Black Friday

Steve Sailer likes to draw comparisons between this age and what happened when the 1960’s counter-culture turned toxic in the the 1970’s. The Civil Rights Movement had curdled into militant black power and the hippy movement had soured into roving gangs of militants like the Weather Underground. It’s not a bad comparison, because then as now, the cause of the turmoil was an incoherent radicalism. What did the Black Panthers want, other than access to white women? What was the point of the BLM violence?

A key difference between then and now is the issue of race. In the 1960’s, America was 85% white and whites just assumed blacks were a poor fit for modern society. Today, America is 60% white and everyone has spent their lives indoctrinated in a cult that worships blacks. Fifty years ago when blacks turned violent, everyone sort of expected it, so no one was really surprised. Today, black violence is a mystery to the beautiful people and they insist everyone else pretend that it is a mystery or caused by whites.

That’s what makes the Ferguson Effect an interesting topic, even after the consequences are slowly starting to fade. Prior to the Black Lives Matter stuff and the liberal tub thumping over events like Travon Martin, crime in general, and black crime in particular, had faded from the public’s consciousness. Then all of a sudden the blacks were angry and murder rates in certain cities began to shoot up again. In 2011 Baltimore had 211 murders. In 2015, the year of Freddy Gray, the city recorded 342 homicides.

White liberals, broadly speaking, have argued the Ferguson Effect is the result of black rage in response to police brutality and racism. The reason blacks in Baltimore, for example, started murdering one another at a record clip, was over anger at the police department’s rough justice in the ghetto. It’s an argument that assumes blacks have no agency of their own and are simply controlled by the behavior of whites. This is a gratuitous assertion by people with an anti-white agenda, but it is the prevailing opinion.

Blacks, on the other hand, have never accepted this line of argument. Instead, they prefer to dismiss the whole thing as an baffling anomaly. The prevailing argument from black activists is that there is no such this as the Ferguson Effect. This piece in City Lab, the urban subsidiary of The Atlantic, is a good example. It has become an article of faith among blacks that the Ferguson Effect is just another effort to explain away the real causes of black crime. Namely, to hide the institutional racism in modern America.

There is, of course, something to it. Blacks seem to get that the underlying assumption of the Ferguson Effect is that left to their own devices, black society would quickly devolve into something pre-modern and violent. Without the constraints of white society, blacks are simply unable to achieve anything above the neolithic. If whites come to accept this again, then all of the concessions and benefits that came out of the Civil Rights Movement no longer make any sense. The whole project unravels in the face of biological reality.

Reality is that thing that does not go away when you stop believing in it. Race relations in America, with regards to blacks, have always been about a series of gates. Blacks who can behave themselves pass through the gate from the ghetto to the suburbs. Blacks with something on the ball can enter into the managerial class, assuming they are willing to accept their symbolic role in the system. The violent and stupid, in contrast, cannot pass through those gates, so they are penned up in urban reservations guarded by the police.

Whites in America, have come to terms with this by never thinking about it. Liberal whites invest their time in fantasies like structural racism and white privilege, while normal whites just ignore it. Blacks, on the other hand, are keenly aware of this reality. For those able to pass through those gates, there is a need to obscure this reality, but also a deep resentment for it. You’ll note that black anger at white America comes from those able to pass through the gates, because they know the underlying assumptions are true.

This is why middle-class black anger at white America is visceral and incoherent. You see it at the end of that posted article, when the writer celebrates pointless protest. “If the word “Ferguson” was permanently and exclusively attached back to its original meaning, we might find evidence of an “effect” when it comes to a number of recent, inspiring events: the bringing down of Confederate monuments, the ousting of Chicago’s police chief, or the recent Chicago protests that forced Donald Trump to cancel a rally.”

The truth is, black crime rates went up in areas where Black Lives Matter was active, because the white cops were simply unwilling to do the job that was necessary to control the ghettos. Many simply moved to other jobs, while the supply of new recruits dried up, leaving these police departments woefully undermanned. On the other hand, the blacks who have made it through the gates are reminded of the reality of their situation. They know that in order to avoid this, they must accept this. That’s the source of their anger.

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  1. I accept the fact that there is structural racism, but it is nothing like people think it is, and necessary to keep society functioning, however badly it is applied. You said so yourself with your gate theory, and the indoctrination camps we call schools, universities, and the media.

  2. I think most tokens understand on some level their position and game the system for all they can. It’s the ones that believe their own hype that are most annoying.

    When given an empty office and some busy work ( or at least their aides do the busy work ) and trotted out for an occasional photo op they seem fairly harmless.

    But when they become supervisors or POTUS that’s when the real fun starts ( insert sarcasm )

  3. This is a difficult question, perhaps the Gordian Knot of our times. We are wrapped up in sentimentality and guilt towards blacks, who themselves are full of envy. Whenever whites are complaining, they are said to be “punching down” which seems unsportsmanlike. Complaining itself is often viewed as whining, and a betrayal of the Stoicism we are supposed to represent. I think it is that we are going to have to take abuse for a lot longer, and ideally take it without complaint. In a society where liberals hold all cultural power, the issue of Black Power will only be addressed when white liberals are the ones punished.

