Complicit Rightness

One of the unmistakable features of the modern Left is the increasing hostility to Jews and Jewish issues, particularly Israel. The new darlings of the coalition of the vibrant have a habit of displaying hostility to Israel. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Somalia) sounds like a member of Hamas when it comes to our greatest ally. Despite the loud noises from other members of the Left, Omar has suffered no consequences. You can’t help but get the feeling that behind closed doors, the woke women of the Left are not enthusiastic for the Tribe.

Another unmistakable feature of the modern Left is they tend to preach against that which is a feature of Jews and Israel. A current example popular on the Right is the fact that the Left hates walls, but Israel seems to love walls. The Israelis have built border walls that are just only impressive. They work. In fact, the Israelis are really proud of having solved their problem with Arabs secretly crossing the border. Meanwhile, here in the United States, opposing a wall on the southern border is the top priority of the Left.

It’s not just political things either. Group solidarity has become the new fascism with the Left, even as their demands for conformity get shriller. The surest way to get fired from your job is to say out loud that white people have a right to exist. Those “It’s OK To Be White” signs are treated like acts of terrorism now. Yet, tribal solidity is very Jewish. It is the defining feature of Jews. In fact, it is the quality that has allowed them to survive and thrive in the West. You see it in this story about their efforts to fight Tay-Sachs disease.

Genetic diseases tend to be very nasty, as nature tends to use harsh measures to defend against harsh threats. Resistance to malaria, a terrible disease common in sub-Saharan Africa, is the great example. One copy of the gene is a powerful weapon against a powerful disease. Two copies means a monstrous death. Tay-Sachs disease is a rare inherited disorder that progressively destroys nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord of new born children. Afflicted children die a terrible death in a few years after birth.

Tay-Sachs was never common, but it was not unknown either. Jewish hospitals had wards just for sufferers of the disease, so it was common enough. In the late 1960’s a test was devised to check if someone was a carrier of the disease. Parental screening had the effect of preventing the birth of children with the disease, but also encouraging carriers to have children. Screening allowed parent to choose a different path in order to make sure their children did not have the disease. As a result, Tay-Saks closed to wiped out.

That is a remarkable result and it is only possible when a group of people has both a strong sense of identity and a strong sense of a shared future. That tribalism that has kept Jews from being swallowed up by their host populations turns out to be pretty good for all sorts of things that are good for the Tribe. The campaign against breast cancer is another example. Jewish women have much higher rates of breast cancer. Jewish activism and philanthropy has made it the best funded cancer research on earth.

Jews should be very proud of having worked together to prevent a terrible disease and it should be an example to all people. It’s not about the shared past, so much as the desire for a shared future that makes tribalism work in the modern world. If you look at your people as a large extended family, you will want your people to survive and thrive into the future. That means you cannot just look at yourself as a lonely individual looking out only for you. You are part of a larger whole and must sacrifice for the greater good.

Despite this obvious upside to group identity and solidarity, the Left is violently opposed to even the hint of it. Even Jews are getting the treatment, as we see with the bright new faces of the ascendant. It’s a strange thing that many write off to some secret conspiracy, but it may simply be an example of implicit rightness. The people having this bizarre response to identity politics are the people most likely to experience it up close and personal, so it is informing their politics, like a reaction to an infectious disease.

In America, Progressivism is based exclusively on the college campus. The days of left-wingers organizing the working classes are no more. The defining feature of the Left is their fear of being anywhere near real work. Instead, they fester and boil on the college campus, where they come up with new ways to rage about the people on the other side of the walls. They also spend a lot of time around Jews. Other than maybe finance or perhaps the law, Jews are most over represented on the college campus.

As a result, American Progressives are the people most exposed to Jews. An ideology that is supposed to explicitly trump biology is therefore going to evolve in response to the most extreme version of ethnic-nationalism. In other words, this indomitable quality of the Jewish people is what Progressivism has evolved to oppose. Let loose on the general population of America, a people with a frontier mentality, the result is like small pox on the American Indians. Wokeness is the Tay-Saks of white America.

Reality is that thing that does not go away when you stop believing it. The reason Jews are the most successful tribe in human history is they have a shared identity and shared future. That sense of a collective self is what has seen them through the worst of times, despite being a tiny minority. Ethnic identity is what made it possible for the West to accelerate past the rest of the world. Identity politics is the antidote to the mind virus of Progressivism. It turns out, implicit whiteness is the germ of complicit rightness.

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150 thoughts on “Complicit Rightness

  1. Perish the notion that Israel is “our” greatest ally. Where did you get such a preposterous idea?

    The Israeli government is made up of illegal European immigrants that conned several European governments into granting them land that belonged to others, ostensibly to get rid of them from Europe. It’s unfortunate that these habitual parasites didn’t all leave Europe, for the Europeans that is.

    In the words of a French army officer, “how much longer will we have to tolerate this pipsqueak of a country?” He wasn’t speaking of the physical size.

    Last, if the US government wants to bomb a middle eastern country that will do the most good, it should bomb Israel.

  2. The reason Jews are the most successful tribe in human history is they have a shared identity and shared future.

    How do you measure success?

    By at least one measure, the Chinese would seem to be the most successful.

    One tactic for preventing the demise of a tribe is to destroy all the other tribes, starting with the more dangerous ones. That seems to be being employed by the tribe.

  3. As I said a couple of days ago, there’s no dissident right without hating Jews.

  4. “That is a remarkable result and it is only possible when a group of people has both a strong sense of identity and a strong sense of a shared future. That tribalism that has kept Jews from being swallowed up by their host populations turns out to be pretty good for all sorts of things that are good for the Tribe.”

    Might be a good idea to learn from the Jews instead of bitching about them. The “JQ” should be, “How did these people kicked around by everybody for a millennium or so manage to be this successful?” The honkeys about to be kicked around by a growing population of adversaries ought to pick up some pointers.

  5. “One of the unmistakable features of the modern Left is the increasing hostility to Jews and Jewish issues, particularly Israel.”

    But other than that, they’ve got nothing going for them.

    and you missed a bit here
    ” Meanwhile, here in the United States, opposing a wall on the southern border is the top priority of the Left.” And Jews.

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  7. O.T.,prepper thought of the week “I’d grow my own food if I could find bacon seeds”.

  8. Not sure if this level of noticing (from 1950) will be seen again in our western world as it’s become:

    “… we recognize the essential nature and objectives of Communism: It is to destroy the nations (which are gentile institutions, except for the recently born ‘international nation,’ Israel); to destroy religions and national and racial identities and to scorn national and race consciousness so that ‘there will be no mention’ of such things.

    “The poor, as in political labor unions, are turned against the productive leadership (but rarely against the wealthy Jews), as a means of making us destroy ourselves. The whole world must become a formless human flock, utterly disunited.


    “Because destroying national boundaries and mixing the races would destroy the white race, the one force which Jewish leaders have tried throughout known history to dominate. Negroid races are docile, easily managed. Race mixtures offer opportunity for dissension, then dictatorship. Jews have long known the secret of race; for 2500 years they have regimented dark peoples against whites, as for example in the 700-year struggle in Spain, in which Jewish propagandists and organizers and Jewish financiers turned wave after wave of Moors from Africa into the Iberian peninsula, and led and incited them against Christianity and the fair Spanish, darkening all but the proud ‘blue bloods.’ It was the influx of hordes of dark un-energetic peoples into Rome which bred out the enterprising Whites, the Romans, leaving behind masses of indolent, if contented, dark people who did not relish the burden of keeping up production of goods, maintaining water and sanitary systems and systems of law and justice—and the Roman civilization fell.”

