At War With Ourself

In the age of kings, the monarch’s interest in the economy or in the law, was purely personal. Trade with another kingdom, for example, was about how it would profit the king and the people who served him. The same was true of domestic policy, where the point was to maintain order, so the king remained king. In theory, the king was the leader of his people and charged with looking out for their welfare, but in reality the reciprocal obligations were about maintaining the interests of the king.

In any system of personal rule, the law is about maintaining the relationships between the individuals in society. Disputes between individuals are adjudicated based on the established order, the position of the individuals in that order and the details of the personal dispute. Justice in such a system is never about public interests, as there is no such thing as public interest. Society is a system of hierarchical private interests that ultimately serve the interest of the monarch, who sits atop the social order.

In a liberal democracy, things are reversed. Public interest is now sovereign, transcending the personal interests of even the most powerful. Prosecutors can charge a prominent rich guy, for example, because they see it as their duty to the public to do so. It’s not about their personal conviction or their personal relationship with the rich guy. It is about what is understand as the public will, as defined by the law. All men are equal before the law, because the law is the public will, which is sovereign.

In theory this sounds superior to private rule, as the state operates as referee, maintaining and enforcing a set of rules on everyone equally. All of the private interests in society are then free to pursue their private interests, within the rules established by the law. Businesses compete with one another for customers. Individuals compete with one another for wealth and status. Society is a dynamic ecosystem of individual interests operating within the medium of the public good.

Because political offices lack transcendent legitimacy, the authority of the office rests in the general will, as expressed by the civic religion. This civic religion justifies not only the political structure of the state, but the manner in which office holders are selected. Instead of men rising to the top because they are favored by the gods or by the design of biology, they are selected because they win the favor of the people. They hold office because the public wills it and the public will is sovereign.

Because civic religions lack a limiting principle, civic mindedness inevitably becomes and ideology venerating the public good. The individuals occupying public office begin to see themselves as keepers of public morality, a priesthood, which serves the public in the same way a priest serves his flock. That brings state regulation of private interests in the name of public interests. Before long, the very nature of private interest assumes its primary purpose is the public good.

This is the nature of woke capital. The reductionist interpretation is that the people in these corporate giants are motivated by power or political ideology. They just want to help their tribe. In reality, what drives this is a culture inside these organizations around the belief they are there to serve the greater good. Apple is not a firm that makes expensive toys in China. It is a company with a mission to make the world a better place. The people are not there to profit the company, but to benefit mankind.

The conflation of private interests and the public good that inevitably must happen in a democracy, turns every company into a religious order and every powerful man into a bishop of the civic religion. As happens in all markets, the competition for what defines the public morality consolidates into one universal public morality. The entrepreneur wants to get rich, not for material reasons, but for spiritual reasons, as that becomes the path to high status. “Giving back” is the ultimate goal of wealth.

It is not just the private sphere that is subverted by the public will. The very institutions of the democracy become one with the new religion. Instead of training young people in the practical arts, education turns into indoctrination centers. Everything about our modern education system, even the private schools, is bent toward brainwashing young people into the ideology of the state. It’s why standards have collapsed. They are making believers now, not scholars.

The democratic custodial state, like all ideological enterprises, must eventually consume itself, as ideologies are always at war with nature. Ideology is about how things should be, not how they are. We are seeing that with the custodial state, where institutions, in order to carry out their spiritual duty, must violate the basic principles of law that make democracy possible. For the woke corporation or progressive college to complete its mission, it must violate the principle of equality before the law.

We see this in the explosion of sexual assault allegations on campus. These are hotbeds of ideological fervor, producing waves of new fanatics. In order to function as such, no discouraging words are permitted. Since Chad’s very existence is a discouraging word to the concept of feminism, the campus is now at war with Chad and the front line solders in that war are hysterical coeds. You cannot be a fully actualized women without having been raped by Chad in your dorm room.

The trouble is, rape has a legal definition. Sexual assault has a legal definition. These are legal constructs that bring with them legal procedures. When Becky claims she was assaulted by Chad, she has to supply some proof of the allegation. If the police think there is enough to arrest Chad for assault, they will do so and turn him over to the prosecutor, who will determine if there is enough to prosecute him. If that happens, then the court will determine Chad’s legal guilt through another legal process.

The result is a conflict between the desire of the coeds to fully actualize their moral self and the structures that makes liberal democracy possible. This conflict turns up all over woke capital, as well. That person sitting in a cubicle, debating whether to cancel your bank account, is balancing their duty to the greater good against the rules limiting their power in the organization. Where ever they can serve the greater good, they will, even if it pointlessly harms you. To them, you are just an irrelevant abstraction.

The inevitable end point of liberal democracy is a system that is at perceptually war with itself, because it is animated by a religion without a limiting principle. Every reform in the name of the public good is followed by calls for more reforms. Every new rule or limit that replaces some old discredited rule is immediately attacked as against the good of the people or a danger to the democracy. The end point of liberal democracy it a riot of fanatics murdering one another in the name of the people.

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144 thoughts on “At War With Ourself

  1. Or, per Occam’s Razor, we’re infested with jews, and the shabbos goyim who have been paid off by them. They push the equalitarian religion because it involves not noticing patterns, ie the pattern that it’s a bunch of jews pushing the demographic replacement of Whites in order to destroy their primary rival.

    We’re being run by genocidal parasites who are using equalism as a cloak to obscure this fact so that they don’t reap the consequences of their actions.

  2. On a brighter note, I spent the evening with a whole bunch of normies and I am pretty sure that I managed to red-pill a couple of them.

  3. All directed from the top down by a class of elites that has a pedigree to rival most spaniels. But yeah democracy though. If only there were more unaccountable power centers dictating policy contrary to what the average person finds remotely normal. The proles might be cattle, but cattle have no say in how the ranch is operated. Not even the brown ones.

  4. The first place to begin war on this mad secular religion is on its tools:

    A global honeypot operation that emplaces pedophiles and psychos as our rulers

    Their media priesthood
    Their academic licensing bottleneck
    Their theological camouflage

    Their economic and culture war division, the intelligence agencies

    Their armed division, the ones who make their living selling weapons of war and surveillance to sovereign funds

    Their funding division, the banking system who’s credit coin has replaced storehouse exhange of value

    How? Exposure. Name the names.
    Strip away the mask.

  5. Zulu President Cyril Ramaphosa wants to dispossess white farmers so that the Zulu people continue to vote for him. Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini wants to protect white farmers so that the Zulu people continue to eat. No better illustration of the difference between democracy and monarchy right there.

  6. Asymmetry. What we are seeing in our current society is a push to the Progressive extreme and also no countervailing response to move things back toward the middle (and presumably some semblance of balance). Why is that? Answer, because we are changing fundamentally as a species. Gone is the gauntlet of trial-by-fire and the accompanying natural fitness selection. Whining is now the trait that garners more, more, more. In order to regain vital symmetry, a new response paradigm is needed.

  7. You cannot be a fully actualized women without having been raped by Chad in your dorm room.

    This is a point worth focusing on: how the “initiation” into their religion requires some sort of “victimization incident.”

    That helps explain the enormous number of fakes: fake rapes, fake swastikas, fake hate emails/letters/tweets, et cetera.

    • If white males had any f**king sense they’d burn down every major college infested with SJW’s Or at the very least keep their kids away from them.

      Even Lefties like Jordan Peterson beg people to stop sending their kids to college because of the harm it causes them.

      Instead like lemmings whites keep sending their kids to these ultra expensive brainwashing academies so they come back as ruined human beings.

      God almighty WTF is wrong with whites today, they don’t even care about their children and happily send them to be emotionally and intellectually mutilated.

      • White males seem to be opting out of the “college experience” .

        The ratio of males to females in university level education has been tilting towards female dominance for a while now. Given their general lunacy – this might be the death knell for the higher education system. There’s already been a number of smaller “liberal arts” colleges that have shut down – at least in part (in some cases) – because of SJW behavior driving away potential new students.

        Unfortunately I think it is also at least partially because males are just dropping out , smoking dope – and playing video games in their parent’s basements.

        For a while – I spent quite a bit of time going thru MGTOW content. That is part of what led me to Heartiste. The MGTOW crowd is pretty exclusively right leaning and is what I would consider pretty hard core black pilled. My take on it is that if you can convince yourself that the one thing that most males lust after more than ANYTHING else (women) – is actually very very bad for you – you’ve just swallowed the blackest pill of all. All the rest of them go down pretty easily. You’re literally going against your own biology – and if you’re a teenager or even up into your 20’s and 30’s – your going against your own raging hormones.

        This stuff is even reaching down into the high school level. So even if the parents are too ignorant to keep their kids out of the SJW academies that the colleges have become – I think an increasing number of males teens are just going to keep themselves out.