  4. For the life of me, I can’t understand what blacks are so angry about.

    Every single time I turn on the TV, and I do literally mean every single time, I see that every single black man in America has either a hot blonde girlfriend or else a slim, attractive black wife, and they all live in giant hi-tech houses in leafy suburbs, have high-paying jobs as computer geniuses and orchestra conductors, and four attractive healthy black children, the eldest of whom is clearly a Princeton student. Plus they have awesome managerial positions bossing around sniveling doughy-faced omega white wimps and buffoons, and they always get the last laugh. Plus they’re always giving each other a Lexus for Christmas.

    What on earth could they possibly have to complain about?

    • Point taken and funny. But “blondes” have been studiously out of favor and in disuse for over 15 years. Adjust your sarcasm accordingly.

  5. There are things we can learn from blacks too. Such as how not to get shrieky girly sounding when excited or in an argument. In other words how not to be Tucker Carlson.

    • Clearly you’ve never had to suffer through a Fulton St to GCT argument between two black (female or male, no difference) over some penny ante issue that you can never figure out because 2/3 of the vocabulary is some version of “fuck” and “nigger”. All at 100 decibels.

  6. Zman, you may be mistaken if you think that blacks would be reluctant to reject miscegenation. Its neurotic white shitlibs who would freak out at the mere mention of such a thing. In fact, may I counsel some caution here: if the guys in Causa Nostra start getting on the traction on the issue, then the white shtlib response will be to demand that miscegenation be made mandatory.

    • Black men, almost all non-white men, want to copulate with white women more than anything else. Literally nothing is more important.

  7. Back in the Bad Old Days (and in many ways, they really were), every town and city had an area where “they” lived. Those places were, in polite conversation, designated by a direction, North Side, East Side, South Side, West Side. In not-so-polite, but reality-based, conversation, those places were known as “Nigger town.” Those areas were configured by run-down houses, dirt streets, no street lights, trashed yards, broken down cars and all the other regiments of poor.
    The same areas exist today, but we have grown too well-mannered to talk about them.

  8. When young I routinely mowed Muhammad Ali’s lawn summers. This often occupied all day. Because The Greatest watched us, me and Rocky – my coal black mowing partner – and saw that despite our differences including age we worked well together. So Ali, which is what he wanted to be called by, would always invite us inside his home to relax, eat and be entertained. Then late in the day we’d have to scamper so the job could be finished and the service would pay us. Similar circumstance obtained when we’d also mow former black IL senator Charlie Chew’s lake home at the former poet, Carl Sandberg, and his companion, “Mama,” a white lady with huge tits and an appreciated penchant for cooking and making fresh squeezed lemonade. I never ever “hated” american blacks until I had gone off to university and beyond then been preyed upon by all sorts of blacks and, livining in downtown Chicago now, realized I must regularly prepare to liquidate black attackers or else they will destroy me and mine. Watch the linked Ali video and you will know why we absolutely must work our societies in terms of race and related differences.

    • I’ve never hated black people. In fact, I tend to get along very well with blacks, especially Caribbeans and Africans. The reason is I don’t put up the false front that is common with whites when around blacks. I grew up around blacks, played sports with blacks, been in underclass activity with blacks.

      Blacks are not immoral. They simply are a poor fit for white society, just as whites are a poor fit for black society. It’s why peaceful separation is the right answer. Restore freedom of association and everyone will be happier as a result.

      • Greg Johnson has recently pointed out that yes, there is white privilege. We’ve set up our societies the way we, white people, prefer to live, and are most successful. Blacks have a different way of how they live their lives, which when living among whites results in tension, stress and hostility. The only answer is to separate.

      • Z.
        Good comment.Hating just burns up energy and is functionally a waste of time. Can one get angry without hate? Certainly. Could I face someone and, from anger and fear, pull the trigger? I’m not looking forward to finding out. But it’s not going to be from hating them.
        On the lighter side of things, I, for one, am thankful that Senor Zed
        did not take a 4 day hiatus as he was hinting at earlier this week. I find myself going thru withdrawals if he abandons us for more than a day.

      • I don’t hate black people either. I wish them no ill will. I just do not want to be in the same zip code as any of them. They are like dogs that behave when you’re feeding them, and then turn on you when you least expect it.
        They ruin everything they come in contact with. Avoidance is the best policy.

      • I definitely don’t hate black people, and living in NYC, I’ve worked and socialized with black people from all social classes. Under some circumstances I would rather socialize with decent black folks than pathetic white hipsters or SWPL’s.
        Like Zman, I also have worked with and get along with Africans and Caribbean blacks. My first roommate in college was a guy named Yao, from the Ivory Coast. His government was sponsoring his education under the conditions he would return home after getting his degree and enter government service. He was a very genial guy, ate the same meal, that being a piece of white fish with mashed potatoes made from potato flakes, every single day, and studied constantly.
        He only associated with other African students or black students from Haiti or Jamaica. He once said to me “why do black people in America have to be so ghetto, why don’t they just go to school ?”
        The fact that more blacks in America were not trying to get advanced degrees astonished him. The Caribbean students were less charitable.
        They would just tell me outright that blacks in the States were lazy.
        As I said above, maybe it’s just me, but I’ve encountered more honest race realism from blacks while living in NYC than anywhere else I’ve ever lived.
        My personal experiences, reinforced with knowledge of crime statistics makes it impossible to take the pronouncements of the cloud people seriously.

  9. There’s an interview with Pinker in the NYT. He’s off on his “It’s getting better all the time” shtick. He cites reported falling crime statistics during the past few decades as one example of this. I see lots of this in the legacy media.

