An Update On Europe

With so much news coming from Europe this week, I thought a show about European politics would be a good way to kick off the summer. Once a quarter I do a show about international topics. These are some of the more popular podcasts, as I get a lot of traffic from Europe, relative to normal. Our friends over the sea pay a lot of attention to us, but they also want to know what we are thinking about them. Even though our understanding of the world is not always the best, it matter the most.

I’ve made this point before, but I think we can learn a lot about the politics of this thing by watching how the European dissidents go about their efforts. They have different political systems and some advantages we lack, but they are a bit more advanced when it comes to organizing and advertising themselves. They have done a better job handling the “freaks and weirdos” problem, for example. It makes sense for our side to keep an eye on Europe and steal the good ideas that can work in America.

The main thing the Euros have going for them is they have natural identities. They know what it means to be French or Finnish. The usual suspects are trying to play the same game there as they do hear, muddying the waters by claiming random Africans are English, but it’s not fooling many people. Europe has been identitarian since the first humans encountered Neanderthals. The only people willing to accept the fluid definition of ethnicity are crazy people and foreigners looking to game the system.

For the show this week, I’m mostly sticking to the election related stuff. The EU parliament elections are mostly a show, as the EU parliament is useless, but it does provide an insight into what people are thinking. It is meaninglessness allows people to vote their current sentiment, so it is like a massive opinion poll. With nothing on the line and no traditional loyalties to consider, people can be more honest. It’s not a perfect survey of opinion, but it does provide some useful insights about attitudes.

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This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below.

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80 thoughts on “An Update On Europe

    • The explosive stinger was just fine; never bothered me through speakers or headphones. Dittto the clown horns. I do miss the steppes/Cossack hooves; please bring that back as well.

  1. Two thoughts:

    (1) The new stinger does not represent /our values/; I’ll lend my support to the old one.

    (2) Are you backed up in case you get heartisted?

  2. I think you put the clapping and cheering in between the segments so we wouldn’t complain about the explosions. I’ve never complained before even though the explosions always make my car speakers rattle but the Clapping is so horrible that I’m happy to get it back. Clever!

  3. Very glad to hear that the explosion stingie-thingie will return along with the clown horn. Not to put too fine a point on it, but I hated the applause. It seemed to go on forever… A more appropriate form of applause stingie-thingie might be just a second or two of “golf clapping” rather than the rousing ovation we heard this week. I’ve been trying to spread the word about the Power Hour but honestly I would have been embarrassed to send someone to this week’s episode. Still, I really enjoy the content and the shared insights so complaints about ding-tones and applause are mere nit-picking. Thanks for all your hard work.

  4. Don’t like the applause. Just doesn’t work, man. I find it more annoying than your trademark Reason rag clown horn, which oddly I do miss.

    • Again, there’s a lot of Cold War-era misconceptions out there. Big business (the “corporate right”) was never a friend of traditional-values, working class America, but so long as the USSR was perceived as a threat, and so long as Socialism was something of a threat domestically they would pretend, purely out of convenience.

      Now that there’s no Cold War, now that unions have been mostly eliminated, and now that both mainstream parties are indistinguishable, corporate America can’t wait to wash the smell of the deplorables off its hands.

      Corporate Europe, too.

  5. Only 41% of Germans criticize the notion that political correctness is exaggerated?!?!

    You have to admit, the political indoctrination machine in Europe is awe-inspiring in it’s efficacy.

    When the Booby was recently in Prague, he chatted with a young Czech university student. He said he was originally opposed to the EU, but he’s warmed up to it since it provides programs for people like himself to travel on the EU dime promoting the EU, and get other kinds of perks.

    Bought and paid for. Ka-ching!

  6. The crowd clapping is annoying as hell. I think the expression of dislike of the explosion must be an attempt at trolling the Z Man.

    The folks who read this blog are not that soft.

    • Have enough loss in one ear from gunfire anyway that it never really bothered me.

    • Agree. I like the explosion. 1. It’s cool 2. It’s soothing like rolling thunder. 3. It’s over-the-top funny. 4. It’s part of the legend of Z now. As such he has no right to change it. None of us do. It is a mountain unto itself.

      • You may have the best suggestion for a new ‘sting’ for Z – using rolling thunder with a single, close lightening strike to remind us all of the approaching storm…

  7. Not too many show-biz folks round these parts, I gather.

    Just as a purely nerd-sperg technical matter, it isn’t a “stinger,” it’s a “sting.”

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled brouhaha.

    • Since we’re not show-biz folks we’re not going to say something as gay as “sting”. Sometimes the wrong word is better than the right word. (Even though “stinger” is pretty gay too.)

  8. Re the Italian segment, wow-just-wow on the Salvini critic’s self-parodic citations to the Anatomy of Fascism, Israeli historians, etc… A classic example of pundits referring to past punditry and trying to pass it off as academics, analysis or even expert opinion.

