The Radical End

Usually, when you seek to take over something, you try not destroy it in the process of acquiring it. For example, if you’re trying to rise up the ranks of an organization, you don’t want to discredit the organization in the process. What’s the point of rising up the ranks, if the post you finally attain has been made worthless? This “conservative” instinct becomes stronger once you have gained control of whatever it was you were after. Now it is yours and you do what you must to protect and increase its value.

For example, when the Left took over the institutions of the American ruling elite, they were careful to not destroy them in the process. They destroyed the people in their way, for sure, but they were careful to avoid damaging the institutions too much. In fact, they worked to increase the power of the government, the schools and the colleges once they gained power over them. Today, logic says the Left should be extremely conservative, not wanting to alter anything, for fear of diminishing the power of what they have.

That’s the curious thing about what we are seeing from the Left. They have a firm grip on all of the institutions of the empire. They control the mass media. They control the administrative state and the education system. Global corporations are now run by people deeply invested in virtue signaling. The days of the Left having to pressure big business to do their bidding are long over. Big business is the vanguard of the Left now. Despite this, the Left is running around trying to scramble all of the rules.

When you’re in charge, the rules are your friend. After all, you get to write the rules, pick the people who enforce the rules and pick the people who interpret the rules. That is one of the best perks of being in control of the institutions. The people in charge of the empire should be the great defenders of law and order, as the rules work in their favor. Instead, everywhere you look, the Left is trying to destroy the authority and legitimacy of the things they control. It’s as if they are trying to burn down their own house to spite us.

A good example is the two big fake news stories this past week. The first one was an obvious put up job by some hack political operators. There was no way it could hold up under scrutiny. Left-wing media should have attacked it in order to maintain what little credibility they have on these issues. Similarly, they fell for the story about the teenagers and the Indian protester. Official media should have been all over debunking that story, as that would have made them look responsible and humane.

Instead, they helped egg on the feeding frenzy. Even if the facts were as originally presented, normal people will always take the side of a kid over an adult in a situation like this. It’s not as if the kids were a gang of blacks attacking an old man in the subway. They just stood their ground and peacefully protested on behalf of their issue. More people were red pilled by that story than by all the alt-right internet memes combined. The media frenzy was suicidal, self-destructive and avoidable.

Now, it could simply be the case where their fanatics on social media make it impossible to put the brakes on these feeding frenzies. A left-wing idiot posts fake news on Twitter and within hours it is retweeted a million times by other left-wing idiots. The speed of the process makes it impossible for the more sober minded media operations to react in a timely fashion. Before they can react, the fake news has rocketed around the internet and the debunking of it is well under way.

That’s not the case in other areas where you see the Left damaging their own cause. For example, they are undermining the law in an effort to swat at flies. Two years after Charlottesville, left-wing lesbian lawyer Roberta Kaplan is asking the court to manipulate Federal law so she can harass alt-right activists. Her scheme relies on reinterpreting old laws aimed at the KKK to terrorize people who attended the rally. Kaplan is a billionaire and she is suing people who don’t have two nickels to rub together.

This is not strictly an American issue. In Canada, two left-wing professors are suing a student, because the student shared a Jordan Peterson video. This video was so upsetting and triggering to the professors, they went on a crazy rant about Peterson on social media. They now fear he may sue them, so they are suing the student in an effort to shift the blame onto her. That sounds insane, but given the state of the courts in Canada, it is not out of the question that the student loses the case.

The only possible outcome of this sort of lawfare is to convince people that the law is a fraud. The only way a legal system can function is if the people think the law is both rational and predictable. Even if people don’t like the laws, they will obey them as long as the law is predictable. If left-wing lawyers manage to subvert the law by getting left-wing judges to sign off on what amounts to state terrorism, the law becomes the enemy of the people. The value of controlling the law and the courts declines.

Even if you want to put this sort of stuff aside as the actions of rogue individuals and mindless idiots on-line, think about some of the policies the Left is championing. One big item on their list is the normalization of open borders by debasing the value of things like driver’s licenses. States with left-wing government are in a rush to issue driver’s licenses to illegals. This will result in so much fraud that the picture ID will lose its value. All levels of government count on those ID’s being mostly accurate.

It’s not just for the benefit of foreigners. New York State is now offering a third option for biological sex. A big part of how the state keeps tabs on the citizenry is having their personal information, usually through the driver’s license process. How long before the body dysmorphics start demanding they can describe themselves as they feel they should be described, rather than their actual description? Cops will be looking for people claiming to be dinosaurs, having licenses with pictures of a T-Rex on them.

When you start to tabulate the radical agenda and the ad hoc activity of the Left, the most obvious conclusion is there is little coordination. The people at the top have lost control of the monster they created. They dream of creating a coalition of non-whiles, over which they will preside, so they can control the empire. The trouble is their coalition is always reminding the other side that such an arrangement will be a catastrophe. Again, the Left is mostly just radicalizing white people now.

The other conclusion is the radicalism of the Left has no limiting principle, so it has to spiral out of control. Like the Khmer Rouge, the logical end of this new radicalism is an orgy of self-destructive violence. That means it will not burn out on its own as happened in the 1970’s with student radicalism. This round of radicalism is for keeps and the Left will not stop until they are stopped. That’s going to put an end to civic nationalism and any thoughts of restoration. Whatever comes next comes after the final conflict.

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  1. This is brilliant. I’ve added your blog to my bookmarks. I disagree with some of your observations, but am happy and enlightened by your arguments. Thank you.

  2. The Left builds on shifting sand . . . Again . . .And again . . .And again. Like Terrence Mann said in Field Of Dreams, “The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball.” Well, and Jesus, and the Word of God, but the left doesn’t believe in them.

  3. Put another way, the way out is through the collapse!

    “When you start to tabulate the radical agenda and the ad hoc activity of the Left, the most obvious conclusion is there is little coordination. The people at the top have lost control of the monster they created. They dream of creating a coalition of non-whiles, over which they will preside, so they can control the empire. The trouble is their coalition is always reminding the other side that such an arrangement will be a catastrophe. Again, the Left is mostly just radicalizing white people now.

    The other conclusion is the radicalism of the Left has no limiting principle, so it has to spiral out of control. Like the Khmer Rouge, the logical end of this new radicalism is an orgy of self-destructive violence. That means it will not burn out on its own as happened in the 1970’s with student radicalism. This round of radicalism is for keeps and the Left will not stop until they are stopped. That’s going to put an end to civic nationalism and any thoughts of restoration. Whatever comes next comes after the final conflict.”

    When the Stalinists came for the Kulaks (the highly productive farmers of Ukraine), they empowered the people below them who were essentially serfs. The Stalinists fed the serfs victimhood culture and then sicced the serfs on the Kulaks. The end game was two-fold. First, the Stalinists rounded up the Kulaks and banished them to Siberia. Second, the Stalinists used the state security apparatus to threaten force to keep the now “liberated” serfs under control. The result was the serfs starved to death by the millions. And, yes, starving them was part of the plan. Once the Kulaks were excised and no longer a threat to Stalin, the empowered serfs needed to be destroyed to eliminate their potential threat to Stalin.

    Here in the US, the progressive movement is operating a victimhood racket similar to what the Stalinists operated in the USSR/Ukraine. But the idiot progressives do not have a state security apparatus to control the victimhood empowered SJWs. The result is the victimhood empowered SJWs have begun to turn on the progressives.

    What we see in Portland is the progressive politicians winding up the SJWs and Antifa and the rest of the victimhood goons and loosing them on the city. But the damage is caused to the downtown core which is comprised nearly 100% by Democrats and progressives. It is their cars, businesses, shops, storefronts, and residences which are attacked and damaged. Just think of all the Starbucks destroyed over the years by Antifa and predecessor protests. Yet Starbucks is one of the most woke businesses and always has been.

    What made the Stalinists formidable was they were competent and understood how humans react and would act to ensure their preservation. The American progressives are incompetent in these areas and often create monsters which quickly turn and cannibalize their “betters.” While this is fun to watch, it is an extremely dangerous game to play.

