Immigration Agitation

According to news reports, the Trump administration is preparing a big sweep of illegal immigrants. Trump was supposedly tweeting about it. According to the news, the plan is to “round up thousands of migrant parents and children in a blitz operation across major U.S. cities.” Most likely, the plan is to include lots of tips to local media in an effort to get maximum attention for the effort. Of course, when the problem involves tens of millions, using the term “mass arrests” when rounding up thousands is a bit of a stretch.

Those on the patriotic immigration beat will no doubt look at this with skepticism, as it is mostly a show. These people, once arrested, will have to go through the normal deportation process. Since that has been bogged down by corrupt judges and lawyers, that process will take years. Meanwhile, the people arrested will be set free, so the effect will have been to take these people to a field trip to a federal building. The illegal invaders themselves will lose whatever fear they have of being deported.

That’s the age old problem with bluffing. Once the bluff is called, all future bluffs are worthless. In fact, they become a tell, of sorts. The person prone to empty threats can be manipulated, as everyone knows what they won’t do once they start making threats about what they will do unless something happens. A threat is only useful if the person making it has credibility. In the minds of billions of people, the threat of deportation from America is no longer credible. They know it is a bluff.

Team Trump and maybe even Trump himself, thinks this is a great way to mollify the base on the immigration issue. The usual rage heads in conservative media will play along, calling this some great move by Trump to address the issue. No doubt, the types of people still wearing MAGA caps will fall for it. They are mostly older voters, conditioned to go along with whatever the television tells them. The more jaded, however, are likely to react the opposite way, seeing it as another Trump con.

That said, political theater is always aimed at the gullible. Most white people calling themselves Progressives don’t watch MSNBC, for example. They will read the NY Times and the Washington Post, but they look at the cable airheads the same way most dissidents look at the Fox News rage heads. Political theater is aimed at the dullards, because the dullards need it. Otherwise, they will stop paying attention and wander off somewhere. No doubt, Trump gets that, so he does a lot of political theater.

All that said, the skeptics should probably not get carried away. The main issue with immigration is ignorance. The people in charge and their media organs have done an amazing job of hiding the problem in plain sight. Most white people in America have noticed the invasion in their cities and towns. They notice the complexion of their kid’s school changing. Yet, the mass media has done an amazing job of keeping them from really noticing it. In fact, people have been conditioned to embrace it.

When Trump talks about immigration or when he stages one of these public relations ventures, it chips away at that conditioning. Immigration, not just the invaders, but all immigration, is one of those subjects that is best never discussed, if you are the people in charge. It is one of those topics that the more people understand, the angrier they get about it. There is no good way to sell open borders to normal people, so the media is instructed to cover it up, by preventing any debate about it.

Additionally, any discussion of immigration opens the door to other taboo subjects, like the guest worker scams. As much as people get mad about Trump bellowing about how we need unlimited guest workers, what he is doing, in effect, is the agree and amplify response popular with dissidents on-line. His exaggerated enthusiasm is so incongruous, it breaks the normal pattern of discourse. Whether this is intentional or not, his meandering on immigration keeps the issue front and center.

Probably the best thing about these public relations stunts, however, is it opens the door to some obvious questions patriots can ask their Trump loving friends. For example, why is it legal for landlords to rent to foreign invaders? Why is it legal for Americans to help foreign invaders come into the country? Why are churches so excited to help invaders, but can’t be bothered to help poor blacks? Immigration opens the door for lots of jimmy rustling questions you can spring on your normie friends.

The Civil Rights Movement created many more racists than it cured, because it brought many whites into contact with blacks for the first time. All those middle-class white people who had to flee their neighborhoods for the suburbs took with them a hard lesson, even if there was no way to turn back the clock. The same is true with open borders. There could be no such thing as white identity politics without mass immigration. It exists due to this demographic catastrophe inflicted upon us.

That’s probably the hardest part about this for dissidents, as well as the immigration patriots in the civic nationalist sphere. There’s no “winning” in the conventional sense when it comes to immigration. The die is cast, as far as the demographics of the North America. The future is majority-minority, with large swaths of the continent off-limits, for all practical purposes, to white people. Debating immigration is an entry point for discussing an ideology built for what comes next, not what has already happened.

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210 thoughts on “Immigration Agitation

  1. The die is cast indeed. Trump will probably be the last Republican president. When Hispanics take over completely things will get mighty interesting for everyone except them. This is especially true for blacks. The dirty little secret is hispanics hate blacks worse than the KKK ever did. They don’t care that blacks ancestors were slaves.

    They also could not possibly care less about the holocaust or giving money and resources for Israel’s security.

  2. You say: “Once the bluff is called, all future bluffs are worthless.” Nonsense. Once a bluff is called, the opponents can never tell whether you’re bluffing or holding. It puts them off balance. Play some poker.

    • Life is not poker. Poker may be a useful metaphor in a limited sense, but a very limited sense.

  3. Britain has a similar problem. Apparently several undesirables of one well-known religion are due to be sent back to Pakistan but can’t go because the deportation involves Pakistan processing the paperwork at their end. Astonishingly, they aren’t in any great hurry over there so the ne’er-do-wells stay put in the UK.

    Why, it’s almost as if the rules the west thinks everyone should play by are totally ignored by non-western nations for their own benefit.

  4. Surrendering the institutions without a fight, while they remain extant centers of power and influence, is so unimaginably stupid and immature, I find it hard to believe that anybody with the IQ to keep up with Z would even contemplate it.

    This pathological binarism, this mania for either/or, is it something that this sort of politics selects for, is it simply a libertarian prior, or will this be a decades-long tantrum of punk ass bitches who are finally learning the messy truth concerning life and its unfairness?

  5. What about the Congolese that were caught at the border, taken to the San Antonio bus depot and basically sent on their merry way into the U.S. We’ve never had large groups of Sub-Saharan Africans show up at the southern border. Ebola is loose and is coming to a town near you. THAT is the weapon that globohomo is going to use to bring the U.S. down.

      • The Black Death didn’t just kill Europeans. It originated in China. Estimates are that up to 1/2 of the population of the Yuan empire died (probably closer to 25-30%). Approximately 30% of Persia died. India was ‘depopulated’. The Golden Horde brought the plague to Kaffa in the Crimea (one story claims that they launched corpses over the walls!) and the Italians spread it to the rest of Europe. The Middle East got a big dose of it too. Some sources say that 10,000 people per day died in Cairo.

  6. The Deep State showed him a picture of Kennedy, then they brought him to the roomful of Jews whom tell him what to do. Ain’t nothin new under the sun. Same old shit, another year older and deeper in debt.

  7. In 2015, Trump gave me hope that there might still be a political solution to America’s problems. While I had my doubts, I at least thought political solutions were possible.

    But Trump’s election showed us that even if Trump were really serious and really capable, there was little one guy, no matter how well placed, could do to change an institution the size and scope of the federal government. The establishment was well prepared for an outside attack. And they get to do what they do while getting paid to do it. It is their full time job. From federal workers, to the media, to elected politicians to unelected judges, they all did their part to grind down the president’s agenda. Most of what they did was rather passive. There is so much more they could have done had it been necessary. But mostly passive resistance was all it took.

    This is why I have zero hope that any of this could be fixed by politics. Revolution is the only thing which has even a minor chance of success.

    • Another yup. At least we had to give it a try. Normies are still trying, and I don’t know if they’re entirely wrong for that.

      I like Zman’s judgement that he may be “agreeing and amplifying”; the canny old negotiator might see that as the best tactic in his situation to wake up the fox.

  8. Zman: “That’s probably the hardest party about this for dissidents…”

    When we become mainstream enough to compete in national politics, that should be our motto. “Dissident Right…the hardest party.”

  9. Congratulations Z Man! You’ve done it again! You’ve written another article that’s gotten responses illustrating the number of dumb people on our side and demonstrating why we’re losing – and why we’re doomed. As Trump oversees the greatest immigration assault on the nation, “conservatives” still defend him. Half-a-Million illegal babies to be born in the US this year! Yeah Trump!!! – Our cats and chickens are smarter than most die-hard Trump supporters.

