The Wisdom Of The Ad Men

Last night I watched an NFL football game for the first time in so long I don’t recall the last time I watched a full game. I did watch a game this year on Balkan television. It may have been in Bulgarian or possibly Croatian. I don’t speak either language, I just knew it was a feed from a Balkan country. It was entertaining for the short time I watched, mostly for the commercials. From what I could tell, the people in the Balkans who watch American football really enjoy casino gambling and drinking brightly colored cocktails by the pool.

It used to be that you could tell a lot about the audience for a show or time slot by watching the commercials. After all, the people buying ad time want to market to the demographic that will buy their product. Years ago when I was between jobs, I found myself staying up late and I noticed the ads were mostly for products popular with senior citizens. That’s when I discovered that retired people often keep odd hours. If you don’t have a reason to get up early, you have no reason to go to bed early, so a lot of old people stay up late.

The ad last night that got me thinking about this was a DirecTV spot where two little Aztecs are running a lemonade stand. What looked like a Hispanic women walks up and asked for a cup of lemonade. The mother of the Aztecs jumps in and gives the woman all of the lemonade. The scene flips to the mother and her children in Raider gear on the couch cheering a football game. Apparently, the people of DirecTV think the audience for NFL games is in large part composed of single Aztec mothers living in America.

The ad that almost had me turning it off and picking a different topic for the post today was one for a NBC TV show. This was for a show called SUV and it appears to feature screeching middle aged hens. In the episode they were hyping, the hens were about to arrest a government official for kidnapping migrant children on the border. Yeah, these lunatics really believe that stuff. What are the odds that screeching harpies are watching football? Obviously, it is just the network slipping agit-prop into the broadcast for spite.

Now, I think most of us have figured out at this stage that commercial ads are just as much about selling the anti-white as about selling product. In fact, it is clear that many of the ads are only about selling degeneracy. There was an ad for American Express featuring two gay guys playing house. A BMW ad had a short clip of couples kissing and one of the couples was two hairy guys. The people creating these ads certainly know that the viewers find this stuff revolting, but they do it anyway, again suggesting it is spite.

On the other hand, I noticed something strange in the car ads. There were high production ads for BMW, Mercedes and the new Audi A7. An NFL audience seems like an unlikely place for selling luxury German sedans. You can’t walk out of a Mercedes dealership without spending sixty grand on a car they use for taxis in Europe. The Audi they were hyping starts at seventy grand, which means the typical model is in the eighties. I’m sure some luxury car owners love football, but my bet is most fans like pickup trucks more.

The thing is though, those ads were early in the game, but then they gave way to the ads for the networks degenerate programming and then later to ads for domestic cars and fast food products. Maybe the agit-prop makers have learned that upscale people will watch a little of the game then move on so they beam ads at the cackling hen demo early and then they switch over to the core audience that will stick with the whole game. After all, lots of middle aged single white women pretend to love football and motorcycles.

The hilarious part to me was the halftime show. It featured the CivNat dream team of three well-spoken black guys. You can be sure that the audience for Ben Shapiro was trying to get selfies of themselves in front of the TV screen during halftime. That’s where you see the genius of the marketing men. Whites in America are like trained seals when it comes to the heroic black guy. It’s why Candace Owens will become very rich simply by tweeting about how much she loves Donald Trump. It’s like taking candy from babies.

Another funny thing you see in the ads is the companies peddling some technology concept have the super smart black guy as the spokesman. You would think they would go with an East Asian or a South Asian, since most people are used to those guys working in the company IT department. Instead, it is the sort of black guy no one has ever seen on earth. He’s a bookish looking mulatto, who is glib and confident. Sightings of Big Foot are more common than black guys running IT departments and far more plausible.

It is tempting, of course, to say that it is just another example of how out of touch the Cloud People are about who is watching television. The reality is though, the ad men know their audience. Whites in America are fully immersed in anti-white hatred. In fact, it is the civic religion of white people now. It is the reason they gobble up shows featuring blacks in traditional white roles. Civic nationalism is just a suicide note. Most white people think the glorious future will not include them because it should not include them.

It’s why howling about the volcano demon, while amusing, is counter productive. The response from the typical white person is to bark out some version of “what about Ben Shapiro.” He’s popular for the same reason ads with race mixers are popular. You can’t change those minds by confirming what they have been trained to believe. The game is to sow doubt and confusion about the joys of diversity into the mind’s of the typical white person, getting them to question why they feel good about seeing those ads on TV.

That’s the thing you see with these ads. The first task of the ad maker is to create a positive image. The happy black man with the white wife and caramel colored kids, juxtaposed to the gloomy old white guy is not going to sell the gloomy old white guys in the audience, but it well see the white women. People on our side need to come to terms with the fact that reason is never a winning approach. No one has ever been talked out of their religion. They have a crisis, lose faith and then find a church that makes them happy.

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  1. Ad men are just the well-paid propagandists of the Globali$t Open Border$ Corporotocracy pushing in their ads the imagery of the Potemkin village of Multi-Culti Diversity Über Alles Is Our Strength & Joy.

  2. Another [subject matter] “analytical carving” . . . with a great side of comedy! Kudos . . . again, “Z”. Ever consider becoming a [performing] “polite” version of Carlin? It’s your “calling”, me thinks.

