big time. that’s why the NYT dumped new chum in the water; re: Trump’s tax returns. he polling coming out now is showing the dems are heading for a blood bath.

    • Reagan didn’t dump Bork. His confirmation went to a vote and lost 42-58.

      He did stab his supporters in the back by flipping on the Canal Zone, though. And then there was Amnesty… Like Trump, he was far from perfect.

      The obnoxious part of Lindsey’s turn was the bit about Ford being as much a victim of the Democrats as Kavanaugh.

  8. Graham suggested that Trump re-nominate Kav is he’s rejected, and make the midterms a referendum on Kav. Those Dems in the red states would be toast. Now if you are one of those red state Dems, and you believe that is the true fall back plan…

    Unlike most Rs, Trump is not going to fold a winning hand. He knows he has the electorate behind him on this issue. Kav gets through, one way or another.

  9. The ‘known Unknown’ is that we do not know what kind of Justice Kavanaugh will be. Scalia? Thomas? Or worthless squish Roberts. I still think he’s worth fighting for. The ProggGloboHomos will never give up their relentless quest for More. Power. Acclaim. WhatEvs. They only have ‘this plain’ to gobble their glory. So ‘shame’ & decorum do not enter into the calculations.

    There is no reassuring 42Dx(squared) chess monster manipulating things on either side. We are all Just Slouching Towards Kalamazoo…

    • But we do know. We saw him feed Roberts the rationale to sell out the Constitution and the American people on Obamacare. One might hope that this experience will radicalize him, but it’s a faint hope.

  10. Since his demise a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been trying to decide – by rational criteria – if McCain, or Ted Kennedy, deserves the crown as “most loathsome senator ever.”

    Kennedy was a drunk, a rapist and a murderer, who worked energetically to destroy the country. That said, when it came to his loyalty to party and to hard-left objectives, he didn’t waiver. For all his personal foulness, TK “stood for something”. He was an admixture of Marquis de Sade, Sergei Nechayev, Cornelius Vanderbilt and Cotton Mather, all squished together in a foul yet distinctly American package.

    McCain, I think, was worse. He was a Quisling to his party, his voters, and of course the country; unlike Kennedy, he stood for nothing at all, except the everlasting existence of himself in the Senate, with the enrichment that goes with that, licking the boots of his sponsors and of course the Media which scorned him. He seems to have descended into Hades blissfully ignorant of how he was played – for decades – by the Enemy. Or maybe he knew and didn’t care, as long as he stayed on the radar, “the maverick”, the happy eunuch and cupbearer… Kennedy was a disgrace to humanity, but he was no cupbearer, and he wasn’t actually corrupt (as far as I know) in the crude financial sense.

    Close call, but I vote for McCain – worst Senator in US history. Bye bye, shit-boy.

    • Now, now, we coulda had the noble Songbird for President!

      Teddy had that in his sights til he went for his midnite swim, would younger Ted have been worse?

      I like to think so. Personal accounts portray him as cold and vile. But was he Jihadi John?
      At least his perfunctory funeral only lasted a day.

    • kennedy did far more damage to the country than mccain. by orders of magnitude. mccain was jimminy cricket, a nothing. that 1965 immigration act is what opened us up to invasion by brown hordes.

  11. If your analysis is right, it would be political suicide for the GOP hold-overs not to vote for Kavanaugh and I think it probably is. Even suppose the FBI came up with ‘something’, honestly, that would only pile up the stakes b/c the Trumponites/alt right ‘alliance’ doesnt trust the FBI to be apolitical or unpartisan in such a matter anymore.

    The way I figure, either way we win; we get a martyr or a decent SCOTUS who’s safe for guns (I live in Denmark currently which has, ahem, ‘different’ gun laws, so I kinda appreciate the 2A)

    • keep in mind that if these traitorous cunts are kicked out of the gop caucus (because they vote no on kavenaugh) they will not be welcome in the dem party.

  12. I think it’s another miscalculation to think the Scumbag Caucus (Sens. Susan Collins (Maine), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) and Jeff Flake (Ariz.)) voting against Kavanaugh will dispirit the voters. We all know they’re treacherous scum. (If McCain* were still alive the Democrats could count on his vote as well.) I think it far more likely that the Scumbag Caucus voting against Kavanaugh will enrage the voters, and increase turnout in the Senate races so that the Scumbag Caucus becomes marginalized.

    *May he rot in Hell reaching across the aisle to Satan

  13. The Dems are simply throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks. And why not? When you own the future you don’t have to care how bad you look now.

    • the dem party is in the process of splintering into ethnic components; i.e. it is dying.

    • No Frip, with this growing Ford albatross, and with scheduled FISA-etc.Gate revalations, they may well be on the road to Political Seppuku.

      • The rising battle cry may well be
        “Deplorables of the Nation, you’ve nothing to lose but your fear of SJW THUGgery/ blackmail!”

        • McHungus tied it up neatly. That’s a ray of hope.