    For most people who see these trends I would expect this interpretation. But Pinker knows that for a long time we’ve been “defining deviancy downward”, so I don’t see how coming from him it’s anything other than simply flat-out lying.

    When the left rioted during the Inauguration, when BLM rioted for 1+ year, when 200 “youths” run down a shopping and dinning district in Philly breaking windows and punching diners — and no own gets convicted what are we not measuring?

    Just the crap that happens daily in vibrant high schools if tracked would be an eye-opener.

  10. There can’t be any doubt that blacks are genetically different in some ways from other races, and are designed by evolution for living in a sub-Saharan environment, where running ability and feats of physical prowess were survival traits. The majority simply do not fit into non-tribal intellect-driven cultures like those, in various degrees, that constitute the modern world.

    The lives of most blacks, especially urban blacks, are an unsuccessful adaptation of civilized values, imitated but often not realized. Modern popular culture is its mirror image: a savage wasteland of rap and foul-mouthed entertainment generated mainly by blacks, and too often imitated by whites. It’s easy to conclude that Negroes are leading the rest of us — some of whom are eager to be led — in a race to the bottom.

    And yet, there is some evidence that it doesn’t have to be that way. In the 1950s, an era that is supposed to be a Dark Age in race relations, blacks behaved well relative to their current descendants. With the same genetic makeup that involves so much dysfunction now, their brand of entertainment could be wholesome and moving.

    Consider The Platters, “Only You” (1955):

    Today’s SJWs would say The Platters were repressed, Uncle Tom-ing to please white audiences. The video clip seems to bear that out — look at the diners in the supper club, no doubt carefully selected by the director to send a message that these black people were unthreatening. But the message was basically legitimate. Negroes could behave themselves. And under the right conditions, can.

    It sounds awful to say that blacks need to be slightly oppressed if they are to express their better selves. But looking around now, it’s hard to avoid that conclusion.

  11. While he may be an overly-fluffed mediocrity and a promoter of gorebull warning hysteria at least Neil DeGrasse Tyson pursued a field of study outside of black black blackity blackness.

  12. After spending over 20 years in various ghettos in Chimpcongo, attempting to reign in the savages, the bottom line is, Joe is gonna be Joe, and nothing can ever be done about it. The sooner a honkey accepts that, the better, and safer, his life will be.

  13. It occurs to me that the epithet “dindu,” which is short for “(he) din du nuffin (wrong)” could also be used in the reverse direction, viz. “(he) din du anyffin (constructive or useful)”.

    Outliers aside, the basic contributions of dindus to society are:

    1 sportsball,
    2 yelling angry rhyming nonsense into a microphone,
    3 ooking about imaginary demons like “white supremacy” in their gov and corporate “diversity and inclusion” make-work sinecures,
    4 playing computer geniuses on TV,
    5 supplying raw material for the admittedly corrupt and insane Prison/Court Industrial Complex,
    6 serving as shock troops and biological weapons for (((Our Greatest Buddies Ever))) to destroy White schools and neighborhoods, suppressing White fertility by constantly raising the cost of White family formation, and destroying White bloodlines through rape and miscegenation. Tikkun Olam!

  14. “The truth is, black crime rates went up in areas where Black Lives Matter was active, because the white cops were simply unwilling to do the job that was necessary to control the ghettos.”

    True, but it was also DoJ disparate impact investigations. Arresting too many blacks could result in career-ending sanctions, loss of fed money and prosecution.

  15. Worse most blacks hate white culture. They openly talk among each other about “white man’s sciene”, “white man’s medicine”, “white man’s schooling”. These f**kers are so damn tribal they can only see through the lens of blackness.

    In school blacks watch other blacks for signs of “whiteness” IOW when they see a black student applying themselves in class and getting decent grades the other blacks see that as race betrayal and then proceed to beat that black into compliance.

    This is rarely mentioned unless you actually get to know blacks and they confide in you. Outsiders have no idea how much they hate us. Now you can catch a glimpse of that hatred when you watch people like Juan Williams(who just hates whites with a passion) and other various black commentators. These people speak without filters and you’re getting a decent view into their world view. It’s really that nasty.

    They would if given the chance exterminate us. Don’t bullshit yourself otherwise. It’s not 1985 anymore when we could snark our way out of what is confronting us.

    It doesn’t matter even if they’re rich like Oprah, she’s boiling over with hate towards whites and made public comments to supporting it. She is black first and last. Remember when she waddled into that high end Swiss purse store and demanded to see a $15,000 purse and then accused the clerk was racist towards her? Well what the MSM(including Fox), which erupted in righteous fury towards the Swiss did not tell you was that she was dressed in flip flops, a tank top, short pants, her hair unkempt, etc. IOW she wanted to pick a fight with a white.

    • The black South Africans would rather see their country descend into chaos and famine, than not kill whitey.

  16. It’s the same here, the media and govt are tearing themselves apart about the rapidly rising murder rate in London and expect the public to follow suit. Then a newspaper prints a collage of all those murdered and other than the poor odd misfortunate local its 95% dark and we all shrug and move on…..gotta stop publishing those pics, ha!

  17. We are not the same. We are not equal. They are not like us. There is nothing wrong in knowing and understand that reality. Gear up. Keep your heads up and your helmets on. We have work to do. Whether we want to or not.

