Playing With Fire

On more than a few occasions, I have made the point that the greatest threat to Jews in America is other Jews. While there no doubt exist plenty of anti-Semites, counter-Semites and bigots, they are powerless to act on their opinions. Sure, one can go bonkers and shoot up a synagogue, but that guy could just as easily have thought his dog told him to shoot the Pope. In a big open country, you will have a nut of every variety and on occasion, one will slip the leash and cause mayhem. There’s no remedy for it.

As far as a serious threat to Jews, there never has been one in America, because the culture of the country has never been hospital to confrontational tribalism among white people. Instead, it is a frontier culture, where tribes just avoid one another if they cannot get along. Talk to a European about moving around and they will marvel at the casual way in which Americans just pick up and leave if they think the next town is better. The result of this is our anti-Semites tend to be separatists, not confrontational.

That’s a good thing, but it is not an immutable thing. As the country becomes majority-minority, whites are slowly starting to think of their racial identity as their primary identity and their primary interest. In one of life’s ironies, the Progressive demands for tribalism are creating a white tribe, organized to defend white people from the predation of the Left. It may simply be an inevitable result of demographics, but white Americans are slowly coming to terms with the reality facing them. As a result, that frontier mentality is waning.

This will be a different world for Jews, who have enjoyed a casual indifference from the white majority, since Jews migrated here in bulk at the start of the last century. Instead of a disjointed and raucous host population that sees Jews as just another ethnic group within the white majority, Jews will have to live in a world of identity politics. That’s going to mean a return of the old habit of policing the ranks. Jews will have to hunt down and silence members of their own tribe who are bad for Jews. People like Michelle Goldberg.

I have gone around and around with anti-Semites on the issue, but I am not an anti-Semite, or even a counter-Semite. I don’t do the point and sputter, as I think antisemitism, in its primary form, is just an opinion. The same is true for counter-Semites, who strike me as quite reasonable, even if we don’t always agree. As a result, I get along with everyone on the Semitic spectrum. I have readers who are Semites, philo-Semites, anti-Semites and counter-Semites and everyone in between. Indifference has his benefits.

That said, the endless taunting that comes from liberal Jews in the media is going to make even the indifferent observer sympathize with the anti-Semites. How could it not? I look at that post and see a smugly stupid woman celebrating the demographic replacement of white people. My first thought is, “who does this woman think is going to defend her when they come for her?” My second thought is, “even if I’m still around, I won’t be lifting a finger for her.” Michelle Goldberg is bad for Jews and Jews would be wise to muzzle her.

To quote Burke, “When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.” That’s the situation facing Jews in America. In their ranks are bad people, combining to set the world on fire. No question they are aided by plenty of liberal whites in their efforts. The trouble is, whites are permitted to call out liberal whites for this stuff. Only Jews can police their ranks and thus far, we are greeted with a deafening silence. Good Jews stand by and do nothing.

Now, I’ve been around long enough to know that it is not easy for Jews to publicly call out fellow members of the tribe, particularly on tribal grounds. That silent consent has been a valuable survival skill, but now that virtue is being fashioned into a vice. Odious carbuncles like Noah Rothman, rely on the unwillingness of Jews to speak out, so they can spread their toxic filth in the political culture. Michelle Goldberg just assumes no one will dare confront her over her anti-white hatred. That can’t go on. It won’t go on.

Sensible Jews have to accept the wisdom of Burke and condemn these bad Jews, not for being mistaken, but for being bad for Jews. More important, sensible Jews need to accept the support from sensible whites in this matter. No one is expecting Jews and Gentiles to lock arms and sing Amazing Grace. What we can expect is to keep the crazies on the chain and for sensible people to take pleasure in putting the crazies back on the chain, even with the support of those outside their tribe. Good neighbors do that for one another.

The stuff appearing in the media every day from liberal Jews is the great threat to Jews in America. Allowing unstable lunatics to call for white replacement, with the imprimatur of the elite media, is playing for fire. Sensible people, when they see a child, a simpleton or a lunatic playing with fire, they do what they must to stop it. That’s the situation facing sensible Jews in America, with people like Michelle Goldberg. Her bigoted rhetoric is going to get a lot of people killed, unless her people throw a net over her.

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  1. We were warned 8 decades ago. Warned that the tribe – unless separated in due time and given their own homeland – would destroy White Culture and the whole White Race. Our grandfathers laughed and fought a bloody war to make just that happen.
    Then they called themselves “The Greatest Generation”.

  2. Good analysis of the general situation, but a very poor understanding of Jewish psychology.
    Plenty of Jews are more than happy to throw their fellow Jews under the bus if they think they can save their own hides or if it helps with their social acceptance.
    For example, most American Jews threw Israel under the bus when it needed them the most, and voted Obama and Hillary.
    What motivates Liberal American Jews is two things: 1. The almost pathalogical desire to be accepted by general society. 2. The fear of being the only minority in a society dominated by an otherwise homogeneous. 3. Wanting to run with the pack, just like most people prefer in general. 4. Younger people take their cues from the older generation, and some will take those cues to an extreme.
    Regarding point #1: since they live in the liberal dominated urban conglomerates, they percieve that their way towards social acceptance is to be “more Catholic than the pope”, or in this case, more liberal than anyone else.

    Jews that are more in touch with their heritage tend to be more politcally conservative.
    Reform and ‘Conservative’ streams of Judaism actually worship Liberalism rather than Judaism.
    Considering the fact that these streams are shrinking demographics due to low birthrates and high levels of intermarriage, in a few generations, the demographics might very well be radically different.

    In the meantime, the only way that majority Jewish political leanings will change, is if: A. popular culture is radically altered by a white racially conscious majority (not likely), or B. Jews start to feel more threatened by the non-white minorities than the idea of being the only minority in a homogenous country.

    Finally, Jews are an ethnic and religious minority, not a racial one. The article seems to imply otherwise.

    • “Reform and ‘Conservative’ streams of Judaism actually worship Liberalism rather than Judaism.”
      Indeed. This effectively means that, of your 4 points about them, 3 of those also largely pertain to lefty Gentiles.
      The one point, that is distinctive to these Jews is, that about “the idea of being the only minority in a homogenous country”.
      I suspect than this point applies much more to the single women, than to the other Jews.

      However, I don’t share your pessimism about the unlikelihood of popular culture being radically altered.
      While there’s been so much talk here about Jews, the Manoshere is quite abuzz, about how much of a dent is being made vs. the Left, by widespread popular revulsion if not rage, at the feminists’ performance in the Kav affair, and thus at the Left’s acquiescence at this performance.
      (I’m still incredulous, that the Dems would’ve let Feinswine expose them to this risk.)
      When I hear of NPR conceding that, indeed, #MeToo effectively means “*always* believe women”, my hopes rise that, indeed, the Left is provoking an underground revolution in public opinion, with potentially seismic consequences.

      If Tuesday shows the “Blue Wave” to have been wishful thinking, look for huge recriminations to be hurled at the feminists (esp. by middle-class black men), and look for a major increase in #Walk Away running from a declining Pack.
      I’m stocking up on popcorn.

      On Jews not being a racial minority, that is an oversimplification.
      While Jew-haters make too much of Jews’ “racial” differences from whites, Jewry does have an intense ethnic element mostly absent in, say, Catholicism.
      Lapsed (“cultural”) Judaism tends to be, in some cases anyway, rather more intense than lapsed (“cultural”) Catholicism.

      • I think much of the trouble is that he wears some rather limiting blinders. His resort to calling people “White Nationalists” and “losers” when he doesn’t like their post, is especially stupid of him. He’s another example of smart people doing dumb things.

        • Honestly, his Super-Jew routine is intolerably silly. It reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where the dentist converted to Judaism and started telling Jew jokes. “Dancing a hora in a minefield”?? He talks like someone trying to talk like devout Jews talk.

    • Respect to you. We may be on the opposite sides of battle lines that we can’t change, but I honor you.

  3. There is an additional problem here. It’s not merely the gloating of the Michelle Goldbergs of the world, which is bad enough. It is (literally) 1,000+ rabbis signing onto letters sent to Congress and the President demanding open borders — and celebrating that letter on the HIAS website. There are only, what, 7M Jews in the U.S.? That 1,000+ rabbis representing their congregations speaks for a considerable chunk of that 7M. Jews opposing that serious chunk of Jewry are practically invisible. Even the neocons of the world like Jonah Goldberg and Bill Kristol are openly supporting white extinction.

    But what is really a problem is shutting down free speech. As long as people are talking, they are not shooting. Deliberately shutting down their ability to talk is ridiculously crazily dangerous. Unfortunately, as you have pointed out, Jews are having a problem getting negative feedback, therefore the behavior cannot self-correct.

    Anybody who says: “Hey, maybe some asshole named BLOOMBERG and another named SOROS and the Jewish ADL should not be loudly advocating gun control while waving stars of David …” gets slammed as a “Nazi.” Anyone who points out what these scumbags are doing, and mere verifiable facts, gets his websites shut down, his ability to accept payments shut down and if his real identity is known, he gets fired from his job, ends up divorced and homeless … WITH A GUN IN HIS POCKET AND NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE.

    I thought Jews were supposed to be smart. Maybe some are.

    But it seems these racial arsonists who have so much fun inspiring the brown hordes to hate whitey … missed the memo that when they are ready to kill whitey, as far as the brown hordes are concerned, being rich and circumcised isn’t going to buy anyone an exemption.

    A have zero animus against Jews just for being born Jewish. I know there are some awesome Jewish people in the world, and also some Jews who have made amazing net contributions to humanity. These are undeniable facts.

    If there are a substantial number of good Jews out there — Jews who specifically will work AGAINST the extinction of white people in America and who do NOT want to destroy our Bill of Rights — the time for them to stand the hell up was ten years ago, but now is the next best choice.

