The Usurper

Origins myths are a natural element to all human organization, whether it is a great family, an enterprise or a nation. The founder of the great family is lionized as not only good at making money, but also as a great man. In fact, his great wealth is seen as a result of his great deeds. Similarly, the successful business will celebrate the founders as something more than hard working men who got lucky. Usually they are cast as plucky underdogs, who beat the odds because they were moral men.

For a people, the mythologizing gets more grandiose. The origin myths not only explain the founding of the nation, but justify the current order. The social arrangements, the type of government and the people in charge are the work of providence. The celebration of national holidays are part of reinforcing the founding myths and most especially the moral order. In America, the endless flag waving and saccharine patriotism is a daily reminder that the current order is God’s will.

The reason for these myths is that all authority comes from usurping it. The great families of a nation arose because the founders of those families knocked off the previous great families. In England, for example, many of the great families made their fortune fighting for the king in the 100 Years War. They went over to France, killed a bunch of rich people and took their wealth back home to England. For most of human history great men rose to fame by putting other great men to the sword.

The successful business is less bloody, in most cases, but the founders were still usurpers who made their name at the expense of others. Maybe their business success came at the expense of established companies in the field. Maybe they used connivance or trickery to out-compete their rivals. It does not matter as wealth does not spring from nothing. As in all competition, there are winners and losers. The great company was founded by men who usurped existing great companies.

Because all societies begin low and violent, purity and grandeur arise from distance from their origin. The rulers and the people must put distance between themselves and the origins of their people, in order to give purpose to the perpetuation of their people, but they can never be disconnected from their origins. Instead, they mythologize them in order to both disguise the reality of their beginnings, but celebrate themselves as part of the natural order. The origin myth is a pretty lie that keeps us looking forward.

The most obvious example of how this works is the Lincoln fetish we see with our ruling class in America. Both sides venerate Lincoln and the Gettysburg address, The Civil War has been cast as the second founding, a purification ritual that addressed the original sin of slavery and republicanism in the founding. Rather than being seen as a break from the founding, which is surely was, it is a continuation of it. Lincoln the usurper, is replaced with Lincoln the saint, who saved the republic.

The Gettysburg Address now holds more emotional power for our elites than the actual founding documents. At some level, Lincoln certainly knew he was a usurper and that speech is pretty good proof of it. He allegedly jotted it down without much thought, but it shows all the signs of a man who knew he destroyed the old order and was now tasked with creating a new one. Starting with a lie about his own motivations was the most obvious place to start. It was the usurper announcing his victory.

The great compromise after the Civil War was to allow the defeated to hang onto their heroes in symbolic form. In order to avoid a genocide, which is what abolitionists surely desired, the South was allowed to exist as a conquered people, but with their memories and some of their customs intact. Whether it was conscious or just an inevitable result of the war, a grand compromise evolved that allowed the South to retain its unique identity, but subsume it into the overall identity of the new nation.

Of course, this is why the current ruling class is obsessed now with erasing all traces of the South, by toppling over statues, desecrating graves and erasing images of the actual founders of the United States. These are people haunted by their own illegitimate claims on power, so they are removing anything that reminds them of a past in which they played no part. It’s also why the past is being systematically colorized to write in strangers to the family tree of America.

That’s why these acts are so compelling to the emerging multicultural ruling elites. For them, this is not about revenge or spiting people they hate. They are, in fact, a consecration of their own authority. They are symbolically giving birth to their new nation by destroying the old. For the usurper, the victim is only important in so far as he has what the usurper desires. It’s not vengeance that drives these people. It is a desire to mythologize and legitimize their own authority.

The implication here is that the die is cast. It is no longer a question of if America is taken over by the coalition of the ascendant, but rather how long this process will play out and how it will end. There is no restoration of old white America. That door closed decades ago, when the borders were flung open to the world. If this emerging ruling elite is to be toppled, their power will need to be seized by a new usurper, a group that seeks power and legitimacy by whatever means are available.

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150 thoughts on “The Usurper

  1. Tons of stuff you write is On The Money. Here’s a rare example of missing the mark:

    “Similarly, the successful business will celebrate the founders as something more than hard working men who got lucky.”

    Uh… almost universally people who found successful businesses *are* something more than hard working men who got lucky. They are driven, focused, brave, resilient winners who almost all overcame naysayers, competitive disincentives in the corporatocracy out there called The Real World, economic hardship, and (frequently) past business failures.

    Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Love your stuff. Keep on keeping on.

  2. Finally trying to subscribe, the subscribe star site seems to be problematic, at least at this time.
    Z-man you are a treasure, and you deserve the support
    Ill try again later.

  3. Historians Strauss and Howe refer to the period of history which we are now in as a “Fourth Turning”, as were The American Revolution, the Civil War and the Depression/World War II. These periods of crisis start suddenly, with a distinct event (Boston Tea Party, Harper’s Ferry, ’29 Stock Crash, ’08 Mortgage Crash) and they “catalyze” (catch fire) with another (Lexington/Concord, Ft Sumpter, Pearl Harbor). We have yet to see what will catalyze our Turning, but SOMETHING WILL. Best it happens with Trump, our “Grey Champion” in power! But the outcome is NOT pre-ordained, regardless of demographic or any other trends. Our forebearers faced the world’s mightiest Empire, domestic chaos, and High Tech, mobilized, international Tyranny. What ever happens, we are at a “T” intersection of History. There is no more “business as usual”. And this will be a Global conflict, as we see Nationalist Movements rising up against the Progressive Globalista Juggernaut world wide. Gut up, Patriots! Things may seem ok where you are today, but can change on a dime like Rwanda in ’94, when neighbor suddenly went on a machete spree against neighbor…

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  5. TNR is alarmed at effort to apportion districts based on eligible voters. 2016 Ewenel decision in Texas.

    People mock conservatives but they are getting something concrete done. Is it enough?

    No. Near certainty not.
    The actual answer is probably a repeat of 1861-65 and reversal of 1965 at the least.

    But Reaction is mostly griping and too often about other Rightists. other than the alt-right Twittersphere/meme wars -which were quite valuable in securing the flanks in 2016 and remain an effective counter to SJW – reaction isn’t doing anything.

    Reaction shouldn’t criticize insufficient action of others as it remains inert.

    Moreover The Left is anything but inert. Their patient ant work in marching through the government is paying off: we have de facto open borders.
    That’s their bet. They know 2020 is hopeless but 2030 we will have an actual minority of whites. We may win elections; they determine the “procedural outcome” they manipulate to their ends.

    Do not remain inert.

    We have gained with Trump, with the Texas conservatives who pushed that decision through the courts. We are no where near winning – we barely accept we have enemies and have yet to accept we have to fight.

    Do not remain inert.

  6. all authority comes from usurping it

    Money quote, and probably true. It strikes me as related to the postmodern maxim that there are only power relations in this world. Either you have power and you can do something with it or you dont and you then got the wrong end of the stick. But this also leads to the conclusion, wrong or not, that morality is just a hoax.

    I cant square this w the Lincoln hatred though. If all authority is usurped, none is (b/c you usurped it from someone who usurped it from someone who usurped it….leads to all power is equally valid or invalid, in fact it cannot be morally judged, it just is). So then you cannot morally fault Lincoln for how he used that power. Z’s answer to that would probably be that Lincoln’s fault is that he was bad for whites. So was he? First off, some (obviously not all) resistance to slavery, and specifically to the expansion of it out west, was that slavery was bad for whites. It depressed wages. It was that age’s version of outsourcing. It is not easier to compete w a negro who only gets bread and board than it is to compete w a Chinaman today who gets 10% of your wages.

