The Citizen In A Democratic Empire

When most people think of citizenship, they think of their nation’s constitution or the rights guaranteed to them in the law. They will think of their obligations to their country, like paying taxes, obeying the law and defending the nation. In the West, a citizen is pretty much as the dictionary defines it, “a native or naturalized person who owes allegiance to a government and is entitled to protection from it.” It is a reciprocal set of obligations in the law, animated by a sense of duty by both the rulers and the ruled.

Additionally, at least in America, citizenship comes with a belief in equality between the people and the office holders. Every American grows up hearing that anyone can be President. The House of Representatives is known as the people’s house, because it was designed to not only represent the people, but be populated by representatives from the people. In other words, the citizens are ruled by their fellow citizens, not strangers or hired men paid by strangers. You can only be a citizen in your nation.

In the post-national world, that old definition of citizen no longer works. In a world where foreign people can just move in, claim the benefits and protections from the government, citizenship loses all value. At the same time, the state is increasingly alien to the people over whom it rules. In the European Union, the people are no longer ruled by their national governments, as all of the big decision are made in Brussels. In America, political offices are increasingly being filled by exotic weirdos with no connection to the natives.

The question then is what does it mean to be a citizen in a democratic empire?

The most obvious thing about the new citizen in the new post-national world is that the relationship between the citizen and the state is transactional. The state looks at the people as assets and liabilities. Theirs is a custodial role. The people that serve the interests of the state are treated differently from the people who depend on the state for their existence. It is a corporate relationship, except that people cannot be fired, so the useless ones will be stashed away while the productive are put to work.

Similarly, the citizen looks at his government in terms of what it can provide to him. He owes the state no more than he owes the coffee shop. The rules promulgated by the state are to be navigated around, rather than respected. If the rules work for the citizen or his group, the law is supported by the citizen or his group. On the other hand, if the law is an obstacle, then the law is subverted or ignored. In a post-national world, respect to the spirit of the law makes no more sense than having loyalty to a country.

This means that patriotism has no role in the democratic empire. Loyalty to your country only works if you actually have a country. The residue of patriotism will last for a while, as people will still think of their neighbors and friends as their countrymen, but in time, as those people are replaced by strangers, patriotism will disappear. In a transactional world populated by stranglers, your primary loyalty cannot be to the state, as it is just as much a stranger to you as the new neighbors, who just moved in from over the horizon.

The sterile transactionalism is already evident. Consider the change in relationship between employers and their workers. Everywhere in America, employment is at-will, which means an employee can be dismissed by an employer for any reason. Further, local business is atrophying as global enterprise monopolizes the marketplace. It used to be local business was a part of every community, sponsoring little leagues and charity drives. You’ll never see your kid’s little league sponsored by Google or Amazon.

Of course, this will have unforeseen consequences. For example, the military will no longer be able to rely on patriotism for recruitment. Since no one is a citizen in the old sense, the military stops being a citizen military. Instead, it takes on the characteristics of a mercenary army. The decision to join is no different than the decision to take one job over another. This will also apply to the police. The cops will no longer be citizens protecting and serving their community. They become free range prison guards.

Humans are social animals so the loss of national and regional identity means something will replace it. In a transactional world where everyone is a civic stranger, the old fashioned loyalties will become more important. Family, community, and tribe will be the only identities that have meaning. Again, we see the beginnings of this with the administrative layer of the managerial class. Those FBI agents plotting to overturn the 2016 elections were motivated by the emerging new identity politics.

That’s the thing that gets overstated in discussion of identity politics. The old identities will surely play a role, like race, ethnicity, and religion. New tribes resulting from the post-national relationships will emerge. The managerial state will begin to fracture and balkanize, as the rival power centers begin to jockey for power. Again, this can be seen in the obstruction of the Trump agenda by career bureaucrats in the government. They have become their own tribe and they have become class aware.

This paradise comes with a cost. Nations hold together for the same reason communities hold together. The social capital, those invisible bonds between people, breathe life into the organizing structure. Patriotism and civic duty are what animate the republic. Duty to king and the people is what animates a monarchy. This social capital is what binds the rulers to the ruled. In a highly transactional world, where social capital has been monetized or pushed to the margins, something else must animate the system.

That something else must be force driven by the self-interest of the people occupying positions in the power centers. We see some of that with the censorship campaigns by the tech giants and banks. This will become more overt until everyone has a natural hostility to everyone outside their social group. The cost of maintaining order will increase, but the means for imposing order will increase the cost of imposing that order. The empire will have no choice but to become more ruthless in its dealings.

If one wants to a preview of the post-national world, look at Lebanon. Every hill and every valley is its own nation, so to speak. Groups of the same religious sect or political persuasion can form temporary alliances, but Lebanon is not a coherent country with a common purpose. It’s just a place on the map with meaning only to those completely removed from the realities of Lebanese life. The future citizens will highly local and covetous of the small benefits he and his group can extract from the whole.

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  2. The original socialist unit is the family where the producers support the non-producers. The Clan is a genetic extension of the family. We support our genetic lineage and peers for genetic continuity. A nation is an attempt to stretch the protective umbrella of the clan over a much larger and disparate group. The nations with the most genetic conformity have the lowest crime rate. The nations with the most genetic diversity have the highest incarceration rate. It is genetic inclusiveness that brings peace to a population. By forcing genetic intrusions, Merkel, et al are creating more crime. The intruders have no interest in assimilating with the base population because they are focused o THEIR genetic continuity.

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  4. That does gibe with what I know of Lebanese people. I grew up in an area of Cleveland, OH (actually, Lakewood, first suburb to the west). Even in my childhood, there were many Lebanese living in town, also Syrians, and a few Egyptians. Most were Christians, or some other non-Muslim faith. A few were Muslim.
    They were extremely clannish – and, I say that, even compared to the many displaced peoples who were also neighbors. I was friends with the kids, and the adults were cordial and warm to neighbors, but their loyalties were strictly reserved for those of their family.
    Most of the kids were forced to marry at a young age to someone from the family who wanted to come to America. Sometimes, money was involved, but mostly, it was a family thing.
    After that marriage, most of them were free to marry whom they wanted, which some did. Most of the marriages did not work out, as the Mideast spouse would ALWAYS chose their birth family over their husband or wife.
    Their family could disrespect the spouse, borrow money and never pay it back, ignore him/her, and refuse to talk English when the family got together. If the spouse was female, she was criticized for her house and the way she raised the children, assumed to be sexually and morally loose, and often sent out to work, while her husband sat around doing nothing.
    Most spouses got tired of the attitude, and walked away from the marriage.

  5. Z’s points are sound but a few other ideas that impact the future:

    1. Whites are dismayed by the present because they compare it to the history of the U.S. Our replacements compare the present US to their shithole countries of origin and the nightmarish picture of the US past painted for them by the media and educational institutions. They will be far more content

    2. The elite do not need a stable, functioning country. That is what the middle class needs. The elite only needs their areas to be stable and functioning.

    3. Low crime and violence and honest government are not primary Jewish values as seem by New York in the 60’s and 70’s. Those are gentile values. For Jews the threat is white rule. When whites are in charge most Jews feel that the country can be Germany 1933. Since Jews set the narratives for the elites, the elites will not mind the country descending into ethnic warfare as long as their areas are secure

  6. When every year Millions foreign people come America legally and guarantee to receive citizenship

    That citizenship becoming worthless, its supply and demand

    Which ethnic group did you belong to and how many wealth you possess is more important than voting itself

    If you are wealthy Jew than no problem, you are chosen people of god therefore you are the god

    If you are black, mean you are not the white therefore you are good

    if you are white men, you are evil and must pay the price to live

    Because your life has not allow for many good reason such as you are white

    We are living in Old Testament type of Racial supremacy ; Children of Abraham are genetically supreme and other aren’t

    States declared that States belong to the Women/Minority; white girl chose to be minority-trophy wife/Non-European

    Citizenship and Voting? What is that? Isn’t that Every body have like oxygen?

