Lessons From Revolution

Over the long Independence Day weekend, I was thinking about how events unfolded in the colonies during the revolutionary period. The story of American independence is a lot like most revolutionary events. Any number of decisions by the participants could have radically altered the outcome. Just as in France or Russia, the king had a lot of chances to resolve the situation in his own favor, but either failed to act or made the one decision that was the worst among all possible options.

One thing led to another and I got the idea of a show where I take a quick look at other tumultuous times to see what lessons we can pluck from that could be relevant to our own age. I don’t want to make this into a history podcast, but our side has a high level of historical literacy, so history talk is a good framing devise. That and variety keeps a podcast interesting. Me reading clips from the news every week would get dull for all of us in a hurry, so trying to things keeps it fresh.

The thing that always jumps out to me when reading about tumultuous times is the mistakes the made by the people in charge are so similar. The Tsar, for example, was an educated man, He had to see the parallels between his situation and that of King Louis, but he acted as if he were working from a script. Just think of how different things would have been if he simply fled the country as soon as it was clear he was losing support from the military. Instead, he played his role as written.

Of course, one of the benefits of thinking about the parallels between this age and prior ages, is we can apply how we see ourselves today to that time in the past. That provides some insight into what it must have been like to the people living through those interesting times. Think about how you felt after Trump won in 2016 or Brexit passed in Britain and then imagine people feeling the same way about some moment in the French Revolution or during the American Revolution.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: The March Revolution (Link) (Link)
  • 12:00: Irish Secret Societies (Link) (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 22:00: The French Revolution
  • 32:00: The Khmer Rouge (Link) (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 42:00: The Russian Revolutions (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 52:00: The Sons of Liberty (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing

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76 thoughts on “Lessons From Revolution

  1. Z man- some humble thoughts on practical organizing.

    Practical Organizing.

    Our only flaw on the Right is organization. But how to do safely? By keeping it light.

    Groups can quite organize along the lines of food banks, community self help and other innocuous matters. The key point is organization. Organizing builds skills.
    Organizing builds organizations. Organization is our potential fatal flaw. The Left is very organized. That’s the key to the Lefts success.
    Money, numbers are off far less importance then organization.

    Organizing events that involve traveling, logistics, etc is the key deficiency we are trying to solve.

    Any explicit manifesto or statement of values or probably any politics at all is unnecessary, unwise and a security risk. Any amateur never mind professional will quite master the shibboleths some are foolishly using as a screen. B_tch please. Oaths?
    Useless. Threats? If you were in a line of work where that was credible instead of counterproductive you wouldn’t be here.

    Stay off social media.
    B-Please. Use secure chat.
    WhatsApp is fine.

    Don’t deceive innocents.
    They’ll be angry – and owe you no loyalty.

    The Harder Stuff. Avoid anything illegal. Including discussions; that’s called Conspiracy and you go to Jail achieving nothing.

    Protests; fine. Good for organizing. Don’t mix it with innocuous, non- threatening groups. Don’t cross the streams. That’s Bad.

    Harder stuff training.

    PT you do yourself. Weapons? Join the local gun club. Paint ball.
    Guns teach you the weapon.
    Paintball teaches tactics.
    8 men is enough (squad).
    >Squads build armies not armies build squads.

    At the local gun club do not discuss romantic notions of government beyond the Constitution. It doesn’t matter what you think or theorize about how the Constitution failed** the sworn, trained soldiers and cops there who swore sacred oaths to it will not be impressed by the Right Wing version of Jon Stewart mocking their sacrifice.

    **We’re failing and far beyond mere politics.

    Shut up and listen. Ask polite technical questions. Trust is earned slow. Don’t be chatty.

    Do not expect vets or cops to trust or even talk to strangers.
    Nor rednecks. Maybe a little after awhile. Slowly.

    Prospects: sound out slowly, do not deceive. Do not ask too much. In fact ask little. See if a little is given.

    Shun drug users, people who wear camo unless hunting, or anyone with a beef they talk about- especially anyone who has a beef with the cops. THAT’S THE SNITCH. If he isn’t already he will be upon arrest. His next arrest I mean, because people don’t hate cops over tickets or the 2d Amendment. They hate cops cuz….the cops are a threat to their drugs. Or the cops busted them in real crime. His next arrest is the maximum limit of his loyalty or discretion. There will be another arrest, it’s what he does.

