August Grab Bag

There are times when even the most cynical among us gets a little black pilled by what’s happening in the world. This week has been one of those times. The left-wing war on white people has gone from an indirect attack on whites, often using euphemisms, to an all-out, open call to get whitey. We now have a congressman demanding white people be registered in a government database. You can be sure someone will arrive at the idea of having us microchipped like we do with our dogs and cats.

We are in the middle of a White Fright. The same kooks, who were flooding the internet with claims of Russian election interference, are now sowing panic over a grand white conspiracy to do no one knows what. They are now competing with one another for who can conjure the most bizarre conspiracy theory. The similarities between now and the mood of France in the summer of 1789 are obvious. The Great Fear was a panic that gripped the peasantry, while the White Fright is gripping our rulers.

The depressing part of it is seeing the so-called conservatives grovel to these kooks and lunatics. Of course, Trump revealing to us once again that he has always been nothing more than a vainglorious bullshitter, who got lucky in 2016, only makes the mood much darker than it would be otherwise. If you are a white person, these are the worst of times, but life is struggle. Fair or foul, we are destined to live interesting lives and the government will be made aware of us. The Chinese scholars will get that.

The thing to keep in mind with all of this is the kooks are not working from a clever plot hatched by super-geniuses. The anti-whites are in a full panic because their handlers and leaders are in a full panic. They truly fear that they waited too long to slam the cage door shut and now it may be too late. The great vibrant future they imagined is not right around the corner. It is never going to happen. That’s what terrifies them. That’s why they are unleashing the rage heads and crackpots.

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This Week’s Show


  • 00:00: Opening
  • 02:00: Under Pressure
  • 12:00: Community Awareness (Link)
  • 22:00: Pet Talk (Link)
  • 32:00: Xirl Science (Link) (Link) (Link) (Link)
  • 42:00: Weaponized Migration (Link)
  • 47:00: Public-Private Tyranny (Link)
  • 57:00: Closing

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243 thoughts on “August Grab Bag

  1. Does anyone else hear how it’s going to go with Turkey?

    Turkey says: Either let any Turkish citizen in with no hassle, or we’ll send you all these migrants.

    EU says: OMG, don’t do that, we’ll give Turks VISA-free access.

    Turkey issues citizenship to all the migrants, and sends them on to the EU — perfectly within the terms of the agreement.

    • Deep State/Clinton Machine removed a problem. I’m guessing Trump “rules” with a Deep State gun to his head as well.

      America is dead.

    • Brings to mind what Zman said in this podcast about Google getting someone who stood up to them killed.

  2. The first order of business for any President since the New Deal has been to restore the Presidents control of the Executive Branch. A control that was ceded during the New Deal.
    Nixon attempted this and was deposed.

    Trump is attempting to do this without Civil War.

    In some ways Trump is like Stalin – he builds his support and advances slowly towards his goals. That’s a good thing by the way. Trump is fighting the same people Stalin fought – it takes time.

    • Zman – Keep Beating the Libertarians. These clowns need to be mocked till they go away and shut up. Especially, the “That’s not true libertarianism” Types.

  3. Z,

    You’ve turned me from being a fairly committed libertarian to being incredibly skeptical and mocking of libertarianism. But your comments about the Reason Magazine article and the property owner in Denver are fairly disappointing. It’s one thing for a community to band together and say “We don’t want X property used for Y purpose because it’s harmful to the community.” It’s entirely different for a community to say, “We like that you have done P with your property so much that we want to force you to continue doing P even though you would prefer to do Q with it and Q wouldn’t hurt us.” I’m hopeful this is just an instance of your aversion to libertarianism leading you astray.

  4. The argument that the property owner in Denver couldn’t sell to a chemical plant is specious. The property had been zoned for residential and shopping, an ordinary use. Claiming that the locals have a say in the sale is monstrous. You are saying that no one can plan their future because the collective has a say, after the fact. During zoning, yes. Not after.

    The activists are doing evil.

  5. @thezman. you’ve discussed the continual march toward zero personal privacy. The politicians have stopped pounding the podium and demanding that the peoples constitutional rights not be infringed apon. An Anarchist mob forms outside Mitch Mcconnell’s house making death threats and not much is done about it, except Mitch Mcconnell getting ban from his twitter account. The fact is that our leaders, despite their power, wealth and influence, are just as screwed up and brainwashed as everybody else. If there’s some super brilliant, ultra evil group of master manipulators out there pulling every string, they sure as hell don’t work in the U.S. Congress. The fact is,decadence goes from top to bottom. It’s everywhere like the air we breathe. I was born in 1953. And I’ve seen enormous changes in what’s acceptable behavioral. Every time this stuff goes by without real consequences, then that’s just one more step closer toward some seriously ugly crap in the future. And the fools are just getting started.

  6. Millions of illegals pouring in, and conservatives are “Meh” but “Red flags” laws have them worked up. LOL!

  7. If Zman wants to REMIND people that Trump isn’t Mr. Social Conservative I’m ok with that. But we need to remember that Trump got elected almost on HIS own. The R establishment was either neutral or Hostile. And since he’s gone to Washington almost NO ONE in the R party has helped him achieve his agenda. He’s a party of ONE. And he’s a NYC guy. He’s NOT a gun guy. He never pretended to be one. And he’s NOT going to bet his presidency on stopping the gun grabbers.

  8. Whenever you hear “white privilege,” “white supremacy,” or “white nationalist” from the mouths of political and media types what you should be hearing is “white nigger,” with all the shadings of irrational abject hated and lack of legal protections the term implies.

  9. There are a million ways cops can get your DNA if they already suspect you were involved in a crime. They can follow you and get your DNA quite easily. If you chuck a cigarette or throw away a bottle or even eat or drink in a restaurant, the police can get your DNA. Even fingerprints often contain DNA. A cop who wants your DNA can get it very easily once you are a suspect.
    What the cops are doing with the private DNA is better called “fishing” than investigating. They come in handy when there are no suspects, but the DNA of the offender is known. So if you rape some woman in another state and your sister did a DNA test from, they can find that relative connection. They would be able to convict you even if they never gave you a DNA test based on the fact that the sister DNA and the suspect DNA are siblings and have the same mother and father.

    • So if you rape some woman in another state and your sister did a DNA test from, they can find that relative connection. They would be able to convict you even if they never gave you a DNA test based on the fact that the sister DNA and the suspect DNA are siblings and have the same mother and father.

      Yes. That’s how they got the Golden State Killer.

      So even if you’re smart enough to not give Jewish businessmen your DNA and pay for the privilege too, they still have your number, if enough relatives do.

  10. @ thezman. You mention the rise of the authoritarian left preaching ” anti-knowledge” and demanding that everybody swallow it with a smile. Here, once again I’ll post a really great quotation from theodore dalrymple on this subject.

    “In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”

    I think I might have posted this artical before. I’m not sure. It’s from a website called “The Burning Platform.” Intitled: “The Age Of Anti-Knowledge.”

    Here’s an artical from a conservative website called “Public Discourse. Intitled : “Defactualization Is Causing American Schools to Become Bastions of Anti-Intellectualism.”

    • That’s the reason why despite changing views on subjects, I’ve always considered myself on the right: the left lives in this make-believe world and I don’t see how they can look at themselves in the mirror. On top of that, the real reason they hate us is for not playing along in their fantasy world, and calling them out on it.

  11. Ranting has temporary therapeutic value, and also the advantages of being convenient and cheap, but if it’s all you got, how valuable is it? Imagine being in a wartime foxhole with someone who can pitch a world-class bitch but can’t shoot worth a lick. All productive people have the trait of being persistent problem-solvers, and sometimes it’s worthwhile to follow a rant with a novel idea for a solution or perhaps dispense some relevant wisdom that may be applicable. If you really want to help your community, then actually offer some help.

  12. What would the Reason editors write if Tom’s Dinner had a “whites only” sign in the window and “armed men in costumes” was forcing this “hard-working entrepreneur” was trying to use his property rights to control who could enter his property?
    Well, this is how you know libertarians are just greedy leftists who hate paying taxes.

  13. I really enjoy how you don’t bother to try to pronounce unpronounceable names and just say something like ‘Mahmood Whatever.’ I find it hilarious and it cracks me up every single time

  14. If the great geniuses waging war against YT had allowed the Harpy to win in2008 they could have had Yeb until 2024 then had Obongo until 2032. They would have undramatically waltzed into victory.

    Accelerationism is a gift to us. Short-term black pills are long-term white one. They force our reluctant brethren out of their stupor and fantasies while we still have the numbers. 30% is all it will take.

  15. I am actually cheered by the recent gun debates. In the past, when Lefty started barking about gun control, conservatives would start trying reason and politely explain the flaws in Leftist anti-gun dogma. Then they’d politely lose like noble gentlemen when the laws were made.
    Recently however, that seems to have changed. When Lefty brings up gun control most conservatives reply with two words: “F*** you!” When Lefty gets mad and starts making threats, the response from the conservative base is “Bring it.”
    I know we aren’t supposed to incite violence and all that… but that is what Lefty is doing now – even as he tells you not to do it yourself. Obviously we need to be careful of what we say in the clear like this, so let me phrase it this way: the soap box has failed, the ballot box is failing… ya might want to stock up on cartridge boxes.

    • Here’s an argument which I never see made in gun debates. While not in practical circumstances a winning one, Because Obvious Reasons, it has the virtue of both being true, and also having the caustic clarity of an “Aaagh! There’s acid in my eyes!!!” moment…

      LEFTY: The Founding Fathers, in their original intent, never imagined the kinds of dangerous “assault rifles” and heavy weaponry we now have. Therefore, anything nastier than a front-loading musket must be banned, because it was not the Original Intent. Ha ha! Checkmate, racist Originalists!

      NEON NAZI: The Founding Fathers also never in their wildest dreams imagined large swarms of negroes owning firearms, the insane consequences of which, we observe Every F!cking Day. Therefore, if we are to talk about Common Sense Gun Control, the very statistics shout in our faces that the very first order of business should be, the complete disarming of negroes. It’s only common sense! Don’t you always say you love facts and reason? Per the Founders, guns should be owned by White men only. — Well, white “males” (viz. inclusive of boys) actually, because in normal healthy pre-modern circumstances it’s always been perfectly fine to entrust White teenagers and even little White boys with firearms as well. Unlike teenage negroes. QED.

    • Do yourself a favor: research various group attitudes on the 1st and 2nd Amendments. Especially migrant attitudes.

  16. If you do not have a rifle, get one. If you have one, get another.

    Keep it simple. You want something common, proven and reliable. The best rifle in the world is useless if you cannot hit what you are aiming at.

    Get to know your local range officer(s). Ask questions. They tend to know who is who and what is what, if you follow me. Volunteer your help. Hauling range trash to the dump one day a month will make you popular with the people who matter. It’s a small price to pay to help save Western Civilization.

    Gun stores, ranges, and gun shows: it is hard to imagine better places to make friends and influence people, where it really is OK to be white. But take it easy. Don’t shit where you eat. Ask questions. People love to talk about what they know and love. Avoid those who are overly eager or obviously insane. Ask more questions.

    Depending on the answers, maybe ask a leading question. Like, ever heard of the Z-Man? No, not the bait guy. The other Z-Man. I think you might like this guy…

    Then just have that QR handy, the one that will take them to one of those “Best Of” shows or the “From A to Z-Man Beginner’s Series” that the host and sole proprietor is putting together as I type, and it’s done.

    • Learn to sight-in a rifle with a .22, save yourself a ton of $ on ammo until you get it down. Great starter rifle in general, 4x scope, small game plinking. For home defense & bigger game, 12 gauge. Handguns are sexier and more useful in certain situations, but long guns will be more “anti-fragile” to gun control hysteria so long as we’re operating in Code White Alert America.

