Thoughts On GrifterCon

One of the toughest problems for dissident political movements to navigate is the army of grfters and subversives that are always on the prowl for easy targets. The Tea Party movement is a great example. The people who initially got involved did so for all the right reasons. They were nice, white middle-class people upset about what they saw happening in Washington. It was the sort of spontaneous civic nationalism that many white people still cling to as a solution to our present woes. It’s the good sort of populism.

The trouble is, the movement was quickly swarmed by an army of grifters and opportunists, along with the body-men of the establishment,. These people showed up offering help, organization and in some cases, a famous name to add credibility. Before long the whole thing became a bust-out, with the grifters carrying off what they could, before it collapsed in a heap.  The caravan of hustlers has now moved onto peddling neo-libertarianism as the antidote to both populism and identity politics.

Of course, something similar has happened to the Trump phenomenon. This story in Politico about various clowns and freaks in the MAGA movement is emblematic of what has become of Trumpism. Ali Alexander, one of the organizers, appears to be the spawn of Sammy Davis Jr. and an Easter Island statue. Judging from his postings, he takes a lot of drugs or suffers from psychotic episodes. The Tea Party, at least, drew a decent class of grifter. Trump’s baggage train is just freaks and lunatics.

In fairness to Trump and the millions of people who voted for him and still support him, they can’t do much about these freak shows. The media loves to promote old weirdos like Roger Stone, because it makes Trump look bad. He provides easy copy and he is willing to be their Sambo, dancing at the end of whatever string they offer. People like Loomer, Molyneux and Cernovich show up because they sniff a few dollars. They are performers and they go where they can find an audience willing to pay them to perform.

The fact that the place was empty suggests politically active whites are staring to wise up to this stuff. Last year’s C-PAC also experienced a drop in attendance. Maybe people are starting to figure out that these events are just a way to keep them busy while their pockets are picked. Maybe white people are rethinking their politics. The utter disappointment of the Trump presidency thus far has probably been the worst thing to happen to this sort of political racketeering. It’s smartened up the chumps.

Still, there is a pattern here. The Reagan years birthed Conservative Inc., which hoovered tens of millions out of the pockets of middle-class white people into various projects that never accomplished a thing. The Contract With America institutionalize the system into a permanent political-industrial complex. The Tea Party, of course, was a complete bust and now Trumpism is becoming an embarrassing freak show. Any resistance is either co-opted or turned into something embarrassing.

The thing that all of these failed movements have in common is they accepted the premise of liberal democracy. From Reagan to Trump, all efforts to reform or challenge the system did so within the context of liberal democracy. They also assumed that the fight must take place on the platforms of the Progressive media. Inevitably, the media picks the most embarrassing members of the alternative to come up on stage. This happened with Reagan, Gingrich and even Bush. We see the same thing happening in the Trump era.

This suggests two rules for dissident politics. One is a variation of the oldest bit of political advice. Never been seen with crazy people or wearing funny hats. Professional pols have people who make sure they are never in the same shot as a crank or weirdo. Smart pols also avoid putting themselves in situation where they can look silly, like driving a tank wearing an over-sized helmet or getting goosed by a farm animal. For dissidents, it means staying clear of attention whores and people with heads full of nutty ideas.

More important, it means staying as far away from Progressive media as possible. This has been a topic for a long time on the Dissident Right, but the side in favor of engagement has always won. Their argument was that it was the best way to get the attention of the public. Today, that’s not the case. Mass media is the worst way to get the attention of the public, because it is all click-bait, agit-prop and tabloid nonsense. The fragmentation also means a much lower ROI. There are better ways to get the public’s attention.

Maybe that’s a bit of white pill to take away from the failure of GrifterCon to attract much of audience this weekend. Maybe people now associate being in the news with being mentally unstable or being an unreliable degenerate. While a story about Roger Stone may get eyeballs on a news site, the people viewing it do so for the same reason people look at pictures of a snake trying to swallow a goat. The freak show has reached a point where it is self-discrediting. That would be a great development for dissidents if true.

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  1. The minute Dick Armey sunk his claws into the Tea Partiers was the signal that movement was targeted for co-opting.

  2. Funny how these so-called conservative / right wing blogs ( a lot of them linked together ) are starting to trash the president.

    Infiltration of the movement indeed. Perhaps these blogs just act as a barometer for the Deep State .

    ” Brown people are bad “, okay

    ” Jews get a pass ” , huh ?

    ” The president is no good ” what ?

    Love ya,man ! You make a lot of good points. Just can’t get on board bad mouthing the guy I voted for and continue to support.

    • People think the word “blind” in the phrase is the modifier. In fact, “loyalty” is the modifier.

  3. Nothing will happen, the Yellow Vests will accomplish nothing, because they will fail to target the real targets, and fail to address the real issues which require real attention. Their alleged list of alleged “demands” is already so silly and childish, they make BLM look like Marcus Aurelius. Just like the imbecile Tea Party, who dressed up in tricorn hats when they needed to dress up like Vlad Tepes, and mean it. No soup for you!

