The American Jizya

It used to be that social reformers would talk about the day when racism has been eliminated from society. They would quote Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech, suggesting the goal was a colorblind society. The only people to say this today are clueless civic nationalists and so-called conservative pundits. The former are always behind the times and the latter is here to run cover for the Left. In the game of racism, the caravan has moved onto a new wave, the third wave of anti-racism.

Like feminism, anti-racism has reinvented itself to meet the challenges of the multicultural age, particularly in light of the new demographics. Blacks griping about whites is not of much use when you have varieties of Hispanic, Muslims, Asians, Jews and lifestyle degenerates. The new challenges of the majority-minority empire require a new kind of anti-racism and a new kind of racism for it to oppose. The new racism is exotic and mysterious, while the anti-racist is fighting a spiritual fight, not a legal one.

Eric Hoffer made the observation that people involved in causes never reach a point where they say the cause has achieved its goals and therefore can disband and cease its activities. For example, anti-smoking zealots have accomplished all that can be accomplished, yet they persist. The same is true of drunk driving activists. Short of martial law, there is not much left to do about drunk driving and smoking. Yet, the pressure groups behind these causes still raise money and agitate for attention.

The same thing has happened with the various causes of Progressivism. Something like environmentalism has evolved into a weird nature cult, with apocalyptic predictions backed by flimsy science. Feminism is pretty much a nonsensical collection of tantrums sporting bizarre lingo and outfits. Anti-racism has moved from demands for equity before the law and mitigation for past racism, to a semi-permanent regime that includes groups, who voluntarily left their home lands for the white nations they now despise.

As a practical matter, so-called “third wave anti-racism” is really just a demand by non-whites that whites mitigate the realities of biology. They can’t say that so they have to use weird language and comical neologisms. The demand is that whites exhaust themselves maintaining a white bourgeois society, so that non-whites can enjoy first world comfort, without actually having to maintain it themselves. The new white man’s burden is whites living as despised helots in the societies they created.

For example, whites are supposed to solve the black crime problem, but not notice that black men commit a lot of crime. No one is supposed to mention that blacks don’t cooperate with police. The justification for the former is the history of racism, while the latter is excused as blacks not wanting to attract attention to the black community. Whites are supposed to work around the realities of the black community, while mitigating the realities of the black community. This is impossible and unreasonable.

Another example is how non-whites expect to be allowed into elite schools. In the name of diversity, the elite colleges decorate each class with vibrancy. The professors are expected to make sure these students graduate and never mention that they make up the bottom third of the class. Once out in the world, the process starts over as law firms hoover up non-whites to meet their diversity quota. Of course, no one is supposed to notice that these lawyers are not very good at being lawyers.

Then you have the central tenet of third wave anti-racism, which is that whites, just by being white, are a burden on non-whites. Because whites want the best for their kids and want to live in safe neighborhoods, it means they live in places without convenient bus service. This is a burden on non-whites, as they don’t have easy access to whites and the societies they create. This is so-called white privilege. The only way to eliminate this is to eliminate white behavior, which would end the modern society.

Instead, the new anti-racism regime is one where every white person is born guilty, tainted by the original sin of white racism. Therefore, just as man was condemned to toil outside of the Garden of Eden for eternity, whites are now condemned to pay the jizya in order to keep non-whites in comfortable modern lifestyles. That means open borders for formerly white countries and a metastasizing set of rules to govern the thoughts and speech of whites. The American jizya is about keeping non-whites happy.

That’s the core argument of Ta-Nahesi Coates. In his jeremiad in favor of reparations, you’ll note he never actually puts a number on it. Reparations are, by definition, about making the other party whole. Coates rejects that such a number exists, because what he means by reparations is actually a recitation. He demands an endless recitation of the crimes committed by whites against blacks. This is to both punish whites in a material sense and to remind them that they are now in the inferior position.

In order to understand the social justice movement, one must first replace the word “justice” with the word “vengeance.” It’s not about settling the books or making anyone whole. It is about establishing a new hierarchy in which whites are the infidels of the new multicultural empire, forever paying the jizya to keep modern society rolling. The point of the tax is not just to finance the system, but to lock in the moral relationships of the new multicultural empire, because it cannot exist without the jizya.

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  1. “an estimated 10,874 people who were killed in drunk driving crashes involving a driver with an illegal BAC (.08 or greater). Among the people killed in these drunk driving crashes, 68% (7,368) were in crashes in which at least one driver in the crash had a BAC of .15 or higher.” Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility

    Precisely to your point. The vast majority of alcohol related vehicle fatalities were above 0.15, well over the legal limit, yet the anti-alcohol crowds want to (and are being successful in) pushing even lower limits. Clearly lower limits aren’t the issue, or the current 0.08 limit would have prevented the above deaths. They need a raison d’etre to exist. They need a new mission but they are stuck on the old mission.

  2. A useful exercise is to debate black folks online when possible.

    A good way to cut through the pretense is to ask, “Are whites morally inferior to blacks?” It has a way revealing what Zman is addressing. The proposed relationship is one in which whites are atoning for their sins forever. (Indeed, in the Bible there is no atonement for Original Sin.)

    There is no pretense of “ending racism” or “coming together.” You’ll never hear anyone say “Our differences are only skin deep” anymore. For decades, that was the approved mantra. I’d say the language of “inside wer’re all the same” ended at about the same time POCs realized whites would be a minority.

