The Reality of Life

In his July Diary over at VDare, John Derbyshire recounted an exchange he had with Mark Steyn about biological reality. Like most men his age, Steyn is incapable of thinking clearly about race and ethnicity. Instead he tries to jam reality into the blank slate fantasy, where culture makes the man. Steyn asked, “Why is Haiti Haiti and Barbados Barbados? Why is India India and Pakistan Pakistan? Skin color and biological determinism don’t get you very far on that.”

This is a popular form of arm flapping by right-wing Progressives. Whenever they are confronted with biological reality, they reel off a series of exceptions they think extremely clever. Somehow, they think their ignorance is some sort of magic spell that will make the bad men go away. If biology cannot explain everything to them to their satisfaction, then they will hang onto their magical thinking. It is a good example of how you cannot overcome superstition with facts and reason.

Now, as to the challenge, Derb correctly points out that biology is one ingredient that results in the societies we see. The biology of Barabbas is a lot closer to the biology of Haiti than it is to Iceland. Yet, Barbados seems to be closer to Iceland on the civilization scale than it is to Haiti. Of course, Barbados is not Iceland, not even close. Botswana is much nicer than Somalia, but that does not make Botswana a paradise. Maybe Steyn should first explain why Barbados is not Iceland.

It turns out though, that Steyn’s “gotcha” response is actually a very good example of the role biology plays in social organization. Haiti was a French colony and its current population is descended from the slave population used by the French. Barbados, in contrast, was a British colony. About ten percent of its population is white and its black population is descended from both slaves and free men. Further, Barbados never sank into anarchy, so its population has been stable for generations.

How big a difference does that white population make in Barbados? If we assume the whites are fairly typical of the sorts of people willing to colonize the New World, they are probably a bit smarter than the average European. That means they will make up the bulk of the island’s smart fraction. Haiti, in contrast, will have no smart fraction, as even the talented ten percent fled a long time ago. Barbados may not have the smart fraction of Iceland, but it has one, while Haiti does not have one.

Of course, Barbados will have a talented ten percent, as well. While the bulk of the black population is descended from slaves, a lot of blacks came to the island as freemen during the age of sail. Just as with North America, the British were a much softer touch on their colonies than the French and Spanish. That history has resulted in a much better black population than in Haiti. It’s talented ten percent, plus the white population, is capable of maintaining a civil society.

That may strike some as a small difference to hang an argument, but in biology, small difference can have very large downstream consequences. As Derb pointed out, Albania has an average IQ in the low 80’s while Ghana is in the 60’s. That does not seem like a big difference, but it means Albania has about 4% of the population that qualifies as a smart fraction, while Ghana has none. That 4% has a huge impact on the outcome of Albania. Small differences mean a lot in biology.

That does not explain all of the differences between the two places. As Derb points out in his piece, history and geography play a role. Chance plays a role as well. Haiti has not been helped by its geography. That massive earthquake would have been tough for any of the island populations to endure. It’s also regularly raked by tropical storms and hurricanes. Outside interference from America has not always been in the best interest of the Haitian people. Haiti is a very unlucky place.

Still, there is a reason no African nation has created a modern society or been able to maintain one that was handed to them. Somalia has all of the things modern libertarians celebrate, but it is a violent hell hole. Liberia adopted the US constitution, but Liberia is nothing like America. Detroit has a much better history than Salt Lake City, but it has much worse biology. Perhaps Steyn thinks Detroit’s problems are due to weather, but most likely he knows the real reason. He just hates it.

That really is the issue with the science deniers. It’s not so much that they don’t accept biological reality or even that they lack the numeracy to grasp it. They just hate facing the reality of the human condition. It should be noted that the science deniers tend to live as far from human diversity as possible. Steyn, for example, lives in a whites-only part of northern New Hampshire. Celebrating diversity from a great distance is the hallmark of the science deniers and egalitarians.

Putting aside the revealed preferences of the deniers, they cling to their superstitions because to do otherwise means accepting some harsh truths. One of which is that the only way to maintain Western civilization is to maintain the European people. That means playing very rough with the rest of the world’s people. It turns out that we have not advanced beyond our nature. Life for us is the same struggle for survival it has always been. The winner has to play for keeps.

As a practical matter, that means the Europeans will have to deport their non-European populations. Not all of them, but most. Telling a few million Muslims they have to go back is not something our betters care to face. Similarly, it means sinking enough migrant boats in the Mediterranean to discourage the practice. Europe’s leaders lack the stomach to defend their people, so instead they have embraced magical realism as a coping strategy. It’s an effort to gracefully lose the struggle for life.

Reality is that thing that does not go away when you stop believing in it. Biological reality is no exception. The history of man has been a struggle between people. History, geography and some good fortune made Europeans the dominant people on the globe, because they were willing and able to out-compete their rivals. That’s reality. If Europeans are unwilling to compete, then they will be overrun by their rivals. That too is reality, a realty that will not go away even if the deniers stop believing it.

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321 thoughts on “The Reality of Life

  1. Difficult to judge a man on one conversation. Have you read Steyn’s “America Alone”? and “After America”? Might be a good idea before attempting to pidgeonhole him based on his demographic. There’s a reason he lives where he does. This is no spokesman for vibrance, but rather the opposite.

  2. The real problem with race issues is that the questions cannot be investigated openly and honestly. I think a big difference in populations occurs as a result of “breeding” as opposed to straight up “race” differences. Dr Edward Dutton has a video about the importance of capital punishment for weeding out spiteful homicide genes. Europe did a better job of executing the spiteful mutant murderers than Africa did for thousands of years and I think that explains a lot of the difference. But we need real rigorous scientific investigations to truly understand.

  3. “There has always been a distinction between the “English-speaking peoples” and the rest of “the West”, and at hinge moments in human history that distinction has proved critical. Continental Europe has given us plenty of nice paintings and mellifluous symphonies, French wine and Italian actresses, but, for all our fetishization of multiculturalism, you can’t help noticing that when it comes to the notion of a political West – with a sustained commitment to individual liberty and representative government — the historical record looks a lot more unicultural and indeed (given that most of these liberal democracies other than America share the same head of state) uniregal . . . The entire political class of Portugal, Spain and Greece spent their childhoods living under dictatorships. So did Jacques Chirac and Angela Merkel. We forget how rare in this world is sustained peaceful constitutional evolution, and rarer still outside the Anglosphere.”

    The thing about Steyn is that he doesn’t see the world in terms of whites, the West, or even Christendom vs. the rest of the world. He sees Anglo-Saxons and their liberties as the ingroup. To him, a genteel Indian or Barbadian who reads Mathew Arnold and Thomas Macaulay is dearer than wogs who begin in Calais.

  4. You forgot the main reason: Steyn likes the money.

    And he has to keep in good odour with his ‘special friends’.

  5. Okay, Barbados is no doubt lotus-land compared to Haiti. But still.

    I’m tuning in late today, so apologies if something like this has already been said, and I acknowledge it is anecdotal:

    As far back as sometime in the ’90s, I was looking for a tropical holiday, and didn’t have the coin to go to Tahiti or some such. I had a customer relationship with a travel agent; this was before online bookings, when they still valued business other than round-the-world tours and luxury cruises.

    The agent suggested a week at a Barbados resort she’d been to recently on a “fam” trip. It sounded good. Naive though I was, however, I had sense enough to ask about the local crime rate. She said, “Nothing to worry about. The property is surrounded by fencing and has a 24-hour security patrol.”

    That answered my question, though not in the way she meant. I ended up going to Hawaii and have never been to Barbados.

  6. The problem with the CivNats is they won’t actually defend civility or the nation as it is necessary to do.

    It reminds me of the scene from Atlas Shrugged where John Galt is under house arrest and is asked how to fix things (by Mouch?). He replies to get rid of the Income Tax. “We can’t do that!” is the response.

    A simple example suffices. We need to end welfare for out-of-wedlock birth and discourage Divorce when there are children still growing up. Period. Name ANYONE who would actually end this dysgenic practice. Tomorrow. Have CPS seize the kids if needed and adopt them out. I’ll add actually proportionately punishing crime and other bad behavior from the youngest ages where consequence can be understood. We need to remove people who won’t be civil from civil society – in prisons, deport/exile, or worse.

    If the CivNats refuse to actually do the “tough love” experiment, to see if they can actually bend races into Western Civilization, then the only remaining alternative is to insure only Europeans, mainly northern (I note the PIIGS countries also tend to be less thrifty) are in your Nation if you want it to be civil.

    If you have gold and silver you don’t need an iron hand, but if you allow base metals into the amalgam, an iron hand is required..


    8 minutes from the 2019 Convention for the Democratic Socialists of America. My fear has been replaced by contempt for our enemies. This is the reason why they import foreign shock troops. My teenaged sister could wreck that entire room armed with nothing more than a wiffle bat.

    If you need some mindbleach to purge that mewling display of slave morality, listen to either of these.

  8. There are plenty of libertardians out there who deny that race, IQ, and culture matter. They are worst than the leftist.

    • @Someone
      I would have to agree a leftist not in a group and if they feel they can trust you will talk about how awful blacks are and why can’t they just get their shit together a libertarian will go to the mat with you that everyone is the same…

  9. The most dysfunctional nation in history, among nations that matter, is Russia. It’s a white nation that has generated great literature, science, and music. But the social systems spawned by this wayward country have all proven disastrous.

    At a guess we mean ‘the English tradition of law and custom’ when we say ‘white.’ We don’t mean Russia, or the Austro-Hungarian Empire, or even France, and certainly not the Laplanders Knut Hamsun used to joke about in his novels.

    • I would take any of those countries over anywhere in Africa any day of week, twice on Sundays, and three times on whatever day of rest Godless Marxists observe.

      • Don’t get me wrong – I agree wholeheartedly. I would prefer life under the Romanovs or the Hapsburgs to what is coming: Hell, I’d prefer life in a hut among the Laplanders, tending to reindeer.

  10. Of course Steyn knows the truth, but, like the Z-Man, he doesn’t talk about it in public using his own name. It won’t do anyone any good for him to be deplatformed.

    • Good point. If Steyn had a “do over”, he might operate under a pseudonym and do a different sort of gig. But we all got to where we are today by different paths, and we all probably have some elements of “do over” baked in. My extended family is spread all over Southern California, and I never thought things would get this far, so here I am. I might get them all out someday, but things will need to get a lot worse before most would pull up stakes and go.

      • In fairness to Steyn, he’s a known person, with a face and a name, disadvantages avoided by the faceless and nameless author of this blog.

        I admire Steyn, an old theater critic dragooned into the culture war.

        • Thought experiment: The Z-man is exposed with a picture, an address and a real name – Milton Frumpp, say, or Merle Scabeger, or maybe Gustavus O’Mally. He’s now in the public stage, and his comfortable criticisms of other public figures become, shall we say, softened?

          If so, why?

    • I think this happens when a culture totally loses its selfconfidence. It could also have happened in Sweden or Britain or Minnesota, a low IQ barbarian invader goes wild w a sword. What cant be explained by genetics is why whites, who 100 years ago would have smiled bemusedly before shooting or hanging this sword-swinging uppety wildman, are now taking sucker punches and asking for more. That is complete cultural collapse and it may be biological, ie linked to testosterone levels or something. But it’s not genetic that we’re putting up w this crap, that’s for sure.

      • But it’s not genetic that we’re putting up w this crap

        No, it is not genetic, it’s historical. About 100 years ago was just before the bloody European Civil War.

        Many years after winning the civil war, one of Sulla’s favorite leisure time was making up the list of Marius’ followers to be crucified that week. Then on Wednesday the executions were performed.

        The victims had nothing to say, and if they wanted to speak they were not allowed to, and even if they would have been allowed nobody would care.

        This is just happening again, there is nothing new under the sun.

        The good side is that Sulla’s time eventually expired, just as everything in this world eventually does.

