The Age Of Anti-Knowledge

One of the funny things about this age is how the political poles seem to be swapping positions on a great many issues. The Right, for example, is now more concerned with the plight of the working man than the Left, while the Left is a fanatical defender of global capitalism. If 1980 man were transported to the present, he could be forgiven for thinking Tucker Carlson is a liberal. He uses the kind of language that was common on the Left in response to the rise of conservatism.

That does not mean Tucker is a liberal. It just means what we understand to be Left and Right are not fixed, timeless positions. They are just words used for “us” and “them” in the game of politics. Conservatism, properly understood, was always skeptical of capitalism, because it tended to destroy indiscriminately. Bulldozing a church to build a processing center may be a more efficient use of resources, but conservatives always knew the altar was the keystone of civilization, not the factory.

As is always the case, the Left has the ability to create and define its opponents, because it controls the institutions. Forty years ago it created the image of a conservative as a ruthless, cold-hearted capitalist, in order to have an enemy they could more easily manipulate. They never cared about the poor or the working classes and never opposed rule by corporation. The Left in America is an effort to explain why inequality prevails despite the fact man is born equal.

Thinking of the American Left, at least the old Protestant aspects of it, as a theodicy, is a good way to understand why the people who used to sport Darwin fish on their Volvo are now extreme science deniers. Steve Sailer has been following the new star on the denialist scene, Angela Saini, who is getting famous waging jihad against observable reality. Her latest fatwa has been published on the site called Nature, which is ironic, given the article is a rebuke of nature.

Saini is not the only primitive showing up in the prestige press, shaking her staff at the heavens, demanding the gods conform to her dictates. Cordelia Fine was the toast of the town a couple years ago, when she published a book claiming reality is a magic trick played on us by hobgoblins. She did not put it that way. Her case was actually much weaker and less coherent. Greg Cochran’s review of her book reads like someone correcting a child or possibly a simpleton.

Of course, the over-the-top science denialism we see in the prestige press is filtering down to the rest of the cult. They don’t bother with the arguments, instead preferring to repeat the catch phrases. The extremely long-winded YouTuber, Alt-Hype, reviewed a chubby left-wing incel, who is making a name for himself as a science denier. JF Gariepy has a shorter version. The even shorter version is the lefty incels are now denying the very basics of biology.

If you are over the age of forty, this is quite a development. Within living memory, to be a Progressive meant mocking religious people of all types, but especially Evangelicals, as science denying primitives. The Left waved around evolution like a magic talisman, dismissing any argument they deemed religious, by which they meant cultural. Even Obama mocked Christians this way when he was running in 2008. Progressives bleeping loved science, while their enemies loved magic.

The change in tone and language among some right-wingers, like Tucker Carlson, is a bit jarring, but once you get past the superficial, it makes sense. In the 1980’s, a right-wing regard for the public good would not have focused on things like affordable family formation or wage stagnation in the heartland. The excesses of cosmopolitan globalism would not have entered their minds, because those things did not exist. It took time and hard experience to learn that Pat Buchanan was right after all.

What’s happening with the Left seems to be different. It is not an adjustment to new information or a changing culture. For a very long time, the human sciences understood that the variety we see in the human family is rooted in nature. Even those who dispute the validity of evolutionary biology on religious grounds, fully acknowledged that God does not distribute his gifts equally. The Left argued that these difference could be mitigated through public policy and cultural change.

That’s no longer the case. What the Left is engaged in now is a full-throated rejection of observable reality on moral grounds. Angela Saini commands that you accept that Kenyan performance in distance running is an optical illusion. Cordelia Fine, says, as a women, she knows sex is a social construct, created by men. This is not an inability to grasp the material. It is a conscious desire to forbid certain knowledge, to anathematize noticing the world and the explanations for what we see.

It is popular to talk about this phenomenon in terms of Galileo. The left-wing science deniers are playing the antagonist role of the Church and the humans sciences are in the protagonist role. This is probably comforting to the empirically minded, as it suggests they will eventually triumph in the end. Not only is this a faulty reading of history, particularly the Church, it assumes that human progress is inevitable. That no matter what they do, the march of science will continue unabated.

Instead, what we are seeing could be the signal of a coming dark age. Maybe this is what it was like in 1177 BC. The slow decline in general intelligence leads to a period of anti-knowledge, where knowing how stuff works, or even being curious about it, is seen as a threat to the established order. The brakes are applied and progress is reversed until the point where the people are no longer able to operate the mechanisms of society created by their ancestors.

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217 thoughts on “The Age Of Anti-Knowledge

  1. “The brakes are applied and progress is reversed until the point where the people are no longer able to operate the mechanisms of society created by their ancestors.”

    The Chinese will likely rule over us if (or before) that ever comes to be. Their culture has many defects but I don’t think they fall into the civilizational traps you outline here.

  2. We don’t need a Benedict Option, we need a Aeneas Option.

    It’s far, far easier to start a new Rome with the best of men and knowledge and the Trojan spirit and build it into a new power than to try reform and change 350 million people. The lesson of history is not about how dumb people are or how fearful they are, it’s about how easy it is to dominate the many with a few. The elite are, like what, 100,000 at most? Yet, they knew how to project domination. Taleb’s “Most Intolerant Win” should not be read as a essay in despair but as an exciting lesson in how domination actually work. The Europeans have always far outmatched everyone else through domination by mind and will. Chaos should be treated less than as The End and be seen more like Jupiter where one can use its gravity to project the Voyager 1 and 2 forward and in the right direction. So where would the new Rome be located? Midwest? How about Canada? It have only 33 million the last I check. Or Norway, which have only 3 million. Or even Sweden with its 10 million. Or maybe many Romes. Of course the smaller the population the easier to asset domination as we have learned since 2015.

    Look for openings.

    • Geographically impossible to establish a safe haven between Atlantic and Pacific unless you have the whole thing. Manifest Destiny wasn’t religion, it was “look at the map.”

      Winner takes it all. Loser loses everything. We have to fight, to have any victory we have to take the entire landmass. Geography does not negotiate.

      Can’t run; fight or die.

  3. Zman remarks about Tucker: “The change in tone and language among some right-wingers, like Tucker Carlson, is a bit jarring”

    Tucker, like the whole country, has shifted left over the years. Without active and effective rightward pushback against the Progressive agenda, the entire country drifts ever leftward. “Progress” and all.

    When Tucker says Elizabeth Warren’s book on the Two Income Trap is important, he’s trying to get Trump to capitalize on this problem – within the Populist framework. Help capture the wimmin vote.

    But NO one (esp Eliz Warren) would dare ask how the Two Income Trap came to be? Or ask if its cause is destroying civilization?

    It’s a zero sum game. You can either have feminism or you can have strong families. You can’t have both, as we see.

    The black guy at Fox came closest to uttering the truth a couple days ago. The 5 were discussing how porch pirates and tossing water at police has become common and he said, “because there’s no father at home – the mothers are married to the government.”

    Trump understands all of this- explicitly. He cannot hit Feminism straight on (afterall Ivanka’s a Wimmin social crusader herself) but he’s calling attention to the fallout. Next best thing.

  4. Taleb went off on a twitter rant about IQ, I’m sure some of you have read it. I read his paper.

    Taleb is probably correct, and Binet himself warned that it could only be used to compare groups of similar background.

    However the appeal to science is in fact an appeal to the new High Church. Law is of course the Low Church. We need “science” to bless what we must do to survive. Our race you see is superior. Here is the data. Data never lies, right?

    It’s SCIENCE!!

    Look at me. I am the Doctor now.

    Interestingly Taleb has no problem with Nationalism, which he defines as people preferring their own group and its interests. He differentiates it from racism, and seems to genuinely dislike Claire Lehmann. It’s not just intellectual disdain for social science charlatans (they are).

    It’s Fear.
    We’re winning lads.

    Guilt is the price if survival.

  5. O/T but it appears that some people at ICE get it.

    “You don’t have rights to anything.”

    ““I told them we had rights and asked to make a phone call. But they told us, ‘You don’t have rights to anything,’” Francisco Galicia told The Dallas Morning News.”