    From the 1950 pamphlet “Know Your Enemy” by Maj. Robert H. Williams, an American military intelligence officer

  9. “The defining feature of the Left is their fear of being anywhere near real work.“

    Truth bomb, that.

  10. ” our greatest ally”

    Oooh, I’m gonna have to go ahead and ahhhhh….*disagree* with you there. Yeah.
    Lt. Cdr. Bill Lumbergh, Executive Officer, USS Liberty

    • That was irony from Z man, without the ironic quote marks.

      The attack on the USS Liberty was of course an outrage, but it happened fifty years ago. That said, If you served on the Liberty and survived this assault, I have no issue with your bitterness.

  11. Interesting that your refer to Israel with the phrase “our greatest ally.” when actually the UK, Canada, Japan and Germany rank higher as America’s “greatest allies” in a recent “The Economist” article. (1)

    Looking back at the Gulf War from 1990–1991 (2) and during 2003 invasion of Iraq (3), NATO, and all US so-called allies, participated as members of the coalition forces. All except your “greatest ally”.


    Exactly what is an “ally” by the American definition? Is it someone you are willing to die for or someone you’re willing to die with?




    • The phrase “our greatest ally” is a bit of insider language. Usually it is said while rolling your eyes as a way to mock the Christian Zionists in America.

      • Of course people still say it in earnest about the UK and I roll my eyes so hard I lose my balance. Israel may be our greatest ally because all our other allies are even worse.

  12. If you look at your people as a large extended family, you will want your people to survive and thrive into the future. That means you cannot just look at yourself as a lonely individual looking out only for you. You are part of a larger whole and must sacrifice for the greater good.

    Oh? I happen to agree wholeheartedly with your comment. But American Jews don’t seem to; check their birthrate and their ‘out-of-tribe’ marriage rates. The former declines, the latter increases.

    Identity politics is NOT a boon for the Jews, because as it is practiced by the Left, it encourages the War of All on All. I suspect that you might want to re-work your thesis here.

    • There are, by and large, two Jewish groups. The American Jews, and the Israeli Jews. Any discussion needs to identify which of the two is being described.

      The Israeli Jews (USS Liberty, Pollard, no extradition treaty) don’t really trust anyone but their own. Not even us. Another important lesson. We are capable of electing an Obama, so they are probably right in not trusting us and not signing an extradition treaty. Liberty and Pollard, harder to explain, but the bigger example for us still stands.

  13. Again, successful thinkers in this movement will learn to “adopt and co-opt”. All others will fail.

    The left has brainwashed even the hardest of supposed “woke” conservatives, as have the untruthful “right thoughtleaders.” The horse is already out of the barn, so to speak. So if you have to try and convince people that Martin Luther’s opinions on special people are the way to go – it’s a losing proposition folks.

    But what’s the lesson here: USE THEIR TOOLS. Learn from what has happened. As Z has suggested, taking over masonic lodges, well established fraternal groups is AN EXCELLENT IDEA. Make “our thing” about the working man, the labour movement, anti-usury. USE THAT TERM! It unmasks “capitalism” for what it truly is.

    Similarly, at bottom, what we want is exactly what Jewish folk have, strong group identity, caring for each other, etc. Which is the one group you are not allowed to criticize if you’re not a protected minority?? Cloak yourself in that protection. Use that propaganda to your benefit. They will HAVE NO RESPONSE TO THIS because not only are we right, but we are taking the high ground against all of their usual attacks etc.

    Similarly, America and Americanism. Who is now the most despised and evil person in the universe ever (based on 70 years of unceasing propaganda). Uncle A. of course. Who knocked him down?? Lunch bucket Joe Q America. Use what we’ve got, the good and the bad, that is ESTABLISHED propaganda, and you eventually can root out this incredible cancer on history and our body politic that has been festering since the dawn of the 20th century.

    The alt-right was successful when its calling card was a cartoon frog. It’s why “honkler” and “clown world” are so powerful and effective. It went off the rails when it allowed sperg imagery into the equation which allowed the media to shoehorn it into the already developed morality play of the most evil morality play ever.

  14. Why is Israel called our greatest ally? What have they done for us as an “ally” that, say, the UK hasn’t done better and more extensively? In what way is our relationship with them strategic? Do great allies publicly treat those who spied against us as heroes (Pollard)? Taking a view from the United States and the needs ONLY of its citizens, is our relationship with Middle Eastern countries made more or less tumultuous by our support of Israel?

    • Israel is our greatest ally.

      Diversity is our greatest strength.

      You will not find two finer testaments to the power of propaganda. Shit, propaganda turns pure 1984 bullshit like this into religion. Propaganda works, my friends!

      (And the fact that the truth is on our side is no excuse for not using it ourselves.)

      • I kept looking for a sign it was sarcasm, didn’t find one.

        In addition to the machinations among the internal population , Israel acts in it’s own best interests and manipulates US politics to do so.

        For a number of years after the 9/11 attack – it was a common thing to see US politicians posing at their desks with a little crossed US-Israeli flag chochkie sitting prominently displayed on the desk.

        At my previous job – which was a global Fortune-500 company. One of the meeting rooms at the location I worked (located in the US) – had flags hanging on the walls from all the countries that our group worked with on a regular basis.

        The US flag was sitting over in an alcove, and the main wall had an Israeli flag that was 3 times the size of the US flag – and then there were flags from the two US states that had our groups came from hanging under the Israeli flag.

        I thought that was a pretty good visual representation of what has happened in large part to US politics over at least the last 20 years.

        Re: USS Liberty. That incident is a very good way to gauge the poz level of people you’re dealing with. Bring that up even on hard core gun forums and you’ll likely find a whole bunch of people falling all over themselves to come up with excuses as to why it was an “accident” – even though just taking a cursory cruise thru the details makes it pretty clear it was not “accidental”

      • Yeah, and in 2005 they publicly honored the people who were gonna bomb Brits and Americans (Lavan). Machiavellian evil nepotism is not worthy of respect or admiration (and admittedly, not only the province of one group of people). I prefer a nationalism that looks out for its own without going out of its way to destroy and screw over other people. I don’t like pure Darwinian identitarianism. The West and its people should be preserved, but only as a moral people (ie, its better, higher aspects).

    • Senator;
      Re Israel’s strategic importance as an ally: It is a combat outpost able to dispute/control an important sea communications choke point amidst a region of intrinsically hostile (for religious/cultural reasons) tribes easily roused against our civilization. Water transport has, by far, the lowest transportation cost per ton-mile and is likely to remain so.

      While the US was stupid to accept the Davos Globalists’ terms of trade* since the end of the Cold War, it remains a fact that a great deal of our wealth depends on international trade. Economical trade depends on sea routes.

      Historically, nations have always sought to control water transport choke and trans-shipment points. That’s why New York, Philadelphia and Chicago are where they are**, for example. The British Empire took Gibraltar, Suez, Aden, Singapore, etc. for this purpose: To protect their communications with India and their Asian trade.

