The Long Road

A familiar phenomenon in dissident circles is for the super-black-pilled to come out of the woodwork, anytime someone suggests reforming the system in any way. They will properly inform the reformists that the current system is beyond hope. Either the problems are past the point where reform can work, or the system is so corrupt reform is impossible. There is a sense in some corners of the dissident right that even talking about engaging politics is corrupting. This Spandrell post is an example

Another spin on this is to write-off all political actors as gatekeepers, assigned by the state to prevent dissidents from changing minds. The alt-right boys tend to go down this road, finding a way to describe figures like Nigel Farage as insufficiently authentic, because they hold some positions they don’t like. These guys are super-black-pilled on Trump right now, because he turned out to be a politician. It is another way of rejecting engagement in politics, as a pointless and possibly complicit activity.

This is an age old problem for outsider politics. Radicals in the past argued that engagement in formal politics was an endorsement of those politics and as a result, a sellout of the movement. There are still some IRA-types holding out against the Good Friday Agreement. Various communist movements in South America would suffer from schisms, because one faction wanted to join the political process as a party, while the other faction wanted nothing short of a communist revolution.

The salient question for modern dissidents is whether dissidents should engage in formal politics. Was it a good thing for Nigel Farage to win the EU elections, or did it prevent something better from happening? Is it better for Trump to win in 2020 or will it just prevent progress on dissident causes? In the case of Trump, since it is a future issue, is it better for dissidents to back some other candidate, in order to demonstrate to white voters that fake nationalism is a loser and can never be tolerated?

The answer becomes even more complicated if you accept, as is the case for most dissidents, that there is no electoral way out of the troubles created by electoral politics. That is, the solution to liberal democracy is not at the ballot box. The ballot box is the problem, so its perpetuation is a continuation of the problem. Logically, participating in the democratic process means perpetuating that which you oppose. Even if that is not correct, and it is not correct, there is that sense of hypocrisy hanging over it.

There’s also an unspoken truth that plays a big part in the debate. Politics is a form of ritualized combat. The groups form up, lock shields and do battle. For those in the groups, there is that sense of shared suffering and shared triumph that can only be achieved in group activity. For dissidents in America, for example, to participate in Trump’s campaign, feels like a temptation. They are getting the short term joy of that group activity, at the expense of the long term goals of their movement.

The danger of disconnecting from conventional politics, whether in the formal sense, as in elections, or the informal sense, as in meta-politics, is self-ghettoization. This has always been the problem with white identity politics in America. It has existed as a sub-culture that is out of tune with the rest of white America. Whenever they pop up in public, they seem weird and alien. In Europe, far-right politics suffered the same problem, usually devolving into fascists cults without a coherent reason to exist.

So, there is the dilemma. On the one hand, engaging in conventional politics runs the risk of expending energy on pointless and discouraging ventures that could possibly corrupt the movement and the dissidents. On the other hand, not participating runs the risk of becoming a weird sub-culture that has no impact on the culture war. Instead, it becomes a reason to do nothing, but congratulate one another on their isolation from the dominant political culture. Either road appears to be a dead end.

The reason this dilemma exists, is dissident politics, at least in America, has never matured beyond the juvenile state. In the post-war years, Buckley-style conservatism started as a legitimate reaction to radicalism, but never matured beyond a parlor game, so it was easily co-opted. The reaction to it, paleo-conservatism, went down the engagement path, but was always reactionary in nature. It never matured past being a long critique of liberal democracy. It was commentary, rather than a movement.

In contrast, the New Left that emerged in the 1960’s, from the remains of communist movements in the prior generation, did mature past this point. As a result, it was able to engage in politics, as the corrupter, rather than the corrupted. At the same time, it was able to stand apart from politics, providing a long running argument against it. The New Left was successful as a political movement because it had a clear agenda, taking over the institutions, and a clear purpose, to turn those institutions into weapons.

Modern dissidents, of course, face a very different battle space than the leftists of the past century. The New Left faced an establishment that was more or less sympathetic to at least some of their goals. They also could free-ride on other movements like black civil rights and the anti-war movement. They were also working in an industrial state, not a technological surveillance state. These are all critical differences that make the New Left a bad example for modern dissidents.

Still, it is a starting point for dissidents. The movement has to mature past the point of confusing activity with goals. A mature and self-aware movement will instinctively understand that the agenda is fluid and immediate, but also subservient to the larger goals of the movement. For example, if supporting a particular candidate weakens the opposition or advances some small part of the agenda, then engaging in politics is correct. If there is nothing to be accomplished in a given cycle, then sitting it out is correct.

The point being is that for a mature dissident movement, politics, whether reformists or adversarial, are about the larger goals. Trump winning election is not an end, but one of many opportunities to weaken the resolve of the people in charge and rally those who oppose them. Once that utility has been extracted, then the political activity of supporting Trump loses its value. This is true of activism and meta-politics. The goal is always to weaken the resolve of the other side, while boosting the spirits of dissidents.

The radical’s long march through the institutions was not implacably dogmatic. They compromised and adjusted, doing what they must to win each small battle, often turning defeat into a bloody-shirt to rally the faithful. Dissidents will need to make a long march through white bourgeois culture. It is not about capturing the institutions, but about capturing the foundation upon which they must rest. The New Left scaled the walls to capture the city. Dissidents will need to tunnel underneath it.

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214 thoughts on “The Long Road

  1. When your only tool is Republicans, you think of all your problems as Democrats. Have you ever thought of ruling yourselves? You rule you. I’ll rule me.

  2. The proper stance now is to recognize that there is no political solution and a collapse is inevitable, but rather than giving up we should be preparing now for surviving the imminent collapse and being ready to build anew from the ashes.

    • And do you think that can be done by individuals or does it need a group effort??? I think you have seen my thoughts on the matter what is yours?

  3. The question is not so much should we engage in politics? It is do we have time to engage in politics? The left had the luxury of infecting a relatively healthy victim. The unprecedented demographic changes that have taken place over the last 50 years, in concert with the ineptitude and corruption of our institutions as result of the left’s long march, have left the body politic in a fragile, unstable condition. Do we have time for a long march of our own?

    • Do we have time for a long march of our own?
      No we don’t which is why I have an urgency to get people to start banding together so groups can be established before it all goes tits up…

  4. Your latest post is a breathtakingly precise discussion of the promises and dilemmas of our nascent movement struggling for its footing. You are becoming the Thomas Jefferson and James Madison of the d-right.

    • Mr. LineInTheSand. Can Austrian white nationalism translate into American White nationalism? I have my doubts about that, but I wish you godspeed. I had a cousin who was a cook at the Colorado State Penitentiary and she said the black inmates stuck together and the brown inmates stuck together but the only white inmates who hung tight were bikers and skinheads. All the other white inmates hung around in twos and threes hopeing for the best. If you can’t get white people to organize in prison, how the hell can it work out here?

      • In Europe and in most places its simply Nationalism which by default is ethnic since say Austrians are a White people

        American style WN is stupid over there since that’s just the EU but pro White

        That said I am coming to the conclusion that if we want to bother with a Republic , it needs to be a limited franchise and highly defined one.

        The wibbly wobbly Document called the US Constitution is inadequate for any peoples after the founding stock period.

        We need a new one, plain English, no wiggle room and quite uncompromising to make sure it stays exactly as originally intended and that anyone trying to change that intent and limits without amending the document will be unable too.

        This will be a tedious , modern work without art or grace but it will be complete in vast ugly mound of paper.

        • Somebody once said that the most dangerous time in the life of an organization in when you try to reform it. I guess you can ask Mikhail Gorbachev about that. The problem with Constitutions is that no legal document can ever be airtight. Finding wiggle room in a Lawyers job. Not to mention financial corruption. Bankers could care less about the law. And then there’s this. John Adams said “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” So there you go. nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

    • LineIn, I can’t find any comment there under your name. But anyway, I sent you a few messages on Gab over the last few months. You don’t answer. Gab is a place I don’t even read or comment on. I’m trying to ask you how to meet up with fellow dissident righters.

      I ask you because I know you have a handle on meet ups. I’m feeling pretty isolated with my thoughts. People close to me act like I’m a KKK evil moron for my mild conversation about whites.

      I want to be amongst likeminded people sometimes. Just like all the other racial tribes get to be.

      But there is no one in my real life to talk to about this stuff. I’m always the bad guy at the family table or bar.

      I want to talk to guys like on Zblog in REAL LIFE. Hook me up. Where do I go? This girl I’ve been seeing is about to break up with me because I say mild pro-white things. I don’t care. I feel more loyalty to my dissident white brothers than I do this girl.

      Seriously. Where do guys like us talk in person? Can’t take the isolation. It’s not enough to just type to each other on a forum

        • Dear Frip, Attending Amren is the best place to start. It’s a blast. After that, subscribe to and catch Jayoh’s email account to get verified.

          Z is cool, but he is not 6′, although he does he does have serious biceps and resembles Rasputin.

  5. What we need is War. A big one, lasting many years, against China, Russia, and Iran, with many casualties, with cities targeted and perhaps destroyed, with total industrial mobilization.

    Now, that’s drastic chemotherapy for cancer. But things are that bad. WAR drains away the gibs. For Shontavious in the ghetto and for Ignacio from Guatemala. Certainly for Obongo from the Congo. TOTAL WAR means there just is no more money for GIBS. It all goes to ships, planes, missiles, subs, tanks, men, and equipment.

    Moreover, TOTAL WAR makes feminism, anti-Whitey, get Whitey, Reparations (which are coming otherwise, guaranteed, if Congress debates it that means its a done deal like Gay Marriage, Trannies in bathrooms, Drag Queen Story hour at the library, Pride Month from GloboHomo etc.) all go away. Can’t afford it with TOTAL WAR.