  11. Z Man said: “If Europeans are unwilling to compete, then they will be overrun by their rivals. That too is reality, a realty that will not go away even if the deniers stop believing it.” There’s actually more work being done in Europe than here in the U.S.

    Here’s an artical from a website called ” United World” intitled: “The Lazarus Reflex: opposition to European mass-migration and the coming Second Wave.”

    Here’s an artical from a website called ” Sovereign Nation” intitled: ” European Elections: “The Battle for Europe has Begun”

    Here’s an artical from ” BreitBart” intitled: “Hungary: ‘Illegal Migration Is a Threat to European Culture and Civilization’.”

  12. Feeling surrounded is a real thing. I live in the vibrancy of a Large Northeastern Financial Capital, AND I work in the carny business that Z loves to derogate (Sorry, Z). I am openly confronted with anti-white/straight animus every single day, on the street and at work. I choose to do my business here, so I’m not asking for any sympathy. I know nobody here doubts any of this. Just a report from the trenches. And letting you know that we’re out there where you might least expect.

    • How do you respond to it? There are some people who think we should be more aggressive in denouncing anti-white statements when confronted with them.

      • Well, nobody tells you that you didn’t get a job because you’re a straight, white man. But you know when you see who ended up getting that job. When someone tries to tell me about my “white privilege” or my “white supremacy”, I respond by calling that racism. I ask how would they would react if I told a black person to check their “black criminality”. It shocks them into a “does not compute” moment. I walk a fine line and live by my wits. I’m behind enemy lines. Maybe I’ll make inroads, maybe I’ll get the firing squad. Time will tell.

  13. Perhaps Steyn could explain the difference between Haiti and the Dominican Republic without recourse to race realism. The same island (Hispanola), but with different biological populations (DR mestizo and black, Haiti entirely black) and markedly different qualities of life, although DR is certainly no Xanadu. And I raise this point as someone who greatly respects Steyn.

    Incidentally, I think the main reason so many otherwise intelligent people studiously deny race reality is not because they cannot face the truth, but because they know that asserting that truth means putting your livelihood, and perhaps your life, in grave jeopardy.

    • This is never mentioned, but in the late 1930’s the Dominican’s fought a race war against Haitian invaders/squatters. Estimates of the dead run from some 12 to 30 thousand. The surprisingly accurate Wikipedia article relates the principal reason for the war: “Rafael Trujillo, a strong proponent of anti-Haitianism, considered the Haitians to be a racially and culturally inferior people. He saw Haitian migration as a detriment to the social and economic development of the Dominican nation.”

      Anti-Haitian feeling remains strong in the DR to this day.

        • Yea and they have a wall to help them out unlike us…I wonder why the media doesn’t get on them about that… Probably because the DR would tell them to pound sand…

          • Well, if even the sainted Mestizos don’t want the negroes around, that looks pretty bad for the AWRs. I mean, they expect YT to be rayciss, but you don’t expect that sort of mortal sin from POC. And if POC are rayciss against other POC, what does that say about racism?

        • Meantime, both Haitians (generally 100% sub-saharan genetics) and Dominicans (almost all of them are 50% sub-saharan genetics) are here in their hundreds of thousands, blessing us with their diversity. A plague on both. Preferably bubonic.

      • In the end, U.S. president Franklin D. Roosevelt and Haitian president Sténio Vincent sought reparations of $750,000, of which the Dominican government paid $525,000 (US$ 9,149,826.39 in 2018 dollars). Of this 30 dollars per victim, survivors received only 2 cents each, due to corruption in the Haitian bureaucracy.[29]

        A perfect ending to a terrible, but very instructive, story (one I had never heard of before now).

  14. “Telling a few million Muslims they have to go back is not something our betters care to face.” – It’s not just our betters that can’t face that. We elect our betters. A democracy is set up to where you can’t even cut off minor welfare benefits, or even a simple driver license, from groups of people let alone deport them. Democracy creates a reality where the medicine needed to fix society is too bitter to for the population to take. We spit it out like three year olds. It must be administered by a newly empowered oligarchy under dictatorship. All of these solutions won’t take place until democracy bankrupts itself. We’re already a technically bankrupt country. The process just has to work itself out until we become a practically bankrupt country as a currency crisis develops. The same goes for Western Europe.

    Of course the aftermath of this will be chaos in the streets, but only for a time.

    • Saying we elect our betters is like saying we choose our breakfast cereal. Technically true, but the options are limited by the ruling class. You get to vote the for the ruling class stooge of your choice.

      • Every so often, even in my to the left of the left area, you have a primary candidate that’s really good. And he gets about 200 votes, maybe he’ll hit 1% of the vote if he’s lucky, while the disengaged population votes for the breakfast cereal on the slick TV commercial. You need a highly educated, highly engaged group of people to actually read what’s in the packaging. The population, even if engaged, is incapable of that. Most human beings are sheep that need heel nipping. We’re asking the sheep to decide where the flock should go. So of course you get the vilest wolf like politician doing that for us.

        This is the ultimate failure of the right today is thinking that an informed population (of any race or ethnicity) is attainable, and that it’ll do the right thing even if informed.

      • Exactly. That’s why “Conservatism, Inc.” was always such a fraud meant to simultaneously pacify the base and energize the left. Michael Anton’s (Flight 93 Election) metaphor of Republicans as the Washington Generals could not have been more apt. But when Trump filled his administration with his opposition and reversed his positions on immigration and foreign policy, even the QAnon crowd should have been able to see what was going on.

    • Autocracy is not going to fix this without a serious reform of the elite. Both Democracy and Autocracy are the same thing, just Democracy uses kid gloves. Either way, you are ruled by a class of hereditary aristocrats, divided into the upper-middle class service elite and upper class ruling elite. I say reform and not replacement because revolutions and coups don’t really replace the elite, they just discipline it by making examples of the worst offenders. Even in Cloud City, most people are only going through the motions – indifferent to ideology. Dissidents are a small minority, but so are the true believers. Unfortunately, true believers currently have all the institutions and a lot of ability to threaten violence.

      A currency crisis or collapse that results in an autocratic government is just going to mean globohomo at double speed. You need to either assemble a core of people who believe your moral narrative or change it for society as a whole. That means defeating globohomo, but also the Gnostic and Pelagian occult mystery cults that tell the elite that they can become gods with enough IQ points and shekels. Noblesse oblige and moral discipline.

      • We absolutely need a changeout in the elite, and it can’t happen without an economic crisis. A large part of the problem is that the big problems themselves are being funded. Money does make the world go around. This includes certain tech companies that wouldn’t exist in an environment where credit is highly constricted. An environment that wouldn’t exist without deep pocketed individuals who made their money grifting the population in the media/defense/welfare/contractor/banking complex (I’m not saying “Jews” by the way, even though this screams “Jew” to some people). If only our society was governed by an elite that does real things for a living, that provides real benefit to real people who own real, unleveraged businesses. These people have been in the back seat for years. The drivers of our current society are consumers, grifters and eaters of cheap credit.

        • And I suppose elite status will pass to a bunch of loyal would-be kshatriya training for the day? Or perhaps to some unjustly deposed WASPs who were shuffled by Jews into internment camps?

          Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves is a myth meant to comfort the masses. When my family was young, Christ had not yet walked the earth. You drink coffee out of cups honoring a Plantaganet ancestor. Your economies are planned by Keynesian ideas of stimulus, the Keyneses who rode with William the Conqueror. That bloated toad, the EU, was spearheaded by a Habsburg.

          The presence of new money is what keeps it from being a caste system.

          @Official Bologna Tester
          The mediocris may not have the learning of the nobiles, but they had the labor skills and supplied Rome’s citizen soldiers. As they went, so too went the Empire.

          We go through all these cycles but never learn a damn thing. Maybe we can’t.

      • @ Monsieur le Baron. I certainly agree with a good portion of your analysis. But one thing that’s been happening in the U.S. job market for a long time is the shrinking of the middle class. In every Capitalist economy it has always been the state of the middle class that predicted the future financial health of the nation. Now, if you go on any retailing website you see more and more shifting toward the bottom and top of the food chain. This means that the retailers believe that the two tear economy is by and large here to stay. And even if you factor in the huge increase in on line sales. That still doesn’t make up for the even bigger loss of middle class jobs. This is bad news generally of course, but for the working class it means that they will have a tougher and tougher time achieving sustainable upward mobility. This is seriously bad news for the good old U.S.of A.

  15. Since the Amish will inherit the Earth, things are looking up! At least for North America that is. What is amazing to me is how birth rates have changed so much. In the 1970s, the average number of children a Mexican woman had was 7. Now they are below replacement rate. Nothing is truly constant. If the Amish can keep it up for 200 more years though, like they have the past 100, that will be something to see…

    • There isn’t enough farmland to support that theory. Hasidic Jews on the other hand don’t need farmland.

      • Farmland can be made from in less inhabited cities and other areas using permaculture and other techniques

        Also in 200 years the overall population will probably have decline by 2/3 or more from a combination of low fertility and collapse scenarios

        That said a city filled with Hasidim wouldn’t be Western though it will be industrious

        Future USA made of deeply religious people’s will not be modernity to speak of and instead might well be an unstable mix of religious states , a 30 years war waiting to happen

        Better than Brazil 2.0 but still ugh.

      • No, they just need a functional society and a lot of workers to parasite off of, so they can produce more heavily inbred children and memorize their talmud.

        • I’m no fan of the Hasidim and the Orthodox but in the US they all work. Israel OTOH has that issue but its not our problem

  16. I’ve shut down SJW’s talking about “check your White privilege” by pointing out that my mother was West Indian. Of course, she was the daughter of a Welsh Presbyterian missionary. Works every time.

    • I prefer: “suck my white privilege”.

      Social Jihadis and other delusional lefty hate peddlers don’t deserve to have their idiocy engaged.

      We can’t allow them to steal our language and use it against us. Nor can we self-dilute our identities in order to avoid the latest round of hate.

      When they poopytalk like that either tell them to GFY or respond to them as if they were a retarded child, “you poor dear, i hope things do get better for you” or “…it must be hard for you” that kinda thing. They mustn’t be taken seriously.

    • that’s playing their game lol.

      you’re on the defensive there. “I’m not white!” you exclaim, running away from your white identity.

      Instead, just be like “yeah, and? my point still stands. GFY”

  17. Barbados was both the birthplace of Neville Goddard, the greatest exponent of the Western Esoteric Tradition in the XXth century, (and who looked and sounded like Cary Grant) and the home of his guru, a “black Ethiopian rabbi” named Abdullah; they met up in NYC. Neville’s family founded Goddard Enterprises, from a grocery store in the ’30s to the largest global conglomerate based in the Caribbean. White guy + talented 10th is an unbeatable combination. You can read all about in in muh book.

    • The Caribbean is a good comparison of cultures. The development arc of these colonies reflects the colonial polices of their European owners, which reflected the nature of the Europeans. The British invested in their colonial subjects. They thought longer term. The Spanish, in contrast, were just extracting what they could as fast as they could.

      • Good to remember that culture is not completely determined by genetics, despite Derb vs. Steyn. Somehow white culture got pretty debased right here in the USSA well within my lifetime. There’s no reason a culture can’t be somewhat improved in an analogous manner.

        • Yeah, but improving the culture is a lot harder, and not nearly as profitable, as debasing it.

      • I was kicked off of the TripAdvisor forum for asking “what is the whitest Caribbean island?” I rephrased the same question “what is the safest Caribbean island?” You get the same information without being kicked off.

  18. I’ve vacationed in Antigua which is very similar to Barbados. Around English Harbour – where Nelson used to harbor his fleet – there are many nice, friendly, seemingly intelligent lighter brown people – no coincidence.

