The Party Of Hate

The Left in America has always been adept at playing identity politics. While it is a useful way to build coalitions, identity politics fits naturally with radicalism. The Left in the West starts with the assumption that human society is like a watch. Each component interacts with other components to make the whole thing go. It is not a big leap from there to seeing society as a collection of parts. Appealing to those parts on narrow grounds is simply the logical way to go about politics for the Left.

This worked pretty well after the Second World War, because America was 90% white, so the Left could sure up their numbers, without ceding power to these auxiliary forces they bribed into their coalition. They could promise blacks whatever was needed, as there was never a fear of blacks taking over the party. If any of these auxiliary groups got mad the people in charge, there was not much they could do about, other than complain and ask for a better deal next time.

As America becomes majority-minority that old formula can no longer work. In the current Democrat party, blacks make up a majority of primary votes in some states. It’s not enough for candidates to promise them free stuff. More important, the loyalty of those tribes to the whole is transactional. Their first loyalty is to their tribe and their loyalty to the cause of the party is conditional. That means identity politics within the party is an endless negotiation to redress of past grievances.

You see this in how poor old creepy Joe Biden is being treated by the coalition of the ascendant. He made the rather valid and sensible point that he has found a way to work with all sports of people in his career, even segregationists. They were, for a long time, a key part of the Democrat party. He is being pilloried for this, not because it is good for the party in anyway, but it is good for the blacks. Kamala Harris is running as a black, so calling Biden a bigot is good for her, as it boosts her credibility with blacks.

That’s where the tribal loyalty comes in. Michelle Obama, who spent more than eight years around Biden, is also piling on poor old Joe. Even though Biden was a loyal toady to her husband, helping him get into the White House, Michelle can’t come to his aid, because she’s black and he’s white. Her tribal loyalty comes before her loyalty to the party. This, despite the fact Harris is backed by the Clinton machine. For blacks like Michelle Obama, hatred of white people is who she is, above all else.

Within the domain of group identity, there are two types of identity. One is the positive identity that is rooted in the attributes of the group. The other is a negative identity that is rooted in some outside force or group. Icelandic, for example, is a positive identity as it is rooted in genetic qualities of the people of Iceland. African-American, in contrast, is a negative identity, because it is based entirely on the negative relationship between the decedents of America slaves and white people in America.

In the case of the people of Iceland, they would continue to be Icelandic, even if every other type of human on earth died tomorrow. If those people then migrated off their island and took up residence in what is now England, they would still be Icelandic, at least until evolution worked its magic on them. Given enough time, the people living on what is now England, would develop traits that are unique to them. They would create a shared history that is different from their ancestors in Iceland.

On the other hand, African-Americans are entirely dependent upon white people for their identity. If every white person moved to Canada, blacks would move to Canada, as they need to be near whites in order to maintain their sense of identity. If all other humans on earth died tomorrow, the African-American population would lose its identity and devolve into some new identity or identities. Evolution and their innate qualities would no doubt make them into tribes of hunter-gatherers.

This is the problem Democrats will face as they elevate blacks and other non-whites in their party. When you’re defined by your hatreds, there can be no limit placed on that hatred, as it is the celebration of self. That’s why the anti-white campaign is rapidly accelerating on the Left. In the quest to reach a new limit of self-affirmation, they must find some new way to hate white people. The result will be something like then ANC, where the only white faces will be Jews and some females.

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192 thoughts on “The Party Of Hate

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  2. The Democrats (and Republicans) have been successful at bribery because the Federal Reserve fills the kitty. It’s been doing so for decades. Had the currency stayed tied to precious metals this bribe kitty would have hit the wall by 1972. But that’s like putting a pile of cocaine in front of Gary Busey and asking him not to snort it. The majority minority coalition is at its heart a game of hungry hippo where various groups beat the levers as fast as they can until ALL the marbles are gone. All of them.

    Republicans bribe too. Take a look at the Pentagon labyrinth and all the contractors involved. Just massive. The last half century has literally become a guns and butter economy. Mussolini couldn’t do it better. Of course, it will end in a currency crisis, and massive political realignment at some point.

    On another note, I loved the responses from Willie Brown’s Prostitute, Kamala, and closeted Booker to Joe Biden, “Yes I accept your apology, but you’re just not going far enough, you’ve hurt a lot of people.” Can anything have been more predictable? Like watching two hyenas rip apart an old wounded wildebeest on the Serengeti.

    Biden needed to pull a Trump to get through that. He’s incapable of that though. He’s old school. He should have said, “Kamala, I understand what you’re saying, but you can’t say that because you’re NOT African American. You come from a slave holding Jamaican family. You have misappropriated African American culture for your own selfish use…” Boom. She’s done.

  3. Z Man said: “That’s why the anti-white campaign is rapidly accelerating on the Left. In the quest to reach a new limit of self-affirmation, they must find some new way to hate white people.” We are story telling creatures, they bind past, present and future. They give us hope and comfort. Stories have also been one of mankind’s maine motivational tools. Whether it’s religion, love, war, work or pleasure there’s a story for every occasion. One of the most powerful storys is the scapegoat story. It focuses anger, hatred, fear, disappointment, guilt, hopelessness and feelings of inferiority onto one convenient location. The Democrats are playing a dangerous game. There going to need a lot of energy and forward momentum to get the rainbow horde to the polling place. There banking on hatred to see them through. They think they can call up the Devil and make him behave.

    • Shit. That was impressive. Even the scooter gal managed to get up and join in, though she ended up like a turtle on its back. Guy is beating on the women and for a while only that one Hispanic guy has the stones to step in and try to keep them separated. Let that be a lesson—you’re on your own. Prepare accordingly.

      • One of the funniest things ever is at 0:20. When dude in white t-shirt is shaddow-boxing with other dude, then throws a fake…into the chick’s face. WTF LOL

  4. Now that Planned Parenthood has begun open grooming in Minnesota schools, will Omar and her Somali Muslims welcome it or protest it?

    I say both- these are desirable kafir kiddies, after all.

    (PP has put out a very explicit, pornographically detailed book with full pictures, for use in MN’s mandatory LGBT sex ed for K-12.)

    Heh. I think the coalition will hold. The only real squabble will be who gets first use.

  5. Or… something else will happen on the DNCs journey to be the ANC.

    Because this isn’t Africa and even the ANC only got into power there because of the “International Community”.

    This part is ending and frankly it’s musical chairs.

    On our deck.

    A plan to eradicate your enemies (whites) that is utterly contingent on their cooperation and indeed active help and subsidy isn’t a sound plan. In particular when you warn them incessantly of their intended fate.

    Now that we begin to feel the flames beginning to tickle our skins the commons animal instincts arise.

    We will suffer. We deserve it for being so weak. But we will survive.

    As for the rest: they chose against us.

    • VXXC said: “We will suffer.” ” We deserve it for being so weak. ” No offence Mr. VXXC, but perhaps you’ve been reading just a little too much german philosophy. Evening up the odds is why God made the 44 caliber revolver. They didn’t call it the peace maker for nothing.

  6. Attacking black people is boring. We all know they aren’t the driving force in society. White people (to their ever lasting shame) brought them here as slaves. White people then freed them. Then segregated them – then integrated them. And now, because they still feel guilty, provide them with AA and quotas & set-asides. They’ve been almost passive players is all this. 9/10 when you see whites talking about Blacks they’re just using them in their war with other white people. Which is sad.

    • Mr. Rcocean. Attacing the spades to give a good smack to the white left/liberals is every thinking mans duty. As for the rest of your post, complaining about our ancestors short sightedness is itself quite pointless. Everyone whoever owned an empire thought they would be the masters forever. This of course is never the case. But still, it’s simply human nature. So cheer up my friend and fling some mud at the ghetto!

      • Sigh. Except, we didn’t bring them, they were dumped in our lap for a high profit, which went off with the sellers. An Irishman cost 1/10th the price of an African and was treated accordingly, most of them died. Ireland lost 1/3 of her population this way.

        Yes, they are used as a club, as pawns.

  7. Every time I see some old white Guy traitor like Biden get trashed by his Gay friends and People of color I laugh. Its what this clown deserved. He’s no different than the Russian liberals who paved the way for Lenin and ended up being shot by Stalin.

  8. There is a significant minority of white people who will remain loyal to the Democrats regardless of the abuse directed at them. This is due to the fact that they believe that they deserve that abuse and that it constitutes some manner of justice.

    And, no, I don’t mean (((white people))).

    • King Tut said: “…This is due to the fact that they believe that they deserve that abuse and that it constitutes some manner of justice.” Demoralization is the first step the left has always used to subvert and destroy peoples will to self-defend. Ex-KGB Agent Bezmenov talks about demoralization.

    • Many of those white people are happy to self-flagellate from a safe distance. Now, actually interacting with street rats in the street, that’s a whole ‘nother thing entirely.

    • Heck yes we deserve it! We spread our evil televisions and flush toilets everywhere in a nefarious plan to Kill The Planet!

  9. What the heck are you thinking of?

    When you say that “If all other humans on earth died tomorrow, the African-American population would lose its identity and devolve into some new identity or identities. Evolution and their innate qualities would no doubt make them into tribes of hunter-gatherers“— you’re forgetting the recent Afro-futurist documentary “Black Panther”.