    The police as enemy is utterly fatal. They are not or we would know, they are not or leftists wouldn’t be shooting them. Make them one and it’s over- because they do see you.
    They’ll know. But what do they act on or report? We’d know if they were leftists. All you can ask of them is benign neutrality – see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil; and magic will happen – you’ll be invisible.
    Really. But you must respect them in return, and reciprocate.

    Be careful. Listen to instincts.
    If it feels off then back off.
    Once someone wise told me the best man for covert ops was a coward. He won’t get caught or make drama or mess. Drama or mess draws attention. Attention brings detection. Detection is Doom.

    To summarize; organization above all is what we lack, and after that logistics – the organization of supply and transport – these are what we lack. Not men, not guns, not even will.

    Organize, keep anything public innocuous, don’t break the law or even discuss it.

    Organize, Train and wait.

  2. The modern dissident model of course is networks.
    Most are ad hoc, perhaps we can leverage networking methods we know work.

    Networks: Consider building a human organization as follows: start with ”spines” with all essential functions of operations, intelligence and logistics, communications etc. then the “body” that is doers who report to the spine “nodes”. That way when you expand you simply grow the backbone to SCALE larger by adding more spine nodes with the doer cells branching off. This makes it easier and simple to scale larger.

    You have spine cells and you have doer cells.

    This is how most Internet Service Providers build their networks as its simple and direct.

  3. Well done. The most interesting issues history are those inflection points. And the inability of the participants to see the approach or do anything to change it. And therefore what we should be sensitive to and press on when the opportunity presents itself. The court culture of Versailles seems very much an old version of DC. But whence the catalyst that signals that inflection? Think of the fruit seller that immolated himself in N. Africa. My spidey sense says there is something in this whole Epstein mess that might light things off. No one I’ve asked about him has any idea where is money trades, who (once Bear Stearns went tits up) runs his clearing. Years ago had in interesting quick chat with Harry Markopolos over a cup of coffee after he gave a speech. His advice–“the worst ones always operate in plain sight”. There is something broadly and viscerally disturbing about, say a broad swath of your ruling elites diddling little girls, that a wide swath of society can get behind. Similar to what the losses of the Great War did to he Czars “mandate of heaven”. I know this is more than a little incoherent–but being very close to the epicenter of all this something feels very, very off.

    • In the meantime Leftist/Illegal/POCs haul down the American flag from the Aurora, CO ICE building and raise the Mexican flag in its place. And they lived to tell about it. If the illegals in this country all wore uniforms they would look like an invading army that dwarfed the size of the Army of the Confederacy of May 1863.

      America looks like a lawless, corrupt, softly tyrannical country whose native population is weak, decadent, and believes in nothing but personal comfort. “Is life so sweet, peace so dear…” – for the majority of White Americans the answer is an apathetic “yes.”

  4. One last thought. Nicolás Gómez Dávila said: “When the dust raised by the great events of modern history settles, the mediocrity of the protagonists leaves the historian dumbfounded.” And Z Man said: “The thing that always jumps out to me when reading about tumultuous times is the mistakes the made by the people in charge are so similar.” There’s an old adage that says “Never meet your heroes.” Our imaginations are infinite but even the people we admire the most are just flesh and blood. I don’t have time for all this stuff about cultureal evolution. Or finding your deeper Self. People can be good or bad but their essential human nature is the same, fallible and in constent need of repair. Even the seemingly greatest among us are swept along by chance and circumstance. Here’s (Ecclesiastes 9: 11-12)” I have seen something else under the sun:
    The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong,
    nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant
    or favour to the learned;
    but time and chance happen to them all.
    Moreover, no one knows when their hour will come:
    As fish are caught in a cruel net, or birds are taken in a snare,
    so people are trapped by evil times
    that fall unexpectedly upon them.”
    So There you have it. Millennia after millennia, the same old crap. You just buy your ticket and take your chances.

  5. Trump and Barr are not backing down on count of citizens despite the Black Pilling by the media. They are simply going to get the info elsewhere.

    That’s an actual RW leader learning to manipulate the procedural outcome.


  6. Whatever else may be said about Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, they did not go in for the type of personality cults that characterized other Marxist regimes. Few outside the leadership circle knew who he was, even after they took power.

    Without discounting the power and effectiveness of a capable and charismatic leader, it may be that a stronger movement would be made up of mostly anonymous figures or, at best, shadowy figures using nom de guerres.