    This will be worse than nothing, because after the hissy fit is over and all the crankiness has been expelled, Mommy and Daddy will just put them back to bed, and by morning it’ll all be forgotten. Rage vented, zero accomplished, but the ninnies think they Finally Did Something.

    PAINE: And what about the People?
    ARISTOCRAT: (giggles) the People? Ah, yes of course, the “People”. The people are like insane insects, forever re-building their destroyed houses. They’ll survive.
    — Paul Foster, “Tom Paine, a Play in Two Parts”

    • SHOP CUSTOMER: Um, pardon me, but, I think there’s something wrong with this Monsieur Macron.

      SHOP CLERK: Let’s have a look then, shall we? (SQUINTS) Ah, yes. His head’s been ripped off. I’ll get you another!

      — every Monty Python sketch ever written

    • Au contraire. Macron has lost the confidence of the security services, and has emboldened the Communists and Muslims into thinking they can seize power. At this point the FN could very well sweep various elections against the Muslim/Communist alliance. Leaving that as the choice for the Army and security services which already has a bad relationship with Macron.

      Macron has no real choice but to suspend elections semi permanently and rule by decree. Remember en Marche is hacked together org with no real loyalty or cohesion.

      And he’s running out of money to pay the vibrants not to riot. If he can’t tax the deplorables any more his only solution is the Purge movies. All crime legal by Vibrants and against Whitey.The

      That can buy him time but would assure Italy, Hungary, Austria and Poland go even harder right and secure the future of AfD. And eventually Whitey will beg Putin to come in and save them.

  4. It has irritated me no end watching Trump waste his time and talents around trash like that Kardashian thing and her lump of coal. And there’s that weird basketball player. Whew! I can’t even remember the names of these ticks. Does Trump REALLY think this will help him with…who? Minorities? White suburban women? HOW?

  5. Guys, I know that this is OT and hope you’ll forgive me for this but what are your views on this Qanon thing? Both Twotter and YouTube are infested with various “Q” accounts, interpreters, fans and followers and the general tenor seems to be that Trump has this clandestine “Q” team which is busy bringing down the deep state in the US and perhaps elsewhere too. Sounds fantastical to me but what do I know?

    So, Is it a hoax? A psyop? Genuine? Any opinions?

      • Thanks, zman. I am inclined to agree with you. But somebody is putting a deal of time and effort into this hoax. I wonder who and why?

        • You don’t spend much time on the chans, do you? Granted, QAnon has lasted a very long time thanks to its army of anon followers, but hoaxes are half of what they do over at /pol/.

          • Some time but not a lot. Yes, Q does have a lot of followers but it still takes a lot of effort/time/money to keep pumping out the bilge for 2+ years. Who is behind the hoax and why? It’s an extraordinary effort to make just for LOLZ.

          • “QAnon” is either a crackpot doing the electronic version of graffiti tagging, or a psyops campaign designed to be able to say, “Those alt-righters are a bunch of head cases who believe in bizarre fantasies.”

          • Does it really matter who is behind it, or why? At some point these questions become counterproductive. What would change, if people knew?

            Better to think of QAnon not as some mysterious man in the shadows, good or bad, but an idea around which other anons rally to troll the legacy media and disseminate dirt on Globohomo Inc. It’s a way for low-T autists to do something, or feel like they’re doing something.

            There are probably several people behind Q all doing it for fun. This stuff IS fun, for a lot of people.

  6. I am not disappointed in Trump for the following reasons:

    1. Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and a couple of hundred lower court judges.
    2. Elimination of the individual mandate.
    3. We’re out of the Paris Climate Accord.
    4. Out of Iran Deal.
    5. Moved U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.
    6. Travel Ban.
    7. Killed NAFTA.
    8. ANWR, Keystone XL, Dakota Access Pipelines.Guantanamo Bay.

    To me these are all much-needed W’s for the dirt people, both practically and spiritually.

    In addition, there is his relentless fighting back against the establishment elitists, and the media, who hold most of the power and have been out to destroy him and crush the spirit of all of his followers from the moment he was elected. If he was Vito Corleone, I’d be disappointed. But he’s not and so I’m not. I once read that the definition of a real friend is someone who will go back to back with you in a fight you both know you’re going to lose. To me, that’s Trump.

    • Leaving Paris and also killing the TPP – which you forgot to mention – are the two things that I actually credit Trump with, things that a Rubio or Cruz likely would not have done.

      [1], [2], [4] and [8] would have happened with any GOPe/Neocon stooge. [5] is boring – political capital spent for little reward. [6] was massively watered down in theory and only half-implemented in practice. And [7] just renegotiated a few things, with Canada trying to slip in an LGBT poison pill; not actually sure if they succeeded.

      Trump was better than the alternatives, but still gets way too much credit from his base.