    It would be fun to see someone ask a race-baiting Democrat, “Are whites morally inferior to people of color?” Along with a host of other uncomfortable questions we could ask to mess with the narrative.

  3. Great post Z ! Straight to the point . No pussyfooting around. It is truly amazing what whites have put up with.

    Unwed mothers, rampant crime, ridiculous quotas, massive welfare spending, etc And it’s never enough. Sadly have lost faith in most of the sympathetic whites. There is no cure. They would sacrifice their own children ( and have ) rather than be called racist.

  4. How much do you guys think minoroties cost us? Between your Great Societies, Medicaid’s, incarcerations, rebuilding every major city in the burbs etc. between you Israel lobbies, Iraq wars with 6 trillion dollar price tags, your savings and loans, 2008s, etc., how much more wealthy would your run of the mill, pure evil white proles like us be worth? I would say they have cost us a great deal. We have really paid the price!

    Or would all of that have happened.anyway? Are we in the best of all possible worlds?

      • Isn’t that estimate spreading the cost across the entire population, not just real income earners? And doesn’t include future liabilities- the accrued debt that funded these policies?

        Seems a bit low. Just $600 a month for a shiny happy people? Such a deal!

      • I see them on the streets in my neighborhood and try to keep a frequency/quantity log. My formerly-White lower-class neighborhood is being upgraded to Cosmic Whites, Chinese, and old-Whites until they die. Old-Whites live in old houses that are under-maintained because it’s cheaper and the developer is just going to bulldoze it. Just got a card in the mail for a house 5 blocks away that is a freshly-painted 1930’s 3 bedroom asking $465K on a 5000 square foot East-facing mid-block lot. How does a 20-something couple with 2 children making $70K (combined) live here? They can’t, but LaTicha and her 4 children will. Don’t forget the cost imposed on the neighborhood house values by the increased crime as her boys get to be 8 years +, which is probably in-addition to the $7000 annual per cash cost.

        +1 on baby boomers effectively isolating themselves so that they see a 90% White America who “just happens” to be getting a little older (delusional). Even Portland Oregon has “the signs”: walk by elementary schools and look at the playground during recess for a survey of 5-10 year olds. You will notice immediately.

        • So sad. I have affection for Portland, OR, although I haven’t lived there for years. It’s infuriating that many of the people in PDX will tell you that one of their most ardent hopes is for a substantial rise in the non-white population.

          I hope they will learn, but doubt it. Portlanders are exceptionally delusional.

          An awful anti-white white woman I know is fleeing PDX for a whiter mid-sized town. Once she is there she will work to destroy it just like she helped destroy PDX. Last I heard she was helping non-white refugees in PDX.

  5. This is one of the best posts about this subject I’ve ever read. In fact I read it three times and saved it so I can read it more. Thank you Zman and also all you posters here. Slowly the fog is falling from my eyes and you guys have helped me begin to understand these Truths I knew but didn’t really contemplate.

  6. Have reparations not been paid for the last 50+ years in the form of trillions of dollars transferred from working Americans to non-working Americans (and non-Americans) as welfare payments, food stamps, school lunches. . . ? In the form of free college education to “those in need,” most of whom have no real interest in using college to earn a living? In the form of affirmative action, which guarantees that “majority” students and employees are not allowed to compete with “minority” students and employees? in the form of the general transfer of wealth across all of society to “lift up” those who suffered from slavery and Jim Crow laws (thanks, Democrats, for that)? Oh, by the way, why are we still PAYING THESE REPARATIONS to the third and fourth generation removed from any institutional racism? Oh, right. I forgot. White (and male) privilege. One’s very skin color (and sex) makes him evil and worthy only to work like a slave to pay for those who don’t want to work but only want to piss and moan about how awful white men are.

  7. The solution to black crime is the death of black criminals. Death is a solution to a lot of problems. And despite the fact that death is a universal human condition, our modern society abhors death. We cannot let an elderly person with stage IV cancer die. We cannot let an alcoholic with end stage liver disease die. We cannot let a homosexually active man with AIDS die. We cannot let heroin addicts die. We cannot let death-row inmates condemned lawfully by jurors die. We cannot let fly-blown Ethiopean children starve to death. The litany continues. I suspect that the only category of people our society would happily consign to death is cis white heterosexual Boomer males because … feelz, wow just wow.
    How many billionaires like Peter Thiel are pursuing immortality through cell regeneration or some cyberware/bioware comination? No one wants to die, but we all do. The goal should be to have, as much as possible, a purposeful death.

    • Very, very true. And there will be much death once all this starts unwinding. Anyone familiar with the famous Enoch Powell, “Rivers of Blood” speech knows that it wasn’t the rantings of a crazy old man in the 60’s, but a reminder of 5000 years of recorded human history and knowledge of human nature. All of this was deliberately stripped out of the education systems decades ago. So it will be that much more surprising to us when it happens.

      We’ll eventually go from “everyone must live, including tadpoles in the wetlands” to “I must live, therefore you must die.” It will be quite a change.