          Now, what if somebody started spreading memes directly at the shiksas- “you, white girl, are next”

          • Ha! McHungus was right!

            This, at @HappyHectares:

            I just watched a trans-woman (aka man) dispensing feminist advice to women and they had to sit there and take it. “She” outranked them.”

  14. America needs proportional representation. With PR, there’d be 30% Trumpers in Congress.

  15. My read on this is that Trump is quiet as a church mouse on this because he knows he’s got this one in the bag. Ford’s charges were not remotely credible from the outset. The FBI investigation will reveal nothing because the events Ford testified to in front of the Committee did not happen. Or if they did, Brett Kavanaugh was not involved.

    Ramirez’s claims are even less credible. Not a single witness to corroborate.

    Swetnick admitted to ABC News that she cannot identify Kavanaugh as a person who assaulted her and can produce no witnesses to corroborate.

    This is a disaster for the Democrats. Every day this drags on they are losing the middle ground. Trump knows this.

    • What’s happening now is not much different than the Summer of Hate staged by the Left that culminated in the BLM shooting of cops in Dallas. It did not turn up in the polling, but the election began to turn at that point. Those voters who were not moved by Trump of Clinton started to figure out that the election was about something else. Trump won 56% white males. My bet is the GOP gets closed to 60% of white males in November and similar numbers for married white women.

    • I don’t believe Swetnick ever claimed to have herself been assaulted.

      Her ABC interview did back off on other allegations.

  16. Legalized abortion is about the only net eugenic development the US is left with.

    One warning sign of the cuck cancer is a knee-jerk negative reaction to eugenics. What is so terrible about improving the genetic quality of new entries to the human race? Right now anti-white racism and welfare policies are overwhelmingly promoting dysgenics.

    The comeback is always some variation on “but the Nazis … .” As if anything and everything associated with the Nazi regime was pure unmitigated evil and forever must be purged from consideration.

    To whatever extent eugenics was behind the increasingly questionable Holocaust, it was a perversion right enough. But any sensible policy can be mistakenly opposed on slippery-slope grounds (once we start jailing criminals, we can jail anyone). One of the things brains are useful for is setting limits against slippery slopes.

    We don’t have to passively stand by as the IQ of future generations sinks.

    • let me help you here. the holocaust wasn’t eugenics, it was genocide. euthanizing crippled and retard german people was eugenics.

      you really need to sit down with someone who can help you learn to think better. the reason eugenics is bad, is because it involves humans playing god. and it always devolves ultimately into genocide. how the hell could you learn to spell, and not know that?!

      • “the reason eugenics is bad..” – pro tip, it’s not!

        PS. killing other races is not eugenics it’s making space for your race to grow

      • This is why we must make war on all dog breeders, and then murder 6 million of their relatives after the war is over! Plus reparations forever, of course. Not like it’s an extortion racket or anything.

        Tell me, which part of the extensive Nazi documentation did you find most compelling?

        • And that’s why Diversity is our Strength.

          It’ll keep those crazy
          white people from randomly striking out, Weimaring their own currency, then moving people thousands of miles so they can give them haircuts and clean their clothes.
          They even used occult magic to leave the ground undisturbed at Treblinka and Baba Yar!

          Magic. Unforgivable.
          We must allow this blood libel assault for all time. Whites are THAT evil.

          • Alzaebo cmt below:

            “… the name of modern eugenics … “ et cetera —

            Wow … hand smacks own forehead …. “Yes !!!”

      • Karl,

        Slippery slope, slippery slope, slippery slope … you don’t know what eugenics means. Try learning something instead of just being triggered.

        • Oh and by the way, Karl, keyboards are pretty cheap. You can get one where the shift key works without busting your budget, and the initial caps are free! Of course, once you start capitalizing words at the beginning of sentences, it’s a slippery slope to ALL CAPS and the genocide of lowercase letters.

          • Calling for aggressive males of other races to come take your women while you watch helplessly: the name of modern eugenics is “Diversity”.

      • The U.S. practiced eugenics prior to WWII, we sterilized the retards and insane, even gave some the “brown bottle” as some would call it to send them on their way.

        it was being pragmatic. You don’t want low IQ and mentally defective people breeding period. But now we encourage it at state funded homes for them.

        I know the fundie Christian response. It’s bullshit, these are same suicidal f**ks who are importing millions of low IQ Musims and Blacks who want to kill their sorry asses. They have no moral standing, they are just moral preeners no different than the SJW’s on the Left.

        They took NT teachings and made them a suicide pact. Feh.

          • “You can’t seriously be advocating imprisoning people?! Today, you’ll lock up murderers, tomorrow it’ll be jaywalkers, the next day, redheads! Don’t you see where this could lead!”

    • What is so terrible about improving the genetic quality of new entries to the human race?

      Slippery slopes are slippery for a reason; it also leaves off answering for feeding other people to the alligator hoping you’re last, and the eternal question of humanity: “Who decides?”