    How the hell did you share the wealth when Army and police only loyal to the paycheck and Banks do not belong to the States

    If people’s Judge demand to share the wealth to corporate, banks, Private Foundation Than they move to another state

    White elite and Jew create Perfect Hell for poor white men who stuck with bankrupt states surround by White men hater

    They think its fun to Kill European race and turn whole world to Backward States

  7. Just in passing I would not that this thin and grey font on white makes this page hard on the eyes. You might want to make the font darker or thicker. But that’s just me. I could be wrong.

    • Most graphic designers believe that serif fonts are better for text. Sans serif (like this) is fine for heads and subheads but is fatiguing to the eye when it continues at some length.

  8. Pretty bleak outlook. Was listening to sports radio today. They kept carrying on about the losing quarterback for the AFC game.

    Don’t really follow football so had to look this guy up . Sure enough “a person of color” . If this kid unzipped his fly these two jokers would be on their knees.

    Tells me pretty much whatever our masters have in store for us will go unabated. Whitey will do what he is told. Like the South Africans even when these people are being murdered they’ll still be in denial.

  9. Brushing aside that “social capital” is a bogus phrase of leftist-progressive academic claptrap (social currency would more appropriate), there is some truth in the Z-man’s prediction.

    Likely, over the next ten years, you will witness a big sort in the USA. Libby progs will gain control of Florida, Arizona, Georgia and perhaps Texas. Whites will move in droves to northern states. Those of the colored races will flock south.

    This will set the stage for the break-up of the USA by 2050 or so.

  10. As citizenship devolves into a purely legal category, codes of conduct are no longer upheld by the invisible hand of an urge to do the right thing voluntarily. Laws must expand to fill the void in social loyalty. The State becomes the sole arbiter of what is correct — with the power to declare anything inconvenient to it as punishable.

    I am very worried about what is to come, but somewhat encouraged by the increasing number of comments here that simply assume that radical reformation is needed. What that will consist of is naturally subject to much debate and disagreement, which is a mixed blessing. It hinders decisive action, but if undertaken in a spirit of goodwill toward all who see that the center cannot hold, it promises to lead (after much back-and-forth) to new and better institutions rather than blind destruction of the old with nothing coherent to replace it.

    • It would seem that what must follow is an authoritarian/dictatorial rule. However, I’m not convinced it will be conservative and a Pinochet-like figure will head it. But whatever, I suspect it will have initial support of the people who will clamor for an end to the chaos of anarchic, warring factions.

  11. I seem to remember under Bush Jr., any non-citizen who signed up for the military was promised citizenship. Seems that was only convenient as long as he needed cannon fodder –

    With all due respect to your men and women in the military, the US hasn’t fought for or secured anyone’s freedom or democracy since WWII, it’s a wonder why anyone would sign up, especially as more benefits keep getting cut. A friend in the US recently told me military personnel no longer have the old retirement program but are now being enrolled in a 401-K program.

    From what we have heard over here, only the poorest and worse performing students generally end up in the military as a last resort when and often when there are no options for employment in their local areas.

    To make things worse, I recently read that a high percentage of military age men can’t even make the basic weight requirement or physical fitness tests.

    Any truth to any of this?

      • Epaminondas, correct. What one should consider (and then shudder at) is who represents the “tip of the spear” in the armed services at this point— the last of the White civnat’s. Your alpha males as you call them. Drive them off and the military is a paper tiger as Mao was want to say.

      • Yeah, sure so Marcus Luttrell, Matthew Axelson and Mike Murphy were not Alpha Males as they served with a minority (Solomon Suh). Why don’t you walk up to Marcus Luttrell and say this to his face? Besides, what have you done for the country? Like most of the alt-right losers, you probably have not served and never will. Rick Wilson is a first rate sleaze and traitor but he was right about the alt-right being childless single men who get kicks out of anime watching.

    • Yes, GWBush loved the idea of foreign mercenaries becoming magic dirt Americans. Obama loved it even more and decided the magic worked (Squatemalan peasant to American citizen soldier) in only one year. Now some of them are quietly being released.

      As far as bennies go, some have been cut from the height of the Iraq/Afghanistan entanglements, but overall military salaries are quite competitive and plenty of ‘retirees’ are barely middle-aged and are often double-dippers (military retirement plus private pension).

      Right now the Army is having trouble filling its recruitment quota because private sector jobs are more available and, I believe, more red-state conservatards are realizing it’s foolish to risk life and limb for the evil empire. The generals (all those left are the ones Obama didn’t purge and Trump has been too dumb to get rid of) are now planning on recruiting in blue states and urban areas – ie People of COLOR.

      That’s where the problem with dumb and fat recruits comes from. Those are the ‘youts’ who cannot pass the fitness test or minimal intelligence test (30th percentile on the ASVAB) or criminal background – even with all the exceptions now to encourage such stellar citizens of COLOR to become servants of the empire to crush Whitey when/if he ever resists.

      Prior to GWBush and his neocons on steroids, the volunteer military had some of the highest educaated and ablest men. The combat arms and special forces are still predominantly White, but that is changing rapidly with aggressive programs for womyn and magic Negroes – another thing Trump has done nothing to slow or combat. So lots of White men are getting out.

  12. A homerun post. Leftism will end in something sterile, dead concrete. I believe leftists subconsciously steer towards this b/c the inner core of marxism, in all its many forms, is nihilism. Like psychopaths they dont instinctively understand human emotions.

  13. I will be interested to see if in post-national America social cohesion becomes purely a numbers game, i.e. my tribe is bigger than your tribe, so we win and you lose. The current coalition of the fringes blurs this dynamic. Are tribes with disparate interests cooperating merely to hasten the suppression of the dwindling majority of hated whites? I cannot grasp how a tribe like so-called transexuals, at less than 1% of society, or even homosexuals, at less than 10%, can expect to maintain any power. The loss of widespread moral sensibility has shielded them from the outrage of former centuries, but their incessant demands for not merely tolerance but active celebration of the lifestyle cannot survive their growing uselessness as a small group competing with many larger ones. We are heading for the Hobbesian war of all against all, which is a fair characterization of modern Lebanon.

  14. “If one wants to a preview of the post-national world, look at Lebanon.”

    Yes, by all means look at it. Look at the entire Middle East. By bringing in large numbers of non-Europeans into the USA, especially Semitic peoples of all persuasions, we are turning our nation into a mirror image of the soil from which these tribal people sprang. Low trust societies are destroying high trust societies.

    • The soil from which these people sprang is poor, desolate, and wasted. Their culture, such as it is, is a means of survival in such a place. It appears that their culture, which consists of basically scavenging, and is riven with brutal alliances of blood and convenience, is our future, if we allow it to establish itself. Why, in God’s name, would we want to do such a thing to ourselves?

  15. Do any of you people have children?

    Do any of you people have (or have you ever had) a romantic relationship with a female?

    • Sounds pretty homophobic to me. Please turn yourself in to the nearest re-education center, Citizen!

    • I am a woman with a husband and five children (yes, all fathered by my husband), and I hang on Zman’s every word. Good day to you.

    • As opposed to you hunting down de fine white women? I’d hazard most here are parents and in stable relationships with horror of horrors….people of the opposite sex.

    • Jerry Curl, I proudly admit that I’ve never had a romantic relationship with a female and never will.

  16. I was arguing with some lefties the other day about the illegals and the caravan, and I told them “you guys favor foreigners over your own people.” And they said there is the issue, you should not make a distinction between “your people” and foreigners. That basically shut me up. Once a large group has accepted and internalized that what more can you say to them?

    • All you can do at that point of the discussion is to observe that the foreigners still privilege their own people over all others. It’s similar to when someone decries white identity politics. At this point, you must say, “Okay, now say the same thing about j3wish/black/hispanic identity groups.” They are almost always unable to do so.