    • 4. Out of Iran Deal.
      5. Moved U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.
      What has the West gained from either of these moves? The West’s primary enemy is the Western globalist neoliberal Money elite, who’s home base is Judeo-America. If Iran acquires the nuclear weapons that are required to gain one’s people a modicum of security, independence, and traditionalism (i.e. the opposite of American culture and social norms via restrictions on “individual liberty” and “free markets”), it will be the highlight of my month, it will be one more roadblock to a one-world global plutocratic dystopia, to the further expansion and empowerment of the Western elite. If the Zionists are prepared to concede to Westerners white nationalism in return for support of Jewish nationalism, if they are prepared to bring their non-Zionist Chosen brethren also to heel in their crusade to exterminate the West, then I’ll consider cutting a deal.

      My understanding was that the value of Trump was a nationalist-populist political realignment. After being elected, he proceeded to appoint neocons and financial elites to staff his administration, and to embrace Paul Ryan and Conservatism, Inc. (which has been entirely poison from the very beginning). If he was unable to achieve his aims in office, his response should have been to fight and call-out the Republicans and everyone else standing in the way. Thereby, a nationalist-populist, anti-elite movement could have been led to burn, grow, and bring pressure even without much legislative achievement. He was elected as a “chaos candidate”, then essentially morphed into Mitt Romney (I believe Romney stated this himself recently).

      Populist momentum now looks to be moving toward Oasio-Cortes, i.e. a part of the Left coalition. He has enraged the Left (part of which is virtually the entirety of the elite), who are now even more determined to “dial to 11” than they were before. I’m no longer sure that, in the long-run, Hillary would not have been better. There are plenty of ways to undermine the 1st and 2nd Amendments aside from the Supreme Court. A heavily inflamed Left, and a failed Right-populist realignment, do not leave me optimistic on these things, even with Trump’s court picks.

  7. “Smart pols also avoid putting themselves in situation where they can look silly, like driving a tank wearing an over-sized helmet”

    You were just reading the tucker Carlson book, the part about Dukakis, huh? It’s pretty good. He seems to have found a way to frame things without bringing in polarizing ideas like race realism or the usual suspects. It would be nice for zman to review it.

    Something slightly OT I noted in the news, this Chinese cfo lady they’ve arrested, Canada has no less, for supposedly circumventing the Iran embargo. How goofy is that? They won’t secure our borders, couldn’t stop a vast conspiracy like 9/11, but are policing the Iran embargo with a microscope, even to the point of offending a world power! Shows what the elites really care about, if you ask me. The notion that something is essential, the Iran sanctions, which can be switched on and off every eight years like a light bulb, invalidates itself, doesn’t it?

    • Ship of Fools is a very impressive book. I normally dislike “pop politics” books that get pinched out by the likes of Ann Coulter and Bill O’Reilly but Ship of Fools is a rare exception. Even though I knew the facts and the situation with the west going into it, it still managed to rustle my jimmies a few times. Can’t recommend it enough.

      • Carlson is a far more serious moral thinker (and classical conservative) than he is allowed to show on Fox, or than he shows through Daily Caller. His vigorous rebuke of Ben Shapiro’s position on importing vs. domestic-building of goods was just one example.

      • Carlson interview:

        How close to a revolution is your country?

        “…By revolution, let me be clear, I don’t think that we’re anywhere near an outbreak of civil war, armed violence between two sides for a bunch of different reasons… Testosterone levels are so low and marijuana use is so high that I think the population is probably too … What you don’t have, prerequisite fall revolution, violent revolution, is a large group of young people who are comfortable with violence and we don’t have that. Maybe that will change. I hope it doesn’t. I don’t want violence for violence. I appall violence, but I just don’t see that happening. What I see happening most likely is a kind of gradual separation of the states.

        If you look at the polling on the subject, classically, traditionally, Americans had antique racial attitudes. If you say, “Would you be okay with your daughter marrying outside her race?” Most Americans, if they’re being honest, would say, “no, I’m not okay with that. I’m not for that.” Now the polling shows people are much more comfortable with a child marrying someone of a different race than they are marrying someone of a different political persuasion.

        “I’d rather my daughter married someone who’s Hispanic than liberal”, someone might say. That is one measure. There are many measures, but that’s one measure of how politically divided we are and I just think that over time, people will self-segregate. It’s a continental country. It’s a very large piece of land and you could see where certain states just become very, very different. Like if you’re Conservative, are you really going to live in California in 10 years? Probably not….”

        • Yeah, that sounds basically pitch perfect to me. The only thing I would qualify is that, yes, there is a polarization between the states, but that’s superimposed on a deeper leftward movement of all states. Like galaxies may move relative to one another, but they are all expanding outward in the Big Bang pic of the universe.

        • I read that Swiss interview with Tucker Carlson and wish it had been a little more in-depth and longer. I don’t know, I think we have way more violent young people than Tucker realizes; our culture and people have become very coarse. That’s what happens when you import 10s of millions of people from the third world for 50 years, including a healthy number of the criminal element. Also, I don’t think the powers that be will ever allow any states of the U.S. to secede. They want all the resources the existing territory of the U.S. has to offer. Why would that ever change?

