Slavery As A Service

Unsurprisingly, the first step in the Progressive pogrom against normal people after the Pittsburgh shooting was an effort to de-platform Gab. The ruling class has a deep hatred of the site for a number of reasons. One being it puts the lie to the claim that the tech industry is an open market. The other is it puts the lie to the fact that Americans have constitutional rights. Anything that is seen as a challenge to Progressive rule is marked for death and the people in charge are not about to allow a tragedy go to waste.

The bodies were not even cold and the usual suspects were organized and sent out on social media, and then Progressive media, to denounce Gab as some sort of organized assault “on our democracy.” The only thing missing from the hysteria was the claim that Gab is a Russian agent. Everyone was supposed to drop what they were doing for a five minutes of hate against Gab, a tiny web site with about half a million users. FaceBook has billions of users, Google controls the internet. Yet, Gab is a threat to civilization.

Not soon after the signal from Prog was given, the heads of the tech oligopoly got together to throw Gab off the internet. First their hosting service, a company called Joyent, gave them 48 hours to find a new hosting service. The company is owned by Samsung and it is run by a loathsome bigot named Scott Hammond. The hope was that Gab would not be able to find a replacement over the weekend and the site would go dark. Word was sent out to the media to prepare a celebration of the event so Hammond could be honored.

Gab, ever resourceful, found another hosting company and was able to start making the transition, despite Joyent deliberately trying to sabotage their efforts. That’s when the next step in the operation was launched. GoDaddy, the registrar Gab used to buy the domain name, threatened to steal the domain name from them. This is the trick GoDaddy has used in the past, stealing domain names from owners, who hold opinions contrary to the official orthodoxy. Gab was able to avoid this and is in the process of moving to new digs.

Now, when you start looking at these companies, the thing that should ring out is they are pretty much the standard villain in Hollywood movies. They are large, soulless corporations run by bland automatons like Scott Hammond. They are men hired because they will just follow orders. When you look at a guy like Scott Hammond, you see the face of someone who never asks too many questions. He’s the guy who begs for his life at the end of the Hollywood action movie, but the good guy shoots him anyway.

The question that normal people ask is how this is possible. After all, these companies sign contracts and in theory, we still have courts where contracts can be enforced by impartial judges. While that is a laughable fiction now, the reality is these companies are not bound by standard business agreements. They have been allowed to carve out new law for themselves, forcing their vendors and customers to sign off on what is called an adhesion contract. This gives the tech giants absolute power over everyone else.

An adhesion contract or “standard form contract”  is a contract drafted by one party and signed by another party. The second party typically does not have the power to negotiate or modify the terms of the contract. Adhesion contracts are commonly used for things like insurance or rental contracts. When you rent a car or purchase car insurance, you just sign the contract, because you have to in order to rent the car or get insured. Every technology service provider is now basing their relationships on these types of contracts.

It used to be that the courts carefully scrutinized these types of arrangements, so the contract had to adhere to some basic principles. The courts would often use the “doctrine of reasonable expectations” to void all or part of these contracts, when there was lack of notice, unequal bargaining power, or blatant and substantive unfairness. The reason for this should be obvious. When a powerful company has the right to dictate the terms of the contract to their customers, they have all the power in the contractual relationship.

In western jurisprudence, a valid contract is one in which both parties freely engage and have equal opportunities to negotiate. When one party imposes the conditions on the other, that’s not a contract. That’s slavery. In a world where a handful of people control the public space, these types of contract give them arbitrary power over public discourse. If they become vexed with what you say, they can claim you have violated their terms of service and remove you from the internet. Again, the terms are dictated, not negotiated.

A recent, less emotional, example is what happened with Stefan Molyneux, the alt-lite YouTube personality. He has built up a large following on YouTube for his quirky brand of edgy commentary. He said the wrong thing and was informed by YouTube that his business would be shuttered unless he conformed to their terms of service. His only recourse, like a slave being whipped by the master, was to beg for mercy. After getting a reprieve, he will have to live knowing who holds the whip and who is the slave.

This is not something limited to social media. Microsoft has imposed similar terms of service on users of Office and Skype. In theory, it means they can stop your company from using these products if they find out the owner gave money to the wrong political candidate or has the wrong opinions. All of the content providers like Hulu, Amazon and NetFlix have implemented the same one-way contracts. While they have not banned people from using their services yet, it is something they now have the power to do.

This is why the “cloud” is so popular with the Cloud People. Turn on the television and you are treated to ads telling you how the cloud will solve all the problems of your life. What it is, of course, is an inducement to walk into the cage. Once inside, the door slams shut and you are now just another bit of property on the plantation. In the near future, Brendan Eich will not just lose his job. He will be found to have violated the terms of service for his refrigerator, car and checking account. Internal banishment becomes real.

Slavery tends to end one of two ways. The slave-based society is conquered or the slaves rise up and slaughter their slave masters. It’s too much to hope for the political class to ban these leonine contracts used by global tech to enslave the rest of us, but that would be the peaceful resolution. The courts could also return to the habit of carefully scrutinizing these agreements. Given the behavior of the political class, this seems unlikely. Judging by the physiognomy of Scott Hammond, the alternative seems certain.

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  2. I enjoyed reading that Zman. I watch Scott Adams’ periscopes every morning. He pissed me right off attacking Gab and blaming too much unrestricted free speech for thee attack. I had to break up with him for awhile. Love your podcasts my friend.

  3. Wondering what should be done… Should business’ be forced to provide service to anyone? Or should the cake baker have to serve Homosexuals even if his religion is against homosexuality??? Why should GoDaddy be forced to go against their views? It’s their product, right?

    • Is it really their product though? The new level of de-platforming goes beyond simply evicting people from web servers. These un-personed sites are being de-platformed at the level of top level domain registries. These are the services that make a domain name like have any meaning. They are natural monopolies and should be regulated in the same manner that other public utilities have been regulated. Plus it’s a bit galling for them to strike this attitude that the Internet is their private turf, when its entire existence is due to enormous public investment over the past 40 some odd years.

      It’s even more insidious though when you consider that virtually the entire tech industry is in collusion on this de-platforming. When Alex Jones got de-platformed, there was a clear cascade of synchronized banning of his content from the Apple AppStore to Facebook to YouTube and so on.

      It’s really no longer the simple model of “if you don’t like it you can take your business elsewhere”. Consider also, when the shoe is on the other foot they’ve already absolutely said “bake the fag wedding cake or else, bigot” so it would be frankly stupid for us to tie our own hands with private property ideals that the other side already ignores — certainly not this far into the match. That’s the sort of thinking conservatives deluded themselves into for decades, and they got steamrolled by the Left as a result.