    From that all-Black production we see that— were oppressive racist Whites to disappear from the Earth— Blacks would finally get the chance to create a technological utopia that would make anything Whites have done *pale* by comparison…

    • Lil Bill said: ” …that would make anything Whites have done *pale* by comparison…” HAhaha! ” *pale* by comparison…!” I get it! But seriously, everywhere White people have left black people alone with techno-civilizations the dark folk have just crapped on it and set it ablaze. So yah, no White people means black people go back living hand to mouth.

    • Not only that, they would reverse global warming, save the elephants, and help other downtrodden peoples, like new Guineans, to reach their potential, which as Jared diamond tells us, is higher than that of whites.

  10. I hope Trump can pull off another miracle, but I’m sticking with my prediction of Kamala Harris for the win in 2020. By 2024 you’ll be able to count the number of white men left in the Democrat party on one hand, and by 2028 there won’t be a Civnat left in the country. (Okay, an exaggeration, but only slight.)

    Vox Day had an interesting post last week urging Trump to get on board with student loan foregiveness, because it will be a major election issue. It pains me to say this, but I agree with Vox, albeit for very different reasons. If Trump tackles the issue it can be handled in a racially fair and even manner. If left to the Democrats, loan foregiveness will be part of a reparations package and whites will be excluded. Trump should tackle the issue while he can.

  11. “If all other humans on earth died tomorrow, the African-American population would lose its identity and devolve into some new identity or identities. Evolution and their innate qualities would no doubt make them into tribes of hunter-gatherers.”

    Whew, that is a redpill so red that I’m not sure we’ll ever get that baby into the Overton Window.

    But it’s true, isn’t it? I totally agree that white people should take their own side, but just looking at things from the black perspective for a moment, it would probably be better for them to be living in their own ways in their own places.

    • If blacks choice is between “better” and easier, which way do you think the smart money bets?

    • People in general prefer to live with their own kind, but large numbers of Blacks have voluntarily left their homes in the West Indies and Africa for the West. They’re caught in a bind, along with other non-Whites – a genetically and culturally alien people – Whites – created and maintain a society with a standard of living and comfort that they are unable to match. I think that they resent us for that fact because deep down they feel inferior.

      • So far, every time I’ve told black men, “every people have their own standards, whites have their own standards, but NOBODY on this planet can live up to white standards except white people,” they strongly agree.

        Then I ask, “so why they trying to turn you white? Everybody should love their own first, I expect you to, now we have something in common” and they agree with that too.
        Even after they’ve just stated, “I think racism is the biggest problem” (that’s when I say ‘I’m a total racist, so talk to me’,)

  12. It feels like intersectionality has dragged the Democrats into a sort of politically stochastic Hell. All cause/effect levers they could pull predictably to win elections aren’t working that way and the whole thing is spinning out of the “watchmakers” control.

    • Like the women I worked with in the water company who scratched her way to the supervisory position, no..not on her back, but playing the Intersectionality Game, i.e. she’s black, sexually ambiguous still closeted swaggering dike and claimed ADD on meds. She got a Trifecta over the lesbians.
      She was once a fairly normal gal. Then she went all in on the Lefty Intersectionality Game, and nobody respects her or trusts her.

  13. Blackness is defined only in terms of taking from whites. As an identity, it is inherently violent. I differentiate between the various ethnic identities of blacks, including Afro-American, and blackness itself. Afro-American is a fully realised identity. Blackness is an anti-identity, a mode of politics through which blacks are given permission to cause harm and violence to whites.

  14. “For blacks like Michelle Obama, hatred of white people is who she is, above all else.”
    Michelle Obama wrote a 70 page dissertation as to why white people suck. The whole thing is nothing but black grievances. I really don’t think most whites know this or just how radical black nationalist the Obamas were/are.
    African American Studies is just a weird combo of progressivism mixed with racial nationalism. It’s how black athletes manage to stay in college while playing ball.

  15. Their anti-whiteness is so feverish now that I found it jarring to see a young heterosexual white man, Eric Swalwell, in the Democratic Party. It’s becoming hard not to think of a guy like that as a race traitor, to be blunt about it.

    • One of the psychopathic politicians that Zman has discussed? Or just plain stupid. Whatever he is, he is a race traitor.

  16. I think the key thus far for the people in power has been to make sure that all forms of fighting “white privilege” only hurt white people whom the elite already hates, thus shoring up rather than undermining the power of the people ruling over us. All the “Black Lives” crap just made things worse for white men working as cops and for the black people actually living in their own bad neighborhoods. I suppose the Dindu Coalition could always turn the cannons around on their masters like a Pelosi or a Schumer (and maybe the drubbing Biden is getting is a harbinger that the jig is up), but everywhere from Brazil to Bolivia (still ruled by a small number of German and Spanish descendants) is proof that strong minorities rule over weak majorities, and that’s probably the game being played in America. Lumpen-prole whites who go to Wal-Mart will get saddled with orange-faced, spirochete-haired mixed babies and lose their identity through the slow genocide, and the white people on top (along with some Jews and Asians) will get whiter and whiter behind the walls of the gated estates where they have their helicopters and swimming pools.

    • Actually the east Asians have been taking it in the ass as of late. Which is just the kind of hypocritical crap you get from leftie/liberlas. Here’s a story about the easties getting a raw deal from Harvard. Those poor yellow basterds are just too successful. It pisses off the black kids . The liberal/left have decided team yellow is infected with white privilege. Envy never sleeps.

      • I think the elites select junior partners/middlemen minorities more for loyalty than ability. This makes sense as you want someone to carry out orders but not take your spot. Hence, someone like Sarah Jeong getting a slot at the “Times” and hardworking Asians being punished for merit, as you pointed out. For the longest time, the dissident right has been saying the left doesn’t know what to do with Asians, except ignore them; looks like they may have finally worked out a carrot and stick game.

  17. The Democratic Party has become a cauldron-size petri-dish of hatred for the Commoner’s (That is us.) Right of Arms. However, that Right of Arms – as counterposed to a bureaucratically-controlled mere privilege – is the bedrock base-plate of liberty.

    • Robert Pinkerton said: “The Democratic Party has become a cauldron-size petri-dish of hatred for the Commoner’s (That is us.) Right of Arms.” Here’s what the left used to say about gun rights. “That rifle on the wall of the labourer’s cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there.” — George Orwell. Oh how far they have fallen.

  18. Kamala Harris is on a mission to close the black achievement gap in schools. It’s apparent that she’s going to be loud and angry about black under-performance and dysfunction being a result of systemic racism, bias, white privilege, etc. The 2020 presidential campaign is going to be the Campaign of Race. That’s what the decades of mass immigration have lead to. Nonstop identity politics.

    • Steve Sailer said that back when the US was 87 percent white (10 percent black, we had a chance to somewhat kick race issues into the background.

    • But she isn’t a natural born citizen, per the SC’s description in Minor v Happersett 1875. Neither is Tulsi.

        • According to the SCOTUS definition in Minor v Happersett (1875), a natural born citizen is born to two citizen parents. That was not the case with Kamala. Here is the portion of the judgement which describes the state of ‘natural born citizen’:
          “Exploring the common-law origins of citizenship, the court observed that “new citizens may be born or they may be created by naturalization” and that the Constitution “does not, in words, say who shall be natural-born citizens.” Under the common law, according to the court, “it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives, or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners.”

          This is the only definition of ‘natural born citizen’ which the SCOTUS has ever made, to my knowledge.

          Tulsi was not even born in the USA.

          • The confusion seems to arise because Article 2, Sec. 1, regarding the President, states he must be a natural born citizen.

            But the 14th Amendment, which defines citizenship, does not use the term “natural born citizen,” rather, it states:

            “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

            So if you are either born in the US or naturalized, you are a citizen, but not necessarily a “natural born” one. There are no distinctions made in the Amendment itself between a born citizen and a naturalized one. Oddly, it says nothing about being born to US parents. Too lazy to look up whether there is legislation or other court decisions on where the “US Parent” citizenship came from. Arguably, when looking at the Constitution and utilizing in pari materia, the framers may have intended a citizen born in the US to be a natural born one, as distinguished from a naturalized one. But apparently, the Minor court did not think so.

    • Staying angry and keeping loud about it also keeps the gibs coming. When someone benefits from their afflictions, the scope and frequency of those afflictions tend to grow.

  19. Ok sorry to get all weird again, but I want to know about the Free Solo(the guy symbolized therein, not the actor)guy. They intimate that he is not satisfied with merely being “left alone.” Well, how would he know they were still present if they were doing nothing to him? How would he detect their presence, and why would it make any difference if it were not malevolent or rather positive? Why not just tell him he’s free? If they were putting him up in an apartment or better(living like a black lol), wouldn’t he have to go and get a slave job at Walmart otherwise? Why did they “free” the other guy but not him? What age bracket is he in? I’m sort of fascinated by his cleverness, or maybe I’m just dumb.