  3. How about producing a locomotive with our driver? Fastest, craziest, but smart locomotive… holiest and leftmost media on Earth. Master of the Left. Everybody should follow it. Collecting and conversion those who would jump out of such train should be easier task…

  4. I suspect a transgener, non-white version of James Bond is just around the corner. I can’t wait to see how they spin Sean Connery’s original “play boy” character into something completely unrecognizable.

  5. It’s not just race and sex. Islam is the another anti-American sledgehammer. I stopped watching Clancy’s Jack Ryan series because of the Karen Armstrong-ing of the Muslim characters. I said ‘bullshit’ out loud when the James Greer character was depicted as Muslim. Needless to say I won’t be finishing the series.

  6. Goodness gracious…I was thinking the VERY SAME thing yesterday while I watched only about 1/2 hour of NFL. The ads have taken on a whole new level of preposterous….and fairly recently.

    I gotta remember to write these down. One that stayed with me 24 hrs later is a good-looking, hipster-ish and bearded black guy, about 30, not UNQUESTIONABLY gay, but just perhaps, you know……

    ….cleaning and dusting his immaculate and trendy apartment (condo) with a Swiffer Sweeper…..

    Then there’s the endless “Doing Good – Giving Back”. Ad for a credit card with cash back aimed at small business. One 50-ish white male “small business owner” says he got cash back to the tune of about $30k last year on his purchases!

    30 years ago they would have cut to him lounging in a pool in Hawaii, drink in hand and smile on his face.

    Today? He says something to the effect of “…..and now I can give health care to my employees!”

    • Fred, you’re so right. The thing is. When I was a kid. I remember the take on America, by the rest of the world, was how given to fads and political hysteria we are. No Leftist hurls that criticism any more because it would be too real a criticism of themselves. But we’re still that idiot country that outlawed beer. Now we’re outlawing whites In 20 years we’ll be onto something else. I hope.

      • “But we’re still that idiot country that outlawed beer.”

        OMG. You just won the Internet.
        Best comment on America.

  7. Well, shucks and gee whiz, Zman.
    You’re right about howling at the volcano demon.

    Funny! It is. I’m stealing that.
    On that note, remember that Kavanaugh is revenge- ever dear to the hearts of volcano demons- revenge for (((Merrick Garland))), and protection of the sacred (((abortion industry))).

  8. It certainly could be spite. But it could also be SJW convergence. Advertising is heavily converged, and edging toward female domination.

    Once a company converges, social justice is all it knows how to do. I can easily imagine a committee meeting where several members are demanding more female representation, “LGBT” representation, etc. in the ads, with no one willing to tell them to go pound sand.

    Many folks who’ve worked in partially or fully converged industries will know exactly where a lot of it comes from. There’s this theory among social psychologists (AKA communists) and the diversity consultants who quote them that culture follows movies and TV. So if they show lots of girl scientists, then lots of girls will go into science. If they show lots of happy black couples, interracial couples, gay couples, etc. all being accepted, then that’s what society will look like in a generation.

    This is what they actually believe. It’s not a joke, and it’s not an exaggeration. So I wouldn’t say precisely that it is out of spite. It is simply a callous, amoral, ham-fisted and cargo-cultist attempt at social engineering. It’s also why they bristle and shriek with impotent rage when e.g. Lady Ghostbusters gets terrible reviews and flops – the programming can’t work when nobody’s watching.

    Now don’t get me wrong, it’s still evil as fuck, but knowing what makes SJWs really tick is essential to anyone who wants to change the incentives driving them.

  9. “But now they only block the sun / they rain and snow on everyone / so many things I would have done / but cloud (people) got in my way”.
    Both sides now.

    Also I think you mean SVU – Special Victims Unit.
    I don’t know a Sports Utility Vehicle procedural police show.

  10. Z: “The hilarious part to me was the halftime show. It featured the CivNat dream team of three well-spoken black guys. You can be sure that the audience for Ben Shapiro was trying to get selfies of themselves in front of the TV screen during halftime. That’s where you see the genius of the marketing men. Whites in America are like trained seals when it comes to the heroic black guy.”

    ‘CivNat dream team’ and TV selfies with them is f**ing hilarious.

    The trained seal thing is kinda harsh. Another commenter pointed out that Mike Tricio may not be black. I was aware of this news. But when I thought he was, I was really proud of him. Because I think he’s one of the best announcers ever. Smart, aware, great flow, congenial, multi-sport, etc. I thought he was so good, it was actually hard to wrap my head around it…

    Then the news.

    Anyway, I get what you’re saying about virtue signaling whites with their pet blacks. They take it too far, and for the wrong reasons. But then there’s your regular white American who just likes to see an underdog winning. Blacks had a rough start here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. Being happy for them is just having a generous outlook. I bet even the hardcore guys on this site are especially proud when they see a black guy rise on obvious merit alone.

    • “I bet even the hardcore guys on this site are especially proud when they see a black guy rise on obvious merit alone.”

      I wish everyone well, but I’m not particularly thrilled to see it happen to someone just because they are black. I used to feel that way, but they beat it out of me…

    • no, i don’t. just don’t want to see, hear, or talk about the fukkers any more. just want them gone. even the “good” ones.