      The lefties are asking you to be race-blind towards people who are committed to their race. Only conservatives fall for that. Unfortunately, conservatives love to do that.

  17. “Everywhere in America, employment is at-will, which means an employee can be dismissed by an employer for any reason.”

    What are you, some kinda commie? BTW, it’s not everywhere, only most states; and it doesn’t apply if you do have an employment contact (execs, big shots, etc.). And it’s always been like this, so it’s hardly related to some loss of patriotism.

    • “And it’s always been like this”.

      Except when businesses were tied to the community and lived in the community and were related to people in the community and planned on remaining members of the community and their children and grandchildren would inherit part of this community and so on and so on and so on…so explicit laws of fair play and reciprocity we unnecessary.

  18. This is exactly the world as it existed in the environment of our ancestral evolution, e.g. roving tribes in equilibrium with all other neighboring tribes; and all strangers are perceived as existential threats because that was the reality. It is only during the last 1% of our evolutionary life that we have adapted to large-scale assemblies of population (nations), and this was driven by survival necessity (the age of barbarism). Patriotism evolved as a trait because that is what worked in the new nation-based environment that ultimately defeated barbarism.

    Now ask the question, what we will evolve into in this new post-national environment? Here’s a clue. The extinction of hardship will be a key driver.

  19. I live in Minnesota, and the change is unbelievable up here after the Somalis invaded. When some of them first got here, they would try on the culture and integrate OK. A Cross country team up here had a national caliber team of Somalis in a small town. Not that many in the school so they all went out for the team and did really well. When the local meat packing plant kept bringing them in for cheap labor, their crew in town grew really large. Now they are a gang in town that just makes trouble and gives nothing back to the community.

    • Until the average normie conservative is mouthing the words “internment” and “repatriation” we are still on square one.

      It would seem almost a titanic achievement just to halt illegal immigration, let alone “legal” immigration.

    • There’s a difference between a sprinkling of diversity and large numbers, a distinction most pundits never make. The Somalian kids when small in number felt the need to join the cross country team and integrate into the school’s culture. Kids want to be part of a group. When the numbers of Somalians grew large, now they have their own group, their own culture and no need to join the white students’ team and culture.

  20. “The rules promulgated by the state are to be navigated around, rather than respected.”

    Not taking issue overall, but there has never been a time when that particular item wasn’t true.

    • No, the federal behemoth has too much inertia. Social disintegration will begin in the large metropolitan areas with very high parasite populations. These localized collapses will trigger a heavy-handed response from federal agents and national guard troops; which will succeed in marginally containing the chaos. Nothing major will happen until the pension bubble bursts and the financial system collapses.

  21. This column dovetails with some of the thoughts I’ve had recently that the alt-right (or dissident right, or whatever nomenclature you choose) needs to become less republican (small “r”) or democrat (small “d”) and become parlimentarian in our thinking. In the foreseeable future we will never be more than a small but growing minority. We need to exploit opportunities for alliances on a transactional basis on issues of importance, as is done in a parlimentary system.

    I began thinking about this when AOC proposed her 70% top marginal income tax rate on incomes of greater than $10MM. As a matter of economics it’s terrible policy and five years ago I would have opposed it reflexively. Today I am largely on board with it. Most of the people affected will be members of America’s corporate elite, all of whom have allied with the globalists to sell out what used to be America. In exchange for the wall, border security, and lower immigration limits I would agree to lower the income limit to $5MM or $3MM, and while we’re at it impose a wealth tax of 2% per annum on assets in excess of $100MM.

    Presidential candidate Kamala Harris is proposing middle-class tax cuts. If the GOPe outs Trump in the primary I may well support her. It’s time to punch back at the GOPe.

    • we’re not homo economicus ..
      There’s more to public policy than just Tax Policy.
      Dems have supported policies like limiting the size of soda bottles (Bloomberg as NYC mayor (BTW he’s a RINO, and might run for potus as a Dem)), banning plastic bags, or banning paper bags, banning plastic soda straws (but not plastic forks); DeBlasio wants to evict people from public housing if they smoke; they banned foam plastic food containers, they want to ban pet stores from selling pets that aren’t from shelters;
      San Francisco Supervisor Katy Tang won a proposal to ban sales of fur coats.
      Wherever they go, leftists want to establish highly centralized, authoritarian regimes, that micromanage every aspect of our lives. The tax policies are only part of the means to do so.
      I wouldn’t vote for Kamala Harris just because you think her *tax* policies will hurt the elite rich leftists. I wouldn’t trust the other policies she would want to enact.

      • That’s a no brainer. Who gives a sh!t about soda bottle size, plastic grocery bags, plastic soda straws, plastic food containers, evicting smokers from public housing, pets from pet stores, and fur coats? I’d gladly cave on all that in exchange for the wall, border security and lower immigration limits.

        You obviously missed the point of my comment. As a small but growing minority, the alt-right can’t wield any meaningful political power within a two-party system, other than on an issue-by-issue basis. We need to make alliances where we can. For too long the GOPe has taken our votes as a given. No more.

        • you’ll never have any alliances with people on the left, not even on the minor issues I mentioned.
          If Harris is elected president, she’ll veto any bill that exchanges higher taxes on rich leftists, if it also includes funding a wall.

          there isn’t enough diversity in political leanings to have a fluid parlimentary system of alliances. We only have 2 major diametrically opposed leanings now, Dem or Rep.

    • Not to beat a dead horse, but to even consider a recommendation from the profoundly ignorant AOC wrt tax policy is silly. The figures can be looked up from the IRS, but even during the Reagan administration, the numbers of folk with *incomes* in such high brackets (adjusting for inflation) was infinitely small. These type of folks, the few that they number, are in the top .1 of 1% of the population. No meaningful amount of money can be generated from them. Folks with all the wealth did not derive such from income, but rather they created it through their business ventures (or their fathers did). And for the most part those folk are in charge of the government via their paid employee’s (politicians) and will not allow a wealth tax (not that that’s a solution either).

      The real money from income, wealth, and such is in the top 9% (excluding the top 1% here) of the 99% of the population. And that’s where this has to go—and believe me, you won’t like it.

      Basically: The top .1 of 1% buy politicians, the next 9.9% buy stocks and bonds, the next 50-60% buy groceries and pay rent, the bottom 30% cash welfare checks.

      • Perhaps you missed the sentence in my original comment which stated explicitly that as a matter of economics it’s terrible policy.

        This isn’t about economics; it’s about politics. The wealthy cozied up to the left for years in no small part because they knew they could rely on conservatives to block the socialist impulses of an AOC. It’s time for us to declare that alliance dead.

        The first time AOC utters the words “wealth tax” this will get interesting.

        • I prefer the Democrats to any neocon style republican. If we are going to waste money it may as well be in this country. This may be terribly wrong headed, but it’s a spiritual thing to some degree with me. Please explain to me if I’m wrong.

  22. >”Similarly, the citizen looks at his government in terms of what it can provide to him. He owes the state no more than he owes the coffee shop. The rules promulgated by the state are to be navigated around, rather than respected. If the rules work for the citizen or his group, the law is supported by the citizen or his group. On the other hand, if the law is an obstacle, then the law is subverted or ignored. In a post-national world, respect to the spirit of the law makes no more sense than having loyalty to a country.”

    This is, roughly, the Chinese attitude toward the law. The Emperor makes proclamations from the Throne of Heaven, and all must bow before him, but as soon as his back is turned and they figure they can do so without getting caught, people just do whatever the hell they want – what the Emperor doesn’t know won’t hurt him. This is one of the old attitudes that Mao was trying to eradicate in China, but never quite could. But our system is supposed to be different. Absent the Emperor and his absolute power, we rely on the fact that most people are going to follow the law most of the time, even when nobody is watching, just because they think they should. When the law loses its mystique of legitimacy and people start to adopt the Chinese attitude, that whole system crashes.