    • Pro Tip: If you are going to go 100% off script on random off topic shit that is not ‘big news’ and is some extremely odd spergy quirky thing you have fixated on– can you at least have the courtesy to post a link so that the less spergy people here who don’t assume everyone else has psychic powers have -any- idea what you are asking in your wall of text?

      tl;dr- what the fuck are you babbling about? Solo? Han Solo? Free him? Is he frozen in carbonite again? Hope Solo? Did she go to prison? Does anyone care? Where do these people come from and how do they land on Z forum? It is a mystery… (p.s. you -are- getting all weird again, so try and help us to help you Forrest)

      • You are right. But the weird thing is, about 10% of people here understand this, more or less! Either that or I forgot my medication this morning

  20. The amusing thing is, that Justin Turdo basically opened the Canadian borders to ‘refugees’ who have been streaming up here for 2 plus years.

    Its kinda funny watching them try to guilt trip normal Canadians about slavery, (yup you got it, 99% black) when the Country of Canada never had the institution of slavery. Of course there’s a few self hating liberals that will assume the guilt, but largely they’re ignored

    They try the racist angle, but Canada’s ‘Civil Rights Hero’ fought a civil case about paying 1 cent more for a better seat in a small town theater.

    • Please let the Trudeau voters know that Canada indeed had the institution of slavery- by the First Nations.

      The palefaces finally banned the First Nations from owning slaves in 1833. Just another example of the white man keeping the Indians down.

  21. The attacks from blacks on Joe Biden are great for the GOP. Anything that wakes up white Dems that it’s now the Party of Color. It’s eventually going to shake out that way anyway, but it’s better that Harris and Michelle Obama leading the campaign against white starts up now.

    • Can’t see it. “Educated” white women will be (and are) piling on just as quickly – if not more so – as the blacks themselves. It’s who they are. And Hollywood, academia, the intelligentsia, and daytime talk shows will be piling on right along with them.

      • A couple of days after the second Dem debate I got a call from a friend who’s been a Democrat all his life. He was horrified at the “free health care for illegal immigrants” show of hands from the candidates. There’s a lot of white Dems like him. His wife, on the other hand, is one of those “educated” white women, who thinks we need to welcome the whole world. So you’re right that a lot of white people will never flee the Dems. But there are a lot of them who will.

        • Well, if your friend is typical of many Democrats it will interesting to see how many 2020 election divorces get filed as a result.

          The Booby fears not many. The “men” will eventually just fall into line with whatever fashionable position their buttercups demand. It’s who they are.

          Hell, the threat of divorce alone is enough to keep most of them cowering in fear, though they’ll desperately try to convince themselves that their spouses have opened their eyes to the progressive way forward.

          • Mr. Booby…..what saddens me is people have mostly forgotten that marriage is a commitment. And that keeps us working toward something better and a sum greater than the two of us separately, rather than an immediate foot out the door.

            My husband is very different from me, yet I treat him with Kindness and flow around the differences. If two people agree to treat each other with kindness and respect, you don’t have to be carbon copies of each other and people can successfully maintain differences in a marriage. It takes both working together to achieve this.

            But Activist Socialist and a Dissident….ain’t going to work. That’s plate tectonics to the extreme.

          • Happened to a friend of mine – she’s a former Democrat who joined the Republicans to vote for Trump and her husband remained a Democrat. In fact, she’s moving out of their home today.

          • The men will go into the voting booth alone. And tell the wife what she wants to hear like they do when she asks if this dress makes her look fat.

          • Ha! Some things are better left unsaid between both of us!. I don’t box Basic Husband in asking if I look like a fat spotted toad in this dress. Likewise, I try not to bug him when his hair is standing on end like an Osage returning with his raiding party..

        • In my work I end up knowing a lot of wealthy altruistic white women and it’s pretty scary that they have any power at all quite frankly. Somehow or other not one of them seems to have the sense to not turn turn their children into hated minority in their own country. Their blindness is shocking to me

          • If they take the trouble to think about it, they don’t think that it’ll affect them.

            A lot of Boomers don’t get that the demography has changed since they were in high school.

          • Ris….you nailed it. For them, demographics haven’t changed since high school. I’m a Boomer gal and my peers have been thoroughly brainwashed in the Wayback Machine and only see the world through 1970 eyes. It’s weird to not reset. They see “Everybody’s Equal—Colorblind-Colorblind–People of Color are Exotic Pets—Oh I Love Mexicans—Let’s Hire A Mexican to Clean My House–Let’s All Drink Tequila and eat in a Mexican Restaurant—Let’s Take Eco Vacations.”

            Thank God I worked in Downtown Oakland and almost got killed 3 times, strange to say…big teaching lessons…it was a dirty bitch and woke me right up. Most people don’t wake up. Sounds Pollyanna, but by nature I seek the benefit from the bad experience to stay alive, and keep growing up. 2nd secret is I’ve trained my brain to be bored with my whining. A No Whine Zone unless you seek new direction and change.

            Have only 1 Boomer friend left, we really like each other, don’t talk politics or weather, but the handwriting is on the wall,as when the shit hits the fan we will have nothing left in common and will jettison her lefty ass, too.

          • RFF. It is the bad experiences in life that are the most valuable, though admittedly the least pleasant to go through.

            Unfortunately, we now live in a world where parents and the gov’t try to inoculate all snowflakes against any and all unpleasant experiences.

            When the Booby was just a newly hatched chic, if he got hurt playing hockey his mom would simply say, “Well, if you want to play with the big kids then don’t come crying to me if you get hurt.”

            Today’s mom would have the big kids arrested, hockey made illegal, and the “toxic masculinity” of it all denounced in a media “awareness” campaign”.

            Maybe spoiled brat white kids should be forced to live in downtown Oakland for five years before they’re allowed to go to college… ?

            Naw, that would be too traumatic.

          • As a Boomer, albeit of the non-evil variety, getting hurt was a part of growing up, especially if you were a boy. Builds character.

            The world didn’t exist to make us happy.

          • I live and worked in northeast New Jersey, so it’s hard to avoid seeing the changes. I’ve always been interested in current events and politics and am more aware of what’s going on around the State and US.

            I’ve commented to friends that we are in a low level civil war and it will get worse. No one disagrees with me.

          • I’m not talking about Boomers I’m talking about wealthy Gen-X with young children. How we’ve managed to brainwash them into caring about the stranger more than their own children is absolutely baffling to me. I don’t have children but I feel like I care about their children more than they do

          • The one that puzzles me most is a white chick/Asian dude couple (well Asian/Irish, so only half Asian). Of the two race mixes you could choose, you could not have done demographically worse from a poz view. Yet, die-hard leftist. Does she think putting White or Asian on her kids’ college apps is going to help? I guess she doesn’t care.

        • And that’s why you need to be willing to grab the sledgehammer and drive the wedge in when you find a crack.

          So what is your friend going to do about his wife? She’s working against his awakening.

          One of my buddy’s had a situation similar to this during the first Obama election. The wife and daughters were all entranced by the black messiah. He runs a business and wasn’t what I would call a “Republican” – but rather a practical conservative. Despite being blue collar – he’s definitely not what I would call a Democrat.

          Anyway – after the election they’re sitting at the dinner table and the wife and daughters start going on about how great it is that Obama won. He was PISSED. Tells the daughter she can pay for her own school – and tells the wife she had better get a job because he wasn’t going to make the payments on her new car any more. He told them that they can now pay for their beliefs – and he’d sit back and watch how it turned out.

          Long story short – life became a shit show. He got used to sleeping on the couch. I think it probably lasted a month before it all simmered down. He essentially gave in, but I think the females will think a little bit about who they vote for the next time.

          The point here is: He did see the crack and drove the wedge in – with a vengeance. He didn’t outlast his females. But they didn’t really “win” either.

          Unfortunately your Dem friend is going to have to do something about his wife. It’s too bad about Heartiste – because that site was pure gold for situations like this.

      • Our best and only move here is to help drive a wedge between white women and the rest if the American Left.

        Couple the staggeringly high black and brown on white rape rates with the rising resentment of “white feminism”, Becky and Stacy will be in for a very rude awakening when they realize both that NAM women are jealous and that NAM men are dangerous.

        From our side, we need to stop white knighting for women who do not deserve it. We also need to shut down liberal white women whenever they accuse a non-white man of rape.

        One of the stereotypes liberals love to cry about is the one about black men being hypersexual and aggressive around white women. I wonder if we could step up the pressure from the American Left by flipping that stereotype. Do this by, planting the idea that white women accusing non-white men of sexually harassing them are just upholding white supremacist standards of female attractiveness.

        • Definitely agree that Karens are the weakest link. Marriage is a fairly strong red pill for non-converged wahmen. We need to wife up our Beckys early. I’m willing to put a ring on a nubile 18 year old for the cause. Noblelesse oblige, that’s me.

    • Steven Sailer had advocated that the Republicans should try to increase their share of the White vote. That may work for a time, but what happens when the White minority becomes too small?

  22. Demography may be destiny, but the coalition of the fringes is fraying at the edges. All one need do is look at cities where gentrification of old downtowns is taking place. Blacks and Hispanics who still vote Democrat are being actively and aggressively displaced by young urban whites and homosexuals who give lip service to diversity while living in a way that tells the others that they are inferior, all the while eliminating them from the public space. Pretty soon we will be seeing multicultural festivals in some downtowns attended only by affluent whites and Asians. At that point they can send all the get out the vote workers into the poorer neighborhoods they want. Those people will be sitting on their hands.

