A Summer World Tour

The custom in the independent media game is to do something to recognize milestones like anniversaries or certain show numbers. July not only marked the two year anniversary of this show, but gave us the 100th episode as well. I did not acknowledge the anniversary, as it fell on the holiday break. I also forgot all about it until I was putting this post together and looked it up. As far as this milestone, I could not think of anything special to do, so I just stuck with the normal program.

Showing up is the big challenge for this sort of venture. Most podcasters and vloggers start strong, but after a few months start missing shows, posting late and eventually quit before their first year. The same is true of bloggers. In some cases the grind of sticking to a schedule is the issue, but for others it is simply that they run out of material. They also get disappointed by not becoming a star right away. Once the novelty wears off, they start to lose interest and eventually quit doing it.

That’s the trick though. When I started the blog, I had no idea what I wanted to do with it, so I tried a bunch of different things and kept at it until I found a style and process that I enjoyed. That took about a year. Then I noticed the audience starting to tick up ever so slowly. I think it was late in year two that some people with big followings noticed me and started linking my posts. That brought lots of traffic and the site grew like a weed ever since. Showing up eventually pays off.

The same pattern has emerged with the podcast. I had done some interviews and people suggested I try doing a podcast. I had no idea how it worked or what I would do, so I just started doing stuff and figuring it out. Two years in and I’m still trying new stuff to both mix things up and to figure out what works for me. Episode one had a grand total of 300 listens. Now a show gets thousands of listens the first day. I have no way of knowing how many people listen via Google and Apple.

The point here, is if you are planning to do a blog, create a YouTube channel or some other type of on-line activity, sticking with it is the main challenge. Eventually you figure out what works for you and in the process you build an audience. That audience will tell you what works and what does not work. Eventually, the process becomes natural and something you enjoy doing every day, even on the bad days. For me, writing and podcasting is a shelter from the storm.

This week I have the usual variety of items in the now standard format. Spreaker has the full show. I am up on Google Play now, so the Android commies can take me along when out disrespecting the country. I am on iTunes, which means the Apple Nazis can listen to me on their Hitler phones. The anarchists can catch me on iHeart Radio. YouTube also has the full podcast. Of course, there is a download link below.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: Trouble In Persia (Link) (Link)
  • 12:00: Those Greeks, Again (Link) (Link)
  • 22:00: Good News From The Fatherland (Link) (Link)
  • 32:00: Boris The Lucky (Link) (Link)
  • 42:00: Dutch Clan Activity (Link)
  • 47:00: Lagos On The Cape (Link)
  • 52:00: African Imports (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing

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85 thoughts on “A Summer World Tour

  1. Never forget that Boris Johnson was part of the cabinet, headed by David Cameron, whose intelligence service set up the scheme to unseat the Trump candidacy.

    Remember Cameron himself (who was closer to Johnson than he ever was to May) publicly said that Trump was unfit to be President. I don’t have the slightest doubt that Johnson was aware of what was going on at the time. And I presume Trump knows it.

    Trump needs friends and so was publicly willing to hold his nose and associated with May, but Johnson might be different. Farage, for instance, hates his guts.

    The Conservative Party remain, at bottom, a bunch of Churchill creeps.

  2. Z.
    Catching up here; I politely take exception that Trump has been outmaneuvered by everyone in DC. For one thing he bloodlessly defeated the same coup that bought down Nixon (and Mossadegh among others) and avoided so far the ensuing Civil War. Trump doesn’t like Blood. Some here may disagree (like me). But his purpose has prevailed.

    Iran; it is perhaps difficult to understand for outsiders to governance and war the pressures the modern President must withstand to avoid war. In particular a Republican and especially Trump (who ah until this week was facing a coup and needed military support). Trump is holding off from war quite well.

    You belittle unjustly his success with North Korea.

    Of course the Wall is not built.
    This being of course major discontent. Justly from the citizen to our government, unjustly to Trump.

    Brings me to my main point;
    You greatly I believe overestimate the powers of any President ever, never mind the modern President with the entire government and elite in opposition. Indeed mutiny.

    Sir we have yet to have a true dictator President. Even FDR or Lincoln with wartime powers could not have worked the magic results desired by so many. In truth no election in my estimate will solve this, or all the elections. We prevailing would require either total capitulation by the Left – unlikely given their nature, size and fragmented composition – OR… we prevail through War.