    TOTAL War (not spec ops rope a dope in third world hellholles) means that the most valuable resource in the world is WHITE MEN. Dontavious is not going to storm ashore to reclaim Hawaii after China has seized it. Dindu Nation can’t put up fighter planes with drone escorts, or man stealth subs hunting the enemy in his own littoral shelf. TOTAL WAR means the semi-hereditary elite in the media, Hollywood, Law, NGOs, etc. are pushed aside as harmful for the War Effort.

    $PLC charges too many White men in something? Who cares, President Xi and Putin are charging ahead and might seize Bill Gates mansions. That’s serious, man!

    Yes I know it could mean LA, NYC, SF, Seattle, DC all get nuked. And … I’m trying to think of a downside … still trying … wait for it …

    Yes lots and lots and lots of White men will die. They will die anyway when Dindu Nation enacts “the Purge” as they’ve been showing over and over and over and over again, with the approval of the hereditary elites who hate the middle class as their dynastic enemies.

    • Long time no blog Whiskey

      Now the US is just held together by the Federal military and inertia now and something big enough to break that say a war big enough to put an end to wealth redistribution will end the Republic

      There is no reason for the US to exists its not much more real than the EU or Soviet Union and even if the zealous left were all gone there is no reason for someone on the other end of the continent to share a polity with me

      Also a war that size is implausible and worse even if nukes aren’t used no recovery would be possible. You’d get Europe after WW2 without the Marshall Program on crack

      We don’t have any of the things that allow for a such a war and it wouldn’t unite us anyway

      WW2 style solutions no longer work

    • LePore, agree. It’s the kind of thing that should be handed out prior to underground Dissident meetings of the future. Titled: “How Not to Tear Each other Apart”, or “How Not to Fuck this Thing Up”.

  6. You keep using the word “reactionary” to mean something it doesn’t mean. Reaction is, essentially, Toryism; it’s paleoconservativism on steroids, or pre-Enlightenment philosophy. You’re using it to mean the same thing as “reactive”, as in not proactive, but merely resisting the encroachment of progressivism.

    These two are not the same. And I wouldn’t bother mentioning it if it was just one time in one post, but it’s become a common theme in this blog, mislabeling political reaction as boomer conservatism, and it definitely ain’t that. In fact, it’s primarily the other flavors of “rightist” (including alt-right) that are merely reactive, and still accept most of the basic premises of Whig liberalism.

  7. Was it a good thing for Nigel Farage to win the EU elections, or did it prevent something better from happening?

    Farage took his voters from UKIP, the party he tried to destroy the moment they looked like they were going to win – he did exactly what you suggest . Would Gerard Batten have been any better? Who knows, but Farage has demonstrated what he is, and more than once. He has constantly attacked UKIP, a party he ruled like a dictator for twenty years: whatever was wrong with UKIP was Farage’s fault and indeed, as he ran the party like his personal press agency, staffed with cronies, incompetents and Tory infiltrators, the party burned in a spectacular manner when Farage set a match to it.

    A real polician would’ve built a real party out of the massive voter base UKIP had. But then, a real politician wouldn’t resign on the evening of the most spectacular electoral triumph seen in British history.

    The salient question for modern dissidents is whether dissidents should engage in formal politics.

    If the only game in town is rigged, why play? All you do with your vote, is to legitimize the oligarchy; people who say that you have no right to complain if you don’t vote, have got it ass backwards: when you vote, you sign away your right to complain.

    • You can vote without legitimizing anything . That got us President Trump.

      That said you cannot shoot your way out at this time . The Rights constant desire to be Left Alone makes cooperation impossible. Its a death sentence

      One thing to understand is the old Right , before TV and a few decades after was highly group oriented with all kinds of fraternal and private organizations and community ones as well

      Where I grew up, the middle of nowhere we even had an ice cream social annual events and a volunteer fire department . This was in a community of part timers and leave me alone types as well.

      Once you’ve done that , learned to be organized, you can then decide what you want and what you will pay for it

      You will not be Left Alone by anyone and until you are in charge with sufficient grounding to keep evil doers under control you cannot Leave Others Alone either

      Before that though, voting, primary campaigns is the best you’ve got.

      Join or Die.

      • You can vote without legitimizing anything

        I disagree. Democracy is a two-way street: your candidate is – supposedly – accountable to his voters, but the voters are also accountable for the people they put in office.

        When you cast your ballot, you forfeit the right to wave placards; it’s like your when your children agree to vote on which movie to watch, and then the youngest one throw a fit when he loses and demand that you see his favourite.

        learned to be organized, you can then decide what you want and what you will pay for it

        Been there, done that. Granted, I didn’t do much personally, but over a period of 25 years, the Danish voters slowly build up an anti-immigration, anti-EU party to the point where they had a technical majority, putting them in a position that normally would net them the prime minister’s office. At which point they decided they’d had enough of all that nationalist nonsense and went full globalist, exactly like Farage did.

        If they’re not bent from the get-go, they will be when they get within striking range of real influence.

        Join or Die.

        Let it burn.

        • Well sure the Tea Party got compromised too but if you want to burn it down or fight for the society you want , you’ll need friends and lots of them.

          You don’t want to try the system, you don’t want to do the hard work and take the risk of organizing for a future you want, maybe you just want it handed to you. That’s not gonna happen and clown world could linger for decades

          The USSR went fulL Soviet and lasted 75 years or so. we could last a lot longer.

          Still if you don’t care and just want to go poolside , fine, your call. It might be better for your well being to stop paying attention and stop complaining too.

          Why hang out with dissidents just to bitch about things and poo poo ideas for legitimate lawful action .

          • So you’re saying it’s my duty to play the game, even if it’s rigged?

            you don’t want to do the hard work and take the risk of organizing for a future you want

            Organizing is not the same as playing the game by globalist rules.

            By all means, organize. As Citizen said above, we should propagate the message in any way we can, but traditional party politics is not going to get you out of this fix.

            As I’ve written in this thread, that was tried with the Danish People’s Party and with UKIP, and in both cases, all the toil and organization and being reviled by the MSM, was for nought: as soon as they got the power to deliver on their promises, they went globalist, sending their electorate back to square one. The same is true of the Norwegian Progress Party and, I suspect, Front National (or whatever they call themselves these days).

            Luckily for Denmark we now have a New Savior. A sassy blonde with a Jaguar and a banker boyfriend living in Switzerland as a tax refugee, right out of a soap commercial. I’m sure they’ll not sell us out in 25 years, once we’ve voted them up where DPP is today – or rather were, before the voters butchered them a couple of weeks back.

            Still if you don’t care and just want to go poolside

            It’s not about me, but since you ask, I’ve already posted my recipe for how to cure the poz a few times in here. I’m not going to spam it, but if you’re interested, you can read it here. It’s about a page.

      • Here in Southside Virginia, where I’ve been visiting these past three seasons, those conservative social organizations seem to be alive and functioning. Every small town and hamlet has a volunteer fire department and rescue squad. Fraternal organizations are still active (Ruritan predominates, but even Sons of Confederate Veterans is still alive) There is a tangible sense of community, especially considered against the place I left out west, where everyone was a transient, or economic opportunist (in my neighborhood, people lived in the same house for 20-plus years and never even spoke with neighbors). And much more so than in western urban and suburban settings I inhabited, blacks are engaged and seem a part of the larger community. Other than in Richmond’s environs, blacks here seem to work; they speak recognizable english; they are often descendants of former slaves with names showing connection to old white families, and a noticeable number are married to white women.

        Now, by-county voting generally breaks out red-blue within 5% of the white-black population split. But anecdotally, in one local industry I’m familiar with, the older black males who comprise most of the workforce apparently predominately voted for Trump, and have voiced unhappiness that their offspring supported Clinton.

    • Respect for your political/electoral knowledge of the European scene Felix. But as a general matter of whether to engage or not engage, there’s just too many variables, too many unknowns, too many moving parts, for one to be dogmatic or binary about it. And as for America, it’s daunting. So big and complex. Like a squash court packed to the ceiling with spinning gyroscopes. There’s no way to have a right answer on certain questions.

      • And as for America, it’s daunting. So big and complex.

        And different from Continental Europe. In most Euro countries, you vote for a party and party discipline is iron hard, which is a necessity when you build coalition governments. In America, you vote for individuals, and you frequently see congressmen vote with the opposition. There are pros and cons with both systems, but I concede it’s easier to hold your representative accountable in America.

        • Not least because Europe has many parties, and the US only one (split into two halves).

          Reminds me of that old Russian joke that next time, they’ll try democracy like the Americans and have two parties instead of just one.

  8. Things may be further along than we suspect. The following, by Angelo Codevilla, appeared a week ago at the normie conservative site, American Greatness. Codevilla has a jaundiced view of the US elite and the untenable nature of our current political status quo. His “conservative resistance” is something approaching revolution (read the whole thing):

    “Leftists in America treat conservative voters, elected officials, and policies as illegitimate. Should conservative Americans return the favor? Could they?


    …Though Americans’ sociopolitical divisions had already become irreconcilable, no one really believed that a major party would rebel against the voters, and hence against our constitutional republic—yet.

    And yet the Democratic Party and the ruling class that it represents did just that, and decided never again to concede legitimacy to any serious opponents’ victory.


    Because the Resistance succeeded so well in limiting the impact of the 2016 election, it solidified the Left and the ruling class’s sense of common identity and entitlement. Henceforth, the bureaucracies, the educational establishment, the judges, the corporate establishment and the media will continue to impose themselves, regardless of conservative election victories or laws, never mind the Constitution. This attitude is not the result of a policy decision, but the expression of an evolving identity.


    Were the radicalized Democratic Party to win the 2020 elections, the top of its agenda would feature prohibition of abortion restrictions, a crackdown on non-public education, and the pursuit of “environmental criminals”—as well as ever newer and more Byzantine impositions of political correctness.