      But the UK ruined themselves via socialism (and short-sighted US anti-colonialism) immediately they had won WWII. So they could not hold on to some of them, most particularly Suez and Aden since they could not fence off the hinterlands like the could with Gibraltar. Hence alternatives had to be found. Hence an Israel alliance. QED.

      * Which da Israeli Joos had little to do with.
      **Trans-shipment points with good harbors and inland water communications.

    • Historically, France has done far more for the US than Israel. We wouldn’t have won the Revolutionary War without France.

      • Viz;
        True but irrelevant. At the time of the American Revolution France existed as a major power, Israel did not even exist.

        And once the Brits were out we were just as cold-bloodedly ungrateful to France as Israel is accused of being to us now. (And France is just as ungrateful now or even more so)

        Nothing personal: Geopolitics don’t care.

  15. Let the Jewish thing be a lesson for us. If a small group with high intelligence and a strong tribal identity can survive and thrive through millennia, what can an intelligent, aware, and tribal white group of European heritage do for themselves? It’s there for the taking. I find the Israeli experience of the last 70 years or so inspiring and a great example to follow.

    Like Israel, it needs to be a thing that is a positive experience. Target the specific individual enemies of the thing as they pop up and identify themselves, and leave the big picture-world beating stuff for other times and situations. And then show no mercy or ever forget who those individuals are. Works for me.

  16. Since you mentioned copy-editing issues recently, here’s a teeny-tiny note from a secretly-admiring female copy-editor at one of the wokest publications in NYC: you should put the line asking for money in italics, as the first short all-italics item generally signals that the article has ended.

    Also, stop putting a comma between the subject and verb. You’ve been doing it for years, and it’s absolutely barbaric.

  17. I am not sure I buy this theory. Wherever you find progressive organizations and activism, wherever you find anti-Americanism, you find Jews at the core: the feminist movement, the SPLC, the pussy hat marchers, Hollywood, most globalist organizations, the anti-gun movement.

  18. I’m telling you, I try not to be one of those “Jews under the bed” guys.

    After a brutalizing session of Jews-this-Jews-that on Gab and right-wing Twitter, I tell myself, “I’ve got to get out of this echo chamber. Surely the J-left isn’t so bad. I’ll read a few New York Times articles and let them speak for themselves.”

    But that only makes my anti-Semitism much, much worse.

  19. One of the unmistakable features of the modern Left is the increasing hostility to Jews and Jewish issues

    Well, I hate to inject realpolitik into this dignified discussion, but one of the jobs of the alt-right is to increase hostility towards the Jews among the normie right.

    It will open eyes about who’s behind the Great Replacement (and thus maybe help avoid it), and sharpen the boundaries between us and “fellow whites” thereby strengthening our own sense of identity.

    If the Trump administration weren’t so Jewcucked, for example, I reckon they’d be a million times better on all the issues, not just Middle East stuff.

    • Well, I hate to inject realpolitik into this dignified discussion, but one of the jobs of the alt-right is to increase hostility towards the Jews among the normie right.

      That’s one reason the alt-right fizzled out. They fell down the same hole as the ole WN 1.0 guys. Positive identity stands alone and in the long run is more attractive. I don’t have any hostility toward other tribes. I just want what’s best for my tribe. Peaceful separation is my preference, but we can learn some things from the other tribes. Nothing wrong with that.

      • Agree. The reason I concern myself with the JQ is the damage a large segment of their tribe is willing and able to do to my tribe under our present configuration. I want increased “noticing,” not simply increased anger. In my ideal ethno-state, Jews would be welcome outside “core” areas (in the politically-separate large cities ala medieval “free cities” or city-state republics like Venice, or in the borderlands between those cities and the White core areas). I would restrict them from politics, academics and media, and my economy would be hostile to usury and rent-seeking. Within boundaries Whites set, we can co-exist.

      • Yeah, maybe. You’re a good political psychologist, and that’s why I read your blog. But it seems like there is this very smart, very powerful group of people who are making war on us, and I’m not sure it’s going to help us to pretend that they’re not.

        I feel like this is just one strain of the “not fighting back” we discuss on your blog and across the broader political right.

        If somebody makes war on you, you are at war, whether you want to be or not. And I reckon it helps to admit that, and admit who the enemy is. It is very clear that they hate us; I see no reason not to reciprocate.

      • I would disagree with this. It’s as old as yin and yang. The virtuous mean. You need both positive and negative. Nothing is more human than finding a scapegoat. It is understanding this and figuring out an identity that works, and pointing to a villain that also works (here I would go with usurers), and the last piece of the puzzle is environmental. What sets it all off finally is a catalyst. Build the groundwork, lay the foundation and be ready for the moment.

        The Bolsheviks didn’t just appear on the scene, that had been fomenting since the middle 19th century. With already one full-on aborted revolutionary attempt. The speed of any movement’s success depends on the environment and/or the catalyst.

        But yes, any retards who on one hand state: “Jews run all media, our govt, financial institutions and are all powerful” and then proceed to try and put forward a platform of “gas the Jews race war now” need to be drummed out of any respectable movement immediately not just for the ridiculousness/awfulness of their views, but the sheer logical incoherency of what they’re spouting indicates a serious mental disorder.

    • Jews are finding themselves caught in a pincer movement. The Left isn’t so much anti-Jewish as anti-white and tribal, which means they don’t like Jews who are seen as either white or a powerful tribe that needs to be brought down.

      Normie whites – the Right, so to speak – are slowly (oh, so very slowly) becoming more race aware or will in time as identity politics become undeniable. As such, whites will start to notice a certain tribe that seems to be working against them.

      Jews are extremely talented at playing this game, but a lot of forces (forces they created, btw) are working against them.

      • This is also true. 4chan memes are bleeding over into popular culture, meaning the cool kids are becoming more and more aware. There are too many hate facts breaking through the matrix, which is why I think Internet “hate fact” censorship draws ever closer.

        For example the 14-88 meme is literally found in the cool ass 1st season of Altered Carbon on Netflix. It’s on the big biker dude’s head, take a look (it appears midseason, this guy is who the female lead’s grandmother reincarnates into, etc., then becomes the main bad guy for a bit) Also, the “channers” are specifically mentioned in the Netflix series “You” about the stalker crazy guy.

        The whole “project” is really starting to fray around the edges.

    • There is a danger in becoming obsessed with the JQ at the expense of ignoring the parasitical scum in our own ranks but…let’s not underestimate them either:

      They have been playing this shtick upon non-Jews for 3000 years. Have had serious conflicts every step of the way. Yet they are still here. Stick them in a ghetto and they prey upon us through a corrupt prince, liberate them as did Napoleon and within a century they become the power behind both throne and altar.

      They’ve been among us since they followed the Romans up the Danube. For much longer if we count the Classical World. The balance of their contributions have always been negative. As noted by the Zman in a recent column: no major accomplishment in European history would have gone missing had they never been here. It’s time they go. They have a homeland again. We should all become Zionists in encouraging their exodus.

