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With news that The Weekly Standard is about to shut down due to the lack on interest, I wondered what would fill its place. The need for border security may not be a concern for the political leaders in Washington, but it is a necessity for the people in charge of the moral orthodoxy. The system requires there to be a predictable opposition that will squawk a bit, but eventually roll over for the Progressives. That means there are now job openings in the loyal cuck guard for men (and women!) willing to guard the walls against us.

If you are to become a paid chattering skull on the “right” then you better get used to writing and talking about the double-standard. A standard feature of all cuckservative bleating is pointing how there is one set of rules for Progressives and another set of rules for everyone else. Here’s a recent example in the premiere cuck site, National Review On-line. This one is about the black college professor, who was fired from his CNN job, for saying he hates Jews and wants Israel wiped from the map.

The standard cuck response to these events, is to shift the focus away from the actual issue onto the double-standard. In this case, the effete editor of NRO is begging the Left to stop giving wedgies to cucks like Charlie Cooke, when they fumble their lines. The real issue is why is criticism of Israel in violation of the morality codes, but hating white people acceptable? The cuck can’t allow that. His prime directive is to make sure whitey never thinks about this stuff, so the double-standard mew is employed to change the subject.

A travelling partner of the double-standard complaint, is the passive-aggressive assertion that the so-called conservatives are more faithful to the one true faith than their alleged opponents on the Left. Here’s an example from Power Line Blog I used last week in a post. The writer is trying to make the case that he and his fellow cucks are more faithful to Martin Luther King’s vision of a color blind society. There is, of course, the casual reference to the fact Lincoln was a Republicans and his opponents Democrats.

This is what the cool kids on social media call DR3, which stands for “Democrats R the Real Racists.” The Mr. Hanky of cucks, Dinesh D’Souza has made a business out of claiming that liberals are Nazis and Klansmen. Of course, what this gag is all about is reinforcing Prog morality. Racism is bad. So bad that any mention of race or racial awareness is disqualifying. What the cucks are doing is acting as the moral enforcers for the Left, making sure no one questions this essential plank of Progressivism.

A slightly different approach to this tactic is to hair-split claims by the Left in a way that reinforces their claims. Here’s an example about the so-called gender gap in worker wages. The point of the article is to debunk the claim that women make less than men, by normalizing the comparison. The cucks have been making this argument for decades now, so it is familiar to everyone. That means the argument gets punched up with the faux exasperation and some eye rolling, to indicate this has all be addressed in the past.

As with DR3, these gender gap articles are not about the arguments made from the Left, but about reinforcing a bit of the orthodoxy. In this case, that white women should be in the workplace, rather than at home tending their kids. The foundation of the argument is the acceptance that women not only should be working, but should have careers that transcend their lives as mothers, wives and homemakers. Carrie Lukaks may as well be arguing for the mass sterilization of white women in that post.

Another popular position in the cuck army is to be the guy who spends his days noodling over the rule book. Every time Lefty is about to pull a fast one in Washington, these guys pop up in the pages of cuck publications, talking about the finer points of the law. This post is a recent example from after the election. It is a long snoozer about the details of California election law, written from the ludicrous position that the rules matter. If only we can tweak the rules, the cheating in California will stop!

These are the two faces of the cuck army. When it is time to use the rules against the Left, they start talking about principles and morality. When it is time to talk about principles and morality, they start talking about the rules and the need to respect order. Every time the Left makes clear the rules don’t matter to them and that we live in a lawless age, the cuck army swings into action, lecturing us about the rule of law. That’s important to know. The tongue lashings and lectures are always directed our way, never toward Lefty.

Of course, much of the time in any army is spent killing time. An important part of being in the cuck army is to fill the dead time with pointless nonsense. Post that amount to nothing more than advanced whining are standard filler in conservative publications. This post at the Federalist is a recent example. What these posts are really about is demoralizing the opposition. “See, it just gets worse, May as well kill yourself.” An important part of being a cuck is to reinforce the loser aesthetic on the Right.

Finally, when all else fails, the cuck can always stab the people to his right. When someone on the right comes up with a way to throw sand in the gears, the cuck army rushes to stop them. The heretic does not even have to effective. If they are getting attention, that is enough for the cucks to rally like antibodies to surround the heretic and begin attacking them. This is a good recent example. Whatever you think of Laura Loomer, it was a funny stunt that drew attention to a serious problem.

In the end, policing the vast sea of people opposed to the moral orthodoxy is the number one job of the cuck army. They are the palace guards, protecting the orthodoxy from challenges. Often, that means going on the attack and taking out people they see as threats to the one true faith. Stabbing right is what every cuck is born to do. In some cases, as we see with The Weekly Standard and probably National Review, the cuck will be asked to make the ultimate sacrifice for his real audience.

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  1. “…Dinesh D’Souza has made a business out of claiming that liberals are Nazis and Klansmen…. What the cucks are doing is acting as the moral enforcers for the Left, making sure no one questions this essential plank of Progressivism.”

    The American Right: Democrats are the real Rightists.

    This plutocrats’ plantation/strip-mall/egalitarian suicide cult some still call a country needs to be wholly destroyed, top to bottom, end to end.

  2. Wonderful article. Very good at pointing out how the cucks can suck you in (that’s what she said) before castrating the very ideas we rightists believe in.
    Thanks for the blog and second best pod in the world. Derb Radio is First in all things!

  3. The Cuck Rapture will occur when National Review publishes an article called, “The Conservative Case Against Conservatism.”

  4. Beating up cucks is moot. They are a dying and irrelevant bunch like the Weekly Standard.

    Most of us thought Trump would at least do something to stem the tide and buy us a few years. Instead he morphed into a Jeb Bush clone and is well on his way to being a one term president and hastening a economic disaster thanks to that idiotic Tax Cut program that added over a trillion in debt every year.

    Demographically the Cucks will be politically irrelevant in a few more years thanks to Trump’s open borders and we can look forward from then on to Kamala’s and Obstructed Cortex’s as our reps.

    • I’d like to say it couldn’t happen to a better bunch of assholes, but it could.
      It could be National Review.

    • The cuck solution is more regulations, and laws, and laws about regulations, and regulations about laws, and more, more, more of a tangled web that returns nothing but costs.

      Why are there even laws about this particular medicine, or the NFL?
      Can we stop accepting progressive premises?

  5. All the progs need to do to flip a respectable conservative is use the magic words: “freedumb” and/or “individuality.” Our fairly conservative state government passed some tranny rights BS in a microsecond because “freedumb.” How does a blowhard like Hush Bimbo argue against the tranny madness when his shtick is built on “rugged individualism?”

    • That’s why progs ban mild things, say, marijuana, as an example. They can then hold it out as an offered “freedom” while the cucks snort about “libertines” and inversed “morality”.

      Both then monetize it by pricing the waiver, whether in favors, promotion, or cash.

      Zman calls such things the grey area that private society should handle. Cucks counter the progs by growing government and laws, falling perfectly into the trap.

      Interfering in private affairs- the nannies shouldn’t have any say.
      They’re the truly fallen leading the mere sinners.

  6. Cucks only have agency because the currently screwed up societal environment elevates wimps into faux leadership roles. This phenomenon would never exist in a natural environment of existential hardship and fitness selection based upon tangible masculine traits. The good news is that guys like this fold in heartbeat under real duress and become extinct rather quickly.

  7. “I don’t mind if my nation and my civilization are destroyed by immigrants, as long as it’s done legally.”

    The right (whatever that is; I can’t think of a coherent definition or framework for “right wing,” I’m simply anti-nonsense and anti-poison, and 80 per cent of nonsense and poison comes from the left, the other 20 percent comes from cucks, libertarians, and the Chamber of Commerce) needs to learn how to play Good Cop/Bad Cop for real.

    The left has no problem at all portraying the right’s Good Cop AS the Bad Cop, and the right disgustingly accepts this frame. There needs to be an actual right-wing Bad Cop, to put the fear of God back into these weasels.