    Sadly, it seems the only way out is to ride this elevator down to the bottom floor while the created monsters consume their creators. Should we survive, I suggest we structure society to avoid the potential for such shenanigans in the future.

    The last three times America entered a crisis phase in our history were: the American Revolutionary War, the American Civil War, and WWII. We are once again in a crisis phase of history. Each phase lasts a generation, 20 years. Each cycle lasts four phases or 80 years. We’ve likely been in this crisis phase since 2008, and it will end within the next 5-15 years. Crisis phases nearly always result in an existential war as we saw during the past three crisis phases. The only question is will we again have a civil war, or will we have a foreign war. The odds seem 2 to 1 for civil war. Pray for foreign war; they are damaging but not as damaging as a civil war.

    In each of the last crisis phase war, the opposing force was crushed and ultimately eliminated although total elimination took decades.

    Before the Revolutionary War, it was a debate of revolutionaries against loyalists. After the war, the loyalists were crushed and decades later eliminated, no vestigial royalist element remains in America.

    Before the Civil War, America was divided into slave and free states. The war crushed the southern slave states, freed the slaves and Constitutionally eliminated slavery. While the KKK, Jim Crow, and segregation continued to dog the nation for a century, there are no remaining vestigial institutional elements of slavery left, and even personal racism is a minor phantom of its former self.

    Naziism, Fascism, Japanese authoritarianism, socialism all reigned supreme before WWII. While we only fought the first three to conclusion, socialism collapsed at the end of the Cold War (WWII continued) with the collapse of the USSR, the reconstitution of the Chinese Communist Party as a partly capitalist/free trade entity, and the general reduction of the remaining small socialist nations like Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam, and, now, Venezuela.

    While there is no guarantee that liberty will again win, the pressures are with the side of liberty. Those fighting for liberty have much to lose personally. Those fighting for the side of authoritarianism have nothing personal to gain, their only gain will accrue to their political betters, not themselves. This is the reason the side of Mordor, or authoritarianism, does not win. Those fighting on the side of authoritarianism personally gain little from the war, while those on the side of liberty will personally lose much if they lose.

    Prepare for the worst, pray for the best, good luck.

    Mark Sherman

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  5. Well, I’ve never experienced spirit drumming or any other sacred Indian ritual, but I have been around a shit-ton of drunk Paiutes

  6. The so-called Alt-Right doesn’t believe in free speech or civil rights for whites, either. For example this is the Board of Directards for the Foundation for the MarketPlace of Ideas for March 3, 2018 — just before it imploded along with Dickie Spencer’s college speaking tours.

    I call it the ZOGbot Poverty FLaw Center. It’s founder Attorney Kyle Bristow had its law clerk Bryan Reo suing me in federal district court for $10.75 million for calling Reo a crazed homosexual mongrel. After its federal lawsuit was dismissed Bryan Reo sued me for the same things in Lake County Ohio, next to Cleveland. Now Reo is suing my Aryan Nations Church and girlfriend and after getting 10 continuances is suing the local judge for not giving it my inheritance via its 666th Motion to Strike and Summary Judgment on appeal.

    I don’t worry too much about the System cannibalizing itself. My attitude has been to ask my followers to prion-poison like Wisconsin these areas of the ZOGland in which the Ten Thousand Warlords are thin on the ground. I’m annoyed that thanks to my web page Bryan Reo got fired from his job at the North Perry nuclear power plant.

    Anyone who has driven a big truck or a combine in the ZOGland understands how fragile the Mighty Evil Empire can be and how little is required for a collapse.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  7. Lefty’s sobbing with impotent fury that these kids didn’t immediately kowtow to the powerful magic of the latest saint-of-color. That ol’ juju just ain’t workin’ like she used ta!

  8. It is not so much the “Law” is predictable, but that there is a Rule of Law, so that if X does what Y does, both X and Y end up being treated equally.
    That, if anything, is what “equal” meant in the Declaration.

  9. this is hopeful view on future

    “Left is mostly just radicalizing white people now” ?

    That’s not what happened after civil right movement or Politically correct progressive movement

    people side with strong not weak, always has been and history said it so

    1960s, white people side with Rabbie Joachim Prinz and MLK because they look like winning team

    of course, there is resistance a little bit

    1952, white people voted Republican party and hope it might bring back good-old America before World War

    1980, white people voted Republican party and hope it might bring back good-old 50s

    2016, white people voted Republican party and hope it might bring back good-old 80s

    White people are never become radical or fighter and surely never side with losing team like Old White America

    There is no final conflict, just White people in America realize they are no longer part of European civilization

    I think the Best option left to the white men is declare they are not a British, German, French, Dutch or any other pure-European ethnic identity and they are mixed Biracial people too therefore its make them somehow minority

  10. Has Mark Steyn been lurking here? He just asked what’s the point of conservatives if they agree with progressives and repeat their lies

    • Hate prevents you from honestly assessing the evidence.
      “Suppose one reads a story of filthy atrocities in the paper. Then suppose that something turns up suggesting that the story might not be quite true, or not quite so bad as it was made out. Is one’s first feeling, ‘Thank God, even they aren’t quite so bad as that,’ or is it a feeling of disappointment, and even a determination to cling to the first story for the sheer pleasure of thinking your enemies are as bad as possible? If it is the second then it is, I am afraid, the first step in a process which, if followed to the end, will make us into devils. You see, one is beginning to wish that black was a little blacker. If we give that wish its head, later on we shall wish to see grey as black, and then to see white itself as black. Finally we shall insist on seeing everything – God and our friends and ourselves included – as bad, and not be able to stop doing it: we shall be fixed for ever in a universe of pure hatred.”
      – C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

  11. It’s an inherent problem with leftist activism that in order to be seen as a leader or at least in the vanguard, one must always be pushing the envelope. An activist rarely says: “OK, we’ve won what we asked for! Everybody can go home now,” or “No, that’s asking too much; we must be moderate.” Instead they must always find something new to be outraged about, some new demand to make. That fuels the purity spiral and eventually destroys the movement, one way or the other. I think the task of all anti-leftists is to figure out how to stop them before it reaches the stage of civil war or social collapse.

  12. “That means it will not burn out on its own as happened in the 1970’s with student radicalism. ”

    I would offer that student radicalism did not burn out. They all became professors, admins and NGO leaders. They are still with us today, albeit with one foot on the banana peel.

  13. The problem with any trial about Charlottesville is that it will likely be heard in a court that as left wing as the Sodomite Kaplan. As we saw with the Fields trial, the fact that his car never touched the dead, morbidly obese street crazy wasn’t relevant. The state of Virginia poured millions of tax dollars to put overwhelming evidence, much of it fraudulent, before a jury that wanted to convict.

    I have first hand knowledge of the many attacks upon the marchers, that had a valid venue permit, and who did not plan to attack anyone. So far, every judge has disallowed any claim of self defense.

    So, yes, the left is setting themselves up for a very hard and harsh future. I have no problem with that, it’s well past time to purge much of this country of them.

  14. An alternative explanation for the behavior of leftist leadership is that they are so full of self-righteousness and blinded by ideology that they believe their narrative without question. “Those school kids may not have done exactly what was originally claimed but we know they are evil anyway.” No need for a correction.

    Since they all only talk to each other, they are blissfully unaware that they’re losing all credibility. Do you think if you asked one of the loons on CNN or MSNBC if they are regarded as honest and credible that any of them would say no?

  15. The Right’s biggest mistake was being suckered into a world view that eschews authority. I get the concern, murderous Left Wing states killed hundreds of millions but the worst of the Right Wing states, say Pinochet?

    These places were decent places for normies to live and even in the worst of circumstances , very people died or were hurt/arrested or anything else.

    if the Dissident Right is willing to embrace authority it can easily build a nation worth living in

    And note this means authority across the spectrum, control of trade, immigration, marriage, arresting people like drug dealers pornographers and deviants who undermine civilization. Basically the same stuff our forbears did to maintain society

    Now the BIG BOOT does have to be forever , that is why you would have an interregnum but you’ll still need boot and you’ll still need a moral foundation

    Otherwise you get all the freedom in the world and your society becomes a sewer since instead of paying the costs for stable families social, monetary and personal way too m any people defect.

