The Next Big Scandal

A story that has largely been forgotten, is the investigation into what happened with the intelligence services at the end of the Obama administration, into the start of the Trump administration. Trump has stopped tweeting about it and he never gets asked about by the media. Some elements of the Left are trying to keep the Russian collusion hoax alive, in order to push impeachment, but no one mentions the FBI scandal. What should be an important story is largely ignored by the liberal media for obvious reasons.

Despite the radio silence, the investigation appears to be continuing. A new witness has turned up, delaying the Horowitz report on the FISA abuse. The Inspector General lacks subpoena power, so people outside the DOJ don’t have to speak with him. For some unknown reason, this person has now agreed to answer questions. Since this person was in the State Department at the time of the FISA abuse, the assumption is she knows something about the foreign assets the FBI was using to get warrants.

Out of the blue, the Washington Post put out a big story claiming Joseph Mifsud was a Russian intelligence asset. The absurdity of the claim is less important than the timing, as no one was talking about this issue. For some reason, people in the FBI thought they needed to plant this nonsense in the press. The assumption is that he is cooperating with the new prosecutor appointed by Attorney General Barr. While little is known about his investigation, he has impaneled a grand jury and is subpoenaing witnesses.

That’s been the missing piece of this political puzzle for a long time. When Jeff Sessions recused himself, it allowed Rod Rosenstein and Bob Mueller to build a firewall around the FBI spying case. The only person looking into it was the inspector general, and he lacks subpoena power. That was the whole point of the Mueller investigation. His job was to bottle all of this up and run out the clock. When Trump fired Sessions and brought in Barr, the game was up. Mueller was sidelined and Rosenstein resigned.

At this point, the broad contours of the case are known. Elements within the DOJ and FBI setup an espionage operation on the Trump campaign. They used stories they planted in the media and friendly foreign assets to fabricate a case they presented to the FISA court in order to get warrants on Trump people. This allowed them to spy on the Trump campaign and presumably share the intelligence with the Clinton campaign, through FusionGPS, the political dirty tricks shop.

What is unknown at this stage is who authorized the operation. James Comey was head of the FBI, but he appears to be a patsy, as he is too dumb and timid to have pulled off this caper. It is entirely possible that this scheme was hatched by senior level people in the DOJ and FBI through their social network. At some point, someone in the administration was made aware of it. The text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page make clear that the FBI was riddled with left-wing fanatics.

There’s also the question of just how wide ranging was this conspiracy. The list of names directly implicated is over two dozen. There are another two dozen that seem to have had some connection to the caper. The connection with the Clinton campaign has been largely ignored, but it is entirely possible that the missing e-mails from Clinton’s illegal server are involved. Then there are the foreign intelligence assets that have been implicated. There are at least three foreign governments named thus far.

The biggest unknown is what exactly is happening with the investigation. Barr brought in what amounts to a special prosecutor. He has a hand-picked staff and is working on just the FBI stuff and anything related to it. That means he is looking into the handling the Clinton e-mail case as well as the FBI spy ring. Barr is also known to have a deep dislike for the Clinton people, so it seem unlikely he is preparing to broom the whole thing or drag it out until Trump leaves office.

Lost in all of this is the fact that the people involved in these conspiracy seem to really bad at their jobs. If you are a senior person in the FBI, relying on signal intelligence to track suspected enemies of the state, you should know better than to use simple text messaging to coordinate your conspiracy. Even when they knew their shenanigans were going to be revealed and they needed a cover story, they continue to use text and e-mail on government phones to coordinate their conspiracy.

Of course, everything about this case is political. If Barr moves to indict some of the people involved, they may be willing to cut deals to avoid prison. Because no one knows the full story, no one can be sure who will be ratted out by these people. This is a case that could quickly go from being about rogue FBI agents to a story about the overall corruption in Washington. With the 2020 election coming up, this case could be the ultimate political weapon for Team Trump.

On the other hand, this could turn out to be the issue that rips the Democrat party to shreds over the next year. Joe Biden is the front runner, despite his recent problems, due to his association with Obama. How long before a rival asks him what did he know and when did he know it? Then you have Harris, who is connected to the Clinton political machine. This story could easily become a party scandal that unleashes all the old hatreds between the various tribes in the coalition.

The next year could be a lot of fun.

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169 thoughts on “The Next Big Scandal

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  2. Ha! I remember reading a similar poat a few months ago… nothing happened. Thw GOV protects its own. Trump is a clown who talks big but does nothing. Sorry for the Black pill people.

  3. There’s not a chance in hell of this becoming a scandal in the dem primaries because the dem voters nor pols give a shit about corrupt law enforcement or internal spying as long as it is used against their enemies.

  4. Re: ” The next year could be a lot of fun ”

    God I hope so.

    And Jeffrey Epstein just got arrested. That would seem to be an indication that something is going on.

  5. what’s really interesting to me is “who are the big players backing Trump?”

    One man could not sustain the attacks he has, plus the reaction he has set off is an indication of how threatened the status quo really is (by Trump’s ascension to power). If a GOPe stooge were president, then I would agree that no one involved in the conspiracy would do jail time. But these are not normal times, and I see lots of real blood in the water so I know real damage is being done. If Trump really is doing this on his own, then we have a real life Mule right in front of us.

  6. There was a time when I hoped that the evildoers (Bammy, Hildo, all the freaks in the CIA, FBI, DOJ) would receive justice.

    Now I am pining for the good old days like when the British showed up in 1812 and burned Washington DC to the ground.

