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First off, a little housekeeping. I will be doing some server maintenance this weekend, so there may be some outages. If all goes well, there will be no outages, but things rarely go well in these matters, so I plan for the worst. These are things that were left over from the server move and I just need to get them done. As I transition into being an e-whore, I need to upgrade the infrastructure in preparation for new ventures. Since this is the main hub of the empire, it has to be ready for many spokes.

Speaking of new ventures, I’m thinking it may be time to abandon YouTube entirely, as I don’t do video and I don’t have a lot of listeners there. I’d like to say I’m linking arms with my brothers in the struggle during the Great Purge, but it is really just a matter of convenience. It’s a bit of a hassle to convert a sound file to the video format and then upload it to the YouTube site. I wish I had a nickel for every time the upload failed or YouTube got angry with a music clip. It’s often a pain to get the show uploaded.

Now that said, it is not some great burden that weighs on me night and day. I have about a 1000 people using YouTube every week. At least I think I do. The view counts on YouTube are not right. The other day, I watched my view count go down in real time, then go back up again a half hour later. Therefore, I really have no idea who is using it to catch the show, but if some regulars here prefer it over other formats or have suggestions for other places to load it, I’m open minded on the subject.

As far as the show this week, someone e-mailed me the story I’m using in the first segment, which got the theme for the show going. The whole show is not about Pride Month, but all of it is related. It cannot be said often enough, nothing says clown world like having a whole month for our betters to lecture us about how wonderful they are for loving the gays. It is further proof that we are living in a bizarre secular theocracy with month long festivals to reinforce the one true faith. It’s gay Puritanism now.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: Profitable Nonsense (Link) (Link)
  • 12:00: Bring Back The Patriarchy (Link) (Link)
  • 22:00: Pride Month (Link)
  • 32:00: Big Gay (Link)
  • 42:00: Cowards (Link)
  • 47:00: The Cure (Link)
  • 52:00: Extra Crazy (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing (Link)

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197 thoughts on “All About Pride

  1. Intersex isn’t made up. One could argue that it is the only part of LGBT… that is actually diagnosable. It has been a medically established (and tragic) condition for many decades. Are you saying Klinefelter’s syndrome etc. do not exist? These conditions didn’t have anything to do with politics until very recently.

  2. The “g’s” in the fudgepacker’s Maltese name are soft. His name is pronounced “Bootyjudge.”

  3. Tom Chambers for the basketball HOF. It’s a start; a dominant white boy from Mormon land. Watch the highlight videos at TC24; watch Tom take it to the tin against the best players in the game in the 1980s. Watch him launch over Pat Ewing and David Robinson and slamming it down, then ask yourself why you have been taught that white men can’t jump.

    Probably OT, but there it is.

  4. I vote for Sabbath, the old break sounds and Zman continuing to harsh the mellow of stupid Libertarians. No opinion on Youtard. You must destroy the near enemy before you take on the far enemy.

  5. I’ve tried three times to get through this podcats now. It’s not the podcast that’s bad, it’s that Im going through a temporary black pill valley and therefore dont have a sense of humor about this bull at the moment.

    Ive gotten as far as ‘patriarchy chicken’ by some annoying broad. Oh god, that is nothing but a banal, crude and uncharming version of a shit test. A little red pill reminder: women are instinctively, biologically hardwired to prod, nag, push, be annoying to seek out males that wont put up with that nonsense. This is b/c high testosterone, dominating males dont like that kind of nonsense, except as occasional entertainment they can then laugh about. And therefore, finding such males, subconsciously tells the walking uterus that now she has found men that could potentially protect and defend her, and anything noisy coming out of that uterus, from marauding hostiles or overgrown house cats or whatever.

    This podcast has one submessage, forget liberal democracy, ie women and loser males vote too (b/c there will always be far more women and loser males than alpha males). I dont have time or patience to go into the theory here but the bottom line is, liberal democrazy, like ‘equality between the sexes’, is a Darwinian dead end. And refugee crises, illegal immigration, idiotly led losing wars against goat hearders w Russian type writers and all that, is nature reminding us that unilateral disarmament on testosterone was a really bad idea.

    • Don’t worry it will pass. You really have to laugh at this shit storm or it will break you emotionally.

      First off women were never a mystery, white guys just decided to forget to what they learned back in high school that a lot of women are f**kin nuts, sluts or otherwise to be avoided. A few are special but you won’t know until you court them and watch for signs. That was the whole point behind courtship to – it is a background character checkup.The smart male is taught to select a mate the same way a animal breeder selects a stud or mare. Even Mad Magazine back in the 70’s did strips on this.

      I remember the lore my father told me growing up. He said “to know what your girl friend at 40 will be like, look at her mother”. other bits included “always check the parents for inheritable diseases and insanity”

      BTW Z has it wrong on liberal democracies. What’s wrong with them is that white males have went soft and stupid. After WWII we went from mostly a country of small rural farms and some factories to a more urbanized environment and by the 70’s a to office environment that favored passivity and more feminized men and to today’s office male that is little more than a female with a d**k. Ever watch “The Office’? Those aren’t males, they are castrati.

      The fact is you can’t raise men to be stuffed into what amounts to Procrustean cubes that chop and crush them into little more than drones.

      • Basically agree. And most of the time I find the xirl science and such hilarious. But this is for real, we re living in mad societies all across the Western world. And mad ppl dont know they re mad. Pinochet is the absolutely least bad option available. And he’s very unlikely at this point. Maybe he was one of the greatest heroes of the 20th century? B/c he did what he had to do but not much more. Similar guys, from Franco up, it gets too excessive. I’ve heard the Brazilian military junta found the same sweet spot as Pinochet but I know less about that.

    • I’d love to challenge Patriarchy Chicken Lady to play a round of it in a store in the hood in Baltimore. The results would be hilarious and the video of that would get a million views on YT (before the took it down of course)

  6. It seems that all the time now I’m realizing that yet another revolting new “holiday” has been created. I’ve learned, for instance, to cringe every May 5th now as I know the Mexicans will be that much more drunk and uppity and every white cuck will be doing some obsequious virtue signalling garbage like throwing Cinco de Mayo parties for all their SWPL friends (since they probably don’t have any real Mexican ones). It’s just been this year that I learned that apparently the ENTIRE month of June is fagfest. My neighborhood is especially pozzed but even here I don’t recall that they went this over the top with the rainbow nonsense last year.

    • Last month, three or four standard white people mentioned to me in small-talk, that “Cinco de mayo” was coming up. The last time I heard this I replied simply that yes, May 5th is indeed coming up, as is May 6th, May 7th, and May 8th.

    • Based on the 50th anniversary of the “founding moment” of it all, the “Stonewall riots”. So the entire movement is founded on the moment the homos went wild assaulting the arresting cops in an illegally operating gay bathhouse. Helluva founding moment, guys. The historical re-enactments should be awesome (not).

    • Nobody takes Cinco de Mayo as a holiday seriously, not even Mexicans, not even in Mexico. It’s just a happy excuse to drink margaritas. Marketing.

    • It’s no longer en vogue for cucks to throw Cinco de Mayo parties (shhh-cultural appropriation).

    • The reason to be against homosexuals as a group, not as individuals, is that they are, as a group, against your group.

      A crucial observation is the distinction between the micro and the macro. On the micro level, you can have great relationships with various individual minorities, but on the macro level these minority groups are against your group. And the macro dominates the micro because the minorities are tribal, generally speaking.

      Traditional whites are continually misled by encouraging interactions with minorities on the micro level as they are crushed at the macro level.

      • Not only that, but the Lefties will use the “whuddabout” thing, every time you bring up something, singling out the one instance or example that doesn’t fit the pattern.

      • LineIn: “Traditional whites are continually misled by encouraging interactions with minorities on the micro level as they are crushed at the macro level.” Good points. The POCs must get a kick out of fooling the most gullible of us. Here in SoCal all the help is South American. Mexicans are very likable. I get along with them. But as I’m laughing with my house painters I still know they’re looking forward to the day when they can barbeque me alive. ha. My mom thinks her maids love her. I tell her not to be too open with them. She doesn’t understand that when the shit finally hits the fan they’re going to ransack her house. Like in your comment, her maids may not really want to, but they’ll be swept along in the undercurrent of group desire. It’s weird when you think how many Mexicans literally have the keys to our homes out here.

        • “Here in SoCal all the help is South American.”

          Actually, most of the help in SoCal is from North America (Mexico) and Central America (Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama). Maybe you meant “Latin American.”

      • The problem is we are over civilized. When many things are educational like driving a car or math or physics then Art of War seems to be inborn like survival instinct. Those others recognize the war and instinctively choose the right method. In this case, play Mr: Nice Guy until there are enough of their guys. It is everywhere. In Afganistan, we once wondered that those illiterate goatfuckers can,t do anything. They dont speak languages, repair cars, operate computers or do whatever job. The only thing they can, is to beat us on the battlefield. From our side, we lost some guys whos instincts warned them about ambush but training forced them to ignore their natural survival mechanism and go by the book straight into trap.