    • Why, Frip, you’re quite right. I work with too many of the good ones to deny it. Somebody noted that white people are the only ones who actually like black people.

      You make me proud to be white.

      • I’ll be the mean guy. While I admire high functioning blacks, I realize they harm our cause because they encourage the white civic nationalists to believe that multiculturalism can work. For example, one of my relatives refuses to believe black crime statistics because they know one non-ghetto black.

        To the high functioning blacks, I say, “Get the hell out! I wish you well with your own people.”

  11. Actually the “Baby Benz,” the CLA-class, has a starting price of $32K which means one could grab a new one for $40K or so.

    • Interesting. I think I would be ashamed to drive one. Then again, I have never liked Mercedes. It just looks cheap and boring to me. BMW’s are good solid German cars with some spunk. Audi ha a bit of style. Mercedes is the Yellow Cab of German sedans.

      • Back in the late ‘70s, in Germany, the 240D diesel Mercedes that was so expensive and trendy here in the U.S. was universally the taxicab of Germany. The premium Heineken beer here was basically the Budweiser of Europe and almost always drunk straight out of the can over there. Honda and Toyota are more reliable, and cheaper to buy and to repair, than the Merc and BMW these days.

      • german cars are living on past efforts. i was in the market for a luxury sedan (used) and looked at those brnads, plus lexus and infinity. ended up getting a lexus gs 350 with less than 30k miles for $25k. get it serviced at a toyota dealer and pay toyota prices. ask anyone who owns a german car out of warranty what their service costs are.

    • My wife has the Infiniti version – the QX30. I have no idea what to expect so I bought the extended warranty. Paid about $34K for the top trim level.

      Our BMW was a maintenance disaster after 100k miles.

  12. Regarding the NBC football halftime show, host Mike Tirico doesn’t consider himself black. His mother’s family is all Italian and her husband (who left when Mike was young) was also Italian, although as Steve Sailer pointed out in a post earlier this year, there are reasonable suspicions he may not be Mike’s biological father. I don’t think he could get that dark just from Sicilian ancestry, but who knows.

    Given how few people still watch lots of live TV, I think a lot advertising has become just another way to engage in corporate virtue signaling. Sports, especially football have been an exception to the live TV trend though, so the virtue signalers are missing the football audience. I wonder if there will ever be a shareholder pushback on wasting all this money.

  13. Z: “No one has ever been talked out of their religion. They have a crisis, lose faith and then find a church that makes them happy.”

    Atheists have grown by the millions in the last decades. They all had a personal crisis? More like religion isn’t believable to them. Thought leaders with a sense of style, like Hitchens and Dawkins, made religion seem low-brow and prole. It got the college kids talking and the smart ones convinced their lessers how absurd it is. College kids don’t like to be in the dumb crowd. YouTube, with its ability to broadcast smart arguments and debate, further convinced the half-smart young guys away from religion. Their girls went along, of course. People are talked out of stuff all the time. Either with logic or potential loss of status.

      • There is much to be said for agnostics, but Dawkins and his type are religious zealots. Nothing has done more damage to science than atheist.

          • Atheists have given skepticism a bad name. Their abuse of science in their attacks on Christians certainly has not been a help to reason. As a general rule, anything embraced by crazy people tens to be diminished.

          • Boy, Zman nailed that one.
            Listening to various obnoxious “skeptics” shows is what drove me, a lifetime atheist, to defending the religious.

  14. I wonder if it’s not that the women are likelier to be in front of the TV in the early part of the game. Later, they are more likely to be working on the half-time spread, but, when the show is starting, I’ll bet it’s chicks on the couch, guys talking in the back, and the ads are focused on the women.
    Also, the kids are right there. This is training for them, for when they hit dating age.

  15. I’ve also noticed than in sport, humiliating the PLAYERS is the next step in the seemingly never-ending Escalator of Degeneracy.

    You know, making the players wear pink shoes or uniforms for breast cancer. Braille names on the uniforms. Et cetera.

    And of course, part of the joy for them is that any player who complains (especially a white one) can then be lined up for the Full Witch Hunt.

    Strangely, the straw that really broke the camel’s back for me came from soccer. The American soccer team has started wearing uniforms with numbers in rainbow colors, to show their support for gays. [Insert obligatory “soccer was already gay” joke here.] When I saw them wearing them before the game I said, “that’s it. It’s over.” Didn’t watch the game.

    And haven’t really followed sports since.

    • “And haven’t really followed sports since.”

      Good for you – the sooner people tune out from that agitprop horsesh*t, the better!

  16. Moved the wife’s car in and out of the garage this weekend a few times to get some guy stuff done. She had left the radio on NPR. It was wall-to-wall interviews with women about rapey stuff. On NPR, the programming is the ad, and they can go right to the nub of the thing, no dancing around it. So glad my tax dollars are paying for all of this/sarc.

    No doubt, prior to the Kavanaugh thing, the program would have been about something else, or at least the topics would have been a bit more mixed.

    • NPR has gone from nice SWPL white-people moderate Leftism to flat out shrieking Leninism in the last two years. I guess that they know their (shrinking) audience.