      • Yeah, the .22 rifle is a good idea – we only have .22 in a few revolvers and although I’m fairly accurate with a rifle using a red dot, my right forearm gets really tired and shaky holding weight for long periods. My shoulders, bis and tris are strong individually, and I do some forearm exercises, but I’m a thru-and-thru southpaw and my right forearm is not up to snuff. I’m thinking of buying a 12 lb bodybar to practice with at the gym (my son says just to practice with the rifle at home but there’s always something else to do and at least at the gym I know I’ll devote time to it).

      • Remus reckons the war will be won with Ruger 10/22’s and Mossburg 500’s
        good deals at bass pro this week $229 for the former and $399 for a dual barrel (shot and slug) for the latter.

        Cheaperthandirt is good for ammo

    • If you don’t have an ugly black rifle, I suppose you should get one. However, buying more than a couple might be less optimal than getting your next rifle as a bolt action in a military caliber. I have some with bolt actions and good, non-triggering, wood stocks. Remember one well aimed shot is worth a dozen rapid fire misses—unless of course we are talking about suppressive fire and other military maneuvers. But at that point, you probably will be using your black ugly rifle. Whether yours or one you picked up in the field—through use of your good, single action, hunting rifle. 😉

  17. Your argument on why the guy can’t sell his restaurant is the dumbest thing I’ve heard in months.

    He’s not selling to somebody building a chemical plant – he’s selling to a developer that wants to build an apartment building – which is something THE CITY WANTS.

    These very same “activists” are probably out the next weekend after they protested the guy wanting to sell his diner – walking around with signs DEMANDING “affordable housing”.

    These same kinds of idiots exist all over the place. In Somerville they went apeshit on a local property owner who had a tree on his property that was falling down. He tried to call in a tree company to take the tree down (he could get SUED if the tree fell and hurt somebody BTW) . But the protestors showed up and shut that down. So now he was stuck in a months long fight just to get a tree cut down. He eventually won – but it cost him a ton of money and months of fighting with the local leftie idiots. Now they are apparently trying to pass a local ordinance banning you from cutting down “significant trees” that exist on your property.

    Looking at this from the perspective of living in the suburbs – this is comical. If you want trees – what the hell are you doing living in the damn city? I have a 1/2 acre lot – and when I moved in – it had multiple trees on it. Now I have one. I cut most of them down – and only hired a tree company to cut down the two most massive which were simply beyond my ability to drop without hitting something. My next door neighbor was persistent in asking for me to cut down the massive pine tree in the front yard. She had a point – the thing would take out her house or mine depending on which way it fell. The willow tree in the backyard was dropping branches large enough to crush a car every time we got a severe thunderstorm with high winds.

    The other 12 trees were slightly smaller and I just cut them down myself. My neighbor was thankful for the firewood. Not a single person complained. There is only one “tree of significance” left on the property – and that is going to get cut down sooner rather than later as well. It drops random branches all over the place – and it’s right next to road and blocks the view from the driveway.

    Trees get old. Trees die. Sooner or later they NEED TO BE CUT DOWN.

    My father once reminded me that trees are really nothing more than very large weeds. Spend some time outside the concrete jungle – where green things actually grow – and you can see the truth of this right before your eyes every spring when all the green stuff goes crazy from the onslaught of plenty of rain and warm weather.

    But try telling that to a bunch of leftist collectivist turds who think they might own MY property, and who live in the city. If knew that Somerville property owner I would have told him to just randomly run out and cut a branch off the tree when nobody is paying attention. Then do it again – and again. Sooner or later they’ll just demand you take down the remaining trunk that is all hacked up.

    I would also tell that diner owner to hire himself an incompetent fry cook – and forget to clean the grease filters. Put off the retirement for a couple of years to make it less suspicious looking. He’s already gotten an offer on the building so he’s got a good number to give the insurance company for how much the property is worth. The “mid century” building is also likely a complete piece of crap to begin with – and will likely need to be torn down inside of 20 years anyway. What those activists are demanding is that the city take on the maintainence of what was always intended to be a temporary building. So they’re increasing your tax burden – that’s the ultimate end result of what they’re demanding.

    Seriously – why don’t you do a segment on where the libertarian touched you when you were a child? That would put some of these rants into a better perspective.

    • I don’t deal in absolutes, which is why I did not say he cannot sell his property. I said the community has an interest in how he uses and disposes of his property.

      This is why libertarianism is nonsense. It’s all black and white.

      • He’s not hurting anybody by selling to a developer who wants to build an apartment building. I read the article – the developer is doing something the CITY WANTS. Furthermore – they’re totally screwing over the guy who owns the diner – who said he’s 60 yrs old and wants to get out. The diner is his retirement fund. If he’s run the place for decades – then I can see why he wants out at 60 yrs old. Restauranting is a tough business.

        What’s the place worth if he has to sell as a “historical property” ? I’ll take a wild guess – and say probably half of the $4mil he’s apparently getting selling to the developer. Does the diner owner have debts he needs to pay back? He might – a lot of business owners do. Can he even sell it to another person who wants to put a restaurant there? He might not be able to. The building is more than 50 yrs old. The dipshit lefties just got it called a landmark – any potential restaurant owner with a brain in his head is likely going to run away from that deal at maximum velocity. So by making the place a “landmark” – it’s highly likely those a-hole “activists” are completely screwing the guy out of selling the business AT ALL.

        So they are completely screwing him out of having a retirement AT ALL.

        He’s not “harming the community” by selling his property. What he’s doing is taking away a place to get some pancakes and sausage from a bunch of locals – who likely have gone there for a long time. It’s also highly doubtful that said “activists” are willing to put their money where their mouth is – and buy the place from the guy so he can get out. They’ll try to stick whatever bills their effort entails onto the taxpayers (who are the “community” too by the way).

        This is why I posted the example of the Somerville tree. It’s the same thing. A bunch of “activists” who aren’t really doing shit for the community – they’re just stroking their own leftist egos.

        As I already said: If I was the diner owner I’d start looking for how to create a grease fire or electrical fire that doesn’t look suspicious. Just like how if that Somerville tree was on my property – I’d go out in the middle of the night and cut the damn thing down myself.

        People like the ones in Denver don’t “save” anything. What they really do is destroy the community – because they’re just out to save their own version of paradise at the expense of everybody else. Once everybody else figures that out – they’ll do whatever they can to get out from under. Even if that includes burning their property for the insurance money.

        And this whole thing is just yet another little tell of why I think that what’s going on HERE is just a bunch of leftist twats who are upset that the darkies have horned in on their effort at a socialist paradise.

        Just like Men in Black – the aliens can’t keep the disguise up forever.

        • It’s not about his property rights. The point of the segment is that property rights don’t trump community. They can’t as you cannot have property without society. That means there will be times when you don’t get to sell your restaurant to a developer.

          • Succinct and true. But my husband would side with Carlsdad, though our older son and I have argued this point with him repeatedly. When you find what it takes to convince the doubters here, I’ll try it on my spouse. He usually comes around to my view, but a number of years after when I’m even further right. Love him anyhow but it’s frustrating beyond belief.

          • That’s probably because your spouse had to pay for and maintain said property – while the “community” that wants to have a say in the matter – hasn’t done shit.

            Look – I get the community vs property argument. If I’m running a tire burning operation in the backyard of my suburban home – then obviously I’m screwing over the “community”. But there is a line somewhere between where the community gets a say – and the property owner gets to say “fuck off”.

            Property rights used to almost sacred in this country. Since the turn to leftist progressivism they have been slowly and surely whittled away. I am of the opinion that the vast majority of the population is almost irreedably mentally corrupted on this issue. Zman obviously is – as he is arguing that a guy who has busted his ass for the community for a few decades – should get the shaft when he has finally reached the point where he wants to check out.

            You see this is why I just keep saying: it’s plain as day to me that a good many of the people on this site are just lefties. They talk a good game – but they’re clear examples of something I heard somewhere recently:

            “Put pressure on somebody, or make them tired – and their true nature comes out”

            Zman admits he is tired – and then starts off arguing just like some rabid Cambridge MA leftie about how property rights don’t matter. And again – because it bears repeating : the diner owner isn’t selling to some migrant who wants to burn tires on the lot. He wants to sell to a developer – who wants to build housing – which is something THE CITY WANTS.

            You want to talk about community? Well then lets talk about young people who can’t find a freaking place to live – because lefties are playing games and stopping more housing from being built (scarcity drives up prices). Which do you need more – greasy diner pancakes – or a freaking place to live?

            If I was the diner owner – I’d go behind the lunatics backs and go talk to some city council members about how the loons are screwing them out of a higher tax base. You can bet the effort to get the old crappy building declared a “landmark” would get shut down quickly and quietly after that.

            Sounds to me like some of the city council are pretty clear on what’s really going on here:

            ” “It’s really just essentially a taking of their property rights,” Councilmember Kendra Black said of a potential landmark designation.”

            Welcome to commie land. Where your property rights don’t matter kulak.

          • LOL.

            Sleeping man bolts upright and screams:


            and then falls back to sleep

            Seriously – show me on the doll where the libertarian touched you when you were a child.

            Every single time I’ve ever run across a person yelling and screaming about libertarians – it’s ALWAYS been a leftie.

          • You certainly communicate more effectively than the Z-man. If it is a contest of applying principles to facts, you, almost always, outclass him.

            Perhaps his jejune, cartoonish loathing of libertarianism stems from the trauma of a libertarian who purloined his girl back in the day.

          • ZMan is engaging in a straw man argument in this case (perhaps unintentionally). The community’s interest in the use of the property is expressed via zoning codes, which are enacted by a democratically elected local government. The preservationists are zealots seeking to impose their own views onto and against the majority of the community.

          • Here’s an idea: if the community feels so strongly about their interest in the guy’s property, then just let the city treasury buy the guy’s property at the same asking price he was going to get from the developer. The guy has articulated his very good personal reasons for wanting to sell his property, and the community has articulated what it believes are the community’s interests in leaving the place as is. So, put up or shut up.

            We know what the market has said the property is worth, and we know what the cultural/societal value the community claims they place on it. The rational or just thing for the community to do is acknowledge that their cultural interest is equivalent to the $$$ value on offer. If the community does not feel strongly enough about the issue to pay the guy his market-established asking price (viz. he already has an offer, so he’s neither price-gouging nor making zany demands), then that is an indicator that the community is bluffing.

            It really has nothing to do with libertarianism, there is a very simple way here to determine who is full of sh!t.

          • In some places courts have ruled that such designation is a taking and the owner must be compensated. Can’t cite details offhand

          • Excellent response.

            I agree completely.

            To paraphrase what the city council member said: “they’re just trying to screw him out of his property”.

          • Z, I get your point and agree. But the example you cite is too weak to carry your point.

            We have a community in Denver. That community has established a variety of overlapping and sophisticated mechanisms to confront these issues in advance.

            That is why there are extensive zoning laws, regulatory processes, enforcement, review, and appeals processes regarding existing property stock and future development.

            City panning and zoning exists to adjudicate the private property vs public interests issues by gathering public opinion from the stakeholders in the community and creating a somewhat rigid framework in which development decisions can have some measure of efficiency, predictability, transparency, and legal founding.

            These are essential in preserving private property rights but also in creating a market that maintains incentives for the desired the pro-community development – while also preserving those things in the public interest like historical sites, parks, open space, infrastructure, and other cultural and civic assets.

            The public interest is vested in that plan, the process, and its mechanisms. Ie it has already been established in the determination of the city zoning ordinances, master plan, variances, special situations, and the administrative process.