    • Again, you mistake the nature of the group. If you wish to bash Trump, spew bile rather than present logical argument, then I suggest you take your own advice and move on over to the Huffington Post where you’ll be right at home and not have your Trump derangement syndrome questioned. Grown-ups tend to post here.

    • So who should we have voted for instead? If you have been around this site for long, you should realize that the prevailing opinion around here is that we will not be voting our way out of this. I wish Trump would have done quite a few things differently. But, as has been noted, he kept Cankles and the Rapist out of the White House, and that is a great thing in and of itself, for no better reason than to watch her stew in her anger, all day, every day. I’m just petty and rotten that way.

      • Dutch wrote, “So who should we have voted for instead?”. Thank you. Yes, that’s the good question… So we need to keep fighting, but blind Trump-love isn’t an answer. That’s what the Left does, blind faith in messiahs. If Trump is our best mule now, ok, then we need keep constant pressure on and constantly reevaluate our weaknesses.

        • Name*, no serious reader of this blog needs your lecture. Blind Trump love doesn’t show its face here. That’s Hannity and Limbaugh stuff.

          Dutch asked a practical question; think upon it and offer a sober response. And for God’s sake, calm down.

          • Calm Down.

            Sorry. This … thing… is what we’re fighting against. I can’t figure out if normies are repulsed or attracted by that. I would hope the standard disgust gene is not gone. Yet?

            Remember – the ‘haters’ in this video is who these people think we are.

          • Pimpkin, correct. All that’s been asked for of Name* is considered response, rather than blind, emotional invective. So far, none has been given. The result, no minds changed on Trump—good or bad. This conversation gets us nowhere.

        • ” That’s what the Left does, blind faith in messiahs.”

          So that’s why they’ve won every battle for the past 120 years!

      • Trump is our only option until a realistic something or a realistic someone better comes along. At a minimum it give us more time to get our act together.

        • Yup. All we’re gonna get, so we need to realistically access the road ahead.

          The world doesn’t give a damn if we’re pissy or not.

    • The elephant in the room is sending another 1000 troops to the middle east today (to protect those borders) while not sending troops to our own border. He has more power to just station troops on the border than to build a wall.

      Yes, most MAGA people are too emotionally involved to see the con job. Politicians are like prostitutes, never get emotionally involved.

  10. While “conservative” authors write article-after-article about how much they want to snuggle up with Trump, reality points to a radically different story. Trump is overseeing the greatest weaponized immigration assault on the nation in history. So if you, “love Trump despite his immigration policy” – just wait. Just wait until all those illegals start voting and the US is turned into a one party state. The boot will then be on your throat and Trump put it there. Embrace that Trump put it there. There is one-single issue and it will positively invoke the end of the nation.

    • Name*, bullshit. Again name a policy/action that Trump can and should undertake wrt IA’s that is within his authority to do. And perhaps explain what other politicians/presidents have done better, or why any other pol in office would do better. You can’t. And that’s the problem. You spout simple invective, but have no recommendation for improvement nor practical consideration of the process that faces a President in the office.

      Now, there is room to criticize the political situation in general, and the man’s savvy, but the “case” you attempt to make wrt the Trump specifically is without merit. Folks like you are a dime a dozen in the commenter group’s, all fire and fury, no thought or substance.

  11. The wildcard would be if ICE raided WORKPLACES and took not only the illegals (supposedly only with active deportation orders so there wouldn’t be same delays), but also arrested the employers.

    • tz1, that is a fair and reasonable argument. I too want to know why there are not more raids on egregious workplace violators and an arrest of business exec’s who profit from these IA’s. There are two (at least) methods to stem the tide: border hardening, and souring the milk that attracts these people.

  12. “If you care about your community and want to support those working hard on your behalf…” Now you’re speaking my language. Thanks for making donating easy (for me) by setting up a PayPal account.

  13. I very rarely submit a comment but I will to this article – Trump is a traitor. Trump has proven to be a bold traitor to the US. Yeah, there will be Leftist voter fraud in 2020, they will commit voter fraud in Trump’s favor. Trump is the Far-Left’s guy. So the gov is buying airplane tickets to fly 100,000s of illegals into the heart of the US, but Trump will “deport millions”. Asinine. And conservatives believe it. Conservatives continue to look at Trump with Goo-goo eyes demonstrating that the only thing that exceeds Leftist evil is conservative stupidity.

    • Trump is a traitor. Trump has proven to be a bold traitor to the US.

      The same with Nigel Farage. Nobody has done more harm to Brexit than Nigel, Trump’s good pal. They follow exactly the same MO: round up the punters, string them along for as long as possible and stab them in the back when it’s time to deliver. It’s not just that he’s all bust and no flush, he’s actively a globalist, keeping other players off the stage.

    • Two and a half years into Trump’s first term and African Americans and African Africans are pouring into Idaho. Barely a trickle during the Obama Administration.

    • For those who “down-voted” my comment – why aren’t you simply over at Huff-Post?

      • You were most likely down voted because your posting was simply an antiTrump rant of unsupported, gratuitous assertions. If you wish to discuss an issue, then state that issue with a specific or two and if interesting, you might get a response. As it is, your first posting contributed nothing to the group’s discussion. But I guess by your 2nd posting here, you simply want affirmation rather than enlightenment—however the other side of that coin is rebuke, so don’t complain.

        • Dude – like you’re so intelligent. And oh but I do want enlightenment – maybe you can help me?!

          • The up/down thing is not anything to get hurt over. You’ve got to man up. If 50 people give thumb up, and 50 people give thumb down, you have a comment score of 0, just as if your comment hadn’t been read at all. At least -3 tells you that your comment did not go unnoticed.

            Build from that.

          • Name*, I’d like to help and am trying, but you are a particularly hard case. Reread, and step up your game. Substance, not emotion wins. You have a bone to pick with Trump, fine, so do I. But when you spout undirected/unsupported invective, there really is no reasonable conversation/exchange that can be had. That rule does not simply apply to Trump criticism, but to any criticism of any subject discussed here. i’m happy to engage in an exchange of ideas, but hate is not an idea—it’s a weakness. Overcome it.

    • Looks like my original stone-cold-accurate, undeniably true post has been down-voted maybe five or so times. Ah, what a time to be alive. We, my friends…… we are the stupid people….. we are dumb, we are lost. (If you hear or see any additional accurate information – just close your ears and eyes!) Go Trump! Have a good day! Have a great day!

        • Bah. So Trump settled on a deal that secured his grandkid’s protection and future- so did Hillary.

          Both secured Tribal membership for those kids. It is Nature’s law that you take the best deal you can get.

          I can’t find it in me to begrudge him this, nor to let the perfect be the enemy of the goodish-kinda-okay-well-he’s-as-much-as-we-can-expect-to-get.

      • Name*, speak for yourself…whoops, I see you have. Just change “we” to “I” for clarity

  14. If we were able to win by democratic means, we would have a nationalist party controlling the government, and repatriation for immigrants post 1965 would be policy. The Democrats would be running on a platform of reduced legal immigration and a requirement that they learn English.

    In the long run, there will be fewer and better white people. That can be okay, because that is how we conquered the world the first time around. What is frustrating to me is that this not the beginning of the end, but the end of the beginning

  15. Here’s how to get rid of the majority of illegals without delay, and voluntarily–end all public assistance. To eliminate the “inhumanity” of it all and blunt the inevitable leftie propaganda war, guarantee the illegals that the same assistance they were getting will be provided in their former countries for a fixed time.

    • Exactly so, although that only works if you’ve got an immigration stop plus e-verify so they can’t come back for another handout.

      Also, the tax payers must pay for their mistakes, they must suffer for voting for traitors, foreign influence agents and prostitutes, or they learn nothing.

      • Felix, indeed. Note how our so called “sanctuary” cities and States have cried bloody murder when it seemed Trump was buying bus tickets for IA’s to travel their “sanctuaries”. As a current resident of a sanctuary city, we are on the brink of collapse. Saved only by the fact that most IA’s don’t want to live in this Leftist craphole, so are wanting to move on—assuming a free bus ticket for their troubles is in the offing.