  7. The final story and closing music…. May I never hear them again (i fear they are inextricably linked)

    • ‘YMCA’ is a hoot, from an era when homosexuals could laugh at themselves, and be laughed at, when SCTV could lampoon Liberace and Elton John for their “flamboyance”, shall we say.

      The final story was indeed unpleasant to hear or contemplate. But in fairness to our homosexual friends, and I do have a couple of them, they don’t have a monopoly on sodomy. The ‘normalization’ in film and pop culture of anal intercourse between men and women is, or should be, as revolting as anything indulged in by homos.

  8. In our lifetime, we’ve gone from treating sexual deviance as dysfunction to now officially sanctioning men dressed as women dominating women’s sports and encouraging parents to give young children hormone therapy in an insane effort to proactively change their biological sex. We are at the stage where our culture is now seriously diseased and the crazy is accelerating at warp speed. Like a spring being wound ever tighter, something’s gonna give sooner or later. Where does this lead?

    Most likely, the sane fraction of our population is eventually going to say “enough” and push back hard. Then, like an autoimmune reaction, many LEOs in this country will put on their jackboots, follow orders from their Leftist elite masters, and attack the few remaining sane people trying to right the ship. And this is exactly what the incipient tyrants want to happen, Green-on-Blue decimation. Do not fall into this trap. There is a better way.

      • In times of great danger, our species’ natural instinct is to band together into like-minded assemblies for group defense. But that doesn’t work in this era of the Surveillance State; it just gets you on a list with a target painted on your back. A key weakness of any tyrannical government is that they can’t lock up or kill everyone without committing suicide.

        Simple, secret, solo, and spontaneous.

        • Tom, good point—but before anything else we must first kill all the Libertarians. 😉

          • Yes, that’s funny. And it reinforces my point above about getting overwrought with Libertarians, who may be useless, but not in the same league as incipient tyrants. But to be clear, I do not advocate mimicking a tyrant’s thirst for blood. Smarter, not harder.

  9. In brief defense of Sonny Bono, he went on to become the Republican mayor of Palm Springs and a Republican U.S. House member from California’s 44th district, before dying in a skiing accident. Probably a cuckservative by today’s standards, but his experience in entertainment might have made him a candidate for the Red Pill.

  10. Someday, after society has rebuilt itself after the Burning Times soon to come and the New Dark Age that will inevitably follow and last for 500 years or more, future anthropologists and archeologists digging through the ruins of San Francisco’s Castro district will wonder why their ancient ancestors allowed their civilization to be destroyed trying to accommodate the lunatic demands of less than 3% of the population instead of just putting them to the sword.

    • And they’ll find that the answer was a certain 2% of the population that significantly overlaps the aforementioned 3%

      • Numbers are irrelevant. In the war real force counts. Not how many you have but how much damage you can cause to the enemy.

  11. The right is like a barbarian tribe. We are capable of huge bursts of energy where we can get stuff done, but we lack the structures and professionalism to keep going. The left is like may get its ass kicked, buts its armies of well funded professionals can keep grinding and grinding until the job is done.

    • Great analogy. I propose another one as well. The Bolsheviks in 1918 looked very vulnerable, surrounded by enemies at home and abroad, unpopular even in the lands they controlled. They enjoyed one crucial advantage – they knew what they wanted and used all necessary means to achieve their goals. We like to blame the Frankfurt School for our predicament, but never forget that the techniques forged by Lenin and his associates, culminating in the evil genius of Stalin. are all part of the handbook too.

      They perfected the mathematics of acquiring and totalizing raw power.

  12. I use the YouTube occasionally, but mostly get by with Google play to hear the podcast. That’s what I’m using right this minute, actually. So, yeah, you can dump YouTube.

  13. My problem with Mayor Pete is he looks like a bottom, having a bottom as President just wouldn’t do. We already had one in Barry, and look how that turned out.

    • Every time I see or hear the lovable little Mayor Pete, I think of the commenters here who shared a juicy bit of info previously unknown to me that when the police see a particularly violent, gruesome homicide, they understand to investigate the wild, drug-fueled gay scene first, as that stuff happens in their world. Wouldn’t it be great if Chris Wallace or Andrea Mitchell asked Mayor Pete at a town hall to share his favorite wild, drug-fueled gay experiences with the American people? Or who seduced the young Mayor Pete over to the gay team? A baby-sitter? Family member? Clergy? The American people have a right to know. 😉 Nah, I guess we just get the sanitized rainbow fantasy version.

    • The passive partner, right?

      In some cultures, the, ahem, active partner is not considered homosexual.

  14. I use Das Tubular, but am fine with you moving away. Great episode! Everything they promised wouldn’t happen if we gave the gay subculture some leeway – coming after Christians, grooming your kids – is happening mega maximum full throttle.

  15. What I don’t get about the gay guy brain is how they’re not sexually attracted to women. I can theoretically grasp how they’re attracted to other males. Males are human. Humans can be attractive. But how do you feel NOTHING when walking behind a fine assed woman in cut-offs?

    • Frip…..Working in the big water company in Oakland with many sexually ambiguous people, I learned a few things about them. Gay men are somehow wired part woman….so they are attracted to men, regardless of being a penis guy. Now this is going to sound woo-woo but bear with me….I call it running some female energy. They are men that feel like men running some degree of female energy. It really shows up in gay’s emotionalism. The gay guys would rush crying into the bathroom big drama arm waving huge emotions over some guy they were boffing. Usually had a good recipe to share, liked musicals.

      The lesbian dikes were part men, either looked like an 11 year old flat chested Ellen Degeneres or a bowling ball Chas Bono. I knew more lezzies that would buy an old home in Berkeley and remodel the whole damned house themselves. Good craftsmen. And they were having affairs with each other and crying, too.

      Took me a while to figure out the trannies. Knew a tranny truck driver from a man into a woman. L confused me being around her until I realized she ran dual male and female energy simultaneously, with a predominance of male. She was born as Bob and would always run that male energy, for example L flew a private plane, did the mechanics on it, raced cars and already bought the retirement place with full workshop to take care of her/his toys. Regardless of being a long-haired blond with a 5 o’clock shadow, she felt like a guy and that’s how I reacted to her/him. She/he checked out my tooshie, and that’s the direction of her sexuality, she/he was born a male and is still predominantly male regardless of hormone treatments. Trannies can feel confusing to be around.
      Bruce Jenner still runs guy energy regardless of what he or they say.

    • I always depend on Frip to focus on what’s truly important. “Let’s get to the bottom of this…”

      • I was about to ask, “Yeah, but where are the women wearing assless chaps?”, but then the image of which women would be wearing them emerged and I am still working on my mind purge…

  16. There’s a reason that leftists so ostentatiously fetishize homos. The Left harbors an insanely strong preference for the abnormal over the normal. They tend to hold contempt for regular people doing regular things. That gays/lesbians/trannies represent 2 % of the population only increases their appeal as a fringe constituency that leftists can celebrate and use to bludgeon straight, cisgender, boring Whitey. Much of it is about gaslighting the normies. But the normies have become so numb to these perverse spectacles that leftists have to keep upping the ante by venturing into increasingly bizarre areas. Such is the nature of Clown World.

    • I think it is some combination of sticking it to their “parents” (the broader culture is a parent of sorts) and falling for the incessant gaslighting. They will buy whatever is sold to them. The “OK” symbol, as a racist whitey signal, was put out there by Q as a joke, and now it is practically a criminal act to flash it, even in innocence. These people are eager consumers of scoldy-stuff, so they can be card-carrying scoldy-cats, and anything gay is top of the list of stuff to scold other people about.

    • Wkath;
      There is a strong scent of the demonic to this process of spiraling leftist degeneracy. Almost as if God gave them over to their base desires…

      Praying for another Christian revival couldn’t hurt…

    • Someone here said that I should always use the same intro, so it is Sabbath from now until forever.

  17. I just heard the phrase “Big Gay” and it made me laugh. I wonder if the reason Big Gay exists is because Feminism has made men and women incompatible and they need it as a phony backdrop…?

  18. I am highly disappointed with you Zman. Yesterday, June 6th, was the 75th anniversary of D-Day landing. President Trump, PM May and President Macron honored the men who landed on those beaches and fought to liberate Europe from the tyranny and horror of Nazi Germany.

    I have personally visited the US Normandy American Cemetery. I have walked the grounds and touched the grave markers of many young Americans who gave their lives on those beaches. Among the head stones are Americans with German names who returned to free Europe from what Germany had become. They gave their lives to set us free.

    Your readers obviously include veterans. It’s unfortunate you couldn’t find the time to honor their fallen brothers. We read about you flying around the world to discuss what’s wrong with Europe and America. Perhaps you could have at least paid tribute to those who died trying to make them better 75 years ago.

    Shame on you.

