The World’s On Fire

This is the first post using the latest version of WordPress that automatically updated overnight. It is complete garbage. It’s as if they formed a committee tasked with ruining the product by making it more difficult to use. One of my goals for 2019 is to move off WordPress entirely and now I’m much more motivated to do it. I’m not sure if the YouTube or Spreaker embed will work, but we’ll see. I’m not sure how any of this will work.

Also this week, I have been de-platformed by Spotify. Apparently, the tender little babies who make up their customer base were vexed by my presence. I don’t know how many people were listening to me via that platform, but it must have been enough to get the attention of their morality officers. Frankly, Spotify is a garbage platform anyway, so I really don’t care. It says something bad about the younger generation that they like that platform. It’s radio for people who like being told what to like.

Anyway, this week almost did not come off as I was busy with the above ground life, but a foolish consistency is important in these things. That and I was not sure what to do this week, other than the French stuff. Then looking around, I found other fires burning that are worth discussing, so we have a show about issues on the edge of the abyss. It’s funny, but whenever I get stumped for content, the world comes to my rescue.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below. I have been de-platformed by Spotify, because they feared I was poisoning the minds of their Millennial customers.

This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: The British Turd Sandwich (Link)
  • 12:00: France On Fire (Link)
  • 22:00: Migrant Tipping Point (Link) (Link)
  • 32:00: Trouble With China (Link) (Link)
  • 42:00: Crisis In Italy (Link)
  • 52:00: My Heart Is An Alligator (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing (Link)

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78 thoughts on “The World’s On Fire

  1. Z Man, thank you for yet another brilliant show — they all are! I don’t know how you do it.

    It’s a shame to hear about your un-personing at Spotify but in these times I guess you can consider it a feather in your cap as you no doubt offend all the right people.

  2. It’s important to recognize that platforms like Spotify are not fundamentally about communication, but rather indoctrination. The latter is their essential mission and purpose. Your messaging conflicts with their covert mind infection goals and hence it is logical from their perspective to ban you. If it helps, the endpoint for the Spotify audience is severely weakened cognitive skill and robustness. Those poor souls will not fare well should an environment of extreme hardship arise again.

  3. The World’s on Fire!

    We really need to know the Z take on the James Fields trial.
    Stupid kid or IRA soldier?

  4. Speaking of the British turd sandwich, big pro-Brexit protest planned for London tomorrow. Authorities have had plenty of advance notice, hence plenty of time to sabotage it. Not sure how it will go; might be a damp squib. The British just don’t do insurgency like the French.

  5. Off topic, but perhaps germane to the next exciting episode of Xirl Science:

    Test your Intersectionality Scores, you buggardly patriarchs – and hang your heads in shame!

    I am 93% more privileged than any of you rubes! Got that?

    Z – you will shine my boots, Frip will do the dishes and empty the spittoons, Cal’s Dad will shovel the sidewalks, and Bile Jones will wash the truck and clean the tires. If anyone needs me, I am off for a day of sport and leisure!

    (And you contemptable sexist bigots said there was no practical application for Xirl Science! Harrrumpffff!!!)

  6. A couple of things here “China rejoining the world” is just plain wrong. China for pretty much all of its history ignored the outside world. The outside meddling of the imperial powers was merely a short lived hiccup.

    On the Italian debt issue, one of the great financial trades of the past thirty years was the “convergence trade”:
    This was the tendency for the rates paid on sovereign debt instruments of the countries joining the Euro to converge toward that of Germany. Greece for example moved from a 7/8/9 percent rage to the 2-3 paid by Germany: Greek bond prices soared accordingly and tens if not hundreds of billions of dollars were made by going long the Greek etc and shorting the Kraut.
    The act of sharing a currency however in no way imparted the Bundesbank’s fiscal discipline (driven by the fear of a resurgence of ’20’s inflation)

    This convergence made no sense: you were still lending to Greeks (Italians,Spaniards, Portuguese etc) and now not being paid for the risk- this fuckup has since been corrected The dollars made on this trade in the 90’s have now been lost by fools who bought and held the bonds.

    A few years ago there where a handful of great graphs that portrayed the convergence, now vanished down the memory hole, inconvenient truths must be suppressed.

    • Well there was an argument for those on the losing side of the convergence play. The bet was that the German commitment to the Euro project was so strong that a combination of coerced austerity for the weak sisters and taxpayer financed bailouts from the Germans would mean that the weak sister debt was effectively guaranteed by the Bundesbank/European Central Bank. A losing bet, but who knows how things would have gone absent 2008 plus the migrant crisis spurring the rise of European nationalism…..

