The Biden Buggy

In 2016 there was the Trump Train, now we have the Biden Boat or, given his age, the Biden Buggy. According to all of the polls, even those in keys states, Joe Biden is the clear favorite to win the nomination. He’s polling at around 30%, which is twice his nearest rival. In fact, the latest batch has him with three times the support of Bernie Sanders, who has been in the second seat for a year now. Everyone else is in single digits, bobbing up and down with the news cycle.

Of course, there is a lifetime between now and the first votes. For a guy like Biden, who is pushing eighty, that could be literally true. He is by far the oldest man to run for the nomination and would be the oldest man to enter the White House if he won. Trump set the record when he was elected in 2016, but Biden is a decade older. It remains to be seen if the media will allow that to be an issue. Right now they seem to be tasked with selling good old Uncle Joe to the voters, as the sensible antidote to Trump.

In fairness, Biden really is the Democrat version of Trump. They appeal to the same demographic. Biden has been pitching himself as “working class Joe” for close to a century now. It’s his go-to line whenever he is out campaigning. He tells voters about how everyone has known him as “working class Joe” or sometimes he uses the phrase “lunch pail Joe.” The fact that he has never done a minute of honest labor in his life never seems to matter. The old working class whites like it.

Like Trump in 2016, Biden is the last dance for a demographic about to disappear over the horizon. Trump found a way to win over voters, who remember back to All In The Family with fondness. Either they remember their dad as the Archie Bunker type or they were the Archie Bunker type. Biden is making a similar appeal, but with a decidedly romantic tone that recalls the Democrats past, when they talked about a chicken in every pot and two cars in every garage. When the party was white and male.

While Democrats still need white votes, they are now the party of non-whites and increasingly the party of anti-whites. That’s probably what has all those old union types scrambling onto the Biden Buggy. They are tired of having to vote for someone that hates them. They are tired of pretending they are embracing their dispossession. It’s their last chance to have one of their guys at the top of the ticket. That’s why stories like this work for Biden. It sells to working class whites.

The risk, of course, is that this sort of talk will alienate black voters, who now make up 25% of the Democrat primary. Biden is considered a righteous honky, because he was Obama’s Stepin Fetchit for eight years, but blacks are notoriously fickle. If Harris can get some traction, they could easily abandon Biden for her out of racial loyalty. This stuff can also rustle the females, who are already worried about Joe and his habit of sexually assaulting women in public. Women are close to 60% of the Democrat vote.

Even so, the Biden bubble fits with a pattern in Democratic politics that goes back to the Reagan years. They looked at Reagan’s victories and concluded they needed to go Hollywood, which they did in a major way. The modern chat show format, for example, is a result of Clinton era media strategy. After Bush won in 2004, using a quantitative approach to reaching voters, they went all in on “big data” to elect Obama. After Trump beat Clinton in 2016, they will look for their Trump this time.

One challenge for team Biden is how to run as the nostalgia candidate, while pretending to be the candidate of the future. Given that his future will end at any minute, his credentials on the issue are not very good. More important though, the Left is about the glorious tomorrow, not the forgotten past. Look at their successful leaders and they were young and endlessly yapping about the future. Joe Biden may be as old as JFK, but he is no John Kennedy. He’s more like Walter Mondale.

The obvious challenge for Biden is his age. In his prime, he had a habit of saying nutty things that sunk his previous presidential ambitions. As he has aged, the tendency to say crazy old guy stuff has gotten out of hand. Like the habit of feeling up girls on stage and smelling their hair, his public utterances make people uncomfortable. For a man pushing eighty, weird public statements and moments of confusion will give even the most enthusiastic Baby Boomer pause.

His handlers have kept him under control, for the most part, by keeping him away from the public and the press. The media will do what the party tells them, but it is not hard to imagine some young ambitious activist working for the Post or the Times accidentally asking Biden the wrong question. At the debates next week, you can be sure the other candidates will try to get the old guy off his game, hoping he has a senior moment that will remind the public he was in office before they were born.

This is why the media activists are pumping air in the tries of the Warren campaign. She is the fall back candidate for when the party has to take the keys away from the Biden Buggy and put Uncle Joe in a home. She is no spring chicken herself, but her handlers are not wiping oat meal off her chin either. Her new economic pitch is aimed at the same old white people Biden is attracting with his lunch pail Joe act. That and she can appeal to angry single women and the snotty cosmopolitans.

It speaks to the age that both parties in the 2020 presidential election will be running explicitly nostalgic campaigns. Trump is a crude reboot of the Reagan years. His new slogan, Keep America Great, is a call back to the Morning in America ads Reagan used on his re-election campaign. Biden and maybe Warren are running as throwbacks to another age, when Democrats were the party of working class whites. Despite the celebrations for the browning of America, everyone seems to miss the old days.

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186 thoughts on “The Biden Buggy

  1. FYI, the Milwaukee litterbox-liner interviewed a bunch of (D) Party members at their annual Wisconsin party convention a few weeks ago.

    Fauxcahontas was WAAAYYYYYYYYY ahead of all the others, including Joe.

  2. “. Despite the celebrations for the browning of America, everyone seems to miss the old days”

    My favorite line 😉

  3. “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”
    — Frank Zappa, 1983.

      • They are only wearing thin for those of us who want to see…For most others they are still ogling the scenery…

        • Most people know to at least some degree what is going on but there is a paucity of actual solutions being proposed.

          The Dissident Right which is the most radical of the sane factions on the Right has only very recently considered the need for an actual policy as vs a state of mind.

          We knowing our hearts and guts what needs to be done but government from the heart is what the Left does an it also doesn’t communicate what you know to others

          Also a lot of this work is going to be hard, ugly brutal and outright evil . Acts which will take generations to recover if we ever do, hell we still haven’t recovered from the civil war

          maybe it’s needful but thus far no one has offered anything worth the price

          Also slightly O/T I just saw the short (7 minute or so) film slaughterbots about miniature kill drones, well worth the viewing

          It’s one of those rare occasions in which I agree with clown world 110% when it says “not only no but fuck no.” to the idea ,

          When you see how possible these, 100% basically it makes you glad for the increase in the stupid . Stupid people can be destructive but smart people make the tools (nukes, genetic engineering, bio-weapons, drones, robots) that threaten everyone

          In that sense a gradual catabolic collapse is most welcome as humanity can’t actual defend from a meteor hit (too disorganized) better we not have some tech at all

  4. When the white, upper middle class women realize they have been played, the reaction is going to be epic (but pointless).