            Your point is taken. But it gets slippery when the origins of ‘public interest’ are dubious; when the mechanisms of exerting public powers over that property are subject to tyrannical and/or selective enforcement; when the ‘diversity’ of public interests become a labyrinth of bureaucratic and often self-contradictory policies; and where lawfare unduly encumbers property with cost-and -time-prohibitive measures in order to exercise rights and enjoyment of property.

            The case you cite is a tyranny of the few. It has nothing to do with the actual site, but instead is the misplaced targeting of a growing anti-development sentiment and a corrupt city administration that has created that sentiment by all matters of abuses, bribes, planning shenanigans, and general dereliction of preserving the best interests of the public.

            The historic designation is being weaponized to limit development. Just as eminent domain has been subject to increasing abuses to justify private enterprise development.

            This all in a city that has been regularly bulldozing turn of the century homes and buildings to make way for modern vertical higher density developments of questionable design and even more questionable quality.

            My neighborhood has seen numerous buildings go up that have done nothing but increase density, stress infrastructure, and turn sidewalk and pedestrian areas into dead zones.

            Im not anti-development. I have been a developer. I am, however, against a using ‘the best interest of the community’ as an anvil to selectively hammer out agendas.

            There is a process in place where we can voice, vote, and codify our interests. Use it. Post facto encumbrances are not pro-community and will eventually do much more harm than supposed good.

        • Calsdad;
          One small correction. No Insurance Company in the US will write a check to the owner of a burned down restaurant. What they will do is write a check to the contractor who rebuilds that restaurant. I owned a restaurant for over 20 years. My insurance agent whom I was friends with would listen to me b**** about expenses and lack of profits and then would look over his glasses at me and smile and say “Don’t even think about it. There’s an old saying in the insurance industry-“All restaurants eventually burn.”
          Burning down your restaurant will get you your retirement but it will probably be in a prison cell.

          • Well that makes sense.

            There’s nothing preventing the guy from taking a bulldozer to the restaurant though and leaving behind a pile of rubble – and therefore subverting their entire agenda.

            If he does it before they declare it “historic” – I’d bet there’s not a damn thing they can do about it.

            “Why did you knock your restaurant down”

            “Because it’s mine and I wanted to – now bugger off”

      • Libertarians are systemizers in the worst sense of the word. It goes hand-in-hand with the MBTI scale NT-type “autism” so common in their ranks. Rather than relying on trusting the ambiguous feelings and uncertain goodwill of your fellow man, you pull out the rulebook and the dictionary and start lecturing.

        There is a place for NT’s in society (take it from an ENTP), but they have to be tempered with S-type concrete reality above ideas people and F type people above ideas and things people, or you get a society of crooked lawyers gaming policies made by crooked gamers.

      • But is not the city’s interest defined through zoning? And if he wishes to sell to a legal buyer, why does the city care if the zoning is in place to retain what the city defines as an acceptable (for the community) use?

        Here’s what usually happens, and to the effect a State law here is now in effect to ameliorate. Person A sells or wishes to sell to person B his property. Person B wishes to use the property for a specific use—not prohibited by current code. Residents hear of this and protest to city officials who rezone the property to prevent the intended use. The sale falls through and person A or person B has a reduced value of his property.

        Now if the city wanted his property for a school or a road right-of-way, they’d need to assess the fair market value and pay him for his property at that amount. But in many cases, that’s not what happens. As above, this is confiscation (value lost) without compensation. Why should the community benefit at the owners expense? This is not Libertarianism run amuck, this is simply theft via the democratic process.

        We had a similar problem awhile back, even with the City’s use of confiscation for a public use. A parcel of land was needed for an improved right-hand turn lane. The smallish parcel was valued at x-dollars (so far, so good). The plans called for 2/3’s of the parcel to be used for the turn lane. So the City paid 2/3’s of the value and re-plated the parcel—2/3’s for the city, 1/3 to remain with the private owner. So what’s the problem? The new private plating produced a parcel of land that is undevelopable for *any* zoned purpose allowed! In short, the community as you put it stole 1/3 the fair value of the owners property. This happens all the time.

        • In most law schools the first semester class in real property includes a study of case law surrounding disputes relating to hog farms, mostly in Iowa. The cases are used to teach the difference between the doctrine of “coming to the nuisance” in which suburban growth encroaches on an existing hog farm and the doctrine of creating a nuisance, in which someone builds a hog farm amongst established neighbors.

          The stench of a large hog operation is simply overwhelming. If you’ve never been near one it’s hard to comprehend.

      • In America, the community’s interest in the use of property is actualized via zoning regimes. The proposed construction on the site comported with the local zoning regulations. The reality on the ground is that “Historic preservation” schemes are legalistic subterfuge of the community’s standards by zealous nut jobs.

    • Here’s a local story on the controversy. It’s worthwhile to click through to the twitter feed to catch the interview with hideously ugly box wine auntie activist wearing cat glasses.

      There are six other restaurant buildings identical to his in Denver. One is within a couple miles of this one. To my eye, the building is more of an eyesore than a landmark. It is of no historical value whatsoever.

      The building is on East Colfax in the Capitol Hill area of Denver. This area used to be extremely seedy, but has gentrifed significantly in the past 20 years and is now full of gays, hipsters, and aging single, lefty losers like the box wine auntie. If Putin decided to drop a tactical nuke in the center of the neighborhood I would applaud the decision.

    • Put a bunch of copper nails in that tree some night, and it would soon be dead. Then it would need to be taken down.

      • Dig holes to expose underground roots. Cut them with chain saw. Drill holes on portion of root still connected to tree. Fill holes in root with Roundup. Fill in hole. Plant grass. Tree will be dead within six months with no visible evidence as to what caused death.

        I have never done this to my a**hole neighbor’s cottonwood trees.

    • My problem with this segment of the podcast was that it was easy to pitch the bitch, but no mental effort was expended offering a fair or viable solution as mitigation for the community interest. That’s lazy thinking IMO and me thinks the tune would change if it was his ox being gored. If it was that damn important to the neighbors, let them organize and offer the seller a settlement that keeps him whole.

  18. “because it denies animals the right of self-determination…”

    Now, I like animals and I dont like animal cruelty. But now I’m climbing walls….

    “God I hate the 20th century…”
    Gen. George Patton

    God I do hate the 21st far more…

    • Yes, those people are nuts. But although my dog most likely doesn’t worry whether time is objective or subjective, I can’t be convinced he has no sense of time. Of course, his is not a human conception, but nevertheless he has an exquisite understanding of mealtime and not only when he’s hungry. His meals are timed because of his medication. He may refuse his food when provided, but still have stared us down for his meal at the appointed time. He has a limited vocabulary, but he knows the word “bed” and has glanced at the clock when the word is mentioned, because he knows we do it. Usually, he tells us when the time has arrived by his body positioning and intense stare. He is also empathetic. He reacts to human emotional upset by sitting very close and bestowing a gentle lick. His overall personality is more on the feisty side, so he definitely detects a shift in human mood and responds. When he wants something, he taps a leg with his paw. He really is an excellent communicator (for a dog). You can call it instinct if you want, but how can we really know with certainty what he’s experiencing cognitively?
      “[C.S. Lewis] writes, ‘atheists naturally regard the co-existence of man and animals as a mere contingent result of interacting biological facts; and the taming of an animal by a man as a purely arbitrary interference of one species with another … the tame animal is an artificial or unnatural thing.’ In other words, atheists’ view is highly reductionist…And just as God entered history as a Man to redeem mankind from our fallen state, mankind can serve a similar (albeit lesser) function for the wild animals. Lewis writes that we see this when we domesticate animals for they seem to gain a personality as they relate to us (indeed, this can be seen with wild dogs and feral cats).”

      • I love animals and I absolutely hate sadism against them. I also agree w you that a lot of stuff goes on inside an animal mind. Dogs learn and they are smart.

        But the end of this road is that all hunting, all pets, all circus animals, all zoos, all non-veggie food, will have to be banned. It’s a sick sort of empathizing w everything and busybody bossing everyone’s behavior in every small detail. It is pathological pseudo-empathy w everything except dumb white guys.

        And at some point, the anti-hunting fanatics will link up w the gun grabbers. B/c outside the US, hunting is the only reason ppl are allowed to store state owned (ie registered) fire arms at home. So remove the right to hunt…no guns for anyone who doesnt carry a government badge (or POCs who dont care about the law). In the next two years I expect gun grabbers to work the anti-hunting angle.

          • You have to euthanize her for her own good of course…Which is what they do to a lot of animals that they “save”…

          • PETA is pretty extreme, right enough. But to be fair, here’s the conclusion of their chapter on pets:

            Contrary to myth, PETA does not want to confiscate animals who are well cared for and “set them free.” What we want is for the population of dogs and cats to be reduced through spaying and neutering and for people to adopt animals (preferably two so that they can keep each other company when their human companions aren’t home) from pounds or animal shelters—never from pet shops or breeders—thereby reducing suffering in the world.

            That’s reasonable enough.

          • Hope your being sarcastic because look at what you just posted from them…No more pets in the long run…Come on, its what they want for white people also…Don’t be suck in look at what they are really saying…If you need further explanation of it I will break it down for you…

          • You can attack any statement, in itself not objectionable, by saying the author doesn’t “really” mean it, it’s just a smokescreen for wanting the opposite “in the long run.”

            Now I’m not here to support PETA. From what I’ve read, this crew includes some real loonies. But it’s not fair to take what they say as prima facie evidence that they intend something else. I could just as well claim that your comment shows you are secretly a PETA operative.

        • One needs to be careful wrt awarding animals human-like rights. The attempt to elevate animals to human status leads to all sorts of pernicious behaviors. It is a logical end point of Leftist progressivism and will lead to no good. I won’t belabor the point, just saying that you can like animals and learn a lot from them. But in the end, Man must have dominion.

          • “Wherever there is animal worship, there is human sacrifice.” G. K. Chesterton
            A prime example is bio-ethicist Peter Singer, a proponent of both animal equality and post-birth abortion.

    • Again I must mention Covington – in his not-so-distant POC future, one must be licensed to be an “animal companion” – and such licenses are only grudgingly and stingily granted.

  19. Notice the difference between what happens when a Moslem shoots up place or drives over someone and when a white person does it…Then think of who is gaining ground and who is losing ground…When you let someone else control your narrative then you will forced to defend yourself constantly instead of being on the offensive… Something to think about…

    • Education, news and entertainment go hand-in-hand with this, and we need to take a hard look at the “marketplace of ideas” to mitigate hostile alien influencers poisioning the wellsprings that are upstream of both culture and politics. I’m leaning toward public, government-sponsored media and entertainment which is subject to strong local public oversight and standards (ala elected school boards) as a counterbalance to private media and news and prohibition of foreign ownership/control over any media/entertainment business (or for that matter, probably any business in core or core-adjacent White areas in my apartheid state). As for education, pretty much the same approach – private education available, state education as the norm, directed by the parents themselves, no foreigners, no anti-social content. Communities should be able to censor with a heavier hand than more central authorities, in the practical way we handled things before the Warren Court and its successors, giving protection to political speech and barring obsenity rather than the bizarre anti-American opposite approach we take now.

      • Exile:
        Re: state education cited by you above:
        NO.NO. NO.
        I don’t know much, but education is something I do know about.
        Anything “new” and run by us, from an “education of our children” perspective, will best serve the communities via total freedom of association.
        Letting the state handle education is partially how we got into this big mess.
        For example: from below age 5, children are required to be at home with their mother and father, where the mother takes on basic teaching duties for the first 5 years.
        After ages 5 onwards, local communities of preference will naturally develop, based on the more individual values of families.
        I could write much much more, but am currently on a VERY tiny keyboard.
        But remember: “Just Say No” to any type of state-sponsored education!!

