Open Borders!

In the process of registering for this event, I had to interact with some of the beautiful people, who are trying to create a “new” nationalism. What struck me is just how far away we are from one another in terms of our politics. What passes for the “far right” among the Cloud People is pretty tame stuff. For example, the “new” far right is still not sure if we should end immigration. Some think open borders is fine, while others think some limits are OK, but otherwise nationalism means open borders.

Since the purpose of my attendance is to get some of these people to pay more attention to what dissidents are saying about the issues of the day, I thought a show about immigration was a good idea. I have not done a lot on the subject. I’m a zero immigration guy, so I tend to forget that most people are still making their mind up about this subject. New people heading our way are mostly coming for the identity politics stuff, but immigration is a big driver of it and a major concern for dissidents.

The first segment is twice the normal length and I may post this as a clip at some point, as it is the sort of thing to send to your friend in the Ben Shapiro fan club. In that first segment, I walk through all the different ways people can legally enter America. My guess is few people here know about all of the various visa programs. The typical normie knows nothing about the immigration system. I found it astounding that it took me 20 minutes to read all of it out loud and I take the time to learn this stuff.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: Visa Express (Link)
  • 22:00: The Lottery (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 32:00: A Good Precedent (Link) (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 42:00: Illegal Inc. (Link)
  • 47:00: Nowhere To Run (Link)
  • 52:00: Diversity Is Our Strength (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing (Link)

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96 thoughts on “Open Borders!

  1. Thanks for keeping the YouTube link, Z.

    I enjoy listening to your show while pleasuring myself in the shower, and for some reason, the Spreaker app stalls every 5 minutes or so, which as you can imagine, detracts from the experience.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. That mention of “nationalists” for “open borders” is an oxymoron. They can call themselves whatever they like, but nationalists are not for open borders.

  3. Off topic: Does anyone know how the conservative talk show hosts are responding to the Iran boat drama? I wonder if the audiences of Limbaugh, Levin, Savage, and Hannity have the same willingness to go to war in the Middle East that they used to have.

  4. So sorry for this as entirely OT but could not resist giving you guys a heads-up. I am getting some credible murmurings of something big about to break in France in the next 7 days. No further details available as yet.

  5. 1. I don’t just want a wall, I want a minefield. I think that seeing a few wetbacks going ‘splodey would do wonders to discourage the others.
    2. End birthright citizenship… illegitimate to begin with from what I understand, but explicitly end it – in parallel, no more “chain migration”.
    3. Repeal the 1965 immigration law. Any immigrants that do come here should come from cultures like our own.
    4. Multiple repeat border jumpers (or single-time ones that rape and/or kill) get deported… ‘Nam helicopter-style into the nearest salt-water body. (Sharks have to eat too.)
    5. Citizenship should be difficult to get (a la Rush L.)
    6. Those who are shown to knowingly have evaded employee verification to hire cheap illegal labor:
    a. Are sent away for a long time
    b. Have their assets confiscated and sold to aid victims of illegal alien crimes.
    7. End all subsidies / government grants for any agency helping “refugees” come to the US.
    8. Repeal motor voter laws; registering to vote should require:
    a. proof of citizenship; if truly poor, fees can be waived
    b. verification the person registering is the person registering
    9. In parallel, voting should require:
    a. state-issued photo ID
    b. strong penalties for multiple votes / multi-state votes
    c. a finger dipped in ink to prevent bussing from one site to another
    d. no same-day registration
    10. English as the ONLY official language for any business with any governmental agency (with, I would argue, an exception for emergency services like police and fire)

    Anyone disagree with the above?

    • If you can sell one of these to the Congress-critters, I’ll eat my shoe. It’s cathartic to vent though. Maybe on the other side of the bloody divide these can be implemented. In the here and now, no chance.

        • Measles, Typhus, and lots of other nasties. That’s another reason for my proposed ideas. And here, #11: Anyone immigrating has to be quarantined for some appropriate length.

        • Mumps outbreak at immigration center in Farmville, VA — America’s first “two-college” town — Prince Edward County south of the James River … rural, remote Southern Virginia. Who knew there was an “immigration center” here ???

    • Ah, but TJ was – narrative-wise if not confirmed-wise – doing his colored housemaid, thus invalidating all his writings and thoughts.