      There was nothing internally wrong with Aztec ritual sacrifice or natives worshipping the volcano god, if you were a priest or witch doctor. It was kind of hard on virgins, and on the guys who’d pissed off the priests and witch doctors, however, especially close to festive occasions, or amidst a dearth of rain.
      So there’s that.

      If you’re certain you’re above the line drawn on who goes into the shredder, ROWYBS.
      Euthanizing retarded and crippled people is ok with you?
      Hey, good luck when you start to lose your strength and faculties, because that’s the day you find out Soylent Green really is people. It was a morality lesson, not an operations manual.

      Now parse this inadvertent sentence, from a British transit board some years back:

      Effective tomorrow, there will be no last bus on this line.

      And just to make it interesting, you’re now a bus. Or a virgin, if you prefer.

      And the rains are late, and the volcano gods are angry.

  17. The stupidity is what kills me. Even if we did have a 4D chess grandmaster at the helm, it’s nearly as impossible for smart people to think like stupid people as it is for stupid people to think like smart people. Dunning-Kruger adds further confusion — thinking like a stupid person who’s thinking like what a stupid person thinks a smart person looks like. But don’t worry, the Left knows it’s open season on the Right, so “thinking” will soon be replaced by “hurting.” We’re screwed.

  18. “But but but if we don’t play by the rules we are no better than the enemy!” .. yeah but if you break the rules you might just live to tell the tale.

    • rules are for games. this isn’t a game. you do what you have to, to win. then say a few words of contrition and celebrate.

      • If the midterms go hard against us, it is probably on. If it is hard against them, it is almost certainly on. A stalemate, like we have now, probably stretches out the standoff.

        • I’d really rather this remain a tempest in a catwalk teacup, and not turn into a Mexican firing squad.

          • if i had to pick any firing squad in the world (to stand in front of) it would be a mexican one.

          • The current Mexican style is machetes, and heads in a duffel bag.

            If there’s a firing squad at all, it will be in the manner of the Italians: circular.
            (And even with such a severe geometric limitation, still a 50/50 chance that any rifle will be pointed inwards or outwards, at any given point along the curve.)

            Q:Who put the seven bullet holes in Mussolini?
            A:A thousand Italian sharpshooters.

            Or, as Bracken says, “Bosnia times Rwanda.

            If/when this goes pear-shaped, I fear we are all about to be culturally enriched by the Diversity.

      • Didn’t some very perceptive soldier say that “Politics is a continuation of war by other means”? Nope. I’m the first.

  19. Having learning about Hanlon’s Razor (“never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”) this very moment, I suppose I ought to be a good sport and apply it generously.

    But in the case of Jeff Flake, I don’t know. It feels like a set-up.

    I mean, a day after the elevator incident, it was revealed that the shrieking lady with reporters conveniently in tow was a lying, paid operative of the Great Billionaire Destroyer. There she was, LAUGHING at how her dirty trick came off, on social media.

    A normal person, finding out he’d been played like that, would be FURIOUS (vide Graham and McConnell), and resolve to vote against such slimeballs ASAP.

    But there’s Flake, relaxed and smiling–indeed, looking at home–at left-wing globalists events and in interviews with left-wing reporters, JOKING about the elevator incident, mocking the right’s use of the word “tribe.”

    I think I’m among the LEAST conspiracy-minded among the Zman’s readers, but I think Flake is working with the other side. ON the other side. It doesn’t pass the smell test at all. I’ve got a very bad feeling about it all.

  20. The big big picture. This sorry episode in our nation’s history is a stack revelation of just how bad our political class has become. Most are either criminal, immoral, unethical, spineless, corrupt, philandering, duplicitous, stupid, clueless, evil, or homicidal. I’m sure that I’ve left out a few applicable adjectives, and certainly the star performers in Congress overlap many of these attributes. But most disheartening of all is that these degenerates are an accurate reflection of their individual electorate. It’s no longer an issue of tolerating bad behavior, the voters are now demanding this level conduct from their representatives.

    • Once upon a time, it was well understood that politicians were the lying, thieving scum of the earth. That’s why the Founding Fathers attempted to politically emasculate the politicians with checks and balances, as much as possible. For all the DC pomp and circumstance, Teddy Kennedy and Bill Clinton are actually the classic examples of the DC political class, and “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” has always been a joke. Not only is Trump pale beer compared to those guys, he well understands that DC is the home of snakes and scorpions, and he is not part of them. Nor does he want to be.

  21. Never underestimate the capacity of Repub traitors to betray. I hope they (except Flake perhaps) decide that prudence requires the appearance of loyalty, but I wouldn’t bet the beer money on it. By the way, that last paragraph was superb.

  22. With regards to Audacious Epigone’s numbers of support and opposition to Kavanaugh, I wonder how many minds the fake “rape” allegations have actually changed, versus how many already committed leftists have simply been led to increased flailing/psychosis.