    • Not even that. Look what happens when a hate hoax is perpetrated (like the woman in TX who said that a white man in a hoodie shot her kid.) Like Covington and every other hate hoax, both the left and “right” were falling over themselves to support her. When she was exposed as a fraud the story disappeared. And that was the end of that.

  20. Aging Boomer reminisces about the past alert:

    I was struck by your segment on community. I remember the derision aimed at the Hildabeast for her “It takes a village…” meme. It was one of the few things she was right about. ( although I don’t think African proverbs in general are good guides to life)
    In my city neighborhood youth complete strangers would yell at you if you were out of line. Friends’ parents would dime you out if they saw you doing something untoward. I even recall that there was an unofficial ban on noisy lawn machinery on Sundays. Of course, no prizes will be awarded for guessing the ethnic makeup of St. Paul’s Merriam Park neighborhood during the 50’s and 60’s….

      • Hillary quotes imaginary “African” proverb: “It takes a village to raise a child.”

        Well, when you think about it, a housing project (or a ghetto, for that matter) is really sort of a de facto African village. So, how is that legendary African wisdom working out? The Africans have got their villages, paid for by Whitey. How are they doing with the whole children-raised-by-the-village thing?

        Once it turns out that the African children are a bunch of layabouts, thugs, sluts and rape-apes, suddenly the focus shifts, and the African village is now “the streets,” a bizarre impersonal abstraction which can handily be blamed instead of the village which was supposed to be raising children. And of course, the only solution to “the streets” magically creating crime and poverty all on their own, is of course more endless gimme-bux from Whitey. Which is what caused the false incentive to begin with.

        • The obvious failure of the housing project “village,” and the even more disastrous street culture, leaves the state’s social engineers with one last hope. Scatter the vibrant hordes in white neighborhoods, especially upper-class and whatever is left of middle-class areas.

          Now it’s whites’ job to civilize blacks one-on-one rather than through programs. We’re back to the white man’s burden.

        • An African “village” is an extended family all living behind the same wall, to protect themselves from the other extended families in the neighborhood who are never to be trusted. One reason distant cousins get married there.

      • Ha, ha most white parents out source the raising and educating of their young to the state then bitch when junior turns out to be little better than a drone hooked on Ritalin.

        Worse most whites are more focused on material gain over everything else this is why they don’t care about globalization and big box stores wrecking their towns.

    • When Hillary says it takes a village to raise a child, she’s most likely talking about the state, not a good, old-fashioned civnat neighborhood or community.

      • Exactly right Bunny…She is talking about having the state instead of the parents and neighbors take care of the kids…

      • Hillary was fond of saying “It takes a village to raise a child” for two reasons:

        1. Diversity Pokemon points for quoting an imaginary “African” proverb demonstrating “African” wisdom (PRO TIP: if you really want to journey into the mind of actual African wisdom, read “The Palm Wine Drinkard” by Amos Tutuole).

        2. By saying “It takes a village to raise a child”, Hillary was deliberately deflecting the obvious truth that it takes a MOTHER to raise a child. Not a Mexican nanny, not a day care center, but an actual married, stay-at-home Mom, a married woman who believes that raising a family and managing her husband’s household is in fact her career, and a highly rewarding and challenging one, too — a woman who knows that her children are not a hobby she does on the side while her real career is giving PowerPoint presentations for her colleagues at CubicleCorp.

        Hillary and her sister blue-haired, nose-ringed harridans, the Future Bitter Cat Ladies of America, will say and proclaim and believe anything rather than admit the obvious truth: that raising children and managing a healthy family household is literally the only thing that women know how to do better than men.

        And quoting some nonsense “African” proverb — really, b!tch, an African proverb, not an Igbo or a Yoruba or a Hutu or a Masai proverb? — is just multicultural icing on her cake. Well, not a cake, actually… unlike a real woman, she wouldn’t know how to bake one.

          • Heheh – I just bought her book “What Happened” the only decent way I could: $4 Canadian given to the Salvation Army. I’m curious to see what an entire book written by a psychotic liar is like, and I want to relive in part the thrill of that election night, which, unfortunately, has proved to be the high point of the Trump Era.

        • Exactly. The same harpies who virtue-signal with abstractions about Woke crit-theory “child care” like “it takes a village” are the ones with “children” named “Mr. Whiskers” or human daughters with more cut-marks than a Maori warchief.

        • My Greatest Generation mom once said about someone we knew (one-half of a high-income two-career couple) who put her sons in daycare, “Why have them when you don’t raise them yourself?”

      • Covington cleverly (and, given the left’s accelerationism I would argue prophetically) used Hillary’s catchphrase for a government program – sometime this century – where the children of badwhites are taken by the government, on one pretext or another – and given to gays or a proper leftist family for adoption. His fiction, with the usual exceptions, is as prophetic as Camp of the Saints, at least in regards to the other side. Whether Whites wake up in time, as Covington’s books posit, remains a doubtful proposition.

    • I’m not a boomer and I’m old enough to remember when conservatives knew there had to a be a balance between individual liberty and social harmony. Libertarian lunacy was explicitly rejected as a left-wing heresy, which is what it is. We cannot be a fully human without membership in a community. That comes with trade-offs.

      • No man is an island and you can’t live for yourself only. Human beings are social animals and are a part of a family, religion, community, ethnicity, etc.

        People are not wolverines wandering in the Yukon wilderness alone. What you do does effect others. This was common sense a few decades ago.

        The atomization of society serves globohomo very well. Destroy the traditional family headed by married parents and replace it with a “Life of Julia” situation of a female-headed family dependent on government assistance. This is the norm among Blacks and becoming more common among Whites. Plato observed in “The Republic” that one of the characteristics of a tyrant was that he would deliberately impoverish the people so as to make them more dependent on him. Foster a feeling of insecurity. Who ya going to call when you need assistance? The Government. People won’t bite the hand that feeds them.

      • I’m still surprised at how much liberal baggage snuck into my mindset under the guise of Objectivist libertarianism from Reagan through the early 00’s. I considered myself a hard-Right-winger, way past merely “conservative,” when I was in truth a neo-con warmongering libertine who didn’t give a shit about anyone else but myself. Thanks again for helping me re-frame and rejoin the human race.

      • That is truth right there Brother…It is only through Community that individual freedom can be realized otherwise the strong prey on the weak…I’ve always said and I might be downvoted for it but if you gave libertarians their own country and had them live by their views in less than a month they would either be dead, a slave to a warlord that invaded them or they would of formed up into a Community that had Governance in order to protect themselves…

          • The converged “libertarian means open borders” re-definition seems to have occurred about the same time “Iran is the number one state sponsor of terror” was made a thing.

            I smell Punching Right.
            Offering to beat up the wrong people- a specialty of Keep Conserving, Keep Betraying- happens to be terrible marketing.

            Punching right has split and weakened us to the point that the converged are smelling blood in the water and coming in for the kill.

            If Dissident is to offer anything, it must offer relief from dickheads. What, we need more laws, more threats, really?

          • Localism, grey areas, a return to the enduring power of the Constitutional ideal.

            You’re throwing away the entire Normie world with your peevish temper tantrums- and I certainly include our gracious host in that.

            Encouraging such is a wrong turn, Zman, it hinders so much of what you’ve achieved.

          • (Gotta say, though, it provides some delicious snark. “More cuts than a Maori”- Exile, you continue to delight!

          • Criticizing libertarians is punching Left. There’s nothing “dissident” about supporting radical individualism. It’s been fossilized orthodoxy since the 1960’s. Even rare somewhat Right-wing libertarians like (((Mercer))) have to strain libertarian dogma to the breaking point to pretzel it into a Right-wing world-view.

      • “…a balance between individual liberty and social harmony”: That sentiment can’t be emphasized enough. The kind of peaceful, prosperous, civil society we’ve enjoyed is a fragile thing. That’s one reason why it’s so rare (even unique) in human history. Put too much weight on one or the other side of the balance, and the whole thing collapses.

    • “It takes a village…”

      Most likely not an African proverb; I figure some ad agency thought it out.

  21. I don’t feel blackpilled by the last week at all. We’ve been in a low level Civil War for the past decade or so; now circumstances will force Whites to wake up.

  22. “The depressing part of it is seeing the so-called conservatives grovel to these kooks and lunatics.”

    Instead of “depressing”, one could use words like “inevitable”, “unsurprising”, or “predictable”. If you’ve been raised up to have civnat as your default philosophy (I was), one of the effects of falling away from that is recognizing that your side has no true representation in the halls of power, though it might have had that once. That the side you thought you were on is a concoction, a face put on to keep you quiet.

    I’m linking this at the Ace of Spades Gab group. “White Fright” is brilliant:

    • Is Ace still committed to civic nationalism and race blindness? He’s been quite insistent about this in the past. Will his administrator delete your post?

      I noticed that one civnat writer whom I’ve followed for years, John Hawkins of Right Wing News, is finding it hard not to see that his conservative beliefs require a white majority country to win. He’s retweeting white replacement memes.

      • I think Ace’s relation to the Gab group is sort of arm’s length. I’ve never seen him post over there, he’s never himself posted anything at the HQ to encourage Morons to sign up for Gab and join the group. He got off of Twitter a couple of years ago. I’m fairly certain he himself has never joined Gab. One of the cobs, Warden (@Warden_AoS), created the group and is the admin.

        Every once in a while when I comment at the HQ, I’ll include an invitation to sign up for Gab and join the Ace of Spades group, and about half of the replies so far have been along the lines of “isn’t Gab where all the Nazis are?”

        I’ll keep trying.

        • Was a regular commenter at Ace for years, different nick, pulled the plug when half the blog went NeverTrump and guys like Gabe and JeffB seemed to be setting the tone. Warden IIRC was fairly based.

          • AoS seems to have cobs (J.J. Sefton) and commenters familiar with Yiddish, very pro-Israel, and averse to the JQ. Gab might be a little off-putting for them. Just a thought.

          • I think you’re right, and I think that’s a pretty good explanation for Ace’s stance on quite a lot of things. A good reason why promoting Gab over there produces not very much response.

          • Been reading the HQ since 2004, mostly an occasional commenter, though there have been periods when I put more time and effort into it. I’d say Warden’s based, and he only rarely shows up over there these days. Here’s something from his Gab feed, which I thought was quite good, and it’s too bad it couldn’t have shown up over at the HQ:


            Ace of Spades Moron Horde Gab group:


            What the hell, my Gab feed, not making any big claims about its worth:


          • Used to read AoS for many years and comment. Nowadays when I occasionally decide to visit I always say to myself “let’s check out Cuck HQ.” I can recall when I thought some of the invective and polemics there were so edgy. Perhaps Derb’s defenestration at NRO opened my eyes, was my first red pill. Afterwards sites like AoS seemed rather pointless because they weren’t discussing the important matters. I quit commenting years ago. Today it comes across as one meager step right of NRO, yet fully owned by left wing morality. The site remains plagued with a lot of silly in-fighting and inside jokes in the comments.

          • I know some of the contributors there read me. They have linked to me in the past. My read on that crew is they are probably race realists, but still civic nationalists. There’s a pretty big zone between the Gavin Mcinnes, “I don’t see color” civic nationalism and open race realists. I have sympathy for those guys, but I also suspect most will break our way when it comes ti e to choose. The McInnes zone, in contrast, will bend the knee to their new brown masters.

    • During the Cold War, it was observed that one of the reasons why Liberals were soft on Communism was because Liberalism was Communism Lite. Communism was liberalism in a hurry. Joe Sobran responded that liberalism was Communism in slow motion.

      The same is true of mainstream Conservatism Inc. It’s Liberalism Lite, the Liberalism of, say, a generation ago. They concede first principles to the Liberals and continue to lose.

      As our guru, Zman, says: Don’t chase the stick. Don’t validate the Left’s morality because you’ll inevitably lose.

