Be Not Afraid

Do not be afraid; our fate
Cannot be taken from us; it is a gift.

I was in the market this morning, doing the weekly ritual and I came around the corner with my carriage to see two people in the middle of the aisle chatting. Their carriages were next to them, so that you could maybe squeeze by on one side. Some people were trying to do exactly that when I came upon the scene. There were a couple people in front of me trying to figure out how to get around the two selfish idiots. I walked up to them and loudly said, “Have your chat somewhere else. The rest of us have to shop here too.”

Both people were immediately embarrassed, and hustled to get out of the way. They were just being inconsiderate, but they were oblivious to it, because others were too polite to confront them with this reality. It’s a good example of how being polite is easily turned into a weapon against you, even unintentionally, as was the case here. It’s is also a good example of people often having to be slapped in the face before they notice the elephant in the room. The events of this weekend are another great example of this.

On Saturday, a lunatic went on a shooting spree at a synagogue. I posted on Gab that the result will be a hellish backlash by our rulers against dissidents and dissident web sites like Gab. Most likely, Gab would be de-platformed and some heretics would be hurled into the void. Part of it is just rage, as much of what keeps our rulers in place is the rage they stoke among the anti-whites. The more important role of pogroms like we are about to endure is they send a message. The idea is to scare those sympathetic to the dissidents.

These events serve another purpose though. Like those folks in the market who were oblivious to what they were doing, what’s happening now is opening eyes. I’ve had a dozen exchanges in the last 24 hours with normies wondering how it is possible that the people in charge can so easily pull the plug on a site like Gab. There’s no question that lots of normies respond to these attacks with calls for greater conformity, but lots of people who “trust the system” start to question those beliefs when they see this stuff.

That’s always been the challenge for our side. It’s never been about race realism, the JQ or the nature of Progressivism. Those are useful tools, but the real goal is to convince people that the system they are supporting is really just a fiction. More specifically, the political dynamic of Left versus Right, Red versus Blue and Democrat versus Republican, is just theater. After all, if conservatives are unable to and unwilling to conserve and defend basic rights like speech and association, what’s their real role in this?

The fact that the people in charge are free to read your e-mail, track your behavior and spy on you in your own home is not that obvious to people. The reason is white people are trusting. They just assume the people running these tech giants share their civic sensibilities. When they see tech giants and massive banks squashing dissidents like bugs, by throwing them off the internet and out of the banking system, some of those normal white people begin to suspect we have been right all along about our rulers.

It’s easy to get down about these things. Inevitably, sites you read will be shuttered during this pogrom. There will be a rash of heretics doxxed out of their jobs. Gab is already de-platformed, but it will not be the last. My guess is sites like Unz are next, as they are already getting the Alex Jones treatment from the usual suspects. Look for Republicans to “join their colleagues on the Left” to support wide-scale de-platforming of sites that question the official orthodoxy. Maybe even pass a law to make it official.

Reality is that thing that does not go away when you stop believing in it and the people who rule over us are at war with reality. That’s always been their Achilles’ heel and the reason they take extreme measures against even the smallest dissidents. Gab had about a million users. It’s a tiny speck in the social media universe. When you live in constant fear of people waking up from the dream and challenging your rule, even the smallest hint of eyes opening up is a mortal threat. The giant lashes out in fear, not in confidence.

It’s a long war though and when you’re the insurgency, it means lots of set backs, missteps and failures, but it also means slow incremental gains. Ten years ago a blog like this would not have many readers. When Barak Obama assumed power, no one bothered talking about freedom of speech. Now, even the most genteel normie suspects his rights are under assault. Every day, our numbers grow, despite the relentless pressure, and their paranoia grows, despite their efforts to stamp us out.

So, they took out one of our sites, but already clubs are reforming in quiet places on the internet. Normies who were on Gab for free speech reasons are now thinking it is a good idea to join a book club or pool party. As much as it sucks to lose a platform, it goes a long way toward swelling our ranks. It’s also a reminder that the great revolutions in Western history were organized by dissidents passing notes and having private conversations over drinks. Our rulers are probably doing as a favor by forcing us into the shadows.