    To the extent this is a simple pro-abortion issue, I sympathize with the opposition. Legalized abortion is about the only net eugenic development the US is left with. Would it be a stretch to say that black females are among the most pro-active eugenicists among the entire population?

    • In part, abortion is used by those too irresponsible to maintain their contraception schedule. The ACA forced insurance to cover free IUDs and other birth control, so teen pregnancy is down along with abortion rates.

      The educated, err credentialed, and presumably higher IQ black women have abysmal fertility rates. Causes mentioned are that there is a dearth of black men within the same social class to marry, and that men of other races rate black women the lowest (obesity). Of the exogamous pairings, the least common, WM/BF has the lowest divorce rate, and could be described as “eugenic”.

      • there are many many reasons to avoid dating black women, besides their general fattiness. turning it around, why would you want to date a black woman (i.e. there is no reason to).

    • Legalized abortion is about the only net eugenic development the US is left with.

      That’s not a net eugenic gain. Poor people breed more, kids get them gibs.

  23. Flake will probably wait until the last minute and do the pompous McCain “thumb down” move. He will be so proud of himself, while the Repubs will look at him as a Judas and the Dems will think of him as a manipulatable buffoon. He can retire to some local Arizona weekend talk show where cat ladies can call in and swoon.

    • Retire to the AZ? If he went home to Snowflake, there’s almost no one there to care, except in that big Temple. Utah? Better. Calfrutopia, probably best. He’d have to cross the 405 occasionally and see the results of his “policies”.

    • Arizona is a very heavily armed constitutional carry state with poor mental health services. If he does do what you think he had better move somewhere else permanently or I predict some unbalanced idiot will attempt personal retribution on ole flaky.

  24. Z: “On the other hand, McConnell has to wonder if his three super-cucks will fink on him at the last minute, thus blowing up the GOP’s chances in the November election.”

    I’m not sure why anyone thinks that — losing in November — would be the result. I don’t see why Kavanaugh is that big a deal. If you’re going to stay home and not vote GOP because of determined cuckishness the failure to repeal Obamacare or build the Wall will have already decided that for you.

    • Congressional leadership has never shown an inclination to whip members in favor of a stand-alone E-Verify bill. That’s small potatoes in comparison to a border wall and remittance tax.

    • It’s because the one area when the GOP has actually done something is with nominating judges. Caving on this while having the majority means the GOP really can’t accomplish anything. It will be the final pebble that makes people decide it’s completely over. O-Care and the Wall are going to be big come 2020.

      • But the GOP -doesn’t- have a real majority as long as getting to 51 has to include total fakes like Flake, Collins and Murkowski.

        Gorsux and Kavanaugh are no doubt an improvement on what the Dims would put in, but they’re standard GOPe issue. Jeb! could have chosen them. This is not why anyone chose Trump over the 15 midgets.

  25. The center left has gone into full lie and hoax mode. Probably were always in it. If this Russian hacking doesn’t make obvious, nothing will.

    I’m intrigued by the state of the beautiful people. How many are they, and what does the state entail? There’s the Marylyn Manson song, his only good one, and baby you’re a rich many—how does it feel to be one of the beautiful people? Lol

    • Can’t make out what you’re mumbling about. “Russian hacking”? Are you off your meds?

      • I meant that the narrative of Russia hacking the election and trumps supposed collusion is so absurd and mendacious that we should expect any lie or hoax.

        • “The state of the beautiful people”-

          I’m looking for ‘sanpaku eyes’, whites showing at top and bottom with a dead gaze.

          The ssri stare.
          The thousand cat stare.

  26. Everything makes more sense once you realise that the left is really Post-left and only believes in power..unlimited and arbitrary power. All their ideals are just tactics oriented towards gaining power. Once they do, they will abuse it horribly, because the have a mix of jewish vindictiveness and black revanchism.

      • uh, they have always been like that. this right here is the main problem — a refusal by even very concerned people to recognize and accept the true nature of the progs/left.

    • Yep. The Left is really Post-Left. The old Left died the moment Clinton got into office and purged the Democratic party of it’s white working class roots.

      And what’s left as you state are people who only believe in unlimited and arbitrary power. Anyone and everything is a tool for them in their quest for power.

      Look at Feinstein, a sick old lady with a pacemaker, instead of retiring to her estate and enjoying what few years remaining to her. She is intent on dying in harness like McCain all because she loves power above all.

      Pelosi is no different. A decrepit boozer with dementia who should have retired years ago is still staggering about.

      The rest of the Democratic leadership is no better. They are all geriatrics at the very end of their lives.

      • Pelosi is Captain Ahab and the Speaker’s gavel is her own personal Moby Dick. May she hunt that white whale for the rest of her miserable life.

  27. The ace the Democrats are always holding is the awesome power of the media…news, entertainment, sports, fashion. They’re all in their hip pocket. The hive mind knows what it wants and acts in remarkable synchronicity. It’s what gives the Democrats the effrontery to try these stunts. “Badges? We don’t need no badges!”