    Fix that, make society homogeneous and you’ll have few problems

  16. Anyone catch the national review getting into the action?

    These sniveling cowards managed to slander kids that were supposedly on “their side”. This lovely little piece of white hate was published by NR, was featured on the site for a day, and then deleted and memory holed. We know national review is controlled opposition, fine, but they have become so nutty they themselves as a “conservative” institution have become sjw/leftist converged. They can’t even do the paid conservative shill act correctly anymore. Fucking nuts.

  17. Hmmm…

    HappyAcres @HappyHectares:

    “Coffee this morning with a college administrator. My friend is your typical Californian far left moonbat.

    So imagine my surprise when he complained that workplace white-bashing was out of control. “It’s no place for old white men,” he joked.

    But something’s changed.”

  18. I see this as nothing less than a Clash of Civilizations on a biological level. It is the “r’s” vs “K’s” with the r’s being represented by the world’s
    r driven totalitarian regimes who established themselves among the low IQ cultures where they thrive. There is no reasonable way to end this conflict any more than there is a way to raise a cohort’s IQ, no panacea, no paradise, no utopian solution. The r’s want you robbed, raped, enslaved, and genocided because that is the only path to biological supremacy they have. Parasites do what parasites do and only a Darwinian Smack-Down will mitigate such behavior.

    • I keep thinking this is, and will be increasingly a white vs. non-white confict, but then I realize there are a lot of “r” (r-K selection theory) white people out there. That’s a problem.

  19. I had an ex congressman tell me that for government the most pernicious aspect of gay marriage will be when people realize that they can enter into contracual marriages in order to protect assets from various forms of taxation like when Romans began doing strategic adoptions.

    • Wasn’t there a State were such a marriage was attempted and denied? But yes, mom marrying daughter to pass on the estate sounds about right.

      • Gay marriage was the first of the dominoes to fall in a series. Polygamy, North America Man/Boy Love Association, I love my mummy and want to marry her, I love my dolphin (euwwyuck!), I love myself and want to marry me! Once it goes based on equal rights, it topples. This is what the old commies were angling for.

        Big snowfall in Utah today and I just sat still. Boy, did I have extra time to bloviate! Quiet and white outside and stunningly beautiful. Heavy wet cement snow so much shoveling early tomorrow.

        • A woman here in San Diego chose the downtown train station for a mate (it is a nice train station…). Then another woman did as well, and there was a hellacious cat-fight as one of them got chased off the grounds. At least the “local color” news reporting of it is not taking it all very seriously–yet.

          • Double damn. Holograms, anime characters, and idoru sex dolls can’t compete with a train station.
            Top that, Japan!

        • Range, I think gay marriage started as an scam to get insurance companies or Medicare to pay for AIDS, and to claim SS survivor benefits.

        • Hey Range,
          If your stuck inside watching the snow come down tonight, the Woodpile Report is out a day early. Always a hoot, lots of good stuff, including quotes from Z.

        • This is Utah! Got up early to shovel snow and discovered mystery neighbors had quietly shoveled the driveway and front walk. Love my Mormon neighbors and they love non-Mormon me. As F’d up and McCained as Romney is, they keep producing good folks. Cognitive dissonance has again descended on me! Life is messy.

  20. I work around crazy left wingers, I especially know the executive level left-winger. And the thing is, it’s not that they’ve lost control of the monster, it’s that they don’t even recognize it as a monster. It doesn’t even register in their brains as a monster, even though their ideology is like the plant in Little Shop of Horrors.

    I blame nepotism. Institutions don’t age well, as we have some very old ones. The best and brightest critical thinkers can no longer survive in these institutions. An open position is not really open. Everyone knows that it will go to Ethan or Megan. Taking your average elitists, they never spent a summer working at Big-O Tires. Maybe a few caddied or side gigged as a yoga instructor. They go from Montessori Academy to Prep High to soft science at elite college to internship at elite institution to full career there. At no time have they ever seen reality. If you don’t understand reality, you don’t understand the fragility of it all. So these people work in govt., law, finance, S&P 500 companies etc. At no time are they thinking that they’re cracking the pillars on which they rest.

    A lot of these people are just plain crazy to boot. You have the Patrick Batemans in finance, the cat standard feminist ladies with irritable bowels, etc. The most uninteresting yet “special” people you would ever want to meet. I can go to an average bar, and meet an elevator repair man, or any tradesman who can intellectually dance all over these people. It’s like coming up for oxygen after being around these people.

  21. What is strange and confusing
    about the ‘Left’ destroying the
    institutions they have gained power
    They are comnunist (Marxist, Leninist, Stalinist) revolutionaries.
    The fight for the power they
    now have, and continuously covet, has never been interested in the ruling institutions where it now resides.
    It solely craves the power, in the pursuit of furthering a communist revolution.

    • Slash-and-burn politics, like primitive agriculture. Running the herd off the cliff, like primtive animal husbandry.

      • Remember Communism from the beginning through to now continues to shape-shift and is a many headed Hydra. This is to confuse people so they point in dozens of directions. This is to overwhelm the system then on to nihilistic destruction . From the ashes the first revolutionaries to rise with the strong man will be lined up and shot. That leaves the strong man and his unquestioning minions.

        • “the first revolutionaries to rise with the strong man will be lined up and shot.”
          yeah, usually.
          But it’s not always the commies coming out on top.. remember Khomenei and Bani-Sadr?
          Bani-Sadr was the commie, and the mullahs purged him with prejudice, shortly after he helped them get rid of the Shah.

          • Good example NB of political human nature. This doesn’t pertain solely to new action commies. Didn’t Erdogon purge his generals and other toadies after consolidating power? Hell, I’ll bet the Aztecs did it. And ate a few to boot! Research history of Chaco Canyon and Hovenweep. And tasty, too! Ever wondered why the cliff dwellers built on steep cliffs! Nasty enemies, that’s why!

          • Yes, I remember. Turns out Achmedinijad was a mole who managed the young socialist Tudeh students’ union; he organized the impromptu hostage takeover of the embassy, after which all the Tudeh were rounded up and executed. And he went on to become President! Useful idiots indeed.

  22. Just an observation:

    A decade ago today was still a banker’s holiday. Now every medium and large Corp is in hard lockdown mode.

    President’s Day will be business as usual.

    • Look at gay pride. It started as Gay Pride day. Then it became Pride week. Now we celebrate anal sex for a whole month with complete corporate saturation. The conquering coalition is replacing celebrations of the vanquished with their own

  23. Regarding normalization of open borders, Colorado authorized drivers licenses for illegal aliens a few years ago. Paired with our motor voter law, any applicant for a drivers license could register to vote in Colorado while applying for their drivers license. No citizenship (or even residency) check is required, so when Juan Valdez shows up at the DMV with a Honduran ID to get his Colorado drivers license he can register to vote with no questions asked. Leftists maintain that there’s no evidence of widespread voter fraud by illegal aliens in this system. This is correct, precisely because there’s no way to determine from the voter rolls whether a voter is a citizen eligible to vote.

    Colorado’s new Secretary of State (((Jenna Griswold))), a leftist voter rights attorney from the Obama administration, has plans to turn voter fraud in Colorado up to eleven. Her plan is to implement automatic voter registration for any person who signs up for any government benefit, because insufficient numbers of illegals were signing up for drivers licenses. No proof of citizenship or residency required. You have to affirmatively opt out of the voter registration program if you don’t wish to be registered. So now when Juanita Valdez shows up to sign up her kids for CHIP and SNAP, she and Juan will automatically be registered to vote at the address she gives to the welfare office.

    Colorado’s election system is handled entirely by mail. Colorado prints and mails a ballot to every registered voter in the state. The end result of these voter registration programs is tens or hundreds of thousands of ballots that are printed and mailed to registered voters who quite likely are not citizens entitled to vote. There is no mechanism to ensure that the registered voter still resides at the address to which the ballot is mailed. There is no system to secure ballots that are returned to sender as undeliverable–nobody knows what happens to them. There are no ID requirements to execute a ballot–the voter simply signs a certification.

