Understanding The Left

One of the strange contradictions of modern life is how the Right, generally defined as not-Left, is sure they understand the Left, while they are convinced the Left has no understanding of the Right. A standard job in Conservative Inc. is the position of explaining every event in terms of the Left’s motivation for or against it. Cable chat shows have a roster full of these guys they use to pad out their segments. Often, this is someone employed at some minor league operation in Conservative Inc.

The argument from the Right is that the Left controls everything, so it is impossible for normal people to escape left-wing proselytizing. At your work, it is angry single women and bitter minorities lecturing you on diversity. At school, it is the same, supplemented by emotionally unstable coeds. In pop culture, it is the usual suspects peddling the latest Progressive fads. There is no escaping the tidal wave of cultural and political sewage that gushes from the Left, so everyone understands it.

On the other hand, so the argument goes, the Left lives in their isolated bunkers, free of contrary opinion. This is why they are hell-bent on stifling opinion on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. They wish to be free of dissent and have the ability to isolate themselves from it, so they live in ignorance of opinion and culture outside their bubbles. There is a lot of truth to this, given how they describe people like Gavin McInnes and Stephen Crowder as no different from very bad people like Mike Enoch and Richard Spencer.

The truth is though, the not-Left really does not understand Left at all. People outside the Left continue to believe, for example, that the Left has good and logical reasons for the things they do, like woke capitalism. In that post, Sailer goes through the possible reason for the sudden rise in wokeness, using statistical data to illustrate the emergence in the late Obama years. He does not settle on an explanation, but the underlying assumption is there is a good, or at least logical, reason for it.

Now, by good reason, it is not to imply morally good in an absolute, transcendent sense of the idea. The Unabomber had good reasons for sending bombs through the mail, at least as far as he was concerned. From his perspective, there was no good reason for not mailing bombs. As nutty as that was, it is comprehensible. The same can be said for logical reasons. They may not be, strictly speaking, logical, but they are at least understandable. The desire for power, sex, money and so forth.

This way to trying to understand the Left, however, has one flaw. The Left is not reasonable or even thinking through this stuff. There was no meeting at the NY Times back in the late Obama years where it was decided that they would run Emmett Till stories every time black crime became a national story. There was no meeting among the heads of Big Media to agree upon a strategy of pushing the Russian collusion hoax after the election. The Left is not motivated by good or logical reasons.

Instead, it is better to think of them as a school of fish. When you watch a school of fish or a flock of birds, that is another useful analogy, it appears as if they are coordinated in their actions. It’s as if one of the fish is the brain, operating in secret communication with the rest of the school, to have them dart left or right through the water. It’s almost as if they were designed to be of one mind. We know, however, that there is no conspiracy of fishes secretly controlling the school using secret communications.

Instead, it is one fish responding to the fish around him. When the fish on the outside of the school twitches, those around him twitch. The cascade of movement happens so fast it is imperceptible to the observer on the dock. The same is true of birds. That murmuration of a flock of starlings looks like a highly coordinated ballet, but in reality it is the result of a million reactions within the flock. That’s how the Left operates like a highly coordinated religious cult. They are tuned to react to one another.

This is why facts and reason are useless weapons against the Left. People in the 2A community have all had the experience of carefully explaining the facts and arguments of gun control to their lefty friend or relative. They nod along, seeming to understand what has been explained. The next time you see them, it is the same old shibboleths, as if they have no memory of the last conversation. The reason for this is the very definition of who they are is their membership in a civic religion.

A part of every religion is ritual. Even the crudest, most simple of religions have some rituals that reinforce the belief system. Those ceremonies and rituals are physical manifestations of the shared belief. Step inside a synagogue and it is nothing but ritual and ceremony. The same is true of the Catholic Church. Old religions have had a long time to develop and fine tune their rituals and ceremonies. Without those rituals, the religion ceases to exist, just as the death of the body kills the consciousness.

That is the power of Progressivism. It is a self-contained, self-validating shared reality for the adherents. It’s why so few people break from it. More important, its immune system has evolved highly complex defenses against the way in which the Right prefers to debate. Those appeals to facts and reason are quickly turned into fuel to energize the believers into huddling closer in common defense. It’s how the Left maintains its power. It has turned the enemy’s best weapons into fuel.

It is why engaging with the Left is a tactical error. As much as dissidents like to accuse the Buckley conservatives of being controlled opposition, they never really got the value of the Buckley types to the Left. They were not their designated punching bags. They were the ritualized manifestation of the devil, the universal threat against which the Left is organized. It is a reminder of why they believe, why they must stick together and why they must fight by any means necessary.

An authentic alternative to the Left will therefore not confront the Left, but hide from it, refusing to engage in the traditional way. More important, it can never manifest in the traditional ways. Those white boys in fashy haircuts at Charlottesville were the best controlled opposition the Left has had since David Duke. They were what the Progressive prophesies foretold, thus confirming the shared beliefs of the coalition of the ascendant. It’s why Charlottesville looms so large for the Left.

The authentic alternative to the prevailing orthodoxy will have to evolve in the shadows and evolve its own immunity from the weapons of the Left. Instead of being attracted to confronting the Left, it will have to be repelled by it. The decisive weapon will be never manifesting in a way that allows the Left to anathematize it. Instead of playing the role carved out for them by the Left, the successful dissidents will seem formless and inexplicable. The people in charge will never see them coming.

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  1. “A part of every religion is ritual. Even the crudest, most simple of religions have some rituals that reinforce the belief system. Those ceremonies and rituals are physical manifestations of the shared belief. Step inside a synagogue and it is nothing but ritual and ceremony. The same is true of the Catholic Church. Old religions have had a long time to develop and fine tune their rituals and ceremonies. Without those rituals, the religion ceases to exist, just as the death of the body kills the consciousness.”
    But this sadly shows no understanding of the Protestant Reformation’s rejection of all this by returning to God’s Word of his absolute truth, the Bible, especially spearheaded by Martin Luther. See desiringGod.org and t4g.org for able explanations of the real world in a Christian context.

  2. Well, shucks.

    From twitter:
    “Don’t you see? They flood the country with undocumented Muslim, ISIS, soldiers (the reason for allowing ‘undocumented’ immigrants). Then they trigger a war with Iran after already performing this soft invasion, that gets us all killed from within.”

    (That, and killing off the nascent Zoroastrians, just like they killed off the First Christians in the Mideast and Levant.)

    We entered WW1 after Zimmerman telegram, on Lusitania sinking. Just saying.

  3. Another Nitz gem, on topic:

    “I have a deep-seated fear that the more it looks like Trump will be re-elected, the more dangerous it’s going to get. And if he wins, they WILL lose it. Not just that their agenda is stopped, but there’s something truly manic in a missionary who is denied their goal of converting the heathen (that’s us).”

    “”China’s Scary Social Credit System Made in USA by Google and Facebook”
    This is my shocked face. Not.”
    Ha! “Are you JEWICIDAL?”

  4. A small, critical comment from Nitzakhon on his site:

    “Even now I’m teaching them about edible plants, and lecturing them about the imperative to not trust everyone at first sight.”

    You are surrounded by food, everywhere you go. A lady put out a guide book identifying the edible plants in every American region. Might come in handy.

  5. Good piece, Zman. However, I don’t like the verb “hide” in reference to our wisest course of action vis-a-vis the Left. I prefer “separate.”

  6. I’m a retired science teacher. Swarming is fairly common in nature. The prey learn quickly – don’t stop to analyze the correct response, just follow the herd.
    And, in fact, such a strategy is sound – it is the best response to most situations of danger.
    However, it does NOT work well when the herd is wrong – which, much of the American herd is.
    To take another response is risky – you won’t have the herd to back you up. You set yourself up in opposition to the herd, and they may cast you out.
    Those of us who choose not to act like frightened animals may have to stand apart from the herd.

  7. Utterly off-topic, but yesterday the Danish flag celebrated its 800-year birthday. It fell from heaven on the evening of June 15th 1219, during the Battle of Lyndanisse in Estonia, where king Voldemort* was on a crusade.

    It goes without saying that the chaimstream media celebrated by labeling it a racist symbol, like the English flag. In the word of one media-nose, “a civic religion, meant to signal that Danes are God’s Chosen People.” Can you even believe the chutzpah? Here’s the accompanying illustration by a nose artist.


    Charming, eh? The text says “God Fights for Denmark” – a sentence not uttered by any Dane since 1864 and by few (if any) before that. Notice that the cartoonist can’t even be bothered get the dimensions of the fields even close to right. Drawing a proper Christian cross probably gives her anxiety attacks.

    Here’s the world’s most beautiful war plane, celebrating the world’s most beautiful flag.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xc_ts_s-9yU (2:23)

    The castle at 2:00 is Kronborg, Hamlet’s castle, followed by a view of Copenhagen’s 17th c. fortifications.

    *Yes! His actual name was Valdemar, but up until the Harry Potter books, “Valdemar” was translated “Voldemort” in English texts, and in older Danish history books, the battle is called the “Volder-Battle”.

    • Damm. They just spit in your face and then dare you to accuse them of spitting in your face.

      England might be our mother, but Dansk is our father. So cool. The Viking trade network held Dark Age Europe together, even discovering new worlds, but the monks wrote the history, with a bit of bias.

      • I doubt many people notice, Danes have zero nose awareness. I only notice because I come places like this.

        To be fair, there were other, more celebratory articles, but the plan is clear: they will try and do with the Danish flag what they did to the English, make it a hate symbol.

        I doubt they’ll be successful, at least in the short run. We use it profusely at birthdays and Christmas and since supermarkets have three birthdays a year, you see it all over: a fat, Christian cross, right in your face, hehe…

        The man who fought the crusade for king Voldemort was archbishop Absalon, one of the greatest statesmen in Danish history and founder of Copenhagen, so today there’s a mounted, axe-wielding crusader facing the Danish parliament. (Notice the container in the background).


        Someone should take the hint.

        • Beautiful old buildings, great photo, and look at the people! Not a Diversity Vibrant in sight!
          Felix, I know I’m not alone in appreciation of your insightful and thought-provoking comments on this sight.

        • Forgot one neat little detail: Absalon (while not having an actual surname) was of the “Hvide” dynasty, meaning “White”, after the color of their shields.

  8. In 1995, while serving in an Army intelligence unit, I competed for a scholarship at the Johns Hopkins’ Center for Arabic Studies Abroad, at the American University in Cairo. To my surprise, I actually won a spot. Six weeks in Cairo studying Egyptian dialect. Of course, my commanders were proud and supported me. It was a big feather in everyone’s cap. When i was in Egypt, I never told anyone the truth about my employer; Rather, I told everyone that I was an American interested in studying Islam. I carried a Quran with me everywhere, and I actually read a substantial part of it in original Arabic – still have it today! The point being, I was hiding in plain sight, and I was able to go anywhere and not be worried. l was approached by Israeli intel- but that’s another story. I support your concept, and it has evidential support.

    • Atlan wass atlan! British agents could recite Quran backwards and forwards. We must consider infiltration, yes? “Get clean for Gene” flipped back on the Alinskyites?

      Word is, the black and brown gangs are sending their men into the military to learn professional urban warfare.
      They tell them to keep their heads down, their noses clean, and to learn all they can. This is being kept very, very quiet.

    • As mark taylor says just above, we must have a bright vision to replace the dark vision, the fantasy that whites are a dread evil that must be crushed.

      The Big Lie has twisted all our values into something ugly and wrong.

      A malevolent minority uses different strategy than frontal attack. It gets its enemies (everyone else) to kill each other, or to kill themselves.

      How? By telling stories.
      (And by spotlighting a few false flags or spinning “hate crimes” to reinforce their point.)

      We, with justice in us, seek the good.
      We are told that we committed terrible crimes, accepting blame for what the malevolent did themselves.
      And in the name of that good, we do commit terrible crimes, thinking them for a good cause, reinforcing that twisted vision, becoming disgusted with ourselves and deserving of penance.

      Except we were tricked. We never of our own desired these wicked things.

      • we must have a bright vision


        That’s how Hitlerjugend rounded up the punters, and as Dinothedoxie correctly notes below, that’s how Leftie used to pull in crowds. Now that Leftie has gone puritan, the sexytime ticket is open for appropriation.

        You need to package it as traditionalism like the Nazis did, but that’s hardly an insurmountable problem.

        • That is an excellent idea. The practical application of leftist ideas on “affirmative enthusiastic consent” are easy to mock and sound about as enticing as Tom Clancy’s sex scene from The Bear and the Dragon.

  9. I think this is true, the right simply exists to counter the left. The ratchet only goes one way because the right has no vision to ratchet towards.

    For a lot of people what the left stands for is pleasant coffee shops in nice cities like Portland with lots of diversity. In reality those places have little diversity but there is a vision there. It’s not even a platform so much as a story or painting. Ironically they have appropriated white culture as their ideal.

    The right needs to paint a picture of an ideal that is attractive. Something like 1940’s America. That’s an era when everyone knows life was good for Americans and yet everyone was a race realist. They were also the generation who defeated the NAZIs so painting that era as “NAZI” is trickier. The right’s culture is currently associated with NASCAR and BBQ. Those are fine but lack mass attraction or attraction for elites.

    The right also needs to paint a vision of the left that is unattractive. Even though Detroit isn’t really the fault of democrats saddling them with a dystopian city is good marketing.

    The choice people should be choosing in politics is a vision for America that is either Casablanca or Escape from NY.