  18. The counterculture was always toxic, because it was invented and led largely by Jews for the express purpose of undermining the traditional white, patriotic, Christian culture of America and the West. It has succeeded more thoroughly than anyone who participated in the 1960s counterculture could have ever imagined at the time.

  19. I played D-IA basketball at a commuter school in the South in the early to mid 1990s as one of 3 white, non-European imports on our team. I was the only STEM major on the team, which always puzzled my coaches.

    The blacks on the team all had crib majors designed to keep them eligible and give them a worthless degree in sociology or some other grievance discipline.

    Most of them could barely read and write and their knowlege of politics was pathetically conspiratorial, such as that Reagan’s CIA invented crack to keep the black man down.

    They believed the mostly white coaching staff was biased against them even they were coddled to a ridiculous degree and student “tutors” did most, if not all of their classwork.

    I realized quickly that college athletics is a total sham when black athletes entered the fray in football and basketball. North Carolina got off scot-free from the NCAA on charges of tutors doing classwork because the money-grubbing old men there realized that everyone does this to keep up the facade that these ignorant yet athletc blacks who are “students” first.

    When OJ was exonerated from murder charges, they celebrated as much as when we won our conference tournament to earn a spot in the NCAA tournament.

    Much later, after I graduated, I played pickup ball at an inner city YMCA for months while on a job and the blacks opened up to me, telling me GWB ordered the dynamiting of the levees in NOLA. When I asked where they learned this, their response was “someone told me.” It was the same oral tradition of primitives.

  20. Institutional racism DOES exist – in media, advertising, education and public policy. The blacktivists have simply inverted the directional arrow.

    And the progressive elite has figured out a nice little racket: agitate for feminist policies that disproportionately harm black men, then demand “corrective” action to ameliorate the effects of those same policies.

    Worth mentioning that the “gates” are metaphorical. Police aren’t literally keeping the black underclass penned in. As Morgan Freeman famously said, “the bus runs every day”. If anything other than their own [lack of] ability and time preference is keeping them down, it’s welfare dulling the incentives for self-improvement.

  21. Looking at this at a distance from both America and London where B-on-B violence is an increasing issue, I am struck by how both your article and the comments make no reference to the elephants in the room. Drugs and gangs. Looking at rates of violence in society at large will show that black men kill their wives or children or ‘friends’ at much the same rate as whites or asians or hispanics.

    Expand this to violence against ‘strangers’ or ‘acquaintances’ and a different picture merges. This seems to me at least to be a function of the way society is organised. Trace it through Italian and Irish immigrants to hispanics and now blacks. Those at the bottom of Maslov’s pyramid are more prone to be involved in illegal or black market economic activity and resulting violent behaviour as a result of their more limited opportunities to make a living in the legitimate economy. The fight for dominance in the black economy makes it a more dangerous place with resultingly higher murder rates in black and hispanic communities, as ‘gangs’ fight to protect their ‘turf’.

    Blacks, and hispanics, and to a much lesser extent Asians have been at the bottom of Maslov’s hierarchy of needs for as long as I have been alive. There is therefore a perception that this must be so because the white man controls everything in the ‘legitimate’ economy. Much the same as now, the feminazis rail against the white patriarchy. Except that they don’t want or need to get into gangs or drugs because the feminazis are mostly white and middle class.

    • What you are describing is another version of magic dirt theory. Blacks are violent due to environmental factors, rather than biology. The problem is interpersonal violence rates are fairly constant for blacks in all times and places. The exception is some Caribbean islands, but that are extreme outliers. Otherwise, black crime is high everywhere. This is true along class lines. Rich blacks are much more violent than rich whites.

      The variable is how much contact whites have with it. There’s some math on how this works, but the simple version is that black on white crime increases exponentially with integration. That means one way to lower black crime in general is to reduce black on white crime in particular, by separation of the races. The great white flight out of the cities in the 60’s and 70’s had the strange effect of lowering black crime rates.

      • “The great white flight out of the cities in the 60’s and 70’s had the strange effect of lowering black crime rates.”

        I’m gonna take exception to this. Otherwise i agree. Crime rates in Washington, DC, shot up when blacks moved the whites out and became the majority. Literally all violent crime in Washington, DC, is committed by blacks (with a growing % of hispanics). This, in one of the most progressive and feminized areas in the world. If not the most feminized.

        The population was over 800K in 1960 I believe. And it declined to a low of about 550K by 1995 or so. So, the rate of crime would have increased much more. If you factor in a black population going from over 70% to under 50% from 1960 to the present the level committed by blacks is still very high. Again, this in one of the most progressive places on earth.

      • Black propensity for violence is an evolutionary trait that arose in their ancestral African environment. It exists because it “worked” for those people in that it aided their survival within that ecological context. Black skin pigmentation is a similar adaptation. Neither can be wished away just because Progressives want to exploit them for political advantage.

        • I think that is a possible answer. In an environment with all sorts of exotic diseases that are easily spread through human populations, atomization is the obvious survival strategy. Dependence on complex social systems would make humans more vulnerable to disease, as well as competition from other animals. Set up a farm and the local elephants come in and eat your crop. Hostility to other tribes is the obvious enforcement mechanism.