        Providing a link to Derb’s Enoch Powell article.
        “The supreme function of statesmanship is to provide against preventable evils. In seeking to do so, it encounters obstacles which are deeply rooted in human nature.”
        “That tragic and intractable phenomenon which we watch with horror on the other side of the Atlantic but which there is interwoven with the history and existence of the States itself, is coming upon us here by our own volition and our own neglect.”–Enoch Powell

  8. Jizya was a much less despotic or vindictive system than what has been imposed on your white population.

  9. Regarding the minority appetite for reparations and higher education: perhaps these could be satisfied by combining both issues. That is, demand that Harvard, Yale, and Princeton (e.g.) become black-only colleges. These schools have already ratified all the affirmative-action arguments, and could hardly refuse a central role in rectifying the “great injustice of American history” (TM). Nor could our elites dispute the suitability of affecting reparations by turning the most coveted ticket to social advancement exclusively over to blacks.

    Of course, from the dissident right perspective, this policy would be a just punishment of these educational institutions. It would, frankly, ruin them. But, deliciously, no “good-white” would ever be able to argue against it. The academics at these schools, who force the affirmative action regime on the rest of the country, would finally have to live with it themselves.

    There are actual goods that might come out of it, too. But all things considered, it could be a way to defeat various enemies by giving them what they want.

    • Thanks for ruining this Central Californian’s day! Funny how the Republican got more votes, yet Nancy Pelosi’s nephew still won.

      There can only be one solution:
      More Immigration!

      Science! on the left and right tells us that diversity is our strength, and that only a growing GDP matters.

      Therefore, we must increase immigration by any means necessary.
      I propose an immediate amnesty of all here, automatic citizenship and benefits for anyone crossing our borders (including airports), and growth targets of 30 million per year or more. Feel the love!

      • Well sh*t. Me and my big mouth.

        “California Governor Newsom Vows ‘Sanctuary To All Who Seek It’ In Inauguration Speech”

  10. So much of our society today applies to the French Revolution. Not in a racial sense. But in human nature, which is like a car with no brakes. Happy mediums only seem to be in place for a short time before they are run over. The pendulum keeps swinging violently in one direction. This pendulum started swinging our direction long before any of us was born. I think once we reach the full madness and anarchy at the end of this long arc of history, it will start swinging back just as violently.

    The French Revolution started out by going after powdered wig wearing dandies from the out of power government. It didn’t take long for it to turn on every farmer who ever looked at anyone crosseyed. These are anarchists, who deep down, in their unconscious mind, want and need to be beaten mercilessly into submission.

  11. I appreciate how Z-man’s posts and podcasts have built on each other lately. For example, I see the continuity between Friday’s podcast on the ancient Greeks and Z’s assertion here (interesting and new to me) that American whites are being transformed into a helot class, whose work supports the comforts demanded by the country’s otherwise unsuccessful “minorities.” On reflection, there is a logic to this development, considering the direction of our culture in the past 50 years, and given the fact that for “good-whites,” such a helot status represents the fulfillment of an inchoate wish.

  12. I heard some social justice prof. on the radio some years ago talking about balancing the books, or “what could be easier” than quantifying the injustice and putting a number on it. like YT is just being obstructionist and stubborn, and I thought: if it’s double entry book-keeping you want, then wouldn’t WE get some credit too? They might not like the bottom line then. On the other hand, as you say, they really don’t expect to get a check, just a rain check for endless bitching and favoritism; who’s being obstructionist now? (Alinsky Rule: always accuse your opponent of doing what YOU are doing)

  13. I’m reminded of my wife’s first few years of teaching. Saddled with affirmative action blacks. Most were nice eChnough, but many were barely literate and a few barely human. Of course they couldn’t be fired, or even disciplined.

  14. The only thing worse than the Judeo-Marxist highjacking of political ecology in the 1970s is the way the right just handed it over because of muh market boomerism.

    These conservative and libertarian priors need to be gotten over. The sooner this happens, the better it is going to be.

    When you are talking about white flight and suburbanization, you are talking about habitat. And when you are talking habitat, you are talking ecology. This should be obvious, but the larger implication tends to be ignored. This has had the effect of ceding the issue to people whose feminine sentimentality would destroy the North American biosphere through mass immigration.

    White people like trees and fuzzy critters, even if they can’t tell a moose from a marmot. Even those living in urban shitholes like the Idea of Trees and Fuzzy Critters.

    Globalization, immigration, high profile species-extinction, and — yes — this most recent actually existing warming trend, should all be seized upon by the dissident right and turned back against the left, as ruthlessly as possible.

    The left has no real defense against an attack on this issue from the right, except to push for Space Maoism. And you might find a surprising amount of overlap in this area with the deep ecology people, although you may disagree about everything else.

    You don’t have to know what a spotted owl is, much less give a shit about them, to use the Shitholer versus Fuzzy Critter frame as a rhetorical club. And you might be surprised how many whites in places like the Pacific Northwest will quietly support immigration controls, when the issue is framed in terms.

  15. 1835–Democratic communities have a natural taste for freedom, but for equality their passion is ardent, insatiable, incessant, and invincible: they call for equality in freedom; and if they cannot obtain that, they still call for equality in slavery. What concerns me in our democratic republics is not that mediocrity will become commonplace, but that it may be enforced.

  16. Brilliant effort, ZMan…. I have used the terms “reverse apartheid” to describe the inverted new society our would-be masters are building around us, but your idea of the jizya tax works just as well, perhaps even better. Moreover, your explanation does much to explain the appeal of the “red-green” alliance to leftists and Muslims alike.