    We did an island tour of the interior. Our guide / driver explained how their tiny island nation beats the UK in cricket. The slave-owners used to store their biggest / strongest slaves in the neighboring island of Barbuda and send the female slaves over their to get knocked up. Hence the Antiguans can beat the white boys in sports. That guy was a race realist although I didn’t point out that he was about 5’3″.

    I was trying hard not to laugh historically in the back seat. Latter I had to explain to my wife how Jimmy the Greek was unpersoned for saying exactly the same thing.

    • ” Our guide / driver explained how their tiny island nation beats the UK in cricket.”
      Neat trick.
      The UK doesn’t have a cricket team.

    • I used to be beguiled by the ads for Caribbean vacations with miles of pristine beaches. Then I got assigned to Jamaica for my 18 months of consular hell. Yes, Jamaica was a British colony and had/has its smart fraction, but it’s utterly insufficient to overcome the drag from the rest of the population. I met some nice people there – quite wealthy – the guy was probably 95% White and his wife was perhaps 50-60% White. Knew various other “Whites” who had bits and pieces of other ethnicities mixed in – Whiter than Rihanna but still obviously 10-15% something other than European. That’s the case with most of their top quartile – increasingly mixed and thus increasingly experiencing reversion to the mean and downward IQ pressure. And the Jamaicans who’ve flooded the anglosphere remain highly criminally inclined and dysfunctional. The few who manage are nothing special either intellectually or creatively, they’re just not overtly criminal. There’s nothing that population has to offer the White race.

      • Most overrated vacay destination ever. I’m for peaceful co-existence IRL but the idea of using Jamaica for Great White Fleet 3.0 shore bombardment exercises will likely sneak into some of my future-fan-fiction at some point.

        • Many of the non-State people at the embassy, who I preferred hanging around with (marines, communicators, etc.), openly said Jamaica was a great place . . . for the neutron bomb.

  19. Steyn’s a classic example of the crippling limitations of the mayo side of the Western political kosher sandwich. Given his edgy flirtations with race realism when it comes to Arabs, Aborigines and other woggish misfits in his anachronistic Anglophile worldview, I don’t think he fully buys into the blank slatist/race is a social construct dogma of the brown mustard side of the kosher sandwich. But he absolutely cannot tread on the third rail that is race realism. The fact that he’s been forced to self-fund his Mann case defense by National Review (who Shoah’d him after making a mild crack about gays that made unofficial organizational Czar Jason Steorts wet his glittery silken britches) makes his financial position even more precarious than most scribblers who have to rattle their cups at Koch-sponsored events.

    I still have a certain admiration for Steyn despite his genuine and enduring philo-Semitism and his corresponding NeoCon penchant for channeling all his racial bloodlust toward the enemies of a (((people))) distinctly not his own. That said, he’s clearly staked his fortunes on the (((Other))) side and we must bring him down. Z’s done a good job of bagging and tagging this hobbled specimen in a merciful and humane manner, as wounded enemies should be dispatched.

    • I kinda like Steyn too. His favorite tag line ‘Im an imperialist a century past my sell by date’ is a good example of English eccentrism. The question is how much he really rejects race realism. He hasnt worked that angle very hard, I think words are being put a bit into his mouth here. But for sure, if he does reject it, he is wrong.

  20. Last year a young physics student at Columbia got into a public tiff that went viral with some vibrancy scholarzzz. “Hee stuupidd, youz stuupidd!” Was repeated and repeated and repeated.

    The cognitive distance between the scholarzzz and mountain gorillas/chimpanzees is literally roughly half of the cognitive distance between the scholarzzz and this boy. Blank Slate put these two in the same environs.

    This little scene is not uncommon. It goes on all day every day in one form or another on many if not most university campuses. This also includes an increasing gap and growing tension among faculty. Many of the architects of Blank Slate are now beginning to have second thoughts.

    In academia Blank Slate is a social test not an actual belief. Like Steyn many wrap themselves in a carapace of excuses so they can function in that environment.

  21. Europe will be a bellwether example of the coming crisis. We can go to school on how they respond and learn from their experience. Elites of every stripe will keep their head in the sand until their standard of living is compromised, then they will panic, as all incompetents do. Ancient wisdom matters. Make yourself as robust as possible. Stay out of cities when the chaos begins. Keep your head down and wait for the initial carnage to lapse. Use your wits. The strong and the smart will endure.

  22. I believe it was Steve Sailer who espoused the theory that Barbados is relatively high functioning because it was the first, or at least one of the first, stops for ships in the trans-Atlantic slave trade so the best slaves were purchased in Barbados. Conversely, Haiti was one of the final stops, so they were stuck with the dreck.

  23. The harshest reality: way, way too many people, now spilling over the borders.

    No idea what to do about that.

    • It is more we can’t make the State do what needs to be done, i.e shoot invaders.

      Mines and automatic weapons work for even 80IQ types

      Truth is for the US a few drone strikes with the above would settle the problem. Either remove the elite or if you are more merciful, destroy the nations luxuries

      The leader if any nation will think twice about encouraging illegal immigration if his houses and property , his nation’s banking system and everything else gets droned

      The hardcore option last resort is bring back the neutron bomb , lacking that gas and germ warfare but if we were that murderous , we wouldn’t have these problems in the first place

  24. I think that Haiti have had several periodic riots and revolutions with ethnic cleansing of whites in 1804 and later also its mulatto population.

  25. “History, geography and some good fortune made Europeans the dominant people on the globe … ”

    True statement, but I’d also add the Christo-centric presuppositions that tend toward the pursuit of cultural and technological excellence … the church’s doctrinal term is “the dominion mandate.” This is the “history” part of the equation, and obviously an essay can’t get into all the presuppositional philosophies. Yet we can’t ignore that religion played a critical role in the colonization variances of England, France & Spain. Every former English colony I’ve visited (and mentioned in the essay) has a semblance of remaining civilization based on English Common Law, which is essentially natural law married with Biblical law. Imagine a 19th century United States that had been dominated by Spain or France … even with a relatively high IQ the young nation would never have flourished – Spain would’ve gifted us with a tyranny of graft/corruption, while France would’ve gifted us with the tyranny of Rousseau’s humanism. Ideas have consequences, and it was the Protestant ideal of Divine Providence that led to the freeing of man to flourish, ideally organized into homogeneous/harmonious nation-states (i.e. NOT cobbled-together Yugoslavias.)

    It’s right to consider the biological element but not at the expense of a culture’s underlying philosophy. Wave a magic wand at Somalia & turn them into a God-fearing culture that holds to objective truth and presuppositions of biblical family, community and government, and you’d see a functional, homogeneous civilization. The IQ might be lower and they would not be an industrial powerhouse, but they wouldn’t be a global basket case either.

    Our (the US) biggest problem is that we’re not a people united by anything. We may have a high-average IQ but we’re headed toward global basket case because we’ve ignored the two things that make great civilizations – unity (i.e. biology) and God’s laws.

    • Wave a magic wand. “If only those Somalis would all become Christians their DNA would change. They’d become docile, White pacifists, just like us.”

      You’re basically proposing egalitarianism and the blank slate theory through magic and religious evangelism. That is absurd.

      This reminds me of an old boomer I know who is the pastor of a large church. The church has a Christian school, but they’ve always had trouble with fund raising, so they turned it into one of those government funded ‘charter schools’ where kids are ‘sponsored’ and they bus in vibrant kids from urban areas to this formerly white, lower-middle class area.

      Last time I spoke with the pastor he admitted his biggest struggle was with the new students, but his ‘Christian virtue’ won’t allow him to admit the truth, that is his religious ‘magic’ isn’t working. Now he’s turned his attention on trying to marry off as many white girls in the school to the vibrant boys to help pacify everyone.

      • Blacks tend to be more religious than Whites, but have always been worse behaved.

        Is a warped way, Islam suits Blacks because it micromanages a believer’s life right down to the proper way to relieve herself and threatens draconian punishments for misbehavior. For example, chopping off a hand for stealing or killing a girl for talking to a fellow who isn’t a close relative.

      • Nope, not proposing the blank slate theory … read what I wrote without insertion between the lines. I have a missionary friend to Kenya who has helped revitalize village after village via simple instruction in the 10 Commandments and ye olde Protestant work ethic. Some converted to Christianity and others didn’t, but the plurality of all men (previously wastrels and wife-abusers) now have jobs, support their families and are community leaders in reformation. That’s not to say that they are gifted in STEM studies, but it DOES mean that they have the wherewithal to work and govern themselves without machetes. The big game-changer is Christian worldview vs philanthropic do-goodery. Nothing absurd about it, because there’s plenty of empirical evidence to support it. Think what you will of AA, but they’ve helped reform many an alcoholic with emphasis on core values that come straight from “the good book.” Same with the old Boy Scouts … but of course no longer.

        As for the old boomer pastor, well, the man is trying to be an organizational CEO vice pastor. And pastors suck at being CEOs. If the man was a true shepherd he wouldn’t have concerned himself with the world’s measure of success, which in America is “the larger the better.” I’m guessing the CEO pastor plussed up the debt, overbuilt and under-delivered, and now he’s reaping the whirlwind. He may very well have a high IQ. So your example isn’t an indictment of Christianity, it’s an indictment of an ignorant Christian.

        A worldview is a network of presuppositions, and I’ve yet to meet an evolutionist who have a worldview that can explain the objective goodness of love, courage, duty, honor – things that make civilization possible. These things have no material substance, no molecular structure, and neither science or philosophy has an explanation for these abstracts; only metaphysical, transcendent religion can help explain this reality. But when I weigh what the Christian worldview has accomplished via western civilization compared to all other religions, worldviews, and civilizations, it’s hard not to be impressed by the empirical evidence.

      • Brad said: “Now he’s turned his attention on trying to marry off as many white girls in the school to the vibrant boys to help pacify everyone.” So he’s going to sacrifice a few white virgins to the god of multiculturism. Who knows, maybe that magic Christian nookie will lure the gang bangers into church. They say the lord works in mysterious ways, but I didn’t know he had a interracial dating services. I guess even the Almighty has to move with the times.

  26. The ‘talented tenth’ is useless in a place like Haiti. The average is more important than the exceptions because the talented tenth live in a society that is dominated by the average. Schools are going to reflect the average. Taken to the extreme, if there are no schools, the talented tenth just become very good subsistence farmers. It also puts a lid on the actual level of achievement the talented tenth could achieve if they had schooling because the talented tenth of a 70iq society is going to be lower IQ than the talented tenth of a 100iq society.

  27. Failing to understand that history is competition between people is what’s going to doom us. Just because white society has decided to reject racial reality, embrace egalitarianism and welcome people from all over the world doesn’t mean the newcomers will adopt the same ideas. Especially when the newcomers are vastly different than the white population. This isn’t like trying to smooth over differences between Germans and Italians, but a completely different ballgame when you’re being flooded with Somalians, Guatemalans and Indians.

    • Failing to understand that history is competition between people is what’s going to doom us.

      The problem is that a hundred years ago, we won that competition by about a million laps, having utterly creamed every comer in every discipline. White people were so awesome that we forgot that there was a competition going on.

      That gave us the confidence to study and appreciate other cultures, because we did not fear competition, which in turn opened us up to cultural relativism.

      Christopher Hitchens was once asked something about identity in an early 2000s interview. “I don’t have identity issues”, Hitchens smugly noted, “I’m English.”

      • The problem is that a hundred years ago, we won that competition by about a million laps, having utterly creamed every comer in every discipline. White people were so awesome that we forgot that there was a competition going on.

        The problem succinctly stated.

      • He’s half Jewish and did talk about it.
        Not sure if it was Christopher or Peter but one recalls their mother remarking that the English were jealous of the Jews.
        C. Hitchens lied a lot

        • Hitchens stood up for David Irving, so there’s that – he even praised Irving’s work. He also got in trouble with his neocon friends for not singing from the Israel First hymn sheet.

          one recalls their mother remarking that the English were jealous of the Jews.