          Alternatively, agriculture never progressed very far and social organization never advanced past the tribal. Therefore, there was never a strong selection against violence. It appears that violence rates dropped quickly in Europe once people settled into agricultural communities. It does appear that violence rates in America among Africans are lower than in Africa. The genes that confer resistance to malaria have also declined in American black populations, as there is no selection pressure in favor of this trait. Evolution can move quickly, which is why public policy should exert string section pressure against interpersonal violence. Fifty years of the hangman, rather than free cheese, would have done far more good for blacks.

    • There’s actually data that disproves your theory. In the US, blacks making $200k are more violent than whites making $20k. Those blacks making $200k are not deprived of food.

  22. If there are intelligent people in the distant future, it will astonish them that America of 87% White, 10% black, 3% miscellaneous, dealing with black dysfunction, decided to really pile on with huge numbers of third world Mexicans, Somalians, Hondurans, Guatemalans, etc, and make a manageable problem far worse, and eventually lead to disaster.

    • Actually the people of the future will run the real numbers and discover that America was NOT 87 percent White — it was 85 per cent White, plus 2 per cent (((Disguised As White))).

      And that this ((( 2 per cent ))) discovered they could weaponize black dysfunction and use it against the 85 per cent, and leveraged their (((disproportionate power))) to pry open the country’s gates in order to flood it with fatally-high numbers of Squatemalans, Dots, Ching-Chongs and Mohammed’s.

      You can’t have a debate with Dutch Elm Disease, and rationally convince it to stop destroying Dutch Elms.

    • “Eventually”?? The disaster is already here–and has been for decades now–but it’s a slow-motion disaster, so you have just managed to overlook it, that’s all. Eventually indeed!

  23. In 2011 Baltimore “only” had 211 murders. Wow. What was the murder number in Toronto or Montreal that year?

    I saw a graph a month or two ago on twitter I wish I could find was the per capita homicide rate of the US compared to a couple other countries.

    White Americans, armed to the teeth that we may be, have a lower homicide rate than Finland or France. US blacks and Hispanics both habe a homicide rate per capita higher than both nations. Part of the diversity tax Americans pay is homicide rates that are embarrassing for a first world nation.

    But move along, nothing to see here…. shut up and go to the gun control march.

  24. Black identity has a strong class component. You can’t be a true African-American if you aren’t poor. Middle-class Blacks lead a tortured experience trying to grasp at whatever Blackness they can. This is usually through ethnic-studies and “community organizing.”

    As for our Mulatto problem, Steve Sailor re-posted a couple of articles on “mixed-race kids will become white so stop worrying goyim.” I guess it’s progress that our enemies are retreating from “Just think about how nice and middle-class that One Black Guy is” to “That One Black Guy has a white mother, he’ll act white just to get that white privilege!”

    • Most of the middle class blacks I know are Jamacian or actually from Africa. They have no ties to the “black community” abd want nothing to do with them.

  25. From Stuff Black People Don’t Like, the “black middle class” is mainly a government created fiction – namely, government jobs. Such as the school systems, garbage, police departments, public assistance offices, DMV, ect.
    Otherwise there would be the ghetto and wealthy entertainers and very little else.

    • Good example in this regard is to look up the figure for Atlanta. Basically all Black municipal workers (if the figures I read were true—not cared enough to verify). Gist of the article was that governments at the Fed, State, and Local level had pretty much exhausted their ability to absorb any more Blacks which was now impeding Black middle class expansion.

  26. You nailed the source of anger thing. Was recently back at my alma mater for a long weekend and just being on campus, reading the student newspaper, talking to kids, reading the bulletin board posters, you can see it. Even though it is a top 10 (or so) private research university, blacks are now mostly relegated (far more so than when I was there) to a ghetto of {fill-into-blank} studies courses that have been constructed to give them refuge from engineering and the sciences. Mandatory distribution requirements have been relaxed to avoid even the slightest encounter with math or hard sciences. Problem is these kids, while not at the average level of the school, are not stupid and realize just what the gig is. So their frustration goes into all sorts of burn-it-all-down campus activities.

  27. For blacks to thrive their law has to be simple, swift – and brutal. Our ancestors were not heartless ignorant bigots. They understood the black man. All through history blacks have been servants, slaves, or criminals. Pretty lies will never change that.

  28. I don’t know what the state of black minds is or what they really believe, but I imagine they understand the basic biological reality at some level. They are merely exploiting their political leverage over whites with white guilt and with the fact that the Democratic Party, bereft of real issues, has latched upon identity group grievance, to extract as much in terms of resources and nourishment from American society as possible. They seek to increase the number of token blacks in positions of income and visibility as much as they can. This is simple Darwinian strategizing. Helping your own species as much as possible in its evolutionary niche. Selfish gene.

    It seems to me black intellectual leadership has been completely co opted by the white progressive apparatus. Back in the 70s and 60s there was a diversity of black intellectuals that had different visions for the best destiny of blacks. None ever seemed to agree that a negative eugenics policy a la William Shockley might be best, however. In the contemporary era, any black intellectual is immediately absorbed into the race grievance machine. Any mildly talented writer to arise, such as genius Coates, is immediately lavished with wealth if he tows the party line on black grievance. It’s to keep the black coalition firmly behind the democrats. Many of us note how blacks are monolithicly opposed to trump, yet in fact trumps policies help the black population more than any other because Hispanics compete with blacks for economic niches on the low end and the sort of manufacturing jobs trump promised to bring back are the high end jobs that most blacks can hope for. There is no independent black intellectual leadership to tell them this.