    Would a conservative resistance to such a turn of events even be possible?


    The conservative resistance would have to be organized, openly as a revolution, by national-level political leaders, whose credible voices could not be silenced. This resistance would have two assets: state-local government backed by the people, and economic boycotts.

    But rallying the deplorables would have to overcome the natural conservative reluctance to acknowledge that the Republic of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, the republic of “all men are created equal,” is beyond our capacity now to restore. It must be understood that it needs instead to be reasserted anew.”

    • Codevilla’s latest (13 June) dispatch is the fourth in a series stretching back to 2010. They are each part of a narrative of his evolving understanding of what we face(faced). Each merits close attention.

      America’s Ruling Class and the Perils of Revolution: American Spectator, 15 July 2010

      After the Republic: Claremont Review of Books, 27 Sep 2016

      Our Revolution’s Logic: American Mind, 17 Oct 2018

      … and the final one linked immediately above. Highly recommend.

  9. Trump Cpac: “We have to bring people into our country to work these great plants that are opening up all over the place. This was not necessarily what I was saying during the campaign because I never knew we would be as successful as we’ve been. Companies are roaring back into our country, and now we want people to come in.” Not a single one of all the biggest scumbag bullshitters throughout my life have attempted to piss on my leg as bad as Trump did there. I don’t pretend to know what the cleverest voting strategy is. All I know is I’m physically incapable of voting for a guy who could flip and say the above to us with a straight face. When I see him now I feel a loathing comparable to what I imagine any wretched Prog feels. In mind and character he’s always been all they’ve said he was.

    • Allowing, or telling ( IDK ), the DOJ to go after Julian Assange so visciously and relentlessy – something the tradcons enthusiastically support and most Trumpers just don’t want to think about – sticks in my craw. JA is a lefty, not even an Amercian citizen, but, as a long-time hater of corruption and tryanny of any stripe, helped Trump immeasureably at a crucial point in his 2016 campaign. Now JA will likely be drugged, psychologically tortured, and killed while in solitary confinement. Unforgiveable IMO.

  10. The political problem with the dissident worldview is that we believe in right vs wrong; i.e. we stress principles over theater. The Left has no governing principle other than winning. The Left is never wrong because their definition of “truth” is a constantly moving target. Your essay is brilliantly articulated but I don’t think it’s an oversimplification to distill it down to two dueling philosophies: Patient Pragmatism vs Restless Puritanism. The Pragmatists will do whatever it takes to come out on top. We dissidents are rather puritanical in wanting to correct gross injustices – starting right f&#^ing now.

    Surely we must agree, though, that there’s a point at which reform is impossible. Pick a system within the Federal construct – education, defense, agriculture , immigration, the post office – and once you start peeling that onion you’ll find that it’s rotten to the core. (Your podcast on the visa system is a perfect example.) There’s just no fixing this stuff, not in a democracy of functional illiterates where the demographics are patently against the dissidents. And that’s the problem with irredeemable government – the same problem the Founders faced – at some point men of principle who are besieged by cultural barbarians are left with extremely limited options … and reform isn’t one of them.

      • Yep, meanwhile most of the dissident-thinkers I know prefer to go-along-to-get-along, become the gray man, and just ride out the coming storm. That’s not such a great option, though, once the Lefties bring out the guillotine for wrongthink, and I don’t think that option is off the table if we take their talk at face value. This thing we call civilization is a rather fragile thing, and I’m not so sure reform projects will turn it around before the Left turns to genocide as their solution for immanentizing the eschaton. Still, the quest for reformation of this used-to-be Republic tends to attract fellow-traveling dissidents, and that’s not a bad byproduct.

  11. C’mon, this is easy. Goals? What goals?
    I don’t have to think hard about any of this.

    I just wanna piss off the stiffs and the frumps, the prudes and the squares, and see what stupid sh** I can get away with.

    • It’s the enemy you don’t see that’s the real problem. As I said before. It’s the 20% behind the scenes that have the real power. Make the head of the snake suffer. In the “Art of War”, Sun Tzu said ““If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

  12. “Modern dissidents, of course, face a very different battle space than the leftists of the past century. The New Left faced an establishment that was more or less sympathetic to at least some of their goals…”

    Modern dissidents also face the one thing we cannot effectively change without revolution, white people, and with it, Western majorities, are vanishing, and at an accelerating rate.

    Almost all major cities are minority white, and it shows. CA is now minority white and now completely gone. Key states like Florida and Texas are quickly converting. Wiki shows Florida at 51% white today, and that statistic is a lie as they skew it with so-called “white” Hispanics.

    Texas, while still fairing much better than Florida at 70% is still in trouble, losing almost 15% of the white population from 2000. Extrapolate that out and see how long is left.

    Lose Texas or Florida and the nation will never elect a conservative again. Trump has done little to nothing, so far, to stop or suspend any of this rapid population conversion. To be honest, there is little he can do. Republicans are complicit in it so expecting them to do something is pure folly.

    What is right and wrong can be argued. What we should or should not do can be argued. What cannot be argued is simply math. The math does not lie, and, in that, not so distant future the math will wipe us out completely.

    • This country hasn’t been “conservative” in the traditional sense of the word, since 1933, and culturally since the 19th century. So called conservatives today would actually be to the left of JFK, some by far. It turns out, those cardigan wearing John Birch people in the 50’s were right.

      America has been a socialist country for nearly a hundred years, we just haven’t been getting our money’s worth in the last 30 of them.

      • That is a fair point.

        The problem was that the great depression had both an ecological disaster and an economic one at the same time. There was too much hardship and the system of the time could not bend enough to accomodate short term relief on enough scale

        And yes sure, we did as Treasury Secretary Mellon said “get the rottenness out of the system.”

        Plain and simple that would have taken longer than people could do without food and work

        It was in that sense too Conservative, so you had President for Life Roosevelt as a revolt. We got off very lightly all things considered

        Also efficiency is as big a problem too, basically machines and cities breed socialism since almost no one living in modernity can be self reliant, it make a large state default . It takes me 18+ years to raise a kid to adulthood and in a city, unless I have stable income for that period, society has huge problems

        That’s one of the biggest cognitive limits of the Dissident Right. They don’t understand cities, don’t understand the complex interdependent nature of them and most just wish they’d go away

        Hell i suspect more than a few hope for an urban Holodomor

        Alas for them 80% of the population including White people live there

        Barring a real nutter getting ahold the reigns of power or some kind of federal development board that’s going to grow even after a successful Dissident takeover.

        It might grow faster

        if you can’t actually manage the people you have highly interdependent urbanites most of whom have no actually useful skills for survival , you can’t run society in a Conservative way

      • Diss-Con views would have seemed unremarkable in 1980. They would have been utterly mainstream in 1960. America has been culturally conservative, and in recent memory, to boot.

    • And that is why we are largely going to deal with this in the same way people in our situation always have done. We are going to go quiet, go underground, wait it out, and let the rest of it burn itself out over the long run. We will shelter in place, emigrate to a new town or state, or immigrate to another country. There is no “plan B”. “My constitution”, “my rights”, and “my property” will have no standing. Plan accordingly.

    • The pareto principle, the old 80/20 ratios. 20% of the freaks are causing most of the problems. Find out who they are and make there lives a living hall.

    • I have to say that what President Trump is trying to do with trade agreements is a major accomplishment and improvement. If he’s able to get our worthless Congress to approve them, the legacy of jobs from Trump’s re-worked trade deals will be helpful, I think, to whites, who want to work and achieve.

    • I would have to say regardless of whether the nation is “true” conservative, socialist, communist, whatever, and regardless of anything that Trump does, or says, or anyone does or says. the math of race is the math, and on those numbers we lose.

      I do believe in a previous historical post the Zman spoke of this same situation, but I could be wrong. Something to the tune of fewer and fewer whites and 1/4 to a 1/3 of those are left wing, that you cannot win.

  13. I think we need to become the chaos makers. Still, I do not want to be arrested or shot at or even inconvenienced. So we need to be creative. Right now, I think creating chaos is the best that we can do. But since we have jobs and reputations to protect, getting others to do the chaos making is the best approach.

    I really think supporting Black Lives Matters is the best way to create chaos. Already since Memorial Day, there have been 2 large race riots. One was in Baltimore and the other was in Memphis. The one in Memphis happened after the racist cops shot a medical student who did not do anything at all. He was studying for a chemistry exam in his car when the mean old cops showed up and bust a cap in his ass because they were jealous that they were cops while he was on his way to being a highly paid doctor. The brothers, acting with complete righteousness sent 24 of those racist cops to the hospital by throwing rocks and bricks and bottles at the cops for the racist execution of a fine young brother.

    The best thing is that we can promote this chaos while on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc without any fear of retaliation or banning and can grift on the leftists. Forward these racist attacks on young brothers and sisters to people like Shawn King, TYT etc. Be as hyperbolic as possible. Characterize police shooting in self defense as “another senseless execution of an innocent black man by the racist cops” Do everything you can to inflame racial tensions in the big blue cities. Rip on every single white Democrat politician. Use the leftist language against them.

    We need to find ways to use their ideology, size and strength against them. Full frontal assaults just ends up with a bunch of us arrested, disemployed and disavowed.

    Race and in particular, African American race relations is the biggest bugaboo in modern America. If you say anything wrong about race, it will be used against you and if you get accepted into Harvard and you are credibly accused of racial wrong think, it will be rescinded. Even wealthy powerful Jews cannot be caught uttering an N-word. That is how bad it is. Anything we can do to make this state of affairs intolerable is a good thing. This chaos is unlikely to spread into our neighborhoods. It imposes maximum costs on the left in the big blue cities. Most of the people who hate you and want you dead live in these big blue cities. And these shootings happen every day. There is so much material to work with.