    Related: The kinds of “1776 WILL COMMENCE AGAIN” types who think they’re going to grab a tricorner hat and an AR-15 and march down to Washington to pull a Saigon ’75 on the place are, of course, delusional. That would be nearly impossible. But it’s actually pretty easy to make a swath of territory fundamentally ungovernable, especially by bureaucrats in a distant Imperial capital. We can see that in Afghanistan, where the Afghan government’s real ruling authority essentially ends at the city limits of Kabul. When the Imperial army or its local satraps come through, everybody bows before them, but as soon as their convoy moves on, people just do whatever the hell they want. 18 years and counting, with no end in sight. There’s a lesson to be had there.

    • A federal government manned by blacks and browns will not be a particularly effective overseer. It won’t be hard to work around them.

      The hard part will be getting whites to realize that they “their” country no longer exists and that they need to create a community within the larger society. This will take time and work.

    • Maybe I’m just getting too old, or can still remember too clearly the America that was for us, but do we really want that ???

  23. Back in the good ol’ days, white people had little concept of their own race. It wasn’t something you thought about much. For most white Americans, whiteness was everywhere. In your neighborhood, community, school, when you went out shopping, on TV, movies. Blacks mostly lived somewhere else, in their own neighborhoods.

    Now that whites are surrounded and living among people from all over the world, who actually do think and act racially, the game has changed. Whites have been trained to think in terms of color-blindness and content of character. However, the new brown neighbors don’t think that way. They’re more clannish, less trusting of outsiders.

    And now the elites, including the media, have unleashed an assault on whites, coming up with concepts like white privilege, and now suddenly everything is about race. This is new for whites, and somewhat disorienting. Yet most conservatives are sticking to the non-racial “that’s not who we are,” while the left is busy playing by the new identity and race rules. Whites need to stop with the virtue-signalling and learn how to play the new racial identity game or it’s game over.

    • I agree. We should treat non-whites with respect, especially as individuals, and wish them well. However, we must adamantly vote and act in our own best interests until everyone agrees to play by the same rules.

    • I’ve remarked here before how my neighborhood looks like a UN Symposium. I’m in the DC area and I (wrongly) assumed that both price and distance would keep diversity at bay. The starting townhouses here are nearly half a mil (average for DC), single family up from there.

      On my little street fully 3/4 of the people here are muzz. Africans, mystery meat middle easterners. A smattering of Asians, and ONE white family. (Along with a white mudshark and her “boyfriend” so yeah, she doesn’t count) That is a mind boggling thing to me and just shows there will soon be few places left to go. I have zero relationship with any of my neighbors.

      Many of the dwellings have decks, they are barren. These people have no earthly concept of what a deck is for. Sitting outside, interacting with neighbors, or in the most toxically masculine move grilling out.

      They are insular, clannish, and suspicious to the last. Who the fuck wants to live in a place like this? Soon my template will be cloned nationwide. I will have to move again to the hinterlands I suppose but I wonder how much longer before all the ‘white flights’ are permanently cancelled with no destinations available?

    • Wolf, of course I agree. But I also think many Whites are the way they are because they do not have the type of contact with minorities that would cause an epiphany. We tend, even is heavily minority states and cities, to find White islands of refuge in which to live and raise children.

      I’ve don’t remember too many folks I’ve known who remain naively color blind when they’ve gotten a good taste of vibrant diversity.

    • Like Myanmar situation, it was created by British Imperialist

      Bring Bangladeshis into Myanmar, Made them ruling class and let them fight Myanmarese while British extract the resource

      Does it sound familiar to you?

      That’s what White Elite doing it European World, Bring foreigners into European communities

      Let European and Non-European compete each other for everything while you get champagne in summer house balcony

      Let the Normal people pay all the tax and bring in more brown people so make sure can’t rebel against Elite

  24. I don’t know what the answer is. I was active military in Gulf War #1 and looking back, that may really have been the last gasp of American Nationalism. I’m currently working with a lot of active duty folks and for them military “service” really is just a job, one with lots of mandatory pozzing. It’s sad really, maybe we were all delusional suckers back then, but we really believed we were participating in something bigger than ourselves, on behalf of our country. I don’t think you could get anyone with more than 6 months of service to say that now, not without a sarcastic smirk.
    I still have the uneasy feeling that a real collapse is coming, an evolutionary bottleneck of destruction, famine, and death. If something cannot continue indefinitely, it won’t. To me all of this hand-hand wringing over leftist idiocy seems a waste of time. Better to be busy burying food in a hole in a forest somewhere. Maybe I lack vision, but I do not see a peaceful path through what is coming. A return to nasty, brutish, and short.

    • As Zman says, “Since no one is a citizen in the old sense, the military stops being a citizen military. Instead, it takes on the characteristics of a mercenary army.”

      A mercenary army in the service of a corrupt, deep state. What could go wrong?

      • Lots.

        The point is, in a post law and order world where might makes right. You better be a bad ass with your own forces, Because there is nothing stopping a large mercenary force from simply taking everything their paymaster has,

    • Technology (and the death of hardship) has changed our environment such that the river of our culture has changed course. And now, it’s leading us to a falls up ahead. Only the strongest among us will survive the journey over the falls. Stay strong or get strong.

  25. The Leftists always hijack words that all normal people approve of, like Justice or Equality, and then they twist the meaning so that it fits in with their own perverse understanding, in the expectation that people will retain the word and gradually get use to and accept the new meaning. Justice and Equality means the permanent establishment of rules that treat people in an unjust and unfair manner. Voila.

    I used to sing along with the national anthem. Then it occurred to me that the state that I associated that song with no longer exists, and they want me to shift my allegiance to the old one to their new perversity. Fuck that. I remain silent now.

    Same thing with this “citizenship” thing. As the post notes, the term is supposed to mean belonging to a historical collective to which I have attachment and which has obligations to me. Now it just means wherever you reside, and anybody can adopt this new “citizenship” just by moving, the way people used to move from, say, Cincinnati to Buffalo, and the only difference is that you root for a new team and boo the old one.

    So, we shouldn’t let them get away with this shift in meaning. The new “citizenship” is not like the old one. What to replace it with? “Resident”? After all, it’s just a matter of where you happen to live now, and you could move to a new “country” (“admin unit”) tomorrow. Maybe “member”. That sort of sounds like being a member of the Book of the Month Club, and the citizenship isn’t much different.

    On the other hand, maybe we need a more pejorative term. I’ve sometimes said that I’m not some termite and everybody else can go be a subject of the queen if they feel like it. So now we can say, “Oh, so you’ve become a new termite in this hill, have you? Welcome to the United States of Amerindia!”

  26. The USSA is a giant tick that sucks the lifeblood out of the resident populace. It is part and parcel of leftist thinking. Welcome to the club. Egalitarianism is a far cry from where we need to be.

    • We function in part as a protection racket. The US Navy secures the sea lanes for Arab oil and Chinese trinkets. In return, foreign money buys up the debt to finance the imperialism. It’s a psychotic macro-level game of musical chairs. And when the music stops, nobody knows.

  27. I primary difference between our ruling class (the managerial state, academia, the technology corporations, etc.) and societies based ethnic, tribal and religious affiliations is that in the latter, kith and kin maintain lasting bonds, whereas in the former, siblings, children, etc., are forsaken when they don’t “qualify” for a place in the ruling class.

    One might see such relatives and friends at an occasional Thanksgiving gathering or a funeral, but the ties that really bind are transactional — “earning” a place in the ruling class, even a low level position, is a prerequisite for maintaining the bond.

    The crazy uncle with the blue collar job and the MAGA hat is an alien, whereas the Somali refugee who works in the data center is part of the team. In reality, of course, such constructs are contrary to fundamental human nature. It’s hard to believe this ruling structure is sustainable, except for the fact that polyglot masses who are excluded from the ruling class (naturally and inevitably) treat each other with suspicion and enmity.