    The sort of fascistic model of working towards a leader may or may not have its place, but it is hard to see how e-celebs can, at this point, be more than targets.

  7. Home-run podcast. How revolutions happen, this is useful stuff and I dont know any blogger or other ‘evil rightwing hater’ (lol) that could do this better than Z. Okay, enough praise for now.

    I think it is a pattern that revolutions happen when the state or ruler is weak, not when they are ‘too tyrannical.’ Louis XVI (French) and Alexander II (Russian) were both feeble, soft kinda men. Compare them to Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein, Pol Pot. You dont rebel against ppl who shoot villages at a time. If you’re tyrant, less really is less. When they rebel, you go full Genghis, you dont go…I dunno, Michael Dukasis. If we ever set up a regime, we should remember this lol

  8. Why kings and so forth don’t do the obvious thing to save a situation is most likely down to ego. Those guys are always 100% ego driven. So they won’t take a path that dims their self-glow; they literally cannot conceive of a situation where their innate superiority won’t carry the day.

    Another thing; guys at the top are there because of advanced social skills, and not necessarily because they are even moderately competent.

    • Ah, that makes sense. I never really thought about it, to be honest. I looked it up and pine tar melts at 130 degrees Fahrenheit, which would still be unpleasant.

      As an aside, I’ve often thought that such a tactic would be useful against Antifa. Instead of tar, something biodegradable and sticky. Put it in a fire extinguisher so you could spray a group of them and then have others hurl sacks of feathers at them. It would take coordination and planning, but it would be a great weapon.

      • Silicone sealant should do the trick. Inexpensive and harmless but sticky as heck for several minutes and then it stiffens. You’d need more pressure than a home fire extinguisher could sustain but with compressed air flasks, say scuba tanks, the silicone would be projectable with a good rig.

        A portable feather blower would be even easier to build.

  9. Great podcast Z very informative. you are correct about the brutality of the old tar and feather the revolutionary war guys did. I worked construction a couple of summers in college. you are right about tar. It is a total unholy substance . getting it off you skin is nearly impossible . it also kills the skin underneath over time. plus it had to be very hot to be a liquid. we used gasoline for that . I have no Idea how you would do it with late 18th cen. materials

  10. Really enjoyed this week’s podcast, Z-Man.

    Great variety on the podcast overall, too, with the news summaries one week, “Dear Z Man” another week, and this “how history relates”-themed show.
    A thoroughly enjoyable way to pass the requisite time in my car, going from errand to errand.
    The thing I appreciated most about this week’s “here’s how historical events of other groups relate to us, today” is the big-picture perspective. It’s really helpful. There were several times during the podcast when I thought “Huh, that’s right. I see the connection and similarity to today.”

    The message that came through most clearly for me is: this is a process. We learned from Charlottesville (and given all the “desinformatsiya” around it, I still am not clear on what happened).

    And the Irish societies also had various steps in their process. It’s a great reminder when -I’m sure as others here also do– feeling like there’s no hope, and we’ll just all get lost in the shuffle or sent to a camp.

    Great work!

  11. Much of the fear is of Phantoms. There is historical precedent from Athens. The coup and rule of The Four Hundred. A coup by Oligarchs overthrew democracy and replaced it with a small council of Oligarchs – who bluffed the rest of Athens that they were backed by a secret electorate of 5000 Athenian Citizens. Flat lie it was just them- an absurd lie at that, Athens never mustered 5000 citizens in open assembly. The 400 fell out and the ruse was unmasked.

    The concept is Hollow Power resting on Bluff.

    When it comes to force – raw force – the Left is bluffing now.
    They’ve been bluffing since Bundy Ranch and the NYPD turning their backs.

    Because our real “Cossacks” are winking… 💂🏻‍♂️😉

  12. That date could have been even worse – imagine yourself stuck with Swimming to Cambodia.

  13. Z – I respect you and the blog.

    I must however address the Pink Pill Cringers however.

    To >> Pink Pillers /Cringers;
    The idea that the “repression” we face even touched the Hem of the societies mentioned is a joke: on the manhoods of all who fear soyboys, Communist Cat Ladies and being suspended on twitter. Don’t forget the Phantom Feds (our actual “Cossacks” are winking).
    You cringe before phantoms.

    We have 120 guns for every 100 Americans.
    They have Antifa.