    I think there needs to be a new political party that openly calls itself the Evil Nazi Racist Party, on the premise that they’re going to call you Evil Nazi Racists no matter how hard you cuck. May as well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb.

    The party would have no realistic expectation of ever winning a single election. It would exist simply to draw flak, to say what everybody’s really thinking, to have a national platform to politely, calmly, rationally state the blunt truth about Shlomo, Deshontrious, Mohammed, Prajeet, Pedro, Hector, and Ching Chang Chow, and what their true intentions are for this piece of real estate (because that’s all it is to them, a continent-sized cookie jar.). It would also show the GOP that they are being abandoned, that they no longer exist, the have the same future as The Weekly Shekel.

    A big mistake Donald Trump made was to not create a shadow group to play IRA to his Sinn Fein. He should have created a 50 million dollar shell foundation with his own money, and used it to financially secure the futures of six or eight well-trained, well-credentialed speakers, completely, er, um, separate from his campaign, who would have had the freedom to deploy true-dat, scorched earth rhetoric, while not fearing for their careers or futures.

  8. “Finally, when all else fails, the cuck can always stab the people to his right.”
    “The Mr. Hanky of cucks, Dinesh D’Souza has made a business out of claiming that liberals are Nazis and Klansmen.”

  9. They are coming at us now from all directions, in all ways. By virtue of being a white male citizen of this country, you have a target on your forehead (or a red laser dot, if you prefer). We all know that. The discussions sometimes disguise that fact, because we really want an out from that laser dot up there, 24/7. But it isn’t going away, and we need to remember that, too. The cucks think they can survive by sucking up, good luck with that.

    • We have that dot up there because we aren’t willing to band together so we can put the dot on their forehead…That is the fucking problem at it’s core and you will hear a hundred million excuses of why it can’t be done…Some of them come from stupid people and some come from gov. co because they know it would be a disaster for them…

  10. It’s the same old story, cloud people and cloud wannabies versus the dirt people.

    I am to the point of advocating 100% estate taxes on all balances over $5 million, gifting and charitable contributions count towards the $5 million, and 100% tax on money trying to move abroad. It is unworkable in many ways, but it’s time to financially starve the clouds. All that wealth just goes to hold the rest of us down.

      • Exile? They’ll just network with sympathizers and claw back into power

        Communist understand Romanov rules though

        Kogda yest’ chelovek, yest’ problema. Kogda net cheloveka, problem net

      • Capitalism as we like to think of it is dead. The top 0.1% are simply hoovering up assets now, and deploying some of the proceeds to turn us against ourselves. Bezos (as much as I think Amazon is brilliant) and the WP is a good example. The Ford Foundation. They are cloud, through and through. The existential battle is cloud vs. dirt, and they have all the funding they need. Hit ‘em where it hurts them, in the language they speak. Money.

        There is a thing called an alignment of interests, which helped us all get along, despite the disparities of opinion and wealth. Those alignments are gone now.

        • Dutch, capitalism, as we like to think of it, was never in the best interest of most people. It is a very different thing than free enterprise with which it is often conflated and confused.

          What is it other than a system designed to maximize the amount of capital in the hands of a few: i.e. the creation of oligarchs?

          • bilejones, that’s how it always goes. The alignment of interests element is the essential piece of the puzzle.

            There is always an essential piece. In our current situation, there is one (not so) little thing that needs to be changed. The other side can rant all they want and do stupid shit, but the essential problem is they refuse to accept that we have our own opinions, and are (theoretically, at least), free to express them. They would rather starve us out and mow us down instead of giving us room to speak our piece and live our own lives. That is the root of the problem. They can be as crazy as they want to be, but it is the refusal to give us space that is the problem.

          • You bet- we’re not asking first for an ethnostate or for conquest, but for them to stop attacking.

          • bilejones, I’m sincerely curious: Can you differentiate capitalism from free enterprise? How do we promote the latter while suppressing the former?

      • Kapitalism ain’t yer grandaddy’s capitalism. Like meritocracy, libertarianism, etc., it only works in white countries. Out of that, we see it become despots and piracy.

  11. I don’t think the West is ever going to give up Christianity or swap it out for some White Beast of Wotan cult, or something like that, so the central problem becomes how do we shed the cuck Christianity and get back to something not cucked? I grew up going to Catholic school and know dick about Episcopalians, but I do know that every time I drive past the Episcopalian Church in my neighborhood, there’s a digital marquee that shows a woman in a hijab and a message that flashes, “Love your neighbor, no exceptions.” It’s easy to understand the “anti-Semitic” shooter’s real reason for going Frank Castle on that synagogue every time I pass that church. I think religious belief is upstream from politics, downstream from biology, and I’m interested in how uncucking Christianity is being done, can be done, or will be done. Or if it can’t be done.

    • All of the Islamophobia of the Right hasn’t done much to actually stop Muslim immigration. Arguably, by being considered boorish, it has made the left more eager for immigration than if we had done nothing at all. It might be worthwhile to do a 180 and praise the social conservatism of Muslims. If you really want to stick it to the Jews, your local leftist BDS chapter is a much more effective tool than the adultery of the Alt-Right.

      • I’m in the “enemy of my enemy is my enemy” camp. I agree with Gottfried that the hucksters with radio shows going on about “Islamo-Fascism” are dumb fear-mongerers, but the Muslims being brought to Europe are shit, human capital-wise, and the fact that their fundamentalism has some good points that overlap with conservatism isn’t a good enough reason to keep them around. Or, as a buddy used to joke, “Even though Muslims oppress women and hate Jews I still don’t like them.”

        • I try to be realistic, if sadly pessimistic. Mass repatriation, even out of Europe, is not likely. A nation that embarked upon ethnic cleansing would catch a nuke from Pakistan, Israel, South Africa etc. Better off accepting the task of creating a “Tatar/Hui” status for Muslims that show a modicum of patriotism.

      • “Muslims are natural conservatives.” I like it. E. Michael Jones says that though Islam is not the true faith, God will use it to punish the evil. I don’t even care when a Muslim blows up a degenerate night club or concert. It’s the moral order reasserting itself. If we don’t straighten ourselves out, someone else will, and we won’t like it. There are examples in the Bible of God using wicked people to punish His own.

        My CAPTCHA code is literally “MAXJQ.” I’ll take that as a good omen. Lol.

    • You’re putting the cart in front of the horse. Organized religion follows the rest of society. It’ll be uncucked when the rest of society is uncucked.

      • Religion is supposed to partially lead society. If Church Leaders uncuck tell the Feds to go fuck off on non profit status and actually preach they could do a lot of good

        Staying apolitical for money in this case no profit status allowed them to be subverted by the Left which was the intent of course

    • WW1 was a major inflection point in Western people turning away from Christianity. Pat Buchanan has addressed this multiple times.

      When the religion you adhere to fails to hold back a disaster – and in fact contributes to the problem (I’m sure the chaplains on both sides told their respective charges to kill for God) – it’s pretty easy to see why Christianity lost it’s foothold in Western thought.

      You’ll never fix the problem – unless you go back to the root of the problem.

      I don’t see much of a difference between that digital marquee telling Christians to love Muslims – and having a Catholic chaplain in the Wehrmacht telling his charges to kill the Catholics over on the French side of the line – while the French Catholic chaplain tells his charges to kill the Germans.

      In both cases we’re talking about a MASSIVE failure of legitimacy.

      • Part of the issue is the feminization of the Faith. Its not an accident that Astrology is wildly popular among women. The survival of the Western peoples depends in large part upon them becoming inward-looking and endogamous. We need to stop the profusion of support for things like international adoptions and missionairy work, and trade it for the less glamorous work of convincing Western women to stop being feminists, for underclass women to stop having kids they can’t afford, and for business elite to show a sense of civic duty.

    • Joey;
      The Episcopal Church has been thoroughly converged by globohomo activist subversives, starting at the HQ level in the early ’80s. It is rapidly dying, it’s lamp blown out.