    • Not how negative identity works. Hating whitey is their identity, there can’t be sub groups of whitey. Yuppies gentrifying the neighborhood is just another reason to hate whitey and vote Democrat even harder.

  23. You have Michelle all wrong. She will poke everybody until the convention. Then she will look good after the clown car empties and will be the nominee.

    Then she will hate the white folks more win lose or draw.

    • Agree. My bet is Angry Michelle will place toward the end. People of color get a lot of satisfaction from an Angry Eyed Bitch candidate. Michelle is angrier than Kamala, and would never pull that weeping-acting nonsense. And….she’s fabulously great to wake up Normies (not including Lefty educated white wymyn and sexually ambiguous critters) on our side and bring more over the divide.

      Screw Williamson….Normies don’t get the open borders danger of Love the World Invite the World open borders Williamson disguised in gauzy unicorns. Am hoping for Michelle O’Hate Whitey as she’ll scare the bat snot out of Normies, and then we can throw the Trump card on the table, as flawed as he is. Holding back the tide.

  24. I think its important to know that Africans, when we first got to the continent, had no written language of any kind, which is a really important building block for a positive identity. The point about negative identity is spot on, the gap between us and them is so far that when we took them from African and conquered we really did make a mistake and took the fish out of its water. The blacks we have created today are as advanced as they’re gonna get, and are dependent on us for all they are as a people. In my eyes, it is not shocking to find how aggressive they have become over the past decades as our grip has loosened on keeping their nature in check.

    • At the time of European contact they had no written language nor a spoken language with abstract concepts…no building over 2 stories, no cut stone, no sail, no cloth, no wheel, no to a lot of things. This was 1000 years after they had come into contact with Arabs. They had had recent and very short lived contact with the Chinese: this is probably when they picked up the rudiments of agriculture…but most of the population were still gatherer-hunters.

      The manner in which we characterize species has a sizable degree of ‘a bit of this a bit of that’ to it. Group manifestation in the adult stage should play a more significant role in organisms that develop complex social structures.

      All Eurasian ( with a few minor exceptions) build complex permanent functioning social organizations of one form or another that are large scale. Sub-Saharans do not. The various peoples of Eurasia should be categorized as subspecies. The Sub-Saharans as a different species.

      We reproduced with Neanderthals, Denisovans and probably many other hominids…so the ability to churn out mulattos doesn’t make us the same.

      To be fair to them, sub-Saharan Africa should be treated as a game preserve. All outsiders should be limited in number and in what they do. The Africans should be provided with the
      level of technology they can self-sustain…and then left alone. Then they can follow their own natural self-reliant evolutionary path. Otherwise, living among Eurasians they are little more than parasites and will never become anything but parasites.

      • The temptation to use sub-Saharan Africans as cheap labor is just too great.

      • I would say this is not quite accurate – Aksum in the first millennium AD had the Ge’ez script, and the large Ta’akha Maryam palace. And Mansa Musa built Mali into a powerhouse in the 12th century in West Africa. The further south you go the more into the stone age you get. I think there are evolutionary pressures from neighbors that lead to complex permanent social organizations, that then in turn lead to additional evolutionary cognitive development due to specialization that these organizations bring. I’m not saying that Neanderthals and Denisovans don’t have something also to do with it, though. It’s telling that the most advanced African civilizations were the ones the closest to different peoples.

        • I agree. There are transition zones. There’s a semitic influence in both of these areas. Ethiopia has had outside influence since the ancient Egyptians. They were even part of the Kingdom of the Kush. But once you get south of that transition zone at the bottom of the Sahara…

        • The disease load in African Sailer holds was too high for urbanization let alone large scale collective agriculture ala the Egyptians.

    • I think she’s too stupid, and knows she’s too stupid, to avoid looking dumb even with a well-coordinated Machiavellian machine behind her (Axelrod almost didn’t have enough stagecraft to pull off the Barack Obama Experience). I remember reading her college thesis linked from a Christopher Hitchens’ piece when she first came on the world stage and thinking she was mentally at about the level of a white fifteen year-old. Corey Booker may be even dumber, but he’s so dumb it arouses sympathy, like a secondary character in a Southern Gothic novel (he’s basically Black Boo Radley)

      • Not sure I can do-sign the “Michael Obama knows he’s too stupid” part.

        Dunning-Krueger is the defining characteristic of the American Black.

      • She’s probably not ambitious enough to be president; campaigning for and working as president is more effort that she’s willing to expend. She likes to travel and shop.

      • Joey, yeah, I read her thesis also. The thesis is now hidden and not available from Princeton. Yep, you are correct. I was pretty taken back with her senior “skills” at writing and analysis. Absolute AA victim in my opinion. Also, the topic was a “survey” about how other Blacks felt on campus (IIR). Probably a topic handed to her by a sympathetic professor. What shocked me was that such a thesis could be signed off by an supervising prof. Again, probably more AA nonsense.

  25. “The result will be something like [the] ANC, where the only white faces will be Jews and some females.”

    And you can bet that a disarmed white population will then be in the crosshairs of the Melanin Enhanced Coalition. (Atrocities-R-Us©)

  26. “When you’re defined by your hatreds, there can be no limit placed on that hatred, as it is the celebration of self.”

    That could be said of the resentment-driven politics of the left as a whole.

    The green light it gives to hatred and resentment is one reason it’s so successful. I think its biggest trick is the psychological one of letting people think of their most vicious vices as virtues.

    “You mean I can hate whitey, just like I did before, but now it makes me a Hero, a Revolutionary, a Freedom Fighter? Well, great!”

    Their transmutation of vice into virtue is one of our biggest problems. We are the broken eggs of their virtue omelettes.

    • A central claim of radicalism, since Rousseau, is the notion that human society has fallen away from its natural state. This opens the door to endless criticism of the status quo. The “culture of critique” certain people apply to certain other people, is really just a door that was opened in the West by Rousseau and other Enlightenment thinkers.

      • Z Man said: “A central claim of radicalism, since Rousseau, is the notion that human society has fallen away from its natural state.” Here’s a Youtube vid of Marshall Mcluhan talking about our natural state. And here’s a Wiki page on “Organizational life cycle.” There are technical aspects baked into human activities that can’t be avoided. “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” The leftist projects never produce the results as advertised because there core assumptions and principles are out of sink with reality. There foundationl story is a secular gnostic vision of an earthly paradise which is not a true principle but a quest for an ultimate result that is simply unattainable. Which is why they come up with mottos like, By any means necessary.” Because when you have the ultimate vision of the future, the ends can always justify the means.

        • It’s not just leftist projects. All systems suffer from the same problems and it’s not just a problem with being out of sync with reality – it’s that we don’t even know how to figure out what reality is once we’re inside an existing system, because to that existing system, reality is only what the system can measure. There’s a book by John Gall called ‘Systemantics’ (‘The Systems Bible’ in its 3rd edition) that gives a bunch of pithy aphorisms that explain how and why systems are constantly failing.

    • This is also what the Muslim preachers do in European prisons. They tell the Arab low life that they aren’t just thieves or drug dealers, but by screwing the infidels they are actually doing the work of Allah. They go in as petty criminals, they come out as jihadis.

      • In the US, the number 1 source of converts to Islam is prison.

        Islam tells its followers that it is glorious to rob, rape and kill in the name of Allah. The worst human behavior can be justified if it is done in the name of advancing Islam.

        People who are disaffected from society may be attracted to either Marxism or Islam or go from one to the other. Two prominent converts are Carlos the Jackel and Roger Gaurady, both communists who converted to Islam.

    • People are able to think of their most vicious vices as virtues, because every word spoken and any action taken by anyone is now infused with moral meaning. Our moral superiors on the Left are able to define the most reprehensible acts and words from their people as morally correct, while taking the most innocuous things from the rest of us as morally deficient. It is their form of control and dictatorship, using shame and scolding to herd us like sheep.

  27. In some unhealthy ways “American” is largely a negative identity of Enlightenment Exceptionalism – we’re the Not-British, Not-European, and more generally Not-the-Unenlightened, be they brown, yellow or red. We inherited much of this from our British roots, as even in colonial days the sun never set on the British Empire and its scions, even in rebellion, felt the same call of manifest destiny and White man’s burden. This was also catalysed by a combination of frontier culture (if you don’t like your neighbors go settle some other part of the vast wilderness) and revolutionary/dissident/rebel spirit (the English Puritans, Quakers & Catholics, Ulster Scotch-Irish and Protestant Germans). The Second Founding (Civil War & Reconstruction) ramped up our hubris to imperial levels.

    I’m still skeptical that we can ever form a uniquely American identity without first coalescing into more regional, Euro-roots tribes, along the lines of Albion’s Seed. The present form of American identity is too dependent on Enlightenment shibboleths. My reaction to the Fourth (and Trump’s cringey anachronistic celebration thereof) showed me how little pull American Identity has on me nowadays, and I was a decades-long Enlightenment shill. Han, Pajeets, Mexicans, Squatamalens & Africans have even thinner threads to bind them (e.g. Statue Poem).