    There simply is no way to detect election fraud in this system. Of course, Colorado Democrats seize on the fact that election fraud has not been detected as definitive evidence that it has not occurred. In fact, elections in Colorado can no longer be considered secure or legitimate.

    • Interesting. I’ve said for years, but mostly to deaf ears, is that voter fraud detection is not the point. If the integrity of the process is suspect—because it can be easily demonstrated to be possible to cast illegal votes—then the system *is* broken. WRT voting, appearances are everything. If my state passed a process such as CO, I’d hang it up wrt voting.

  24. Why? That’s easy! They drank their own KoolAid. No one is beyond the reach of Forced Public Schooling, even the allegedly ‘private’ ones operating in a Total Regulation Society. Further elaboration can be found in Gatto’s Underground History and Rand’s Comprachios article.

    And “… ad hoc activity …”? Behind the scenes, two groups have almost fully played out the war against American ‘civilization’. On one hand, if Jan Irvin and Joe Atwill are to be believed, a C_A ‘weaponized’ anthropology project introduced rock’n’roll, the drug culture, free sex, feminism and etc to try to dissolve the bonds of family, community and culture.

    On the other, Besmenov contends that the Soviets did the same thing:
    Once the disintegration phase is finished the ‘useful idiot’ disruptors are taken out and summarily shot by the new dictator. They cannot be kept alive to disrupt his new regime.

    “… lost control …”? The (anti?)philosophical framework of collectivism remains. Like Hegel’s Dialectic, the people behind the disruptors then “change phase” and initiate a authoritarian totalitarian putsch to grab total control for themselves.

  25. The “Class” of 1968 from outside the DNC is burning down its house in protest. The NPCs don’t realise that that Leviathan’s aim is to overwhelm the system, per Comrade Alinsky.

  26. The reason it appears there is no limiting principle to the current progressivism, is because it has become a religion similar to radical Islam. Anything and everything is justified to further the righteous cause. You don’t see this on the right. Those pro-life high school kids were peacefully marching, not blowing up abortion clinics. The 60s radicals were ultimately constrained by their losses at the ballot box. However, today’s demographics don’t support such a pathway today.

    The only saving grace is that most of today’s SJWs are spoiled rich kids astroturfing their grievances. It’s possible that everday blacks, who are not really politically engaged but just go along with the program, but are mostly either busy raising their kids on welfare, or working in retail jobs, might catch enough red pill fragments to become even less engaged and give up on voting. Similarly, if Hispanics can tip up to 40% our way, that might sister souljah the Democrat leadership into a more reasonable position. But even then we would just return to a monolithic, one party government run by the left, with a recucking of the civnats. Depressing.

  27. My only concern about the dissident right’s place in the future is that there is no mega donor currently to help fund a lot of causes like Vdare and AmRen. Or is a mega donor for the dissident right an inevitable thing that will happen but will take awhile to occur?

    • The greatness of the minds coming out of the dissident right depends on the lack of a great donor or power to limit thought.

  28. I am not sure this is just things spinning out of control. There seems to be a sense of the people pulling the strings, not the thuggish antifa or the dimwit Democrat Congressional freshpersons or anyone like that, but the intellectual and financial powers behind the progressive jihad, desiring to burn the whole thing to the ground so they can build anew atop the ashes, with themselves ruling of course. I suspect they have overplayed their hand and that the maelstrom of diversity and resentment they have unleashed will end up consuming them as well but again these people are secular religious fanatics so reason is lost on them. They will be welcoming the hordes of diversity with open arms and tears of joy right up to the point when they are being disemboweled.

    It brings to mind the line from Blake “Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven.” They would rather be kings over ruins than just regular people in a functional society. In order for them to rule they have to burn it all to the ground and in order to do THAT they need to get rid of the people that stand in their way.

    • It is starting to be pointed out that the French Yellow Vests don’t represent any particular political affiliations or demands. They have simply been excluded from the “polite” big city society, and are basically treated as if they are non-citizens (you know, the “deplorables”). There is no solution to the Yellow Vest phenomenon, other than one side or the other culturally folding their tent and slinking away. We seem to be arriving at the same situation here in the U.S., without the shorthand of the Yellow Vests. There is no clean solution to the problem. When one side fails to recognize the humanity of the other, there is no good way to solve the dilemma. At least not one that ends well…

    • Yes, never did. Being forced together is the cause of disintegration. Separation is the way forward.

  29. The actual left is dead. Its successor is the post left, and the all the post-left knows is Id. Its a parasite that has evolved to exploit the weaknesses of anglo liberalism. The post-left cant build, it cant create, it cant govern. It can only dominate, plunder, subvert and destroy. It will replicate uncontrollably, and consume its host. Then it consumes itself. That its nature.

  30. You will seek to destroy what you wish to rule, if by doing so it enables you to rule. This seems totally obvious to me.

    Leftists are driven ONLY by their immediate quest for power; that is it. They could give a flying F**k how they get it or what they have to do to get it, or what remains after they attain power.
    Once they obtain power, they will reorder any and all institutions – destroyed or otherwise- to cement their hold on power and material wealth.
    Since their goal is personal power and wealth, there really is no need to worry about what gets destroyed; see Venezuela, Cuba, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, the former USSR, etc. The use of mass terror and murder works very well to eliminate any opposition, history has amply demonstrated this.

    As for those useful idiots who actually believe in and agitate for the coming utopia here is what will happen to them:

    “[T]he useful idiots, the leftists who are idealistically believing in the beauty of the Soviet socialist or Communist or whatever system, when they get disillusioned, they become the worst enemies. That’s why my KGB instructors specifically made the point: never bother with leftists. Forget about these political prostitutes. Aim higher. […] They serve a purpose only at the stage of destabilization of a nation. For example, your leftists in the United States: all these professors and all these beautiful civil rights defenders. They are instrumental in the process of the subversion only to destabilize a nation. When their job is completed, they are not needed any more. They know too much. Some of them, when they get disillusioned, when they see that Marxist-Leninists come to power—obviously they get offended—they think that they will come to power. That will never happen, of course. They will be lined up against the wall and shot.”
    ― Yuri Bezmenov

    Leftists will do absolutely anything to attain power.
    That is their MO.

    • Spoken like a true Commie. ‘The People demand the execution of Comrade Stalin’s enemies!” The People, of course, having nothing to do with the actual, flesh and blood, you know, people.

      You Reds never change, I’ve been hearing this crap since the Sixties – try again.

    • The People demand that the peasant with two cows must die!
      The People demand that the peasant with one cow must die!
      The People demand that the People must die for insufficient devotion to Marxism…

  31. Everyone calm down.
    The “absent” dissident right isn’t absent at all. We are calmly standing by, primed and ready for when the lid pops.
    When that happens, the leftists will become extinct in a few months. Until then, we’ll just watch them self destruct if that’s what they choose.

    • Jerry Cornhole.

      He never has his shit straight – and never makes any real points. So I think he just shows up because he likes the abuse.

      • No, he shows up for attention, and he gets attention. We feed the troll. Or he feeds us, with low hanging fruit. My suggestion for Z– Without blocking anything, just posting a do not feed the animals sign alongside the troll ought to get the message through. Or I can scroll by twenty comments as before.

  32. Re:
    ” The only possible outcome of this sort of lawfare is to convince people that the law is a fraud. The only way a legal system can function is if the people think the law is both rational and predictable. ”

    The left is doing their best to destroy the law here in the US as well. What appears to be happening is an across the board effort to destroy any rewards for obeying the law. I don’t know what they think they’re going to gain from this – but it’s definitely there.

    Here in MA, we’ve got a State Attorney General who *retroactively* reinterpreted the state’s long standing Assault Weapons ban. The MA state ban was based on the old Federal AWB, and the wording was almost exactly the same. Prior to *her* reinterpretation (she’s a lesbian and I think the gender thing matters here) – it was possible to LEGALLY buy an AR-15 in the state of MA. Multiple state AG’s had upheld this law, and when it was the Federal law probably hundreds of state AGs had agreed with the interpretation of the law.