    • John, Jews like Jim Kunstler have indeed been standing up, if not outright busting their asses, but they’re mostly spitting into an ocean.
      They haven’t yet managed to get their mitts on a megaphone, and they don’t have the $$ to buy the wads of air-time, to really compete with Soros etc.

        • Line, strictly speaking, you’re correct about me as NAJALT.
          Indeed, I’m also NABALT (Not All Blacks Are Like That), NAMALT (Not All Moslems Are Like That), etc.

          I’m harder on blacks and muzzies, than on Jews, despite being NABALT and NAMALT,
          I seem so NAJALT, because I judge the “forest” case
          against them to be *so* much weaker, than the “forest” case against blacks, muzzies, etc.

          My judgement, based on decades of (you might say exotic) experiences and study, is that whites are making a major error, when they stew about the JQ, esp. insofar as this stewing distracts from other, far-more fruitful paths of analysis (incl. of the gross impact of the Modern Megaphones, of recent[?] aspects of feminism, and of the Deep State).
          If you can recall which aspect of my arguments are the weakest, I’d be happy to responsibly engage about them.

          Just not right now, as I’ll be away, for a social engagement.

  4. Holy crap, reading all the comments of Z’s Jew posts you feel like a dog who ate an entire XL bagel pizza and is so stuffed with Jew he just wants to die.

  5. What makes you believe that this loon doesn’t represent the majority view of jews in the USA? I suggest you look at the jews in South Africa.

  6. Zman: “Only Jews can police their ranks and thus far, we are greeted with a deafening silence. Good Jews stand by and do nothing.”

    Agree. Of course Jews have always argued with each other. The main point of contention among them was the PQ (The Palestinian Question). I think I.F. Stone was one of the first prominent intellectual Jews to voice opposition to what Israel was doing to the Palestinians.

    He and the like-minded Jewish writers who followed in his path apposed aggressive Zionism, not for the Palestinians or for true justice, but for how the world would someday turn on Jews for their Palestinian atrocities/hypocrisy/cruel Jew bullshit.

    They’d admit as much. It’s always been a required bottom-line in liberal anti-Zionist Jewish writing to include, “because in the end, it’s bad for US JEWS”.

    One just hopes they’ll start seeing it this way in relation to whites. I happen to think they’ll come around.

    I wonder if half-Jewish Hitchens could be of service to us if he were alive today. Yes, yes, I know all about the fake. But still. He was a bit unpredictable. We could use a modern-day Isidor Feinstein Stone to help his fellow Jews see the light.

    • Frip, they (esp. the men) are more than starting to see it this way, in relation to whites.
      It helps that the feminists showed, in the Kav affair, how brutal SJWs can get, so very fast.
      Check out Kunstler’s posts in late Sept., and on 8 Oct., for top stuff on Kav.
      Aside from his (overly-bearish) markets forecasts, he’s been (esp. in the past year+) an outright Stud, esp. on Mueller etc..

  7. First of all , Z man

    Jewish history about hating Host society is longer than bible itself

    Second, There’s no such thing like Liberal Jew

    It’s Jewish people being Jewish people in Christian society

    Third , “I’m always amused by the “Jews have been expelled from six million countries” stuff.”

    It was eighty-seven (87) countries, and most of the countries was Christian nations or at least has Christian influence

    Fourth , They aren’t much successful in non-Christian society

    And hallelujah, Great China still persecute a Christianity

  8. Jews have created an echo chamber through ownership of the megaphone, thought police organizations such as ADL and influence on the educational system. As a result they don’t see how their anti white stance can hurt Jews because their solution is to just shut down anyone noticing. This won’t work in the long run but no one who wants a job in the mainstream can notice that

  9. The other dirty little secret is that both blacks and Latinos dislike Jews far more than whites do. An America that isn’t majority white is very bad news for the Tribe, and it was a very bad miscalculation for them to think otherwise. Blacks tend to see Jews as the most contemptible of all white people, and Latinos are at best indifferent to and mildly suspicious of them. They certainly won’t be very inclined to send Israel billions of free tax dollars every year or to go get their legs blown off fighting their enemies for them. Certainly, both groups couldn’t give a flip about the Holocaust.

    Playing with fire, indeed.

  10. There is a old story about three men being hanged. Two foreigners and a Englishman. At first the trap door wouldn’t open on the foreigners and they were released. When it came to the Englishman, he explained to the executioner what he needed to make the trap door swing open. The problem was fixed and the Englishman was summarily hanged.

    Point is don’t help out your executioners. Really don’t do it. If the Jews want to let these mad dogs run around and let people think they are all genocidal maniacs. Let them. Right now it’s pretty clear they don’t care what the whites think of them.

    We owe them nothing.

  11. It kinda got my attention that nothing happened after the Vegas massacre, the Scalise assassination attempt or any of the other attacks. But a synagogue?? Gab is shut down.

    I ll admit that I am somewhat softpedalling the JQ b/c I dont want to feed the wrong fire. I simply hate what the nazis did to the Jews, it disgusts the hell out of me. For that, or my Lincoln (or Churchill) admiration, call me a pussyfoot if you want. But while I simply dont believe the JQ is an ‘omnipotent universal explanation’, neither should it be a taboo. A few days ago I saw this: I decided to sit on it at first. Then I saw this post and the NYTimes excerpt.

    Jews should police their ranks for anti-white hatred or schadenfreude at our predicament, for the safety and benefit of all. Things are getting unpredicatable. And ‘We can replace them’ glee…I feel hatred when I read that. JMO.

    • Bend the Arc- Alex Soros’ leftwing Jewish PAC, the activists posing as unnamed “Jewish spokesmen” in Pittsburgh.

      Alex (Gyorgy’s son and heir) is also a devotee of spirit cooking, oddly enough.

  12. How should I say this? The chorus has condemned the Pittsburgh shooter as a loathsome and demented neo-Nazi; yet here we have Michelle Goldberg editorializing in the New York Slimes that the “replacement” of white people is the ultimate goal of leftist politics and a cause to be endorsed and openly celebrated. Goldberg, exhibiting that lack of self-awareness not uncommon to leftist Jews, seems unable to see the monstrous ironies in her own blabbering. While loose talk about a people being “replaced” carries Hitlerian overtones of its own, she is incapable of grasping that she has wholeheartedly confirmed and endorsed the ideology of the Pittsburgh gunman, so that his rantings appear not as deranged, but as an accurate reflection of elite Jewish opinion. These facts do not seem to have given this disgusting woman pause in examining her conduct or opinions, nor have other Jews rushed to condemn her – which is particularly notable and curious given recent events. As for the Pittsburgh gunman, in the aftermath he appears demented only to the extent that he chose as his victims the random and the innocent.

    • Yes she sort of is talking about ‘the final solution to white racism and nationalism’. Extremely unwise, extremely unwise…

  13. stuff and nonsense, Z-Man:

    “sensible Jews” are no more going to call out (((Michelle Goldberg))) for her open advocacy of #WhiteGenocide than “sensible Jews” have called out the Talmud for advocating same (“kill the best Goyim”) or called out (((Susan Sontag))) for stating that “the White race is the cancer of human history” or called out (((Ben Wattenberg))), (((Noel Ignatiev))), (((Anna Baltzer))), (((George Soros))), and any number of other public Jews for making similar recent statements of anti-White lethal intention.

    fact is, the Jews, both Red and Zionist, now consider themselves firmly in the demographic/political driver’s seat. Whether (((they))) are correct or not remains to be seen.

  14. Hey, here’s an idea… instead of hoping against all past historical precedent that American Jews will somehow decide to stop Jewing the host population, let’s stop them ourselves.

  15. Tom Wolfe had a famous story back in the day about Leonard Bernstein hosting the Black Panthers and afterwards the massive backlash he got from the middle/lower class Jews about it which I think is the way a lot of people imagine bringing these lunatics under control would work. The problem is that there is a major disconnect between the modern Leonard Bernsteins and the rest of the community. Back then Bernstein walked in the same circles with people who were not as disconnected from reality as he was; that’s not the case today. The journalist you list above could easily live her whole live without meeting a single right leaning person, Jew or otherwise. The elites live in their own little world and I’m not exactly sure how you get through to it. I can scream and shout until I’m blue in the face that this woman you mentioned is basically crazy and it wouldn’t really change a thing. They’d just write me off.

    In fact while you are pointing to the anti-white aspect here, these same people are looking for a purge among the Jews of anyone pro-Trump and pro-right as well; here’s Rabbi David Wolpe – he’s the Mysteries of the Bible rabbi – denouncing them for trying to do so: . And CNN was trying basically the same thing with the rabbi of the Pittsburgh synagogue that was attacked, asking him if Trump would be welcome and clearly expecting to hear some grand denouncement from him. The rabbi didn’t take the bait.

    “My first thought is, “who does this woman think is going to defend her when they come for her?” My second thought is, “even if I’m still around, I won’t be lifting a finger for her.””

    Thats the thing; she honestly thinks that nobody is going to come for her. The idea is alien to her. And if you pointed it out to her, she’d completely reject the premise. She’d think you were a nut and a racist for doing so.

    “The stuff appearing in the media every day from liberal Jews is the great threat to Jews in America.”

    I don’t disagree; putting aside everything else, if you’ve been following a lot of the coverage from these people in the aftermath of the synagogue shooting, its almost like looking into a mental ward. The President of the United States, probably the most pro-Israel and basically culturally New York Jewish man to sit in the office, with actual Jewish relatives, gave a speech in the aftermath of the shooting denouncing it and calling for the annihilation of anti-semitism to a cheering Midwestern crowd but according to the high and mighty journalists online, that is just make believe and in reality he is basically directly responsible for what happened. Furthermore any Jew who didn’t vote for Hillary, doesn’t want to see the country overrun by Central American “caravans”, thinks its a good idea to arm yourself and was pleased that the US embassy was moved to Jerusalem shares responsibility for the blood spilled. Its complete insanity.

  16. To go along with the article you see many Jews today that openly state that they should not be considered white people. They see the writing on the wall.