    Demographics being what they are, Orange Bromide is at best the penultimate GOP president. In our lifetimes we will see the Democratic One Party State. I also suspect we’ll see that one party fragment within a decade or so of achieving hegemony. We should be ready to help that along and take every advantage, most importantly by working out the best ways we can unify along functional identitarian lines as the atomizing Dems savage each other for the spoils of Brownout Empire.

    • While American identity is defined in part by being “not-Europe”, there is a key difference between black American identity and American identity. White Americans built a country with its own unique laws, culture, and customs. That is no mean feat. Besides peanut butter, rap, and sportsball, American blacks have few accomplishments as a racial group. The very reason they are American blacks is because members of a more powerful race brought them here. In short, they will never have a positive identity here in the United States.

      • I agree that the level of negative identity between American Blacks and Whites is huge, almost qualitative rather than quantitative. That said, I think taking a look at our own sense of “exceptional” identity through the lens of negative identity can help us avoid some of the fatal flaws that have riven White American identity, particularly over the last few decades.

        • I agree with this. I think the dissident project is as much about fashioning a positive group identity for white Americans, as it is informing white people of what lies ahead. It’s easy for dissidents to get divorced from the reality most whites face on a daily basis. On the one hand, they are trained to ignore the demographic reality all around them and on the other hand told they are responsible for all that is wrong in the world. It’s on their televisions, the internet, all over mass culture.

          An illustration of this is how the civnats responded to the gay Asian getting attacked by Antifa. They were unmoved by the old white guy getting his skull cracked open. The gay Asian had them ready for war. At the minimum, they should have had the same response to both images, but they have been conditioned to assume the white guy deserved it somehow, while the gay Asian is always going to be an innocent victim. Breaking that conditioning must include a positive alternative identity.

          • Curious if civnats are indeed waking up to what lies ahead. I’d guess few and far between stories of close friends / families eventually opening their eyes but not en mass.
            Should the dissident project include recruiting as an active part of strategy? Up to this point, I’ve largely ignored that, focusing instead on the immediate and future ground game.
            Do we need them to wake up?
            Without a considerable platform and general acceptance of the DR legitimacy, I doubt large numbers can be gathered.

          • You would also have to admit that 1) most people in this country who are most closely related to Icelanders, now residing in massive numbers throughout the Upper Midwest, feel little interest in the dissident project; and 2) the same goes for the actual descendants of the people who built this country. Where the Matt Damon character in Good Shepherd says “we have the United States of America, the rest of you are just visiting” (paranoid fantasy of a Jewish screenwriter), his real life counterpart would say “we have ourselves, we live a gated community existence the rest of you could never imagine and we don’t particularly care what you do or what happens to you.”

          • I’m not fully on-board with the pathological altruism or the biological decline in ethnocentrism. There is a just-so quality to these arguments that does not sit well with me. Three generations ago, white people in America thought segregation was perfectly sensible. Biology does not work that quickly. I think there is something else at work.

          • May not be possible to generalize from observation of US Scandinavians and settler descendants, but ethnocentrism of the latter is undeniable and far exceeds ethnocentrism attributed to the Jews. They’re already living a segregated existence that’s completely invisible to the rest of us.

          • Growing up in the South, I was always amazed as a teenager when my parents’ generation talked about growing up during segregation. It’s no big deal when you hear that things were different hundreds of years ago. But even in the 1980’s, it was hard to comprehend that people who weren’t even very old, had lived at least their early childhood at a time when segregation was unremarkable. By the time of my childhood, segregation would have been unthinkable.

            I don’t have an explanation for how things change so quickly, but I agree that it can’t be just about biology.

          • The rise of dynasties in govt, media, ngos etc and the desire to harness the third world to preserve that hereditary position coupled with a feminized society based on female consumerism and mass media advertising explains much.

            Also lack of intense wars promoting men of ability into leadership and pruning the incompetent out of the ruling class.

            All societies and eras have ruling classes . Ours are uniquely bad and incompetent.

            The Roman ruling class found the Visigoths useful. Against internal enemies. For a while. An old problem.

          • The Frankfurt School and the Authoritarian Personality line of agit-prop. We have a certain propensity for out-group empathy but the Cult-Marx Trots & their fellow travelers are the ones who weaponized it.

          • I think you’ve got it wrong on why the Civnats had the reaction to the gay Asian guy.

            I’ve seen this dynamic play out the exact same way over 25 years of watching it unfold by watching how the pro-gun rights crowd reacts to leftist attacks on gun owners.

            What’s really happening is that people (like Civnats) who would normally yell about how the white guy was attacked – have been conditioned thru long experience to understand that those complaints will go nowhere – so they don’t do it any more.

            The next thing that happens – is that it does get noticed when the leftist coalition attacks somebody who should be one of their own. To the fully cognizant – they recognize this as a good wedge issue to bring up and insert into the conversation as a tactic against the lefties. This has happened over and over again in the gun rights arena. They will support the rights of blacks to own guns, will support groups like Pink Pistols – and take delight when some criminal using an “illegal” gun – attacks somebody on the anti-gun side, and that anti-gunner then screams and whines about how the government should “do something”. That’s when the pro-gunners will laugh at their pain and throw a few SC decisions affirming that the police have no duty to protect you into their face.

            If however some white guy gets strung up for owning a few too many AR-15s – the response will be extremely muted. And probably rightfully so – because if you’ve been watching for long enough you know all the yelling and screaming to defend the guy will go absolutely NOWHERE. It’s much more cost effective to continue to point out the absurdities amongst the left – and pile on whenever those absurdities attack each other.

            Not for nothing – but “gun rights” HAS made progress in this country over the last 25 years or so. From the days of the Assault Weapons Ban , we’ve now got the right to carry in most states and the AWB sunset and has not come back for the majority of states.

            The pro-gun rights crowd also has a good record of “policing” those who get out of line. A few years back Jim Zumbo got his ass handed to him when he wrote a column in whatever hunting mag he wrote for – about how “nobody needs an AR-15”. It took all of maybe a week before the guy lost his sponsorship, lost his column – and was persona-non-grata within the gun community. Ted Nugent had to take the guy out into the wilderness to set his ass straight and save him from permanent expulsion.

            My point here is: defending the white guy is likely to achieve exactly Zero. Piling on the attack of the gay asian on the other hand – and making sure all the gays know about it , is likely a much better “win” in the end. Make the gays all think that Antifah is out to get them. Break the coalition.

            The only other thing I’ll add is: it seems that far too many on the right are too dumb to figure out what is really going on here. They’ll just pick up on the “forget about the white guy – make sure everybody knows the gay Asian got attacked!” dynamic – and fail to see the reasons behind it. So they’ll just become these people who instinctually defend their enemies and forget about their friends .

            This essentially makes them enemy agents.

            It pays to pay attention.

          • Fawning on Black conservatives – the big favorite now is Candace Owens – and screaming about the high rate of abortion in the Black community and blaming it on “genocide.” Whatever you think about Planned Parenthood, no abortion clinic employee has every dragged a pregnant woman off the street and forced her to undergo an abortion. Blacks love this because they love to blame their shortcomings and misdeeds on White racism.

          • That woman’s boyfriend or her mother might have, though. A relatively common occurrence, even among whites, is that the parents essentially force a teenage girl to abort or they will kick her out (I personally know an ultra-conservative white mother & father who did this to their teenage daughter).

            But talking about this might require thinking about more than just “it’s all planned parenthood’s fault”…

          • I don’t think that anyone was ever dragged kicking and screaming into an abortion clinic in this country, but I do understand that girls were/are sometimes pressured by their boyfriend or family to abort. People are pressured to do or not to do a variety of behaviors.

            It is easy to pin the blame on an impersonal third party.

    • My favorite dissident right blogger used to be Thrasymachus over at “Deconstructing Leftism.” He had a post some years back saying America was the Seinfeld of Countries, a “Country about Nuthin'” as Boomhauer might put it. Alexander Dugin (another guy whose books you can’t get on Amazon anymore, it seems) pointed out that freedom itself is a negative; people throughout history perceived themselves as having obligations and things to which they were bound, not things from which they wished to be severed. I was marinated in patriotism like any normal American boy, but it’s time to face the fact that the project was doomed from the beginning: you go in a few hundred years (really a short time) from cutting attachments to your King and Country to cutting off your…well, from Thomas Jefferson to Caitlyn Jenner.

      • Not familiar with Dugin but definitely like the idea of viewing freedom in that Black Mirror sense, ala Solzhenitsyn – defining yourself by freedoms rather than obligations is a road to atomization leading to nihilism & entropy. That’s why I suggesred we American identity in the negative sense – what we eschew and disavow rather than what we value and sacrifice for.

        • I think this is a key point. Even someone as pozzed as Glenn Beck was talking about this a few years ago – we all talk about our rights, but nobody talks about our responsibilities. I think talking about ‘responsibilities’ is something that the dissident right can build on that can attract both folks from the old non-crazy left as well as the right.

          • Traditionally, rights came with responsibilities. Adult have more rights but more responsibilities than children. But now, like spoiled children, so many people want their right to do as they please, want to be subsidized doing what they want to do and when something goes wrong, demand to be saved from the consequences of their doing what they wanted to do. Today, rights means the rejection of responsibilites.