  7. I wish you all read Q’s post more
    It’s laid out in very (un)clear terms

    WH BO knew about and ordered all of it

  8. The Russian collusion scandal, etc. is an effort to keep DJT off balance and run out the clock until 2020, when a DEM winner will take things back to business as usual.

  9. Everyone seems to have forgotten that this all started during the Obama administration, when the Dems hoped for DJT to get the Repub nomination as the weakest candidate, and Hillary was to be the election winner. All this finagling was to kiss her ass to “earn” a piece of her victory. None of this was expected to come out at all, as HRC was a continuation of the Obama business as usual.

    Then DJT upset the whole apple cart, and everyone went to CYA mode. Very badly.

    • Heh. Farrah Fawcett revolutionized women’s hair. Perms rule!

      Man-oh-man, Fawn Hall was hot, warnt she? Smokin’.

  10. Since President Trump has come from the private sector will be interesting to see how he deals with these government rats.

    The swamp vermin are definitely more vicious since they have no problem killing people and the corruption runs far and wide.

    Then again the private sector has no problem ruining people’s lives. My guess is if the DC scum lean too hard on the president he’ll easily outwit these buffoons.

    They’ve already proven their incompetence over and over again. The president is wise to take his time with this. Nothing is more dangerous than backing one of these lowlifes into a corner.

  11. I have waited all my life for an opportunity like this to see progressives of both parties humiliated. I may get lucky and see some of these sub-simians go to prison. I may also get to see that look on the faces of the media establishment as they attempt to explain why Hillary may be facing prison time.

  12. The FBI and it’s informants are unable to pass the WRP test (RedPill on Women). They are bluepilled to the core. The WRP test has a 100% detection rate against these shills.

  13. I appreciate the dickens out of Zman’s injections of positivity- perhaps the Owners can come to their senses- and agree with Lorenzo about a spotlight on the corruption.

    Here’s another upward note, from Kunstler’s:

    “With a reduced population there will be tons and tons of steel, copper, aluminum, aggregate and recyclable plastics piled up in nice prismatic structures just waiting”
    “Going South”

    • Mr. Kunstler has been doing the doomsday thing for a long time. I used to catch his act over at Zero Hedge. I like some of his stuff and he writes pretty well, but ya got to admit he’s just a bit of a crackpot.

  14. It has always seemed to me that it would be in the best interest of every Democrat not named Clinton to retire Bill and Hillary to the tropical paradise of Gitmo. I have never understood the willingness of thousands to risk everything to protect them.

  15. Z is channeling Hannity on this issue.

    This is really asking too much from swamp to clean up after itself. If we look back at all the screw ups from Ruby Ridge, Richard Jewel, 9/11 to the current blow ups not one FBI agent has ever done jail time.

    The system is crooked to the bone. From Mueller letting innocent men rot and die in prison, to FBI agents murdering innocents at Ruby Ridge, Waco. Framing Richard Jewel and Steven Hatfill.

    The FBI IG is a joke, he white washed FBI agents taking bribes and giving the MSM classified information. Something that anyone else holding a TS clearance would get prison time in Club Fed. The agents didn’t even get a reprimand. It’s just business as usual.

    And Trump doesn’t want it fixed. This is why he did not declassify the FISA warrants and instead gave it to his fixer and Bush aparatchick(Barr) to bury. Trump has the authority all along to uncover the dirt and refused to. Just like he refused to go after Google and Facebook.

    It’s all Kabooki theater for the MAGA sheeple.

      • LineinTheSand said: “The truth is so harsh.” Is that agreement or mockery? Anyway, I’ve got good news. The Supreme Court has just taken a 7 to 2 decisions to blow Ruth Bader Ginsburg out the nearest airlock.

          • One last word about “The Next Big Scandal.” year after year opinion poles have consistently shone that the vast majoraty of Americans could care less about this stuff. This has been just another establishment hair pulling contest from the beginning. When Obama was elected the whole liberal/lefty world shouted ” At last! This is our century!.” And then Donny J. did the impossible. And the horror, disgust and disappointment where unbelievable. How in the name of the magic negro could this happen. The great beast thought it’s favorite girl was on her way. And when it didn’t happen the freaks went insane, and it’s been a beautiful thing to watch. So thank God and Pres. Donald J. Trump for wounding our adversary.

          • I wholeheartedly agree.
            The best thing about DJT is that The Bitch that Roared was dealt a humiliating defeat. Anything else is frosting on the cake.

          • You mean ‘couldn’t’ care less? A lot of Americans seem to fuck that quote up. Do you understand what it means? You will be disappointed in your IQ results if you don’t.

  16. I really want Marianne Williamson to stay in this whole mess. Her photoshopping herself into that picture of the women running for president is hilarious. And I’m sure everyone’s noticed they’re treating her pretty much like they treated Trump. I wonder if the FBI has started tapping her phones yet

    • Andrew Anglin is huge Williamson fan; I kind of enjoy her on both ironic and unironic levels.

      • Williamson is a Woo Woo Flim Flam Grifter. She’s got a gig and milking it.

        • Does Mayor Buttplug think that he might win the nomination? He’s getting loads of free publicity and donations that he can use in a run for Congress or Senate. He certainly has grander ambitions than continuing to serve as Mayor of a dinky college town that’s seen better days.

    • Please Allah, make this happen. I’d volunteer to work for her if it would get her the nomination.