  17. That said, the endless taunting that comes from liberal Jews in the media is going to make even the indifferent observer sympathize with the anti-Semites. How could it not?

    The continuous whining from Jews like (e.g.) Cass Sunstein about The Threat To The World named Donald Trump (and voters who agree with him) is disgusting. Sunstein is obviously campaigning for the Soros-Alinsky Chair of Law Studies at Karl Marx U., which is OK–but he alienates the Normies.

    ‘Tis best he be shut up and put in a corner someplace; your thesis is dead-on.

  18. The key point in all of this is:

    Instead, it is a frontier culture, where tribes just avoid one another if they cannot get along..

    The vast majority of those of us who consider ourselves “right”, “conservative”, or whatever right wing label of the month merely seek autonomy to live our own lives on our own terms. We have no desire to push ourselves onto others nor do we have any desire to participate in anyone else’s social engineering scheme, social system, or whatever other crapola that has been cooked up since, say, the Spanish-American War of 1898. We seek not to rule or be ruled, but merely to be left alone. We have no desire to f**k with others. But we insist on not being f**ked with ourselves.

    Leftists, in general, and leftist Jews in particular can’t seem to wrap their heads around this. If there is ever a European-style anti semitic movement in the U.S. It will be due exclusively to them not leaving the rest of us alone to live our own lives on our own terms.

    I think conservative Jews get it. It is liberal Jews, along with other liberal types of all kinds, that seek to create various social-engineering schemes and to draw us all into them.

    They need to stop doing this! Now!

  19. Z is unwilling to see most J#ws accurately. He says, “Michelle Goldberg is bad for J#ws and J#ws would be wise to muzzle her.” But most J#ws will celebrate her.

    Most J#ws see sharing a country with whites as a zero sum game that they intend to win. And even the few J#ws who agree with us feel ethnocentric pressure to support their tribe. Face it.

    I wish it wasn’t so but it is.

    • Line, that pressure is clearly weakening, as shown by CNN’s failure yesterday, to bulldoze the Pitt. rabbi Myers, into blaming Trump for the killings.
      Their faces were full of egg, when the rabbi flipped them off, by clearly encouraging Trump to visit him in Pitt.
      It was, and may well be widely remembered as, a delicious Classic.

      Let’s stop fighting the last war, and let’s learn to read the new tea leaves.

      • I guess that Z and you are hoping that non-tribalist J#ws will demonstrate some kind of power over tribalist J#ws. Judging from history, I am not optimistic. If you based J#ws can reign in your genocidal family, I would like to see it. Again, I am not optimistic.

        • Line, I’m a Slav (raised Lutheran).

          It has nothing to do with Tribalism, seeing as (*very* tribal) Israeli Jews see US SJW Jews as rather nuts, childishly so.
          If anything, the more tribal ones here (esp. outside of NY) are more respectful of white “tribalism”, as long as it rejects anti-Antisemitism.

          The least tribal ones are much more likely to go full-SJW, incl. slobbering all over the Palestinians.
          (Chances are, much of this is about sticking it to the Tribalists in the family, esp. Daddy.)

      • BTW, the rabbi indeed saw Trump today, despite getting a fair amount of hate mail, for his pledging to do that.
        If he’d have rimmed Trump’s rump on TV, would that been sufficient for the Jew-haters?

      • And Sunday, the Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. helped set the tone, when he blew off MSNBS (Ayman Mohyeldin, an Arab) constant pressure, to diss Trump about the Pitt. events.
        When the Arab started to whine about dissing of poor-Georgie Soros, the Isreali countered with a reference to Farrakhan’s recent outburst. Etc., etc.

    • I have to agree. If Jews collectively thought what it’s frontmen in the media are doing is wrong. They would put a stop to it. But they don’t. It means they at very least tacitly agree with people like Goldberg.

      That said the very fact that Jews are now saying whites need to be done away with to our faces will be seen by many as a declaration of war against us.

      Maybe some Jews disagree with it, but they’ve been very mealy mouthed at best. You can’t take them seriously at all.

  20. In history, problems are solved by paying in blood. It is favorable to make sure it’s not you and yours, but theirs.
    The Electric Company was programming Z. The bastards force fed us concessions and compromise as the default, and look at the state of things. I hold small hope for the supposed friends across the aisle who are “reaching” .

  21. Hey Michelle, shanda fur die Goyim.

    You’re doing stupid things that make the rest of us jews look bad.
    We don’t authorize you to do that, certainly not in the name of Judaism.
    bugger off.

  22. The chilling truth may be that the Jewish sentiment is broadly in line with Michelle Goldberg. Trump’s approval rating with Jews is about 26% Even if there is 35-45% of Jews who are loosely sympatico with mild immigration restrictionism or leaving demographics at a status quo, what will be the actions of the 55-65% who are enthusiastic for demographic transformation? One gets the impression that the Jewish cohort in positions of media influence are the Julia Ioffe, Jennifer Rubin types. Hard to see how Michelle will be constrained. She’ll probably just get the advice of, “don’t be so explicit about your agenda. We have to work on more deplatforming of our opponents before you let the cat out of the bag.”

    • I’m just not optimistic about them policing their own, or changing their minds, to any significant extent. Even among the Trump supporters, what percentage are anywhere near the true dissident-right? Ultimately, I think this is a clash of group interests/ideologies, in which one side will win, and one side will lose. I don’t think NAXALT will prove any more meaningful among Jews, than among other problematic groups.

  23. AMEN.

    The two greatest enemies of the Jews are their own leftist crazies (which Dennis Prager is sort of calling out )
    But also those that attack and say it is “blaming the Jews”

    I’ve missed the part of the Bible or philosophy that says Jews are not capable of sin. They are like the (unfallen) angels, so it is wrong to imprison Bernie Madoff.

    The inability of Jews to stop their own criminals is a reason for the pogroms and expulstions. If you pull off the screeches of “anti-Semitism”, you find something like what you find under the accusations of “racism” in Ferguson, MO. Racism exists, but the blacks have problems. Usury and other vice were being done, and their own didn’t stop them.

    It comes back to Trump and the Rule of Law. When Jews were able to get away with immorality or crime, often by running back inside their places, it creates resentment and anarchy. The parallel are illegals in the “sanctuary” movement.

    Or look at Hollywood and the #MeToo movement.

    For the charge of anti-Semitism to return to having any weight, it must be restricted to those who would do actual violence to Jews here. Using it for anyone who disagrees on Israel, or on people like the late Joe Sobran or Pat Buchanan (see the National Review purges) as if they were no different than the Pittsburgh shooter will continue to leave anti-Semitic as just another irrelevant insult like racist, sexist, homophobe.

    Like calling Milo a racist Nazi.

  24. Oh, fudge. We aren’t going to be retrained and reminded of “the largest massacre of Jews in American history” for 70 years-

    But of Gay Jews.
    This is definitely going to get worse.

  25. Herzel understood the diaspora couldn’t effectively police itself in the long term, without total sublimation into the host population, and that was the ultimate reason for Zion. Like whites tend to submerge their tribalism and blacks tend to have no concept of cause and effect, the diaspora tends to submerge their concept of cause and effect in any instance that activates their tribalism.

    • When I was growing up (large East Coast white-ethnic working/middle class town), a lot of the middle-class Jewish high school girls preferred to date the Catholic boys. The whole environment was very civilized and sexually cautious, we were all quite well-behaved, there was no cause for tribal alarm. I, a bookish working-class Catholic boy, dated a bunch of middle-class Jewish girls who were all very sweet. I got invited over for dinner a lot (and they came to my house too) so I got to observe the culture up close.

      In that place and time, middle class Jewish culture was really just a subset of broadly-blended white-ethnic culture (a mishmash of Irish, Italian, Polish, Jewish and Greek). These families were pretty much the same as mine, good-humored and mildly rowdy, except they listened to a lot of Italian opera and watched PBS too much. It was understood they were pretty much just like us but with different names and styles for the same customs — Hannukah was just Christmas with a different style, Passover was Easter, Yom Kippur was Good Friday. And we were all agreed that somehow, we were Not Protestants.

      As an adult I began moving in professional circles which were quite ambitious and demanding; my line of work has a large Jewish cohort. And I began to encounter a different sort of Jewish cultural attitude: condescending, exclusivist, smug, clubbish, narcissistic, almost casually contemptuous. I still knew plenty of normie Jews, but the difference in tone among a few of them was certainly unsettling. It’s not like WASP or Asian condescension, which I’ve had my fair share of as well.

      Part of the problem is, Jews tell themselves an historiography about themselves which simply isn’t true. It is selective, one-sided, self-serving and frequently flat-out wrong. As a teenager, when such things came up in conversation, the adult attitude was something like: “Well we’ve all taken our lumps over the ages. We had the pogroms and the Nazis, you had the Famine and the British, the Greeks had the Turks, the blacks had slavery and Jim Crow. But things are always getting better.”

      The more elite attitude is far less generous and far more vindictive and venomous, and the cultural trends are favoring the poisonous attitude instead of the more healthy-minded one. Maybe that can be reversed; I Ching always wins.

      • *Great* story, Lester.
        You bet, the elites are in their own world, esp. the NY Jewish ones, but the Gentile ones ain’t much better, at least in the Midwest.
        The specific sorts of Jewish, WASP, or Asian condescension, are being phased out, and replaced by a Globalist condescension.
        It’s mostly about *status* suck-upism, and it’s gotten much worse in the last few decades, with Proles becoming the very low-hanging fruit (for the condescension of which you write).
        After all, they don’t see us Proles at the symphony, or at the $500-$1,000 a plate fund-raiser, so we’re nobody!
        (The $500-$1,000 a plate crowd is just Aping the $30,000 a plate crowd.)

        These folks may well be slowed down, if Sundance, Lee Smith, and Greenwald, etc., are vindicated, by indictments of Brennan etc.
        Or, if a market crash cleans out a bunch of these hotshots’ portfolios, and we again read of guys jumping out of skyscraper windows.
        Let those, who don’t do The Jump, strain to suck dicks for a living.