  28. The root of black anxiety (and the associated dysfunction here in the USA) is that their ancestors evolved in sub Saharan Africa and that is the type of environment that they are best suited to thrive in. Here they are a fish out of water. Their hereditary skill set does not serve them well in this environment. Some are adapting as best they can (sports), but overall they are deficient and most survive on crime or welfare; neither of which are self-affirming. They hate themselves for this dependence and blame whites for the circumstance of being here in the wrong place on the planet.

    • Good point. Affirmative action is especially cruel because it puts people like Michelle Obama in positions they cannot handle, and their peers know it. The amount of rage she carries around from being Peter Principled into Princeton is telling. The best short-term “fix” for The Gap would be to bow to it with segregated schools that emphasize vocational and life skills.

      • That’s what earned Amy Wax internal exile at Penn Law. She had the temerity to point out that when you start granting statistically large “gimmes” in a school that attracts a 1/10th of 1% cohort of the majority population, you create a sub class that is perpetually struggling to just keep up. Imagine caging a rat with a cat and a perforated glass divider between them. The rat eventually dies of anxiety. Think a lot of the acting out can be explained by putting kids in schools they can’t handle. They go in expecting to be doctors and after encountering the local Han Chinese population in Chem and Bio, end up shunted off to some random “Studies” curriculum to keep from flunking out and making the school look bad. Wax got in trouble for pointing out the statistics that show this.

        • A friend once taught autistic kids and said that the kids might “act out” because they are unable to express themselves.

      • Someone here observed that the angriest black activists are mostly mulattoes, i.e. Obama and Michelle, Holder, Jarrett, probably because they don’t fit in as well with either tribe. With even less ability to identify tribally. Kamala is certainly pulling off a trick considering she’s really not blackity black.

        You notice there is absolutely no massive line for the boat returning to an African homeland. They know instinctually life is easier here with more stuff, access to more free stuff, health care, and opportunity and options if looked at that way but usually handed to them like Aff. Action. Paradoxically, they’re beholdin’ to those giving the handouts, and it makes them furious as receivers.

        • Good observation. That’s genetic as well as situational. Will defer to bigger HBD brains around here but IIRC, contra “hybrid vigor,” mulattos tend to be high strung and easily triggered on a genetic as well as environmental basis. Hybrid vigor is a more robust concept vs. inbeeding, not simple in-group breeding. Not my wheelhouse, though, so Cochran level brains are free to put me some better knowledge on that.

        • Blacks want affirmative action and a variety of privileges and subsidies but Whites are supposed to pretend that those privileges don’t exist.

      • She might have made the dean’s list at Rutgers. At it was, she was in over her head and blames “racism” for her inadequacy.

        Setting race aside, we have a ridiculous notion that “you can be whatever you set your mind to be.” Sorry, no. When I was a teenager, no amount of training and a positive attitude would have earned me a berth of the NJ Giants football team (I’m a petite female).

    • They seem to do better when left in semi-rural settings in the South than in the mega-block crowded tenements of the North. Borrowing European architectural ideas that produced bad anomie even in Europe and putting blacks in these huge buildings (meant to house ethnics post-World War II) was a pretty stupid idea. Look at Queensbridge Houses, Cabrini Green and Pruitt-Igoe. The last of the three actually had be improved and renovated before they shot “Escape from New York” there.

      • Here in heavily rural Southern Virginia, black culture is radically different from that I experienced in the urban and suburban West. Whites and blacks have an understood social ritual — a respectful interactive pattern. As an outsider visiting for the last four seasons, I do note that there is a clear distance maintained between the populations, but no overt hostility.

        Here in the non-urban counties, agriculture and forestry industries predominate; the blacks I’ve seen nearly all work; they eschew “ghetto” style, wearing work clothes and boots — little different from their working class white neighbors. Yes, a noticeable portion do not work, but a significant percentage does — driving logging trucks, working in sawmills, doing the ceaseless mowing of vast lawns. The women work in the Food Lion or Dollar General. You don’t see pants strapped below the buttocks until you get to Richmond. Something different is going on here.

        They hunt, drive pickups, and are polite in conversation. I also note that many lower-middle-class white females marry young black guys …. it appears unremarkable here. So there is something different working outside popular culture and urban America.

        • Interesting. A former light-skinned Black co-worker told me about his grandma. She was in her 90s and outlived all three of her children. He said that her neighbors warned her that her children would turn bad if they left the farm.

          Recently, I visited a local 7-11 to buy something to eat. The young Black man waiting on me was very polite and I complimented him about it. He said he was from the South.

        • Putnam found that long-established bi-racial Southern towns were more stable than Mexifornia & NuYorico. The Jim Crow South was actually a mutually acceptable & beneficial model for both races. FTN played a recent interview with (((Mike Wallach(e)))) and the evil segregationist Biden courted. The guy made solid historical points about how Blacks & Whites both desired & promoted *separate but equal” in a more Based South.

        • I’ve noticed the same big difference in Southern Black ways and attitude. Much more rooted, settled, and familial. They are also constantly uplifting and encouraging each other, with “remember Who you work for”, “let your work be your praise”, and other Christian messaging. The freaks stay in Atlanta. Muslim blacks are in Detroit, and stay north.

          In an all black warehouse, I’ll joke, “Ey ese, like, what kinda Messican are you anyways?” The black guys get it, they crack up. But that mulatta from Ohio gave me a look of pure poison- and the guys LOVED that. They couldn’t yank her string, but I sure as damm well could.

          Bonus points: the Somalis are scared spitless of our feral northern Negros.

        • RE/Exi/Alz: follow-on to what I’ve noticed here in Southside VA … sitting now in last MacDonalds westbound out of Richmond, at edge of Cultural Transition Zone back into remote and rural county — Black employees helpful and polite; working class black guys coming in in company clothing; obviously better off black family with father holding door for white patrons. All interact smoothly and politely. Was stunned last fall when I was called “sir” by a teenaged black hunter who was taking sandwiches back to truck full of older males likewise heading out to opening day. Routinely deal with older locals at public venues who appear overtly to possess no animosity, though a calm, reserved distance obtains. And it does not seem to be artifice.

          Friend in the know about local wood products firm related that most of black men working there were proud Trump voters, though unhappy that their younger, unemployed offspring had supported Hillary.

          Never had any interactions like this out in the urban-suburbN communities out west, where alienation, resentment, distrust and hostility often were clearly visible on the surface.

          Some sort of accommodation has been reached, or yet endures, in this vast, unsophisticated swath of America.

          Kust observing.

    • The root of black anxiety…

      Also, blacks have no investment in American history, as James Baldwin noted. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Lee, Grant, Gettysburg… Why should that mean anything to a descendant of people who were brought to America as slaves?

      Back in the seventies, you could still build a black origin story by imagining an ancestral Wakanda, a place of peace, spirituality and justice. This pretty much ended when Muhammed Ali came back from Zaire and praised his grandfather’s luck on ‘getting on that boat’.

      Today, where mass media saturation is a millionfold of what it was in the seventies, that fantasy has broken down: Africa was not a Jerusalem that could offer American blacks an anchor for their identity, they’re left hanging without any glorious origin stories to tell their children. They don’t even know what African tribe they’re from, and they don’t seem to care.

      They’re culturally marooned at the bottom of American society and – most narkingly – should count themselves lucky: being on the bottom rung of White American Patriarchy, makes them the most privileged blacks in the world.

      Damn, it must be hell to be black!

      • Sounds like we should be putting the It’s Ok to Be White stickers up in all-black areas, too.

    • This is why I semi-welcome all the talk of reparations – which seems to be getting more traction lately.

      When the reparations grifters come up with their wordplay in order to justify the money grab – they often say things like ” We must set things right!!”.

      Which is perfect.

      Because if the reparations thing ever starts to get legs – what should happen (at the appropriate time – when the push for reparations cannot be stopped) …. is that repatriation should be strategically inserted into the dynamic. Let them scream ” We need to set things right!” for an appropriate amount of time – and then say ” the only way to truly set things right is to send them back to Mother Africa!!”.

      The point here is that with the proper manipulation of the situation – all of the reparations grifters will set up the argument for repatriation all on their own.

      • Shelby Steele wrote, am paraphrasing, that blacks couldn’t handle liberty and freedom, it was way too much of a burden to be completely responsible for one’s own failures and achievements. Especially now competing against Chen Lee and John Doe. Freedom is a bitch. And a lot of the time you fall on your face. There’s a lot of failure and I’d say most people on the planet can’t take it. It’s easier to trade away Freedom for caretaking by Daddy Gov’t.

        That’s why Socialism and Communism keep rumbling along, leaving behind mile-high mounds of dead bodies.

        Simon Winchester wrote about his early days as a doctor in Africa. Black doctors couldn’t get ahead because all their family members showed up demanding he spread the wealth or face humiliation. Same thing for American Indian people. If an Indian gets ahead, their Rez family shows up. This was once a survival trait to share within the tribe, but in the modern Now, it is shameful to get ahead unless you’re the Tribal Head bringing in casino bucks.

        • Nobody can ever be held “completely” responsible for their own failures (an eye for an eye?), and nobody can achieve beyond a certain level without some assistance. Libertarians love to talk about how nobody knows how to make a pencil, then in the next breath will talk about individual liberty and how nobody helped them get to where they are (I am not accusing you of Libertarianism, just noting the disconnect that exists when we talk about things like ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom’).