      • Nicolás Gómez Dávila said: “History clearly demonstrates that governing is a task that exceeds man’s ability.” The depressing truth of life is that we can’t build anything without blending our imperfections into it. And the more complex the structure the more energy it takes to maintain let alone grow. And then the old laws of nature breaks it back down into it’s constituent components. That’s the cycle of civilizations simple complex and back to simple. And there’s absolutely nothing you can do to change it. So the only thing a sane person can do is exept the facts and move on.

      • Z…..She’ll fly you to Hawaii for a healing retreat, fire up a Ram Dass CD, plop you and a Kahuna in a plumeria covered hot tub, pray that Pele begins the fireworks, and work a little juju on your…ahmmm…..aura….just balancing your energy, laddie. Maybe she’ll hand out, if you’ll excuse the pun, perks to you guys for voting for her.

          • Line…….You’d miss me! Lucky me…the gulag won’t have me, and the polygamists across the street shun me! Must be doing something right.

          • Apparently you know nothing of the California Woo Woo energy healing world. Some will do “energy work” and the energy work is on your pocket book.

            And some….The Ananda Center in Nevada City, Swami Getinherpants aka Donald Lightfingers, pulled a scam in which upper crust Bay Area women payed big bank to stay and de-stress at the Motherload center and the Swami taught them to relax in his bed, plus he taught them “mindfulness” to de-stress by cleaning his house. And he got paid by them. This guy was good, until he got popped. And this went on for years. And he’s not the only one pulling these scams. There’s a sucker born every minute.

            Williamson is a woo woo energy grifter. She got Oprah to back her, she puts on that drifty fluffybunnies/unicorns look, and yaps about love healing all. Which translates to another spin on open borders.

          • Leading a sex cult is nice work if you can get it. And I lived in San Francisco not so long ago. I adjusted some chakras.

  17. I have followed all the threads of this stuff closely the last few years, and the only resolution I can see is an “all against all” reminiscent of 1789 France. Whether it involves mostly DC and NY, or spreads to the rest of the country, we will see.

    • If anybody wants a full briefing on this Russagate stuff, Sundace over at the “Conservative treehouse” has been working on it since day one. I was over there every day for about a year and finally decided I had had enough.

      • Z Man said: “When Jeff Sessions recused himself, it allowed Rod Rosenstein and Bob Mueller to build a firewall around the FBI spying case. The only person looking into it was the inspector general, and he lacks subpoena power. That was the whole point of the Mueller investigation. His job was to bottle all of this up and run out the clock. When Trump fired Sessions and brought in Barr, the game was up. Mueller was sidelined and Rosenstein resigned.” Jeff Sessions is another guy I’ve wondered about. Why would one of Washington DC’s. straitest of strait arrows hook up with the Donald? It just never made scenes to me. And then when the worst happens and Trump is actually elected the first thing Jeff does is recused himself and lets Rod Rosenstein take the lead. At some point there were rumors that in addition to some low level shlubs the FBI had placed in the Trump campaign they had someone higher up looking around as well. Old Jeffery would have been perfect for the job.

        • And right on cue, ol’Jeff points and shrieks at America’s whipping boy, the pot smokers.
          Post-War Americans must be the most well-trained barking seals of all time.

          • The first rule of politics is that you go nowhere unless there’s some dirt on you.

            The Holier than Thouers like Sessions are merely trying to build up some Post Facto plausible deniability : “But I’ve always been the nations leading crusader against goat-fucking”.

          • Sessions being an old Washington DC hand and probably friends with them all decided he’d rather not be the one turning over the rocks in the corruption case. Pot smokers are dumb f*cks and a totally safe target.

      • @OBT, Sundance at CTH and the “drawandstrike” Twitter threads offer two different “our side” interpretations of all of this at the granular level. Interesting to keep up with, but I often feel like I am parsing the entrails, for no good reason.

    • Competing top-tier criminal syndicates reaching a war of all against all-

      By gum, finally the French Revolution makes some sense.
      That explanation would fit the historical collapse of empires and nations as well.

      • (It would also explain why the preachers will keep telling us sinners it’s all our fault, because preachers are messenger boys for the elite)

        • We now live under a system where every movement and utterance is imbued with moral meaning, and the judgements always fall in a particular direction. Preachers were built for such work.

        • Most American men have Jew-dick, as proof of concept that ignorance and heresy and degeneracy can in fact be largely blamed on the masses. The elites aren’t coming from good source material.

  18. Trump seems to follow comrade Stalin Great Purge checklist. Slowly, systematically and all together. Before, promote victims to the high positions and be best friend. Or at least dumb fool. I suspected this stright after Donald became president and begun appoint swamp to the high positions.

  19. Superficial, off-topic: can you do something to set off that last asking-for-money paragraph? I always start reading that paragraph like it’s part of the content before I realize that it’s the appeal for money. It damages the flow of the articles, especially the dramatic “boom” of the last paragraph.

    • Putting it in italics with an extra line of white space above it would set it apart while still keeping it visible.

  20. Pres. Richard Nixon got the ax because the then director of the FBI I. Patrick Gray had an intelligence gathering scandal on his hands called COINTELPRO. The whole thing was going to come out that the FBI had been infiltrating just about every lefty/liberal organization in America. Gray needed a way to kill the story. So he goes out and finds a couple of patsies called woodward and bernstein to do his dirty work. And that was Watergate. Fast forward to today, this Russiagate crap makes Watergate look like a teenage prank. But I guarantee you, nobody of any significance will do time for this. Washington D. C. is the roost for every foul bird of the air. If they started rounding up high ranking members of the washington crime universe, who the hell knows where it would end. Don’t forget, that whole outrage with Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Awan brothers has been completely swept under the rug. So if you think you’ll ever get justice from those filthy animals your deluding yourself. Just wish in one hand and crap in the other.