        • Back when pvt.-sector unions were strong, (war-hero) Dem leaders like JFK could prod the other Elites, into showing due respect to Proles.
          (On his boat that got *sunk*, were mainly Proles, or some such.)
          Once pvt.-sector unions were weakened, their power in the Dem party was replaced by feminists and Silicon Valley, each of whom love to sneer at Proles.


    Stacy McCain wonders why we know so little about this guy. He does a little research and discovers this guy has a beef with a Jewish organization that used to relocate Eastern European Jews and moved on to Muslims and of course is a big supporter of the invasion in the south. McCain is shocked and appalled and writes a blog post about it so now everyone who reads his blog knows about it. Does this make Robert Bowers successful?

  27. Just a little pet peeve of mine: “s the country becomes majority-minority”

    This commonly (over)used phrase really grates on me primarily because it is shitlibby in its sound and is that softening of language to obfuscate truth. It is also an oxymoron (see: jumbo shrimp, military intelligence, et. al.)

    There is no such thing as a majority minority. You are a minority. Full stop. Whites will be a minority and browns / yellows will be the majority. I always wonder (not really) if we will be afforded all the special minority programs then to uplift us and give us some chance to compete? Fat fucking chance whitey. The boot will be on your neck until the last one of you ceases to exist.

    Then once the Nephilim have been returned forcefully to Heaven, the fallen races will fight it out amongst one another for the scraps.

  28. There is no such thing as a “good Jew”, the best they can be is “indifferent” or “alt” Jew. Theologically they are defined by their rejection of the Logos (as E. Michael Jones writes), the divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ. As such the tribe is unavoidably subversive, destructive and deceptive.

  29. Not a conspiracy, but a trait.
    The world’s best storytellers BELIEVE THEIR OWN STORIES.

    Just as a white strength, empathy, can be turned against them, Jews have a strength and weakness: storytelling.

    Their feminized brains make them good tellers of human stories, good readers of people’s emotions- and breathless, hysterical little girls.

    Thank gosh somebody finally said it. Negroes, mexica, chinese, Irish- everybody has this problem. The crazies accuse their own of being traitors, a dominance display within the tribe: FUBU, for us, by us.

    • What redpilled me into enmity is studying the claims of “the most documented event in history”- an event with NO documentation and NO evidence, beyond superstitious rumours from Ellis Island being used by Soviet commissars in a kangaroo court, with all the “evidence” held by a duplicitous lawyer, a fellow traveler.

      The claims are absurd, delusional, with no physical evidence.
      They have become a religion of faith- and the backdrop to murder 100 million people. To destroy entire civilizations. I cannot forgive nor forget this epic wave of brutal madness.

      Domination is one thing, lying is another, both understandable.
      But, to be ruled by madmen is the death of civilization. Whites, with their trait of frontal cortex thinking, reinforce honesty in their systems.
      Modernity will not survive shifting hysterics, a foundation of sand.

  30. Mark Levin and his type can call out the Michelle Goldbergs until he’s blue in the face and nobody would notice.

    • That’s the point. Calling out Goldberg on some technical issue is not the same as calling her out for being bad for Jews. Levin ranting and raving about Goldberg’s celebration of liberalism does fall on deaf ears. if he went on his show and said she is bad for Jews because she is deliberately fostering racial hatred, that’s a different matter.

      I’ll note the when David Horowitz called out Bill Kristol as a renegade Jew, it got everyone’s attention. The trouble is no Jews came to the defense of Horowitz until well after it was forgotten. No gentile writers did either.

      • What we need is more sensible jews like Max Boot to weigh in here.
        Barbara Lerner Spectre is too busy doing God’s work in Europe.

  31. Here’s something I’ve not been able to understand: What is a Jew?

    There’s obviously your average practicing Ashkenazi Jew. But is Ivanka Trump Jewish? What about the Moroccan or Yemeni Jew, a huge fraction of Israel’s population, who shares a religion with the Ashkenazi Jew, but has nothing in common with them from a racial or genetic standpoint?

    I’m not clear on whether it’s a religion, a synthetic tribe, or an ethnicity. It’s mixed up. Presumably a Jew is simply somebody who identifies as a Jew, so presumably Jews who sympathize with their host populations are assimilated, so that only odious carbuncles like Michelle Goldberg remain.

    • Jews can be ethnic, religious, or cultural jews, and they move from one mode to another as it suits them. Marono jews still consider themselves jews, if convenient. The Roman Catholic Cardinal Marx, for example, has no problem identifying as a jew.

      • So is Ivanka Trump a Jew? And how would one write Nuremberg Laws for the 21st century? These are interesting questions, I think.

  32. What I’d love to ask Michelle Goldberg is that when the whites are “replaced,” does she think that civilization will continue without so much as a hiccup? See Birmingham, Detroit, Memphis, any black-run city etc.

    Does she think siding with the hordes of barbarians will ensure she’s the the last one to go into the cooking pot?

    She’s every bad stereotype of the Jewish people promulgated by the anti-semites. According to anti-semites, Jews want the ethnics to swarm over our lands because they can take control of them and use them as foot soldiers in their bid to gain even more power.

    As a native Southerner, I felt badly that some of these Jewish civil rights workers got murdered, but they were foolish for coming South to intervene in the “struggle.” She’s no different than these meddlers. It paints all Jews as manipulators meddling where they shouldn’t meddle.

    As I’ve said before about the direction of things, this will not end well. I’ve noticed in the last 20 years all of the ethnics moving into my north Atlanta suburb. Muslims, Hindi and Africans making their homes in my neck of the woods thanks to policies of elites growing fat while they replace me and others like me. They clearly don’t belong and I think most whites, while afraid to utter the words, wish they’d return to the Third World.

    When you see women walking in veils around here and crazy-eyed bearded dark-skinned men who glare at you with pure hatred, you know that you are now on occupied soil.

    The trust that once existed in my neighborhood is gone. One way you can see how the Third World has colonized us is in the amount of Christmas decorations in our neighborhood. Once, everyone had lights and festive decorations, but now, only a third of the houses do.

    I pray that there is some peaceful solution for this and I think PDT might be the last, best hope for that peaceful solution. The other is something I don’t even want to contemplate.

  33. Everybody, put your guns back in your holsters. Maintain perspective: this is a media slob like any other. This is a lefty SJW just like any other. She’s probably in a tizzy because of that synagogue shooting. She’s obviously an idiot. I would love to ‘replace’ that cunned stunt too.

    When the time comes, and we have a country back – people like that are going to be tried for what they’ve done, not who their tribe is. If we are going to survive and thrive, we will need to reach out to other tribes and have allies. This was the way of it for our ancestors, this is the way of it for us, so it must be for our kids. Fair courts, honest juries, respectable judges. We will have all that again, and sooner rather than later.

    For now, we do as they do: we take names, we remember faces, and let them know that we are doing so.

    • That column was just a handy and current example. Social media is full of similar. These columns pop up with far too much frequency. That’s the point here. If sensible Jews allow people like Michelle Goldberg and Julia Ioffe to define what it means to be a Jew in America, it is going to be very bad for Jews.

      • Antisemites like me wish no ill will towards Jews, or blacks, or muslims. We just wish they’d rein their crazies in.

        We’d like to rein our own in- the Bush/Cheneys, the Hillarys.

        “Counter-semites” is a great phrase, btw. Not Anti-. Counter-.
        Men and women of goodwill.

        • Reigning in the Bush/Cheneys, the Hillarys, the Kristols (a *real* PoS !!), etc., it’s a tough climb, esp. as long as they have the Deep State covering for them.
          But, if the GOP holds the House, get the popcorn ready, to see Brennan etc. squirm.

          On balance, the Jews (and probably the Gentile whites) have a better chance to reign in their worst, than do blacks, or muslims.
          Thanx to the Cubans, the Hispanics have something of a decent shot, too.

      • Why should we care what they do? They sure as hell don’t care about us.Hell they keep trying to destroy our faith, our culture our very people.

      • Not disagreeing with you Z. Not one iota. These people tested their Maker to the breaking point, one can only imagine what they do to us.

        I am only thinking ahead. After Lefty is killed or kills himself, the real battles begin. Your Dissident Right will need to agree on a code of morals and ethics. Recently the ‘code of conduct’ has become a most loathsome phrase, constructed to serve tattle-tales, domineering cat ladies, and sexual degenerates. And Jews.

        If you have a better way of dealing with them I am all ears.

  34. Okay, on a serious note. I do not consider myself an antisemite or to have a personal bias against Jews based upon ethnicity or religion. Most times I cannot distinguish reliably between Jews and non Jews. I have a fair Jewish friend nobody realizes is Jewish but me, and there are associates I thought we’re jewish and later found out were Baptists from Alabama! I have Jewish friends, perhaps even prefer their company based on similar pursuits, academics.

    However, on the macro scale, Jewish ethnic interests have been identified as the driving force behind the Iraq invasion and middle eastern wars, said to be in support of Israel, which have been disastrous in terms of lost life and in economic terms trillions of dollars, not to mention in moral terms of the destruction wrought on those countries and now the invasion of Europe by the displaced persons. Mainstream scholars such mearshimer and Walt have abundantly documented these facts. I realize that not all Jews support the wars, but the power to bring them about is provided by the Jewish political and media apparatus. Clearly the problem is created by an identity and set of interests that is separate from that of mainstream white Christians, even if they have been beguiled by propaganda into believing otherwise. I have not directly suffered from these policies nor friends btw. Part of opposing this policy requires calling attention to the interests that promote it. (That said I don’t think it’s possible to oppose, it’s like Prometheus baring his teeth at Zeus, lol. )

    Similar with US immigration policy, as detailed for example in the introduction to culture of critique. This is less clear cut, more abstract, and arguable—perhaps the replacement of white america is a good thing! I oppose it on spiritual grounds, but in truth I am not hostile to other cultures and most of my friends have been nonwhites.