  5. Biden or Warren winning the nomination and then losing to Trump in 2020 would be the best possible outcome for us.

    Due to their loss, the AOC/Illhan Omar/Harris wing will become more unhinged and completely take over the party. The white Democrats will be unable to stop the takeover since it is the logical result of their ideology. They will no longer be able to justify their position at the head of the Democrat party to their POC voters as the “electable candidates”.

    Without competent leadership and with their anti-white hatred amplified for all to see, we can either outmaneuver them politically or provoke them into doing something stupid that gives us an opportunity.

    This analysis may not apply in the case of Bernie. He may be an old school Jewish guy and still palatable to white boomers, but he could form an alliance with AOC as the original democratic socialist.

    • The Last Stand said- “Without competent leadership and with their anti-white hatred amplified for all to see, we can either outmaneuver them politically or provoke them into doing something stupid that gives us an opportunity.” Agent provocateur! I like it. Remember that buddhist monk that set himself on fire during the veitnam war? If we could convince about a million commie freaks to do that on the washington mall, that would be sweet.

      • Better optics for us would be Antifa, La Raza, and BLM rioting. Come to think of it, Biden’s tacit endorsement of Antifa might encourage them to step up their efforts this election cycle.

  6. Watch the VP. Old Biden will croak, opening the door for the real candidate.

    McKinley was shot in office, giving us the nephew of the ship captain who carried Sasoon’s opium to China. Delano’s nephew Teddy was the Empire builder, and his grandson FDR pushed the Great Brother War with Lend Lease war loans.

    WWll became the retelling of Esther, with the small king’s name changed from Hannan to Hitler, as Esther then married Uncle Sam, becoming Queen of the ruling power.

    • The pattern for Empire is destabilize, then intervene.

      HWBush put British-Indian agent Khomeini in to destabilize Persia, now it’s time to intervene. I wonder which story and character from the Playbook Putin will be in the 3rd Great Brother War.

      Desmond Is Amazing is the latest escalation in our destabilization. Of course we sinners will be blamed for turning away from God, Desmond etc is our fault, right?

      • Yes. We are all sinners. Desmond the phenomenon could not exist without our utter corruption. I don’t mean that you personally are to blame.

        • Desmond the phenomenon could not exist without our utter corruption.

          Almost like being back in Weimar Germany.

          • If we could dispense with the “Weimar Problems” and get around to the “Weimar Solutions,” that would be fantastic.

      • Becky. It wouldn’t matter if they found a video of him raping puppys. This election they will overlook anything to get Pres. Trump.

  7. I reckon the Dems will run a white person, as a front. This time. To dupe whites and tip the scales.

    Then when the demographics are solid, they can drop the mask.

    They were lucky to find Obama, a black-looking but white-sounding person. Remember how atrociously terrible most black politicians are. When those types start getting nominated for president, look out.

    • Babe, I think you are right. If they are smart they’ll even do a big reveal of mask-doffing instead of letting it slip. I imagine you’ll even see articles in more respectable magazines, like the New Yorker or the Atlantic, how Biden is right choice to give a last guiding nudge into a bright new future for a non-white multi-kulti America. It’ll give prog whites a leg tingle and soft drip “its going to be okay” poison into normie i.v. lines. The latter will be led to think its probably for the best and the former will get that barren cat lady sense of motherhood never achieved.

  8. This phase of any presidential campaign is simply about manipulation and positioning. The main strategy is to run a lot of candidates and prevent any of them from becoming dominant early on. Then use the final debates and an orchestrated media campaign to select the Deep State approved candidate. Biden is being hyped now for entertainment purposes, but he is not the chosen one. They want to win badly in order to control the next Supreme Court nominations and derail the Clinton/Obama prosecutions, so my guess is they will choose either Bennett or Hickenlooper at the end.

  9. If Biden wins the Dem nomination… pay special attention to his running mate: that VP prospect is the REAL candidate.

    Actually, that’s likely the case for most of the Dem hopefuls.

  10. GOT got nothing on this intrigue. Jehosephat Bidet is a Look it’s a squirrel! misdirection. A false fag Op. Watch as the pivotal timing draws near. The barren vag stalinist who wears a Mao pantsuit is not done. The clinton crime syndicate has too many blood markers, ( never mind the river of 3rd world blood and trail of clinton dead ), out there to walk away from honoring them. Too, a lifetimes work to become powerful enough to genocide her arch enemy the dirt people did not end because the Deplorable faction of the dirt people pulled off the greatest color revolution imaginable, 64 million strong not counting the 10’s of millions who withdrew their consent for the farce of presidential elections. This ultimate scorn of her pre-ordained reign no matter what else deserves payback. Not difficult to imagine the audacious effrontery of defying her majesty is evolved into an all consuming hatred which must be vindicated at all costs, neither the political and monetary losses incurred when she was thwarted from her throne of power.
    “It” is biding it’s time. Calculating upon the state of illusion the yellow media and manipulator pollster departments of Pulitzer’s false narrative media complex are able to create. It is drawing close to the stage where the clinton regime will shift into public declaration of it’s hat in the ring.
    It, needs a Potemkin village like narrative and a rabid hive of Pavlov animals to create the necessary false illusion of popularity adequate to provide a close race between it and orangemanbad, in order to gull enough of the electorate from suspecting an election win by vote fraud.

    The fly in the ointment is the interesting studious absence of published/stated origins of the clinton organized crime syndicate as the actors behind the palace coup attempt. Now that Barr is DOJ, there is no such thing as a legitimate “Rule of Law” investigation, without the clinton crime syndicate origins as the instigators of the ongoing coup against the will of the dirt people.

    If I had to make an educated guess this connection is an “ace in the hole” Mr. Trump is preserving especially for the barren vag in case she has the hubris to make another attempt at usurpation of the seat of power. It surely appears to my layman’s perspective there is no occurrence of discovery or particular expose of events which disqualifies the clinton regime from prosecution. Already there has been subtle repudiation and disqualifiers under legitimate rule of law process of comey/mueller whole cloth “immunity” granted to the obama and clinton actors. Notice immunity was created as the first thing established. How do you grant immunity to people who supposedly are innocent of treason and other high crimes? And before an investigation of such important matters as treason and foreign collusion barely began?

    Somebody is waiting for the barren vag to walk right into their trap if I have my druthers. They are waiting to take her apart on the public stage. 2020 is not an election it is a showdown.

  11. Joe Biden has a remarkable glibness that has carried him very far. He made Palin and Ryan look like total losers in his two VP debates. He creamed them. I saw a recent soundbite of his on the morning news and it was smooth and energetic, spoken with confidence and that je ne sais quoi glibness. Sure he says dopey things, but the media will ignore that, as will prog voters and inattentive voters.

    Consider, too, that the Dem. party is a machine, which was able secure execrable Hillary the nomination. I figure the money should be on Biden.