          Yes, that definitely sounds like something a Jew would say.

          I find it hard to believe, though. Even with the Ziovangelists, there’s an unmistakable note of condescension when they praise Jewry, like when libtards praise third-world cultures, but not actually bother to consume it.*

          That’s why Jews are so paranoid, they know that deep down we don’t consider them real white men, it’s apparent in every word of disingenuous adulation they get from their tame goys. So they take the next-best: if you can’t have both, it’s better to be feared than loved, and Jews love seeing their racial enemy suck their circumcised cocks out of fear.

          C. Hitchens lied a lot

          He was a journalist.

          *Back in the nineties, when mass immigration was still about “cultural enrichment”, some journo asked some mussie-hugging Danish politico to name an example of the enrichment she was raving about. The corrupt, globalist sock puppet had already opened her mouth to reply, when the journalist, with perfect timing, added: “Something that’s not fast food.”

          And there she was, like a deer in the headlights with her mouth gaping open like a moron.

  28. >Europe’s leaders lack the stomach to defend their people

    There are rumors that Angela Merkel allowed all these people in simply to avoid bad publicity, like she had when she was confronted with a crying Palestinian girl on TV.

    It’s all feelz no reelz, laws be damned:

    Angela Merkel criticised over crying refugee

    • THe Merkel debacle is again simply because women were allowed in to politics in the first place.
      ALL of the females should be thrown out of ALL western parliaments.
      I know it will never happen before the coming Troubles (American or European; take your pick) of course.

      But maybe after the Troubles here in America, the 19th Amendment will no longer be in force with whatever our European YT folks set up next.

      I just can’t stand it when “leaders” like Merkel are so bloody feelings-based about everything. Makes me crazy.

      • ALL of the females should be thrown out of ALL western parliaments

        I don’t think that’s right. Ann Coulter believe that women should be stripped of their voting rights, but retain the right to run for office.

        Also bit too harsh, IMO: we should simply take a page from the Mohammadan playbook and let women have one quarter of a vote. Say what you want about Mohammadans, but they know a thing or two about women.

        • Not too harsh. Democracy is harsh, and whenever it is seen otherwise it only becomes a disastrous civic religion. Nothing particularly wrong with the occasional woman in politics so long as women can’t vote her–or anyone else–in.

          The very design of American government was so that the worst qualities of men could be channeled into positive outcomes–“supplying, by opposite and rival interest, in defect of better motives”. The best qualities of women–social facilitators and let’s all get along–would corrupt the beast entirely, and the Founders did not fail to understand that. We did.

        • Well so Ann got it half right then…My thoughts are women should never rule over men because it is out of the natural order of things…It would be like saying men should be able to rule over God…

          • No it’s not so great but Christ was put as the head of man and man was put as the head of woman and when we as men and women try to mess with that order things get messed up….That’s all I’m saying…

        • In the U.S., the voting gender gap can be completely explained by single women. Once married, they seem to be okay.

          I don’t want any childless woman as a leader, that’s for sure. Makes them damaged goods.

        • You’re kidding, about muzloids knowing about women, right Felix?
          Please, tell me you’re kidding and you don’t actually beilieve that garbage you just typed.

          No. None. They know nothing about women. And the system of Izlam is evil.

          I think you need to do more reading.

          • You’re kidding, about muzloids knowing about women, right Felix?

            More tongue-in-cheek than outright kidding. For decades, I’ve listened to my betters exhorting me to exercise “mutual integration”, but I’ve yet to hear them propose which Mohammadan values we’re to integrate into.

            Well, I suggest that we can learn from Mohammadan family values: loyalty to kin, respect for elders, defend your brothers, be willing to die for your beliefs and for your tribe and, yes, maybe a woman sometimes needs the pimp hand for the sake of her own mental well-being.

            And Sean Connery agrees, so it must be true and righteous.

            Mind you, compared to you, I’m soft on women – I am prepared to let them run for office.

          • Dear me, I almost forgot my favorite Connery anecdote: Connery is on set with Lana Turner, who is the mistress of Johnny Stompanato, L.A. mobster Mickey Cohen’s enforcer.

            So Stompanato is insanely jealous and he drops in on the set, waving a gun around, making wop theatricals. Sean Connery takes his gun away, slaps him and frog-marches him off the set.

            Actors were not always faggots.

  29. I think Steyn vs Derb/Z are ppl insisting their particular view through the telescope is the whole sky. The thing manifest to me is that what they are saying are not, necessarily, mutually exclusive. If Steyn had said ‘ideology/religion’ as well as culture, two things closely related to it and which I think he implicitly included, his case is not actually so easy to wash away. Derb even mentions the example that came to my mind, “why is North Korea North Korea and South Korea South Korea.” Good luck explaining that with biology and genetics.

    A far more important example is ourselves. Why did whites first conquer and subjugate the planet. And now we’re groveling and apologizing and embassassing the few of us who can still think, while destroying our homelands by allowing barbarian invasions. That’s ideology. It matters and ideology, which is really a reinvention of religion, is partly culture.

    Derb should also be spanked for this gem:

    However, there is a great black yawning crevasse between people who know science, math, and statistics and people who don’t. You simply can’t talk across that gap—I know, I’ve spent decades trying.

    Really?? Maybe Derb should poll, say, the Princeton physics or Berkeley math departments. They’re to the left of Lenin’s polit bureau. But I dont think we d get very far trying to say that they dont know math and science. So math and science is not the exclusive key here. This is snobbism and it doesn’t look very good (as far as I know Steyn doesnt have much in the way of college degrees while Derb knows some math).

    Nothing I’ve said here contradicts Z’s interesting and to me unknown, explanation about smart fractions in Barbados and a little white cream in the black coffee compared to Haiti. I am not saying it is wrong and I am not saying Derb’s biology is wrong. My point is that they, like all models of reality that seek to explain it, are incomplete compared to reality itself. And that there is also room for Steyn’s point about culture. B/c, between Haiti and Barbados, Pakistan and India, North and South Korea or between Sweden and Poland or just between former West and former East Germany on the immigration issue, Steyn is not entirely cherrypicking; there is a real-world pattern here and it seems culture matters to outcomes. In other worlds, scientifically this is outside the valid domain of Derb’s model to explain reality. And maybe you need Steyn’s?

    Now if Steyn rejects the importance of biology, he would certainly be wrong and be a sort of right-wing progressive ideology warrior. But Im not sure he does (maybe he does, it’s just not clear here that he rejects biology).

    The interesting question, scientifically if I may, is the intersection of biology and culture/ideology. This is unbroken ground in science. Two of the first outposts to try to hypothesize about it (in a not-ideologically insane or manipulative way) are ‘Biohistory’ and ‘r/K selection and political ideology’.

    I COMPLETELY agree that we re gonna have to end up playing rough. That we will.

    Anyway, my point is, Derb/Z are certainly not wrong about biology but they are not so much in contradiction of Steyn’s culture argument as they may think they are. Reality is big enough to encompass both. And if you insist that this is not the case, you are probably falling into the ‘ideologue’s trap’ which is to insist that your understanding of reality is reality itself. Newton failed that, Einstein failed that (after he flunked Newton), Bohr failed that. Im sure super strings will fail it too. So, best of luck to Derb and Z if they still feel spunky about trying 🙂

    • Again, Both Derb and I would concede that geography and history play a role. I’d throw in serendipity too. Steyn, on the other hand, will never concede the role of biology. Thus your dichotomy here is false.

      • If Steyn rejects biology I would say you guys are right. But I was saying there isnt a dichomoty unless Steyn actually does that.

      • In this era of de-platforming and de-fenestration of badthinkers is it any wonder that folks self-censor?

        • Steyn, like Murray, is kosher-right – I don’t even have to read anything by him to determine that, I just need to notice which websites promote his work. And the kosher-right don’t truck with race realism, they know where that road leads to.

          • You could try looking at the interview or, failing that, Amazon reviews of Murray’s book.

          • I’ve watched the interview, I’ve read two of Steyn’s books, and a shitton of his columns.

            Steyn is doing good work for the cause but boy, wasn’t he wrong when wrote “America Alone”, predicting that the US would be the last Western country standing?

            Well, at least his singing is almost up there with Styx’s:


  30. The more interesting comparison to Iceland is Bermuda. Spent a goodly portion of my professional life in and out of there. Population is 50-ish % black, about a third white. All the black population came as free. Smart fractions are encouraged to be there, non-smart don’t get to set foot in the place. It’s Iceland with palm trees.

  31. “Europe’s leaders lack the stomach to defend their people, so instead they have embraced magical realism as a coping strategy. ”

    Talked to an Italian guy who works over here about Salvini. I don’t think he was a fan at all — seemed and looked to be a lefty. His response was interesting though. Something along the lines that “Everyone knows this can’t go on (immigration) but nobody did anything about it until Salvini.” His view is that Salvini was inevitable.

    • My experience in Italy was quite shocking.

      Even WITH Salvini in charge for 15 months, parts of the country looked like Africa. In the large cities, Africans were everywhere and at every tourist attraction. Singing, ogling at white women, selling beads, sleeping. There were also tons of Bangladeshis.

      However, there were still a majority of Italians, and it still felt like ITALY. I remember riding the subway, and it felt really, really nice, because it was full of Italians… one people… compare that with Toronto.

      That said, Italy clearly doesn’t have very long until it’s at a 3rd world level. I have never been to France or any of the more pozzed European nations but I can’t even imagine.

      Low birth rates + mass migration = suicide. I think it may even be too late for Italy.

  32. I haven’t been to Barbados, but I bet it’s economy is represented by a thin rind of mostly European run resorts along the coast, and typical Haitian squalor within. There’s also a big medical school in Barbados, not run by the natives it can be assumed. That’s a huge bolster to the economy and insures a residing population of high iq folks.

    There are all these medical schools in the Caribbean, not accredited by the US, easy to get into, that are basically a racket for people desperate for status. I think one of the largest is in Barbados.

    People constantly try to use the poor markers of Ukraine and Albania to disparage Europe, but these countries are far better than anything in Africa, other than south, while that lasts.

    • Albania is a weird example to use. Hoxha was one weird dude, and 40 years of being the North Korea of Europe is a tough one to shake off.

      • The Balkans don’t get nearly enough attention from the HBD people. Illyricum gave us a number of Roman emperors, including Diocletian. Of course, the people were not entirely the same. The Muslim invasions changed the region greatly. The difference between Croatia and Albania is probably a good proof of concept.

        • IIRC, Illyria/Thrace is supposed to be the “Urheimat” for the Homeric Greeks as well. The Fathers of Western Civ were likely proto-Macedonian hilljacks. The Caucausus itself is in the neighborhood, horse-domestication/riding probably sprang up in the vicinity, etc… For Euros, the Balkans are likely our Rift Valley. We need some Based Leakeys digging around there.

  33. You can carry the Iceland analogy even further if you use Bermuda. Cumulatively have spent months there professionally over the last twenty five years. Virtually all the black population came as free. The mix is around 50-ish black, a third white, and rest various mystery meat combos. Smart fractions are encouraged to be there—and non-smart fractions are highly discouraged from ever showing up. Every election there are always a few candidates running on the “honky hate” platform, but they are treated by everyone as cranks. They have a good thing going and nobody wants to fuck it up.

    • Bermuda is also a good example of the understudied dumb fraction. Imagine a society with a 10% smart fraction, but no cohort below 90. Then imagine that same society with 20% in the 60’s. This plays out on the small scale in urban classrooms. Most of the students can be well behaved, but that smart fraction of troublesome lunatics turns the school into a zoo. All resources have to spent on keeping the dumb fraction from destroying the place.

      In time, the robot historians will say that the only result of the welfare state was to increase the dumb fraction of society, by rewarding their reproduction.