  17. The only solution to this madness I can see goes along these lines. Whites should abandon the cities. Stockpile like Hell and arms themselves to the teeth. Nuke the cities (including a few foreign ones like Mecca and Medina). Wall them off for a few generations. Rebuild.

    And before you get all weepy and hysterical about nuking our own cities ask yourself just how comfortable you are with the idea of your children and grandchildren being subservient to the browns and their elite overloads. Now, push the button.

    • Don’t worry if we have civil unrest the cities will nuke themselves. All it takes is for several truckers to be killed by Dindus and Joses to keep the others from delivering goods to the stores. There are not enough cops to do escort while keeping the peace. Once violence spreads. Workers won’t come to work, empty store shelves means big a** riots in every major city where the deliveries cease.

      Worse than a lack of food deliveries, is what happens when tanker trucks stop delivering gas and diesel to gas stations. That’s right every thing grounds to a half. If it’s too extensive it cannot be restarted in time. Millions will die within weeks.

    • I have thought about this situation frequently regarding a hot civil war in America. The white suburbs can still be supplied with food and gasoline and power, while the cores of the big cities will crumble with violence. I wish that some of my wife’s virtue-signaling, anti-white, feminist friends would be the first eaten in the RaHoWa. .

  18. I don’t know how you guys can take it. Haven’t had a TV in years. TV is like a whole rancid sewer system gushing right into your home.

    “…but it well sell the white women.” I hate to say it, but among my acquaintances, it will especially sell the loser white women. A lot of childless 40+ women I know have *literally nothing else to be proud of in life,* so they’ll hold on to cheap grace like a shipwrecked man grabbing at a piece of wood.

    Sadly, their crummy “I stand with [insert progressive cause]” FB posts are about all they’ve got to be proud of. The whole of their “spiritual” life, really.

    • While I still have a TV and cable service, I only watch the old movie station that has no ads. I have not watched a TV commercial in so long my reference points are 20 years old.

  19. In the early 2000s I actually did run across a CIO who was black. He “ran” IT for a major oil company which was obviously going for C-level diversity points. The head of HR was a woman, of course, same reason.

    The IT strategery had been locked in by sales and operations, and all the IT departments were run by competent people, so the black CIO spent most of his time at puiblic events, taking awards and giving speeches. Eventually he was hired away by another firm looking to purchase C-level diversity. He was replaced by another black dude who, swear to God, was Mike Singletary’s doppelganger.

  20. I’m quite sure Mercedes and BMW don’t have any misgiving about who’s buying their cars. Because about 20% of them are leased, and not by upper class whites.

    You may recall when the GMC Escalade went from being the white executive’s SUV to a gang banger’s SUV. Odds are good Mercedes and BMW noticed that demographics shift too.

    • Good friend is a senior exec at GM–problem they had with the Escalade was that the gangbangers picked up on it first and the challenge was to reposition it away from the “grab a forty and bust some caps” crowd. One of the reasons for relocating Cadillac’s head office to NYC–though now it is moving back to Detroit.

  21. I have always found that the NFL is a particularly Yankee sport. And by that, I mean damn Yankees not Yankee in the British or European sense. I wonder if a comparison between college football and NFL commercial lineups would be in anyway enlightening. My fellow Americans that live in a northern direction are somewhat less exposed to enrichment and, as such, are somewhat less enlightened as to the nature of diversity.

    • Yeah, but I get the impression that college football is a religion down South, and it’s equally diverse and even more hypocritical that the NFL. Maybe this has changed, but this was certainly true ten-fifteen years ago. Football is a curse wherever it crops up, in whatever guise.

      I say this as someone who used to love the game, but football is a major, major link in the chains that bind us right now. That’s why the Left is nuts to mess with it – but of course, it keeps whitey happy on the way to the grave, so they can’t help themselves.

  22. Orwell above and Orwell the elder have it right. The advertising has nothing to do with selling product or even propaganda. It is a version of the Abiline Paradox at ad meetings. No one wants to go to Abiline but everyone is afraid to openly say so, assuming everyone else wants to go. Who wants to be the one at an ad meeting to say to the SJW that maybe the demographics are wrong. Can you say fired, called a racist, alt-right, etc. As the movie “Thank You for Smoking” said, “Most evil is done to pay the mortgage”

  23. I like watching Golf because the ads make me feel smart and rich. Maybe I really do need a financial planner.

    • I had a real belly laugh for a brokerage ad recently where the middle-aged Asian woman was talking to her broker about her finances. The broker was a delightfully mythical Lester Holt type of black guy. If anyone thinks Asians trust their cash to blacks, lend me some of what you’re smoking.

      • I love the ones where the older black couple who have contemplative discussions on their life insurance or even retirement planning. I know it happens sometimes but for the majority, if it isn’t handled by whitey or their employer, it isn’t done.
        Scratch off lottery tickets for retirement planning.

  24. Is there a way to mess with the Nielsen ratings, or whatever they use these day? I don’t mean hack the servers or anything, I mean using social media to convince the ad guys that some X is really really super popular with the target demo… that blows up in their faces. Get the Madison Ave boys to do our work for us — a sort of mass media version of the “OK sign = white power” prank the internet did. Anyone know how tv ratings are measured?

    • Viewing (or listening) ratings really are an imprecise science. That’s why ‘the ratings’ are officially termed audience estimates. And TV ratings are tied to your TV being tuned to a specific channel, being on/off, airing a DVR’ed program, etc.