    • In the mid 90’s I was dating a girl. We were clothed and making out in bed and she kept on saying “no” but her body language etc–while not exactly saying “yes”, certainly weren’t saying “no”. So she continued with the mixed signals. But she did keep saying no. So I stopped. Walking her to her car she said sarcastically “are you a woman or something?” That stung a bit. Thing is, her foreplay was more contradictory than a “normal” woman’s. And her “no’s” more adamant. I’d sensed a set-up. She was meanish from the first date. And if it wasn’t a set-up, then she wanted some unspoken semi-rape fantasy played out. Or wanted to feel hurt and angry afterward. Or a mix of it all. Who knows. Something was off. So I quit. Not worth the risk. More guys should be smart to this psycho stuff and stop themselves. Most guys have wised up with the help of the internet dudes. But yeah, back in the day many guys fell for these traps. And of course, some guys are true gorillas who force women. (BTW, I just relate personal stories like we all do, to illustrate the topic at hand. I’ve never been a player or whatever it’s called).

    • Great point about fake rape charges being like fake fake nooses/swastikas, an attempt to validate a faulty opressor/opressed worldview and to score victimization social status.

      I also suspect however that many campus rape allegations are not “When Becky claims she was assaulted by Chad”. My sense is that many of them are:

      * Actual rapes done by ghetto blacks who got into the school on athletic scholarships or affirmative action

      * Like sexual harrasment charges in the workplace, levelled not always against charasmatic alpha chads but often against betas who a woman thinks is beneath her and doesn’t know his place.

  8. Your point about sexual assault makes sense in some cases. Leftism is a religion for the mediocre, who refuse to take any responsibility for themselves. It celebrates victimhood-qua-victimhood. Not surprisingly being raped by a white Christian man puts you way up on the totem pole. However I think there are other motives involved.

    1. Some feminists are bitter lesbians who hate and fear men. Supporting affirmative consent and #metoo is about revenge, protection, and power.

    2. Sex-positive feminists have different motives. Look at those trashy novels sold to women. Look at the men on the cover. They have no interest in mincing pajama boys. They want guys who just get it and want the betas to be asexual. If running the risk of displeasing a woman means rape, only​ the top tier and most successful men are going to even attempt to pick up women. As an added bonus if they change their mind, the sex was bad, or it failed to get them what they wanted, they are not sluts, they were retroactively raped!

    3. The same feminists​ screaming about rape cultures are inviting an actual rape culture en masse. Either white men find their collective balls or they get replaced by more masculine men. Either way feminists think they win.

    • Cat lady feminists fetishize rape, they think about rape all the time, because they secretly want to be raped as they watch their cat play with a toy. They’re sick people who were rejected early on in high school. The exact opposite end of the spectrum from men who were rejected in high school by women and “all women are bitches, etc.” So much of civilization exists in happy mediums, which are rapidly vaporizing across society, enveloped by the extremes.

    • Deep in the bottom of the black pit of the feminist mind, the feminist is thinking “this white guy will never rape me, I need to invite those arabs in with the full beards, they’ll ravish me.” They want to be ravished, but only subconsciously, their IDs want to be raped while their SuperEgos hate all men. Freud wasn’t all wrong.

      • This is why Heartiste was likely shut down.

        He started hitting at the truth far too often.

        One of the hints that women have lost their mind (or maybe never had it to begin with) – is to spend some time reading MGTOW content or watching their videos on Youtube.

        Many of the more philosophical MGTOW crowd have clued into the fact that their intentional dis-involvement with women – ALSO drives the women nuts. I’ve seen more than one case recounted of a MGTOW type who got attacked – sometimes viciously – for either refusing the advances of a women, or for simply explaining that they try to severely limit their exposure to women to the minimal possible contact.

        It basically boils down to: ” if you hate me so much then why are you so pissed that I just told you I’m trying as hard as I can to just not be around you AT ALL”.

        • Calsdad said: ” I’ve seen more than one case recounted of a MGTOW type who got attacked – sometimes viciously – for either refusing the advances of a women, or for simply explaining that they try to severely limit their exposure to women to the minimal possible contact. ” That’s just how a lot of females handle rejection. Seen it happen a lot over the years. If a guys in a bar and asks a women to dance and she says no thanks he just walks back to his seat. If a woman asks a man to dance and he says no he could get a drink in the face or a slap up side the head. That’s just the way the split tails are.

          • I liken the MGTOW male response to modern women as a similar response to whites who flee the cities because of “diversity” . I see a lot of responses here about how whites typically (but not always) like to live in an orderly environment. And how – left to their own devices they will create and maintain those environments.

            My take on the MGTOW males is that they’re experiencing a similar effect in regards to modern women. More than once I’ve seen comments that run along the lines of: ” I put myself thru school, have a good job, have a nice paid off car, my apartment is clean and neat and I’m saving for a house. I have a motorcycle, mountain bike to exercise , have a bunch of friends I like to hang with – and am generally satisfied with my life. Yet every time I date a woman – it’s a nightmare. It’s obvious she’s looking for a gravy train. Or the conversation on the FIRST DATE turns to social justice BS. She asks me questions about whether I’m a racist – or wonders if I’m gay because I don’t have a steady stream of women in my life…..


            The stories are all very similar. It’s males who have worked hard to get where they are , typically have highly technical or highly strenuous physical jobs (both of which require a high degree of energy and dedication) – and what they get out of women they come into contact with is: “what can you give me?” …. not : “here’s how I could help you”

            Get educated enough on the feminist movement and leftism in general (a lot of these guys have gone thru their lives up to this point as basically apolitical – they get “educated” because they got dragged thru the wringer) – and the course a lot of these guys seem to take is: “fuck this – I can be perfectly happy on my own”

            To a male who is forced to adapt himself to his circumstances to survive – which means in the modern world becoming a highly technical thinker and/or highly physical (both of which require sacrifice) – the behavior displayed by many women seems like utter lunacy. The two worlds simply don’t mix very well – and those males are probably not psychologically equipped to handle out of control females. In fact I’d argue they probably CANNOT be. I’ve seen it said that there are very few people in this world who can hold two opposed ideas in their head at the same time.

            That’s what you’re asking a lot of males to do in regards to women. Have them understand rationality AND lunacy – at the same time.

            It’s simply not going to happen.

    • White men’s only real option is to convert to Islam. SJW’s and the Feds won’t touch them then and they can “tune up” their women as they see fit with no push back.

      Seriously that’s about the only viable option white men have outside open rebellion and wholesale slaughter of white Lefties and feminists. Since white men don’t have the cajones for open rebellion conversion is their only real option.

      They can set up their own mosques and select their own inman’s, etc. Their mosque can also be a rally point to help other white men in distress.

      Christianity? It’s been deeply infected by the Left and only a outright purge of the Lefties in our society can correct that and bring back old school Christianity.

  9. Z Man said: “The inevitable end point of liberal democracy is a system that is at perceptually war with itself, because it is animated by a religion without a limiting principle. Every reform in the name of the public good is followed by calls for more reforms. Every new rule or limit that replaces some old discredited rule is immediately attacked as against the good of the people or a danger to the democracy. The end point of liberal democracy it a riot of fanatics murdering one another in the name of the people.” Nicolás Gómez Dávila said: “Spasms of injured vanity, or of greed trampled underfoot—democratic doctrines invent the evils they denounce in order to justify the good they proclaim.” Here’s a link to a site with loads of Gómez Dávila aphorisms.

  10. At work, I think I am pretty good at recognizing the executives who are simply paying lip-service all the “giving-back” crap. I have some respect for them.
    I find the true-believers who think “doin’ good ain’t got no end” to be terrifying and avoid them whenever possible.

  11. I think you’re drifting way too far into abstractions with this one. Perhaps at some time in the past, let’s say the 1950s or even the 1840s, America could be understood as a set of mutually agreed-upon axioms.

    But those horses left the barn decades ago. For whatever reasons, and whoever you want to blame, it’s not that way any more. America is now nothing more than a gigantic souk, a huge open-air garage sale / shopping mall for foreign swindlers and grifters from all over the world. It’s all dirty unpleasant facts on the ground at this point. Any attempt to describe America as an idea or a system, without noting the grubby reality that Jews exist, or Somalis, or pajeets, and without noticing the shamelessly bared fangs of same, is not an accurate description. I would have to be a lunatic to assume that United States Senator Charles Schumer faithfully represents the interests of the American people…. assuming such a people could even be identified.

    • America was never really a country; it was an experience. Our elites did their best to cobble together a ‘national sensibility’, in times of war above all.

      Now we face the harsh physics of devolution. America is like a red giant, massive, nearing death, the central core cooling. But it was an experience, and I will always be grateful to have been part of it.

      Talleyrand, I think, once boasted in his dotage that to have not lived before 1789 was to not have lived at all. Well, with all due respect to you, the man Napoleon called ‘mud in a silk stocking’, fuck you. I’ll take 1970s America over 1780s France any day, prick.

    • America was never really a country, so much as an experience, an interregnum in the normal state of organized human society.

      We took it all as natural, in the 1970s, to be joyous, young, crude, alive, and American. We took it as a fact of nature that we’d ride on the shoulders of our Empire forever.

      And now the bill for our insouciance is in the mailbox.

  12. One minor quibble with a very on point article– “When Becky claims she was assaulted by Chad, she has to supply some proof of the allegation. If the police think there is enough to arrest Chad for assault, they will do so and…”

    This is where I think even the MOST aware among us simply don’t understand how terminal this problem is. In actuality, Becky doesn’t have to provide ANY proof. Zero. We are at the stage now where if a woman says she was ‘assaulted’ by a man, sexual or otherwise, the goon squad cops WILL arrest him no questions asked. Think about that for a moment. If you get on the wrong side of some wahmen who has a bone to pick with you; she can, consequence free, dial 911 and have you imprisoned (temporarily) as well as generating an arrest record for assault and sexual assault that will follow you all of your days.