  10. It’s easy to say that we are in the same spot as the early Christians, and we are.

    Then what you’re really saying is, a new Dark Age is being born.
    With all that implies. I must agree.

  11. “Instead of playing the role carved out for them by the Left, the successful dissidents will seem formless and inexplicable. The people in charge will never see them coming.”

    Umm… No. You’ve expressed this idea a number of times now, but its the idea that seems to me formless and inexplicable. The weaknesses of a regime, left or right, may be apparent only in retrospect, but the forces that kick out the wobbly pins will neither of those things, to anyone.

  12. Good column. Tom Bethell, James Burnham and Eric Hoffer made most of these points in different form some time ago.

    Bethell used the analogy of a hive of bees rather than a school of fish but it was to the same point. The left doesn’t need to engage in conscious conspiracies; it is inbred and unconscious second nature for them because they are of one, very unsound mind.

    And Burnham explained why politically by distinguishing between the irrational ideology of leftism vs the rational philosophy of conservatism.

    Hoffer of course explained why socially; the ideologue begins as an insecure seeker of oneness, belonging and purpose and so any collectivist mass movement, which the left is at all times, attracts the embryonic True Believers who then become the Storm Troopers, the Long Marchers and the present Democrat jackasses who are in turn embryonic totalitarians..

  13. Roughly 80% of conspiratardism is a result of this psychological projection from the right. Things rarely happen for any rational reason on the left; in fact, for those who view the left as having a feminine character, it’s exactly the same story as it is with women in general. There’s no such thing as reasons or consequences; things just happen, period.

    I don’t think the left understands the right any better than the right understands the left, but it is very good at capitalizing on the right’s weaknesses: the need to protect children (bawlin’ beanlets), the need to find someone to blame (muh Soros/muh juice), the need for continuity (muh Constitution), the need for order (muh police, muh economy) and even the obsession with autonomy (muh private companies), all of which they ruthlessly exploit.

    An intelligent and savvy right-elite could exploit the left’s need for fairness, its need for social approval, its emotional incontinence, its credentialism, its primitivism, and its obsession with the new and foreign. If such an elite actually existed or could exist in Clown World, that is.

  14. I agree with the general presentation of the left, but IMO, you’re wrong on a couple of points.

    The left used to be expansionary and proselytizing. They would draw neutral people into their thing gradually by appealing to baser notions. Primarily greed, envy and sexual license.

    Relatively recently, however, they’ve become full moral scolds, which reflexively repels a lot of people and they’ve flipped from expansionary into an exclusionary cult, obsessed with purging the unworthy and one upping virtue signaling.

    Which means that people are leaving the cult. Confrontation will help that process along by ramping up their insanity and urge to purge.

  15. Zman, your fundamental insight in this piece seems valid: it’s useless for the d-right to keep charging into the left’s intellectual fog that just closes around it. We have to sneak past the enemy defenses.

    But I disagree with your metaphor: “Old religions have had a long time to develop and fine tune their rituals and ceremonies. Without those rituals, the religion ceases to exist, just as the death of the body kills the consciousness.”

    This philosophical materialism is equivalent to the Marxist opium-of-the-people line. Rituals are not the essence of religion, just outward forms that try to encourage the individual to attain an interior state of grace. They are tools in the endless struggle to rise above a limited, egotistic human viewpoint into experience of God.

    Nor does the death of the body kill the consciousness. Any serious study of psychical research shows the opposite, that we are minds — temporarily embodied — that continue after the body is no more.

  16. Last century, you had to deal with the hyper rational.
    Chesterton noted this in that those in the Insane asylum had reasons for everything (not unlike conspiracy theories). You don’t think I’m Napoleon? What do you think they would do with the real Napoleon if they wanted to hide and discredit him?
    That was the fallen, but angelic nature.
    Now the left is mere brute. Passion. FEELZ.
    Rational argument is too hard, especially when logic and evidence are against you.
    Point and screech. Double down. Project.

    When they are dying of the plague in LA, or starving when the green energy batteries are dead from lack of wind and clouds, they will have bad FEELZ but not understand – as they have rejected their neocortex, as well as God – that there is a natural law that follows reason and you can see evidence and you reaping what you sewed (or failed to).

    The Zulu did win battles against the British. Also see South Africa today.

    The only problem is the Blue areas – the Hillary Archipelago – aren’t really cattle and there isn’t even enough grass if they were.

  17. Excellent post, to supplement the main point consider this.

    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

    Now who has had near complete success in pushing their agenda? The mainstream right is convinced that they understand the left while not being understood in return. Results on the ground indicate the opposite.

    • How do “formless and inexplicable” people become “successful dissidents?” For the moment, we must bide our time and search for new angles of attack, but at some point, we will face the Cville moment again, where we have to put our heads above the parapet.

      • LineIn, agree. But the Bruce Lee thing does make the Z angle seem cool. Couldn’t resist. hah. It’s all kind of moot anyway. Neither side can control what their whole side does. As for our side, I wish we all had to follow a strategy as laid out by our best thinkers. To literally follow their orders. But that’s only gonna happen in a very limited sense. A movement is like an octopus with a neuromotor disease. Wise big brains in the head trying to control shit, but the arms flailing all over the place.

      • Lineinthesand, well said. You mirror my thinking here. How does one go about living in the Leftist fantasy, doing Leftist things, playing pretend and be a contributing part of a resistance? Seems the Left would be rather happy with this outcome.

        Certainly other Leftist States have been. Remember Vietnam? When Saigon fell and the North Vietnamese tanks rolled in, everyone in the MSM were talking about the inevitable blood bath to follow where the defeated South Vietnamese would be decimated through “re-education” camps. Well, the camps happened, but not the blood bath as predicted. The new order was established, life moved on.

  18. Z Man;
    Let’s follow your analogy of leftists as a school of minnows or flock of starlings. In nature, school/flock behavior likely has some useful purpose for the individual members, else it would not persist. It has been theorized that the tactics of seemingly undirected, pseudo-random group movement makes it more difficult for predators to select, single out and attack a specific member as the target for dinner. I say pseudo-random because the flock eventually ends up at the cornfield to feed, just not through any obviously planned route.

    This makes intuitive sense. It largely nullifies predators’ inherent neural advantages (in target acquisition and tracking). Every (or almost every) starling gets to eat, eventually, albeit at some cost in extra energy expended in protecting the flock while getting there.

    By analogy then, Progs are constantly creating bogeymen so as to *promote* school/flock behavior. It’s not the other way ’round. That is, ‘There are highly dangerous (albeit imaginary) bogymen out there little Prog, so you best stay with the school/flock by watching your associates and tracking their movements. Otherwise you are just on your own and they’ll gobble you up.’ This is why Conservative Inc. efforts to deny that they are bogymen have failed so miserably and are an obvious wast of time. So how to counter_?

    Well, in nature, actual predators’ counter-schooling tactics, particularly among fish, are to ignore the motion or work cooperatively. Some predators rip through the school at high speed, slashing about and grabbing those that are hit at random as they fall out of the school (billed fish like swordfish, marlins or sawfish). They no longer need to ID and track any individual prey. Tuna work cooperatively, surround the school and grab any school member passing close. That is, they have nullified the school’s collective defense since, by following their movement pattern, the school fish will bring some of their members near every feeding tuna, sooner or later.

    Not sure how these tactics can be applied against today’s leftists on the internet (though it’s fun to imagine).

  19. Engaging with the Left is a tactical error.

    Sure, but I’d say to that: consider the audience.

    Logically speaking, there are three types of people:

    (1) Solid /Our Guys/
    (2) Solid
    (3) People who are “in play”

    There’s no point in engaging with the solid Their Guys. But on social media, trolling the left can be pretty fruitful if there are a lot of “in play” guys in the audience.

    A couple of times I trolled some famous leftists on Twitter, and my got a lot of engagement. The Usual Suspects spluttered, but some normies also seemed amazed that one could take on the Left Goliaths.

    Of course the left-wingers who run social media now seem to understand this, so that’s why they so readily ban people who troll the leftists. If you get into that sort of thing, be psychologically prepared to respawn your accounts.

  20. The left is controlled by reflexive behavior; they can’t change. You need a disease model to deal with it, like the London doctor that figured out which public well was infected with cholera.

    A practical field guide for individuals to use in sabotaging the operation of the machine, is what is needed now. Put that guide out, and your counter-movement will form around it.

    First principle is to avoid forming up into cells or groups.

    • Karl McHungus Said- “First principles is to avoid forming into cells or groups.” Your a fantasist. unless your Jason Bourne just what exactly in the f**k are you going to do by yourself ?

      • you are the fantasist, with your febrile dreams of forming a mass movement. one person can’t do a lot, but they can do something — over and over again. as soon as you add even one more person to your efforts, your risk of discovery goes up exponentially.

        every time streaming service credentials are shared, you deprive them of revenue.

        every time you pay someone cash, you create opportunity to deny the state taxes.

        every time you laugh at the naive incompetence of progressives, you reduce their influence.

        do what you can, where you are, over and over.

        spend 50 years corroding the machine.

        groups are for people who want the other guy to do the work, and take the risk; AKA rabbits.

    • But the idea of a cell is that the Power Structure can’t roll up the entire network as a follow-on to neutralizing one person. The cell (a self-contained unit of several people) acts as a force multiplier, although there are things an individual can do alone.

    • If you look at successful crime syndicates they are family or blood related. Near impossible to crack or infiltrate.

      They also keep a very low profile so no one notices them. That means no C’villes for our side unless we control the loud speaker.

      Being part of a group allows people to have access to resources they would not normally have unless they were a expert saboteur with a fat bank account.

      In general Lone wolves accomplish little.

      At this stage of the game, we need to building family and other groups for mutual survival. Not engaging the Left is a first step in this. Because we can’t win against the Left at this time.

      We have to wait until they slit their collective throats and they will. Until then we bide our time, build networks, allies, friends, etc. Gather supplies and intel.

      This stuff has to be done anyways and it’s a lot easier and cheaper to do it now than when things go bad.

      Let the Left have the floor because it’s their battlespace since they control it.

    • “like the London doctor that figured out which public well was infected with cholera.”

      Oh, we know the well.

  21. Most leftist are willfully stupid vermin. Even if they have a Phd even in something like engineering, they are functionally stupid if not downright dishonest. I’ve not met a leftist with any morals or integrity when it comes to any rational thought. I hope the solution in the future is for them to be physically removed from society kind of like FDR and the Japanese. However, I would round a lot of these people together and put them to use in medical experiments or hard labor.

  22. A long time ago, while living in New York City, I developed the armchair theory that a lot of contemporary leftism is just moral fashion.

    At the time I was a centrist libertarian, but whenever I said anything that went against the groupthink, you could just feel the room go cold with the “well, this is just not what’s done” attitude.

    This is basically consistent with Zman’s school-of-fish theory. I did notice that when I was talking one-on-one with a Left Tribesman, he or she would listen respectfully; without an audience for a moral show (i.e., without the other fish) there’s nobody for them to virtue signal to, therefore they don’t do it.

    The moral-fashion and school-of-fish analogies also explain how things spread so fast in their thing. Things that most people hadn’t even thought of ten years ago, like pumping your son full of estrogen and cutting his sex organs off, are now the Right Side of History.

    That’s one thing that makes Their Thing different from traditional religions, and more dangerous.

      • GALLOWS. NOW.
        Well yea but a lot of prep has to be in place for that to happen… Everyone knows what needs to be done they just want someone else to make it happen…

  23. There is only one way to view the left. They are the enemy. That is all we need to know.
    Live with us in peace and prosperity.
    If not let us live apart in the same way. Any violence against us will not be tolerated.

    If you care to contribute in support of my good important work please make a donation in the following way or ways. Thanking you in advance.

    The Z Man

  24. I don’t think anyone can understand leftism without seeing the larger arc in history, over 200+ years. This is a multi-generational issue. T.S. Elliot hit it on the head a hundred years ago with his quote “It’s impossible to design a system where no one has to be good.” This is exactly what the left is about. The creation of a finely tuned system where no one has to be responsible. Every facet of our society over the last 200 years has been designed to take responsibility away from individuals. Even social security was designed to lift the burden of having to create a room in the attic from granny in her twilight years. They’re trying to create heaven on earth, as they no longer believe in a biblically defined heaven.

    This is why they revere the nordic countries so much. A place where they had a free hand to do as they please. Those cultures were uniquely susceptible to it, as they were highly cooperative long before socialism. You had to cooperate, or freeze to death. It’s also why as the nordic countries buckle under the vibrant culture, it will cause great heartburn among the world-wide left.

    The last 200 years have been a mop-up operation after the French Revolution. It wasn’t just a revolution, but a wholesale replacement of the ancient Christian culture with the secular culture. It’s the religion of man, and his man made systems. Think of Tesla drivers and how utterly brainwashed they are. It’s not just about the car. The car is representative of their belief in all kinds of pseudo-sciences. The overpriced, needlessly burdensome car is practically superficial to the belief system.

    The right needs to understand that it was vanquished long before we were born, the last death rattle being 100 years ago. The right is just a bunch of ghosts passing through the material world, unable to affect change. The left knows this.

    The only solution is to let this 200 year epoch burn itself out. And it will. The left is now the new religion, but as with anything else material, it needs hard currency to create its heaven. For the first 150 years it lived off the material gains of the industrial revolution. For the last 50 years it’s lived off the gains of paper currency and debt accumulation. It will begin to die in the coming economic reset, which will be a catastrophic era for everyone, as scarcity of capital brings reality back to the table. Suddenly everyone will laugh at state benefits for sex change operations.