  6. Listening to the visa segment now.
    A Kansas farmer yesterday told me how the giant beef processors replaced their all-American workforce: by direct subsidy.

    Not just to the corp, but to the workers themselves, with the gov’t paying half their wages.

    This was started by Tyson, who got the first waiver for 500,000 illegals in their chicken plants by Janet Reno.
    (The missus worked in one of those; the company doc handed out pain pills to deal with the chronic arthiritis from scooping out chicken insides by hand all day on the swinging hook line.)

    The brother trains nurses, and has been telling me for years how untrainable the foreigns are.
    Of course the latest home health agency phased him out, boosting their bottom line with no training at all for people off the street (indigents and foreigns). Tons of inclusion and celebration on their website now, too.

    Immigration now gives the illegals immediate cash and med care, free travel, relocation housing, and Labor Dept finds them a job. Even discount equipment and startup loans! All the agencies are involved, plus of course our friendly NGOs and corporations.

    No help for you nazis, now shut up and pay for it! It’s an emanation from the penumbra.

  7. The good news is, those 550 Africans in San Antonio, the ones about to be shipped all over the country?

    Our representative government refuses to screen them for ebola.

    I think a Latin Spring is coming, as cover to bring in the plagues.
    With a side dish of MS-13 for seasoning.

    Jihadis over there, Black Death over here. (Iran will be a sideshow, like Syria, Afghanistan, and Bosnia.)

    • Plus kudos for the focus on immigration, it’s the best way to intro the GQ, the Globohomo Question.

      Lunatics like myself can obliquely reference other Questions, such as Kapitalism, without getting lost in the weeds or immediately scaring off the audience.

  8. Thanks for the reminder on “cultural enrichment”. Years ago we got structure fire call in the small “ghetto” in our town. Ends up being a basement fire in a SFD with extension to the first floor. Finally get the thing dug out and extinguished. While crawling back on the hose line I find a black cat, grab it and stick it inside my coat. After overhaul we start going through the basement and find a big charred wooden “altar” with a case of plumbers candles scattered around and melted plastic bag with three scorched chickens. Turns out it was some sort of Yoruba/Santeria thing. Apparently the homeowner didn’t clean up the blood from the weekly sacrifice, left the candles burning and the cat got into the basement and must have been licking up the blood from altar and knocked over the candles. I was grateful to have been so enriched and learned so many things about new cultures afterwards. Diversity is our strength….

      • I gave the cat to the owner when I got outside to change my air bottle. Neither it nor the owner was happy.

      • Samuel…..quite a story. You have an interesting work and family background. Come on come on….what did happen to the cat?

        Robert Putnam’s world of bowling alone diversity has turned me fully into a cat enjoyer. More trust there with my tuxedo boy cat than most people. First thing in the morning, Basic Husband and Boy Cat enjoy sitting together in the big lounge chair reviewing the morning world over coffee and enjoying a strong hit of renewing testosterone before the woman of the house and Girl Cat begin the day wafting a dense cloud of estrogen that settles like light fog in the little house.

        “I was grateful to have been so enriched and learned so many things about new cultures afterwards. Diversity is our strength….” Yes indeed! Working in downtown Oakland brushed me along the side of death 3 times. Just riding BART (could fill a book with scary, demented, hysterical incidents) to work and driving around the water company particularly Richmond and Oakland, being on guard all the time. All these experiences turned me into this new person: close the borders, biological realism and freedom of association by whatever means necessary.

  9. Wait, wait, I have the *greatest* idea!

    Step 1: Get a bunch of dogs of widely differing breeds

    Step 2: Pack ’em all into the same kennel

    Step 3: Shut up, racist

    Step 4: Doggytopia!!

  10. Angelo Codevilla (always an important read) just went full separatist and WWNVOWOOT on The storm clouds gather. VDH, on the same site, is not quite there yet, but he is getting closer. The conclusion is there for him to pick up, but he hasn’t quite done it yet.

    Bit by bit, the stubbornness of the other side is taking our side and its allies to only one resolution. We just got there first.

    • Great article. It’s the next step in conservative radicalization after the “Flight 93 Election” article. The article should be distributed at the conference Z is going to.

    • “America has already come apart. The conservative resistance can conserve only one of those parts.”

      Read it. Believe it. Tyranny or civil war is coming. Be ready.