  4. Or the justice departments could do it’s job and break up these tech monopolies for anti trust violation’s.
    Seems the evidence is there. But we seem to be short anybody with a spine in D.C.

  5. Simple question: since when is the left in love with the Jews? We all know they celebrate alongside Palestinians when their rockets slaughter Jewish toddlers and babies.

    Honestly, what would be the difference if this lone wacko was actually taking orders directly from the Ayatollah in Tehran? You know, the “death to all Jews” state that Obama forked over a few billion in cash?

    The level of hypocrisy is mind boggling.

  6. “Oh but they’re a private company and you ain’t got no free speech on somebody else’s property. Just go make your own website!”

    This ice cold take still pops up a lot among conservatives and libertarians. They don’t grok the new reality of what the public space is in the 21st century.

    Go make your own site? Tell that to the Daily Stormer, who had their domain name jacked. Not their hosting provider, but the domain registry. Boomers: that’s like Ma Bell saying you can’t have a phone number because they don’t care for the sort of things you talk about on the phone. What’s your recourse to that? Setup your own phone company and nationwide trunklines and switching infrastructure?

    Oh but the Daily Stormer is a neo-nazi site, so F them right? Well now it’s Gab getting the same treatment. Next time it will be mainstream right-of-center sites like gun and 2nd Amendment forums. Don’t think so? Look at how some banks and credit card companies already refuse to do business with gun stores, how the NY AG told banks it was “in their interest” to not do business with the NRA. What’s your favorite gun forum? The registry for their domain name might decide it’s not “in their interest” to resolve lookups for them anymore, especially when the Outrage Machine is looking for its next target.

  7. Howard Dean: “GAB should be tried as an accomplice to murder in synagogue slayings.”

    (Seriously, that’s REAL.) D vs. R is no longer about how much redistribution there is. Well, I guess in some sense it is, but when one side openly declares war on the Bill of Rights…

  8. Speaking of Hammond’s physiognomy, here’s a video of him being interviewed at an industry convention: . You should watch it. Seems to be a serious and sober tech exec. BSEE from Rochester and MBA from an Wharton.That’s a lotta cred, though nothing compared to what an autodidact IT guy can muster.

  9. When thinking of the thundering troops of Progressive Cossacks, it seems to be important to separate the passion from the fear. In the case of relative small fry like Joyent and Hammond I’d think fear could be the main motivator. If Gab is Literally Hitler for not censoring Bowers, then Joyent would be Literal Hitler for not deplatforming Gab, and Hammond would be Literal Hitler for not causing Joyent to deplatform Gab. Nobody with an office in San Francisco could expect to survive as Literal Hitler.

    Or maybe I’m giving him too much credit and he’s just another NPC.

    The banks are huge but not strongholds of active progressivism, they might be thought of as the Alpine Redoubts of the GOPe. In their defundings I’d also bet that a desire to not be Literal Hitler is paramount over actual beliefs.

    The “no hate speech” notices on public use copy machines are just standard risk avoidance, like the “no copyright protected material” notices that have been around forever. Who wants the hassle? Corporate machines have long been set to digitally store in HR or IT duplicates of all material copied in case a crackdown on abuse is ordered or a leak needs to be tracked but I doubt Kinkos cares.

    It’s in Big Tech that you find the passion. They are bound by no resource or market or even ethical constraints, truly believing themselves to be our mental and moral superiors. They can buy anyone and indulge any whim. They will destroy the country rather than risk an uncomfortable question from a young daughter at the dinner table.

    The merely fearful can be turned. But, as has been said here, if this is going to be a religious war we’ll all need to strap in….

  10. Looking at how our situation has evolved; the realistic assumption would be that the devolution continues along its current trajectory. What we are all looking for of course, is the act or actor that employs sufficient force to alter that trajectory. The usual source for that kind of force is the military (or some portion of it) that decides for whatever reason to act against the ruling class.

  11. Dunno. Although it may sound callous, I’m indifferent to death and suffering. Chalk that up to too much local broadcast news in childhood. But as someone who wants the Trump agenda to succeed (wall, deportations, Muslim ban, trade rebalancing, deregulation, improved economy), this weekend has been a huge and disgusting red pill for me. And I just don’t see much daylight between the comments section of this blog and Bowers’s postings in Gab. When Bowers said screw the optics, he knew he could count on you people. None of this is helpful, but you do you.

  12. A recent, less emotional, example is what happened with Stefan Molyneux, the alt-lite YouTube personality.

    Speaking of Molyneux, I was very disappointed by the quality of his recent video The Truth About the Pittsburgh Massacre.

    It was a trainwreck of false equivalence, anecdote masquerading as data, cherry-picked statistics and dishonest framing. Utterly awful for someone who puts himself forward as an expert on reasoned argument.

    And I say that as a fan of Stefan, but I gotta call them like I see them.

  13. I frequently see on this blog and others like it predictions for future revolutions, uprisings, etc. I understand the anger that is brewing in our country but I also know most Americans are fat, lazy and flat out wusses for the most part. Most folks are living a comfortable enough life that they are unwilling to rise up and fight. They will vent and complain on the internet all day but how many are really willing to lay down their lives for a cause? How many in our country are noble like Stonewall Jackson? Are millions willing to shed their blood for what needs to be done? I am very skeptic of that.

    I think America will go down much like the Roman Empire did. A slow, steady moral decline while at the same time a constant erosion of the middle class. In about 50 years America will be a shithole with no middle class and 80% of the country dependent on wellfare. Perhaps as robotics and technology continue to improve, the 80% on welfare will continue to not care as long as the internet, electricity and cable TV are still working. This reminds me of a certain movie called “Idiocracy”…

    • Please. You think the Chinese aren’t watching what’s going on over here on this gigantic land mass filled with natural resources and really sophisticated infrastructures. I think they can get an army over here half the size of our population. That’s the end

  14. As an aside, I am very encouraged by the fact that Trump seems to have learned his lesson when it comes to not touching the third rail of gun control after a big mass shooting. When the press challenged him on it this time, he just brushed it aside and went on the attack against the media. It seems he *does* take failed A/B testing to heart.

    • Even better, he added the classic “good guy with a gun could have stopped this” argument. Stopped the gun control traction dead in its tracks.

      Also, “hey guys, how ’bout this World Series game amirite?” Perfect.

  15. In regards to Stefan Molyneaux, you are correct – his brand is shot, and I can tell that he has changed his style to avoid offending the PTB. It really shook him up. I hope he comes back “firing” (too soon for high caliber euphemisms?), but I fear he has lost his edge for fear of being permanently de-platformed. VD was right all along about the need to create an entire technological ecosystem that can exist outside of the Dark Powers.