          The Black doctor’s family showing up to demand he spread the wealth is a problem related to the introduction of a impersonal market into a people that haven’t developed any notion of what that means, and any moral frameworks to operate in that market. It’s the same problem that we have here, just on a smaller scale.

          We are dealing with the wholesale destruction of our family and tribal networks too, and we are only just managing slightly better than the Africans are.

          The model of every man an island and an impersonal market that provides all is simply not tenable with how humans work – the con, the advertiser, and the grifter will prevail.

          • Blah blah blah.

            Show me on the doll where the libertarian touched you when you were a child.

            There’s plenty of people who are FAR more productive than the mean, they’re either smarter, work harder – or some combination of both. Luck probably has something to do with as well – but I’ve seen far too many people spend their entire lives bitching about how they didn’t get anywhere in their life – when I’ve known their sorry lazy asses for 4 decades and have seen up close and personal WHY they never got anywhere.

            “Someday I’m going to be an author”. Well guess what – you’re 55 years old now and you haven’t written shit. The odds are HEAVILY against you, as is your own personal history.

            What are you going to do when you graduate college?: “I’m going to be a NASCAR driver” Have you ever driven a race car – “Well no – but……….” Yeah Ok – the odds are against you. You obviously have no idea how this works.

            Over and over and over again I’ve seen this behavior manifest in people who will achieve nothing in their lives because they’re absolutely unwilling to go above and beyond to actually get there.

            I’ve also seen people who DO go above and beyond – and in some cases literally almost work themselves to death to achieve their goals. Jordan Peterson has addressed this – and says it is almost universally confined to highly driven MALES, with a skew towards white males. You know why they do it? REWARD. That’s why. Since the Western economy and society is far more libertarian than pretty much any other – those males actually have some incentive to over achieve. Put them in a highly restrictive and highly socialized society – and they’ll likely sit on their hands and let the free shit army starve itself to death.

            One of those driven males likely figured out how to make pencil lead. Some other highly driven male figured out how to stick the lead inside a piece of wood. And yet another one figured out how to build a production line so everybody can have a friggin pencil.

            Then the free shit army sat around and whined about how they weren’t giving the pencils away for free.

            You see back when Western society (especially the US) was particularly healthy and expanding – all those free pencil whiners were told to STFU and get a job at the pencil factory. Now they’re told we’ll steal the pencils and give them away – because fairness.

            It’s not a coincidence that small business startups have plummeted. That sit on their hands thing is happening. It started with Obama and is accelerating.

          • I’m not disagreeing with you on lazy unproductive people .

            However technology combined with Libertarian thinking fucks average people over big time .

            Your problem is in part economy of scale to whit, It is simply not possible for your average small business owner to compete with big box retailers any more than it is someone with an 80IQ whose skill set is digging to compete with a tractor.

            The exceptions exists but society should not and must not cater to exceptions if it wants to survive.

            The nail that sticks up should get hammered down.

            This note is not a new problem, heavy economic regulation to maintain stability likely predates writing.

            We have written records of why this was done back to Hammurabi and the Bible and a wealth of knowledge of this problem from the study of Medieval Economics

            The TL;DR version is that too many people means you need regulation.

            Throw in more cities and automation and you need even more regulation

            Marx’s “Alienation from the means of production.”

            And in case any Libertarians want to chime in how well society is working , bullshit

            We are going on half a century of people having tiny families more if you count the Great Depression

            We may make more stuff than ever but it’s useless if no but the Amish are around to use it . One Carrington event and our wonderful grid means 90% of everyone starves to death

            Also note not a single developed society has ever had reverse low fertility for any length of time.

            Some of this might be social but easy divorce is a Libertarian as the day is long

            That said the fight between the Dissident Right factions to whit Authoritarian Right and the Libertarians doesn’t seem to be resolved yet. The DR isn’t evolved enough to throw out one faction to another so you have people like me who have no issues giving orders for the good of the group (the AR) and people who who take them and who don’t seem to think the group exists musch less matters

            This makes no sense but this is a natural consequence of leadeless ideologies

          • More blah blah blah.

            You guys always seem to fall back on the “what are the dumb people going to do now that we have tractors!!” argument.

            Yet farm tractors have been around since something like 1895, reached common usage in the early 1900’s – and reached peak production in something like 1951. In 1870 somewhere around 50% of people worked on farms – and now it’s 2%.

            And there’s literally BILLIONS of more dumb people on the planet now than there were in 1850 – and millions of more tractors.

            So obviously “society” found something to do with all of the stupid people. And no – they didn’t move over to digging ditches either – because that’s handled by excavators now – which because of innovative design by engineers and companies producing product to fit in where there is demand – are now small enough and affordable enough that a homeowner who is willing to forego buying a Harley and doesn’t like to bend over to plant his petunias every spring – can just buy a friggin excavator to do it.

            So the dumb people can’t even find employment there either. Yet – the US seems to have such a demand for labor from dumb people …. that we illegally import them from shithole countries in Central and South America and even as far away as Africa – by the tens of millions.

            So please explain to me more precisely how “libertarian thinking combined with technology” is screwing over people so dumb that all they know how to do is dig holes. Because I must be missing something – seeing as how there’s literally BILLIONS more of them than there used to be – they’re immigrating here – and I’m paying for all of it , while they spit out more children and create yet more dumb people BTW.

          • We did find something to do. We subsidized them. The Government is now 40% of the GDP

            Also the number of people in the US workforce is rather low when you count retirees, underemployed young people , needless government hiring and welfare

            And it’s all waiting for one bump to collapse

          • Calsdad makes some good observations. Yet, these are the materials we must build with.

          • Yes, there are highly driven males. The catch is that those males are highly driven not because of financial reward or monetary incentives, but because that’s just who they are. Hilaire Belloc does a great job explaining this type of man (and how he is manipulated) in The Mercy of Allah, chapter 12 – “the new quarter of the city”.


            “It was clear from such a salutation with what sort of man I had to deal. Here was an Enthusiast. It is a character of the utmost service to the Man of Affairs. He was of that sort which is labelled in our indexes as ‘The Constructive Wild Man,’ and happy is the Captain of Industry who chances upon such a one
            “Oh, my children!” he continued in broken accents, “never forget in your own lives this master precept; that of all those whom Allah presents to us for exploitation, none, none is so lucrative as the Creative Enthusiast; the man who can make and produce and yet be managed! the Genius devoid of Guile! You may know him, that rare jewel, by his eyes.”

            He could find no words for my generosity! Of course he would live on the least possible sum and work to an extreme! He had no right (said he) to claim a half! It was achievement, not fortune, that he desired.

    • Why do race-realists insist Africans excel at sports? Do you realize sports are a proxy for warfare and you are implying they are the greatest warriors? Africans are terrible at team sports or individual sports that require intense training (skill derived from technical proficiency). The greatest warrior from Africa was Shaka Zulu who simply imitated Roman tactics and was killed by his own people because they hated him for making them practice so much.

      The most popular sport in the world, soccer, Africans completely suck at. The mostly black team France only won the last World Cup by getting easy placements, coasting off of white players and coach, gifted a free kick goal in the final, and avoiding better teams that failed out because they played black players over better white players who sat the bench (Belgium and Lukaku). France’s star player Pogba has single-handedly wrecked the best club in the world (Manchester United).

      Canada’s back four fullbacks were all black in the last CONCACAF tournament and they were terrible. They combed the entirety of Canada to find four black guys who are fast that don’t know anything about playing soccer.

      Whites are so pozzed your definition of sports are: things that Africans are good at (jumping and sprinting).

      Getting you people to understand your sports have evolved to cater to Africans for over half a century is a frustrating task.

      Someone remind me blacks only suck at swimming because they lack access to pools that’s always good for a laugh.

      • “Sports” is a broad category. Blacks of West African descent are the best in the world at sprinting and jumping, the explosive track and field events. In the NFL they dominate at certain positions, like cornerback, wide receiver, running back. There hasn’t been a white starting cornerback since 2003 (Jason Sehorn). In track and field, West African blacks suck at distance events. Yet blacks from East Africa (Kenya) are the world’s greatest at long distance running.

      • Hey Ivan, write a book about how blacks aren’t good at sports. After it’s a best seller Random House will want follow-ups. How about, “Blacks Actually Can’t Dance” “Think Blacks are Cool? They’re Not” “Blacks Suck at Jazz” “Anne Murray, the Real Aretha Franklin” “The Myth of the Giant Black Dick”

        • I’ll do you one better, the American concept of “cool” is simply the ostentatious display of not caring. James Dean was cool because he was a wreckless suicidal. Blacks are cool because they don’t care about upholding cultural norms.

          Europeans thought black GI’s were cool because they walked around so casually when everyone else jumped for cover amidst the sounds of artillery.

          Cool is the opposite of hot/passionate. Enoch Powell wasn’t cool because he cared too much. Hey man be cooooool. Lol.

          Look at the native African dances where all they do is jump to a beat and compare that to European folk dances and then tell me Africans taught us to dance. A culture that produces rap may not be rhythmically challenged but clearly lacking understanding in nuance that would be necessary in the higher art of dancing. Whites had no problem dancing until this country was negro-fied and dancing became live action sex ritual. That may be functional in Africa but in European cultures the boys will assume all those women are whores.