  20. Jewishness has a very defined set of genetic and behavioral boundaries. The same cannot be said of “whiteness.”

    • Why is that? Certainly not because Jews and fellow travelers have made the mere mention of White identity a criminal offense. The same can in fact be said of Whiteness, but you’ll be de-platformed, fired & possibly jailed for it.

  21. What I think is going on is that as the leftist coalition grows in power, as nonwhite populations with reasonably high iq increase and come into ascendancy, people like AOC for instance, is that the fundamental spiritual contradiction of twentieth century leftism(Jewish leftism that is) is being laid bare. By this I mean commitment to minority rights in diaspora settings like North America and Europe, but racial chauvinism in their own ethnostate of Israel, together with the definite military depredations in the US on behalf of Israel(cf mearshimer and Walt). There was something of a 1.0 run for this back in the time of the birth of the neocons, which in part resulted from blacks in the Democratic Party finding common cause with the Palestinians. Blacks lack money and organizational power, so this canker was easy to cover up for the time being. In the present milieu, these contradictions are coming to the fore again.

    What I believe will happen is that Jews will migrate to the right—the powerful Jews that matter that is. In countries where whites are a minority or are embattled against large nonwhite populations, Jews tend to side with whites. I observe the examples of South Africa and the Jim Crow American south(the ones who lived in the south, not the northerners).

    For these reasons, I think neoconish republicans will control the executive for a long time to come.

    • I mean to say, the “hostility” to Jews on the far left is not hostility qua Jews, but opposition to the Israel lobby and its power. Zionists react by calling them antisemites, but that’s wrong.

    • Jews did not “side with Whites” in South Africa – they actively worked to destroy the nation that took them in (yes, shocking, I know) and were a huge part of the non-Whites who were openly communist, pro-Negro, etc. Then, after they destroyed White South Africa, they left. Ilana Mercer’s father was part of the pro-Negro groups and now she squats in the US and Canada. I’ve met quite a few “South Africans” in America who are actually (((South Africans))).

      • I’ve met a number of South African Jews myself and they are all a lot like Mercer. That’s what I base my statement on

      • Ilana Mercer wrote a year or two ago how she was thinking of emigrating to Hungary so she could enjoy the nice Christian European nation that was defending itself against the hordes of migrants pouring into most of Europe. Supportive of the white Christian nation and all. The chutzpah!

  22. Two thoughts: Are the Left actually anti-Jewish or is it more a matter of them being pro-Palestinian Arab? Are the Left opposed to national identity per se, or do they mere oppose whites taking on a national identity?

    • The answer lies in your question. They have no problem with Palestinian Arab identity or nationalism. Their animus, in fact their entire raison d’etre is about opposing white identity and any form of white nationalism.

    • The left didn’t start hating Israel until it became clear that Israel was going to choose to align with the Western powers during the Cold War. Had Israel chosen to side with Stalin instead, the left today would still be head over heels in love with Israel, and would spitting rage against the Palestinians.

      • Thanks!

        Israel was founded as a Socialist state and, IIRC, was supported by the USSR for that reason.

        As Israel started to move away from that, the USSR moved to opposing Israel and currying favor with the Arabs.

        Ultimately, Israel committed several unforgivable sins:

        1. Moving away from Socialism
        2. Embracing / maintaining its religiosity
        3. Having a sense of national identity

        NONE of these things are things the Left wants.

  23. The left is not opposed to group identity. There’s only one groups identity they oppose, most others are not only accepted but are more like worshipped.

    Omar is loved because she is a member of the black tribe and Muslim tribe, both groups opposed to whites. So if the trade off is that bothers a few Jews than it’s worth it. It’s not like they won’t keep voting democrat anyway.

  24. Not holding my breath for the Ascendant tiger to turn on the Tribe en masse. Money and media power still provide them with enormous political and cultural space to maneuver. The neocons are still around to remind us how radically they can change their political coloration while pushing a vastly similar agenda. God knows BoomerCons and Jewish Junior Varsity Christians would welcome them. Orange Judas often seems to believe his own BS with regard to getting Jews to vote GOP by shameless pandering. Woke immune response will be just one more host defense they need to culturally out-evolve, and my money’s still on the Tribe in that battle. (((They)) aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

    Z’s spot-on about the primary ingredient to their sticking power – a religious-level belief in their right to their lives, liberties and the pursuit of Jewishness, other tribes be damned. Jews don’t feel the need to logically justify Their Thing beyond “because we’re Jews.” Z has mentioned Kersey’s “because we live here” as a similarly sufficient justification for White identity. No further analysis necessary. When we reach that level of Blessed Basedness in critical mass numbers, we’ll be ready to rumble with the Boss-Level Tribe and their Ascendant shock-troops.

    • Agreed, but as I mention in my comment above, for the first time a long while, Jews will be dealing with other tribal groups who play their game. Jews have been taking on the Washington General for generations. Now, they’ll be playing against real opponents.

      That said, Jews are really good at the tribal game, so my money is on them, at least for near future. But Jews will no longer get the luxury of getting to shape shift from being “white” when it suits them and “Jewish” when it doesn’t. With non-whites, Jews will always be the “other.”

      • Jews are going to regret pushing to open the doors wide open with the ’65 Immigration Act. Everything was fine for both Whites and Jews, but they couldn’t help themselves I suppose. For how smart they are, they don’t seem to know when to stop pushing.

        • True. Starting in the 1960s, Jews had a paradise on earth in the West. They could be white or Jewish as it served them. They convinced gentile Whites that they were guilt-ridden sinners who needed the blessing of the holy Jew for redemption. They could run the show from the inside while still maintaining their separate identity.

          Alas, like the scorpion riding on the frog’s back, Jews just couldn’t escape their nature and stung, taking us both down.

          • In a sense, all is going according to plan… Once the various vibrant tribes bring more strife into our society after impoverishing our previously rich country by depleting social services resources for their many third-world needs (but no tax revenue generated by their rock-bottom paying jobs, if they work at all), I imagine the powers that be will phase out democracy and replace with a strongman to rule the Coudenhove-Kalergi negroid underclass that we’re rapidly becoming. The strongman leader will be backed and controlled by the Jews, because they always play all sides. And they will remain close to the top of all the important powers, and the previously prosperous and civilized white Christian society will have successfully been destroyed.

          • Ursula, it seems like a lot could go wrong with that plan. If they simply let things be, they’d still have disproportionate power, wealth and influence along with a nice country to live in.

          • Wolf, I hear you. But the jews don’t call themselves the destroyers for nothing! They can’t help themselves, it’s their eternal role on the world’s stage, like the scorpion and the frog, as someone else noted. This is a mindset from a white Christian background, and I’m with you, my friend: “If they simply let things be, they’d still have disproportionate power, wealth and influence along with a nice country to live in.” Jewish mindset: “We’ll take it all and the rest of you will pay for your own destruction while in lifelong servitude to us.” Jewish mindset is the zeitgeist of the U.S., which offers big opportunities for people with spirits of pirates and quasi-criminal scheming minds. All media, schooling and government policies are filtered through this gaze.

        • Letting in the high-IQ Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, and Brahmin Bindis will ultimately force them to share or abdicate their bottlenecks of political & cultural influence. Similar IQ, similar ruthlessness, and at least among Bindis, maniacal levels of self-esteem. I’ll note that the low reported self-esteem of SE Asians doesn’t seem to limit them, ala Jews overcoming and adapting to their inherent neuroticism.