  25. My son and I were watching something when that Direct TV add came on. I joked that the single Mexican Mothers were obviously the biggest NFL fans. He laughed.

    • There is SOME truth to it.

      California. Aztec. Raider Fans. ALWAYS Aztec Raider fans. Been like that since the 80s when Raider nation moved down here to SoCal, and never left. They’re bigly attracted to the Raiders’ macho mythology.

  26. The object of advertising is getting one to buy something they currently don’t but. Being at home almost all the time with my TV on for back ground I get to see hundreds of commercials a day and over the past year in particular they have changed dramatically. I guess the left’s psychotic fear of all things Trump put them on an accelerated propaganda crusade. In just this year I’ve noticed there are almost zero all white ads. Men are also few and far between unless they are cucks, fags, black/hisp/moslem looking or some other iteration of non-white.

    There must be a spawning camp in California where pretty-beautiful caramel-skinned mulatto women with soft, whifty almost-white hair in abundant “cute” little curls, great bodies white features and perfect grammar are created to project the idea that the big fat nasty bigazzed black women I see on the streets of Philly aren’t the norm. I say that because I’m around about a million blacks here in the City of Brotherly love and I never see these beauties except on Cali produced TV and movies.

    Plus, the constant promotion of fags and dykes is blatant. Hell, even murder shows on Investigation Discovery are peddling this crap. I’ve spotted five all black new shows, three mostly black and three promoting queers….so far!

    These ad guys aren’t playing to their audiences, they’re propagandizing to the rest of us. They neither need nor want to sell black to blacks, they are selling “Blackish” to whites.

    The left has so-called patriotic Americans watching NFL games where millionaire blacks disrespect our cops, our military, our government (because the Great Mulatto Gift is gone) while their billionaire owners pick our pockets and these morons keep watching!

    Today watching TV is seeing the enemy camp. Keep that in mind.

    • Don’t forget that it was the GOP Congress that refused to take away the tax-deductible stadium bonds. And it has often been GOP state legislators that passed “film production incentives”.

      The GOP is in thrall to Woke Capital, with the clueless activists still operating in a 1970s mindset where the AFL-CIO is the omnipresent enemy.

      • Again : if you’re just whining about the amount of blackness on TV and not paying attention to the finances behind the scenes – you’re really not playing a winning game.

        The entirety of the left’s world rests on a foundation of other people’s money – with the gaps filled in by funny money.

        If there were enough political capital to just shit this shit off tomorrow – I guarantee the freak out on the left would exceed the Kavanaugh shennanigans by a factor of 100.

        I have been arguing this shit out with “conservatives” for going on twenty years now – and there are VERY few who want to even entertain the fantasy in their head that the government and it’s money spending should be shrunk drastically.

        If you’re ok with getting tax raped – then I’ve got to imagine that you’re probably going to be perfectly ok with a whole bunch of other forms of screw jobs as well.

        • Disagree:
          The energy in the economy is increasingly coming from bicoastal tech firms, and it ain’t the right-wing that makes up the workforce there. We (not me, probably not most of us reading here) are a movement dominated by Boomer retirees.

          The government is not going to be shrunken down to 19th century levels. The public is screaming for anything that will reduce healthcare costs, and the best candidate is the Canadian system.

          • You’ve fallen for their semantics. “The public” is screaming for whatever the hell the left says it is and it ain’t “reduced healthcare costs” , it’s reduced health insurance costs with expanded coverage. Which we all know according to the law of supply and demand is impossible. So they confuse “healthcare” with “health insurance” and we all lose in the end. Remember the motto of the left: lie, confuse, obfuscate, repeat.

  27. What you observed in the TV commercials last night was a deliberate effort to change the mental functioning of the audience and induce a gradual shift in beliefs and behaviors. The technique is formally known as memetic infection and the key to success in this methodology is repetition of messaging and simultaneous stimulation of multiple brain centers (in this case audio/visual stimuli). A side effect of this indoctrination program is hive-mindedness and suppression of independent cognitive function. Which is fine if your goal to convert the human race into an insect species, but not so good if our affluent society crashes and survival of fittest re-emerges.

    • It doesn’t seem that hard to counter it though. Just point it out to and add sarcastic comments.

      Back when the profusion of black man / white woman couples started popping up in the advertising a few years back ( I still remember it came on suddenly – like somebody flipping a switch or issued an edict somewhere) – I started making comments about it to the wife as we watched prime time TV. At first she’d get pissed. Then I subtly changed my tactics and started asking why in the middle of a show like Big Bang Theory (totally targeted towards white nerds) – the advertising was full of black people? WTF? Aren’t advertisers supposed to target a demographic?

      Saying shit like that really got the hamster turning. It didn’t take long before she was worse than me on commenting about the profusion of blackness in advertising. Then they started the ads with the white guy / black woman dynamic. I made comments like ” they must have overplayed their hand – got to throw a few white guys in there with black chicks to make it look good – how often does that happen anyway ? Notice how all the black chicks are pretty hot ? When was the last time you saw a good looking black woman?”

      Point here is : if they’re going to play indoctrination games with advertising warfare – well then two can play that game. If you’re not playing the game back – then you really don’t have much reason to complain.