        BTW, you do realize that these folk, when release to wander the States on their own recognizance are given an EBT card for several hundred dollars of welfare (depends on family size), and the card renews on the first of every month. Just think about that. And they still fill every bed we can produce.

        • these folk, when release to wander the States on their own recognizance are given an EBT

          So I’ve read, yes. I am not terribly surprised, much the same is happening in Europe, producing ‘asylum tourism’, where you frivolously apply for asylum so you have a basic income while you and your pals go on a burglary spree. When the authorities catch you, you start all over in the next country, or simply get a new name and do the same country again.

  16. Racist. My wish is that every time a normal sensible right-wing person uses the word Trotsky invented to muddy thought, it is put in a cage of quote marks.

    • The goal must be that it is used without the quotation marks, like a normal word: it’s entirely human, something wired into our brains by evolution and nothing to feel ashamed about.

      There’s nothing wrong with being racist, but there’s no need to be an asshole about it either. As they say, preferring your own children to your neighbour’s, doesn’t mean you hate all children but your own.

      • Maybe that’s why, pre-Trotsky, there was no word for racist. It was taken for granted and normal, and as you say, wired into our brains to prefer your own race.

      • Racist doesn’t mean malevolent.
        Everybody’s a racist, and that’s good- people can punish their own far harder than outsiders dare, and both will agree to it.
        “Don’t shame your skin.”

  17. The argument that Trump’s Zio-cucking and transparent electioneering on immigration is a win-win is valid, but unsatisfying. In the same way as NAxALT is always applicable, the accelerationist element of persistent Con, Inc. grifting and Lefty tent-preaching goes without saying. It’s always applicable. I’m more interested in whether “my guy” is a net negative or positive than if I can somehow squeeze a white pill fix out of his latest betrayal.

    I think we’re past reasonable disagreement that on immigration, foreign policy and “draining the swamp,” Trump has been a net negative. Those are 3 of his “big 4” issues (trade being the only one to be determined) that made him something more/better than Jebya or Marcotte Rubio. His only remaining tricks are dog-wagging war with Iran and Obama-style “just wait until I don’t have to worry about re-election” hope among the most die-hard Orange Kush chuggers.

    That’s the heartstring this immigration enforcement kabuki is meant to yank on. I know guys who are legit combat vet heroes of Iraq who are still plan-trusting Trump because Mueller failed/second-term gloves-will-come-off. It breaks my friggin’ heart to argue with these guys. I know they’re sincere and they’ve bled for America, but their Burger Nationalist myopia helps keep the country they love in a globo-schlomo death-spiral.

    • Seriously what has peace given us? Mass third world immigration. SJWs. Ultra feminism. Exterminate Whitey stuff.

      We need a good long hard war against China, Russia and Iran with carriers sunk and cities nuked and serious losses. The Salem witch trials only ended when the wife of the Governor was accused. Only when the elites fear that they could be replaced by Xi will they need us.

      Dindu nation never won a war. Nor has Central America.

      Pray for war. Peace will make us all virtual slaves to Globohomo corp to support the vibrant complete with reinforcing collar or brain implants. War makes every White man needed to save the elites Hamptons mansion and every vibrant dead weight in the crusades to save the Hamptons.

      All we are saying is give war a chance. Peace is over. If you want it.

      • I’m anything but a pacifist but none of those nations threaten us in any significant fashion. If anything, Russia, China & Iran are the primary opposition to globo-schlomo. I’m with Derb on the “Northern Alliance.” If we wanted to attack the nations that primarily threaten the interests of Whites in the U.S., we’d annex Baja, Finlandize the rest of Mexico, re-take the Panama Canal, and form an Arctic-Persian alliance to send Blacks back to Africa, impose “containment” on the Herbrew-Sunni alliance and “help” dual-loyalist Jews (particularly Ashkepaths like Max Boot) to make aliyah so they don’t get themselves pogrom’d in our homeland.

        • United States, Canada, and Russia control half the worlds landmass. That’s a simple tripartite alliance.

          • So simple it’s actually brilliant. Now that you’ve pointed it out, it’s obvious.

            (And it would accomplish Exile’s recommendations, which are top priority necessary. China would stay home and watch.)

          • You are essentially following the plot of numerous Jerry Pournelle scifi novels. American-Russian dominance forming the “Co-dominion.”

            The flip side of that union in the novels is the Co-dominion deports everyone who is a “problem” to new worlds.

            Among the various not-getting-with-the-program groups are Jews, Amerinds, Afghans, Turks, and you guessed it… good ol’ boy American Patriots.

            Not going anywhere in particular with this, just a point of interest.

      • You are definitely on to something here, Whiskey.
        Nobody but nobody does war like whites do, in both a good and a bad way.

        (The Japanese were defending against a relentless push towards their home islands.)

        But no brother wars, that’s the goal of the enemy. I’m with Exile and Ivan all the way.

  18. When we get our Neo-Sulla, I will fully support Neo-Sulla in his retribution against those who paved the demographic road–to include their posterity–just as those who let the barbarians inside the limites will have visited calamity on my posterity.

    It did not have to be this way.

      • Diocletian invented the bureaucratized, multicultural slave-state; he was arguably the progenitor of the EU. He was ‘Roman’ in the way the current Mayor of London is English.

        Sulla was a flat-out Roman. +1 for that, anyway.

        • There was no ideological multi-culti in Rome under Diocletian or any other ruler. Multi-culti is a 20th-century innovation. That said, the Roman Empire was certainly multi-racial and multi-ethnic, but that reality long predated Diocletian.

          Diocletian did further rationalize Rome’s bureaucracy, but I’m not sure he actually “grew” the bureaucracy.

          More to the point, however, Diocletian, like Sulla, recognized that Rome was in dire straits and that radical measures were necessary if it was to survive. And once he completed his program, he retired. A Diss-Con Sulla or Diocletian could be just the thing for America.

  19. It is not Trump’s fault that any deportation of illegals will get hung up in court for a million years. After all, a US President is not a dictator (though Obama came damn close- ruling by UNCONSTITUTIONAL executive orders).

    What should be done immediately is the USA should stop all financial aid to Central American nations that supply the illegals and also break diplomatic relations with those nations.

    Why the USA is providing $$$$ to El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico (?) at all – totally escapes me. It just allows these nations to never address the real problems they have; sort of like providing multi-generational welfare to families (how well has that worked out?).
    And my guess is that the folks that govern those nations have a visceral hatred of the USA; you know, the usual Yankee imperialism crap.

    US citizens have trouble paying for college, heath insurance, etc., and the SOBs in the US Congress think that sending millions of $$$ (extracted from the working wages of Americans) to those nations somehow benefits the American citizenry.

    Why all Americans don’t see what’s going on is to me a mystery.

  20. What’s great about having degenerate, corrupt, and malicious rulers is that the longer they wallow in their BS the more they begin to actually believe it. They confuse a peoples’ ability to put up with a lot crap with an infinite tolerance for crap. Overreach becomes their norm.

    The political and cultural propaganda in all forms has made an enemy of at least half the populace and probably a majority of white Americans. This will only increase. The ‘invisible hand’ has gone from a steady manageable tail wagging the dog…to clown world accelerationism. They’ve screwed the pooch. Even the dullest of our tribe are beginning to get it.

    Trump is popular not because he’s actually done anything but because as in 2016 he gives people hope. They as of yet have no where else to turn. He’s become a placeholder until someone or something ratchets things up considerably. That day is coming soon. We are in an accelerated state not an inertial one.

  21. “The mass media has done an amazing job of keeping them from really noticing it.”

    The Dissident Right is like an oceanographer who sees a tidal wave rolling in, and tries to warn people before it’s too late.

    (Here I immodestly link to my newly-opened blog, in which I expand on this point:

    I promise I won’t do this again. Thanks to the Zman for inspiring me to make the leap from commenter to blogger, and all the guys who check out my page.)

  22. I agree strongly with your concluding paragraph, Z. We could permanently clamp off POC immigration tomorrow for the next 200 years and America’s goose would still be pretty much cooked. The damage has already been done, and the only remaining solutions are radical ones. Will whites become radicalized–normalized, really–enough to push for radical measures of self preservation? To me, this will be the key question for so-called “America” in the time it has left.