    • Absolutely. This is my opinion too that Age of Enlightenment comes to end. And this is controlled demolition. Somebody or something pushed liberal madness over the cliff. Brexit referendum, Merkel migration madness and lot of other progressive stuff same time.

    • @JR
      So are you going to be caught up in the maelstrom or you going to make a safe harbor for you and the ones you care about?

      • I might be wrong, but I don’t see things turning on a dime in one day. I’ll leave when I feel insecure. I’m in a well policed suburb that’s unlikely to be overrun.

        • Let’s hope your not wrong for both our sakes but I like having an Ace in the Hole might be pertinent for you as well…Good Luck Brother…
          PS. I will do what I can to give you advice on a spot if you ever need it…

          • Lineman, if you dont mind a recommendation. I have an HS son who is wanting to stay clear of college. He’s bright, voracious reader, personable and athletic but has only enough interest in academics to maintain a GPA sufficient for sports. He’s very right wing and is interested in the trades.

            I support his inclination to avoid college simply because I fear his temper and wit will only get him in trouble in the current political college clime.

            So so long, question is, knowing what you know would you recommend lineman work? I know it’s dangerous but is it a good profession and would you do it over again?

          • I think it’s the best profession but I’m a little biased😉 I get to be outdoors everyday, pretty much my own boss because I’m a Patrolman, get a workout (job duties) in while getting paid for it, and make more money than probably 90% of college grads, in can be dangerous but it’s a calculated risk so as long as you keep your head on straight your good to go…Let me know if you need any more info…

          • Lineman

            Thank you, Sir. I do, please. Where and how do I direct him to start? Or at least start his own investigating. OJT or pre-credentialing? Does your trade allow you to move to other states or are you tied in as state employee/state licensing/pension (etc)?

            He’s my boy and I know him. He’s like me and I know he’ll only thrive out of doors and will get the wanderlust I had as a youth so mobility is a concern.
            He’s a hard worker so long as it is physical but at this point I can actually hear his eyes glaze over when it comes to heavy studying.

            At your convenience and again thank you.


          • So there two different ways to go about it one go the trade/line school route and go into an apprenticeship the other is to start as a groundman/grunt and work your way up…Once you get your journeyman ticket the world’s pretty much your oyster…Ive worked from one end of the country to the other and some overseas…I mainly work on high voltage transmission lines now because I like hanging from a helicopter 😉…Both my boys are heading into my line of work as well…If we were closer I could prep him like I’m doing them to give them a leg up and help them get their ticket faster… Right now guys are making bank anywhere from 250 to 500k a year depending on where and how much they are working…

          • Lineman, thank you for the starting point. I have a bit of time with him still (sophomore) so who knows what he’ll get into his head, but I can plant seeds of possibilites. Sounds like something might suit his personality. He’s an athelete and can endure ribbing and hardship and responds well to mentoring by men he looks up to. I’ll start him looking into it.

            As an aside, I worked an event here in so cal for the VFW. It was a gathering of linemen and their families and they needed a color guard to start off the festivities. They had poles set up for competitions. I didn’t stay long but I noticed a few things. First, the men and their families all seemed to arrive in very nice trucks. They were friendly and the men reminded me a lot of guys I served with. They seemed to be having a great time. I liked them right off the bat.

            Again, many thanks and stay safe.

    • This is exactly why I keep saying: you MUST get rid of big government.

      That is the vehicle thru which all of this socialistic (take away responsibility from everybody as you put it) system has been forced upon us.

      The white man will rule the world again – when he is carting the full weight of his life and responsibilities upon HIS OWN shoulders – and when those among him who have the tendencies of shirkers – are unable to get out from under their responsibilites.

      Pain and suffering lead to an acceptance of truth.

      The socialistic system we live under has enabled mass delusions and therefore mass hysteria – by removing pain and suffering from people’s world experiences.

  25. The other day I had a weird experience. I was sitting at a bar, and I became drawn into a casual, friendly conversation with a Boomer. (Generational chart position: I was a college kid back when Sonic Youth was considered hip and groovy.). This guy was in his late 60s or so, he was genial and literate and not too smug (a rarity among such creatures), and he was not stupid or crazy. He wasn’t drunk. Gradually the chat drifted into politics, which I had been trying to avoid, and we just chatted, it didn’t get confrontational.

    What I found shocking was his utter ignorance of general reality. He was simply wrong about everything, I mean just simple, basic facts. He was under the impression that World War Two was caused by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor — I mean, he didn’t think that was what caused America’s entry into the war, he thought that that was what actually CAUSED the war, like it happened out of the blue. I was so dumbstruck I had to make him clarify it directly. He thought the war in Europe was entirely caused by Hitler’s dislike of Jews.

    His entire worldview seemed like he got it from a Time-LIFE coffee table book circa 1975. And of course, wait for it… He was a Leftist. It was rather disturbing to get such a casual glimpse into the mind of a reflexively leftist, ignorant boomer retard.

    It’s human nature to conceptually always be fighting the previous war in one’s head and not notice that the present war is totally different. For Leftists, it’s always Birmingham in 1963, it’s always the Holocaust, they’re always bravely hiding Anne Frank under the bed and rescuing Emmett Till from a savage lynch mob that never existed. They’re brave enough to hide the innocent Jews from the evil Nazis in Vichy France, but they’d never hide the innocent kulaks from the evil Jews in Ukraine during the Red Terror. Does. Not. Compute.

    Z’s model of a school of fish for the Left has interest, but you shouldn’t discount the Ernie Bushmiller theory of leftism either: their entire world is a black and white comic strip where the only characters are Nancy, Sluggo, and Aunt Fritzi.

    • “You shouldn’t discount the Ernie Bushmiller theory of leftism either: their entire world is a black and white comic strip where the only characters are Nancy, Sluggo, and Aunt Fritzi.” I don’t know anything about this or the characters. Can you explain or link to an article?

      • @Frip — amongst us aficionados of the comic strip (viz. NOT comic books, but the newspaper daily strips that were once called “the funny pages”), Ernie Bushmiller’s long-running strip “Nancy” is held in reverent awe as probably the stupidest thing that’s ever existed in all human history. It is the Stonehenge of stupid. There is a kind of breathtaking profundity to just how stupid it is. It is actually so stupid that it’s brilliant by mistake; many people think Ernie was some sort of Zen genius who was doing it on purpose to make a celestial philosophical point. But I think he actually thought this nonsense was funny. And it is, just not the way he intended.

    • Good observation, Postcard. It seems like virtually everything, mostly for the older ones of the left (and much of the right) runs through a “prevention of Hitler” filter. Or a fear of returning to Jim Crow. Their minds are set to consider everything in relation to those kinds of things, so the result is that we’re forbidden from ever discriminating against anyone.

      • I don’t find any generation currently alive to have any concept of history that started before 1960. It’s all a grainy amalgam of Hitler stuff, and then the Beetles appeared on Ed Sullivan, and history started…

        This is why, we’re destined to repeat history, and all its horrors, only on a grand scale, with crisp, high definition images, not old film strips. And it will happen with all the perfectly calibrated technology to end life on a scale unknown before. As insane as the uni-bomber was, he was likely ahead of his time in buying a Montana compound. Sometimes the craziest people, the ones who write 5000 page manifestos, have some flash of truth in all of that nonsense.

        • “I find that the uneducated Englishman is an almost total sceptic about history. I had expected he would disbelieve the Gospels because they contain miracles; but he really disbelieves them because they deal with things that happened two thousand years ago. He would disbelieve equally in the battle of Actium if he heard of it. To those who have had our kind of education, his state of mind is very difficult to realize. To us the present has always appeared as one section in a huge continuous process. In his mind the present occupies almost the whole field of vision. Beyond it, isolated from it, and quite unimportant, is something called “the old days”– a small, comic jungle in which highwaymen, Queen Elizabeth, knights-in-armour, etc. wander about. Then (strangest of all) beyond the old days come a picture of “primitive man.” He is “science,” not “history,” and is therefore felt to be much more real that the old days. In other words, the prehistoric is much more believed in than the historic.”

          C.S. Lewis, Christian Apologetics, 1945

        • excuse the bad translation
          “not to know what happened before you were born is to remain forever a child”
          Marcus Tullius Cicero

    • Postcard of a Volcano. I met a similar Boomer the other night. Mine was an arrogant burly white beard type. And pretty much just talked over me the whole time. Educated guy though, so not a waste of time. There was a news story about LA city govt corruption, and he leaned back and said out loud to the whole bar, “it’s ALLLLL just a game.” So we riffed on that idea for a while.

      I mentioned the most popular radio show in LA for the last 30 years. The John & Ken Show. And how they expose corruption. He then proudly went on a boomer trope rant about “the need to hear all sides of an issue” and “John & Ken are one-sided. I’m the kinda guy who needs more than that…”

      First, drivetime radio isn’t a roundtable discussion. Second, “all sides” isn’t how it works anymore. It’s not 1965.

      Simple concepts, but he’d have no use for them since they didn’t involve…him. So I stayed quiet.

      I finally interrupted his anti-radio rant and said, “But you know, YOU’RE the “It’s All A Game” guy. You hate corruption. I hate corruption. All good people hate corruption…”the game”. And we’ve got a hugely successful populist radio show that takes on all the corrupt elites. That’s pretty great!” He conceded the point, I’ll give him that. Or maybe I just scared him. I’d had a couple by that point and was a little tired of his subtle–I’m So Sophisticated boastings.

      • I can almost guarantee that a CalPers check is being deposited into his account. It’s all just a game should be translated to, “I got into the game and locked in a pension and a house I bought in 1986 with the same Prop-13 tax rate…and YOU’RE paying for it.” Was he wearing Tevas or Crocs? God I hate those people. With the passion of a thousand suns.

        John and Ken are great.

        • JR. Funny comment. CalPers sounds right.
          But neither Crocs nor Tevas. Probably hiking boots. Smart mesomorph. Probably a welding inspector or some kind of QC chief. Stout alpha with rugged manner. He knew the system up and down and was articulate. I gotta say most all the boomers I’ve met are nice guys. Good personality. He talked too much is all.

    • We make decisions based on what we know. That’s why the Left so desperately controls the information flow… and so viciously attacks any non-Left information source.

      • It’s worse than that. We desire/crave information and even when we should know better, tend to believe what is said in the media by folks who by dint of mass appearance and endless repetition are considered authoritarian. There’s been a sea change since the pre-Trump era, but not nearly enough. Add to that, the last couple of generations of poorly “educated” population cohorts and the road is indeed a long one.

    • Postcard, perhaps this Boomer was uninformed, but perhaps your revisionist historical understanding is also subject to a certain tweaking as well? As I read your comment, I could not help thinking of all the Leftist revisionists I’ve run across, most notably Howard Zinn, who never wrote about an American historical occurrence without turning it into its ugly opposite. His followers too, came away thinking they had true knowledge.

      • I have met people who, thanks to Zinn (which, somehow, I managed to never read even though he was wildly popular as a history author at the time I was in school) are convinced – CONVINCED – that slavery really only happened in America and that any other slavery in the world was just an “in passing” thing.

        When I point out that slavery existed in virtually every culture across the scope of human history, they literally won’t believe it. But then, that’s what Teflon Intellects are – people unable to assimilate information that doesn’t match what they already “know” is true.


        • Geez, slavery is written about in the Bible/Torah and sung about in the Iliad. As you said, as old as Man himself. You’ve got to be purposefully ignorant to believe otherwise.

          • If I might play armchair psychoanalyst…

            So many Leftists “get off” on – per Thomas Sowell – believing something counter to what the general knowledge is. They’re special snowflakes, you see, superior intellects. One cannot be a superior intellect but still believe what the average Joe does.

            So if Joe sixpack understands that slavery was a global enterprise across history… to show they’re “special” they MUST believe something else. And since, at the beautiful-people cocktail parties, hating America and Western Civilization is “in” to fit into that crowd they must also adopt that view.

            Do you remember, after 9-11, some Lib writer complaining that her daughter wanted to buy an American flag for her room. She insisted her daughter buy it herself and, IIRC, it couldn’t be on display or seen from the outside. Heaven forbid that the Borgleft Collective think someone in the household did (shudder) “that”.

            They’re herd beasts.

  26. I don’t regret testing the boundaries at Cville although I concede the blowback was quite damaging. We can’t “evolve in the shadows” and be “formless and inexplicable” forever. At some time, we need to occupy public space and the same risks of being crushed by the mainstream reemerge.

    Our survival depends on developing resilient communities where doxing doesn’t mean destruction. One encouraging example of this is the recent case of the leader of the NWF being doxed and driven from her community and then finding a job in another state with one of our organizations.

    • Our survival depends on developing resilient communities where doxing doesn’t mean destruction.
      Trying to do that for quite some time now problem is people don’t see the need until the trouble has found them and then they have fewer options in dealing with it…

  27. Engaging with the left is not a tactical error if your opponent is stupid, the ground is neutral, and you have an audience.

    Similarly, intensifying the cognitive dissonance with which some of these people have to live every day can, over time, produce either disengagement or a breakdown. Both of these are acceptable outcomes. You can only double-down so many times. If you can’t redpill ’em, blackpill ’em.