    Second, if Lincoln had not done what he did, the USA would be at least 2 countries today. It would probably be a lot more. The British Empire, the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, Austria-Hungary…..once one is allowed to bolt, it starts a chain reaction. There’s a reason that kings and empires since antiquity have used disproportionate resources to keep one dodgy desert province or village from splitting. Any secession sets precedence and you end up being defeated and conquered in detail.

    So Lincoln taking the lost causers’ advice means North America, instead of a behemoth closing it off to outside empires, would have been a chequer board for Queen Victoria, Bismarck, Napoleon III and possibly others, to play imperial games with. And now the butterfly effect prevents further probable speculations about how the 20th century would have gone down. It is possible that this would have left London and Berlin the two world power capitals in the second half of the 20th century instead of Washington DC and Moscow. But no one can know, it is way too dicey.

    And so is saying if the white race would be in any less dire straights today if the US was X small countries. And that’s not all. Thanks to John Wilkes Booth we ll never know what exactly Lincoln would have done with all the freed blacks.

    But in any case, here’s why whites, even white nationalists, should not hate Lincoln: he saved the project that would become the far most powerful (90%) white country in the 20th century. You cannot blame a man who had been dead for exactly 100 years, for the 1965 immigration act, which is what really made the US a multicultural society.

    Z is a funny bird, I obviously enjoy reading him. But he oscillates between a really insightful thinker who spots deep patterns, and then sometimes a contrarian curmudgeon who is just ‘against’. Maybe I, others, sometimes have the same mood. But I just cant see what Ol Abe should have done differently. He was punched in the teeth at Fort Sumter. You’re criticizing a man for kicking back after a sucker punch. I cant blame him for that.

    Now gimme my minus 20, dixies, if this thread isnt already dead lol

  7. As an aside, remember when those US Marines peed on the dead bodies of those Taliban and there was an uproar over the desecration of the bodies? Those same people have no problem desecrating the graves of Confederate soldiers.

  8. If the “good whites” were removed from the playing field by the “bad whites”, by any means necessary… what becomes of the POC ascendancy?

    Would the sturm und drang in the media coverage be all that loud? Would the POC ascendency even care if once again the white folks were sorting themselves out again by the sword.

    I’m just curious if they wouldn’t just cackle and laugh at the bloodshed and eat popcorn. Would they even realize that the only thing holding back the storm of angry and displaced bad whites are their allies, the “good whites?”

    I imagine that is what Brevik was thinking, that is, if he wasn’t completely insane.

    • Cocaine Mitch is about to get Betsy Ross flagged. Things are accelerating.

      Any coincidence that this comes out less than 24 hours after some Dem candidate announces she is running against him for the next election?

      Calling people on their antebellum connections is actually an easy game for their side, as the white males are loaded with antebellum connections, and the POCs mostly not at all.

      • Swallwell dropped out today, Biden is every feminist’s version of men, Spartacus is as gay as a French bicycle, and here we have another G.I. Jane stepping to the plate to challenge beer-glasses Mitch.

        They’re serious about giving us our first woman President. The future is indeed female and brown, because white women will vote for it.

        That’s quite a sea-change, actually. Is usurpress a word?
        The old bulls are getting knocked off the hill, but by the heifers.

        • Alzaebo said: “The old bulls are getting knocked off the hill, but by the heifers” This is the kind of crap that happens to every civilisation that falls into disrepair. Here’s a vid by a guy who goes by the named “Black Pigeon Speaks.” He can be a bit of a crackpot sometimes, but he makes great high-quality videos.

        • The liberal women have more testosterone than the liberal and cuckservative men.

  9. The origin myths not only explain the founding of the nation, but justify the current order.

    Denmark was created when a Swedish king promised the goddess Gefion all the land she could put under plow in a day. So she went to Jotunheimen, got pregnant with a giant and gave birth to four sons. These sons she turned into oxen and harnessed them to her plow. The ploughshare bit so deep that at one point she ripped a piece out of Sweden’s soil and dragged it into the sea, creating the island of Zealand – ancestral homeland of the Danes. That is why you’ll notice that the Swedish lake Vänern has roughly the same shape as Zealand.

    I’m not really sure what to make of this. In fact, I’m not even sure the story is true.

    • If I was not going a Catholic, (considering a switch to Orthodoxy) I would be an Odinist. Viking mythology is awesome.

      • I don’t actually think you can be an Odinist, at least not in any shape that’s authentic. We know next to nothing about Viking cult, we only know a bit of their mythology. Modern Odinists – at least here in Denmark – are herbal-tea-swilling, tree-hugging, sweat-lodge-dwelling, sackcloth-wearing, quinoa-munching, immigrant-loving hippies. None of that barbaric nonsense about dying in battle.

        I had a conversation with a Mohammadan on the subject, and he had the nerve to compare Norse cult with Mohammadanism, since they were both warrior cults. I told him that the difference was that in Islam, you can buy yourself a ticket to heaven by giving money to poor people, bribing your way in. With Odin, you pay the iron price or go straight to hell.

        I didn’t tell him that’s what you get for adopting a Jewish religion.

        • I would basically treat it the same way I treat the Iliad now. Think of the characters and draw inspiration from their feats for my own life. However I would also incorporate some of the symbolism such as Mjolnir into my lifestyle.

          • The thing is that the mortals in the Norse sagas are, well, normal men with normal motivations much like in the Iliad. They’re mostly assholes, but they’re human. The gods, however, are weirdos and often downright evil, especially Odin.

            Medieval chronicler Saxo Grammaticus, relates how Odin is taking a stroll in Midgard when he comes across five harvest hands at work. Odin produces a whetstone – an invention these puny mortals have never seen before – and whets their scythes. The farm workers are profusely grateful, but as the Allfather continues his voyage, he throws the whetstone on the ground between them. The men all dive for the stone, accidentally impaling each other on their scythes.

            End of story.

            Now, I might be an atheist, but I’m a staunchly Lutheran atheist. The sagas are both entertaining and interesting but at the end of the day, I think we’re better off with Christian values.

          • In short, not much different from the Greek pantheon. All I really know are some of the myths surrounding Ragnarök.

          • In short, not much different from the Greek pantheon.

            True. The Greek gods are evil, bloodthirsty bastards as well, they kill for fun, rape people as a matter of habit and instigate wars and blood-feuds out of boredom.

            If not for the intervention of Aphrodite, the Trojan War would’ve ended with Menelaus splitting Paris from crown to heel, but noooo…, that would be cutting the fun short, so Aphrodite whisks Paris from the battlefield and teleports him into Helen’s bedchamber and the rest is mayhem and the wailing of widows.

            Every time the Trojan War seems to wane, some god or other possesses one of he mortals, insults or kills someone, and it’s off to the races again.

            Odin does the same, instigating war and strife all the time, but at least he has an excuse: he needs fallen warriors to swell the ranks of the Asir at the battle of Ragnarok.

        • I’ve done the Wiccan/Neo-Pagan gig and I agree that it’s a pseudo-religion constructed from cast-off bits of re-imagined paganism and negative anti-Christian identity. I think Jung was on to something when he pointed to dreams as our interface with the spiritual. Our ancestors are our gods, mentors and guides in that world. Odin himself was most likely a great mortal chieftan and teacher before he was a god. Rather than trying to breathe life into an old, almost entirely forgotten faith, we should ask our own forefathers to fill those shoes over our coming centuries. Tomorrow belongs to us (and them).