    Are not these grounds for a rational anti Semitism? I realize this sounds like a Kevin Macdonald impersonation. I’m asking as much as stating.

  35. The text makes a different point from the inflammatory title. The rather disturbing nub of the text is found in this passage: “Georgia is less than 53 percent non-Hispanic white. Georgia is a blue state if everybody votes.”

  36. Jews are a lot like Subsaharan Africans, in that if you haven’t lived around a high population of them (New York Los Angeles) you don’t understand. I have no problem with reform Jews, but Orthodox Jews on the other hand. Read up on what the Orthodox Jews are doing to some of the towns in New York and New Jersey. I would give my pinky toe to watch them try some of that shit around red necks.

  37. Another home run by Zman, but I suspect it will fall on deaf ears. My reaction to the Goldberg column yesterday was: Does the NYT no longer have editors? What type of editor would allow this column to see the light of day in their publication? They I remembered–Sarah Jeong! I expect to see more and more of this garbage from formerly respectable publications as they are compelled to compete for clicks.

    As to Ms. Goldberg, she is destined to be disappointed. The media are calling this a toss-up, but Abrams has not led in a poll since July, and she led by 2 points in a poll by Gravis, which according to Nate Silver at 538 has a 2.5 point bias in favor of Democrats. The poll numbers indicate that Kemp is going to win by 2-5 percent. My gut tells me that the Obama polling effect is at play here and Abrams will underperform relative to the polls, resulting in a blowout election for Kemp.

    As an aside, I went through all the polling numbers on RCP again last night. Republicans are going to have at least 54 in the Senate, likely 55, and possibly 56. Toss up races in the House are breaking Republican. I’m sticking with 225R-210D, plus or minus 3. Not as much data on Governor races, but Republicans should have 28-30 seats after the election. The 2018 election will look more like a red wave than a blue wave.

    • Anonomous 378 posted at Sailer’s blog:
      I wonder how many times Goldberg had to go back and change “replace whites” to “replace white nationalists” while drafting this piece.

  38. Here’s how I would put it, and I’ve said this same thing about blacks to blacks: Decent Jews need to start siding with decent whites because they’re decent, instead of with indecent Jews because they’re Jews. If they don’t, it’s inevitable that all Jews will be lumped together into one homogeneous ‘enemy’ when conflict comes. And it’s coming.

    • Exactly. Feminized brains, processing through the hindbrain.
      IQ isn’t the determining factor, the processor is.

      Hajnals have more frontal cortex thinkers. We’ve seen this self-reinforcing development since at least the classical Greeks.

  39. Never been able to get my head around the “death wish” aspect of progressive Jewish politics. We have loons around here that will put on their pink genitalia hats and flock to an event organized by that Sarsour bitch…somehow missing that she and her ilk would gladly see them roasting on spits. On the other hand, spend a fair bit of time with Israeli run or invested software companies. Had lunch with a couple ex-IDF (though believe one was seconded to the Mossad) out at a conference in AZ last week. Running a start up cybersec firm now out of the military. Once we meandered off business talk, got reminded just how clear eyed these guys are compared to the domestic product. They suffer no illusions about the Sarsours of the world. Refreshing.

      • Spot on in your essay. I was in NY for the Sharpton/Rosenbaum fiasco..and even then the “normie” Jews around here were blaming the Hasidics.

    • Good observations. Two comments:

      1. I too have noticed that Israelis have far more sense than many US Jews. I think there’s something about facing extinction on a daily basis that fostered in Israelis the good sense to jettison their leftists from influence.

      2. Most of the Jews who define the political left in the US seem to be people who grew up in the Jewish religious faith, but as adults became more culturally Jewish than religiously Jewish. It must play havoc with one’s psyche to be raised in a faith which teaches that you are one of he people chosen by God, then to lose your faith in God as an adult. It’s not surprising that they drift into the quasi-religious cult of the political left, which views politics as a means of seeking salvation rather than a means of seeking practical solutions to societal issues.

      • I’ve known some Israelis (IDF, etc.) and they were the most clear headed people I’ve ever met, at least with regards to the human condition. They had a quiet hostility toward American Jews, which I read as a lack of respect. I don’t think they had any respect for Americans in general. They were hilariously racist too.

        As far as left-wing Jews in America, the alt-Jews I’ve talked to seem to pin the blame on the lack of religion. The whole “spiritual not religious” crap that is popular all over the Left. Paleos pinned the blame on a lack of assimilation, but that seems to be a German versus Pale of Settlement issue. My general impression though is right-wing Jews are just as baffled by left-wing Jews as the rest of us.

        • Yeah, Zman, but we right-wing Gentiles ought to be, if not baffled by, at least thinking more about, the left-wing Gentiles *as they are*, rather than trying to pin their derangement on Jews.
          Maybe we should start with thinking more about, say, feminism, with help from folks like Dalrock and Whiskey.
          And, maybe, more about Vatican II.
          And, maybe, more about how the super-shock of JFK’s death spurred the avid reception given to the Beatles, and how John Lennon was thus able to hugely popularize “Imagine no countries” etc.

        • “My general impression though is right-wing Jews are just as baffled by left-wing Jews as the rest of us.”

          Ten ring. I and the few Rightward Jews I know just don’t get why they don’t get it.

      • Many Jews who immigrated from Eastern Europe were welcomed with open arms by the “progressive” educational establishments and so thoroughly indoctrinated into Leftism that even now they don’t easily leave.

        Most of the Rightward-leaning persons at my Synagogue (there are some, and from an email earlier today from one of them, more than I had thought) tend to be from overseas, e.g., ex-USSR. They’ve SEEN firsthand the discrimination, etc.

        Most American Jews have lived such an easy life they can’t really grasp how it is in reality “out there”. Even people who did have illusions about America. E.g., my wife is from the former USSR. Her mother and aunt were laughing at the “grocery store” in the basment (preps).

        I’m white-bread boy; never had a truly harsh day of privation in my life. They lived through the USSR breakup when they didn’t know when their next meal might come. Yet *I* am the one preparing while *they* think I’m silly.

    • I live amongst Sarsour’s people; Bay Ridge is becoming predominently Arab/Turkish/Albanian. The Italians of Saturday Night Fever are long gone. Most of the stores are owned by Arabs, there are Hookah bars everywhere, womyn in full black bags w/ eye-slits are a frequent sight. The mosques overflow onto the sidewalks on Friday afternoons.
      So I must be careful when out on the streets, what I say, how I look at people. And yet, the area is still nearly 50% democrat, anti-Trump.

  40. No, you could do something to stop this sort of violence. Armed guards at places of congregation or worship, cameras, etc. not that this sort of thing is common, law of large number frequency as you allude, but it just not as fun as the other, correct?

    • They could stage an FBI active shooters drill, like the Tree of Life Center did in January. The same month the loon started posting on Gab.

    • The Anshe Emet synagogue in Chicago has 24 hour armed protection, mostly off duty cops. It’s just a matter of money, which one would think Jews could afford.

      • Many of the synagogues in the San Diego area have high fences and significant security measures. I am sure there are also people carrying at all times on site and in the area.

        The mosques, not so much…

  41. Goldberg is not some odious renegade but a foolish jew who doesn’t have the sense to keep her pie hole shut. They are not saying anything because they agree with her.

    Ok, not all as I am constantly reminded of the NAXALT principle. The Jewish net effect on the west is not a positive one and never is. Sorry, wish it was.

  42. 98 years ago, there was a bombing on Wall Street, of which the perpetrators were never identified but presumed to be some sort of anarchists. I think it was Peter Brimelow that suggested this shifted some of the “Eastern Establishment” away from their cheap labor immigration demands. I have no experience with primary sources from the early 1920s, so I don’t know if this is just ambitious revisionism on his part, or an accurate rendition of the narrative.

    • The Red Scare after the Bolshevik Revolution certainly had a lot to do with it. The anarchist bombings, the labor movement and communism all fit in with popular opposition to immigration. How much the bombings moved elite opinion is unknown to me, but it sounds reasonable.

      The old guys like Sailer and Brimelow think the elites can be convinced to change course. I do not. I think the the die is cast. In 25 years, North America will look like the Balkans. The question is whether it will be peaceful or violent.

      • The Czech Slovak split was peaceful because they were a similar people who could communicate. The Balkans were genetically similar but separated by religion. The U.S. is separated genetically, by religion, ideology and increasingly a language barrier. I don’t have much hope for a peaceful break-up

        • Problem is there are too many whites in every corner of this continent. Who is willing to walk away from their native soil to start over again? Southerners? Yankees? Midwesterners? To quote an overused movie title…there will be blood.

    • That was the JP Morgan bombing. Not revisionism. Read up on the 1924 Immigration Act. Historians have revised the assessment to fit a racist/xenophobic narrative, but in fact it was a real and largely sensible reaction to what was playing out in the streets of Europe in the immediate post-Bolshevik revolution period. To use Trump’s term, a lot of “bad hombres” were coming to the US. And still with the belief that the proletariat was going rise if just given enough shoving. Things calmed down a bit after Stalin consolidated power and focused on “one country” socialism. This entire period gets understudied or overlaid with a “Roaring 20s/Gatsby” veneer and little more.

      • There were also major race riots in the early 1920s, as returning veterans clashed with blacks that moved out of the rural South to seek manufacturing jobs. The elite of the time had enough sense that the markets could not shoulder additional labor. Our elite today don’t care that the surge of H-1Bs has undercut graduate earnings at a time of record debt, and the continued army of illegals suppresses the earnings of the native underclass. Not a single Western country pushed major cuts to immigration after the recession, even the UK where this was explicitly promised by Cameron.

        • It was an interesting combo that has real applicability today. In way back times I had to read through the Congressional Record debates on the Act and both arguments were put forward. Though, in the Senate in particular, the more general concern was the political affiliations of immigrants and importing more “Reds”. It was also used to settle other regional scores (Japanese exclusion in particular) that had no bearing on labor markets or ideology, but did end up creating “revenge” effects later on. But slice off the hyperbolic arguments and it was exactly the kind of debate we are NOT having today.