          • Yep, those groups play the game. Even if Jews play it better – an open question – they can’t expect to win every time. Even if Jews are the NE Patriots of the tribal NFL, well, the Pats don’t win every Super Bowl.

            Also, as Ashkenazi Jews marry out and have few kids, will they have younger Belichicks and Bradys to replace the old guard? Jews will have a much tougher time maintaining control as the years go along. Not saying that they can’t do it, but it’ll be much harder than in the past.

          • In case you don’t remember, it was called the Hart-Celler Act. A limousine liberal WASP and a Jew. Kennedy was a freshman senator with little political clout, being led by the nose.

          • Celler was a Catholic German, and Hart was a Catholic Irishman. My mistake Celler was Jewish.

          • On the 1965 Immigration Act: “Born of liberal ideology, the 1965 bill abolished the national origins quota system that had regulated the ethnic composition of immigration in fair proportion to each group’s existing presence in the population. In a misguided application spirit of the civil rights era, the Kennedy and Johnson Administrations saw these ethnic quotas as an archaic form of chauvinism. Moreover, as Cold Warriors facing charges of “racism” and “imperialism,” they found the system rhetorically embarrassing. The record of debate over this seismic change in immigration policy reveals that left-wingers, in their visceral flight to attack “discrimination,” did not reveal the consequences of their convictions. Instead, their spokesmen set out to assuage concerned traditionalists with a litany of lies and wishful thinking.” …

            “These results were unforeseen by liberals easily led about by their emotions. Others were not so blind. Jewish organizations had labored since 1924 to unweave national origins quotas by admitting family members on non-quota visas. The B’nai B’rith Women and the American Council for Judaism Philanthropic Fund, among other Jewish organizations, supported this reform legislation while it was yet in subcommittee in the winter of 1965. Roman Catholics had the twin motivations of still-evolving social justice doctrine and the potential windfall of a mass influx of co-religionists from Latin America. Other organized minorities pressured for increased immigration to benefit relatives in their homelands. The ultra-liberal Americans for Democratic Action, the ACLU and the National Lawyers Guild joined the chorus. Further, the Communist Party USA supported higher immigration on the grounds that it destabilizes working Americans.”

            And where did all this liberal ideology come from, this love of outsiders over your own (white Christian) citizens? The American people have been mindfully cultivated this way since at least 1947:

            “Modify the Standards of the In-group” – On Jews and Mass Communications

          • Don’t be a fucking idiot. It’s because of people like you that we’re in the spot that we’re in. Grow up and grow a pair.

      • Both Z and the TDS guys have “noticed” Bindis switching PoC and non-PoC in similar fashion. “I’m an oppressed colonized minoriry” seamlessly morphs into “I’m a smarter, harder-working overall better citizen than Whitey” depending on their audience. Sailer and Kevin Michael Grace are two older guys who’ve “noticed” this since the Before Times. The TDS guys recent foray into Tiger Mom Wokeness shows that SE Asians don’t even bother playing with masks. They’re simply recognizing the shortest path to power and taking it with ruthless aplomb.

        Today’s Jewish Question will be tomorrow’s Asian Question, on a pretty long timeline. Ruthlessness and high-IQ are a strong combo. Asians lack Jewish neuroticism, a point in their favor, but they lack group solidarity in comparison. That final factor is where tomorrow’s Dissident Right can best hit them. For our time, they’re advancing under Jewish and PoC cover-fire. Like Jews, they largely disdain the PoC foot-soldiery but are less adept at hiding that. I’m cautiously optimistic that we can make inroads by exploiting the coming rivalry between Jews and Asians in globohomo, moreso in decades to come.

      • All true, Citizen of a Silly Country, but also note that part of their strategy is that very intermarriage you mention. They heavily intermarried with the British upper class 1850-1950, to the point a large % of the British upper class is anywhere from 1/16 to 1/4 Jewish. Same thing in America (Ivanka is a classic case) and they are heavily intermarrying with Han Chinese. Also worth noting that while Jewish/Negro marriages might not have huge numbers, they have outsize cultural influence (Tracy Ellis Ross, Jussie Smollett, Rashida Jones, Lenny Kravitz, etc.).

        While most of these people do NOT possess even a smidgen of White identity, they are VERY aware of being part Jewish. Michael Douglas’s 1/4 Jewish/75% White son was hassled in France for wearing a Star of David. I’d like to be sanguine about the effects of intermarriage, but unfortunately the offsprings’ sense of Jewish identity has demonstrated a solid staying power.

    • Asians don’t have to “turn” on the Jews — they’ve kept them away from the levers of power in every Asian-majority country.

      • America’s the prize, though. Today’s Woke alliance is a Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact that lets both hostiles focus on dismembering us before they openly war for the spoils.

      • Didn’t the Sassoon tribe with the backing of UK military give it to China good and hard with the opium wars?

        China and the Jews

        With the money from the opium, the jews next gave it good and hard to the white Christian Boers, stealing the gold they discovered in South Africa.

        The Boer War: How The Jews Seized South Africa

        Also, arms dealing and meddling in Southeast Asia.

        Israel’s Double Game in Southeast Asia

        The diaspora takes advantage of lucrative opportunities wherever they arise on the planet. Those leaders who resist their bribes to betray their own countrymen end up as countries targeted for destruction by their white servant militaries of NATO, the US, UK, France.

  25. I’ve been saying for a couple of years that we’ve hit “Peak Jew.” (As always, just because you’ve peaked, it doesn’t mean that you’re not still incredibly powerful, just that you’re slowly waning.)

    If gentile whites have gotten soft by being top dog in the world for 500 years, Ashkenazi Jews have gotten soft by primarily taking on gentile whites. Jews made a huge mistake allowing Asians, Indians and Muslims into the West. (Hispanics were probably manageable.) These groups are tribal, just like Jews. They also will never see Jews as one of them. Jews will always be the “other” either because they are seen as white or because they are seen as a Jew.

    Don’t underestimate the importance that Jews look white. For Middle America, Chuck Schumer is a white guy from New York. Dianne Feinstein is a white lady from California. One of us.

    That will never be the case with Asians, Indians, Muslims and, even to a degree, Hispanics. Never. For the first time in a very long time, Jews will be taking on groups that play their game.

    Don’t get me wrong. Jews are very good at playing the game, probably better than Asians, Indians and, certainly, Muslims and Hispanics. But it’s one thing to take on an opponent (gentile whites) who doesn’t even know that there’s a game going on, and quite another to take on an opponent that’s very aware of the game and can beat you at times.

    The Democratic Party will become a coalition of racially, religiously aware groups. Jews will find that a much harder party to control than one mostly made up of non-racially aware gentile whites and low-IQ blacks. Gentile whites saw Jews as one of them, felt comfortable around Jews and generally had similar views on the world. None of that will be true going forward for the Democratic Party.

    Presumably, Jews can still control the Left through money, organization and control of the media – at least for a little while until the Asians and Indians get more powerful – but the relationship will have changed. Instead of having partners you can trust, Jews will have paid off gangs that they have to watch every minute, gangs that hate you and can’t wait for the day they can shove a knife in your back.