    • Implying there isn’t enough masturbation over sending people to die in pointless wars already? The “horrors of Nazi Germany” is just long-hand for saying “Hitler”, the go-to answer for justifying any and all warmongering. As a Vietnam veteran (11B, so you can screw off if you think I was a REMF) I know I’m right because the same cock and Bill story was trotted out – we’re killing Luke the Gook or Charlie Slants because it contains communism. I do honor the soldiers who died at Normandy..simply because they were soldiers, not because they died some noble death. They didn’t. WW 1-2 was the Great White Suicide.

    • That was a war fought by a different country than the one I live in now. Sure, it has the same name, but there is no connection between today’s America and the America of the 1940’s. When there are half-naked men in ass-less chaps parading down your streets in a month long celebration of buggery, it’s hard to feel very patriotic.

      • When I read American history, I vacillate between feeling as though I’m reading about some long-dead society and anger about what’s been lost. Either way, I have no feelings left for what is called the United States.

        It was a shock years back when I was at a ball game, and they played the national anthem. I suddenly realized that it meant nothing to me. I saw all the patriotic faces around me and people putting their hands on their hearts and felt very alone.

        • I had a similar experience. A few years ago at a ball game, I suddenly realized I no longer had any patriotism. My relationship to the state is purely transactional.

          • Will everyone please stand, and place your fedora over your nipple:

            I pledge allegiance to the fags
            Of the United Shakedowns of America,
            And to the shopping malls
            Over which they stand,
            One homeless shelter, under blogs,
            With free cookies for every crying brown child on earth.

          • And I had the same college sportsball experience, enhanced by the celebration of a group of our heroic veterans, recently returned from spreading freedom to one or another of the Empire’s satrapies.

            My inclination was to turn my back to the proceedings, but prudence intervened. Or maybe just some vestigial feelings from those long-ago decades when I still gave a damn about the USA.

        • I remember reading the motto of one of the Southern reaction websites–“secede in your mind”–and it hit me like a flash: God damn, I’ve already done that.

          I spent a lot of time with my grandparents, who were from the Depression/WWII generation, and kind of got to see America–the genuinely great America, that America–from their point of view. Now when I can juxtapose in my mind their America with my America–jeez, feels bad, man.

        • “It was a shock years back when I was at a ball game, and they played the national anthem. I suddenly realized that it meant nothing to me. I saw all the patriotic faces around me and people putting their hands on their hearts and felt very alone.”

          I had a similar experience the day after Obama was re-elected, at my son’s graduation from BT at Fort Jackson; a beautiful afternoon, the grandstand filled with friendly and patriotic people of all races, creeds, and colors, as we used to say, flags a-flapping, phalanxes of young soldiers marching behind the colors, happiness all around. I felt like a stranger in a strange land, torn between pride in my son, and the hard fact that he and his comrades were merely tools of empire, despised by their own Commander in Chief.

      • “All about pride”. How ironic. Obviously you have none for your own country or the good things your country has done.

        But maybe you are right. What do you, as Americans, have to be proud of anymore. Just another sh8t hole third world country in the making.

        As a German, I have no problem respecting America’s great men even when their own country-man refuse to do so. One can still respect the father, even when his son is a fool.

        It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived. – George S. Patton

        • You have to understand how patriotism is used in this country to keep whites from waking up. Patriotism has become a propaganda tool for TPTB.

          A public tribute to the men who died at Normandy isn’t about the men who died at Normandy, it’s a way to make whites forget that they’re losing their country and will someday be a persecuted minority. It’s a way to make whites feel loyal to country and government run by those who hate us.

          I think about those men who fought and died (including a grandfather), and I don’t feel pride. I feel anger. They were wasted.

          The fact is that in the long run, it may very well turn out that Eastern Europe was better off being under Communist rule. Despite its horrors, it saved them from what the West has become. Who’s to say that the same might not have been true of Europe under the Nazis.

          Either way, it doesn’t matter. That country, those men, they’re long gone. It was literally another world. Time to look forward.

        • Well, it was intended to be ironic. That should have been obvious to you. And no, I’m not proud of my country, because I no longer have a country. That’s made plain to me everyday by the people in charge of this economic zone. America is not a country, they tell us. It is a concept, a collection of ideas that change whenever they decide to change them. How can one be proud of an idea in the head of another?

          The point of my endeavors is to one day have a country, but that day is not today, alas.

        • Dear Karl,
          As one who very much enjoys your comments, I’m surprised and a little sad how you lashed out at Z man. Truly, the U.S. is no longer the same country as helped Europe in the war(s). It has declined in quality and is rapidly becoming a 2nd or 3rd world
          Scheisse-hole with the hordes of low-quality people being imported, added to our terrible schools, corrupt government and completely propagandized, ruined people. However, is Germany any better? The poor German people still internalize such guilt and shame and cower because of Hitler and WW2 when the reality is that some of the finest scientific thinkers ever emerged from Germany in that period. You have just as much propaganda “news” as we have and perhaps your schools have incorporated some of the diseased thinking that we teach here, as one would guess given the sensibilities of current-day Germans. Some of us here might say the same to you as you commented toward Z: “One can still respect the father, even when his son is a fool.” Meanwhile, Mama Merkel steadily destroys not just her own homeland and people with hordes of incompatible savages who hate white westerners (as well as globalist pro-conglomerate anti-small business policies), but also most of the rest of Europe, too! And though she steps down from leadership of her political party, she decided she’ll stay in charge as Chancellor till 2021. Why the heck aren’t Germans protesting in the street until she’s thrown out? The men of Europe have been emasculated just as badly as American men. The corrupt leaders stay in charge, the destructive “leadership” continues, the western countries are being dismantled in front of our eyes, with leaders having their police and military clamp down on their own countrymen in favor of the migrants who hate us as they live comfortably on our tax dollars. Are you and Germany any better? I think we’re all in the same boat, my friend. And it’s very sad indeed. I think of visiting my Grandfather’s grave where he was killed in action in the Ardennes and weep bitterly over his death. He was one like you mentioned, an American with a German last name, tall, blond, handsome. Life over at such a young age, before he even really began to live, but he gave it up protecting his brothers in arms. We are so proud of them. But weep bitterly. He died and so many other beautiful young men died horrifically — for this? Why don’t you write some thoughts here commemorating our shared grief over the war? Surely many of us here would enjoy it as we develop better understanding and ties with each other — since we’re all in the same predicament.

        • Karl, I am grateful for your comments and I just wish we still lived in the old world of beautiful myths, but we don’t. We Americans now realize that we’ve been had. A real country – like Germany – is built on solid ground (language, culture, antiquity); it is a people. The current year USA is a political entity with borders and taxes, and that’s about it.

          Where I live, 250 years ago was woodland lightly populated by the Seneca. In the life of real countries like Germany, France, Italy, China, India, Thailand – one could go on, obviously – 250 years ago the people were German, French, Chinese, etc.

          There is no inner substance to America, that’s the problem. The men who fought and died in the two world wars were sacrifices made to national policy; they weren’t fighting for their homeland, as the Brits and Russians did in 1940-1942, or as the Germans did in 1944-45.

          Without the flag-waving and the July cookouts, we’re nothing but subjects of a cancerous overstate that plans to steal all our wealth and then flush us from memory.

          • >>>Without the flag-waving and the July cookouts, we’re nothing….

            If you want to experience blatant, super-shallow government manipulation, just attend a Fourth of July Party hosted at an American embassy or large consulate. Flags! Hot dogs! Ice cream! Isn’t it great just to be a small part of the Greatest Country that ever was? That ever could be!

      • It’s not so much just that there’s half-naked men an assless chaps parading down the street that bothers me. It’s that if one dares to suggest that any aspect of half-naked men in assless chaps is inappropriate in a public forum, or that trannies reading to children in public libraries is inappropriate, one is subject to being unpersoned by the State or its private agents.

        My ancestors arrived on the Mayflower and have fought and/or died in every significant war America fought. No more. If the Russians or Chinese invaded tomorrow, Red Dawn style, I wouldn’t lift a finger to stop them. They couldn’t be any worse that what we have now.

        • I agree completely, which is sad. I am old enough to remember Joan Baez being asked how she’d react to the Communist Chinese invading California; she said she’d greet them with a cup of tea.

          At this point, I’m with Joan. If we’re to be exploited and reduced to slaves, let’s at least serve masters who don’t lecture and hector us on our shortcomings, but just want the cash.

      • Agree. For me the U.S. died 40 years ago. There is nothing left to feel patriotic about. It wasn’t done by the people but by the business and political classes who hate the U.S. and it’s people.

        In terms of values. The men who were at Normandy would be seen as aliens by mainstream Republicans. My uncle who came ashore at Juno Beach(as a combat engineer) could not recognize his own country before he passed last year. The same with my father who served in the American Army in ETO as a scout. It boiled his blood to see the country he fought for just die in front of him.

        Neither would have saw anything wrong with what Z did.

    • There were many honors done. One of the best, IMHO, was President Trump’s speech. The NYT, of all places, did a nice write up on Ernie Pyle, mostly free of the typical leftist sniping and revisionism. To argue about this or that, regarding Normandy and D-Day, seems a bit unseemly.