  7. Off topic, but not irrelevant:

    On Friday, December 7, James Fields was convicted of murder in Charlottesville in what appeared to be a political show trial.

    As of 9:48 a.m. eastern standard time December 8, Breitbart had zero coverage of the event. On that cucked-right news platform, Fields was already a non-person.

    Too bad for Fields that the First Lady didn’t show up in the audience so Breitbart could have written a fashion story about her and possibly mentioned the trial in passing.

    If only the prosecutor had let an uncomplimentary word or two about Israel pass his lips, Breitbart would have a screaming headline about it. But he didn’t, and it didn’t.

    • And the woman he supposedly killed was a 300lb waddling chain smoker who probably stroked out from the heat that day. It’s also odd the MSM never showed the public what she really looked like that – she didn’t look like her HS picture at all.

      It’s funny the NYT article doesn’t say at all how she was killed. Why? Because she wasn’t hit by a car, she dropped dead on the spot IMS. No blunt force trauma that is common with hit and run victims.

      Of course BB won’t cover it or the fact Fields was railroaded BB is pretty much a joke. It’s reporting is not even at junior high level. It’s writers don’t even know the five W’s.

      • He, panicking, bumped a car, that bumped another car, that bumped her, and she dropped dead of an overdue heart attack.

        Convicted of first degree -premeditated heart failure- while an illegal shoots Katie Steinle in broad daylight and gets off scot free.
        While muslims are memory-holed after running into crowds.

        Do you get it yet?

        • Oh I get it. I know all about the crap you just posted. I’ve been keeping track of it since Ruby Ridge you punk. You really think you’re the only person who knows about how corrupt our legal system is or how it favors certain groups because I or others aren’t posting about it all the time. Well you’re dead wrong.

          • Rod, you and Alzaebo are on the same side, his “you” is the reader, I don’t see that being directed at you.

          • Sorry ’bout that, Rod, that was a rhetorical “Do you…” plagiarized from twitter. You’re a solid joe.

            Glad you hate real evil.
            My personal apologies from me to you, thanks.

        • @Alzaebo
          I don’t think people will ever get it until they are nelt by a ditch or loaded on a boxcar…

      • I have never heard any account at all of how she was killed or what injuries she suffered, and I expected that to come out at the trial. They were not shy at all about mentioning the woman with the broken hip. That seems like an obvious thing that would be covered in testimony and reported, so the omission really raises a red flag.

    • More relevant is the fact Trump’s DOJ will use the 30 hate crime charges they brought to put Fields in the gurney and give him the needle. This is in addition to the hundreds of Trump supporters who still languish in prison for the crime of being attacked by antifa.

      Historic levels of cowardice or malice on the part of this administration toward the people who voted it in.

      • Part of it is cowardice and part of it is arrogance. He really wants a big tent base where he is beloved by all groups, much like he was before he started running for president. He likely considers the white nationalists to be expendable, especially as he continuously attempts to appeal to blacks. He loved the days when he got shout outs on rap music and when rappers like Jay-Z bought apartments at Trump Tower. Defending Fields of course means losing that group forever. What he doesn’t realize is that he lost blacks forever anyway and now has a smaller base as he absolutely needs white nationalists and their sympathizers to win re-election in 2020. In fact, he needs every single voter he got in 2016 and then millions of more whites to offset the millions of vibrants who have flooded into the border since.

        I’m going to venture a guess and say that Trump couldn’t care less about any particular group outside of his circle of billionaire real estate and casino magnates like the Kushners and the Adelsons. I will forego the echoes here.

        • I disbelieve the narrative that Trump doesn’t know the score on minority voters. If he were that dense, his presidential run would have been asses and elbows like Jeb. His strategy was right out of the Francis/Sailor school of thought. He knew the score in 2015 and he probably knew it in the 80s when he cut his teeth working the real estate and politik role that made his fortune.

          Whether or not he is acting on malice is open for debate, he may truly have the metaphorical gun to his head, but he cannot be ignorant. In either case, he is unworthy of support until he makes an about-face on the wanton destruction of his allies and careless attitude towards prosecuting their (supposedly his as well) enemies.

    • InstaPundit has been totally silent on the trial, too.

      The verdict seems dodgy as hell from what I have been able to gather from news reports. I think manslaughter would have been justified, but first degree murder seems ludicrous to me.

  8. Mickey Kaus at says Fox News wonderboy Tucker Carlson is running for Prez in 2020, and presumably running to the right of Trump.