  28. For us to get to the point of Lebanon would require a degree of social decay that would leave very little worth fighting for to preserve.

    In the best of times Lebanon was a country of borderlands, people with deep fundamental cultural differences. It was never anti-fragile, as a famous native has coined that term.

    Our regional differences, inspite of a civil war and some regional bickering, are workable and antifragile. At least up until now.

    If the present trend continues and we get to a point that a Lebanon like fragmentation appears on the horizon, where we are no longer antifragile, then things will have decayed to a point where the present will seem like paradise.

    At some point, maybe during the next election cycle, we’ll need to form a European style nationalist party. We need to get over Cville and engage in politics in a public way. This will probably be a lot easier if Trump loses.

    If we fail to develop some sort of public platform in the next 2 to 3 years then we will end up like Lebanon, or worse.

    • Unfortunately, our political system isn’t designed for more than two parties. A parliamentary system allows for many parties. That makes an ostensibly white nationalist party (or, really, any party representing a particular group) not viable.

      It’s why the Dems are the coalition of the fringes. They have to work within the structure of one party.

      Theoretically, white identity politicians would be a faction of the GOP, but the GOP hates us so that’s not going to happen.

      • I agree with your point if Trump can manage another victory. If he loses I don’t think we have any other choice, especially if it’s back to Conservative, Inc. If we had a chance to take over the RP I’d advocate for that path, but look at the whole Steve King episode. They’ll remain Civnats until the stars burn out.

        If Trump goes down, hoping our enemies will be fair is fantasy. Look at the kids from KY. They literally did nothing. A nervous smile triggered calls for death and destruction. Hiding in the electronic catacombs will be the end of us. If we show some backbone maybe normies will find theirs.

        I don’t see any other path for us. Too many of us still think of this in conventional political terms. It’s not. It’s become a “clash of civilizations”.

        The RP are just a paid off rear guard. If they can’t be turned we need to walk away no matter how few of us there may initially be. If Trump goes down our only choice will come down to “on your feet or on your knees”. We’ll have to hope that open defiance and revolt will have a ripple affect among our tribe.

        A Trump defeat means politics is no longer on the table, for either side.

          • How well did the RNC do protecting the ballot box during the mid-terms?

            In some ways this is more frustrating than are the antics and hysteria coming out of the left. The Recuckplicans have been on their knees for so long they’ve become worse than a joke.

            Black Pilled has a short film that hits the mark: The elephants are the RNC, except for the last few frames. THAT’s us or it’s no one.


  29. Loyalty to your country only works if you actually have a country.

    I know everyone likes to (justifiably) whale on the cuckservatives. But I’d like to propose a new term: the slowservative.

    Unlike the cuckservative, who is cowardly and careerist, the slowservative is an upstanding guy, likes idea of family, works hard, inwardly dislikes public pozz, tries to do the right thing. But the problem is he’s slow in getting it. You know, It. Our Thing.

    The slowservatives I know are still fired up about the American flag because they don’t know yet that we don’t have a country any more.

    To be in our thing, right now, requires a special skill set: to have a “statistical intuition” for demographic projections, to have fundamental acceptance of politically incorrect HBD basics, and to to have an accurately cynical view of political psychology.

    The slowservatives just can’t put all that together. In 50 years, sure, they’ll be on our side. That’ll be their only option then. The writing will be on the wall, in blood. The question is, by the time we bring them over, is it going to be a South Africa style situation, or something more salvageable?

    • It’s why I have started to remind every normie I know that he will soon be a minority. It’s illuminating to see their response. At some level, they know this, but have locked it away in some hidden part of their mind. When it is called forth, they get angry, not at the person making the point, but just angry. They don’t know where to direct the anger. Fear of being racist closes off the natural avenues. Fear of breaking with their political tribe closes off other avenues.

      • Another aspect to this is that white normies don’t have a deep enough cultural well to draw from. Millions of white Americans have no real connection to their ethnic ancestries, unlike Europeans, who, despite everything, are still tied to the lands that out people have lived on for many thousands of years. White America, almost by definition, was built on turning away from the traditions of Europe and trying to create something new and shiny here, albeit from a European template.
        Most educated whites are so alienated from their own ethnic traditions that they find third world cultures to be exotic and exciting.
        I grew up in an ethnic neighborhood with deep ties to the old country through extended family. I never thought, and still don’t think, folks from Asia or Africa possess something I don’t, whereas many whites only have baseball and apple pie, which are not solid substitutes for real ethnic cultural traditions. Of course, we still have outliers like the Amish, but most Americans can’t access that lifestyle, or wouldn’t want to if it was offered.
        Consumerism and the relative transience of modern American society leaves millions of whites in America with no firm anchor to an ancient past, which modern Europeans, despite all their problems, possess.
        People without a firm link to the deep past can be more easily bullied and lied to when it comes to ethnic replacement or weaponized Identity politics.

        • True. American whites face a far more difficult task than European whites. They have a sense of tribe that goes beyond their government. We don’t. American whites defined themselves by words – pioneers, freedom, the Constitution, etc. – not blood.

          This proved to be our downfall because words can manipulated, especially by a certain tribe.

          Citizenship should first and foremost be defined by blood.

          • Citizenship should be defined by blood……

            ……which, coincidentally enough, is how Japan defines it. It’s hard enough there to become a naturalized citizen. But if you have Korean blood … to say nothing of African or Muslim blood … you simply will NOT not be a “natural-born” citizen even if you’re born in the street running alongside the Imperial Palace grounds: WRONG BLOOD.

            One of the reasons Japan is stable and not collapsing (yet) from POZZ.

        • “…and the relative transience of modern American society leaves millions of whites in America with no firm anchor to an ancient past, which modern Europeans, despite all their problems, possess..”

          Deracinated (no roots) and
          atomized (no .connections to other people)

          • ,European cuckwhites are finished, American whites are still fighting the good fight. All their “connections” has not helped the Euro whites one fucking bit. They are like the lotus eating Eloi in the novel – Time Machine”. The alpha gene in the American white is more or less intact unlike the European cuckwhite. There is much more hope for the U.S. and White America than Europe. Europe has committed seppuku on a grand scale.

        • You may have something there, my family have lived within a few miles of where I am now in Northern England since….well forever I guess and I would die before giving it up.

        • Do this for me, please. “Ethnic” or not, most of us on this site can connect genealogically to someone who was a Patriot during the American Revolution. Did you have a Great Aunt Tilly who was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution? Go on the national website,, and look under GRS. Its a public genealogy site. Think of a family name you’ve heard that might go back a ways, also a state where that person may have first settled.

          Why I’m mentioning this is that this non-political organization works tirelessly with volunteers across the country — and in some foreign lands, too! — to honor and thank Veterans; present ROTC certificates to h.s. and college grads; to keep American History alive as a subject in our schools by sponsoring essay contests –Christopher Columbus, too;-); provide materials for Junior American Citizen clubs in the schools; literacy promotion for adults and children; assistance with Naturalization for new citizens, since the organization’s founding in 1890. The DAR got the US Congress to celebrate the US Constitution on Sept 17-23 each year starting in the 1950s! The DAR Good Citizen award has been given to high school seniors since the 1930s. All in all an admirable record of achievement that is going stronger than ever.

          Check into this for your female friends/family members. The male equivalents (S.A.R., Sons of Revolution and the Order of Cincinnati are examples) are also important to a sense of national “belonging” which is what I sense those posting here are feeling the absence of, currently. Several thousand women appear at the annual meeting aka Continental Congress in Washington DC each year. Huge patriotic event that lasts a week. National Defense Night is one such occasion. HQ building, Constitution Hall, is right around the corner from the White House. Largest piece of real estate anywhere owned and operated by women! The Pledge to the Flag of the USA and the American’s Creed open every meeting, luncheon, etc., also with a prayer from the Chaplain General.