          • What is interesting in the post-2001 votes on immigration in Congress, that the visa lottery usually has a certain number of Dems that vote for repeal on the grounds that terrorists are accidentally allowed in. These bills have always died in the House, so it may not represent true sentiment. But GOP leadership has never forced a vote on E-Verify, for fear of offending the agricultural districts, even though some Black Caucus members would probably vote in favor.

          • E-verify should be expanded to all aspects of public services, including schools. Furthermore, flouting the law and hiring illegals should become a jailable, asset-seizing offense. This would go a long way to stemming the demand for cheap labor.

          • Black Caucus is corrupt so I wouldn’t count on any votes from them for e-verify. They like things how they are.

    • I’m thinking of the Colonial Revolution and how people came together. They had local churches run by local ministers for local community. We no longer have local community, nor local churches. What do we have which could effectively substitute them?

      • The Revolution was won by the guns of the French Navy and the bankruptcy of the French Treasury. Last time I checked Putin and Xi barely have a single functioning carrier group.

        • Successful, near total overthrows of an entire elite class, without assistance from major foreign powers, seems incredibly rare to me. Now, factor in that only a minority of whites, who are themselves only about half of the total population (and shrinking), are even theoretically in favor of it. Then, factor in the disparity of firepower, as well as modern agnostic/atheistic-hedonistic-consumerist spirit, thought, culture, and the fact that “bread and circuses” are still quite plentiful for the mass of men, you begin to see just what a pickle the systems and thinking of our ancestors have led us into.

          • No. Infiltration and overthrow got it’s head of steam in the radical 60s-70s. And Yes, because the ancestors were fighting the slaver systems too.

        • Incredible, excellent point. DeBeers consistently outperforms.

          France was sacrificed in it’s Revolution that (((slavery))) might live in an Anglo colony.

  43. The only realistic mitigation against a crazed random murderer is personal defense via firearm ownership and proper training, e.g. routine cancelled carry by the still vast (but shrinking) normie population. Unfortunately, many prominent Jews (particularly in politics) have been squarely against the 2nd Amendment and it’s protections. In many ways, the Pittsburgh killings were a self-inflicted wound.

    • Let’s see. A Pittsburgh synagogue whose Rabbi and congregation are active leftists and obviously would be against the Second amendment actively participate in bringing in black Africans and Middle East Mohammedans to infiltrate and change the White Christian demographic of the United States and when a nut shoots them up they wonder why? What am I missing?

  44. All I can say is the left has become so low and craven it boggles the mind. Muslims murder Jewish children and they cheer. A lone JQ loon shoots them up and suddenly they’re in love?

    • We’ve always been at war with Eastasia.

      (Israel is a Sicily: a dumping ground, a hideaway, and a staging base.)

      Edit: Saml Adams reminds us below of that odious carbuncle, Linda Sarsour. BDS and nail bombs in Sderot, anyone? Every car and building in Sderot had holes in it from the shot used weekly in Palestinian mortars. The Ashki overlords don’t give a shit about their indentured Sephardi colonists.

  45. I would very much like to believe that the possibility still exists for reasonable men to cooperate for the benefit of all. But many of us on the right spent decades believing that this was possible with the left. Only after many years of beating our heads against that wall, did it slowly dawn upon us that the reasonable men of the other side were far too few, and far too weak. It was only then we realized too late that there is no argument to be crafted that will convince those in power to halt their joyful destruction of all we hold dear.

  46. You’re fighting a losing battle, Z. This is the fundamental Jewish character on display and this is why they, as a race are ultimately doomed.

    • They always overplay their hand when they gain power. And it always ends badly for them. Why are they surprised?

      • This is a popular line from anti-Semites, but it avoids the elephant in the room. Ashkenazi Jews have been wildly successful, despite being a distinct minority in lands where the majority is often very hostile to them. That’s no small thing. They must be doing something right. I think what Jews do best is reinvent themselves when circumstances warrant. What it means to be a Jew in majority-minority America will have to be different than what it meant to be a Jew in 1920’s America.

        I know I have a lot of Jewish readers, many I have called alt-Jew in the past, so within the Jewish community there are some thinking about exactly this topic. David Goldman has a column up this week touching on the same idea, but from a slightly boomerish angle. He’s a smart guy who is not afraid to think and write about this stuff. There needs to be more of it.

        • “Ashkenazi Jews have been wildly successful, despite being a distinct minority in lands where the majority is often very hostile to them.” No one denies that. They’re wildly successful, until they’re not. Germany, 1939, for ex. Isnt’t there a list going around of every country they’ve been expelled from?

          • I’m always amused by the “Jews have been expelled from six million countries” stuff. Name a country without Jews. Even Afghanistan has one Jew. When Zablon Simintov dies, he will no doubt be replaced.

            The lesson of history is don’t piss of the Jews.

          • They aren’t afraid to act collectively and will often make great sacrifices on behalf of their tribe (Eric Striker originally made this great point).

            For example, when the ethnically homogeneous ethnostate of Iceland passed a law that was interpreted as dangerous for Jews (who didn’t even live there), an orthodox rabbi uprooted his entire family and moved to Iceland within a few months. There he agitated for more Jew-friendly laws.

            Whites, with our frontier mentality as you say, appear to be unable to take collective action in this way. We are like millions of disconnected “radical individuals” who are being ethnically cleansed by other tribes who recognize the value of working together.

          • And within one week, said Rabbi was announcing that “Iceland must do more for refugees.” I’m going to refrain from speaking my mind on this. OT: ever felt sort of like like H-bombs were simultaneously detonating in your head and chest?

          • Retraction:

            I learned this from a screenshot of an Iceland news website (which I’d saved). I went to the website, searching for the article itself, in order to provide a link, and it does not exist. On further investigation, it appears the screenshot was a forgery.

            My sincere apologies.

            I consider myself among the most pessimistic (because I have found such to be, ultimately, realistic), untrusting men out there, and still I fell for this. This is one of those times where my anti-modernism nudges toward anti-human-ism, and I long for a Carthusian existence, or a move to a shack or cave high on Mt. Athos.

          • If one did a racial Venn diagram, I’d put the Jews in with Whites. They are a subset of the “White Tribe” genetically.

          • You give me three negative votes for pointing out that everyone through history who pissed on the Jews from Pharaoh to Hitler were all wiped out and the Jews still persist? Okay, whatevah.

          • Hoagie, you are right, though.
            Were they to rule wisely, none but fools would protest.

            But their golems, their creations, their overseers- these descend to unspeakable cruelty. You dare not think why, nor ask.

          • Did you ever see that Huey long quote? Somebody compared him to Hitler: “Hitler. The only thing I know about Hitler is that last part about the Jews. There has never been a country that put its heel down on the Jews that ever lived afterwards.“

          • “There has never been a country that put its heel down on the Jews that ever lived afterwards.“

            Spanish Jews helped the Moors conquer Spain. When Spaniards reclaimed their country, they expelled the Jews and went on to enjoy the greatest era in that country’s history.

          • I don’t get it. Why are people voting this down. It’s merely an anecdote of what long said.

          • The Empires that God used to discipline Israel were later destroyed themselves. God has His reasons, but it seems strange to me, and I’m Christian, that he destroyed those who did what God wanted.

            Germany, France, Poland, and Russia persecuted Jews, yet they still exist. Assyria’s, Babylonia’s, Persia’s, and Egypt’s empires are as the sand.

          • Tacitus observed that the Jews were regarded by Romans as convicted of hatred for the rest of the world, which isn’t different from some of the Rabbinical pronouncements in recent times that the Goyim exist only to serve the Jews…But when the Romans pissed off the Jews around 70 AD, the Romans crushed the uprising, sacked the Temple, seized an enormous amount of gold, and dispersed the remaining Jewish population..Pretty much a win/win for Rome.

          • Rather cheap, Hoagie.
            That particular Roman regime still had ahead a full century+ of glory, and the city of Rome still carries much weight (ironically, owing to a religion which stemmed from Judaism), wouldn’t you say?
            Let’s try not be simplistic about history.

          • Israel has a prophetic future, and their immediate future is not bright. There are many Jews that will be killed – about two-thirds of Jews in the world. Hitler was a piker by comparison.

            God called Israel a stubborn and stiff necked people. That hasn’t changed. The Pharisees saw the goy as fuel for the fires of hell, while they basked in the warmth of God’s blessings. The bible says something quite different. This time they will beg for the Messiah and they will get the one their ancestors called to crucify.

          • Zman, I think that you’re oversimplifying this.
            I read the lesson of history to be, if you go about pissing off the Jews, you risk getting unintended Blowback, e.g. by
            inspiring in other groups the fear “are we next?”.
            If you can lay off of your Jews, you can attract to, and keep within, your shores, not only Einstein and Fermi, but also Gentiles attracted to your record for tolerance.

            Whereas, whatever Deep State-type agency you empower to hunt down Jews can, in a heartbeat, be used to hunt down others.
            It’s in such environments that you get hunker-down mentalities, shown by the Romanian proverb “the head that stays bowed doesn’t get chopped off”.
            The Arab World is renowned, for being
            burdened by such a low-trust mentality, clearly owing partly to the limitless power historically wielded by Caliphs, Nasser-types, etc.

          • Quite so, Bruno.
            That is what makes his example so relevant, even more so nowadays, when there’s so much intermarriage, compared to when Hitler had to only *occasionally* stew, about who to declare an Honorary Aryan.
            (This sort of stuff got comical, when Göring scrambled to cover for Milch.)

          • Jaq, and when the Bolshies create a Deep State to crush the gentiles, what then? Should we worship, and adore?

            That “we better do it to them before they do it to us” mindset- that assumption of hostility- is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

            Howsabout some &#$! gratitude?
            That would be mighty White of ’em.