        • And get possessed by the devil? Next you are gonna suggest I play Dungeons and Dragons and break out the Ouji board.

    • Huh. I wondered how Denmark came into being. Are those giant guys still around? We could use them to do some plowing around the Bay Area.

      • Giants are from Norway, so I don’t think they’d be able to get a work permit in the US – I suggest you dial up Paul Bunyan, he has some pretty impressive livestock too, and a great, big axe to boot.

  10. Rene Girards The Scapegoat is an interesting and compelling book about origin myths and what they mean

  11. Speaking of replacing stories, people getting upset over a black mermaid are missing the point. The original Disney movie was already pozzed. The new one most likely will be even worse. Aiming it at women of color instead of white women can only be good for us.

    • Hollywood continues the trend of remaking movies replacing white actors with POC. This is just another part of erasing Caucasians from the culture. To future generations, the latest version of movie is the default one. I am sure the plan is to destroy the old movies at some point.

      • That is why I collect as many DVDs, bluerays, books, CD’s and tapes as possible.

        However​, I am not going to shed any tears about a feminist, species-crossing movie being targeted towards our competitors.

      • Being upset about this case is the opposite of not seeing the forrest through the trees though.

  12. National myths can be created quickly. The stories about the American revolution being popular and an ordinary revolt by the common man are false. Only 3% fought, maybe 10% supported them, and 1/3 overall were sympathetic to the American Revolution.

    Fact is, the British elites alienated the local elites. The American elites made good use of local incidents and created their own. They also avoided antagonizing ordinary Americans unlike the British. The Americans won so they became the heroes.

    When the streets are still and the final battle ended, we will write a new mythos, about how we overcame internal subversion by traitors and foreign hordes We will look out over the streets to see the emblem of our people waving.

    • What’s that old saying – he who controls the past, controls the future; he who controls the present, controls the past.

  13. Z Man: I’d love to see you do an article on books that have a heretical view of the Civil War (or recommendations in the comments.)

  14. What you are seeing is a change of dynasty, not in the sense of a new family taking power, but in the sense of a new regime taking power. It is similar to the dynasty changes in Chinese history. The Washington Dynasty is being overthrown by the Obamanid Dynasty. And the new Dynasty has to ritually denigrate the old dynasty and efface its symbols in order to legitimize itself. Once they feel secure, they will ease up, and even rehabilitate some of the formerly discredited figures. After all, they will have to rule, and to rule you need stability.

    I believe that the Obaminids will last three generations. They arent competant and do not have a strong foundation, being held together only by the shared desire for plunder. Once the plunder starts running low, they will fracture. And i do believe one of successor factions will look to white america as allies to build a new coalition, and this coalition will topple the Obamanids.

    • 100 upvotes. We need spoiler delaying actions to buy our great-grandchildren time.

      Trust your people. We are still White.
      We are unlike any who have come before.

      Ignorant, bigoted peasants built the Notre Dame.
      The children of slaves from the slums and prisons of Europe built the Americas, Canada, and Australia.
      Even the slaves of the Soviets reached space, first.

    • This is the best thing I’ve seen in a while. It’s why “peace in our time” is in the Book of Common Prayer. Civilization step one: have great grandchildren that look and think like you. Civilization step two: first do step one. Demographics is destiny. Everything else. EVERYTHING ELSE serves demographics.

  15. Eradicating human suffering is the basic tenet from the dawn of time that under-girds all thought both on a conscious and unconscious level. We strive for it here on earth and in an afterlife. The usurpers will always promise baubles or structure to alleviate suffering. All our current ills stem from this very simple concept, thou shall never suffer. Of course this is ludicrous as we all will be faced with suffering. I get the feeling in reading all of the posters here is that all of you understand that life without some sort of sacrifice or suffering is not worth living. To truly know life and self is to give up immediate gratification for a better future. This is the problem with society, no matter the age, as long as I have Netflix, ESPN, Social Security, a pension plan, stock market increases, Marijuana, Twitter, Airpods, cell phones, air conditioning, big screen TV, porn, and sugar, who cares about Migual coming across the border.

  16. Looking forward and looking back need not be mutually exclusive, and the future’s very much tied to the past in successful nations. The idea of “Restoration” doesn’t exist for no reason. So no, we’re never going to get non-whites to Admire any of the founders, but if we win I’d still rather have Ben Franklin’s face on a bill than Richard Spencer’s. But to really fix our problems we need to go back much further, as Nietzsche said, to before that “damn farmer showed up” (he meant Martin Luther, but the German word for farmer, “Bauer” doesn’t quite translate, since it can also mean “pawn” in a game of chess or “peasant” in a pejorative way.)

    • Luther, whatever your feelings about him, did not fall from a clear blue sky. The abuses of the Church were real and significant and it was no longer capable of meeting the needs of its lay parishioners.

      Selling indulgences and never cracking the cover of a Bible wasn’t going to cut it by the 16th Century. If Luther hadn’t come along someone else would have.

      • Luther’s Theses worked more meme magic than Lincoln’s Address, I’ll give him that.

        • Don’t forget that one great invention, the printing press. Without it, folk would still be listening to priest’s interpretation.

  17. I guess many on this side appear to have given up. With popular culture and social media the way it is, I can see why. Most appear to have lost faith with their fellow citizens based on the actions of the animals that inhabit the cities and the coasts. I think we need see Trump an an opportunity, not an aberation. He calls out the gutless Left on a daily basis. They may be cunning on some level but much of the elite on their side are pampered weaklings. Their pawns amongst the minority classes may prove to be the biggest threat in any kenetic adventure to come. We need another 4 years…we need to trade space for time. Let him pack the courts while we prepare. let him force them into the doing the stupid shit that will turn middle America against the Left for good. I think we’re allready in Civil War 2.0 …the shooting just has’nt started yet. Have a bit more faith in the average American. They are the only thing keeping the lights on

    • >>>I think we need see Trump an an opportunity, not an aberration<<<

      The problem is that Trump looks ineffectual in doing this, which just makes him look clownish. This in turn pushes the Overton Window to the Left, not the Right.

      Let’s go back in time a little: If FDR has been as utterly ineffective as Trump, is American Society permanently re-oriented Leftwards as it was? Almost certainly not; if the New Deal has failed a pro-worker Right would have soon arisen from the ashes of Depression.

      Trump (and before him W) is the best thing to happen to the Left since Goldwater’s implosion.

      • You don’t fight with the allies you wish you had, you fight with the allies you do have. Trump has seriously harshed their mellow. Keep on truckin’, Donny!

      • I focus on preparing the current generation. My wife and I reproduced at 2x replacement and they all seem to have the right mindset. Though they think their old man is a little kooky in referring to some of these bastards as “Commies”.

        • That’s OK if they think you’re kooky for using the accurate description of the Left.
          Sooner or later, the more they learn, the more they’ll see that you’re correct.
          And hopefully in that “more they learn” category, will be included some self-guided study (or intellectual curiosity) about the attributes’ similarities of what we’re seeing today, with what Comm. and Soc. truly is.
          We’re here.
          At least in the 20’s, 30’s and 1940’s, the West had the intellectual honesty to call a Communist, a Communist. But not any more.
          I’m with you: I call them Socialists, myself.
          Currently reading “Witness” by Whitaker Chambers. It’s enlightening indeed.

    • I guess there is one thing that will always leave room for hope: incompetence will eventually destroy the Left. It may take a long time, and take many down with it, but it is inevitable.