    Trump’s basic starting point was being a TV celebrity, so why not Tucker too?

    • It seems unbelievable but it seemed ridiculous at one time that Trump would be a serious candidate ( much less win the nomination and presidency).

      I would vote for Tucker. Hell, he might actually do some of the stuff Trump talked about. Probably not but it’s worth a shot.

    • Tucker could be Trump’s Pat Buchanan, since Trump is hellbent on being Herbert Walker Bush. One main difference is the alternative will be Kamala Harris. At this point, I’m thinking the best path forward is for Harris to win. Having an angry, female black as an explicitly anti-white candidate win the White House quadruple our numbers.

      • To me, that sounds like German commies saying on new year’s day 1933, “You know, the best way forward is for that Hitler guy to be appointed chancellor. Our numbers will go through the roof!”

      • “I’m thinking the best path forward is for Harris to win.”

        WTF??? That is you being momentarily nuts.

      • Kamala will indeed be a boon PR wise for out side should she become president The downside is significant as she is the sort of person that can and will start a hot civil war. Not purposely but her policies will invariably drive whites to kinetic actions.

        Which is a good thing. I would rather the SHTF in the near term before it gets nightmarish for us demographically.

        • There is not going to be a civil war. The neoliberal elite and the cultural left are triumphant, and most whites do not fundamentally care. They simply want the pot to boil more slowly, that is all. They will continue shopping, Facebook posting, channel flipping, etc. until the West is securely in it’s grave. They are already “I’m not racist” in response to the absurd interracial crime stats (if these become a problem, the government will stop collecting or publishing them), what does an increase matter? Doing something is risky, it could jeopardize comfortable bourgeois existence, so why not check out Hollywood’s latest production and forget about it? The most whites will muster are a few days of street protests, which will quickly dissipate and be forgotten (“I’ll show them at the next ballot box!”).

          I’ll add that only about 1/3 of the population owns guns, and a small percentage of “gun nuts” own a massive percentage of these, and virtually none of them will use them unless they are directly attacked, which our elite will not need to do in order for their plans to triumph. I’ll also add that there seems to be no bloc of territory ripe for white secession. They are all thoroughly mixed-race, leftist, reliant on the US gov., etc. Any state or regional secession, in order to form an even implicitly white Rightist ethnostate (assuming this can be done), would likely be treated by the global System as a pariah state, cut off from the world economy (which everyone is now reliant on).

          Our “Good”, “reasonable”, patriotic white Christian bourgeoisie are not an asset, they are a roadblock to be overcome. They are, and will remain, an abysmal failure. Period. A philosophically sophisticated (to attract intelligent people, who can rise and have impact, and potentially become elites themselves), truly Rightist subculture, truly outside of all this, has to be developed. All things boomer-con, Ronnie Raygun, libretardian, et al are roads to nowhere. True Rightist populism (nationalist, economically “leftist”, not Trump) buys time, but I believe even it is insufficiently outside the zeitgeist, in the long-run.

          • The level of suck from the Trump regime is hard to comprehend—the disconnect between his campaign and his Presidency has to be a record. He had the Republican base eating out of his hand. Unbelievably, most still are, even after it’s turned to shit. I said in 4/17 after his first major cuck-out, the Syria attack, he could have had millions in the street opposing the deep state (I still prefer “ZOG”), instead he completely capitulated. It’s only been downhill since. I don’t care how lit his Twatter is.

            I hope when he is BFTO by some brown bitch a few of his less retarded fans finally feel the cold water in their face and find the ZMan, or another dissident right guy, assuming (((Rod Rosenstein))) doesn’t have us all in the Graybar Hotel.

  9. I for one find the idea of Z Man operating a guillotine appalling…he should be swinging the executioner’s axe, for God’s sake!

  10. The Chinese way of thinking, probably bio-based psychology, comes across as slightly autistic to Caucasians. They also have a strong ‘us’-‘them’ mentality, especially Chinese born or living in China (US born Chinese can actually be pretty cool but that’s not an argument to flood the US w them).

    And yes, May’s trying to pull a fast one on ol’ limey. And actually I think Z would make one hell of a revolutionary executioner. Just do it on a live podcast lol Man, have I had the same sentiments at times….