  17. White Americans have been paying the jizya for longer than some have been breathing air — since 1965 at least.

    They have paid by having to accept a government encouraging massive nonwhite immigration to replace themselves. They have spent their tax money and borrowed more on top of that for endless programs in housing, education, and affirmative-action hiring as payoffs to blacks not to riot. Huge and costly federal and state bureaucracies have been created as pretend-work sinecures for “persons of color.” Many whites have paid with their lives for an ongoing criminal underclass comprising a significant number of black bodies reverting to type when they can’t fit into a modern first world society.

    Whites used to feel virtuous about their self-sacrifice (as of course proglodytes still do), but increasingly are angry. I believe many are ready to sweep the board clean and start the game over again.

    • “I believe many are ready to sweep the board clean and start the game over again.”
      One can only hope !

  18. All of the insanity referenced in this post is enabled by the affluence of modernity, which allows society to carry vast amounts of deadweight. The Congress has become a perfect metaphor for this affliction, as easily a third of its members are clinically retarded or overtly corrupt, and likely would not survive 20 minutes in the ancestral environment of our evolution. Yet now, we not only subsidize these idiots, but elevate them to leadership status. The insanity will continue until the gravy train runs out of gas.

    • I burst out laughing at the “clinically retarded” comment. Your last line says it all. The insanity will continue until the gravy train runs out of gas. Unfortunately for the rest of us, with continued government spending, that may happen sooner than later.

  19. I’ve worked in engineering for a long time. Twenty or thirty years ago, we’d hire a black college guy and make an honest attempt to integrate.Train them, retrain them, etc…

    Never worked out, not even once. So they’d get fired.

    But for the past 10 years, maybe longer, we go through the same song and dance but now we no longer fire them. The company is much bigger now so we find them a lower level position, typically something a high school kid could do. Of course they get a nice fat salary, 3 or 4 times what we’d pay anyone else to do the same work. They have a title and hand in a quarterly report to add fluff to the position.

    From what I’ve seen, nearly every engineering, tech firm does the same.

    What I do requires some interaction with a couple of gov research labs…they ain’t what they used to be. There’s still some great people there but they are being overwhelmed.

    • I actually saw this play out in a civil engineering firm. The soil technician slots go to a lot of people (not actually engineers) who limped over the minority-hiring threshold. They give them formulas and processes and hope the techs follow them. But the techs don’t understand what they’re measuring or why, so anything non-routine throws them off and it’s a huge, costly mistake. But the minority techs just keep blundering on because everybody’s terrified of firing them.

      • East Asians cheat by memorizing standardized tests commencing immediately after the last administration. A cram school develops the correct answers in advance. This buys them a lot of extra time on the new or revised questions.

        Cram schools pay intelligent Asian students to take admissions exams like MCAT/LSAT/GMAT etc. for programs the student is disinterested in pursuing. Students are asked to memorize verbatim one pre-assigned enumerated question and, after the exam, to regurgitate that specific question. Multiple students are assigned to cover each numbered question, so the test revealed is nearly perfectly disclosed. Then the school produces perfect answers for rote memorization.

        The students are paid more than USD500 per instance and they are eligble for increased compensation if they stay with the cram school and get their questions 100% correct (which they invariably do). The cram schools only admit Asians, and the Asian parents pay thousands for their kids to attend. The results are astonishingly high.

        I’m not Asian, so how could I possibly know what I have stated actually occurs as an ongoing business and entry point into elite universities? Because I’m an IP lawyer and two such schools have been referred to me by other lawyers. I declined representation because the schools, I learned, were notorious for negotiating each and every legal bill, otherwise I at least might have considered it. Regardless, I am so disgusted at what I consider to be academic fraud that I’ll at least speak up about this phenomenon if I’m anonymous, however, if doxxed, I might go full medieval on their yellow butts.

        American kids have the deck outrageously stacked against them today. I s’ppose it’s what we can expect for a society that murders its babies.

        (Some may wonder whether da juice practice this cram approach and I simply do not know.)

        • I live in SF. Lots and lots of Chinese cram schools and private schools. Test taking practice is even part of their curriculum during the regular school day…

          Preschoolers practice test taking for elementary school, elementary for middle, middle for HS and HS for university.

          Many SF public schools are now special Chinese immersion ed programs. These are not for immigrants but for USA born Chinese so they can filter out non Chinese. They are no more interested in diversity than we are.

          It isn’t immigration it’s colonization.

  20. I live near an Ivy League school. I was talking to a woman in town familiar with the politics of the school. (She is one of the few half-sane ones.) She told me that they can’t fill their quota of Negroes so they import something like 90% of the quota from Africa. How many White people aren’t getting their ticket to the elite punched because of the quota? The slots aren’t even going to “oppressed” Amerikwans. Ron Unz has done yeoman’s work exposing how the slots for Whites are filled with a wildly disproportionate amount of Jews. It’s almost like they can’t tolerate the idea of White gentiles ever regaining influence in society as anything but shabbos goy.

    • I have to admit zero sympathy to hearing about upper-middle-class whites kids getting rejected from the Ivies in favor of tokens.

      • They are not missing much. My run in with most Ivy types have not been favorable. They shun anything that will sully their hands but a keyboard. Worthless.