  6. Z: “In the 1980’s, a right-wing regard for the public good would not have focused on things like affordable family formation or wage stagnation in the heartland. The excesses of cosmopolitan globalism would not have entered their minds, because those things did not exist. It took time and hard experience to learn that Pat Buchanan was right after all.”

    There’s no one who has a more subtle feel for the paleos than Z. I remember his Paleo podcast from about 10 months ago. I had to set down my chicken wings and cocktail, and just listen to how right he nailed every freaking sentence. I lived directly next door to the Republican convention in Bakersfield in 1993, CSUB, when they were hailing NAFTA. Buchanon was one of the few who gave a damn about the white working class. Column after column. He was desperate. It seemed like he had no faith in American businessmen (see Z’s NR Buckley post from last week) and he was paranoid about the Chinese. How wrong we were to doubt him. Hail Buchanon.

  7. 1. “Capitalism” as you call it was never a force for tradition. Indeed, it’s been repeatedly observed that “Capital” worked to undermine traditional structures such as monarchy, women’s traditional place of work (women have long worked, but by large did so within range of their males), etc.

    2. The Leftie has to contrive excuses to address the failures of ideas like multiculturalism and feminism and free markets and so on to build Earth Heaven. Hence appeals to insidious forces like White Privilege, kulaks, Nazis, muh gubnimt if you’re a lolbertarian, etc.

  8. Speaking of swapping roles the ever nasty Maureen Dowd turns on the Left “Puritans” (she read Moldbug?) who threaten her with the “guillotine” over “chocolate, pumps and parties.”

    And takes pains to point out her WWC roots.

    Well. Well now ☝️👆🏻(Finger wags). Threaten me will you my pretties?

    Meanwhile Trump wants HRC, Elijah Cummings and Baltimore and a growing list of low hanging fruit investigated.

    He’s on offense now, they’re turning on each other.

    • It seems like he is preparing to go after and roll up a bunch of bad crap just before the election.

    • Re. Dowd. Many D-righters have said women are our worst enemy and will lay down for POC women. No effing way. White women are the queen bitches. They will slaughter any threats. It just takes them a while to overcome their surface suburban kindness. Black bitches are far too dumb to compete with them. Forget about Latinas. Study the queen bee. Like, literally, watch National Geographic shows about queen bees. She’s no clown. And will align with us pride lions soon enough.

  9. Z Man said: “What’s happening with the Left seems to be different. It is not an adjustment to new information or a changing culture. For a very long time, the human sciences understood that the variety we see in the human family is rooted in nature. Even those who dispute the validity of evolutionary biology on religious grounds, fully acknowledged that God does not distribute his gifts equally. The Left argued that these difference could be mitigated through public policy and cultural change.”

    “That’s no longer the case. What the Left is engaged in now is a full-throated rejection of observable reality on moral grounds. Angela Saini commands that you accept that Kenyan performance in distance running is an optical illusion. Cordelia Fine, says, as a women, she knows sex is a social construct, created by men. This is not an inability to grasp the material. It is a conscious desire to forbid certain knowledge, to anathematize noticing the world and the explanations for what we see.”

    Political Correctness and Postmodernism are not the legitimate heirs to the Marxist revolution. It’s a mixture of what used to be called Neo-Progessivism, Deconstructionism and the Freudo-Marxist political and social philosophy of the frankfurt school, like Critical Theory. Put that together with the french postmodern philosophers and you can see the result. That’s what happend to the left. Even Noam Chomsky of all people can’t stand this stuff. Here’s a link to a site called ” Liberty Whip” with an artical dated October 25, 2015. It’s intitled, ” Neo-Progressivism, the Cancer in the Left.”

  10. When the Z-blog’s popularity really takes off, it’s going to be because of Z obviously. But a lot of it will be because of the comment section. The amount of interesting knowledge drops per square inch was out of this world today. Boy, blacks really took a beating. But it was funny as hell. Poor blacks. LOL

    So much truth and funny below:

    Exile: “I’m pro-life but agree that the movement has largely been driven by the cuckiest negrolatry elements of Christianity.” I HATE those kind of Christians. “Negrolatry”? !!

    Ris: “I recently spoke to a woman who told me that friends adopted a Black baby. He was 21-years-old, still living with them and they were afraid of him.” I’m dying. To paraphrase Muhammed Ali: “This MUST be the greatest comments section ever.

    Mike C: “the Chicoms would cheerfully genocide every black on the African continent.” The interesting thing is “cheerfully”. So true. There’d be so much blood it’d be called The Red Continent thereafter. Seriously, they’d genocide Africa while chewing bubblegum and telling jokes.

    Alzebo: “Most northern Mexicans are Yaqui, who hung dried babies as jerky from their only article of clothing, their belt.” That’s macabre. Not amusing. Hope you’re making that up.

    JR Wirth: “These aren’t the people who have an IQ or disposition to even detail a car.” Dude, lol. You better NEVER get doxxed.

    JR Wirth: “The blacks only option lies in their genetics (raiding the next village). In modern times it would be burglarizing your house, with you in it.” Jesus!

    • Sorry, Frip. I didn’t, but I’ll avoid such from now on, again sorry.

      I was thinking of my cheerful neighbor happily telling me that he and most of my neighbors are Yaqui.

      I often help him round up his “cheeps”, they’re always getting out and into the grapevines. I really, really got to hold a straight face hearing about those woolly cheeps.

  11. David Goldman explained that a more accurate interpretation of “tikkun olam” is not ‘repair the world’, but rather, ‘to change reality’.

  12. The speed at which the universities have converged is proof that anti-knowledge is advancing. Hard sciences will be the last to go but I think white European contamination is too severe. Unfortunately for us and Europe, Asia will have the only advance civilizations left.

  13. Re political left and right, I think there are some lines that carry through for the different ages that have less to do w specific policy positions, which, when ppl try to spell them out as ‘political philosophies’, are not consistent anyway. A few examples; ‘the right’ tends to like small government but also tough sentences, which are the gov using violence and force on ppl who broke the laws, strong military etc. ‘The left’ tends to like ‘big government’ except on the border, military, police, prisons etc. The right wants less social welfare but are personally often more generous than the left. Many other examples could be found.

    The ‘inconsistencies’ come b/c they are not about specific policy positions but about instinctive mindsets. One angle from which to view that is that the right is more ‘masculine’, the left more ‘feminine’. Another, to use Glubb’s Fate of Empires, is that the right is the mindset of the ascendant civilization or empire, the left that of the decaying one.

    Glubb, while much earlier than recent ‘biohistory/biopolitics’, is entirely consistent with it. This approach, which tries to go deeper than politics to where it comes from. In that regard, the right are the ‘K selected side’ and the left the ‘r selected side’, and that is directly stated by the blogger/scholar ‘Anonymous Conservative’.

    So I use left/right and I consider the left the ppl who must never hold power. And we are watching today across the West what happens when they get it. We, to loop back, get Glubb’s decadence phase.

  14. “but conservatives always knew the altar was the keystone of civilization, not the factory.”

    But to conservative inc. the factory is the altar.

  15. I think it can be explained by the establishment and those that oppose it. It’s like “Rules for Radicals” many believe it is a left wing playbook, but it isn’t. It’s a book that puts forward ideas about how to destroy the reigning establishment. The establishment always has certain characteristics. It’s number one concern becomes holding onto power and little to do with the ideology that brought it into existence, although it will only talk about the ideology.

    The establishment is always populated by the elite class. it’s partly because it’s fashionable, but also because to remain in the elite they must be in the establishment. Conservatives are nearly shut out of the establishment now and so they have no choice about their allies, they must become concerned about what their supporters are concerned about.

  16. As I have said higher up – let us dispense with this humiliation porn right here, right now.

    The talk has been about ‘natural order’. Yes, when the lights go out, and the SHTF – blacks will go back to being slaves, servants and criminals as they’ve always been. Outside of small tribes, without Whitey – they cannot govern themselves. Historically we have done well trading with browns and yellows. Historically they have proven themselves to be capable of sophisticated civilization and extremely capable servants when properly directed. If western civilization falls – genetics are on our side, not theirs.