    It’s not just the shootings. It’s things like comparing owning an NBA team to owning slaves or not allowing homeless black people to sit around in the Starbucks and use the bathrooms while paying customers avoid it like the plague. This has never moved backwards in over 50 years. No amount of absurdities get them to reconsider their insane racial views.

    While agree and amplify is nothing new, it was always a bit tongue in cheek. A far right Twitter account tweeting this stuff is just cringey. But an angry black Twitter account tweeting this stuff causes chaos. You get to create a bunch of chaos with complete backing of the system.

    • You make good points but I cannot see the wisdom in placing hope of political change in the uber-failing black people. But yes, maybe there is leverage that can gain positive results without further dragging us all down to the black stratus. If carefully executed.

      • Well, it is easy to rile them up and get them to riot. Every day of their lives they are told of the evils that the evil whites inflicted and still inflict on them. We can more or less do this with impunity.
        The riots will disgust the average white. This is the purpose behind it.

      • Yes – that is the point. Too many NWLs (Nice White Ladies) think diversity is cute, affirming, makes them feel warm fuzzies, and let’s them experience exotic foods. And they all live in upscale white neighborhoods (maybe a token POC or two skimmed from the top of the heap). What they need is to experience vibrancy good and hard, up close and personal.

        • If you live in one of these blue cities it’s not easy to completely avoid it. Unless you live in a literal gated community it is near impossible to avoid it and even then you have to leave your house occasionally. Some homo got his face rearranged in my city the other day and then he went on TV and talked about how the young brothers who attacked and beat him were just bored and didn’t have enough free midnight basketball programs. Even a broken nose and knocked out teeth does not knock any sense into these people.
          Of course, the pack of animals that did it were described as “teenagers” on the news despite the fact that not a single one of their ages are known. Teen has come to mean any black person who is not obviously a senior citizen whose age is unknown.

    • They do so much of it to themselves, there’s really no need for dissidents to bother. And the downside if your gaslighting escapades were somehow exposed would then be that normies could never trust that the crazy things that BLM advocates spout were their own thoughts and beliefs and not some sort of alt- right psyops. More moderate, but still dangerously unhinged leftists, would use your exposed op as cover to distance themselves whenever one of their extremist allies went too far off the reservation.

      • How, exactly is that going to happen? Unless you are already a well known alt-right guy, even if you got doxxed, so what? Nothing happens to leftists if they get “doxxed” They won’t lose their job, nobody is going to attack them etc. Everyone knows who talcum-x is. FFS, they white guy passes himself off as black!

    • The Salem Witch trials abruptly ended when the wife of the Governor of Massachusetts was accused of being a witch.

      Perhaps we should demand “Occupy Malibu” and mansions housing illegals, excuse me “migrants” and lead a mob to say, Rob Reiner’s mansion demanding he let them in and stay.

  14. Just because electoral politics cannot solve the meta problem does not mean electoral politics is to be shunned. For there are always better and worse outcomes. President Harris is definitely a worse state of affairs than a President Trump. Arguing about reparations is much better than actually paying them!

    White identity politics is just a non-starter in America and basically anywhere else. As much as it pains me to say that, it is absolutely true. Most white people simply do not have a white identity. Even most dissidents do not have a true white identity. Very few can say that they cannot remember a time in their lives when they did not have a white identity. Most will tell you stories about their having been “red pilled,” mostly in the last 5-10 years. I am just shy of my 50th birthday and I literally cannot remember a time when I did not have a white identity.

    • I can’t think of anyone better to represent our country in 2020 than a woman who spread her legs on Willie Brown’s desk to get her start in politics, and then gives speeches about empowerment. A woman so disgusting that he own father is ashamed of her. Yep, the pure distillation of our national culture right now. The soul of a corporate HR department.

      • Here’s to the Indian-Jamaican America!

        I see Congressional representatives on TV, many of them brown — eastern indian, latino, asian or some mystery-meat mix. This new face of America is still jarring to me. I’m afraid I do not accept it. Realizing it’s healthy to reject others for your own in-group is enlightening and also lonely.

      • “The soul of a corporate HR department.” My gods. Hillary or Kamala or Liz or Nancy or. Michelle or…

        I’m going to use that whenever some ditz says it’s time for a woman President.

        (Somehow, though, I can’t see Melania scolding us like that.
        She’d probably be excellent, the real thing.)

        • @Alzaebo:After watching the neverending dem sh*tshow that’s been playing these last 3 yrs,I doubt a smart lady like Melania is considering running for ANY public office.

          • She can’t run anyway. There’s no question about her being a foreign born, naturalized as an adult, citizen. It’s far too late now to slip a birth announcement for her into the archives of a Hawaiian newspaper.

    • You may be correct about the dearth of white identity, but I have no doubt the trend is moving our way on this issue, especially in Europe. The pace of the movement needs to increase rapidly, it does without saying.

  15. The problem is that the right and left have fundamentally different goals in life. Your average right winger wants to be left alone. It’s an atomized, self contained lifestyle. It’s always been my dream, once I’m retired, in the far off distance, to buy some property in a rural environment, and put up a “no-trespassing” sign. There’s an independence to it. The left-wing lifestyle is a busy body one, always trying to insert themselves to remake society into their perfect Valhalla. Think of San Francisco outlawing the sale of all vaping products yesterday.

    Keep in mind I can’t go see a Giants game without 50 people openly smoking pot outside the the stadium, or being panhandled 10 times, but let’s attack water vapor.

    Leftists live and work in the micro-world (banning vaping devices and happy meal toys, etc.). Politics is where micro-actions take place, thousands of stupid little laws being passed for (insert group of busy bodies). The political world naturally appeals to the left because they can’t just sit on their deck, smoke a cigar, have a nice scotch and relax. Their self loathing causes them to externalize their own lives, always remaking the world around them. They’re uncomfortable just being alone.

    Any success that right wingers have had over the decades in pushing this back has been when the broad population looks around and says, “enough! leave me alone!.” It takes a lot to get there, people can take a lot of abuse. Leftist are obtuse, and will keep pestering everyone without ever realizing the animosity that slowly builds against them.

    • One quibble – extreme atomization is the libertarian lifestyle, not the conservative one, and is a much larger minority. Most people are social creatures and want to sit on their deck with their friends and neighbors, sharing their scotch and cigars. They don’t go in for the petty leftist ’causes’, but they also don’t see their ideal as the Randian hero who sits on the top of his mountain above all the lesser men…

      The conservative strives to live like the early Christians, taking care of their families and neighbors, looking after those who aren’t able to look after themselves (widows & orphans), etc. Not like some Buddha achieving nihilistic nirvana.

      • I agree. But those are all personal sphere activities, not public sphere ones. To the left everything personal is public, because they can’t stand the personal. The very word “activist” is kind of dirty to me. Libertarianism is wrong and unworkable, but its high point is recognizing the sphere of private space.

        The problem with democracy itself is that it can never just stand still for awhile. You always have “activists” in the driver’s seat. We’re living in the unmitigated craziness of late stage democracy.

        • Tikkun Olam, eternal revolutions, Kol Nidre. These are the forces that prevail in modern day USA.

  16. The ballot box is not so much a problem as it is not, by itself, a solution to our problems. Absent a sea change in our culture, of which the ballot box is a part of it, the vote, by itself, is meaningless in the big scheme of things.

    Keep in mind that the American system of governance is biased towards a one party system, masquerading as a two party system. Dissident politics is institutionally squelched in our system. Only an overwhelming public movement, followed up by a real change in our culture, can get us from here to there. The ballot box is merely a piece of the puzzle.

    We got that piece of the puzzle in 1980 with Reagan, and in 2016 with Trump. But we got little cultural follow-through (so far). The enemies of our side are well entrenched, and many of them pretend to be our friends, but they effectively know how to use emotional appeals to sabotage and blunt our movement. Only the other side’s excesses seem to help us much. Trump encourages those excesses, so he is doing good work, in a fashion.

    • What piece did we get with Reagan? The enshrinement of the military-industrial complex (and associated foreign wars) as sacrosanct, or the amnesty to millions of illegal alien foreigners?

      • The election of someone who presented an alternative to the politics of the day. Outside of glasnost, there wasn’t much more to it. That’s why elections are only a piece of the bigger picture. An indicator of what people want, but not likely an indicator of what they are going to get.

        Ironic if Russia and a rebounding economy were the two Reagan accomplishments, and North Korea and a rebounding economy turn out to be Trump’s two accomplishments.

        • Trump claims next week he is going to start deporting millions (yes millions) of illegal aliens. He’s kept more promises than nearly anyone else in his party so it might just happen.

          If he pulls this off, he will be arguably the best President in my lifetime and the best Republican in a hundred years (since silent Cal)

          Even so he has shifted the Overton Window our way and given the US a chance, albeit a small one at savings itself with mass slaughter,

          He pulls that off, we need to put him on Mount Rushmore and on the gorram $20 bill.

          He’s done some stupid things too of course and sure, he is 100% in the Israeli tank but you’d be nuts at this point not to support him.

          • A.B., Trump may have shifted the Overton Window, but what promises has he kept? None on immigration. IF he pulls off deporting millions of illegals, he will be the greatest president since George Washington. That’s like saying if I were a 7 foot tall, young black man with freakish athletic abilities, I could play in the NBA. Trump didn’t build the wall. He didn’t end birthright citizenship. He didn’t dump illegals on sanctuary cities. Trump says wonderful things about immigration, but he doesn’t do anything at all. I would love to be wrong, but based on past experience, why would anyone think Trump is going to suddenly start mass deportations?

  17. By the time we have an AOC as president and the left has made laws or at least acceptable practice of completely enslaving whites then politics are not going to matter. The orks will have the numbers by then, assuming they don’t already.