    But there is one thing that Trump can and probably will do if Kavanaugh does not get senate confirmation. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile and Graham actually said it yesterday. Should Kavanaugh lose the the vote this week, Trump should immediately renominate him and make him the main issue in the mid-terms. After picking up three or four senate seats, no confirmation process would be necessary. Just hold the vote on the senate floor and ram Kavanaugh down the left’s throat. That is a real possibility. Of course, at that point the masks would come off. As they should.

      • Perhaps. I’m not prepared to say. But the consequences of forcing Kavanaugh on the left would not be lost on the right. Trump would get a surge of support and nothing would stop the rest of his agenda.

        • Epi;

          First and foremost, how much more should one poor guy (who’s done nothing wrong) and his family have to take for the uncertain advancement of others’ agendas_?

          And why would the results be any different the second time around_? This is going to be a campaign issue regardless of how the vote goes.. So, at the revote point, the only hope the Red State Donks have is to vote the same as last time and hope for a stay-home revulsion from the Red base at yet another GOPe public humiliation at the hands of the Cultural Marxists.

          Best course of action IMHO would be to emulate the Clinton Machines’s methods and have some deep insider hint about future investigations to any and all cucks. You listening W_?

          • Nominate a fire breathing conservative that has none of the moderate elements of Kavanaugh. Teach them that the first offer is the best one they are going to get.

        • If you have the votes, force someone less GOPe than Kavanaugh on the left… and the GOPe.

        • The real world never fools you because the nutty things in your head always fool you first.

    • if the GOP pick up 5 – 6 more senate seats, they can kick collins out of the caucus, and primary murkoski out (or better yet, indict her on phony charges).

    • The “awesome power” media???
      The one that had Shrillary winning in a walkaway with a home run strut?
      The one that came up with the “Russian collusion” charges?
      The one that told everyone how decent and even-handed Mueller and Comey were?
      The media that’s laying employees off in droves, going under like carrots over a gopher den?
      The one where everyone combined can’t pull a bigger share than Fox does, all by its lonesome?
      The one that gets slaughtered on radio by Limbaugh and Hannity?
      The one that comes in behind used car dealers, politicians, and Nigerian web scammers on the trustworthiness index?
      That “awesome power” media?

      Are we talking about the same country’s media???

      You keep using the words “awesome power”; I do not think they mean what you think they mean.

      Just saying.

      As far as re-nominating Kavanaugh, it’s too mild.
      He should nominate Rudy Giuliani. Or Trey Gowdy. Or Andrew Napolitano. Or keep going further right until their heads explode.
      And let people know that Ann Coulter and Jeanine Pirro are in the on-deck circle short list when Ruth Vader Ginsburg finally falls out of her chair. And worse.

      And that after them, he starts picking from among the harder right than that, the wing that thinks Goldwater and Reagan were softies, and keeps going until you can’t even see the middle from there.

      This is siege warfare, not football. You don’t hit the line three times, then punt.
      You keep pounding on the gates until you tear the m*****f*****s off their hinges, then you sack the town, commencing the slaughter and pillage under the rules of “no quarter”.
      Payback in that game is what keeps people honest.

      Catapulting severed heads and plague-infested corpses over the wall optional, but highly recommended and great good fun.

      • All Right, you sonsabitches!

        Y’got yer marchin’ orders and your flexible! ROE……

        Whaddya waitin’ fer?

        Thanks, Aesop. Accurate and concise, as usual.

        Nothing less will do.

        C’mon you mugs… Y’wanna live forever??

        • Trey Gowdy????

          But, hey, I’m someone who is convinced Trump is a squish. Maybe from some other place Gowdy looks like a stand-up guy.

  28. [a] point that can’t be made enough is that if whites thought like Jews

    Yet last week Z advocated for allowing some of da juice to live with us, that some of them might turn ally thus members of our movement should maintain open to the prospect. Z probably was thinking Unz.

    In the real world there are at least a million juice Feinsteins for each Unz. No. Never again. Z just about lost me permanently last week.

    • Non-Democrat Jews outnumber fringies like you with Joos living free in their heads. It’s not “your” movement.

      • We are in the process of removing juice from attempts to control our heads. Kosher meatpuppets like you are being shed as a necessary step in that process. Our movement, our victory. Cuck.

        • Thoughts on the web:
          “Thanks to the tireless efforts of [the special people], America has become an open air, mass scale psy ops.”

          On sociopaths:
          “Surprisingly, the most reliable sign of a sociopath is their appeal to a normal’s person sympathy.”

          Some wag with admirable discretion:
          “I’m starting to think it was not a good idea to put a bunch of aliens with a chip on their shoulder about white people in charge of white countries and white institutions.”

          The rebuttal:
          “Well, those damn Europeans should have picked their own cotton!”