    • One reason I still think it’s worth doing is that many Hispanics really are more culturally different than biologically different. Even the Aztec-Americans aren’t as bad as the Blacks. Hispanics tend to intermarry a lot with Whites in subsequent generations, too. I know a lot of fully assimilated Hispanics and I think there is some hope that if the flow of new, unassimilated peasants stops, then as things start to go to hell, a significant portion will jump on the White ship and contribute to White electoral power.

      Note that this is different than the timeless Republican refrain of “We have to woo the Hispanic vote!” No, we don’t. We woo the White vote and if some Hispanics see their interests are better served by that, then great.

      My own criticism of my idea is that a lot of the invaders are of the irredeemably low IQ and low skill variety and they are long used to seeing government as a source of goodies and favors, and are easily manipulated. They don’t have our cultural traditions and it could be impossible to weed that out of their kids — generation after generation has stuck to that failed attitude in their home countries, despite repeated, crushing failures of their governments and nations. Why should they be different here? We really don’t have time to hope for re-education.

      • Vizzini, well put. Being in a majority hispanic environment, if I had a choice between Black and Hispanic—well there is no choice. Crime is bad, but nothing like our Black urban areas—and the Hispanic culture, while not mine, is entirely within acceptable norms. We can coexist a lot more easily, especially if we can eliminate the race pimps who thrive on disharmony.

    • The problem with this sort of forecasting is that whites expect the party to keep on going for centuries.

      It’s not gonna. As it is we’re one burst ponzi bubble away from a total economic and social crisis. And it’s coming. If Trump wins he buys us a few more years. If the Dems win, they will crash the system with insane spending programs by the mid 2020’s or sooner.

      And factor in their anti-white and gun grabbing obsessions I can see things going pearshaped real fast.

      • But we should always bear in mind just how difficult it is to predict the future more than a few years out. It seems there’s always a black swan just over the horizon and the future plays out differently than anybody expects. Still, in its general contours, I believe the Diss-Con vision of the future is likely to prove reasonably accurate.

  23. It’s not a coincidence that immigration went off the rails when monetary policy went off the rails. When you have more than half the Federal budget being the issuance of bonds, and central banks soaking up those bonds, you have the tools and resources to keep this problem festering for decades. If we woke up one morning and theFederal government had to live within its means, meaning taxes=spending, government services would literally have to be cut in half…or more. Imagine the pie shrinking by half just as millions of Marias and Martas are climbing aboard the WIC train for their bambinos.

    The future is not just demographic change, but vicious fighting over scarce resources as monetary policy reverts to the mean. and it will revert to the mean, because in 5,000 years of written human history, no debt laden monolith like this have ever survived. Federal debt per taxpayer exceeds $180k. May alone had a deficit of $200+ billion. It’s laughable at this point. But laughter will turn to tears.

  24. It was Mark Steyn who opened my eyes and turned me into a demographic bore. Now Audacious Epigone, with his graphs particularly the famous one of projected African population growth to the end of the century, has concretized me further in the small yet realistic demographic bore identity group. The Camp of Saints numbers are evident.

    Have had no luck opening up the eyes of others. Demographic bores are as popular as a turd in a punch bowl. Have woken up as late to the ferociously blinkered and River of De Nile aspect of human nature. Edward Dutton has penned an article
    that posits we shall go deeply down into the hellish void due to lack of ethnocentrism before our white IQ can pull us out of the void. I sometimes wish I wasn’t so woke about human nature, but there you have it.

    • I predict we who post here are seeing the fairly early stages of that descent, but won’t see the bottoming. Our grandchildren and great-grandchildren, however, will experience the bottom of the Pit. It will then take approximately 150 years for their descendants to claw out and rebuild Western civilization.

    • RFF, thank you for that excellent VDare article; sharing it with friends and family now. Always looking for good info with which to keep chipping away at demographic-denial armor worn by so many whites.

      • wow….much obliged. Glad article was useful. You’re a greater man than I, Gunga Din. My small circle of folks would go deer in headlights then change the subject if I waved around this bloody shirt of an article.Lucky you have people to share it with. Take care.

      • I see an awful lot of talk among right wingers and white nationalists that they’re “going to be left with the middle”.

        That’s just strategically stupid. If that’s where you head is at – then you’re admitting defeat.

        There’s a goddam reason why so much of the population lives on the coasts. So now you’re telling me that all the white people are going get stuck in the middle of the country – surrounded by their enemies – who are living it up along the ocean?

        Saying you’re going to end up in the middle of the country is admitting you’re going to lose – and it’s also an admission that the POC are your betters. You will be subject to never ending oppression coming out of the coastal power centers – while ABC News runs story after story about how tornadoes are again devastating “white containment zones”.

        You had damn well take over Louisiana and New Orleans especially – unless you want to be cut off completely from the rest of the world.

        Do you people think shit thru at all?

        • Carlsdad, the question wasn’t “what part of the continent is ideal for whites?”, but “what part is most likely to not be off limits?” The answer is it’s most likely to be the middle, which I’m basing on current demographics. What part is ideal is another discussion.

        • The future white ethnostate could include the coastal areas of southern Washington. But being landlocked isn’t the end of the world. Switzerland is perhaps the most successful nation on the planet, all things considered.

          • Switzerland… and?

            Being landlocked is a disaster, it’s like living without an access to the highway network. Trade becomes much more expensive and – of course – you’re entirely at the mercy of those controlling the coast.

          • If it’s a disaster, why has Switzerland been so successful for centuries? Lichtenstein does well. Slovenia is probably the most prosperous of the former Warsaw Pact territories. Belay that, the Czech Republic, another landlocked country, does even better than Slovenia. Geography is important, but pales–so to speak–in comparison to human capital. Where would you rather live? Austria or Mozambique.

          • Both countries are being fed EU subsidies and remittances; Lichtenstein is not a real country, it’s a tax haven.

            Granted, it’s not a death sentence, but you’re still dependent on your neighbors’ goodwill if you want to trade with the world – just look at Palestine. And historically, the Czechs and the Slovaks are not exactly among the most successful tribes in Europe, no disrespect intended.

            Also, as a coastal nation, you get to harvest the ocean for protein and drill the seabed for oil.

          • Yes, ideally you have access to the sea. But if you have sufficient natural resources you can practice autarky and do quite well for yourself. And the ethnostate I envision would possess massive natural resources–agricultural and otherwise. Combine that fact with excellent human capital, and relatedly, a harmonious, homogeneous society, and you’ve got yourself a pretty good horse in the race.

          • “why has Switzerland been so successful for centuries?“

            A careful, and well-armed neutrality.

            And by holding money for a lot of powerful people.

          • Alazaebo
            You make my point for me. Outside Africa, Afghanistan is arguably the preeminent shithole in the world.

        • So now you’re telling me that all the white people are going get stuck in the middle of the country – surrounded by their enemies – who are living it up along the ocean?

          It worked so well for the Indians.

          • My point being, that the reason the last Indians lived in an inland pocket and not in some coastal community, is because it’s the least desirable land in America.

          • Perhaps the land was “least desirable” because it was the homeland of the most savage, vicious, truculent Indians in North America, and also the best horsemen and fighters. Far easier to hang out in Massachusetts or Vermont and pall around with the Algonquins and the Iroquois than venture into Kansas or South Dakota and deal with the Sioux and the Comanches.

          • The most costly Indian war was King Phillip’s War (1675-1676); about 10% of the military-age population of New England was killed. (Indian casualties were much higher.) Those eastern Indians could be pretty formidable (e.g., Pontiac and Tecumseh). The Plains Indians were fierce fighters, but their cause was hopeless–they lacked the numbers, technology and social and political organization to do anything more than delay the white man’s advace.

          • Perhaps the land was “least desirable” because it was the homeland of the most savage, vicious, truculent Indians in North America, and also the best horsemen and fighters.

            True, that didn’t help, but the high plains really is poor land, semi-arid and treeless. If you don’t have power equipment to run your irrigation systems, it is marginal farmland, useful only for grazing cattle.

            There’s also the simple logistic fact that the prairie belt is the furthest away from where the settlers disembarked, so as civilization crept in from the coasts and the great rivers, the prairie was by default the last frontier, the last place Indians could live free.