    • Mr. Mountaindogsix. I admire your spunk but lets be realistic ok? The war between the states was a different time and a vastly different technology. Any group of rebels fighting today would have to be masters of the techniques described in sun tzu’s art of war. Attempting any other course of action would be absolute suicide. None the less I gave you an up vote cuz I like your style. 😀

  18. A couple of quotes; first Mencken on Lincoln:
    “The Gettysburg speech was at once the shortest and the most famous oration in American history… the highest emotion reduced to a few poetical phrases. Lincoln himself never even remotely approached it. It is genuinely stupendous. But let us not forget that it is poetry, not logic; beauty, not sense. Think of the argument in it. Put it into the cold words of everyday. The doctrine is simply this: that the Union soldiers who died at Gettysburg sacrificed their lives to the cause of self-determination – that government of the people, by the people, for the people, should not perish from the earth. It is difficult to imagine anything more untrue. The Union soldiers in the battle actually fought against self-determination; it was the Confederates who fought for the right of their people to govern themselves.”
    — H.L. Mencken

    Here are some usurpers who failed:
    “Catiline’s rhetoric uses notions of justice, honor and glory to motivate the conspirators and make them comfortable with their unprecedented criminal activities…even degenerate Romans need to believe that they will somehow find glory and honor at the end of the muddy road.”
    — from Howard Sauertieg’s review of Sallust’s history of the Catiline conspiracy

    • But the lesson to draw is that no one on the Confederate side (and I’ve read plenty of their memoirs and letters) ever argued that brief with similar economy and eloquence. And frankly the Southern aristocracy was rotten to the core.

      • So what?
        This entire civil war was about economic dominance by an aristocracy on both sides, the only difference being the Southrons were honest about it

  19. If nothing else, the old WASP elite put their own skin in the game. Oliver Wendell Holmes caught a bullet in the throat at Chancellorsville, to give but one example.

    The new elite, like the decadent Carthaginians, uses someone else’s army to fight. As Z has said many times, they have no connection to the people they rule.

    • TR Jr. volunteered to go ashore as the only general officer in the first wave on Utah, despite crippling arthritis and a heart ailment. He is credited with re-orienting the attack axis and ensuring success. His son was landing on Omaha at the same time. Love or hate the family, they were “hat and cattle” when it counted.

      • The fact that our political leaders are never tasked with walking into the front lines of a battle is a real problem with our system. It’s very easy to send other men to their deaths from a continent away.

        I’ve long advocated that any time the U.S. puts troops into dangerous zones, all members of Congress, the President, the VP and the cabinet members must commit to 3 months per year of front-line duty patrolling directly with troops in danger. No sitting back at the FOB.

        • My family has been fighting Americas wars since Saratoga and Fort Montgomery, my Dad and uncles were Korea vets. But he really soured after Vietnam. Lot of kids from his hometown got wasted over there all so politicians could put up numbers on the nightly news. Still remember watching “Huntley-Brinkley” every night with him in the 60s and how pissed off he would get when they would announce the casualty numbers. And this was a guy that was a hard right Republican all his life.

          • It’s pretty easy to get pissed off at taking casualties in a war of choice you’re not trying to win.

    • The WASPs get alot of shit, but the fact is, they knew how to run stuff, and ran it well. It wasnt until they grew too greedy for power and their solidarity split that the usurpers were able to get a foot in the door.

      • They did such a great job running this country they caused the entirely unnecessary death of half a million Americans just so they could control Southern Cotton and virtue signal and than not soon after flooded the US with European migrants from low trust and Catholic nations

        Oh and lets not forget the the WASP participation in the NFA (which would essentially banned handguns for regular citizens) 65 Immigration and 68 GCA oh and the rest

        Fuckt hat noise.

        • As a Slavic Catholic, I resemble that remark. Since the 60’s, feminists have been running the show. Of course letting a bunch of single women and closet lesbians ruined our family structure and made the Church less acceptable to men. So the bishops keep the coffers and pews full by importing Hispanic replacements.

      • Right about the same time the usurpers started fleeing the Cossack’s hoofbeats…

    • Say what you will about Royalty, they still have skin in the game. Prince Andrew served as a helicopter pilot in the Falklands War and Prince Harry was in Afghanistan. The old landed aristocratic elite had a sense of noblesse oblige to their people and nation.

      The last time our elite served was in WWII. George H. W. Bush was a Navy pilot shot down over the Pacific, but Dubya Bush only served in the Texas Air National Guard.

      • Yes …. but….. they serve that way because they know damn well their heads might well be on the chopping block if they don’t.

        I can’t testify to the exact accuracy of it – but the Netflix series “The Crown” spends a decent amount of time making the point that the Windsors were informed by Prince Phillip’s experience as a member of the Greek royal family – and what happened to them.

        The Windsors are originally of German paternal lineage. So they’re not really “English”.

        Point here is: the Windsors have acknowledged the hot breath of death that breathes down their familial neck – and at least make some steps to keep it at bay.

        That’s something that does not exist in our current day “elites” in this country.

  20. Working at GE, the fetishizing of Edison reached almost the point of parody. Everyone but the clueless true believers at the company knew what a scumbag the guy was.

    No one said anything, of course. What would it get you for making an autistic point that would just piss off the true believers in power?

    You see the same dynamics with woke capital.

  21. The Booby has no sympathy for the new usurpers, but oh well. The new usurpers aren’t taking over because they’re strong, but because the old order became weak and decadent. It took only one generation. One generation of “peace and love” spouting spoiled brats. When mere sit-ins are enough for half-witted radicals to take over campuses you’re already done as a civilization.

    We rightfully praise the WWII generation for its sacrifice and hard work, but we face the reality that they also parented the generation that would eventually destroy the West. It’s a tough reality to face up to. Who wants to fight a civil war when they’re busy driving the station wagon to Disneyland, watching shows on this “TV” thing, and barbecuing burgers in the suburban back yard?

    • The average baby boomer was 9 or 10 in 1965. We have to be honest about when the rot set in. A lot of the professors that oversaw the hippies were young communists in 1930. You can see the rot setting into movies during the 1930 and 40s as well. The Hayes code hid most of it but the subject matter was already there. The fact of the matter is that the people truly responsible for the collapse of America were teenagers by 1930. By the late 1960s, they were in charge of the country. The 89th Congress, the most destructive ever, was a democrat super majority in both chambers and it wasn’t the barely 20 years old baby boomers who put them there. The same men who fought WW2, came home and voted to destroy their country.

    • Again with the “rot set in after ww2” ?

      It set in WAY before that.

      The fact that people don’t realize this is yet another reason why you’re gonna lose.

      • Politicians come and go, as do laws.

        The complete takeover of academia, however, didn’t occur until after WWII, and it’s permanent. There’s no going back, and the state is in the hands of academia and their disciples. There’s nothing any election can do about that.

        That’s when we lost control of the state, in the 60s. But yes, Marxism was ascendent well before WWII, but at least there was still hope then.

      • One can speculate endlessly re inflection points in the rate of rot, but IMHO the rot went parabolic when the Jefferson-Jackson Democrats finally were excluded from power, and both US parties became wholly owned subsidiaries of Wall Street. Woodrow Wilson, of course, being the smarmy flower of evil.