    • I’ve said before on this forum that it’s not white vs. black or brown or any combination thereof. This is really about high IQ vs. low IQ, with the distribution of intelligence being uneven and more prevalent among people from high latitude countries, above 40 degrees. In tropical environments the low IQ aren’t weeded out by the weather. You can pick a banana from a tree and live to fornicate with three more village women. This never happened in brutally cold weather, like the steppes of Russia or the plains of Northern Europe. You had to plan to store food for half a year, and portion it out daily to not run out before May. This need alone created an extra 20 IQ points. Think of what would happen if your average Section 8 housing dweller was cut from food stamps and welfare. These aren’t the people who have an IQ or disposition to even detail a car. Their only option is lies in their genetics (raiding the next village). In modern times it would be burglarizing your house, with you in it. The home invasion. Which is why I can’t even comprehend not owning firearms, even in a good neighborhood, and especially over the next 10 years.

      • You are wrong. Non-whites with high IQ identify far more strongly with their low IQ relations than to high IQ whites. High IQ Asians and Jews will abandon you to support their low IQ relations.

        You, as a white man, may value high IQ over race, but that is only because you are a white man. No one else sees the world that way.

        Tribalism is the fundamental reality for non-whites and Jews and therefore it must be for whites.

        • I have more in common with smart Asians or smart Jews than dumb whites, and there are dumb whites. There are very few smart blacks, with others somewhere in the middle. The taboo book “The Bell Curve” explains this. That doesn’t mean that I expect some Asian or Jew to come to my rescue. I don’t expect ANYONE to come to my rescue. I do expect my Jewish doctor and my Asian dentist to continue to keep me as a patient as long as I pay them. I prefer to be around my own, yes. But in an event of constricted resources its friends, family and close associates that matter, they happen to be of the same race. No one cares about poor people, even in their own race. Look at Indian culture. The only race where smart people care about the poor and stupid around the world is the white one.

          • You are describing entirely transactional relationships. They re the first to go when order breaks down. When they do it may well be that your race is your uniform in the new predominant lines. This is a contingency you seem completely in denial about.

          • If your Jewish doctor or Asian dentist have contributed money to political/religious groups, what do do you guess they are?

          • JR, you’re a hard man. Funny, but hard. I care about poor whites. But I wish I cared much more. I can’t get to the sympathetic pitch I want to for them, because we aren’t allowed to publicly signal our alliance with each other as a group. So I feel a separation. Quick rough example of many convos I’ve had with poor whites. Too often I hear, “I’m no racist.” Or “Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Obama.” Or, “I don’t hate anyone.” That’s when I realize they’re too afraid to be my true white brother. Or too dumb to get it. So the emotional bond isn’t there. yet

        • @Line
          People will hold out hope until the pain is too great for them…They can’t even imagine a society without some diversity…

        • This is going to sound wrong, but the Jewish gene pool of the stupid was cleaned out the most recently of nearly all ethnic groups, between 1938 and 1945. I mean how stupid do you have to be to wait to get rounded up like that? Maybe there should have been a hint by 1933? It reminds me of the charging of the castle scene in Monty Python’s Holy Grail. Jews are historically very persecuted and can only survive through wit and intelligence. These pressures created a genetically smarter than average people. Their perseverance is something we can all learn from.

          As a white Californian (a small minority) I constantly monitor the Mexicans who do my gardening and housekeeping. Any hint of rebellion against the gringo and I’m putting up a for sale sign.

          • JR: “The stupid was cleaned out the most recently of nearly all ethnic groups, between 1938 and 1945. I mean how stupid do you have to be to wait to get rounded up like that?” I’ve thought about a lot of things, but that (somehow obvious?) idea has never entered my mind. My mind has been blown today by comment section. Need to take a break and regroup.

    • With you 100% on all this, Glenfilthie!

      This ain’t our first time to the total collapse dance.

  17. I’ve read that during 600 to 400 BC, our major religions and their themes formed, after the religious class slaughtered the engineer class and took power.

    (I accept Islam as a return to the original Abrahamic faith, so I include it in broad outline as well.)

  18. One big observation that tends to be overlooked is the nature of humanity within the environment. To the left wing green cultists, you have humanity vs. the earth. Humanity is seen as this inorganic mass of beings that are contaminating an organic, pure eco-system. As if human beings themselves are aliens to the planet they inhabit. In reality, human beings are as natural to the eco-system as a trout in a stream, or trees, or anything else. Humans are natural to the earth, and hence anything humans do is natural. Inorganic chemistry isn’t even inorganic, because every molecule is broken down to base elements. There is nothing unnatural to the earth. If a log floating from South America brought fire ants to the southeast, it would be considered natural evolution. Since humans did it, it’s considered bringing an “invasive species” to an area in which they do not belong. Human beings themselves are considered “invasive species.” This is all silly and can only emerge from cultist thinking.

    As a matter of fact, when you look at traditional Christians, they consider human beings to be a holy species, with the earth being there to serve this holy species, as divinely ordered. Modern environmentalism flips this concept entirely. The earth is considered “holy” while human beings are fallen creatures meant to “serve” the earth, and hopefully, according to them, die out to leave mother earth in peace. I can’t think of a more satanic (meaning the antithesis of Christian belief) concept, including Communism, than modern environmentalism.

    Even Communism, in its darkest days, put the human, as a part of “the state” as the center of his or her environment. The environment was there to serve “the people.” In today’s twisted, eco-freak minds, a fallen man is meant to serve his mother earth, who won’t even give him redemption at the end. He is always contemptible. Only a people raised in safe surroundings with full bellies and access to modern medicine would think such stupid things. You don’t see too many “vibrants” with this mentality.

    • I’ve always enjoyed pointing out to the Gaia cultists, in response to their claim that we are destroying the Earth that the Earth is going to just fine and that any destruction that’s taking place is largely to humanities previous attempts to destroy the earth.
      I then thank them for bringing their beliefs to my attention because it’s better than them having their IQ tattooed on their forehead in terms of alerting me to what sort of dipshit I’m dealing with.

  19. Does anyone think Angela Saini would get anywhere near this kind of attention if she looked like Andrea Dworkin?

  20. When I was a wee lad, at university, I thought Science would end up like an ancient religion’s “arcana,” the “inner mysteries” known only to a select few disciples. I figured the scientists would let the professors of English Literature rant and rave about how reality is a social construction, so long as the Lit profs didn’t try to force open the lab doors… because, you know, the world needs actual science to function. But then I started working in a university, and I realized that the “scientists” are now all true believers, too — should their lab work end up contradicting an article of the faith, the so-called “hard scientists” in academia would happily burn their notebooks. Like David Stove said, “the equality opinion” is the error from which all SJW flows, and if our great-great-great-great grandchildren decide to give things like “indoor plumbing” and “living past 35” another try, they’ll have anyone who utters “the equality opinion” drawn and quartered. It’s the only way to be sure.

    • “so long as the Lit profs didn’t try to force open the lab doors.” hehehh. Classic Severian. Enjoy reading your wiseass thought-riddles over at Rotten Chestnuts.

  21. Trump is taking on Baltimore and its Congressional “representative,” Elijah Cummings, a.k.a. “The Creature From The Black Lagoon.” DJT, the only “conservative” in DC with balls.

    • I heard that he insulted Zman’s glorious homeland of Lagos!

      The eeking and ooking must be at Richter scale 7.3 by now

  22. Of course, people who really believe the nonsense about everybody being equal often end up getting killed.

    Like those two American cyclists who went to Tajikistan to prove “everybody is nice.”

    You know the argument about how the death penalty in Europe drove evolution forward? Maybe the same will happen with valuing science and reality: as the soft-minded bluepill NPCs get wiped out one by one, we’re headed towards a gloriously hardcore redpill future. (I admit that’s a cope: as people above have said, we actually live in very dysgenic times.)

  23. What we are seeing could be the signal of a coming dark age. Maybe this is what it was like in 1177 BC.

    Could be. My simpleton brain immediate jumped to the Soviet Union, where people were forced to deny reality, but at some level, either consciously or unconsciously, knew the truth.

    Except for the most hardcore NPCs, most people know, if only operationally (i.e., as seen in their actions, as opposed to their words or thoughts) about HBD.