    Finally, the best time to go after the prog male with reason and/or rhetoric is a couple of years after they have come into possession of a mortgage, a child, or both. Simply explaining what “good schools” actual means is a good first step. The resentment that tends to produce a leftist in the first place can often be directed by degrees at other target, just like walking fire.

    Bowden on the Left:


    • “pwning the libs” is pointless, because they are a system and that system is very powerful. They are infinitely rewarded for staying in that system..witness the woman who was raped by haitians, then thanked her rapists because it confirmed for her the power of white patriarchy.

      Going after normies is much better.

      • I see absolutely no reason to turn away from – when the opportunity presents itself , an opportunity to inject misery and anger into the life of a leftie.

        Especially when it can be done thru just a simple off-hand comment.

        Most lefties are not “a system” – they are followers of a system. And they deserve all the pain they get for supporting that system.

    • IMHO a large part of the problem comes from the fact that they have tied their belief in themselves as “good people” to specific policy beliefs. Thus, to stop believing – for example – that “soak the rich” is a good policy would mean undermining their own view of themselves as good.

      That’s a hard pill for anyone to take.

  28. I would argue that the right does understand the left, but that the left no longer exists either, or rather, no longer controls the brand. The Brand is controlled by the post-left, and the post-left is just a coalition of people unified by their desire to loot, humiliate and exploit the Universal Class Enemy for their own purposes. The post left wears the clothes, speaks the words but these are just masks it wears. Its not interested in any of things the original left was interested in. Its adherents only want to loot, destroy and dominate.

    There has always been this element to the left, but the evolution of bioleninism and its incarnation in the political hinduism of intersectionality has brought it to the fore and pushed the old left out of the picture.

    As you say, there is no debating this. It cannot be debated any more than the inhabitants of a fallen city can debate with the barbarians who have come to sack it.

    • More excellence. Gods, I love my people. They use their smarts to serve the good, and oppose evil.

  29. The key to the Left is to see it as a religion. Like other religions, its proselytizing has paid off, and it’s spread very far from its origins, but it’s still the same religion. And like other religions before it, what it takes over it converts.

    Conservatives are still stuck in an antique mindset, where business is “ours”, and they keep reciting the old professions of faith: “The business of America is business.” “All businesses want to make money.” But a business captured by the Left is no longer bound by those maxims. It’s become different in its DNA. And so we see baffling behavior on the part of businesses, like deliberate alienation of customers, and reckless loss of profit, which are so alien to the old orthodoxy that Conservatives simply refuse to believe what is happening. It’s like the old story of the Indians who couldn’t comprehend what they were seeing when western ships first appeared, so they just refused to react; in effect, making the ships “invisible”.

    So Disney, Facebook, Patreon, Twitter etc. keep deliberately building bonfires of money, and Conservatives keep bleating that “Businesses exist to make money!” even though it’s perfectly evident that this isn’t true.

    The question is not “What do businesses exist to do?” but “What do religions exist to do?” Like other religions, Leftism exists to glorify its god and spread his rule over the entire earth. But as it’s a fake religion, it’s cause is hopeless, which is why its adherents are becoming more and more extreme in their worship. It used to be enough to write books and chant slogans at rallies, but paradise hasn’t come, so now they’ve advanced to flamboyant acts of public sacrifice. Now they’re flinging heaps of money onto the pyre, even actual businesses. And of course, the greatest sacrifice of all: human lives.

    Decades of abortion have hardened the Left to human sacrifice. They’ve upped the ante to murdering actual living infants (instead of the safely abstract “clump of cells” they started with) and now they’re edging ever closer to the murder of captured enemy prisoners, as we’ve seen in the last year with the attempted lynching of Covington High students. The younger and more obviously helpless the victims the better: it impresses their god with their seriousness and ruthlessness.

    Chesterton wrote about this process of degradation, and called it what it was: an attempt to invoke demons, and now that the great wall of Christianity is being battered down, it is upon us again:

    “In the accounts given us of many rude or savage races we gather that the cult of demons often came after the cult of deities, and even after the cult of one single and supreme deity. It may be suspected that in almost all such places the higher deity is felt to be too far off for appeal in certain petty matters, and men invoke the spirits because they are in a more literal sense familiar spirits. But with the idea of employing the demons who get things done, a new idea appears more worthy of the demons. It may indeed be truly described as the idea of being worthy of the demons; of making oneself fit for their fastidious and exacting society…. Sooner or later a man deliberately sets himself to do the most disgusting thing he can think of. It is felt that the extreme of evil will extort a sort of attention or answer from the evil powers under the surface of the world…. They are not doing it because they do not think it wrong, but precisely because they do think it wrong. They are acting like a Parisian decadent at a Black Mass. But the Black Mass has to hide underground from the presence of the real Mass. In other words, the demons have really been in hiding since the coming of Christ on earth. The cannibalism of the higher barbarians is in hiding from the civilisation of the white man. But before Christendom, and especially outside Europe, this was not always so. In the ancient world the demons often wandered abroad like dragons. They could be positively and publicly enthroned as gods. Their enormous images could be set up in public temples in the centre of populous cities. And all over the world the traces can be found of this striking and solid fact, so curiously overlooked by the moderns who speak of all such evil as primitive and early in evolution, that as a matter of fact some of the very highest civilisations of the world were the very places where the horns of Satan were exalted, not only to the stars but in the face of the sun.”

      • Nitzakhon, probably. And of course, hardwired implies that there was some genetic advantage in be so predisposed. The question now would be, in our current environment, does such increase fitness in the evolutionary sense. But as has been mentioned here and in any number of recent publications, perhaps the concept of evolutionary fitness no longer applies in our world? Can we really fool Mother Nature indefinitely?

        • You alchemists! The missing element is an immaterial ecology.
          Matter is only half of the equation.

          That immaterial half, along with the materal half, is the deepest evolutionary equation of all.

          It’s the Meaning Of Life, why we have bodies in the first place.

          • In short, physical DNA cannot cross that impossible void- but energy can, and does, all the time.

            Bodies are the durable seeds, only possible at the bottom of a gravity well. Coherent energy- imprinted with the TGAC of our physical experience, an electromagnetic or radiant DNA- is the means of transmission.

            This is the Seeding, the Signal- how life spreads at the speed of light.

            The Signal doesn’t know physical death, but can can be disrupted.or destroyed by radiant catastrophe.
            The Seeds endure, largely unpeturbed, generating field forms which aggregate into new Signal.

            However, Signal must be the proper frequency to reach beyond the ionosphere, the Barrier. Most of the spectrum is contained within that barrier- this is where the phenomena we sense occurs.
            We wouldn’t develop sixth senses if there were nothing to respond to.

            The Problem is this:
            Once the the Signal ignites life, a Contamination arises, naturally, warping the Signal out of true.
            It can no longer reach the heavens.

            That Contamination can be called Pain, or Suffering, or demons. I call it the Infection. A waveform, not ‘entities’, but more like a germ miasma, that feeds on the surcharge of stressed nervous systems. It feeds on pain.
            It warps us, warping the Signal within us as well.

            Intelligence arises not only to find the aggregate gods and reach Heaven, but also, to fight demons.

            Our wish, our deep desire, is for the proper genetic frequency-
            To strive for the Good-
            Our task is to add to and repurify the Signal for retransmission

            This is a cosmic ecology, on a larger scale than even stellar scale. On galactic scale. Yet even so, the universe dies without you, a mere mote, an infinitesimal spark.

      • Not an instinct for “faith” or “worship” or “God”- but trying to find words for something we can sense but not see. A sixth sense.

        Not a misfire, brain fart, or fantasy, either. That’s just Indians ignoring the ships they had no words for.

      • Oh, thank you! But most of it was Chesterton’s, which is pretty much a guarantee of quality.

  30. Just noticing. I could be wrong. Since you crossed the line and became a whore your posts have changed. They were always entertaining, and I don’t know that they are actually better lately, but now each are classic. Maybe you are spending an additional five minutes a post for the book?

    • By gum, he is on a new plateau, isn’t he?
      Each article really is a classic now.

      And he still doesn’t take 10,000 words to explain it!

  31. Good post. The schools and murmurings analogies are accurate in my experience. I do wonder if the cause is a type of pathogen that mutates and metastasizes over time. Look at the article from the Jewish Tablet magazine. White shitlibs are now getting so extreme that even the Jews are beginning to worry about them. For added benefit, it’s a bald admission that they are concerned with protecting their political power in the USA while, naturally, claiming that it doesn’t exist.


    • Excellent article! Whites must listen to what J3ws say when they think no one else is listening.

      “Eric Kaufman calls “multicultural millenarianism”: the belief that the demise of a white majority will pave the way for a more racially progressive and just society. Perhaps this is why white support for increasing immigration coincides with more negative feelings toward whites.”

      • They really believe that. Since oppression is the reason for inequality, then the road to equality is to have no clear majority. And better yet, no distinct races. Just a blend of everything. That’s how they think.

  32. How do we wish to live? That is the question.

    Conservative Inc., NeverTrumpers, Libertarians, Neocons and pretty much everyone in the Republican party have decided that they want to honor the legitimacy of the ascendent left and find their place as the house slave Washington Generals. Good for them, they have chosen their lot. Nothing they have to say is of any importance or value to me.

    I say we on the dissident right should live as free men. As Zman has been asserting, we can’t take this mindless blob on. You cannot reason someone out of a position they did not use reason to get into. We must let it collapse on its own, which it will.

    It really is easy. Throw sand in the gears, engage in passive resistance, that sort of thing. I agree with SJWs when they start spouting nonsense, and take it one step further, taking their assertions to their logical conclusions. And then I smile as they consider the ramifications and realize that they are not as pure of the progressive faith as they thought they were. My favorite line: “different people are different, don’t you agree?” Blown up a few SJWs with that simple phrase. Try it.

    • You can’t reason a person out of a position they didn’t reason themselves into.


      But you CAN make them pay for it.

      I have had similar experiences to Nick when dealing with leftie co-workers. I know I’m not going to convince them of anything – so I just say shit that I know will piss them off, but I do it in a way that they don’t KNOW I was actually trying to piss them off.

      Telling a white male co-worker: ” I hope Obama wins ….. why? … Because I think he’ll destroy the Democrat party and bring down leftism in this country” – had the exact same effect that Nick pointed out. He turned five shades of red and was in such a rage that he had to just walk away without saying anything.

      Again – as Nick pointed out: what could he have said? What was he going to do – debate me about it? That would indicate there was some reason there.

      After a number of years of trying to debate – I decided that it was better to just find a way to piss them off. They piss me off with their bullshit – so why shouldn’t I return the favor? Plus they say rage brings years off your life. So saying shit to them that is designed to send them into a rage is like a physical attack – that you can get away with. “Words can hurt” – well yeah, I guess they can – if you’re an over-emotional idiot.

      I would consider it a true success if I could make some innocuous comment to a leftie and have him fly into a rage and then stroke out right in front of me.

      I don’t really think that receding to the shadows is the way to go about this. If anything I think lefties need to walk thru the world knowing that the world is against them. With any luck their lack of emotional control will lead many of them to something truly wonderful (for the rest of us) – you know: something like a mass suicide.

      A little Sun-Tzu is in order here:

      If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him.

      The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.

      Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.

      Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.

  33. Back in the early 00’s, I used to work with people in the environmental restoration biz. (Science by the way had little to do with it as I found, and after a few large successes, I found myself increasingly blackballed – so I went back to being a Mech Engineer where it wasn’t politics 100% of the time… but I digress!)

    I found myself in over beer discussions with several very left of center types. In most of them, my debate opponent was left sputtering with rage at me (which wasn’t what I wanted at all). Another, who I considered a friend, went out of his way not to go out drinking with me again. When i finally asked why, he told me that he could think of no good counterarguments to my points, and it left him privately raging.

    So, I do think its true that the left doesn’t understand the right. I live in California, behind enemy lines. I have seen every argument, and have seen the increasingly destructive results of their policies first hand. I think this is also why the Claremont institute is so Red Pilled compared to the east coast cuckservatives. They also have seen first hand what is happening and know that its not a game.

    I enjoy reading you, Z-man. We are about the same age, and I think a lot of folks our age have watched fifty years of equality TV and have realized that we have been lied to (or if not lied to, been misled by people too dumb to see the truth – probably a bit of both). But I think hiding in the shadows isn’t the way. I have long disagreed with Dreher on his Benedict option. I know you don’t think that yours is like his, but they are more than just kissing cousins. I am more in Sohrab Ahmari’s corner. I’m a Catholic, horrified at what Globohomo has done to my Church, and don’t think its the best leader for this. But aggressively taking the left on by shining light on the cockroaches and forcing people to see seems to me the best approach to go forward.

    More exposure must be given to how California is destroying its economy and people. I think that’s one of the reasons Tucker is so hated. He’s doing that. I know you live in a vibrant community, but those folks generally don’t have the brains to institute full scale woke socialism. Its coming from the true believers, many of them who are white and asian, who have a lot (well, more than their followers) brainpower to work on it. I won’t call Gavin a genius, but he has shrewd nasty people working for him.

    California will become the new Venezuela. Its up to us to shine a light on how terrible it is, even if the light reveals us.