    What a level of power to hand to people the least worthy to wield it which are these mentally defective children we are speaking about. In my own situation, the thing that launched a 12 man assault team on my home was, wait for it… a text message. I made no verbal threats, I didn’t wave a weapon in anyone’s face. A single text message was warped into an entire narrative that required a bin Laden compound style raid against my home.

    This is your reality white man. One lefty unhinged female, one aggreived minority co-worker can lay you low by simply hitting those 3 numbers on the phone, and get away with it scot-free. I made a vow to myself that if anyone ever endangered my life again by deploying the state’s militarized police against me again, I will certainly return the favor. You only get to try and kill me by proxy once. It is that whole dying on your feet rather than living on your knees thing, innit?

    • Part of the disease is this thing that “everyone has their own reality” or their “own facts”. No, no, no. We need to get back to some sort of objective determination of the facts of things post haste.

      The sneaky way this works is that everyone has “their own facts”, which are then put through the scrubber of a contextual moral framework. That framework allows truth to be called false, and false to be called true, because of the contextual moral interpretation of it all. And that moral interpretation always falls in the same direction, away from us.

    • I find it somewhat comical that men haven’t clued into this behavior out of women. Similar to the “our problems started in the 1960s !!” crowd – they think this behavior from women is something new.

      I went to college in the 1980s. There was similar behavior manifesting even back then. It just wasn’t as pervasive – and there was probably a larger % of the population that simply refused to buy into the lunacy so it failed to gain traction.

      Taking psych and sociology classes – and probably somewhat believing that those disciplines could explain female behavior – I started doing my research. What this led into was reading some hard core feminist literature. I’m talking about people like Andrea Dworkin and her ilk. I could probably never find it now – but I very distinctly remember reading her “scholarly” diatribes about men in a number of different journals.

      It’s not an exaggeration or lie to say that the hard feminists TRULY believe that men should have no equal standing, should be treated inherently as rapists, and in their paradise would just be treated as slaves.

      The lies about “date rape” and the permission slips for interaction and all the other lunacy was also present back then. I suppose if I hadn’t spent my nights in the stacks reading their screeds – I wouldn’t have clued in so deeply. It was still possible to live in a bubble back then. I guess I liken it to a plaque like Ebola. When they’re dying in the Congo most people here are free to say : “what are you talking about – we don’t have an Ebola problem!?” But the thing spreads slowly at first – and then quickly. Suddenly everybody has Ebola – and you wonder where the hell that came from.

      So I have to somewhat disagree with you on one of your points. I’ve been aware of this behavior – and what has been behind driving it (radical feminism) since probably somewhere around 1984 or 85. Yet here we are almost 35 years later – and this is coming as some sort of surprise to an awful lot of men.

      I knew damn well – as a friggin college student – that involvement with the wrong women – or maybe any women – given the way things were obviously headed – was a potentially life altering exercise (for the EXTREME worse) . Remember – this was back in the days when the Soviet Union and East Germany were still in operation, so it was common to find information about how dissidents were treated in those commie societies – with false charges trumped up to dump you into the psych hospital.

      And this is yet another area where my opposition to government comes from. Because the reality of this is that feminists simply could NEVER push this shit down our throats without the power of government behind them. Without the blue-clad goon squads (which outside of some cities simply didn’t even used to exist) – a woman who tried this kind of crap in a more “tribal” organized society would have found herself a victim of kunlangeta (thanks Whitney). If I lived in a society absent blue goon squads – those cray cray women could accuse me of shit I never did all they want – and sooner or later they’d accuse the wrong person – and get a push off the ice flow.

      Feminism and statism are co-dependent parasitic organisms.

    • what Dutch is missing is that Power is the objective truth .

      Imagine there was slaver nano that forced people to obey you ala Ella Enchanted . The inventor decide to use this on everybody not of his or an allied group

      Those of the enlightenment hiding in bunkers would be bleating about human rights violations whereas if they somehow could see it our forebears who understood how things actually worked would be “damn, where can I get me some of that?”

      The bullshit of the enlightenment was nice while it lasted but it was still bullshit and our collapsing society reflects that as we fall back to “you ain’t my set, you ain’t my friend” only to eventually build up again

      History rhymes as always

      As for the Beckys women are often short sighted and men in all walks just become more like Pence and/or go MGTOW

      Over time, that terrible Handmaid’s Tale future they all fear slowly but surely creeps on little cat’s feet, well that or worse

      The only things holding it back now are porn, interia and lack of an alternative

      • Raw power dressed up in moral righteousness, yes. Women are all over the Handmaid’s Tale, because that’s how they see the structure of the world. Atwood wrote it describing the consequences of the Iranian fundamentalist revolution, and she freely admits it. What women miss is that pretty much any future that can be expected is going to put them under that whip, except for the one that roughly resembles the not-too-distant Western past. Yet they clamor for a utopian reconstitution of society, not understanding the almost certain consequences for them.

        Why are the consequences for them almost certain? Because they don’t have the testosterone to back up the blind hate they feel with a “whatever-it-takes” episode of violence to sort it out. They flinch from a real fight, completely and absolutely. Testosterone doesn’t keep you from flinching at the punch in the nose, but it gives you the drive to return the attack tenfold in a blind rage. I laugh when I see the women LARPing as men. In their eyes, you can see the fear, they don’t have the same sort of crazy in themselves that we do (which is why groups of gay men are the craziest, because mass testosterone and mass buggery can get awfully weird). Bringing a gun to a knife fight is what men do, and what will turn women into Atwood’s Handmaids, when the pure wielding of power rearranges things. Those women have absolutely no idea what they are getting all of us, but especially themselves, into.

        • There are so many reasons why the Handmaid’s Tale is chick porn.

          1. The heroine is a perfectly average or ordinary woman who is basically special for being healthy and fertile. The novelist implies that in reality most men are infertile, not the women. In short she is special without having to actually do anything.

          Say what you will about action movies from the 80’s and 90’s but they followed pattern with a good lesson. Hero gets his ass kicked by the villain. Hero trains to be better. Hero beats villain.

          2. The protagonist gets attention from a high status man in the society and a badboy rebel from the outside.

          3. Women no longer attracted to their emasculated husbands can identify with the main character too. In order to keep the relationship for whatever reason, they have sex with men they are no longer attracted to. So they feel they are being used and raped.

      • “, that terrible Handmaid’s Tale future they all fear”

        They don’t fear it, that show is their porn.

        • I’ve never watched the show. I avoid most media but i have read the book

          Back in the 90’s when I read the book, I’d have disagreed with you but after 50 Shades of Grey, yep

          The funny thing is they hate being called on it.

          John Norman’s Gor posits that most women are like that and want to be subservient which isn’t really true but the usual suspects a among women women hate that as they want to feel special in their desire for submission even though many women have it

  13. The emergence of woke capitalism this past decade was what finished to convince me that the libertarian worldview was hopelessly flawed. Greed and its expected implications in the marketplace (shareholder value maximization, happy customers, etc), plainly isn’t the driving force behind corporate behaviour.
    Corporate wokeness looks like a more virulent strain of the whole “corporate social responsibility” palaver from the 1990s. Does any one here remember how that malarkey got started?

    • I remember corporate social responsibility in the early ‘90’s. Even took a college course.

      Its commie globalism for ‘white people must pay’.

      All the case studies were just victim/oppressor narratives packaged in McKenzie Consulting vernacular. Think Bhopal India and Exxon Valdez.

      Greedy colonial whites stealing from poor browns then shitting all over their sacred land.

      How should a corporation factor in their responsibility to the world, environment, the “greater good” while honoring their fiduciary duty to their shareholders. A lot of stakeholder consensus drum circles that were the early twitchings of virtue signaling and amounted to precisely nothing but a cottage industry around narrative design and distribution.

      Apple ‘think different’ made an empire on the backs of the chinese; Nike has been running brown people sweatshops for over 30 years; Big Ag has been running cross border labor arbitrage for even longer; and countless global financial institutions regularly launder blood money, extort resources from nations whole-hog, and trade both sides of every possible disaster ‘out of nowhere’ and public coffers ponzi they can create.

      Meanwhile the browns poison themselves trying to catch up. But because now its just a paper trail of LLCs and global financial markets we only need to worry about all those white male CEOs.

      Plus the new Iphone is sweet!

      Meanwhile capital owners still get richer while they lecture and humiliate their consumers to ‘don’t do evil’ and be ‘tolerant’ and love trumps hate. Perhaps you should buy a Tesla?

      Yet amazingly the problem is still evil racist flags, racist busses, and slavery from 150 years ago. Aka whitey. When that doesnt work there is small pox blankets and Columbus stealing a continent.

      Basically CSR moved PR from disaster spin to preemptive ‘brand identity’ maintenance, the shit that the kids have a hardon for these days. The same kids who can’t get enough brown produced garbage but demand ‘national conversations’ about why women make 7/10 of men.

      Tl;dr. Its gay.