  18. There are no short or long term goals to be achieved with the GOP. The party is two major election cycles or less from total federal irrelevance and shows no signs of even “political,” behavior: that which at-least perpetuates the electoral health of the group. Having any association with the GOP or the nominal “political right,” in the west is a dangerous activity without dividends of any kind.

    • Spot on. Investing time and money into the GOP is a losing proposition. Thanks to Democratic chicanery 2020 will be the last election cycle that it will be relevant at the national level. At the state level maybe two terms.

      Trump is it’s death rattle.

      • You may be correct. This was the water cooler discussion at work the other day. What comes after Trump. Nobody on the horizon is mimicking even the modest level of pushback he has achieved.

        Maybe that’s not the worst thing in the world. A voiceless people are likely to become a violent people.

  19. So then by this theory, we’ve already reached the peak impact of Trump being elected and shaking things up. His utility would seem to be fully extracted and currently his future hints of action all point to sliding back to the way things were (endless wars, 2nd amendment backtracking, etc). Yet due to the election process, he’ll run unopposed by other republicans. So we’re either going to have another 4 years of him on cruise control and backtracking into the swamp, or a democrat who will ramp up the reversal.

    • Speaking of the 2nd Amendment, regardless of what Trump says or does on the issue, the Supreme Court justices he would appoint in a second term would be vastly superior to those appointed by Biden or whoever. A liberal majority on the SC would gut the 2nd Amendment without hesitation. Ginsburg is barely alive now. The person elected President next will most likely appoint her replacement, unless Trump gets the chance in this term (please God, please).

  20. Agree.

    Keep in mind Trump and those with him – including Establishment GOP defectors who only love money but see the way the wind blows- are also sympathetic to our aims.

    Look at Lindsey Graham.
    Look at Steve King.

    So yes engage.
    And march through our young using the institution of social media. They squeeze you out go somewhere else.

  21. What do you guys think of Adam Serwer?

    He is a nuanced commentator and I have yet to see anyone refute his points

    • Tell your friend Adam to post here and we’ll put his “nuanced commentary” to the test.

    • I can’t be completely sure, but he seems to be completely full of shit. I wasn’t aware Teh Atlantic required the use of scare quotes in every single paragraph.

    • Good day to you, Tiny Duck! Adam Serwer is a leftist cuck, a confused jewish mulatto. Reminds me of Coudenhove-Kalergi, a bitter mixed breed who wanted whites to be wiped out and replaced with negroid underclass, lorded over by select jews. Maybe no one refutes his points because he’s an untalented hack, not widely read, and not worth responding to. Serwer of the sewer.

  22. Politics is not a means to change things. It’s jockeying for a better position in the true, cultural and demographic fight.

  23. Another useful way of looking at this issue is the aphorism “hope for the best, plan for the worst.” Yes, there is a chance that a well executed dissident movement may right the ship before it sinks, and that is a preferable and hopeful outcome. But it could also become a Prague Spring and get crushed. The meta problem is not dysfunctional politics, nor even the Left-Right dynamic; it’s evolutionary fitness selection running in the wrong direction. Our present day environment is selecting for weakness rather than robustness, conformity rather than innovation, and whining rather than stoicism. We are becoming insects, and no longer men.

    • Very well said, but I would adjust one thing. Our present day environment is selecting for “mental” weakness (and physical strength), as we are outbred and overrun by low IQ but athletic population groups.

  24. I’ll be happy to tunnel underneath the city. But I’m bringing a warehouse of explosives with me.

  25. The saying that “politics is downstream of culture” is hugely relevant here. Our problems don’t stem from politics, our problems come from our degraded culture that prizes hedonism and emotionalism over virtue and logic.

    People have been taught that “racism” is the worst sin in the world, but they don’t really know what “racist” means, only a vague sense that it’s wrong to notice differences between people and especially wrong to critically judge those differences on the merits. And since they don’t know what “racist” means, that morphs into a creed of “open mindedness” that tells them that ANY judgmentalism is wrong about ANY subject. So we end up with the suicide of our culture and the veneration of sexual deviants.

    Politics isn’t going to fix any of that; politics is a reflection of that.

    • Good post. One correction, though–there is one group of people about whom it is quite kosher to notice difference and to judge them accordingly: white people.

    • I keep waiting for white normies to get tired of being called racist, but their patience seems endless. I have hope for GenZ, as race reality keeps smacking them in the face.

    • No. Strongly disagree. J.R., you’re accepting the premise of the attackers. (Both Left and Right.)

      That premise is that normal people, doing normal things, are sinners who need to be crushed and remolded.
      That normal behaviors will somehow “bring down civilization”.

      Moral posing is just a dominance display by predators who want to reach a higher branch- with you as their stepstool.

      Our problems stem from predators.
      This is pure primate instinct.

      Now somebody grab some thighbones, fire up “Thus Spake Zarathustra”, let’s get to the waterhole and get crackin’!

  26. One of the aspects of all of this whole mess that always seems to get missed is: The left has politicized EVERYTHING.

    Entire realms of existence that simply didn’t used to exist under the realm of government – have slowly and surely been pulled into it’s orbit.

    That now extends to matters of sexuality, intimate relations between people, and even the language you use during personal interactions.

    I can’t see any way of rolling that back except for just refusing to participate in anything you can reasonably walk away from. Sooner or later – the entire situation becomes like Italy and taxation: they pass the laws and everybody just ignores them.

    This approach to the world seems to grate on conservatives because they desire a world of order – from top to bottom. So they continue to engage – hoping something will get better. The problem is that engagement leads to corruption as you slowly but surely start to accept the changes forced upon you by lefties.

    I don’t know that even a revolution or overthrow of the regime would fix this issue. Past history indicates that the vast majority of old laws and regulations just get left in place when a new political order takes over.

    Setting the world right – seems to require truly revolutionary thinking. Which seems to be conspicuously lacking on the right side of the aisle.

    • If you truly want to protect your guns rights in the coming californication of america, you’re going to have to learn to use machine tools.

      • I’ve been telling people that for a while.

        The way to TRULY defend the right to own a firearm lays entirely outside the political realm.

        When you can just manufacture your own – it will make it almost impossible to entirely remove the right to own firearms from people.

        Modern manufacturing technology – which has distributed CNC machines that are fully capable of manufacturing modern firearms right down to the level of the hobbyist – is something that the political class are finding almost impossible to contain.

        I’m sure they’ll try – but it’s a similar effect as making people aware of the JQ or the POC issues. Once some guy who just wants to build model trains realizes he is running afoul of the political class simply because he spent $10k of his own money on a CNC machine – all it will take is a little bit of explaining to push him gently towards the “wrong” side.

        I think of this is the “guerilla warfare” effect.

        You kill one German soldier outside of town. The Waffen SS then shows up and herds everybody into the town church and burns it down. A few teenage boys escape – and are forever pissed off because they just watched their mothers burn to death.

        You have now just created an implacable enemy.

        Rinse and repeat enough times and you have a revolution that cannot be contained.

      • Calsdad is all set in that regard. Wish more American men were like him in terms of mental and physical capability and self-sufficiency.

      • Wasn’t the production cost if a sten machine gun like $11?

        Ammo is the choke point. If you think you are just about good on your supply, you aren’t halfway there.

    • What you describe is summed up in the New Left adage, “The personal is political.” So, in other words, everything is a forum for political warfare. Such is a formula for madness and exhausting madness at that. Normal people get tired of fighting to defend every single action they take, and every possession they own. Many of them simply capitulate.

      You’re also correct that this political absorption may be an insuperable obstacle. If so, then the only solution is secession. And indeed, I think this is probably the case.

      • That might be true. But I think many of them are simply not aware of how deep that rabbit hole goes.

        And they may get tired of fighting and capitulate. But that doesn’t stop the left from relentlessly rooting in ever deeper.

        Maybe people are just so beaten down that they will accept any level of intrusion into their lives – but I tend to think that there ARE lines. And sooner or later lefty will cross it and pay the price.

        The trick is enticing lefty into finding where those lines are and goading them into crossing them.

        • I believe a naked gun grab is one of those lines. The AWRs are rattling the saber over reparations now, too. Could that be a line? Having said that, New York and Virginia now allow the slaughter of infants. One might have thought that would be a line, but the response seems to have been ho-hum, even from citizens of those states.

          • The pro-life folks generally have a consensus that direct action only helps the baby slayers and damages their brand. Apparently though Antifa has been starting to harass them so this could get interesting.

          • Then the pro-lifers need to start paying attention to Trump and acting accordingly.

          • I’m behind the American Iron Curtain and when our politicians were dancing jigs of joy at passing the 9th month abortion bill an astonishing number of normies that grudgingly support first term abortion were completely creeped out.

          • Reparations, depends. If it is reparations with repatriation, a lot of folks might take that deal.

  27. Our politics is in decay because our civilization is in decay due to demographics and other things.

    There is no political solution to our problems. Our job as dissidents is to survive and to make more and more of our tribe come to realize that white group interest is not only legitimate but necessary.

    Almost all of the criticism from our camp about Trump is true…but he buys us time to get our act together while our enemies reaction to what he represents in their minds drive more and more people into our camp.

    We aren’t ready for prime time so having trump in power allows us time to build. Let’s use that time well because once he’s gone, if we aren’t a hardened target, we’re gone.

    • The problem is many on the alt-right think that it will be business as usual a century from now, except we’ll be a minority but we can still make the elites and brown skins listen to us if we just vote hard enough and get really good at playing the system.

      This is nothing but the same crap the GOP peddles to the proles.

      And yeah we aren’t ready for prime time but the alt-right looks to me to be more of a bad joke than anything else. The very fact the alt-right hasn’t been able to organize in the least, come up with a platform and a way of reaching normies pretty says it all about them.

      The Left is closing in on us hard and fast. We at most 6 years before the SHTF socially, economically and politically for us.