    Since we’re really just seeing Cultural Marxism replace Marxism, I think most of the rules of Doublethink still apply. I know people get sick of Orwell quotes, but they are so brilliant, and so important, I’ll put a few here again.



    “To know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them.”

    “The power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them… To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just as long as it is needed, to deny the existence of objective reality and all the while to take account of the reality which one denies—all this is indispensably necessary.”

  24. Typical quote from Saini piece in Anti-Nature: “Given that Stephen Jay Gould’s critique of biological determinism The Mismeasure of Man was published in 1981 — almost 40 years ago — you might think it’s no longer necessary to reassert that there is no genetic basis for what people think of as race.” She assumes genetic research cannot progress past where it was 38 years ago, despite the sequencing of the human genome in 2003. And, today, you can get a personal DNA test for $100.

    • I can’t resist another Saini quote: Evans’ “section on the success of Kenyan marathon runners in global contests is brilliant: it demolishes the idea of genetic explanations for any region’s sporting achievements.” Yes, and Pygmies do statistically as well as all other groups in the NBA.

    • Well, yes, $100.00…..but there’s nothing about those tests which is remotely reliable–except that the testing company now has your DNA and will sell it to anyone who has the Benjamins.

  25. Z: “Of course, the over-the-top science denialism we see in the prestige press is filtering down to the rest of the cult.” I was listening to ESPN radio about a year ago and Steven A. Smith was lecturing us about how race is not a real thing. I don’t think old Steven played football. I played for a preppy white high school that was so Jewish it was known as Jewview. A play on its real name. The students were mostly non-Jews. But to the rest of the league’s poor working-class white teams, and inner-city black teams, we were ALL rich Jews. When we’d play these teams, race became scary real. Besides the obvious athletic gap with the blacks, these teams hit us with vengeance. In football you can block a guy or tackle a guy. Or you can choose to destroy him. It’s all the same, rules-wise. Before the games I wanted to ask the coach if I could change my name on the back of my jersey to “Not A. Jew”. Steven A. Smith don’t know Diddley.

    • Frip’s fascinating biography continues to be revealed. My favorite chapter is still the one where he was sleeping in his car, but the one about his fundamentalist Mom was interesting as well. I continue to be concerned about the amount of time he spends in bars.

    • That’s one of the reasons I’ve long maintained that Little League (etc.) should be mandatory — it’s wonderfully clarifying, stepping into the batter’s box knowing that there’s a significant chance the pitcher is going to throw at your head just on general principles (and knowing that your school district is so PC-whipped that the pitcher won’t even be ejected, much less will the team or coach face any consequences).

      • Although it was awful at the time, I look back fondly at times when my team was losing by 10 points and yet had to keep trying. Many of those times we lost shamefully but a few times we rallied and won. Great lessons for life. You have to get up off the ground and keep trying.

      • In Pop Warner football here in Southern California, about 45 years ago, the white teams consistently wiped the mat with everyone else. Teamwork, commitment, and playing smart. Those speedy black kids and their coaches couldn’t organize themselves out of a paper bag, commit to play the game hard, or back each other up for the good of all. We ran rings around them.

    • While you may be correct regarding American football, please: ENOUGH with the “black super athlete” business. James Lafond (listed in Z’s blog roll) has some trenchant comments about that being largely myth, particularly in the combat arts.

      As to your hypothetical jersey (which would have been very funny), nice thought, but are you sure your inner-city opponents would have been able to read it?

    • And Nature, alongside Science, is conventionally considered the most prestigious peer reviewed journal. On a different metric, in the sciences, having Nature publish this is comparable to having someone at Harvard or Cambridge U, say something extremely ‘woke’. Ie ‘trendsetters’ revealing that they are or have become ‘marched through’. Hence very ominous for the future of academia.

    • One of the better chants from my white high school when getting beaten by the inner city schools: That’s alright, that’s okay, you’re going to work for us one day.

  26. Modernity’s division of life into public and private spheres is dissolving in the West. What Bowden called the “pseudo-religions of modernity” are now braided with every strand of the civilization. If the current course holds, this may become what passes for civilization in what used to be the West.

    At the same time, to those outside the cave all this is revealed to be a postmodern death cult. As such, it lacks the consolatory power of an actual religion. So the new order likely won’t be achieved or sustained absent the pharmacological surveillance-state growing up around us.

    And yet I can imagine a sanctioned brand of Judeo-Christianity remaining on offer, a worship-option for new arrivals from the global south. Maybe several of them, working together, like a cartel.

    People need to believe and will believe. And it is nowhere written that tacos and snake-handling are incompatible. And what will the robot chronicler have to say about Sister Mary Greenhair, intoning in spanglish a liturgy of post-structuralism? Stranger things…

  27. Z-man, say what you like about Ayn Rand, but she nailed the essence of your last paragraph in her 1937, novel “Anthem”. Nothing short of prescient. Relatively short read (for Rand) that I recommend for all.

    • Anthem’s the Rand book I most enjoyed,
      By coincidence I recommended it to my boy on Wednesday

  28. There are still plenty of white folks who are longtime democrats who haven’t quite figured out that their party has abandoned the working man and embraced globalization. It’s obvious to us, but astonishing that they’re this blind to what’s going on with their party. As the democrat primary campaigns roll along, and the anti-worker and anti-white sentiment, along with the scolding for being biased and bigoted increases, more will figure out that this party actually hates them.

        • The people who will be in charge are WORSE than the Squad. Tlaib and Omar seem to at least stand for their own people (It’s not their job to stand for us) and seem to be willing to speak truth to power at times.

          It’s ultimately going to be Kamala Harris types who become the face of the system (with the obvious donors calling the shots behind the scenes) and they don’t have those redeeming qualities.

        • In conversations with generally like-minded folks, I’ve taken to the habit of referring to Trump as The Last republican president. The looks of terror I receive in response are priceless – I don’t think they’d be as scared if they didn’t instinctively perceive a significant likelihood that that will be the case.

        • The squad may be NOMINALLY in charge but there is still the Deep State they must report to.

    • I give the Dems 10 years tops before a major realignment. Trump’s failure to launch may have a silver lining in that the Right base is already brutally woke to the contempt “their” party feels for them. Third and Fourth parties are needed ASAP. We won’t vote our way out of this but they’ll provide disruption we’ll find useful.

      • @Exile
        Unless you have a ton of money a third and forth party isn’t viable…You would have to take the Trump route and beat them in the primary if you’re talking about national elections that is…

    • The problem is that longtime White democrats are 100% correct (or even too mild) in their criticisms of the Republicans.

      People started switching for campaign Trump who promised a pro-worker Republican party, but this failed to materialize and they were given the same old anti-worker, anti-white policies from Paul Ryan.

      Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice… don’t get fooled again.

      The American parties are largely arbitrary and each of is required to pair anything good that they may stand for with many bad, anti-white, anti-civilization policies.

  29. Excellent post Z Man. thezman said: “Instead, what we are seeing could be the signal of a coming dark age. Maybe this is what it was like in 1177 BC. The slow decline in general intelligence leads to a period of anti-knowledge, where knowing how stuff works, or even being curious about it, is seen as a threat to the established order. The brakes are applied and progress is reversed until the point where the people are no longer able to operate the mechanisms of society created by their ancestors.” So your saying that today’s elite progressives will suffer a de-evolution process. Turning them into a tribe of happy go lucky unisex dimwits. While the working class will revert back to being paleolithic cave dwellers, using the Democratic Socialist Eloi as a handy food source. Actually, that works for me.

  30. “The Right, for example, is now more concerned with the plight of the working man than the Left…”

    Incorrect. The nominal “right,” is being demolished (largely self-inflicted) because it cannot address, even tangential, issues of the working class or even the white middle class.

    • Issac, I tend to agree. We should not confuse rhetoric from either side as caring. The looming problems with automation creating social disruption for many of our working (middle) class citizens is well known, but the only solution proposed is to create a universal “dole” (UBI). Nothing could be more soul sucking than useless idleness.