      • I went to a de facto segregated elementary school in the south. There was this one token black girl in our third grade class, and it seemed like half the class was devoted to disciplining her. It was a constant comedy in anticipation of what she would do next. Multiply that by five and serious education would be out the door, of course.

        • Which is precisely why private schools abound. I went to Catholic schools. First, disciple was harsh (compared to any public school today—literally spankings in front of the class) for the worse offenders acting out. Second, if the student was just plain out of it, they disappeared after a week. We did not believe in mainstreaming your child at the expense of the whole class.

          • Mainstreaming is an abomination and is yet more evidence of the clown world. How can any serious person think that’s a good idea?

      • ” In time, the robot historians will say that the only result of the welfare state was to increase the dumb fraction of society, by rewarding their reproduction.”

        And now you understand why I am against the welfare state – in any form. It just encourages – and subsidizes stupidity (what you subsidize you get more of – Economics 101). Furthermore – it lays the burden of paying for those subsidies onto the backs of those who are actually smart enough to function and be productive. By laying that burden onto the smart – you’re taking away resources from that segment that might be spent to better purpose : like birthing and raising more white babies.

        Every dollar that is extracted from my pocket and which then flows into the coffers to feed the EBT card of a POC – is sustenance that has been removed from my offspring’s mouth. It’s as simple, and as direct – as that.

        Any white man who is a supporter of the welfare state – is an enemy of “our thing” (as you call it). Any white man who is a supporter of the welfare state is also an enemy of a healthy white culture and society.

        Similarly to how the homosexuals like to completely overstate their presence within a society to gain political clout – the amount of people with TRUE need to be supported by “society” – is exceedingly small compared to the claims proferred up by the leftists who seem to want to put EVERYBODY (except for you white boy) – onto the dole.

        Welfare also increases that dumb fraction – to such an overwhelming number , that society sooner or later will be forced to “deal” with it one way or another. Given the history of the 20th century my gut tells me that we’re going to have to build the camps and crank up the ovens again just to deal with the overwhelming nature of the problem.

        It would have been far more “humane” – to just have stupidity slowly bred out by the constantly running selection process that people go thru when choosing who to birth children with.

  34. Obligatory:

    Steyn was born in Toronto on December 8, 1959.[citation needed] He was baptized a Catholic and later confirmed in the Anglican Church;.[3] He has stated that “the last Jewish female in my line was one of my paternal great-grandmothers” and that “both my grandmothers were Catholic”.

    It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.

    But it is even more difficult to get a man to understand something when HE FEELS that his safety depends on NOBODY ELSE understanding it. (Crypsis)

    Most Whites would not naturally be inclined to hold his identity against him. But if he sees himself as somehow “other”, that will dramatically effect HIS thinking when it comes to matters of identity and the standards for admission.

      • Identity matters.

        How you see yourself has a significant influence on how you see the rest of the world.

        If you see yourself as somehow apart from and potentially threatened by the surrounding civilization, it influences your attitudes and perceived incentives.

        It also influences how you react to different memes. When I saw the holocaust education in school, it was just some bad stuff that happened, that had nothing to do with me. There was essentially no effect.

        But if I SAW MYSELF as Jewish it would make me feel threatened.

        If I saw certain values as putting ME on the road to Auschwitz, I would want to prevent those values from taking hold at any cost.

        The “Good Whites” don’t just hate the bad, rural, traditional whites. They also feel threatened by them and what they believe they have the potential to do.

        • Crud fumbles! Z recovers!

          Outdone only by Magic Libertarian Theory.
          That pervasive influence, all those laws!

          Of course smaller government means open borders, right? As if borders were part of government’s job or something.

        • This is why I call this Magic Jew theory™. You guys will find a Jew in the vicinity of something your don’t like and yell “Eurkea!” In Steyn’s case, he has a Jewish great grandmother, which means his one grandmother was half Jewish. That means one parent was one quarter Jewish. At most, Steyn is one eighth Jewish, and probably much less, as that ancestor was unlikely to have been 100% Ashekenazi. He was raised well outside anything remotely Jewish. Yet, you seem to think this tiny bit of Jewish ancestry magically overwhelms all else.

          • I’ve never even suspected Steyn had Jewish ancestry, news to me. Always considered him converged/adjacent, Shabbos-Goy. He’s an unabashed philo-Semite, was an enthusiastic supporter of Max Boot’s Pax Americana and bombing Iraq to the Liberty Age, race isn’t real but Arabs want to nuke the world for Allah, etc… 95% of us don’t believe 1/8 Jewish ancestry explains this, but I’d like to hear a convincing argument that a comfy sinecure writing for outfits like The Atlantic, Maclean’s, National Review. the Spectator etc.. is possible if you’re woke on the JQ and get lippy about it, contra Joe Sobran and Sam Francis.

          • That’s part of the nature of identity.

            Self perception can override the percentages on a genetic chart and small percentages can be surprisingly important to self image.

            We often run into situations where a person who is mostly white and only slightly mixed, places surprising importance on the non-white part of their identity.

            Take a person with 1/8th Amerindian ancestry. We might well be willing to overlook it and accept them as White.

            But over time the limitations of this approach became apparent in other online communities.

            They are often unwilling to overlook their own ancestry and will instead start lobbying for that 1/8th of their genome and doing 1/8th Amerindian identity politics inside of a space that is supposedly about being pro-White.

            In the end we learned “if they truly didn’t care about it, they wouldn’t bring it up in the first place.”

            In post war America the holocaust plays a central role in our theology / belief system and in placing certain ideas off limits. We are taught that noticing race leads to Auschwitz.

            This theology is generally quite powerful. But if someone sees himself as Jewish (or even comes to see himself that way later in life), it is likely to be even more powerful for him.

          • @CB
            I’ve found out in my journey that people will cling to whatever will give the benefits and will let go of everything that will be a detriment to them short term…

        • “If I saw certain values putting ME on the road to Auchwitz, I would want to prevent those values from taking hold at any cost”. Pot, meet kettle. What are you doing to prevent Lib values from taking hold?

      • Indeed.

        Everything Steyn does can be easily ascribed to him being Catholic. His kind of soft universalism is part and parcel of his faith, no Jew required

        He is also Canadian which contributes far more than someone with some dollop of Jewishness ever would.

    • oh he get’s it more than we think he does. Just like Tucker, but hey, a mans got to make a living. Pat Buchanan get give help in that area.

      • “America Alone”- before Zman, there was Steyn to go to. One of the very few walking the tightrope.

  35. Steyn’s income is too dependent on believing in the blank slate.

    His star has already waned considerably from where he was during the dubya years.

    I don’t think the wants to resort to begging for donations on a blog.

    • She’s a fellow white

      Arquette was born in New York City, the daughter of Brenda Olivia “Mardi” (née Nowak; 1939–1997), an actress, poet, theater operator, activist, acting teacher, and therapist, and Lewis Arquette, a film actor, screenwriter, and producer.[1] Her paternal grandfather was comedian Cliff Arquette. Her mother was Jewish, from a family that emigrated from Poland and Russia

      • Of course. That’s pretty much as common as crazy people bonding over their ‘shared mental health issues’. Seriously, start paying attention to that phrase. It pops up constantly

      • Roseanne Arquette is ashamed of being White … and her mother was Jewish. Big surprise.

        Is she ashamed of being Jewish?

  36. That’s the great difference between Europe and the US: European whites have a duty, I believe, to defend their nations and throw out the intruders, as well as their white enablers. In the US, this is a pipe dream. The US has never been an ethno-state, and we are too far gone as it is, and too big. The best Euro-Americans can hope for is a political bloc, or else form a separatist community somewhere.

    • This is true, and many Europeans are getting serious about the migrant phenomenon before it’s too late.Eastern Europe doesn’t even have serious immigrant populations yet, and seems intent on keeping it that way. The exceptions are England and France, where it looks to be too late in terms of the sheer size of their immigrant populations. Germany wants to destroy itself due to misplaced guilt over WWII, and Sweden wants to erase itself just to prove Scandinavians can do everything better, even mass suicide.
      Salvini is pushing back hard, and has widespread support.
      America, on the other hand, is lost, at least as far as regaining the population ratios we had back in the year I was born, 1969.
      Even a U.S. with only a 50% white population could work if whites remained absolutely dominant politically and culturally, but our utterly insane elites and academics have hypnotized themselves with various iterations of White Guilt, and are intent on turning the U.S. into the third world as quickly as possible. POC are more than happy to grab the steering wheel while our effete rulers compete for social status over who hates the West most intensely.
      It truly is insane when one reflects on it, and one thinks back to even as recently as 20 years ago, to see how unhinged, in both rhetoric and practice, our rulers have become.
      The bulk of white America feels very uncomfortable with this, but is both too comfortable and too squeamish to organize collectively and resist.
      White guilt is a very powerful narcotic and it has effectively paralyzed most whites in the States.
      Europe has hope. The U.S. has a long downward spiral to look forward to.

      • As part of the present Second Founding “United States” I don’t see a future for Whites long-term. I’d like to have an option for Whites either here or elsewhere for Whites to check out of the US project and check into something for them as the spiral progesses downward.

      • UK and France are 80+% white? so not sure it’s wise to write them off if you can claim that a motivated 50% white America could save itself.

    • One of the crucial issues I want to debate with an American White Identity project is scale. I’m open to persuasive counter-argument, but I’m 90% convinced that for AWI to have a chance, it would need drastic downsizing and consolidation. If we try to straddle the continent. regionalism, politics and sheer issues of physical logistics will prevent us from forming an effective critical mass. I don’t think we necessarily have to leave America, but we do need to separate and consolidate.

      • I would like to start in the mountains. And work our way down into the Lowcountry. I’m convinced it wouldn’t be too hard to turn Appalachia into a spooky no-go Zone. Maybe the same for the Rockies. The Mormons might constitute a kernel.

        • Agree re: mountains, my heart’s with the Appalachians but the West has the wider open spaces, especially the colder climates like MT, WY, etc… When I started thinking about this years-back when I was more black-pilled on American White identity vs. Euro, I thought Greenland was the ticket (least populated land mass, out-migration rapidly thinning even that). Talk about K-selection territory. FWIW, I plan on checking out Greenland this fall as a leg on my Montana-Colorado/September to Copenhagen/October volkwander.

          • Exile: try taking a look at Park County, Leadville, and southern Douglas County on your swing through Colo.

        • My experience here in southern Utah, the Mormon church is extremely busy virtue signaling, walking on lips through busted glass to cast off the guilt and shame of being a whitey church, only as recently as 1978 allowing blacks into the church membership.

          This state is purposely rocketing as fast as possible to adopt the maladies of the dominant society. Also, church is giving money to the refuge resettlement outfits and still importing Others from Syria and elsewhere into Utah, then virtue signaling about it. Plus the church okays local elder missionaries to teach English as a second language to illegals from the south, ignoring the law of the land. The church doesn’t need to be a weatherman to see which way the wind blows. To fly under the radar and keep tax exempt status, the church will attempt to appease the tyrannical Left in power. Eventually, this will backfire.

          Until it does, Utah is in full grovel mode unless and until the blowtorch is turned in the face of the grovelers. Not enough pain here to wake people up. Plus the teaching….Follow The Prophet….Follow the Prophet..meaning Jos. Smith. The church hierarchy is in ….Love your neighbor as yourself…No judgment…mode. Have had Mormons and Jack Mormons say Loving the Other trumps Rule of Law. Until your Utah neighbor import eats your children…more dead BBQ Beckys…the gas-lighting to be compliant will continue.

          Look outside of Utah to krall up. Sigh.

        • Sid,

          Mitt Romney will win by a landslide because he’s a Mormon. That’s as far as their thinking goes. Totally cucked.

      • I have heard some rumblings on the internet about moving to Wyoming. This is similar to the “Free State Project” the Libertarians sort of botched a number of years ago. I’m not in love with the idea.