  11. Your comment on Derbyshire – just shows what an idiot “The Derb” is, when it comes to US Politics. The idea that Hillary would give us anything but “open borders” and Amnesty on immigration is so wacky – I don’t know what to even say. Hillary isn’t and wasn’t going to “cut a deal – like Nixon going to China” – that’s like electing Hitler and thinking “Hey, lets elect Hitler maybe he’l reverse course and give up all German claims to Austria, the Rhineland, Saarland, Sudetenland, and Alsace-Lorraine in return for Danzig”

    I wonder if “The Derb” just says stuff for shock value.

    • I agree, the idea of Her being better, that’s like setting your house on fire b/c it s too cold

    • Too right. Does anyone seriously think that Mrs. Clinton would have pulled the USA out of the Paris Climate Accords? As for the UN Migration Pact, would Mrs. Clinton have said no to that?

      The fact that Donald Trump nixed the Migration Pact gave other countries the political leverage they needed to say as well. If DJT achieves nothing else while in office, at least be grateful for that. He has made a difference and a significant one at that.

      • Where is the Trump that broadly attacked the Western political and economic elite, and thereby got himself elected? In addition to this, he could, and should, be broadly attacking Congressional Republicans, as well as virtually the whole of DC, to explain his failure to implement his program. This would add fire to a mass Right populism. Instead, he has inflamed the Left, and gotten little in return. He’s slid into the boomer-con and libretardian worlds, insufferable roads to nowhere, and populist sentiments have been directed away from the Right nationalist variety, toward the Left globalist variety:

        This has me extremely pissed-off.

        I’m rethinking Jack Donovan’s pro-Hillary take:

        “I think most middle and lower class white American men know on some semi-conscious level that America is never going to be great again — at least not for them — but it is going to take Hillary Clinton’s cold, Reptilian resting bitch-face on a Presidential portrait to make them accept it and start working through the rest of the stages of grief, so they can finally move on. So they can finally start imagining a post-American future for themselves and begin developing tribal alternatives, before it is too late. Before there are too few of them left to matter.

        “Donald Trump will keep them in denial. He will make them believe everything is going to be OK.”

        • I was not aware of Jack Donovan beforehand so thanks for the link to that essay which I thoroughly enjoyed. Donovan’s predictions about Trump are, I think, being largely borne out at least to the extent that he is not going to be the White Knight that America (not to mention the rest of the white world) both expected and needed.

          That is not to say that Trump has been insignificant but rather that the general view is that he has achieved as much as he is going to achieve. In truth, the problems are far beyond the capacity of any one man to even address, let alone solve.

          I have just bought one of Jack’s books and I while I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of “wokeness” in the reviews, my decision to buy it was actually sealed by the content of the negative ones, e.g. “don’t buy this racist, homophobic nazi crap”. Yup, I thought, that’s definitely the book for me.

        • There are those speaking of Trump’s plan to take down the Hillary/Obama/FBI axis. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • Derby is clearly more creative minded than most, but I profoundly disagree that your crone is axiomatically worse. Trump’s DOJ is going to put the needle in the arm of James Fields and will have hundreds of Trump’s more dissident supporters jailed for years, all for the crime of bad think and being too close to the antifa enforcers. Hillary could do no more than that. Indeed, whoever follows Trump will likely have to marvel at how effective he was at punishing his own base.

      The GOP and Trump have yet to demonstrate any loyalty to white Americans. That must be admitted.

  12. “It’s radio for people who like being told what to like”

    That’s my biggest problem with today’s so-called “elites” — they’re boring as all get out due to being hyper-insecure conformists who like to pretend that they’re true connoisseurs. In addition to that, they’re not stupid people, so enough of their conscience is aware of this façade and they hate themselves for it.

    In truth, I’m not surprised — I remember an intro assembly as a freshman at my “elite” college where the upper-classmen openly admitted to all being “closet nerds” who publicly acted like they were effortlessly smart, but in actuality they all went home at night and studied like crazy. Multiply that mindset by a few thousands, and you’ve got our ruling class in a nutshell: Vain poseurs who’d rather use their talents to hide their own weaknesses rather than risk admitting that they have anything to learn.

  13. It is a total mystery to me who reads those online periodicals. I can’t believe 700,000 people read The Weekly Standard. What can they possibly get out of? And if I see a link goes to the Huffington Post I don’t even bother with it

  14. Great show as usual. I had some more rather labyrinthine things to say, but one remark of yours in the show makes more of a sledgehammer relevant.

    In your astute discussion of the hate-filled, spite-filled, genocidal (and make no mistake, quite deliberately genocidal, viz. it cannot be chalked up to mere incompetence nor bureaucratic confusion) UN compact on migration (IOW, genocide and mass global theft of centuries-old White social capital), you make the observation that, among the elites, “hating your own people is almost now like a badge of honor.”