    They do not have the military or police – or the vets.

    Now stop cringing and find your manhood.

    Organize. All we really lack.
    Since you so fear the Feds don’t organize to do anything criminal or more violent than attending a protest. The organizational skills built therein quite suffice, and are quite legal.

    Stop Pink Pilling.
    We are losing because we default. That’s it.

    • Mr. vxxc. You certainly have a knack for provacation. Almost like you were trained for it. vxxc said: “We have 120 guns for every 100 Americans.
      They have Antifa.” The idea that those 2 facts fit together comfortably really is quite moronic. You don’t seen to actually understanding how life works in the good old U. S. of A. You call the FBI “phantoms” when everybody knows the FBI will murder a right wing dissident just for target practice. (They’ve done it before.) Oh and “(our actual “Cossacks” are winking).” Honestly, I haven’t the slightest idea what the hell that is supposed to mean. Anyway, not to change the subject but is that a Eurasian accent I detect? I hear it’s beautiful up near the 60th parallel north this time of year. Have a good one.

      • If you don’t understand Cossacks are winking you didn’t listen to the podcast.
        Or have google.

        I’m not trained to provoke.
        I’m trained to man up others.

        As far as accent you can try USA. As far as me doxxing myself try harder.

        Now you seem to propose inaction and despair. These compliment each other and serve the interests of… the enemy. Are you a Fed? Probably not. Why should they pay when they get the soy milk for free?

        Along with the bovine.

        • Comrade vxxc said: “As far as accent you can try USA.” Hahaha! USA my ass. I thought all you Roooskin troll farmers could fake American English really well. Obviously not. Anyway, send my love to Vladimir Vladimirovich. 😃

          • I get you.

            But seriously some people are scare trolling themselves into extinction.

  14. The IRA and their predecessors won the war then lost the peace. I look at Ireland now – happily at the mercy of the UN, with their gay Indian PM and floods of incoming Third Worlders – and wonder why they even bothered. They gave the whole thing away in a generation.

    • That’s why they needed adult supervision.

      The grown-ups in London would never allow that to happen, would they?

    • Ireland and Portugal have been the two EU “projects”. The two countries sold out for big pots of EU gold (no idea if leprechauns and rainbows were involved 😮).

  15. Lessons from the past can be useful guides to the future when the enduring human traits are at play in a comparable contemporary environment. This is because many of our proclivities are based in DNA and consequently we respond to specific environmental stimuli in habitual ways. But all of that goes out the window when we fundamentally alter the fitness selection drivers and change the reward mechanism. Once upon a time, intelligence and strength promoted fecundity. Now it’s dependence and whining.

  16. One advantage these groups had over us, at least till this point is that they had noble causes. They could always frame their causes as for fairness or liberty. Globohomo has managed to convince the masses that WE are the ones in power and that WE are the ones who control society. Things like equality and anti-racism are the plucky underdogs fighting the big bad fascists who run society.

    There is a reason they want to propagandize to children young enough to believe in Santa Clause. Everyone in America who grew up in America has been getting lessons in anti-racism, equality, Democracy and the like since they were toddlers. We need to recognize how effective this has been. We might as well be Satanists living among the Puritans.

    It does not help that we have so many incredibly stupid people amongst us or at least pretending to be with us.

    Another thing is I think people would find death easier to face than what happens in this system. There is some dignity in being shot as an enemy. There is no dignity in being labeled equivalent of a pedo and then being unable to find work and to be shunned by everyone you knew. Of course, everyone who knows you will blame you, even if you are right because you are right here and right now, while the people doing this are an abstraction. Not only do they get to do this to you, but they get to remain the good guys. If they just shot us, there would be a lot of people who would be repulsed by such shootings. But by not shooting us they get to look like they were even merciful.

  17. The secret societies are going to flourish under the current climate. The dissident right has a lot to learn from 20th century communism. They operated in the shadows very effectively. I do think that’s why the left jumps on every meme they consider all right because they want to prevent like-minded people from being able to signal to each other

    • Whitney said: ” I do think that’s why the left jumps on every meme they consider all right because they want to prevent like-minded people from being able to signal to each other.” Here’s Saul Alinsky’s Rule #5 from his book “Rules for Radicals.” “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” “It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage,” The left hates it when the right slams them with their own tactics.