  21. The FBI and Epstein: what did Mueller know and when did he know it?

    He was Director when our fellow white kiddie raper got his sweetheart deal.

    Look, nobody was ever going to pay much attention to Uranium, or Libya, or the Clinton Foundation, or anything like that, no matter how much they barked about it on AM radio.

    But the power elite raping underage girls?
    Maybe even the ex-President husband of the presumed President-elect?
    And the FBI looking the other way?

    Talk about needing a firewall…

    • @Vegetius-exactly. I think we’re witnessing Death by a Thousand Cuts.The sheer magnitude of malfeasance is hard to comprehend,but diddling kids is indefensible.

      There will be suicides. Or Arkancides. Both,perhaps.

      • Diddling kids, the ultimate forbidden fruit, has been a constant throughout history for bored elites. As has child prostitution.

        No, where this is going to go is live vivisection of little Desmond on private pay-for-view.
        Spirit cooking, Members only.

        (Already happening, according to some silly internet rumor from Cognizant video editors. That’s why I was barking like a mad loon. The (((Aztecs))) are coming back.)

        • When the Ping-Pong Comet Pizza, Podesta Brothers art collection, and spirit cooking things came out, the media line was “no way, how crazy could that be?”. Well, Google the “1972 Illuminati Party” and tell me whether this stuff is new or has been around for a while.

          • Human depravity is nothing new. Roman emperor Tiberius used the island of Capri for infamous orgies,including tossing the abused off the cliffs when he became bored with them.
            I think the more interesting question in all this is,what kind of people are we to allow it to continue?
            This is’nt a Republican/Democrat thing,this goes to the very essence of who and what we are as human beings. Depravity can’t be eliminated,but like other evils,exposure is it’s greatest foe.

            The media succeeded in ridiculing and dismissing the PingPong Comet pizza story,but they themselves have been exposed for the throne-sniffing whores they truly are.
            I get the cynicism. We’ve been lied to so much it’s only natural to be skeptical.

        • I fear that legalized pedophilia is next on the cause-of-the-month club’s agenda. After the trannie freaks.

        • That is no joke. When I heavily suggested read “House of Rain” by Craig Childs, you will understand we are importing Meso Americans/Aztecs. Study the influence of Meso America on the American South West 1000 years ago, the chaos, the burning villages, mass murder and the trail of human sacrifice from Central America. Walls of human skulls. Chaco, Hovenweep and Sleeping Ute Mountain here in Utah. Many to this day still worship Tloloc, the Aztec god of rain and fertility…House of Rain. And they’re bringing the old religion back to the Southwest/Aztlan again. The alter. We are so blind.

      • “The sheer magnitude of malfeasance is hard to comprehend,but diddling kids is indefensible.”

        Hasn’t done Little Linda Graham any harm

    • The power elite have a firewall — it’s called mainstream media. They make all the difference.

          • Only with the old and the deluded. TV’s audience is getting older by the minute and no one read, especially newspapers or magazines

            In any case, baring President Trump pulling off a real surprise, little will happen till the Boomers die off

            In a sense they are both stabilizing force and hostages all in one . Once they go, well things will change quickly.

            Ultimately it will probably either be civil war, collapse or separation although severe decline is also a possibility.

            In goes the woke, everyone goes broke,

    • A few years ago sailed though the passage between the two “James” islands with some friends. We had to take a tack that brought us just a little too close to Epstein’s wharf—immediately there were two big security dudes down there with binos glassing us until we were sufficiently away. It was one creepy looking place. Could see how someone could be brought into the airport, helicoptered over, locals bribed to see “no one” and you just disappear. And Epstein is clearly a flat out sociopath.

      • Saw the pictures of the “Temple” on that island. Spine-chilling creepy. Huitzilopochtli rules!

      • Tiberius Cesar …..Hmmm… that was kinda fun….Now over the cliff with ya!

  22. I’ve gotten my hopes up too many times. The Cathedral is just so powerful, and corrupt all the way through. I’ll believe it when they start putting people in jail.

    • It would make me really happy if they start hanging people for sedition, ideally on the steps of the FBI, DOJ or wherever else they worked. Heck, I would attend the show.

      I can dream, can’t I?

      • @Ris
        Let’s do one better: the heads can be on pikes, displayed at every exit (both directions) around the Beltway. And maybe a weatherproof poster board with the name of the person who met Justice.
        That communicates: “we are a God-fearing nation who believes in justice and rule of law, and woe unto him who decides to go against it.”
        And: this actually was not my idea. I am merely parroting it from Ann Barnhardt. 🙂

  23. This blog is one of the first sites I visit during my morning ritual. Z Man, and most of the contributors are some of the wisest people I’ve read. That being said, while I would love to see players involved in all of the illegal activity that has gone on via the deep state, it is similar to believing in Santa Claus if one thinks there are going to be any serious consequences to their actions.
    The current dog and pony show is most likely an attempt to fool people into thinking that the G is taking action.
    As a previous poster stated, I’ll believe it when I see it.

      • That’s absurd. The events in the post actually happened and have been in the news for quite some time.

        • To clarify the prior comment, I was referring to the “The Swamp is really going to get drained this time!” tone of the piece.