From there we came outside and saw the stars

89 thoughts on “Be Not Afraid

  1. Somehow we need to get normal people to realize that they can’t fight to defend their freedom of speech anymore because they have already lost it.

    Before the internet people just assumed that they had the right to say, especially in private, whatever they wanted unless they were breaking a law. The post office and the phone company didn’t ban you from mailing or calling simply because a feminist snooping in on your communication decided what you were communicating to someone something that made her feel unsafe. Now thanks to our tech overlords, we have a level of censorship that resembles the old USSR and would have been inconceivable to Americans even 20 years ago. I don’t think must normal people realize the full extent of all the ways they have to self censor themselves just to participate in society now. Now we need to convince normal people to fight to regain their freedom of speech that they have lost.

  2. The first big victory we need to achieve is taking away these tech titans’ liability protection that was given to them because they claimed to be platforms not publishers. I don’t know how we are going to do that though. It may need to be a bottom up fight in the courts with death by a thousand cuts before anything big is done. Trump has no interest in it because he isn’t being censored.

    In the meantime, it is great that the left has lost impulse control and, as Vox Day noted, always doubles down. Z is right that whites are trusting. They are also not by nature malicious. They don’t want to spend their lives trying to screw others over so it tends to be hard for them to understand that the ruling elite are very dedicated in their desire to ceaselessly destroy everyone who isn’t obedient to their narratives even if for the smallest infraction. The elite’s (and their leftist for soldiers’) hypocrisy and hatred that it projects on normal people is so glaring that normal whites can no longer pretend that a war is not being waged against them.

  3. As always, the problem is getting the fallback position up and running without getting infiltrated. I assume you could fool a bot by saying something like “my contact info is my handle, with today’s date attached European-style, at opposite-of-electron male dot com.” But that assumes Z Man isn’t big enough to rate his own personal Federale reading through the comments… I figure even the Feeb has an agent or two bright enough to figure that string of text out. I’d love to stay in touch with y’all… suggestions on how to do that, absent Gab?

  4. Mike Scheuer’s site, non-intervention, disappeared in July, not long after he called for armed insurrection and nooses for the most deserving.

  5. When this site disappears, I plan to search “Baltimore” plus “Lagos” to find my way home. Hopefully we can find each other when the day comes.

    • I believe Zman has indicated that he hosts this site on his own server. He can feel free to step in and correct me if I am wrong.

      The lesson here is: avoid US-based hosting companies. There are plenty of options based in Asia or even the Middle East that would have been a better choice for Gab.

      • Now looking at Proton VPN and encrypted cloud storage to go with the mail service. Just because.

        • That’s been on my To Do list for a year, but to my fault I have failed to execute on it.

          Your ISP can now sell your internet browsing data, and they will. I got down voted and ridiculed for saying this a year ago, but I will say it again: the day is coming soon when background check services will offer an “Internet Safety” background check which assigns “Safety” scores to various categories of risk based on your browser history.

          HR departments will decide these Internet Safety background checks will be a mandatory part of the hiring process. Up for a VP job at MegaCorp? Too bad you are a regular visitor to You are not MegaCorp material. Kid got into Stanford? Not so fast, fascist visitor to

          The message is clear: at least as far as free speech is concerned, the US is closed for business.

    • Well interesting that Z mentioned as another potential rally point. For shits and giggle tried to pop it up early this morning and is….”down for maintenance”. Maybe a coincidence, but the paranoid voice says, “enemy action”

  6. We should be afraid. The Popo are already going after the white fight club members of RAM and the goofy Proud Boys for simply defending themselves.

    Any group of whites who socialize in meat space will be subject to scrutiny and if some white guys get together and go to the gun range or practice MMA in the park you can bet undercover agents will be monitoring them after they get video’ed by some fat bitch or soy boy and sent to the FBI.

    • Roosh V encountered the same problems several years ago, so this should not be a surprise to any of us. The average establishment figure views us (at best) as football hooligans, or (at worst) genocidal terrorists. And if the establishment thinks about us like that, imagine what a DSA member thinks about us.

      It’s a fool’s errand to hold a right-wing event in a liberal city. The police will not protect you, and the justice system will not charge antifa rioters, the DA will throw the case, or leftists in the jury will nullify. Event security requires no public notice, and being held on private property in a rural conservative area. That has the tendency to dissuade attendance, but also hostiles.