        • That is the cruicial difference between Freedom and Liberty

          Every group wants Freedom, being ruled by their own people and customs, few want Liberty, to be left alone by everyone

          Braveheart is a great example of that , the Scots weren’t fighting to be left alone or for a better State, Longshanks was a pretty effective ruler . They wanted to be ruled by another Scot in accordance to Scots customs, not an Englishman.

          • Just for the record, there is zero difference between “freedom” and “liberty” except in their etymology. Good Lord … !

    • More going on there than you expressed. Like — the import will be paying international matriculation rates up to 50% higher than the oppressed ‘murikn black. More alluring is the prospect that this decision is being promoted by the all black admission committee!

      Black on black racism for the almighty buck. Surprise, Surprise! as Gomer would say.

      • Interesting point on the tuition fees. I’ve read that there are large numbers of Orientals in the Ivies because they end up putting more money in the school coffers than Americans. The almighty dollar is probably playing a role in which POC’s get admitted. The son of some African kleptocrat is more lucrative than some affirmative action scholarship Negro.

        • East Asians cheat by memorizing standardized tests commencing immediately after the last administration. This buys them a lot of extra time on the new or revised questions.

          Cram schools pay intelligent Asian students to take admissions exams like MCAT/LSAT/GMAT etc. for programs the student is disinterested in pursuing. Students are asked to memorize verbatim one pre-assigned enumerated question and, after the exam, to regurgitate that specific question. Multiple students are assigned to cover each numbered question, so the test revealed is nearly perfectly disclosed.

          The students are paid more than USD500 per instance and they are eligble for increased compensation if they stay with the cram school and get their questions 100% correct (which they invariably do). The cram schools only admit Asians, and the Asian parents pay thousands for their kids to attend. The results are astonishingly high.

          I’m not Asian, so how could I possibly know what I have stated actually occurs as an ongoing business and entry point into elite universities? Because I’m an IP lawyer and two such schools have been referred to me by other lawyers. I declined representation because the schools, I learned, were notorious for negotiating each and every legal bill, otherwise I at least might have considered it. Regardless, I am so disgusted at what I consider to be academic fraud that I’ll at least speak up about this phenomenon if I’m anonymous, however, if doxxed, I might go full medieval on their yellow butts.

          American kids have the deck outrageously stacked against them today. I s’ppose it’s what we can expect for a society that murders its babies.

          (Some may wonder whether da juice practice this cram approach and I simply do not know.)

        • Couple years ago had this conversation with an asst. admissions director for one of the public Ivies. The school had a development/recruiting office in China–and I’d done a bit of business there in the past. He would never be direct, but with enough questioning it was clear just how much money they make with full tuition payments, special “immersion” programs, special housing, summer programs etc with these students. And, knowing Chinese culture, no shortage of under the table payments.

  21. The call for reparations are nothing more than a fertilizer to grow a continued unrest. It will never be paid just as LBJ’s Great Society never managed to make the minority community it was intended to help a great society.

  22. I suppose if we’re replacing “justice” with “vengeance”, we might as well replace “social” with “black”. Maybe “wog” would be better, to include more types of vibrancy. “Wog vengeance movement”?

    For those senior citizens who remember Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes, it’s fun to read the essay using his voice in your mind. For those younger, he was somebody back a long time ago. Samples:

      • r/hapa

        The average Boomercon should be force-fed a sample of the worst posts on those subreddits.

      • SOME Hispanics and Asians want a pound of flesh. And there is a technical term for the sorts of Asians DeBeers Diamonds mentions: loser assholes. The second word also applies to LaRaza (now rebranded UnidosUS) types.

        I’m genetically Chinese and completely oppose the race shills, “affirmative action”, “reparations” for non-whites (of any sort) and so forth. I oppose the “institutionalized white racism” and reparations scams because they are philosophically and ethically wrong, period. But any east Asian who buys into that stuff is a fool merely on practical grounds alone. Once they get through with the whites, they’re coming for the Asians next.

        David Cole had a sort of epistle to his fellow Jews on Takimag that also applies to those east Asians who think themselves oppressed by whitey and want to man the barricades alongside their fellow Persons of Color:

        There’s a myth that Jews tell themselves, and I’d go so far as to say that it’s a myth of such monumental importance, it influences not just Jewish behavior, but world events. It’s the myth that Jews are part of the “disenfranchised.” […] It never occurs to them that to the genuinely “dispossessed,” Jews are viewed as part of the empire.

        I hate to break this to you, but every time you’ve crowed to a black or brown friend about how you’re “one of them,” that person was silently despising you. Oh sure, they may have been smiling politely, but that’s only because, inside, they were imagining beating the shit outta you, and they found the thought pleasing.

        While the first two sentences in the quote don’t really apply to Asians (sure, Asians do well economically at the family level, but in the aggregate Asians hardly have the same political and high-level economic power Jews do in the US), you CAN be sure that those blacks who hate whites also hate east Asians. On one level, Asians are even hated worse by the more reflective black racists, because Asians give lie to the claim that white racism and oppression are the only reasons for failure.

  23. Excellent article. I’m left wondering how long it will take normie whites to wake up to the colossal swindle that awaits them. Mainstream conservative types with whom I talk are startlingly (and probably willfully) ignorant about these matters. They still want to subscribe to an impossible “color-blindness” and won’t examine their own choices — like where they tend to reside — which would put them face to face with their own implicit racial consciousness. It’s easy to blame anti-white propaganda for the cluelessness of typical whites. But why do so many whites buy into the propaganda in the first place? Cowardice and a lack of wisdom.