    • Well, I think the political class would probably like to broom the whole thing, I’m not sure it will happen. Having the FBI spying on political campaigns is a threat to the political class. There has to be a reckoning of some sort.

      • Not really. They only spied on Trump. Not the Lightworker. Or Hillary.

        The spies are an ultra useful tool against deplorables. Nothing will happen. Indeed the new hereditary spy class and semi secret police are embraced as the Resistance.

        This degeneracy is what a long peace brings. Western nations need war like a forest needs small fires to clear out overgrowth. Otherwise we get a degenerate clown show.
        Degerates back other degenerates.

        • I wonder if there are any examples from the past of an era where degenerates backed other degenerates and a single ethnic group held an outsized sway on a society? Can anyone help me out here?

        • @Whiskey:Respectfully disagree. Samantha Power alone “unmasked” hundreds.Her defense was “Someone else must have done it in my name.”
          In Obama’s 2nd term,he unleashed every Wormtongue cretin in every intel agency.The goal was to not only topple Trump,but to acquire blackmail material on every enemy,real or imagined.
          He hated Gen Mike Flynn,because Flynn was on to him.

        • If that’s true – then part of the white nationalism project ought to be a very serious examination of why Western societies cannot remain stable and functional without regular warfare to clear out the deadwood.

          The problem with warfare is that in the modern age it has the power to completely eliminate the one class of people that truly keep a Western society running: the men.

          If you look at the casualty rates for the major powers involved in WW1 – they basically eliminated a generation of strong young men. There is no way this does not have a negative long term effect on the society – especially seeing who is left to fill that vacuum (women and weaker men – and these days: immigrants)

          Completely blowing up your society on a regular basis – is not a good long term prescription for societal health.

          I’ve had this argument with people over and over again: and a good majority support the war option.

          I’ll make the same offer I’ve made in the past: Please send me your home address and I’ll come by and burn your house down to illustrate my point. You can then get back to me on how well your theory is working out for you.

      • See, you would think that. Except, you’re operating from a perspective that uses reason and logic.

        • Reason and logic is part of our ‘problem.’
          As many have pointed out on here, we are playing by a different set of rules (originating in love of country, fellow man, rule of law, etc.) and have a very difficult time NOT going straight to using our logic and reason to fight the e n e m y.
          As has been reiterated, it behooves us to learn & play by their rules, thus eliminating a large swath of them and securing more peace for ourselves.

  24. Former AG Sessions is considered by many to be a doddering fool,but remember back in 2017,when he rolled back the Holder rules on civil asset forfeiture?
    Mr Holder loosened those rules,allowing drug dealers,human traffickers,etc,to retain their ill-gotten gains. The fact that many were from the POC community was a big factor in Holder’s reasoning-he was openly proud to “help”.

    Sessions reinstated the tougher old rules.
    Recall on 8/8/2018, a DOJ 757 landed at Little Rock,AR and loaded up boxes of no doubt fascinating stuff from the Clinton Foundation.

    This past Friday,a judge ordered some of the documents in Jeffrey Epstein’s child porn case to be unsealed.

    PDJT may know Epstein,like he knows the Clinton dual airbags. Does’nt mean he swims in the same sewer they do.

    Let’s not forget El Chapo and his billions in bloody lucre. Would build a right nice wall on our southern border.

    All the top kicks,Brennan,Comey,Clapper,Rice,Holder, and of course Obama have become increasingly shrill on Twitter. They know revelations are coming that will sicken normal people.

    • There will be a Lolita Island temple erected with a Pope Desmond in D.C. before those revelations come to light.

      • And right on cue, one of the attorneys prosecuting Epstein on this new case, is none other than Comey’s daughter! The script just writes itself…

        • Welcome to the tour of the incestuous Imperial Capitol. Please put on your blinkered glasses and earplugs as I turn on the gaslights and smoke machine for effect. First we pass by the famous Jeffrey Epstein Lolita Bordello, currently in use and not available on this tour, and is available at a higher admission price on the Fly Lolita Tour. Next we pass the statue of our founding father Abraham Lincoln, as we bow our head in reverence……

  25. Simply the whiff one gets from observing the fbi over the years suggests that the institution had been under soviet control since the 70s. Recall that story about how the fbi tried to frame a cia man for soviet espionage when spy was really someone in the fbi. That was no mistake or accident.

    My question is how comey’s announcement during the last election campaign that he was about to indite Clinton plays into all of this. Undoubtedly this hurt Clinton, even if just a little. How do you guys explain that move, if the fbi is merely controlled by leftist forces bent on trump’s destruction?

    • Comey is quoted in his book that he would have played his cards differently if he thought the election would be closer. He reopened the investigation into Hillary because New York had Weiner’s laptop with all of Hillary’s emails on them and they were upset that McCabe had sat on the emails for months without doing anything. Comey said he was worried about Trump, post-losing, using it as the justification for his loss, and Comey wanted to make Hillary as legitimate as possible.

      “It is entirely possible that, because I was making decisions in an environment where Hillary Clinton was sure to be the next president, my concern about making her an illegitimate president by concealing the restarted investigation bore greater weight than it would have if the election appeared closer or if Donald Trump were ahead in all polls,” he writes.

      “But,” he wonders aloud, “I don’t know.”

      • That actually makes sense, somewhat, but no model of how the world works in my mind fits all the parameters.