    • Let’s define the terms better. By “right” in this instance, Z means ‘traditional conservative people,’ (paleo-cons) which are descended from Edmund Burke, run through Kirk, and show up as PJBuchanan, Joe Sobran, and currently, Dan Crenshaw, Limbaugh, and Tucker Carlson (more or less.) This happens to include a very large group of people who are working-class and were called “Reagan Democrats.”

      The nominal right you refer to includes the group F/K/A “neo-cons” such as Kristol, Sykes, and Goldberg, but also includes certain mega-rich such as Koch, and non-conventionals such as Ben Shapiro. And yes, they are demolishing themselves, thank God.

  31. This is why they always want to talk about universities and peer-review when it comes to human biodiversity. Since these two institutions effectively act as gate keeping institutions, they can always couch their appeals to authority as being ¡science!™. Of course, even these SJW converged institutions are not capable of holding back all of the research.
    The Chinese have zero qualms about science that goes against the narrative. This is probably why they have switched hard into making HBD a moral question and not an empirical one. They know that it is eventually going to become impossible to deny, especially since so much DNA has been collected from the public. You have to wonder if these corporations that own all this DNA are going to put clauses barring certain type of research on their samples. After all, once we know what the genes are that cause high levels of criminality (for example), it will be fairly simple to just look at the genes and make predictions about which groups will be the most criminal. What are they going to do when it can be easily shown that Africans are 10 times more likely to have genes associated with high levels of criminality or that genes associated with high intelligence are found at a much higher frequency among the Japanese. But more importantly, what is society going to do with this information?
    We are not even remotely ready to deal with this knowledge and we aren’t even really trying to prepare ourselves for it. We need to get out in front of this research instead of denying it. Because there is going to come a day in the not so distant future where doctors will be willing to extract DNA from a fetus. When that time comes, it’s going to get ugly.

    • The creeps that hold power today would no doubt use their authority over genetics to extinguish the higher intelligence humans and perpetuate the low intelligence humans, just like today they prefer to side with Sunni Wahhabi extremist jihadi types rather than Christians or the more moderate Shia muslims, because it brings them more power, money, control. Sick. Their heads should be on stakes.

      • Our present aspirant Brahmins are already forming a caste system (see Charles Murray’s “Coming Apart”). They’re maintaining largely White-Trad social habits while Negrofying the middle-class and poor Whites with trash media, drugs, booze, single moms, garbage jobs, etc…

        Here’s hoping the children of our future ethno-state follow my recommended practice of Brahmin-bride-stealing. Lock up your daughters, shitlibs – today’s coal-burners will be Chad-Dadders when tomorrow belongs to us

        • Not too long ago, parents told their daughters to become a nurse if they wanted to marry a doctor or to become a secretary if they wanted to marry a lawyer or executive. Men weren’t looking for a co-breadwinner, but a wife and mother of their children. That’s less common nowadays – the doctor marries a doctor, not a nurse. The exec marries an exec or the lawyer marries a lawyer, not a secretary. They’re beneath them.

          • I work in a hospital and can testify that your observation about doctors + doctors is correct.

            However, nurses still marry firemen or skilled carpenters

            I’m not sure if there is anything we can conclude about this.

    • Extracting DNA from a fetus would logically lead to abortion if the “read out” was negative. That would probably be stage 3 (or higher) of any eugenics movement.

      Stage 1 would be appropriate pair matching, or scientific assortive mating. We kind of have that now, but often after the fact. Genetic counseling is a growing and lucrative field and a number of folk are using such when deciding on children.

      Stage 2 we have yet to use for designer babies—but is used for screening certain genetic defects of a non-politicized nature. That would be embryonic, in vitro fertilization and selection of the “best” embryos to implant.

      I’m betting on the Chinese establishing a working system/process first given our dysfunctional, PC, political situation. But once the Chinese get the process established and normalized, folks will travel there to select the best and brightest progeny to “bring home”—in mom’s womb of course. 😉

      • You get Gattaca basically. This movie is marketed as a dystopia and morality play but is very far from that in practice . In fact no spoilers, the so called hero is a reckless twit who should have been in prison for the stuff he did.

        Good things for all he was very lucky

        That said a “harder” Dissident right state might we be a mixture of Northfire from V and Gattaca at least for the interregnum

        It’s not a terrible model so long as the rougher edges are smoothed off.

        The thing is though, if people want it they are going to have to learn to how to organize and take power.

        Aside from the obvious points of difficulty, it’s also hard for a people like Americans who see themselves as loving freedom and “democracy” and being middle class to go to that dark place and become a tyrant in truth

        • @AB
          It’s the death thing that they are apprehensive about…They know if they start organizing that pretty soon it will lead to someone dying from the Communist side and they are still to comfortable for them to accept that responsibility…

      • I was thinking more along the lines of either abortion or putting up the baby for adoption. That is just on the negative side. Imagine mom finding out she’s not pregnant with the next Newton, but rather the next Dahmer.
        This is likely to lead to all kinds of problems, especially in the beginning. Because we are not going to have a complete picture of what genes will do in the longer term. After all, nothing is ever 100% “good” or “bad” There will also likely remain cultural pressure against this widespread knowledge.
        We are just nowhere near ready for this and that is by our own choosing.

    • The dirty little secret in the finest of the fine print, when you get an ancestry DNA test, is that much of the raw genetic data is sold to the Chinese. I am in a position to know that it is true. The Chinese seem to be interested in a lot of things…

  32. Today’s external accelerators are similar to those in the Bronze Age Collapse & Dark Ages – mass migrations of barbarians seeking the riches of higher civilization, with collaborators in the high castles helping to open the gates for them.

    Those who experienced prior collapse events in real time did not see them as distinct events, even in hindsight. What we now see as “events” stretched over generations. Our present catabolic collapse could take longer than accelerationists might prefer. Then again, the Information Age Collapse could match its prior accelerated schedule of technological advance with a correspondingly precipitous decline. My money’s on the latter.

    In much the same way that prior lost civilizations believed that their slow demise was simply the way things were, the Narrative Makers today would have us believe that their man-made demographic warfare and global financial manipulations are simply “our changing world.” However, unlike past collapse events, in the Information Age a critical mass of sufficiently educated and aware people people can call bullshit on those who are selling civilization by the pound in real time. We can start laying the foundations for what comes next before the bottom falls out. Our short-term project is to bust the current narrative and red pill that critical mass. Globohomo works best with an apathetic and uninformed population. We need platforms and we need time to get the word out. A discontented and informed population will gum up the works of Davos World & provide dissidents the social and later physical space that we need to start laying the foundations for the modern equivalent of post Information Age feudalism.

    • The various Germanic peoples that overran the Western Roman Empire weren’t submorons and full-fledged morons, unlike the Third Worlders overrunning the West.

      I wonder if some Third-World people were more intelligent in the past. The average Egyptian iq is 81 – the ancient Egyptians created extraordinary monuments and structures. The high-rate of cousin marriage would lower their average iq over time, if nothing else. Mexican Indians also built extraordinary structures, invented writing, studied the heavens, grew cotton and wove cloth. They weren’t dummies, unlike the Africans.

      • The Germans & Celts had high cultures but preferred a smaller-scale society than Greco-Roman city-states. They pillaged the cities and reorganized things on their preferred level, IQ notwithstanding. FWIW, Egyptians today are 90%+ Arabs and Africans, with only <10% being the Coptic remnant of the ancient natives. Judging by their historic overachievement compared with Arabs & Blacks, I think the ancients had more going for them upstairs. I think the Aztecs, Maya & Inca represented the smart fraction, as did Pueblo & Cahokians, lording it over the forebearers of today's favela-dwellers.

        • I read three different charts which listed the average Egyptian iq as 81, 83 or 97. Regarding the Indians, that’s as good a theory as any. South Africa was a first-world country under White rule, but with the percentage of Whites dwindling and Black rule, it’s going downhill fast.

        • Most northern Mexicans are Yaqui, who hung dried babies as jerky from their only article of clothing, their belt.

          That’s about as far as they got until the Spanish missionaries showed up.

      • Michael A. Woodley of Menie, is working on just such studies (specifically, one paper presented “Were the Greeks of Plato’s time smarter than Greeks today” or something close to that).