  7. Spoke with a local politician today. He felt focusing on the democrats corruption would produce outrage with the general public.

    Not sure if that’s really happening. We have a local republican state rep trying to unseat a longtime incumbent democrat mired in scandal and corruption.

    She had one constituent ask her what our view was on global warming ?

    Not roads, schools or taxes. Global warming because Republicans are bad.

    Getting the normies to pull their head out of their collective asses may be more challenging than we thought.

  8. I may be wrong here, but I predict this is going to blow over faster than you’d think. The main target of the lefty rage here has been Trump himself, but as normal he’d managed to deftly avoid having it stick to him in the eyes of normies. Yes, he knew what he was doing when he moved the embassy to Jerusalem and when he kept Jared and Ivanka around so prominently. Beyond that, I think he gauged the public’s mood on this accurately. It happening literally the day after the transparently fake “MAGA bomber” story worked against it. Just like you have to rest between workouts to build muscle mass, you have to give the public breathers between outrages for them to have maximum effect. The public was already on a comedown after Cesar Psyop. There just wasn’t enough of a surprise-shock effect after that. I think Trump reflected what most normies are thinking when his reaction was, essentially: “Man, that synagogue shooting was awful. How about that World Series game, though?”

    As for the left, yes, this is the kind of thing that drives them into a frothing rage, but they’ve been in a frothing rage for two years now, so what’s new? I think what they’re going to discover is that once you turn it up to 11, there’s really noplace to go from there. Turn it up any higher, and you just blow out your speakers. Frankly, I’m surprised they’re still ambulatory now – there really is only just so much adrenaline and cortisol you can dump into your bloodstream before you genuinely start to fry your nervous system. The point is that they can’t get any angrier now than they were before, and they’re finding out that in the real world, unlike the world of Dragonball, getting more pissed off doesn’t actually make you a stronger fighter.

    Gab has already found a new service provider, and James Woods – the real one this time – just created an account there. In a few days, they’ll be fine.

    The left aren’t the geniuses they think they are, and careening from one outrage to the next has left them unable to focus on any one of them long enough for it to take root and left the normies unable to see anything but a blur. Drudge has already changed his headline back to coverage of the midterms. I’m not advocating complacency, but I just don’t think this has the legs one might fear it does.

    • Thanks so much for the optimism….just reading about everything today has been depressing.

      I signed up to buy stock, let’s hope it works out.

    • Keeping the loony-Left frothing is a workable strategy, for exactly the reasons you stated, AntiDem. No-one can maintain an incandescant rage indefinitely. And the great thing about this strategy is that it takes almost no effort to enrage a leftie and it’s fun!

      But the real battle is for hearts and minds and the left’s spittle-flecked lunacy only serves to drive “normies” away from Socialism.

    • I tend to agree with you on this. The spin cycle on press is so fast now that events need a special combination of timing and imagery to stick, and this atrocity, coming as it does in a chain of political theatrics, feels unsticky. Monstrous though it is, and depressing though Gab’s deplatforming is, I trust I’ll be upvoting yours and Zman’s posts again at Gab soon.

  9. It’s a long war. That depresses me. I’ve got 12 or 15 years left. I won’t be around to see the end of it, or to see how it’s going to come out. And, I must say, the outlook doesn’t look brilliant for folks who think as I do (more or less).

        • That’s why Z’s opening quote rang my bell. So stirring.
          To have lived in such times, were we not the most fortunate of all?

          I do, I want to live another hundred years, just to see how this all turns out.

          • A few decades ago I almost lost my life. The thought of not knowing how the world turned out was pretty sad to me. But when I look back now…it’s like, big deal. Nothing really matters. All we are is dust in the wind.

          • Frip, I almost lost my best friend (for 55 years!), that was his great worry. To miss it all.

            I could kick myself. I was talking to a young white guy last nite, here in PA. I’m still full of the Reagan-years optimism that formed me, but this easterner is truly scared and worried by the loss of freedom in his future.

            Why didn’t I really listen? This guy is watching lunatics and aliens take over. We older men have no advice on how to stop them.