    • I understand the sentiment, but recent bank & credit card deplatformings have demonstrated that we’d have to build an entirely parallel economy and society. Not practical. We have to fix the one we have, or replace it after the War.

  16. A thought: with decentralized apps, blackchain technology, and cryptocurrencies the old gatekeepers of Big Silicon will lose their stranglehold.

    Paypal? We have Monero.
    Microsoft Azure? We have DeNet.

    I’ve even heard of a new DApp that will allow direct ordering from a supplier bypassing Amazon.

  17. At some point I think we will start to see a spontaneous movement towards targetted assissinations of these tech owners and their upper and middle minions. Perhaps not soon but then again perhaps today. Kill the chickens scare the monkeys.

    • That was what I was getting at about “deplatforming” the tech people, above — when they start getting deplatformed with extreme prejudice, such that even the H1Bs won’t want to take over, we’re in for a rough ride.

    • Like in France when peasants burned down chateaux and took out the seigneur, while destroying the rcord books.

    • When dealing with fanatics, never assume they will predictably respond to incentives. That Iranian woman who shot up YouTube because they banned her should have been a wake up call. The senior executives should have thought, “Maybe picking fights with harmless weirdos is a bad idea.” Instead, they redoubled their efforts.

    • If Curtis Yarvin is really going to free us from the whims of Silicon Valley by bringing forth Urbit, this would be the right time to do it.

    • Have you ever wondered what would happen were the big TV and cable networks to experience transmission difficulties for a few days, simultaneously. I have, tee hee.

      But seriously, in all this distillation of opinions and refining of strategy that led us to a short list of bad elements I’ve never heard anyone declare the MSM a target for anything but silent disgust. “Kill your TV” had a nice ring to it. I sense we’re all on board with that. But the media has a one-to-many configuration. Thinking in terms of efficiency, a “difficulty” at the source of transmission is far less work.

      The FCC has many licensing requirements, none less a priority than “transmission capability and consistency.” And here I was assuming the FCC was regulating content. Nope! They’re more concerned that broadcasters maintain an unbroken spigot of puke. To my knowledge, it has never been unbroken. So I reflect on Occupy Wall street and recall that MSM pretended it wasn’t there for at least 2 weeks. Perhaps they were working out an agreed upon story angle? Perhaps too the snipers were getting into position? What remains of the Occupy Wall Street legacy I feel is still a viable tactic is it’s decentralized nature.

      Cut to a scene of a security guard nervously passing a card key to some douchey looking millennial, a cable broadcasting engineer with a secret interest in activism. Camera pulls back to reveal the engineer crouching beside some equipment. Close up of tools being tossed into a backpack followed by a laptop. Camera follows inside the backpack, ominously revealing inside a Guy Fawkes mask!

      “Sir, they got CNN and MSNBC-R! The north-east PBS affiliates are saying it’s a glitch. We can confirm CBS, ABC, KRON-TV, WTBS.”

      So I ask again, what would happen were the above scenario to play out and 6-10 major networks go dark for 2 or 3 days? Bear in mind that the techniques used wouldn’t pose any risk of harm to anyone and cause only minimal damage to property. In other words, one could accurately describe it as acts of vandalism. Well, it’s a sure thing the MSM would declare it America’s worst terror attack and there would be 10 minutes of silence at all future Academy Awards presentations.

      I think, despite all the MSM hysteria the weight of public opinion would overtake it in the historical record. A silent Hurrah, and the Americans responsible would be deemed heroes. Maybe a few neighbors would finally exchange introductions. Maybe the revolution would finally begin.

  18. Remember that this is all part of a bigger picture. It’s not just about trashing the Constitution and abrogating laws. It’s about memetic subversion of an entire species. It’s about turning the masses into hive-minded worker drones via repetitious messaging & managed indoctrination. That is why they must censor Gab and its ilk. Do not be fooled. This is not simply a legal fight over Constitutional principles. It’s deadly serious warfare against 2 million years of evolution.

    • This comment is very important to keep in mind. Just because we are not in a (declared) war with them, does not mean they aren’t in a war with us. The stakes are very high, so the battle lines are varied and run deep.

      • ”You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you”. Think originally Trotsky was talking about the dialectic, but this translation serves its purpose.

  19. Z: “Anything that is seen as a challenge to Progressive rule is marked for death.” I often ponder the best way to visualize our ruling entity. An intimidating animal, like a bear, that can think a bit and might not kill you if you do the right things, like stay in your hole and keep quiet.
    Or an angry animal that actively seeks out intruders to maul, like a ghetto pitbull. Or is it some kind of mysterious sea creature like an octopus. Or a cruel-to-be-kind schoolmarm who really does think order and discipline will fix everything. Or do we picture it as a pre-programmed machine like the Terminator. Or a sophisticated philosopher of power like Jonathan Houseman in Rollerball. Or a giant red lobster simply seeking revenge on white people.

    • How about just, “a room full of Jews”?

      Consider the news cycle circa 2017-present…

      (church full of Christians gets shot up by mystery meat)
      MSM: meh, predictable gun control noises, radio silence.
      (white woman gets raped and murdered by black guy, pretty much every day of the week, pretty much every day of the year)
      MSM: meh, radio silence.
      (entire giant outdoor concert of white Christian country music fans mass-murdered, largest mass murder in American history)
      MSM: meh, it’s all a mystery, gun control noises, radio silence
      (white Christians get run over by zany fun-loving Muslims in trucks)
      MSM: meh, tolerance tolerance, redneck backlash worries, Islamophobia, radio silence)
      (tens of thousands of white European Christian LITTLE GIRLS methodically gang-raped by Muslims on an industrial scale)
      MSM: meh, don’t be racist, radio silence, put complainers in prison without due process
      (endless Muslim rapes and murders of White European women)
      MSM: meh, cost of doing business, radio silence.


      Lone crackpot shoots a handful of elderly Jews…

      MSM: ZOMG it’s Annuddah Shoah, Presidential decrees, large social media company shut down over the weekend, BOOM!, before even start of Monday business day.

      Like George Thorogood used to say, Who do you love?

      • “A room full of Jews”. Well I’ll be damn. I never pictured it that way. But that’s pretty funny. But only if they’re dressed as Hasidic Jews. A bunch of Hasidic Jews controlling everything from an air traffic control tower. I like it.

    • The trouble is, the oppression isn’t any one thing. Like light, which can be particles or waves depending on context, it’s lawfare and megaphone and de-platforming switch and institutional roadblock and controlled opposition and dozens of other metaphors symbolizing both an irresistible force and an immovable object.

      It is perhaps neither irresistible nor immovable. All these modes are connected, and pulling one thread may eventually weaken the whole tent where we are enclosed in darkness. We shall see.