    • Not so off-topic!
      The arrest was made at the very moment that Trump (unaware of what was going on) was meeting with Xi. Because Chinese nationalism is very much a factor, the Chinese leader would be left with no choice but to refuse to make any significant concessions. Putting Trump in the embarrassing situation of not knowing what his own government is up to could be a Deep State maneuver to torpedo the negotiations.

      • Yes, it was diabolically clever — the arrest of the Chinese lady executive undermines Trump in his trade negotiations with China (as this offense to China is seen by many in the international community as a grotesque over-reach of our country’s laws) and at the same time Trump is not in a position to reverse it because being against Iran is what Israel wants. And Trump loves to serve Israel. Bolton is earning his pay as Trump’s minder for Israel. Frigging neocons. They’ll bring war on to the U.S.

    • Chaotic Neutral: “Something slightly OT I noted in the news, this Chinese cfo lady they’ve arrested, Canada has no less, for supposedly circumventing the Iran embargo. How goofy is that? They won’t secure our borders, couldn’t stop a vast conspiracy like 9/11, but are policing the Iran embargo with a microscope, even to the point of offending a world power! Shows what the elites really care about, if you ask me.”

      Yep, we see proactive measures and real action when Israel is concerned. Absolutely the priorities of our elites are in serving the wants of Israel, at the cost of American citizens.

  8. The Yellow Jackets made life in Paris miserable for the ruling class. They acted out of economic desperation — on both parties. The Global Warming Carbon tax is really just danegeld for the vibrant youths who are increasing in number and constantly demanding more money not to stage their own riots. Since the Ruling Class will not pay it falls on the Deplorables. Who need to live far, far away from the Vibrants for physical safety and need their old broken down cars to work and (barely) put food on the table.

    The taxes has the prospect of workers starving while working. Not an appealing prospect. So they acted out of desperation. And made Paris unlivable for a few days.

    There are powerful lessons here — A. the path is economically unsustainable for the Ruling Class absent enslaving every White person and working them to death; B. the Ruling Class can be made to blink by force that is overwhelming, concentrated, and making their lives miserable. It was never the numbers but force — the tear gas and burnt stores and fashionable apartments boarded up and threats to rush the Palace or those fashionable apartments. As far as I know, no police were shot and there were no Black Lives Matter type shootings of security forces. There are no real leaders to arrest like the Catalan Separatists.

  9. I think we’re at a point where the scales have largely fallen from the eyes of the MAGApedes. There are some stragglers who believe every inane 4D underwater backgammon narrative but even the former true believers like Posobiec and Cernovich are losing faith. The most prominent people on our side, Tucker Carlson and Ann Coulter, are now openly skeptical about what Trump can do. Yet there they are out there, pushing people to challenge the modern day orthodoxy. So while there are a lot of black pills floating around these days, take the positives in terms of the lessons being learned to grow and evolve the movement. The worst lesson anyone can take from this is to just drop out.

    • Posobiec and Cernovich are the residue of the Gamergate movement that started four years ago, switching a non-trivial number of people from the center-left to the center-right. But the movement itself had no power over the gaming industry, which is now even more leftist than before. And the irony is that both men were grifters before Gamergate, during it, and after it. Metokur was the biggest new voice to come out of it, but he took a principled stance against being a grifter.

  10. ” Ali Alexander, one of the organizers, appears to be the spawn of Sammy Davis Jr. and an Easter Island statue.”

    I fucking LOL’d, Z-Man you are -definitely- channeling Jim Goad in that sentence in a very good way. One of Goad’s hallmarks is biting and acerbic assessment of the various physical monstrosities that appear in news stories. Most of these creatures are the rather deformed looking creatures that pass for NPCs and Leftists, but we can add this guy too.

    *hat tip* for the LULZ, well played…

  11. I’m ambivalent on folks like Molyneux and Stone. The problem is, you can’t openly be a right-winger without financial independence. That usually means public donations – implicitly diversified income. It also means constant hunger for publicity and temptation to follow the money. The alternative is to plug back into the Matrix of prog platforms and ad-bucks, which inevitably corrupts both the message and the messenger.

    Only a minuscule number are capable of channeling populism into something both socially productive and individually profitable. We’re talking maybe a few dozen, worldwide. The rest will always either be beggars or sellouts.

    • Stone is just an old gadlfy. Moly is fine, as long as you understand he is first and foremost an entertainer. His job is to sell tickets, so to speak.

      • Once again, I’m going to defend Molyneux here. Yes, he often uses his acting ability for his videos. But to consider him first and foremost an entertainer is wrong.

        He’s been waging a twitter campaign the last few days on the subject of racial differences, that most taboo subject. One of the Weinstein brothers, I believe Brett, disagreed with Moly about a tweet regarding race and IQ, and Moly challenged Weinstein to a debate. Weinstein declined, saying that he didn’t want to give Moly a platform for his opinion, or something like that.