        It would be better if we had serious legal minds working on a long-run plan to devolve power from the federal government to the states, and from the states to the counties. This approach would be very difficult and would take a very long time, but it seems to me more practicable than the alternatives.

        • Bringing us together in one low-pop remote “Poz-undesired” state is the best way to accomplish every goal short-mid-term. We can’t wait for or rely on some kind of multi-state mass Awakening, we need to physically come together. No top-down devolution of power is ever going to happen. The only devolution will come from soft secession, the simple inability or lack of will for central authorities to enforce their will on physically or politically outlying entities. Right now every one of us, legal minds and otherwise, has a plan but none of us has any power.

          • I didn’t have in mind a mass Awakening — although a successful example of counties standing up to states can spread quickly. Look at the recent 2A sanctuary county movement. ‘Devolve’ was the wrong word because, as you mention, it is top-down. The biggest drawback of moving to one or two low-population areas is that you need a sufficient number of like-minded people to push back against the efforts of the states or the incumbent county politicians, and that requires a sufficient # of available jobs, which requires productive capacity that will be very difficult to achieve in an area with cheap enough land. On the other hand, if we start pushing for local political autonomy in any location where we might reside we could find allies among the non-dissident right and move them closer to our way of thinking. The left’s grand strategy is to spread non-whites out as thinly as they can. This, and the gun and religious freedom issues, seem like good opportunities to galvanize support for local autonomy movements. I don’t have any good concrete ideas of how to get started with this, though.

          • The job opportunities are here in the Bitterroot Valley where I am at…The land isn’t quite as cheap as it was back when I started advocating for people to move here but it’s not out of anyones price range that works here…I have been able to get a few here and there to move here but nothing of any substantial nature that we are able to away the politics a little more to the right as of yet…You all are still welcome to come check it out and I will show you around if able…

          • Tell them to check the Bitterroot Valley out…I haven’t had one person that visited here say they didn’t like it…

          • Or consider the Flathead Valley here in NW Montana. It is a bit more expensive but is very conservative and extremely white. I too would be happy to show anyone here around the area and roll out the welcome mat.

        • Henry, you’re wrong about the libertarians botching the Free State Project in New Hampshire (Mark Steyn’s state, not incidentally). The project continues, and is even accelerating. While it is marketed primarily to libertarians, every red-pilled individual should consider New Hampshire as a home (after all, when deciding what to do in our lives, the first question is WHERE to do it, i.e. geography…a question becoming ever more important, times being what they are). You can read all about the Free State Project, and why you may want to move there, at

      • I’m open for a separate ethnostate, but I think it is important to fight them everywhere, all the time. I live in Commiefornia, but there are a lot of people here who either explicitly understand and support our thing, or are open to it as they question what is going on. In Murrieta, for example, the locals a few months ago met a bus load of government sponsored “settlers”, and wouldn’t let them off the bus, and they ended up going elsewhere. Having met Lineman f2f recently (which we all need to do as much of as we can with each other), he was inspiring, Montana is appealing (plan to travel there before too much time passes), but it actually reinforced my preference to stay put and work out a local plan here in clown world country. We need to push back everywhere, in every way we can. An ethnostate, and pushing back in enemy territory, are both pieces of the puzzle. Pushing back right here will give local converts a sanctuary and a home. I believe there will be many more converts to be had, not with high profile actions, but with word of mouth and one by one. We need to do it all.

        • @Dutch
          So: logistical question: you met “Lineman” in person.
          How did you guys do that, from a logistics perspective, in terms of getting in contact away from the comments thread of this stie?

          Hopefully my curiosity isn’t going to necessitate divulging any op sec considerations.


          • He posted a throwaway email address on here and then once I contacted him and he verified it was me we exchanged numbers…

          • This is one of the things we talked about, how to arrange for the regulars here to contact each other offline, and build out a network of contacts without blowing each other’s cover. Z-man has an e-mail address for each of us, perhaps there is a way for him to co-ordinate phone/offline contacts for those of us who are interested in doing so. Think about other ways of maybe doing this. I found that getting face time is very important, and you can talk about a lot of things more openly when it is not being posted publicly.

    • That’s why I think America will fail. But the people will still be here. Some portion of America will likely become an ethno-state.

  37. Steyn gets paid for his magical thinking. If he strays outside the establishment box too far, he will disappear from TV and radio. Basically, Steyn self-polices his speech in order to continue getting the big checks. Limbaugh is the same. They know how far the leash will allow them to stray.

    • But how much is enough?

      A wise man once said, “What is the use of having Fuck You money if you never say Fuck You to anybody?”

      • Trump is slowly shifting the proverbial Overton window rightward. During his second term it will move far enough to the right that people such as Steyn will be able to publicly acknowledge race reality.

        • By all appearances Trump is now moving left. And second terms are historically losers for their base, Washington and Jackson excepted. Oh, and FDR, but his base were losers so they were winners.

          • One step leftward, two steps to the right. That’s his method. I wouldn’t put much substance into his statements in the immediate aftermath of El Dayton. As for second terms, I wouldn’t put much stock in past trends when it comes to predicting Trump. He’s a different kind of an animal. And once reelected, I expect him to push as hard to the right as possible.

          • I don’t have much faith in Trump, but there is no question that his rhetoric – and the reaction it produces – has produced a feedback loop that is changing what we talk about and the way we talk about it, in a way that I believe will ultimately benefit us.

            So long as there is no war, amnesty, or gun grab, four more years of the same seems better to me than any other alternative. A lot of people I respect don’t agree with this. I have tried to understand their view but I just can’t see how it makes sense to hand state power to over to anyone on the other side.

          • Agreed James Wilson. Trump didn’t need to cede ANY ground on Monday. He had nothing to gain, and much to lose from doing so. His unforced error could lose him the election if he doesn’t firm up – and fast. Never seen him ever make a propaganda mistake before this. Miller and Brannon must be pulling their hair out.

    • No. Steyn is a true believer. The fact that he has to fight off the left just to stay in the center is not evidence that he is other than a true believer. Limbaugh may have other thoughts. Or not. Who cares. He’s more attuned to selling soap than arguments.

    • I agree with you as far as the racial stuff goes. He is also soft on the JQ. But he was one of the few guys writing about the inevitable catastrophe that is unchecked immigration 15 years ago. he has also relied on scientific data to debunk the perpetuating myth known as AGW. He has been a huge critic of Islam, to the point where he had to stand trial in Canada for hate speech. He has also been the subject of a bogus defamation lawsuit for almost 10 years, filed by Michael Mann, costing him 1000’s of dollars in legal fees. Basically his public challenging of the PC orthodox has kept him tied up in court for almost 20 years. So yeah, he needs to be careful with what he says now so he can pay his legal fees and raise his family. Even so, he regularly visits parts of Europe that are pretty much no go zones for whites anymore, and continues to speak publicly even in countries that admit they cannot guarantee his safety.
      So is he perfectly aligned with the dissidents? No. Is he more of an ally than not? Absolutely and I bet Derb would agree with me.

  38. Mark Steyn is a Baby Boomer. Boomers seem practically hard-wired to fall for blank-slate equalism. And it doesn’t matter whether they are liberals, conservatives, libertarians, socialists, or whatever. Their entire generation is incapable of even entertaining the most obvious answer of all. I essentially write them off. Boomers are not the future (thank God). We should set our sights on younger people — who aren’t having it nearly as good as the Boomers had it and will thus be much more receptive to unsavory reality.

    • If you noticed, Zman avoided the “B” word and went with “most men of his age”. Take his lead and don’t be a resentful idiot. For one thing you are wrong. Surprised you didn’t bring up the pillow meme.

      As for younger people, again you are wrong. An old Boomer maybe can break his conditioning and think differently. Younger ones for the most part have a different mind fuck that happened (happening) to them. So, pray hard.

      • I’m not resentful toward Boomers. They are products of their era. I also recognize that there are exceptions to what I’ve observed about their generation (Jared Taylor is a Boomer). Another common Boomer trait is extreme sensitivity toward criticism. Which ultimately makes the criticism look true.

        • Well, I’m a Boomer (born 1959) and I’m fully converted to the reality of intelligence and temperament differences within races. What I’m lacking is courage in openly admitting it, because the opposite has been orthodoxy for decades, and I was thoroughly marinated in the lie that underneath, all people are the same, all through my formative years. It’s only VERY recently that race realism has been discussed in anything but the most stereotyped joke-redneck terms, so I think you’re a bit impatient to expect huge numbers of converts coming out in public.

          I’m also extremely sensitive to criticism, but I always assumed that’s because I’m a woman, not because of the year I was born. One of our family stories is of me fuming to my husband about some discussion I’d had with someone else: “Dean, he insulted me!” “What did he do?” “He DISAGREED with me!!”

          • I don’t expect huge numbers of Boomers to publicly convert to race realism. And the fear of coming out about such things makes a ton of sense, especially because people’s careers and reputations can be destroyed if they utter a single word against orthodoxy. My original commentary about Boomers was perhaps overly harsh. It was largely based on my own anecdotal experiences — which have revealed the vast majority of Boomers to be dyed-in-the-wool blank slatists. That said, most people of every generation subscribe to the same foolish notion. Superstition and aversion to reality are the norms among humans. When people were born may be less relevant than I am apt to suspect.

          • Boomers are probably in the main, blank slaters, and why wouldn’t they be? The majority probably grew up as CivNats in Whitopias. How does one know what one does not experience? I grew up in NYC, and got jumped by a dozen or so of our vibrant when I was 12. Did it make me a race realist? You bet. Did I know what I know now, no. Such thought/understanding had not been developed yet.

          • I’m the same age and gender as you, but unlike you was redpilled at an early age. It helps to live in a suburb of Newark, NJ. I developed an interest in conservative thinking as a teenager via George Will and then borrowed from library “The Suicide of West” by James Burnham. Talk about an eye opener.

            Another eyeopening book that I read was “The Burden of Brown” by Raymond Wolters. I first learned of it from an article in the local rag that it won the prestigious Silver Gavel award from the American Bar Association as best book of 1985. It certainly wouldn’t win today. Here’s Juan Williams squawking about its “racism”:


          • You’re welcome. I recommend the book. Got that one from the library, too. The only conclusion that a sane person could draw from the book was that White parents were justified in seeking to avoid sending their children to school with appallingly-behaved Blacks in the 1950s.

            Even mainstream “conservatives” nowadays would call those parents “racists.”

          • Yea anything that is done for self preservation from whites is racist now but celebrated for anyone else…

          • Me too, I suppose. Born ‘64, right between the boomers and Gen X. Raised by Boomer shitlibs, got shafted repeatedly by diversity and economics and age demographics that afflicted Gen X, and took the red pill as a very large, very painful suppository.
            It’s easy for these younger types to be arrogant about it as they have 20/20 hindsight. They are not old enough to realize the world was a very different place back then, and pressures on society are nothing like they are now.
            Like all younger generations, the world is all about them, they have all the answers – and us old farts are forgotten and left behind. It has always been thus.
            In his day Mark Steyn was a cutting-edge crime thinker. He spoke using his real identity and was one of the first to give Lefty SJWs an intellectual bloody nose. He was one of the last rebels that was able to do it in the mass media too.
            What’s YOUR crystal ball say, Wkathman? What will the world look like once your generation has had its way?
            We all bob and float like turds on the tides of history. Some of us will sink, some will wash up on shore. Either way the sun always rises, empires rise and fall, and the human animal carries on.

          • The virtue-signalers either move or send their kids to private schools and the reason given is that the schools are no good. They avoid the demographic issue like a vampire avoids garlic.

          • I never meant to imply that my generation would do better for the world than Boomers have done. I’m from Generation X. By no means do we boast a stellar track record. In fact, it seems that my generation has been largely nondescript. We’re much more cynical than Boomers. That’s about all I can say for us.