            And fierce as the Comanches were, once the railroad arrived, with cheap and fast trade connections to the coast, buffalo hide became commercially viable and it was all over in two years – you could argue the prairie Indians were conquered by ocean trade.

          • Fortunately, we do have irrigation equipment, so the only agricultural concern would be the depletion of the Ogalalla Aquifer. That said, there are quite a number of dry-land farmers who do quite well, although their lifestyle is boom-and-bust. Still, rich agricultural land, and America’s breadbasket. The future ethnostate’s breadbasket, too.

      • All parts if we handle it right.

        First we excise the blue coastal hives. Which are home to the well off white elites. All of them are now powder kegs thanks to the massive importation of 3rd world savages.

        We get the ball rolling by turning off water and power to those hives and encouraging the inhabitants to butcher each other – which isn’t hard since the various races hate each others guts and it’s only by the efforts of the police that those hives aren’t already awash in blood.

        The blood bath is coming no matter what. If we do nothing it will still come about. So we should take advantage of it when it does happen by targeting the coastal urban power centers of the elite.

      • Nevada’s new lunatic leaders are centered in the 600 square miles of the Las Vegas basin, and the very southern part of Washoe County — Reno-Sparks, AKA the Truckee Meadows. The rest of the state …. 15 Counties, solidly rejects this transformation.

        Vegas had been something different and a conduit for destructive social trends for over half a century, but it’s influence was held in check by the more traditionalist (and, yes, self-interested and small-minded) social/political groupings across Reno/Sparks/Carson City and the cow counties. But with the tremendous increase in the flow of Californians and other economic immigrants into the urban nodes in the north, that enclave has been transformed into a hipster paradise. It went from a decidedly western / working class / traditionalist culture, to a world of Whole Foods and REI-inhabiting peoples with pink hair and trans-inspirations in a short span of time, and the whole place fell.

        But, as with the larger America, the forces that drove the shocking change there — NV is little more than CA Even ast now — are tremendously concentrated. Writing off the whole state may be a necessary assumption due to the legal net the crazed Left can now cast ocer the whole 110k square miles. However, practically speaking, and if thinking outside the box, I don’t believe one has to write off the peoplaces lying outside the direct area of influence of this new ruling junta.

  25. No amnesty.
    A moratorium on all immigration.
    Repeal the immigration act of 1965.
    Deportation of anyone here illegally.
    Secure the border.
    Prosecute anyone that knowingly hires an illegal.
    End birthright citizenship.

    These suggestions are a good start.

    • Those suggestions are a final goal, not a good start. If you start out showing all your cards the cucks and those afeared of the R word will run and hide and the left will win. Rome wasn’t built in a day nor was it destroyed in one.

      • These suggestions are more than a good start. They are a necessity. Whether they are accomplished over time or in one fell swoop the cucks and pussies will get the vapors regardless. There are a number of fixes we can implement after we are finished with these. We are not Rome. We are the United States. I wish you well.

      • No, there is more,

        Deportation of anyone the common law and past practice allows, any criminals, people who do not speak English and a permanent tight cap on green cards , h1B and all that

        Optimum is near zero

        With those I don’t know 30-50 million deportations the US will recover fine

        That said the Dissident are going to have to take power away from the childish cucks and money men. This won’t be easy and avoiding getting teap partied or outspent is tough

        However it should be done as the left is want to say By Any Means Necessary

        Right now necessary though is limited to figuring out what the hell we want and working the system. Hopefully we can avoid more kinetic methods though i doubt it

    • They’re a great start, except we’d need an American version of Franco to implement them.

  26. Since majority-minority is already baked in the cake, it’s easy to think “why bother” when pushing for immigration restriction. I keep reminding myself that there are still 200 million white people here, out of about 330 million. We’re still a force, if we can get more low information and/or indoctrinated whites to realize what’s coming when our numbers dwindle and to stop being fearful of the R word.

    • A useful analogy is if your life takes a bad turn and you have to go into debt. Is this a license to become a spendthrift? Do you want to end up $10,000 in debt or $100,000 in debt?

      Similarly, just because we are destined to become a minority is not a reason to stop fighting immigration. Our difficult future is not a reason to allow in another million immigrants.

    • Grant any white South Africans that want to immigrate to the US refugee status. Repeal the civil rights act of 1964.

      • White South Africans gave away their own country.

        I’ve also had dealings with a number of white South Africans – and I’ve never come away from the experience thinking they’d be a net plus being brought into this country – seeing as how they understand jack shit about it.

        Just because somebody has a white face – doesn’t make him (or her) your friend.

        • That’s not entirely fair. The entire Western world waged war against white South Africa to destroy it. I remember it well. The UN’s machinations against Israel today are very small beer by comparison.

          • I don’t want any more brother wars period but I sometimes think the world would have been better had S.A.had long enough range missiles to glass most Western capitals and the will to use them.

            Again this is a nation that couldn’t arrange an accident for its worst political enemy while it had him in custody so that wasn’t going to happen.

          • Well, while we’re fantasizing, try this one on for size: all whites depart Africa/the Caribbean and return to Europe/North America/NZ/Australia; all blacks depart those lands and return to Africa/the Caribbean.

          • That could be done by a fairly fierce and dictatorial regime. Getting such a regime would not be easy though and it might start a war, more over the principal of territory than for any actual gains

          • What SA did was exactly what the US did. How? They allowed their “feelings” to get in the way of their (former) good sense and understanding. The entire world was engulfed in such fantasy—half of the White world still is.

            Well that train has come and gone. After the fantasy has vanished, reality remains. The forefront of the reality movement is the dissident right. The fog before the eyes is lifting, but time is needed to spread the word. Science is progressing, HBD understanding is becoming mainstream and making inroads. All that the Left now has is brute force to maintain their ideology.

        • Likewise. I used to read Kim du Toit, a South African ex-patriot living in the US until I realized that he was an anti-Apartheid protester in his youth and still supports his actions. He was one of the privileged private-school elite in South Africa who could afford to flee. He vacations with millionaires at their massive estates in the UK. He’s the feckless, rootless global elite that doesn’t care that it handed over the land his ancestors carved out of a wasteland and made prosperous and doomed the less fortunate of his fellow White countrymen to persecution and genocide. Even Blacks are worse off in the new SA, but he won’t say “I was wrong to fight against Apartheid.”

        • Correct.

          First US only need to be roughly 80% pure European to function as a White country anyway, Ideally it would be vast Northern and Western European but that is slightly optional

          Also race is complicated. I know more than a few obviously Mestizo people who are deplorables . I can tell when they sit around watching One America News and Fox in the garage

          The daughter is like 1/4 Indio or something. In a generation or two no one will care of any kids she had have a Mestizo great grandma

          Same with Hapa folks as well.

          Most South Africans worth being here are probably in Oriana or already here. So no.

          Lastly ethnic makeup is subject to change. Huge chunks of So Cal used to be Black , now? Latino. Why? Outright ethnic cleansing.

          Whites are perfectly capable of doing this if we have the willpower to do so and a reason. If we don’t and can’t adapt to peace and comfort? We deserve our fate.

          We are a cultural marxist run nation and there is a saying that you can vote your way into communism but you can’t vote your way out.

          We aren’t fully there and haven’t exhausted using the system yet but in time, a certain amount after Trump, the Democrats may try to destroy you and me,

          If we use the time we have to figure out what we want, let them weaken themselves and get prepared, though ? It will only happen if we let them.

          Join or Die.

          • You don’t preserve the White race or create a White ethnostate by unilaterally declaring your favorite Mestizos or Hapas to be White, nor by defining your now mixed population sufficient at 80% of the nation.

            We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.

          • Dude. I live in California, its majority Latino or nearly so and most of the Whites are Leftists

            Changing that into a Whitopia or back to the 80’s is possible but that is a long term project of outright conquest and ethnic removal.