  22. The ascendant usurpers have virtually total control over all means of powere/indoctrination: MSM, all facets of public education, pop culture, embedded lifetime leftist bureaucrats, the courts and social media hegemony. Dissidents can only fight back against these usurpers with water pistols under this environment. I don’t need to be Jimmy the Greek to tell you who’s going to win this battle at least in the short run, which could run a hell of a lot longer than anyone thinks.

    • If there’s one thing the Dissident Right gets that the CivNats and Cuck Right doesn’t, it’s that the war is already over and we lost.

      Accepting this means we can move on to creating effective insurgency tactics. As we do this, people will take notice and confidence in the system will be undermined.

      The CivNats and Cuck Right still hold as a core belief that the system works and deserves their loyalty. Nothing changes until they (or their children) believe otherwise.

      • I’ll add another one to my previous post.

        Google is not making me send my kids to school. Where their heads are filled with all manner of leftist bullshit (and I’m forced to pay for it all BTW).

        Bring this up with the average CivNat or Cuck rightist – and they’ll go apeshit defending the public school system.

        An effective insurgency tactic is: removing the batteries from the damn Matrix.

        I want the “libertarian” right to remove my child’s brain from leftist mental infection, so that I don’t have to spend all my free time countering all the crap that is pumped into his head during his term at a public school. And i want my money removed as well. So it can go towards more useful purposes – like giving that child a proper WESTERN focused education.

        If I go to war – and I am forced to pay for my own ammunition – as well as pay for ammunition for my enemy – I AM GOING TO LOSE.

        I agree. They still believe the system works and deserves loyalty – and worse yet , they are going to FORCE that loyalty if need be.

        Remove the children from the system and the system begins to die.

        If people can’t get that thru their thick heads – then there is nothing else that whitey is going to “win” in this battle.

          • Homeschool your kids, and the rulers mark them down as “persons of concern.” They’ll be identified and weeded out of the system.

          • There is homeschooling and some measure of Christians. But it’s MA – so it’s not as prevalent as other areas of the country.

            That still doesn’t solve the issue that I’m forced to pay for the public school system, which at least in this area consumes the majority of most town budgets.

  23. Suppose the implication here is that, absent a competing vision, we are simply fighting a rearguard action that ultimately ends in defeat. As a tail end Boomer, my generation simply does not have it in them to create an alternate vision. Do have some hope, backed by evidence that the youngest generation may have what we lack. I see signs. My own kids are in the teens/20s range and they and many of their friends, having grown up in the “multi-cultural” world have a much harder and realistic edge about them than I would have expected. They see the reality of kids with grades and board scores a standard deviation below their own admitted to top ranked schools for no reason other than checking intersectionality boxes. Ditto for the job market. As an aside regarding Lincoln. Had the opportunity my youth to have Garry Wills as a teacher–when he was working on the first drafts of “Lincoln at Gettysburg”. It was not a carelessly written speech–nothing about Lincoln was careless, even his “off hand” remarks in conversation. He was very, very hard and calculating. And not unacquainted with classical literature–besides using deliberate Greek oratory devices, he drew from the lessons of Cyrus and the Achaemenid empire in the approach to the South (once the war was won). Lincoln had an agenda and was ruthless in executing it. Agree or disagree, you have to admire the resolve. And learn from it.

    • This is the appropriate place for me to inject my #checkthebox program. The most meaningful program the right can implement now is to encourage white people, especially high-school age kids, to check the box for Hispanic or Black on their college/job/financial aid applications.

      Tell your kids to #checkthebox.

  24. The next usurper (as you put it) will simply be the guy who manages to gain sole control over the cudgel of the federal government and then ruthlessly swings it to crush anyone that opposes him. This is a story as old as evolution itself. How long this person remains in power is an open question. If the system he imposes “works”, then potentially a very long time. If not, then on to the next usurper.

    Once upon a time, brute strength made you King-of-the-Hill. Now, intelligence and cunning are equally important, if not more so. But fear not, technology is leveling the playing field for the commoners. No matter how exalted, it is hard to stay safe in the time of drones.

    • He who controls muh shekels controls the Empire. Government employees’ willingness to thug out on veterans and Tea Party Beckys b/c muh paycheck demonstrates where the power lies.

    • I’m not sure controlling the federal government is the critical issue. I think we are getting a glimpse of what comes next with woke capital. The media companies blast propaganda in favor of the new civic religion. The tech companies are controlling public discourse. Banks are punishing dissent through their control of retail finance. Real power is slowly moving to these other centers. How long before the military starts to get the same ideas? Local police could easily evolve into a power center as they get greater access to information.

      At some point, a President will defy the courts. That will be the first hoof into the river.

      • “At some point, a President will defy the courts.”

        Of course, this has been done before when Jackson told the court to stuff it. But never in modern times. This is the event I have been waiting on, the tripwire that will be the signal for “fundamental change”. So, yes, I agree.

      • Obama’s DACA Executive Order was blatantly unconstitutional. He openly admitted so prior to issuing it, and the analogous program for adults (DAPA) was struck down by the courts. He did not openly defy the courts and proceed with the DAPA program; he just stopped enforcing immigration laws sub-silento.

        Trump is going to have multiple opportunities to openly defy the courts in cases that are political wins. The immediate opportunity is to defy the Supreme Court’s idiotic ruling that the US can’t include a citizenship question on the census. AG Barr is stating publicly that the Supreme Court was wrong, and it was. Trump has all the legal cover he needs to prepare an Executive Order that offers a less “contrived” justification for the citizenship question, then tell the Court to stuff it. (John Roberts has been the biggest disappointment on Court since Earl Warren.)

        If Trump gets a second term he’s going to have other good opportunities to defy nationwide injunctions issued by District Court judges in Hawaii and to defy rulings stemming from Congressional overreach on oversight. Now that he has a real AG, rather than Mr. Magoo, he may proceed on these opportunities.

        • “Trump is going to have multiple opportunities to openly defy the courts…”

          Trump has already had multiple opportunities to do a lot of things, but he never does any of them. He could have easily created opportunities for defying the courts and then went about defying them if he wished.

          For example, Trump could simply refuse to let people enter from Mexico. Now, people enter the U.S. and we let them in and let them stay until (supposedly) they have hearings,etc. Of course, they never leave and aren’t really ever deported.

          When a court would say, “No, you have to let them in because they might be refugees” or whatever, Trump could say, “Nope.” But here, as always, Trump doesn’t even create an issue to be able to defy the courts on.

          • I think Trumpy still wants to be liked, on some leve.
            Or, someone(s) has some intel on him, which is why your example of “Nope, don’t let them in” is so salient.

          • Trump doesn’t have a party totally under his control. Should he defy the courts, that would give his anti’s an excuse to vote with the Dem’s wrt impeachment. The process here being one of convincing the people that their vote for impeachment is a vote for the people’s rights, a vote for democracy—yada, yada—rather than a personal one against Trump.

      • Oligarchs can wage soft warfare using control of the financial system, media communications, indoctrination channels, and bribery; but when things get existential, nothing beats the power of direct tyrannical oppression (read gulags and genocide).

      • What “real power” does Google or Amazon have? They have no police. They have no taxing power that they can ENFORCE – in the end all they’ve got is what you give them.