    • If anyone really wants to read an account of the “state of black minds,” you could try the astonishing book “Monrovia Mon Amour: A Visit to Liberia” by Theodore Dalrymple (real name Anthony Daniels). Without any reductive theories of mind or biology, he shows the black mind to be an astonishing combination of furious aggression and almost stone-age magical thinking. If you read that book, you’ll realize that those guys and us guys will never be able to live together harmoniously.

      • Yet repatriation of blacks to Africa probably will go horribly wrong for them. I envision a boatload of soft, entitled American blacks accustomed to the gentle hand of whitey landing on the shore of Liberia where a crowd of real Africans await. The level of sheer brutality, including enslavement, rape, torture and wanton slaughter that would surely ensue makes me uncomfortable, despite not wanting to live with them any more than anybody else does. Imagine our black’s shock when they realize that Africa doesn’t have the supply of welfare, Mexican drugs and white man’s firearms that they depend upon for survival.

        • The return of free association would solve a lot of the problems. We already have a de facto version of this, using real estate. Upper class white neighborhoods use environmental and zoning laws to keep the hues away.

          • It would really solve most of our problems, and is probably a great track to push for and run on.
            We can already anticipate the response to this from the usual suspects, but it’s hard to argue logically against free association.
            Again, most whites already practice it whether they like to admit it or not.
            Part of recapturing the high ground is getting white people, particularly white liberals, to start being radically honest again in regards to their obvious preference for white neighborhoods, white schools and white standards.
            Most whites already live their lives as if segregation never ended. You just have to convince them to stop apologizing for it.

          • Segregation was in place to protect the lower middle class and poor whites from negro shenanigans. The old working class neighborhoods in the South, that used to be stable, are long gone. The upper middle class and the wealthy were never inconvenienced.

          • Free association is another one of those rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights that is going by the wayside. Any open exercise of freedom of association (especially non-association) by whitey is going to get called out now as raycissssm. They are human rights, not privileges.

      • I meant their state of mind in the sense of what they really believe about their plight. Do they honestly believe that whites are somehow holding them back in an unfair system, as the media propagandizes or do they understand that their limitations are intrinsic and that in most cases society is bending over backwards to help them succeed and shows them favoritism in virtually every single arena? Do they realize this and are just gaming the system and white guilt for more?

  29. No one gets to choose their parents. And you must play the hand you are dealt in life, no matter what. Black people are adapted to live in the environment in which they evolved, which is not the mid-to-upper latitudes of the planet. It is not their fault they were born here in modern times, but the consequences of this macro misplacement cannot be wished away. The converse is also true. Caucasians do not thrive in the sub-Saharan tropics. Globalist want to homogenize the species into a generic amalgam with them as the royal overlords and everyone else morphed into hive-minded worker bees. Which is the greater danger?

  30. My great uncle was a Sheriff of a Southern county from the forties up through the mid seventies. To say that black crime didn’t pick up until the sixties is incorrect. Black crime existed, but wasn’t reported until the mid to late sixties. Whatever went on in black side of town was the local headman in the ghetto’s responsibility. Only when the violence or shenanigans leaked into crackerville was handled by the police. He used to say that they don’t want us there, we don’t belong there, and that they have different rules. The black middle class, who were in charge, left the ghetto in the seventies and eighties and whitey’s solution was to start throwing the entire ghetto in prison. Black crime and violence has always been there, we just never paid attention to it before the last forty years.

  31. “Black” Friday, oh dear oh dear oh dear.

    At this point, it’s hard to find a face-saving backdown for blacks. The Huge Official Lie about black dysfunction is so well-entrenched that naturally it has been incorporated into the left-wing religion, and violating it is heresy. “We’re just dumb and impulsive, is all” is such a huge comedown from the mountain of apologetics that blacks have been set upon that it’s just never going to happen.

    Since refutation is pointless, the only ideal solution is separation.

    • It’s worth keeping in mind that the black problem was largely under control and not a big deal when White society was strong, cohesive and mostly homogeneous. I view BLM and black crime issues as symptomatic of the decline of White power in America, which will largely solve itself when we have a nation of strong Christian White men with families again.

  32. You would think that after all the incredible effort, government edicts, prorgrams, special set asides and massive indoctrination that the race problem would be far better than it is. No, but whites especially working class ones are very pissed about many avenues of employment and advancement taken from them.

    I always liked the Muhammed Ali clip on race realism, he has made similar ones elsewhere. As an aside, his reported IQ of 69 obviously is mistaken but IQ spergs always take this as fact. Makes you wonder about claims on the other end.

    • I believe Ali’s IQ was a faint to avoid the draft. If really 69, he would have avoided the draft at the time. But the Army did not buy it and he reverted to a CO avoidance strategy.

  33. Barack Obama is the most aware of having passed through those gates and having a symbolic role in the system, and he is the most angry one of all.