    • The world is a complicated place. I agree that pure monetary/power incentives are not everything in explaining matters. I for one have no problem attributing this death-spiral to multiple causes. I’ve become thoroughly unafraid to be radical, and cast my net wide, implicating multiple ideas, institutions, groups, etc.

      I’m inclined to see “woke capitalism” as partly attributable to the natural evolution of capitalism. The early bourgeoisie overthrew Throne and Altar Europe and the guild system to install national free markets and plutodemocracies, i.e. their own enrichment and empowerment. Now, nations are to be overthrown, and movement toward a global open market, and global plutocracy, is the natural next step, dictated by the money/power interests of the plutocrat elite who naturally hold ultimate power already (money/ownership is power, and it’s heavily concentrated in this small class’ hands), and are therefore able to implement their wishes. The white middle and working classes are the groups that stand to lose the most on this, and so naturally they would be primarily targeted for assault, for indoctrination, censorship, et al.

      It seems to me that power is ultimately held by the “oligarchs” and those near them, i.e. the quite small capitalist elite class. They are the ones in primary control of management and funding of: politicians, mass entertainment and news media, think tanks, foundations, etc. I think it is logical for this class to pursue its further money and power interests, and to be capable of implementing it, thanks to the power they already hold. I think the mass of the population have always been essentially formless and thoughtless, and shaped in thought and behavior very largely by the elite standing over them. With modern intensive education, and modern mass media technology, I think the mass are especially “moldable” by the elite. Again, the world is complicated, and I’m not arguing that what I’ve described is everything (for one, the predominance of (((them))) in the ranks of the elite is another very important factor), but I think it is central.

    • “Corporate wokeness looks like a more virulent strain of the whole “corporate social responsibility” palaver from the 1990s.”

      Funny you should say that because I was thinking along those lines only today. Yes, I recall that this landed on us from out of the blue in the 1990s. IIRC, it went hand-in-glove with the whole “saving the planet” mummery.

  14. Has there ever been a time when people like this got power, and it didn’t turn into a bloodbath?

    One thing that shocks me is what you might call daylight totalitarianism, totalitarianism out in the open, totalitarianism in the age of the internet and smartphone video.

    I had previously thought that, because of the internet, the hard left just wouldn’t be able to get away with the things they did in the past.

    But look at Charlottesville: they’ve essentially created forced through a fiction of a well-documented event, and they’re well on their way towards getting that blatant fiction put in the books as the “reality” of what happened.

    It really looks like they’re going to go for an all-out genocide, internet and all. Takes a lot of chutzpah to do that.

    • ‘Daylight totalitarianism.” That’s good man. Especially in print. Verbally, “daylight tyranny” is easier. Is there a definitional reason you opted for 8 syllables rather than 3?

      • Just the first thing that came to mind, Frip. In the future, I’ll be sure to focus-group my phrase-making with the … uh … zero dissident thinkers I know in real life, LOL.

        In fact, I’ve expanded the comment to a longer post on my own new blog.

        As a middle-aged man of no great wealth and intermittent health, I often ask myself what more can I do? A blog is about all I can do. I wish I could do more, but it’s better than nothing.

        • You can do more, so can I but neither you nor I are willing to sacrifice or give our lives for a cause we don’t have and for marginal effectiveness. So we blog

          Why no one on our side has determination since they have no goals nor desired future for our often non existent offspring

          Because of that our society in some strange way is mirroring Candide with all of us in the title role

        • Get involved with the Big Brother program in your community, or else volunteer to help with VFW or AmLeg functions, even if you are not a vet.

          • Why?

            My area is mostly Latino with some Blacks. Many are good kids but not my people so nope.

            Broadly Blacks and Latinos rarely help Whites and we should act the same, If for some reason everyone embraces civic nationalism than that should change but until then, not mypeople, not my problem

  15. The end result of all of this is debt laden anarchy. A perfect example is the madhouse we see among the bums in our cities. The media of the 1970s called for reform of institutionalizing people. The rights of the insane must be secured. Geraldo Rivera goes into Willowbrook with his hidden camera showing crazy people banging their heads in a hallway. All of society is outraged. The politicians and judges then solve the problem by closing the institutions and flooding the streets with crazy people, who then torment all of society. Society becomes weaker, more dangerous and more chaotic. In the not too distant future we will all have to be like Mexicans. If you notice Mexican, or any latin neighborhood, the first thing they do it put a pointy tipped wrought iron fence around their property. This is muscle memory from an anarchic, zero trust society that they came from. The end result of “democracy” is zero trust and finally dictatorship…followed by a quiet sigh of relief from the law abiding population….

  16. Having abandoned tradition that evolved out of biology and history… for ideas that caught the fancy of intellectuals, whose ideas then fueled the fanaticism of ideology…the old order is no longer worth saving.

    Men either create a new moral order that parallels nature by any and all means necessary…or man’s nature descends into primitivism.

    Limiting principles evolve out of the interaction of nature and history. Z and others use the word ‘Archeo’ to describe this phenomenon. A new order will be forged but only through trials and tribulations. It is our job to awaken our brethren and to prepare for the upheaval. There is no primrose path to doing what needs to be done.

  17. I believe the entire “greater good” thing is BS. Tim Cooke is not out to make Apple help humanity. He is out to use Apple’s resources and clout to benefit his tribe—that is, gay men. The “greater good for humanity” thing is a fig leaf to press for one’s own self interest, and that of allies. In his own mind, perhaps pushing the gay thing is a “greater good for humanity”, but it is only thought so by him because it aligns with his narrow self interest. In that sense, Trump does want to “make America white again”. He is an advocate for the heterosexual, entrepreneurial white males such as himself, without the total sellout to the DC and Wall Street establishments, only partial, tactically driven sellouts. Leftist proggies are pissed that someone else is horning in on the posturing for the “greater good” gig, a posturing that doesn’t align with them. Ever since the end of the Reagan administration, they have had that playing field to themselves, until now.

    • Amazing how the “greater good” seems to be exactly the same as “our interests” in so many cases.

  18. Off topic. Little man is big news from yesterday. I just want to point out one line he says that should become an anti-feminist meme for all time. At about 1:15. “…all of yah, all of yah!”

    “Leave sir”

    “NO! You women, need to stop, being so f***ked UP!”

    Damn what line, and what delivery. Joe Pesci-like perfection.

    Imagined as a rage against all the POZ that women have brought on their countries recently, the little tirade is awesome.

  19. ” In theory, the king was the leader of his people and charged with looking out for their welfare, but in reality the reciprocal obligations were about maintaining the interests of the king.”

    So it is with the civic religion. It proclaims to be about “benefiting humanity” but it really benefits its own true believers. Problem is for humans to remain united in an ideology or religion they need an enemy, and someone to hate, otherwise the enthusiasm for the ideology wanes.

    This is why Becky likes to imagine she was raped by Chad. The fantasy reinforces her fanaticism, and it feels good. It feels good for her cohorts, too. It doesn’t feel good for Chad, but the new political order is for Becky’s benefit, not his.

    This is nothing new. It’s just that since the 60s a new civic religion has replaced the old one. 100 years ago the little Christian church ladies would shout “hallelujah” in their pews and demand that the state wage war on the sinners who drink alcohol or engage in various other immoral behaviours, and their husbands would sit next to them trembling with timidity, and then sneak away in the evenings to drink with other men.

    Today the new church ladies shout “microaggression” and demand the state wage war on sinners who do not go along with identity politics or denounce the “rape culture”. Their anti-depressant-intoxicated husbands sit next to them trembling with timidity, and sneak into their basement dungeons to watch porn.

    Such is the nature of democracy, which just an ideology, too.

    • That was hard-won knowledge that was simply thrown away beginning in the 1950s and 1960s. They did not understand that it was not merely tradition for tradition’s sake.

      Those Christian church ladies were not just a bygone relic who existed for no good reason. Women used to police other women’s behavior. Now, nobody polices women’s behavior. The only brake on women’s behavior is now their own internal brakes, which don’t work very well.

      Would you rather have church ladies or SJWs? Scolds or whores?

      • “Would you rather have church ladies or SJWs? Scolds or whores?”

        Neither, actually. The Booby keeps his women around only so long as they keep their mouths shut. After that, it’s time for a new one. If we’re not allowed to discipline our women then all we can do is live it up in this life and avoid the legal bear trap of marriage. Feminism unwittingly made this feasible.

        Ideal situation? Hell, no, but it’s the best bad option out there for men in this day and age.

      • I think the welfare state played some role in this. In Britain, the importance of the church was upheld by women because it provided them with a support network and not just moral guidance.

        The rapid expansion of state welfare after WWII allowed women to get the support they needed without the ideological baggage and the scolding. So they ditched the church in droves.

        Walk into any church in Britain now on a Sunday and you’ll find that the congregation consists to two doddery old ladies and a Jack Russell terrier.

        • KT, I think you are nailing it. Fifty years ago, part of the broader popularity of the church was that it was, in significant part, a central social and economic support system for the community. The fragmentation of the culture and the rise of welfare type benefits have supplanted those functions. Churches act as if the people are less God-friendly. What churches are doing, is serving a community that is less in need of the things that churches used to offer to them.

          • Dutch, furthermore church support came with strings attached, i.e. do not a sinner be. State welfare has no such conditions attached so women were freed up from the dire consequences of failing to abide by a moral code. Woohoo! Woodstock here we come. Free lurrrrvve, baby.