    • Mainstream conservatives place great importance on having lofty ideals and principles. And since Saint Content-of-Character MLK is depicted as having the loftiest ideals and principles, (never mind he was a plagiarist and communist, etc.) it’s not surprising they subscribe to that view.

      Also, just by being conservative, they’re prone to charges of racism, which scares the hell out of them. So why not insist that you’re color-blind and in fact, the real racists are the Dems! (DR3!)

      They just haven’t figured out yet it doesn’t matter how much you virtue-signal your color-blindness, or how many based black guys are at your conservative convention, or how much you insist you’re “totally non-racist.” To the left and to minorities, Repubs are the real racists forever.

      • Unlike progressives, conservatives do take principles seriously and are slow to change theirs. Way back when I was a kid, they went ahead and agreed the MLK’s standard of judging people by “the content of their character” would be the standard going forward.

        The Left kept that standard for maybe a decade then tossed it away in favor of race-racketeering.

        Keep it as your personal standard or don’t – it’s now irrelevant to public policy.

        • Conservative contemporaries of MLK reviled him, and MLK returned the favor, refusing to work with the ostensibly friendly Nixon. He called Barry Goldwater, who was Jewish by ancestry, a voice of “Hitlerism”.

          • I vaguely remember the bruhaha in 1983 over whether or not there should be a Martin Luther King holiday. Many conservatives opposed it. Now I hear the argument made that he was a Republican – he wasn’t, but his dad was.

        • The “conservatives” you are describing are like Scandinavians: World-class experts at self-deception and EXTREMELY concerned with what other people think of them.

      • Fear of being deemed a “racist” is sensible since such a label can end one’s career. However, if millions of white people suddenly stopped letting themselves be intimidated by name-calling and consequently spoke their honest thoughts, businesses would have a hard time firing all of them. Add an absence of white solidarity to cowardice and lack of wisdom as contributing factors to the problem.

    • The Boomer cohort is still 90% white, so they don’t perceive the shift as much as everyone else does. In the Millennial cohort, whites are around 55% and conservatives are less than 25%, so the temptation for non-dissidents is to cuck in order to fit in.

    • I would not mind a color blind society, it is the fairer metric. Were we back in the 1960s it may have been possible to execute. Now? The grievance groups don’t want fair, they want advantage. With that kind of mindset, a color blind society has no chance.

      • I don’t want a color blind society. I want a White society.

        In a color blind society all of the problems would still be there magnified by the fact that certain groups basically never perform well. Its not their fault or ours the biology doesn’t allow it but this does nothing to reduce the resentment .

        When one group and maybe a tiny minority of others is all there is, strife is much lower.

        And note this isn’t entirely race driven, had our Founders been a bit smarter they’d have strictly limited immigration to Protestant Anglo-Saxons at the Constitutional level

        Adding Irish Italian and other Catholics long with the more tribal and clan driven lower trust Europeans much less non Whites was a huge mistake and so many of problems started with the European immigration wave

        Its too late for this has been for a century but at least a European stock society can run to a higher degree than a multicultural one. It probably wouldn’t have worked as well as the hypothetical New Saxonia but it will work as history has shown.

    • Because “diversity” and anti-racism are the only true moral imperatives of our age and you have to subscribe to the One True Faith if you want to stay healthy, employed and a member of polite society. Renouncing anti-racism is a bit like declaring yourself to be an atheist in 13th Century Europe.

    • “But why do so many whites buy into the propaganda in the first place?”
      wjkathman, THAT is the critical question.

      What we comment on in these threads are different aspects of the battle among philosophies, mostly developed by white people, and fought over by white people. The 3rd World Johnnies, and even the jews, are mostly background noise. I venture to say that when the Progs finally prevail and it all goes into the tank, the NiceWhites still won’t have a clue. The Cucks and Cons will still be bleating about the Progs being “the real racists.”

      One has to wonder whether or not people that magnificently clueless deserve to survive. I fear that it will be Hell on Earth for the 20% or so that get it.

  24. One of the better articles I read on the French yellow-vest protests described it as – actual working French people protesting against the Jizya they are forced to pay. Crushing taxes have destroyed their lives to fund hostile immigrant ghettos and city dwelling cloud people’s globalist lifestyles and environmental dreams. The people actually doing all the country’s work woke up and realized how screwed they are.

  25. “For example, anti-smoking zealots have accomplished all that can be accomplished, yet they persist. The same is true of drunk driving activists. Short of martial law, there is not much left to do about drunk driving and smoking.”

    In Canada you may as well call it Martial Law:

    Criminal Code of Canada as of Dec. 18…the new laws will give police officers the authority to demand breathalyzer tests from any driver they pull over. Previously, officers could only test drivers if they had a reasonable suspicion the person was impaired. Any driver who refuses to take the test can be charged.

    A first offender with a BAC of 160 mg or more will pay a mandatory minimum fine of $2,000. If a first-time offender refuses the breath test they’ll receive a $2,000 fine. The new legislation also makes it an offence to have a BAC over 80 within two hours of operating a vehicle — either before or after driving.

    • How do they know you have a BAC over 80 two hours before you drive?

      Do they randomly breathalyze people who are not even driving?