      One theory about how that happened that sounds right to me is that they took great pride in drawing their leadership from the prestige ‘divinity’ schools at Big U. After the ’50s, you mostly didn’t graduate from one of those without bending the knee to the Critical Biblical Scholarship Cult. This is essentially yet another version of the ancient Gnostic (secret, superior knowledge given only to insiders) Heresy. Once you have conceded that the Bible doesn’t really mean a whole lot of what it says because really smart people say so using ingenious (but completely unverifiable) theories that sound scientific, then it’s hard to stand up against the essentially feminist ‘religion of niceness’. (‘It’s not nice to make X, then Y, then Z feel bad/sad. We must evolve.’)

      Same thing as happened to ‘the (now) living constitution’.

    • Second look at White Sharia? I’m only partially kidding. While the no booze part is no fun at all — if a White dude LARPs as a Muslim he’s officially a member of the Religion of Peace. And can do pretty much whatever he wants. As a Muslim.

  12. This is pretty much all Glenn Beck and Mark Levin do anymore, right? I admit to being taken in by them for a little while. Now they’ve got some cuckservative telly merger going. They’ll probably give Rubin, Shaprio, Peterson, and Prager some shows to show how they OWN THE LIBS.

    How about a joke? 3 Jews and a Gnostic walk into a TV studio.

    • An effective troll of these people would be to point out that Muslims actually live out the family values that many of these cucks are incapable of (Praeger has been divorced at least twice). Attack Judeo-Christian as not inclusive enough, and demand “Abrahamic” instead. Imply that Muslims are redeeming a decadent Western society that has brought it upon itself. This is a rhetorical nuclear option.

      • Driscoll in particular is driving me away from Insty. One more blind link from him to a Jonah Goldy column and I’m gone.

        • When he started linking to J Pod articles I was done.

          I also forgot, but the slack jawed war mongering at IP over the N. Korean (non) issue would have been comical if it weren’t so pathetic.

          And the lemming like devotion to James Mattis, the wifeless, childless, careerist globalist con man.

        • He linked to me once. Some of his commenters pointed out to him that I was a heretic. He apologized and never linked again.

          Yet, I know most of these people read me every day.

          • I saw that one link and have been reading you ever since. So glad I did. I am curious do you know what post it was?

          • I am curious how you made the transition from InstaPundit to Z. What were the major realizations?

  13. If you x-ray them for their overall argument, most cuckservative articles make one or both of these points:

    (1) Don’t fight back.
    (2) Don’t tribe up.

    I mean, did Tokyo Rose have anything on these guys? At least Tokyo Rose was helping her (actually, “their”–it was a group of ladies) ancestral people. These guys are just pure collaborators. Whether intentional or unintentional–I don’t know which is worse.

    • The American Tokyo Rose used her pose to smuggle medicines to Allied prisoners. Never recognised, she was hated on her return to the U.S.

      We’re in the same bind, I’m afraid, as were the brave “Holocaust deniers” through the decades.

  14. Drumroll please, I give you the INTELLECTUAL DARK WEB! All you need for your cuckservative posturing with new and improved “we’re the real liberals.” But wait, there’s more! It has BRAND NEW, INNOVATIVE, features for the internet age. Including persecuted professors, young (ish) conservative Jews, internet savvy interviewers and all the “I’m actually really a Progressive” you can ask for!

    Call now and we’ll throw in Liberalistism youtubers FOR FREE!

  15. Rush Limbaugh is the Cuck-in-Chief. He even hired a black guy to man his phones and act as a filtering agent for us bad guys. Hilariously, the worst thing he could say about GHW Bush was that he broke his pledge about new taxes. That’s where the leading voice of Conservatism, Inc. is.

    • Most of his crew has always been black. In NYC, he was the only white face in that room.

      So? Production, studio musicians, and porn magazine printing are often majority black niches, good at what they do.

      Sportsball, anyone?

  16. Yep, the Progs are the ‘real racists.’ I still get a laugh out of that one. The argument is always made in earnest, hushed tones, as if the writer has discovered a Revealed Truth.

    • The resistance in France and Italy were communists. They were hated for their torture, murder, and sabotage.

      Often as vicious as the Antifaschiste mafia in Germany who tried to shake down their own, the patriotic Jewish shopkeepers. When those shops refused to pay protection, the authorities were called out with false claims. Antifa then murdered the 91 shopkeepers, blamed the cops, and called it Kristallnacht, the BLM of their time.

    • Reminds me a line from the Simpsons in which Mr. Burns was compared to Hitler by a bunch of SJW’s

      His reply was “its too late for flattery.”

  17. The cucks’ hagiography of GHWB has been nauseating.

    Gotta give Ann Coulter some props: The other day on the Howie Carr show, she said that the one good thing about Poppy Bush’s death is that the McCain funeral is finally over.

        • Yeah, I don’t know about epigenetics, but once you’ve fucked J.J. “Dynamite!” Walker, I’m not sure if you can ever be 100% part of our thing.

          • My view on these things is youthful indiscretions are forgivable to a point. I’m obviously no fan of race mixing, but I know women often make poor choices in the dating game. That’s an argument against feminism.

          • She dated Dinesh D’Souza and that wacky Jewish politician from NYC.
            So while she is remarkably clear minded about a great many things, her taste in men is suspect and she is very cagey about the men she dates.

          • Because of the nature of what she is and does, her dating market is actually quite limited. Think Mary Matalin hooking up with James Carville. Good men are not looking for women that want to eclipse them

          • Let not the perfect be the enemy of the good. Fight with the army you have, because you’ll never get the army you want.

      • Yes, I have heard her, on more than one occasion, make the point that “African Americans” are “a special case” and “deserve special consideration,” or words to that effect.

      • I’m guessing she’ll avoid going the other 10% as long as she wants to keep her job. In that regard, she’s already tempting fate.

    • Funny thing, though. Ross Douthat, Colonel Cuck of the Pool Boy Division over at the NYT, used the death of old Pappy to advance the forbidden thought that the old WASP ruling class was markedly superior to what we have today in our over-credentialed, hysterical, progressive diversitopia:

      While he couldn’t quite bring himself to say that America was a better place when it was a overwhelmingly white country governed by a white Anglo ruling class, he got a lot closer to it than the readership of the Slimes was prepared for. I’ve always had a special contempt for Douthat, because he’s clearly smarter than the average cuck, but has always preferred to play the pool boy of principle for his progressive patrons – allowing them to feel magnanimous while Ross gets the perks and the coveted invites to the better parties. Ross is nothing if not a calculating fellow, but I wonder if he hasn’t miscalculated here: his game has always been to hint at some nasty crimethink, but then to pull back without fully spelling things out in a way that would allow his masters to uncover the fact that Ross entertains heretical opinions. Ross knows that his leash allows him to frolic on the manicured lawn of cuckery; that he’s permitted to creep near the border hedge of bad ideas, but no further. I wonder if perhaps in some moment of forgetfulness Ross has just stepped over the boundary? We shall see. Kevin Williamson was shown the door for less.

      • LOL. Then, right on cue, Douthat abases himself and waves the bloody shirt for the Weekly Standard on twatter:

        “The Weekly Standard has always published some of the best writers, word for word — not just the best conservative writers — in American political journalism. To kill it because its brand is too anti-Trump is ultimately an act of philistinism.”

        Love the “philistinism” especially. So high dudgeon. LOL.

      • Your description triggered the metaphor of putting a dog out in the yard with the addition of an ‘invisible fence.’ Lets them wander and dominate ‘their space’ but avoid going out in the street. After awhile you don’t even need the ‘invisible fence’ – their trained!

  18. Well until we establish some goal posts and a foundation, we are dead in the water. In your last post about the cuck media, one of our moral and intellectual superiors accused me of being a cuck for daring to suggest that we judge people based on merit. It is one of the few things the left gets right, if you’ll pardon the pun. But this kid attacked me because he figures we are supposed to hate all blacks and jews on ideological principles just like he does.