        Google isn’t regulating my guns.
        Google isn’t taxing my house.
        Google isn’t forcing me to get my car inspected every year.
        Google isn’t telling me I can’t work on my car in my driveway.
        Google doesn’t have the power to seize my safety deposit box.
        Google doesn’t make me put a license on my dog.
        Google doesn’t demand a percentage of my paycheck.
        Google doesn’t make me fill out a long confusing form – so it can steal part of my paycheck.
        Google doesn’t have any employees (that I know about) who have threatened to nuke me – and potentially have the capability to do it.
        Google doesn’t have my name on the Selective Service list.
        Google doesn’t send me threatening letters if I do web searches on Yahoo.
        Google doesn’t ticket me on the highway if I drive 5mph over the limit.
        Google doesn’t have something like 80,000 pages of laws and regulations that they can decide to throw at me if I ever cross their path the wrong way. All they can do is “kick me off their platform” . Whoopie fucking doo.
        Google doesn’t run any facilities with bars on the windows that they can throw me in if I “violate their policies”.
        Google can’t do shit to me if I decide to get rid of my internet connection and throw my computer in the trash. Unlike many municipalities – who will ACTIVELY go after you if you decide to go off the grid.

        The list here is VERY long.

        I tell you what – I’ll throw out my wife’s goddam Alexa and rip the Nest thermostat off the wall and throw it in the trash and then I’ll send Google an email telling them to bugger off. Then I’ll totally get rid of my internet connection.

        Why don’t you use your Android phone to take a dick pick – print it on a piece of paper, attach that to a 1040 form – and send that off to the IRS with a note telling them to suck it because you’re not paying taxes any more.

        Then we can sit around and wait to see who proves out to be the real threat.

      • High-ranking members of the FBI had those ideas, too.

        When you wrote “hoof into the river,” is that a reference to Caesar crossing the Rubicon?

    • There is an unprecedented wildcard in the deck, and that is the heavily-armed peons, including much knowledge and example of 4th generation warfare (and yes it’s true, “those who drone, will be droned”). The future is bound to be pretty interesting…

      • Heavily armed means nothing without the will to use those weapons against tyranny.

        • “Will” is very easy to introduce.

          Go to area where people are passive and not resisting said tyranny’s forces. Blow up bridge, train track – or assassinate a military officer or political apparatchik. Quickly skee-daddle back to your own AO after said operation is complete.

          Forces of tyranny will roll into town and ask who committed these atrocities. Nobody will admit to knowing what happened – because nobody will know what happened. This will infuriate the forces of tyranny.

          People will get herded into a church or local warehouse – and it will be set on fire. Before doing so a few people will have their family members shot in front of them while trying to extract information.

          Some people will survive. They will hate the forces of tyranny with a white hot passion for the rest of their days on this earth. They will suddenly have that “will” you are referring to.

          This is a time honored method for creating opposition to tyrannical forces. The lefties use a variation of this to gain converts to their cause when they do things like suck in useful idiot college students to come to their protests – and they then stick those students right up the front of the crowd.

          The riot police then come in and start cracking heads – and those dumbass college students get the beat down of their young ignorant lives. A good many of them become radical converts.

          Again – a time honored method for creating “will”.

          None of this shit is new. It’s all been used time and time and time again for hundreds of years.

    • Z Man said: “There is no restoration of old white America. That door closed decades ago, when the borders were flung open to the world. If this emerging ruling elite is to be toppled, their power will need to be seized by a new usurper, a group that seeks power and legitimacy by whatever means are available.” Nicolás Gómez Dávila said something like ” A man truly matures when he realizes politics won’t save him.” And Bertrand de Jouvenel said: ” But there are no institutions on earth which enable each separate person to have a hand in the exercise of Power, for Power is command, and everyone cannot command. Sovereignty of the people is, therefore, nothing but a fiction, and one which must in the long run prove destructive of individual liberties.” A website called “Listverse” has “10 Reasons Why Democracy Doesn’t Work.” Here’s Marshall McLuan talking about the future. ” The new is always made up of the old, or rather, what people see in the new is always the old thing. The rear-view mirror. The future of the future is the present, and this is something that people are terrified of.” And Mcluan also said: ” Politics will eventually be replaced by imagery. The politician will be only too happy to abdicate in favor of his image, because the image will be much more powerful than he could ever be.” A “usurper” would have to be the ultimate media god. He would have to be able to motivate a huge number of pacified demoralized consumer drones to sacrifice everything for the cause. I am truly sorry Mr. Z man, but the chances of that happening any time soon are exactly zero. The circumstances would have to be extraordinary for someone to even attempt such a mission. So yah, we’re simply stuck with our anger, our dreams and our nastalga.

  25. Kamala Harris, Ilhan Omar, AOC, Stacey Abrams, Rashida Tlaib….those are good examples of the political elite of the future. Except there will be many more like them. No doubt some will be worse. All driven by anger towards whites, traditional America and our heroes. Intent on righting “wrongs.” Isn’t our new country going to great?

  26. Guyenot has a piece up at Unz “The Arabian Cradle of Zion.” Good illustration of how founding myths operate. In researching how tribes and unifying myths form, I’m spending a lot of time researching muh Exodus and a lot of what I’ve found tracks with Guyenot’s post. The Old Testament is a tale of usurpation and pre-emptive legitimization b/c Chosen, and having read muh Koran in my Robert Spencer fanboi days, I can definitely see how Mohammed would have seen himself as a reformer and perfecter of the true Abrahamic faith.

    Abrahamic “hard” monotheism can be seen, through a lens darkly, as an exploitable wedge in our own founding mythology. If there is One True God, there are ultimately One Chosen People. Universalism, egalitarianism and all their poison fruits grow from this tree. I want our new founding mythology to recognize spirits of clans, tribes and peoples, in the way Greeks and Romans saw daemons, genii, lares & penates. Jews can keep Yahweh, Christians Christ, Muslims Mohammed, but Heaven will be a more crowded place, not the domain of One True God, thus no need to unite all the peoples in an apocalyptic crusade to end history. Instead, like my Celt and Slav forefathers, and the aforementioned Roman and Greek fathers of Western (White) tradition, we will see the wheel keep turning, with each tribe venerating its own departed ancestors, heroes and deities. This will be a difficult first step for many of us, but Yahweh, Christ & Allah need to share Heaven so we can all learn how to share the Earth as truly diverse, separate and somewhat peaceful tribes.

    • The good news is that the physical mechanisms of what we call the super-natural supports you.

      Religion’s job is social organization.
      It speaks in dialects.
      I think it’s time to actually answer the questions it asks.

      Our sages gain status arguing creaky geocentric hypothesis.
      The new model, rather than wasting breath “disproving” one or “proving” the other’s supremacy, includes them all.

    • “I want our new founding mythology to recognize spirits of clans, tribes and peoples…”

      That’s Northern European, Germanic, Paganism. There are plenty of believers and followers already.

  27. I will give the usurpers of all ages credit, their system does work and pretty simple to follow. Just keep up the BS and knock down all comers. Us, live and let live types don’t have a chance.

    Yes, America is toast as we knew it. Fixing it it’s present form is never going to work. A break up into smaller countries probably is in the offing. I myself welcome all to my new land, conceived in liberty: Rustbeltia!

    • I think Z’s adoption of Kersey’s “because we live here” gets the job done nicely. All the legitimacy we need. My Randian baggage isn’t entirely useless – she did find a grain of truth in the idea that man’s happiness is dictated by his nature. She just got the nature wrong. If we start from the idea that we have evolved as a group of social primates best suited to Dunbar-number scale, using reason as social glue rather than a truth detector, we can get a lot right.

      • One of the mistakes of the USA was to value fidelity to a process, the faithful implementation of the rules in the Constitution, over the flourishing of a specific group of people. Next time, we need to be explicit that our highest goal is the flourishing of our people. The systems that serve that end are only instruments.