      • I’d say that cucky conservative types dabble in libertarianism only when it justifies them tagging alone behind the Left. They don’t really believe any of it, it just sounds good during the concession speech.

  23. The outlines of the future state are coming into focus.

    Registration and Disarming of Badwhites

    1) Discussing white identity, white pride or biological differences will be considered either a “hate crime” or proof of mental illness. Either way, your name will be placed on a publicly available national registry.

    2) Having your name on that registry will prevent you from owning a gun or working for any local, state or federal government, particularly the military or law enforcement.

    3) Private companies will be allowed to discriminate against people on the list.

    Forced Integration

    Using the work of Raj Chetty (see Steve Sailer’s posts about him), the government will create programs to get blacks and browns into white neighborhoods. And I don’t mean in your area; I mean on your street. Chetty believes that blacks need to be physically very close to whites, that just living in the same area isn’t enough. Blacks need to interact with whites and that can only be done if they are spread around white neighborhoods, i.e. down the street.

    Diversity Uber Alles

    Affirmative action will become overt and systematic. No more soft quotas. Every level of an organization will need to reflect our glorious diversity. In addition, large companies which can’t avoid the eye of Soros will demand that small companies also must adhere to these rules, so even 10-person shops will have to bare the burden of a few blacks.

    Diversity training will be mandatory for all, including small companies and the self-employed. To maintain certification for professional jobs, much like CE credits, you will need to pass a Diversity/Inclusion/White Hate class each year. You might even need to sign a form admitting to your guilt in keeping down blacks and browns.


    White witnesses to black crimes will be severely questioned and possibly disregarded. Blacks crimes against whites will be either forgiven or punished lightly due to the “White Guilt” defense. Whites are guilty of stealing and harming blacks for centuries, so this individual crime was just payback.


    I realize that this sounds very black pill. It’s not. Whites will get beaten down, demoralized but not defeated. The mask will be off and some whites will wake up, not many, not even most, but some. They will see that there’s no future for them or their children in this society. We need whites to lose hope in this society before they can look to create a new society.

    Also, the society itself will to start to falter. The system just won’t work that well and will get worse over time. Whites will notice and realize that even if they could live with the discrimination, the system won’t work in the future.

      • A dose of reality goes good with the morning coffee. They both wake you up.

        I’m actually optimistic for the future. A truth that should never be forgotten is that whites really are the most capable people on the planet. No other group combines our brains, organization skills and trust level. If 10% of Americans whites (hell, 5%) decide to fight back, it’s over. We win.

        We don’t need much.

        • Exactly right Brother…The thing is when people know they aren’t alone in this fight it makes them stronger…If or when people start banding together and forming Communities then we will be on the road to winning…

          • The only solution is a white homeland. Is there another solution? I’m all ears. Not some wispy dreamy wishful thinking. There is no statesman to stand up for us. We need a white homeland – and we need to find one fast.

        • “Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself.
          Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared.
          The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation.
          The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it.
          And, superiority excites envy.
          Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.”
          Joseph Sobran, April 1997

        • The most delusional thing POCs believe is that once whites are purged from society they will be left with a glorious non-oppressive modern civilization.

          They don’t understand that without white people there will be no modern civilization.

    • Citizen, the scenarios in some of your examples has already happened in the past. For example forced integration won’t work because voluntary integration didn’t work (which is the law of the land). Your forced integration into white neighborhoods was being enacted by late Obama admin. Killed by Trump. However, what it entailed was moving nonwhites into White neighborhoods using subsidized housing. This changed the situation into vastly different SES classes of folk living side by side. Minority mixing didn’t work well with similar SES folk and won’t work with a double whammy of race and SES. Nor will those of a Leftist persuasion consider their decreased housing values a small donation for the cause.

      I know you are not arguing that such as described above will work. What I am arguing is that it will never get off the ground given the problems it will entail as it spreads. Only the cloud people will support such and it will destroy their base.

    • Trump just came out hard for total gun control. Said he will force it over Republicans. He’s a natural born cuck. Having Daddy Little Princess doesn’t help in the cuck department.

      Like most White men his age he craves the approval of Blacks and racism accusations are his kryptonite.

      • He’s a boomer. He can’t even think in terms of racial reality. They really are the lost generation.

        America will turn a lot more brown when the boomers go to that great disco in the sky, but with them will also go the last generation that truly believed that blacks and browns could be turned into whites in dark face.

    • Citizen, before Hillary’s Basket of Deplorables speech and before the big tech censorship purges I wouldn’t have taken your post that seriously. Now I can easily see every point you make happening. This sh#t is getting serious.

  24. Before we get too far down the rabbit hole of despair, I would like to remind everyone where we would be right now with President Hillary Clinton. She would be preparing her re-election campaign against a Republican field consisting of Jeb!, Jon Huntsman, John Kasich, and Marco Rubio. Everything we are complaining about right now would be infinitely worse. Texas and Florida would be turned permanently blue. The Media Class would be at the pinnacle of their power with no rivals in sight.

    Don’t give up hope. Stick with Trump. The alternative is not worth considering. Because of Trump, the lines of battle have been drawn out in public. Because of Trump, Normie can’t claim he doesn’t see what’s happening. Trump is a catalyst. Take him for that and don’t despair. Cheer up.

    • Trump reminds me of a hand grenade in the middle of everything. He blew up in the face of the cloud people, and he is moving Overton. But he also blew up in our faces; he supports red flag laws. Red flag laws are EUROPEAN style gun control. They are ‘the state can take your guns anytime they want.’ I used to not get the gun issue when I was stateside. Then I went to Europe, and then terror attacks w guns (Bataclan etc) and trucks (Nice etc) and just everyday muzzie shootings happened. While I had to carefully register my old-school double barrel, ie making it state property on loan to me. Europe is empirical evidence that gun control ONLY applies to law abiding ppl. And true, guns arent everything. Until someone’s shooting at you, then they are.

      In any case, whatever differences you and I have here, you re not my enemy. We have differences of opinion. My enemies are the ppl on the a**hole side – that would be the left side – of the a**hole line.

      • I wouldn’t take his TV utterings a few days ago very seriously. There will be no Red Flag laws under Trump. Zman was right that he missed a good opportunity to zap the left, but that doesn’t mean there was a catastrophic failure. It was a draw. Keep Lefty out of your head.

        • I didn’t understand how Trump was supposed to “zap the Left” over El Paso. The truth is irrelevant. You had the Media and D’s trying to turn this into another Charlottsville. “Trump is a white supremacist – he supports the El paso Killer”. Trump had to stop that meme – and did.

        • Exactly. Never take Trump’s first pronouncements as doctrine; they’re always meant to flush out the enemy, not as serious statements of policy.

          Also, should Federal red flag laws arise… such laws usually require that ALL reports of credible fear be taken seriously and properly investigated. Who strikes terror into my heart? my congresscritters, their armed guards, and their staffers. Goose, meet gander…

      • I believe this red flag rhetoric is nothing but a load of hot methane from Trump meant to appease the AWR maniacs, and that Trump will quietly let the issue die on the vine.

        • In terms of Overton he’s legitimizing red flags. Im telling you, this is European style gun regulation creeping in.

        • The problem is the states are full speed ahead trying to enact red flag laws. Lindsey Graham is working with Dick Bleumenthal to fund states to pass red flag laws.

          • Lindsey, Mitch, Li’l Marco, wee Bennie, Eric Erickson, the NRO crowd, etc., all back these restrictions. Trump folds like a cheap suit every time the donors raise an objection or Ivanka whines “Daddy, do something.”

          • Which might be circumscribed and limited by federal law that sharply limits such laws. But I predict that any such law will spend its entire tenure tied up in court.

        • I suspect the latest shooting episode(s) will be a fading memory by Labor Day. I know it sounds cynical, but for all the “outrage” on display over such crimes, very few people really care about them. They’re just occasions for the two “teams” to score points against each other. I doubt whether most of the people pontificating this week could name even three of the individuals murdered.

          My view of these episodes as some kind of “scape-goat theatre” was shaped by the aftermath of the 2017 Las Vegas massacre. For two weeks afterwards we were told that it was the worst gun massacre in modern U.S. history, a watershed monstrosity that marked some kind of turning point in the national consciousness. But its investigation closed last month with nothing to show for it except the name of the shooter (Paddock). And there was not a peep of outrage from our politicians, the press, or for that matter the public. It had served its cathartic purpose two years earlier, and had long since passed out of short-term memory.

      • Nonsense. Grenades destroy – and Trump is a builder. Epimondas correctly described him as a catalyst. He is not the be-all, end-all of modern conservatism – he is setting the stage for what comes next… which is guys like us. Trump has paved the way by doing everything Epaminondas has said. It is obvious to everyone that this country can’t keep going the way it is and that a few eggs are going to have to be broken to make an omelette. If it’s us breaking the eggs, the loss of life will be minimal and we MIGHT have a country afterward. If the bad guys do it… there will be mass genocide and a possible Dark Age to follow.

        History is being made here – it behooves us to avoid despair and pay attention.

        • What is it about the highest levels of debt, deficits, spending, immigration (legal & illegal) in this country’s history that strikes you as conservative? Let alone a move in the right direction. . .

        • Nonsense. Grenades destroy – and Trump is a builder.

          Why not start by building the wall then? You sound like a blind believer in ‘Trump the savior’

          • That IS good. But why did it take so long? And I dont understand why you’r so fast to defend him when he says he wants federal authorities to work w local authorities to implement red flag laws. He is going to legitimize restrictions on guns by saying that. And then the next Obama will find their going all the easier.

          • Its taking so long because it costs money and Congress and the courts have been dragging their feet and obstructing every single step, dollar and jot on paper. He had to fire his SECDEF Mattis over this matter. You’ll notice there is still personnel turmoil in DOD in terms of SECDEF.

            Oh and they’ve been trying to depose him ala Nixon, Mossadegh, Color Revolutions et al. You’ll notice there is still personnel turmoil in the IC.

            Oh and half his government wants to drag mainly him but also us into wars – any war with anyone – that they will reliably ensure is a stalemated multi decade quagmire that never ends anything but his Presidency like all the others before him. See Truman, LBJ, Nixon, Bushie 2. Stalemate they profit from in money and from now having a weakened President to deal with.

            So taken in context the wall has not been built however a great many obstacles that have been stopping the wall being built since 2006 have been cleared away. While avoiding well ya know a coup, civil war

            No President has ever gotten instant results. Not even FDR in wartime. Most dictators don’t either. No President has ever had to overcome open treason within the government before, few dictators could survive this much.

            In some ways Trump is like Stalin – he builds his support and advances slowly towards his goals. That’s a good thing by the way. Trump is fighting the same people Stalin fought – it takes time.

          • No. You guys are too fast to excuse him when he comes out in favor of red flag laws, American English for beginning gun registration. If you will permit this you will never put your foot down. You’re becoming the new Conservative Inc.

        • At the very least, Trump is buying us time. We here in Flyover Country need time to rebuild our industry, so that we can credibly hold a sword over the Left Coasts when they attack our rights.

          In any event, whenever I remember the alternative, I thank God that Hillary is Not My President.

    • Trump is very cagey and I wouldn’t write him off. Apologies to Black Pillers.

      We are absolutely in White Fright and as the 2016 election was defined by Police Brutality vs BLM shooting cops I expect 2020 to be a violence defined election as well. We can see who the targets are – in the mirror.

      How it ends is speculation. I expect Trump will win. I also ultimately expect we’re going through the same cycle Germany went through in the 30s. The possible good news is we don’t need to conquer any territory but our own.

      I wouldn’t however want to live in Northern Mexico during our backstroke.

      Sorry – we’re too big to ultimately fail.