    But it is not, of course, “hating your own people,” because the alleged “elites” are NOT “their own people”. It is a question of the Jews, having wormed their way into full control of the pilot’s cabin, hating as they always do, the feared and despised goyim. And making up endless self-serving mythologies and blatantly false historiographical nonsense in order to pathologically justify same.

    Well, let us say, in order to avoid semantic sperging, “the Jews PLUS their mind-worm infected golems and shabbos goys.” Plenty of erstwhile White goyim have swallowed the Jewish mind-worm bafflegab, whether it is old-timey Marxism, or fancy dressed up Frankfurt-School racial Marxism, or feminism (the real goal of which is simply to suppress White fertility, White family formation, and to undermine the foundations and stability of the White Christian family), or deconstructionism (the goal of which is turn language against itself, thereby rendering Classical and Christian hermeneutics impossible), or flat-out genocidal mass bombardment via the Rapefugee Influx, which is simply a new demographic version of the fire-bombing of Dresden or the Morgenthau Plan. The point is, one cannot rebut the claim that “the evil elites are the Jews, and the Jews are the evil elites” by pointing to some random goy like Macron and saying “Aha!, you see? It’s the goys TOO!” How shallow.

    The elites not only despise the people, they are also NOT the people, in any meaningful way. The Turd World hordes want to invade Europe for rather rat-brained but highly practical reasons: it’s a lot nicer in Europe than in Shithole-istan, the architecture is better, the welfare is a plus, the high-trust social capital is easier to grub from, and, most importantly, the women are infinitely hotter. From the long-term point of view of the Jews, though, it’s a different story: all White Europeans are Amalek, which must always categorically be utterly destroyed; and, from a Halachic point of view, Christianity is idolatry (in a way which Islam, halachically speaking, is not), which is an abomination in the eyes of HaShem, and which therefore must also be utterly destroyed. Egging on the Turd World invasion is simply a convenient hammer with which to achieve the longer-term goal.

    Not all Jews think these things, to be sure; most of them are just regular folks trying to live peaceable lives. But they thoughtlessly donate to their leadership and their organizations… and those folks, under cover, most certainly believe this stuff. And unfortunately but quite frankly, the collective behavior constitutes Exhibit A all the way through Exhibit Z-slash-umpty-zillion.

    TL;DR : if the Yellow Vests succeed in deposing Macron, they will have succeeded in nothing… UNLESS they also depose their sub structural mortal enemies.

    • You can’t cheat an honest man. How many people really convert to Mormonism or Scientology?

      Hating your own people is female hypergamy at work. No more no less. If White men had names like Eric Bloodaxe and had hobbies of sailing up the Thames to sack London I assure you the most ardent feminist would also be a Klan member. Up against men where 90% have the mao-a warrior gene White men subject to at least a thousand year culling of that gene are non competitive in the female tingle market.

      No further explanation required.

      • Whiskey’s argument is that our ultimate enemy is women. Other commenters, like me, believe that the real opponents are mostly men of other tribes or our own men with sociopathy and low in group associations. Who do you believe has more agency and power, women or male subversives?

        The moment we regain power most women will agree with us.

        • Tough one to call. As for women, I can only say that women have gone completely batshit crazy. From what I can see, women wish to escape the limitations of the body, which is now leading to insanity. It is not reality, it can’t be done ever! With womens suffrage women wanted more say in their world and the world outside home. The ante was uped with birth control that eventually translated to wanting complete control of the she body. What women didn’t and don’t realize is We Can’t Do It All and no one including men can do it all. It’s just the way it is. It’s a fallacy, fluffy bunnies and unicorns and insanity. Life is a series of decisions stacked one on another. Women bought the myth that dumping thousands of years of The Way would bring them massive fulfillment. Raising children was something to endure and get through, if one had children at all. Now it’s tyrannies, blue haired box wine lonely angry cat women. In the wayback world, women sets the standards in the home and community, and men looked with respect to their women. With women raging and doing it in the road, why should men stick around. Take what they can and get away! As western civilization collapses in raging insanity…..someone else will walk through the door. We left the
          door open.

          • “We were gods in 1946”- so said my sailor dad and uncles. I probably have a dozen siblings I’ll never know around the world.

            Victory in war led to our baby boom.