    So she reinterprets – says they’re COMPLETELY banned – and tells people who thought they were completely within the bounds of the law when they purchased their firearms – that she’s not going to “do anything about that right now” (a slightly disguised threat that she might in the future)

    To make matters worse – they just kept jiggering the language as people kept pointing out holes in her arguments.

    So we’ve got settled law – passed by a legislature – that suddenly gets “reinterpreted” by a SINGLE AG – after having many years of precedent and dozens and dozens of AGs agreed to the previous interpretation.

    If this isn’t an example of making obeying the law completely pointless – I don’t know what is. I keep pointing this out to many conservatives I run across – but they seem too busy running around trying to find some way to “comply”. So I guess we’ve got yet another example of right wingers going above and beyond to cuck themselves into oblivion.

    I read somebody somewhere that said ” the purpose of Commie “law” is to humiliate – not necessarily to get you to comply”.

    I see far too many people out there who will just bend themselves over to comply, thereby serving the purpose of the commies who are destroying the basis of law.

    Quite frankly I think if the dissident right cannot fill itself up with people who just absolutely refuse to bend – then you’re talking about a dead movement walking.

    • “In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.” – Theodore Dalrymple

    • Two ways I see this:
      a. Destroy every institution, including the law, and you have destroyed America. Mission Accomplished.
      b. Subvert the law: enact so many laws that every citizen is a criminal, and then you can imprison anyone you need to (such as those who post to dissident websites), without having to admit to the world that you are holding political prisoners.

    • Here in CA we have a compliance rate of about 5% with the assault gun laws. Most people just quietly refused to comply and the cops rather than kicking in doors at 4 AM and starting a shooting war with whites, say nothing.

      In regards to the Alt-right. It’s politically and socially irrelevant. It’s lacks a relevant message that resonates with the people who would be most attracted to it – blue collar and middle-class whites. And lacks a platform as well.

      Saying Democracy is bad and we need a dictator is not a selling point. It’s a NPC script for serfs and peons.

      Nor is HBD enough.

      This is where I’d like to pick Roger Stone’s mind. He’s been in politics forever and can see WTF is preventing the alt-right from being relevant.

  33. A lot of discontent is percolating below the surface and will erupt into open defiance once the chaos takes us to a tipping point (see Yellow Vest movement). When that happens, the Progressive elites will use State power to crack down on dissidents, beginning with the arrest of presumed leaders, then employing false flag incidents to justify large scale detention, and ultimately instituting emergency powers to enable persecution of non-conformists throughout society. This is a tried-and-true strategy for tyrannical success. We cannot beat that with talk, or voting, or militia action, or hot civil war. But there are very effective ways to beat a tyranny, and that is the future.

    • TomA, could you elaborate? Short of a hot conflict, the only method I can think of would be a massive revolt of civil disobedience—protests, strikes, sabotage. Can they arrest everyone? However, we see from Venezuela that even with starvation of half the population, the dIctatorial government remains in power.

      • First, assess the strengths and weaknesses of the incipient tyrannists and their instruments of power. The federal behemoth can crush anything it defines as a target (that is a strength). But they are not led by the likes of a Norman Schwartskof; rather, their leaders are more like a Mark Zuckerberg (that is a weakness). In a true face-to-face existential confrontation, the latter will piss his pants.

        • The left is flaunting and breaking God’s laws with open faced enthousiasm. This paints a big red target on every one of their heads. The Lord Jesus has a way when He gets angry.

  34. Over the weekend, half the tweets on my twitter feed were about outrage over the media’s take on the Catholic kid- Indian man situation. This looks like a significant incident, like something snapped, and now there are a lot of pissed-off normies who are starting to understand what’s coming for whitey.

  35. It is getting to the point where nice white boys like those at the Lincoln memorial are going to have to be ready to physically protect themselves. Black men in general love taking swings at white people, much less insane black isrealites hopped up on fake grievances.

  36. “Left-wing (billionaire) lesbian lawyer Roberta Kaplan…”

    — Would you state your name for the court, please?
    — Roberta Kaplan.

    (long pause)

    — No further questions.

  37. ” Even if the facts were as originally presented, normal people will always take the side of a kid over an adult in a situation like this. ”

    This is what made me so angry. I never watched the video and never actually read any details about it, it was just so clear that all the leading minds of the day, the intellectuals, the learned, the moral superiors, would have been happy to perform a 213 month abortion on this boy and that pissed me off.

    • The kid was white, had a MAGA hat, and was at a pro-life rally – that’s enough for the Left. What’s really been disgraceful in this mess has been the initial reaction of the “Right” to blame the kid. They are trying to walk this back now (as are some of the members of the saner Left) but it’s too late. What a worthless bunch of losers.

      • It’s been remarkable that the cuckservatives and center-left figures were forced to back off. But forcing the far-left off will be much harder. The narrative has shifted to:

        -Covington HS apparently once had a rapist on the basketball team
        -Covington HS doesn’t have enough black students/staff
        -Students apparently wore “blackface”

        A lot of the anger here is coming not from Amerinds, but from blacks.

        • I can imagine. The problem of course is that the fallacious argument being made is one of moving the goalposts. I try to ignore those, hope others are wise to this tactic as well.

          • What is going to trip up any attempt at a total victory is the kids performing the “tomahawk chop” when the Philipps crew started drumming. I highly doubt this was intended as demeaning, but AIM-types are virulently hostile to such activity and find support in the sycophantic press.

        • No doubt the far Left won’t back off – they never do. These guys are still convinced that the Duke Lacrosse players were guilty, that Havan Monahan raped some chick on a bed of broken glass, and that Trump is a Russian agent. Hell, the older ones still think that Alger Hiss was framed. If you are waiting for these people to admit that they were wrong, you’ll be waiting a long time. Better to just ignore them.

          • Cornering them into saying “Red hats are a Klan hood” has been a nice touch.

            Switching to blue hats for 2020 would be a nice troll.

            Or put a blue check on the back of each red hat.

          • Another piece of TrueCon crap that I’m getting tired of is the discussion as to whether this Indian guy was a Vietnam Veteran or not. What the Hell difference does that make? If Audie F***ing Murphy got up in your face banging a drum, you’d have the right to slug him. Even if this Indian guy won the CMH, that just makes him “a brave guy who was acting like an asshole” – my Dad knew a lot of these in WWII. Of course veterans should be respected for their service, but that doesn’t make them sacrosanct or anything. And almost all actual veterans agree with this.

          • Don’t discount the power of a potential “Stolen Valor” incident. The progressive stack cannot defend that.

          • Bah. The old coot has a career of calling out ‘racism’. Just another SPLC-type plant, a crisis actor working for law groups and journo-lists.

            A paid sh*t-stirrer, posted there with his “Black Israelite” buddies. So convenient.

            (Heh. Best tweet: “Patriots beat Redskins”)

        • The high school is Covington Catholic, NOT a public high school. It was interesting to hear Bill Cunningham on the radio last night. He was born in Covington KY, just across the river from Cincy, and is a Catholic. He is furious at the Mayor of the city and the Catholic Archbishop for immediately jumping on the kids for their imagined misdeeds. Have the two Republican Senators from KY, McConnell and Paul, weighed in on this? I hope somebody in the Republican Party fights back against this malign misrepresentation of what actually occurred.

  38. “Like the Khmer Rouge, the logical end of this new radicalism is an orgy of self-destructive violence. That means it will not burn out on its own as happened in the 1970’s with student radicalism.”

    EXACTLY what the Deep State wants.

    • Jonah, you may have something here. If there is blood in the streets, the population may just chuck Democracy and the Constitution in favor of strong man rule.

      • Think Sulla at the end of the fight between his faction and Marius’. The former set back up all the organs of the republic, but it could no longer stand on its own.