    • American Greatness? Puh-leez. Those Boomercon Normies are going to finally dust off the “mountain of guns” they’ve been sitting on for decades thus risking their ‘muh pensions’ and ‘muh retirements’.

      Wake me up when the first shot is fired, it is mental masturbation just like all the rest.

  11. If there were any hope for western countries to save themselves through regular democratic processes, they’d have to be already talking about, and doing, repatriation, not just reducing immigration.

    But that’s not where we’re at. Now I’m just waiting and hoping for a Reset Button Event. But I’m afraid that’s just a deus ex machina, just wishful thinking.

  12. Anyone else noticing that China is weaponizing political correctness for international trade disputes? China intentionally misunderstood the “chinese pig” remarks to show globo-homo who really has the whip hand. These internationalists are so vested in political correctness they are pawns to Chinese shaming manipulation and have no effective counter.

    • The Han cries out as he strikes at you. They are notoriously thin-skinned, both in reality and as a tactic, second only to the Tribe. We should be sending field-tested counter-Semitic Hollywood contract negotiators to deal with them, not poli-sci muppets.

    • The rulers hate the People because they don’t rule their people. Have you looked at Congress recently? Between the turbans, various and sundry desert tribes, scowling plastic women, fey blowdried low-T males and Sun People… the Capitol has the feel of the Mos Eisley Cantina. Why would they not hate us? They aren’t us.

      • Just because your rulers aren’t like you or even resemble you doesn’t mean they don’t rule over you. Colonialism is a long-time reliable bitch point of the left, American whites are arrogant enough to think it can’t happen to them. Shebang, Mi Lang, you’re owned by more skid marks in Congress than a pair of sodden undies!

        • Oh no bones about it, they rule me and mine. Its just, I wouldn’t feel any less alienated from the Capitol Cloud People if they were Mongol Khans, Byzantine Imperial Governors, or British Viceroys… actually, there would be less cognitive dissonance. I’d know we’d lost a war and had overlords. This just feels insidious.

  13. So what did we learn today class? That we aren’t going to vote ourselves out of this mess, Trump couldn’t help up if he even wanted to, and hopefully a crisis worthy of our violent blow back will occur.

    • FTN and Z appear to be at odds over the issue of Trump being worthy of re-election or, perhaps, the magnitude of a disaster which would follow the GOP losing the executive branch. This would make an amusing, albeit academic, debate.

      • I suppose voters will be upset with P45 come election day, my question is whether or not they will look at the opposition and go home or pull the lever for a second term Trump?

      • Not academic, but practical. Many of us are procrastinators and could use another 4 years to tidy up our affairs and work out survival and/or exit strategies, before the known endgame.

        • I want as many years as possible. I have small children to think of. Which, of course. Is part of the problem with why few in our thing are willing to speak out for fear of reprisal,not on them, but their family.

          • Best of luck, Badthinker. I want you and your family to have as many years as possible too.

        • Academic because it is entirely unlikely that the dissident vote will matter in the mid-western states, and demographically pinched southern states, which will decide the election.

    • No, we can neither talk nor vote our way out of the coming crisis. Democrats will continue to bribe both illegals and citizens alike in order to acquire and maintain political power, and the vicious cycle will continue (more illegals, more voter fraud, Democrat autocracy in perpetuity). Eventually the Ponzi scheme will collapse and there will be hell to pay. The elites will retreat behind newly validated walls and hire mercenaries for protection. There will be an attempt to pit LEOs against remaining patriots in hopes of mutual decimation. But we can still fight back effectively. Remember, the fish rots from the head. We can learn from the French.

    • Spot on.

      The Left sure likes making noise about creating a gun control crisis. And they sound like they might try to put explicit anti-white laws into place as soon as they can. On the other hand, maybe Ebola will arrive here and just create some anarchy.

  14. Put me in the “Alt-Right Permanently Black-Pilled on Trump” category (Segment 3). The burden of proof is Trump’s to show me he’s not GOP vaporware and the Mexico tariff kabuki confirmed my skepticism. FTN (Irregular Reconquista, as well as the previous episode) called the shot and pocket on Trump talking tough on Twitter then backing down, with the cuck being announced Obama-style in a Friday pm news dump.

    Z says in this segment that Trump is a bullshitter. This was more of his bullshit. As usual, it was deployed on his own base, not against the enemy. Who says he’s not a traditional GOP politician after all?