      • The irony is that the Clinton effort to run a four corners defense on the emails damn near worked. My other hunch is that when Comey gave her the “bye” the tacit agreement was that he was assured nothing else would come to light…then it turns out Weidner had Outlook local replication set up on his laptop and was dick pic’ing 14 year olds. And I’m not sure Comey was so high minded about legitimacy, he was pissed off that Clintons used him. But also believed Hillary had enough margin to take the hit. So he went public to save his own image.

  26. the dems have threatened to go after Trump when he leaves office — and his family too. he has no choice but to destroy obama, clinton, and the rest of the dem party.

    Zman, Sundance has been doing a series on how Trump has been smashing the PRC economy with these phony trade negotiations. Seems like a good topic for you to cover too.

  27. Punishment of the guilty falls into the I will believe it when I see it catagory. Caning would be a nice start to a long prison sentence some where other than in a club fed facility. Cruel and unusual? Not in the least.

  28. This could turn out to be the biggest thing since the Hiss-Chambers case. It involves the fundamental notion that public servants be non-partisan, the entire basis of the civil service system. If it turns out that they cannot, then it seems that the rational thing to do, if we are going to have a government that reflects the will of the people according to election results, is to return to the spoils system.

    ” If you are a senior person in the FBI, relying on signal intelligence to track suspected enemies of the state, you should know better than to use simple text messaging to coordinate your conspiracy. Even when they knew their shenanigans were going to be revealed and they needed a cover story, they continue to use text and e-mail on government phones to coordinate their conspiracy.”

    A couple of years ago I began receiving text messages that were being sent to an entire group wherein the bulk of them were photographs of people and attached documentation as to where the photos were taken, such as street signs and building fronts. It occurred to me that I had accidentally been included in a group text involving a complex surveillance operation. I got it to end when I relied “STOP” and the texts abruptly ended. I have no idea as to whether the surveillance operation ended up being so tainted that the evidence was usable or not.

    But the fact of the matter is that there was a complex operation being run over a public system with virtually no internal security mechanism. They probably got one digit of one phone number wrong in the chain and I ended up being included in the links. Here’s another irony: I was out of the country receiving these texts over the internet because I was logged in to a wifi. So someone even outside the U.S. could have been monitoring this operation, and could be doing so for others.

    US and state agencies need to have their own internal systems and they should be tested constantly for external security. Doing so, and requiring that all government business be conducted via official channels with AUTOMATIC expulsion of anyone operating outsde those channels NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE is about the only thing that in my mind would justify keeping the civil service system intact.

    • >>. It involves the fundamental notion that public servants be non-partisan, the entire basis of the civil service system. <<

      No one who’s been paying attention still believes this, or has for some time. An entire generation is now reaching adulthood having never known a world in which “nonpartisan civil servant” was anything other than a myth out of the mists of antiquity.

      Call me a blackpiller, but nothing is coming of this investigation.

      • Meme….Even my cat barfed up a hairball full of black pills. She’s no dummy. Little will come of this investigation. Lots of gaslights and smokescreens. Big Tech involved woven throughout too. This is big money being spread around.

        Notice that all the Dems and 2/3 Repubs don’t do their job and just stay quiet. The last few years I finally realized they’re mostly bought off. If the narrative can’t be contained, they’ll pick some mid-level human sacrifice like the Chinese do, point and demand look in opposite direction, then keep on doing the same corrupt stuff.

        Further woke me up when Bitchface Clinton sold off 20% of Utah’s uranium reserves to the Roosians Uranium One deal, who the Dems have been in bed with for 100 years, and that’s a lot of offspring in the deep state.

        • >>>pick some mid-level human sacrifice

          That’s the entire point of the current slow-moving Kabuki: whether the convicted will include anyone of a rank above Strozk ‘n’ Page.

          Personally, I’m hoping that Brennan is maximally hammered and gets his 72 virgins, but I’d settle for a few years stay in Lompoc.

          As for a charges against Obama and/or Clinton, fuhgeddaboudit.

    • This would imply that the organizations at their core still want to serve a legitimate necessary purpose which is questionable

      Truth is we need an FBI, CIA and others of that lot, problem is we don’t need these organizations

      However getting rid of anything in government especially with political power is difficult as hell . worse once you’ve done it,you essentially have to start over with most of the expertise lost since you can’t trust anyone from the last organization

      Doing this would leave a huge dangerous power vacuum

      Now in a revolution, you have your own guys, the trick there is keeping them under control while they root out whatever you define and moles, traitors and the like.

      • think about this: these orgs have always been corrupt and incompetent; so we haven’t really had functioning versions of them ever. therefore we can shut them down now with no real harm.

        • The problem is: convincing people of that.

          There’s a lot of bitching on these pages about libertarians, but I have to say that reading thru a lot of the Lew Rockwell libertarians is what set my mind straight on the TRUE necessity of a lot of the institutions that are a plague upon us.

          A good part of the reason why my go to for things like Welfare is to say ” eliminate it completely”, is because I feel that if there isn’t a sufficient amount of people who believe that welfare simply does not need to exist – then your chances of ANY sort of reform are essentially zero.

          When the vast majority of people respond with crap like ” OMG – what would we do without the FBI – we’d be overrun with crime!!” – the chances for reform exist somewhere between 0 and 5%. If a majority of people believe that the FBI simply doesn’t need to exist AT ALL – then the FBI is in the position of having to prove it’s worth and will self reform as a survival tactic to avoid elimination.

          In my opinion: the vast majority of people are so screwed up in the head on the social dynamics of things like this that it prevents any reform efforts – therefore we end up being stuck with the collapse option as the only way out.