          • Alzaebo, when the Deep State was launched by J. Edgar etc., I doubt that he meant to crush anyone, and I’ll bet ranch he didn’t consult many Jews, while building his empire.
            Likewise with the Dulles boys.

            As Zman has emphasized, major choices have a way of foreclosing some later options.
            Bureaucracies often get a life of their own.
            If the Bolshies get super-power, they’ll be happy to use J. Edgar’s handiwork, to crush “impudent” Jews and gentiles.

            I’ll bet that no regular posters here wants us to worship and adore any Bolshie victory.
            I’d hope that, if Zman actually believes that any regular poster here wants such crap, he will invite such a poster to take a hike.

          • Thanks for the thoughtful reply Jaq, I was thinking not of J. Edgar but of the OSS/CIA (an East India Company), of Dulles’ original Jewish employer, of the State Dept., of Lend-Lease, of Prohibition’s domination by Jewish gangs (moreso than any other ethnicity), of Harry Dexter White and Bretton Woods, etc.

            You do make a good point, one certainly could see it that way.
            I wish we had more Irving Berlin and less “they’re out to get us” (so let’s move there and take over).

          • Heh! A bigger lesson from history is that Jews piss off God. He warns them, He blisters their asses, then they walk the chalk for a little bit.
            Rinse repeat.

          • He gave them space to repent, they refused. so God finally said “that’s enough” and sent the Babylonians first. Jerusalem and the temple were destroyed. Cyrus let them come back, but they have an indepedent existence only for a short time after Alexander the Great(The Hasmoneans), then Romans and the Persians argued a bit over Israel. The Israelis turn Christ over to the Romans, having falsely accused him, for crucifixion. The rekigious leadership had mourned that the scepter had been removed, and the Messiah had not come, all the while Jesus was a boy in Nazareth.

            The Israelis being what they were, stupidly revolted against Rome twice, and ended up dead in battle, crucified, or on slave markets in such large numbers they couldn’t give them away. All because the rebelled against God and viewed their own opinions as being on the same level as scripture and had rejected the Holy One God had sent them.

            They haven’t changed since AD 135.

          • Rome survived another 500 years after destroying Jerusalem. Nazis killed about half the world’s Jews, yet Germany is still there and prosperous. Russian pogroms against Jews were legendary. Russia is still going. I could go on. And besides, pissing off Jews is easy. You don’t even have to do anything.

          • As an aside, according to Solzhenitsyn the pogroms were legendary because that is what legends are intended to do, make themselves legendary. They were not state pogroms, they were local. There were as few as 100.000 Jews living in Russia during the pogroms. 80% of the world’s Jews lived in the expanded state of Poland, which they ran for decadent Polish nobles.

          • *Very* fair point about Rome, Ep.
            Palestine was a pimple on the ass of the Empire.
            Moreover, it’s not like Rome was burning diaspora Jews, unless they went Christian.
            Rather, many could make a quite decent living in many places, at least until the 3rd Century Crisis really got going.

            The German example is another story.
            Yeah, they’re OK for now, but they payed a monster price in the 40s, and lucked out only because the victors fell out with each other.
            Each side ended up trying to use Their Germany, to show up the other side (esp. before Nikita built the Wall).

          • Yeah, Alazaebo, we are.
            Let’s make sure that we carefully/ fairly interpret each other’s words, so that we
            don’t inadvertently drive BS wedges between us.

          • ” You don’t even have to do anything.”

            Right because being an anti Semite just means Jews don’t like you. Your feeling towards Jews is irrelevant. That is why Z man will eventually be labeled an anti Semite. He has too many opinions Jews don’t like and that can’t be allowed. As his site becomes more prominent, he will find he is a thought criminal too.

          • That is why Z man will eventually be labeled an anti Semite.

            A few months ago I left a comment citing Z man at “Lion of the Blogosphere.” (He’s a smart, interesting, HBD-aware secular Jewish writer.) The response I got from another commenter was that Z man is an “alt right neo nazi.” No pushback against this slur from anyone else.

          • I read him for a while when he was HalfSigma. When I found out he had another life, pretending to be a teenage girl and blogging about it, well, I moved on.

          • “You don’t even have to do anything.” Haha! Classic.

            Sigh. 385,000 lived in Germany, 3 million in Poland. Goldman has walked it back to 2.5 M killed by the 4000 eisensatzgruppen, German teams sent to ferret out communist partisans who trapped and tortured German soldiers. I trust Goldman as honestly supremacist, but he has a chip on his shoulder (not unjustly), since his civilian uncle and wife were shot by eisensatz in Poland.

          • Nah, put down your beer, old man. The lesson is: never tolerate Jews in your nation to begin with and you won’t have Jewish problems eventually.

            That’s the tragic story of history. White people tolerating Jews then having to kick them out later, then the Jews get pissed off.

            I honestly can’t believe you are shilling for Jews.

          • “Procopius

            “… The lesson is: never tolerate Jews in your nation to begin with and you won’t have Jewish problems eventually. ..”

            Yes. Someone who gets it.

          • Not even close to historically correct. I’ve studied Jewish history for years and the one thing that strikes any serious student of Jewish history if how recent their success in society has been. Put another way, the success of Ashkenazi and other Jews is a very modern phenomenon, i.e. something we see starting in about 1800. Prior to that year, in Europe and the Middle East Jews were relegated to minor roles in society and the great bulk of them were poor (“Fiddler on the Roof” was far more accurate in portraying the poverty and ignorance of shetl life than many understand or want to admit.). They were a despised minority with few rights for over 1500 years after the fall of Rome. There is a widespread belief among many on this thread and elsewhere that Jews as a group constitute a set of super geniuses; they’re not. The mythology extends to objectively false remarks about how “Jews are the best bankers/lawyer/judges/journalists,” “Jews are better at academic studies and sciences,” etc. Yes, the Jews in the last 100 years or so have performed out of all proportion to their numbers but that is a very recent phenomenon.

            Something else to keep in mind. Very large numbers of modern Jews going back at least 100 years, particularly females who are the ones who transmit Jewish identity according to Talmudic law, do not stay within the ranks of their “tribe” when it comes time to find a husband or mate. Nor do they make any efforts to retain their Jewish identity after they leave the community. I know of dozens of couples that consist of a non-Jew husband and wife born and raised Jewish who doesn’t practice anything related to her background. Ask any intellectually honest rabbi or community leader, and they will confirm the single biggest threat facing modern Jews is the rate at which Jews, male and female, turn secular and leave any and all connection to their religious and ethnic ancestry behind them without the least regret.

          • I think your points are worthy of more attention. When my Jewish great-grandparents moved to SoCal from Lithuania in the ’20s they stopped practicing soon after. So Jewish attrition in the past 50-100 years happened for a variety of reasons.

            BTW, I grew up thinking my name, Klein was a predominantly Jewish name. I learned the name was changed from Kelinen anyway, so it became a moot point. But of the 200+ “Peter Kleins” I found on social media years ago, only about 10% or less seemed even remotely Jewish.

            Bottom line, Jews in the modern era are sailing on the winds of change that began only 100 years or so ago. And who can say who’s responsible for the wind?!

          • Let me give you an alternative angle. Jews are like everyone else in that most of them are brainwashed. In any circumstance there are a handful of Jews who are just shitty people, in positions of influence. Through whatever means, they manage to manipulate most of the rest of Jews to go along with them.

            When the Shit Hits the Fan, these bigwigs see it coming and get out of dodge, only to leave Jews who were dupes and have no idea WTF is going on holding the bag.

            Then, that backlash is blamed on “antisemitism.”

            But, come on, the Jews are effectively framed.

            I mean, seriously … here comes the ADL: “We want to destroy the 1st Amendment. Oh, did we mention we are JEWISH?” “Of course we want to overrun your country with violent brown people and take away your guns. DID WE MENTION WE ARE JEWISH?”

            Then all of a sudden the “antisemitism” that arises is unexpected? No, it is NOT unexpected — it is PLANNED.

            That antisemitism is predicable and deliberately generated.

            The deliberately created antisemitism is, of course, used to condition the next generation of Jews to obedience in the face of a “hostile” world where white people at any moment might just “suddenly hate Jews for being successful.” No mention will be made of organized ostentatiously Jewish-led movements that seriously harmed the gentiles.

          • Rather good stuff, John.
            Most Jews are dupes, as are most Gentiles.
            Those who get their mitts on *the mike* can play everyone else like fiddles.

          • Even here the anti-Semites abound. I loved Gab, but the constant murmur of the haters was disturbing, and here it is again. WTF is wrong with these people? Sure there are bad Jews, but there are bad Christians as well.

          • It’s perfectly rational to be anti-Jewish. The Jews are responsible for 9-11. Building 7 on 9-11 fell the same speed as a rock dropped in air. For the building to fall this way the “support underneath” building 7 MUST have been the same as that of the falling rock. Namely air. Well we all know the building wasn’t floating in the air so the only other way it could fall so fast is if it were demoed in some manner. I assume the Jews did this to get us to fight for them against their enemies. It’s indisputable that they own and control the largest part of the mass media. They can see just as easily what I can. Not hating them for this would be very odd behavior.

          • For example, England twice for rapacious juice loan operations, and only let back in after a huge bribe to Cromwell.

        • I must agree with Z here.
          Their “demographic strategy” is different from hajnals, and lethally effective.

          Unshakeable faith in identity, reinforced by storytelling, has worked for 4000 years. Unfortunately, it has also been destroying civilization for 4000 years, as the supremacists insist on their spiralling delusions.

          Bantu genocide and African overbreeding is effective, too.
          It ain’t White either.

        • How they succeed is simple. Nepotism and in group favoritism. If you run a medical school and you have two equally qualified applicants but one is Jewish and you are also Jewish, you’re naturally going to favor your own. That’s normal behavior. The problem arises when it is insisted that everyone is allowed to do this except people of European ancestry.