  34. The de-criminalization continues in the globohomo petri dish of California. The other day a court okayed marijuana in prisons — small quantities are OK so long as prisoners don’t inhale. And the latest has California state Senator Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) legislating in her very white, ‘educated,’ female, California SJW way:

    “This most recent push is Senate Bill 310, authored by state Sen. Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, and would allow Californians who have prior felony convictions to serve on juries. In a press release promoting the proposal, Skinner wrote, ‘SB310 will help ensure that California juries represent a fair cross-section of our communities… People with felony records have the right to vote in California. There is no legitimate reason why they should be barred from serving on a jury.’ Currently, felons are prevented from serving on juries because of their obvious and inherent bias against prosecutors and law enforcement.” https://www.ocregister.com/2019/06/13/california-moves-to-let-felons-serve-on-juries/

    Just when you think it can’t get any crazier, we’re reminded that the SJW’s have not yet peaked.

    • Mexifornia is lost. The state has a huge population of Trad-Whites who have been dis-enfranchised, marginalized, and effectively ostracized yet they sit there and let the totalitarian Left machine, a machine built and run mostly by Whites, roll over them.

      Mexifornia’s fate is America’s fate. The Republic expires with a whimper.

  35. The Gramsian mimetic fishpond thanks to its inversion of nature is extremely vulnerable. Their street army is made up of marginalized freaks and the easily duped. The organ grinders are so terrified of any form of opposition that wokeness through good corporate citizenship has become one of our most effective red pills and yet they march on. Mandatory diversity training had the opposite effect on many white men than what its commissars had planned. Make people more race conscious and guess what…they become more race conscious. This plays into our hands. Woke capital is diversity training with better funding. Their influence is a mile wide and not even an inch deep. Keep them agitated and what’s left will boil off.

    Cville was very very very bad for the individuals who were the public face of our movement. But its longer term affects were to drive our enemies to overreach and to force our own tribe to begin thinking (even if initially in negative terms) racially. Race consciousness is not going away and will only continue to grow.

    The more heat the better. Our movement is at a pivot point: we have no real power beyond our numbers, we’re fragmented and lack reliable lines of communication and going public now would invite a purge. Fortunately, our enemies are willing to do the heavy lifting for us. The hysteria around the coming election is going to drive a lot of our tribe our way. We don’t need everyone we just need enough.

  36. This so called left is actually mental defect. Some people know this and use this as
    anthropological weapon. Western general equality thesis prevents West to understand that we are not all equal. We have madness inside us and this caused every last horror in white race history. Witch Hunt probably most known.

    • Firearms are for hunting and self defense, and everyone should possess them and be skilled in their use. But militias will not beat a next generation tyranny. For that you need a different strategy. Evolution in our species favors intelligence. That is the key to victory.

      • …and yet the Afghanistanis have fought the American military to a stalemate for almost twenty years.

        • There’s no ‘stalemate’ involved. America’s goal in Afghanistan is to have troops stationed in the country, winning for almost twenty years.

          • True, but Afghanistan is not in the Middle East, it’s in Central Asia and Israel doesn’t give a shit about Afghanistan, never did.

            I’m against neocon wars, but Afghanistan is the only one that actually makes sense from an American point of view; you might not agree with Cheney-ite foreign policy, but the occupation can be explained from sane, geostrategic considerations.

          • Is’nt opium the #1 cash crop in Afghanistan? And has been,since,forever?
            Helmand and Kandahar provinces seem to have a lot of leverage in Western World.

        • What makes you think the Afghanis aren’t intelligent (particularly the ones that have survived centuries of warfare and countless foreign invasions)? Rather, it would be the height of stupidity to take on the US military in a straight up head-to-head confrontation. As a nation, we’ve been pouring hundreds of billions of dollars of development aid into this backwater. How smart was that?

          • What makes you think the Afghanis aren’t intelligent


            And NATO is not in Afghanistan to distribute development aid or secure women’s rights, but to menace and contain, simultaneously, Iran, Pakistan and China, while pulling the ‘stans out of Russian orbit with the lure of ‘development’ funds flowing into Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a geostrategic hot spot.

          • I suspect that strategy will fail when our “diversity is strength” military loses a war.

            They do not have to beat us in an open fight, just outlast us.

          • They do not have to beat us in an open fight, just outlast us.

            Which amounts to saying that we can stay there as long as we damned well please.

          • There is no NATO only the U.S. military. Our military footprint is so small as to be irrelevant. You can’t threaten Iran with maybe 1200 badly trained infantry and 10,000 REMFS who can’t even handle a rifle.

            China isn’t worried, hell they have their people working for our defense contractors and in the Pentagon itself. Privatization works!!!

            We’ve done a good job at turning Russia into a Chinese ally along with Iran. It’s been quire clear the U.S. has been trying to start WWIII with Russia for the last 5 or so years in Syria and now via Iran. The U.S. knows Russia will have to intervene if that happens because the alternative is watching Iran turn into a failed state like Libya or Yemen. If Russia gets involved so does China.

            That’s not a fight our military can win since it’s configured for colonial suppression not engaging in fights with countries who can take out our spy and GPS sats(which run our economy)

          • There is no NATO only the U.S. military.

            That’s harsh. Denmark (where I am from) has sent more men to Afghanistan and taken more casualties per capita than any other country, the US included. (Or at least, such was the case a few years back.)

            Britain too has spent and spilled a lot of blood in Afghanistan, eliciting more Victoria Crosses than the Korean War.

            Our military footprint is so small as to be irrelevant.

            That’s because we’re not trying to defeat anyone, merely maintain a presence.

            You can’t threaten Iran with maybe 1200 badly trained infantry and 10,000 REMFS who can’t even handle a rifle.

            Afghanistan is a cornerstone of the lily pad doctrine, where you establish bases on the perimeters of Russia and China, bases manned with a skeleton crew, but ready to be pumped up quickly in case of conflict.

            That’s not a fight our military can win since it’s configured for colonial suppression not engaging in fights with countries who can take out our spy and GPS sats(which run our economy)

            I disagree. If the US military were configured to fight goatherders armed with popguns and cherry bombs, it wouldn’t need F-35s – in fact, it might be a better idea to invest the monies in P-51 Mustangs. You could get, say, ten Mustangs for the price of one F-35, and since they’re much cheaper to fly and have much longer loiter times, you could have a plane always on station above each patrol as they’re doling out candy to kids, dropping fat stacks of cash on drug lords and corrupt regional officials, digging wells for the lazy locals and in general doing stuff to the benefit of all of humanity.

            Furthermore, there’s nothing that can go wrong with a Mustang that you can’t fix with chewing gum and duct tape, so you don’t need to send them back to McDonell-Douglas whenever you need to change an oil filter. Granted, you can’t fit a 30mm GAU onto a Mustang, but there’s no humanitarian emergency in Afghanistan that can’t be alleviated by the intervention of a six-gun .50 broadside or a couple of Hellfire missiles.

          • For ground attack a P-47 would be better: air-cooled radial engine can absorb punishment whereas a liquid-cooled in-line (P-51) can not. One bullet hole & it’s hit-the-silk time.

          • I bow to your superior aeronautical knowledge.

            But I’m quite serious; Danish troops have often been in situations were they were denied air support from their own F-16s, because they were under NATO control. Giving each battalion command of half a dozen light CAS planes takes care of that problem, and these could be produced in Denmark, except for the electronic packages.

            This would also mean more airtime for Danish pilots, since we can’t afford to fly the F-16s every day – a problem that will only exacerbate with the planned replacement of our Falcons with F-35s.

            Of course, Danish fighter pilots hate my idea. If I were a cop and the government decided I needed a Lamborghini Aventador for a patrol car, I wouldn’t vote for the Ford Mondeo either.

          • A Danish dual passport holder can be our Secretary of Defense, can’t they? Just sayin’.

          • Krull is right about the statistics (and everything else in that comment). But if numbers aren’t your thing, just find a couple Afghans and spend a couple minutes chatting with them.

            Also, insurgents or terrorists or whatever we’re calling them now are not necessarily Afghans. Plenty Chechens and others in Afghanistan because it’s where you go to kill infidels.

      • “…But militias will not beat a next generation tyranny…”

        If 2% or 3% of the population refuse to submit and are willing to kill government officials and those that would work with the gov. then I can’t see any government prevailing. Now if the government is willing to genocide the population then I could see it but if they fail and others hear about it it may be end of them all.

        • This is why mi General, Pinochet, stuck around long enough to cleanse the judiciary.

          The browns and commies are buying off the deciders here, though. I’m afraid their rulings will decide increasingly against us.

      • Don’t be so sure that next gen army won’t break up or even, in the main, join our side.

    • Hopefully we only have to brandish them and not fire them. But whatever it takes, ultimately…

  37. I came across an idea in the past couple of days, still undeveloped so I reserve the right to be wrong. Nutshell, Rationalism came to full fruition in the West when the printing press was invented, blossoming in the 19th century’s inventions of the welfare/communist state, medicine and surgery, a million neato inventions and the Meaninless Life ™. It killed God, as was pointed out at the time.

    The churches were generally rationalized along with everyone else, and there is an important point to that.

    Rationalism mints a coin with two sides: Nihilism and authoritarianism.

    Nihilism, because rationality is a tool, a screwdriver. Tools do not provide meaning to a life. I love my screwdrivers, they are really, really useful when I need to turn a screw. But explaining the value of WHY I need to turn a screw, useless.

    Authoritarianism is the “antidote” for the nihilist. Pick a belief, ANY belief, and cement it in place. This explains the entirety of the left and also the dogmatism of the church on the right. The church has become rationalized, along with everyone in society.


    Myth was re-cast as a pejorative term by rationalism. But, it turns out, that is stupid.

    We can watch Luke Skywalker struggle to save his father and understand it, because it’s the same story as Horus saving Osiris from 5, 10, 50000 years ago.

    Nutshell 2: Myth is about motion. Doing. Living. Rationality is about turning screws. Turns out killing God was a bad idea.

    • Religion has always been a primary mechanism of transmitting ancient wisdom from generation to generation, and the death of religion is synonymous with the demise of ancient wisdom. The loss of wisdom makes us weaker and less robust, but that detriment is masked by affluence and the extinction of existential hardship in daily life. What happens when the Ponzi scheme collapses and the government gravy train grinds to a halt?

    • “…Rationalism mints a coin with two sides: Nihilism and authoritarianism…”

      A good idea and an excellent rationalization, (no snark meant or intended).

  38. Freedom of association has been trampled in this country, and I think what Z is arguing for is that we bring it back to life by simply living it. Learn to live as our own tribe, with our own rituals, our own media, and not live on the meager sufferance of those who hate us. There must be something going around, because this to me seems to tie in very directly with the thoughts of Angelo Codevilla, on developing what he calls a conservative resistance.


    • Tim- If your a white liberal with enough cash freedom of association is no problem. For the rest of us the future looks rather bleak,at least in the good ol U S Of A. I’m still thinking about Brazil.

    • I watched the movie “Get Out” last night. Interesting in that it posits that the Lefty whites who light up when a black man enters the room actually don’t want to be white at all, and would rather be black. The men, at least, not so much the Lefty white women. More important, in this movie, is the fundamental message to the black man, written and directed by a black man, that he is only safe, free, and comfortable among his own. This movie, lauded by the Hollywood people, is a message for racial separatism. The liberal hive mind may not have picked up on it, but I am sure the black community has done so. Unlike, say, the Spike Lee movies, that simply wallow in all the racial muck, this movie sends a clear and useful message.

      • To be fair, if you took that equality crap seriously, why would you want to be white when you can be black, because in addition to not being a racist, only the positive stereotypes apply then right?

    • Pertinent quote from the Codevilla blog post:

      America has already come apart. The conservative resistance can only conserve one part.

      • Codevilla wrote a very useful piece. He doesn’t have to convince a single AWR he is correct. If he convinces a handful of Norm-Con whites, he will have done a great service.

  39. I have been thinking this for a while. I make my morning tour of the internet, and find dozens of finely crafted essays about why the left is wrong about this, that, or the other thing. The arguments are sound, the reasoning as air tight as a submarine.
    Exactly no one on the left reads these pieces and has a change of mind. Maybe the best response is a Sam Kinnseon approach. Just scream: Invective, obscenity, insults. “YOU’RE STUUUUUUPID” “Yer a shit for brains moron who agrees with the television…” It won’t do any worse than a well written essay, and it gets the aggression out.


  40. The school of fish analogy is a good way to think of the left’s mind. The NPC memes are also good. I’ve also liked r/K selection theory as a way to explain the way they think and act. It all points to being unable to change their thinking using logic and reason. You’d be better off with mockery and laughter.

    • If I might shamelessly also point out my hypothesis:

      “Any advanced and thriving civilization has large numbers of people – especially at the top of the pile – who are comfortable and safe, and are so for generations. This lack of meaningful threats, from birth onward, causes the amygdalae structures in the brain to not fully develop compared to prior, more stressed, generations because of a lack of stimulation; thus, the ability to recognize actual threats has atrophied. This leads to the society as an aggregate, and the leadership class in particular, taking actions that they do not recognize as dangerous, which result in the collapse of the civilization.”



  41. I think a better analogy of the left is an out of control anthill that someone stepped on and from which it has never recovered. The reason for this is that schools of fish and flocks of starlings react logically to external stimuli. The left do not. Witness this week’s finding laid down to Oberlin college. As late as November the family owned business that has just been awarded over 30 million big ones was still attempting to reach an out of court settlement.

    It is without doubt that the next moves in this matter by Oberlin college will once again double down and make things worse for themselves because the left does not live in practical reality; rather they reside in their imaginary clown world where they are the heroes and the good people, and nothing bad happens to them.