        • As wonderful as Mr. Taylor is, and that is sincerely said, he still thinks talking to the media could help our thing.

          It’s an example of boomer thinking that seems to be hard-wired into the man. Some part of them still thinks: (1) reasoning is possible with the enemy, and (2) the press is somehow going to be a little bit honest or reasonable.

          At this point taking to the media just gives them more material to shape their lies. I enjoy watching Mr. Taylor speak but I mentally scream at the screen when he talks to the press.

          • Mixed feelings about the matter of whether or not to talk to the media. It’s always a trap and it ends up being a mistake more often than not. However, if you listen to Taylor’s whole interview with CNN’s Zakaria, Taylor absolutely smokes the guy by any reasonable assessment. Zakaria comes off as completely out of his depth. Did Taylor provide CNN some material that they could cut up and use to demonize so-called white supremacists? Undoubtedly. But very few people watch CNN these days. And the handful who do watch already hate race realists to begin with. Taken in its entirety, the interview shows Taylor to be perfectly sensible. I can’t help but wonder if it was more of a win than a loss. Either way, it’s debatable.

          • I think Taylor holds his own pretty well but most others don’t. There probably isn’t much to be gained.

            I tried listening to the AMREN podcast but it’s so amateurish. Phones ringing in the background and poor sound quality. I wish they would put a bit more effort into the the production.

          • Taylor holds his own in all press interviews and then some. You mistake what Taylor’s greatest contribution is. He’s not out to convert the enemy, the Leftist progressive, hostile newsmen, and such. He’s out to convert the questioning and confused. The fence sitters so to speak.

            As more and more people come to think, something’s not right here, Taylor is a voice they may run into via those hostile interviews you cringe at. He’s a barker of sorts at the carnival sideshow. He pulls them in.

          • Whatever Taylor’s motives for talking to the media, I consider him a national treasure. He calmly took apart Zakaria’s hostile questions, and always does the same in every interview I’ve seen. I realize CNN won’t show the entire interview, but it’s there for anyone who wants to change a friend’s mind or anyone who wants to sharpen their own arguments for future discussions with egalitarians. We’re lucky to have him on our side.

        • Horseshiite. You made several smears and your tone of contempt is plain as day. You’re a whinging little brat. You’re a failure at life: you have no concept in that childish brain of yours that life is hard, unjust, doesn’t give a shiite, and that the conditions of its difficulty vary from generation to generation and from person to person; each generation and person makes the choice he and his family can make based on the options, knowledge, and social position available to them.

          • “Generations are a social construct and you suck b/c I’m butt-hurt” isn’t going to fly around here. Commenters are hard, unjust, and don’t give a shiite.

      • Watching narcissisic Millennials attack narcissistic Boomers is for me the final proof of that old “I hope you have children exactly like you” curse.

      • As an older Xer, I’ve seen little evidence of Based Boomer Breakout and have little hope for one. Less than 1 in 20 over-60’s I’ve ever known well enough to know their politics is anything “darker Right” than Reaganite.

        Younger gens have the advantage of seeing the sacred cows of our generations gored by reality – America World Liberty Police, capitalism, college, nuclear suburban families, etc… They’re experimenting with even worse ideas in many cases, but our shibboleths have been shambling around since WWII, and the stale intellectual decay they’ve created by hanging around too long is largely to blame. Time to take the sacred cows out back and start making the last burgers of faded nationalism.

        • I have a ten year old nephew who is pretty bright. One day I was sitting with the kid’s parents and we were having a grown-up conversation about politics, but the kid was listening in. Our talk was sprinkled with the alphabet-soup gobbledygook about Generation X, Y, Z, and so on. The kid looked confused and turned to his mother.

          “Mom,” he asked, “if they’re already at Generation Z, then they ran out of letters. What Generation am I gonna be?”

          “Son,” I told him, “you’re gonna be Generation NRA.”

      • Barely-boomers of Steyn’s cohort still had the advantage of full education (meaning statistics, history, unadorned sciences, comparative lit) instead of today’s dept of Ed coaching in self-hatred, Identity Group Studies, crap math and playground seat belts. Some of his classmates became geneticists, others Peace Corps crusaders. He knows both worlds quite well.

        Steyn’s childhood coincided with life pre-LBJ welfare state dependence. He lived it: sleeping with doors unlocked, keys left in the car ignition and all of the luxuries of a high trust society. He remembers. Trump, being older, has seen even more drastic contrast of then vs now. Both witnessed how Blacks went from their best success within America (patronizing their own small businesses in their own side of town) before integration and War on Poverty public housing slums. There were race wars when Southern blacks moved to Detroit, Oakland, etc after WWII, but by late 50s they had largely developed their own segregated working/middle class.

        And Steyn knows full well the New England do-gooders (w/ usual suspect unionizing commies) crusaded decades to bring the Civil Rights mvmt to a head. Seventies black music was a decade-long head-scratcher over “what the hell is happening to us in the Projects?” Steyn remembers a father in every house, and a mother at home. So does this black boomer

        When Steyn’s group kicks the bucket, there will be no living memory left of a functional society, one without mandatory integration. Nixon’s closing the gold window made deficit spending for utopian schemes and endless wars a permanent feature of the economy. Increasing the voting franchise to include non-stakeholders also makes it impossible to vote any of it down. Democracy was not our friend.

        • With all due respect to our host I don’t see the need to turn this into a generational thing. He wrote, “Like most men his age, Steyn is incapable of thinking clearly about race and ethnicity.”

          But in the U.S. today that is true of most men of any age.

          The ability to self-insulate is probably a better predictor than age. If Boomers seem more oblivious than others it’s probably because their money buys them comfortable ignorance.

          • Boomers can afford to be more oblivious than younger people — not simply because of the wealth Boomers have, but also because they have less time left. Many or even all of them may not be around once the shit really hits the fan. So their attitudes are understandable.

    • I am a late boomer born in 1960. I have been a race realist since junior high school. But I grew up in unique circumstances. I was bussed from military bases into majority black schools in junior high and high school.

      It was a miserable experience. I had to fight negroes on a regular basis. I saw several of my white friends taken away from school in ambulances from beatings and stabbings.

      In hindsight, I’m glad I went through it. I learned it is better to get your ass kicked a few times than to back down. As long as you get some links in, people will figure out it is better to find someone else to mess with. I also learned the true nature of the American negro up close and personal. It is something most whites will never understand to the degree that I do.

  39. Boot and Young want to be in solid with the Committee for Public Safety when the Reign of Terror begins.

  40. It’s not either/or. Moldbug defines the myth of “Human Neurological Uniformity” as one of the key collective delusions of the Cathedral state. But you’re still going to have to build a building with that crooked timber, and social structure matters a great deal. Liberal democracy is has proven to only “works” with high IQ, low time preference, altruist peoples, and it doesn’t work very well even with them. We should not be surprised that it works even worse for others. That is the real upshot of Steyn’s point about Haiti and Barbados.

    • Well see, there’s the problem. Social structures don’t appear by magic. They are created and maintained by people. The same is true of culture, which is upstream from social structures. If you get the people right, you have a shot to build a successful culture populated with good institutions. There are no guarantees, but you have a shot. Get the people wrong and you have no chance.

      • The reason that’s such a bitter pill to swallow, though, is that the people who can appreciate it are, by definition, the same people who are self-aware enough grasp the obvious consequence. Anyone who’s not a terminal Dunning-Kruger case knows lots of situations in which he’s on the wrong side of the bell curve. If our social structures are going all-in on STEM, for instance (as it seems they are and must), then I myself am destined to finish out my days as a janitor. And while I’m willing to take one for the team for the sake of my hypothetical children, most people aren’t… and they have a lot more votes than I do. If Our Thing is going to get off the ground, in short, we have to find something to do with the Marching Morons that doesn’t entail all but calling them Marching Morons to their faces… and I have yet to see any indication that people even grasp that problem, much less have any suggestions on what to do about it.

        • “If our social structures are going all-in on STEM, for instance (as it seems they are and must)” So, when the philosophy, religion, political science departments, you know, the “humanities”. are filled with Marching Morons (all the smart guys being shamed into STEM), you’ll be wondering why your culture is run by SJWs, right?

          • Our culture is already run by SJWs, and the humanities are already filled with Marching Morons (I was a humanities professor for many years). At least with all the smart guys in STEM (where they already are), the plumbing will still work.

          • But the point is that we are in this terrible mess, in no small measure, because the humanities/social sciences were conquered by AWRs, and, contrary to your assertion, they’re not all stupid, although they are extraordinarily unwise. The humanities/social science matter, even in technocracies.

          • The problem is that a lot of those smart guys – go into STEM… make their money – and then once they get fully aware of their status as a pack animal …… get out. If you’re smart enough to recognize when you’re being taken advantage of to support a bunch of useless morons – then you’re also smart enough to recognize when you’d be better off spending your days sitting on a tractor and tending to your hobby farm – rather than killing yourself in the corporate treadmill.

            I’ve seen plenty of anecdotal evidence that “smart” people are just simply refusing to use their brains to full economic effect. Go back a few years to when Obamacare was shoved down our throats – and it wasn’t that hard to find accounts of doctors just saying “screw this ” – and getting out.

            Just being “smart” – isn’t enough BTW. You have to have at least some measure of street smarts and common sense as well. I’ve worked in high tech for 25 years now – and one thing I’ve seen repeated over and over and over again is people wanting to do things that are technically and technologically posssible – but don’t have much redeeming value when you step back and look at what they’re trying to accomplish. The other thing that happens – is that there is constant “progress” – that really isn’t.

            COBOL, Basic, C, C+, C++, C sharp, Perl, Tkl, Ruby, Python, etc. and so on and so forth. Much of what passes for “progress” in high tech is just re-doing what has already been done before. I’ve been in multiple companies where the next group of hotshots shows up with a great idea – yet that great idea is something that we already tried to implement two or three years before – and it failed miserably. This time for sure!!

            The US military developed the M2 machine gun at the end of WW1. It’s been in constant service ever since then. Apparently once you develop a sufficiently large enough caliber round and a sufficiently reliable gun to shoot it – good enough is good enough. Soldiers and trucks shot up with .50 BMG blow apart just as well in 2019 as they did in 1919. Why spend more time and money re-inventing the wheel?

            Sometimes good enough is good enough.

            But good luck having that argument with a most of the youngsters in high tech – or all of the SJW types that are ruining society. Because yes – there really are 27 genders – we just didn’t discover it until now (progress don’t you know) – and then there’s the question of all the white male cisgender patriarchal oppression….. that’s where the problem is. I’m sure a society run by women, homosexuals, and POC without any impulse control is going to turn out just fine.

          • The M3 variant has roughly the same rate of fire and weight with tripod as the Gau18b and is probably cheaper.

            Dumber societies are poorer and while that there minigun could provide an edge, it’s not decisive enough to matter.

          • For now.

            Here in California, it’s getting increasingly difficult to do larger scale projects do to dumbth

            This isn’t going to get better

          • @James O’Meara said: “If our social structures are going all-in on STEM, for instance (as it seems they are and must)” So, when the philosophy, religion, political science departments, you know, the “humanities”. are filled with Marching Morons (all the smart guys being shamed into STEM), you’ll be wondering why your culture is run by SJWs, right?” Here’s a quote from “Political Correctness in the Science Classroom.”

            Noretta Koertge
            Professor emeritus in History & Philosophy of Science
            Indiana University

            “Identity Politics and the Science Wars.”
            “The so-called Science Wars, which raged during the last decade of the 20th Century, cast a spotlight on a widespread movement within the academy to change lay perceptions of science in dramatic ways.[4] No longer was science to be regarded as a unique and wonderfully successful enterprise for obtaining objective truths about the world.[5] Rather it was to be viewed as the most powerful tool of the oppressive forces that have supposedly dominated human history. On this view the interests of the ruling classes not only set priorities for research, they also put restrictions on the questions that could be asked, the hypotheses that could be entertained, and the results that were socially acceptable. It was the job of scholars to expose the nefarious history of science’s complicity in oppression; it was the job of educators to sensitize students to the dubious character of scientific claims, especially when they were in conflict with the conventional wisdom of the reigning ideology, which was deemed to be politically progressive.”