          Finally, the great Kim Strassel on Kavanaugh:
          “Reminder: MoveOn was founded in response to the sexual misconduct charges against Bill Clinton in 1998 to make people “move on” from the rape charges.”

      • I wasn’t going to comment on all the cucking and misdirection you spit on the last article, but I think I’ve had enough now.

        Get thee back to HuffPo or Slate. You are either a shill or a complete moron. Neither of which adds anything relevant here except attempts at disinformation. Not gonna work Schlomo, take a walk.

        • manlydancer seems like a run of the mill ahole, to me. probably hated on prog sites too.

        • And after saving it all up you still don’t have anything to say beyond your stupid and false hallucinations that I regularly read Slate and the HuffPo? Gad, you and your ilk are so remarkably pathetic.

    • The problem is regardless of Jewish political orientation is that they remain tribal, aggressive and nepotistic in the extreme. Bring one Jew into a organization and before long there will be a dozen more.

      It’s the same thing in the tech industry a Bombay special gets promoted to manager and what does he do? Hire more Bombay specials.

      Such highly tribal people need to be kept at arms length.

      • If everyone did FUBU- “for us, by us”, things would be quite predicable. I think the quaint term was “in the nation’s interest”.

      • Well said. Most white (non Jews) are instinctively “live and let live” and meritocratic and must learn that we are the only group that feels this way. Most of the people in every other racial group want to see their racial group dominate above all else.

        This is the motivation for a reluctant ethnonationalism. Even if whites want a colorblind world, we are the only group that really wants it. To protect from being overthrown, we must be equally racially conscious, even when it feels wrong.

        This is why we can’t make broad exceptions for the based Jew, black, or Hispanic. Most of the people in these groups, regardless of what they say, are ethnocentric at root.

        • People tend to assume that others have the same biases and motivations as themselves. That’s why the non-whites think Whitey is out to get them, and whites think that non-whites really want to operate in a colorblind fashion.

      • I’ve heard all this kinda talk from my wife (whose family have been Episcopalians since the Revolution), but about Catholics.

        • Of course, even relatively homogeneous societies will form in-groups and out-groups, such as Protestants and Catholics. The issue is: why import and encourage even more disparate out-groups with massive immigration and hatred of the majority?

          • Completely agree. It’s just funny because in her own polite, liberal way, she’s more extreme than any of us.

      • Well, the dot Indians are the same, if not worse…Microsoft is now essentially an Indian corporation, as the result of hiring Indian HR people.

  29. The Democrats might do well to look up that old Kipling poem. “The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon”. Lot of people I know who are normie conservative actively asking “WTF?” on this one—and for the first time seeing the connection to their own lives and just how vulnerable they are to being hurled into the void. On a slightly different note, recently finished Hanson’s new WWII survey—well done for a broad scope history. But one theme he does a great job of hammering on is the degree to which the Nazis were run like a crime family. Everybody competing and scheming behind everyone else’s back. No transparency of strategy or information. Just a lot of freelancing. Which ultimately doomed the regime. Read “Eichmann in Jerususalem”…same thing in microcosm. You could drop the modern Democrat party right into that framework.

    • I’ve been waiting for the wrath of the awakened saxon my whole life, and I have seen no evidence of it.

      • Yeah, I know what you mean. After a while it all starts to sound like Lear’s empty threats on the heath (or was it just before the heath), “I will do such things as… I know not what, but…” The matter at hand is to be settled by men of action, not men of words. We can save the poetry for later, when we can write paeans instead of elegies.

        • It’s because there are not yet MEN who are willing to give up their lives and freedom for the many.
          Read Vince Flynn’s FIRST novel (circa 1998) and you’ll get some good ideas.
          No one man (or a small team of several) are yet willing to sacrifice.
          It can be done, but they (you?) are choosing not to.
          Read Vince’s first book. Good stuff. If that started happening, things would turn around lickety-split.

      • Bingo, it is a LARPer fantasy just like ‘muh Civil War 2!’ which will be kicking off any moment now because of the latest outrage…. or not.

        People are WAY too comfortable and TPTB know that which is why they keep the frog boiling, a bit faster now, but not so fast he jumps out of the pot. South Africa is our yardstick for what is going to happen here. Death by a thousand cuts and if/when a resistance finally has had enough there will be too few to do anything. We will be Brazil at that point.

        The great white hope, isn’t. Too many deracinated and brainwashed cucks and libs now. They are the VAST majority and they are willing to quite literally die upon this hill of die-versity. *shrug* We had a good run. 2 Centuries, give or take.

          • Why on earth would I do that? Unlike you, I don’t cling to ‘muh nationalism’ and ‘muh civwar 2.0’ larping bullshit.

            I’ve already made my peace with the dissolution of the FUSA. I’m quite fine navigating whatever comes afterwards because I’m a survivor at the end of the day. Its a eastern Hajnal thing, you may not understand.

            But you go rage some more against the dying of the light will sitting on your hands and your mountain of ammo collecting dust. I’ll be here waiting, like I’ve been for the last few decades since that type of talk began.