      • We’ve all tried the thing where you Google image search on “white couple” and you see a profusion of black/white biracial couples. Try that with “black couple.” All blacks. All.

  28. Being involved in advertising I can tell you this: the media department is the one that makes the ad buys and sets strategy to target particularl audiences. These departments are staffed by women, nearly exclusively.

    • I’ll also add something I’ve observed about the creatives (art directors and writers) in advertising lately. When the discussion touches upon what ethnicity needs to be portrayed in an ad, there is an interesting fallback or avoidance strategy that often arises. They will frequently request the casting to be “ethnically ambiguous.” Firstly, this is clearly a way to say euphemistically “no whites.” Secondly, it suggests no one is sure which non-white ethnicity should have the upper hand, only that it’s an assumed Good Thing to keep whitey underrepresented. There are lots of smaller ad agencies that focus explicitly and exclusively on clients serving non-white constituencies, but there is not a single one I know that serves whites. You might assume the majors are the “white” agencies however those are the ones that usually resort to the ethnically ambiguous dodge during preproduction.

    • That’s a good point. Businesses responded to the demand for more power skirts in the ranks by turning over areas like HR and marketing to the women. The results followed. Steve Sailer has made the point for years that when casting directors were straight males, we had normal male leads and normal female roles. Then gays and women took over the casting and the males actors became twinks and the women became cartoon versions of the feminist ideal.

  29. White people, for some reason, REALLY like it when black people act white. It is disturbing when you begin notice how much they coo over them. Some of the more centrist/conservative/cuck POCs are starting to do it too.

    Blacks find it weird though, the entire premise of Get Out was how creepy this behavior is. Of course, the black director made it a jealousy thing but I think the true cause is a demented maternalism.

    • White fatigue is a real thing. Blacks really do get tired of being around whites, because of exactly what you point out. They feel the endless pressure to act white. The majority of blacks would be fine with a peaceful separation, as long as they got stuff.

      • Re: “Peaceful separation as long as they get stuff”.

        I think that’s really the heart of the matter. The blacks can’t bring themselves to separate because they won’t get stuff. And the sociopathic nannying from the whites won’t be able to continue if the blacks leave. So the retard slap fight continues.

        The road that brought me to the right side of the aisle – was getting out of high school and having to work for a living. Going to college – and paying for it out of my own pocket – was what really drove it home. Because while I was busting my ass and paying taxes, paying rent – and supporting a vehicle so I could do so – I noticed plenty of those around me didn’t have to do any of that. That included members of the diversity class as well as quite a few women. This was 35 years or so ago – so the whining from the gimmeedats wasn’t quite as in your face as it is now – but it was still there in sufficient enough force to make me vow to NEVER vote Democrat when I was in my early 20’s.

        I’ve got to believe there are plenty of men who have followed a similar life path, and come to similar conclusions. I know when I tell this story – I get knowing nods from men I’ve run across with similar experiences.

        • Most Blacks REALLY don’t like white liberals. They don’t like white conservatives/righties either, but there’s a certain amount of respect/fear there, as well. Most Blacks feel utter contempt for SJW type Lefties, and who can blame them?

        • Yes, I remember living in an apartment in a rather low-rent complex where I struggled to pay rent, utilities, etc. Then I would learn about neighbors who had everything more or less taken care of by welfare. People who sat around all day and ordered pizza delivery on a regular basis. There were people who had literally been homeless before some agency would put them in an apartment for free. They’d usually get evicted eventually and leave behind a trashed apartment filled with dirty hypo needles. As a single white male in the prime of life, there are practically no hand outs for you. You just pay for the handouts to others.

        • There it is. I’ve heard more than one person ask “how do I renounce my American citizenship? That way I can stay here, but live much better than I do, and have every single politician in America making excuses for my dysfunction.”

          • The Swedes are offering dental work for a flat rate of $10.

            If you’re an illegal immigrant, that is. I wrote the Swedish embassy and asked how I, as an EU citizen, could enter their country illegally so I could have my choppers fixed.

            They didn’t answer.

      • Tom Wolfe is terrific on blacks’ “white fatigue”. He was out there noticing things about about blacks (and Jews) wayyy before it was cool.

        “Radical Chic” is worth reading in full. Here’s the link, but it’s a little long for internet reading (though you should still click on the link for the hilarious magazine cover photo, which looks strangely like a present-day alt-right shitposting “meme”.) You should get the book–and all of Wolfe’s books. Wolfe was redpilled avant la lettre.

        • Honestly, I’ve always had a tough time liking Tom Wolfe. He was the spear point of “new journalism” which has been a disaster for us. It legitimized the conversion of the news into a vehicle for agit-prop. That’s not the fault of Wolfe exclusively, but he was right there.

  30. The biggest sportsball fan in my old office is a middle aged white woman, with a househusband, who drives a BMW. Perhaps this is one of the demographics these ads are directed toward. The ads seem to consist mainly in liberal white upper class virtue signaling. Another possible explanation is that the ads are a reflection of what the admen see in their day to day life in the gentrified, reclaimed urban neighborhoods they live in. And they don’t even have to be all that insular. The college town I live in is closely surrounded by real America, but its scions rarely venture outside it except to bicycle just beyond the edges, or to sort of sightsee at key times of the year. All vacation time is spent in approved places all their friends go to, or to do some sanctioned charity virtue signaling. You don’t have to live in NYC to be Pauline Kael.