          Some of those tribe members masquerade as white. They are bi-racial in many cases, NOT white. And that’s going to start becoming apparent.

          I also foresee a time when being white is so toxic that they will revert to ID’ing as their own tribe in order to prevent their own from discriminating based on the toxic whiteness.

          • Absolutely spot on, SES — I enjoy the Zma but I’m afraid he’s missing the less-talked about true history as well as the current situation — just my opinion — and no, I’m not an anti-semite, I actually have a number of swarthy, middle eastern pals

        • Then you’ve just made the case there is no reason to police their ranks because they will always come out on top no matter what. In fact you made the best argument for them to double down with the Noah Rothman’s and Goldbergs.

        • Zman, Mr. Goldman and his allies face an uphill climb, less because of any peculiarity of Jewish (sub)-culture, than because of the distorting effects the MSM megaphones have on debate within any (sub)-culture.
          You may recall your post of 8 Aug., where you referred to Ron Unz’s post about the mass of US Jews being led around by axe-grinding brass.

          You may also recall my debates with various other readers, where I wrote such stuff as:
          “One of Unz’s main points… is “the puzzling contrast between the behavior of Jews in the aggregate, and Jews as individuals”.
          He traces this to the ability of small numbers of energetic folks in key positions to sway masses, esp. via **media** narratives.”

          In my view, the JQ is a vivid microcosm of what I call the “UQ”, this being the bind that all urbanized groups (e.g. Hispanics, blacks, white Gentiles) are getting themselves into, when they let small sub-groups of activists monopolize **the mike**, and thereby marginalize whistleblowers like Mr. Goldman.

          If the Goldman post to which you refer is the one about “The revolutionary conservatism of the Jews”, his emphasis on Burke etc. misses, in my view, the key aspect. What US alt-Jews need most is, to get a “star” like Dersh to follow the lead of Kayne West, and join up with #Walk Away, and hope that the MSM can’t bury the story.
          Dersh has made a move in this direction, by threatening to bolt if Ellison becomes DNC boss, but I gather that this move is far less-known, than are Kayne’s moves.

          Likewise, Greenwald had done Pulitzer-level work, ripping the MSM’s toeing of the Dem line on “Russian hacking”.
          But, again, his super work is well-known only to the most web-savvy of persons, and to some who watch Fox.
          However, more promising among potential alt-Jews, is (ex- Rolling Stone) J.H. Kunstler, who, week after week, rips into the Dems as being immersed in a “war on white people”.
          He now calls the Dems’ shtick a Monster Mash.

          The core problem may well be, that most “educated” persons still take the MSM far too seriously.
          The web is making inroads into this, but these figure to take time to make big dents into a political culture.

          • The artificial environment bringing lesser traits to the fore? Interesting. Our modern environment has never existed until now.

          • Alzaebo, I’m not sure about “lesser traits”.
            Rather, I mean that, this artificial environment empowers the biggest Pricks, if they’re the best at getting their mitts on *the mike*.
            Before radio, talkies, etc., a Prick like Lenin (or Robespierre) might win, but he’d need to drench the place in blood, with a long or agonizing civil war, or some such.

            Once radio and talkies showed up, a Hitler could get and *hold* power, and roll up his foes, with ridiculous ease and minimal bloodshed.
            Thus, his country’s economy stayed intact, and was ready to fight a world war, within 6 years of him becoming Chancellor of the Reich.
            It was more than just a Triumph des Willens.

            Nowadays, options like 24/7 TV would make Lenin, or Adolf, green with envy.

        • The problem now is that after the Neocons took total control of the the GOP and Conservatism Inc in 1998, they had no interest in Noblesse oblige. They wouldn’t co-opt any parts of Buchananism or Ron Paul themes. Instead it was just a program of purge-smear-deplatform. I don’t think they’ll be able to change their ingrained habits – to do so would be to admit their malfeasance in the 90s & 00s. Rather, they’ll just ignore the more explicitly anti-White actors in their ranks. Might as well assume them to be as serious about Fire as Beavis here at 0:12 –

        • ” Ashkenazi Jews have been wildly successful, despite being a distinct minority in lands where the majority is often very hostile to them.”

          Umm, not quite. (((They))) are welcomed in by (((their))) naive hosts, until (((they))) begin behaving as typical. That is when the hostility begins. Not before.

          Solution – have nothing whatsoever to do with (((them)).

          (((They))) operate on deception. Always have, always will – it is why the ashkenazi adopted talmudic judaism in Khazaria when things got too hot, buying a bit of time.

        • I realize this is not a bible study site, however; get a “Strongs exaustive concordance (with bible dictionaries and verse references), and look up “kenites”. They call themselves ‘jews’, but they ain’t. You and Curtis do a magnificent job, but some of us keep stumbling into the same old ditch. Help us if you can.

  47. There will be another pogrom. Surprise, surprise.

    They just can’t help themselves. Odious people.

    • It is estimated that about one-third of Jews worldwide were killed during WW2. It is prophesied that two-thirds will be killed during the time Jesus Christ called “Jacob’s trouble.” Israel will purged of fake Jews, the ones that Jesus called a “Synagogue of Satan” in Revelation chapters 2 and 3, in the letters to Smyrna and Philadelphia.

  48. I just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do. This has become my 1st daily stop on my rounds of the internet. NPR had a story on GAB this morning, holy shit are their panties in a bunch. My GAB frog beta tester t-shirt is going to get worn every minute I’m not at work.

    • Although it isn’t hard (and actually kind of fun) to do a running translation from Autocorrect to English. “Odious carbuncle” however has me scratching my head. Is it Autocorrect or pure Zman? Probably Z….

    • The head of the refugee importation organization that the shooter referenced on his Gab page was also on NPR today. She was very upfront with their motivations. ‘This is what Jews do. We are going to double down’.

      Not a good way to win a spot in the attic for your daughter when the need arises, sweetie. You just can’t save some people from themselves.

      • It’s a laughable assertion, Israel hasn’t written a check to Jordan and Turkey where there are large refugee camps. Resettlement of a refugee in the First World is prodigiously expensive, and in the aggregate mostly brings in unskilled labor who reliably vote for leftist parties. And let’s not forget that Israel has never paid reparations to Lebanon, nor paid anything for the maintenance of refugees in Lebanon.

        • And this is not to excuse the other resettlement agencies, HIAS is just the most partisan. The Catholics and Lutherans are just as complicit. When the war is over, the expectation should be that refugees will return to rebuild their homeland. If that is not possible, resettlement in a neighboring (Muslim) country is preferable to them becoming a hostile underclass in the US.

          • With the Catholics and the Lutherans, it’s less ideology and more about the money$$$. Without the financial incentive from Uncle Sugar, most of the religious NGOs in refugee resettlement would disappear. Cut off the federal funds, refugee resettlement drys to a trickle. Just my 2 cents.

          • Yes, exactly. These congregations and denominations will sell themselves to the highest bidder, as the pews and offering plates empty and the bills must be paid. Don’t underestimate the need for the denomination to pay for all the career priests and administrators who have no qualifications for any other line of work, and who drive the decision making process.

          • Post V-II there was a dramatic fall off in vocations, alongside the decline of birth rates. So the various church affiliates are usually dominated by over-credentialed women. It’s not wrong to be assisting the refugees, but they should not become colonizers in our lands. Nor should we be engaging in subversion and war in their homelands.

          • NGOs get paid something like $15,000 in Uncle Sam Bucks for each and every ‘refugee’ they ‘resettle’. Yeah, cut off the gravy train and the problem would dry up overnight, or at least until Soros picks up the slack.

          • Reziac:

            I’d vote for that in a heartbeat. Incentives matter, and I’ve read a number of articles complaining about the squeezed refugee numbers impacting these agencies’ bottom lines.

            Cue the world’s smallest violin.

          • I used to do a lot of volunteer work that just happened to involve populations served by these agencies. Like everything else, “follow the money” applies. But the cash is just part of it.

            Of course these churchians love any low-hanging fruit that helps them assert their high self-regard and moral superiority into their social circles.

            But what they really desire, is not so much the economic subsidy from the gov’t tit, but rather the *social capital* that accrues to those who facilitate (and publicly demonstrate) the Progressive values.

            Their religion is not Biblical; their god is Progress. Its really just a bonus that the tyrannical gov’t happens to be the ATM of the church of Progress.

            On another level its also a jobs program for their over-credentialed but otherwise dim daughters and soysons.

            The refugee racket is a hydra of organizations that feeds off of the goodwill of others. Not all of these prog spawn can be teachers or work at the Dept of Human Services, so luckily there’s a private industry to shore up those makework jobs.

            And the organizational composition is just how you would imagine. 80% female. A handful of supplicating and self-loathing males. All varying degrees of socially maladaptive (counting raging feminists here) and unattractive (ditto).

            But at the top? Hucksters, salesmen, and dark triad types who would otherwise be selling annuities or junk bonds or running medicaid scams out of their garages.

            One group I worked with was run by an admitted former drug dealer. Now he just funnels money from guilty white christians to his hobbies and possessions and travel so a few black kids from shitholes can get into college someday.

          • The current version of “Judaism” is a fake. It is simply what the remaining Pharisees put together to resemble what they had before their rebellion caused God to destroy a Temple that no longer had a place, and a religion that God had displaced for the realm of possibility. Pharisees are gonna Pharisee, however, and they are just as hate filled these days as they were towards Jesus Christ when He walked the earth.

            There are decent Jews,but they are increasingly becoming Christians as they look at their own scripture and see they have been lied to by their so-called leaders.

      • See how well it worked for Phyllis Larberblatt Kahn in MN. While in office, she steadfastly supported importation of Somalis into her own state. Once Somali population reached a certain number, they realized they no longer needed Jewish/white enablers. The brown pets promptly turned onto their masters & Kahn lost primary to Ilhan Omar. An Ilhan for a Kahn. But I doubt Kahn, despite having a few advanced degree ever realized why she lost to a total newcomer.

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