      And yeah once Trump is gone, they will come after us hard and nasty. You can see Big Tech setting up the infrastructure for that even now.

      • I agree. Our timeline to get our act together is up to the 2024 election. If we’re still trying to get something going, a real physical political presence that can reward friends and punish enemies…If we aren’t there by 2025… we’re done.

    • Look at the African home invasion gangs in Australia. They operate with impunity and full protection of a majority white government. Imagine what happens when POC are fully in charge. This will be coming to your USA neighborhood very soon.

  28. “The answer becomes even more complicated if you accept, as is the case for most dissidents, that there is no electoral way out of the troubles created by electoral politics.”

    Those who take this position are wrong. The problems created by electoral politics were created by rendering electoral politics irrelevant via the party system. The citizens who opposed the left, and thought they were doing so by voting Republican / Conservative / etc., were betrayed. The conservatives were always too terrified of fashionable ostracism, or merely contemptuous of the unwashed masses, see here:

    … to seriously oppose anything the left-wing establishment imposed. Oh, they would talk the talk, to be sure.

    A more direct democracy, instituted 60 years ago would have largely prevented much of what we see today. Now, it’s probably too late for direct democracy to make much difference as a half century of scholastic indoctrination, baby boomer narcissism, and cultural subservience have made the far-left completely mainstream.

    True change will now only happen like it did in the Soviet Bloc: due to economic failure. The best way to contribute to this is to patronize the real economy as little as possible: hard assets vs. bank accounts, buy second-hard vs buying new, avoid consumption, move financial assets out of country when possible, work under the table, etc., etc. etc.

    • The Boomers will be gone in 30 years. If we can’t form a viable party then we should establish the most organized voting block in the history of the world. We have the edge on intelligence, communication, numbers, and organization. We could force politics to pander to us by withholding our votes en masse. The individuals we support won’t matter as much as our collective ability to be kingmakers. Hierarchy is our natural inclination anyhow, might as well use it to our advantage.

  29. Zman has noted in the past that the Europeans are somewhat ahead of the United States insofar as dissident right politics are concerened. There are ethno-nationalist parties in every European country except Portugal and Ireland. Even if there is no electoral way out of the situation in France or Sweden, at the least the Rassamblement National or the Sweden Democrats are available as organizations trying to do something. I suppose dissident right advocates could try to turn the Republican Party into an ethno-nationalist party; perhaps supporting Trump in 2020 (although I think his electoral prospects are grim) can be justified simply as a way to frustrate and enrage the opposition. But there’s still a question of how much effort and money an individual wants to put in to re-elect a candidate who has disappointed us on so many fronts.

  30. I think you can be to be super blackpilled and still enjoy the short-term Joy of your enemies being defeated. I didn’t vote for Trump, or Hillary, I didn’t vote. It looked like an oligarchy to me and my state was definitely going for Trump so I didn’t bother. That said, I was euphoric for a week when Hillary lost. Euphoric. I’ve never felt anything like it before and that’s the only word I can use to describe it. It actually helps me to understand the profound despair of the left. They thought they were going to win and they were shattered, shattered. But yeah, I’m super blackpilled and this only ends in violence so I sit in my garden, watch the birds at the feeders and read dead white men and I enjoy the world as it is and thank God that I’m allowed to experience what I am.

    • Thanks to all the books, movies, and music, we can enjoy some concrete semblance of our heritage culture, even as we have abandoned it. Most people don’t get that option, and must depend almost wholly on the stories verbally passed down through the generations.

    • Whitney, buck up and stay in the fight. The Left is not as strong as they appear. The media and Hollywood are filled with gays and commies, so they project a leftie Potemkin village. Normies are polite and let it go, but there will come a point beyond which they will not be pushed.

      • No. I will not fight for a culture that sanctions the widespread physical, mental, spiritual and chemical abuse of its children. It needs to be destroyed

        • @Whitney
          How about building a new one so we don’t have to have anything to do with this evil one???

      • Funny. Sometimes I go back and look at the compilations of the news media from election night. A condensed version for like 6 hours of coverage from when they’re sure Hillary is going to win till when they know Trump has won. Its is so much fun. I would like to drink a cup of their tears

  31. The small battles won are every time you change the Conservative Inc mindset in normie-cons, either in real life or twitter, or wherever. It’s not hard to do with these patriotic folks, since they’re already halfway there anyway. Trump helped get them aware of immigration as a problem, now we have to top it off with explanations of demographic doom and race realism, and ridicule of Charlie Kirk-tier boomer-nonsense.

  32. Trump has placed a dagger into the heart of Corporate Media. If there is to be any reform of the system, of society, it must begin with the destruction of the Media and its for-hire political hacks.

    Otherwise, prepare for the worst.

    • While we’ve all been hit with the sobering reality that Trump won’t do it all, his “fake news” takedown of Corporate Media has been a nice win for our side. CNN is on the ropes and it’s wonderful.

      • People overlook the subtle impact of this cultural takedown that Trump is so good at. I watched his Florida rally last night and couldn’t help but laugh as he got the crowd chanting “lock her up” again. Hillary is all but dead, and everyone knows she got away with it, but it’s just refreshing to have some WWE style fun in politics. The Left has no humor anymore. All the late night comics and SNL shows can do is hurl unfunny insults. It would be nice if we could infuse humor into every fight. I now look at the bow-tied Buckleyite pussies I used to admire, and just want them to go away. They are so boring and counterproductive.

        • That’s great about the Hilldebeeste. What I love about it is how unfazed Trump is by the avalanche of criticism he faces. The AWRs roundly excoriated him for expressing the desire to imprison that hag, but does he grovel and beg forgiveness? Not a bit of it! Instead, he doubles down. How any real conservative could hate that man is beyond me.

      • Precisely. Trump has massively disrupted the legacy media and forced them, through their coordinated and relentless attacks on him, to reveal their true function to the public. The masses are generally disgusted and exhausted with the endless anti-Trump, anti-white bloviating that the media has been running with for the past several years.

        • Let’s see if future politicians take up the idea of fake news as a political weapon. If not…well, we have short memories don’t we.

          • Compsci, I fear this idea will die after Trump. The media forgot the old joke about not wrestling with a pig – you both get dirty but the pig likes it. Trump is our pig. Our Louie DePalma (Taxi reference for the youngsters). He is in there every day slinging mud, and having a ball. The prissy media can’t help but take the bait. They look awful and hemorrhage viewers, while Trump looks the same as he always has.

            I have never seen anything like him, especially in the GOP. Sure he disappoints. But I can’t think of anyone who can replace him. The whole damn party is full of Mitt Romneys. “Yes, I know you are calling me a racist Nazi and trying to ban me from social media while you take my guns, but let’s get back to my 20 point plan for school choice and enterprise zones.”

        • Yes, we’re all witnessing President Trump’s trial by fire. I still pray that God blesses Trump and gives him the strength to be more of a strongman; to realize the past is gone and not coming back and he needs to be a fortress of strength right now to protect whites and their interests. Otherwise, the strongman will come as soon as the left re-takes power.

    • Wolf, that is the key point for me. Our side is actually getting some wins. In my lifetime, we haven’t one anything. Now we’re winning once in a while and the reason is President Trump. Anyone who denies this is a fool and not to be taken seriously.

      My political awareness began on the left, and I grew accustomed to the occasional victories. Transitioning to the right, then the dissident right, was very disheartening and frustrating. I never got to experience the sweet taste of victory, only the bitterness of perpetual, incremental retreat.

      As always, I ask for any examples of persons who are, right now, able and willing to do better. I don’t think Trump is the great messiah, but I sure do hope he is a step in the right direction.

  33. It’s fine to engage in politics … so long as you understand its purpose. Politics is NOT about working within the system; it’s about using an appendage of the system to further your agenda. Trump is not our savior, he’s a tool (yeah, that word works in two ways). The GOP is den of snakes, but the apparatus could be very useful.

    We need to exploit every tool available. Political groups, community groups, business groups, church groups, etc. Work on all fronts. Gain ground where you can. Also, don’t forget to plants seeds of dissent in normies. Talk about becoming a minority. Talk about future President AOC. Use the word “anti-white.” Mention how much minorities hate Beckys. (White women believe that they are beloved, let them know that they will have no status in a future America.)

    • All great points Citizen. When you talk to them about being a minority, it’s effective to say “despised minority.”

      • The realization that whites will be a “legacy majority” really explains the “despised” part. Old white people will continue to hold the most assets. As in Latin America, the paler you are the better off you will be becuase of high IQ. Unlike Latin America, there is no unifying “bronze race” ideology to soften this reality. A lot of angry brown people won’t understand why things keep collapsing.

      • One might posit the rhetorical question: Do you think your children and grandchildren will fare well when they belong to a bloc–white people–who no longer have political power?

        • I would put it a bit differently. Offer an earnest “I’m sure your children and grandchildren will thank you for helping destroy racist Whiteness, and your grandparents would be so proud of you!”
          I have a hard time pulling this off, because I’m not a nice person – but my best friend, who is the nicest person I’ve ever known, and only partially a race realist but who despises globalists, drives them nuts when they express reflexive support for abortion. She says ” Oh, I’m so sorry, I had no idea you felt that way about black people” (based on not totally accurate view that Margaret Sanger wanted to limit Negro births). The libs then spend weeks assuring her they’re not racists. So if you haven’t already made your contempt for people known, as I have, this pseudo agree-and-amplify works well.

          • Only, we don’t want to double the existing African-American population by banning abortion. Can we be realistic about the threat of so many additional blacks? Look at how white people are supporting a tsunami of black population in Africa via money, food, vaccines. This “charity” is what should be banned. Food and money should be directed to poor whites. Let blacks attempt to rule themselves and allow nature to take its course — for the good of more intelligent and industrious people on this planet. For every policy under consideration, we need to take a page from the success of the jews and ask, “Is it good for white people?”