    • I suspect age is dulling his edge somewhat. If nominated, we won’t see the same Creepy Joe we saw in the 2016 debates. And he dam’ sure won’t be facing off against a spineless puss like Ryan or a clueless dimwit like Palin.

  12. Early days, indeed, but there are a lot of normies who still vote Dem. Most of them don’t want a candidate who explicitly hates them and curses the nation that their ancestors built. Those who hope that Trump, for all his grievous faults, is re-elected had better hope that Biden falters.

    • Mblanc46,

      I didn’t read your post until after I had submitted mine above. Everything you said only you said it more succinctly. Brevity is not my strong suit obviously.

  13. I see trouble for Creepy Joe. The AWR loons against which he is pitted in the nomination run will force him to make public statements affirming the evil of YT. If he does so, his appeal to those lunch pail types down to the plant will diminish radically. If he does not, AOC, that Tribune of the Gibbering Zealots, will insist he is insufficiently woke and that he doesn’t hate YT enough, thus killing his chances for a big slice of the POC vote. Question is, are any of the other candidates viable enough to take advantage of CJ’s conundrum?

    One other thing–if CJ wins the nom, Trump will make a meal of him in the debates. I almost feel sorry for the old boy. Almost…

    • Trump and any of them in debates would be fun. Trump and Joe would be extra fun. Not that it will matter much. (Blackpill showing. Sorry).

      • I’d rather not see Joe in the ring with Trump. Trump pushed the door open with his hyperbole, blatant exaggerations and random-appearing reversals. That is an environment in which Joe can swim and his crazy won’t show too clearly by comparison. Biden does have a sense of humor, as does Trump, so the silly slapstick, posturing and unpredictability factor which endeared many voters into casting a “screw it, I know its b.s. but what the hell” vote for Trump opens up to Joe.

        Better (and I am in the party of better Trump than any alternative) is that any of the other candidates appear opposite him on stage. They simply won’t have the humor and sunny disposition to oppose him. Most will come off as chastising shrews, anti-white aggressors, deviants or Others.

        As an added bonus, the mental construct they have of Trump as all things evil will likely lead some of the darker and/or less intelligent ones to let the mask slip and show their anti-white hatred seep through. Nothing like scary angry non-whites to put some fear (though they’d never say it aloud) into many normie whites. We are still a majority despite our misguided youths, race-traitors, and degenerates.

    • I’ve no idea what you’re talking about Ostei. Your use of abbreviations is annoying as f***. Write like an adult.

  14. Let me preface this by saying this isn’t meant as praise or endorsement of the GOP, but it is mind-boggling to me how many white voters – especially white *male* voters – still vote for the democrats, even when the democrat party has the explicit position of being anti-white.

    The older white males do it solely out of loyalty and, I guess, purposeful blindness, but the younger ones really do seem to hate themselves and their own interests and tell themselves that they’re really just virtuous and selfless instead.

    I do think that Biden has the best chance to beat Trump, because of his appeal to the old white voters, but I’m not 100% sure he has a very good chance at getting the nomination. I think the progressives will eat their own with identity and ignorance pandering and end up with a nut on the ticket who might be a “better candidate” than Hillary but turn off a massive portion of the older white voters that are needed to win.

    • The old ones sold their souls for power, influence and money. The young ones are brainwashed and shamed.

    • Most of the leaders of the AWR movement are white as the driven snow. As I’ve noted before, the only race traitors on the planet are white liberals. And there’s a very good reason Dante placed traitors in the lowest level of Hades.

    • That’s my most worrisome proposition. The oligarchs will not make the same mistake twice. I worry about that and a very polished third party candidate that can draw the cucks/suburban women off of Trump. The more polls I see showing Biden crushing Trump in the swing states the better I feel. There will be a point in time when the opponent will be locked in stone. We’re a year away from that, roughly.

    • The script is being worked out as we chat. Possible scenario – ACT ONE: Biden moves ahead of the pack and emerges as the clear choice; ACT TWO: Biden “selects” Michelle as his running mate; ACT THREE: Joe eats an improperly-cooked or possibly adulterated steak, and becomes gravely ill; ACT FOUR: On the precipice of death, Joe appeals to the nation to support his running mate for president; ACT FIVE: a reluctant but courageous Michelle puts her shoulder to the wheel and steps in for old Joe, and wins in a landslide. Her selfless heroism becomes an American ideal, to be emblazoned on future coins and postage stamps.

          • Michelle Oh…crap. Yep…she’ll be a late comer after the Clown Car Crash. And Obama will be the first pussy husband returning to the White House riding his girlie bicycle. Like Trudeau losing his eyebrow.

          • It’ll be grimly enjoyable to watch the enemy scraping off their ‘Obama/Biden’ bumper-stickers and replacing them with ‘Biden/Obama’ bumper-stickers.

    • Oh yeah – Micky throws in at the last minute and they break the rules for her/it as usual (and as usual no one contests it) and walks away pres. Would be a brilliant move, highly plausible.

      • howzabout:
        Pence resigns..
        Trump picks Steve Bannon to replace Pence..
        Senate confirms..
        Trump retires..
        Bannon becomes president..
        Bannon chooses Tucker Carlson for VP…
        Carlson confirmed by senate..
        Bannon/Carlson mount an agressive campaign of meaningful policy proposals, backed up by clear common sense reasons, which destroys the other party’s vapid campaign rhetoric.

        shades of Nixon/Agnew/Ford/Rockefeller ???

    • I’ve wondered about that too, but, like Steve Sailer, I”m not sure that she wants to work that hard. She’d rather travel, stay in expensive hotels, shop and collect royalties for “her” book and speaker fees..

      • Bet she’d jump at the chance to introduce Kamela, though. Her turn in the spotlight, at last.

  15. People I know over 60 support Biden because they trust him to forestall the cannibalization of our country by non-whites until after they die. Many have ended arguments by saying, “I won’t be around to see it.”

    They believe both “the domination of our country by non-whites is a moral necessity” and “I will vote for the guy who will prevent this until after I die.” “Fend for yourselves my evil progeny. You deserve all that you get and all that I escape.” This is why young dissidents hate the selfishness of the old.

    • > Many have ended arguments by saying, “I won’t be around to see it.”

      This is becoming the standard baby boomer end to every political discussion everywhere.

      I can completely understand the people that want to vote hardcore democrat socialist to make sure these high-living assholes ARE around to see it.

    • I’ve heard the phrase “Well I’m glad I won’t be around to see the end of this great country” quite a bit lately…They are holding on to hope that it last just long enough for them to enjoy their last year’s here…They don’t give a damn that their prodigy will have to suffer as long as they don’t have to…Sad That…

      • I have kids and nieces and nephews, so I’m just as concerned about the dystopian future as if I were a young man.