          Let’s look forward to the 250th Anniversary of the American Revolution, starting in a few years. Planning for this has already begun. Enthusiasm for this great event might frustrate our scheming foes!

          • I think you’re going to find an awful lot of “whites” in the US who have no connections whatsoever to the time period of the American Revolution.

            Furthermore – many of the later European immigrants , brought with them politics that were completely antithetical to the structure of the Republic as it was founded.

            All of the socialism/communism in this country now – started off as a foreign import. It was not a home-grown philosophy. Garet Garret pointed this out way back in the 30’s with his book “The Revolution Was”.

            Quite frankly I’ve thought for quite some time that our problems here started when we began allowing immigration from places like Germany and some of the other Eastern European countries. Their political and legal and social traditions were in direct opposition to those of the original founders. The founding stock of this country were no big fans of the importation of Catholics (for an example).

            The current trend of just allowing in people from anywhere in the world – is just a continuation and amplification of the belief in magic dirt that semi-integrated all those European whites.

            I’ve got no personal problems with your idea to connect with someone from the time of the American Revolution. On my mother’s side there’s a famous burial ground with my grandmother’s family name on it right in Boston, my grandfather’s name is on a mountain pass up in NH. On my father’s side we believe there is a signer of the Declaration who is my namesake. My grandmother did the family geneology and found that many of my ancestors fled to New Brunswick after the Revolution.

            I know I have the connections. I think you’re going to find however – even among whites – a good many of them do not.
            The fact that most of the current crop of immigrants most DEFINITELY do not – is something that is a given.

        • This is why I’m bullish on the South’s chances. We still have something resembling cuisine and a culture that has been under attack for much longer. Attrition has done some damage but it can’t be monetized like other cultures.

        • This is one of those rare situations in which “what about me” is the correct question.

          I have more than half a dozen European bloodlines, Nordic, Prussian , Eastern European, Flemish (maybe) French, English, Scots and maybe more and some of my people have been in the US since the Colonial Era others more recently

          Exactly how do the many people like me be European? The answer is, we don’t. Even if I moved to Europe, only my grandkids maybe my kids would be Europeans never me.

          As such my tribe is White and American and Deplorable and I have to fight for that and as much land as I can get with ruthless abandon in order to make it

          I think deep down in the guts of many Whites they know this and it scares them , to paraphrase GNR “Nothing civil about war anyway.”

          Its needed though, its us or them

          Getting so that people accept blood, soil and history as COSC notes and are no longer atomized as NBJ notes is not an easy task. Its happening faster than you think but its meat space time so its seems glacially slow

          Its also a bit ugly as there are good people more or less on our side of mixed race and non White who are not going to be doing well in an ethnocentric state. This will be the hardest moral issue

          No matter how we do it completing the task will require embracing authority and using it and the cowardly figures on the Right who are terrified of leading and ruling are as bad if not worse than the Left.

          Take power and use it or be a slave

      • I also remind them that whites are a tiny minority of the world’s overall population (and falling) and that we’re the most “exotic” in terms of skin and hair color.

        Young whites need to be reminded that their race is different and special – and worth keeping around.

        • RAYCISS as f-ck! I am not disagreeing with you, when you look at total global population whites are a super minority but to even hint that we are somehow special or better, that autoimmune reaction kicks in from years of (((programming))) even with staunchly conservative people.

          Until you figure out a way to disarm that gag reflex you are spinning your wheels.

          • Clearly 4 peoples sarcasm meter is tragically broken. Mostly high IQ folks on Z-blog but you get some dim bulbs too. 😉

      • Normie realizes that he’ll be a minority. And that’s a bit odd to him. But the part of that that he doesn’t get yet, is that we won’t be just another minority, but a hated minority who POCs and women must avenge.

        • Right, Frip. Normies have been deeply conditioned by half a century of fawning over minorities. First blacks, then women (as if half the population could be a minority), then other persons of color, then poofters, then trannies … to many whites, the prospect of being part of a minority sounds like something virtuous and kind of cool.

          We need to point out in season and out that being a minority can be very dangerous when a majority, or combination of other minorities, has it in for you.

      • I know Peter Brimelow has said things like this before – but the numbers can be misleading. Texas is only 40% white and all the statewide officials are republicans. Is Texas replicable on a national scale – or are we fucked once we become minority majority?

        • No. 40% White means that 20% of the population are White men. That’s enough to win with weaponized smirking .

    • Babe—slowservatives. I like that concept. Will use it. Now that I hear it described, it fits most folk I know in the close circle of friends and relatives. Thanks.

    • You are comparing different entities. “Cuckservative” applies to Conservatives in power (media/political/publishing), and with the power to do something about what they secretly know is the real truth, but they choose to play the enemy’s game for narrow self-serving reasons. Your “Slowservative” is just a relatively powerless neighbor normie.

    • Or just maybe, the slowservative does not want his country to become another alt-right shithole like Serbia, Croatia or any of the other 100% white third world Bantustan. They don’t like the brown invasion but do not like the Swastika in a business suit that the alt-right peddles either.

  30. You link Representative Ilhan Omar and imply she is not American. Let me tell you that she is more American than anyone posting here. She represents MOST OF THE COUNTRY; she represents diversity, progress, and good in the struggle against racism and Islamophobia.

    She is beautiful, smart, brave, an incredible leader, and is a prove that all America does not listen to our president’s hateful and divisive rhetoric. We should be proud of her.

    How many white presidents or Congress have been in the USA. But if one black person gets something good, he/she gets hate messages or threat from the whites. Like Obama when he became president many white people were so mad.

    It is as if white people are afraid of People of Color. Why is that? Is there something that whites have done in the past that would lead People of Color to seek justice.

    I hope you people know that the maga boys are about to be given the business.

    • Also, she’s married to her own brother.

      not that there’s anything wrong with that, anymore.

      • Here’s the thing with crazy people: if you can just find that hidden switch you can often make them explode in spectacular fashion.

        It’s quite fun to watch.

        But it can be a lot of work to find the switch. I think of it as a learning experience – because it becomes easier and easier with time, but the resulting explosions remain just as fun to watch as the very first time.

        We just need to find the Cornhole’s explode switch.

      • Jerry Corn aka Tiny Duck and several other things has been around a long time. He’s probably hasbara, a paid troll by some foundation or other.

        That said nothing he/she/other says should be taken with any seriousness. His main value to us is that he expresses the gut feeling of most of the progs in clear language and lets us know who else is thinking this stuff.

        He also makes it clear that the rest of us should not share a polity with people who think like him. How we make this happen with reenacting the 30 Years War or going Bosnia x Rwanda is yet to be seen but no way in hell are people with that mindset fit to rule me and mine

        Also on a milder note, I think he is somewhat amusing myself and I am not 100% sure he isn’t a pure troll or satire.

    • In the case of Ilhan Omar, it’s not so much People of Color, it’s more People of Sharia that’s the problem.

        • If your name is actually “Jerry Corn” it’ll be too bad for you, too, unless you plan on converting.

        • Which proves a favorite point of some on the manosphere, many women long to be property of a stronger man.

          And the fastest growing Islamic sect is Ahmadiyy who most Muslims consider non Muslim and heretics. Good luck with that Islamic unity.

          Wicca BTW is the fastest growing region in the US .

          Beyond that Christians will outnumber Muslims for at least another 30 years at current rates, probably more and these are not soft Western Christians but people who will kill or outlaw Muslims without a qualm.

          None of them are Islamophobic , that a stupid term anyway but intolerant and immune to Frankfort School bullshit . Once the US goes blooey in a few decades, no one will be able to stop natures progression

          War is a coming and the dream of peace the progs have will be no more.

        • If I gets me a converted blue-eyed red haired Muzzie woman or three, how can I be sure that she has abandoned Marxist-Feminism? How can I find out if she is bat-shit-crazy before excessively committing?

    • Afraid? no just saddened and surprised that a Somali could represent anything other than savagery. By the very fact she is Somali one can say she is if not the bottom rung of the evolutionary ladder then she is pretty near it, not sure why the likes of you think we would ever be afraid of low IQ savages.