        Since then, Molyneux has been tweeting nonstop about race difference/natural selection/IQ information. He’s a man on a mission. And the mission seems to me to inform, not to be a song and dance man.

        • A guy who wants to inform makes 2 hour videos and posts shit that nobody wants to hear.

          Long winded videos and controversial topics are not the prime consumption of those looking to be “entertained”.

          I pretty much universally like what Molyneaux has to say – but even I have a hard time sitting thru his 2 hour explanations

      • That’s what I mean, Z. If you want to advance right-wing ideas and don’t already have, say, $50 million in the bank, then your career choices are generally either “attention-seeking entertainer” or “establishment sellout”.

        There is some territory in between – in fact I’d put Molyneux somewhere in between e.g. Alex Jones and Ben Shapiro career-wise – but not many options wholly outside, other than being an anon with little influence.

    • There is something to be said of those that can take a public platform under their own name. But if you look at the left in comparison, they can get a retainer from the Open Society Foundation and other foundations. I don’t entirely remember the depths of this story, but a few years ago Peter Brimelow and Vdare were cut off from one of the few rightist foundations, his publicly viewable Form 990s are awful. There is something undignified about asking for donations, as if it violates the classical republican virtue of being “disinterested”.

    • None of this will work — the movement’s headliners, as long as personal financial needs or gain are a primary requirement or consideration. We’re fooling ourselves if we think that what has to be done from our side can be kicked off and brought to some successful conclusion by guys who have, or are driven, to make a buck from it. Whatever happens, and whoever leads in either opinion, doctrine, or action, will pay a terrible price, given the task we face.

      • The only people who can pay that price without an income are the financially independent, the criminal, and the warlord. And criminals and warlords tend not to be the most eloquent.

        I’m not suggesting “right-wing commentator” should be a lucrative profession, but everyone’s gotta eat.

        • …. and perhaps the freedom / America-loving man who’s just, at long, long last, had enough.

          And I think that sometimes, maybe, eloquence is no longer the desired main characteristic.

    • The fact that I see people who *claim* to be on the right being ambivalent or worse yet – opposed to Molyneaux makes me wonder (once again) – about the brain power of the so-called right.

      Molyneaux – entertainer or not ( I have NEVER seen Molyneaux primarily as an entertainer – making 2 hour videos is not “entertainment” for the short attention span set) – is still deeply invested in shitting all over the progressive left.

      Why so many on the right seem to persistently throw those who are their “fellow travelers” into the void is beyond me.

      Their mental process never seems to revolve around “are we better off with him here doing what he’s doing – or not?” but rather revolves around “I don’t agree completely with him – therefore off with his head!”

      • The fact that he is an AnCap libertarian excludes him from the Right, so it is perfectly rational for people on the Right to be sleptical of him, at the minimum.

  12. Trumpism would probably be less of a freakshow if Trump himself had made even the slightest effort to protect his supporters, both in the administration and in the body politic, from the predations of the prog-establishment.

    Normies are becoming aware that being seen on the Trump Train is not merely a temporary embarrassment while the political realignment shakes out, but a professional and social death sentence because the promised realignment is not happening. Without the normies, all you have left are the freaks and weirdos.

    • L”Normies are becoming aware that being seen on the Trump Train is not merely a temporary embarrassment while the political realignment shakes out, but a professional and social death sentence because the promised realignment is not happening.”

      Lance E., are you an agent of the Deep State, posting here to demoralize us?

      I do think that Trump should pardon Flynn and Manafort, and do so now.

      Dutch, I’m still waiting for your definition of “the movement.”

      Lastly, browsing comments in, I notice that many Americans cannot grasp the fact that in France, one can be culturally Right but economically Left. What do they think the Front Nationale’s platform is? it’s not free free free enterprise.

      Maybe some of the Z ppl. here have the same misconception.

      • Yeah, you got me. Deep State FTW! My devious strategy was all going according to plan until your clever self unmasked me!

        So then, tell us what Trump has achieved that is “culturally Right”. We’v seen deregulation and lower taxes, hallmarks of the GOPe. Where’s the anti-trust? The tech platform regulation? The immigration restrictions? The Border Adjustment Tax? The Wall? The public executions of AntiFa members and supporters? How is Trump helping us win the culture war – with tweets?

          • Trump’s family has been credibly threatened since the day of his inauguration. Rolling back any part of the progressive agenda in America is not going to happen without violence; any so-called reformer who doesn’t have the stomach for that is going to be Coolidge-tier, at best.

    • I agree. The social cost is too high. You’d think the guy in the White House, both sides of Congress, and a (slim) majority of the Supreme Court can put at least some effort into protecting his followers but nope, he leaves them hanging high and dry. I’m a normie who works at a senior management position (not bragging) at an organization who wouldn’t think twice about canning me if comments that I made here or at Audacious Epigone’s blog are made aware and public to them. Whenever I donate shekels to the movement, I have to do it in ways that put two or three layers behind attempts at anonymity.