        • @Lineinthesand
          Our ultimate enemy is the state because without the state no woman would have power except over maybe a few beta males…Other males of other tribes wouldn’t have any power either because they wouldn’t be around because they would be drove out or killed…The state laughs when we fight against each other and will help women and other tribes against us because they know they have the most to fear from us…That’s why anytime someone mentions banding together/being unified/tribing up they are ridiculed or destroyed because that’s the last thing they want…JMHO

          • Lolbertarian, there will always be a sovereign. Do you want that sovereign to be of our kind or not?

            (If the world was made up of only Europeans your view would at least be plausible, but it’s not. The number of non-whites who can understand, to say nothing of abide by, the NAP is small.)

          • @LineintheSand
            Who said anything about NAP…I don’t recall me ever Saying anything about it…If everyone wasn’t always so “nervous” we could talk in person so there wouldn’t be any misunderstanding…Do you think the “state” favors you or me in anyway right now or does it need to be “changed”…

      • Whiskey I wish you would start blogging again.

        Women are as good as their men require them to be. Female degeneracy is absolutely a proximal cause of our situation, but the fact of the matter is white men allowed them to get that way. We all like to bash Boomers in our thing, but neither they nor their “Great” Generation parents saddled us with the 19th Amendment.

        Really though, deciding which specific generation deserves the blame is pointless. As Z has talked about a couple times, Democracy is expansive by nature and the rot is inevitable. If the men of 1920 had been stronger, it could have been us.

  15. I’m struggling with an emerging hypothesis that I am seeing confirmed here and there. Apparently, Tumblr is conducting a great purge of hateful and inappropriate content and contributors too. Because it is more an image and pictorial format – it became a haven for queers and pedos who are all over inappropriate imagery – and they are now finding themselves facing that growling, lethal social justice warrior that they helped create.

    Hypothesis: could it be that this ‘censor and de-platform’ movement is being applied to ALL perceived offensive creators, regardless of their political leaning…? Don’t roast me, I admit up front I could be wrong. Maybe it is just another case of Lefties turning on each other in the absence of fresher meat, who knows? Maybe we don’t notice the attacks on the left because who wants to hear the trees endlessly falling in their forest?

    Great show as usual, Z, and I liked the imagery of you running the guillotine. But I wonder – when the really nasty tyrannies set up, the purges inevitably follow, where the unfaithful are hunted down, outed, and executed for their heresy. If this war goes the other way – it could very well be guys like us lining up for our turn on the guillotine. Everything we’ve ever said or thought is on the internet somewhere, isn’t it?

    Have a great weekend fellas.

    • Something starting to ring bells in my head is that there is a bit of a realignment going on. Elements of the right and the left are starting to team up to fight the elites. I think an unstated part of the French protests is that people are out there protesting together, even though they represent different parts of the political spectrum. The enemy of my enemy is my tactical ally. Not a recipe for a good outcome, but it defines the lines between the economically and socially rapacious elites and the rest of us. BTW, one of the characteristics across the spectrum of the French protesters is Nationalism. They are taking back the Tricolor from the likes of Macron, who tries to redefine patriotism (nationalistic by definition) as globalism. They aren’t buying what he is selling, by over 80% of the population, which is an extraordinary number.

      • It’s been a while since left and right have had any real meaning, for a long time in American politics it’s been Who, Whom.
        The doers and the done to.

  16. I enjoy hearing about the behind the scenes technical aspects. Please keep us informed on your appraisal of the wordpress alternatives. Many people are in the same boat.

    When I looked into it a while back, I focused in on Drupal and Jekyll.

  17. First! Off topic question:

    How would you debate someone like Joe Rogan?
    Baby steps, totally subtle or are they past saving?

    • Rogan knows where the lines are and abides by them. When Alex Jones was deemed on the wrong side of the line, Rogan dropped him like a hot potato.

      Don’t expect edgytarians or similar creatures to inite Zman on their show.

      • When Alex Jones was deemed on the wrong side of the line, Rogan dropped him like a hot potato

        Yeah, and they’ve been “friends” since the 90s. Joe is nowhere near as smart or independent in his thinking as he believes himself to be. When he talks science he’s the living embodiment of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

        100% agree Rogan would never dare have Z or someone like Sailer or Cochran on his show. He’d rather polish JBP’s knob for the umpteenth time.

    • Debate? Joe Rogan is completely out of his league on any vaguely intellectual topic. He has good guests sometimes but he has a college freshmen’s understanding of the world. He needs to stick to pot and mma fighting. He is an expert in those areas.

      • That’s exactly why i asked! Joe Rogan is the ISO standard NPC, how do you bring those over without spooking them, what’s the best approach?

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