    I don’t say we must fight because I thirst for my neighbors blood. I am resigned that its probably unavoidable. They can’t surrender, we don’t want to die by going extinct through replacement.

    Some of you may want to consider they may less want us dead as NEED us dead. That it’s their survival that’s on the line. That this isn’t about power or greed anymore – it’s about survival. The Left may need us dead just to survive our reckoning. They certainly behave as desperate men throwing all caution to the wind. We do NOT behave as if it’s a struggle to survive.

    It is always to the death when one side decides it is, whether the other wills this extreme or no. They want to live.

    Do the rest of you?

    • Scott Adams is so boring and mainstream. Seriously, if THAT bore is seen as an enemy of the state, then it’s time we all go to our local sporting goods store…buy a baseball bat…and just start beating everyone who isn’t us. Because otherwise we’re done for.

  3. David Frum (Atlantic, July 24): “Jews have been elevated to a special protected category [in the Trump administation]…This special exemption poses a moral quandary for communally concerned Jews quite unlike anything in our collective experience.”

    OK, we’re stealing that one. We’re “communally concerned Whites.” Downright heartwarming that is. Looking forward to seeing it in one of your future posts Z.

  4. Great show, Z.
    Isn’t it amazing how there are American cities WORSE than Cape Town? It’s hard to imagine that Detroit was once called the Paris of the West. Today it is just a giant run down black dystopia of crime and violence where white boys get beat to death over a fender bender.

    If our elites had any sense, the African population explosion wouldn’t be happening, because we wouldn’t be feeding them, and even if it were, would be entirely their problem. We wouldn’t need to “do” anything.

    I would forgive Trump if he had brought in the usual suspects like Bolton in the very beginning, but then replaced them later on. After all, his win was entirely unexpected and he needed to govern. But if he truly wants to make a difference, he must get rid of these people. I always wondered why he didn’t bring Buchanan in.

    Pulling out of the Iraq deal made a North Korean deal impossible. After all, if a new incoming president can just end deals made the previous administration all deals are inherently temporary. They have already been burned by later administrations in the past. They made a deal with Clinton and then Bush broke it. Let us hope Trump’s instincts remain good.

  5. Well, we appreciate what you’re doing. It can get pretty lonely for people who see what’s going on, but don’t have anybody around them who also see it.

    For Johnny-come-latelies to your site, some kind of “greatest hits” would be useful. You wouldn’t have to do it all at once. Heck, you could even make a placeholder post linking to a “classic” article on Saturday or Sunday when, it appears, you sometimes take a day off. (How do you create so much content, anyway?)

    Having once worked in “respectable” publishing, I know that publishers are desperate for anybody with any kind of name recognition or established audience. I don’t know what the numbers for dissident publishing look like, but I would be astounded if you pitched an anthology to Counter Currents, Arktos, etc. and they said no.

  6. I’ve been reading you since before the podcast began , and find you as entertaining and informative as ever. This blog and it’s growing number of commenters has become a forum for us to discuss events and their implications for our future. Thank you, Bravo, and most importantly, please keep it up.

  7. I wasn’t aware that the fundamental assumption regarding our evolutionary backstory— that all modern humans outside of Africa, are descended from a single group of people who left out of Africa many years ago— has been seriously questioned.

    I know there’s been some questioning regarding the chronology— was it 50,000 years ago, 60,000 years ago, or perhaps even much longer?

    And it’s clear that our ancestors weren’t the first proto-human or archaic-human group to escape Africa— Neanderthals and other groups preceded us, and there was some inter-breeding between Neanderthals and our homo sapien ancestors: many European people, myself included, possess a smattering of Neanderthal genes.

    But as far as I’m aware, the main narrative— that all people of non-African ancestry are descended from one small group of people who escaped Africa in the distant past, and went on to settle the rest of the planet— has not been seriously challenged.

    • That conclusion leads to unfortunate statements. A former British immigration officer told me that, yes, he was aware we all are descended from Somalis.

      • That’s amusing, but not accurate.

        Genetically, the largest gap dividing various human groups, is the gap between those whose ancestors left out of Africa ~ 50-60,000 years ago; and those— like present-day Somalis— whose ancestors remained in Africa.