      • BAC degrades at a known rate. They measure your current BAC and project backwards in time.

        The real point of this is to have another charge for the prosecutor to file against a defendant. It’s a money game.

        • Yes, but they don’t know what your starting peak concentration was from projecting backwards. They don’t know if you were drinking two hours ago. Your low rate now could be the result of a lower (below the limit) initial peak from one hour before. Otherwise, if they projected backwards far enough, everyone would have blood made of pure alcohol.

          • You’re overthinking this. It’s just a brazen form of robbery under color of “law,” that’s all. And the gov’t doesn’t make any pretenses about it either.

    • Whoa, whoa, whoa. AFTER driving? That can’t be right, I can go home, have a beer and be arrested?

    • So Canadian law now holds that an accusation is the same thing as a conviction based upon evidence. Nice. Well, better to toss out all that ancient Anglo-Saxon stuff like presumption of innocence and trial by jury so as not to make the vibrants uncomfortable in “Canada.” Wow. It’s a regular gold mine for the government. “J’accuse!” “I denounce … !” You’ll have all the fun of the French Revolution.

  26. I’m ok with blacks paying whites reparations. For ruining our cities and making them unlivable. And the economic drag from their welfare programs. And the retardation of public education for their benefit. In lieu of payment, I would accept silent gratitude.

    • We’ve got an African crime problem in Australia. Africans commit armed burglaries 50 times more that of an Australian. They way over represent in violence and robberies. Much like in America, except they can’t blame slavery here.

      I wonder what crime statistics say in other western countries about Africans? I’m guessing we might know the answer to that.

  27. For many years, when I’ve heard talk about reparations for blacks, I’ve thought, “hmmm…maybe, just maybe I’m in favor of a one-time payment to every black who’s ancestry traces back to slavery.” But only if we can permanently be done with black grievances against whites, including no more affirmative action, preferences, quotas, all race-based policies designed to “lift blacks.”

    Now, of course, an older, wiser me knows we’ll never be permanently done with the black grievance industry. With blacks, no matter what you do, it’s never enough.

    • I’m okay with it if the payment includes a one-way ticket to another country and revoking their American citizenship.

      • You have to remember. Most blacks have no cause and effect genes. They only have the democrat GMO, gimme free stuff genes. Until they are midified once again to have a functionibg cause and effect gene, we can’t hope that they will ever grasp the idea of responsibility, self or otherwise!

    • I am willing to give the first obese black woman that I see a bag of chips and a large soda, because I am a generous person. Then my imaginary debt will be repaid and the rest of ’em can STFU for all eternity. If you caught one of them in between snacks they would probably agree to those terms

      • It is something you can’t fully appreciate until you’ve been in a Costco several times and watched someone split an order and pay for all the electronics and other crap from a was of 100s, then run their EBT order through.

    • An an old school member of my state’s general assembly years ago was seated behind one of these urban angry reparations now blacks. At one point he’d had enough and demanded to know what his share would be. She wouldn’t answer. He declared that his share to her was 5 cents and tossed her a nickle and demanded to never hear about reparations from her again.

      As to real reparations, there’s a credit side and a debit side to the final tally. Do you think Jesse Jackson will send me my check to the office? I don’t want the wife to get her hands on it first.

      • You’ll love this one. A few weeks before Christmas I was sitting at home watching “Let’s Make A Deal” with emcee Wayne Brady. He called a fat, young black woman up to deal and asked her what she does and she replied she was going on a trip and “trying to get reparations”. She meant “reservations” but made a mistake. Now Mr. Wayne Brady (net worth over $10 mil) salary estimated at $2 mil a year shouted “I’ve been waiting for my reparations all my life” to the applause of the vastly white and much poorer audience. So this black buffoon thinks that he as a multi millionaire deserves “reparations” for something that happened to someone else 150 years ago from the pockets of the working white people who already pay is handsome salary. This is the mentality of the Modern American Black person.

        • “Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?”
          Sorry couldn’t resist. There was a Chappelle Show marathon last week. One sketch after another that would never make it even to cable these days. Maybe the last funny show on TV,

          But seriously – Brady is smarter than that, he’s just repeating the crap to get applause from his audience and keep the $millions rolling in.

          • If he’s smarter than that he should realize his show is broadcast all across America an not just seen by the California leftist scum that comprises his brainless clapping audience. And WE don’t appreciate his comment.

      • Someone, maybe Jim Goad, had a good response for the reparations issue. It goes something like this. If I am responsible for the sins of my ancestors of the basis of being white, and never had an ancestor that was a colonizer, or slave holder, I am willing to accept the burden, just for being white. Only, before that happens I want to get in on the perpetual royalties for the the inventions of white Europeans. I want my share of perpetual royalties for all of the inventions that these people use every day invented and made possible by white europeans.

        • Then you start getting the NOI/WE WUZ KANGZ types that basically think the white man stole everything from the black man, because we tricked them and ancient blacks didn’t understand trickery or some such crock.

      • When I hear people start using the reparations argument – I just respond with ” I fully support repatriation “. Most of the time they just hear what they want to hear and shut up. The rest of them don’t even know what the word means.

        I’m pretty sure if you printed out a bunch of bumper stickers or made up some of those subversive “white people are OK” type decals – and distributed them around the appropriate areas – the gimmeedats would start plastering them all over and start protesting that they wanted “Repatriations!! “.