      And more white pills; right now the Left is Red, Black and crazy pilling Whites faster than the Right can by orders of magnitude. The Left is coming for White Gun owners. That’s their 2020 plot – not invisible Russians but white gun owners – they can be seen.

      • In my young days I used to be baffled by the gun debate. I used to think ‘what the hell’ about the argument that ‘private guns prevent tyranny.’ I found that argument primitive. Then I realized, it’s not the argument that’s primitive, it’s us, humans, that are. We’re still advanced chimps.

        Back in the day of swords and spears, during the French revolution when it took 30 seconds to reload a muzzleloader, you could get pretty far w pitchforks. They may not be made for war but they can certainly work as a lance in a pinch. In the age of repeating firearms, both swords and pitchforks or any other ‘martial arts style’ weapon (most Asian MA weapons are Chinese or Japanese farming tools), are toys, won’t get you anywhere. The minimum ‘pitchfork’ today is a shotgun or something. Banning even these or just registering them, is the equivalent of banning pitchforks in pre-revolution France. It is preempting the right to revolt against tyranny. And now that tyranny wants to give our lands to Latin-Afro-Arabia. That adds up to a sh*t sandwich from any angle.

        • I don’t believe I’ve ever had any mis-understanding about the gun debate.

          I grew up going to watch the April 19 re-enactments on Lexington Green every year with my grandparents. I can distinctly remember thinking as a child – probably somewhere in middle school – that there shouldn’t be a problem with owning a machine gun. My thought process was that if you’re not a homicidal maniac – then your accessibility to weapons isn’t a safety issue for anybody else.

          Plus there was always that prevention of tyranny thing. Which was another thing I think I understood from a very young age. When I was a child – like probably the 4th or 5th grade – I started consuming WW2 history. From that I gained a pretty clear understanding that disarmament is not a road to go down if you want to resist tyranny and invasion. In the 1970s the USSR was also still around. And the general consensus was that sooner or later we were going to end up in a war with them. At least that was my take at the time. So tyranny was potentially right around the corner.

          I didn’t actually own a gun until my late 30s. Once you do that – and fully ingest all of the data and history and arguments from the pro-gun side, you can see right thru to your core how utterly full of shit the leftist anti-gun crowd is and how full of outright lies and misconceptions pretty much ALL of their arguments are when they start grabbing for the guns.

          The right has it’s share of anti-gun rhetoric and lies as well. One of the most common ones I’ve run across is the whole: ” you’re not going to fight the government with your AR-15 and your militia” argument that you typically see from the ” I support the 2nd amendment but you can’t stop the government” crowd.

          I was against the Iraq war – but it did serve one useful purpose (as has Afghanistan) : it showed clearly that militias and individual weapons can still “win” against a government military.

          In the United States – what that means is that if the balloon goes up, the US military doesn’t have anywhere near enough capability to subjugate the entire country. Not……. even …………. close.

          You don’t need to engage in Red Dawn fantasies to come to this conclusion. You need to read about warfare going back over the last century or so, read up about how government militaries have truly fared against NGO militias and such – and understand that victory might not be a WW2 style thing where it’s all wrapped up in a bow after a short period of time. It’s probably going to be more like Ireland where it goes on for decades – but the resistance forces the issue to their own advantage after the government gets exhausted.

          The critical thing to understand is: don’t EVER give up the weapons. Because their very presence is (at the minimum) – a recorded FU to the leftist establishment.

          I am in fact a strong advocate of guy buying sprees. Every time Obama opened his hole – Americans responded by emptying shelves of guns and ammo. The same thing should continue to happen the next time the govt. starts making noise about any sort of ban. A gun buying spree is a relatively peaceful way of giving the middle finger to the gun grabbers.

          When they start trying to ban those – then we’re going to enter firmly into JFK’s ” make violent revolution inevitable” phase.

          • I’ve switched over to the gun making spree it’s so much more satisfactory you might say…

        • I can understand why someone would want a gun for home defense, but I never got the militia-thing. Your AR-15s and your Barrett 50s are little better than pitchforks when they send in the A-10s and the AH-64s. I used to think universal conscription was the answer – have a citizen army – but that doesn’t work so well if you’re a minority.

          And the more legal weapons you have, the more illegal ones you’ll get too: that gun is only legal until some burglar takes it.

          • They generally send in Blacks to burn your house down. And fir that an AR 15 serves nicely. A Barret gives even more range. Both useless against an A10 but if it gets to that point China will seize the West Coast.

          • And now that black dude is the proud owner of an assault rifle.

            But if were talking Total Zombie Apocalypse, I’d rather all guns were banned, because POC can’t make sub-machineguns in their garage, or get 2,000 lbs of ANFO to detonate at the proper time and place.

          • I’m sure the British would have been so much better off without the Maxim gun.

            Anway most of the people liable to do that have guns and more than a few can clean, maintain and repair them. This is not a high IQ thing , only a moderate one and lots and lots of gang bangers fall into that category

            Also the more guns and ammo out there, the better

            As for the civil war trope

            It’s all asymmetrical warfare and small arms help a lot during small urban infantry engagements which is all anyone will see anyway, There will be no Blues vs Greys this time out , it’s 100% dirty warfare and being well armed, trained and having like minded friends is the only safety.

            I’ll also note the largest hit on Marine aviation since WW2 was done by the Taliban equipped only with small arms and explosives and disguises.

            Small arms rule.

            Truth is the most useful weapons in hypothetical scenario won’t be AR’s though the will have an important place.

            They’ll be handguns with suppressors and probably mortars . The later can be homemade if necessary and allow breaching the distance through fences and such.

            In modern warfare these inflict heavy casualties and even the small ones can wreck houses , infrastructure building of which I’ll note will be a standard tactic.

            I’m not an expert on this kind of thing mind you and this isn’t a militia wank blog but people need to study up while there is time . As Aesop the Raconteur likes to say “this will be on the test”

          • I’m sure the British would have been so much better off without the Maxim gun.

            The whole world would be better off without the Maxim gun.

          • I cordially disagree. The gun in general made life better for humanity and its not like swords or machetes aren’t fine for mass slaughter. Just ask the Rwandans

            My opinion is since the cat is out of the bag, the more guns the better. Same with nukes. Nukes bring peace.

          • Again, the concept here is not to match weapon for weapon, man against man, with a superior technological force. It is to deny the enemy control of territory and wear him and the supporting populace down. In short, to make the cost of such a conflict more expensive than it’s worth.

            All of which is done quite nicely with field weapons and improvised explosives as we’ve learned in the ME and before in Vietnam.

          • Maybe it’s white privilege. I live in a 90% white country and I can’t see why and how a civil war could happen. Democracy was established in Denmark when some B-list actor gave a cheesy speech and the king said “M’kay. Whatever.” I could be wrong, but I don’t think a single person was killed.

          • If you don’t understand the “militia thing” – then you don’t have any core understanding of why this country worked as well as it did for that period up until the “progressives” came in and set us on the path for where we stand today.

          • @Calsdad
            Guilty as charged, then. I can’t see how the militia has done anything useful since the Texas Rangers went out of business. Could you perhaps provide an example?

          • The Battle of Athens is a good place to start. Lots of good ol boys with their guns put a corrupt local government in its place/

          • Interesting story, but it’s more than seventy years old, the real battle was won at the ballot box, and besides, it’s not exactly the kind of conflict we’re talking about here, is it?

          • The “militia ” as a true military force doesn’t exist in the US any more. They call it the National Guard – but that is just another example of Garet Garrett’s “change within the form” .

            The progressives gutted the structure and organization of the miltia as originally envisioned – and called it the “National Guard”. If you look at Guard literature now – they claim the provenance of the miltia – but it’s not true.

            The Guard can – and DOES , get sent overseas. The Guard can also be called up by the Feds with minimal things that the state governors can do about it.

            The original militia was much more local – and from what I’ve read – participation was required at some level by able bodied males.

            So what we’re talking about here is a much more community oriented military structure – and one that could be used to fight against a tyrannical government (either ours – or somebody else’s) . The original militia did not serve overseas. Hell – when the Revolution was fought Washington complained about how the militia men would just get up and go home when it was time to bring in the crops.

            The progressives have been aggregating power up to the top relentlessly for probably a solid 120 years now. This is one of the reasons why the lefties go insane about Trump. He grabbed the keys to the castle that they created and thought they had solid control of. One of the victims of that relentless aggregation of power to the top and the parallel bending of the rules to facilitate that aggregation of power – was the militia structure.

            The Founders said NO STANDING ARMY. Now we not only have a standing Army – but a “professional” one. The people in charge finally figured out after Vietnam that in order to have compliant Hessians to rule their empire – they needed to finally complete removing the citizens from their military equations.

            A draftee simply does not have the same attitude towards overseas service as a volunteer does.

            You wonder why this country has ended up where it is? Gutting the structures of the Republic in the quest for empire and a compliant populace explains a lot of it.

            If all the white males were still reporting for militia training once a month – and comparing notes – I’m pretty sure we’d be living in an entirely different world.

          • Now go ahead and try doing that.

            I see that snippet of US Code brought up all the time in 2nd amendment circles – but my feeling is that it means pretty much next to nothing because it’s not implemented IN REALITY.

            It’s technically legal to open carry in MA according to a strict reading of the law.

            Go try doing it and see what happens to you.

            The reason why I bring up the militia is that it was PART OF THE SOCIAL STRUCTURE. That code means nothing – because the standing of the militia within the social structure has been eliminated in favor of the STANDING ARMY.

            Which is something that we were very specifically WARNED AGAINST.

            Seems a lot of people can’t dissect the corruption even when it’s staring them right in the face.

          • This will be 4th generation warfare. The more the government uses their killing machines the more the resistance will grow. 4th gen warfare requires the resistance to have the morally superior position.

          • When repeatedly pressed in his interview with Tu-Ca, Trump said he wouldn’t promise to do anything about tech censorship. That’s a big one.

          • Felix,
            Regarding AR-15’s against A-10’s and AH-64’s. Ask the U.S. military how their wonder weapons worked out in Afghanistan against borderline retarded goat herders with AK-47’s. Below is an excellent link, but to make a long story short: The U.S. is vastly bigger than Afghanistan and has a much larger population. The government elites wouldn’t be sending an army to the other side of the world. The government people and their families and children would be surrounded by and vulnerable to the rebels at all times.

            The real question is to what extent the armed population would resist. But assuming dedicated resistance, millions of armed people spread throughout the population from sea to shining sea would be hell for even the most capable military.


          • Ask the U.S. military how their wonder weapons worked out in Afghanistan against borderline retarded goat herders with AK-47’s.

            The goat herders are dying twenty to one, and our guys are not really fighting much, they’re too busy digging wells and building schools for the enemy.

          • That is one of the reasons why the biggest killer of NATO troops of there is IED’s. You can make em with just about anything, and trigger devices are only limited by your ingenuity.

          • Show me on the doll where the US “won” in Iraq – or has “won” in Afghanistan.

            Last time I checked – the Russians had a massive body count disparity vs. the Germans during WW2. The Germans killed the Russians with high efficiency.

            Yet the Soviets are still considered to have “won” the war.

            Body count alone does not tell the whole story.

            The Nazis rule exactly where these days? Yet we’re surrounded by friggin Commies.

            I’m willing to bet that once the US finally gives up and leaves Afghanistan – they’ll go right back to doing what they’ve always done. And all we’ll have to show for the effort and trillions pissed aways – is a bunch of white crosses.

          • The “militia ” as a true military force doesn’t exist in the US any more. They call it the National Guard

            I see. But if that’s your “militia”, there’s nothing particularly American about it, and it’s still organized and controlled by government. Most countries have a National Guard of some kind. My cousin is Home Guard here in Denmark.

            Show me on the doll where the US “won” in Iraq – or has “won” in Afghanistan.