  10. The attempt stop opposition becomes more mainstram. The financial Times editor,Edward Luce came with this tweet; “The most effective thing Americans can do is boycott companies that advertise on Fox. They bankroll the poison that goes from the studio into Trump’s head. The second is vote.”

  11. I gave up on Gab months ago when I realized it’s nothing more than an adolescent popularity platform.

    Aside from that, using that feckless JQ loon with a few weapons who thought he was a hero for murdering unarmed innocents as a hammer to bludgeon the dissidents is bound to happen. But I don’t care. For now, anyway. When I find that they’ve shut down this blog and imprisoned Zman for wrongthink then I’ll start to worry.

    • Joined Gab seeking some kind of popularity, didn’t get it. Now denounces platform as popularity site. Sad.

  12. Interested to see the response from the libertarian commenters here. “Go build your own Twitter” ain’t lookin so hot now, is it?

    Of course none of us wants the wave of censorship that’s likely to follow the Pittsburgh shooting, but to be frank, Gab was little more than a right-wing ghetto. In the long run it may be more useful to us in the martyr role. Building parallel institutions will always be ineffective, and not just because the Left will never leave us alone.

    The more people who awake to that hard truth, the better. In the case of the big tech oligopoly, the only solution is to break them up and/or to impose strict boundaries on their behavior. You can’t allow corporations to tyrannize the public square, just because they’re private actors.

    • “Go build your own newspapers”
      “Go build your own universities”
      “Go build your own companies”
      “Go build your own banks”
      “Go build your own courts”

      “Go build your own country”

    • “Little more than a far right ghetto”. A few hundred thousand Brazilians don’t think Bolsonaro would have won in Brazil without it. They were shut out of all other social media in an attempt to silence the right there.


      • If that’s all you took from my comment, then you might need to reread. The point isn’t to denigrate Gab; the point is that Gab wasn’t ever going to become a genuine alternative to big-tech social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc). Do you dispute that?

        Bolsonaro won by more than ten million votes. If Z’s number in the OP is accurate, then Gab’s entire user base is only about one million, with presumably only a tiny fraction of those hailing from Brazil. So sure, Gab might have helped Bolsonaro, and if it did then I’m sure we’re all grateful, but let’s not get carried away with how important Gab was on the world stage.

        The public square has been taken over by leftist corporations. We have to stop making macho-sounding excuses for running away (e.g. “build your own Twitter”). John Galt ain’t gonna save Western Civilization.

  13. Zman: “[Gab] is a tiny speck in the social media universe. When you live in constant fear of people waking up from the dream and challenging your rule, even the smallest hint of eyes opening up is a mortal threat. The giant lashes out in fear, not in confidence.”

    Your last line is cool, and I suppose meant to be heartening, but as you know it hardly matters. All rulers live in fear. Ember create big fire, as some Indian probably once said. If someday the Dissident Right gets the nation it wants, we’ll have to be just as ruthless and petty as our enemies are now.

    I’m just making a comment about power and how to keep it. Stating a truism really. I do wonder though if people on our side think we’d rule as saints if we ever got the chance. That’s funny.

    • We didn’t have to be ruthless and petty to build America, Europe, and the Commonwealth. Those were bugs, not features, unlike everywhere else.
      We gave freely, of everything we brought into the world.

      Whites heap big ember, make big fire called civilization. Good medicine. Solid wampum.
      Here, have free blanket

    • We aren’t all driven by the desire to silence people. Despite the fact that it has been occasionally forgotten, Christian society has been the protector of freedom of conscience, and the only place it has flourished. An atheist wouldn’t want to hear something like that, though.

  14. You watch, this latest atrocity will be an American holocaust. Monuments and social training to follow.

    • Rooshv on twitter said, “It’s okay if you happen to miss the details of today’s synagogue shooting: you’ll be reminded of it daily for the next 70 years.”

  15. “These events serve another purpose though. Like those folks in the market who were oblivious to what they were doing, what’s happening now is opening eyes. I’ve had a dozen exchanges in the last 24 hours with normies wondering how it is possible that the people in charge can so easily pull the plug on a site like Gab.”

    I felt the same way about Trump from the time he was nominated. Whatever happpens to him, we will learn who runs things–the voters and what’s left of the Constitution, or the Democrats, media and apparatchiks of the permanent bureaucracy.