          • Ursula – absolutely agree. I only mentioned that this was one way my friend found to mess with NPC heads. As I said, I am not nice and cannot work the same way. For me, whether it’s good for White people is absolutely my only priority.

          • I understand your sentiment but most of those innocent human beings will become the enemies of your group.

          • Which is why we should not even be debating about whether abortion is good or bad which I think it’s evil but about the need of not having the sub species even around so we need talk about supporting abortion or not…A lot of problems stem from having people around that aren’t good for society because they are a liability instead of an asset…

      • At best, it’ll be Jim Crow for whites. I also like to mention the Boer farmers. I say, “Well, I hope we don’t end up like the Boers.” “Who are the Boers” or “Why, what’s happening to them?” are normie responses. “They’re the white farmers in South Africa. The lucky ones are getting kicked off their land so it can be given to blacks. The unlucky ones are being massacred by blacks who then take their land.”

        Normie Americans simply have no clue what ethnic conflict looks like.

        • @Citizen
          Normie Americans have no idea what conflict is like which is why they aren’t up in arms about the invasion going on…They won’t wake up until it’s on their doorstep which is why the need is so great for those of us who are awake to be banding together so when the war comes we are prepared for it…The question is how bad will it have to get for us to wake up to that fact…

          • Correct. We’re creating the figurative (and, possibly, literal) bunkers to which whites will flee in the future.

            Regarding how bad it will have to get. Have the Boers started to riot yet? No, well, pretty damn bad apparently.

          • Yea but Im beginning to doubt whether they actually have any self preservation genes at all…The more stories I read about them being killed off and none about any of the Invaders being shot the more that thought is reinforced…

        • Problem is, Jim Crow for whites would be nothing more than a briar patch. Yes, please ban me from the “no whites” restaurant. Within less than a decade, all the non-whites will want in on the white “ghettos”.

    • Just so. And I would emphasize your point about ramming home the reality of anti-white racism. This point must become the centerpiece of our narrative, and it would help if more mainstream conservatives adopted it, too. And actually, I do see some signs of this happening.

      PS–An exceedingly wise piece, Zman. One of your better ones of late.

    • “White women believe that they are beloved, let them know that they will have no status in a future America.”

      That, right there, is the A-bomb.

      • White women are still catered to by the media and politicians. Nice White Lady movies and TV shows abound. Politicians can’t shut up about women’s rights.

        I’ve been forced to watch a few episodes of those shows. They’re all the same: A multi-culti happy land with the white lady as the adored center of a never-ending drama with her black best friend/sidekick. For white women, that’s the future, and it looks pretty damn good.

        White women have no clue how much blacks and browns hate them and how they can’t wait to turn their guns on Becky. White women are being set up for one of the great cliff dives in history.

        (Btw, I’m happily married to a NWL. Thankfully, she’s fairly race aware.)

      • What status would women have in a future dissident right America? Second class citizens.

        • You haven’t traveled or read much, have you.

          Women in European and European-derived societies have enjoyed a freedom and status rarely seen in history. European men generally view women as partners, albeit with different roles. Men in pretty much every other society view them as one step above cattle – or, if you’re in Africa where the men are lazy pieces of shit, men view them as an ox or a horse, i.e. there to do the work.

          • Well, you’re sure acting like one, a childish one at that.

            Laws, like politics, are downstream from culture, which is downstream from race. Change the race, and the laws written by the previous race are nothing more than words on a piece of paper. Indeed, words written by a defeated people.

            How long do you think women’s rights laws would last in France if Muslims and Africans become the majority of voters?

            This forum is for adults. Please act like one or go watch the latest Netflix Nice White Lady show. They’ll tell you want you want to hear – until you’re no longer needed.

          • @Citizen
            Sad isn’t it that she wouldn’t want to submit to a loving husband so she will be forced to submit to one that hates her and thinks she is less than an animal…Sad day indeed when you will advocate for your own destruction…Welcome to the hijab Bunny…

          • Pfft, kind of like being between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, pro-abort, pro-hijab, pro-poz lefty, as paradoxical as that seems. On the other hand, pro-abort (for the “right” people), pro-barefoot and pregnant, pro-burn it down dissident right. Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right. Here I am, stuck in the middle with cucks. Decisions, decisions. Apparently, there are no good choices left.

          • I feel sorry for you Bunny you are a product of your environment which us men have created by thinking we were doing a good thing by giving you what your little hearts desired…

          • You are correct there are none. There were none for those on Wake Island, on Corregidor, on the Bataan Death March, on Iwo Jima, on Okinawa. At least you are not faced with that. You have time, space, and money to arrange your own affairs.

            However women cannot call back the bullet. A century of feminism has its cost, as does finding 90% of White men superfluous. You could argue correctly that you did not choose this or desire it, but then neither did the men on Wake Island.

          • @ Bunny,

            I am not a woman, and neither do I play one on TV. I can tell you the this. Taking your chances with the ascendant POC just means you will be on the chopping block next after the last white man is tortured to death.

            As other commentators have pointed out, non-white women will still be jealous of you and non-white men are far more likely to beat you, rape you, or make you a sex slave.

            On the flip side if you like modern plumbing, electricity, and low crime rates, we can make that happen.

            As for your other concerns. We can outlaw abortion in a religiously and ethnically homogeneous society. Nobody is gonna force you to be barefoot and pregnant. You just will not have the same level of status as wives and mothers. Those are the only roles unique to women and therefore worthy of esteem.

            You are mistaking a lack of coddling, affirmation, and handholding for second class status. It may feel that way, but it is the starting point for your average man.

    • “Mention how much minorities hate Beckys”…

      I showed my somewhat leftie friend a Daily Mail piece where they referred in the title to a white woman as a “Becky”. No reaction.

      Asked her, what if ithe article had referred to a “Shawnequa”?

      The cognitive dissonance look was almost audible. Baby steps.

      • White women are correctly viewed by blacks and browns as getting to have their cake and eat it too. White women get to be a victim while being white. That pisses off blacks and browns – especially black and brown women – to no end.

        The POC Dems can’t wait until they have the numbers to throw white women off the bus. And, oh, will white women howl when that happens.

        • It’s already happening. The water buffaloes at BLM marches and feminista rallies telling white women they can’t march at the head of the parade and what not.

        • @Citizen you know what pisses the black and brown women even more off is when their own men prefer white women over them…

          • Oh, yeah. White women get to act like victims AND take their men. It just shoves in black and brown women’s faces that whites are better.

            That said, I notice that you never see cute Asian women in those Nice White Lady shows/movies. Granted, my sample size is pretty limited, but given how identical they are, there’s something to that. The producers of those shows know what buttons to push to make NWLs happy and which buttons make them unhappy. White women know who is the competition – and it ain’t black women.

            Btw, Hispanics are basically non-existent in the couple of episodes that I’ve seen, as are Asian men.

            Again, all this makes me sound like I have something against white women. I don’t. I’m happily married and have a daughter. But Santa Claus isn’t real, and it’s not a good life plan to act as if he’s real. White women are being allowed to live a fantasy life, and we’re 10 to 30 years from reality crashing that party.

          • @Citizen
            I’m married myself and have 4 kids and treat my woman like a Queen since she treats me like the King…Bunny doesn’t understand we want the least amount of bloodshed and pain which is why we advocate for what we do…

  34. Great points. I see myself pulling the lever for Trump and other Republicans (except my douchebag State Senator who voted to raise gas taxes) in the upcoming elections with a big douse of cynicism. I know Trump isn’t going to fix things, but he does seem to have a talent for revealing things and creating more converts.

    • Trump’s role isn’t to fix things, it’s to break things in a sense. The best he can do is make the other side go insane, and he is doing admirably well at that.

      That is, the solution to liberal democracy is not at the ballot box.

      Agree, but we did seem to have a workable system until the franchise expanded beyond reason. Why should an unemployed drug-addicted grifter have the same vote as a home owning working father of three?

      • > The best he can do is make the other side go insane, and he is doing admirably well at that.

        When Obama got elected, and made it so that you had to purchase a product from a private company in order to be a citizen, and arranged things so that my women were no longer safe in their locker rooms, I realized something:

        The left getting what they WANT is a lot more dangerous than me NOT GETTING what I want.

        Trump driving the left insane is impairing their efficiency. They used to have complete media control– now people laugh when CNN says “Trump polling low!” The left got so enraged that they tore their masks off and ruined a century of careful work. For this, if nothing else, I would pull the lever for Trump.

        • “For this, if nothing else, I would pull the lever for Trump.”

          I think his stalwart Zionism is why most of your fellow boomers will vote for him, but I do also believe that “fake news,” zingerplays well at the bingo hall. For those Xers/Millenials/Zoomers who had hoped he would do something domestically to stop the left’s advance into total dominance. His sloaganeering is at-best a hard-cringe inducing tick, and more likely a reason to hate the bastard even more for reminding them about his defection from the campaing trail platform.

          • >His sloaganeering is at-best a hard-cringe inducing tick, and more likely a reason to hate the bastard even more

            Oh yes, by all means, I should hate him for the very thing that makes him so good at what I want him to do. 😀

            But I think you missed the main point: The left GETTING THEIR WAY is a lot worse for me than me NOT GETTING MY WAY. There is no limit to their depravity.

          • I’d like to hear a compelling case that the left isn’t getting their way. They have more immigration now than under any prior administration in decades. They are more in control of major institutions now than at any time in US history. Their momentary frustration at not being taken seriously by neo-media internet culture is being rapidly assuaged by their ability to ban anyone and everyone with not so much as a complain registered from their supposed opposition. The width and breadth of the public, private, and even religious communities in the western hemisphere all more or less bow to the left’s total hegemony and the few who dare to resist are unpersoned.