    This predictability is their biggest weakness and the key to fighting them in the future.

    • Zman said- “Dissident can operate in the open, as long as they avoid decorating themselves and advertising themselves in ways that make them visible and familiar to the Left. That requires a clear understanding of the Left, rather than imposing hour mental framework on them.” Well Mr.Z your going to need a dark tan not to be visible.Just buy some land in Brazil and start your own town. You can call it Paradisoblanco.

      • This is what Z overlooks, the Left being systematic in their hatred have made the straight white male one of their prime targets. This guy is f**k no matter how much he plays the Grey Man.

        The Left has made it clear if they want us dead and gone if they ever get the chance. I know a lot of folks here think it’s a joke and that if we play the nice inoffensive SoyBoy they will leave us alone. It’s not happening.

        • In fairness, I think the vast majority of us get that photo in Technicolor. The debate revolves around what to do and when to do it.

  42. The great divide exists on both micro and macro levels. Those of us here have already concluded where we are philosophically. The fight for our civilisation is the large and dangerous task. How each of us fits into the army of this great endeavor is our mission.

  43. I understand Z-man’s point of low level insurgency against the hive-mind… real resistance to “THE RESISTANCE! ™” Personally, for every little seed of discontent or doubt I plant I seem to encounter some new and very real SJW policy in the news or at work. It’s frustrating. I guess I should focus on being patient man as well as penitent.

    At the same time, a lot of internet crusaders on our side don’t seem to realize that their screeching about “War Now!” is a sure prescription for annihilation, not to mention the annoying irony of cheerleading others to venture into No-Mans land from the safety of the trench.

    • @PM
      Maybe it’s because they aren’t on our side and just want those on the edge to jump so our side gets hammered… Anyone calling for war or wanting others to go to war without having the things in place to do so are gov. agents or suicidal maniacs…Both should be avoided or voided…

    • Z doesn’t want us to resist. There is nothing in his post pertaining to appropriate methods and means. Just be vague and nebulous whites, the classic Grey Man. Say nothing, do nothing, just be useless in the hopes the Left doesn’t pick up your ass for a boxcar ride.

      The reason why some on our side is screeching “War Now” because they know the Left when it finally gets absolute power, mass death and violence are part of their agenda. That I know personally from having my mothers side of the family wiped out by Stalin’s goons. – Yeah I take this shit dead serious.

      Yeah some are feds and some are just plain lunatics. But we should bullshit ourselves that there will be a peaceful resolution when just about every white lefty wants us dead and gone or reduced to absolute serfdom.

      • Rod1963, not war now does not equate to not war ever. Tell me please, what recent overt act of aggression has moved the needle toward the Great Rise of the West Crusade?

        • The US and Europe have very different needs.

          In Europe all they require is an end to large scale immigration from non Europeans plus some deportations and the scale of action is much much smaller than the US

          All the other issues are irrelevant so things like a Communist/Nationalist alliance aimed at the one goal are totally plausible and happening now.

          This is also why though awful the Utoya island massacre was effective in Norway at pushing the needle

          The US OTOH is a society with no particular reason to exist and no particular attractive factions to unify anyone

          We also are brittle so if a real shooting war started, both sides know the US might never recover

          As such even the Left and its State enablers are reluctant to go very far . Compared the the late 60’s early 70’s the political violence we have is non existent and a tiny handful of injuries and deaths mean jack

          This doesn’t mean something stupid won’t happen whoever for example Bundy came closer to a tripwire than I would have expected .

          As it is US nationals need to vote, make sure Trump is re-elected , He is not one of us and not entirely on our side but is far superior to any other option including accelerationism

          It doesn’t look like it but our side is doing rather well all things considered and every day not at war is a day we can figure out a strategy and sharpen our hatchets

          The long term goal is to have a goal, I want X I want Y and if your movement for example can’t discuss marriage reform, banning porn and having economic policies that support the working class , than just stick with clown world

          You have to have authority and use it.

          After Trump, who knows? No one knows. Even the Democrats can’t stand their own candidates . Hell I might run.

          • Europeans putting Muslims in boxcars for deportation to the East creates some interesting images in my mind.

          • I dont think the Brevik shooting in Norway did anything to move the needle in the direction of pro-natuonalism, if anything it was counterproductive to anyone outside of nutters. Despite Vox Day’s (who I actually enjoy reading) beatification of “St. Brevik” the nutter only serves to tar legitimate nationalism movements.

            The New Zealand shooting surprised me somewhat (not advocating terrorism here, just flapping the gums) because… despite pulling all the stops out on the messaging and linking by the media to the d-right, alt-right, Christianity what-have-ya…most people didn’t seem to buy into or care much about it other than mouthing a few platitudes.

            If anything, the ditz in charge of New Zealand running around sad-facing for the cameras and playing a pseudo-islamo ersatz Madonna look-at-me routine caused more ire than the actual attack.

            Also, I noted from the media coverage of the “vigils” and protests afterward., almost all of the attendees were white women with a smattering gamma males. Was the obvious lack of white males an indicator of at least a tacit mood shift.?

  44. “That is the power of Progressivism. It is a self-contained, self-validating shared reality for the adherents. It’s why so few people break from it.”


    It’s also the Achilles Heel. Consider the guy that gets fired for telling a lame rude joke about dongles. Or that fella that goes to court to get fried by a woman who suddenly remembers being raped by him years later. Or the guy who was convicted of hate crimes for noticing that blacks are stupid, violent and impulsive. All those guys have wives, mothers and daughters that love them. You can sacrifice any man you want on your altar of political correctness – but in doing so you alienate and infuriate not only him – but his women as well. I think the Donks will get creamed in the next election and even the one after that. As long as they engage in fake victim politics – their fate is sealed.

    • Don’t underestimate the power of belief. We have a lot of stories by now about feminists whose sons have been accused of sexual assault. The standard response is that, “okay Believe All Women ™ but this time, it’s not true.”

      Also, all time highs of millennials aren’t in relationships or having kids. More and more 20 to 30 something year old women, prime feminism converts, don’t have (human) male relations.

      • Remember, women personalize Everything. So in those cases where it’s a friend, it’s a completely different thing in her mind, because he couldn’t have done that to Me, therefore he’s okay. That stranger could have. I am convinced that most women are simply incapable of depersonalizing to any great degree.

      • The kids of broken families don’t have any role models. It takes a long time for men to teach boys how to be men, and for women to teach girls how to be women.

        They want this, what we knew.
        But they don’t know how to get there.

        • This would require the use of authority and the Dissident Right is infected with Libertarians and Minarchists

          At most it can manage “much lower numbers of immigrants” stance which is good but its far from enough

          Get rid of the “muh freedom” types and replace them with people willing to crack the whip hand and you can get things fixed

          if you can’t or won’t shoot dopers, pornographers and punish public sexual misconduct within an economy that supports working class people than you can’t have a stable society

          Easy divorce is national suicide and out of wedlock pregnancy needs to be punished. However jobs must pay enough to support kids too and as it an urban society , costs will go up .

          Its hard to raise quality children , nigh impossible in tenement

          Now I’m modern enough to not blow a gasket is someone doesn’t marry so long as they don’t have kids but if you have them, you had better take care of then till grown at least or else.

          Problem is half the Right won’t support economic regulation and won’t support any kind of platform that takes away the sexual freedoms we gained either.

          You don’t deal with those, clown world wins by default

          • The Right did a fine job of attacking soft targets, the wicked sinners who never had any power anyway.

            Right wing social engineering built all the tools of the Left.
            We tried to tell the Righteous, but no, they had to make people ‘better’.

          • The law must reflect a pragmatic pro civic morality.

            This is why easy divorce is so destructive and why obscenity laws even though they have no real foundation in the Constitution were allowed

            The hell the entire abortion argument comes down to “is it pro civic”

            The problem though s when something that is meant to be pro civic, gun control or prohibition for example isn’t

            Its too damned hard to change course and the legal mistake breeds resentment of the law.

            There is also the practical aspect, the US would be far better off without the new high powered weed or most drugs in general but people’s appetite for them renders drug control policy ineffective

            Same with porn and adultery really.

            On top of that, because it is tied into the “Righteous” puritan mindset you mentioned , it becomes all or nothing , all the time rather than mitigating harm

            Unfortunately going back in time and making sure the Puritans and their ilk never get her or that the Roundheads won the English civil war is not an option

            Because of this rigidity and the contrast between what the people want, what the courts want and what’s actually best the US will, regardless of immigration, get more Mexified and lawless and as such will cease to function as a highly developed nation

  45. We’re not that far off from the point where all dissenters on the right will be summarily identified, round up and executed. The leftist zealots are only absent absolute power to initiate that end. If they ever get true power, then watch out. Let the bloodbaths of the 20th Century be your guide for what will surely come our way.

    • Correct. When it’s all said and done it always boils down to: “Survival of The Fittest.,” which has been suspended since the end of the Cold War.

      But it will return soon – with a vengeance. There will be no hiding, détente, co-existence, etc., etc. It will be dog eat dog, raw and bloody in the Brave New World.

      • But that’s just the point. The elite have chosen Brave New World over 1984 as the paradigm. Big Brother isn’t going to drag you onto Minitrue for “re-education”. Rather, the 0.01%ers have joined Mustapha Mond to ensure that you’re happy with your life of Netflix, Tinder hook-ups and legal cannabis despite being a Gamma with a meaningless but somehow essential job as a cog in the social machine. And you’ve got social media to provide you with an endless, two-way flow of feelings to soothe or enrage you as required. Much better than the cinematic Feelies that Huxley envisioned. Even if you’re an Alpha, good luck inciting a revolution against the collective weight of all this distraction.

        • Maus – they have not chosen Brave New World instead of 1984, but rather in addition to it. We have all the surveillance, repression, and rewriting of history along with amusing ourselves to death. And I don’t know about you, but I fully expect to be slated for re-education camp by 2030 or so. I’m gonna be the orneriest old White lady they have ever seen, and I plan on giving at least as good as I get.

    • Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” remark during one of her campaign speeches was chilling.

    • Another possible model will be the persecution of heretics during the Middle Ages and Early Modern period. Like the keepers of orthodox Christianity in those times, leftists of today simply cannot leave dissenters (heretics) in peace and will actively seek them out for silencing and imprisonment, or even execution.

    • That’s my theme of the day – we’re illegal aliens in our own nation now. Act accordingly, including having an escape plan.

        • Same here. Researching it this month and next. The usual game plan is to establish residency in a foreign country. Getting your passport will be step one for many Americans – and I’d say get that now. That will be one of the first choke-points they’ll close on dissidents. Those with tax issues are already experiencing that under Cheetoh the Fraud. I’ll have more info to share in coming weeks on this.

          • Right now, manor houses in Scotland with a 2500 acre estate are selling in the million dollar range or less, half the price of a 3/2 in the Bay Area or Rosemead (L.A.).

            They include groundskeeper families that have been there 200 years. You can’t buy that kind of loyalty, and they are kin.

          • Their loyalty is to the manor, not to you. some American interloper. You can’t buy that kind of loyalty.

            And do you really think Scotland and Ireland — anti-gun leftist countries where they throw people in jail for teaching their pug dogs to do Nazi salutes — represent any kind of asylum?

          • Nicaraugua has islands for $50,000. It depends what kind of hostiles one wants to be surrounded with.

            I met another old bird- ancient, he was- with a very young foreign wife. He had chosen the South Pacific; there are thousands of islands. They like our money and our peaceable white ways. He worked six months in the US, spent the other half in paradise.

            Plus, there are tens of thousands of retirees and emigres living in Baja, south of the San Diego border. Whole communities, and treated quite well.

          • Friend of mine and her family lost their shorts in Baja in the 90s… along with thousands of other Americans in a Baja emigre community. It made the news A corrupt judge and “law enforcement” official voided the developers agreement with the ejido (public cooperative) that sold it legally. Lost her family house and goods as they were given 24 hours to get out. She couldn’t even make her case despite being Mexican and speaking fluent Spanish. The eviction serving official actually moved into her former home.. Caveat emptor, gringo.

          • I had an aunt and uncle that lost everything in that episode. They were very bitter about it until the day they died. They also cautioned me about mailing them anything while they were still in Mexico. Everything sent via postal service was opened and anything of value was robbed.
            Foreigners are forbidden by their constitution to own property in Mexico in the “restricted zone”. This zone extends 100 K. from any national border and 50k. from any ocean.
            Mexico is a nation of murder, corruption and thievery.

        • Z is rarely wrong but this is one of these times. Hiding from the Left in the longer term is being Anne Frank in the attic and we all knew how that came out. Worst case scenario I’d rather be the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto or better some old guy the revolution pinned a medal on

          Pick your battles sure, let the enemy media exhaust itself and its market but don’t hide. Get hard.

          In any case running is not an option any more than cucking is . Leftism is a global religious phenomenon and you can no more run from it than you can escape Islam in the Middle East

          I’m mean the US has invaded dozens of countries , subverted even more to impose economic Liberalism and our version of Leftism. Wherever you go they will find you and if you somehow find a nice homogeneous place to live, they’ll import savages so they can feel better by hurting you.

          Honestly you need to be a combination of Rafał Ganowicz who once famously said when asked how it felt to kill people said ” I wouldn’t know, I’ve only ever killed communists.” and Anders Behring Brehvik

          This requires you to change the way you think, change that fat comfortable, TV watching happy consumer into a Soldier of the West.in mind and body.