      BTW, the Ernie Pyle books, “Here is your War” and “Brave Men”, are among the best firsthand battlefield accounts you will ever read, and Pyle’s evolution of his own thinking is fascinating. If you have any interest in the subject, and especially WW2, these are must reads. Familiarizing yourselves with these two books can be your own private way to honor the fallen on all sides.

    • Those brave soldiers gave deadly blow not to Germany but to nationalism in their own countries. Thanks to those soldiers , US whites, English and French people lost their inherited right to homeland. White ethnostate became a Nazism.

      • Yep. Turns out that for the West, WWII wasn’t against the Nazis but against nationalism – or, at least, nationalism in white countries. WWI and WWII were the big turning point for the West. We not lost millions of men, we lost pride in ourselves and our beliefs.

        We also turned the most spiteful and grudge-holding people the world has ever known into our mortal enemy.

    • What the hell is wrong with Germans. I lived in Germany, and you guys positively wallow in self-masochism. Good lord, you had 12 years or so where you had a pretty bad guy for a leader. So what. You think that you’re the only country in the world that had some bad guys running the show? That you’re the only country that ever did some nasty stuff?

      Was Hitler worse than Stalin? Hell no. But you don’t see the Russians going on and on about how terrible they are because of Stalin and his crew. (Yeah, yeah, I know that Stalin was a Georgian. Well, you don’t see Georgian saying how terrible they are because of Stalin.)

      The Japanese did unimaginably evil shit to anyone and everyone in WWI. Do you see them groveling and begging for forgiveness? Hell no.

      Germany is not some special case of a country. Hitler and the Nazi were just some guys doing the same nasty stuff that many other leaders have done throughout history. Good lord, Julius Caesar practically committed a holocaust against the Gauls by himself.

      Stop defining yourselves with the Nazi. You’re German, one of the greatest peoples ever to walk the earth. Be proud of that. If someone bitches about the Nazi to you, tell them to fuck off.

      • What the Zman fairly observed about your country is the same here. And everywhere else for that matter, as time and enough generations will do that.

        No one under the age of 20-has any collective guilt about our past. However just about every German older than 40 is thankful the Americans putting and end to the stupidity we brought upon ourselves and the rest of Europe. My grandchildren will not have to worry about our national collective “guilt” trip.

        But don’t be fooled by the sudden surge in our Green Party thinking it’s all wine and roses. Even they are smart enough to realize it wasn’t so much a vote “for” them as much as it was an “against” vote for the others.

        • Most of the German I knew would be in their 40s now. They were all about Europe and immigration as a way to shed the guilt of the past. They were citizens of the world. They couldn’t believe it when I told them that they should be proud to be Germans and should tell the world shut up about the Nazis.

          Glad that the younger Germans are moving on.

        • It wouldn’t have happened without the Russians sacrificing 10s of millions of their people to defeat the Nazis. The U.S. lost fewer than 1/2 million men — still way too many. But the Nazis would not have been defeated without the Russians’ sacrifice and fierce will. Their people and population are still recovering from this tremendous blow. (Not to mention the 10s of millions more who died under the bloody communists.)

          • Yes we are recovering and also asking, why it was and is necessary to fight the “Nazis” at all. We had revolution and 13 million dead before Hitler.

          • Some of us Americans are asking ourselves the same thing, though we get in trouble if we do it publicly. The Russians have been through so very much during the last century. For that reason, they are the ones whose judgement I would trust when it comes to politics and geopolitical maneuvering. In comparison, Americans have had soft, privileged lives (back when the country was 80-90% white and hard work earned you a good life) and while we enjoyed playing in our prosperity without fear and with what we thought was a trustworthy government leading us, our people got dumbed down with terrible schools and propaganda media and now I can’t stand either the typical right or typical left American mindset — so warped, paranoid and backward. The product of zionist teachings. A ruined people.

          • Ursula;
            What you say re Russian war efforts and suffering in WWII is absolutely true: The war couldn’t have been won without them.

            But there is also a strong case to be made that, without Stalin, there might not have *been* a WWII, at least as we now know it. Stalin facilitated the war’s path both by omission and commission.

            Re omission: The Prussian officer class was making some efforts to organize a coup in 1938 to avoid a two-front war that Germany could not possibly win, given the correlation of forces at the time. They later made the excuse that Chamberlin cut them off at the knees with his Munich accord. True_???

            Well, Niall Fergusson makes the case that by forcing the issue in 1938 with the Czech army (which had better tanks then than the Germans) and its formidable fortress chain intact, the Allies had good chances for success. This was particularly true if they could gain Stalin’s support, which he withheld, despite their requests.

            Re commission: what really put the war into gear was the Hitler-Stalin pact of September 1939 to divide Poland between themselves. With this, Hitler avoided (temporarily) a two front war and secured a strong base of supply, nullifying the menace of a British naval blockade such as starved Germany out in WWI.

            Churchill needed to keep reminding Stalin in 1942 and later that it was Russian avgas that powered the Luftwaffe as it destroyed London during The Blitz in 1940 and 1941. IOW, despite Stalin’s demands for an immediate invasion, it was impossible due the destruction of British infrastructure, which he, Stalin, had facilitated just two years earlier.

            Victor Davis-Hansen has made the point that Stalin and the USSR was, at one time or another, the ally of ALL the WWII belligerents. And Russia paid a high price for it.

          • Thank you, Al, for such a beautiful and informative response. Your intelligence always shines and anything you may personally say I admire and hold in high esteem. I wish I was better read in history, like you and some other men on this site are, so that I could properly digest your articulate analysis and intelligently respond.

            Niall Ferguson, however, is an opportunist who goes along to get along and is accordingly given a broad platform. This correct-thinker, a self-described “unapologetic neo-imperialist” who is hunky dory with all the neocon warmongering, writes books about the glories of the Rothschilds bankers (a 2-volume opus that earned him high praise and awards from the jewish community) and creepy warmonger Henry Kissinger, and has aligned with the globalists and zionists, to the point of even dumping his white British wife and kids to marry a black Somalian, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who is an opportunist just like he is; she garnered power and money for herself (becoming a Dutch MP) by saying all the right things. Magic negroes are in high demand these days and Niall got himself one. Real go-getters, a power couple! The fact is, no one is published or given a platform or posh sinecures unless they are lackeys to the globalists and zionists. So I take anything he says about Russia (and these days, China) very, very lightly.

            Although Victor Davis Hanson is pretty good on American domestic issues, my impression is that he’s also supportive of zionist foreign policy, isn’t he? That’s why he’s published, is shown on cable news, and we know his name.

            The anti-Russia propaganda is many decades old and has been deeply cultivated in America. Otherwise, it makes no sense for white Christian people of the west to hold hatred for white Christian Eurasians, who we should be good friends with for our own good. Wouldn’t the globalists and zionists love to destroy what is becoming the last white Christian bastion? Yes. Americans should understand that the aggression constantly attributed to Russia is 100% zionist/globalist projection. Russia does not have the megalomaniacal designs that we in the west have due to our sociopathic globo-zio leaders; their human and political sensibilities have been burnished through a century of death and struggles and they’ve emerged knowing better. They observe us in the west, completely derailed from reality and flailing about wildly as we spiral downward, and have some disgust, sure, but also compassion and pity because they understand that people do rather unforgivable things during crazy times like we in the west are in now.

          • Ursula;
            Thanks very much for the kind words.

            Re Ferguson, I was mostly drawn to his earlier work as a (mainly) military historian re-looking at the original sources and trying to dial out the self-interested elite propaganda put out just after the events in question. In particular, his The Pity of War on WWI from 1999 was good – first balanced historical revisionism on the subject that I know of. His The War of the World from 2006 predates Victor Davis-Hanson as an attempt at a comprehensive account of WWII by > 10 years and is nearly as good as VDH’s.

            That said, he’s more of a Thomas Friedman without the cab drivers, as you say. I had no idea of this liaison with Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Bizarre_! My guess: Although he’s at least as smart as Jeff Bezos, hypergamy don’t care and men still think too much with the little head.

            My point re Russia is that, though they indeed suffered greatly, they were not the innocent victims in WWII as many, starting with Stalin and his entourage, are wont to portray them. And they ferociously defend this narrative to this very day, despite no obvious need to do so and ample evidence to the contrary.

            The Cold War ended 30 (??? !!!) years ago, after all. But if you were a serving officer at that time (and I was) given what we knew about Russian conduct that the NYT, WP, etc., suppressed (for reasons of Marxist solidarity, IMO), it’s pretty hard to buy their current ‘more sinned against than sinning’ act.

            That said, the current Cloud anti-Russia hysteria is beyond stupid. A balanced evaluation should be in play. My Cold War era view was, “Russians are tough, nasty dudes, well worthy of respect. Not 10′ tall but not to be trifled with. They have major strengths and weaknesses that *don’t* mirror ours, so it’s a big mistake to assume so. Shameless liars about anything touching Russia’s honor or interests (see above). On a personal level, it seemed (had no personal contact) they could be wonderful, loyal friends (who would deeply regret slitting your throat, if ordered to do so) or deadly personal enemies if insulted (so don’t do that_!). Have the tragic view of life. Dark sense of humor with great common sense.”