    The alternative and dissident right aren’t going anywhere until they answer the JQ, and clarify their positions on race realities and how they intend to handle them. As it is right now, we are just a bunch of angry white guys bitching about obscure cucks we see on the internet.

      • I think we need to think about how to run a society based on it and deal with the tough questions. Eg.
        – what do we do with the 40% of blacks that are too stupid to hold a job?
        – what do we do with loathesome liberal jews like Feinstein and Weinstein, etc?
        how do we get all these shrieking feminist skanks out of the work place? What then? How can those cunned stunts be trusted in the home with kids?
        We have all kinds of things to talk about.

          • Fair point – so how do we do that? There is nowhere near enough of us to win. At some point We are going to have to convert the heathen masses of Cucks to our cause. Before they convert – these are the kinds of questions they will ask.
            I think we really need a plan if we are going to go beyond griping about Lefties on the internet.

            Not trying to be a dink… but I think the Dissident Right needs to put on the big boy pants. It has a lot to offer as a serious political movement. Just my two cents…

          • You can start to win by first coming to realization that you need to shut off the damn money.

            The fact of the matter is that your enemies are using your productivity against you. When you and your wife *both* go to work and then bemoan the fact that you don’t have enough money to purchase a house in a nice place so you can raise children in a school system that doesn’t resemble Delhi, Capetown, or Mexico City – you need to FULLY comprehend that while you are dutifully paying your taxes – your enemies are using that money to raise their families, and pay for their preferred NGOs, and support their favorite welfare giveaways.

            I have had this conversation with more “conservatives” than I can count – and the inevitable response is: “well if I don’t pay taxes we won’t have roads, or schools, or a military!!! ”

            You can even show them the goddamn dollar amounts that they’re paying – and they STILL refuse to ” get it “.

            There’s been a couple of taxpayer advocacy organizations that have done the analysis – and come to the conclusion that the average middle class taxpayer is losing something like 65% of what they make in taxation (all inclusive).

            To me the solution is dead simple. The entire world would change if the money train was run off it’s tracks.

            Now try convincing people of that fact.

            Good luck with that BTW.

          • That loot pile in the trillions draws crooks, and the power of leading those crooks draws psychopaths. It’s
            the motivating force, all the lies and ignorance of reality and history and common sense are just rationalizations – the more obvious their EVIL becomes , the greater their appearance of insanity as they seek to pretend they are good people.

            If sales tax at the point of sale was the only revenue source allowed, I think people would see that you are right about that 65% guesstimate – the tax rate would have to be about twice the base cost of the goods (200%), in order for the govt to afford current levels of idiocy. That’s a lot of wealth being drained from the working people, too bad it’s not done transparently – that’d be the end of the (D)irtbags.

          • @Calsdad
            I think if we shut off welfare of every sort and shot everyone that act out aggressively because of it we would solve 80% of the problems we face…Then we could actually sit down and deal with the other 20%…JMHO

          • If we’re really serious about any attempt to prevail against the left, we need to think long and hard about how we earn, and where we spend our money.

            – Get paid in cash whenever possible. Look for effectively tax-free sources of income. Do everything possible (fully exploit the code) to minimize your tax liability.
            – Barter goods/services for goods/services wherever possible. Cheats the tax man.
            – Only hire firms run by or staffed by people who are at least in the ballpark of sharing your cultural priorities. Take the time to screen where/when you can.
            – Lower your overhead generally. If you have a cable or Netflix subscription, if you pay subscription fees for any type of news, if you ever go to movies or sportsball games, you are funding the left. Stop.
            – Seriously do your homework before you make charitable donations to anyone/anything. A better general rule would be to stop giving money to anyone, period. Nothing to schools, political parties, PACs, NGOs, 80% of churches. Do-gooders are almost universally cucked. Stop funding them.
            – Leave the AARP, AMA, ABA, and other leftist professional associations/interest groups.
            – Get off cucked social media and avoid surveillance/click traps. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Gmail, Google, Youtube and Apple products should be avoided. Instead, look at Purism, Gab, Bitchute, Protonmail and other alternative outlets.
            – Avoid the big banks for your financing needs.
            – Stop spending money at Amazon, Whole Foods, Starbucks, Nike, Target, cancel your Progressive Insurance, and the list goes on. But make the cucks pay by denying them your money wherever possible.
            – Pre-emptively, make it difficult for the left to target you. Campaign signs off lawns, bumper stickers off cars, be careful and selective, and above-all, tactical in who and how you engage in any conversation brushing on politics.
            – Strongly advise your kids not to go into debt for the sake of a college education. Inveigh against education in the humanities/social sciences. Vocational and hard science degrees from apolitical institutions, otherwise trade schools.

            Spend your time improving your health (lifting, running, hiking, getting outdoors), improving your security (if you don’t own and regularly train with weapons, why the fuck are you even here), improving your family, and gradually/gently convincing/persuading the people in your inner circles to move further and further into our camp. Local, local, local. When scarcity returns to chlorinate our collective gene pool, make sure you can keep your head above water.

          • I think there are plenty enough of us, problem is we don’t have an ideology anyone is willing to allow someone else to impose.

            I’m in favor of strong social reforms, an anti leftist subversion period, closed borders, mass deportation, heavy trade controls and an economy designed to create stable jobs so that people can have babies

            Any takers?

            I suspect not as the “Liberty Movement” would be appalled, the Desu Volt crowd wants people to believe in a faith that a lot people don’t believe in and get the free social capital and a lot of the Dissident Right are terrified of power and responsibility

            Till they get past that and want power enough to do a lot of nasty things to get it , they’ll lose and deservedly so

        • Nobody is too stupid to hold a job. That’s the kind of shit I’d expect to hear out of leftist. You just need to find a dumb job if you’re dealing with a dumb person.

          The table full of obviously mentally impaired individuals eating lunch just across the cafeteria from me an hour ago – speak volumes about the whole assertion that some people are “too dumb to get a job”.

          It’s not a dumb problem – it’s something else. And it’s an even tougher question that has to be asked. If it was purely stupidity then that is a question that’s been asked and answered over and over again for thousands of years – successfully.

          • 1000’s of years ago everyone was a farmer and there was a demand for low skilled labor. Even so there was mass poverty in some places.

            These days, demand is lower for all sorts of labor and the unruly and stupid people that make up a chunk of the population have so low a market value that they can’t survive on it

            Either you pay enough for them to get by or the State steps in and balances things out regardless of what you think

            Feudalism which is as Right wing as it gets had all kinds of regulations and with good reason , stability is more important than your cheap labor by any means

            More importantly, you don’t have free social capital to control people, This means higher costs one way or another

            To use an example, our unwillingness to pay out and where needed lock up crazy homeless people resulted in a local engineer having his skull crushed by a homeless nut

            Now the engineer is on disability for life, kindly paid by his company which is rare and the nut locked up till he gets lout in a decade or two can goes back to his old ways

            You’ll have to pay no matter what,

            This really really sucks no doubt but as society becomes more urban it gets more brittle and more expensive to run.

            The only other option being letting the population decline and zoning people and jobs into small towns and more rural areas

            Otherwise more urban, more people, more problems, more costs

          • “Otherwise more urban, more people, more problems, more costs”

            And you want to tweak the law so lotsa more babies, right?

          • Not true.

            The US military found that soldiers with an IQ under 93 were too stupid to follow even the simplest orders and directions and became a liability to their fellows. The average black IQ in America is 85. Mohammed Ali had an IQ of 79 which is considered mild mental retardation in white people.

            So yes, some people are indeed too stupid to hold a job. Options for such a person are dismal: crime or slavery – and that, historically, has been the lot of blacks

            But, by all means – if you can put them to meaningful work, go for it. Start with Baltimore and let us know how that works for ya.

          • Mohammed Ali had an IQ of 79.

            I don’t believe that one second. I’ve seen interviews with him, he’s usually a lot smarter than the guys who interview him.