    • Well, if the Dems crap out in the midterms then my vote is for mortally wounded Cape Buffalo, with every bit of his dying energy devoted to stomping you into a bloody puddle.

  20. I expect to receive flak for this, but I don’t approve of Andrew Torba’s emotional meltdown yesterday. You go to ground during this time. It attracts no sympathy, displays weakness, and provides comedy gold for the left. Literally none of us should ever expect fairness from a system that declares that we are on the “wrong side of history”.

    Others pointed out that he made a questionable decision purchasing the domain name. Not IT familiar, so clueless in that regard.

    • I agree, but the guy has been under assault for two years. I am willing to cut him some slack. Unlike most people, the guy keeps fighting. You fight with the army you have and the millennials are never going to sound like John Wayne. Their language will always be freighted with emotion.

      • If certain people cannot be trusted with an internet website, why not then just proscribe their beliefs and subject them to incarceration or deportation to a country of their choice?

  21. I’ll be honest, since (technically) I don’t think we can be punished for our thoughts (yet). It could be the time I spent in Germany, and my roots there, but when I heard about someone shooting up a religious institution involved in the refugee resettlement racket, a paraphrase of Obama’s buddy Bill Ayers came to mind: “I wish he’d done more.” Unlike the MAGA CivNat guy, whose pipe bombs looked like something out of an Acme cartoon, the Pittsburgh shooter seems to have taken the Breivik route and gone for the matador instead of the cape. If our culture war were still a cold war, maybe I could work up the pro forma “thoughts and prayers” B.S. for the “victims.” But those “victims” were perfectly comfortable creating the kind of society Europe already has, where a man can go to prison for reporting on barbarians raping and enslaving a houseful of mentally retarded girls. So yeah, fuck them. And if someone as even-keeled as me feels this way right now, there’s no telling where this country is heading. It’s just a fusion reaction of the left doubling down on suppression and antagonizing and the people in the country getting angrier and more enraged. And that “smug face” that a Scott Hammond or a Stephen Colbert has is even worse than cuckface.

    • I wonder if this isn’t the “John Brown Moment” of the 21st century. Read anything from the late 1850s; there’s this palpable sense of “fuck it, let’s do this already!” in the air… and not just in hindsight; people frequently commented on it at the time. Even after Harper’s Ferry there were still lots of people trying to iron out political solutions, but the most common reaction seemed to be a sigh of relief: “Finally!!” I don’t know if the synagogue shooting is that or not, but one thing is sure: The next few weeks are going to be *really* interesting.

  22. Two things:
    1. The cloud people use the term democracy the way European monarchies used divine right of kings. They also use the word assault to conjure up a violent war-like attack, when it is always the case that the assault they are talking about is one of political dissent. An “assault” on either the divinely appointed king or the sacred idea of democracy is evil and must be repressed by any means necessary. The cloud people have won the semantics/propaganda game.
    2. The term contract of adhesion was first used by courts to get ghetto people out of high-interest credit purchases, usually of furniture. All the bad stuff was in the fine print, which the buyer supposedly couldn’t read or understand. The term was later expanded to contracts such as Z describes. All terms of service contracts with giant companies, including utilities and social media, are contracts of adhesion. If you want to heat your house you have to sign the contract. If you want to communicate via social media, you have to sign the contract. The Trump-appointed Supreme Court will be dealing with this issue some day.

  23. On Friday, I had occasion to stop by OfficeMax to make some photocopies. Near the machine was posted a notice with Terms of Service, including that users are not allowed to make copies of “hate speech” or material from “hate groups”. So after they throw you off the internet, you can’t even go make a hundred copies of your thoughts to pass out on the streetcorner. That’s how thorough and how deep the “deplatforming” movement goes.

    • I often say this as a joke, but it arguably isn’t anymore. They want us put in the position of only being allowed to use postal money orders and printed newsletters. And they’ll probably ban the latter if it was threatening enough.

      • Then you aren’t paying attention. The Postal Money Order loophole was closed a few years ago. No government issued ID, no postal money order.

        • Are you implying that the gov’t could deny dissidents access to public services? At that point it seems they’d just lock us up. Or are you saying that having to present an ID means that the (black) USPS employee can doxx you?

        • The ID requirement for postal and other money orders was in the USA-PATRIOT Act in 2001. Since then, only actual currency can be used anonymously. And even actual currency is subject to reporting of “suspicious activity” and large dollar amount transactions whether or not “suspicious”.

    • the story about the guy making bombs was on the local TV news (CBS, NBC, etc) on the day it happened.

      BTW, that guy’s idea isn’t much differrent from William F Buckley’s..
      ” I should sooner live in a society governed by the first two thousand names in the Boston telephone directory than in a society governed by the two thousand faculty members of Harvard University.”

  24. As Vox Day would say, the top-level of US-based internet companies are fully converged. The good news is that the Internet is global and you don’t need to be tied to a US company. Sad to say, but in The Current Year the US is probably on the bottom of the list in terms of support for free speech. If you are looking for free speech, it’s better to go to Eastern Europe, Asia or the Middle East. (Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that sentence was possible to write 25 years ago.)

    Here’s a complete list of DNS Registrars:

    There are thousands of ISPs in Asia.

    At this point, any web site which is even modestly oriented toward dissident politics is clearly on notice: move your business out of the US of you will only have yourself to blame when you get shut down.

    • I think you are wrong about the Middle East. Since forever, the NSA has shared its hacks with them, and they have decrypted everything. And they aren’t shy about showing you the decrypted communications they have, to prove the point that none of your encrypted communications actually are. And this has been going in in the Middle East for DECADES. A Middle Eastern hacker let me know that even Bitcoin and crypto-currency is outlawed. If you want to use a cyber-cafe, you need government issued id and it is tied to your IP address during the time you are in the cafe. Free speech in the Middle East? I don’t think so. Young people there are naive, send nude selfies… and now the government authorities make them do whatever they want. The system is and will collapse; ISIS would have gotten no traction, except that so many females were compromised by their nude selfies and thus manipulable by shame.

  25. I don’t really look at gab but I hear you guys talk about it. What’s different about gab? What is the worst of the rhetoric one sees? They can’t have actual violent instigation, can they?

    That said, I think the matter can be reduced to the absurd. This was not the first anti Semitic spree shooting or attack. They occur at a rate of about one every decade or so, occurred before the internet age, and show no alarming uptick in frequency. On the contrary, perhaps they have become less frequent, although I have no real statistical data. Most of the recent ones have been related to Muslims and the Palestinian question, unsurprisingly, usually close in time to an intifada or whatever. Internet gabbing is no different from a bunch of guys chatting in a garage or receiving news letters through the mail. Would you ban these activities due to a spree shooting? Of course not.