            True now_? I have no effen idea, but I suspect that it is.

          • Thanks, Al, I really enjoyed that. It’s humbling you took the time to craft another lovely response, which I’ll be re-reading a couple times so your info sinks in. With all the anti-Russian hysteria, I do tend to leap to their defense, especially since I have a lot of Russian in me. They are my people! As well as Germans, Estonians, Prussians and Scandinavians… Those Russians who I’m acquainted with are fantastic people — intelligent, hard-working, well-rounded educationally, lovers of art and nature, and loyal; honor, or your word, means everything, and you don’t find too many people like that these days. Their trials have given them tremendous insights to people and politics that I admire; it’s something Americans have been lucky not to go through, although now we’re steadily marching towards our own trials by fire. God help us. I really appreciate your views given the depth of your experiences and knowledge, thank you again!

        • Karl, I will not lecture you on your own country—I have not the knowledge or right. But it pains me, truly, to see your country commit self genocide with the admission of so many non-Germans. How can the “new” generation you speak of survive and thrive when they will be a minority in their own country? Has not the die been cast?

      • I was browsing so photo’s of the beautiful towns in Europe. Many were German. When I was done looking at these places of ideal beauty and peace I couldn’t but think- maybe that guy had it right, may be Germans are the master race.

    • What the fuck are you on about? Let’s celebrate the worst “Brother War” we have ever known which was basically a continuation of the first brother war and was by every definition a Banker’s War.

      International Bankers, Rootless Cosmopolitans, placing their chess pieces across the board of Europe and throwing some of the best European stock we had at each other in meat grinders to depopulate Europe of the bravest? Yeah let’s celebrate that!

      You also come off as a know nothing soy drinker in that greedily drink up the MSM propaganda about the National Socialists. I’m sure they just up and decided one day out of the blue, with no evidence or backing that j00s were the worst thing ever and needed to be eradicated. That happened in a vacuum right?

      Do you objectively think we’d be very worse off had the Axis powers won that war? Would we be being crushed under the multi-kulti boot heel? The Rainbow Flag Brigade punishing any dissent? Fuck off back to HuffPo you are incredibly ill informed to be commenting on a site like this.

      • It’s not a celebration, it is a solemn session to honor those who fell, and those who survived, who were all actually heroes and victims at the same time. Most didn’t ask for what they had to do, they were sent to do it. The honor goes to those who put themselves in harm’s way (mostly through no or not much choice of their own), and bequeathed to the rest of us a world that has been subsequently totally screwed up by many of the rest of us. This time out is not only to honor them, but to honor a different world, one that doesn’t exist any more. And if you want to nitpick the details of all of that, I think you are missing the point. The current phony anthem/fly-by sports event thing is one thing to bow out of or to criticize, but this is something else. Our culture has lost its sacred spaces and sacred moments. This is one of them that we still have.

        Reading Ernie Pyle, you realize that thoughts of how it would go later on was not even much in their minds. They had to survive and get beyond the maelstrom they were immersed in, and try not to lose their own humanity, and not go batshit nuts, given what they witnessed and endured. Picking nits in the context of honoring those men and that effort just seems like loudly farting during a funeral.

        • But Dutch, the argument made is that by this very showing of remembrance, we create conditions by which more naive recruits are lured into this morass of never ending, meaningless war that promotes no citizen’s interest, except the few who profit by such adventurism.

          • Compsci, I see your point, but if people are that gullible, then they’ll get sucked into something stupid anyway. One of the problems we have today is that every last thing has been either perverted or whitewashed away. This is one small thing that still harkens back to the way we were, never mind it was a difficult and tragic time. We need those links, some fragments of what once was, that was honorable and noble (even if WW2 was really a banker’s war). We stepped up and did our thing. Honoring it is a small poke in the eye to all of those we can’t be in the same room with any more, and, more importantly, a small bonding of our side and the not completely pozzed normies.

            There is another kind of pozz, you can see it all over at a site like Zero Hedge. They are of a “burn it all down” mentality, about everything, 24/7. That’s no way to live. We need to take a step back and find the fragments of our heritage and culture that we can nurture and pass on. After all, did we quit when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? No! 😉

    • Troops on D-Day did not give their lives. 2/3 of the WW-II soldiers were draftees, they did not rush off to defeat Hitler. Their lives were taken by a number of factors. Hat’s off to those who were killed at that landing; heck of a tough job to do and to have done.

    • Karl, I hear you, but as Z-man commented, it’s hard to feel patriotic. Please note that in our modern America, patriotism is cynically used (and perhaps has always been) to lure our best and finest to sacrifice themselves in a never ending series of wars that have now bankrupted us and arguably brought about less security in the world—and definitely less freedom in our country.

      If nothing else, WWII can be remembered as the last “good” war. It brought out the finest in our national ethos. We fought it and the result was the creation of two of the greatest nations today on the planet, Germany and Japan. No conflict we’ve involved ourselves in since then has brought about such a decent and lasting result.

      When I was in Germany back in the 60’s, the people there were so friendly and thankful for Americans, I was taken back. It seemed everyone had a story of the war and the difference between Americans and every other Allied nation.

      My son, now over there at times working for a German firm experiences none of this, albeit the people are civil and friendly on a one to one basis. But it’s not the same.

      • >>>WWII can be remembered as the last “good” war.

        I’d laugh, if I weren’t already crying.

    • Macron did not honor the men who fought Nazis. That is not what he said. He honored the men who fought the right wing. Thanks for trying.

      • Could you provide a link / reference on this. I would like to read more of his statement. I did not read his remarks. I can’t stand the guy. So if you can point to an already discovered recap, I would appreciate it.

  19. OT but something I tripped over this morning. California has (officially) 130,000 people living in the streets, about half of them in L.A. L.A. city and county, along with Sacramento, is looking a a collective budget of $3 billion to “deal with it”. That’s $23k per homeless person. Net effect of all that spending? Expect less than zero, and you will probably be right. It’s all a scam, a skimming operation by various entities.

    • L.A. needs to do what San Diego did — build barracks for the homeless on the outskirts of the city. Cheap barracks that keeps the homeless off the streets and away from the tax-payers’ homes and businesses. But like you said, Dutch, it’s all about skimming off the loads of $$$. At least we defeated the $6 BILLION ask of Measure EE! But scary that 45% of voters were in favor of it. These questions should be put to a vote of property owners only.

      • What is really needed (but can’t be had in our Clown world) is a return to harsh treatment of such folk. Most are mentally ill and at that confounded by drug use. Commitment is the “solution” (I use that term loosely). Spend dollars to confine and treat—if possible. The others, spend dollars to imprison. The loafer class will quickly go away. The mentally ill…will be with us forever, but at least be confined.

        Once upon a time, couple of generations ago, we thought we had the compassionate solutions to these problems, but we know now we don’t. Those repeating the same old mantras of more money and more treatment and more compassion are just hopeless altruists or grifters. They will never be satisfied until we spend ourselves into bankruptcy or have hired a personal keeper/assistant for each and every one of the “homeless”.

        • Yep, it’s all about money. Even if our leaders wanted to help matters, most of them are likely incompetent and cannot help matters. Like the global climate change racket, you never see any evidence of forward progress, like innovative filtration systems, water collection methods, etc. Their focus is on power and all of their answers center around money only.

          “What is really needed (but can’t be had in our Clown world) is a return to harsh treatment of such folk.”

          Remember the good old days when police would zoom in on criminal elements in the neighborhood like white on rice, shake them by the scruff of their necks and tell them, “Get the hell out of here and don’t let me see you again.” Or put them in their squad car and drive them to the town’s limits and tell them to get lost. And you would not see them again! We vested real authority to police in our law enforcement officers and enforce they did. With today’s lack of enforcement authority, I’m just waiting for vigilantism to fill the void.

    • A vote against. Get off the platform. It’s plenty easy enough for anyone to just click the play button on the embedded Spreaker pane above.

  20. For a while now I have thought that the reason the gays were able to essentially cure a plague in 20 years and get the government to pay for it was because it was the power of white men unleashed from the constraints of women or diversity. And I would extend that to that’s the same reason in 50 years they’ve been able to get the corporations and the government to bow down to them. I hope I’m right. Because ultimately that means that normal white men are going to unleash their creative and intellectual and cooperative powers against them and will win.

  21. Coming as I do from The Hive, you are absolutely right about how we need to understand these people and their enablers. In fact, when my homosexual SJW daughter came out of the closet 7 years ago – we didn’t even HAVE words like ‘social justice warrior’, ‘virtue signalling’ or many of the elements of the dissident right that we take for granted today. I was ‘unpersoned and hurled into the void’ before you ever started talking about it because I didn’t go live under the rainbow with the perverts, UFO’s and unicorns. There will be no reasoning our way out of this. As you note, these idiots believe in witchcraft and fake genders.