  31. Z Man;

    Agree completely. That’s why I’m turning into such a bore about pounding your friends and relatives with the “You can now see that you and your sons have no civil rights any more.”, rhetoric.

  32. There’s a lot more grumbling out there about Kavanaugh than you might think. If the Left keeps pursuing this, it could very easily blow up in their faces. Criminalizing being a hetero teenager is not exactly a winning strategy.

    • Not having much contact with teenage boys I have no way of verifying this , but I’ve seen much talk on the intarwebs that the Gen Z teenage boys have been stewing in all this SJW claptrap for so long that they’re starting to rebel.

      I see quite a few high school and college age boys/men paying attention to guys like Jordan Peterson, the MGTOW guys on Youtube and showing up on gun forums. One thing I noticed a number of years ago at least in my town – is a lot of BOYS (I don’t see similar behavior from girls) – out riding their bicycles around town *without their bike helmets*. Two things about this stood out to me – first it was middle school age boys – and the no helmets thing. Seems to indicate a lessening of the helicopter parenting BS.

      Here’s a good example of why I think the teen boys are paying attention to Jordan Peterson:

      I’ve got to believe that one of the side effects of the Kavanaugh hearings is that many teenage boys are going to look around at what just happened – and go WTF. Then – if they go to college – they’re going to get beaten about the head even more with all the feminist blathering. I really don’t think that the current events are going to work to make teen and college age boys/men very sympathetic to feminist arguments.

      • I have a 17-year-old son. The answer is yes. He knew most his teachers’ politics after the first week of school and parrots what they want to hear while making fun of their crap at home and with his friends.

        He’s suspicious of women and knows instinctively that everyone on the left hates him for being him, not for anything he’s done.

        • Similar here. Two boys in college and neither is buying into the “diversity” crap. Was having a discussion with my daughter on a current event essay she has due and my first question was “are you allowed to express an opinion or do you need to write what the teacher wants?” Her answer: “this is one of the teachers that allows us to argue either side”. There are many that don’t.

      • I’ve seen much talk on the intarwebs that the Gen Z teenage boys have been stewing in all this SJW claptrap for so long that they’re starting to rebel.

        Yes, Generation Zyklon, as the Heartiste calls them.

        And what comes after Z? Well, we’ll have to start over with generation Alpha, full-on white supremacy.

        The Communist century: 1917-2017. RIP.

    • Possibly. A point that can’t be made enough is the Left always wins for a reason. Audacious Epigone points out that about 55% of whites support Kavanaugh, while 70% of non-whites oppose him. The Left just needs to depress a small portion of the white bloc and energize the non-white bloc and they win. Once again, if whites thought like Jews, none of this would be happening. The fact that whites keep losing ground suggest the other side is exploiting a central defect in Team Whitey.

      • nah, it’s just part of the cycle. do you know why Constantinople fell when it did? Because some time before that (too lazy to look up the exact dates) French crusaders had attacked the city from inside the walls and weakened it.

        So let the soy whites boil off, and the core anglo saxons will be freed to do their thing. Scoff all you want, but not everyone is afraid of a fight.

        • Bad history. You should have looked up the dates, as they might have given you a clue. Constantinople falling in 1453 had nothing to do with Crusader rule from 1204-1261. The Ottomans conquered enough Byzantine possessions to render the capital poor and starved for defenders. Add the technology of siege guns to breach the walls and defeat was inevitable.

          • if you had read a little more, you might have seen where portions of the city’s walls were damaged in the 1260 episode, and never repaired. the two events are very definitely linked.

      • Zman, I really believe the worm is turning. When the USA was 80% to 90% white, white people didn’t notice race in the same way that fish don’t notice they are swimming in water. Now that the wave of demographic change is washing over the country whites are waking up quickly.

        All the momentum is in the direction of the alt-right, new-right, or whatever label you want to apply. Trump is President. Whites (especially white men) are leaving the Democrat party in droves. The rising stars in the Republican party are far to the right than the leaders of old. Everything is moving in the right direction, and the pace is accelerating.

        I still believe that the political future of the federal government is that Democrats will hold the Presidency permanently, Republicans will hold the Senate permanently, and the House will trend blue but control may switch between parties. But if 20% of whites get based that could change things drastically.

        Meanwhile Trump is kicking ass, Kavanaugh will be confirmed next week, and it looks like Grassley may even grow a pair and go after Feinstein for leaking Ford’s document. Things are looking up!

        • Guest, thanks, that’s exactly how I think when I’m optimistic. The best explanation for Trump’s surprising victory was that non-elite whites, with their less distorted view of the real world, started to vote like a minority. By moving just a bit in that direction they tipped it for Trump. To the elite this was of course racism under the modern definition of “racism” as “anything white people do, say or think affecting not-white people other than praise, support and affirmation” . The lives of non elite whites teach them that this is crazy and they aren’t buying it, no matter what propaganda is flung at them. Elite hysteria since Trump’s victory should only reinforce in an increasing number of white people their sense of insecurity.

          Let’s hope we’re right about the direction things are moving.