          However before you do this you and have something to believe in.

          Until than, our host is correct. You must hide because YOU and I mean YOU not the other guy has no idea what you wants and what he’d be willing to sacrifice lunch for much, much less his entire life

          As Z said he Right is reactionary and worse than than that runs far away from ideas, mumbles some bullshit about the Constitution and Liberty and hides from the responsibility of power

          If you do not want the Left to rule you than you must have a plan to get power and to use it. Rule or be Ruled

          You cannot give modern man in the 21st century Liberty suited for a frontier, not in a world with home genetic engineering and multinationals who will gladly poison your water to make you buy bottled water. The French do this all the BTW

          Also , the entire West is a fully developed , modern, connected nation. It’s not 1776 any more. It cannot be run like it was the old republic That option died with industry and the interstate highway and the industrial american with hi speed internet.

          In the end the Right must rule evil men or be ruled by them.

          • ” Anne Frank in the attic and we all knew how that came out”

            Yup, she got to write a diary in part with a pen that wasn’t available until after her death.

          • Haha BillieJones you beat me to it….Blame her death on Winston Churchill who bombed the supply lines that kept her alive

          • She died in a hospital of typhus.

            The Auschwitz maternity ward had 3000 live births, not one baby was lost.

          • Hah. Fine.

            You still get my point though, in the official narrative Anne Frank hid from the Democratic Socialist Party and died

        • Through credible threats of violent rebellion, we leverage our own lands. Let us say, in an ideal world, roughly from Nebraska to North Dakota to the southern coast of Washington state to Utah.

          • The violent Muslims get what they want, and are left untouched.

            Black Lives Matters rioted, and was granted near immunity for blame. (Even though the local black activists are mysteriously dying of Arkancide now.)

            It works for the Mafia and the Feds. Godsdammit, that’s what we built a civilization to get away from.

            “I thought I was out, but they drag you back in…”– Michael Corleone

    • Was in St. George, Utah, getting my nails done, the nails gal commented on the cold weather, I replied check out online what’s called a solar minimum, cycles of low sunspots, and a cooling cycle. A woman at the end of the table getting her nails done jumped up, rushed over to me and bent over in my face stridently declaring I was wrong, she is a biologist at the local collage, she knew the cooling is due to particulate matter in the air, it is climate change and our fault. It took me 30 seconds to figure out what the hell kind of crazy I was dealing with…..and then I knew. A useful idiot true believer of the civic religion. And I was the heretic.

      I put on my angry crazy-eyed bitch look to back her off, dropped my voice down to big dog mode, and in a loud voice roared at her to leave me the hell alone you crazy brainwashed academic loon and take your stupid climate change crap with you. Get the hell away from me……..And I meant it. She could see I was bracing to spring up into her face if she doubled down. She backed away and spent the next 10 minutes sputtering about pet lefty causes including nattering on about vaccinations of all things, as if the Lefty herd button was pushed, the check valve was unhinged and every random talking point was vomited out. She finally left and we went about our business.

      I was lucky….she was so incensed she wanted to wallop me. And I was ready, too. So much for allowing me the dignity of old age. This is dangerous times and will get much worse. Am having to carefully chose my battles.

      There is no talking to them none the less laying out our arguments. We’re way way past that.

        • I was snarling a minute ago, and now my shoulders let down and I’m laughing! Thanks, Meme, I needed that!

          Brigham Young’s winter home is an interesting tour. Although he had 20 mares, from the letters and trinkets left behind, he had one woman he was head over heels for. He’d bring her back trinkets and bobbles from his travels. Just plain enjoyed her company. Funny how it works that way.

          PS: The Lefties are mostly imports….college/uni profs Uni of Utah up north, SUU, Dixie State….import lefties.
          The high tech boom in Salt Lake corridor….Lefty imports. Lefty imports SUU in Cedar City and Lefty retirees here. This ain’t the old Utah….on the way out fast. Being the newcomer, I’m the problem and not the solution.

          • RFF, the biggest issue in Utah is that the LDS are too nice to tell the non-LDS to F*** off and take their POZ home.

            If I’m not mistaken, there’s some sort of Nordic Heritage Days right up the road in Santa Clara. Awesome little roadside fruit stand there too.

          • Meme…..the LDS are all across the board. A small handful mostly rural want to tell POZ to F*** off but what good what that do, a couple generations of some young LDS are squishy main stream culture (open the church to gays and alphabet soup, women in the priesthood), the LDS women I play cards with are blinkered nice blind sheep over the cliff….they have no idea what the hell is going on-and if they do they’re not letting on, 80% of somebody in Utah voted for Romney/McCain for senator—the LDS went tribal voting, and it’s impolite to talk about the edgy world. And DON’T try to wake them up, you’ll get blow-back.

            Santa Clara is lovely west along the river. The heritage festival you remember is a Swiss heritage festival, as a large contingent of LDS Swiss settled in the area in the 1860s. Ever toured the Jacob Hamlin home? More fruit and veggie stands than you can shake a stick at. St. George is going on 100,000 population and corridors over now to Santa Clara and Ivins west up river and Washington City to the north. Exploding population. No small town.

          • RFF, I have been to the Hamlin House; quite an interesting tour and beautiful grounds.

            We try to make it to Tuacahn every year; the shows are still pretty family friendly and implicitly Huwite. Same thing up in cedar at the Shakespeare Festival.

          • Cedar City Shakespeare Festival has gone POZ, virtue signaling, metoo’d and full on culturally Left. If you wish to see Othello played by a gay handicrapped pink polka dotted Japanese guy…..be my guest.

        • Even Ogden is getting spooky.
          My beloved Ogden.

          Black bums and homeless zombies.
          Lots of LDS billboards with Colorful characters, too, of course.

          I was young there- after high school graduation in Nevada, bummed a ride on the Southern Pacific, the brakemen told me meet them at the casino at midnite and I could sleep in the caboose. Grabbed my backpack, took a shower in the engineers’ bunkhose, and stepped out into the world.

          • Alazebo, I thought there were guards that would beat the hell out of you if you rode the rails?

          • Vet, I knew all the crew, they invited me, it was their idea in fact. I was the kid janitor at that casino where the crews would lay over and raise cain.

            Such memories! It was the free, wild West, when small town America still lived.

          • Dagnab, Vet- in addition, there haven’t been any rail dicks for a long, long time.

            I was once hanging in a hobo jungle where the rail guys told us “sorry fellas, no rides today, we got white hats (inspectors) visiting”. 40 years ago, things were a bit more relaxed.

          • Ogden has been sucked into the Lefty miasma of the Salt Lake corridor…4 hours of solid people with no break. And it attracts similar types as Park City.

          • Casino? Elko? Dora and the Bear Flag?
            I’m 3 hours from Ely….a too rough for most Bay Area folks.
            When Basic Husband was a mining engineer in Belmont, NV, the bar had a hand printed sign: “Well Drink $1–Fancy Shit More”

      • As Upton Sinclair once said “You can’t teach someone something whose job requires they not know it. ”

        That said despite the climate hysteria its mostly virtue signaling. Out of morbid curiosity i went to the futurism subreddit and lurked for a while

        It was mostly people saying “we have 12 years or we are all fucked” They do not actually believe this or most of them would have enlisted in the military and would be preparing for a climate civil war and very possibly WW3 to stop China and others from polluting

        Unfortunately once people get well off , they start to fuel that dopamine rush by virtue signaling , being like Pharisees , Jesus had such a beef with

        Putting down that garbage requires people be in charge with enough consequences for the stupid that virtue signalling goes your way or a deep set cultural shift

        AFAICT the only place on the Righta ctually involved in the culture war are the anti abortion people. If that attitude patience and fighting spirit can be applied to an actual Right society, we can make things much better

    • “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

      ― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

      • Solzhenitsyn’s “Two Hundred Years Together” is next on my Dissident Right reading list

      • A very good sentiment and a wise strategy though I’ll note the USG isn’t really causing harm to people on the Right for the most part. We are more in hiding because we are confused rather than overtly threatened

        It’s mostly a soft war now and as such counter tactics are also soft for the most part

        Stay Frosty.

  46. Unlike those mega-corporations, I will not use your money to destroy your family and community.

    OK, subscribed. Now let me in on the inside info: whose family and community will you destroy?

  47. The dissident community would do well to basically divorce itself from most, if not all, of the practices of contemporary America. You don’t have to live a prepper life to do this, but if you want to, go for it. Things you can do which give you power, and which are an explicit rejection of contemporary, Leftist, society include:

    – Go debt free. Put every spare penny you’ve got into paying off your car, your house and your credit card. If you really want to shove a fork in the eye of the Progs and global financiers…refuse to accept any long-term debt.
    – Take a close look at your household budget, and determine just how much government cheese you accept…be it a job, a check, a “tax credit”, etc…and then dump it if you can. Being free, truly free, means “Yeah, I could take that money, but I won’t.” Do everything in your legal power to reduce your personal tax burdens through community charities that have no government ties.
    – If you show up at a Lefty event, and that could be as simple as responding to a blog post, show up to mock and ridicule them. Don’t argue. Just show up and cause trouble. It’s both entertaining and man do they hate that.
    – You must vote exactly the opposite of whatever the latest news media polling states is the correct path. If you get a phone call from a pollster, hang up.
    – Then, of course, the traditional stuff: buy American, get married and stay married, have at least 3 kids if you can, preferably more, take them to church on Sunday, don’t do drugs, and teach your kids how to shoot accurately. On social media, when the Progs fly their stupid flags, put up your American flag and remind them that “pride week/month/whatever” is just vanity looking for an audience.
    – Education: College is a cesspool of Progressivism, but it is not everywhere. Shop around, especially in the trades. Teach your kids to have an actual, useful, skill. With colleges, give your business to the ones that give your kids credit in the “humanities” for courses they took in high school. That keeps them away from the looniest of the college professors. You don’t tend to see as many crazies in the STEM fields because the math scares away most of the Progs (logic hurts!). Encourage your college-bound kids to take courses online (limits exposure). There’s nothing wrong with a college degree…it’s about rejecting the indoctrination. You CAN do both. My son is currently getting his private pilots license (he’s 16), and will get his degree in aviation to become a commercial pilot. The odds of him having to deal with Progressive indoc, beyond what he already sees in his conservative/christian high school, is basically zero.

    None of these things require you to get your panties in a bunch about the latest crazy fads. In fact, the freer you get, the less power anyone has to enforce their will upon you.

    Anyway, this is sort of a stream-of-consciousness list, but the theme is, “If you want to live the counter-culture life, you have to get free of the debt and expectations of contemporary American life.”

    • Yes to all of this, and I would add that you must see reality as it is and not put your head in the sand because it makes the anxiety go away. There are storm clouds on the horizon; maybe the coming storm will bypass your village or maybe not. Either way, ignoring it is not a survival strategy. Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

    • All very common-sense advice except for the rejection of government cheese. My goal is always to starve the Beast, even if it is only a morsel at a time. Based on the principle of subsidiarity, I know that I will spend any money more wisely than the federal and state government. Cities are good force multipliers for services like policing and fire-fighting; but I’d prefer to spend that government cheese on a cold beer rather than having NASA detect Star Trek symbols on Mars, let alone fund curing AIDS-ridden homos or subsidizing housing for Somalis and other filth. Yeah, this view means entanglement with three-letter agencies; but that is already an inescable reality in the American panopticon.

      • There is no majority constituency in this country for less government. Even the best-meaning people who take the cheese begin to see it as a necessity not a luxury. Not a lot of “small government” over-70 types are mailing their social security checks back. Those who don’t need it just use it for their trip to FL in February.

        True freedom is saying, “Yes, I could take that, but it’s totally corrupting, so I won’t.” And walk away. Our government operates on the principle that anyone who takes their money can be controlled. We have to cut that cord. We’re not going to bankrupt them by spending it. They’ll just print more.

        It’s very hard to do, which is why I put no-debt first. People who owe no money to anyone are incredibly tough to control.

        What are they gonna do? Ban me from the public square? Do me a fucking favor!

        The best part is they got nothing to hit you with. Take everything the Progs value because it gives them power over you…and ditch it.

        • I have an acquaintance who uses his SSI to buy gold coins. He of course, doesn’t need his SSI to eat or otherwise live on. Is he falling into the clutches of “the man” or playing him at his own game?

          • If gold still works in the Congo, it still works everywhere.

            I prefer bags of pre-1964 silver dimes at the coin gallery. Cheap and fungible, they are already an accepted currency. That and bags of tobacco/cartons of smokes.

            You can buy up to $200 gold at currency exchanges without any I.D. Exchanges are common near our Canadian border, Chicago or Detroit for example. The old bird who told me this had 16 pounds of gold. Sixteen pounds is still pretty light when you run.

            Serco, survivor of the Balkan War, keeps a bucket of lighters as trade items. In total collapse it gets back down to fire. His list:

            #3- food and ammo. You will trade between one for the other, depending.
            #2- medical and hygiene, including both kinds of alcohol
            #1- fire

            I always have in mind the BBC documentary, “What Will You Take With You (When You Run)?” It was by refugees who had to scram, like, right NOW.

          • “I’m tinkering with a dirty word filter.”

            Seriously? You have one of the most sanitized comments sections I’ve ever seen. The dissident right in general attracts pussy-whipped personalities who have trouble with affirmative speech.