        So no: we’re not descended from the Somalis. Rather, we and the Somalis occupy parallel branches on the evolutionary tree: we and the Somalis are both descended from the proto-humans who inhabited East Africa hundreds of thousands of years ago.

  8. Congratulations, TheZMan, on No. 100! You brought me over the great divide! Admiration to you for your grit, determination, sacrifice and self-discipline to stick with this and grow the Z Blog and Podcast. May the gods continue to grant you good health and wisdom.
    Many like me depend on your insights/incites to keep us propped up and moving ahead in perilous times.
    Many thanks and here’s to you reaching 200.

  9. Congrats Z-Man! I am so glad you do this podcast. Entertaining, informative, and you have a great broadcasting voice.

  10. Z Man, you complained about Trump getting bogged down in endless distractions. I guess you forgot that he has been working hard to free a rapper from captivity in Sweden. What could be more important than that?

  11. Glad you stuck it out!
    You deserve every bit of the recognition you’ve received.
    Keep up the good work.

  12. The Mueller hearing showed that Trump conspired with Russia.

    If you support this treason you are a traitor

    • Idiot. What Mueller made plain to everyone with an IQ greater than room temp(which leaves you out)is that this country is ruled by incompetent, lying, corrupt morons.

    • Hooray! I thought some Nazi Kleagle in a hood at Charlottesville had run you over, then backed the car over you a few times to make sure, all while burning a flag of Israel and screeching that homosexuals are an abomination- before firing his assault .22 at the peaceful chanting rainbow crowd and blowing out their candles.

      Heather is alive, and has transitioned into Tiny Kevin!

    • This kind of trolling is either simple emotional masturbation or a gross misallocation of trolling capital. On a broad spectrum forum like Twitter this kind of Louise Mensching might (((trick))) a normie or two, but to waste time tossing this wet kleenex take around here is simply a waste of good cuck-bux. Know your audience, troll, or enjoy the fap.

      • It’s always nice to have TD around, to remind us that we live in a culture where people regurgitate whatever pablum they are told that aligns with their feeeeeelings. A lot of us grew out of that at, say, 3rd grade?

    • @Kevin Knox. What!? Albert Einstein said: “Anyone who doesn’t take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either.” Here’s my advice to everyone one this website. The ideologically bound aren’t interested in the facts, just pushing the narrative. Politically Correct, Postmodernist indoctrination has warped their perceptions completely and for good. They are simply not capable of distinguishing the difference between their doctrinaire fantasies from straightforward reality. It is an absolute waste of our precious time and energy to try and reason with these kinds of people. In fact, they love it when you try, so they can scream at you and spit in your face. Confrontation gives them a thrill. So just stop, turn away, and let the heathen rage. Here is a short Youtube vid I’ve posted before. KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov’s warning to America. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bX3EZCVj2XA Now remember, this was back in the 1980s.

  13. Since it’s the World Tour, a thought about South Africa:

    If the Democrats want to import voters, how about the Boer?
    De Beers has noted that they vote reliably Left.

    (vxxc left some good stuff at yesterday’s tail end.
    One memorable title: Sailor’s
    “The Scramble for America”

    Plus, hearty applause to Lars Emilsson’s reply.)

  14. Most people cannot compose a post worth reading.

    Far fewer could put together a single podcast.

    But to do it day after day?

    That’s what happens when gifts are combined with gumption, you magnificent bastard.

  15. I remember the old “assimilation” story well, My parents would introduce the kids to new people at church who escaped from wherever and couldn’t be more grateful. Their best friends were Armenians whose families got out of Turkey in the nick of time. My school Guidance Counselor literally ran out of Hungary when the Soviets invaded. All assimilated with gratitude,

    Now I’m supposed to assimilate to weird strangers who can’t stop bitching about me and the U.S. I can’t imagine a better way to generate resentment towards immigrants and eventually get the borders closed.

    • Drake. You touch on a point I’ve pondered upon before. Prior to the last few decades, I too ran into the occasional immigrant, usually with the same story of fleeing an oppressive situation. And it was always in the context of a success story. Made everyone feel good about themselves. Lots of Christian churches would adopt them like pets.

      So I asked myself, why all the problems now? My conclusion is that in those times, wholesale admittance of any and all was not de rigor, and numbers were limited. Also there was a selection bias wrt the level of immigrant—higher education, more motivation/skills and less ties back to the “old” country.