          • Most women work these days including single mothers.

            Now the Black community was hit hard by the welfare state welfare but that’s a small fraction of the populace

            What liberated women was lower value of mens labor, easy reliable birth control and easy divorce

            These lowered the status of men in society, benefitting the elite (less status competition) and big businesses

            Big Businesses prefer cheap labor and/or a more compliant workforce and there are three ways to get some or all of these

            #1 automation

            #2 free trade

            #3 female entry into the workforce

            Business in the US always gets what it wants and as such they got all of this to the determinant of the populace

            I’ll note too the woke figured this out, that’s what the infiltrated businesses. Businesses gets what they want, the woke do too

            Why the Right doesn’t do this is our coalition, such as it is, is mostly focused around money

            A group made up of

            Globalist semi reformed Trotskyites (The NeoCons)

            Money Junkies (Chamber of Commerce Types)

            and actual Moralists (Moral Majority and Paleocons) as a minority

            In this the weaker faction, Moralists get shafted .

            They certainly could withdraw but that ends up in accelerationism and truth be known so long as they can warmonger and loot, the other two “Right” factions don’t care about the country at all.

            Lastly though, there is a bit of a shift. The Woke are starting to push the NeoLibs (the essential twins of the NeoCons) out of power in the Democrat party

            This will weaken the NeoCons as well as they have no one to work with and once the Woke and the Gibs/Reparations get control of the Democrats, not soon after the Boomers/Older die back enough , all hell will break loose

            The new Dems can’t be appeased and will run roughshod over the Money Junkies

            No idea how this plays out could be anything from crumbling dystopia to war to the knife, knife to the hilt

          • There was the idea of a “family wage” which enabled a man to support his wife and kids on his salary alone. One obvious way to raise mens’ wages was to push children and married woman out of the workforce and so minimize job competition. Up until 1966, it was legal to pay a head of household more than a single individual for the same work.

          • Ris, you bring up something I have been thinking about, but don’t know where to start. After WW2 through roughly the early ’60s, men started all sorts of storefront businesses. Dry cleaners, paint stores, hobby shops, bars, diners, hardware stores, gas stations, etc. None of them strike me as the sort of thing that would reliably support a family, by themselves. But did all of those men have some sort of lifetime veteran’s benefits, that would have supplemented such a thin income and make it all work? Because I am having trouble believing that running a gas station allowed a young man to buy a small house and support a wife and kids, which all seemed to go together. If the veteran’s benefits were part of the deal, it helps explain the rather unique combination of rising prosperity along with the proliferation of small businesses. Was it all a one-time anomaly? Maybe someone out there can answer that.

          • 1966 was deep in the industrial age and there was enough demand for men’s labor to allow higher wages.

            computers and the attendant economy of scale wrecked that and the net result, the economic effects of the oil shocks and stagflation of 72-73 along with social changes dropped fertility below replacement and it’s basically never recovered. It may never recover

            Changing the US to a more distributive system will be difficult at best given that Americans rebelled first to in part to cheat on Crown taxes and a second time over slavery and economic dominance all the while filling the country with economic refugees and grifters,

            Changing the screw the worker mindset is hard

            It took decades of organized labor violence and a mortal terror of Socialism (National and International) along with President for Life Roosevelt getting Americans to accept a hint of a mature more regulated society. Getting a more intrusive version even if you can deal with out 3rd world level corruption we have won’t be easy

            It’s also made more difficult by the types of jobs we are creating. If automation ends up making most of the jobs simply to low wage value to automate means the Middle Class and a consumer society will no longer be a thing

            I don’t relish a nation of low wage workers used for rent extraction all on pot and videogames to numb the pain and who have tiny often broken families

            Even if we can manage the crime, that society will simply die off

            In the end, we must have higher wages but if most jobs are food service, no one me included is paying $20 for a burger and fries

            I don’t know how to square that circle but the invisible hand won’t do it and more than a few of the solutions, more wealth redistribution by the State or Yang Bucks suck ass

            I am pretty sure we can buy time with mass repatriation and heavy regulation of trade , economies of scale and such but it will require a dictatorship either a soft FDR style one or a direct one to get that

        • Before the welfare state the average female was forced to put some brakes on her lunacy – because she needed to be hooked up with a man in order to be supported thru her life. If she wanted kids – she NEEDED a male around to provide for her – and for them. We’re not even talking about issues around access to the workforce – we’re talking about simple time. A problem that still exists today BTW.

          Now – with the welfare state , the government has become the new daddy. There is all manner of support for women with children, so much so that men are intentionally pushed out of the picture. This has all been covered extensively for many years and in many different forums.

          This isn’t an “I think” issue – any more than saying that the Sun makes the Earth warm is an “I think” process.

          The role that welfare has played in destroying society is an “is” issue. As in : “the Sun IS directly responsible for warming the Earth” – and : “Welfare IS directly responsible for destroying society”

          • Don’t forget about the fact that churches want the gov-bucks. They run adoption schemes and “refugee” resettlement programs, feeding the random vagrant and get paid big time for it.

            The churches were all-around community centers. They not only could help a truly needy person who fell on hard times, but they also enforced community standards and just who got the money. A mother who lost her husband to war would get help while the prostitute or slut who got pregnant didn’t. People thought twice before doing such stupid things. A man who lost his job because the company went bankrupt got help, the alcoholic did not. Not only that, but their reputations were completely destroyed.

          • The welfare state came about in the 1930’s with increased urbanization and instability

            The US has literal famine during the Great Depression and all the vaunted private charity was entirely inadequate. So we got President For Life Roosevelt.

            This is a natural outcome of technology and city living same as in Rome where the tech there was slaves. same thing

            As the Bible says “The workman is worthy of his hire, muzzle not the ox that treads the corn”

            Ox muzzling is our national pastime so we force change

            And note too the US fertility rate has been below replacement since 1973. Ignoring the Depression

            What happened that year? Oil shocks, stagflation , recession

            We simply didn’t recover and probably never will

            Now if we didn’t have any immigration, most of the problems would be gone but the damned Chamber of Commerce Republicans would rather ruin America than pay good wages

            Now if you want to be rid of the welfare state, its possible if you are willing to either reverse urbanize and eliminate economies of scale or suffer a massive decline in GDP and deflation

            The later requires some explanation , long and short, without a welfare state people need to save much more, up to 30% of income and labor becomes far less mobile

            This means much much much less consumption by men and women .

            This hits you with the paradox of thrift , saving good for the individual , disastrous for society at large

            If you are willing to have a vast decrease in children being born and a tinier economy , go for it.

            Otherwise the percentage of GDP that is government spending (about 40% now at all level) will only grow with I’d guess an upper bound around 65% or so

        • King Tut: Walk into any church in Britain now on a Sunday and you’ll find that the congregation consists to two doddery old ladies and a Jack Russell terrier.”

          That broke my heart when I was in England. I was just beginning to understand and explore so much – nationalism, history, religion – and I was bubbling over with Anglophilia. And there were these incredible Minsters and churches – and I could not only explore the ruins of the old, but share in so much that still endured. I spent Christmas with a flatmate’s family in Yorkshire and we all went to church Christmas Eve – but my friend said that was the only time anyone went and half the people were half drunk or en route to it.

          • British churches are really just historical artifacts now. An alarming number are being sold off and converted into mosques.

          • Sure. White people stopped believing in their version of a Jewish hersey .

            This shouldn’t surprise anyone since even though Christianity can be very wise and good and is
            fantastic software for a complex society , it stopped serving the people and it’s not a entirely native memeplex

            It might be the opiate of the masses as Marx said but we have plenty of other opiates now and given that the elite used to to abuse people, a hearty FU! to religion is well understood

            The mosque issue shouldn’t surprise anyone, a constant flow of recent immigrants not yet changed by Western values will be still want their traditions

            In order for this to change and Christianity to flourish , the West would need an elite who were genuinely Christian and Nationalist

            This means most of the elite, most of the institutions would have to be rotated out which would be immensely destructive and difficult.

            As it is, a lack of social glue will gradually just turn the West back to what it was , a low trust violent society

            That new dark age won’t be entirely bad though, the last one wasn’t

    • for humans to remain united in an ideology or religion they need an enemy, and someone to hate, otherwise the enthusiasm for the ideology wanes

      I think that is very true. I also think that is why the US is coming apart at the seems; no enemy to fight, or so it seemed (I think islam and China will provide great ‘entertainment’ in this century but we ll see).

    • Believe the Chinese had a saying about emperors and “the mandate of heaven”. Fail on the reciprocity obligation and lose your kingdom.

  20. I don’t see it that way. I see it as deeply damaged and dysfunctional people being venerated and given power. What appears to be fanaticism is very self-serving and it is the self-serving nature which brings out the fanaticism in these people. I just don’t think it is an accident that not only are the majority of SJWs physically odd looking, but that they accentuate their oddness deliberately with piercings, tattoos Kool-Aide hair dye. It is weaponized self-pity. They look in the mirror and they see a freak looking back at them. They are deeply ashamed. They lash out against what they view as oppressive norms. They want to humiliate normal people.