    After listening to just the excerpts from that screed, I’m even more motivated to burn down the “liberal democratic world order.” If that’s the Orwell-tier misnomered hill Yesterday’s Men choose to die on, tomorrow belongs to us.

  9. Regarding France, I’ve been sounding the alarm bells for years – and I’ve barely been to the country. The sickle cell test plus a recent study on baby names shows that French births are a minimum (and likely much more) of 20-25% non-sub-Saharan African Muslim and 5% to 10% sub-Saharan African. It’s baked into the pie that France will be around a third Muslim and African some day.

    Thrown in moderate to even low immigration and a generation or so of differing birth rates (even assuming they converge in ten or 20 years), and you’re looking at ~50% of the under-40 population of France being Muslim and/or African in 40 years.

    There’s no way that a 50% Muslim and African France functions as a 1st world country. I can’t imagine that we’ll even get that far.

    Whites in the United States will be outnumbered long before the French, but we’ll be surrounded by mostly Hispanics with some blacks and Asians thrown in the mix. Crappy but workable. The ethnic French will be surrounded by civilization killers. Crazy as it sounds, I think that it’s possible the the French are in worse shape than American whites, which is utterly stunning.

      • I’m not sure how reliable that numbers are, but I used to work for an economist who said that even when the numbers aren’t 100% solid, you can still use them to see a trend as long as the numbers are being gathered the same way each year. And the trend ain’t good.

        I don’t know how to post this sickle cell test map so I’ll put in the link. Ile de France, which I guess is the Paris region, went from 54% in 2005 to 60% in 2010 to 73% in 2015. All of France went from 31.5% in 2010 to 35.7% in 2013 to 38.9% in 2015.

        Even if this test overstates the Middle East, North African and sub-Saharan African numbers by 10% to 30%, the situation is dire and the trend unsustainable. If this trend continues for another five or ten years, France is sunk. Hell, it might be sunk now, but it’s definitely toast in a decade at this rate.

        • France is already toast. African rapper makes video showing him raping and strangling a White Woman symbolizing France screaming F France.

          It’s five years from that en masse like Haiiti.

      • Infants get tested when they’re at risk, which means black or dark Mediterranean. So this is indeed a good proxy for percentage of non-French births. Paris at 68% is way beyond alarming.

        • The original study appeared in the “ultra-right wing” Journal of Clinical Pathology around 2012 and was analyzed in an article by Falko Baumgartner entitled “The Africanization of France,” a little later. Basically, newborn babies of people of Middle East and sub-Saharan African origin are tested for sickle-cell disorder in France and the percentage of newborns subject to such testing is surprisingly high and rising. While I’m slightly skeptical of the most recent figures showing high levels of testing, it’s certainly consistent with the population one sees on the streets in France.

  10. Re Cloak and Kippah, belief in Sputnik’s attribution of the Strache exploit to Mossad requires me to believe Adam’s bald assertion in that “Kein europäischer Dienst dürfte und könnte so etwas durchführen” where considerations of motive alone point to the Bundesnachrichtendienst.

  11. I’m a no-vote on the applause stinger – stick with the original or something shorter and milder than applause. I’m tempted to consider it a good-natured troll of Z’s critics ala Tomorrow Belongs vs. White Boy Doin’ My Thing from some time back.

  12. Since I rarely listen to podcasts, all the talk about stingers, bells, horns, and explosions left me a bit bemused. Anyhow, for those who are interested in “unapproved” sources for real European news, the two sites I visit are new observer and voice of Europe.

    • Thanks for the links, VoE- I’ve known for a while- I love the play on the CIA’s Voice of America, new observer is, well, new to me.

    • Mildly curious, I speak French, German, and Italian decently well, but it’s tiresome wending through blogs without perfect command of the languages. Any suggestions for dissident right podcasts in those languages? Radio Courtoisie, for example, is too broad; I’d like to find something like the Power Hour or Radio Derb.

  13. The great promise of Europe is that there are a dozen or so unique identities in western Europe alone to present different possibilities in how the fire is lit. If just one goes rogue the rest become ripe for it. We see in Poland and Hungary how unnerved our overlords have become over a little disobedience.

  14. Somewhat OT, but Ted Beale does live in Europe. 5/30 VDay blog post “President Trump finally starts to get serious about immigration.” Lulz.

  15. Yes….thank you Z for bringing us up to speed on the European scene, your time and efforts. I admit to being provincial, living west in a Rocky Mountain state, in a huge country…no shame in that and always open to learning more. Appreciate you bringing a new and different Euro perspective, along with Felix and Yves and others over the great European divide. Learn from those farther down the road from us. No need to reinvent the wheel..hate wasting time when we can look to others.

  16. I like the clown horn. It is quite expressive and makes the point well. The new stinger sucks. It is good to hear about what is happening in Europe. Thanks.

  17. Teddy Kennedy’s Oldsmobile Delray was not really the right car for driving Mary Jo off the bridge, way too dowdy for a swingin’ Irishman, and that neutral color was so off-putting… 😉

    • Actually, it’s a fascinating bit of historical insight that the fabulously wealthy Ted Kennedy was driving an Oldsmobile. These days a mid-level bureaucrat in DC wouldn’t be caught dead driving a mass-produced American car–it’s all Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, etc. How times have changed.