      That could change if antifa was cracked down on or something actually came about from the Silicon Valley hearings this year. There may be a time where I have no choice but to become a full time dissident but not yet. The downside for the system though is that there are more full time dissidents being made and over time the situation will become untenable to the point where it no longer matters. That moment will probably hit when the next Democrat wins the presidency. Unlike Trump, they will have no problem using the privileges of executive power to shut down their opposition.

      • There are thousands of Silicon Valley *insiders* who would be cheering on regulation, never mind Trump’s ~60 million normie voters. Instead we see articles about how the Trump admin and SV are finally starting to get along.

        Michael Flynn. Palmer Luckey. Steve Bannon. James Bunner. That’s the cost of Trump support. Where’s the payoff? Is it any wonder that savvy entrepreneurs like Peter Thiel are keeping their distance?

      • Where do you get your ideas about the GOP? The GOP hates Trump and his supporters. They do not like white blue collars or the middle-class and always have. Why do you think the GOP is at forefront of globalization, importing cheap foreign labor and letting Wall Street ass rape the country? That’s it’s real base.

        It’s why you don’t hear a peep from the GOP about Anti-fa goons working over MAGA types and conservatives. They support it.

        It’s leaders HATE Trump and worked against him from day one. Do you know the GOP, Democratic leaders along with Silicon Valley elite met at Sea Island to figure out how to stop Trump? At the very best Trump can maybe count on 1/2 of the House and Senate GOP to support him on his agenda.

        He never had control of the DOJ/FBI. Which is his primary weapon against the elite and corporations. Look at Rosenstein, he was put forth as DAG by a bunch of GOPers who knew he was a 5 alarm Clinton shit show who would ruin Trump.

        Silicon Valley. They are untouchable. They own Congress. Why do you think Google’s founders park their 747 at a AF base? They have a direct pipeline to the NSA.

        I’m not defending Trump per se . He is a total idiot on staffing, leaving it to people who obviously hate him. But do I realize that he has the deck stacked against him.

        • Who said anything about the GOP? We know the cucks aren’t going to do squat. Obama didn’t need the support of congressional Democrats to sic the IRS and the FBI on anyone who criticized him.

          There is, of course, a vast system of informal power that operates well outside the purview of the executive branch, but the differences between Trump being unable to exercise power vs. being unwilling to do so are largely irrelevant to us plebs. He can either solve the problem, whatever it is, or be a one-term president.

    • If you want to see why he won’t defend his supporters, just look at the responses to this BezosPost tweet about the PeggedBoys. It’s foolish to expect Trump to defend people that make asses out of themselves, and lack the maturity to understand their mistakes. How exactly will our people survive the 21st century verison of the Palmer Raids that a Dem administration in the future will bring?

    • And how exactly was he going to do that when most of the GOP Congress hates Trump’s supporters and wants them go away?

      I don’t know where you’ve been for the last 26 years. But the GOP since GHW Bush has been very anti-white, anti-blue collar and middle-class. They support every globalist free trade agreement coming down the pike while supporting the ass rape of America by Wall Street.

      Hell Ryan and McConnell had amnesty and TPP ready for Hillary to sign had she won.

      Hell Congress did everything possible to make sure Trump’s agenda got nowhere with Ryan leading the charge. They didn’t care that it cost them the House as long as they could stop Trump.

      Why do you think they say nothing about Anti-fa? It’s in their interest to keep the rabble in line.

      And with the DOJ/FBI in the hands of the opposition there was no way Trump could after anti-fa or do much else.

      If anything it shows exactly how doomed the country is.

    • you hit the nail on the head Lance. even during the campaign he did not seemed concerned that in San deaigo and Chicago his supporters were attacked by gang bangers as the police watched with detached amusement. Of course nobody in the GOPe said a word of condemnation , and the fool ted cruze said it was their own fault for supporting trump.

    • Correct. And you’ll never get normies without a home base, some protection. Why should a normie stick out his neck if he knows that he won’t get on support if things go bad?

      We need an alternative infrastructure to fall back on. If someone gets fired, we need to find them a job. If someone gets attacked publically, we need our attack dogs (lawyers, PR people, etc.) to fight back. We need think tanks for people like Z Man and Sailer. We need cultural groups to teach our children. We need college groups to create the next generation of leaders.

      I realize how difficult the task of creating these things, but that’s where we win or lose. Otherwise, you’re just bitching about the situation, hoping/waiting for the wnole system to collapse.

      • @Citizen
        I have been working on building Community that incorporates all that you have mentioned in your previous comments and this one…

        • The big question is how. I’m getting involved in business groups but I haven’t pushed for any “White” or European-American branch. Just getting a feel for things.

          Most community groups are already overwhelmingly White, which is good. I pondered starting a European Heritage group. Again, absolutely no political talk involved. Just teaching kids and others about the good contributions of Europeans in America.