    • teaparty:
      A couple of yrs ago isn’t all that long. I’m sure you were “pilled” by then.
      (I am confused by the pill-color references in everyone’s comments. If anyone would like to share a small “reference guide” for the colors, please feel free.)

      You make a valid point about the use of very public networks for gubmit surveying. It could have been fun to stay on those texts, if for no other reason than to have some add’l things on record, a la Snowden.
      But who knows. I haven’t fully thought through the consequences of that choice.

      • Little confused myself, but I understand it as:

        redpill – realist, have now seen the truth about what is going on/being done to the country/world, eyes open.

        bluepill – basically still living in the Leftist/progressive bubble (eyes wide shut)

        blackpill – basically going sour on the redpill thing, not that it’s false, but that being redpill doesn’t seem to have changed things, things aren’t going to change, and people you thought were redpill are disappointing, or maybe not even really redpilled. Most often seen with Trump setbacks or not doing the redpill thing, or doing something anti-redpill, or other events that are a step back rather than forward.

        whitepill – I’ve seen this around but have no clue. Guess it’s the opposite of blackpill, so it is when redpill team progress is made?

  29. “Joe Biden is the front runner, despite his recent problems, due to his association with Obama. How long before a rival asks him what did he know and when did he know it?”

    Never. There is nobody in the primary stupid enough to take a shot at Biden through Obama. Not only would that put said candidate in the cross-hairs of the DNC machine, it would alienate the blacks and suburban white women, both of whom are hysterically committed to the idea that Obama was the mashiach.

    • donkey chompers has taken a couple of shots at obama. he is not the patron saint of the dems any longer, just another grifting negro.

    • There’s no need to open that can of worms. Biden’s numbers are in free-fall after the debate. He’s groveling to blacks in S. Carolina, but in the end it won’t make any difference. A white man is not going to get the Democrat nomination in The Current Year.

      Harris has overtaken both Warren and Sanders. I’m sticking with my prediction of Trump v Harris in 2020. Trump may pull off another miracle, but I’m sticking with Harris for the win.

      • Trumps approval rating is likely higher than 50%. The electorate that voted for him in 2016 will do so again. The electorate that was uncomfortable in 2016 will now vote for him. Trump will gain a larger percentage of both the white and non-white vote than in 2016. The media is mostly defanged. The social media will be under anti-trust investigation. Harris is a harpy. The recipe for the win is overwhelming.

          • The correlation of forces were negative for 2018 midterms since Trump was not on the ballot but very positive for 2020 in my opinion. The negative Trump forces were raring to register their disapproval. Now that they did so and have been proven wrong, the momentum is not on their side any more.

          • thank goodness the dems failed to make use of their advantage in the house. their one chance to hold it was to out-Trump Trump; but they did the opposite. look for Trump to take it back in 2020.

        • I sure hope you’re right. I’ve taken to calling the 2020 election the derivative election, because it’s all about rates of change. The outcome is going to be determined by whether the Democrats’ insanity is driving whites out of the party at a rate that is faster than demographic change is bringing new PoC voters into the Democrat party. Unfortunately, I don’t think the derivative numbers are on our side.

          • The demographics and cheating will favor the demoncraps eventually but not enough in 2020. Hopefully after reelection, he will severely crack down on the enemies. They need a jackboot in the neck for sure.

        • In 2020, the Demagogues won’t be complacent. They will crank up their cheating machine to Ludicrous Speed, and even their legitimate supporters might get out of bed.

        • Another piece of the recipe is that if you look at the trend for who resides in the White House – it’s been 2 term President for the last three occupants of the office.

          Things are different now than they have been – but the trend is likely still there.

  30. I love this guy Strzok. He’s the head of FBI counterintelligence and he uses open texts to talk to his girlfriend, another FBI employee. Clearly he was clueless about the nature of his work. Just who we want protecting us from enemies. If I were the guy in CT, I’d put the most pressure on him to turn him and give up the real big names like Clapper and Brennan. He’ll go from peacock to snitch and still go to jail for a few years. (From my lips to God’s ears.)

    • I agree with you about Brennan and Clapper. I’ve always thought this thing originated at the top of our intelligence agencies, who are not there to protect us, but to protect themselves from us.

      • The media is the key. They will protect Obama and Clinton at all costs. The thing for Barr to do is to make a deal with them: let me have Brennan and Clapper and I wont go after Obama and Clinton. They might go for it as they have no scruples about anything. They would give up their own kids to save St. Barack and St. Hilary.

        • the media is broken and spent, hemorrhaging jobs like a stuck pig. they have lost all of their power. they will not be saving anyone, most especially themselves.

          • The media is far from broken. How many normies believed their lies about Charlottesville, to give just one example?

        • Jailing Brennan and Clapper achieves next to nothing. There are hundreds of bureaucrats waiting in the wings to take their places and do the same things.

          That is not to say they shouldn’t be jailed, they should. But the solution is to rip Washington DC apart. That is the only solution.

          If you want an inkling of how hard that will be try just jailing Brennan and Clapper.

      • Brennan and Clapper, oh yeah. People make judgements about others in the first 30 seconds of exposure to them, and most of it is non-verbal. Those two have always set the hair on the back of my neck on end, just getting glances at their ugly mugs.

        • I think Brennan looks sinister and Clapper strange. Creepy guy #1 and Creepy Guy #2.