    So we have this problem of dissident thought being deplatformed by establishment companies. Why would it be difficult or impossible for some of the altrighters to create their own platform, but your own server? I am technically ignorant and assume it has something to do with scale. If you are ideologically driven and not profit driven, you could just offer extremely cut rate prices to attract clients, similar to how amazon sells books at near cost. A post dealing with the tech aspects and economics of this issue might be useful. You have no idea how ignorant some of us are!

    • It’s SJWs all the way down. To build a free speech site you need your own hosting, as Gab has made obvious. You could build your own hosting company, but then you’d be vulnerable to CoLo providers or even the hardware makers. Hardware you can buy secondhand, and you could buy your own real estate (no CoLos) but then you’d be vulnerable to the big Internet backbone providers. Realistically it’s impossible to build your own backbone, it would take hundreds of billions of dollars to string fiber optics across the country, and the existing backbones would refuse to peer with you anyway.

      The bottom line is we need federal legislation that makes deplatforming illegal.

      • As an ISP is a “phone company” is it not also a “public utility” and “common carrier” that cannot discriminate? Alex Jones might be banned of social media (PrisonPaul isn’t) but his website is still online.

      • well said.
        also might add the ICANN must be willing to permit name and IP registration, another necessary but not sufficient piece of the internet game. note that obozo offshored that to an entity more amenable to direction of the UN than the fUSA.

  26. I’ve said many times that you’ll know things are serious when the tech infrastructure, in the widest possible interpretation of that term, is being attacked. When the tech giants’ employees risk being “de-platformed” themselves, it’s past the point of no return. Forget guys like Hammond. We assume that in places like Mexico, judges are corrupt. Maybe they are, or maybe they aren’t — it doesn’t matter, because cops won’t investigate and prosecutors won’t prosecute. I doubt a Mexican judge does five minutes of work a day. When the situation is such that Hammond’s orders fall on deaf ears because none of the code monkeys will come in to work, look out – Ft. Sumter II is just around the corner.

    • As someone involved in that industry, there is an unlimited supply of third world H1B scabs who would be more than happy to take over every job, and the tech giants know it.

    • Sev

      BigTech has been working hard at replacing white American tech workers with foreigners since the mid 90’s. The guys running those firms from Gates, Brin, Ellison, Zucky, etc. don’t like Americans at all. Hence their concerted efforts at removing their fellow whites from their companies and supporting political efforts to destroy the American people as a whole through demographic replacement.

      Have you ever taken a good look at those tech CEO’s? Most look like like creepy little men and act very much like creepy little men. Physiognomy is real.

      • Why would they hate American workers? I’ve never understood the mindset and the extends to the use of foreign labor for everything from lawn care to childcare to your doctor.

        • American workers have a tendency to talk back, quit when unsatisfied, and start their own companies. You don’t see it much today, but they are also more inclined to unionize. Plenty of FOB Asians are happy to be a tech drone, and immigrants due to selection bias tend to be harder workers.

          If we are talking illegals in service industry jobs, there are a lot of cash payments that dodge taxes. Legal guest workers are especially preferred in hotels and landscaping, as they make around 10x what they would in Mexico. So they work hard for 6 months and take the rest of the year off back in their home country.

        • When it comes to doctors, there is a loophole in the visa system that allows an uncapped number of doctors to immigrate to the US provided they work in a “low income” area for residency (80 hour work weeks). There is a reluctance to fund more training of native physicians, and we don’t actually lack enough smart people to become doctors. But there is a demand in US medical schools for affirmative action.

  27. No slave revolt has ever succeeded on its own. Even the Haitian revolution only succeeded because the mulatto gentry came to support it after seeing an opportunity to replace the French as the rulers of Haiti.

    We will eventually need our own elites, and to do this we will have to change how we think

    The right has a problem with what I call “clausewitzian thinking”. Clausewitz was a military thinker with a great many merits, but his thought is bound up in the conflict between organised states. He taught the merits of seeking battle to produce a decisive result. The right is too bound up in this idea that some decisive moment or person will come along and bring victory. It assumes fairly equal sides, a committed elite that leads us and acknowledged rules.

    We have none of those.

    Clausewitzian thinking shackles us, and keeps us from putting in the work to produce actual movements capable to exercising power.

    The right needs to shift its frame. Clausewitzian thinking no longer applies. We are a resistance movement, and we need to think like one. What is needed is a right wing Maoist frame of thought. We need to overcome our obsession with personalities, hierarchies and political eschatology and build proper, cellular distributed movements dedicated to obtaining power. This will mean temporarily compromising on principles in order to create new broad coalitions that can be carefully subverted.

    It will mean adopting the enemies techniques of deconstruction. It means a completely different way of thinking and organising that eschews nuremsperger dreams of some Fuhrer leading us to victory in the streets and embraces a long, grinding war of attrition against a far greater power.

    • This is a point I have made in the past, often tot he alt-right guys, who see themselves as a vanguard. Our situation is much more analogous to the Irish and the Hindus under British rule. Direct confrontation is futile. Instead, the resistance has to focus on making the cost of rule prohibitively expensive.

      • It’s hard to throw out an occupying entity by force, but it is much easier to make huge swaths of territory functionally ungovernable. At that point, the occupier only has a couple of options, all of them bad. He can simply put up with the fact that his rule effectively ends at the borders of his capital city (as is the case in American-occupied Afghanistan). He can pour money and resources into enforcing his rule until he can’t maintain the expense anymore and has to make a strategic retreat (as was the case in Soviet-occupied Afghanistan). If the locals can be talked into it, he can save face by granting them home rule while technically keeping them as subjects (Northern Ireland). Or he can pack up and leave his colonial possessions more or less voluntarily (Britain after WWII). None of these are good options, and none of them have the slightest appeal to fanatical utopian world-savers like the left. But as much as they like to believe that they can resist reality forever, they can’t.

        • How hard is it to literally burn crops? Take away the drug income and there is no more Taliban. There is no intention of winning, either by the corrupt Afghan leaders or by the desire of the Deep State to flood Iran with opium.

        • Northern Ireland has a large Scots-Irish pop which doesn’t care to be ruled from Dublin or Brussels, so they don’t have Home Rule.
          If you want to rule a territory plant a colony of your people in the area. Ireland would have been united years ago if not for the protestants in Ulster. The way the US gov beats opposition is to transplant immigrants and section 8 housing in areas where there isn’t enough diversity. .

      • Phase I – productive people step to the sidelines for a while. Phase II – everyone jumps onboard the federal gravy train and bankrupts the Treasury. Phase III – pandemonium ensues and incipient tyranny arises to fill the void. Phase IV – only the smart & strong survive. This experiment has never been tried before in a country with more firearms than citizens.