      • As our descent into the abyss quickens noticeably, they may get to witness the fireworks after all. I’m a gen-xer who until recently thought I would not see the actual shooting. Now I’m fairly sure I will.

    • The “I won’t live to see it,” boomer is the ideal candidate for recording/reporting to the local diversity commissars.

    • I really can’t wait for all the boomers to die. Sorry! I know that demographic is heavily rep’d here, I don’t mean the likes of you who are a TINY fraction of that cohort. I mean the ‘muh pension muh free markets’ assholes who have nose dived us into this hellscape. Such a cowardly way to live. ‘Well at least -I- will be comfortable, fuck the rest of you youngin’s.”

      At least with the newer cohort the battles lines are clearly drawn and they aren’t totally clueless. This makes it easier when the sh00ting starts as you consciously know what side you chose in the conflict.

  16. Dutch brings up a good point. But habits that are learned can be unlearned. He basically says people don’t want to work. I’d put it a bit differently. My mom managed a small hotel, she had a terrible time hiring maids. Consider these incentives: 1) welfare cash; + 2) food stamps. This amount WAS ALMOST EQUAL to the $$ the maids would make working 40 hour weeks cleaning rooms. Now what rational human being, who was always of that sort of economic class, wouldn’t just sit and watch TV all day and bring in the same $$ rather than working your ass off at a very tough and disgusting job??? Don’t get too blackpilled, things can be turned around. You just need to strike at the heart of the matter.

    • As things get tougher, if you don’t have skill sets, tools, preps, and a game plan, you will starve. The system is self-correcting, in an odd way. Just make sure the roving bands (Africa and Venezuela model) either find others rather than you, or are made to be convinced to look elsewhere for what they want, IYKWIM.

  17. Y’all can all relax. Biden is not going to be the president, he isn’t even going to be the Genocide Party’s nominee. None of his voters even know what a f!cking “lunch pail” even is. I come from the most workiest of working-class backgrounds, and I can promise you I never once saw a “lunch pail” in my life. No one knows what this dude is talking about. Biden has been in the senate since the 1970s, and he has Not. One. Single. F!cking. Thing. To. Show. For. It. He is Jeb Bush without the charm, and plus pedophile bonus points.

    There are something like 30,000 Bolshevik Kill Whitey candidates running for prexy right now. They have names like Pete Buttplug and Eric Swallowswell, and the Hindu Dindu. None of these people are even remotely close to anything about anything, it is worse than the cast of the final season of the unwatchable TV show “Veep”. We’ll check in again after the Clown Car crashes into the Clown Bus, slaughtering all 40,000 Bangladeshi passengers, and the highway patrol cleans up about seventy useless candidates, and either a Last Xirl Standing emerges, or someone who was smart enough to sit out Act One of Die Walkyrie walks on stage after the first mess is over with.

    • We used to call them lunch boxes—perhaps the 1950s/1960s version of a 1930s/1940s lunch pail. I’ve not only heard of them, I used to own one. You might be right about Biden not being the candidate. That might be good news for us, but if Harris, or Booker, or Gillibrand becomes president, the End Times will have arrived.

  18. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m sticking with Harris for the win in 2020.

    Biden’s lead in the national polling is heavily skewed by those states which have been less enriched by diversity. Biden is polling at 25-30 in whitopias like Iowa and New Hampshire, but only by 7 in California and Texas. California Democrats have announced publicly that they intend to assert themselves strongly in the 2020 primary. I see them backing Harris and getting their way. Also, AG Barr’s investigation may rekindle interest in Biden’s corrupt ties to Ukraine, which would have ended his career if he were a Republican.

    On the upside, the House held hearings yesterday on reparations, and all the Democratic front-runners have come out in favor of them. That should give whites, Hispanics, and Asians something to think about as the election comes around.

    • Good points. The Dems will give Harris every chance possible. Reparations: I hope they stick with this issue loudly and often. Anything that amplifies the Dems as the party of crazy and the party of black, black, blackety-black is fine by me!

    • Guest wrote, “..I’m sticking with Harris for the win in 2020”. Agreed. Although I’m hoping for Uncle Joe, which might be the softest crash-landing, agreed. Now that Trump’s extreme totally-wide-open-border is costing us TX and FL, knowing Trump has guaranteed victory to them the Marxists will go all-out. Yes, Harris it will be – surrealistic days ahead

  19. Kamala Harris is a threefer (Black, Indian, and female) with the good hair and Silicon Valley behind her. I predict she will be the front runner going into the convention, when “Russian hackers” will release her Willie Brown sex tapes. Hillary will then graciously allow herself to be nominated by acclimation.

  20. Notice how no candidate younger than the boomer generation seems to get any traction at all. Literally there has never been a figure gen X or younger who has polled serious numbers—for either party!
    It’s almost as though there is a tacit consensus that the younger generations simply don’t have what it takes to handle the reins of civilization.
    That the younger generations have been sold the kool aide, but everyone actually comprehends the kool aide is fake and won’t work.

  21. I hope it’s Biden. Whoever they nominate will win and Biden is the least evil one they’ve got for now. The Trump administration has overseen the greatest open-boarder cataclysm in the nation’s history (up to nine-times more one-way crossers than under Obama), Texas and Florida are turning before our eyes (hundreds more have come across since you started reading this), zero feet of border wall have been built, zero deep-state conspirators have been prosecuted, Leftist voter fraud is off-the-scale, and “lock her up” should be the victory chant for the Left – cause it ain’t gonna happen

    • Dude… lol… nobody is fooled when Trump does an executive order to stop immigration and a left-wing Obama appointed judge strikes it down as unconstitutional. People aren’t stupid.

      Trump may have some EXTREMELY MINOR and insignificant faults, but the media and doomer attempts to splash him with blame paint is the absolute least of his worries.

      Now voter fraud– and specifically, the reapportioning of the house and electoral college being pushed left by immigration– that’s a different story and a big deal. But there is not a single white person, alt-right or not, who would do anything more than tap a keyboard about that.

  22. “This stuff can also rustle the females, who are already worried about Joe and his habit of sexually assaulting women in public. ”

    Valid point overall. But to characterize what he does as “assault” is a misuse of Engish IMO, especially since we are talking among fellows. Maybe, I’ve become overly sensitive, but this is a sly tactic that our enemy propagandists use with abandon and ill intent not only to confuse and deceive but also to continually dilute or degrade the semantic component of our language thereby rendering precise thought and expression increasingly cumbersome.