        Maybe then we’d actually be able to grant them their wish.

    • The flipside of reparations – which few whites talk about yet (save Fred Reed) – are the immense royalties and licensing fees due to European civilization and its pale-skinned inhabitants – for inventing the modern world. If blacks demand reparations, then people of European descent – whites – ought to demand compensation from anyone who uses anything that was invented by European civilization – from radios to penicillin, and so on. What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander….

      • I’ve played The Cultural Appropriations game and it IS fun. I had some ditz say I should not be here eating tacos its not White Food. I told her she should be in a wheel chair with polio cause she is not allowed to use drugs developed by a white Jew. She literally could not utter another word, which I appreciated immensely.

    • I personally vote, and have proposed multiple times (each time to rejoinders of RAAAAACIST), that we truly right this horrible wrong… and move each whiny-ass black person back to the African country most closely matching their genetic make-up.

      Hell, throw in $10,000 in local currency. But take away their passports and revoke their citizenship. Because without slavery, that’s where they’d be.

  28. How it all plays out will depend on how much legitimacy this worldview has in the minds of whites. Deligitimizing it, just relentlessly shitting on it and tearing it apart, is job one.

    The Zman said that we are “despised helots.” True, but remember the most famous quote about the helots, that they would gladly “eat the Spartans raw.” If we can get white people in their millions to cast out the white-hating mind virus, and bring them up to the eat-them-raw level, then events will take care of themselves.

    • There already are millions of us. The problem is we don’t have anything better in mind to replace cathedralism with

      In that sense comfort and familiarity is the mind virus. Thus far no alternative worth human suffering on a significant scale is out there. The people who solve this will win all unless it ends up being a myriad of solutions. In that case they’ll still win just a smaller victory

      To reiterate something I’ve said before. The Right is far behind on this problem space and in fact the closest to a pro White blog that has thought on those lines is the White Nationalist blog “Mindweapons in Ragnarok” .

      Our movement should not be so far behind the curve that ex Neo Nazis even very smart ones are ahead of entire movement

      Movements of any kind require something to sell beyond “Leave me alone.” and “I am not them” in order to take power

  29. You mentioned Eric Hoffer who nailed all of these grievance movements perfectly.

    “Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.”

    In the past, people recognized the racket and ignored it (until we let women vote and ended up with Prohibition). Now the Left is trying to ride the grievance racket into permanent power.

  30. Seems one way to combat this is to just let modern society fall apart. Looks like it’s heading that way anyway. And when non-whites have left for browner pastures, rebuild. Hmm . . . I wonder what “A Day Without White People” would look like?

        • Pointed out recently that the Haitians proved you can’t butcher your way to success long before the Bolsheviks.

          • Wow! Jaw hit floor! Cassandra can see the future and broke into sweat! ZMAN…the best ever….seriously intense and well written. Damn it man… your brain is on fire. Don’t set your cats alight sitting near your brain.
            Saml and DeB….am still sputtering and twitching from the truth of your comments. Especially the “you can’t butcher your way to success” comment. But they will try!
            My opinion is there is very little hope for a wake-up from the “white” population. Get ready to fight whatever the fight is with the numbers we have. A few may transcend their cognitive dissonance as I did. It feels like a gift to me because it is my nature to feel more uncomfortable sitting in cognitive dissonance and to mitigate by crossing into the unknown, than most of my past people who have a greater tolerance for cognitive dissonance. This may be something hardwired or on the double helix. I am the poster child for the few wokes. Remember, I came from commie parents. I know what my friends and parents thought. The religion of the left is locked in, they have no purpose without it, to let go means to disappear into the terror of the unknown void, and therefore they will die for it.

          • Example: Both my parents died, years apart, in abject terror. Both were true believers and useful idiots. As they were dying with hours left, both got stuck in their bodies clinging bitterly with terror. There was no dignity in their dying. They couldn’t talk, they couldn’t move. Only their eyes could blink. I had to calm them and patiently talk them across. My father left 5 minutes later; my mother left 4 hours later. Years later my thinking clarified to realize that of course considering their secular ideology they would cling desperately to the edge of the cliff instead of letting go. I came to realize that facing death (and Old Scratch!) they hit the wall knowing all that defined them were their appetites and cumulative experiences. All of that was DONE DONE DONE and now….game over. All that was left was to be hurled literally into the void and turned to dust. Why would they let go! Abject terror!

  31. Excellent post. Regarding the law students referenced, law firms will hoover up very few of them, and only the top performers. Most will affirmative action their way straight into pretty plum government jobs in the administrative state.

    It was a shocking thing to behold dozens of my law school classmates who were on the lower end of the bell curve walk into jobs at the SEC, DoJ, FBI, CIA, AG’s office, etc. They never worked a weekend in their career, and many of them are retiring now with FedGov pensions and health care for life. Meanwhile, I am still grinding it out with no end in sight. Maybe they are brighter than I am…

    • Had the pleasure of meeting Amy Wax and listen to her talk about her experiences at Penn. Particularly when she touched the third rail of mentioning in public that she’d never seen certain minorities in the top half of the graduating classes. Of course the Borg swooped in loudly asserted that was not true, but of course absent any statistical back up. But, as she explained they loudly asserted she we talking out of her ass with no basis of experience. Save, as she pointed out, running the summer associateship program for years and seeing all the class rankings.

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