      • One need not have an actual conspiracy to achieve the practical effects of a conspiracy. More regimes have been brought, piecemeal, to their knees by what was once called “Irish Democracy,” the silent, dogged resistance, withdrawal, and truculence of millions of ordinary people, than by revolutionary vanguards or rioting mobs. — James C. Scott

      • @Dirtnapninja and Zman:
        There is an interesting series on Amazon Prime Video (I know, I know… but I haven’t had a cable box since 2008…) called “The Man in the High Castle.”
        It’s up to season 3. And it is an interesting dystopian view of the world, under the scenario of the Axis having won WWII. So the “Reich” is in the East, and the “Japanese States” are in the West. The middle is the Neutral Zone.
        My point in sharing this is related to Dirtnapninja’s comment about philosophy and how it influences movements.
        What’s interesting about this teevee series is that the resistance is just that: the resistance. They get a few good sucker punches in to the powers that be, here and there, but largely, they are a rag-tag bunch of groups in different cities from Montana down to New Mexico. There’s no leadership, but there is a black market.
        It’s really interesting, and could be what unfolds for us in modern-day.
        Except with technology, which makes it trickier.

        • The nature of resistance is that it loses far more often than it wins. And no resistance can win without

          1) external assistance or
          2) help from a faction of elites.

          The left had both..they had the backing from the soviets and an internal faction of wealthy and powerful with a vested interest in backing them. After the USSR fell, the billionaire fake charity foundations took over the role as sugar daddies, and now we are at where we are at.

          We cannot ‘win’.

          But we can help create enough chaos and polarisation that the elites themselves start to feud. At this point one faction may begin taking an interest in supporting us. Failing that, a foreign power may take in interest in supporting us. Until then the first priority is surviving. And to do this requires we learn from the masters themselves..the left.

  28. I don’t know where I read it, hell it was likely here, but the refusal to prosecute Hillary was the watershed moment. There has always been one set of rules for the “elite” and another set of rules for the rest of us. Fringe people, like me, have always recognized this and adjusted accordingly, but this was such a blatant in your face fuck you, that the normies started waking up. The proper response is to become a sociopath. Fuck you, and everyone else, I’m taking care of me and mine. Me and mine is my family, and my tribe. This is gonna get ugly boys and girls.

    • I’ve been saying for a very long time that the Clintons are the inflection point in American politics. When Progs could not bring themselves to purge those grifters from the Ozarks, the die was cast. The Snopes clan had won.

      • The Snopes clan? We should be so lucky. If dregs like Booker and Harris are what the Dem future has to offer, I’d say it’s more like the Bundrens who won.

      • Hey, hey, hey, I live in the Ozarks, and the Clintons ain’t from here. Bill is no-account trash from southern Arkansas, and of course Hillary was a transplant from Chicago. They lived and reigned in Little Rock, which may well be corrupt and blue, but it’s well south of the Ozarks.

        It’s bad enough to be lampooned by a crummy Netflix show, now we’re being tied to Mr. & Mrs. Satan of the modern Democratic Party. Unjust!

        • That’s a fair complaint. I actually like the Ozarks, but my ancestors were fond of running down hill.

        • @Shrugger: Hear hear! Northern Arkansas/the Ozarks is a beautiful area with lots of WHITE families and kids. My husband and I took a brief trip there a few months ago. En route, at a pit stop in Clinton’s hometown of Hope, saw a bunch of veiled Muslimas. Once up north there were no pajeets, almost no Han, no blacks, a handful of Mexicans. If we had won last week’s lotteries we’d be out of the DFW area and buy acreage there stat. It was like being back in America, and we loved it.

          • I was in Blue Ridge Georgia about a month ago. All white. Never saw a black person or a brown person on any of the work crews, working anywhere, doing anything. Stopped at McDonald’s on my way out of town and the nice older white lady working the drive-thru window told me to have a blessed day after we joked around a bit about something that I can’t remember. It was Heaven

          • I can top that:
            The last time I visited the west coast of the Olympic peninsula, the motel custodian was a fit-looking middle-aged white guy.

          • 3G, as it turns out, I’m actually a transplant myself, from DFW, five years ago.

            The demographics here are as you describe. The only vibrance to speak of is the sky on a sunny day. Paradoxically, tacos are in good supply. Churches too.

          • Shrugger – yes, we met quite a few transplants – from Texas, Florida, and a ton of oldsters from Chicago. But the vast majority are White Christians, and in the smaller towns (pop 200 – 2000) most are locals who’ve been there for generations. Classic, salt-of-the-earth Americans. While we cannot afford to move yet, that’s our goal and we have a number of like-minded friends here who are similarly enamored, after hearing our report and seeing our pictures.

      • Yeah, I feel like we’ll be digital nomads, exiled from the Prog Elysium. Signed up for wrongthink yesterday only to find it is down all day today for maintenance. Not gonna bother with a Gab alternative if we have to decamp every few months. Better to just become more anti-fragile IRL and network with local trad folk.

    • It was the Senate GOP that made Sessions promise not to go after Hillary during his confirmation hearings. I remember FoxNews televising it and saying nothing about it.

      Of course it should not come as a surprise given that the Senate GOP was all prepared to work with Hillary the President and that Ryan and McConnell actively opposed Trump during the campaign.

      They actually got together with BigTech at Sea Island to figure out how to stop Trump.

      You wonder why the GOP is silent on BigTech? Because they’ve been working with them.

  29. One of the more enlightening reads on American corporations is called “Gangs of America”. It’s a free PDF download if you Google the title. The title says it all about why Americans, and the rest of the world, have been bullied by corporations for well over 100-years.

  30. Sorry to be off-topic but I didn’t have any other place to ask.

    I’ve been living in Thailand for the last 13 years but I visit back home to Colorado once a year to spend time with my parents and enjoy the summer. I was raised in an extremely liberal town and I was pretty typical of the people there (I still to this day have never met a Republican that I am aware of).

    Since I’ve been coming back home I’ve noticed the staggering rise of Latino people flooding in to the state and because of my experience in the 3rd world I’m extremely worried given that I *know* where this is going.

    My friends and family back home are deeply entrenched in the idea of multiculturalism and have little to no tolerance for my (now) heretical views on race. They’re not bad people but they just don’t know any better given how sheltered they are from “diversity”.

    The panic reached a peak this summer when I saw a picture in my parents house that said something like “class of 2025” and it was of an entirely Latino elementary school class. Apparently they’re donating to schools with non-White populations (sickening).

    I’m really disturbed by this given my step dad never had kids of his own and his reason was “the world already has too many people”. He was gracious in taking in me and my brother, he’s a good Christian man from Kansas, but this feels like a betrayal and treason almost. It breaks my heart to know that these otherwise well intentioned people are literally giving away our state out of ignorance and naivety.