      • I have to say, it’s just really creepy. I don’t care how you categorize it. Maybe he’s just touchy feely, I know some people can be that way, but this is not a family gathering, you are in public with basically strangers’ kids and that is how you act with them? Creepy to the nth degree. Just wait until the chan memes really start to flood social media if Biden gets it. LOL. I have the faint suspicion that the real contender may not have entered the field yet. Of course, if it’s M.O., then wipe the slate of everyone.

      • Technically, an unwanted touch is battery. Assault is putting someone in fear of physical injury.

  23. What a dilemma for the Democrats. There’s no way they wanted a white male, let alone an OLD white male as the nominee, yet Biden probably gives them the best chance to defeat Trump. I’m sure the big hope was Kamala Harris, but she’s turned out to be disappointing to them. The others are idiotic or goofy or just flawed in important ways, with the exception of Tulsi Gabbard, where her sensible foreign policy will disqualify her.

    Biden will make it hard for Trump to get the working man vote in the Rust Belt states again, since Biden seems like an old-fashioned Democrat to the out-of-touch old-timers. On the other hand, among the people-of-color voters, they might not be so eager to get to the polls to vote for the creepy old guy, like they would for someone like Kamala Harris. It’s going to be an interesting and entertaining Dem primary season.

    • Biden beats Trump. Sanders beats Trump. Warren beats Trump. When you get down to the PoC and the poofters, Trump is in with a chance. Biden probably serves only one term, so Harris gets her shot in 2024, by which time the Repubs will be finished as a presidential party.

  24. In Infinite Jest, the names of years were sold to corporate bidders. One year was the ‘Year of Depends Adult Diapers,’ IIRC. And maybe, prophetically, that would correlate to the year of Groper Joe being crowned Puppet-in-Chief. The Greatest Generation, offering one last heroic BM before crossing the river Styx.

  25. The campaign has the feel of a 50th high school reunion. Get together one last time and remember the good times before things start to go downhill quickly. By 2024 (2028 at the latest), one or more in contention states (Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Georgia and Arizona) will turn permanently blue. At that point, the Dems can’t lose, which makes the Dem primary the real election.

    According to 538, extremely liberal, i.e. anti-white, whites and blacks make up around 50% of the Dem primary voters. Old school liberals (mostly white) make up 25%. Young voters and Hispanics/Asians make up the other 25%. Right now, the Dems need to appeal to old school liberals because they need them in general election. That won’t be true once Florida, Texas or one of the other states turn blue. Also, those old school liberals are, well, old, so they’ll be falling as percent of Dem primary voters, so extremely liberal whites, blacks and stupid young voters will be the key to victory.

    That’s the end. The mask will be fully off.

    Biden types will no longer be welcome as either presidential candidates or party leaders. Hindus, Asians and to a lessor degree blacks and Hispanics will also start to takeover behind-the-scenes leadership roles. Jews will resist this and likely hold on to power for quite some time, but they will be slowly replaced by less talented but demographically better situated Hindus and Asians.

    Biden is a stroll around the old high school before it gets torn down.

    • Good analysis! My only add is that once Texas even goes purple, it’s all over for the GOP. If Republicans have to devote significant resources to holding Texas, the Midwest is probably gone, as well as North Carolina and Florida. Then it’s one-party rule and no limits on the craziness.

      • That’s what I think about a lot. Texas is kind of running the California playbook, heavy duty republican state with a strong economy (Nixon and Reagan), until immigration tips it over to Blue and then katie bar the door. California without the natural beauty or glamour.

        • Here’s where I think we are with the sunbelt states:

          Already gone: Nevada, New Mexico, Virginia, Colorado

          Gone by 2024: Arizona, Florida, North Carolina

          Gone by 2028: Texas, Georgia

          The Deep South states and Utah May hold another generation. Will it matter?

          • I’m not writing any one of these off in your already gone list. But what really astonishes me, is look at the difference for VA in 2004 vs. 2008. Look at the vote totals. It’s really astounding. VA went to solid red to pretty blue. But, I’d also advise you, take a look at IA and OH, those swung back pretty hard. Whilst I agree that CA/NY and perhaps some others are long gone, I think that the sun has not yet set for quite a few.

          • But the sun is setting and it won’t be stopped. Whether it’s 2024 or 2028 or 2032, Florida and Texas will turn blue. That will be the date when self-respecting whites lost the country. It’ll take a while, but that will be the date of no return.

          • No. From a presidential perspective, we’ll be a one-party country by 2028. The Dems will control the executive branch so zero immigration enforcement and Dept. of Justice going after “white nationalists.” The Supreme Court will slowly be stacked with Sotomayor types, which means the complete end to an already dying Constitution.

            Whites will start moving to the GOP but the immigrants will continue to flow in. There’s one shot and one shot only for whites to work within the system: A complete stop to all immigration today. That won’t happen.

          • At that point, 2028, how will whites, who will still be in large numbers but shut off from national power, react? That’s the ‘what comes next” part.

          • California gives you a clue as to how whites will react. We are going quiet, laying low, or leaving. There is no fight to be fought. Instead you find your way, locally and below the radar. It is not about taking things down (the dead weight of the system will do that for us), it’s about getting to the other side in one piece, and rebuilding (which will be the task of the generations that follow mine).

          • Dutch kind of scares me.
            He’s the quiet ones who will end up creating Sanctuary, when all seems lost.

          • I’m betting on an assassination or two to speed up the transformation of SCOTUS, once the Left finishes locking down the electoral demographics.

          • Yeah but there will be an end to that slide too. There will come an equilibrium point where Hispanics and other nonwhites will want to consolidate their own gains against more needy groups such as blacks and Hispanics not already in the country.

          • Once the left has a hold on the electoral college, one of their next goals will be to get a 2/3 majority in the senate by flooding the small states like Idaho and Montana with refugee voters. There are already grumblings that it is “racist” for small white states to have a greater proportional representation than large “diverse” states like California.

          • Refugees are already arriving in great numbers in Idaho. It won’t take long to start influencing the politics here. The left wingers in the media here complain about Republican dominance in Idaho yet are never concerned about Democrat control of states like California or New York.

          • My LARP fantasy is that, post 2028, one of the redoubt states will elect a based DGAF governor who will play his cards better than our dear Southron Cousins did at Ft Sumpter.

            Pure fantasy, but a man can dream!

          • You’re late to the party. Idaho has already been flooded, courtesy of Hamdi Ulukaya (rapefugee yoghurt, Clinton Foudation, either Davos or Bilderberg, etc.). They’re still working on Montana – Mestizos for some of the oil jobs, Mohammedans and NPCs for the college towns.