    • “I just don’t think it is an accident that not only are the majority of SJWs physically odd looking…”

      Not just the weird clothes and body holes and hair dye, Americans are getting shorter and heavier on average. They’re becoming more and more squat-looking, too. The ratio of width to length (or height?) from the bottom to collar has been getting shorter over time.

      • Part of this is the descent from a proud, tall Anglo-Germanic nation to our final collapse into a nation populated by central American jungle trolls and the happa Eloi who will rule them.

      • Sean Detente said: “Not just the weird clothes and body holes and hair dye, Americans are getting shorter and heavier on average.” Are you suggesting that feminism makes people short and fat? 😀 That would seriously suck for the ladies. Billions spent on health and fitness and then to find out that all you had to do to lose 50 pounds is to go back to a traditional way of living.

      • SJW’s are odd looking because they have no self-image and no self-respect. They guzzle Soy milk that keeps the males ultra feminized and weird looking. They don’t lift weights, have no grooming habits, etc.

        If you look at high IQ geeks they tend to be frail. short and riddled with ADD. Look at most of big tech founders and their associates. They look like they lost a fight with a vampire. They are for the most part so creepy looking that most women would find repulsive if it wasn’t for their money.

        And most of this except for their height is a personal choice.

    • Spandrell’s “Bioleninism” has a lot to say about this, and any of our guys who haven’t read it yet should do so.

      I suppose you could say it’s merely adding a biological gloss to the slave-morality theory that has been around for more than a hundred years. But it’s not exactly the same, and it really sharpened my vision for what’s going on in contemporary politics.

      • Thanks for the tip. Good reading. I’m looking forward to reading the rest in the series. As you said, Spandrell has a direct way of saying Tars’ point:

        “The Coalition of the Fringes, Sailer calls it. It’s worse than that really. It’s the coalition of everyone who would lose status the better society were run. It’s the coalition of the bad. Literal Kakistocracy.
        There’s a reason why there’s so many evil fat women in government. Where else would they be if government didn’t want them? They have nothing going on for them, except their membership in the Democratic party machine. The party gives them all they have, the same way the Communist party had given everything to that average peasant kid who became a middling bureaucrat in Moscow. And don’t even get me started with hostile Muslims or Transexuals. Those people used to be expelled or taken into asylums, pre-1960. Which is why American Progressivism likes them so much. The little these people have depends completely on the Left’s patronage. There’s a devil’s bargain there: the more naturally repulsive someone else, the more valuable it is as a party member, as its loyalty will be all the stronger.” -Spandrell

        • Here is evidence to support your claim. This woman earned 200K as a Senator but was dumped due to holding dual-citizenships. She was literally unemployable outside of politics. She won back her position and is now back amongst Australia’s 1%.

      • Thank you. Spandrell is interesting. His idea of a biological basis to Leninism / Leftism is impressive.

    • Tars

      There’s much truth to what you say. Problem is, the movement would have no power without the backing of the beautiful people of the art and fashion world, and the little women who desperately wish to be seen associating with them.

      But this is just par for the course. Victim-worship has been in fashion for 2000 years.

  21. “They are making believers now, not scholars”. One of your best lines. And the one line that makes me cringe is “Giving back”. Giving back what, to whom and why?

    • We heard this constantly in school – you must give back, as if we’d stolen something. Or, as if we were too stupid or in humane to figure out we may wish to donate services now and then on our own. Libtards don’t trust individual initiative, of course. They’d rather sicc the state on you and MAKE you “donate” services as they see fit, not you. They know best and all.

    • I absolutely HATE that whole “give back” thing.

      I built my own house. Nobody from the town , state , or Federal government ever showed up to as much as pound one stinking nail. But as soon as they thought the project was nearing completion – they sent out a minion to “reassess” the property – so they could raise taxes. The first time out they insisted on walking thru the house. She searched for 15 minutes trying to find the stairs up to the newly added 2nd floor. They weren’t there – because the 2nd floor was not finished. She asked ” when will it be done” – I answered: “when I have the time”. So she left.

      Couldn’t even get the town to help when they were losing taxes apparently.

      The next year she showed up again. Tried to find the stairs – again. I hadn’t found the time to finish the floor, but there was ladder leading up to a 2nd floor window. She seemed to think that it finished off and we had not reported it for inspection. I made her climb the ladder and go see for herself.

      Still couldn’t get the town to send somebody to help finish the thing off so they could collect their taxes.

      “Give back” assumes you’re somehow stealing from the public till. It’s a variation of the mindset displayed by so many commie lefties in regards to “rich” people – who they assume are wealthy because they stole it all from somebody.

      Commies always have a mindset like this. Go read some history about how the Soviets treated kulaks.

      I don’t and won’t give them a single damn penny. The more they insist – the less I give.

      • Funny, but one of my daughters has a high school friend who is Ukrainian. First time I met her, asked if her family managed to get out before or after the Holodomor. She looked at me funny and said, “you are the first non-Ukrainian I’ve met who knew what that is”

    • Hoagie: “Giving back what, to whom and why?”

      I’m old enough that I didn’t have to endure lectures about “Giving back.” In a strange way, though, that very concept, along with the very leftist term “community,” helped bring me to not merely ethnonationalism, but to a more populist economic view. I was your typical individual uber alles, raised a shitlib and determined to forge my own path, create my own destiny. Some might look at my efforts and achievements and say I did it my way. I now look back, with a bit more maturity and a lot more humility, and realize that nothing I achieved – hell, even my very dreams – would have been possible if not for the efforts of other individuals for the benefit of what they legitimately viewed as “their” community. Without the system of social trust, without valuing merit over mere birth, without those who founded colleges and funded libraries and volunteered in schools, churches, etc. – I would be NOTHING. My “will” alone neither created nor achieved anything.

      So now I do want to “give back” – to other White people without whom nothing I value would exist! The literature, the music, the art, the political discourse, the public places, the urge to explore and create and dominate or conquer. I owe everything to what I consider my community and am willing to do whatever I can to help ensure it continues to both exist and thrive.

    • Giving back to what and to whom? To God of course. You should be grateful to God for your life and everything you have. Now you need to realize that “God” is actually society of course. Society’s warm and comfortable socialist womb is what they mean for you to be worshiping. This isn’t going to work. They are essentially telling us to behave like good Swedes circa 1980 or so. Conform and contribute and the system will reward you. Even in Sweden no one buys that shit anymore and in the US the supply of gullible white shitlibs willing to pay into a multiculti cesspool is growing thin. The vibrants know how this kind of thing works and are just out to take and take. Redpilled whites are getting more of the looter attitude as well.

      The noise about “giving back” is a sign of desperation among those who know that the grand project of “progressivism” will eventually need to be abandoned or naked force used to keep it moving as in the Eastern Bloc. Progs know they don’t have the guts or the firepower for the latter so they’re hoping Whitey will just stay asleep and keep patching the leaky boat their pets keep chewing holes in.

  22. As a child I used to get annoyed with the boring hypocrites in suits and long dresses lecturing me on Sunday mornings about my sins. The smell of stale coffee and old lady perfume just for good measure.

    Now I am constantly lectured by purple haired dimwits in yoga pants or neckbeards in skinny jeans. And everyone has a microphone and a soapbox in their hand running holiness spirals 24/7.

    Instead of one angry judgy god that loves me and a handful of guys passing the plate I now have to endure infinite gods and their minions of death turning the screws; a funhouse of smoke and mirrors where charlatans rule and the only way out is down.

    I will take the former. If only it hadn’t been converged. So its good coffee and z man for brekkie instead.

    Yes, the endpoint is a street fight among cannibals. But we are not quite at the end. What of the near-end? Before they eat each other they have a lot of us seed corn to eat.

    • I for one would rather our society go out with a bang and not a whisper, as has recently been discussed.
      Bring on the French Revolution 2.0! (even though I would most likely be cannon fodder)

    • At least the boring hypocrites usually took the time and effort to read through the Bible and develop some real ideological framework. The purple hairs seems to think Twitter is a perfectly good substitute for learning anything in depth. {by no means should this be construed to defend the hypocrite who lectures on morality then buggers little boys behind the altar}

  23. I just read this. I’m sure we would have handled things the same way in the past but we have long since forgotten how and now these people rule us. It won’t last.

    “psychiatric anthropologist Jane M. Murphy describes the Inuit concept of kunlangeta, which refers to a person whose “mind knows what to do but does not do it.” Murphy writes that in northwest Alaska, kunlangeta “might be applied to a man who, for example, repeatedly lies and cheats and steals things and does not go hunting, and, when the other men are out of the village, takes sexual advantage of many women.” The Inuits tacitly assume that kunlangeta is irremediable. And so, according to Murphy, the traditional Inuit approach to such a man was to insist that he go hunting, and then, in the absence of witnesses, push him off the edge of the ice.”

        • Better be careful wearing that in public.

          Given the quality of public school graduates lately they’ll probably think you’re referring to cunnilingus

    • A perfect example of why I’m opposed to pervasive “government”.

      Here in MA – where the law used to say that you’re supposed to run out your back door if criminals enter thru the front intent on ransacking the place ….. and where the AG will likely charge you for defending yourself with a firearm even if you were under threat of imminent death…… the likelihood of succeeding in eliminating a kunlangeta is slim to none.