    • Mulattos have always been the angriest, as well as the ones most likely to pass through the gates. They feel as if their obvious white ancestry should mean something or provide some reward, yet most whites could care less.
      Mulattos are never fully accepted as black by other darker blacks and obviously never accepted by whites. This creates a smoldering rage that can be difficult to deal with.
      I’ve lived in NYC since the late 80’s, and I’ve always felt that dark skinned blacks are more comfortable in their own skin than light skinned blacks.
      Of course, the stereotypical “angry black” can come in any shade of brown, but many very light skinned blacks resent being in between both worlds, and usually gravitate towards over the top displays of black nationalism and obnoxious iterations of black identity.
      I can tell you that I’ve experienced more race realism from working with black people in NYC for 30 years than I have ever encountered from whites.
      Once black people feel comfortable around me, they have let stuff slip out that would make your head spin. A lot of black people know, quite consciously, that without white people they are doomed. Some black people hate this, but many simply admit it. They also know our current societal order, constructed by liberal whites, allows for black people to act out and be rewarded for it, so they dutifully play along. They actually get rewarded the worse they behave, and if that’s the way white people want to play this game they are happy to oblige.
      The ones who actually get screwed by this arrangement are working class whites who have to live with the actual consequences of this reality every day while making sure the lights stay on and clean water comes out of the tap.
      As far as the world ending when we become a minority, the election of Bolsonaro in Brazil should tell you that not all will be lost.
      Let me be clear, I don’t think people should relax about this or not fight to strictly limit immigration, but even when we reach the point when we are only 50% of the population, Europeans are still the most dynamic and capable civilizers on the planet, and despite the poisonous rhetoric coming from the cloud people, we will be running shit where it counts for generations to come, and most Hispanics, Asians and yes, even blacks, understand this and want this.

      • Asians, at least of the fancy variety, can run things, but often not in ways that are congenial to white Americans. I’d still rather live among them than, say, Africans.

        • Having worked with a number of high IQ Asians, I’ve noticed that while they are highly intelligent, they tend to lack the ability to take strategic risks. This comes much more naturally to high IQ white men. Asians appear to be extremely risk averse, which makes them boring but reliable problem solvers when given unambiguous requirements and, usually, an example of how someone solved a similar situation in the past. However they fail completely in tasks that need creative innovation, especially when the risk of failure is high.

          • So true. When I was in grad school in the early 80s, the Chinese, Koreans and Indians usually outperformed their white counterparts in the classroom. When course requirements were completed and the focus changed to independent research in the laboratory, they lagged behind us. Out here in the real world, the separation is greater still, with white Americans dominating the managerial positions and foreigners pedominantly on the technical ladder.

      • Dave, a very positive outlook (for a change here), however I’m not sure I am complletely convinced. Perhaps South Africa would be an experimental example to follow. Seems to me that they tetter on the brink of collapse, yet their politicians continue to blame all things bad on the Whites that remain—who continue to ward off complete collapse.
        Can this continue indefinitely in SA? Will this not start in the USA once population proportions decline such that Whites (already disunited) are a politically powerless minority? Do we already have a SA experience growing with our continued affirmative action programs and the like? Or perhaps not, if our Hispanic minority (most likely to be a majority at century end) has enough sense to recognize the Black pathology for what it is.

        • SA is significantly different in that blacks were always a majority there, whereas here, black people have always been a minority.
          Black population numbers have already been eclipsed by Hispanics, and intermarriage rates between Asians/whites and Hispanics/whites should tell you that Asians and Hispanics actually want to assimilate towards obviously superior European standards.
          I’m not saying we should celebrate this or even be happy about it, but my experience here in the belly of the beast tells me that Asians and Hispanics show blatant and obvious preference for white standards, and are well aware that black people can’t run things.
          Listening to propaganda from the cloud people and their hand selected brown muppets will simply run you down.
          White people run, AND OWN, everything in Latin America, and we will continue to do so here. This does not mean giving up or caving in.
          Even if current immigration trends continue, we will still be the largest ethnic and economic block in the states for many decades to come.
          I don’t care how white liberals talk, they engage in white flight when the heat gets turned up. I’ve watched white suburbanites gentrify Brooklyn and Queens for the last 20 years, turning once shitty black and brown ghettos into safe, productive enclaves. The press lies about it as they clamor to live in those same neighborhoods.
          There are 220 million whites in this country, and despite the best efforts of the cloud people and their pets to demoralize us… we aren’t going anywhere.
          The West may very well fall, but there will still be hundreds of millions of whites here who want to get up and greet the sun and move forward, and create safe, productive communities.
          We really can’t be stopped.

          • This is one of the things that keeps me and probably a lot of white Americans perhaps a little too complacent about the coming demographic changes. Yes, we will become a majority- minority country, but whites will still be an overwhelming plurality for decades to come.

            Beyond that, we’re not going to become majority black at any rate. We’re going to be white, Hispanic (who are the descendants of the Spanish aristocracy and who, unlike the black Muslim hordes invading Europe, share our basic religion), mixed White and something else (more likely to be White and Asian or White and Hispanic as opposed to White and Black) then Blacks and then Asians, who will eventually pass the Blacks in a few decades.

            At any rate, the blacks aren’t going to be running things any time soon. In fact, it will probably get much worse for them in the medium to long term as Hispanics gain power. Have you been around any Hispanics? They hate blacks and they aren’t shy about it the way whites have been indoctrinated over the last 50 years. The mainstream media ignores it, but the truth is we’ve been having a race war in the West and Southwest of this country for the last two decades. It’s just between the Hispanics and the blacks, so nobody cares.