    Whatever the lesson is, it won’t be forgotten.

  16. So the rabbi was an immigration activist, with his committee of correspondence at the synagogue?

      • The good rabbi was probably ‘short’ in his cut to the party boss.
        Nonprofit “operations” like immigration activism are usually legal crime fronts.

        So the inner party delivered a message of discipline to insiders, while posing it as martyrdom propaganda to us rubes.
        Two birds with one stone.

        (This sort of thing, capping a problem, has been going on for years with Albanians in Flint and Assyrians in Chicago. They go into church, shoot the guy, look at his family, then shoot him a few more times.)

        • Egads. The event was a ‘bris’, a ritual circumsion of 8 day-old baby twins. They were the “sons” of two “married” gay men.

          The rabbi’s lips were inches away when he was weenieblocked.
          Definitely something weird going on in that place.

          • Well, shit. The center had an FBI ‘active shooters drill’ in January.
            The shooter created his wildly anti-semitic Gab account… in January. No social media before that, either.

  17. During difficult times, I find it useful to review my outlook.

    Traditional whites are being dispossessed in our countries by mass immigration and other policies. Our thought leaders have decreed that to object to this dispossession is hatred. However, those who are not traditional whites are allowed to advocate for their groups. The reason for this double standard is that our leaders say that traditional whites have committed uniquely evil crimes throughout history and therefore must not be allowed to act collectively.

    The core disagreement between me and my opponents is that what I call “dispossession” they call “justice.”

    • “…say that traditional whites have committed uniquely evil crimes throughout history and therefore must not be allowed to act collectively.”

      Nailed it. Absolutely frickin’ nailed it.
      The Narrative.

    • The reason these thought leaders succeeded is because whites are by and large a bunch of degenerates, who like the woman Z referred to (wearing the purple shirt and enthusiastically encouraging voter fraud), are incapable of the moral courage necessary to recognize and call out these warped and self-destructive concepts for what they are.
      If whites are to have any hope, they must avoid blaming others for their own degeneracy and take responsibility for all of the steps along the way when they failed to draw lines in the sand, make clear and necessary distinctions, refuse to meekly agree to morally ludicrous social changes, etc.
      it’s like with a cold virus; when you get sick, it’s easy to blame the virus. But we all know that the immune system, when properly nourished, is capable of fending off most of these “invasions” just fine.

  18. “I was in the market this morning, doing the weekly ritual and I came around the corner with my carriage to see two people in the middle of the aisle chatting.”

    When you say you are ‘in the market’ I pictured you among Amish-like people buying 19th century furniture or fresh vegetables in a village. That other thing that happpens ‘between aisles’, I call that ‘going shopping’ or doing the groceries lol

    And then I read the piece and my cheekiness, in the 1950s, but not today, you might even have said gayness. was over.

    I completely agree. I saw on westershootingrifles ystrday that Z had predicted that Gab would be taken down a few hours before it happened. That really impressed me (maybe that s why I felt cheeky w him when I went here for my daily dose of Z salt).

    Pardon the French, ladies, gentlemen. But if you cant see that we are under attack you’re f*cking blind. This place is gonna go too.

  19. I read Angelo Codevilla’s powerful essay “Our Revolution’s Logic”. Well written. Thoughtful. Provocative. Money quote for me:

    “But the Progressives deplore the “deplorables” not to improve them, but to feel good about themselves. Hating people for what they are and because it feels good to hate them, is hate in its unalloyed form.”

    Sadly he loses that point in his discussion of what happens. What we should do in the future.

    Progs/Comms/Socs/WhateVs are relentless. Ruthless. Will not let up. Will not give up. Hive minded. Petty. Venal. Self righteous. Evil. NOT all-powerful. Except in their fevered imaginations. They rule corporations, media, much of Govt bureaucracy. But not reality. They would rule ‘humility’ if the whim struck. Same with gravity. US is a huge place. Multiple cultures. They don’t have the Brute Force to force us all to bend to their will. Nor can they Gulag or Terminate all who oppose them. They cannot build/create. They are pretty damn capable at destruction. There will be a lot of that.