        • Primi—aw crap, and after a very good Roman Republic analysis by Z-man awhile back. I should have mentioned such an analogy. 🙁

          • The outline of that whole, long episode, the growing animosity, blossoming violence, violation of law (Marius’ successive consulships etc) and Sulla marching is his Army into Rome itself, and the remorseless violence …. it all struck me so hard those yrs ago as I watched similar preconditions fall into place here, too.

            I love / loved America — our nation, history, mythos and (many of our notable) people. I was a CivNat … but reading about Rome, particularly the period from around 100 BC through 88 and down to 44 and 19 BC — that began to cause me great worry, even before we got tangled up in GWOT, and supersized the power of the state to “protect” us from terrorism ……

            So the cautionary tale of Sulla’s attempt to restart the republic is always in the forefront of my thoughts ….sadly.

  39. Good post. Dovetails niicely with your posts about Progressivism being more of a religious movement nowadays. One thought about the Left’s control of our institutions: The internet makes those institutions less important so now of course the Left will go full censorship on the internet. Fighting that is going to be THE issue going forward.

  40. I saw the video of the Catholic school boys and the old Indian- but I’m unclear as to what actually happened. Anyone care to enlighten me?

  41. What gives me hope is that as the two parties eventually sort out into the party of color and the party of white, the POC will eat their own. None of these races like each other. They may be united in knocking down whitey, but beyond that, it’s chaotic infighting and dysfunction. Meanwhile, the pale party can regroup and will at least be capable of competence, if not excellence, once we shake off the brainwashing of white guilt and start looking out for our own interests.

    • I read your comment to my co worker. Her response “Yeah, if we’ve got any left after narcotics and not breeding anymore!”

  42. The left has to descend into madness because it is a radical religious movement. There is a standard desire among such adherents to seek greater purity and punishments for non believers. This is exploited by any huckster who wants to quickly gain status and power.

    The devotees normally would be easier to keep as a block because they know their futures are dependent on the party. Without it they can’t compete. However, since the coalition of the fringes hate each other there is bound to be bloody infighting once they come closer to cementing power.

    There is another twist that adds to their destroying rules that benefit them. They truly believe they are fighting The Man when they are The Man and the mightiest of The Man are on their side.

    • It’s also important that back in the 1960’s, the Maoist/Trotskyist New Left defeated the Stalinist/Deng Old Left. That’s a lot of what the 1960’s were actually about; Conservatives were actually pretty marginal to the whole situation. So we get “Permanent Revolution” and struggle sessions instead of Socialism in One Country, a la the New Deal/New Frontier. For Maoists and Trotskyites, there is no limiting principle, until either 1) the country implodes or splits; 2) a right-wing coup occurs, or 3) a Stalin/Deng figure arises, and stops the spiral in an orgy of killing. Which is most likely is an open question, but one of these is pretty much inevitable. I don’t agree with him on everything, but Jim, over at Jim’s Blog, is dead right about this.

      • You nailed it! Having watched my commie parents, the ball went from the hands of Stalin to Herbert Marcuse to Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals of which Obama and the Hildabeast are devotees. Throw in the Hydra of new action Maoists, Central and South American Marxists, African Marxists…there is now no limiting principle. Nihilism and destroy the oppressor old colonialist powers and traditions. Permanent continuous revolution using third world people.

    • just like the french jacobins, the nazis and the commies rat on and devour each other. all we can do is hope this occurs.

  43. Wow. What planet are you guys on.

    The red wall of sympathy for the jerk catholic boys, support, the defenestration of of the media is a sight to behold. If those were boys of color, the legend of their thuggery would be timeless, no matter the investigation. This president would take our a full page ad in your paper to execute anyway.

    Fortunately you guys are a lessening minority.

    Most people and almost all People of Color see the boys as racist jerks and know that the Peterson situation is nuanced

    • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez threatened to gang-rape conservatives.

      No one on her side condemned this.

      Own it. Do better. Stop being problematic. Studies have shown.

      • I don’t want the leftists (like our commenter “Jerry Corn” to “Do better. Stop being problematic.”
        I want them to become more shrill, more outlandish, crazier..
        Then the Normies will finally understand how destructive the Left really wants to be.

        • I think the only way Normies will understand things is when they are digging their own grave prior to being shot. That’s when the light will come on.

    • Jerry, you are trolling a crowd that has seen the video and heard the lying Indian activist impeach himself and then attempt to “revise” his story to comport to the observable facts. Even the New York Times has printed a reasonably correct version of the incident—look it up. Go back to the Huffington Post, they are still buying your shit.

    • I love it when you comment because you just keep proving over and over again that you pay no attention whatsoever.

      On my browser your comment was entered 28 minutes ago.

      Even ABC Nightly News admitted LAST NIGHT that the whole incident was provoked by a number of “black Israelites” (whatever the hell that is) – as well as the Native American protestor – who waded into the crowd of boys to stir up shit.

      Some of the boys in that high school WERE “boys of color” – and they were attacked and singled out by the ADULT members of the other groups.

      Seriously dude – if you’re going to keep posting stupid shit – at least keep up.

      • Arguing the truth/facts is not the point of a troll. Posting a denial of the facts to promote an opposition narrative, is. This has two main purposes: To cause distrust/confusion to the lightly informed and, To cause demoralization/diversion to the commenters in the group trolled.

        This blog has a pretty good class of followers, not easily fooled by a Jerry Corn troll.

        • My biggest concern isn’t Jerry Corn, we all know who he is.

          The old Indian confronting the innocent Catholic schoolboys is the lesser concern. The *greater concern* is the leadership of The March For Life throwing those boys under the bus. Controlled Opposition is a very serious problem for the dissident right.

          • Xopher, yes indeed. Pretty much the entire monologue of Rush Limbaugh this morning. The Left protects its own, the Right immediately throws them under the bus.

      • the “black Israelites” used to ride the NYC subways, banging on Bongo drums, harassing the commuters for donations.
        Israel has denied them entry.
        They aren’t jews, they’re trying to destroy judaism from the inside, by pretending to be jews. Take over an institution, gut it, skin, claim victory.
        I remember listening to Farrakhan talking during the Million Man March, realizing that in his fevered mind, the Nation of Islam were the true Jews.
        The “black Israelites” seem to have a similar viewpoint.

        • Destroy Judaism from the inside? A smarter group would know (((they))) we’re on to that strategy…

        • >they’re trying to destroy judaism from the inside, by pretending to be jews

          If the Black Israelites sincerely identify as Jews then it is incumbent on us as goodthinkers to support them in their belief. To fail to support people called Black Israelites would be racist, and probably anti-Semitic to boot.

    • @Jerry Corn

      A minority with most of the guns and combat training. As well as most of the personnel maintaining custody of the nuclear weapons.

      The best thing going for you leftists is the controlled opposition that prevents armed White men from having effective leaders.

      While President Trump has the right alpha male instincts and resources to lead, his major weakness is the lack of military experience. If he had, he would’ve hired retired O5s and O6s instead of generals.

      You should hope that Trump is successful at removing you leftists permanently from politics. It’ll be a lot less destructive than the alternate plan. Because Plan B is a small group of White O5s and O6s plotting a coup… perhaps with misplaced nuclear weapons. And that really sucks.

      • Twas about a year ago that Z asked for a vote on a motion to boot the idiot leftist Tiny Duck off this blog. Occasionally he re-incarnates as another idiot lefty such as “Gregory Gee” or “Jerry Corn” but the rambling lunacy remains the same. Press the ignore button. Perhaps soon our host will hold another referendum. We shall hold a fair trial then hang him.

  44. I think Calhoun’s “rat utopia” experiments are the only social science studies worth anything, because that’s where postindustrial human society is now. I saw it early and often, living and working in a college town. College towns are the closest thing in this world to utopia. I’ve written extensively on this — how nice it is, living where even the most exotic taste is catered to 24/7 and you can stroll the streets at 2am in complete safety. And yet the Left — which controls everything in a college town, has an unlimited budget, and even sets admission requirements — convinced themselves that this is actually a seething hell of bigotry and exploitation…. that they somehow had nothing to do with. The only way to square that circle? They’re BORED, and since they are constitutionally incapable of sitting back and enjoying what they have, they’ll burn the world down, literally just because it’s something to do.