    • You don’t need to “hate all blacks and J@ws”, but you should realize that, for most of them most of the time, their primary commitment is to the success of their people and not to any shared value or principle to which you can appeal. They are happy to allow you to believe that you share values and principles with them, but their primary commitment is not to these values or principles.

      If you make meritocracy your highest principle then you may be ruled by capable people who don’t care about you, like J@ws or Chinese.

      • The most important thing to blacks is that they are black.
        The most important thing to Jews is that they are Jews.

        Being white is secondary, at best, to other characteristics to whites.

        Whites should be aware of this at all times.

        • That’s white privilege in a nutshell. Black and Jewss ars weighed down by the burden of painful identities. It should be in DSM-V but for PC considerations, but that’s their problem. White folks are carefree. Nothing wrong with that.

        • The thing with whites – in this country at least, is that they don’t think of themselves as “white” necessarily – but rather they still divide up by being Polish-American, or Italian-American or Irish-American, or . I don’t see too much differentiation in the *native* black community like that. I don’t see Nigerian-American, or Cameroon-American used as terms by native blacks to describe themselves. They use African-American – as if all of Africa is the same.

          This is probably why present day Africans who come here don’t particularly like native black Americans. Africa is still chock full of tribal loyalties.

          And getting people to simply think of themselves as “white” – as if they’re blood brothers with all other people with pale skin – is going to be an extremely tough stunt to pull off , when most of us still go by those Irish, Italian, Scottish, French, German , etc – type tribal subdivisions.

          The European Union is trying to mash all the different nationalities together – it’s not working out so well.

          In the US we used to have the melting pot analogy – which is something the left just extended into claiming that they could take a poop in the punch bowl and everything would be ok. Apparently too many of them heard that “the solution to pollution is diffusion” meme – and thought it actually worked.

          Sure – you can take a shit in a pool full of clean water – but what you really end up with in the end is a bunch of smaller pieces of shit floating around in the pool.

          One of the simplest illustrations I’ve seen of this effect was three simple pictures. Picture 1: A picture of a big pot full of milk on the stove. Picture 2: Hand holding a chocolate gorilla over the pot of milk. Picture 3: Chocolate gorilla is fully melted into the pot of now brown milk.

      • Meritocracy, like libertarianism and many other principles, has only worked in a white majority.
        Blank slate defeats both.

    • Were I seeking to destroy or derail actual political progress of dissident right ideas, I would follow GF’s suggestions in this and one of his responses below.

      Successful dissident movements do not place detailed mechanistic solutions first and foremost. They are about broad gut-level appeal and not about the post-victory implementation details, which will be hacked out later (figuratively and literally).

    • The thing is, we can’t create “foundations” or really anything like that. The progressives will recognize it and shut us down. Or else they’ll infiltrate and subvert. Whatever is needed. We could run something like the Koch bro’s operation for a while, I would guess, based on progressive’s near-certainty that in the long run, they’d pwn it (just as they have pwned all the great foundations). But if push came to shove, they have all the ammo they need to take down anything political we can do. Basically, denying progressivism’s creed is a criminal conspiracy to deny someone of her rights.

      Positive change, to the degree it can happen at all, is going to come from technology, creating domains that the progs cannot control.

    • And for the love of Pete, open your eyes.

      GF wrote:
      “…suggest that we judge people based on merit. It is one of the few things the left gets right,..”

      What world are you living in? *The Left promotes blood & religion above all else.*

      How else do you think Ocasio-Cortez was elected over a too-white guy who held the same views but was not nearly so brown as walley-eyed O-C? Or the lefty jewish congresswoman in Minnesota who lost to a Somali? She was in the House for decades and was more effective than her replacement ever will be. I could go on with the examples, browns voting for/hiring browns, jews hiring jews, and so forth. Like supports like and would rather be ruled poorly by someone who looks like themselves then well-ruled by someone of another race.

      Hey GF, Detroit is calling and told me you were right, that they would stop electing incompetent and corrupt black mayors. Instead they will choose a name at random from the Slat Lake City White pages for their next top official.

    • Of course I hate to say it, but GF is right- and he’s thinking like a white man of the West would.

      Wheat from chaff, but how?

  19. The only solution is a complete rejection of the entire system of beliefs imposed on us. Refuse to accept their terms, their definitions, their institutions. Only then can you critique.

    And seek power. Do whatever it takes. Lie, cheat whatever. The system is becoming illegitimate so reject its rules and seek power. With power you make the rules, you create the definitions. The Enemy has destroyed the old social contract and rules of engagement. So feel no shame by using your power to marginalise, punish and defeat them in any way you can.

    • What you are proposing is sociopathy, and I agree. Do not be honest about your intentions even when you’re inside the beast. That is what the “left” did with the education system. That’s what the project veritas people have been exposing. The whole project veritas stuff has been hilarious. Not because I’m surprised, my response has been, no shit, but because there were people that were actually shocked by the “lefts” sociopathy. Were the fuck have they been the last 229 years.

    • I think one reason normiecons are attracted to the cuckservatives (remember some of these gatekeeper guys, like Ben Shapiro, have big audiences) is that they want an easy way out: they hope they can defeat the left with logical arguments and voting.

      It’s just wishful thinking. I think normiecon perhaps senses that if the fake/cuck/gatekeeping right evaporates, then they’ll have to face the harsh truth: that only a very hard right will be able to do what needs to be done to the very bad people on the left. That the left doesn’t need to be “refuted,” it needs to be [insert past participle of choice here]. Some people aren’t ready to face that reality.

      • The old formula does seem to be failing though. Twenty years ago, the cuck army was formidable. If they purged you, you were condemned to the outer darkness forever. The collapse of their audience suggests the old formula is no longer working. Sure, a Ben Shapiro has a big audience, we think. It’s hard to know. The degree of fakery that goes on makes it hard to know the real audience for these people.

        Regardless, the new cuck army looks like the conscripts at the end of an old war, when the army is forced to use boys and old men, because they ran out of healthy males. The decision to shutter TWS says the rich guys are losing faith in the old model. Or, maybe they are preparing for a final mopping up and I’ll be soon packed off to a camp.

        • From mere personal experience Shapiro and milo are(were) very popular with conservatives in the early twenties set.

          • We want a society where those like Milo are shamed into either celibacy or the closet. Someone of his lifestyle has no place in our movements, his utility as a troll has long since passed into toxicity.

            Shapiro could at least do us the favor of conversion to Christianity. His problem is that he’s a gatekeeper. But has a weakness in that he can be bribed to switch sides.

          • Milo was trashed for stating an obvious truth about gays, using himself as an example – that younger males are very attractive to them. Since gays now have legally FORCED tolerance, their propensity for corrupting the young is ever more apparent – despite the “fact” that sexual orientation is “fixed”.

          • The issue there should have been: “why are openly gay men allowed anywhere near young males”. I think Milo’s defenestration was a shameful betrayal of someone who very capably spoke truth to our fascist ruling scum.

          • Milo is a friendly though not an ally. He seems to slowly be repenting his queer ways and if this is true and stays he’ll end up a formidable ally in time

            A lot of people are praying for him so you never know.

          • Still? They’re starting to seem very quaint to me; silly spats about trannies and gender pronouns seem like relics from a more innocent age.

        • The prospect of the camps is very scary because we all know it can happen. It’s happened many different places in the last century. When they come for the guns people have to start shooting then. They cannot excuse it at all. It’s not a great solution but the unknown is better than the known

        • This is both good news and bad news.

          It’s great that the cucks have lost most of their influence. But on the flip side of that coin, without the right side of the kosher sandwich to attack and to obsessed over, all of their ammo will now be aimed at us. These people have a lot of power, we have a few blogs…

          We probably(wishful thinking?) have close to a plurality of huWhyte men with some degree of awareness of what we face. The number willing to act on that awareness is nothing to write home about.