    I don’t know that there is much we CAN do to start winning these culture battles Z. These people will destroy their families to uphold this nonsense. About the best tactics I’ve seen for dealing with them – come from our church. In our chapel we believe the bible means what it says, and says what it means. As such, we appear to be a sweet target for queers, feminists, and SJW’s. They’ve shown up on several occasions intent on causing problems for us and the response is always the same. We ‘tolerate’ them but we don’t welcome them. Politics are not within our scope, we don’t answer to leftists or SJW’s, and while we may render unto Ceasar… we will not bow down to him. When they can’t get a reaction or traction with us… they just lose interest and drift away.

    I think that is probably the best way to handle these types. There are 100’s of non-confrontational, non-combative ways to oppose and reject the gay/leftist agendas. Start using them: throw out your Gillette razor. Next time your runners crap out don’t buy Nikes. When some shitlib in the mass media goes trolling – click away and come to some place sane like this one. When the next election comes up, get off your arse and go vote against them. Make a point to teach your kids at home that homosexuality is a perversion and a sin – because you can bet that if they are going to a public school, some liberal moron is telling them the exact opposite. Read the bible through yourself, and make a study of it – you will be astounded by what you find if you have never done it before. If nothing else, you will get a base of respectable morals and ethics that you can share with other respectable people. At the very least we need to re-establish faith and trust in each other to hold.

    • “There are 100’s of non-confrontational, non-combative ways to oppose and reject the gay/leftist agendas……”

      Sorry. None of your suggestions will work. None. There’s only one way this conflict is resolved.

      • You may very well be right, Carl. But we can sure as hell thin them out before we go to war with them. As Z notes most of these types thrive on negative attention. They live to generate controversy and confrontation. They live for that 15 seconds of fame. They are in 7th heaven if it lasts for 15 minutes.

        Our learned blog hose may disagree with me – but we have already won some key battles in the culture war. Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump and a cartoon frog. The nation split a gut laughing when they tried to hang a bunch of high school kids that smirked at a chitty old indian moron. Stretch Pelosi and her hag squads can’t stifle talk about immigration and may very well get that wall shoved up their backsides – sideways. Donk shills in the Supreme Court are being replaced with men of worth. We have to keep the pressure up. I’d suggest turning up the heat on their weakest links: Pelosi herself is a mockery of the democrats. Somebody needs to find out if Ginsburg is still alive. When the next pride parade comes round, you need to be out playing with the kids, or doing something that is healthy and wholesome with your family.

        Deprived of a pulpit or your attention – these people have nothing. That wiccan wasn’t selling to other wing nuts – she was an organ grinder’s monkey and she danced for us – and we threw coins in her cup by clinking on her links and giving her our attention. These people, in the real world, don’t matter. We need to ignore the dancing monkeys and aim our guns at the organ grinders. They are not invincible or invulnerable and most can be dispensed with using peaceful means – IF we have the mental discipline to do it.

        Congratulations, Z, on dispensing with OyTube. I suggest we all follow through with doing the same to Twatter and Fecesbook. Wherever they control the platform – we need to be somewhere else where an adult conversation can be had.

        Don’t be goaded. Don’t be provoked. Limit your screen time to sensible venues. If we all did that, this culture war would be over tomorrow.

      • I agree with your sentiments but Glenfilthe is more practical. There will be no fight. Once the hated Baby Boomers die off, whites will be a despised minority with most women and university educated men collaborating with our enemies. Conservatives don’t fight back. They are consumers who just use retail therapy in buying guns to feel free but avoid any actual confrontation such as launching recall petitions to get rid of the school board who are indoctrinating their young. They can’t even drop using a razor blade or quit watching sports and movies that demean their culture. All people can do is seek a sane shelter from the storm

        • Again, there are a great many Boomers, right here, right now. Assuming a die off will increase our relative numbers and power flys in the face of known demographics. Be careful what you wish for.

          That being said, I agree that the Boomer population as a whole is not of an activist, street fighter bent. Why is that a bad thing? As near as I can see the resistance to the current Leftist agenda that has surfaced spends as much time fighting among themselves as against the Leftists. Case in point, this group.

          • Yes, while you yuk it up about the Tea Party, at least the old BoomerCons got out there and tried to do something.

          • What, exactly, did they *do*? Public demonstrations that were made jokes of? Ridiculous candidates completely not ready for prime time? Sarah Palin? Glenn Beck? Z’s right – resistance needs to be covert now, not overt. Use the Bolsheviks as a model.

          • I didn’t say they succeeded, I said they tried. But they did have a modicum of success.
            “According to a calculation on an NBC blog, 32% of the candidates that were backed by the Tea Party, or identified themselves as a Tea Party member, won the election….For the 2012 election, four of the 16 Tea Party candidates won a seat on the Senate, and Tea Party Caucus founder Michele Bachmann was re-elected to the House. The media, such as ABC and Bloomberg, commented that Tea Party candidates had less success in 2012 than in 2010…
            About four in 10 voters considered themselves tea party supporters, according to an Associated Press analysis of preliminary exit poll results and pre-election polls.”
            NBC, ha ha, said in 2010, “It was an impressive feat for a movement that didn’t even exist in the last congressional election, two years ago.”
            The massive Tea Party march on D.C. may have been ineffective, but the turnout was beyond anything I remember conservatives ever doing before or since.
            I really don’t care to use the Bolsheviks as a mode! for anything. Sniff.

        • Yes…I’m a boomer. Yes…Boomers are not and will not identify with a tribe, are steeped in white guilt. No Nationalism particularly White Nationalism for Boomers. Boomers hit their stride in history listening to “Come on people now–Smile on your brother–Everybody get together–Try to love one another right now” hold hands and throw crystals on the table, while of course being wildly intolerant of anyone who won’t throw crystals on the table. Plus don’t forget much really strong genetically jiggered dope has been smoked by most Boomers, their brains are truly addled. I rarely talk with Boomer friends because they are so terminally boring, and can’t carry on a conversation as they are slipping into dementia. Try having a conversation with 6 rabbits and 3 hounds set loose. Soros got his wish with this generation.

          Yes, my generation is beyond annoying. You will not get takin’ it to the streets radicalism from old people! Even Bill Ayers has slowed down and is reaping the benefits of comfort in an upper middle class life, albeit it was handed to him. Old people don’t conduct war…or even plan war, and you will one day be old too, my friend.
          You have no understanding yet of the gathering limitations of aging. If you haven’t taken time to think about your old age future, you will be startled how wrong the Peter Pan syndrome can go, and how long Boomers can skank into this good night with not an iota of genteelness.

          You will be no different from Boomers unless you make great effort to think through these sobering realities of aging….and the generations below will dislike you with a fierceness. People must be taught to respect their elders. Or this is how our culture unwinds into disdain of old people.

          “As near as I can see the resistance to the current Leftist agenda that has surfaced spends as much time fighting among themselves as against the Leftists. Case in point, this group.”–Compsci

          I don’t yet see great answers from the youngers. Do you see a great historical moment to take it to the streets and lay down your life….and will your death motivate and ignite the shot heard ‘round the world or just be swept away with the masses and forgotten? Organizing takes time…. And patience….To build a tribe. Z has the wisdom and motivation to do this. Trust me on this… the civil war will come to your front door in its own time….then you’ll know what you’re dealing with and have the information to fight. I wish your generation shall do better, but I doubt it.

    • Not buying Gillette razors or Nike shoes (I don’t either) isn’t going to matter, they are importing new consumers by the millions who will gladly take your place in the consumption wars and use your money to do it. Carl B is correct, there is only one way out of this mess and it is the opposite of non-confrontational.

      • The trouble with Gillette is that they made the Trac II razor, which is the only mass-produced non-flex razor available. (Long discontinued but you can still stock up through ebay etc). I don’t know why flexible razors are so necessary. Is it that hard to follow the contour of your jaw without a spring system? To me, spring pivots give you *less* control. I don’t WANT a razor blade wobbling around on my neck. Maybe it’s just a psychological hurdle I need to get over. Tried to shift to Schick, after those supercreep Gillette commercials came out, but Schick doesn’t offer a non-flex razor/razor handle either.

        • Kinda off topic, but I went back to a good old Merkur safety razor and double edged blades a long time ago. Have a two year supply of blades for $25 and the shave is better.

        • Frip,

          I switched to a single blade safety razor (from Viking but there are many companies).

          There is a slight learning curve, but since you already use a non-flex razor not so much for you.

          Is it easier to use than my old Gillette Sensor? Initially, no. It takes me a bit longer to shave, but now I’ve got it down to a loving science…

          … I’m a dad of two teens involved in sports/activities, work 55+ hours a week, etc. Thought I didn’t have the time to do the routine of anything but a quick shave before shift… but man that Gillette commercial chapped my hide.

          Now I dedicate 18 minutes a day for my shaving ritual. Good soap lathered up with a brush, quick warming towel to open the pores, alcohol rinse for the blade afterward.

          I actually enjoy the time and ritual of shaving now. I change the blade out on Sunday for 28 cents per week. I used to buy two Sensor packs for $92 per year of shaving.

          Anyway, just a thought.