            I didn’t claim anyone won, just that regular forces kill guerrillas at typically 10-1.

            But since you ask, winning depends on what your objective is. If your objective is to occupy Afghanistan militarily, we’ve been winning for almost twenty years.

            Body count alone does not tell the whole story.

            No, but it’s a pretty big deal, especially if you can’t drive huge slave armies into battle at gunpoint, as the Soviets did.

            If all the white males were still reporting for militia training once a month – and comparing notes – I’m pretty sure we’d be living in an entirely different world.

            I agree. That’s why I am in favor of conscription.

          • “Dying 20 to one.” Body count was a popular term during the Vietnam War. The fact that for every American death suffered, the U.S. killed killed several enemy troops is the reason that South Vietnam is the free and independent nation it is today.

          • And the taliban burn down those schools once we leave. Also our troops only control the territory they stand on for the moment, once they leave it’s enemy territory.

            It’s pretty much of a joke presence and a costly one.

          • I support the right to own the same small arms as the police and military, but it might make the most sense to have a sniper—err deer rifle with good glass. Remember the havoc the two Negroes caused in DC shooting out the back of a Caprice? (I know they used an AR15.) Chuck Shoymer may get a federal ban someday on “assault weapons” and regular capacity magazines, but the most effective ones will probably be the hardest to ban—grandpa’s dee-uh huntin’ rifle.

          • I can understand why someone would want a gun for home defense, but I never got the militia-thing.

            Home defense is where it starts. After self-defense the most important role of a gun, as soon as order breaks down, is to be able to acquire other weapons by, well, robbing them or conquest if you prefer (this is a war situation so civil society rules dont apply anymore). But that’s the individual level.

            On the societal level, the fact that both population and government knows a lot of the people have guns, works as a deterrent or at least as an unknown. If the US and Russia ever fired their nukes at each other, both would be toast. But b/c both know that, the behavior of both is affected by it.

            The fact that the US government, and state and local governments, have maybe 3 million ppl under arms, and 30 million Americans own firearms, IS a factor in power game theory.

            But personally for me, it’s self-defense. If they want fill up Europe w crazy jihadis, or turn the US into Northern Mexico, and clearly dont knkow what the hell they’re doing, Id actually like a gun for my personal defense if you dont mind very much.

          • On the societal level, the fact that both population and government knows a lot of the people have guns, works as a deterrent

            To what? The gun-owning demographic in America – the legal one, that is – is being politically raped on a production line basis, and state after state is falling to invaders.

            And the sad thing is that a lot of right-wingers don’t even seem to care: “California? Won’t miss it, full of Commies.”

            If they want fill up Europe w crazy jihadis, Id actually like a gun for my personal defense if you dont mind very much.

            If you’ve got a clean criminal record, it’s only a matter of patience and money – that’s how Anders Breivik procured his ordnance. You can’t get a carry permit, but you could defend your home just as well as any American.

          • To what? The gun-owning demographic in America – the legal one, that is – is being politically raped on a production line basis, and state after state is falling to invaders.

            That IS a valid question. The wife of an African national park ranger once said ‘most of the time you dont need a gun. But when you do need it, you need it desperately.’ She was talking about angry elephants and lions but the same is true if the quarrelsome creature is a human with a gun.

            The question I ask myself is ‘if guns are not important in the power equation of society, why are European authorities so stringent about registering every single one and why does the American left want to limit access to them?’

            B/c, as you say, sure it is not that hard to get a shotgun in Europe. Until the EU decides to change the rules. And b/c they have registered your guns, they can take them. If they did not want the option of disarming you when it pleases them, why have registration?

            I dont actually mind that I cant just buy a bazooka in Europe so I could hunt brontosauruses if they ever opened Jurassic Park. It’s gun registration that bothers me. Gun registration has ONE purpose; the ability to disarm you.

            Why should you trust the same people that are running your country into the ground, to be ‘fair and reasonable’ about when you should or should not, have the ability to defend yourself against people who have guns? I was not always pro-gun. Until I realized the people in charge were nuts.

          • The question I ask myself is ‘if guns are not important in the power equation of society, why are European authorities so stringent about registering every single one and why does the American left want to limit access to them?’

            In Europe, it’s to keep them out of the hands of criminals and psychos. The homicide rate in the US is about 6 (six!) times the European average, that’s probably a hint.

            I don’t know how likely the Militia Rising-scenario is, but I’m fairly certain that’s not what keeps the globalists awake at night.

          • In Europe, it’s to keep them out of the hands of criminals and psychos. The homicide rate in the US is about 6 (six!) times the European average, that’s probably a hint.

            See, that’s where you trust the ppl in charge in a way I fundamentally can’t anymore. For starters it’s not working, criminals in Europe HAVE guns. Hell, they have hand grenades.

            About the US vs Europe, if you ignored black crime rates, the US is safer than, say, the UK. Gun laws restrict WHITE (and Asian) access to guns. They are irrelevant to black access to guns, and to muslim guns in Europe. Or alternatively, muslims just use knives or swords or even trucks.

            Gun registrations exist ONLY to disarm YOU. They are a red line. Especially if you think this is going to go to the wall.

          • For starters it’s not working, criminals in Europe HAVE guns. Hell, they have hand grenades.

            Gun control doesn’t mean there are zero illegal guns in circulation, just like enforcing a speed limit doesn’t mean there’s no speeding going on. Some criminals will always have guns, but your average European street punk is not packing.

            And while Sweden seems to have a problem with grenades from the Yugoslav wars, most of those “hand grenade attacks” you hear about in Sweden, are really fireworks, just like a lot of those “rapes” you hear about, are little more than rude comments on the internet.

            About the US vs Europe, if you ignored black crime rates, the US is safer than, say, the UK.

            And if you subtracted POC crime from the British statistics?

            Gun laws restrict WHITE (and Asian) access to guns. They are irrelevant to black access to guns

            All guns are legal when they’re first sold. As I wrote above, if you have more guns than citizens, burglars will soon turn legal guns into illegal ones.

            See, that’s where you trust the ppl in charge in a way I fundamentally can’t anymore.

            I don’t trust them, but that doesn’t mean I think firearms is the way to fight them.

          • Just answer me one thing, WHY should there be gun registration for people who have no criminal record? What purpose could that possibly serve, other than….?

          • What purpose could that possibly serve, other than….?

            Keeping track of the guns and helping the police when they’re used for nefarious purposes. Much the same reason we register cars.

          • Keeping track of the guns and helping the police when they’re used for nefarious purposes. Much the same reason we register cars.

            Why would they want to keep track of your guns? If an unregistered and fully legal gun was stolen, the owner could, and presumably would, report it stolen just as he would with any other stolen item. After all, something does not have to ‘registered’ to be reported stolen later.

            And do you think your definition of ‘nefarious purposes’ is the same as that of a ‘woke’ legislator, judge or prosecutor? Maybe you’re just ‘a little too proud of being white’ to have a gun??

            The ONLY purpose of gun registration is to be able to disarm ppl sufficiently law-abiding to register them in the first place.

            It is true that a gun gives you the power to kill. But so does a knife or a hatchet. What the gun does, but the knife and the hatchet, generally, do not, is give you the power to resist someone else with a gun.

            THAT, not the power to kill, is the power they want to be able to strip you of at a moment’s notice. And that is why every single tyranny in the 20th and 21st century, has been a sucker for gun control.

            Gun registration is an act of tyranny

          • Gun registration is an act of tyranny

            I guess time will show, but the overwhelming majority of Europeans agree with the current gun regime, so I figure it can’t be all that tyrannical.

          • the overwhelming majority of Europeans agree with the current gun regime

            And did the majority of Europeans also agree to be overrun by muslims?

            We have established that the essence of guns is not the power to kill. There are many ways to kill besides guns. The salient feature of guns is the power to resist other guns. I can’t think of a time in the history of the West where it seemed a less good idea to let the government have a monopoly on this power.

          • And did the majority of Europeans also agree to be overrun by muslims?

            No. But they agree on the gun control issue. Overwhelmingly.

            Are you suggesting that muh guns would have prevented the Mohammadan invasion?

            We have established that the essence of guns is not the power to kill.

            We have?

            Well, I suppose you could use a gun to hammer in nails.

          • No, I dont think guns would have prevented the mohammadan invasion since they failed to prevent a similar Mexican invasion of the US. The gun debate is about something else, the right to self-defense and the relationship between state and citizen.

            However, speculatively there may be a correlation. Gun control in Europe is not centuries old. In the 1930s or so, you could walk around London w a revolver in your pocket, perfectly legally. What happened between then and now, of course, is that society became terribly sissified and feminized. And such a society, overrun by budybodying safety nazis, ‘shittests’ masculine values, from border control to in-group loyalty to right to self-defense, to death if they are not upheld by a society espousing masculine values. So, while no direct causation there probably is a connection.

            And re essence, what I meant and I think you knew I meant was unique essence of guns. The unique thing about a gun is that it is, pretty much, the only portable way to resist another gun. That is its essence in the sense that that is what it does that no other portable thing does. Otherwise, as Socrates might have said, although he certainly wouldnt be speaking of guns, a gun and a sword share the same ‘essence’, hence are equivalents. Which of course they are not.

          • At the risk of sounding rude, why don’t you Scandinavians try taking back your own countries before telling me how to run my country?

          • That is an unfair comparison. European nations are 80%-90% white. We are at best 70% white if the official numbers are to be believed. 13% of population is black and they commit 50% of all homicides in the US. Mostly against other blacks but a frightening amount of violence is directed at whites too.

            As long as you avoid the big cities and their vibrants, most places in the US are just as safe as your average European town or village. I grew up in a city of fewer than 100,000 people. The gunownership rate in my state is estimated at 50%. Mostly shotguns and rifles. We never had a murder in my town.

          • We are at best 70% white if the official numbers are to be believed. 13% of population is black and they commit 50% of all homicides in the US.

            And in Europe, 8-10% of the population commit 50% of the violent crime. A valid comparison is white-on-white homicides, not American whites vs. all European homicides.

          • I have never seen a comparison of that sort. I would bet American rates would be slightly higher due to the nature of our founding. Fact is, if you do not hang out in the hood, join a criminal gang or use illegal drugs, you are very unlikely to be a murder victim in the United States.

          • Maine has a homicide rate like Europe. As do many other states. They don’t have European gun laws though, they have European demographics.

            European gun laws will just mean I’m vulnerable to the demographics. But I think the laws are coming. Our rulers Balkanized the nation with violent people so now they will need more totalitarian methods to control it. Those methods won’t work though.

          • Maine has a homicide rate like Europe.

            Maine is a backwater; the biggest city – no, scratch that – the biggest town, is Portland with 70,000 souls. If you subtracted all +70,000 towns from the European homicide statistics, you’d have a valid basis for comparison.

            I’m puzzled why Americans would even try to excuse any disparity. Europeans are supposed to be the faggots, Americans gung-ho cowboys, it stands to reason that Americans would be swifter to resort to violence.

            Reminds me of a psychology study where the researcher measured aggression readiness in students from South vs. North of the Mason-Dixon line: someone was pretending to be an asshole to them, and it transpired that Southerners reacted more aggressively than Northerners.

            So this researcher was himself from the South, and when he released his results, his Yankee colleagues were appalled that he would publish such a defamatory paper.

            He was rather amused by his colleagues’ reaction; the Southerners themselves did not consider it defamatory in the slightest, on the contrary, they were rather proud. “Yep, that’s right! You mess with us, you get punched in the face!”

          • We’re intermixed in America. If team red decides to gather together in a city and take a stand against a standing Army it will go poorly. But even the Afghans aren’t stupid enough to do that.

            Let’s say I’m a military helicopter pilot or a former one. My AR-15 my net me any the rebel forces an Apache Gunship of their own.