        He has received from David Reich a dozen or so genomes of ancient, classical, and modern Greeks. From these he analyzes the known SNP’s (1K+) on genes which affect intelligence (+/-). Guess what, the Greeks of classical times had many more of the alleles positively correlated with higher intelligence than the ancient and what is now called the modern Greeks.

        Promising research assuming numbers of genomes can be increased. 2000 – 4000 year old skeletons are rare, but, graveyards from 200-300 years ago abound. In there may lie the definitive answer as to whether we are really, “At Our Wits End”.

      • Population replacement and dysgenic miscegenation has happened before

        Egytpians are more negroid than they used to be due to mixing with blacks

        And Arabs in general picked up Negroid DNA through the Islamic slave trade, that other middle eastern peoples don’t have.

        Search “Extensive Female-Mediated Gene Flow from Sub-Saharan Africa into Near Eastern Arab Populations”

        Avoiding this is extremely important

  33. All of the insanity described in this post is a function of our current environment in which hardship and existential threat have become extinct. The stupid are no longer purged from the gene pool by consequence of fitness selection. We now live in a society in which dependence, conformity, and whining are rewarded with more gravy. And yet, birth rates decline. It’s as if the dregs somehow know that they are the bane of our species and are quietly pursuing extinction voluntarily.

      • I don’t care if non-Whites and liberals have abortions. I prefer that an unmarried White woman pregnant with a White baby either marry the father or give it up for adoption.

        The idea that kids do best when raised by a mom and dad married to each other was accepted by liberals 50 years ago. That was one of reasons for the legalization of abortion. Say that now and even “conservatives” would object. Easy divorce, even if kids were involved, led to an acceptance of illegitimacy and finally gay adoption or surrogacy.

        What have conservatives conserved?

      • I only support abortion for People of Color — it would be racist to deny them their “choice.”

        Meanwhile, I want to punish White women of privilege by denying them abortions.

      • As of 2017, black “non-Hispanic” females have around 17.1% more Abortions than White “non-Hispanic” females. Hispanic and other “non- Hispanic females” have a combined total of 24.4% more abortions than White women. That’s 41.5% more abortions than our women. Not bad.

    • The dysgenic are maintaining the highest fertility rates. Those of us who oppose abortion have to enthusiastically support eugenic birth control, sterilization & Dutton-cited Draconian hangings for criminals to balance that out.

      • The late, great talk show host Bob Grant offered his “Mandatory Sterilization Act of 1970.”

        Right-to-Lifers popularized the idea that Margaret Sanger sought to exterminate Blacks. She didn’t. They also legitimized illegitimacy and welfare dependency. They think that Africans breeding like rabbits, is great. Right-to-Lifers take for granted foreign aid and continued improvements in agricultural yield to stave off mass starvation.

        • I’m pro-life but agree that the movement has largely been driven by the cuckiest negrolatry elements of Christianity. I’m anti-abortion because I believe conception is intimately tied in some way with the formation or metamorphosis of the soul, connecting life to “after” life. That said, I can accept abortions for serious eugenic concerns like Downs, rape, mother’s health issues etc.. My ethno-state wouldn’t have enough Black population to worry about their birthrates, and without our social engineering, the Black ethno-states would revert to high infant mortality and culling through violence.

          • It’s fashionable in Christian and Mormon circles to adopt a Black baby. I recently spoke to a woman who told me that friends adopted a Black baby. He was 21-years-old, still living with them and they were afraid of him.

            Steven Sailer often posts “the world’s most important graph” which is a UN projection of the African population over the next century. The Chinese are colonizing Africa and we can only speculate what’ll come of that.

          • “The Chinese are colonizing Africa and we can only speculate what’ll come of that.”

            Were it not for concern about over how the West would react, the Chicoms would cheerfully genocide every black on the African continent. Their attitude is “not even worth keeping for labor.”

            (I know “genocide” is not a verb. But in this situation it gets the meaning across emphatically.)

          • The Chinese are practical people. They are sending their own people to work on infrastructure. The British imported Indians to do the same a century ago.

          • I have to disagree. The Chinese are even greedier than the Europeans who came before them. They will want to suckle at that tit of cheap labor just as much as the Europeans did, and that ensures that Africa will remain Africa and the Chinese will go the way of the Europeans.

          • My concern is the unimaginable pain suffered by the most innocent, so I must support poisons like RU486 (and I do).

            Cruelty to any animal feeds the wrong element; I think the clinics are temples of the worst sort.
            That element, well fed, is growing stronger.

        • Prolonging life, increasing population only shortens the time until a Malthusian limit returns—in vengeance. You can fool Nature for a time, but not forever.

          • The Right-to-Life movement also takes for granted a massive welfare state that will subsidize unmarried mothers and their offspring and provide unlimited care and support for the aged and disabled way past their expiration dates. The party will come to an end eventually.

        • Gee, I’m only here for the immigration moratorium and freedom of association. I didn’t sign up for the eugenics and euthanasia.
          You can thank Margaret Sanger for low tfr and showing us how to get rid of defectives, among other things. It’s interesting they thought Japan was on track for overpopulation. You’ll love the young Mike Wallace and the Philip Morris endorsement. 25 minutes long, though.

          See also-
          Mrs Margaret Slee, President of America Planned Parenthood-No More Babies

          • People say Eugenics like it’s a bad word. The truth is that if you believe in evolution and modern animal husbandry practices then you believe in Eugenics. I personally see Eugenics as a force of hope. The principles of Eugenics could ensure that the dumbest of dumb African nations might someday be the smartest group on the face of the earth. The only trick is that you have to figure out some way to convince your women to have sex with smart men.

      • Or… smart white kids are becoming plumbers, electricians or cops, soldiers.

        If you think becoming a cop or a soldier is for dummies with civilizational collapse underway for 50 years perhaps that should be reconsidered in context.

        The Germans overthrew the Western Empire because they were soldiers. Their IQ didn’t count.

        Same for learning a useful trade. Being useful is never dumb. The Germans didn’t genocide the Romans but governed them. Through them in many ways. The Franks were particularly pragmatic in using Romans.

        Even Chinghis and Timur spared the artisans when they killed everyone else.

        Good at tests, bad at life.

        • The “smart” white kids who become cops and soldiers are liable to end up serving an anti-white regime and enforcing the dictates of that regime.

          Luckily there are IQ tests to be a cop and they don’t allow anyone who scores too high to participate

          • “Liable” is like If…

            But if you wish to be alone and without power or allies during “Collapse” (TM) then that is your choice.

            PS you have any evidence that IQ is a bar to LEO’s?

            Good at tests, Bad at Life.

          • There is no evidence that the police and the army will side with dissidents in the event of civil unrest

            There is a lot of evidence to the contrary

            Any time a smart White joins the police or the military, there is a significant chance that they permanently go over to the other side. The conditioning is designed to make them do this.

            It’s not worth the risk, Whites should be discouraged from participating the regime’s enforcement mechanism, so that it is less effective when it is inevitably used to physically suppress Whites.

        • They can get good, well-paying jobs without being saddled with student debt that will take 20 years to pay off.

          Two weeks ago, I talked to the hairdresser cutting my hair who said that in the area that we live (northern NJ) a hairdresser can earn $32/hour to start, not counting tips.

        • I advise kids not to join the military or police specifically because of a ‘lack of confidence’ in policymakers (this is the most charitable way to say this).

          Yeah, you pick up skills in either profession, but you risk either extinguishing yourself in pursuit of globohomo’s invade the world/invite the world prerogative, or die pacifying the ghetto. If our goal is survival, this is insanely stupid. You’re kidding yourself if you don’t think the military and at least most metro police departments are pozzed to death as well.

          Your general point, though, is well-taken. The trades, and medicine, are vastly superior to a worthless paper-pushing career path. Everyone here should be doing something, daily, to become more independent and self-reliant. That would include providing your own security – physical conditioning, mma and its constituent martial arts, USPSA/IPSC/IDPA and long-gun analogues, and so forth.

          • I consider the Cloud People to be a greater enemy of the American people than any foreign power or entity.

          • I need to get that guide to wild vegetation as food in any region, (“you are surrounded by food everywhere but don’t know it”), and herbal/floral analogues for real medicine.