      • I don’t like portraying the problem as one of fear. For the same reason I refuse to bow down to the “phobia” crowd. Homophobia, Islamophobia – it’s just left wing commie word-play designed to make it out like you’re irrational in not fully accepting a cornholing or your women wearing a burkha.

        There’s a big difference between not liking or not agreeing with something – and being *irrationally” in fear of it.

        Try using Islamexecration, or Islamaversion.

        Homoaversion, homoloathing – I’m sure somebody can come up with something that rolls off the tonque nicely.

        Stop using the words of the left.

      • “saddened and surprised that a Somali could represent anything other than savagery.”

        OTOH, Ayaan Hirsi Ali…

        so, maybe there’s some hope.

        • Ayaan Hirsi Ali is extremely hostile to all religion, very much including Christianity. And she somehow got Niall Ferguson to abandon his White wife and mother of his 3 children for her, with whom he now has a mulatto son. She’s hardly an example of a “good” Somalian.

          • I am only objecting to Thud’s phrase
            “anything other than savagery.”
            There’s a continuum from savagery to civility, and Ayaan Hirsi is nowhere near the savage end of the spectrum. People can evolve over time; so far she’s rejected islam, maybe she’ll come to Jesus eventually.

          • Nunnya, do you want to live in a country full of Christian blacks? Really? If not, cease with this multiracial Christian country non-sense.

    • LOL.

      Ilhan Omar is a Somali Muslim.

      Islam is completely antithetical to anything even remotely considered American. As a Muslim she is also opposed to anything considered “progress” in the Western tradition – so once again that makes her ANTI American – not “more” American.

      We’ve had white Presidents in this country – because this was an overwhelming majority WHITE country until the immigration laws were changed. Blacks have never comprised more than 10-13% of the population at any time during the nation’s history , and for the vast majority their behavior has precluded them from participating in the mainstream of American society.

      There’s no better argument against letting too many blacks get involved in politics – than to look at the results of what happens when they run cities. Then there’s the crop of black politicians. They’re a bunch of clowns – who never own a single damn thing – all they have is the blame industrial complex to fall back on.

      Why are white people “afraid” of POC? We aren’t. Because POC is a bullshit racist term. You’re trying to lump together American blacks, with African blacks, with Caribbean blacks, with Chinese, with Japanese, with Middle Eastern Christians, with Koreans, with African Muslims, etc.

      There’s no more racist term in the world than POC. And you’re apparently too stupid to realize that. You want a new term? Try using ABC (American Black Community). The ABC punches far outside their weight class for crime statistics, family degradation, general uselessness as competent employees, welfare dependency (another indicator of general uselessness), urban blight, racism, burden on the school system – etc.

      The ABC is despised by other POC – like Koreans, and Chinese, Caribbean blacks (why are America blacks so useless? – is a question I’ve been asked multiple times by Caribbean blacks I’ve known over the years), as well as all the brown people coming up from down south.

      South Central has been “ethnically cleansed” of American blacks – because the Mexicans couldn’t tolerate them.

      But by all means go ahead and keep telling yourself that all the POC is the same. It will make the day of reckoning at the hands of your imagined breathren all the more enjoyable to watch.

      • Barry is half-White, plus-some. I objected to his being a Marxist global-homo and associated with Bill Ayers the terrorist. Worse than Clinton 08-12? But, what was with the linebacker first lady and the kids that don’t resemble either of them?

    • Writing as a Deplorable whose ancestry goes back to the Pilgrims, and who – yet – is married to a first-generation, legal immigrant who is non-white, I’d like to ask “Do the letters F and Y hold any significance for you?”

    • “diversity, progress, and good in the struggle against racism and Islamophobia”

      And None of that is relate to European-American Value

      “Diversity ? You mean value that far away from European as much as possible”

      “Progress ? Weakening social cohesion through put various tribe at the same places is Old imperialist strategy”

      Are you Imperialist, Corn?

      “struggle against racism, Oh Really?

      When people accept 1 million immigrants every year and Race/gender quota system, it’s really hard to say that they are racist or Xenophobic

      You are the Racist, a European Hater who have Europhobia

    • Democracy and multiculturalism are mutually exclusive and we live in a time where it is being proven on a grand scale. It could only exist if the world had one language, one government and one religion. Until then, which is never, societies will compete over conflicting moralities and suspicion will undermine any progress toward peace, harmony and unity. The only thing people want in common is to be left alone. Democracy precludes that option.

  31. How do we on the right put the genie back in its bottle? Facism would produce a counter-reaction with leftist cells metasticizing again. Devolution to a confederation federation? Not even the squatemalans want to live in a squatemalan-run territory and they’d be massacred in negro territory, so it’d be everybody follow whitey. If we should experience a struggle of material attrition, who is to say some combination of events would cause us to fail as white Christians. Look how the Catholic church is still treating the Covington Boys despite they did nothing wrong and they are supervised children. If you have what you believe to be a workable plan, I’d sure love to give it a read-through.

    • Got an army?I’ve got an ethos and a solution.

      The solution is a right wing authoritarian state.

      This means its socially conservative and economically conservative (aka economically nationalist/populist) not fascist which implies corporatism.

      Said state first seals the borders than gradually deports people till its sufficiently homogeneous. 80% European is the goal, more if you can get it.

      During this interregnum it passes needed moral regulation especially marriage and custody reform (fault only divorce if children, male custody of children, limits on alimony etc) and maybe porn and drug bans while protecting Christian, not Judeo Christian but actual Christian values from lawfare.

      One very specific thing you’ll need is En Loco Parentis. Young minds are mush and it needs to be criminal to teach anyone under 21 Cultural Marxism or degeneracy . Treat as child molestation which is what it is.

      A ban on colleges requiring it for graduation as well.

      Once a person reaches the voting age of 21 local areas will still have elections its not the States issue

      During this period, use the lightest hand you can to regulate business as trade will be highly tariffed and restricted anyway but look at healthy and sustainable as the Left is spot on,about those issues.

      Over time is automation is creating unemployment, work to less formal employment for married women with kids and a lower work week.

      This should fix most of the problems in a few generations.

      The trick though is getting it

      Current Conservative thinking is like this

      Cuck to the Left and Business

      Keep Power


      Its not sustainable

      Where we are is



      A Better society

      Where we need to be is


      Take Power ?

      Better Society

      The middle there being easier said than done.

      • @AB
        I agree but the army thing is going to be a problem 🤔
        If you have any time free next week let me know…

        • I don’t but we will get meat on real space one of these days. More face to face meetings among the dissident right are a needed thing.

      • The greatness of America came during a period of unusual events that are not likely to be reproduced. It was the Protestant Ethic that was most responsible for the expansion of wealth and capitalism in a productive way. The belief in hard work, thrift, individual responsibility, a common moral code, common language, common faith, local politics and activist citizens, public shaming and shunning and bottom up governance were the drivers in the new democratic representative republic. Add to that the fact that nature supplied abundant resources and removed competing societies in a one time event of East meeting West and the results was the powerhouse of the 19th century America.

        Fast forward to today and we have a free-for-all democracy infected with Catholic and Muslim subservience to central authority and Jewish predatory banking and finance practices all fueled by the gaseous internet and entertainment industries vaping disinformation and misinformation and propaganda in the faces of everyone. Amorality is the new morality and anything goes. People cannot digest this onslaught of pseudo-information so they withdraw from involvement or default to a favorite issue to decide all things.

        Where this is headed and how it will change or end, is anybody’s guess but I can’t believe it will be good for most of mankind or pleasant.

  32. The sterile transactionalism is already evident. Consider the change in relationship between employers and their workers. Everywhere in America, employment is at-will, which means an employee can be dismissed by an employer for any reason.

    I don’t see any more fair employment relationship possibilities. Tenure and unions are both failures and sources of tremendous graft and cronyism.