        • I like Aristotle’s mixed political system which incorporated aristocracy. To a certain degree you need someone motivated and empowered to dispose of process for a desireable result, like the 6-month Roman dictators or the office of tribune. I said back in the day that Barack Obama could have reached new levels of adulation by sitting in New Orleans and cutting through red tape during the oil spill. I hoped Trump would be that kind of guy, but…

          • I thought the same thing about Obama’s response to the oil spill. Instead of setting up a command center providing direction and oversight he spent less than 24 hours at Panama Ciy Beach, Florida, did a quick photo op splashing around in the water then left for three weeks at Martha’s Vineyard.

          • What else could Obama do—he is an incompetent who never directed a thing, created nothing of value, never competed against others in a competitive market. In short, an AA puppet.

          • Blacks don’t seem to have a problem being AA figureheads – someone else does the work and they get the attention, title and money for doing very little.

            That’s something that I noticed about Blacks – no other group on the face of the Earth is as prone to going through life with one hand stuck out expecting a handout and other with a clenched fist. The something for nothing attitude is so pervasive.

        • One has to question whether this improvement you seek is even possible. Are people in power ever stymied for long, by words on parchment? Given enough time, all human institutions turn to shit.

        • Line, indeed. The smart contingent of the left understand this, which is why every aspect of their story can be reduced to an anti-story of us.

          We cannot be allowed to exist as a people. Its that simple.

          Our consciousness cannot be allowed to coalesce around the flourishing of our people.

          Erasing and re-writing our shared history is foundational to their efforts in this regard.

          As is weaponizing against us the instruments and systems created by our people for our people.

          The problem is, our people have abandoned our natural claim to blood and soil in favor of these unnatural systems. A la muh Constitution.

          Within the system, “We” are allowed to exist only as anti-identities and economic cattle, to be sowed, fertilized, and then harvested by plowshares of our former swords, hammered by Progress.

          Attempting to adjudicate our natural god-given rights to our land and self-governance via the systems that we no longer own is futile.

          But to most of our people, the system is the only connection we have left. To be ejected as racist or sexist would be too much.

          So they try. They appeal to the system. And many will succeed. In that they will be given another bowl of porridge for their efforts and be allowed to keep their rifles with 16” barrels and 10 round maximum magazines. For now.

          Such is the boomercuck ‘get mine’ solution. And its echoes in the $1,000/month yang gang gibs. Stop whining. Embrace change. Get your slice.

          Our story has become one of begging the bureaucracy for a share of the liquidating collateral of a once great people.

          We should have a great shame for dishonoring who we are and how we came to be here, for how we have allowed our story to be sullied.

          Instead our great shame is that we have not done enough to repair the reign of terror that is our genetic history, to give in to the ‘inevitable’ hand of progress and take a knee.

          So we are allowed to have a shared history of great cooperative power, but it is only allowed to exist as a totem to evil deeds put upon scores of morally superior people of ‘color’. We need to reclaim our story.

          But I wonder if our bonds are too broken, if the fissure between the goodwhites and badwhites is too calcified to repair itself.

        • The United States was ALWAYS made up of disparate peoples. The original colonies often did not have much in common other than their predominant English/Scottish origins. But there were always French mixed in there, and some Spanish – and all of the native American tribes. The “Join or Die” flag was a graphic way of illustrating to the different colonies that they had some interests in common.

          What is “our people” anyway? The American Civil War went as far down the rabbit hole as pitting family against family. The North used recent Irish immigrants – to put down people who had just until recently been “our people”. They did that by being completely unfaithful to those rules setup by the Constitution.

          Last time I checked – some of those WW2 veterans are still around. You remember WW2 right – that European war where a bunch of white people from different nations killed each other off by the millions and blew the shit out of pretty much the entire continent?

          So who exactly qualifies as “our people” ? What’s the standard? You had better figure it out – because it seems up until now just being a white man – has never been a good qualifier for “our people”. I can show the body count to make this point BTW.

          The USA put fidelity to process there for practical reasons. Without it – the colonies likely would have split. We’re still stuck with some of those compromises in the here and now – because the idiots of today are too ignorant to understand why such things as the 3/5 compromise even existed in the first place, so we have to endure endless hectoring from lefties about how racist it was to consider a black man as 3/5 of a person.

          One point that I’ve seen brought up a number of times is that the US is one of the only if not the only country that had to have a massive civil war to eliminate slavery. Why is that?

          Because maybe that’s where the true problem lies. It seems that the “white man” has a population within itself that simply cannot ever live and let live. This is a problem the liberty movement and the gun rights crowd have been dealing with pretty much forever. The South has been dealing with it since the time of the Civil War.

        • Had we remained an Anglo/Nordic People, this probably would not have been a big deal. Fidelity to process is in our blood.

          • It’s glossed over, but there is a big difference in the temperament between, say, a German and an Italian. Among other things, Germans are more law-abiding and civic-minded. Never heard of a German mafia.

            America was fortunate that she was first settled by the most moral and high-minded people on the planet – northern and northwestern European Protestants. Compare the US with other all White countries or regions such as Uruguay or Quebec.

            Our highmindedness, fairmindedness and individualism are weapons used against us by tribes with a very different ethos. Tribes that are only out for themselves and hide their ethnocentrism under the guise of fairness and equality.

  28. We will need to be pushed to the brink of destruction before we fight these people. The South took as much as they could and were destroyed when they fought back. Amicable divorce will not be an option going forward. Lincoln was a psychotic ass hole.

    • “We will need to be pushed to the brink of destruction before we fight these people. ”

      The next two presidential elections will provide this condition.

      What most of our tribe don’t get or refuse to acknowledge is that the United States is done. But this doesn’t mean that the Americans (Europeans) are done. They hang onto the USA and all of its accumulated baggage believing we cannot exist without it. Once enough legacy Americans separate those two we will stop being reasonable and nice.

      Our enemies will drive us to that brink sooner than later.

      • Once whites are free of the United States, it’s effectively no holds barred. Please see 500-1600 AD for reference. They will have no one to blame but themselves.

  29. Our side lacks the fanatic drive for power-for-its-own-sake which the bad guys possess. The Dissident Usurper will have to imbue this fanaticism into his followers. I would assume that stoking fears of annihilation would be one of the tactics. Another would be to point out that these people will not stop with memorials to Confederates or Founding Fathers. They will come for Normie’s liberal white heroes, too. Monuments to Europeans everywhere are simply reminders of the Diversity’s limitations and paucity of achievement. This needs to be stressed.

    • In April, the Philadelphia Flyers pulled down a statue of Kate “God Bless America” Smith because she sang an offending song in the 1930’s. A song that a black singer also recorded. The pace of the erasure is truly stunning to behold.

      • Yeah, how fast it’s going is amazing. And to think it’s only the beginning. They’re going to uncover all kinds of “offensive” things to erase. And then there are the things that are right there in plain sight that will be deemed racist or offensive or something, like Mt. Rushmore. Boom goes the dynamite.

    • So true. There is a stage production here in town about the neighborhood where I currently reside.

      On the surface it is about ‘gentrification’, which is of course just another code word for anti-white, but the play goes much deeper into the left’s brown coalition of perpetually aggrieved and how their story is really ‘our’ story.

      The new American ‘future is female and brown’ is not about the occasional cortex upstaging pale males, but rather about how she actually represents Real America. The one that has always existed. Well, since 1965 anyhow. But who wants to read all those old books anyhow.