            Whites don’t have the surplus population, no one does even the South Americans are in decline

            Till we have a surplus which is going to require huge social change if its ever possible, you can’t take land put people on Mars or do any of that kind of thing

            Reverse nearly 50 years (more if you count the depression) of below replacement fertility before you do anything bold

            And sure, civic nationalism mostly sucks but there are areas where its the only option and a Right, Whitish place would be better than nothing and better than what we have

            I don’t give a shit about it here in Cali as a lot of people are already mixed anyway. If letting some stay makes Cali Whiter and Righter with less fuss then i’m fine with it

            This does not apply to places that are vastly Whiter though. I’m talking heavily Mestizo already blended areas not Maine or something

            No reason to apply something that makes sense here, to everywhere

            Now I agree with you on the White race issues but Europe is the natural home of the White race which must remain White

            The US which is and always has been a battlefield

            Hell there is evidence that a giant race of red haired people once inhabited this continent and were wiped out

            This will happen over and over anyway

            The US and Oz and N-Zed are great lands and it would be worth fighting for them but it may not be plausible

            And as for those 14 words, it is a worthy thing but the WN types don’t have the numbers, brain power or self discipline to do much, with a few exceptions

            Until the 14 words guys can be stable, have enough kids over a long period of time to grow the the belief system , they can’t do shit

            Come back to me when you guys have stable families galore much less a surplus population and since you can’t conquer though numbers better do what you can

    • At some point the bubble bursts because the parasites become too numerous. Then it gets interesting. The incipient tyrants will rise and attempt to take control, and part of that strategy will be to pit LEOs against patriots in the hopes of decimating both camps. If that succeeds, then brutal thugacracy will follow, and all of that will occur before illegals rule the land. The Good Guys can rebound and win, but not by wishing upon a star, or playing defense, or invoking magic spells. The correct path is as old as time itself; the smart and strong will survive and prevail. Be smart and strong.

      • Stop already with the notion that rank and file police officers will partake in any move against the deplorables. Most Blue Shirt (White shirts are boses), are part of the deplorables. The people on this blog think that beat coppers are trigger happy thugs. In Chimpcongo, over 250 people (and folks) have been killed this year. A whopping 4 of those were done by cops, and all of the victims were armed. I guess the cops have no game.
        Back to SHTF. Yes, the White Shits, who are mostly clouted and related dunderheads, will toe the company line because of their spot. The problem comes with who they are going to “lead”, if things get sporty. EVERYONE in my roll call has agreed that given an order to boot in doors or make bullshit arrests, they would laugh in a bosses face. But, what about “Muh Job”? Most of my district is ready to bug out if things go sideways. Almost everyone has a side gig. And let’s be serious, what good is a pension if you’re dead? We’re talking a major city, with most of the police coverage simply disappearing.

        Here’s a thought; nay, a wacky suggestion. Get to know your neighbor who is a beat cop. He will know in advance if something is coming down the pike. Who knows, maybe you can work together to save your hides.

        Or, you can just simply slurp down the drivel the MSM dishes out, and when Boo Boo comes a knockin at your door, you can simply raise your hands and say,”Hands up, don’t shoot!”

        • Good advise, but even without inside information—but not without preparation—you can do fine. In my area, there are about 1M population (city and immediate surrounds) 1200 city police, maybe another 1000 Sheriffs. There is no way a “roundup” of malcontents could be conducted without the Fed’s and that would be quite a signal. Even then, it would take an very long time.

        • I am the biggest advocate of don’t get sucked into the trap of fighting LEOs (even the ones who are just following orders). That plays into the hands of the elitist tyrants. They can only prevail if they get the good guys to take each other out and eliminate all the Alphas. Let them think that they can pull this off (and they will try very hard using False Flag OPs and media fearmongering). If (or when) the SHTF, go dark, disappear, be patient and unnoticed.

        • All of those blue shirts are collecting a government check. Most of them are union members. In the cities, a large proportion of them are nonwhite.

          I’m not sanguine regarding what side they’ll take if they have to choose. I recommend you not make too many assumptions.

          (I’m the son of a long dead policeman. Who would have been on our side.)

      • Most urban white cops will not play along. They know the score better than most MAGA hats and alr-rightiees. When the economic bubble bursts they will bail on the cities because there will be no economic reason to support Lefty pols since they will be broke. And they will not deal with black or Mexer pols at all knowing how corrupt they are.

        The cops understand full well our cities are powder kegs at the best of times. When the economic bubble bursts and can’t be patched those cities will go up in flames. And no cop is going to stick his neck out for a bunch of stone age rage apes and Julio the bottom feeders. They will GTFO. .

    • Did you notice what kind of white people? Even allowing for progs and the like, there are a lot of permanently apathetic or brain dead on the normie right.

  27. I sometimes think you and others are a bit harsh on the MAGA boomers but this week was revelatory for me. They have so many ready made excuses for Trump that is amazing. I guess their hatred of the Left influences that but it is hard to take if we want to move forward. The Blowhard in Chief is all in on reelection campaigning now, anything he says is to that effect.

    ( I see you modified your support pitch at the end. That sounds better without the guilt shaming. With all due respect. I’m in.)

    • So cast your vote for Kamala then. Trump isn’t a dictator. The blame for mass illegal(and legal)immigration lies with the Democrat and Republican members of the US Congress and the voters who elected them. The ONLY elected official in Washington DC with the balls to take on the immigration issue is one Donald Trump. Whether you like it or not that is the truth of the matter.

          • Demand creates a market. No alternative anti-immigration candidate will step forward and put in the enormous effort to run a presidential campaign. There is no point, when all the maga-tards are blindly supporting Trump.

          • Yes, there is an unconscious market for a more hardcore candidate, but too many in the market are creating the self fulfilling prophecy that there is no alternative by continuing to support trump.

            If more of the right were vocal about criticizing Trump, and made it clear that he has failed to perform, perhaps someone else would step forward.

          • All of you talking about candidates are using the flawed logic that our problems can be solved politically.

            They cannot. Act accordingly.

          • Ostei, this may happen. What we seem to forget is that prior to Trump, there was only a limited understanding and concern for the IA problem among the general American populous. Obama and company pushed only for legalization of IA’s in one form or another, but the discussion of the effects of illegals was not polite discussion. The Overton window has move on Trump’s watch.

          • And moving the O Window, not just on immigration, but many other issues as well, took a herculean effort by Trump. It’s difficult to overstate the importance of this result for our side.

          • Roman, again, unsupported (gratuitous) assertions are logically refuted by other gratuitous assertions. So here it is, Trump has not failed to perform. If you wish to discuss in a logical fashion, provide specifics.

          • >Demand creates a market

            All I see is young alt-righters screaming capitalism failed, give us socialism, so screw this. It’s not going to be markets when you want markets and no markets when you don’t.

          • No one, aside from Erik Striker, is saying markets should be abolished.

            NazBol is a fringe ideology, even within the Dissident Right. It just happens that one of its few adherents has a comparatively large microphone.

        • David, isolating the issue to one of Trump on border security, what is it that Trump has not done, that he could have done, wrt border security? And further what other President since Eisenhower has done as much or more to bring the issue to the forefront of public discussion.

          You seem to want to put the burden of proof on us “apologetic “Boomers” whenever there is a support of Trump. When the reality is that it is the other way around and it is you who should supply a bit more evidence for your assertions in this regard.

          So my challenge remains, if Trump is so bad in regard to the IA situation, why—and how, should he improve. I’ve ask such in the past, but the anti-Trumper’s here have been silent for the most part.

          • Well, one action that comes to mind that he could have taken, and still can take, without Congressional or Judicial approval would be to carry out his threat a number of weeks ago to simply close the southern border. He’s the CIC, ffs, whose primary duty as such is to protect the nation’s borders from physical invasion. A short direct verbal order to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to deploy, starting yesterday, whatever troops and logistical support are necessary to do so, would suffice.

            Also, there is no reason why the president cannot simply task the ACE with commencing construction of the wall, using funds already available in the ACE budget by reassigning them from less critical missions – something previous administrations have done repeatedly in other executive departments.

          • Lares, that’s a reasonable suggestion. Not sure the wall is not being build as you seem to imply, and troops might be a bridge too far wrt to IA law enforcement—but the borders would not seems to me to fall under the Posse Comitatus Act, but there is meat in you response and it is substantive.