          • Well, Idaho is still 91% white. If secession doesn’t happen fairly soon, however, the pollution will go from minor to overwhelming. There’s no doubt in my mind that the AWRs are attempting to scuttle any chance of secession by introducing large numbers of CPs in the Plains and Mountain states. Whites there need to figure out some way to resist.

          • Colorado: death by goodwhite. Perfect example of the vice of pathological altruism and high quality of life crushing the life out of the golden goose.

            Luckily Utah is nice too. One last semi-warm state before my nordic blood must be called back up.

          • Yup. Cuckorado Springs is turning into a brown mess, but good luck telling that to its inhabitants.

          • Don’t bother coming North. Minnesota and Wisconsin are 85% white and still tend towards blue.

            Until you can get 70% of Whites to stick together you can’t stem the tide. I think I have seen numbers like 60% of Whites vote GOP. Something like 66% of white males.

            It is White women that are killing us at this point. The Somalis are just the shit they are rubbing our noses in. It is our own women who are allowing this to happen.

    • You were on a roll until the last paragraph. The coalition is rabid but not necessarily unstable. Diaspora control is under no obvious threat. Token whites will still be needed for PR purposes, if for no other reason than putting a goyshe glove on a diaspora gauntlet.

      • Agreed that the Chosen will keep control for a long time to come, but they’ll find it harder and harder to maintain that control. Hindus and Asians – as well gentile whites not too fond of Israel – already are making inroads. Jews will keep them in line with money, organization, the media and threats, but those other groups will be looking to break free and will start creating their own sources of money, organization and even media.

        It’ll take time but Jews will no longer control the party in the same way that they did when Dem voters and politicians were similar-looking, similar-thinking white goys. Hindus and Asians feel no guilt about the Jewish holocaust and they’ll never view Jews as “one of them.” Jews will just be white guys keeping them down.

        Importing Hindus and Asians was a mistake for the Jews. They traded their loyal lab in for a vicious pit bull that’s just waiting for its chance to attack.

    • While Texas might turn blue in presidential – and even senate – elections, it’s still run by a bunch of conservative white men and they are likely to stay in charge for a bit longer even after the Washington becomes Caracas 2.0. Same thing in some of the other deep red states, too. Once the new blue government decides to start flexing its muscles too much, some of these deep red states will start thinking about Secession 2.0 and I’m not entirely certain that the North will want or be able to fight another Civil War. Both sides might agree that not having the other will enable them to do things “right”.

      I’m actually expecting this scenario to happen eventually. The left is consumed with a desire to rule and enforce its ideology and it mostly justifies it all by appealing to the authority of an electoral majority. At some point the ones being imposed upon will decide they no longer want or need the imposition.

      I’ve always found it funny when civics teachers and talking heads say dispositively that “the civil way made secession illegal” as if the ones who want out will just throw up their hands and say, “Never mind!”

      At some point it’s all going to break and the US is going to split.

      • Texas repukes aren’t conservative – they’re merely repukes. Wheelchair gov keeps yelling “Come on down!” to all the NY/NJ/CA libs, and Cornyn is as hot for refugees and Mestizos as AOC. White voters here are brain-dead churchians. And the moneymen all want more cheap labor. The state is lost.

    • Yeah, the analogy I was thinking of are people with late-stage cancer, who suddenly have one or two “good days”–which makes everybody get wishful thinking about a recovery–but then die a few days later.

      Trump and Biden: a couple of white guys with un-PC 20th-century personalities: I fear that they are just those illusory “good days” before the end.

    • More truth in that than I like to consider. Fortunately, I’ve got but 10-12 years left. I’ll see just enough to know that my predictions were basically on target. Then I’ll check out.

  26. Keep an eye on Biden’s VP choice. My gut feeling is that the gambit is to nominate Joe, as ancient as he is, to placate the union whites in Wisconsin and Michigan but pair him with someone super radical to throw a bone to the progressives and keep Bernie from a third party run. I suspect that if he is the nominee Biden will be told his Vice President will be someone like corpulent Stacey Abrams of Georgia. She is a whamen of colour, angry (but I repeat myself) and was done wrong by the white male patriarchy. Especially given Joe’s age, we could end up with the first whamen President if Joe keels over after the inauguration while pawing some 7 year old girl.

    • A Biden/Warren ticket might actually be pretty effective – Joe has the old white nostalgia vote, and Warren, despite her asinine Indian impersonation, actually has a few policies that might appeal to working class whites, and she would be ready and waiting when ol’ Joe snuffs it. But if the Dems nominate a white person, regardless of sex, there HAS to be a crazy negro somewhere on the ticket, so, fortunately for Trump, this probably won’t fly.

      Besides, I doubt if Joe could be prevented from groping Warren in their appearances together. I mean, to a guy Biden’s age, Warren is nymphette jailbait.

      • The problem with Warren, or frankly any older woman, is that they sound kind of bitchy and shriekish no matter what they do. It’s not fair, it’s just how we’re trained to hear it I think. Plus, there is a hidden contingent of older women who think that a man should run the country. Not a ton, but just enough to make a real difference, especially away from the coasts. I don’t see Warren getting near it, plus the mockery factor of her is really off the charts. Even if someone’s gotten smart and started feeding her real populist talking points, as T. Carlson pointed out.

        • That is absolutely true, all women speaking in public seem to think they have to be loud and confident but it comes across as screechy and nagging, like they are telling the crowd to pick up their socks.

          • Arthur…..I’m laughing! It’s true, you know. I’m a female heretic and have had my wymyn card torn up a dozen times. My last job in the water company was water distribution small dept. of 10, I was the only lipstick woman. When we would have planning meetings, I noticed when I started to talk, the guys wouldn’t even be aware and inevitably talk right over me. A couple of times I’d plow back and they’d look annoyed startled like the bitch is loose. So I just didn’t give a flat flying frog anymore, no need to be a bitch and plow through with a screechy voice, and found a bypass around to one-on-one bring up my feedback. At home, even the cats pay more attention to Basic Husband’s big dog commanding voice. Sometimes when I raise my higher voice at them, the GirlCat will just turn her back on me, and BoyCat lays his ears down and natters Screw Off. Sigh….my voice does not command respect. The way it is!

    • Agreed. I think Joe Biden’s present lead in the polls reflects mainly name recognition; people who post on sites such as this one are very atypical of most people who are low-information voters and not much interested in politics. Biden’s best strategy would be to select a black, preferably female running mate and promise to be a one-term president. That strategy might keep the people of color vote relatively high and still mollify the legacy Democrats.

      Like some of the other commentators, I’m surprised Kamela Harris isn’t doing better-I predicted her as the Democratic nominee back in 2017. But it’s early in the process and if she can make it to Iowa, she may yet rebound.