          Normally, some people scoff at such groups, saying that we already learn about Whites in America, but I think that a lot of Whites are waking up to the fact that their kids are only being taught the bad side of Europeans in America and wouldn’t mind some balance.

          My point is that we need groups on the ground. They don’t have to be political to start; indeed, they probably shouldn’t be political to start. Just get Whites together. Many of them will already be either on our side or close anyway.

          • First is find a place that is a desirable place that people want to move too that has the capability to be self sufficient, progun, prolife, proliberty or already is…

  13. One of the recurring patterns in North American right-wing politics has been the “gender gap” which is really the “marriage gap”. This means that the Right has a secular deficit of women to match up with its bracket of single/divorced male voters. So untold numbers of women can not only get positions of influence like Tomi Lahren, they vastly rise above their level of competency like Sarah Palin.

    The Dissident movements are not exempt from the phenomenon, arguably we might be the most accelerated variant of it. Ezra Levant created, and then fired, two camgirls that have held far too much influence despite creating nothing but division with scarcely any original content not copied from unheralded men.

    • Who is Ezra Levant?

      Ah never mind, looked him and Canadian. I don’t bother with Canadian Dissidents.

      We on the Dissident have surprisingly separate ideological spaces that we inhabit. There are lots of speakers on such matters even Dr. Steve Turley who is basically all White Pills all the time

      A lot of us simply don’t see the same stuff

      This is not mind you a bad thing, actual diversity and it makes it a lot harder to pick off “though leaders”

      Amusingly to me this blog is basically the Rosetta Stone of the Dissident Right, widely read by all kinds even the militia/an-cap right , Western Rifle Shooters links here a lot

    • There aren’t many women in the dissident right because women are conformists. (It’s part of their survival strategy—being weaker they side with the strongman.)

      It’s natural that men would lead any contrarian movement. Women are enforcers of the social norms, whether that be GloboHomo, Islamic domination, or National Socialism. In this most current of years in Amerikwa, it’s GloboGayplex. It’s up to men to set the standards that women enforce. It’s mostly married women (especially with children) who can see that their best interests are served by a reinstitution of Western patriarchal values. The camgirls are jumping on that bandwagon for the easy shekels. They don’t even have to show their tits.

      • I wasn’t so much commenting on the lack of women in the movements, as I was complaining about male thirst as a cause of incompetent women being promoted above their level.

        Whatever the utility of female participation in politics, their main utility is in promoting to other women. The left understands this, there are no “Chapo camgirls” that call themselves serious thinkers. Younger women of below average looks, but above average intelligence, are rarely found in places of prominence in the Right, but they abound on the Left.

      • Either you’ve never been married or your marriage failed, Nathan. I know a LOT of women-dissidents who do all the work in leadership, follower-ship, and everything-else ship; look no further than the pro-lifers.

        • The pro-life movement is not “dissident” in the United States, it is standard fare of mainstream conservatism. Pro-life is not the same as anti-feminist. And an anti-feminist group of women will avoid activism, leaving that to their husbands.

          • Married with kids happens to be ‘dissident’ these days. And “mainstream conservatism” does NOT include pro-life; if it did, the Republican Congress would have de-funded Abortion, Inc., 2 years ago. In fact, “mainstream conservatives” despise pro-lifers, and they have done so for the last 30 years.

          • National Review won’t purge you (yet) for opposing abortion. But they will purge anyone that asserts a white identity politics, questions endless war and NATO, and opposes tax cuts for billionaires.

    • One matter I’d like to see discussed: which organizations (non-profit or profit) are worth including in one’s will?

      As an outsider looking in, I have little idea which players are truly in the game for the long haul, are efficient users of contributed funds, and are ideologically “pure enough”?

      Frankly, given the realities within my family, I’d rather NOT leave everything I own to them.

    • One can understand your sentiment. It only takes so much bs from all sides to wear one down and out with the ever grinding mortality/humanity of the geo-socio-political spectrum.

      Having said that, acting and living entirely alone trusting no one anywhere in any parameter, gets us nowhere and leaves us without resources. That phrase…”no man is an island entirely of itself”-John Donne…is true. But neither does…it take(s) a village-HRC…to accomplish a measure of success in the fray of the on-going political/corruption drama now proliferating in its intensifying ugliness.

      A quickie lesson in 101 Human Behavior Profiling would be a great help to aid one’s ability to discern people, their character, their words… other words, to help one be able to decipher if people are to be trusted or not. Where possible, a historical review of peoples’ past words and works are also helpful.

      Don’t give up on the trust factor. Just be more selective. Patience goes a long way too. Too often we get caught up in someone’s catchy good-sounding words and run with that without having the patience of a longer term follow-up.

      A rotten apple is eventually going to show negative patterns and trip up on something somewhere, even if it rotten sincerity.

      Hang in there!

      Good day, AS

  14. Sounds like a few dozen people went. Yikes! But I got to admit this is hilarious.

    Stefan Molyneux, … tweeted …, “My ancestors were driven out of Africa and struggled to survive winter and hunger. … Now the Africans say we are ‘privileged’ & thieves.”