      And people wonder why the behavior spreads.

  24. Outstanding analysis. I too cant see democracy end well but I ll be darned if I could pick a better system. Sure I could pick a dictator who I think would be better. But who would succeed him??

    • An ethno-state – a state comprised of a blood-defined people – is a better system.

      All forms of government have issues and, typically, run through cycles where they go awry. Can’t stop that. However, having a blood-defined people limits the craziness and, more importantly, allows your children and grandchildren to pick up the pieces and thrive again.

      Dictatorships are limited in their cruelty because that cruelty is directed at the dictator’s and, more importantly, the people’s relatives. Democracy’s penchant for the “good of the people” is at least helping your relatives.

      When either comes crashing down, the people left to rebuild are your people. Various leaders and forms of government rise and fall, but your people remain a constant.

    • Moran ya Simba said: “I too cant see democracy end well but I ll be darned if I could pick a better system.” Nicolás Gómez Dávila said something like: “Man is a problem to which there is no human solution.” There you have it. For thousands of years people have tried everything to achieve the perfect government and economy and it just hasn’t happened. So maybe we should knock it off with the perfection crap and figure out what works well enough and leave it at that.

  25. The people are not there to profit the company, but to benefit mankind.

    And pick up some loose change in the process.

    • Sigmund Freud observed that human beings have endless capacity for self-delusion and self-justification.

    • Corporate America operates under unwritten charters granted by the government. The gov’t has the ability to lift a corporation up or blow it up, in all sorts of ways. Corporate leaders have learned to go along to get along, so they can keep cashing those big paychecks along the way.

      BTW, the rest of us big biz drones are expected to get all the files and reports in order, “to protect our jobs”. Bull puckey. It is so the corporation can show that everything appeared to be in order, but if it’s not, in the real world, then those same drones must be at fault for misreporting. Getting the files right protects corporate and allows HQ to make their own employees the fall guys, but HR doesn’t tell you that.

  26. “Ideology is about how things should be, not how they are.”
    So true! Ideology by it’s very nature, is at war with realism, with reality.
    How much harm has been perpetrated, in the name of various ideologies! each of which inevitably assumes the form of a religion, for those who choose to believe it.

  27. Whenever I find myself inexplicably in a good mood , I seek out the Zman’s latest post for a stiff jolt of reality.

  28. Welp – that’s where we are up in Canada. We have a constitution too, but nobody knows what it says or means. We have a bill of rights that is a punching bag for queers, feminists, fwench-canadians, and other carpetbaggers. Not even the national anthem is safe – I hear that certain verses are now sung in fwench, and that “All thy son’s command” got turfed because it was offensive to wahmen, and I can’t be bothered to learn the current version of it.

    And of course, we are importing boat loads of exotic weirdos from over the rainbow who will want their turn at desecrating our national identity too.

    You can stick a fork in my country too.

    • That just means you lot can join us during the the bout of local unpleasantness. Granted, we only really want Alberta, but the rest of you can come along. Except maybe Quebec.

      • If we’re going to parcel up Canada, I lay claim to Hans Island in the name of her royal majesty, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.

        Lately, there has been plans afloat to divide the island between Canada and Denmark, but goddammit, I’m not going to sit idly by when someone proposes that Denmark should establish a land border with Canada! We already have Sweden just next door, the fools even built a bridge!

        • Au contraire mon ami. Official studies by the USA government indicate that BC, as well as Alberta, would be annexed if they become available. The population of metro Vancouver will largely have to be repatriated to Shanghai and Beijing, though.

    • We have a constitution too, but nobody knows what it says or means.

      That is the case in virtually all countries except the United States – in fact, most constitutions in the world are more or less carbon copies of the American, and all Western countries have a constitutional clause corresponding to the First Amendment.

      The difference is in the attitude: Americans are extremely vigilant about their constitutional rights (at least some of the rights) and refer implicitly to the Constitution as an arbiter of last resort.

      In Euroland, nobody cares much about the particulars of their constitution – it’s just another law, albeit the most important one. So if there’s an issue with, say freedom of speech, nobody is going to argue their case by referring to the constitution, rather than materially argue why FoS should be circumscribed or extended. Then, when we’re figured out what the law should be like, we simply work to change or add the relevant chapters. The fact that something is written or not written in the constitution, is of little import: laws are made to be changed, that goes for the basic law as well.

      That is technically also the case in America, of course, but it’s not how your average American thinks about their constitution.

      • The United States Constitution is nothing more than a rationalization device. Power does whatever Power wants to do and then rationalizes it with the Constitution. They find “rights” that simply do not exist in the document and they flat out ignore things that do exist.
        The Constitution never once mentions doctors or healthcare or insurance or anything like that, but they found a constitutionally protected right to an abortion in that text. In that same document, the government’s power to regulate firearms is specifically prohibited, yet they find the Constitution grants them the right to prohibit entire classes of firearms.
        The Constitution is little more than a blank piece of paper that we all pay lip-service to, but doesn’t actually say anything.

        • While there’s certainly a lot of truth to that, I was speaking of the general attitude towards constitutional law. The reason people don’t go to jail for FoS-violations in America, is a difference in public attitude rather than one in law.

          In Europe, Normie doesn’t think very much about free speech, it’s just something he assumes he has, as a stand-up, kind and caring citizen. When someone goes to jail for hate speech, he’ll look at what the delinquent (according to Normie media) did in the specific case, and then decide whether he deserves a slap on the wrist. Euronormie doesn’t think in constitutional principles.

          When someone is jailed for wrongspeak in the US, you have people in the streets with placards, and retired Supreme Court justices writing letters to the editor.

          • The respect the white masses have for the Constitution is why they rationalize their power using the constitution. That’s why they don’t say we’re doing this because this is what we want and you will like it whether you want to or not, which is what is really going on.

            Free speech is on the way out. The left no longer needs it. They needed it when they were on the outside trying to gain power, but now that they have power, they no longer need it and the day they think people will just take it, hate speech laws will be passed.

            To some extent this is already happening. It’s just that they are not being charged with hate-speech, it is usually framed as harassment with a hate crime enhancement.

      • Another difference is that it takes quite an effort to change/amend the US Constitution (hence why the Left pushes amendment through Supreme Court opinions – much easier).

    • And while those exotics are coming from over the rainbow, the rest of us are being dragged thru it.

  29. Z, I’d like you to expand on the idea of a limiting principle, since it shows up frequently in your writing. If I understand you, one of your points is that an ideology without a limiting principle devolves into self-destructive fanaticism.

    I think I remember that you said that traditional Christianity had a limiting principle. What are examples of a successful embodiment of the limiting principle?

    Does the Dissident Right have or need a limiting principle?

    • A positive definition of the end goals, a finite checklist of what constitutes virtuous behaviour, for starters, go a long way towards preventing purity spirals.
      Open-ended, “work-in-progress” type movements descend into madness one peacocking zealot at a time, one-upping his neighbour for recognition and social brownie points.
      The Church, mindful of the dangers of holier-than-thou-ism, came up with an itemized checklist for being inducted among the good. It has a concept of the good enough. The practical expectations of the faithful are limitatively defined.
      Liberal democracy, on the other hand, is the insatiable offspring of a negatively defined ideology, birthed from opposition to the traditional order it upended. It isn’t clear what its endpoint must be, therefore it can never be good or complete enough, and devours all in search of itself.

      • That’s fine, Bologna, but Why?
        To secure our existence… avoiding the low-trust war of all against all.

    • The restrictions imposed on the growth of Federal level government by the Constitution – were supposed to be limiting principles. A few centuries of incessant manipulation, re-interpretation, outright ignorance (and ignoring) – have largely relegated those limits to the garbage bin.

      Now that they’re in the garbage bin – it means self destructive fanaticism has the ability to spread nation wide – and it’s spread can be encouraged and codified at the Federal level.

      This sets up that “fanatics murdering each other” scenario that Zman refers to. Because sooner or later even the guy who just wants to be left alone – realizes he’s going to have to start killing people just to get some peace and quiet.

      • Pretty much the same process the Romans went through. All the limits on their system were gradually eroded away until it collapsed into oligarchy then dictatorship.

    • No Dawn save Victory.
      By any means necessary.

      When you’re facing genocide by a people who have already done their worst to degrade, ruin and bankrupt you first you stop worrying about ethereal limits.

      • vxxc said: “When you’re facing genocide by a people who have already done their worst to degrade, ruin and bankrupt you first you stop worrying about ethereal limits.” Anyone still adhering to the American civil religion is a sheep walking proudly into the slaughter house. but it’s a deep part of their identity. It would take a massive sea change in their lives to seriously red pill people like that. Honestly, I can’t see that happening. Then There’s this. I posted this quote yesterday from Theodore Dalrymple, but it bears repeating. “Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.” The demoralization process has been going on in America for generations. How could you help millions of Americans break that kind of conditioning? It’s way over my head. Here’s a short Youtube vid, Ex-KGB Agent Bezmenov talks about demoralization.