          • Damn I never thought that a shave could actually be nice. I’m 3 minutes in the shower with a cheap 5 ‘blade’ Harry’s. Might have to learn to properly shave.

        • What’s more important to you, your principles or the closeness of your shave?

          Founder’s generation: “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” “Give me liberty or give me death.” “I regret that I have but one life to give for my country.” “Live free or die. Death is not the worst of evils.”

          Frip’s generation: “You mean my chin might not be baby smooth? Count me out!”

          • I did as you suggested, and upon giving all of my information, I was invited to surf their site.
            The first frickin thing I saw was an article that was entitled, “ How to talk to your racist family members at Thanksgiving”.
            I shit you not! What the hell is a shaving company doing playing the SJW role?!
            I immediately tried to cancel my order and membership, and what do you know? There is no way to talk to a real person. Not one phone number was listed. I emailed them notifying them of my intention to cancel. And I got exactly no where. Multiple emails proved fruitless.

            The good news is, my credit card worked with me, and reversed the charges, and blocked them from charging anymore.

            They still send me a monthly box, even though it’s been since last November that I started with them. I have enough shave gear to last me quite a while. Their business model doesn’t seem to be very profitable.

            I’m gonna miss the monthly boxes when they figure things out……

      • “They are importing new consumers by the millions /who will gladly take your place/” (emphasis added)

        This. It’s sort of like how AA puts it: “Aww, the zillions of poor immigrants, all they want is a better life: yours.”

        That’s more or less it. They want to have your life, your stuff, your country, instead of you. Thought experiment: total up the value of American citizenship, American social capital, and a (formerly) middle-class American standard of living, and assign it a value of say 100 points. That was your “stockholder’s share”, your stake in America.

        You now have to share that 100-point stake with 3 Guatemalans, 3 Mohammeds, 4 pajeets, 4 Ching-chongs and a guy named N’gubwe. So now your stake is worth only about 26 points, and no, this is not a matter of “growing a bigger pie”. And Shlomo is laughing his ass off, because while this has been happening, his stake has actually /grown/ to 185 or so.

        • “Shlomo is laughing his ass off, because while this has been happening, his stake has actually /grown/ to 185 or so.”

          The elite, both goy and j00, have long known that, in a place with a fast growing population, investing in real estate is basically free money. My apartment building is at least 50% Indians. If Trump every really does crackdown on the H1B scam and sends these mofos back where they belong, the place will be half empty. Not that I would mind. We could probably rent 2 units for what we pay for 1 now. I’m convinced that making sure there are more people, any fucking people from anywhere just so they take up space and keep the demand for housing up, is a major reason for elite enthusiasm for open borders.

          • It helps that capital gets special tax benefits compared to wage labor. The republicans love to talk about reducing ‘corporate’ and ‘capital’ tax rates (and so-called “double taxation”) and the plebs fall for it every time. Why the heck should the millionaire get to earn his living from rents and pay little to no payroll taxes, and if set up properly, lower income taxes as well, while I get screwed?

      • Only conservatives running companies actually care about maximizing profit as job numero uno. The left is willing to lose some money to win the culture war

        • There are very few conservatives that run public companies. A few of them still run private firms, but the public corp executives are nearly all pozzed.

    • Glenfilthie, I am sorry about the schism with your daughter, that must be difficult and painful. My condolences, truly.

      I disagree with Carl B. somewhat. He is correct that the ship only rights itself with an end-game confrontation. I believe you are correct in your recommendations: finding a community that stands against the tide, support each other, reach out to like-minded people, gently red-pill normies, disconnect financially from the corporations that actively work against us, and live as best you can a moral life.

      I would add fill your life with beauty and truth where you are able. Visit the works of your ancestors in proper museums, gentle your soul with music, grow plants and visit nature, read classic literature, work out and sweat, make time for daily prayer. I’ve put myself on a path of detoxing from miasma of modern culture and feel calmer and more centered than ever in my life. When I was a kid, I’d fake being sick rather than attend mass… now I actually yearn for the time of day when I can kneel and progress through my rosary, gentle my heart and pray to My King.

      Carl B. I see where you are going with this, but to ready for the fight, one should be hardened physically and morally… and having allies doesn’t hurt.

    • Decide where you fall on the “celebration”-“acceptance”-“tolerance”-“none of the above” on various things, and then stick to it. Telegraph your immovability on it. Then carry on with your day. If someone can’t deal with it, it is their problem, not yours. Refuse to acknowledge that your attitude has anything to do with the matter at hand. The hang ups are of their making, and they need to own it.

      • Dutch, that’s such a hard Dutch attitude. Funny. Are you actually from the Netherlands?

        • Nope, SoCal born and raised. Dutch/Low German/Mountain Austrian and heritage U.S. from both sides of the war between the states. I’m a mutt. Wife is French Huegenot/Ulster Irish/Hollers of Kentucky (feisty lass). So the kiddos are even muttlier.

    • Glen, sorry to hear you have to deal with this. Maybe this will help maybe not…How I’ve seen things like this get turned around…

      1- Treat the homosexuality as a completely different problem than the SJW crap.
      2- Never again refer to ‘Social Justice’. It is all anti-white and treat it all as anti-white so use anti-white. Seem accepting of her sexual choice but as suggested by Dutch, be an unyielding hardass with all of the Anti-white stuff.
      3- If you’re still living in the community your kids were raised in try to have as much social interaction with that community when your daughter is around. Her being around the kids she grew up with, who are normal, will have a lot more influence on her than Mom and Dad’s disapproval.

      She probably went down the road she has because she’s changed the sorts of people she surrounds herself with. She has deep ties to the community she grew up in (if you still live there). Use that to your advantage.

      If you can change her social milieu, even a bit, it can begin to turn things around.
      Homosexuality is probably a harder nut to crack with boys, but girls are much more influenced by group dynamics. Sexuality seems to be more fluid in females. If you can change her social milieu by getting her to associate more with the kinds of kids she grew up with or kids like that…you may win this battle.

      I’ve never had to deal with the gay issue, but 2 of my daughters at some point during the university days because ‘Red Guard’ tier anti-whites. It took some effort but things got turned around. When home, being around the kids they grew up with who were normal was a big help.

      • I am quite comfortable in rejecting homosexuality too, Yves. Contrary to The Usual Suspects, homosexuality is definitely a choice, not something you are born with. Or at least, with my daughter, that is the way it was.

        You can argue that queers can’t help being gay – but they CAN choose not to be obnoxious about their lifestyle; and as we have seen – they won’t do that even if it is in their best interest. If you had gay kids of your own you would know that Z is correct: as a father and a male you don’t have a choice about what kind of ‘bogeyman’ you are to lesbians. Most lesbians, for example – have self created daddy-issues. My daughter goes around claiming she was abused as a child. Welp – she got spanked in grade 3 when she wouldn’t behave, and grounded once or twice after that – but over all, all she had to do as a child was keep her grades up, stay out of trouble and keep her nose clean.

        Rather than trying to defend myself against such BS, I told my extended hive family that they could side with me or her – but I was not going to play the mean evil father to her innocent lesbian princess act. The in laws went with her and I have not seen them since. My wife stayed with me and hasn’t seen her parents since either… and to this day I thank my Maker that I married one of the few last remaining intelligent women on this planet.

        My first introduction to our blog host was reading the essay entitled “Mokita”. I think he used to have a link to it at the top of the site. For any dissident confronted by hostile gay family members – it should be mandatory reading. Were I better with words and 30 IQ points smarter I could have written that one word for word.

        • Gosh, Glen, I had no idea she was this hostile.

          I had in mind a more piecemeal approach: deal with the easier problem first then attempt the second. But yours seems so knotted together it would be impossible to separate.

          You are blessed in your wife. Hopefully, your daughter will come around as she grows older.

        • Glen….Wow…your story is deeply touching and truly feel for you and your wife. In our current cultural decline, you are one of many thousands with the same story. My husband’s granddaughter has gone full tranny in her 20’s. From a gal to a guy. The mother fully encourages this lunacy, has big health problems, and to keep her own daughter close to home to help take care of her, she has hamstrung her own daughter, whatever the princess wants, tranny it is, because she just doesn’t fit in. You bet she doesn’t fit in. Now the depressed mother has a caretaker and the daughter gets to be depressed as a tranny. They’re saving up money to get her boobs cut off. Such a mental mess of a family. Haven’t seen the granddaughter in years, and I dread the next time we are thrown together. The voice is a mans, the body is a Chas Bono man and the attitude is Pride Lefty, and the mother is even greater Pride Lefty. Not sure how to just be polite. Am sure she’ll smell my disgust and some fear because she’s visually strange with tranny attitude.

    • Just spitballing here, but with regards to homosexuals, what are they “Proud” of during Pride Month?

      Is it inserting an erect penis in another mans rectum; or performing fellatio on strangers.

      In Chimpcongo, the homosexual males will masturbate from second story balconies, into the mouths of waiting strangers.

      The last time I was detailed to a parade, I asked a Lieutenant that very question, ( about what homosexuals are proud of). Never got detailed there again.