    I find solace in reading blogs like this one where people actually acknowledge what’s happening and that we White people are a nation of our own and you can’t replace us with other peoples children.

    So anyways, thank you for listening and thank you for the blog. If anyone knows of any other content that you’d think a person like me would enjoy please let me know.


        A lot of rural CO in the mountains is leftist, due to white liberals buying houses there for ski. The Hispanic population there works in the travel industry jobs. Lots of illegals and legal guest workers that presumably aren’t voting, but then again this is a mail ballot only state. CO also has legacy Hispanics from the Spanish days in the Pueblo area. Trump actually won this county as you can see on the map, Reagan never did.

        • I have no idea about demographics in CO now. I’ve just learned in the last few months that we have all-Hispanic schools in Denver and surrounding areas (maybe some we legacy as you mentioned). 95% of the yard workers I saw last summer looked like new recruits from south of the border. When I left all those jobs were still held by white kids like me. The flood gates are open now and entire generations of kids from illegals are appearing in the schools, parks, etc… Shocking to say the least.

          • Read my post below. This has been happening for 35 years in Colorado. The kids appearing in schools, parks, etc. are just as likely the grandchildren of illegal aliens who arrived 10-30 years ago with their kids in tow. You were insulated from it by high housing prices in the liberal enclave of Boulder. Welcome to reality, kid. Life comes at you fast.

            Make your parents face their rank hypocrisy when you are back next summer. Go out for dinner in northeast Denver or Westminster instead of lily-white Boulder. Make them drive down 36 and exit Sheridan and go South into Denver, or exit Federal and go either North or South. You’ll drive miles on Federal without seeing white people or even many signs in English. Drive them over to Commerce City and Brighton. See if they can put 2 and 2 together.

    • The situation you’re describing is so bad that not only normal people are terrified of it, but even native-born criminals. I remember reading a book by Edward Bunker (a lifelong con) who talked about getting out of prison after fifteen years or so and returning to his old digs in Southern California and being overwhelmed by how quickly LA had devolved into Mexico. It is definitely true that people who have expatriated (like you) or been taken out of society (like Bunker) have a clearer view than those of us who’ve been sitting here the whole time as the world changed around us. It’s that Parable of the Boiled Frog. It may feel like a Jacuzzi but we’re cooking.

      • The white rich people in the suburbs are the ones most in favor of mass immigration it seems but they are the ones who will experience diversity last. These people have done so much to destroy the country and they don’t even know they’re living in the hallowed out carcass of the America they grew up in.

        • Re: “The white rich people in the suburbs are the ones most in favor of mass immigration it seems but they are the ones who will experience diversity last.”

          When it finally sinks in what has happened to the country, those same folks will be writing large checks for armored limousines and SUVs, just like their counterparts south of the border in Mexico. Gated communities with armed guards, high-etch burglar alarms and armored vehicles – and life will go on as before. The wealthy will insulate themselves from diversity – unless the odd riot breaks out in their neighborhood, that is.

    • Okay, I’ve written extensively about Colorado on this blog before but I’ll give it another go.

      Colorado is a case study in how to turn a red state blue by implementing sanctuary city policies which encouraged illegal immigration. This began long before you left, during Denver Mayor Pena’s tenure beginning in 1983 (before open borders was the formal policy of the Democrats), but really took off during Mayor Webb’s administration beginning in 1991 and has continued unabated under Mayor Hickenlooper and Mayor Hancock. Colorado’s legislature and Governors, like many others in the US, stood by for 35 years and did nothing as illegal immigrants poured into the Denver area.

      Denver is now approximately 35% Hispanic. There are entire areas of Denver which would appear to be in Mexico or Central America. This was true when you lived here 13 years ago. Denver Public Schools are approximately 55% Hispanic, so the demographic future of Denver is predetermined. However, the influx of people from California (more damn Democrats) is driving gentrification, which is pushing Hispanics into the suburbs north of the city.

      Although political analysts refer to Colorado as a purple state, the truth is that it is now a blue state with a few legacy Republicans holding on for their political lives. The last Republican governor was elected in 1999. There will never be another. Democrats hold the House and this year they are likely to take the Senate. Republicans will never hold power again in Colorado.

      At the Federal level, Senator Corey Gardner (a squishy moderate Republican if ever there was one) will almost certainly lose in 2020. Colorado has 7 representatives: 4R, 3D. Mike Coffman’s district has turned blue due entirely to immigration and he will likely lose in 2018 so it will go 3R, 4D. Colorado will likely gain a district following the 2020 election. It will be blue.

      The only way I can see Colorado going red again is if the federal government rescinds the subsidy schedule for the Obamacare Medicaid expansion program. Medicaid expansion put another 550,000 people on the Medicaid in Colorado at a cost of nearly a billion dollars, 97% of which is covered by the feds. (Nearly 25% of Colorado’s population is now covered by Medicaid.) If Colorado taxpayers had to cover even 50% of the cost of Medicaid expansion the state would go red again in a heartbeat.

    • I spent 6 years in Boulder and Aspen. When I left Aspen in 1993 the local restaurants started hiring illegal immigrants who couldn’t speak English. One night a group of Guatemalans got into a knife fight with a group of Columbians or Hondurans at the downtown bus stop. The letters to the editor were a laugh riot: how could this happen in our sweet little town (of white people)?

      Because those every day low low prices have a downside, darlin.

    • I am in the same boat you are. My family is much the same. I had to live in the world they refused to see. As the problems became more obvious they became less tolerant of my fascism/homophobia/racism/sexism/hateyness…and our family broke.

      It’s weird, being unpersoned and exiled for violating the family’s code of conduct: sure, there’s bitterness and anger… but there is peace and freedom that everyone deserves too.

      It’s a cliche now, but… if you ever feel the need, listen to your heart and walk away. I wasted a lifetime trying to coexist with progs. They are going to destroy themselves and they’re going to hurt a lot of good people when they do.

  31. Well the word was released from up high, Jordan Peterson:
    All you using (((three brackets))) online to oh-so-cleverly disguise your pathetically fashionable antisemitism might reflect today on what responsibility you bear for this:

    Get ready for much more of this shyte.

    Vox Day weighs in:
    Effectively, there are no contracts anymore in the digital economy. There is no predictability anymore. There is no accountability. There is no responsibility. …

    • Most people in the middle regard us with hostility. They think Ben Shapiro is “far-right”, and probably a “white nationalist”, the Anti-White New York Times said so. Just as most other developed countries ban the average person from owning firearms, they also ban most forms of far-right activism. Your average middle-class left-of-center voter doesn’t think France or Germany is an oppressive dictatorship.