  27. In thinking about this, I believe that the next step for dissident politics is a limited, straightforward platform on 3 major issues. Brexit Party is a perfect roadmap for it. 1) trade – policies for the working man; 2) immigration; and 3) usury/bankers/globalists/unrightful oligarchs/anti-war.

    Call it the American Workers Party. Do not stray from these THREE issues. Claim to support any Republican or Democrat that agrees with these key precepts. 1) what’s your view on abortion – we have no view, it does not matter to our platform; 2) reparations — same thing; 3) trannies reading kids stories – not our thing.

    For any DISSIDENT platform to really start taking off, we need a pure, very limited set of principles and not to stray into the shitshow that was UKIP, for example. And we need to coopt the left’s symbolism and words. Their propaganda is unstoppable, so break it by taking it.

    This kind of builds up on Z man’s post of a few days ago. This blog is an excellent resource of what the current state of politics is and is not, and what dissidents should not do, etc. But there needs to be A WAY FORWARD, a plan of action, how to move the ball. I believe this is the most fool proof way to do it. Anyone who strays from these principles is out. Anyone who larps or engages in any kind of discrimination, etc., is out. These three planks are unbreakable. And represent a true threat to the entrenched interests that are leading our nation into the abyss.

    • Mr. Johnny55. If you called your movement the “American Workers Party” the Great Machine would start calling you the “American National Socialist German Workers’ Party” and beat you to death. Pres. Donald Trump is the big bye bye to white working class politics in the good old U S of A. If we don’t start thinking outside the box and find ways to save whatever we can ourselves, then that’s it.

      • Rather than just critique, then offer an alternative you would rather see. And of course, any type of smear tactic could be attempted to be used. They call Trump Hitler as he is standing at the wailing wall wearing a small hat. FFS, think beyond that. The name has 1) America; and 2) workers in it. I think they are going to be hard pressed with that approach, especially given the limited platform, and especially since the democratic socialists get away with it. But you never know.

        • Mr. Jonny55. Small Is Beautiful, small works. Get 50 serious like minded individuals, people who well work hard to salvage what they can of the white way of life. Then network with other groups to exchange ideas and solutions but be discreet . It would take time and sacrifice. be getting around the system is never easy, but people have done it before. Learn from other peoples sucsesess and failures and keep the faith. And keep your head down! the servivalist movement was betrayed both from within and without. Don’t be sending out Manifestos talking about taking down the system. Just look like everday folkes and don’t let strangers in to nose around.

          • Oh I agree. But on our side of this divide, rather than just being a bunch of negative nancies, we need to come up with ideas and active measures. We need activity!! And good kinds of activity too. So if you’ve got an alternative name, by all means throw it out there, I’m not entirely wedded to what I said.

          • Camouflage my friend, that’s the ticket. how about friends of the good earth or some other jive like that. Live like a white man talk like commie.Or maybe just something simple like country Bob’s bar and grill. Hell I don’t know. This is a work in progress. Maybe having a name is a bad idea. like I said, thinking outside the box and try to beat the dirtbags at there own game.

    • HA! You think policy matters in a multicultural and multiracial society. Top kek. The 2020 campaign is the final sad whimper of America. After this, it’s a racial head counting game.

      Anything that might benefit white people will violate the 14th amendment

      • I tend to agree with you. However, the structure that we have to play with doesn’t mean that all is lost. The demographic counting game is badly marred/mistaken by our side. TX is not going to be lost due to hispanics, if that were the case it would be long gone a long time ago. It’s white shitlibs that are the problem. All this “end of the world” crap boggles the mind. Folks, if we’re getting creamed in LILY WHITE vermont, it ain’t merely the skin color that’s doing it!!

        • A lot of people have ZERO interest in a working man’s America. They don’t want a job. They just want the gibs. The idea of working for a living is alien to their way of thinking. Go to school, skate by, go on line, go out at night, and cash the checks. Our culture has mainstreamed teenagerhood.

        • Absolutely true.

          Who has REALLY been screwing you – the POC – or the white shitlibs (or people masquerading as “white”.) ???

          I think one of the major plusses of the current direction of things – is now that white men are the apex enemy of all the POC and women – it should mean that we (white men) – have free reign to talk, debate – and bully all the other white men back into line – without there being a big outcry.

          It’s guerilla warfare 101.

          You should be able to get away with talking shit to other white men – that you could never get away with other demographic groups.

          That is something that should be taken full advantage of.

    • The abortion thing is something I would elaborate upon just a little more – if for no other reason than to use it as a shiv in the side of the enemies of the platform you’re proposing.

      Maybe something more like:

      What’s your view on abortion?

      Our platform is targeted towards citizens looking for a brighter future for themselves – and their families. To a person looking to build a family – abortion is not a big concern of theirs. Having a family and a future is. The people who are strident about supporting abortion are obviously not concerned about a future – or a family. More power to them in their quest for historical irrelevance.

      And then just leave them to twist on the knife.

  28. Z, I Appreciate the observation in your closing statement, about everyone secretly missing the old days. Might that be taken for a hopeful sign?

    I get it that those days are unrecoverable, and contained the seeds of our present day problems. But if you look at nostalgia as a desire to quit the status quo, and redirect the trajectory we seem doomed to follow, might that not suggest that the audience receptive to dissident ideas is broader and than imagined?

    • Good question. The ache for a homecoming does seem to jive with a break from our clown world rocketship to the sun.

      But whether this longing can translate into breaking the progressive stranglehold of the current year or is just the fever dreams of a dying culture seems to balance on whether or not a white identity is awakened or not.

      My genx peers are still soundly split down the middle between those who are trapped in the amber of progress and those who reject it wholeheartedly but have too much at risk to do anything other than bitch at the kitchen table, insulate themselves as best they can, and daydream of their quiet escape to a cabin or island to run out the clock.

      Point being, nostalgia can still happen for those who firmly believe we were never a white-European Christian nation even though the evidence was actually lived in their lifetime. The USA was 85% white for most of my childhood.

      The fact that there are still any productive white males in the Democrat party tells me that the suicide impulse is still much stronger than the power of nostalgia.

      • The problem is that we still have too much space and sufficient artificial prosperity for too many whites. They are insulated from the worst of diversity.

      • It’s true because we have shelter, abundant food and steady energy. Things are really good.

    • No, this is the nostalgia of a people who realize it’s over for them. The barbarians were nostalgic for the old days of the Roman Empire. None of them had the ability to recreate it. It was gone.

      America as we knew it is gone. Time to start afresh and build something new.

  29. The white working class is dwindling and increasingly doped up. I can’t believe a major push from Senator Feely will do much good there. Too much poz to placate to waste time there.