    While Z’s technically correct in saying that Orange Man is not “all bad,” he’s failing on Obama-plus levels on the one issue that a) matters most to the future trajectory of post-American politics and b) the one that mattered most to those of us who supported him and voted for him in the face of lost family ties, friends, and endless harangues for the last 5 years. He’s a net-negative for us. No, not as bad as Granny Capone, but as Z himself as said, at some point the “better than the other guy” stuff isn’t a good enough reason anymore.

    Because Trump has epic-failed to reform immigration, he has shaky chances to win in 2020. Even if he does, the GOP will cease to be a viable Presidential competitor (even in the pathetic figurehead sense that the office matters even now) within the next decade or so.

    Orange Man not all bad, but he’s bad enough. Stop chugging the Orange Kush & start prepping for the post-American one party future. Dissidence, samizdat tactics, accelerationism, monkey-wrenching and Cloward-Pivening the Empire while finding a safe haven outside its reach for you and yours.

    • Trump used tariffs as leverage in order to move Mexico to help contain the flow of immigrants. Once the goal of getting Mexico’s cooperation was achieved, Trump removed the threat of tariffs. How is this cucking?

      • Ursula, you are correct. He showed the shiv, they complied (or at least are making a show of trying)… and he put the shiv back in his pocket. While “build the wall” was his victory slogan, the economy is his favorite pet.

        Our trade with Mexico supersedes whatever interest he has in illegal immigration.

        The thing to watch will be the numbers. Any down tick in the wave of illegals coming here will be hailed by both the Administration and Mexico as “Mission Accomplished!” DHS will still report the numbers and they won’t change much but nobody will point it out on MSM. Even the left will stay quiet because they don’t want that future voter pipeline to shut down.

        Hope I’m wrong, but I’ve heard this song before.

        • When those numbers don’t go down and stay down, you both owe me a taco. Trump has pulled the same stunt Coulter called out regarding the Gang of Eight amnesty in “Adios.” John McCain is laughing along from the grave.

          • OK, I think you’re both right and Mexico may not actually be able to help much and that team Trump may present figures and call it improvement. Tacos and margaritas on me! I did appreciate the show of initiative and movement from POTUS Trump, though, and wanted to hope something may yet change.

          • You are probably correct and I will owe you tacos. I doubt they’ll downward trend indefinitely though these levels are absurd… they’ll probably return to just completely unacceptable numbers. As long as there are traitors in D.C. willing to sell the country down the river or “new Americans” hellbent on nailing the door open, this doesn’t get better.

      • We didn’t achieve Mexico’s compliance, we achieved a promise to comply.

        The GOP’s pattern has been to exchange perormance on our part (continued lax enforcement, withdrawal of threatened sanctions) for promises on the part of the Open Borders lobby, including Mexico’s government. After dozens of broken promises over decades, I’m well past the point where promises will get Trump off the hook. The fact that Trump oversold his zeal for real border enforcement raises the stakes on overcoming my skepticism.

      • You still trust the guy who told us only a couple of months ago that the economy was so wonderful that we needed more new immigrant workers than ever before?

        • That comment, Exile, came in context of increasing H1-b visas and skilled immigrants, not Indio’s scraping a living off of subsistence farming. Trump has done more to attempt to halt IA’s than any President since Eisenhower. Whether he is effective or not can be argued. What might be more useful in your postings is an elaboration on what is in Trump’s power to do to effect a halt to Illegal’s coming across that he has not done.

          • Importing a foreign elite is just as stupid and evil as importing a foreign underclass. Why should men like my father be screwed over by a bunch of outsiders flooding his occupation?

        • Oh, never trusted. I think like a lot of folks I am torn between the lesser of two evils camp and the perfect is the enemy of the good enough camp.

    • Dromalb “Kushner” Blormpf will have been the last President of the country which used to be called America. Hope the tweets were memorable. Hope the Noses give him the gold star he was promised.

      “My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings!
      Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!”
      Nothing beside remains…

    • Well said. Trump was better than the power-crazed murderess, and he’ll be better than whichever corrupt lunatic the Borg chooses to run next year. He’s merely vain, uncentered, and half-literate. But he doesn’t want to kill us. So there is that.

      Hardly the halcyon era of Adlai Stevenson versus Dwight Eisenhower, is it?