        • History is a bit of a joker. Things happen gradually then suddenly. Like market bubbles, its why most get caught by surprise.

      • Replying to Dirtnapninja, same here. Even in the Ancestral Homeland, the indigenous English aren’t putting up much of a fight. The Saxons in Germany are kicking up a bit.

  30. A point that can’t be made enough is that if whites thought like Jews or blacks,….
    Yes and since we don’t it will be ours and this country’s final undoing.

    But, as I have said before divine providence could alter the course. Still thinking about that unnamed and off course asteroid coming at us.

  31. I, too, have been dumbfounded at how many are piling on with the “Lindsey Graham is an awesome hero!” horseshit. Our short memories are going to be our undoing. Have we really forgotten what this slack-faced nancyboy has said and done in the past?

    One other thing….am I alone in noticing how drugged-up Miss Lindsey looks? His eyes are as glazed as a doughnut and as stuporous as Teddy Kennedy’s used to be after a weekend of “campaigning.”

      • it takes a special kind of sourness (and smallness), to complain when someone helps you out in such an important matter.

        • Agreed. “The right thing happens so infrequently it’s churlish to question the cause when it does.”

          Graham finally got shocked into recognizing his friends were actually scum. Let’s hope it was a full on red pill moment.

        • Making an honest observation is not “complaining.” And no one “helped” ME out in a gyat-damn thing, fucknuts. Gay-ham didn’t help Kavanaugh out, either. If you’re so pathetically grateful for his little performance, well, how sweet. All of you who are praising him now for his “change of heart” and “seeing the light” will feel awfully sour and small when you’re watching him star in Return of the Cuck.

  32. Many of the fence sitting so-called conservative democrats are coming out saying they plan to vote against Kavanaugh. I think they have decided that there is a strong likelihood that they are going to lose their respective elections because of data they have seen and are going to hope their last acts of loyalty in office lead to some quid pro quo when they are out. In other words they have either been promised a payoff or hope for one. Knowing dems down payments and earnest money have already changed hands in overseas accounts, or by relatives being readied for new jobs. Even Manchin is in question now. This will leave it in the hands of the three Cucks.

    What I’m saying is there’s a good chance he may go down despite how well he and the President have played it.

    Whatever the result I’d like to see a Democrat bloodbath in November. Fuck these people. They all deserve to be put to the sword.

    • They also have the risk that the Dem base sits out the election if they vote for confirmation. We’ve got millions of people who think Russia carried out a coup d’etat, and will view people like Donnelly and Manchin as “collaborators”.

    • As soon as this despicable business started, I figured that he was doomed. I hope that I’m wrong, but too many Repubs are both cowardly and venal for them to ever do the right thing.

  33. I think Cavanaugh is hanging on for his life. Seriously. He can’t quit. He either gets on the Supreme Court or he loses everything. Some choice. Good on Trump for not withdrawing the nomination like a Bush would do.

    • He’s actually a Bush gut. GWB is out lobbying for him, and has talked to Flake personally.

      • Guy, not gut. What has the establishment people like Lindsey so upset is that K is not a right winger, but an establishment guy who has pushed all the right buttons and pulled all the right levers. They are upset because the dems aren’t playing by the rules. Nothing else. That’s why Lindsey brought up his votes for the liberal harpies on the court. He was expecting payback in kind, and didn’t get it.

    • If he’s not confirmed to the Supreme Court, he’s still a federal appeals court judge with a lifetime appointment.

      • And a near-certainty of impeachment under a Democrat congress.

        So, you’ve stepped on the land mine trigger plate; would you rather stay there until exhaustion causes you to fall off and explode, and just take a step and cut to the chase right now?

        Some choice.

  34. “The hysterical reaction of Lindsey Graham to the discovery that his “colleagues on the Left” were willing to lie to him, should be a useful reminder that the average GOP politician is quite stupid.”

    Thank you! That has been driving me crazy. All these people saying how great Lindsey Graham is for saying this and I’m thinking how has it taken him this long to notice

    • What gets me is, why didn’t other GOP Senators step up on this before Graham did?
      Had any GOP Senator gone so far as to say to Dems “you all want power. God, I hope you *never* get it”?
      Or did I miss something like that?

      And, don’t be surprised if, in 2024, Graham and Kavanaugh duke it out for the GOP Presidential nomination.
      Among righties right now, Brett all-but walks on water.

      • I think it’s twofold-one, LG is trying to up his Conservative, Inc bona fides to slide into the decrepit Chuck Grassley’s spot and he’s doing his best Trey Howdy impression. By that I mean, all hat no cattle.
        Number 2, the right needed a point man that NO WOMAN could ever say had been sexual with her in any manner. Who better than a not really closeted gay man?

        • Uggh.

          There was a time when I might have thought that would be a good strategy. Now I think it would just be giving into the insanity.