    Basically, Jews traded in their loyal Lab for a dangerous Pit Bull. Seems like a crazy thing to do, but Jews do have a habit of pushing things too far.

  26. Reverting back to yesterday’s discussion:
    I tried again this morning to subscribe, and again was unable to; once again receiving the message:
    “The payment gateway is not responding, please try again later.”

  27. Most progs like the progressive, atheist, suicidal type of American Jews who fund their lunacy. They hate the religious, socially conservative, patriotic Israelis who seem determined to survive against Muslim aggression.

    Partially driven by their temporary alliance with the Muslims to destroy Western Civilization.

    • An example of who the progressives hate is Laura Loomer, who was recently banned by Facebook and Instagram, and previously banned by virtually all of them, including Twitter. Loomer is a Jew who speaks out against Islam and illegal immigration.

      • Loomer is a classic Jewess nut. She does not oppose all immigration because population replacement leads to White genocide; she only opposes Mohammedan immigration because it’s bad for the Jews. And while I totally oppose tech silencing anyone they disagree with, her over-reaction to her banning is classic (her own personal holocaust/concentration camp . . . life isn’t worth living . . . oy vey!).

        I don’t agree with the “enemy of my enemy is my friend.” They’re both my enemies.

        • Loomer’s wacky, for sure, but some of her stunts are pretty good. Badgering Keith Ellison at his fundraising event where he left after 15 minutes, climbing the fence at Nancy Pelosi’s house with two Mexican guys wearing sombreros, handcuffing herself to Twitter HQ, etc…I would consider her one of those Jews who realizes the new multiracial America will not be good for her and her tribe. In that sense, her antics overlap into being good for our side.

  28. And yet Jews vote Democrat overwhelmingly. And they contribute in the majority to Democrat politicians. And their primary political allegiance remains with the Democrats and Progressivism. And most US Jews hate Bibi Netanyahu, despite the fact that he has done more to protect Israel than any recent politician in their history. In other words, the mental addiction to Progressive political ideology is de facto stronger than tribal affiliation. Sometimes indoctrination trumps biology. In our species, postpartum brain rewiring can sometimes be used to override DNA.

    • For most of the 20th century in America, the Left’s anti-establishment posture and openness to non-whites made it the natural home for Jews. Now that Jews are firmly in the liberal establishment, those qualities are now bad for Jews. There’s also the fact that what’s happening with the occidentals, in terms of the women going crazy, is happening with Jews as well.

      Despite what the anti-Semites say, the diaspora is bad shape demographically and spiritually.

      • Between out-marriage and low birth rates, there aren’t going to be too many full-blooded Ashkenazi Jews around in the states in a generation or two.

        It’ll be interesting to see if those half-breeds can maintain the same level of tribal paranoia that worked so well for Jews. Seems unlikely given that 1) they’re half gentile European and 2) their Jewish parent was obviously not so tribal. Anyway, we may very well be witnessing the fall of the Ashkenazi Jewish Western Empire.

      • Spirituality seems to be the dividing line between Jews we can co-exist with and those with an existential axe to grind vs. Christians & Whites in general. I work in law in SoCal and have many Chosen in my anectdotal sample-size, almost all Liberal, Reformed or Conservative, few Orthodox. .Observant, attending Jews with sincere beliefs don’t have the Appetitie for Deconstruction that purely secular Jews have. Full-bore T-sperg types like Trotskyites & Objectivists show that hunger in its full malevolence.

        Human nature abhors an inner vaccum.

        • That spirituality thing works for Christians, too. Therefore, you can easily see the main contrast between spiritual Jews, spiritual Christians, and spiritual Moslems: the latter kill for their “god” and the former generally do not–unless provoked by the latter.

    • There’s a reason why the left constantly advocates for “education”.

      It takes a lot of years of pumping BS into a child’s head to overcome some of their innate understandings of how the world works.

  29. I have to disagree with you – the Jews have not wiped out Tay-Sachs. They have accepted those children who are affected dying earlier, due to abortion.
    In fact, abortion will likely make MORE carriers, leading to this ‘solution’ having to be continued forever. Since the carriers have no barrier to conceiving more children, they are perpetuating the problem.
    It’s the same with hemophilia. If every sister of a boy with the problem was given guaranteed first place in the adoption lottery, you could reduce the incidence within a few generations – without abortions.
    If the Tay-Sachs carriers would forego natural conception, accepting either donated embryos or adoptions, eventually the disease would be gone.
    This is not a solution for all diseases, but only the most serious, that have a strong heritability (not generally arising from genetic mutations).

    • The claim wasn’t made it was wiped out, and the article is linked in the paragraph, but reading through it and perusing the wiki on the Juden disease it’s evident the JT was being a tad sensationalistic.

    • That is an excellent point. When we look around at all our technology, all our advances and all the things that we’ve learned it seems impossible to think that it could go away but civilizational collapse is a relatively common thing in a long enough time scale. I’m sure the Hittites would be completely flabbergasted that they were 100% forgotten except for a couple references in the Bible. Like most comfortable people I don’t really want to see it come to an end. I like my life . But one thing I won’t miss is this omnipresent belief that having children is a choice. They aren’t a choice , they are a byproduct of having sex. And I think those days will come again.

    • Tay Sachs though is not like sickle cell which is theorized to be an adaptation against malaria in endemic zones. Tay Sachs, along with several other typically Jewish inherited disorders, such as the Lorenzo’s Oil disease, result from closely inbred populations. Inbreeding and lack of genetic diversity creates many recessive disorders like that. Cochran and harpending make the hypothesis that, noting that all these diseases seem to hit the neurons, that they may be adaptations to augment iq in order to outcompete surrounding populations. That’s just a guess. One might say that these disorders are a curse born from excessive group solidarity and exclusivity, not a ruthless bid for group survival, like sickle cell(again just a theory). Still, it’s good they are trying to control its occurrence.

      • I think it’s only in orthodox populations that they track it, people with an aversion to abortion. What I would do, since I am ok with early abortions, is to do genetic testing after conception and then abort if it is homozygote, has the tay sachs

  30. Presidential election season is going to be a prime opportunity for Whitey to realize that identity politics are here and will be the game from now on. Joe Biden, instead of playing the traditional Democrat working class proponent, has already jumped in on the bash-the-whites program. The more they scold us for our racism and whiteness and implicit bias, the more comfortable it becomes to join Team White for normal, everyday folks.

    • Now that progress means replacing whites on the road to utopia the progs, especially the Turd World variety, seem almost euphoric. But occasionally behind this euphoria you can see fear. They can’t help themselves in their self-righteousness. On some level the brighter ones understand we don’t need them at all…while they still need us.

      If we are allowed to play identity politics as they do the gibs-train comes to a halt. They freak out at this. They are tangentially aware of our superiority and it makes them lust for our destruction.

      • Over the years I have found one of the more effective retorts to lefties to be something along the lines of:

        ” You know – you keep arguing with me over my points , but in the end I am pretty sure I will win this argument ….. by simply pointing out to all the people in the middle who don’t really give a shit one way or another – how ridiculous all the points you are making are. You are your own worst enemy. I just use your words against you …… and I’m not really here trying to convince YOU – I’m here trying to get you to say stupid shit – to backup what I’ve already said – and convince all the people who don’t quite understand how bad what you’re arguing for will be for them. You’re easy to provoke. It’s very easy to get you to say things that sound insane to normal people – you’re your own worst enemy – you’re doing my work for me – thanks”

        That usually sends them for a loop – on forums that usually ends all responses. In meatspace it usually means they leave in a huff. Either way the desired effect is achieved.