          Lines of communication ( as they are which ain’t much) is all we have right now. They may decide to cut us off completely before we can begin to establish something like the FN or Lega Nord.

          Cuck hold us back but also deflect some of the proggies attention.

          I’m expecting some sort of heavy hand after the trial of this Fields kid, whatever the verdict.

          Our growth still depends too heavily upon the club-footed actions of our enemies than it does upon our own abilities. Not a particularly good position to be in.

          I still believe in the long run our tribe comes out on top, but most of us will be long gone when that time comes. That said, duty is duty.

      • Organizations like Turning Point and their predecessors are built to train activists. What would be more effective is to act as an “affinity group” and encourage conservative students to enter grad school and become professors.

        Conservatives are conformists by nature, and deeply want to believe in the “silent majority”, and were conned by the Bush/Delay/Gingrich swindle that the PAN victory in 2000 meant that Mexcians were “natural conservatives”. It’s a major challenge for outbred NW Euros to think of themselves as an embattled minority.

    • I am always wary of the term “social contract” with it’s implication that, like all contracts it can be readily ammended or just torn up and replaced.

      The “social contract” of the West consists of things that have been have built up over centuries, a widely accepted and practiced set of behaviors; social capital arising out of of predictable actions and attitudes and beliefs. This is the core of the culture, the underpinnings upon which the success of the West has been built. calling it a contract both demeans it and renders it more vulnerable to the casual idiocies of the left.

      • Referring to it as social capital makes much more sense – it takes a lot of time and effort to build up, and you can blow through it quickly if you are not prudent and disciplined.

      • A few years back – the lefties were all over that term “social contract” – as if there was some contract I signed somewhere simply because I was unfortunate enough to be born here.

        I always hated that term – and every time somebody used it to try and pound me into submission I’d start giving them hell and asking them exactly which contract it was they were talking about. The contract that setup the country that you have torn up? The unwritten “contract’ of how people used to understand how to behave in this society – which you have destroyed? Which one is it? Because as near as I can see YOU (leftie) have destroyed a whole raft of contracts that used to exist – and now you’re just trying to force me into obeying a new contract that I never signed up for or signed on to.

        I noticed during the Obama years they also started using a similar play of words by telling conservatives that “he’s YOUR President ! ” , to which I replied : ” NO – he is THE President – there is a huge difference “

      • No they did not.

        Given that a social contract is the sum of written and unwritten rules and expectations of a society it is a real thing and though tedious could be written down in its entirety.

        It has far more reality than God Granted Rights which presumes a God, Rights and that said God wants these for people.

        There is evidence for the first but nought for the later two.

        In fact I’d argue that concreteizing the social contract might be of some value and that citizens maybe should sign it and understand what is excepted of them

        You have a right to bear arms but must when called participate in a militia and must not misuse arms

        You have a right to free speech but much not commit espionage and may be punished for lies that cause harm

        So on and so forth.

        As it is, winging it allows the Left to set expectations and we as Conservatives should make sure that we set the expectations not them which is easier said than done especially on issues of economics where money cucks are everywhere.

        • Employing fundamental contractual principles, one quickly concludes that the “social contract” is, at its core, cucky, progressive, socialist gobbledygook.

          In order for a contract to be valid, there must be a meeting of the minds, an offer, an acceptance, and real consideration. Additionally, the acceptance must be knowing, freely given, and memorialized unless it falls within one of the exceptions to the statue of frauds.

          Applying the aforesaid, the social contract fails miserably.

          First, as Cal articulated, he was never presented with a written offer which set forth all of the terms and conditions of the proposed agreement. Neither A.B. nor I have ever received such an offer. No offer, no contract.

          Regarding an offer, who is the offeror? Society? The state? BLM? KKK? The dissident right? Who authorized the offeror to make an offer?

          Second, as Lysander Spooner informed us, he, too, like Cal, never accepted the so-called social contract. Spooner did not agree to be bound by a constitution to which he did not provide his consent. Likewise, he did not furnish his consent to a federal leviathan which saw fit to make war on its own people and engage in mass murder.

          An acceptance must be freely given and such acceptance must be unambiguous. Who here has freely and unambiguously provided his assent to the warfare / welfare state? Who here, other than the progressives like A.B. and De Beers, has freely and unequivocally assented to surrendering half of your income to leviathan and its apparatchiks, bureaucrats, mandarins, and panjandra, who are increasingly of darker hues?

          Third, what is the consideration in the social contract? Being subject to an A.B. dystopian progressive, socialist dictatorship?

          Cal wins, A.B. loses.

          • Inaction is a form of consent .

            Otherwise you are saying I don’t hate this enough to pay the price to even hurt it. You grumble and pay your taxes after all.

            So do I.

            You might resist passively and legally which is still laudable but you can’t claim you didn’t consent in deed. You did.

            Now Tim McVeigh and I’m NOT telling you to do that kind of shit did withdraw his consent. So did David Koresh, Randy Weaver Finicum and the others .

            That is refusal to consent a capital crime

            And yes Donald Trump sure, we couldn’t keep the House and while he’s done a lot to shift the Overton window and slow the rot, he’s no solution

            The solution isn’t “muh liberty” bullshit and running away is not. They’ll follow you

            A Conservative future is your boots on Prog necks. Its your boots on Corporate necks , its the order you want by force

            The left will take power and will do it and they will mole in, subvert your society and do that too unless you make them not do it

            However even if people are willing to pay the price for it which they are clearly not yet, you had best temper it with logical and reason and understand the consequences of your choices

            Take out the EPA? You’ll be back to lakes on fire, take away food inspectors? You’ll have fake milk

            You so called moral neighbors even the Whitest White Boys are often not moral, often fake religion and are cheap conniving cunts and grifters at heart

            Half the rest will use CRISPR to make it so you’ll starve without their food

            The real legacy of slavery right there, my country is awash in amoral greedy assholes

            You may not like that , I may not like that but you must regulate or you’ll pay a far higher price

            That is where I differ,

            I get why we have laws against Fentanyl and selling adulterated products and safety regulations . we need them

            Now sure we can cut back in places but you’ll never get a truly free society in modernity or really anywhere else for very long . It simply cannot work

          • Inaction is a form of consent

            That’s a morally and intellectually bankrupt argument. It’s self-serving to the people imposing their will. If a woman doesn’t resist her rape sufficiently, does she consent? “Baby, if you didn’t want me to rape you, you would have fought me harder.”

        • I don’t see that makes much difference: what happens if you choose not to sign it? Banishment from your own land? These things are always problematic. It’s at least honest to admit that all government involves some level of tyranny — it’s going to expect stuff of you and do stuff to you whether you agree or not.

          I simply object to the whole “social contract” fiction. It’s not a contract if, for all practical purposes, it’s imposed upon me by force, because there’s more of them than there are of me That’s fine. Just don’t sugar coat it for me.

          When enough people disagree with what government demands of them, revolutions happen.

          • This basic view assumes that you have abundant free religious social capital which you do not

            The “moral and religious people” Adams wrote of. They never really existed in history but before we were highly developed we could get away with a lot more than we can today

            These days people live butt to nut in cities and live in a world of unimaginable complexity.

            Regulate or die.

        • I think ‘tradition’ used to be the operative term for the set of informal ideas that held society together. Tradition implies social bonds that are racially, ethnically and culturally based. But destroying tradition is one of the cornerstone tenets of cultural marxists and progressives. In order to control the present and future, they need to destroy the past. So when that was done they had to replace it with another term and set of ideas to fill the vacuum.

  20. Counter Currents recently featured a good post about the South Park cartoon. The author pointed out that while South Park seemed conservative in some ways, the overall agenda of the show advocated keeping everything as it is. Cuckservatism also has no agenda other than tax cuts and de-regulation. As Zman is fond of pointing out, policy is downstream from culture, which is in turn downstream from genetics. Cuckservatism cannot gain any traction because the only vision that it offers is freedum. Liberalism offers free stuff which is much more immediate. Our challenge on the new right is to offer a vision of a much better society. Unfortunately, my generation (the boomers), were born into a society that seems nearly utopian compared to today’s system, and they rejected almost everything about it. Most of the people walking around today have no memory of a world in which an average father could afford a decent house in a safe neighborhood, and mom could stay home with the kids. They also have little memory of a world in which the average hardware store, grocery store, factory, etc. were all owned by local people.