  18. The best comparison for revolution in other countries, I think, is Maoist China. All we really need to do is dial up what we are doing a couple notches and we are there. Turn the virtual mobs to real life mobs and we have struggle sessions.
    I always wondered how such things could happen and speculate that we are far removed from mass hysteria and the like. Well, I wonder no more. Damn was I wrong about the potential for it to happen in our day and age. Mass hysteria is alive and well.

    • Our girls watch the morning news to see what today’s rules are, then watch the evening news to see if they got ’em right. Mass hysteria indeed.

  19. Have you ever thought of doing a bit at the intersection of traditional history and xirl science?

    I know this used to be called ‘social’ history. Then they started calling it ‘women’s’ history.’ I don’t know what they call it these days.

    This might be instructive. There’s likely a transgender angle to the hubbub in Colonial Boston that we don’t know about. Then again, this might also be terrifying.

    I think it would be a lot of fun. Everyone likes hearing you read those xirl science abstracts except for the shitweasels who know one likes anyway and should be ignored.

  20. When I was a kid I went to Catholic schools and we had to study Theology. In my experience Catholic thinking about doctrine and scripture is a lot more orderly and methodical than most Protestant sects; to us horrid papists it kind of looks like a Baptist or a Presbyterian preacher is a sort of carny or standup comic, randomly making stuff up as they go along.

    Anyway eventually we had to study the book of Revelation. The teacher’s perspective was that prophetic language is highly difficult to interpret, and we shouldn’t go golfing around in the text looking for our own wacky sense of the signs of the End Times. In fact, Jesus explicitly tells us that the End Times are basically unknowable, that only God knows what is happening, so don’t get too excited by the disasters happening around you.

    What they emphasized, at least to us, was that there is a sense in which the Apocalypse is /always/ happening, in slow motion and on a miniature personal level — there is /always/ someone or something that is the Beast or the Antichrist, there are always the Four Horsemen, etc. The main message is to be steadfast in the face of persecution, because evil, like the poor, you have always with you.

    I think of that perspective now in the context of Z’s post. The French revolution, the American, the Bolshevik, the aborted German Communist revolution of 1919, Sun Yat-sen, Mao, the Meiji Restoration, the Weimar Jewish looting of Germany, the Yeltsin-era Jewish looting of Russia, they’re all constantly happening, in slow motion and in miniature. Personally I think with respect to Trump and 2016, the Jews who are our modern day czars correctly saw what was happening and took appropriate counter-measures to nip the whole thing in the bud. Which makes Trump into Kerensky instead of Lenin, and Kushner into… who?

    • Trump was the shot at the king that missed.

      “If you are going to make an attempt on the King’s life, you had better kill the King.”

      Now matters are going to be much worse for the right than If Trump were never elected.

      • Popcorn Cobb said: “Trump was the shot at the king that missed.” The problem we face is that there is no king. If it where just some prick on a throne, that would be sweet. What Trump would have to do is to rein in the Transactional, Manigerial, Globalist, Neo-Liberal, Neo-Conservative, Kletocratic, Military Industrial Complex, Cultural Marxist Deep State Hell beast. I’d love to hear the plan.

        • Everyone from the Michigan Militia to the John Brown Rifle club knows the solution, lead and lots of it. To the Knife and to the Hilt

          Before that though you need to learn to organize, obey and sacrifice for the common good and most important to have an idea what the hell you want

          The Progressives being group and future focused are far better at both which is a huge advantage, more than the Right’s combat superiority

          Ultimately if you want to fix things, you want and need an intergengnum to build that Hallmark Channel future

          To get there you need to be your own commissar and every time you long for the past , poke yourself in the mental ribs and say “the past is dead, long live New America, long live death.” and get on with it

          Once that idea is fixed in your skull, for goodness sake learn to organize, infiltrate and subvert. It must be done if you want to win

          Once the first two skills are learned, if we can’t find another solution than at some point, probably after gun confiscation orders or the like, hell arrives

          Accept your own death and the atrocities you probably will see and might do with a good heart and take comfort in knowing you fought well or at least died for a good cause.

          If people can get that mindset , they can win

          Until than, complaining isn’t helping and you are better off in any case at least trying to fix it with primary elections, fundraising and regulation

        • This is how Mestizo-Amerindian countries work. No one should be surprised. As Ann Coulter says, “Our new country is going to be great!”

          • If you are capable of developing a good tan and passing as a Castizo/Criollo, it’s not the worst idea to do so.