      Once you admit folks with no ability/skill to succeed in a 1st world country (heck, they couldn’t succeed in their third world country) and then admit a sizable number of them. They naturally form a grouping and ghetto(ize). Even “dropping them off” around the country does no good, as they are allowed to freely relocate. At that point, it’s pretty much game over and we have an alien society within/undermining a host society such as Z-man noted in today’s podcast.

  16. Unlike the American Centennial, which marked the downfall of America 1.0, the Z-blog Centennial marks major progress toward a future summit.

    I first encountered Z on KMG’s “Grace & Steele” when I was falling from neocon grace. His third position between what would later be called the Alt-Lite and the Anglin/Spencer Right has turned out to be a pretty comfortable ideological and cultural space, and I plan to stick around. Thanks for opening that gate, Z. Your dependabity in both the schedule and quality of your posting shows a balance of talent, audience appreciation and work ethic that only a White man can bring to the table Sorry/not sorry to Chosen and Han grinders, but this White synergy beats your single-digit IQ advantage every time – consult the scoreboard of history.

    Your example will inform and inspire my own future efforts. We’re all part of a web that stretches from points between “here there be Stormers” and “here there be Shapiros.” It would be an honor to be a node for a few more based Whites to follow back to here.

    Thank you, sir.

  17. Big thanks and congrats! Not sure how I stumbled upon the Z-Man but glad that I did. Z fills the niche between Sailer’s Boomer Debate Team – which keeps hoping to convince David Brooks types to lay off the white goys – and Vox Day’s Countdown to Armageddon.

    This is where dissidents are trying to figure out what to actually do on the ground day to day. That’s what we need most and Z – and the commentators – are doing more than any other site to work that out. Big thanks to all.

    • Agreed, but can’t help but to notice that the commenters here are in many respects more vocal/strident/advanced wrt to certain core dissident issues concerning race and HBD than our host. Heretofore, I’ve given the benefit of the doubt wrt such reticence to perhaps a (wise) strategy in keeping a lowered profile in the heavily censored blogosphere. Perhaps our host would comment.

      • Just a guess, but I’d suspect Z wants us focused on recruitment (and he’s right). Recruiting normies takes a gentle hand. They can only handle so much as a time.

        That’s why Sailer remains a very important figure. He may frustrate many of us (myself included) with his unwillingness to move forward, but he’s great for getting normies to start thinking our issues.

        We should all try to remember where our brains were five, ten or even 20 years ago. We likely weren’t ready for a full on dosage of race reality and its political and cultural implications. Z knows that.

      • It’s funny, but I never think about pulling punches or self-censoring. I’m a cold hearted race realist, but when presented in a reasonable way, these observations and the arguments that rise from them sound quite reasonable. That’s because they are reasonable.

        • I accept that and am reassured. I suspect that my concern/puzzlement stems from often reading blog comments here that seem easily answered in the context of HBD knowledge, but that is not as often brought up as I would expect.

          This site’s popularity is growing and I’m seeing new posters every day. I’m not sure (as Citizen sagely noted) if such understanding is equally shared/understood among your followers. However, as I believe Jared Taylor noted a while back on one of his podcasts, the essential communality across dissident right factions is an underlining understanding and acceptance of race differences and HBD science.

          I also understand that you must be your own man to make this blog a success. 😉

        • Like many who discover the truth about race, I’ve become far more sympathetic and understanding toward other groups, particularly blacks, i.e. race realism actually lowers your antipathy toward other groups rather than increases it.

          Once you understand that blacks are being asked to do something which they are genetically unable to do – be white – you realize the futility and cruelty of it. The same is true of asking white kids to grind all day on their homework like NE Asian kids.

          Of course, understanding the truth about race also means you can’t avoid reaching the conclusion that people are happiest and societies run best when we live among our own and are ruled by our own.

          I may be more sympathetic towards blacks, but I’m even more determined to avoid them.

          • Excellent! Well thought-out, Citizen. “I may be more sympathetic towards blacks, but I’m even more determined to avoid them.” Wish I could be as magnanimous as you. After what I’ve experienced and witnessed, grrrrrrrrrrrrr, I just want to be left alone.

          • Oh yea. Blacks are dangerous, really dangerous. But so are certain types of snakes, bears, sharks, etc. Just because I don’t hate grizzly bears doesn’t mean I want to be close to one. I also don’t want any of those animals – any of them – in my neighborhood or near my children.