    What should be the case is that the employee should be able to rely on a shared sense of community morality. The business owner should be morally ashamed, and experience shame from his community when he fires an employee for spurious reasons.

    But when the people are demoralized, in the literal sense of having been stripped of their moral compass, and when the employers are often just carpetbaggers and grifters with no sense of loyalty to the community or the nation, this breaks down.

    The solution, then, isn’t to eliminate at-will employment. France tried this and it hasn’t done a lick of good. The solution is to remove the drivers of demoralization and get rid of the grifters and the globalists.

    But is it too late for that? If we tried to shut down the pipeline of filth that comes out of Hollywood and into our TVs, the majority of the public would fight tooth and nail.

    There may be no saving a nation whose people are entertained by Jersey Shore, Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, Dexter, House of Cards, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, the Kardashians, and on and on….

    How do you remoralize a population? Has such a thing ever been accomplished without the utter destruction of the demoralized nation? I don’t think so.

    There is a trilogy of Russian fantasy novels beginning with Nightwatch that deals with the fight between good and evil, as the forces of evil work to demoralize the people and the forces of good try to repair the damage by “remoralizing.” That was the first time I ever read the word “remoralize” and it seemed so odd and unfamiliar, but it makes sense as the opposite of demoralize. Demoralization seems childishly easy, while remoralization seems almost an impossibility on a large scale.

    Vox Day supports blasphemy laws — if not a theocracy, then at least an explicitly and unapologetically Christian government. I don’t know if that’s the answer, but Vox is a smart guy and it seems to go to the heart of the demoralization question.

    • “Utter destruction” not required. Substantial destruction would be, at least destruction of the social order, if not of the population itself.

      Maybe I’m quibbling, but there’s a big difference between a social revolution and the Apocalypse.

    • Union labor is indeed part of the problem and should not be fetishized. The problem of callus employer employee relationships isn’t alleviated by unionism. If the state does not enforce minimal immigration and fruitful labor and capital relations itself, the union will only capitulate too.

      • Union leaders are generally members of radical leftist parties. They are out of touch with the rank and file membership anyway.

        • I know the habitual distaste for unions is a thing but the unions pushed wages a hell of a lot higher than they would have been without them.

          Collective anything, bargaining, action whatever is a lot more powerful than individual anything.

          The only employer of note who budged on wages was Henry Ford as well, most of the rest would rather set the nation on fire than pay decent wages.

          Unions gave people a lot more leverage to get wages to a decent level and reduce exploitation

          These days the demand for labor is such that baring economic nationalism and populism, wages will go down and to quote Neal Stephenson

          When it gets down to it — talking trade balances here — once we’ve brain-drained all our technology into other countries, once things have evened out, they’re making cars in Bolivia and microwave ovens in Tadzhikistan and selling them here — once our edge in natural resources has been made irrelevant by giant Hong Kong ships and dirigibles that can ship North Dakota all the way to New Zealand for a nickel — once the Invisible Hand has taken away all those historical inequities and smeared them out into a broad global layer of what a Pakistani brickmaker would consider to be prosperity

          Given the only way in the past that people could fight back against this was unions and uprisings enough to change the governments M.O. to favor workers a bit.

          These days the system is highly globalized and labor isn’t in demand enough for unions to work well even if they weren’t crooked.

          This means that the mechanism of the State will have to regulate or everyone will be smeared into genteel 3rd world poverty and oppression and replacement will continue till they roll over and die.

          • As long as I have basic liberty, a functional economy and a healthy homogeneous society I don’t care what kind of system I have.

            Socialist Nationalism (to differentiate from totalitarian genocidal National Socialism) is fine with me

    • What community? American’s move constantly chasing jobs or a better life and the lack of jobs has destroyed most communities. On the rare occasions in which people try to maintain them, either foreigners are brought on, jobs outsourced to anywhere cheaper, usually not the US or the globalists go into a panic and start planning relocation subsidies

      Given the US was founded with cheap labor and slavery baked into its national genetics, mix with individualism and a frontier ethos, season with Ayn Rand and Shame isn’t going to work. There is no us in the US

      Because of this the US as a nation that can’t adapt to being fully developed with the need for regulation and the attendant higher costs

      The few decades of prosperity post war came after many decades of labor up to and including the military bombing strikers . We got that war boom because we were the only game in town . None of these things are true now.

      Also automation and computers are eating into every job category and while all jobs won’t go away. they’ve served nicely to arbitrage wages down. If computers can do have say half the work of a given job, the wages of that job unless dictated by planners will be half.

      Glenn Reynolds is found of saying the real minimum wage is zero while true. what he doesn’t get is that the natural value of the life of anyone who is not tribe is also zero.

    • I see the remoralization thing (good word BTW) – as being something that CAN be a personal (individual) effort.

      In the end – if each person doesn’t choose to live a moral life , there is no force in the universe outside of an abject tyranny that will enforce the moral order.

      It’s true that there are forces of evil out there *enticing* people into doing evil things. But the fact remains that you don’t have to willingly go along with that evil. For a long time all of the degeneracy that the left has offered up – has been an optional affair as far as I am concerned.

      But try having that argument with most people – and you’ll get an actual fight out of it. There’s no better way to way to illustrate this than to delve into topics around sexual relations.

      Way back when the AIDS crisis hit – and all the gays were yelling and screaming about somebody finding a cure, I would make the point to people that there is one very simple way to stop this “crisis”.

      And that is to simply stop having sex. Stop going to rest areas, stop going to gay clubs, stop sleeping with strange men – just STOP. As soon as you stop the problem stops as well.

      Literally EVERY single person I’d make that argument to – would get PISSED. Typical responses would be something along the lines of ” I can’t do that!!”.

      What do you do with people who simply can’t be bothered to even contemplate the idea that the most logical thing to do when you’re in danger of being exposed to a life threatening disease – is to stop exposing yourself thru a behavior that is OPTIONAL. Eating and sleeping are required to continue your life – sexual relations are NOT.

      This is just one of the experiences that has made me have absolutely NO sympathy at all for the give me free shit crowd. In this case the free shit was a cure for AIDS. They were absolutely unwilling to modify their behavior in the least however – to contribute to making things better. Stupidity at that level HAS TO have consequences for the longer run.

      So here’s the thing: how do you remoralize a people that can’t be bothered to lift the smallest finger to help themselves? Yet at the same time will expend an awful lot of energy to do bad things to themselves?
      (I’ve also made the argument that if we just started cutting people’s arms off – you could cure the drug problem in very short order. Hard to hold a needle to inject yourself when you’ve got no arms).

      If people won’t undertake remoralization on their own – the only thing that will probably do it at this point is abject tyranny.

      My compromise position would be that all the people who expend the personal effort to remoralize themselves – are then justified in filling up the boxcars with all of the people who refuse to undertake that task.

      Then you can maybe avoid the tyranny – while solving the morals problem for the resulting society. Bad behavior should have consequences – but those bad consequences should be applied to the people who refuse to alter their behavior. As a strong opponent of socialism – I don’t see why the results of other’s bad behavior should be socialized to me – when I have expended significant effort to remoralize myself.

    • All of what you said is true but I’m beginning to turn on Mr. Beale. No matter how many selfish Baby Boomers there are that got us to this dire moment, I can’t bring myself to cheerleading the death of a generation for reasons. We all are related to one and there are some in my family that we’re good family oriented people and worked hard. I won’t get into this Dirty Harry Dead Pool game of awaiting their death like Vox does from his crypt in Europe. No matter how right he is.

      • Vox is a jerk. Frankly the problem with the Boomers is to paraphrase Billy Joel, they didn’t start the fire they also did nothing to put it out.

  33. …the dictionary defines it as “a native or naturalized person who owes allegiance to a government ”

    That’s obviously backwards.
    It’s the government that should owe its allegiance to the people.

    yeah, dream on.

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