            But, by all means, do continue with the complete and total boomer farce that the Trump administration has slammed the brakes on Progress Cult. After all, he called them fake news! Suck on that LIBTARDS!

          • Greetings, Sunspot.

            Of course there is no limit to the Left’s depravity. That is why they win.

            But I think you have some clarifying to do. Please provide examples of how “the Left GETTING THEIR WAY is a lot worse for you than you NOT GETTING YOUR WAY.”

            Seriously, ’cause I’m looking at your insight from another angle – that of a pot-bellied, “non-racist,” passive-aggressive, double-dippin’ government retiree or illegal alien-employing contractor, living large in the Laguna Hills-Aliso Viejo-Lake Forest axis or in Prescott, Az. In other words, quite sadly, the typical risk-averse Republican voter of Boomer age.

            One interpretation of your statement reinforces the defender’s belief that opposing the Left’s agenda from behind stout walls is more important than advancing his own. This is blanket justification of physical and financial inaction, and abets the illusion that whining about the Left’s hypocrisy/unfairness constitutes political activism.

            A large subset of people upvoting your comment likely did so for this reason and nothing else.

            Back in 1981 these exemplary NPCs of the GOP believed that with Ronny Raygun as President it was Saturday Mornin’ in ‘Murica, time for a pipin’ hot cuppa coffee w/eggs ‘n toast, and I’m sure looking forward to that afternoon nap/NFL game.”

            If “the Left GETTING THEIR WAY is a lot worse for me than me NOT GETTING MY WAY,” then my castle falls and the LEFT WINS.

            In my opinion a good offense – unpredictable, multi-pronged, and overwhelming – is the best defense.

            So again, please clarify.

        • This is the primary reason I want Trump to win. He aggravates people who deserve to be aggravated. He drives the posturing Left insane with rage. They literally can’t think straight while he is in power. Trump forces the Left to continually overplay their hand, making utter fools of themselves in the process.
          I also enjoy watching Trump demean and talk down to empty suits like George Stephanopoulos or that Acosta asshole. People like that deserve to be ridiculed and shamed in public, and it warms my heart to see Trump put them in their place, if only for a moment.
          Trump has also shifted the Overton window when it comes to discussing Immigration and the border.

          • Trump shifted the Overton Window to the left on every issue. It is now a permaban offense to make even remotely touchy discussions of illegal migration on youtube. Prior to his election, youtube was loaded to the gills with -MONETIZED- videos calling for everything from reduction to immigration moratorium, and even racial nationalism.

            Similarly, Trump shifted the Overton Window on guns to the left. Bump-stocks went without saying, but giving in on some gimmick was a watershed. Now suppressors are on the chopping block. Next it’s magazine capacity. The TurningPointUSA thinktanks would LOVE to throw the NRA under the bus along with red Americans, as they clearly attempted to do with Oliver North’s coup-plot against Wayne La Pierre.

            I could go on, but this pattern emerges anywhere you look. It takes major cognitive dissonance to see Trump’s administration as anything but acceleration of the left’s plans as well as providing them heaps of moral justification (via his outlandish bluffing, which he never follows through on) to punish the white common denominator ever harder.

          • Isaac,

            I note you have almost no up votes, or perhaps the pos and neg have balanced. Nevertheless, I think you bring up some good points, alas black pills are hard to swallow. I have a bird’s eye view of the border crisis and at least on that count I know you are spot on.

            What you may wish to consider is the possible outcome of your summary though (the left is clamping down in every aspect they can with draconian fury). In their fervor to double down on the wokeness, the deplatforming and the lawfare… they are becoming intolerable.

            We may well he reaching the level where Americans will view their actions as the 21st Century equivalent of the Intolerable Acts. They are overreacting and overreaching. If things continue down this path I believe we are approaching the breaking point. Of course, if I am wrong and Americans are content to keep taking the abuse infinitum, we deserve every thing we get. I do honestly feel like there is a sea change coming.

          • “Trump shifted the Overton Window to the left on every issue. It is now a permaban offense to make even remotely touchy discussions of illegal migration on youtube.”

            But he has raised, by an order of magnitude, the number of people who are aware of the Overton window, who controls it and what its purpose is,

            I can’t think of a single day in the past week when I haven’t been able to raise the issue of the civilizational collapse that we are enjoying at least once during normal life.
            An example, at the locksmith, replacing a lost car key ($240 nowadays)
            Me, the more we spend on security the less secure we are.
            them: especially if you use social media,
            Me: Or are stupid enough to plug your phone into your car,,

            etc etc little five minute chat just one of me and three of them agreeing that we see the same things.

          • But he has raised, by an order of magnitude, the number of people who are aware of the Overton window, who controls it and what its purpose is,

            The internet did that, Trump merely rode the tiger.

            I figure the one factor most responsible for his victory, was online anonymity. If people were obliged to dox themselves when they wanted a troll account, the dis-right would not have one tenth of the online presence it has today.

          • “Trump forces the Left to continually overplay their hand, making utter fools of themselves in the process.”

            Yes, he does, and that’s something. But it’s not enough. The Left reveals its fanaticism and dementia in big ways and small every day … but nothing curbs it. It doesn’t matter if the commentariat here, or even some normies, proclaim their disdain. They don’t see what they can do.

            It’s fun to watch Trump dish out insults to people who deserve it, but I’ve reluctantly concluded that he has his own very strict limits. He’s a talker, not a doer. No doubt he is a skilled negotiator in the business realm, where everybody wants to make some kind of deal. But in current politics where the aim of the Left is not to get the best deal but to destroy, Trump is left high and dry. He simply doesn’t have the instinct for war. He never goes in for the kill.

            Maybe Trumpworld is a necessary stage that must be transited. In spite of everything, he has my grudging respect. But it’s clear we can’t rely on him. The question is, can we rely on ourselves?

      • Because muh “ecwality” and the fact that democratic systems expand the electorate so that politicians can maintain their own power. Coupled with the short term mindset inevitable to democracies and you have a toxic reiecpe.

        If you want to decide things by voting, instead of “all men are created equal”, you need this mindset, “free men are not equal, equal men are not free” and restrict the franchise accordingly.

        • Last Stand, that quip is a perfect pearl. People claiming the moral high ground mean to attack-
          high ground is battle prep.

      • Following up on my other post, I would restrict voting​ rights based negative condition and positive requirements.

        If any negative condition applies, you are disqualified.

        1. Immigrant or child of an immigrant.
        2. Convicted felon or dishonorably discharged.
        3. Not a net taxpayer.
        4. Holding foreign citizenship or foreign property.

        At least 1 positive requirement must be apply.

        1. Honorably discharged combat veteran.
        2. Ownership​ of domestic property above a certain value to be determined later.
        3. Currently married with at least 3 biological children who are not delinquent.

          • In all sincerity, how many idiots do you know that have their feces assembled to that extent?

          • Point taken. Your criteria would, I think, weed out a high percentage of the dumbs and very dumbs. However, let’s maintain the IQ requirement as a hole card just in case too many cretins do slip through the cracks.

        • One add on to consider, raise the age of the franchise. Nothing focuses one’s priorities than being out in the world, aka experience. Although I can see your proxies for maturity in your other requirements.

          • Yes 25 for all males unless you are serving in the military and then 21 and of course all the stipulations above…

          • @Ursula

            Strictly speaking, I would have no problem with white women voting assuming they qualified. However since combat roles would be open to men only and in welfare states the average women is not a net taxpayer, they have one feasible path. Marrying a man, staying married, and bearing his children.

            A majority of white women voted for Trump. White women, married to white men, with white kids are the most right wing female demographic. Give them status and I suspect a fledgling Dissident Right state would have no problem attracting white women and incentivizing them to marry men and raise the next generation.

          • Try serving in an infantry unit. Those guys are the farthest thing from parasites.

            The point is that if you are willing to put your life on the line and defend the country from enemies, you have a slightly higher level of responsibility than the average civilian.

          • If responsibility is the only criterion, then any of your proscribed groups might contain at least some people who are responsible. Being responsible in a strict military hierarchy is not necessarily an indication of political wisdom.

          • It is not the only criterion. All three of those groups, property owners, married couples with children, and combat veterans have something in common. They are all the primary stakeholders in the country. They either own a piece of it, are raising the future citizens, or have put life and limb on the line to defend it. They at least have some sort of incentive to vote in the best interests of the country.

            The prohibited groups are parasites, possess conflicted loyalties, are not fully assimilated, or are severely lacking in moral judgement.

          • Responsible people from a proscribed group should not be a problem. All it means is we would get the desirable outliers, and why not take them? Even if some undesirables sneak in, the ratio of Clarence Thomases to Sheila Jackson Lees would be much more favorable than the present system, and could very well tolerate it.

          • Now that is the stupidest thing I’ve read in long time and I’ve read the Communist Manifesto. If they were responsible, they would be paying taxes and not committing crimes and would also be stakeholders in the country.

            You compromise once and it inevitably expands. We let the Italians and the Irish in and because they were apparently such a success, now we have to let every Latino in too.

  35. I recently read the memoirs of Germain de Stael on the French Revolution. One point she comes back to time after time is that the majority of Frenchmen all throughout the revolutionary period wanted a constitutional monarchy, that it was a natural transition that most of them anticipated for years leading into it with the writings of Montesquieu and Voltaire, and the Anglomania of the years leading up to the revolution. Her assessment as to why this did not happen was because at various points along the way people put likes and dislikes of individuals, and various other petty obstacles ahead of making objective calculations as to whose actual policies were closest to their own. She also makes the point that the proper thing for people to do going forward, if they are going to learn anything from the disastrous century that ensued after a revolution that was altogether avoidable, is to make these calculations in as disinterested a way as possible and vote for the people whose policies most closely represent yours despite personal dislikes. Good advice, but far beyond the ken of too many, I’m afraid.

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