            Where I am, there is a program on the radio produced by the Border Patrol grunts. Local folk and Union rep’s—including the National Union Head—no BP management, just the foot soldiers. I tend to buy their analysis and recommendations. They are up on Trump and claim the wall is being built. That such building is much replacement of existing wall is not of concern as the old wall was worthless in stopping traffic.

            Their best suggestion, currently being testing, is to certify agents as temp judges to rule on asylum claims. Which basically means a day or two wait, then deportation for 90% of the asylum seekers (90% is their estimate of false claimants). In other words, you are apprehended and not released, but deported rather than searched for years later when your court date comes up and is ignored.

            Like the wall, there are many reasonable suggestions to beef up deterrents. If these do not come to pass, then I’ll be changing my mind on the situation. Until then, I’m hopelessly optimistic. Albeit, I realize this does not change our overall demographic situation.

            BTW, the worse aspect wrt IA’s is now coming to pass, Africans from Congo and other vibrant countries in Africa. None from Wakanda yet, but I’m sure they’re coming too.

          • He could start deporting the criminal DACA infiltrators. He said during the 2016 campaign that he would end DACA on day one of his administration. He hasn’t. A proven willingness to identify and deport people here illegally would do much more than a physical barrier that does nothing to prevent false asylum claims and visa overstayers. He could also have imposed mandatory e-verify and aggressively prosecuted businesses who hire illegal aliens. And extending temporary protected status for Haitians and some central Americans was unnecessary. And nothing on seeking to end birthright citizenship by executive order. I could go on, but I hope you see claims of inaction are not baseless.

        • In normal times, Trump would be a joke candidate, like the Smothers Brothers once were. These are not normal times. Trump slows down the madness enveloping our culture, but that is all. He’s the least worst of a sorry set of choices.

          • I second that emotion……spot on Mr. Sun. Be grateful for what we have….then prep your ass off….make lists and options of where and what…by demographics alone we shall enter the era of who lives in the lifeboat. Have no time nor interest in political mental masturbation re Trump…the last gasp of western civ. He’s a tactic to stall for precious time. My brain is post modern now.

          • There’s two sides to that coin. Trump shows the desperation of the voting populous as much as their “madness”. The candidate field of Republicans ran the gauntlet. There were plenty of characters to choose from who were “mainstream”, but the public woke up and choose the candidate that was the most “unconventional” and therefore just might actually do what he promised, rather than spout pretty lies and tell his voters to go fuck themselves after obtaining office. Even that would not have put Trump in office, but he had the luck to draw Hillary as an opponent. Such a Hobbesian choice pushed him over the edge.

        • It’s not so much he’s all we got as it is he’s the only one saying anything about immigration period. He’s smart enough to separate legal and illegal immigration and the work and school visas. We gotta win one bit at a time like the radical left does. If somebody runs around badmouthing every immigrant he’s gonna lose and the left is gonna keep the border open.

      • I too, wished Doctor President Trump had been able to clear the swamp, rape and pillage the Imperial Capitol, and salt the earth where it stood. Alas, it may turn out that his single, most important accomplishment is exposing the pervasive depth of the rot. I think he is probably doing as much as he can. Considering what we narrowly avoided, and what certainly awaits if he his defeated, I will continue to support him. The alternative is so much worse (and obvious).

        The other obvious question that is never, ever answered by President Trump’s naysayers is, ‘Who do you have in mind to replace him?’ Name ONE person who is willing, able and capable of doing better in that position. One. I’m waiting.

        • Trump is imperfect, but he is the life support system for white America. If he loses in 2020–he won’t–to any of the AWR maniacs in the Democratic party, then the plug gets pulled on the life support system.

          “Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies. Farewell and adieu to you ladies of Spain! For we’ve received orders for to sail back to Boston, and nevermore shall we see you again…”

        • The single most important thing Trumps’ election did, was to keep the bitch from Park Ridge, via Arkansas, from the Oval Office. Everything else is simply a bonus.

          • “What would be different with cankles in the White House?”

            Two new liberal justices create 6-3 majority that interprets the second amendment out of existence.

            No exposure of the depth of deep state corruption. No one will probably be punished, but at least we see where we stand. Never talk to the FBI, have your taxes in order, stay off social media.

            Your private insurance would be gone, changing the fundamental relationship between citizens and the state forever.

            “Dreamers” naturalized. At least they are still currently illegal.

            No use of our natural assets (oil, gas) and higher taxes, slowing the economy.

          • Yes, I wake up every morning with a prayer that the Second amendment is still the law of the land. And I’m an atheist so that’s saying something.

          • DLS, your Boomerpost dwarves fo be broken down, point by point:

            >Two new liberal justices create 6-3 majority that interprets the second amendment out of existence.

            Maybe your best argument, but still just delaying the inevitable

            >No exposure of the depth of deep state corruption. No one will probably be punished, but at least we see where we stand. Never talk to the FBI, have your taxes in order, stay off social media.

            And what substantive difference does this make? I still had a Twitter sock when Barry Soweto was President.

            >Your private insurance would be gone, changing the fundamental relationship between citizens and the state forever.

            Thank you Paul Ryan for illuminating the evils of socialism! Muh Freedumb forever! Murica!!!

            >“Dreamers” naturalized. At least they are still currently illegal.

            A positive, but we all know it happens eventually.

            >No use of our natural assets (oil, gas) and higher taxes, slowing the economy.

            Really, we’re pushing “muh tax cuts” here? And adding environmental pillage to boot?

            I’m glad your 401K is doing great and that you got your stupid embassy moved 30 miles down the road. Somehow, I don’t think your grandkids will thank you, or care.

          • Meme, you know better wrt the question you asked. You need to re-examine your bitterness. You’ll never win by wishing the world would burn down.

          • Compsci, spoken like someone who won’t have to live through the post-America hellscape your generation is leaving behind.

          • Meme, perhaps, but I don’t rely on blaming someone else for my misfortune. No one gave me anything—regardless of how you would like to stigmatize me. I did exactly as the society of the time raised me to do, and then some. I make no apologies.

            My father came here after the war, basically as a refugee—but one with a job. He managed to complete 8th grade and in his old country, that was it for his “class”. I completed my PhD.

            That’s the America I know and support, for everybody. I readily admit to a late awareness wrt biological reality, but when I did, I woke up to a great deal of the problems commonly discussed in this group. But long before then, I realized that something was wrong and society, the society I was raised in, was collapsing. I just didn’t have the proper “disease model”. Now that I believe I do, I search for the best treatment. 😉

            As I’ve stated previously, there are those out there in the readership that seem bent on blaming the Boomers for all their perceived troubles. I will not—just as I don’t blame Millennials for Bernie Sanders or AOC. We are all a product of our environment.

            A hopeful generation was lured by a siren’s song to buy, consume, and care little about tomorrow—things would always be better—America was the land of infinite promise. And it was so—for awhile. Another generation was sold a bill of goods and burdened with debt under the false promises of political grifters. They are perhaps a lost generation. But it’s the psychopaths in political office and the gazillionaire sociopaths that are most to blame. It is they who claimed to be selfless stewards of the public good. The average voter, whether Boomer or Millennial never were up to the task of catching wise.

            I was raised in good times and I know that and appreciate that. Millennials and current cohorts are not as fortunate. But to say/imply that my life experience has been at the knowing expense of others is ridiculous—such foreknowledge being impossible. Not much better than the Leftist idiots berating me for my “White Privilege”. Simply a made up concept to detract from the reality of the matters at hand.

        • You’re still thinking like it’s 1985 like most MAGA types, you think the country can be saved if we just vote harder and faster. That came and went.

          The country is finished and most MAGA hats refuse to accept it. You should be preparing for what comes next and it will be bloody.

          Now there was a chance for Trump to make a real difference on immigration. But no one except Ann Coulter held that fat clown’s feet to the fire. Instead all you MAGA hats did was worship him as a god.

          At this point it doesn’t matter who wins in 2020. The country will be bankrupt shortly thereafter.

          • You can’t save a country that is desperate to self destruct. You can’t save an r-selected society; the resources WILL be consumed.