    That said, a great grandpa pushing 80 is ridiculous even in these crazy times. I don’t see it. What film or book metaphor describes our age best, Idiocracy or Harrison Bergeron?

    • I saw a TV show on a suspected serial killer in a small town in Louisiana and the real horror show was not the pile of dead bodies it was the multigenerational widespread drug adddiction. It was mind-boggling. I’d heard stories and read articles but seeing video of the reality was shocking. The whole serial killer story just became incidental

      • I live in Minnesota near St. Paul. If you go 70 miles in any direction, the Meth addiction is horrible.

        I honestly believe there needs to be a state of emergency called on Meth. It dehumanizes people, even those who get off of it are never the same.

        I think Meth dealers should be executed no matter if they are street level or higher up. It is really bad guys.

        • It affects mostly young, white males in flyover country. Why would anyone care about them? /s

  30. I don’t give a flying **** who the ‘Rats run but I suspect Big Mike will make a late run for the nomination at the behest of the Corporate Media/Deep State. It is the they who run the ‘Rat Party – not the other way around.

    • You haven’t even heard stupid until you get Big Mike unscripted on a mic.

      He/she utterly DESTROYS the Affirmative Action experiment with his/her every utterance.

      Another reason we won’t see a Big Mike campaign?

      I don’t think he/she wants to work that hard.

    • Rush, today: “the Media is the brains of the Democrat Party”

      True, and Operation Mockingbird made the piracy companies we call “intelligence agencies” the brains behind the media. The Deep State is the takeover by Big Intel, secret, above borders, with the same owners as the East India Companies.

      (The British, Dutch, and French didn’t own those Companies, that’s only where the staging bases were placed.)

  31. You cant have a white nation without white people. But damn if they wont try to do it.

    • It’s a tragedy we and our families, including our children have to live through this multicultural experiment that will end in disaster. All those years of building Western Civilization torn down in such a relatively short period of time, starting in 1965.

      • It goes further back, to the establishment of the Federal Reserve. Or further to the conquest of the USA by Massachusetts.

        • Or to those camps with the fake shower rooms with wooden doors and Olympic-sized swimming pools?

        • Babe, did a certain ethnic group start arriving on these shores right about that time?

        • How long ago did we start believing that everyone was equal and could achieve the same results if given a fair shot? That idea was prevalent in the US before (and partly caused) the civil war.

          “In utter disregard of fundamental, scientific facts, we theoretically believed that all men—no matter what might be the color of their skin, or the texture of their hair—were, if placed under exactly similar conditions, in essentials the same. In other words, we indulged in the curious and, as is now admitted, utterly erroneous theory that the African was, so to speak, an Anglo-Saxon, or, if you will, a Yankee “who had never had a chance”—a fellowman who was guilty, as we chose to express it, of a skin not colored like our own.” ( hat tip to Moldbug.

          Excellent youtube channel, btw.

    • You also can’t have a technologically advanced, civilized, lawful, generous and First World country without them either. Even first world Asian countries owe their success to whites. We had to beat some of them in wars, or trade them into success or they just stole what we created. Either way if we weren’t around they’d be living in huts. Leftists hate when I say that.

  32. I don’t foresee the nominee being Biden, and I get the feeling Z doesn’t either. He’s simply coasting on the impulse power of name recognition.

    Who will it be? I still think Queen Kamala KillWhitey will be one of the last ones standing. We shall see.

    • I don’t see it either. His popularity is mostly due to the weak field. I was on the Harris horse, but she is such a lazy and dull campaigner, she probably won’t make it through the summer.

      • My hope is Yang continues on as an independent. Figures that a Taiwanese guy is the only one who can speak explicitly to White issues.

      • Agreed. Biden is a really terrible candidate – but so are all the others.

        I was trying to think who could show up like the adult in the room and run away with it, and came up with nothing. Maybe all the crazy, nonsensical, contrary ideas a Dem candidate has to embrace makes it impossible for a reasonable adult to get the nomination.

        • Tulsi will come across as sane and likable, but due to her sensible foreign policy, Dems will try to keep her out of the spotlight.

          • My guess is they ask Gabbard one question and it will be a loaded question about Israel or gays. The first night, they will have warren, Gay Spartacus and O’Rourke in the middle of the stage. They will get the bulk of the questions. Castro and Klobuchar will be allowed to get some shots at the stars, but everyone else will be ignored.

          • Exactly right. Which is why a Tulsi can never make it to the big stage. And that’s why dissident politics, as it is currently constituted, can’t either. Why a platform must be limited and modeled after Brexit Party. Just watching how UKIP recently imploded is such an important lesson. Start small, build up, build strength, build a following, and then one can expand. Why do you think the left and the media, but I repeat myself, always sidetrack debates with these retarded issues, such as the Sargon/rape fiasco. There is no comeback to these three issues, not at all. If you refuse to engage their wild goose chases you really focus in on the kill. The left didn’t start with tranny demons reading kids books, but look how far they’ve come since the ’50s. From anti-war to anti-white in 3 generations, oh my…

          • It would be awesome if Tulsi states (or even implies) that this Iran nonsense is a false flag.

        • This should be fun. Reminds me of the Republican field in ’16. Except this time every single candidate of the New Democratic Socialist Communist Mohammedan Party has the same spiel. They all want total control of everything from our guns to our speech. Fortunately, these clowns are all idiots. Unfortunately if one somehow wins we are really fuked. Imagine the first transsexual Attorney General.

    • If things get really bad after Lunch Pail Joe tanks some outsider like Gavin Newsom will step in. He’s already the governor of future America. He can run as the man whose already accomplished what the others are only promising.

          • Hair is what gets EVERY Democrat elected. They haven’t had a chrome dome since Grover Cleveland.

            And Biden ain’t fooling anyone with the Hair Club for Men.

        • Both the SF Chron and LA Times think he’s keeping his powder dry while the Dem field destroys itself. He has a sizable war chest left over from the gov’s race. If it’s nothing but chaos after Joe, Nuisance and his hair have a better shot at the nomination than does anyone else, excluding the Harpy.

    • MWV – yes, I agree that Queen Kamala is the most likely candidate to win the DemNom, based mostly on the fact that she has the greatest number of intersectionality points of any of the candidates so far: she scores well in the Black, Female, Jew, Environment, Communist, Hate Whitey and Exotic categories. She was also on the front lines being mean to (now Justice) Kavanaugh, which will be brought up later in the primaries to great effect.

  33. “…because he was Obama’s Stepin Fetchit for eight years…”

    Oh man, of all the names to grow up with. Come on, “Stepin”?? Real dude, I know. but my inner country boy giggled at that one.

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