    I kept meaning to join Gab. As a ‘next’ place to go when they got rid of Zman blog &/or other who speak Truth. So … now to speak of formless plans & strategeries to find the next ‘remnant’ to be cast out into the Void. Over the years I’ve lost track of some very High End commenters from other blogs. Who’ve gone silent or passed on. Others have come forward to continue the important discussions. I’m all ears as to how we keep discussion alive. I live by, in do re MI.

  20. Deplatforming represents a significant transition in the attack on the right of free association. Whether it is ultimately successful or not remains to be seen; but what strikes me is that for years I and other Deplorables conceived free association primarily in terms of who I wished to exclude. It was my right to be free of forced association with blacks or gays or feminists that was constantly derided and derailed. Now, probably primarily due to the power of social media to overcome the barriers of time and distance, the attack focuses on depriving me of the ability to communicate and associate with like-minded people who share my values and concerns. If you had suggested in the latter days of the 20th century that I would spend a couple hours each day reading the online posts of a fellow based in Baltimore (Zman) or Southern California (Sailer) and their regular commenters, I would have laughed at the idea. In the near future, I may instead bemoan the loss of such an option due to the concerted effort of the Cloud People to prevent us from using the digital agora to share our thoughts and aspirations. Given Putnam’s “Bowling Alone” observations, I am pessimistic about returning to localized, meat-space options like book clubs. Nevertheless, the desire to bond with like-minded people is such a strong desire and so imperative for the preservation and transmission of Western culture that society will find some way to overcome this outrageous attack. Live free or die!

  21. What really brought home the reality of our situation to me was when promoting free speech became a “radical right-wing” position.

    • I think for me, what little of my normie self still flickered in my dark soul went out in the 2102 election. I was in line to vote, knowing my vote was pointless. I saw a bus pull up and out pour a bunch of Mayan tribesman. A white woman in a purple t-shirt was helping them vote. They took “provisional ballots” because they were not registered. That was just a show. Their votes would be counted.

      It was not the shamelessness of it, so much as the realization tat these people have no limits. Their cruelty and zeal is boundless. Running a vote fraud scheme in Lagos is pointless. It is a one party state. Getting 70% of the vote is not enough. They want to rub our noses in it.

      • And elections were always won by 99% margins in Communist run states. Why? To remind any nascent Winston Smiths out there just how alone they were. These people are no different.

      • Codevilla’s right about the motivating power of revenge. Which is why the college class, managerial class, call it what you will, is bringing about its own nemesis. They’ve won! They have it all. But they can’t stop rubbing our noses in it, because getting even for feeling bad in high school is the most important thing in their lives …

  22. Shutting down Gab will work about as well as Prohibition, and the most tangible aspect of this censorship will be to further heighten emotions on both sides of the divide (which incidentally is the opposite effect intended by the Ruling Elites). I would argue that (much like the Pittsburgh killings that motivated it), it is another bellweather indicator of the coming chaos in society. More than half a century of extreme affluence has built up a mountain of deadweight in society, much like an accumulation of deadfall in a forest. One small spark can lead to a raging inferno that clears the landscape and facilitates rebirth. A wise man will steer clear of combustible materials in the near term.

    • In a brief accounting of the European experience, I would disagree. Deplatforming works quite well, ask a certain Greek homosexual that used to be quite famous even though no one can spell his name. A few years ago there was a movement called PEGIDA that drew increasingly larger crowds every week protesting against Islam. The German police doxxed the leader, and the movement collapsed. Politics is a social event, and taking the fun away leads to disillusionment, which is exactly what the establishment wants.

      • Evolution teaches us that we will now grow stronger as a result of having to overcome the new hardships associated with censorship. The easy road makes us softer, the hard road makes us harder. Besides, big brother is monitoring everything on the internet and using AI to get inside people’s heads. Censorship is counterproductive to surveillance.

        • Eh, that’s more Lamarck than Darwin and successors. It’s also very much like Nietzche. Evolution doesn’t (other than epigenetic lamarckian feedback) mean that we will grow stronger in a biological or social manner. It simply culls those unfit, and leaves the survivors to breed. Nothing about evolution maintains there will be survivors. The Right has been locked out of cultural power for decades, relegated to the talk-radio, FNC ghetto. It didn’t make us stronger.