    • The phenomenon of the white-hating whites is one of the most disgusting of our thoroughly disgusting age.

      We really have to find a way to call them out on that publicly, to shame them. We have to make that the focus of our propaganda–from the Chans up to the Respectables–until it starts to reach normie whites.

      It has to be made clear to them that it’s not OK to stab their own people in the back.

      • My sister’s son is in his late teens and hangs around a bunch of white girls who love to bash “old white men”. I think her son has a pretty good response. He usually just says “hey, I’ll grow up to be an old white man one day.” The usual response from the girls is “oh, but you’re different, we wouldn’t hate you” and he says “how would I know? You think all old white men are the same.”

        Puts them on the defensive without being over the top.

  31. The progressive / leftist hatred of jews is really no mystery at all.
    Just take it directly from the GOD, the Messiah, of the progressive left; Karl Marx himself;

    “What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering. What is his worldly God? Money.…. Money is the jealous god of Israel, in face of which no other god may exist. Money degrades all the gods of man – and turns them into commodities…. The bill of exchange is the real god of the Jew. His god is only an illusory bill of exchange…. The chimerical nationality of the Jew is the nationality of the merchant, of the man of money in general.

    “In the final analysis, the emancipation of the Jews is the emancipation of mankind from Judaism.”

    So there you have it.
    But what does one expect from a guy, Marx, who felt it necessary to pen an article entitled “On the Jewish Question,” and who claimed that religion is the opiate of the people.

    • That Marx’s prescription of Communism was terrible should not obscure the fact that his diagnosis was largely correct.

    • What does one expect from guys like Martin Luther, or St. Augustine, or Aquinas, or Kant? Or guys like the dozens of rulers who expelled Jews since Antiquity? Stupid commies.

      • That was all business. Kings got loans from Medieval Jewish merchants and reneged on the expelling Jews and taking over their loan books. Outside of England with its scholars in monasteries this failed as there was not enough literate people to run the books.

        Thus the Kings of France repeatedly expelled and re invited Jews during financial difficulties. Thus ended as Kings became strong with their own direct tax collections not through lords and vassals and had their own direct literate clerks.

        Jewish merchants became obsolete in financing Kings.

  32. Last year it was recorded that Verizon wrote off 4 billion on its purchase of Yahoo, a hidden subsidy to the money losing Huffington Post. It goes to show how much Woke matters to Capital that they will sacrifice the hitherto all consuming “shareholder value”. Now they are attempting to dump off Tumblr, arguably the pit through which SJWism emerged, which has never made a dime in profit over more than a decade.

    • The .01% in Woke Capital can fund globohomo with their pocket-change. Even if money gets a little tight, they get bailouts, tax dodges and insider deals. Courts and Congress won’t save us because WC owns them.

      • There’s a tendency of oligarchs to be cheap and petty. It’s also in the news that Warren Buffett is writing off his newspapers, even though he could easily just convert them into a “foundation” for the tax write off. The “news foundation” is how the Koch Bros fund the Daily Caller.

      • All true. If the Dissident Right gains power, we might want to consider an emergency wealth tax where we seize all the capital we can safely , fix infrastructure pay the import creditors and remonetize .

        Throw in a copyright reform, back to two, 14 year terms , campus reform and you can do a lot of damage to the woke crowd.

        The Right is heavily cucked by money of course and property rights are mostly a genuine principle with them which makes it very easy to use Alinsky’s Rule 4 and use the Rights rule book against them

        Now any conservative does support property rights , too a point I certainly do and no one is going to be ruined nor is any society going to be ruined but purring an upper bound on accumulation by individuals and groups

        A house and a summer house is one thing, its a good thing and ought to be inviolate but as we’ve seen with the woke crowd, its quite easy for private and corporate property accumulation to be a threat to the public

        We aren’t ready to basically rig the tax code to favor smaller enterprises and to tell economies of scale to suck an egg but if we want a Right Wing society we need a nation of yeoman, small farms, small businesses, not employees of global corporations

        This requires some pretty radical changes to our culture though and a lot of care, if we dared try it,

        • I had words with some clown defender of the trillion dollar military welfare budget over at UNZ a while ago.

          Here’s my last word on the topic. He did not reply.

          “@Trevor Lynch

          “That’s what the bourgeoisie always say.”

          That’s an interesting givaway Marxian word to use.

          Who are the bourgeoisie? They are the productive, inventive middle class- the organizers, owners and sustainers of the businesses that generate the wealth and create the jobs upon which the bureaucrats and rentiers of the State and Globalists prey.

          They are the creators and heart and soul of America,

          So fuck you and the other mindless murderous parasitic socialist filth of the military who create nothing and exist only to destroy.”

          • If the US military were to shrink to a defense only military too fast which would be the best thing long term, the short term effects would probably be horrific

            I’m not defending our current invade the world, invite the world policy mind you but there are reason we are stretching it out

            Not only would global stability basically come to an end but the US would not longer be able to get its imperial tribute and our fake economy would become our real economy, much tinier and less stable

            No one wants that and at current rates such a collapse could easily end the union in a very nasty way. Might as well pass the buck

    • I have no problem with “Capital” blowing it’s money on stupid shit – as long as I’m not expected to backfill the loss when their experiment in wokeness crashes and burns. Bloomberg has pissed away millions of his fortune going after guns – and has not really achieved success commensurate with the money he has spent.

      Examples like this are exactly why I do not fear “capital” as much as I fear government. It’s only thru the hand of government that all those woke so-called capitalists can backfill their coffers after their adventures in progressive stupidity crash and burn.

      Left wing print media is on a slow burn to oblivion. This is because they have lost a large part of their audience because of their now blatantly apparent left wing bias.

      No audience = no survival.

      No money = no survival.

      This is why the lefties try to deplatform – and de-job the right wing.

      The right wing is in large part apparently too stoopid to fully come to grips with this – as they will constantly argue against letting hard core natural selection run it’s course and will instead put their faith in government to put things right – which just puts the power right back in the hands of their enemies.

      • No one watches Lena Dunham, but somehow she’s still on some cable show. No one under 65 reads National Review, but its still in business.

        A few million here and there won’t bankrupt a corporation with tens of billions in profits. Nor will it take down an oligarch with a net worth greater than many countries. And conservatives especially suck at boycotting, so “natural selection” is not in play.

        Deportation, expropriation, and nationalization are what needs to be on the table if we want to regain our self-determination.

          • For ex: Bloomberg is worth approx 60 billion dollars. He’s donated almost 2 billion to Lagos Hopkins university. The total cost of all the 2018 elections was 5.7 billion. So Bloomberg could fund every campaign for several cycles without breaking a sweat. And recall that he has lots of rich friends. And that’s before we get to the tax-exempt foundations, which aren’t counted as “campaigns”.

          • In short: the real surprise is that so little is spent on electoral campaigns (the long game is owning the media and the universities). But if the oligarchs felt an existential threat, they could spend far, far more.