          • It must be working. The number of trolls you get in his comments are a very small number.
            And just to play with the filter…
            Gee Willikers
            Gosh Darn

        • Hokkoda. I see where you are coming from and being solely beholden to G- handouts is perilous. You will, however proud or independent, have your wealth tithed and your labors taxed by the government. Nothing would make those in charge happier than if you’d remain a quiet little tax cow to be milked, and your production delivered to their unproductive pets without so much as a mew of protest. No my friend, dont be dependent upon it, but take something back from their extractions and extortion.

    • Treat the Empire as if you are an illegal alien – take from it everything, give only what you must.

    • That is not a strategy for Victory or survival.

      Oh don’t bother speaking except against them. Don’t engage except to denounce.
      Or stare down.

      Even Hannity has stopped reasoning with them and says openly it’s all about power.
      They seem to have crossed some threshold with him, Tucker Carlson, others.

      We’re actually advancing.
      It’s just not easy, quick (as in electing Trump solves all our problems by pulling a lever) and it probably won’t be bloodless.

      • I define victory as the total inability of my enemies to control my life or affect me in any significant way. One way to achieve this is to just disappear from their radar. Paying cash works well for this. Also, possessing a skill the cloud people depend on is helpful. Their pools aren’t going to dig themselves. Most are clueless about electrical, networks, HVAC, etc. Flying a plane takes rationality not raw emotion.

        Michele Obama is famous for saying, “We won’t let them ignore us!”

        Which tells you a lot about what they fear.

        We don’t need more Sean Hannity’s. We need more Dave Ramsey’s.

        Somebody’s going to figure out how to bypass the ISPs, at which point it will be possible to carve out the only medium the Progs have to propagandize.

        • Nothing drives lefties to distraction more than a successful right wing family that refuses to deal with them on their terms.

    • I almost fell over when Lineman mentioned he makes as much as a nuclear engineer. The trades it is!
      (Funny coincidence, I had been chatting that day with a bunch of linemen coming back from St. Louis storm damage.)

      I was just thinking yesterday how I wished somebody had pointed me towards pilot instead of small business. Even though post-911 crap caused many small plane parts stores to fail, there are still ‘taxis’ flying everything from chickens to engines out of farmer’s airports.

      The aviation school told me commercial meant 18 months in a sort of ‘boot camp’, barracks and all, intense study, then 2 years intercity, 2 years regional, 2 years national, then you can qualify for international.

      Wish I had, bush pilot, ship diesel mechanic or riverman, auto/diesel mechanics and driving. Air, sea, and land. Anything to keep moving, moving forever.

      • Hey Brother I just talked to a buddy of mine in NorCal and he is bringing home 5 to 7 a week and they are needing lineman bad…

    • One of the best comment I have seen anywhere. Maybe I think that because it describes my approach to life.

    • One small correction. If you get a call from a pollster, give them wrong or random info.

  48. Yes, the phenomena that you are describing is hive-mindedness. It exists in all of us to some degree (and was originally about making ancient wisdom habitual), but Progessives have hijacked this innate trait and now use it to manufacture customized zombies in real-time. It is no longer being used to perpetuate ancient wisdom, but rather to inculcate an ideology that enables remote control. And modern communications technology has turned Gramsian indoctrination into the crack cocaine of memetic programming.

    • “memetic programming”- in a nutshell.

      If only the usual suspects would use their superpowers for good. Like their development of psychology, public relations, and political science.

      The whites keep taking things and turning them to the good. So we are hated for this.

      We turned a strategy manual for ambush into strategy for brotherly love;
      we took conquest and turned it into uplift;
      we took rule and turned it into justice;

      we took military science and went to the Moon- while they created a Bomb to destroy the world.

    • Hive-mindedness has been highjacked by both the progressives and the Alt Right, make no mistake about it. Just be honest in the future.

      • True, and as I mentioned above, it’s part of our evolutionary heritage. The key distinction is in how it’s used. When the wisdom being conferred is supportive of robustness and overcoming hardship, the species advances. When it is being used to manufacture zombie parasites, the species morphs into insect behaviors with queens, drones, and workers. This distinction is not trivial.

        • In addition to zombie parasites, Leftist indoctrination produces mutant race traitors.

  49. “People outside the Left continue to believe, for example, that the Left has good and logical reasons for the things they do, …” .

    No one I’ve ever encountered outside the left has ever believed they have any reasons other than greed and power for their behavior?

    • Those fall under the definition of “good and logical reasons for the things they do.”

      • Logical yes- not good – other than their good.

        Sailer is being a bit misrepresented here Sir.
        He keeps his sense of humor (truly wise) but he hardly portrays them as moral.

        PS- I do support the blog but not interested in posting my name.

      • There’s the leaders, and there’s the useful idiots. The fish/starling behavior is the useful idiots (which is almost everyone… the leaders tell everyone what they should be upset about this week and then sit back and wait for the action)

        (ZMan, if you haven’t read it yet, I think you can gain some insight by reading “Influence” which describes how you lock people into an idea so their own mind won’t let them turn away from it)

      • We’re dealing with something that is not rational. Not IQ.

        I call this an unseen Infection, that warps and ties up cerebral partition space, leaving less capacity for what we call rational or realistic perception.

        The words ‘stupid’, ‘crazy’, ‘cruel’, and ‘psychotic’ come to mind.
        So does ‘possessed’.

        But I’m a lunatic, working from a completely different model.
        So that’s enough of that, not useful yet.

        I appreciate Z’s growing focus on the practical.
        Schooling and flocking is easy to see, the way Z puts it.

  50. Like many on the Dissident Right, my earliest political activities were left-wing. I went to a small state university in N. California, was active in the early US Green Party and even participated in Earth First activities. Most of my friends of that time were and continue to be far-left activists. I think I have a decent understanding of their thought processes and I can verify that Z-man is completely correct. These are not reasonable people, at least not how we define the word.

    The school of fish and flock of starlings metaphors are quite appropriate, but if you throw in a bit of the NPC meme, the description is more complete. Yes, they react like those schools and flocks, but the primary programming comes from outside and they all operate within the boundaries established by that programming.

    • I found, once I arrived at college, that I am reflexively right-wing by nature. I had been raised to accept and repeat all the progressive liberal Goodthink. I was a good little disciple of the conventional wisdom as spread by Norman Lear, Inherit the Wind and To Kill a Mockingbird, but at university, it took only the tiniest bit of countering information* to cause the entire edifice to come crashing down.

      Given just a moment of thought, none of it made sense and it was all not only wrong, but immoral. Nearly 40 year later and I still find pieces of that early indoctrination that need to be stripped away (precious few at this point, thankfully).

      *This was back in the early ’80s when alternatives to leftism actually did exist on campus, though it was still the minority!

      • I’m the same. I think it has to do with the natural orneriness of conservatives. Anything that has mass appeal I’m generally repulsed from. I’ve never seen the Thriller video or too many TV shows to name because when whole bunch of people start telling me about something I lose interest. As a high-school graduate in the mid-eighties, I was also indoctrinated into the new religion, though I never really bought it because of my natural rebelliousness, but I did make a conscious decision to be a part of my generation. Ultimately, it was the lies that brought it all down for me. I hate being lied to and once you start seeing them they propagate and the whole Glass House comes tumbling down.

      • “it took only the tiniest bit of countering information … *

        This is why the Left are increasingly intolerant of the tiniest bit of countering information.

      • Vizzini – I, too, was raised to believe all the good think. Although college widened my horizens in numerous ways, I still considered myself a liberal when I graduated in 1980. I then went overseas for the next two years, and being somewhat bright and prone to noticing patterns, all my assumptions started tumbling down. Perhaps that is why I was so open to learning that my perceptions of history, too, were totally false once I started exploring all the badthink websites in the early years of this millennium.

      • Leftist ideas prey on a certain psychology (maybe the need for moral affirmation from the group) that is prevalent in certain people that habituate the progressive borg. I was apolitical liberal as a student then became adamantly non-liberal shortly afterwards.

    • I suspect this is why the meme is among the more effective tactics, they don’t necessarily know who did it but they know it must be attacked. Quietly post things in public and work spaces, they’ll go npc-red without pepe around to chase, maybe they will continue to go after each other.

      • Gandydancer, I think that’s why the Zman punched right a lot.

        Libertarianism was corrupted from Constitutional libertarianism- citizen’s rights as free men- to blank slate, open borders “libertarianism”.

        The Constitution is dead, the people who could write or abide by it are becoming helots, so tradcon liberalism, proper libertarianism, and Buckley conservatism are gutted corpses as well.

        The Grift Right and the Hive Left are wearing the skin, mouthing ritual incantations, neither remembers or needs to remember what the words meant. Thus Zman’s derision.

    • I’m thinking anti-reactionary. Much of what defines the Right, as generally understood, is a reaction to the Left. This negative identity has made it a slave to the Left, but this has created a blind spot for the Left too. Dissident can operate in the open, as long as they avoid decorating themselves and advertising themselves in ways that make them visible and familiar to the Left. That requires a clear understanding of the Left, rather than imposing hour mental framework on them.

      • Zman made a point some time ago (podcast?) about black identity in America being defined by whites, essentially (we aren’t whatever you are). A negative identity. We have the same problem. I’ve seen people brag about trashing nature or being conspicuously consumptive because they aren’t “pinko-environmentalists.” This only reinforces the Left and steers normies away from us.

        • I think a lot of the reasons vibrant culture rejects Western culture is that they, on average, can’t fit into it. They don’t have the brainpower to operate on a 21st century level, and it is increasingly frustrating to them. Their response is to embrace the primitive, and reject the white man’s education system.

          Many of those in the sub-100 IQ join them – it’s easier to embrace the primitive than be perceived to be a loser in a society that increasingly is bypassing you. Look at what is happening in England – the sub IQs there are embracing their own version of the primitive.

          I think this going to be an increasingly difficult problem. Maybe it can be solved with CHRISPR, but we aren’t there yet. And it has the potential to tear our society apart. I’m not sure how a problem that few outside of the right recognize and that almost no one wants to discuss for fear of being Murryized, can be solved.

          • Nick, right on. Allow me to extend your description of the problem. Correct, the vibrancy can’t keep up so they reject the invitation to join the superior society that engulfs them. But here’s the rub, a significant segment of that superior society continues to reject the concept that there are differences among our ethnic groupings and continues to promote/admit those vibrant folk regardless of ability. The inevitable result are the hordes of “credentialed” mediocrities now entering all fields of our society. Don’t look for Chrispr solutions within the USA wrt intellectual improvement. It will be prohibited as the mediocrities will long be in absolute power by that time. 🙁

        • Blacks, for all their problems, have a clear and cohesive group identity that brings them meaning. There is a certain hole in our hearts that doesn’t exist in theirs.

          • Aye. If we could muster just one quarter of their identitarianism virtually all of our problems would be solved. And we could accomplish essentially whatever we liked. Alas, the tendency to race treason among whites has imperiled our future and possibly our very existence.

          • How cohesive is it, though? Yes, blacks do seem to vote as a reliable block but they also murder each other with alacrity. Strange that.

          • We murdered each other with alarming ferocity over and over again, pretty much destroying our societies and allowing a parasite people to overtake their highest echelons.

            Blacks murder each other in a tribal warfare context familiar to them. Our version of tribal conflict simply is better organized.

      • It partly depends on how the Left is confronted. Humor can be very powerful. Gen Z is often anti-SJW because SJWs are both humorless and excellent targets for humor. Now that SJWs are much of the Establishment, they hate and fear mockery: hence the Facebook/Twitter/university censorship spree. As SJWs become the newest Puritans and Captain Bringdowns, they alienate vast numbers of normal people, anti-Leftists can take advantage of that.

      • Z, I’m not sure I get how the right is supposed to become something more than “opposed to the Left.”

        Sure, I have things that I am for that are independent of the opposition to the Left, but the Left hates those things too!

        • I suspect what Z is saying that we should not formulaically isolation a Leftist position and then reflexively adopt its opposite. To the extent we generate our own ideology, it must be done much more organically. Now having said that, willy-nilly, that ideology would indeed be in opposition to Leftism on the vast majority of issues.

      • It’s a bit like early Christians with their fish symbol and then the Catacombs. I’ve tried to stop having any discussions or arguments with lefties, but also the people who get called “normies”. I try to be subversive in my work that’s for public consumption. But I’m old (67) and not going to be of much use in the future. But in my writing, I try to be like Shakespeare who couldn’t criticize monarch or Church or many other things. So he writes plays like The Tempest set in fantasy land, or Hamlet, set in a past that never was.

      • There is no escaping the fact that the “right” is defined by its revulsion at the left. Not all that much else is shared on the “right”, nor will it ever be. This doesn’t make anyone a slave to anything. What is revolting about the left doesn’t change, and when some of them are randomly right about something a significant segment of the right is wrong about that is no reason to change one’s view in the manner of the “trashing nature” loons Penitent Man mentions below, who I don’t imagine to be numerous anyway.

        For masses of individuals to acquire a clear understanding of anything is anyway a hopeless goal.

        PS – Is there any way to turn off this idiotic “Read more” failure to display complete posts, or at least set the trigger at several times the current number of characters? Given modern memory sizes and “baud rate” there’s just no reason to set readers the annoying task of clicking these.

      • The question is, if we appear formless to the Left, how do we give form to ourselves at all, particularly in regard to other Diss-Cons?

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