    • It’s even worse for late Gen-X / Early Millennials. We grew up in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, just as America was being taken over by Baby Boomers in positions of authority. We saw the last echo of what once existed, to be replaced by insanity. I actually had school teachers that were culturally conservative in public elementary school.

      • You are so correct. I miss much about the 80s, but the cultural sense of ‘we’re all in this together’ is probably one of the biggest things.

    • ” Our challenge on the new right is to offer a vision of a much better society”.

      I wish we were that far along.

      Arguing policy and visions at this point is self-defeating: it fractures our tribe into ideological camps and gives our enemies something to pull apart to sow seeds of dissension.

      It seems to me that our number one priority is to make at least 1/3 of huWhyte men understand that we have a group genetic-cultural interest. And that we’ve been under attack for at least 50 years and the attacks have increased steadily since Obama.

      When we have enough guys on board and have the problem with lines-of-communication ironed out, then maybe we can begin discussing policy.

      • Agreed. What I meant by a vision of a better society was just that–picturing things better. I don’t really care about policy details anymore. Historic color images of places like Detroit from 1948, or Coney Island in 1937 are what I’m thinking of. I don’t think people today really grasp how nice and beautiful a white country could be. You still have cucks running about blaming the fall of Detroit on unions.

        • That vision, that shining city on a hill?

          Zblog, yesterday, per Dukeboy01:

          “”Like the people in the valley enjoying the good life, they are wholly unequipped to handle the next conqueror.”

          What are we waiting for? Let’s get together and go take their shit.””

          • @Alzaebo
            What are we waiting for? Let’s get together and go take their shit.””

            Taking their shit would be the easy part it’s the getting together part that we suck at…

    • No matter which party and political philosophy is dominant, the usual suspects seek to dominate.

      • It’s far worse than that, Ris. No matter which party and political philosophy is dominant the country keeps marching leftward seemingly unstoppable. Democracy is an obvious failure and now so is our Constitutional Republic. Anybody have a suggestion as to what’s next?

        • Roger Goodell was able to twist enough arms and dispense bribes to get his thugs to stop protesting. The boomercon audience returned, and youth now think that multimillionaire Kaepernick is some sort of folk hero. If we can’t be bothered to quit the sportsball habit, maybe we deserve what’s coming? The Afrikaners sure love their rugby, you know.

          • Boomercons are 60 and 70 years old The youngest are 53 well into Middle Age.

            if they had children and many had tiny families ( nearly all boomer kids were born during below replacement times) they are almost always grown ups

            As older people they are not going to change and to be blunt they don’t matter as many will be dead of old age soon

            What matters is Gen X who are still young enough to change and to fight, sane Gen Y and the Gen Z youngsters

            Any Boomers who are with us are welcome but don’t expect aging people who grew up in a stardust world to suddenly shift Hard Right

            They can’t

            That said sports viewership is shrinking, generation single mom isn’t part of that culture and there is still some life in the boycott

            Also the chans , 8 chan in particular are waging a money war on Hollywood which does far more damage to American people than the fake civic nationalism of football


          • @AB
            I’m down here if you still want to meet contact me over at Freezoxee and Amen on your comments…

          • Not able to do that right now or for the very near future.

            Good to chat though and I hope to be able to get on the stick in the next year

            Our movement even as spooked by the thought of FBI moles as it is needs more face to face meetings and meat space baby (h/t WRSA)

          • Some of us mid-span boomers are fully engaged and planning on another 15-20 active yrs, and then another 5-10 more in “reserve” or “advisory” status (ok, maybe too ambitious) …. provided we last that long. Some are not so hidebound as to not see clearly the threat and necessary / potential courses of action — even if we did buy into Conservative Inc for so many years. No getting back that lost time. And some are even having kids into their 60s ….

            The die will be cast in the next few yrs should anything meaningful happen, and it could be over within the time many of us have left.

            I don’t think all is lost, or that a certain segment of the boomer demographic is among those irredeemable.

        • I have a problem with the assertion that the Republic “failed” simply because my reading of history is that it was stabbed in the back, and/or disassembled from within. Way back in the 30’s Garet Garrett wrote ‘The Revolution Was’ – and one of his comments was about “innocent disarmers” who make comments about “if we’re not careful we will lose the Republic”. Well up until just maybe 2 or 3 years ago , I would STILL see the same types of comments being made.

          Can’t remember who said it , maybe it was Franklin after leaving the Constitutional Convention – but supposedly he said that the Constitution was only fit for a good and moral people.

          Do they exist any more?

          Maybe it’s a technicality – but I think it’s hard to say that the rules failed, when it seems like nobody wants to obey the rules – AND there is no enforcement, AND those who would like to obey the rules and live in the Republic are under attack on a constant basis.

          Is subversion “failure”? I have never thought so.

          • The quote is John Adams (from his letter to members of the Massachusetts militia IIRC). Also, The Revolution Was is available free on pdf on the site.

          • I first read that essay in early 2009 as the mortgage crisis was taking hold and Obama took office. Needless to say the parallels sent chills down my spine.

          • Benjamin Franklin himself had one foot in egalitarianism:

            Egalitarianism, individualism, universalism, “freedom” from duty, et al were part of this country from the beginning. The history of America is centrally the history of their more thorough application. In the case of “freedom”, it has proven itself an opening for plutocracy, Jews, lumpenproles, for the white bourgeoisie to vegetate as Consumers, et al, all coming together to destroy Western Civ. A healthy, noble order must be imposed and maintained by an elite with values and outlook infinitely superior to the Money elite that has naturally arisen under “freedom”. All elements of the body-politic, including economy, must be thoroughly managed, and managed to the end of improving, strengthening, ennobling the whole.

            The natural evolution of your Republic has done more to destroy culture, tradition, human nobility, et al than any other force in human history. Those who will not submit to Consumerism and the plutocrats’ yoke are quickly branded “fascists” marked for destruction by whatever means possible. Americanism is to be wholesale repudiated and destroyed:

            “But traditional intellectual elites are of shrinking relevance, replaced by cognitive-practical elites–figures such as Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Madonna, or our most successful politicians–human beings who can recognize or create popular appetites, recreating themselves as necessary. Contemporary American culture is the most powerful in history, and the most destructive of competitor cultures.”

            “…Joe Sixpack, Ivan Tipichni, and Ali Quat would rather “Baywatch.” America has figured it out, and we are brilliant at operationalizing our knowledge, and our cultural power will hinder even those cultures we do not undermine. There is no “peer competitor” in the cultural (or military) department. Our cultural empire has the addicted–men and women everywhere–clamoring for more. And they pay for the privilege of their disillusionment.”

            “Yes, foreign cultures are reasserting their threatened identities–usually with marginal, if any, success–and yes, they are attempting to escape our influence. But American culture is infectious, a plague of pleasure, and you don’t have to die of it to be hindered or crippled in your integrity or competitiveness.”


        • 1st the US Republic was at its founding inherently Leftist in line withe the thinking of the now fading enlightenment. Its core ideas were equality and cheap labor and this shit bird Republic we now live in was its logical and natural successor

          Hindsight being 20/20 it was inevitable we’d end up in a Left wing society

          Hierarchy and tradition are Right Wing, Economic stewardship is Right Wing

          What we have and what many on the Right are fighting for is a Leftists variant , Libertarian or Libertine

          As to the current problem space

          Monarchy is an option if you have the power.

          However an interregnum is probably what is called for, 20-40 years of autocratic right wing rule by someone who understands the subversive nature of the left, has power and is willing to use it.

          This BTW means an end to capitalism as practiced, to anything Libertarian, large or small l and a ruthless moral whip hand.