        • So, as a thought experiment, we – the good people – have driven off the bad people by way of “deportation, expropriation, and nationalization.”

          Now what? What do “we” do?

          • Pass the bills we need, make sure corruption is cleaned up and things are working OK than go home

            It should take an interregnum of between 20-40 years of authoritarian rule, to make the culture work correctly, less if we do it right and the bad people are gone in enough numbers

            Most of our problems are self fixing with two exceptions, #1 if the economy doesn’t support family formation we won’t have a society and #2 media

            The later seems odd but if we are trying to keep the best of modernity, a robust media that supports our values is needed

            We are not how shall I say “creatives” in enough numbers to meet demand and if we plan to bury the worst of the old stuff, we’ll need new to fill it in.

            If you want a more specific answer, what policies should we pursue, just ask.

          • Even basic bitch Buckley conservatism becomes much more viable when cultural power not stacked in favor of the left.

            Sending the oligarchs packing to their New Zealand bunkers will do our side plenty of favors. The seized assets can also be distributed to supporters of the new regime.

  33. The Ossi/East German government named their Wall the “Antifaschistischer Schutzwall” or literally “The Anti-Fascist Defense Wall.” So we know the left isn’t against walls on general principal (or killing millions of people, or War). But the difference between our Left and Germany’s (or Russia’s) is, as you pointed out, our left is entirely a campus phenomenon. Eastern Bloc countries put extreme emphasis on physical fitness and marksmanship. The people bragging about replacing us/kicking our asses in the streets make their fatness a point of pride (posting selfies with donuts) and are literally castrating themselves. This should be fun.

    • Woke is most prominent in the university, but it extends its reach into major corporations.

      This is why ordinary left-of-center voters see no problem with hate speech restrictions. Most of their time has been spent in places where this is codified into policy, which is far more important day-to-day than law.

      Through the looking glass, either the UK is tyrannical, or the US is barbarous. There can only be one answer.

      • The fact that most American-based corporations call their headquarters a “campus” now speaks to the nexus of academic radicalism and woke capitalism.

        • My wife works for a major corporation and recently had to complete “unconscious bias training.” We would all get a good chuckle at the questions and would probably make for a good Zman Power Hour segment. Of course, she answered them “correctly.”

          • With all due respect to your wife and yourself, she might have refused to participate in such patent nonsense, and let the chips fall where they may.

            Dissident politics without dissident behavior is just another form of obedience. The controllers don’t care what we think as long as we fetch when they throw the stick.

          • “With all due respect to your wife and yourself, she might have refused to participate in such patent nonsense, and let the chips fall where they may.”

            In other words, “Let’s you and him fight!”

          • I have no idea how you came up with that summary of my comment or why you bothered to post it.

            How about you and I fight, if that’s your thing.

          • “she might have refused to participate in such patent nonsense, and let the chips fall where they may” says the anonymous blog commenter.

        • And there is a lot of truth to get woke, go broke

          I know a major company, name redacted who has lost 90% of their business in the L.A. area. These guys were top tier swamp denizens for a long time but as they mixed cheap labor with ethnic and other virtue signalling its gutted them

          During the last purge of the kulaks, nearly every capable employee and possible reformer was fired

          When a fix was brought up at the still open meetings the response was paraphrased basically we’d rather go out of business than reform and if you don’t like it quit. This cost more capable people so in the long term, at least if there is anything left after management loots the place, they are a goner at least in that region

          As for the toxicity of the colleges I recall that Peter Thiel wanted to pay talent to drop out of school and get a job since he knew what the colleges were doing to young minds

          Should the Dissident Right get power, campus reform is on the top of the list but happily there is established law on it. Simply go back to En Loco Parentis for all under 21’s and break the existing campus culture.

          All under 21’s will be in segregated dorm and watched like hawks. If the school starts teaching them any Cultural Marxist claptrap, they get time for subverting a minor

          Think life ban on education, heavy fines and hard labor, not a slap on the wrist

          As for the over 21’s, allowing bankruptcy and ending any and all student loans while strictly limiting foreign students (a few hundred a year, that’s it) Even pretty woke parents are going to be chary about paying for too much they can’t use

          The Left are opportunists and most of what they do is with other peoples or collective monies . cut them off and after a while when the money they’ve horded runs out they’ll get practical . They have too.

          And while yes mainstream right has yacked about this for decades , its funny how they never cut off the funds

          They are of course too busy looting and if they cut of the other Left’s funds, they’ll lose their funds and have nothing to loot

          • At one point during the Bush the lesser regime the GOP held Gov. Sen, House in 25 States.
            Not one cent was cut from “education”.

          • Education is important , people who learn on their own become self reliant and might ask the wrong questions. The State doesn’t want that

            In a less cynical note, we don’t have enough jobs for young people. In reality 90% people either need to be apprenticed at 14 or so or start work at 16-18 and be family ready by 22, 23. We keep them in school as busywork and of course for propaganda.

            There really isn’t much anyone can do about that as the modern economy is caught in an efficiency trap and I can’t see anyone, including most dissident right being willing to make things smaller and slower and get rid of massive large corporations for many smaller ones even if they had the power to do that.

            On a mode immediate note GOP is made of weaklings, looters and corporate cucks with a small but growing number of dissidents in the House.

            Its not just us though , neat every single political system is infested by the same people with a mortal terror of responsibility and as Upton Sinclair famously said the inability to learn anything their job depends on them not knowing

            The arch non US example being the UK Brexit election. May’s inability to to lead along with the Conservatives inability to do their job cost them 1300 seats or so.

            They still can’t figure out how to simply get the stuff done and they just don’t want too, partially out of fear and partially divided loyalties

            If we can get people like that out of office and than get them to remove some of the permanent government we can make real reform but that would require near dictatorial authority and a political party willing to accept a huge decline in GDP .

            ‘Not a famine or anything mind you, not a total crisis as some things would remain but a lot of trouble

            The sudden jolt of an economy moving into reality would be excruciating and in a proposition nation like the US , very dangerous

            Given the real risk of an immediate US collapse ala the old USSR I can’t blame anyone for caution bordering om cowardice even though we desperately need reform

    • If it was going to be against American liberals alone, it would be extremely fun. I got into a discussion with some highschool and college aged ones and they cannot handle mild and reasonable disagreement. I Imagine a real battle that they cannot win by virtue of having the correct opinions and the ability to deplatform would render them incapable of functioning.

      The soyboys and fat feminists are aware of this at some level. That is why they are importing Muslims and Latinos to serve as shock troops. Of course this has its own drawbacks.

      • I was at a social club outing a few weeks back and I approached one of the members who is known as an outspoken lefty type. While I tend to keep my opinions to myself in public, she knew I was from the opposite end of the divide, so the moment I approached her things were a tad awkward.

        But after we spoke, one of her friends came up to me and said she was impressed I was “actually nice” to her. That really amazed me – we were at a stuffy old-line country club, of course I would be courteous! (A “well mannered demeanor” was literally an entry requirement for membership).

        Turns out even the slightest glimmer of an opposing opinion sends a liberal’s fash-radar into overdrive. Fortunately, their knee-jerk reactions make it a lot easier to tell which people are friends or foes.

    • “This should be fun.” What is the “this” that should be fun?

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