            In fact I think that’s how the beginning of the war could go. With say 25% of the military defecting and street battles for control of military bases. Or at least that should be a priority for the rebel forces. With very little effort we could own half or more of the military and likely enough veterans to operate most of the equipment.

          • With very little effort we could own half or more of the military and likely enough veterans to operate most of the equipment.

            That sounds fairly plausible to my ears, but if that’s the battle plan, what’s the point of the militia?

          • I prefer the odds to be stacked as much in my favor as possible. Even a few hundred thousand irregulars would do a hell of a lot of damage.

    • Whites were waking up in masse during the last few years of Barry Soweto. Trump has given many cover to go back to sleep.

      Trump has actually been counterproductive to our interests, and when he is gone the NeoJacobins will take their full fury out on us.

      • No, I think you are wrong. Trump was the symptom, not the disease. The fact of his appearance was very fortunate, as it revealed the size and power of white disaffection. That will not go away with Trump. And if Lefty comes down hard the next time he has the power, he’ll find even more Normies moving to our side. The left cannot put nationalism back in the bottle. It’s out. And it’s out worldwide. And something else: Corporate Media has been thoroughly discredited. That is going to have huge consequences in the future. Trump did that.

        • >>>Corporate Media has been thoroughly discredited.<<<

          Ask a normie about Charlottesville and you’ll learn pretty quickly just how much power the media still has.

          • Plenty of normies are greatly disturbed by those events. They do not want historic monuments removed. They see Antifa for what it is.

          • Charlottesville was stupid. Parading around with torches with a bunch of NDSAP wannabes was about the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen

            The guys were untrustworthy, not vetted and undisciplined and it was done on enemy territory

            Talk about bad tactics and bad optics

            There are only three solutions here

            You submit and lose your culture

            You win by any means necessary

            You fight and die and take enough Reds with you to make any victory they have utterly phyric

            Accept there is no way out but through,

            President Trump bought us a bit of time and maybe will soften up the enemy a bit. That is all we could have asked or gotten.

            Since there is a miniscule non bloodbath chance of winning it behooves you to take some of the extra money from the Trump economy if you got it and get trained or re-trained if you are former military or the like,

            If you don’t have those resources and you have basic training and kit than take a few buddies out for a beer and networking

            Make friends in meatspace, hone your skills and build your bund. That you will need and if somehow you don’t? You have a bund and that will ease your despair.

            That is money well spent

          • “President Trump bought us a bit of time and maybe will soften up the enemy a bit.”

            True. That can seem like cold comfort and frustratingly feeble, but it isn’t nothing. Sure, we all wish he’d act more decisively against the proglodytes, but while it’s too simplistic to say time is on our side, gathering strength will take time whether we like it or not.

            Barring the unlikely possibility of a credible challenger from the d-right, I have to unenthusiastically support The Don. The accelerationist alternative, bringing the house crashing down on our heads, seems too dreadful to contemplate … unless the next year’s events make white genocide virtually certain anyway, in which case there will be nothing and everything to lose.

        • Candidate Trump’s positions were replaced almost as soon as he took the oath of office and let Manhattan leftists Javanka act as gatekeepers. Since then it’s been swamp city.

      • Yeah, Obummer woke some up in 2020 while he was empowering some others. Can’t say I want any of the 2020 dem candidates to win as a means to awaken us further.

        • Either way no Republican ever wins again starting in 2024.

          I see the argument for keeping Orange Man for four more years. Not sure I’m on-board.

          BoomerCons being made to pay the price for their stupidity would be a major plus. No more kicking that can down the road.

      • Maybe they will but it’s because our side is weak and fearful.

        We rightly fear war but most important we fear victory.

        That is pathetic. Even the feminized Gamma males to use Vox’s terminology dream of victory

        You have to want to win because get what happens when you do? You get the society you want and get your revenge too

        Win big enough you can demolish a troublesome city , execute entire bloodlines , force your enemies to carve monuments to your glory or you can just take the reins, fix things up and go home.

        The chief thing is you decide , not the other guys

        And if you lose and you die? So what. Unless you are somehow unaging , you are going to get there sooner or later.

        Does this mean I wan’t chaos or think anyone should do something stupid and illegal? Of course not but our side is without the hunger for victory and that is sad.

      • I’m not sure about that. The media lost their minds accusing all Trump supporters of white supremacy. It’s an extension of Obama in that they have everyone thinking and talking about race. Presumably the left thinks it’s good for them to do that, but I don’t think it is. The dissident ranks are swelling from our rulers reaction to Trump.

        • I guess I don’t understand? I enjoy this site because its honest… commentors believe whites need to take back their country. Isnt the media then correct?

      • Yep, Ostei. Proof of what you say is found right here in this group’s postings, where 90% of the time they must discount Trump before injecting their black pills. If Trump is so meaningless to our future demise, why spend a second discussing his presidency?

    • Absolutely: No despair.

      These maniacs are doing a lot of our work for us. They should be encouraged.

    • Hillary, like Obama, would have served as a wake up call to go-along get-along inclined Whites, Burger Nats, etc.. Trump serves as a sleeping pill. For those Whites who do stay engaged, he’s the buddy that starts the bar fight then runs when the shit he stirred up gets real (h/t Eric Striker). He’s absolutely enraged and energized the Left and demoralized and actively attacked the Right. The red-flag BS from this week along with Barr-stein’s assault on the first amendment when we need it defended are just the latest black pills.

      Don’t give up hope, but don’t place any of it in Trump or the GOP. They’ve been selling “we’re better than the other guys” and sliding Leftward with them since I’ve been old enough to vote.

      Cancer doesn’t hurt as much as chemotherapy, until the day it kills you. That’s Trump plan-trusting and the GOP in general right now. Either we face the pain & remove the fake opposition pain killers from office or we press the morphine pump for another 4 years until the day they wheel America to the morgue.

      • But we are replacing the fake opposition. House and Senate members who refuse to get in line with Trump have been replaced or resigned. Unfortunately, that often entailed their replacement with Dem’s. But as we’ve discussed here before and still do, who cares. They were conserving only the Left’s advances.

        You can not make a negative case by ignoring positive examples. Prior to Trump, the MSM was no where near as disrespected as it is today. Only the die hard Leftist believers think they provide unbiased “news”. The GOP was not revealed to be as unaccountable to its members as today. The concept of RINO’s has been replaced by the concept of “Deep State”. Trump is/was a populist candidate and the opposition to him coming from both sides of the aisle and through bureaucracy in government has woke many people up to an essential understanding that government is not your friend and is basically a con game.

        The first step to attracting folk to “our side” is the disaffection of folk from their old belief system. Trump has been successful in that if nothing else. Did he plan it that way, is he a 4-D political chess genius? Good grief, no. He might very well be a narcissist huckster, but he’s in the main our narcissistic huckster.

        Make hay while the sun shines. I am.

        • I can agree with some of that. As a wrecking ball, all he’s managed to do is crack the glass, but we’re making headway under our own momentum. Like the USSR discovered with Gorby & glasnost, a closed system can’t tolerate even small cracks. I’m moving forward with my own positive agenda, not worrying about Trump or the GOP setting one for me.

          • I’m moving forward with my own positive agenda, not worrying about Trump or the GOP setting one for me.
            Exactly right Brother we have to be using the time he has given us wisely…

        • >>>But we are replacing the fake opposition. House and Senate members who refuse to get in line with Trump have been replaced or resigned.<<<

          The intellectual premise of this statement is that we can still vote our way out of this situation. We cannot.

          • Meme, ack, it can be interpreted that way, but that was not my the intent. I respect the folk that ignore the current political system as a rigged game and a distraction. It is a reasonable premise.

          • Compsci: “I respect the folk that ignore the current political system as a rigged game and a distraction. It is a reasonable premise.”

            Thank you for that acknowledgment. Too often have I read that one is part of the problem if one doesn’t vote, or one is giving support to the other side, or one is sulking and taking one’s marbles home. I would literally feel like a whore – make that a blind, deaf and dumb whore – if I participated in another election. Waiting while the Han checks my voting registration (you, I am certain, realize not one state requires proof of citizenship to register) as I wait my turn among the subcons and nice White womyn.

          • @3g4me

            Good post. Also, there’s the argument that if you don’t vote, you have no right to complain.

            It’s the other way around: by voting you agree to play by the (crooked) rules. You can’t vote and then go around waving placards if your guy doesn’t win. That’d be like a child getting a tantrum if he loses a game of Monopoly: you agreed to the rules when you agreed to play.

            And even if the game wasn’t rigged, I figure that the influence, measured in dollars and cents, that casting a ballot gives you, would not cover the calories it cost you to mark an X on a piece of paper.

          • And that’s the answer to those who say we can’t vote our way out of this…we have DJT instead of Hillary. In the long run,our democracy looks terminal, but it worked this time And time is of the essence.

      • Trump serves as a sleeping pill.


        It’s a mistake to give Trump too much credit for the Trump Revolution. If I were to point to any particular thing, the internet is the obvious prime mover and the ability to comment anonymously. The voters made the Trump Revolution, Trump is just occupying the top slot, keeping someone else away from it.

        That’s how Nigel Farage – Trump’s good buddy – operates: his job is to corral the dissatisfied voters into a safe space and, if necessary, stab them in the back, as Farage has done repeatedly. His job is to keep voters away from real nationalist parties.

        • Edit: sorry to pour out my mind seemingly at random like this. I’ll try to find better places in the comments for it. This stuff has really been consuming my mind lately (troubled sleep, bad attention span, and headaches even), and it has really been dialed up in response to this week, and as a distraction from one of my beloved cats entering into the last stage of dying of cancer (probably will have to put her to sleep next week).

          “It’s a mistake to give Trump too much credit for the Trump Revolution.”

          I think, in a sense, we can give credit to the Jewish element of the Western liberal elite (by the liberal elite I mean, centrally, the capitalist oligarchs, and under them, the rootless Ivy League bourgeois bohemian Money elite). Their pathological fear and hatred of Western masses and Western Civ. has made them “dial to 11”. Instead of a slow, largely imperceptible transition (to the prole masses) to an open market McWorld of a rootless indentity-less interchangable Last Man humanity for the liberal elite to rule over and profit from, the white masses are getting real, easily perceptible economic hardship (open borders, for example), on the one hand, and great leaps forward into “individual freedom” breaking from Western Christian tradition (drag queen story hour for children, for example), on the other hand. With a slow, step by step transition, the transition to a post-West McWorld the liberal elite naturally seek could have been smoothly attained.

          To repeat my past posts, I think what we are centrally witnessing is the natural evolution of liberalism, of liberal democracy and capitalism. Fukuyama/Kojeve/Hegel are largely correct. The question is, will there be a “reset” or a moving beyond the liberal paradigm, on the lines of a Spengler, Nietzsche, or Heidegger (as I so far understand them, I’m a comparative prole who aspires to be a speck of Black Forest mud on Heidegger’s shoe), or is this a permanent transition to a next stage, and will whites, or the whole of the traditional Right, go the way of the Neanderthals and hunter gatherer society.

    • I hope they sign the red-flag laws and they are abused to death.
      The gun guys have been talking about guns being there to fight tyranny, but no amount of tyranny seems to motivate these people. I think the only thing that could ever motivate these people to fight is taking the guns. They really are just gun nuts, but I am hoping their love of guns is enough to get them to stop threatening and start acting.

    • We didn’t elect Trump to “Save Gun Rights”. Anyone with a brain knew Trump was at heart weak on social issues – including Guns. He’s a patriot and a businessman. He’s not a preacher and he’s not a gun guy. We’re lucky he’s not even more cuckish on the issue.

    • Lots and lots of good intelligent comments here that may go overlooked. I would love to see periodic concise compilations of Zman’s readers most popular comments all in one place.

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