    • When they come for him, and they will, all the people he stabbed in the back will return the favor.

      • I was terribly disappointed when he attacked you, Z, and over nothing. I see you are laying in wait. I hope you won’t jump on the band wagon when the blackness comes for him.

        I wish he had not done that. It was cringe. Yet I prefer to give him a wide berth given that he has done a lot of good for our side.

        We can not afford to lose either of you.

        • were you wearing a wedding dress while you squirted that out? You remind me of an adult retard re-enacting the end of the movie “Shane”.

        • Who attacked Z? I searched on Jordan Peterson and Vox Day for attacks on Z and didn’t find anything.

          On a different topic, does Peterson really believe that antisemitism is fashionable? I wish my friends and family knew that.

          • Vox went after Z a couple of years ago over something stupid….a reference to something historical I believe. It was ridiculous.
            Vox is prickly and there is no telling what he will do. But as I said, we need them both. Gamergate was invaluable.

    • Peterson is correct. You can’t get through five comments in any conservative blog without some dick head and his triple parenthesis blaming everything on the Jews. Jews are of above average intelligence, work hard and, unlike Asians, they are good communicators; hence they’ve achieved positions of power in the U.S. So Cooter and his AR-15 hate the powers that be, so they hate the Jews. Get over it. (And I’m not a Jew, if you care.)

      • So which way do they vote? Patriotic? Or rootless cosmopolitan?

        Lots of us have negative perceptions about Mormons, but Anti-Mormonism seems rather scarce. Why do you think that is?

        • “So which way do they vote?”

          You could say the same thing about blacks, hispanics and women, including my wife. It’s one thing for many individual members to be misguided, vs. tarring an entire group as operating a vast conspiracy to destroy the West, which is common thought amongst the triple parenthesis crowd. And my above post already has a net -3 vote, meaning a plurality of commenters on this blog are anti-semites, which is disappointing.

          • So you’re saying I have no right to dislike certain tribes?

            It’s perfectly fine for people today to be vocal about disliking the white tribe, or the Trump tribe, or the male tribe, or the republican tribe, or the alt-right tribe, but if you dislike the Jew tribe you’re disappointing…or evil Nazis?

            I. Don’t. Care.

          • Honestly our stances are probably mild. All I ask is that their community stop supporting imperialist wars in the Middle East, and call for an immigration moratorium. If they can’t stomach that, perhaps they would be happier in Israel.

        • So which way do they vote? Patriotic? Or rootless cosmopolitan?

          “Jews earn like Episcopalians and vote like Puerto Ricans.”
          — Milton Himmelfarb

      • Not so much. Jews have a mean IQ about the same as Episcopalians or folks of northern European stock.

        • When you say “about” the same, you discount how much a mother will do to make sure her son has a 115 iq instead of a 110 iq. It is the difference between a good worker and an adequate manager with a 30% higher salary and ability to support grandchildren.

      • The two most important existential issues for whites (handed down through ages of Anglo-Saxon custom and after much struggle and bloodshed) are the right to free speech and the right to self-defense. The organized Jewish community is demonstrably, vocally, and proudly on the wrong side of this issue. Your friend Morrie the Ambulance Chaser with gold chains may be Jewish, but not part of the organized Jewish community, though on the third important issue (national sovereignty) even rank and file non-hostile Jews are usually pro-open borders due to the Ellis Island schmaltz (in all fairness, your “Bridge and Tunnel” type Italians are also susceptible to this). Audacious Epigone has done a lot of good work on this, if you care and you’re not just trying to obfuscate.

      • Re: “You can’t get through five comments in any conservative blog without some dick head and his triple parenthesis blaming everything on the Jews.”

        Taken as a whole, mainstream WASP America isn’t an intolerant or bigoted place. Genuine anti-Semitism is rare. Even those people who might feel animosity toward them (or any other identity group) pretty much know the score – that such discourse is verboten in today’s USA.

        In light of this fact, the appearance of anti-Semitic comments, like clockwork, on conservative websites strikes me as one of two, perhaps three things.

        First, since the internet is a worldwide phenomenon, in principle there is absolutely no reason the intelligence services and/or cyber-warfare services of nations like Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, to name a few Muslim nations, can’t post such remarks as a sort of counter to the increasing scrutiny they – the Islamic world – are under in this, the Age of Trump.

        Second, it is nearly-certain that Soros-backed groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the like are sowing anti-Semitic comments on conservative websites as quickly as they can, since the presence of such comments can then be used as a basis for criticism of these same websites and their authors. The deep-state can plant “anti-Semitic comments” just about anywhere these days – including in the digital existence of perceived enemies of the status quo.

        Third, there exists a backlash against the neo-conservative movement, in particular its interventionist foreign policy, within the younger generations, and even within the ranks of the “Normies” as well. There has been a concerted effort by the Left to link criticism – any criticism – of their program, as anti-Semitic. Including neo-Wilsonian and neo-con policies.

        The deep-state establishment loves to accuse its opponents of anti-Semitism since that also allows them to deploy the Nazi card, their ultimate insult.

        • Georgiaboy61, your comment leads to the point that we need to know who we are dealing with, and pay attention. There is a nucleus of commenters here that are known entities, and each of them brings something to the conversation. We need to be careful of unknown outside “new” commenters. Not to be all cliquey or anything, but a big value of this site, as it was envisioned by Z, is to provide a robust and useful commentary in the threads. Today’s comments are generally exceptional in that regard. But we need to do some self-policing, and it is in our interest to do so. Don’t give Tiny Duck too much leash. The JQ is an easy trap for the Soros types to plant, and since there are many aspects to the question, it is easy to fall into a trap that makes a mess of things.

        • There’s the rabbit hole i would hunt. No shit, all that nazi crap was inserted for bait. PEOPLE! We have to get in front of this. 4d chess cant be won in 2d. We knew to watch for a false flag. But still can’t keep up with these clowns.

    • “What if I told you you could fight political correctness, stop the Islamization of the West, lose fifteen pounds, and refinance your mortgage? You’d tell me ‘Jordan, you’re crazy!’ But it’s true! Buy my new book ‘Twelve Rules for Life.’ Act now and I’ll throw in this patent medicine nerve tonic designed to increase your IQ by ten points.” -Jordan Peterson

  32. I was momentarily dreaming of a Court Case. THE Court case going all the way to the Supreme Court that would begin to set such matters ‘right’. Then I remembered the fetid abortion of ‘legal principles’ (hah!) that has been the PayDayLoan ripoff scams. Financial Services is what they call that. Not All that long ago we called it “Usury”. Loan Sharking. That sort of thing. It was even illegal…

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