          Kavanaugh seems to be a choir boy from all I have read – at least in matters of sexual impropriety. There still seems to be some indication that he likes to drink beer , but seriously – who gives a shit?

          At this point – IMHO – trying to cuck out right wing values by electing gays and women is just not the right strategy. First off: candidates of either type are far too open to compromise – and secondly they completely lose the BFYTW factor , which is in my opinion critically important now.

          One of the ways we turn white people more tribal – is to get them attacked by the other tribes. Therefore ANYTHING that puts off that day – is detrimental to the cause long term.

          Most people typically want to put off war – there are some strategic situations however where you’re much better off provoking your enemies to attack you because in the longer term it’s a winning strategy.

          I’m hoping for actual rioting if Kavanaugh gets confirmed for the SC.

      • SCOTUS justices don’t run for president for the same reason eunuchs don’t sire dynasties.

        And once elevated to the high court for life, why would Kavanaugh descend back among mere term-limited mortals?

        And if his nomination fails, he’ll have his hands full holding onto his Appeals Court seat without impeachment, and lucky after that to get a third-string gig on Fox giving legal opinion commentary.

        He and the GOP are all in on this nomination: they either take the hill, or die on it.

        Current polling, with a bare few weeks until the elections, point to this being a Democrat Waterloo of biblical proportions.

        But we’ll see.

        As for Graham, his sudden growth of vertebrae and external genitalia only counts if it’s sustained; if he reverts to his prior form, he’ll be The Forgotten Man long before he ever gets a chance to run for POTUS’ job.

        Look up the bio of Mittens Romney’s dad for what that fate looks like in real life.

    • He IS great. Acts of courage, even by mice – should be respected and acknowledged. Standing up against the Democrat/Media Complex is still very, very risky.

      That was a great observation by Z that I missed: Trump’s been quiet as a church mouse throughout this which I had totally missed. No that I turn my formidable powers of observation on it I may indeed be cutting myself on Hanlon’s Razor: when a man like Trump goes quiet – he’s up to something. Were I him, and noticing Lefty not playing by his own rules on this affair – I’d force the issue. I’d turn the law on Bill Clinton and drag him through the same mud Kavanaugh is going through – and the thought of Bill sharing a cell with Cosby makes me happy

      Regardless, Lefty has to be sweating now. The Deplorables aren’t backing down, and even a few of the cucks have slipped their leashes. Smile – good times are in the offing.

      • Of course Trump is up to something. This farce is crashing down so hard on Democrats that I wonder if this hasn’t been some Sun Tzu strategy from the start. 1) Nominate the squeaky-clean guy who provokes the left just by existing: “privileged white Catholic Republican dudebro.” 2) Use moles or other means to push the Democrats into going hysterical about evil men with absurd stories about Kavanaugh leading a gang-rape gang in high school. 3) Watch the GOP get unified: MAGA types cheering Graham. Moderates and many Democrats are aghast at the abandonment of the presumption of innocence and due process.

        Plus, there’s the PR/persuasion angle. Democrats *think* they are standing up for women’s rights, stopping fascism, etc. But what the public hears is rape, sexual assault, unproven allegations about high school parties in the 1980s, and general DC political bullshit. This does not make them an attractive choice in November. It turns off lots and lots of people.

        And now they are extra screwed. The FBI won’t turn up anything new. They’ll be reduced to arguing that the FBI is flawed or corrupt. All from the party that protected Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and now Keith Ellison from far more substantive allegations. The hypocrisy is off the charts.

        • Papaya, righties should be hammering away about the abandonment of the presumption of innocence and due process, and charging that this abandonment is at the core of the aims of these feminists.
          See e.g. Biden’s words on
          “For a woman to come forward in the glaring lights of focus, nationally, you’ve got to *start* off with the *presumption* that, at least the essence of what she’s talking about is real….”
          This would set a kangaroo-court precedent vs. men.
          His words may well be the best possible ad for MGTOW.

          BTW, enjoy Feinswine’s latest request, that the FBI report not be published!

      • If you’re referring to Graham by saying cucks slipped their leashes………….. I would submit that this is exactly why we need to encourage insanit and attacks from the left.

        Going all the way back to when I was a pre-teen, I made the observation that if there was going to be a fight – you really wanted the other guy to start it. And it needed to be ABSOLUTELY CLEAR to all the casual observers exactly who started it.

        As long as there was a proper setup, then you would likely get away with giving the other guy a thorough beating.

        If you read the history of the US’s entry in WW2 – there’s quite a bit of evidence that FDR and others within his administration knew damn well that Japan would attack. They also thought that embargoes (which are universally recognized as an act of war) – would likely lead the Japanese to attack.

        My point here is: the strategy works in the micro and the macro.

        If we TRULY want to defeat the left – which is going to require a sea change in thinking – then shit is going to HAVE TO get quite a bit worse than it is now. That means the lefties are going to have to to even more retard than they already are. Because the current level of retard is still not getting the job done.

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