            Some prepper Christian churches were teaching field surgery a long time ago, a good first aid+ guide is also on the bucket list.

            Also long term food prep/storage as a specialty. Plus small engine basics and repair, I am sooo unprepared.
            So much yet to learn!

          • PS- now the brother, trains nurses, tells me that Conchita from the Phillipines doesn’t know how to give a shot, but she knows all about cultural sensitivity and gender inclusion.

          • The military and the police are, respectively, the wholesale and retail distributors of the States violence.
            Directed toward whoever their current owners require.

            I have a real moral issue with people who choose such a career.

          • If the police and the soldiers have a people who will defend themselves starting with standing up like men they’ll quite happily defend – and do the long overdue with gusto.

            Being a non-combatant in war really sucks. As some will learn. If you think you’re powerless now…

    • Genetics will save the day, my boy!

      Our esteemed host just did a post about natural order – you should have paid closer attention! 🙂

      When order is restored and the current artificial drivers fail – birth rates will reverse. And once Darwin and Murphy slip their leashes, blacks will come to beg for theirs to be put back on. The only reason they are a presence and a political force at all is because of Whitey’s tolerance for them in the political process. Once reality and the natural order dispenses with that – they are back to shining shoes and picking cotton.

      The BQ will answer itself if the SHTF. I am curious what the role of Joos, browns and yellows will become.

    • The stupid are no longer purged from the gene pool by consequence of fitness selection.

      Umm…yes they are, and it is about to get quite ruthlessly. But in the West this only applies to the white stock. What will be the consequence of this? I don’t know, take your guess…

    • “It shows that the courts will fight”

      You don’t understand what courts do (or at least are supposed to do). Courts, properly constituted, do not “fight”, either for or against anything.

      So in other words by saying such a thing you openly declare that you understand nothing about the foundational elements of civilizational order. Either that or else you simply oppose it, out of sheer perversity and evil. You are an anti-civic monster, a traitor to all that is civilized and good.

      You are a Bolshevik. You are a monster. You are up to your chin in human blood.

      • Don’t get too worked up. That’s the tiny duck, who incompetently tries to troll here under various names. With intelligence he could serve as a court jester, but sadly he never got that far up the evolutionary scale.

        • Indeed, and the activist judge they found to dismiss, will have his decision appealed. Also, was the dismissal with prejudice? If not, it will simply be refiled

    • Good morning, Tiny Duck. Don’t worry, you and your dusky set shall bring on the disaster you so desire.

    • I think it’s very telling that you call a kid confronted by a crazed man a “bully”. You have deep feelings of inadequacy to be intimidated by the sight of Nick Sandmann.

    • Peter Johnson?! LOL. I’d like to introduce you to my colleague Dick Wiener and his good friend from the People’s Republic, Dong Wang.

    • @ Mr. Peter-ish. You’ve been kissing the wrong golden ass. The hunger of the leftist wood chipper is bottomless, and entirely indiscriminate. One day you will say just the right wrong thing and your nearest and dearest will turn and tear you to pieces. I’ve seen those maoist struggle sessions in operation, wow, not pretty. So believe me peetarino, somewhere out there, there’s a hot seat with your name on it. Good luck.

      • @OBT
        The thing is we need to be working on making sure it happens outside of our country wherever that may be…

    • Oh pish-tosh.

      And – all of you moaners and groaners can shut it too. Africa can be saved with a stroke of a pen – by reinstituting apartheid and using controllable blacks to enforce it. We can do the same thing here in a thrice. It’s as easy as offering the toughest ghetto rats a wage to control their fellow simians. Living as they do, by the Law Of The Jungle – black justice has to be simple, harsh and fast. All we need is the incentive to provide that for them… and judging by their spokesmonkeys and enablers… they mean to provide us with it – sooner, rather than later.

      This may be too much reality for our esteemed blog host – but let’s see: The historical natural order of man is one where blacks are servants, slaves, or criminals. When we return to the lowest common denominator, where the blacks are dragging us – that is where they will ultimately end up. This will be a good thing for all of us, even the blacks themselves.

      Let us dispense with this talk of Dark Ages. Once we re-assert the natural order that the liberals and blacks want to deny things will turn around. The smart negroes like Candace Owens are getting on board now, Tiny. You would be wise to follow suit.

      • @Glen
        Once we re-assert the natural order that the liberals and blacks want to deny things will turn around…
        That’s the problem though Glen we don’t have the power to re-assert the natural order and those that do want the opposite of us… Pretty simple really whoever has the power gets what they want…Not enough of our side want power so we keep getting the shaft by those who do…

        • We live in artificial times, Lineman. When the SHTF the natural order will reassert itself.

      • Glenfilthie said: “Oh pish-tosh.” Actually, it’s ” pish posh.” But leaving that aside. What your saying sounds to me like part of a query letter for a move script. Honesty, in the present atmosphere, I don’t think MGM or Warner Brothers will be interested.

    • I guess it’s a good sign for this blog that leftist retards are commenting here, means they take it seriously.

  34. “What the Left is engaged in now is a full-throated rejection of observable reality on moral grounds.”

    Yep. First it hit public policies — outcomes don’t matter, only intentions. Now, it has hit science — scientific validity doesn’t matter, only intentions. Scientific research is becoming nothing more than just more virtue signaling. (Excluding the hardest of the hard sciences I hope.)

    We’re fighting religious fanatics who keep taking the crazy to higher and higher levels.

    • “(Excluding the hardest of the hard sciences I hope.)”

      It has affected even this. It’s done so in lowering the bar in what’s expected. Lots of peripheral low hanging fruit now get passed off as great leaps in knowledge. Speculations that can’t be tested and so can’t be falsified get built up into noble pursuits. It attracts crackpots, hustlers and frauds who don’t need to produce anything of substance. They suck up a lot of time and money. There is also a ton of money now being spent by institutions on “outreach” that used to only focus on researching fundamental questions.

      There’s still a core hard at work dealing with very complex problems… but from the perspective of the administrators and funding sources they are no more important than is the institution’s mission to diversify.

      • “Speculations that can’t be tested and so can’t be falsified get built up into noble pursuits.”

        AGW being the poster child…

      • Speaking of the leftist corruption of hard sciences, the university idiots are researching AI and androids like this pipe dream is just around the corner. I know Scott Adams is totally on board with part machine humanoids right out of the Terminator. The fact that leftist morons are pushing this is proof that they live in an imaginary universe.

    • let’s not forget that the Jacobins were not defeated; rather they collapsed on their own.

    • From the people who brought you “ABOLITION!”… now presenting…”Social Justice Warriors!”… “Reconstruction…Part Two.”

    • Blade Runner was anything but a technological dark age. It was however a diversity, race mixing nightmare. For a good dystopian, technological, after the “crash”, dark age, totalitarian nightmare, read “Anthem” by Ayn Rand.

      • I’ve been to Los Angeles. We’re already in a technological Dark Age. And it’s only going to get worse.

        • The Left let the Homeless run the city now and the police hands are tied. The problem is the white Lefties will not vote out the idiots in LA City council who are destroying the city.

          Right now the city is suffering from Typhus, Typhoid, Hepatitis and Measles.Bubonic plague will be next and you can bet the the medical community and pols will deny it when it does and same with the CDC.

          Every major west coast city is falling apart because of them being run by Lefties. Portland, SF, Seattle, etc. Sooner or later everyone of those cities will reach a tipping point where either the people take back their cities or they flee and watch it collapse.

      • From twitter:

        “Tom Cotton has tweeted several times bragging that the reason the Federal Government is bringing back the death penalty is to execute white people. 3 out of the 5 people they want to kill are white, a statistical impossibility unless they are deliberately selecting for race”

        They are raising the mailed fist.

        Meanwhile Trump seems enthralled with the two groups that voted against him, blacks and juden.

        • If Trump can flip enough blacks that’s gonna help him retain states like MI and NC. Similarly with Jews in FL.

          • >>>If Trump can flip enough blacks that’s gonna help him retain states like MI and NC. Similarly with Jews in FL.<<<

            Or he could, you know, actually represent the disenfranchised White majority…

  35. I’m really hoping for 1177 BC. I think that’s our best chance for survival as a race

    • It speaks to the state of things that the optimists are hoping for something similar to the Bronze Age collapse.