    • Hey, are you the Rotten Chestnuts Severian? I just found your site recently. Brilliant.

      But do you know what would be mega-super-useful? Some kind of “greatest hits” page. I wish I had the time to binge-read your stuff all the way through, but I don’t.

    • I’ve been thinking that this is not at bottom about good or evil, right or wrong. It’s about a vast and growing pool of bored, over-credentialed, rodent-like humans who just need something to do. There are just too many of us, and not enough critical work needing done for survival.

      • That’s just it. I don’t know if it’s the red pill or the black pill, but it seems to be a baseline truth about people: We just can’t handle prosperity. We need a certain level of drama in our lives — we’re evolutionarily optimized for eustress — and if we don’t get enough, we’ll manufacture some. The better off you are, the more stimulation you need — a White guy up the holler, or a Black guy in the ghetto, has a cheap and easy supply of drugs with which to sate his drama addiction. The Bill Kristols of the world need a nuclear exchange with Russia to get their drama fix. And if it takes the rest of us out with him, well, at least the 5.2 minutes between launch and impact will be exciting.

        • Hi Severian! Also just found you at Rotten Chestnuts, and thanks for your good and hard work. I’ve though for years that the human race spent 100,000s of years evolving to work hard just to eat and stay alive. Now life is not as hard as ancestors, we have too much free time on our hands, (Calhoun’s Rat Utopia), we are not up against survival, and there are no consequences for bad decisions, i.e. death to cull the ranks of stupidity and infirmity. Not sure that we need drama as a species; rather, we just need to be kept working for survival sake. Hence origin of the phrase, “Idleness is the devil’s workshop.” The irony is we evolved to work endlessly hard as a species for security and labor saving, and our relentless drive to create inventions that have created a civilisation that provide more security through less work are to be our downfall. A huge evolutionary circular irony. “Life is messy.”–John Derbyshire

        • Drama, or do we just have too much free time? Prior to the industrial revolution, the common man work sun up to sun down and perhaps got a day off on Sunday to sit in church. The aristocracy had the free time and they seemed to be stirring things up steady state I’ll admit.

        • It’s not drama we need, it’s purpose. Purpose comes from adversity. Drama requires little more than low character. IMO.

          • “It’s not drama we need, it’s purpose.”

            That just made my day. Thanks.
            Been having a bit of angst, as I see this life as the fortunate chance to do one thing, one thing only. Again, thanks. Never Quit.

          • J.W.
            You’re absolutely right about purpose. Being an Eric Hoffer ‘true believer’ is one long, fruitless search for purpose.

            But purpose can come from serving God rather than one’s need to search for drama to give life meaning.

  45. In the 1930’s the Left set out to gain control of all the institutions of our culture. They have achieved their goal. With control of the school system, they control and shape the minds of each new generation of children which, it seems, leave the school system as children in adult bodies. This fact alone cements the Left’s control of politics into the future.

    • Garet Garrett’s book : “The Revolution Was” dealt with the takeover in the 30s.

      But yet we STILL have conservatards saying ” the commies are trying to destroy the Republic ! “.


  46. For them, after infiltration it’s win-win. Remember, the main goal of CultMarx is to destroy, specifically to destroy white/right institutions. Look at the two possible outcomes:

    (1) They infiltrate an institution and then use it to promote their own ends: win.
    (2) They infiltrate an institution and then intentionally or unintentionally destroy it: win.

    Take an only semi-serious example: Star Wars. The J-Left took it over and decided to use it simply as a mouthpiece for SJW propaganda. If that works, win. If fans hate the new entertainmo-prop, and it destroys the series as a work of popular art (which is what actually happened), also a win. After all, they’ve still destroyed an institution created by a white man.

    To take a serious example: Russia. If, after the revolution, the communist utopia had been ushered in, win. If tens of millions die and the nation is plunged into chaos and poverty and completely destroyed, also win.

    You really think biological and spiritual descendants of the people who destroyed Russia wouldn’t be more than happy to kill tens of millions here, and collapse our entire way of life with all its institutions? They would just scuttle on to new victims. (I’ve heard people are lobbying Japan to take in more immigrants.)

    • This comment is the perfect addendum to thezman’s piece. On the right we keep looking for logic and reason, when the left is only concerned about destruction in the belief it will usher in some distant utopia.

      As a real-world example, many years ago my family attended an Anglican parish that went hard-left. The clergy drove many people away with constant PC sermonizing (e.g. Islam is superior to Christianity – which is an apostasy if you are an actual believer in Christ, but I digress). My family left and we watched from afar as donations fell, people left, the clergy went harder left . . . rinse, repeat. Ultimately, that parish closed.

      The curious part is that the final, hard-core leftist remaining members didn’t seem to care. In their minds, the closing of the parish was the result of the non-believers and heretics that left the parish. The destruction was a good thing in order to bring about the new world; capturing an institution and destroying it is good thing.

    • We’re now at the point where your take is largely spot on but it probably didn’t start out that way.

      Up to maybe Obama’s first term lots of lefties and their organ grinders believed they could simply replace us and our institutions would continue to chug along improve even.

      It was a kind of cargo cult crusade. But things haven’t worked out. Their incompetence has forced them to seek new explanations.

      So now it’s because of the lingering dark magic of YT. Everything he’s touched has been curse by privilege and structural racism. So it needs to be dismantled in any and every way possible.

      No matter how barbaric conditions may become, a Mad Max World with YT on the margins would, to the mind of the anti-whites, still be a utopia.

    • >I’ve heard people are lobbying Japan to take in more immigrants.
      That is certainly the case. And they’re going after the young over there too. A Japanese friend reports that her high-school son’s class was assigned the topic “Should Japan accept Muslim immigrants?” as a debate topic, and it was hinted that the only correct answer is “of course we should”.

      Not that I am a fan of either franchise, but Star Trek has also been taken over by the same people. All hail STD and Michael Sue Spock.

  47. “….the logical end of this new radicalism is an orgy of self-destructive violence…”

    I suspect when that occurs they’ll receive plenty of assistance with that “self-destructive violence.” Not that we’ll have any choice about having to deal with the metastasis.

    • This is why I fear it’s much closer than any of us suspect. Everyone saw the first Civil War coming… but at the same time, no one did. Nobody expected the events that actually did happen, and even as 50,000-strong armies were fighting it out in the field, more than half of both countries were swearing up and down that it would never come to violence. The wrong video going viral, and….

      • Sev;
        Maybe it’ll kick off like where France looks to be headed. In a sub-thread two postings ago started by Karl Horst, it emerged that:
        – The big driver of the spreading yellow vest protests in France (and now elsewhere) turns out to likely be the many petty (and costly to a prole) oppressions that the French State visits on those who must drive to live.
        – Parisians and the elite are largely immune. They have mass transit that conveniently serves them.
        – The new ‘diesel tax for Gaia’ was the straw that broke the camel’s back, not the sole cause.
        – The most hated of these oppressions are the now-ubiquitous speed and stoplight cameras that send you an expensive and very hard to dispute traffic ticket in the mail.
        – This has turned the French Police into arbitrary and capricious revenue agents of the state instead of being a force for order and tranquility where most needed (i.e. in the Muslim areas).
        – Apparently the police don’t like their new role all that much either, as shown by their expressed solidarity with the protestors.
        – The yellow vest folk have proven that the cameras are a big source of unrest by recently destroying most of them.
        – Like the British Tea Tax of 1775 or so, the amounts likely to have been raised are trivial: 0.3% of the annual French Central Govt. Revenue Plan.
        -Yet Macron, et. al. are digging in, like George III did, instead of doing the obvious, suspending the camera program and searching their couch cushions for loose change to make up the shortfall..

        You can easily see where the situation might go, and soon.

        So, given that Z Man is right about our own mindlessly self-destructive elite, what will be the US equivalent_? It will have to be something insulting and expensive to the Dirt People from which the Cloud People are demonstrably immune. Maybe something from the red-dot Indians now running the Tech Oligarchs. Unchecked rioting spilling out from Lagos, etc. or a country-wide Drug Cartel War are also likely candidates right now. Otherwise we might just have to wait for the Harris Administration.