  23. Banning free speech, like turning hoses and attack dogs on blacks, is a nasty thing to watch. I don’t believe lefties will be able to sustain a prolonged assault on the Bill of Rights, no matter how badly they desire it. And this article reminds us of how lefty continually throws inconvenient stories down the memory hole. This is something that will bother normies when you point it out to them…

    • I hate to point this out but the lefties have been engaged in a sustained assault on the Bill of Rights for the last 100 years. Just sayin’.

      • Last I looked, we still have the Bill of Rights. Lefty has chipped around the edges, for sure. The worst thing that happened to whites was the loss of freedom of association. That is where the real damage was done. And it was done by the “Greatest” Generation. Their liberal offspring took it from there.

    • I might have agreed with you 10 years ago. You underestimate your enemy’s hatred for you and everything you hold dear.

    • I was wondering how many conquistadors were marranos?
      How many of the leaders and organizers, especially.

      How many were mercenaries, how many were released convicts?

      • My recollection is that most were second and third sons of nobles who had titles but would inherit nothing and other nobles with titles but no money. Reconquest of the Iberian peninsula produced a lot nobles with military experience but also bled them of their money.

        • That’s pretty accurate for the Conquistadors. After Columbus was in the new world for awhile they did start empty in the prisons of their most violent criminals to send over as his helpers and his crew. He wrote repeatedly back to Isabel and Ferdinand that he could not control these men at all they had nothing to live for no family no children nothing.

  24. The more they tighten their grip….

    The big problem with the radical left is that they only know how to attack. They do not understand how to play defense. As a result, they cannot govern. They can rule, but they can’t govern. They are clumsy and hamfisted. Their efforts at total control will only breed more resentment and resistance.

  25. It will backfire. It already has for CloudFlare — when it booted Daily Stormer it went from being a utility to a gatekeeper. Now CloudFlare is culpable for everything its users do which is why it’s being sued for copyright infringement.

    • Fringe activists tend to receive tolerance from wider society when their numbers are few and they are not perceived as a threat. When Communism was perceived as a clear and present danger, the First and Second Red Scares saw many communists deported, imprisoned and fired. Eugene Debs was jailed. Now at least half of society thinks it is in danger of a clear and present danger from Neo-Nazis. And while a committed communist can expatriate to Cuba, where exactly is a Neo-Nazi supposed to go, Syria?

      • Budapest and Warsaw, I should think. And, when those get too crowded, then Sofia, Bucharest, Tallinn, Riga, St. Petersburg. Then, when those get too crowded too, onwards to Munich, Zurich, Geneva, Vienna, Hamburg. Then Helsinki, Venice, Moscow, Prague. Then, when even those are too crowded, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Florence, Rome. Then Cherbourg, Barcelona, Istanbul and Alexandria.

        Then Washington DC.

  26. You offer cold comfort, Z man. But we shouldn’t be comfortable. We have to recognize that our traditional confidence in the essential benevolence of our institutions may once have been right on the whole but no longer applies. If there is to be any protection now, we have to create it, individually or in “underground” alliances.

    The corporate state’s repression will succeed in many cases, but as you say, some normies will get the message and clear away mental cobwebs. Which effect turns out to be the stronger will be, as Wellington said after Waterloo, “a closely run thing.”

      • So am I. But I have to write down my password since Proton Mail won’t remember it, and if it’s written …

        • I use mnemonics as the baseline for all of mine. Looks like gibberish but may be first letters of a line from Shakespeare plus a number. Nothing is foolproof, but beats most methods and will stick in the lizard brain.

  27. Time to start planning in depth. Perhaps the old listservs need to make a comeback. Maybe some lessons can be taken from the colonial Committees of Correspondence. But the smart money would bet on the leftist pogrom getting far worse before it gets better.

    • From an accelerationist standpoint we want them to launch a bigger purge. NBC purging Megyn Kelly would have been a bigger story if not for the terrorism drowning everything out. Purges have a tendency to create sympathy for the victim, and even better if the left gets cocky and demands outright “hate speech” laws.

      • Users run Proton Mail or equivalent and encrypted end to end. Not very social, but think about how much grief folks in DC would have saved themselves using good old dead drops for their shennanigans.

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