      • I’m really concerned that we are the neanderthals of the day. Dominant in Europe and then driven to extinction from swarms of people from Africa

        • The Black Death swept Europe and killed millions of white people. We have been outnumbered before and prevailed. So use that high IQ, high trust, and low time preference. Small groups of white men have routinely destroyed forces many times larger. Unleash the the beast once again!

        • The Neanderthal example has also been on my mind. Maybe it is a 10,000 year cycle thing of hominoids that they burst out of the evolutionary pressure cooker Africa and conquer, and part interbreed with, those who came the last time? Then they cool off in the more temperate climates in the rest of the world. While things just keep cooking up in (literally) wild Africa. And sooner or later the Darwinian volcano will burst out again??

          Everything from diseases (HIV, sleeping sickness, ebola, etc) to animals (African elephants biggest land animal, African buffalo most dangerous bovine in the world, ppl who know both say lions actually do beat tigers more often than not in fights) and probably humans, are simply the wildest there are. Maybe the same is true of humans?? We think Africa is the punching bag of the world and politically etc it is. But maybe it is also the genetic, Darwinistic trendsetter b/c it is where stuff happens faster, biologically speaking??

      • I don’t hope for it, it’s an inevitability, though the timing & details aren’t clear. This time we have enough historical perspective & informed people to make a deliberate effort to preserve our past achievements. Now if I could just come up with a better term than the cucky Benedict Option…

      • Not long ago someone here analogized our situation to the Titanic. I said that if we sit around and do nothing, Browns and Catladies will get all the seats on the lifeboats….BUT….if the ship were to sink immediately, we are the only ones smart enough to figure out how to swim.

      • There must be a collapse. It’s the only thing that will motivate the normies. As long as the checks keep coming and people can feed their families they won’t fight. They will keep their heads down, but the good news is our new blue haired overlords aren’t very realistic, or practical. I don’t think the country could last 2 terms of Kamala Harris.

    • Yeah, but let it happen when I’m gone. I can still go camping with a backpack, but not like I could in my thirties. A real collapse means minimal energy sources, subsistence farming (in hot and cold weather, and lots of insects), communal living arrangements with people you may not like, and few, if any, sources of intellectual stimulus. Dark Age for thee, but not for me.

      • Yes it is an absolute disaster for everyone. Excavation of Roman and Etruscan societies go back to around 800 BC which means it was 400 years, 16 Generations, in between the collapse and the re-emergence of cities

        • 2000 years ago a generation was nowhere near twenty-five years, it was under twenty and probably closer to the fifteen years so common in the inner cities today.

      • Won’t be quiet that bad. There will be a lot of technology laying around on the ground that the average person won’t be able to utilize. The problem will be holding onto what you build with that technology.

      • >>>Yeah, but let it happen when I’m gone<<<

        Nothing personal against you, or the other posters here born between 1946-63, but Boomers need to be made to pay the price for their hubris. They don’t get a “Get out of Dystopia Free” card from the Grim Reaper.

        • Don’t forget the Conservatives who conserved nothing along the way. FDR inflicted much damage with the New Deal, and it should have all been reversed during the late 40s. 1964, Civil Rights legislation, expanding the welfare state, establishing the minimum wage, Nixon’s uncoupling from the gold standard, and the Reagan amnesty had plenty of help from “conservatives” terrified of appearing cruel. That’s how we lost the Culture War – by not effectively pushing back, since the Civil War.

        • “Nothing personal against you, or the other posters here born between 1946-63, but Boomers need to be made to pay the price for their hubris. They don’t get a ‘Get out of Dystopia Free’ card from the Grim Reaper.“

          A cursory review of history teaches that the price for negligent and catastrophic decisions is rarely paid by the generation who made them.

      • “If we take the widest and wisest view of a Cause, there is no such thing as a Lost Cause, because there is no such thing as a Gained Cause. We fight for lost causes because we know that our defeat and dismay may be the preface to our successors’ victory, though that victory itself will be temporary; we fight rather to keep something alive than in the expectation that it will triumph.”

        —T.S. Eliot

    • Won’t help whites in the least if they aren’t organized and willing to fight. Right now whites aren’t willing fight and they aren’t organized. IOW we will be butchered.

      Look what made whites successful was our leaders and men being hard asses and smart. Today’s white guy is more concerned about his $100,000 truck with heated seats and wifi and “muh 401k”.

      Here’s the thing, in a collapse, the groups that are the most organized and ruthless will end up on top. And that is not the whites but the Mexicans and Asians.

      To be honest we’d stand a better chance if we go the “Unintended Consequences” route of giving the business to select members of the elite, banking, media, business, etc. And break their control over the country now.

      Trying to rebuild from smoldering rubble is not a option.

      • “Trying to rebuild from smoldering rubble is not an option.”

        And certainly not a very predictable one.

        • @Ep
          And certainly not a very predictable one…
          But it seems everyone is choosing that option by not building Communities now to weather the storm even on here which is worse because we have the knowledge of what’s going on and what will happen but seem to lack the wisdom to put a plan into action…

      • @Rod
        Amen Brother so what moves are you making in the direction of whites organizing…You know my plan and where I’m at so are you doing that too in your area of SoCal…

        • Can;t do much anymore since I’m disabled to a large degree and my town is mostly Mexican My plan is to go to Utan when SHTF. Most of the remaining whites in the High Desert are a mix sheriff deputies, blue collars in the trades and services. All of them I can guarantee you have had lots of negative experience with brown skins.

          The whites in the more rural areas will shoot the orcs if they come looking for trouble.

          From I do know from other family members, the LA Sheriffs and the LAPD will probably bolt if something really bad happens. Then know full well how badly they are hated by the Orcs and how outnumbered they are.

      • Rebuilding from smoldering rubble is a fine option, IF you’re the group that ends up in charge of that smoldering rubble.

        It would not be hard at all for Whites to rebuild from material devastation, if they achieved political sovereignty.

        In this case, the burden of starting from scratch would be counter-balanced by no longer having to support a massive parasite-load or adhere to a self destructive value system.

        But for the reasons you mentioned earlier, Whites do not appear to be positioned to succeed and achieve sovereignty, either in the current environment, or some hypothetical collapse.

        The groups that are capable of acting like a team have the advantage in both scenarios.

        If Whites (or some sub-group of them) don’t get organized and start engaging in “identify politics” (working as a team) like other races, they’re headed for a bad ending, from which there won’t be any rebuilding at all.

        White Genocide is NOT a meme, or a case of exaggeration for effect. It’s coming.

        • Boy howdy, remember the Hittites, the engineers of the ancient world, like the Scots in the 1800s. Hatti also invented soft iron, then steel.

        • It will take centuries. Remember we don’t have the technical and manufacturing know-how of even 50 years ago. We cannot put a man on the Moon because we don’ know how. We off-shored all of our critical industries.for the most part. With went a lot of human knowledge which was lost.

          We don’t even make our own pharmaceuticals or vaccines. Most our electronics and clothes come from Asia. Same with light bulbs

          Worse most men don’t have any useful skills. No gas welding, blacksmithing, foundry work, leather work. Wood working, Basic understanding of electrical power generation and distribution, etc.

          Look modern society is built on a vast set of skills and expertise that cannot be easily replaced. Lose enough of them and we;’re back at 1812 real fast.

          • I don’t know what kind of collapse you are envisioning, but a lot of this knowledge still exists, it just hasn’t been passed on and distributed as widely as it should have been.

            I don’t agree with your vision at all.

            A lot of Whites who are doing utterly worthless things in the current economy could be trained to do useful things in the post-war economy. Our people can learn, no one has tried to teach them, they were intentionally prevented from learning useful things.

            Regardless, I would happily accept the calamity you describe, and 1000x worse, in order for us to regain control of our own destiny.

            The difficult process of building things back up would be psychologically rewarding because we’re actually doing it for ourselves, actually working for something meaningful.

      • The Mexicans/Central Americans aren’t that organized.

        I’d put my bet on the Chinese and maybe higher caste Indians.

      • White are organized. They are willing to fight. It’s just not for the same things you prefer.

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