        • What’s nasty about it Frip? That is the kind of thing those people do. If you are offended or triggered by honest discussion of degenerates… you need to hang out somewhere else. A gay bath house would be a good start. Kid like would be real popular there.

        • Agreed. I’ll have nightmares about this. Recently I skimmed through a history of Japan’s Unit 731; that, this, and many of Z man’s extended readings from the literary output of the enemy, have made me question the value or even purpose of being human.

      • WM Briggs has a good phrase he uses – “Masturbating into the rectum of another man.” It’s important to remind everyone what exactly is being discussed when someone identifies as “gay”. Their entire life revolves around achieving orgasm. They’re practically animals.

        The Consent Fallacy:

        • I don’t claim credit. The phrase originates with PT Carlo, from the old Thermidor days (I’ve previously acknowledged him on the site). It is a brilliant description.

    • Amen on this, especially on the reading (or re-reading) the Bible advice. I find that simply typing out the word-for-word interlinears, one verse at a time (as I am doing on my Facebook page with the Gospel of John) and going through the alternative translations slows me down to better grasp the richness of it.

      The “out SJW daughter” detail intrigued me. I have a stepdaughter in her early-20s who is straight (never lived with us, so I had no real say in what little childhood she had left before I arrived on the scene), and a Baptist, but is fond of doing the gay-pride virtue-signaling thing on Facebook. Strangely, she never mentions being Christian anymore except in the context of Christians supposedly oppressing gays.

      To me, it seems a bad sign when a small-town Kentuckian (and by small town, I mean less than 1,000 people) who grew up immersed in religious/youth ministry activities is so easily seduced into serving as useful idiots for anti-Christian activists. The time I spent with her, and more crucially, her younger sister, made me a lot more appreciative of what parents are up against these days when it comes to keeping that sort of godless crap out of their lives. It was always something with the younger one in her visits as a minor: cutting, sexting, worshiping psychiatrists as infallible figures, wanting us to buy her a pregnancy test (we did not). It didn’t totally wreck the idea of me wanting to be a father, but I certainly gave it a radical re-thinking.

      In light of all that, I’m curious as to the story of the “SJW daughter coming out” thing, if you don’t mind elaborating.

  22. I’ve been listening on YouTube. I like that it’s easy to stream at 1.5X speed as that’s how I usually listen.

    I’m open to other formats but strongly prefer the ability to stream with adjustable speed. I haven’t yet seen how to do that on iHeart or spreaker.

  23. From patriarchy chicken lady’s twitter feed:

    “I give up. My toddler is screaming every night so I googled “bedtime meltdown” and of course one of the top hits is THE GUIDE I WROTE about bedtime meltdowns.”

    You can’t make this stuff up. Woman giving other people advice about something admittedly knows nothing.

    • Few women have a functioning check valve from brain to mouth. Whatever is going through the brain comes out of the mouth. Have instructed Basic Husband that many of us think out loud to slow the brain down to visually hang words in the air with the brain material to make decisions, lay out flow charts and plan. Guys weren’t designed this way. This is why men go hunting….or in my case he goes looking for rocks in the desert. It works.

      In the way back time when men were hunting in a group of men, if one of the men had a faulty check valve…..was a yammerer, a gay emotive type and scared off the game, he’d be pushed off a cliff.

      My guy’s an engineer, and not verbose. So when I need to talk I set the stage. “Honey…..I just need to natter…..can you listen and nod your head now and then….don’t try to solve or fix anything I’m talking about…and I’ll be done in 15 minutes.” Give him an end time or otherwise he will lose his mind. Then on with the evening. Works for us. Men and women cannot be any more different creatures.

      • Boy howdy,had to read your comment to my wife. After nodding and grinning she said giving the end time is paramount…otherwise my eyes glaze over.

        • Glad this was useful. I wish women would study men to figure them out overall patterns, quit trying to turn men into their girlfriends, and quit trying to change them. You guys are pretty simple creatures. Women are so complex we make ourselves crazy. If you want a Lord Byron, you get a Lord Byron and all the craziness. Otherwise, get a good engineer who will do, make and provide for a woman who tells him what a fabulous job he is doing. If the world turns to shit and we’re stuck in a cave, I’ve got the right guy to cave up with.

  24. Grocery store aisles are narrow. You don’t block the aisle. You move out of the freakin’ way.

    • Men at the grocery store are the best! They offer to reach the high shelves and carry heavy things for you. They should be given a sincere thank you.

      • I used to live amongst the granola crunchers. My natural tendency to be polite to others, hold doors for women, etc. would often earn me a snarl from the feminists. Now I live in a small town in the sticks. I would have to drive 25 miles to encounter a feminist. Life is good.

    • Exactly what my thoughts were. It’s common anglo courtesy to be aware of others. It’s why we queue instead of scrum at the ticket window. Civilization itself is built on this common care for others. It’s also how the enemies of civilization have latched themselves on, taking advantage.

  25. Hating the new break sounds from the last podcast.

    According to Aaron Clarey, much of the younger audience uses youTube as a radio substitute, so you probably should stay on.

  26. “Crotch warriors.” “Imaginary hobgoblins that haunt homely women on campus.” LOL, that’s what I pay the five bucks a month for.

    I’d keep the YouTube. Not just because that’s how I listen (*cough*) but because that’s where the normies are. Easy for people to link to, easy to go viral. If you do a harder-to-find format, you’ll get a lot of listeners who are already firmly in our camp, but convert fewer normies.

    You know how they complain that YouTube is an “engine of radicalization?” Well, you’re a radicalizer, Zman. Just as the Christians used to Roman roads to end the Roman religion, we’ve got to use their infrastructure against them. Keep redpilling until they kick you off.

    • That is a good point. There may be a simpler way for me to upload this stuff, so I’ll look into that over the weekend.

      • The whole process you described can possibly be automated. Generally you need to physically click an upload button on the YT site to upload but they may have exposed that functionality in an API (that’s Application Programming Interface). Essentially it allows you to write a program that does the same stuff you do with the mouse. Facebook, for instance, has a huge API that lets your programs interact with the site without you doing anything. That’s how a lot of Facebook apps work. The conversion task can be automated using an open source tool called FFmpeg – So, potentially, both steps can be automated. As for arguing with idiots about music clips and copyright strikes, well I don’t think AI is quite that advanced yet. I’d be willing to help you with this if I could find a way to contact you.

    • Spot on. The more ways we can use lefites platforms to get the message across, the better. Dissidents should be infiltrating and circumventing their gate keepers to spread the message.
      Every time someone sneaks through and gets some hate thoughts out leads them to becoming more Draconian on their clampdowns against free speech. People are now noticing the effect this is having.

    • When Z says, “If you see a Libertarian, beat him. He will know why.” It’s hilarious. But it’s not only promoting violence, it’s literally urging violence. It sounds serious. Like a cult leader giving a direct order. I’m surprised Libertarians don’t tattle on him to YouTube.

      • That’s because everyone hates libertarians, even the scolds on YouTube. It’s the one thing that unites all the tribes and nations.

        • Z, I don’t know what heinous crime was perpetrated against you as a young child, but your obsession with hating Libertarians is getting worrisome. As dysfunctional as Libertarians are, they are not violent tyrants that are going to reopen the gas chambers. That honor goes to the Leftists who will, without hesitation or remorse, go full retard and kill their enemies with institutional efficiency if given the chance. While you are focused on dissing the Libertarians, the next Stalin will get elected president on the Democrat ticket.

          • Use your God given intelligence and tell me why you disagree with my post rather hurl ad hominem at me. Be a robust man and exercise the rational part of your brain. Leave the touchy-feely emotions to the SJWs.

          • The Zmale has detailed the libertarian condition many times. There comes a point when nobody wants to watch that wheel running over the same corpse one more time.

      • Don’t get your undies in a knot. Libertarians are bad people who deserve a beating now and then. And complain to whom? The cops don’t care if some pot head gets thumped.

        And no one will tattle on Z for the simple reason as he states no one likes libertarians. I used to work with them. They were the least friendly and social guys I ever met.

      • “I’m surprised Libertarians don’t tattle on him…”

        Libertarians are generally anti-authoritarian and hate tattlers. If a dispute cannot be resolved man-to-man by rational negotiation, we prefer the code duello.

        • Inside every bearded hipster Libertarian over age 30 is a passive-aggressive selfish bully who will avoid a straight up fight at all costs. I’ll excuse the young, since most everyone under 30’s selfishness quotient is greater than 130 and young men aren’t allowed to get in nearly enough fights anymore.

    • @ The Babe: I agree, keep doing YouTube, ZMan. I’ve never listened to your podcasts on anything but YouTube. And I love the idea of you doing guerilla podcasts on the BigTechSharia enemy’s flatporm.

  27. The sooner we can de-habituate from YouTube the better. Keep a Facebook account mostly to remind me of birthdays. If you only log in once a week, it’s hilarious to get all the emails pleading to “check out” new posts. If you are in a sweet spot income demo and don’t visit the desperation is palpable.

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