            I would gladly wipe out a bear population to keep my people safe. I would feel a little bad about having to do it, but I wouldn’t think twice about doing it and wouldn’t regret doing for a minute.

          • “Oh yea. Blacks are dangerous, really dangerous.” LOL. Just reminds me how funny something like Saturday Night Live could be if they were truly subversive, like it and the whole comedy world thinks of itself as. They’re about as subversive to the establishment as a Denny’s menu.

          • I don’t hate blacks but I sure don’t want any of them to live near me or deal with them. I learned in high school exactly how violent and unpredictable blacks are.

            Race riots tend to open ones eyes.

            As for the rest I agree with it. It is indeed foolish to ask white kids to duplicate NE Asian study habits. We didn’t need to do that to get to the Moon or invent more of the technology we use today.

          • I wasn’t implying whites weren’t as smart as NE Asians, just making a point that while blacks can’t be white neither can whites be Asian, nor would we or blacks want to be. As Z notes, blacks are very happy being black and don’t really like living around whites much. (Though they do like our stuff.)

            My guess on the white-Asian brain question is that NE Asians seem to have a bit of an average edge in math and a definite edge in willingness to work longer hours. However, whites are better at letting their minds wander and challenge the dictates of the time. It’s cliche but seems to be true.

          • A friend of one of my sons has shared some memos the local medicos are sending around to warn doctors and hospitals to be prepared for serious injuries tomorrow night, due to some huge rap concert in one North Dallas suburban city nearby. The concert “stars” have known gang ties, drug convictions, etc. It will draw every Negro for at least 50 miles – and I guarantee the cops are NOT giving a heads up to the residents so they could stay home and keep their teens safe. I also expect any resulting mayhem to be buried by local news.

            Avoidance – and vigilance – is indeed the best strategy.

      • I’ve always been impressed and grateful to Z for his willingness to allow unpopular comments, expressed in civil language, which certainly hurt the broader appeal of his site. He’s a prince. And we party at his house when he’s overseas.

        • The last party at Z’s, I arrived with the western contingent on party horses and mules with those large mesh turd catchers attached to their rump ends. Didn’t work very well, did it. Scared the crap out of Z’s cat, too. What a sweet cat; talks a lot for a guy. Boy, did we have a time cleaning up!

    • I stumbled upon him the one and only time that instapundit linked to him before he discovered the Zman was a bad thinker. So glad I clicked on the link

    • My initial thought was the British navy was going to be the lure. The Brits would provoke an attack and then Trump would come to the rescue of the Brits. Now, I think maybe it is just incompetence.

      • The idea that two Brit ships could both “accidentally” stray into Iranian waters is dubious even if you account for the tragic state of the Royal Navy. Regardless, the de-Anlicizing and outright dismantling of the British Navy is a perfect microcosm of the selling of Western tradition by the pound by feeble-souled grifters who aren’t fit to lick, much less stand in, the boots of their ancestors.

        • Which gets back to Trump wrt the EU countries actually pulling their own weight in defense expenditures. Unfortunately, as with many other Trump initiatives, this too seems a flash in the pan. When even Britain is too feeble to deter a weak navy such as fielded by Iran, then you know we are in trouble. The EU is nothing more than a liability for us.

          • Germany has no functioning military and this is well documented.

            Neither does Austria, Denmark,Sweden or Norway.

            They are paper forces with no self-defense capability.

            Britain has been so busy downsizing it’s military and spending what funds they do have on worthless high tech weapons like nuke subs they no longer have the ability to project force or deploy more than a Army brigade.

            We saw the war on Libya by Europe that they could not prosecute the war without American help. They are that weak.

        • Cargo ship routing, used by traffic management, showed British ships sailing in and out of the Gulf of Hormuz, unmolested, completely routine.

          Somebody is trying hard to stir up some trouble.

          • After the interdiction of the Iranian tanker for ostensibly breaking the Syrian oil blockade, I have no problem believing Iran would retaliate. I don’t see what American interest is served by blockading either Syria or Iran at this point. To the extent even a fully-nuclear Iran would be a geostrategic threat, it would be to Europe, which at least continentally seems uninterested at best in saber-rattling with Iran. Geostrategically, Israel, the most obviously threatened nation, is much less significant than they would have us believe. Absent its Israeli baggage, Arab nations would be more amenable to American interests, not less, so the idea that Israel is a necessary counter inside the Arab world is a self-serving one on Israel’s part. I don’t support Israel’s downfall, but I would like to see them stand on their own after significant US disentanglement (not gonna happen, OFC).