        • For the US, my guess is the old taxation (and disenfranchisement, imprisonment, terrorization, persecution) without representation trick that kicked off the first revolution will be good for the second. Circumventing the bill of rights; packing the supreme court; abolishing the electoral college; disbanding ICE. Once the Marxist-Bioleninists are (officially) back in power, the backlash will be ferocious. They will put this in place to ensure the heartland is rendered forever impotent to express their will, then go on with the usual purge and exile that accompanies all the Marxist takeovers we’ve seen in the last century. Gloomy – but at the same time sowing the seeds of the eventual renaissance.

          • A key feature of many of the anti-gun measures passed in the pass few years has been the mass civil disobedience. NY, NJ, CT, Boulder, the compliance rates have been miniscule. In Boulder one brave fellow published an op-Ed stating, in short, “I will not comply. Come and get me.”

            Will non-compliance morph into willingness to use guns to protect gun rights? It seems more likely than it ever has before.

            But unless there is organization behind it, a few guys getting shot over refusing to comply with TVGROs won’t make a difference.

          • When? When the emotions – probably not reason – say “there’s nothing left to lose”. If reason were to say it, it would be Unintended Consequences.

        • Thanks Al. Your digest of that previous thread is a valuable comment in its own right. The comparison with George III is quite apt, and gives me a deeper insight into both the present situation and the historical precedent.

          Years ago on his podcast, John Derbyshire coined a term for the tendency of authorities to busy their police forces with concentrating on the low-hanging fruit of nuisance violations by the otherwise law-abiding, rather than maintaining order and protecting life and property. (E.g., I’ve known neighborhoods where armed robbery and worse run rampant, but there’s no dearth of cops around to ticket a parked car within a minute of the meter expiring.) I can’t recall Derb’s word, but a shorthand term would be useful for the sort of thing you’re describing with the yellow vests. Does anyone have a suggestion?

          • To be sure, Doc. But I’m imaginging a word that, when people hear it, they’d angrily say, “Yes, THAT’s what I experience at the hands of police.”

            The terms I envision—“Easy-pickings” or “creamskinning”—don’t quite do it, but they’re on the right track.

          • That has possibilities. “Sh*thole shakedown”?

            Sadly, it’s the reality we’re moving—or rather, being moved—to.

          • Not a suggestion for the correct naming, but it does reek of a bastardization of the ‘broken window’ concept. That concept was meant to demonstrate that the police should not and would not overlook even minor crimes because it leads malcontents to continue testing more limits. It was not a strategy for prioritizing law enforcement resources.

          • I know I’m in the christendom and dissident right race realist sphere of right-wing blogs, but I just thought I’d jump in at this mention of broken windows to interject that the reduction in crime in inner cities correlates with abortion, which hit the black and especially what would have been single motherhood and unwanting mothers, noted in the book Freakonomics.

  48. It’s no longer out of the ordinary to admit that the next Dem administration will have an agenda to revoke tax-exempt status from any “discriminatory” Christian institutions. One will have to wonder the logic jumps needed in the courts to avoid targeting Jewish institutions. That would probably be the minimum action, obviously the left would prefer to simply ban non-approved religion from being promoted to minors, as is the law in China. But the coalition politics may prevent this, assuming that a Kamala Administration still has the pretense of elections.

    • You’re kidding, right? There are no Jewish institutions because all the sometime Jews are now just as secular as the Quakers, Unitarians and Episcopalians. Apart from a Neocon fringe, they mostly consider support for Israel to be an embarrassment. Basically white ethnics with WASP pretentions.

  49. The sad thing is that almost everything the dissident right has done has failed to gain traction. The last half decade of the culture war hasn’t been the Right winning, it has been the Left losing again and again.

    • Given that the dissident right is still forming up, that’s like saying the rookie ball player has failed to meet expectations before the season has started.

      • From what I’ve seen the dissident right is made up of quite a few people who for some reason just can’t bring themselves to follow a left wing that has gone completely off the rails.

        So they’re suddenly calling themselves “dissident right”.

        If the left suddenly cleaned up their act and shifted their beliefs back to something from say the early 60s – suddenly much of the population of dissident righters would disappear and be back to voting Democrat.

        It’s why I keep saying: seems like a lot of the protesting is coming from a root of people realizing that the brown horde has figured out how to vote themselves payments from the system.

        When it was just white people voting themselves free shit – everything was good.

        • Calsdad: Yeah, a lot if Dissident Rightists started out somewhere on the Left. Many of us have serious reservations about capitalism. It’s capitalism, after all, that’s behind the globalization that’s destroying Western civilization. But I think you’re off base talking about whites voting themselves free stuff. I remember the early 1960s and even the late 1950s. There wasn’t a lot of free stuff around. People didn’t expect free stuff and they didn’t get free stuff.

          • Well that’s is where one of my fundamental disagreements comes from.

            Since I see a lot of these dissident righters coming out of being disaffected leftists – they have carried forward their crap belief system and as soon as you say “capitalist!!” – they go into spasmodic protest mode.

            Sorry – but I have seen and do see socialism/communism etc – as far more of a threat than capitalism is. Since the socialists RELY on government power to enforce their agenda – and always have , and have ALWAYS stated as much ……. I am forced to wonder if this surge of the dissident right isn’t just another reprise of the neocon takeover of the right wing.

            I have absolutely no problem with capitalism. Capitalism very simply doesn’t pose as much threat to my very person as socialism does. Big corporations are very simple to disarm : stop buying their shit.

            Socialism simply doesn’t work without the ability to make those who work harder – give up the results of that labor to those who refuse to work. It has NEVER been any different.

            As far as I am concerned capitalism starts with the individual – some of whom (as is discussed here endlessly) – have far more human capital than others. Human capital directly translates into physical capital – and the person who worked their ass off to create any physical capital – should be the person who decides how to best take advantage of that.

            If you can’t stop yourself from buying every new version of iPhone that comes out – well that’s a YOU problem and not an Apple problem.

            When I complain about taxation (forced onto me at the point of a gun by the government) – I get told I can avoid it by living in the woods like the Unabomber.

            But when I’d rather live in a nice house and have some nice things – but would prefer to have the choice to not buy shit I don’t want – I get told I can’t have any of that without funding a huge free shit army and having a huge government to run it all.

            I think you’re just simply dead wrong about “capitalism” being behind the globalist effort. It’s a socialist urge at it’s root.

            The commies came right out and said they were going to spread their shit thruout the world – and they’ve always done so thru lies and obfuscation.

            The fact that you were once a leftie – and it apparently took a long time for the gloss to wear off – makes me think you really haven’t been paying attention much.

    • I dunno TB.

      What are your numbers for the blog, Z? Are they still climbing? One would wonder how Derb and the other dissidents are doing too.

      I am quite alright with the radical left destroying itself. Saves me from having to do it. I think their fall is a foregone conclusion – we need to concentrate on replacing them afterward, and how to go about it.

      • Good point Glenn. There needs to be a coherent philosophy and organization to replace them when they implode, otherwise things will continue as they are now—the Left retreats, the Right steps in and stabilizes things, then the Left regroups and round 2 begins. There needs to be a knock out and that won’t happen without a substantive change in our thinking.

      • You seem to assume that the left will not take everything, is included with them when they take it all down with them

      • Glenfilthie. Perhaps you’re right. Perhaps the Left will self-destruct. But they’ll have destroyed a lot of the infrastructure of Western civilization while they’re doing it.

      • I wish it were a foregone conclusion. But everywhere I look, I see leftist victories, and conservatism losing ground.

    • This point was made in the article. And the dissident right will continue to not have to gain traction because the left is doing it for us. All we have to do is stand to the side with a smug ‘I was right all along’ smile on our faces. These forces have a momentum of their own now.

      • It’s like tennis or ping pong. All you really need to do is keep returning the ball, they will eventually make enough errors trying to beat you that they end up beating themselves.

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