          • Time to be honest about Trump’s close win. People voted for Trump because his last name wasn’t Clinton and because he talked about immigration. No need to get too deep into the weeds with this.

  33. SNL had a field day taking down Kavanaugh. You know, the representative of all that is bad in whites. I didn’t watch but I hear they brought in the big guns (Matt Damon) to ridicule this conservative demon, and by proxy, us.

    I have not had any cable for at least eight to ten years now but have a subscription to Sling which gives about 25 stations. Cancelling that this month, not even sportsball can keep me since I don’t watch that any more. The rare times I would indulge it the commercials just drove me away, let alone the main content.

    They really relish rubbing our noses in it. Your Dalrymple quote from the other day comes to mind.

    • Part of it is that they know that it gets a reaction out of us. Every Boomer that rages against Kapernick on social media is free advertisement to convince a Woke Millennial into forgetting about the concussion problem.

      The proper thing to do is to stop watching sportsball, and avoid even talking about it. The state religion forbids us from victim status, but we can dodge villain status from time to time.

      • Provoking a reaction is part of their win-win strategy.

        If people accept the degeneracy in sullen silence, that’s a win.

        But if people complain, especially prominent people, then they can be harassed, deplatformed, fired, etc. That’s a win, too.

        Simply put, when you have the power, you can smash down your enemies no matter what they do.

        We always need to remember how they conducted themselves when they had power.

      • ” Every Boomer that rages against Kapernick on social media is free advertisement to convince a Woke Millennial into forgetting about the concussion problem.”

        Participating in somewhat risky sports is what real men do.

        You are a wimp and a whiner.

  34. Hmpffff.

    Perhaps. Or… maybe Whitey is no longer sprawled out on the couch, three sheets to the wind, stuffing himself with beer and potato chips as negroes chase a ball around on TV.

    So… where is he? Lefty – you might want to think about that.

    • That’s a nice thought, but the numbers don’t lie. The TV audience for the NFL is 80% white and very middle class. There’s a reason Ben Shapiro has a huge audience. There’s a reason that Carl Benjamin has close to a million subscribers to his channel. Whites really really believe in the glorious brown future.

      • Our ideas are blamed as the cause of the World Wars, ordinary whites look at us and think we will start a Third World War should we get any power. Whatever the costs imposed by diversity, the average person is terrified of us, at least when we aren’t being mocked for impotence.

      • Again, we can be misled by stats. It is entirely correct to say the market for NFL is 80% white. But with the recent gong show with feral negroes taking a knee to honour their dearly departed Darwinian thugs – the white Joe Six Pack types checked out in droves and the market contracted – at least to the numbers I have seen. It is possible for the market to contract to any extent you want – and still be 80% white if blacks and browns are drawn in. I will bet the same market changes are at work at the NRO – red pilled whites are walking away from the cucks like Ben and Jonah and French – and they can say they still speak for 80% of the whites. That may be true of their portion of their market – but no way are those guys speaking for 80% of all whites.

        Of course I could be full of beans too – who knows? Only an objective study could reveal the truth, and these days with a pozzed media, academic and intellectual class… objectivity will be limited to the fringes… and I will bet you will see more whites going there as time marches on.

  35. The last three sentences are the most important. We have always had the better arguments, better facts, everything, and still we keep losing ground. Instead of doubling down and trying even better arguments and reason, we need to understand that progressivism is not a political philosophy as much as it is a fundamentalist, violent religion. We can point out that twits like Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie have no idea how to pay for their programs until we are blue in the face and it won’t matter because their followers just have faith that it will all work out.

    • That only applies to the rank and file Lefties. The guys at the top operate like gangsters and are all about the acquisition of power no matter what it takes to get it. People like the Occasional Cortex, Kamala, Booker, Ellison just want to be like Castro.

      I was just at TheGatewayPundit. Most whites still operate like it’s 1985. They have their heads so far up their asses it’s beyond belief. BB is no better.

      I love it when they run a article about Anti-fa beating the shit out of a bunch of MAGA heads. The posters go into whine mode and complain “why aren’t the police protecting us?” . What a bunch of Eloi. I post and call them “Self-propelled punching bags” and say “learn how to fight so you can defend yourself”.

      I used to see this when the Tea Party would hold their rallies on some street corner. The Left would show up with a couple of goons and just wreck it all. The whites would just stand there bleating like sheep.

      • I was banned by Gateway Pundit years ago – no idea what specifically caused it (rayciss, anti-semitic, homophobic, etc.). He’s a gay civic nationalist normie who likes Trump – not someone who the Hard Right needs to ally with.

        • gateway pundit is an ahole, and his site is lame. got banned there myself, not sure for what.

        • I watch what I post there so I don’t get ban hammered. BB is worse IMO.

          But the site provides a excellent window into the bulk mentality among MAGA and GOPe types. They know something is wrong but not what precisely.

          Tucker Carlson is much closer to our side. He’s already using the C-W word. Hannity won’t even go near that.

          People get after Tucker for having on so many Lefties. They don’t get he’s trying to show Normie America what sorts of fanatics and thugs we are really facing. He admits these people scare him because they’re killing the country.

          If these people i get into power they will usher in bloody purges that would make Mao and Stalin estatic.

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