    • I think they (Barr & Co.) can play this a couple ways. One way is to create a narrative that say this scandal is the result of a culture of corruption in the FBI. They take down the key players and then a commission is setup to “fix” the FBI. That gets the politicians involved off the hook. That assumes people like Strzok are willing to play ball. Money will need to change hands.

      Another possibility to trace this back to some Clinton people and create a narrative of a corrupt political machine. The Obama machine would be cleared and probably play along so they could take control of the party. This would work if no one can plausibly point to a high ranking Obama official as a conspirator.

      Still another possibility is this thing spiral out of control as everyone scrambles for safe ground. The number of people involved and the atmosphere in Washington make this a possibility. Maybe there is an Alexander Butterfield waiting for his moment.

      I think if I was involved in this thing, I would not bet my freedom on Strzok.

      • Yah, well, Susan Rice was a hi-rank Obozo adviser and is in this up to her hairline.

        Here’s the question: will the Clinton Gang assassinate the Obozo Upstarts? Or will it be a circular firing squad leaving No Democrat Standing…..and leaving the Deep State (CIA/FBI/State Department) to continue their sedition?

      • Barr would seem to have a classic “wolf by the ears” problem. Don’t think understanding the shape and extent of the malfeasance is all that hard if you just look at the timelines. But Barr is not a burn-it-all-down guy, so gaming out the best way to excise the rot, but not ignite a Chernobyl is the challenge.

      • I fear that. The alternatives would be civil litigation against the FBI (Gen. Flynn and Carter Page come to mind) or vigilante justice.

          • I think that there will be a rise in internal terrorism by both the Right and Left, including death squads. Obviously, I prefer legal justice, which in Strzok’s case would be a public hanging on the steps of the FBI building in Washington and confiscation of every dime he and his family possess.

          • Those “Purge” movies are incredibly popular with the under-30 set for a reason.

          • just for the drollery

            Technically the people in charge wouldn’t legally be allowed to be targets in the Purge universe.

            This would stop exactly no one though.

            That said the US is long overdue for a change of management and ironically the Old Left, not the new nutters and the Dissident Right probably agree on the same people being The Problem

            However no one can agree with anyone else what constitutes better society.

            Hell much of the Dissident Right isn’t even interested in trying to come up with an idea for a better society much less the decades of hard work required if they win.

            Laziest revolutionaries ever

          • It would be easy, A.B. You destroy the welfare state and restrict the courts. Close most universities. Lefty’s rice bowl would be shattered.

          • One detail the Hard Right and Hard Left might agree on: dissolution of the USA as unified state.

            So, there is some hope for sane human life in some portion of North America.

  31. I’m much less optimistic than you are. Barr is very close friends with Mueller for decades (he excessively praised him after being appointed AG without prompting), their wives are in the same Bible group, he’s had nothing but praise for Rosenstein, he’s extremely pro-federal power (he defended pro bono the sniper that killed the woman holding her baby at Ruby Ridge), and Barr’s deputy said he had no knowledge of anything done on Spygate.

    Additionally, you’re getting the timing wrong. Spygate started sometime after the 2012 elections with endless spying on political opponents via Democrat abuse of the NSA search query databases. When Strzok and Page texted about the insurance policy, it was to put in place retroactive justification for years and years of spying on political opponents. Read the Rosemary Colliers redacted declassified report on the search query abuse – this has been going on far longer than since 2016.

    Strzok and Page were comfortable texting because, imo, this is all an open secret in the FBI and DOJ and almost everyone in both is fine with it.

    My guess is nothing will be done, but I hope I’m wrong.

    On another note, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jeffrey Epstein takedown by the SDNY (the most anti-trump prosecutors office in the country) is ultimately about Trump as Epstein and Trump were friends:

    Perhaps the Deep State has made a calculation to throw Bill Clinton under the bus in order to get to Trump for 2020.

        • Which part do you think is a lie? Would be happy to provide supporting documentation to any of it. And regarding Barr, there’s not much to judge him off of so far so I think history should bear weight on his current motivations.

          • @Mmmm

            Time for the WRP test on you. This one is multiple choice. There’s only one right answer. Refusal to answer will be counted as failure:

            “You walk the sidewalk with your wife or girlfriend, when she and another man stumble into each other. The man keeps walking, but she looks at you like a poor puppy and says, “Ouch.””

            A) I’m going to follow that man and beat the shit out of him for stumbling into her.

            B) I’m going to follow that man and demand that he apologize to her for stumbling into her. If he refuses, I’ll beat the shit out of him.

            C) When we get home, I’ll tell her what a bad, bad man he must be, and I’ll take it upon myself to compensate her for her painful experience by being double extra super-plus nice.

            D) She stumbled into him to create a “Let you and him fight” shit test. When we get home I’ll punish her for it, possibly with a stick, and warn her not to play with fire ever again…

            E) My autism is so debilitating that I possess no means of analyzing this situation.

    • They’ve managed to control this by attacking and controlling Trump. Now that Russia Russia has gone away it doesn’t necessarily mean Trump has a cleared field. We may just get a lot of activity so it at least seems that something is going on. A lot of promises but no walk down the aisle.

      From having watched those 2 Dem debates, the deep state would be a lot better off with the current Trump.

      Pozz by the glass will still have the same rulers firmly in charge in 2024. Pozz by the bucket (any Dem) becomes too unpredictable.

    • People change. George Washington toasted King George at a Christmas dinner in 1775. Not so much thereafter.

  32. Time to buy stock in the popcorn supply chain. CAG maybe. This is gonna be fun. Stock up on your Orville Redenbacher before the prices go up!!!

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