  15. Excellent show today.

    One note – I think it’s even more important than ever to discuss the importance of putting down roots in a community as a form of social capital. A country of nothing but people who move for jobs all the time is part of the problem of the modern capitalist state. Roots means more engagement with civic organizations, creation of small businesses, sponsoring of kids sports’ teams, etc. Not to mention social cohesion. The idea that most people historically moved for ‘work’ isn’t really true – it’s only after the industrial revolution did this start happening en masse, and folks like Chesterton in What’s Wrong with the World documented the many social problems that this creates.

    Yes, America was a pioneer/settler civilization, but once people settled, they tended to stay settled unless things got really bad, then entire family groups would all move as one. The goal was to build a homestead, rather than find a job…

    • Spot on. If there were a New World frontier for us to relocate to today, everyone in Our Thing would be booking passage, with the intention of creating a society with our own values for ourselves and our posterity, preserving the best of the past but creating new institutions and folkways that suited our new needs. Finding a new frontier on an overcrowded Clown Planet will be a unique challenge, but we’re doing it for a hundred other reasons than work, many more important to us.

        • I’m learning Portuguese to decamp to southern Brazil. If things dont get hot before I turn 35, I’m not going to sit around and watch it slowly collapse. I’ll just go where its already collapsed.

      • My Spanish is decent, I lived for a short time in Chile, and I am accustomed to bleak and cold weather. Punta de Arenas just might be a solution to my post-US existential quandary. Plus I’ve always admired Magellan.

  16. The complexion of National Conservatism seems to be much like the Intellectual Dark Web: the Enemy is over-represented.

    Hopefully when you’re done there, it will be a pile of smoking rubble.

    • Well, maybe a few heads will explode. Rich Lowery will jump on a piano bench, clutch his pearls, swish his skirt and shriek.

  17. Looking forward to the Z-cast. Also looking forward to hearing your thoughts after the New Conservative conference. Something tells me a lot of it is going to be about outreach to minorities. Speaking of minorities, make sure you take a selfie with those three black guys pictured! Although you might not want to wait that long in line!

    • Wolf, you beat me to it. I was going to comment about the black guys.

      I guess this NEW National Conservatism isn’t all that different from regular old conservatism.

      • I’m a fast typist! Yeah, I’m sure THEIR version of “what comes next” is mostly a rehash of tired old ideas like “legal good, illegal bad”, Israel first, get the minority vote, etc….Although Tucker will have some good thoughts, maybe a couple of others.

        • Next election they’ll crow about how they moved this or that minority vote from 18.2% to 19.7% this time!

          50.1% is the correct and only acceptable answer… otherwise all I want to hear the cucks say is, “They still hate us by a 5 to 1 margin.”

          • Well put, Penitent. But that’s not all. What I want to hear the cucks admit is the EVERYONE hates them. Even the people on their own side. That should have been one of the big takeaways from 2016, but they’re in denial.

  18. This brings up a certain issue we as dissidents have to jump on. When these prog chattering skulls come out with their agit-prop or any other aspect of promoting their creed – it should almost be ritual and instinct now – we need to inform ourselves. And our response to their BS should be as Z’s: “Well Mr. and Mr Prog, you may very well believe what you say and others might agree with you – but that’s because you are all too stupid and lazy to go on the internet to look it up…”

    I never bothered to look up immigration law myself. Immigration reform is a cornerstone of dissident politics. What other basics are we ill-informed on? It’s not enough to let guys like Z do our homework for us. We have to be able to synthesize our own arguments without being spoon fed. Informed skepticism and cynicism are the order of the day going forward folks.

    As usual, Z – another fine lecture. This weekend I may actually get off my arse and figure out subscribe star… if I can’t do that, it won’t be gold bullion or silver… would you take chickens or eggs maybe…?

  19. Books by David Brog, first person mentioned in the presidium of the sponsoring organization: Reclaiming Israel’s History: Roots, Rights, and the Struggle for Peace (2017)
    In Defense of Faith: The Judeo-Christian Idea and the Struggle for Humanity (2010)
    Standing With Israel: Why Christians Support the Jewish State (2006)

    • The travelogues will be some of my best. A combination of the Time Machine and Gulliver’s Travels.

      • Seriously, you’re going into the lion’s den here dude. Lowry? Barone? Bolton? Sounds like the NeoCons trying to co-opt national conservatism for their own ends…

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