  34. One of the great weaknesses of American “conservatism”, and there are many, is that so many of them are stuck in the early 1980’s. In 1980 America was still around 80% white so the conversations were very different. People that play clips of Reagan talking about immigration when the massive wave hadn’t started don’t seem to understand that Reagan is dead and we don’t live in 1983 anymore. Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, the black population was mostly contained. Now? Even in small towns you see more and more blacks and even more so mulatto children pushed around in strollers by young, dimwit white girls. Now that we are half a century removed from 1965 and the country is about to tip to minority white, some conservatives are starting to wake up but most are still blathering on about being the true successor of Reagan, not seeming to realize that in a country where whites are a minority Reagan wouldn’t be elected dog catcher much less President.

    Blacks in this country have been fed a steady diet of resentment and hatred toward whites. Not just whites that are in the Klan but all whites who are racist without realizing it. Again, it wasn’t a huge deal when they were confined to urban enclaves but that is ending. Look at places like Atlanta where suburbs that were lily-white a few decades ago are overwhelmingly black and mestizo. Our minority urban areas have long been cancerous tumors on the landscape of America but now they are metastasizing and spreading. Pretty soon there won’t be anywhere you can move to avoid them other than the most rural of areas.

    • “Blacks in this country have been fed a steady diet of resentment and hatred toward whites.”

      It might have started out as simple excuse-making for our most dysfunctional minority, but all the lies about sources of black underachievement are becoming weaponized as the demographics shift.

    • “Even in small towns you see more and more blacks and even more so mulatto children pushed around in strollers by young, dimwit white girls“

      So true. In my hometown (small farming town of 950 people) one didn’t see blacks ten years ago unless they came off the interstate for gas. Now there are always a few caramel colored biracial kids running around.

    • I grew up in the 40’s, 50’s and some 60’s in East Point and College Park, on the Southwest side of Atlanta, near the airport. In those days, the Blacks were on the other side of the tracks, literally. At some point in the 60’s, they got loose and now both cities are just Black.

      • I was born at Ft Macpherson in ’65, my parents fled back to Alabama a couple of yrs later. I’ve spent the last 25 yrs in ATL suburbs, and the issue today isn’t so much blacks, but Hispanics. We’ve had a +300% increase since 1991, and despite moving numerous times, we are running out of state to go to.
        About time I do what my parents did 50 yrs ago-flee to the Alabama boonies.

    • “Not just whites that are in the Klan but all whites who are racist without realizing it.”

      LOL. Everybody’s racist. The biggest racists in the world by far are blacks. Down vote.

    • Mainstream “Conservatives” love to blame the high Black rate of abortions on Planned Parenthood. I’m no defender of Planned Parenthood, but Black women choose to have abortions at a high rate. They may be pressured by their baby daddies or families, but no one from Planned Parenthood ever grabbed a Black woman off the street and forced her to undergo an abortion. Grant them the dignity of free will.

      Blacks love this because they love to be absolved of responsibility for their actions and blame whitey for their problems and failures. “Conservative” Whites get to virtue signal their superior morality while adding fuel to the fire of Black hatred toward Whites.

      Much the same with “Conservative” Whites blaming poor Black school performance on the schools and teacher unions. The reality is the biggest problem is with the students, who are largely indifferent to learning and just plain dumb. Of course, telling the truth would be racist.

      • “Grant them the dignity of free will.”

        I’m not going to try and define “free will”, but I think our common conception of it is a major contributor to the ideas that are destroying us. The notion that we are all brother children of God, and that we may all freely choose good vs. evil, lends itself to an egalitarian, blank slate position. Blacks murder, rape, assault, et al at wildly increased rates, and it grows out of their biology.

        It’s one thing for a starving man to steal bread, it’s another for a fully and clearly insane man to commit a murder, it’s something else, however, for blacks to choose evil at wildly increased rates because their IQ’s are low, their testosterone levels are high, because certain interests successfully manipulated whites into granting them freedom, because certain interests are celebrating and promoting blacks’ subhuman culture, social norms, etc. There seems to be a clash between the example of blacks, and the overwhelmingly common conception of “free will”, with many choosing to stick to their conception of “free will”, and to ignore/deny the wider issues raised by what blacks teach us about human behavior, differences separating human subspecies, etc.

        I’m not demanding Christians renounce their faith, I’m just arguing that a far more nuanced understanding of “free will” and such is required. Deep within those old, multi-volume Catholic moral theology volumes, there may already be ideas confronting this.

        • I seem to remember Steven Sailer observing that Blacks did well in certain environments such as authoritarian churches, the military and sports teams because they provided greater structure and discipline. Even Islam, in one way, works for Blacks because it micromanages a believer’s life down to the proper Islamic way to relieve oneself.

          As you pointed out, Blacks tended to have a dangerous combination of lower IQs and higher testosterone levels, so they require greater supervision.and more rules. Freedom doesn’t work well with them. What makes a bad situation worse is the fact that the majority of Black babies are born to welfare queen Latoiletta and her five kids by four gangbangers and they now set the tone of Black culture.

          Roman Catholicism developed with the Caucasian temperament in mind.

        • That some cannot use their free will wisely (for whatever reason) does not negate the existence of free will. Free will simply means that one is a moral agent and therefore is responsible for his actions. Lower IQ/higher testosterone (LIQ/HT) does not negate this.

          Having said that, those factors do need to be taken into consideration when structuring the polis. As Ris points out, greater structure and discipline may be necessary, just as a 7 year old needs greater structure and discipline than a 27 year old (one would hope). Ascribing it all to LIQ/HT absolves too much.

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