            (((Somebody))) is pulling strings in DC through their puppet Bolton to see that the one country which is hell-bent on war with Iran gets its way (as usual).

          • Exile, I think the Arab states would be more “aligned” with American interests, rather than “amenable”. Not to be “that guy”, but I think the distinction is important. Nations align when their own self interests are served by the alignment, and part ways when their interests don’t align. Amenability is more a lefty thing, because it is all about feelings, and alignment/pure self-interest is more a righty thing, because it is all about hard-headed rationality. Trump and Boris are definitely hard-headed self-interest types (as is Xi).

          • Iran is fighting a nasty proxy war in Yemen against the House of Saud so no, the threat is to world oil prices. Iran nuked up and victorious means has costs 20-30 a gallon at least and you have to move to Chocalate City as the suburbs become unaffordable.The

            Russia and Iran are running out of money to pay their secret police so this is a survival issue for thgem. They also figure a diverse military can’t duplicate Reagan sinking the entire Iranian baby in 2 hours.

            Israel is a marginal sideshow. They don’t have oil.

          • “Found themselves in Iranian waters…”

            Marine GPS (high end) is accurate to within a few centimeters. Offshore platforms use one that is accurate to within a few millimeters.

            The cheap version of GPS that runs in a typically smart phone is accurate to within 15 feet.

          • The tracking of the ships looks like they simply got popped by the Iranians in international waters, assuming the hard turns on the GPS were done or directed by the Iranian boarding teams.

          • Not to mention, I assume, that modern navigation systems tie into steering and a path is steered via computer. One would have to manually screw things up. At least that’s how they do it in airlines.

    • Leaving the Iran thing aside, the size and/or capabilities of the Royal Navy is really not the issue. The real problem is attitude. No-one in their right mind would fight for Britain any more knowing that win, lose or draw, our own government will unleash the “war crimes” dogs on them when they return.

        • The navy is still pretty white as are all the armed forces but the people promoted to senior positions are all “sensitivity-trained”.

  18. Very well deserved congratulations, Z.

    Do you have any advice for aspiring podcasters, particularly as it relates to the equipment you need to get going and the steps needed to ensure the background audio isn’t a mess?

    • I started with this mic: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01D4HTIOY/

      I use Audacity, which is free and there are tons of how-to sites and video for it. In a few hours you can be a pro.

      Last year, I upgraded the mic to a Blue Yeti and upgraded the sound card on my PC. That made the sound quality better, but not too professional sounding. I think you can over do the professionalism side. Podcasts are suppose to informal.

      I record in my bedroom. Close the door and make sure the cat is fed, so he is not making noise. With Audacity, there is a feature to clean up background noise, so you just have to run that option and it cleans up the room noise pretty well.

  19. I don’t suppose you could give us any details about how you host your blog. I’ve been toying with the idea of starting one, and of course I have the obvious concerns about being doxxed, or DDoSed, and so on. (And sticking to a schedule. And not running out of material. But I can’t expect anyone else to help with those…).

    • My advice on blogging is to avoid the platforms like Blogger and WordPress. Got to Epik and register your domain and get a hosting plan. The $10/mo option is fine to get started. One of their customer service reps will help you set up WordPress on your site. That way, you are free from doxxing, shutdowns, DDodS and all that. The people running Epik and free speech and privacy zealots.

      As far as material, post something every day, even if it is just a couple of paragraphs. That way, you get better and you get into the habit of running a blog. If after a few months it is no longer fun, you’re out a hundred bucks and you learned something about yourself.

  20. Two years? I hadn’t even realized I’d been reading you that long! It seems like your first podcast was posted only a few months ago! I hadn’t realized your blog and podcast had snowballed into such popularity. A well deserved success!

    • Congrats on the podcast 100 Zman. You rocketed to the top of my favorite sites some time ago. Well done, Sir, Xer, Xir, or your Ppn of choice.

      Aside: You are a cad Mr. Bunny. I was frozen like a deer in the headlights. Couldn’t run. Couldn’t scream.

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