          • Damn! I tan up and am blond. Blond trumps tan. Won’t get a pass. The Swiss voted Euro gun regs, but this Swiss won’t disarm.
            Okay…you can unload on the blond jokes now.

          • Blonde hair can be made white easily enough; we’ll make a proper abuela out of you RFF!!!

        • This was a thing as far back as Daryl Gates who had a tattooed private investigation sometimes death squad somewhat like the “Intelligence Unit.” from TV’s Chicago P.D.

      • Trump was nothing of the sort. He was an ordinary placeholder president pretty damned close to Obama or Clinton in policy . He’s a 70+ year old holterlier not a ceasar.

        The reason for all this frackas is that the elite had ordained Hillary and that they perceived Trump to be low class, a wrestler and to have some moral center as well as some honor and so hated him

        Doing this pushed the President into having to push back to survive . He gets this since its the New York Way but in no way was his plan some kind of 4d chess, Q-Anon reform . He wanted to be an good Republican president and thus far has.

    • “makes Kushner into…”
      The First Husband!

      No need for a woman President, Democrats, we already gots one.

  21. Z Man said: ” …Just as in France or Russia, the king had a lot of chances to resolve the situation in his own favor, but either failed to act or made the one decision that was the worst among all possible options.” Nicolás Gómez Dávila said: ” History is less the evolution of humanity than the unfolding of facets of human nature.” The more I’ve read history the more I’ve realized that there’s just no jumping over your own knees. The struggle for deeper self-awareness and improvement of ones character is everyones job. But the Gnostic project of self transcendence is the root cause of untold suffering. All radical politics begins with spiritual arrogance. It’s the idea the we can take Gods work out of his hands and do it ourselves. If humans had the capacity to build heaven on earth we would have done it a long time ago.

    • I used to write a bit about how people get trapped into a mode of thought. It’s more of a framework, in the case of a ruling elite. I should probably circle back to these ideas again.

      • Z Man said: ” I used to write a bit about how people get trapped into a mode of thought. It’s more of a framework, in the case of a ruling elite. I should probably circle back to these ideas again. ” What I’d like to hear is more of your take on individual thinkers. Not a full lecture, but just a general overview of your thinking on this or that persons work.

          • Z Man said: “There’s a lot we can learn from Irish secret societies.” Like every other human endeavor. Secret societies are only as good as the people involved. The Irish were desperate, oppressed people. And they hadn’t been subjected to 4 generations of cultural marxist demoralisation. And hadn’t been pacified by 100 years of industrial consumerism and the welfare state. And don’t forget, one weak link and the FBI has it’s nose right up your ass. Sorry if I’m always the guy with the Black Pill.

          • The Irish fought like devils for nearly a thousand years (first against the Vikings, then against the English) to get their country back from foreign invaders. And now, inexplicably, in the span of a single generation, they are meekly handing it over to random Africans and Vietnamese, without a shot being fired. And remember, genetic replacement is permanent and irreversible: no refunds, cracka.

            If you walk down the street in central Hanoi, it is pretty easy to notice that you are in Viet Nam, the land of the Vietnamese. If you walk down the street in Dublin, it’s getting kind of hard to know which country you are actually in. Nigeria? Ireland? Ohio? Who can say, really. Aren’t we all just humans, after all? Why should it matter if 2,500 years of a unique people’s history should be drowned under a mile-thick layer of ugly brown sludge, if it means a better life for N’Gbwebo and Ching Chao?

          • @Lester Fewer. Exactly my point. Back in the day, those guys in the Irish secret societies were dedicated red blooded Irishmen. Today many of them would rather burn in hell then be called a racist. How the F**K do you fight an adversary when you’ve been trained to doubt everything about yourself? When I was a youngster the hippy radicals had a saying,” There’s a policeman in our heads, and he has to die.” Now were the ones with the authoritarian voice in our heads. And every time we think of definding what’s ours that voice screams, NAZI! RACIST! And suddenly we feel obligated to self-censor. Nothing well change outside untill we change on the inside. Get to the young early, before they’ve been ruined

          • “remember, genetic replacement is permanent and irreversible: no refunds, cracka.”

            By gum, that must be the blackest pill I’ve ever swallowed.

            I can hardly wait til Zed discovers the Zman archives in the ruins.
            (Referring to the movie ‘Zardoz’, the most Dissident film of all time.)