          Jazz sucks but I like blues and bluegrass and respect the African contribution. Still the best are white. Been liking Blaze Foley lately.

          • James Dean was cool when he was wreckless but dead when he was no longer wreckless. 😮

          • It’s in our DNA since our White forebears considered nearly reckless bravery highly virtuous

            The Old Norse word Drengr translates almost exactly to badass and could be applied to women and men

            The opposite would be Argyr which translates roughly to cowardly faggot , this only applied to men

            No doubt the other cultures had fairly similar views

            Modernity is simply stifling for men. Its made for women though it gives them few good means to determine the quality of men

            This is why people escape to drugs, video games and long for a zombie apocalypse.

            ist also why once this mess collapses enough, it won’t be rebuilt. It’s a gilded prison

            Since i am ragging on Libertarians a bit today, that lot’s biggest problem is being focused entirely on economics.

            It is decently easy in modern society with a bit of luck and hard work to end up with more than enough of every consumer good anyone could actually use or enjoy .

            This is not the most important thing at all, cultural continuity and identity are and the “freedom lobby” only seems interested in the freedom to consume and produce

            Allowing Neo Cons or Nwo Libs or Libertarians in charge is like being occupied by the skull faced aliens from They Live no shades needed

      • Nobody said that blacks are the greatest warriors. When people say blacks are good at sports, they mean blacks are good at two of the three big sports in America (football and basketball). I don’t know anything about soccer, but I’m sure most people realize that blacks aren’t good at a lot of sports (like hockey and swimming, for example).

        My response to blacks being good at football and basketball and being able to run fast is “so what?” and I agree with criticism of whites cucking out over black athletes. But I don’t think that there is any reason to deny the obvious.

        • Much is left unsaid pertaining to American sports.

          Sports has been about martial prowess since the beginning of the Olympics.

          Football and Basketball have been relentlessly tweaked so that blacks perform better relative to other races. I’m trying to point out American sports is a jobs program and is not an objective measurement of athleticism. Being freakishly tall and jerking and jiving while running are not indicators of anything martial.

          The other big one is Africans hit puberty earlier than Europeans, so we can’t compete on an even keel from the ages of 10 – 18 (the most important years for identifying and developing talent long term).

          Americans are so ignorant about soccer they think latinos are great and the future of our national program. In actuality, Mexico has never won a World Cup, only made it to the quarter finals as a high water mark, and self-identifies as a second tier team on the international stage.

        • Don’t confuse blacks not liking certain sports with blacks being bad at those sports.

          As for baseball, blacks are pretty much as present as ever. They’re just called Latinos now. Instead of being from Detroit, they’re from Venezuela, Cuba, and the Dominican. And they’re the best players in MLB since all they’ve done since age 6 is play in sponsored camps to escape abject poverty.

          In the last 15-20 years in the U.S., in order to rise to elite level, you have to attend baseball camps from early age. White parents can afford this. Blacks can’t. American black kids also got bored with baseball in the early 90’s, as basketball exploded. Baseball also requires a certain amount of community organizing and funding.

          Hockey? Athletically they’d be good at it. Hockey is cold and uncomfortable. Not a black thing. Blacks are as tough or tougher than anyone, but hockey takes a certain mean white grit. Also expensive. Look, none of this needs explaining. If you think blacks just “aren’t good” at hockey or swimming, it just means you’re good at creating pacifying ideas for yourself.

          I can’t say about soccer. I can think of many reasons they’d be good at it, and a few reasons why they might not be. Don’t know. But I’m not gonna take freakin Ivan’s word for it.

          There are a few sports that do fall outside their skill set and inclinations. Sports that require long, unbroken focus. Sports requiring TUUD (Tedious Unfun Uncool Discomfort) (wrestling, cycling, water polo, swimming). Relative anonymity/Little me. Calm nerves under pressure, where the slightest nervous tension screws it all up. Multivariable thinking. Sports including one or more of the above elements are car racing, figure skating, hockey, billiards, tennis, golf, coach, chess, quarterback.

          • How is it you don’t know blacks are bad at swimming because of differential buoyancy and body composition between the races? You, being a race realist and not knowing that makes my whole point. Americans cannot think clearly about sports.

            I’ve studied soccer my whole life (being one of the only things I cared about besides females) but sure don’t take my word for it I’m sure Fox Sports has a politically correct explanation for the travesty of American soccer more to your liking. Did you notice our mostly lesbian women’s team is dominant with few to no black players?

            As I stated blacks are the fastest runners and highest jumpers. Fast twitch muscle is probably key to boxing as well. But that’s it.

          • Ivan, is there a physical or mental reason why you think blacks have a disadvantage in soccer? If so, what are they? I don’t know much about soccer. Is there much strategy?

      • Blacks excel at sports that require speed, but once tactics are thrown in, particularly at team sports, they tend to be no better than average. Basketball seems to be unique, probably because it favors sprinting and jumping more than other sports. Soccer requires a broader combination of skills – “field vision”, knowing where, when and how strong/soft to pass a ball, etc. The size of the field and the player formation makes it difficult for flat out speed to dominate, although that does help.

        Of the top 10 soccer players in the world, maybe 3 are black. Of the top 5 from the past decade, maybe one (and mulatto at that).

  29. One thing I’ve wondered is how long it takes a single group to split into subgroups. It took the Germanic, Norse, and Celtic barbarian tribes at least 1000 years, maybe more like 1500 years, from the initial interactions with the civilizations of the Med, and then the introduction of Christianity, to evolve into the various Western Europeans. The Slavs seem about 200-500 years behind them. Is there any way for Africans to achieve the same feat or is the genetic distance even larger and thus it would take even more time?

    • Not only is the genetic distance between sub-Saharan Africans and everyone else greater than between any two other groups, they appear to have at least one unique ancestor, while Eurasians have one unique ancestor.

      In 1800, the population of Africa was roughly 90 million. Europe was twice that number. In 1900, Africa was up to 120 million, mostly due to the introduction of European technology. Then, the explosion began. In 50 years the African population closed to doubled. Now, the population is 1.3 billion. Again, this is due to Western food and medicine.

      Logically, a withdraw of Western food and medicine in North America would see the black population revert to what its human capital could support. It may not be all the way back to hunter-gatherer, but closer to that than where they are now.

      • This was after the Black Death killed more than 1/2 of all Europeans.

        We should have never fed the damn Africans. The Chinese have their sights on Africa. They announced plans to send 100 million Chinese to Africa, but the world gasped in horror and the Chinese changed their minds, on paper. Unlike the Europeans, the Chinese have no intentions of building them railroads and other infrastructure. No schools, no roads, no plumbing and no widespread electric grid and no Christian churches or missionaries.
        The Jews are going to televise all of the African suffering and blame us to get us to allow them to come to America and Europe.

        • The Chinese will bribe Black leaders to allow them free rein and reduce the ordinary Blacks to the position of hewers of wood and drawers of water. Anyone who objects will be crushed.

          I expect an eventual mass Chinese colonization of Africa. They’re pegged to become the world’s economic powerhouse around 2032 and won’t care what the West says.

          Tibetans are close to being a minority in their own territory due to mass Han Chinese immigration.

          • Of course it is. They aren’t going to just lay down in their huts and die. They will migrate to Europe and the US.

          • If we keep laying down we deserve to die.

            There is no peaceful solution to an intended and announced genocide.

            I don’t even think there should be. In any case there isn’t.

            Yes the Great Replacement is genocide. By common sense standards and actually by Lemkin’s standards. Which means even the UN standards.

            Fight or extinct.


      • The genetic distance between subSaharans and Europeans is greater than the distance between wolves and coyotes….the distance between blacks and Asians is even greater, which helps to explain why Asians view them as another subhumaan race…

      • “Logically, a withdraw of Western food and medicine in North America would see the black population revert to what its human capital could support.”

        Social Jewish Warriors and turncoat whites see in that statement an incontrovertible argument for why the aid’n’welfare conveyor belt must be kept running at full speed. It would be the end of the world if the homeland and diaspora Africans were seen to fail!

    • I’m writing some stuff on how tribes form and would love information and opinion on this as well (I mention Albion’s Seed today, great source). My take on Africans is that they will end up like American Indians over a longer time frame, with Africa being re-colonized by Han & Pajeets and native Blacks relegated to serfdom, and their diaspora formng a largely feral underclass in the Americas, Europe & Asia. Africans simply lack the necessary smart-fraction & other human capital to get over the hump to modernity. There has been no African Charlemagne. There hasn’t even been an African Sitting Bull or Tecumseh – themselves tragic examples of unifying leaders stuck with insufficient human capital to get a proto-nation off the ground.

        • Shaka, who learned his moves from the British.

          Well, there was also that Bantu madman who murdered every human being in the Cape, leaving it empty for the Dutch Boer to find.
          But he was alphabetically oppressed, leaving no written record of his greatness.

        • Shaka was wholly converged by the Brits. That said, he’s the only official sub-Saharan that arguably fits the bill. The Mahdi was a “Dongalawi” not a Berber, so he’s probably the unrecognized apex African Tecumseh.

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