          The ancap element of dissident right will hate everything you do but unless you are willing to break up large businesses, limit where businesses can set up to help smaller towns , limit trade and make sure your population has steady well remunerated work for the long term , nothing you do will matter

          Even if you change the marriage laws, ban abortion, ban the pill your population will never stabilize. No work, no babies

          After a period of time, enough hangings , deportations and fairly ruthless treatment of anything that meets the Left Wing metric you can gradually back it off.

          Basically you have to be somewhere between Norsefire from V and the Sons of Jacob from Handmaidens Tale only based in reality and tempered by the inherent rationality of the Right

          That regime, to use that BS artist Laguna Beach Fogey’s expression “Provisional Government of National Restoration” won’t be very pleasant for urban sophisticates or anyone addicted to modernity but it would work.

          Become worthy, take power, use power

          and have the character and understanding of what it takes to restore the Republic and to stop using power

          Than you can have your Republic, if you can keep it this time.

          • “1st the US Republic was at its founding inherently Leftist in line withe the thinking of the now fading enlightenment. Its core ideas were equality and cheap labor and this shit bird Republic we now live in was its logical and natural successor”

            You forgot, “The Founders were the real racists. If there’d been a Klu Klux Klan back then they’d have belonged to it.”

            “Hierarchy and tradition are Right Wing, Economic stewardship is Right Wing”

            I thought the Founders believed in hierarchy and tradition. What is “economic stewardship”?

            “Even if you change the marriage laws, ban abortion, ban the pill your population will never stabilize. No work, no babies”

            How would you change the marriage laws? No divorce? Look, divorce is unfortunate for everybody involved, but it’s better than lifelong enforced bondage for couples who have made a mistake. I’m sure you’ve never made a mistake, but it happens to others from time to time.

            You want to ban abortion? Get ready to welcome a huge increase in black and hispanic gullets for the welfare establishment to feed.

            Ban the pill? How many billions do you want the U.S. population to be? Maybe the goal of “stabilization,” as you call it, should be to reduce the number of births instead of a breeding program. “No work, no babies”? Tell that to the permanent welfare class.

            Maybe think about quality of life more than what sounds like your vision of a weaponized baby system.

          • I’m a Paleoconservative forced by immigration and Cultural Marxism into being a reactionary.

            We palecons have no issues with economic regulation to protect workers or the nation . Maybe we have this in common with the old line progs but so be it.

            As far as the welfare state /Socialism shibboleth

            1st, you don’t have rights,. They don’t exists, never have, never will. You have power and enough people sharing the same views to enforce your collective will

            As an example, if somebody develops nano tech for mind control or a plague that turns people into Leftists, they didn’t violate your rights. They were stronger than you

            Might is Rights

            Now if you want to know why so many Millenials are voting Democrat and Socialist try this thread of Reddit


            In essence the people voting the Commies in are the ones arbitraging wages down and you complain all you want and warn all you like, “labor” if you’ll forgive the term will have its day .

            Cheap labor begets Communism or Socialism if not by votes than by guns and the only way out is either destroy society or for capitalism to work properly which means check and balances and controls

            Given our culture, we won’t get checks and balances , the Ancaps , Neo Libs and Neo Cons and Randians would burn it down first

            This suggests to me you are going to get Socialism or War

            The former means we go Latin America with a slow population decline till we become Brazil 2.0

            The later Bosnia x Rwanda

            I don’t want either. I want a stable pro family functional economy and society but some men you just can’t reach and if that’s the wants it that’s the way he gets it

          • WRSA’s Lee Greenwood/cognitive dissonance meme fits you splendidly.

            Democracy is left wing. The founders/founding were/was inherently left wing. They well-knew democracy’s inherent risks (see the Federalist Papers), and tried to put up guard rails to keep the project from derailing for as long as possible. But as A.B. points out, despite all their efforts, look how the nation has devolved. That downward trajectory isn’t a bug, its a feature of democracy. Its a logical conclusion.

            Find me a democracy where elections haven’t eventually turned into an advanced auction on stolen goods, or the franchise hasn’t ultimately expanded to include those with no skin in the game. When you find me some marginal exception, its rarity will have proven the rule.

            But, as always, “muh Constitution.”

          • Gravity Denier

            You kind of made my point for me, the welfare class has a steady income of a sort.

            In any case its not as great a fertility gap as you might think

            The Black fertility rate is 1.86 vs a 1.6 for Whites which in real terms with more incarceration and homicide and all its probably effectively lower

            Latino and Asian TFR is also below replacement

            As for the rest, you misunderstood me. I’m offering a critique of the usual options here for policy goals not a policy recommendation per se

            Its in the words Even If

            Its an economic problem to a high degree and less a moral one and even making strong moral changes won’t resolve the population issue long term.

            I agree that we can and maybe should tolerate some degree of population shrinkage but no matter what goals we have though, low fertility for far too long is not healthy. Tiny families mean more liberalism and dependency and if you want less of that you have to enable larger families

            Economic Stewardship is a trade and commerce policy that prioritizes working people wages to encourage and make possible large families

            This means sometimes less trade, less choice in goods and smaller margins but it means you and me and the guy behind the tree can afford an extra kid, have no debt and doesn’t have to sacrifice his quality of life so so company can have a bigger campus or some CEO can have another 10 million

            Populism for population


          • Nice diatribe.

            We don’t have a republic – and have not had one in quite some time – despite what some of the more deluded might be calling what we have now.

          • Who is attracted to such power?
            This is a surefire guarantee that today’s blue-haired slam poetess becomes tomorrow’s obergruppenfuhrer.

        • Democracy is not failing, the problem is that it is succeeding. Even among “conservatives”, whatever that is, few understand what democracy actually is. We look into the abyss and it’s clever enough not to look back at us.

        • @Hoagie
          It looks like Rome is our future and most seem to not be minding as long as they are comfortable…

          • yep

            I tell people this

            When you ask “why haven’t people done anything” ask yourself “why haven’t done anything.” same thing. Nobody wants to be a martyr for something they feel no real stake in and aren’t sure they could win at a cost worth paying anyway

        • Democracy isn’t the problem, any system is only as good as it’s people. Our people have been reduced to “consumers” for some time, blame public ed and Madison Avenue for that. Now they only care if their 401K’s are doing good and they can use their homes as ATM’s.

          Beyond that, most don’t give a shit unless it hits them in the wallet. Put another way, if the current prosperity bubble wasn’t in place people would be boiling mad and ripping Trump and the GOP a series of new a**holes.

          What comes next? Race war and a mass urban die off when the economy implodes and takes the welfare/warfare state along with it along with all the fat federal and state pensions.

          And it’s just a few years off. Use this time to prepare.

    • My goodness, this “Niskanen Center” reads like a parody of cuckservatisim: According to wikipedia they advocate for “environmentalism, immigration reform, civil liberties, and a national defense policy based on market principles.” The founder, I kid you not, penned “The Conservative Case for a Carbon Tax”; by “immigration reform” they mean a significant increase in legal immigration; and they recently published an article calling for Congress to increase the number of seasonal workers. The is the “new center right” in America. Good luck with this program at the polls…

    • For all of you responding to the link here at Niskancenter.. remember there is a donate button at the top of the page.
      No pressure.

      Maryland Governor Larry Hogan

      Anne Applebaum, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and historian

      David Frum
      William Kristol
      Mike Murphy
      Jennifer Rubin

      FFS, that’s a lot of terrible in one room.

      Oh, and lest you think a Republican Maryland governor might be a good thing:

      “Hogan recalled Maryland’s national guard from the US-Mexico border to protest the Trump administration’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy which resulted in the separation of children from their parents.[33] Hogan also opposed President Trump’s decision to rescind DACA.[34]”

      Effing worthless cuck traitor.

      • He doesn’t even rate as a cuck. The people of Mary Land simply want a lunatic governor who is not corrupt, or less corrupt than normal.

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