          • That’s because the Irish have worked very hard and with great focus to develop a negative identity. They don’t know who or what they are any more but being anything or even nothing is better than being “Bruddish”.

          • Children became a luxury that only the poor could afford

            I believe that was originally written about the situation in late Republican Rome. But seams universally applicable, at least among white people

          • Our situation is far stronger than the Irish at any point.
            And yet … they moved.

            That’s the difference.

            The idea that our schools Marxism for Dummies soyboy whining compares with any of the examples Z referred is a joke.

            That social pressure exerted anywhere in our society now compares to centuries of the Penal Laws and the anti-catholic utter disempowerment legally and economically is a stain on manhood. >Yours Sir.

            As for the FBI… you retreat before Phantoms. Don’t bring Drug users into a group and you probably won’t have a snitch. Do and you will. That’s if you even cross the threshold into criminal activity of or conspiracy. Which isn’t necessary. It also helps not to have formalities, oaths or manifestoes.

            Or a coherent and fulsome, theoretical and of course without power utterly fantasist ideology.

            Pick a small goal.
            Like finding your balls.

            The Feds; you surrender to Phantoms. Even soyboys are corporeal. The Left has no Cossacks, they have Antifa. If you look closely their putative Cossacks LEOs..,.
            ….are winking.

          • Mr. vxxc. I salute you. You obviously have a rich imagination ( which is, as you well know, not the same thing as having a firm grasp on reality.) Here’s the ” Phantoms ” you refer to. “Massacre at Ruby Ridge.” https://stormfront.org/ruby.htm “The Waco Massacre.” http://americanfreepress.net/the-waco-massacre/ “Yes, America, The Government Had A Hit List At Bundy Ranch!” https://freedomoutpost.com/yes-america-government-hit-list-bundy-ranch/ I could do this all day but I hope you get the picture. Oh, and by the way, I did ” Pick a small goal” smart guy. It’s called facing the facts.

          • Then stay home.
            Men will handle things.

            Yes there is risk in life.
            Stay indoors.
            It’s safer.

          • Seem to me we have 2 related but different problems.

            One is the collapse of a Western raison d’etre. This is a long-term problem.

            The more immediate one is the replacement issue. The US has less than a decade before the coalition of the ascendant and wastrel whites dominate politics.

            Organizing informally, formally, small groups of friends, community orgs, however/whatever/…even if it’s just to go bowling or have a drink or a cup of coffee.

            We’re too atomized to be even balkanized. Getting together with old friends, family, neighbors, church members outside of church, professional organizations outside of the organizations, etc. And break the ice about bad think. You’ll lose some, so what.

            Going it alone with no one to talk to, no one you can vent to, no one you can turn to when things get worse (and they will)…how can we turn things around when we can’t or won’t even talk to our neighbors.

            Be an atomized good doobie in the workplace. Be a sub rosa huWhyte organizer everywhere else.

      • IMO a rut is a better analogy. People keeps doing the same thing and in the process create a track that makes changing course ever harder.

    • Look around you. You live in an age of miracles, built one verge escapement, one leached acorn, one ground glass at a time, by humble men and women whose names will never be remembered.

      Monotheism- the original gnostic blank slate- is an affront to Nature and a distortion of reality. One sole, supreme Blob above all! We have the only set of keys!

      ‘Im’ is plural. Elohim- the gods. Even the Book says, “in the beginning, the gods created the world”, perfectly sensible to anyone of that time.

      We’re transcending, it’s our job, but in patches, at different speeds. Many concurring combinations and experiments. Nature is blind, but she has lots of time. Glacial amounts of time.

      The radical politics, the spiritual arrogance, is the desire by supremacists to force the issue.
      Only one Blob allowed, and it looks and sounds just like them! If we don’t hurry, we lose… what, exactly?

      Different pastures, different gods, or we fight over the scraps.
      We have forgotten what our ancestors knew. Even the writers of the Book knew, and know.

      • Sorry. Monotheism doesn’t scale beyond provincial. Instead of “unity”, it becomes “we rule you”.
        Civilzations burn when ‘universal’ is invoked.

        Getting back to Zman, did the rulers follow the script because they couldn’t see the sneak attack? Is the monotheistic camouflage that good?

        • Ah, the childlike surety of atheists, crossfitters, vegans and libertarians. Always a pleasure to have add to the conversation. I forget, where were we in the broader topic…?

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