    • Whitney;
      From reading the story of the event: No doubt, part of the reason for low attendance is holding the event in one of the most expensive venues (Wardman-Park Marriott) in one of the most expensive cities in the US on an inconvenient date with little publicity. Other than that, great event planning.

  15. This is why we all need to get behind Bill Mitchell. He will lead us through the Wilderness!

    • Bill Mitchell has been far more effective than R. Spencer. The cringeworthy Boomercon created a brand out of nothing but his own hot air.

      • In truth, his “brand” is entirely fake. he has no audience. I think I wrote about this a couple years ago, but maybe not. When I started podcasting, I noticed that my show after a few weeks had more plays than Mitchell’s show. I started looking into the guy and everything about him is fake. His twitter count is most certainly paid for bots, not real people. His YouTube shows get a few hundred viewers.

        Say what you want about Spencer, but he draws a crowd.

          • Appears I was wrong, Mitchell has a significantly lower youtube viewership than Nick Fuentes does, he might even be getting fewer views than Luke Ford (!) does. I only follow Mitchell to check on what is up with MAGApedes, so I presumed he had similar engagement requisite to his Twitter follower count.

        • Most of the “mainstream” brands are faked and paid for by various outside interests . Now in fairness still till quite recently the media always worked this way. The freedom of the press belongs to those who own one.

          The only thing different in the level of astroturfing which is entirely product of a complete lack of trust in the media.

          As for Spencer, I don’t know if he is on the proverbial pad but ideologically other than being Pro White, good on him is no different than any of the Globalists as far as I can tell.

          The only thing that is worth anything is homogeneous self supporting nations but our elite mostly make money on parasitism and as such can’t support what works even on the rare occasion they don’t seem to hate their own people.

          • Spencer tends to like gainsaying. I don’t think he has really though out his positions all that well either. He seems to change his mind a lot. Maybe its a strategy or maybe he just talks a lot and that inevitably leads to saying contradictory things. I don’t know.

        • That clown Charlie Kirk almost certainly is fake. Somehow he has over 800K Twitter followers and posts nothing but stale Republican boilerplate we’ve all seen for 30 yrs.

        • I really don’t understand the Spencer hate. Yeah, he’s made his mistakes, but he was out there saying the unsayable before almost anyone else was willing to. While it might be a bit much to call him the leader of the alt-right, he was certainly a catalyst. More, he sacrificed a good and lucrative career in the mainstream to do it. Whatever his other failings, it’s hard to imagine the dissident right would have gained the foothold it has without him.

          • Spencer is a trust fund baby with no real roots or allegiances other than some whites. Everything he touches is toxic, and he is disloyal to a fault. Even in his personal life he is a snake.
            Other than that, well.

          • Spencer is almost certainly controlled opposition .think about it.
            1. He leads the alt right into a disaster of some kind.
            2. other members of the alt right are doxed, beat or arrested
            3. spencer escapes unharmed and moves on to the next trap.
            4. watch his ” interview ” on danesh d’souza’s last movie. he gave the perfect seig heil interview, helping DD paint the alt right as nazis.

  16. In Europe there’s raving discussions about whether this exact thing has happened to France’s ‘yellow vests’. Some policing, and hence some admin, for genuine opposition, is probably necessary.

      • France is chock-full of commies who have happily slithered into the yellow vests as cover for rioting and car burning. Z’s post is about this very point, once any movement gains traction, the grifters arrive to suck its lifeblood. Not trying to speak for Dutch, but I believe this “movement” has been simmering in rural France and Paris underground for some time now.
        Frenchmen want their country back.

        • The Interior Ministry estimated something like 130K protestors across France on Saturday, and 25K protestors for a Green demonstration in support of the taxes in Paris, while only 10K Gilets Jaunes showed up in Paris after thousands were arrested.

          The “Manif pour tous” against the homo part of globohomo, got something like 300K in Paris, five years ago. There was no rioting and it petered out. Another comparison is PEGIDA in Germany, which peaked at 30K in Dresden, until the German government leaked that the founder was a Neo-Nazi that cosplayed as Hitler.

        • Thanks, Nori; David Davenport, Nori has said it more clearly than I have. The yellow vests are out there to “get their country back”, but it is not thought out and organized. So the plotters and crazies grift onto it.

    • yellow vests are not the conservative nor Right-winger

      It just so-called Liberal/environmentalists Angry to cost of living

      Even their statement call more social benefit to the immigrant/refugee

      Socialist party of France are party of Auriol, Mitterrand (Party of the Rich)

      former minister of Hollande and his party are renamed Socialist Party

      They really suck at build or maintain strong nation

      These kinds of Rioting is new normal for European world

      Merkel and Macron things just prove European race want status quo

      I’m pretty sure if Dramatic thing will happen that not gonna be white people

      Colored people want Good-stuff what white got

      Colored people don’t know why white have good-stuff or doesn’t care at all but surely must have it no matter what

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