      • Back then Oldsmobiles were known for spectacular comfort and driving pleasure. They were the luxury car for people who didn’t want to be seen as pretentious. Whether the Kennedy clan preferred to be perceived as Everyman or as Royalty, I leave as an exercise for the reader.

  18. Gotta keep the clown car. The bell was a little light weight, maybe a bit of Kettle drum. I would have liked bigger victories in the EU., but then I’d like bigger victories here as well.

  19. My complain about the stinger was more the disparity in volume. Your speaking voice on the podcast is really quiet so I have the volume turned up so I can hear you and the old stinger was very loud in comparison. I propose the libertarian clown horn as the stinger going forward, just not so loud.

    • “I propose the libertarian clown horn as the stinger going forward, just not so loud.” Going forward your judgment will be forever suspect.

    • Could it help to run it through an equalizer once it’s done? I use MP3Gain on music MP3s to prevent earburn one moment and earstrain the next, but no idea how well it works on a mix of speech and sound effects.

  20. I liked the stinger. The clown horn was a little loud but it helped me stay alert.

    • The clown horn is perfect for the libertarian segments. That does not need any “fixing”.

  21. Your old stinger was perfect. The bell sounds like a fairy bell. To paraphrase Obama, that is not who you are.

  22. I laughed at the applause interlude – but after that it became irritating. I liked the clown horn and the bombs myself.

    Soooo… a few pebbles are skittering down the slope before the avalanche in Europe, eh?


    • Yep. Lose the applause stinger. Go back to the explosion. Or use a deep drum sound.

    • I figured the applause would get old, but time did not permit coming up with some other options.

      I sort of liked the ding I used the first time, but the explosion remains my favorite.

      • I humbly suggest the infectious guitar riff from Cheech and Chong’s old routine “Ear-ache My Eye”. You know, the riff that keeps repeating in between such gems as “Basketball coach done kicked me off the team / (riff) / For wearing high-heeled sneakers, and acting like a QUEEEEEEEEN!!”

      • The applause after the feint with the ding! was priceless. Laughed out loud! I expect a lot of the folks who complained about the explosion (not me) will be begging for it back after this week. Great troll!

      • “I don’t have to fall asleep after sex. I want to fall asleep after sex. I welcome the darkness.” —Al Bundy Zman

  23. I really had no problem with the old stinger, but… okay.

    But no more clown horn for Reason? The clown horn has become synonymous with Reason! It’s become iconic! Even their own commenters have taken to responding with “Honk! Honk!” to their delusional articles. Please reconsider!

    • I agree. I’m going to resist the libertarian war on the clown horn. From my cols dead hands [honk honk]!

      • Please keep the clown horn…..I can now imitate the clown horn, and sometimes walk through the house clown horning, startling the Basic Husband.
        Keep the Explosion AND turn it down. In the car listening to your podcast, the volume is up to hear you, and then the Explosion comes and shocks the central nervous system.

        • I’m pro explosion, anti clown horn. Actually, I thought it was a great gavel of the Titans falling!

      • Yeah, I’m a fan of the clown horn and the old stinger but, especially, the clown horn.

      • Don’t miss the clown horn but do miss the explosion. Range Front Fault is right… maybe just turn it down a bit (that or I just need new car speakers as mine about rattle out of the doors when the explosion occurs). Maybe a pavlovian chime between segments? Nit-picking a great product here, please carry on with your yeoman’s work!

    • The new stinger sucks. So bad it actually takes the overall quality down because it’s like a fake sound stage comedy. The old one was just fine. Perhaps next time do a scientifically sound poll instead of listening to a few whiners.

      • I agree, 100%. You get used to the original stinger pretty quickly, and for me, it was emblematic of the hard-hitting truth bombs the Z Man lays on us. I’m pretty sure the people complaining are the minority; stay strong Z Man, don’t lay down to the my-feelingz-hurtz crowd.

  24. So I hooted at your closing segment last week.

    Your rant about Assange couldn’t be further from the truth, so much so I had to listen to it twice.
    He is the press- at the time the Constitution was written most of the “press” was phamphleteers, the idea that the institutionalised clowns who all go to the same schools, have their “Press cards” receive thier drivel in “Press rooms”and attend the “Press Dinners” constitute the founder idea of the press is a joke.
    The First Amendment was written specifically to protect the Assanges of the world, those acquiring and publishing the things that the Government thieves
    and murderous thugs want to keep secret.
    That is the essence, the only true value of journalism.

    The real horror here is the degree to which the States bullshit is accepted.

    • I think what’s amazing about that segment is how so many people missed the point.

          • Thank God you’re not a god! No worries now of you demanding human sacrifices to the alter of Z! Just subscriptions.

          • I accept some sacrifices in my life-
            In fact, I’d accept some vestal virgins right now

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