        • The thing is, the U.S. has developed equally shameful propaganda in favor of our perverted brand of nepotistic, coddled, corrupt capitalism as that developed in favor of nepotistic, coddled, corrupt socialism. Since so many Americans are poor, they are going to look favorably to socialism for equity and vote accordingly, legal citizen or not. If the Chamber of Commerce and friends had not so royally screwed the average American with disgustingly low wages thanks to hordes of cheap immigrant labor and off-shored jobs, we’d all be diehard capitalists, I’m sure. But as it is, average American workers don’t have any incentive or reason to support the status quo, supposed “Capitalism,” which is actually crooked trade deals supporting a select few over workers of all stripes from all nations.

          Another reason to just act in favor of ourselves (like creating a completely self-sufficient and prosperous farming community with machine shop, church, etc.) and make law for anything that is good for productive, responsible white people. Forget ideology and what “should be.” Maybe the near future political parties will care more about communities that actually do/act and live according to their beliefs (like maybe a new community in Bitterroot Valley) in response to our reality and our needs and less about forcing a certain ideology to work.

          • @Ursula said: “But as it is, average American workers don’t have any incentive or reason to support the status quo, supposed “Capitalism,” which is actually crooked trade deals supporting a select few over workers of all stripes from all nations.” Indeed, the Trump economy is just a small breather from the downward spiral to serfdom. Which is ironic. Because one of the main guys advocating for this Corpratist buccaneer Capitalist crap pile was none other than Fredaric Hyack auther of the book “The Road to Sefdom.” So, damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

          • Like so many people, Hayek was much better at identifying the affliction than coming up with a cure. Stop halfway through “The Road to Serfdom” and you have all you are going to get out of it that is any good. The first half is very good indeed. Just like us around here, as we can clearly see and describe our problems. Now what to do about them, other than non-real-world hypothetically, that doesn’t create a different sort of equally serious set of problems, that’s the dilemma.

          • Dutch said: “Now what to do about them, other than non-real-world hypothetically, that doesn’t create a different sort of equally serious set of problems, that’s the dilemma.” The law of Unintended consequences is, unfortunately, a feature not a glich. Civilizations die in part from an unsustainable accumulation of problems caused by solutions to other problems. The Universe doesn’t play any favorites. Even for a good Christian ( which I’m not ) things will never go as smooth as silk .God will give you the strength to endure but salvation isn’t a free ride. So there you have it. Life is what it is, and there’s just no getting around it.

          • Maybe we should leave the ivory towers and toil in the fields and machine shops instead, developing our politics based on our real-life constructive activity and its accompanying needs in support of white families with multiple children. Make our own community laboratories that develop the next big thing. Sustain ourselves and invest our prosperity back in to our community to further develop and grow it. Once it reaches a certain size, a new brother community must start near by but separate from us and do all of that unto itself, until it gets large and prosperous enough to spin off its own new community near by who will do their own thing, etc.

          • Ursula said: “Maybe we should leave the ivory towers and toil in the fields and machine shops instead, developing our politics based on our real-life constructive activity and its accompanying needs in support of white families with multiple children.” My sincere advice is to pick a spot well outside the influence of the great managerial beast. Maybe even outside the good old U S of A. And take lots of fire power and learn how to use it properly. Learning how to hunt and fish would be a good idea. I’m from Colorado. And we spent a lot time in the Rockies. There’s nothing like eating the meat you kill yourself. And getting some advice from people that still live close to the land would be a smart thing to do. I used to stay with family down in south eastern Colorado. That’s corn and cow country. You learn a lot about life working on farms and ranches.

        • How did Trump break the Conditioning? He just told them off. He calls them liars. They’re speechless, flustered and so wrong-footed they’ve become obsessive and insane.
          They haven’t a counter.

          Then again so did Ann Coulter, a plumber and a rodeo clown. And they’re still with us.

          What do we learn from this?
          That if you do not submit and give it back to them they have no counter. Not a real one.

          To everyone else it’s like street fights or schoolyard bullying – stand up for yourself and get respect.

          You’re a man. This is a man’s lot in life. Stand for your self, your family, your people, your Gods.

          Yes if you’ve made the choice to work in academia, law or media it could damage your career. Well the answer there is – why did you choose those professions knowing The Party Line is enforced? If so what’s more important? Your standing in a room full of liars or stopping our ruin and genocide?

    • Tabula Rasa.

      Those two words will be etched on the tombstone of the human race. It was the Enlightenment’s notion that human beings are a blank slate on which anything can be written, along with its ideals of radical equality that are the cauldron from which one revolution after another has bubbled up over the last 200 years. Each one is different because there are different national cultures and technology has changed radically too. Fundamentally though they are all incarnations and reincarnations of the same spirit. That spirit’s essence is that humans are (or should be made – by force if necessary) equal. This is the ideal it operates from. Without the Tabula Rasa though, the ideal is impotent. If basic differences in society originate in biology the whole project becomes unworkable.

      The seeming absence of a limiting principle in practical politics is due to the fact that as one tries to force people to be equal even when they are not, the amount of force and fanaticism needed to achieve the next milestone of equality rises to infinity. The bubble-like quality of each manifestation of this modern spirit is due to the fact that fanaticism burns itself out eventually and then you are left with a ruined society that still looks nothing like the ideal.

      Today, we have the rise of what people call Poz. It’s the same basic stuff that animated the Bolsheviks and all the other communists of the 20th century. It looks a little different though because the people it has possessed are different. The old time commies, for instance, would be shocked at the modern Left’s embrace of sexual perversions which is actually one of its cornerstones. The modern Left leverages gays and other deviants, white Wammen with useless educations, and various tribes of brown invaders to force its egalitarian vision on us. It doesn’t need, and increasingly doesn’t want, the dwindling working class that the old commies went after.

      The only real solution that allows us to continue to exist as a technological species is to finally kill this demon of blank slate equalism that has driven two centuries of mass insanity. The people who thought we could relax when the Soviet Union collapsed mistook one avatar of the demon for the spirit himself.

      • Our People. Our Gods. Our Lands.
        A Volk. An Ummah.

        Blank slate erases Nature and the God of Nature. It is an affront, a power grab.

        Recognising Nature is the limiting principle. Even wolves recognise territory and race, all of Nature does.

    • He gave you one: traditional Christianity.

      The Dissident Right, of course, not only has and needs a limiting principle, it IS a limiting principle. The fact that one has limiting principles is in itself a fast-pass into dissident rightness.

      Our limiting principle is truth, or, at least, honesty. I like to think that we dissidents remain willing to talk openly about touchy subjects with anyone, at least with family.

      True, it can be useless, as Glenfilthie has reported here so many times; an older brother of mine and I are now on the outs, because I made a crack about Pride Month. Whoops! Said brother – married three times and about as non-homo as anyone – when into virtue overdrive. My error was to ask him why men would be proud of buggering each other, and why I am compelled to respect that. OMG, he went into virtue orbit, and the next thing I knew I was indistinguishable from Cotton Mather.

      Point being, my brother has no limiting principle, in part because he’s an idiot, who sees himself as a soldier of righteousness, better than the weak and humble people like myself who go to Church on Sunday and fuck up on Monday, who still know what the word ‘sodomy’ means.

      Sorry, random comments here. But to me explaining a ‘limiting principle’ is like explaining an undefined term in Euclid. You get it, but you don’t waste time talking about it.

      Sodomy. Infanticide. Mass murder. Inducing 10-year-olds to ‘transition’. These are all outside the boundaries of the limiting principles of normal people. It’s not Greek. It requires no foundational commentary from the Z man. He assumes we know what is meant.

      • The OT God is well-known for bringing fire and flood on a massive scale to his people; you have the feeling He might have ended the whole human project in contempt, except that some hopeful whisper persuaded Him – if only just – to let us go on, despite our vice, our sloth, our pointless cruelty, our general noxiousness as a species. I could hardly blame God if he had just finished the job and written us off as a bad investment.

        We Christians look at JC as the guy who kept us afloat. He gave us a fresh start, he told us that it’s ok to be mired in vice, sloth, and noxiousness – it’s “who we are”. In a way it’s awesome: We’re given the challenge – and we’re gifted at facing and surmounting challenges – of climbing out of the cesspit. A ‘Tough Mudder’ of the soul, which lasts a lifetime.

        It may all be bullshit, but like Tertullian I say: “I believe it because it is absurd”.

        • Creation isn’t punishing you.
          Creation is striving to the limits of its ability. You are the hands of the Hand, its expression in the physical realm.

          A primitive family-based model gives us the idea that God is a magician who can snap his fingers and change physic’s building blocks.

          He can’t. You’re the best he can do, so take heart! You’re needed!

      • Strongly disagree. ‘Limiting principle’ is essential, and must be explored and explained until it becomes as intuitive as Right and Wrong used to be.

        For our people. Ours. Forget the rest for now, including you know who, they have their own gods, and their God is not Ours.

        Neither you, nor Line, nor Carlsdad, nor Glenf should be demanded of to give up your God, He is yours and what is in you. That’s like demanding you change your sex.

        But! This applies to others, as well. They have what they are, and we will not change them.

    • Yup, 100%, Line.
      I’d really like Zman to return to this.

      There is no limit to Progress.
      (As in ‘1984’, Power for Power’s sake.)
      How do we or anyone get control of our sociopaths?

      DR must offer the limiting principle as a guide: the 14 words, ‘to secure the existence of our people and a future for our children’, and leave it at that. No more “fix the whole world”.

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