      The wealthy goodwhiites looove this play even though it is about them being ‘colonizers’ and how they have no right to (re)claim land that the Mexican invaders took over.

      History, it seems, starts and ends when and how the left needs in order to complete the narrative backstories of their myths.

      Dissonance and absurd logical fallacies resulting from so many contradicting and conflicting stages of their grand production are swept aside with their colorful vernacular.

      The goodwhite progs are more than eager to help sweep away their racists origins in exchange for some goodfeelz on facebook.

      The capture and enslavement of our language being the most important of their victories. The curate these events in time and space that become reality, bedrock for the foundation of the new American story.

      See that poem on the Statue of Liberty for example.

      In the case of this play, ‘columbusing’ and ‘colonialising’ are verbed into existence because wealthier whites are moving back into the hood the had to flee when the first wave of diversity turned it into a reflection of some other land and its people.

      For the new real Americans (invaders) the origin story starts 50 years ago. Just like the blacks see the Lincoln or even MLK era as the beginning and not the end that it is.

      Perhaps I will post the description of the play written by the playwright. Its a gem. Xe even goes so far as to claim that only POCs are entitled to blood and soil. That is the core of it. For the left and their pets, whites have no claim to anything anywhere anytime. We are being unwritten in real time.

      • The wealthy goodwhites are going to be shocked when the gates are pulled down from their communities and the POCs move in uninvited. They think the POCs just want some gibs, including some emotional gibs, and have no idea the POCs want them dead and gone.

        • The sooner this happens, the sooner it will be possible to turn the tide. The ruling ‘elites ‘ won’t understand until they suffer the joys of diversity in the form of raped and abused elites.

        • lol, I envisioned starting petitions to have the perimeter security of all gated communities removed. This would be a great campaign move for the dems.

      • I love how they refer to these neighborhoods as ‘historically black’ when nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that they started turning black during and right after WW2, at least in the North where I am located. They have the nerve to call “Germantown” an historically black neighborhood! The whites were pushed out with violence and crime and racism. If a black moves in to your neighborhood, any attempt at molesting that black will be met with criminal charges, possibly even federal charges for denying them their civil rights. But if the blacks burn the house to the ground while calling you racist names, nothing will happen to them (this actually happened)

      • The goodwhites love of “Hamilton” is explained by this as well. The musical character and the historical man have only the name in similarity.

      • “The goodwhite progs are more than eager to help sweep away their racists origins in exchange for some goodfeelz on facebook.”… And everything is racist, like every great going out of business sale, EVERYTHING HAS TO GO!

    • It’s not a pretty process, but having some friends and family members literally hurt or killed by the enemy is the usual way underdogs fuse together and become zealots, prepared to fight for generations, if need be. America’s pretty close to this (minority commentors celebrating the murder of cops on YouTube or Twitter). Walter Lübcke just got killed (a mainstream politician) in Germany in part for his stance on importing immigrants who’ve been running amok for years now. It could be an isolated incident, but it could be a harbinger, like the killing of Walther Rathenau (guys named Walter have bad luck in Germany!) during the waning Weimar Years by some Freikorps elements that triggered a cascade. Fanaticism alone can’t carry the day for us, though, or even be the main driving force, because it’s suicidal. Look at the elements dedicated to defeating Castro. One of those Omega-7 fighters was on his death bed in a hospital after shooting it out with some pro-commies, and the priest initiating last rites asked the man if he had anything to confess. “Yes, tell Castro I’ll be waiting in hell for him and we’ll resume there.” And Omega 7 still lost bad. The IRA, however, knew how to bide their time and when not to attack, which is just as important as knowing when to fight.

      • I’m not suggesting we become fanatics like ANTIFA thugs. But it’s going to require a grim determination in order to acquire the political power to survive what’s coming.

        • Today’s theme says start low to end high.
          How do we start low in a place we built? We don’t hate our own house.

          • We didn’t make the mess and this mess isn’t what our ancestors fought for

            I think though the reason the Right dissident and otherwise has so much trouble is they lack any ability to see a vision of something better

            Left or Right you must have an ideology and a vision before anything else

            “leave me alone” is a temper tantrum and “the original constitution.” is ghost dancing

            If you lack a vision, try this or do better

            85% or more White , basically no more immigrants, a nation of small business owners and landowners instead of renters and employees of global corps with low drug and porn use and stable intact families

            The rest will work itself out

            Unless your movement can have that or something else and communicate how that’s better and how to get there, it deserves to fail.

            To borrow a quote from the Big Lebowski say what you want about the tenets of cultural marxism , at least it’s an ethos

        • Why not be fanatical ? Once the shooting starts, no reason to let mercy and kindness direction action

          war to the knife, knife to the hilt

          And for those all worried about economics, think of it as opportunity to restructure the economy and move back to the small business focused nation we used to be . You can always rebuild anyway

          • Most of today’s action is on the economic battlefield. Having just endured an Amazon customer service shitshow today, I can attest that “Make Customer Service White Again” could be a cultural inroad we could exploit. Dawn the obvious White Becky was a diamond in the Bezos rough of cheap Pajeets and Lings. Finding a way to monetize our unfortunate tendency toward out-group empathy could help monetize our tribes. Some businesses already covertly signal this with “American Only” customer service. If we were more explicit, “Whites Only” customer service could fill a niche of based consumers.

          • The way technology SHOULD have worked out is: Corporate Call Centers should be located in small American towns! This way, wages are still manageable, Customer Service is REAL, and in freaking ENGLISH, Actual Americans have not only jobs, but opportunities to advance, commutes are cross-town, instead of cross-State and Corporations have an expanded pool of people to promote from within! Maybe we need tariffs on foreign Call Centers, too!

      • I read about that Walter Lübke story on Gates of Vienna. It’s really incredible. They were totally blaming him for his views.
        The Germans have had a bad run of things since well before WWII. But the really deep-seeded re-education came after WWII, which is why they are mostly all clinically unable to say “No.”
        And the men who do stand up, (like Lübke) will / may be struck down.
        It’s getting worse over there, and it breaks my heart. But they, too, have made their own bed and now must lie in it.

      • Worry about fanaticism later.
        Worry about cowardice now.

        It will never be the right time.

        Act Black and see if it helps.
        They respect strength.
        Just stop white=Coward.
        You need a model – there.

        We have a very different view of the IRA by the way.
        1916 was quite a mess.
        Never mind 1969. They started in 69 with 3 guns, one of which was a lever action 19th century pistol. That was after the Prots burned Derry and the legacy IRA was mocked by the Catholics as “I Ran Away.”

        Right time me bollocks.
        If your a virgin to strife and think it’s “The Right Time” you’re about to be humbled.

    • Epaminondus, I’d say they already have come for Normie’s liberal white hero’s. Seems, we’ve pretty much eliminated Columbus. Jefferson and other Founders are regularly tested wrt candidacy for elimination. Of course, one could say such are not normie *and* liberal so don’t fit the bill. I guess we’ll have to wait until Roosevelt gets reconstructed or better yet, Kennedy.

    • Patriots do indeed value Order and rule of Law. Radical Globalistas mistake this for weakness. We don’t tend to operate in “cells” like the Left does, but when (finally) given the LEGITIMATE order, we WILL “get -r done”! Because we NEED to be DONE with this, so we can live our lives in PEACE. It is our Enemy who needs constant conflict because they have no sense of life or purpose without it. God forbid THEY win, but if they do, in keeping with EVERY Leftist Revolution ever, the Radical conflict-addicts who were indespensible to their leaders will then be executed along side We Patriots…

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