            I am grateful to Trump for the 4 (I sincerely hope 8) years I will have dig in and prep. Use the lowered taxes to buy a plot of land somewhere away from travel routes. Don’t sweat the clown world stuff– that’s not Trump, that’s your fellow *white* citizens demanding their own destruction, and forcing you come along.

            Just use the time to harden up, stop dreaming about “fixing America.”

          • Rod, wrong and wrong again. I’ll speak for me alone—Trump is not the savior—as Ostei sagely put it, he’s the guy who’s buying us time. Some want the world to burn down quickly and put an end to it all. I want to win. There is no way a candidate even remotely suitable to the dissident right can be successful at this time. Whether we believe in the political process or not, the dissident right is not strong enough to withstand a concerted repression effort from the Left if they regain complete power. Supporting Trump, does not equate to abandoning the cause. It’s simply a tactic.

        • Well, a Tucker/Coulter ticket. But that’s a dream. As for realistic options, probably the best we could get would be someone like Ted Cruz, where it would be difficult to muster up any excitement and hope over. I’m almost back to 2000 to 2012 levels of not giving a crap who I vote for.

          • I’ve got a friend who supported Cruz back in 2016. This friend recently had a personal meeting with Cruz at the Capitol Hill and came away thoroughly disillusioned. He begrudgingly acknowledged that I supported the better candidate in Trump.

        • Name one person?

          Tucker Carlson.

          A Carlson/Coulter ticket could probably never win, but if elected they could in fact govern capably. Both are highly accomplished public figures with extensive, detailed knowledge of politics and American society, both can speak to the general White public in plain, intelligent language, both understand all too well the seething, intricate backstage elements and palace-eunuch intrigues of American politics, and both have their heads screwed on straight. Plus Coulter is actually a lawyer, so she speaks Asshole as a second language.

          If I were Trump I’d step aside, give these two my endorsement and blessing, and spend the rest of my term campaigning for them.

          It’s either that or October 1917.

      • Guess who elected all the Paul Ryans and Lindsey Grahams whom you blame?

        That’s right, the retarded MAGA hat boomer crowd voted for them…..repeatedly for decades.

      • You’re still thinking like a citizen of a country that no longer exists and not a dissident.

        The immigration debate isn’t about immigration. That’s over. We’re screwed. It’s about waking people up and getting ready for what’s coming.

      • Considering Trump has broken every promise he made on immigration and that his gutlessness on the Southern Border has made it a open border. You have to be joking or one of those cult of MAGA types.

        • As I’ve challenged you before, please provide specifics to your statement wrt Trump on immigration. How could he do better within the powers he has.

  28. Yes, it’s political theater designed to fool the gullible into thinking the tide has turned and things are improving. In reality, it’s simply one of the ruses being concocted by Trump’s campaign staff in advance of his formal reelection announcement in a few weeks. It’s all part of the memetic engineering that goes into garnering votes for 2020. For most people, paying attention to this nonsense is like putting your head in the sand. It makes anxiety disappear. It’s the new narcotic of the technology age. Nothing will change until the environment changes, and I don’t mean global warming. I mean the return of real hardship and existential threat.

    • Political theater quite possible, but the full report I heard on the Trump order was round up and deporting *only* those who failed to return to INS for their court dates and therefore their claims for asylum were rejected by default. Those folk no longer have legal standing to be here. If found, drive them right to the airport. This is the case now on a limited basis and has survived challenge.

  29. Your last point is the most important. It’s not about how to make America a country for Whites only, it’s how to avoid the fate of South Africa.

      • Why? If that’s what it takes to carve out reasonably homogeneous territories, so be it. Wouldn’t be the first time that happened in history, and it won’t be the last.

        Around 14 million Germans (~20% of the German people) were expelled from various countries AFTER World War II. Between half a million and 2 million Germans (between 0.6% and 2.5% of Germans) were killed AFTER World War II due to disease and retribution killing.

        Again, that’s after the war ended! Comparable numbers for the United States (population 320 million) would be around 65 million people being forcibly expelled from parts of the country and between 2 million and 8 million people killed. And, remember, that’s just clean up, not the real fight.

        Americans are such children. We have no clue the scale of destruction and death that can be inflicted on a people. (Maybe I’ll give Southerns a pass on that one.)

        Btw, I have family that went through that. Germans kicked out Poland. You know what, he never complained about it. In fact, he said that he’d do the same thing if he was Polish. Family lost everything, but at least they weren’t killed. Things happen. You deal with it. A generation or two later, and the countries are happier because they ethnically homogeneous.

        Is it better to wait until you’re the Boar in South Africa and have no chance.

      • I’m actually of the opinion that post-Tito Yugoslavia might be our best bet.

        I don’t think the Croats, Slovenes, or Macedonians have any complaints.

      • We won’t avoid it. Diversity plus proximity equals war. It has always been such. The only people in history to fail to understand this are apparently white Americans.

    • I remember reading the book The Big Sort way back in my normie years. It argued that people are self-sorting into more homogeneous communities.

      The author argues it’s a bad thing, but of course it’s a good thing.

      The big missing piece, however, the glue that would hold it (i.e., us) together, is consciousness of ourselves as a group. The lies we tell ourselves about white flight (e.g., “finding better schools”) won’t cut it any more. If we can get the consciousness to go along with the sorting, we’ll have a shot. We can go for a Balkanization strategy.

      • “Almost” everyone gets their safe spaces. When there are safe spaces for the rest of us, recognized as such, we will be much further along to the way home. Hint: It’s called “freedom of association”.

      • Yes, white identity must be allowed to flourish as an idea, enough to be internalized by those who are still able.

        It needn’t be in-your face overt, but it can’t be entirely in the shadows either. The notion of “good schools” must evolve to a more purposeful, active posture.

        One aspect of accelerationism I endorse is that which forces whites to choose.

        The first choice is between sacrificing their children (current or future) and culture, history, etc. to moloch for prog points or pursuing the path of “good schools”.

        The second Y in the road is between hiding in the shadows of good schools or actively pursuing multiple avenues of free association and pro-community actions that asserts white identity as a positive, legal, and righteous thing to be preserved.

        The former, the suicidal prog death cult, must be allowed to kill itself without infecting the latter.

        We must not remain so hidden that we become unable to inoculate the rest against the mind virus.

        The “separation” must happen from within.

        There are many parallels between the war on whites and the war on men. And so reclaiming masculinity can be a model for reclaiming white identity.

  30. I have to disagree. For our life times, yes, we are going to lose. From now to 2060, we will lose again and again unless things go hot. But past 2060, things look better.

    The Northern Triangle is barely above replacement level. Mexico is below replacement level. The sources of immigration are drying up. East Asia is is in worse shape than us. South Asia is in better shape but the writing is on the wall. Modernity, or Capitalism or whatever you want to call it, is infertile.

    Hispanics in America have a lot of kids in the first generation, but those kids have none. The toxic sludge we call food is hitting them harder then its hitting white people. Their women are being tuaght how to be empowered cat owners just like ours.

    Our liberal white brethren have few kids and chemically castrate the ones they do have.

    I have a dream of an abortion clinic in every black and brown neighborhood, a college degree for every hispanic woman and drag queen in every minority-majority school. And may god make them vote and identity with democrat values forever. Of course, white women and children shouldn’t get any of those benefits.

    I’m really quite the progressive.

    Unless of course the southern border stays open to African migration, then we’re fucked. Africa always wins.

    • Zman said- “There’s no “winning” in the conventional sense when it comes to immigration. The die is cast, as far as the demographics of the North America. The future is majority-minority,” You’re probably right but not all of us are getting an equal share of the cultural enrichment.One way or another I think everyone at the top will need a good dose of the future they’ve forced on us.

        • Ostei, exactly—but I’d caution those folk who think it will not affect them because they have enough $$$ to avoid it. When the majority in this country are 3rd worlders, the natural inclination of the voting majority will be income redistribution. Those with money will be the prime targets. This might not affect our gazillionairs, but that’s only .1% of the population.

        • There is absolutely no inevitability as long as there is a willingness to contemplate what is happening. Marshall McLuhan
          This is why Facebook et al censor bad thinkers, they fear we are going to derail their plans to dominate us.

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