          • It’s getting to be so there isn’t and that is half the problem.

            manufacturing robots, kiosks in stores, accounting software, Amazon, Craigslist,. music downloads all erode the breadth of jobs and lower wages

            Legal software and maybe Self driving trucks are nest

            This means labor is worth less, wages are concentrated at the top and society becomes one with large poor class, a tiny middle and working and rich people, That’s a recipe for 3rd world Marxism and we are already seeing the incursions

            Family formation has a hefty economic complement and the baby boom was very much a product of that, people got richer and between that and the usual “after stress mating bonanza” we got a population increase

            That ended in 1972 for the US from social and economic factors

            So there is no confusion. This was NOT a bad thing save Immigration and Cultural Marxism however our economic models aren’t flexible enough for steady state or decline economics and runs naturally to oligarchy.

            That is a bad thing. Throw in the resurgence of socialism and broken families and this becomes a major problem

            No idea how we fix it though if somehow the Dissident Right gets power “Righter?Whiter” will not be enough to do it. Its going to be job 2 or 3

          • The “Dissident Right” is getting pretty socialist themselves. All thinking men are starting to wonder if the “Dissident Right” is just another part of a 100-year socialist plan coming to fruition.

            Bring in migrants… then watch your former enemies and conquerors start screaming for an equal distribution of the socialist pie for themselves.

          • Oh bull– soviets and maoists world over are rubbing their hands with glee that the dissident right is coming around to (((pooling white people’s resources))) for the good of (((society))).

          • What rubbish, Short of V Dare there is no more of an anti immigration place on the web and not much more of an anti immigration movement either.

            what’s more likely is you lean libertarian on economics and assume unfettered capitalism and trade makes a better society

            You guys see Reds under every bed and every regulation back to the Founding Father as a plot my Karl Marx

            My answer assuming this is the case is Go Away Libertarian and stop trying to hijack our movement.

            The various other Rights aren’t Libertarian but Authoritarian on social and when needed economic issues.

            Your views belong elsewhere.

          • Cincinnatus didn’t live in a world with biotech or advanced chemicals or drones or the Internet

            You can’t cuck and run after shooting a few Reds simply because your broke it, you bought it and there will be counterrevolutionaries

            if you want that extra 75 years or so your revolution will give you, you have to stick around and finish the job

            Do it really well You get a hundred and change

            That’s pretty good if you ask me

      • I’m not superstitious or anything, but legend (and Pat Robertson) has it that Haiti was cursed from the beginning for its pact with the devil. Well, that explains it.
        “Raynal’s prediction came true on the night of 21 August 1791, when the slaves of Saint Domingue rose in revolt; thousands of slaves attended a secret vodou (voodoo) ceremony as a tropical storm came in – the lighting and the thunder was taken as auspicious omens – and later that night, the slaves began to kill their masters and plunged the colony into civil war.[43] The signal to begin the revolt was given by Dutty Boukman, a high priest of vodou and leader of the Maroon slaves, and Cecile Fatiman during a religious ceremony at Bois Caïman on the night of 14 August.”

        “The actual story of what happened that August may not be as dramatic as the popular retelling, yet it is as charged with the electricity of a historic turning point. In this article, we’ll examine both the legend and the historical facts…
        As vodou drums beat a hypnotic rhythm and worshipers supplicated and the vodou priestess led then in chanting, Boukman stuck a pig and drank its blood. Then, his voice roaring above the storm, he called upon the assembled slaves to rise up against their masters, saying:

        ‘The god who created the sun which gives us light, who rouses the waves and rules the storm, though hidden in the clouds, he watches us. He sees all that the white man does. The god of the white man inspires him with crime, but our god calls upon us to do good works. Our god who is good to us orders us to revenge our wrongs. He will direct our arms and aid us. Throw away the symbol of the god of the whites who has so often caused us to weep, and listen to the voice of liberty, which speaks in the hearts of us all.’
        And that night — August 14, 1791… or was it August 20th? 21st? — the slaves revolted, first at Gallifet plantation, then across the North Plain. ”

        Professor Gates reminds us that Haiti was cursed by the U.S.

        • That’s a way of avoiding the reality of the issue that Zman raised. Blaming Haiti’s abject failure as a society on a curse from God rather than Haiti’s curse of being populated by people who are simply incapable of competently any society more advanced than the Neolithic.

          Pat Robertson doesn’t want to be called “racist,” now does he?

          • Probably not and the legend is more imaginative and colorful, thus more appealing. Most people don’t care much for statistics, but a good story will get them every time.

          • Robertson is one of the biggest Xti-Cucks that ever cucked. An absolute blight on Christianity. Which circle were the simonists damned to?

          • If it makes you feel better, Robertson got into a lot of trouble for his curse statements, coming on the heels of the earthquake and all, and was excoriated for his racism and insenstivity. He has a history of those kinds of incidents. Somehow he has managed to avoid being completely hurled into the void.

      • It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes the social structures of a society just burn to the ground through some crisis, with new ones hastily created. You can say that the medieval social structure burned down during the plague. Also, religion is upstream from culture. What religion do we have? Mostly useless, happy idiots, of various denominations and free churches who think they’re Christian. Perpetually trapped in 1975. So the real religion emerging is nihilism as people stay home and these places fail, and they are failing. As a practicing Christian I actually embrace this. Christianity in its current incarnation needs to be burned to the ground so a more adult, realist, in some ways, pre-mid 20th century Christianity can take its place. In the mean time when it comes time to show these strangers the door, these happy idiot Christians that are left won’t have any moral authority over the people. So in a way we have to return to a barbarian state in order to save ourselves. All because tambourines were let into our churches decades ago.

    • Fundamentally, people have a hard time with probabilistic thinking. So concepts like IQ distribution curves just confound them. It’s also why lotteries are so popular.

      • I once tried to explain to a relative how a bell curve distribution works. I even drew diagrams. I still remember the blank stare they gave me after I had finished.

        • I was once a bit confused by the exceptions until I read the Bell Curve back when it was published. Looking at the actual Bell Curve diagrams was like the sun rising to me. Now, everything made sense. This is the kind of stuff that should be taught in schools.

          • You don’t need any STEM learning to explain the fallacy of “not all are like that.” You guys dismiss philosophy as “unscientific,” reduce everything to math, and then wonder why you can’t explain your ideas to people.

          • Ostei,

            I do not doubt you are correct as more thought becomes verboten and books are banned.

            Leftists constantly use the trope “the children are our future” to bully us into their latest utopian dictate. I agree. Nothing is more delicious to youths than that which is forbidden.

            There’s hope in that.

          • Excellent advice. I’ve been collecting hard copies of TheZman’s “Essential Knowledge “ books for months. Hard copies. There’s plenty available, mostly cheap if you avoid amazon (who bans books!) and buy used. Hell, I get most of them from the UK.

            One more for the forbidden cannon library.

          • Wolf, it is taught in school, even some high schools. Any basic statistics and measurement class. Without such an understanding, the statistics would be meaningless. However, I grant that one intro class may not be enough for one to develop an intuitive grasp of what’s going on.

    • What persists is what “works” in any particular environment. The negroid race of sub Saharan Africa is well adapted for that environment and reflects the traits that work best there. They are optimized for it. That is a good thing for the peoples of that place. And that statement is not a value judgement, it is reality. Deny it at your own peril.

  41. The hardest biological reality of all is James Calhoun’s “rat utopia” experiment. IF any Europeans get hard enough to survive what’s coming, and IF their descendants want to give stuff like “indoor plumbing” and “living past 35” a shot a few generations down the line, they absolutely must reconstruct their society along Spartan lines. Universal prosperity is universally lethal to humans.

    • Agree 101%. This is the problem of “scale” that Heartiste (PBUH) often discussed. Population control and the inextricably-related issues of peace & prosperity present major dilemmas for a society trying to balance the interests of biology/evolution with transcendence and metaphysics over materialism. Simply put, we either voluntarily limit and select our population (e.g. birth control, eugenics and/or abortion) or we have to let nature do it for us (disease, famine, war).
      I’m shifting toward the former out of sheer necessity, although I viscerally disdain abortion. This makes authoritarian-level control of R-selection populations mandatory to reverse the dysgenic breeding pattters modernity is catalyzing. Our ability to mitigate nature’s population controls far outstrips our willingness to step on the brakes ourselves. The interesting side-question is whether the K-selection refusal to breed/White Death we’re seeing is at least partially some sort of biological failsafe – another subject I need to dig into.

      This ties into LineInTheSand’s comment above re: the gut-level reluctance of Whites to do what biology requires. Maintaining a balance between material necessity and causes higher than materialism is what distinguishes us from the Hans & Hebrews, but in the shorter run it may let them overtake and extinguish us unless we ride those waves just right.

      • Eugenics could be done humanely. Merely require implantable birth control if one is on benefits. $1,000 cash reward for free outpatient tubal ligation would also probably do the trick. Feteing and financial rewards for parents that produce National Merit Scholars or the equivalent might also be considered. Our highly dysgenic Society has only been in force for 50 to 70 years. Nature will re-exert her control. We can only hope and plan for a soft Landing.

        • Agree, birth control’s my big crutch to lean on with this issue, targeted pro-natalist policies second.

          • Hungary is trying to raise their birthrate by subsidizing married couples to produce more children:


            In the US and other Western countries, we subsidize the lazy (largely unmarried) to breed at the taxpayer’s expense:


            One issue that I have with the Right-to-Life movement is their legitimizing illegitimacy and welfare dependency in the name of discouraging abortions.

            In pre-New Deal America, most states provided what was called a “mother’s pension,” largely to widows with minor children. In 1935, Aid to Dependent Children (later Aid to Families with Dependent Children) which provided assistance to unmarried mothers. Frances Perkins, Secretary of Labor under FDR, later claimed that she didn’t know at the time that ADC provided assistance to unmarried mothers and would have opposed it if she did.

            The Black illegitimate rate was 14% in 1940, started rising, and reached 77% in 2017. The White rate was about 1% in 1940 and started rising in the 1960s. It is 30% now.

            It’s a cliche to say that the whole idea behind subsidizing something is to get more of it. Subsidize illegitimacy and idleness and get more of it.

          • A number of societies have tried subsidies and they just don’t seem to work very well

            None have yet gone above replacement

            usually “one time” subsidies shift the time frame to the subsidy but do not get more children since children are an ongoing expense

            And you can’t change the culture very much, this is the human norm across time, Cities are population sinks

            The baby boom was an anomaly not a norm.

            As for subsidizing illegitimacy, spot on.

            Idleness Is another matter. Wages too low to afford housing and such are a huge part of population decline which is fine and dysgenics which is not

            Low wages for working men in essence subsidize poverty and technology and trade lower wages. No idea how to square that circle

            If you had a eugenics program as some have suggested you have to have a state that is OK with population decline and economic shrinkage.

            This can be tough as this means less revenue every year and revenue needs even in a frugal state will outstrip available taxes during a decline for quite some time.

          • People who want children might have them or have more with a subsidy. A fellow once said to me that he and his wife had two children and wanted a third, but couldn’t afford another one. “I figure that I’m supporting three kids in Newark. Do I ever get so much as a Father’s Day card?” On another note, there’s a joke that the most confusing day in the ‘hood is Father’s Day.

            Two more reasons why the birthrate is so low is because children are no longer necessary that way there were in the past. Children were an economic asset: husbands and wives, parents and children and sometimes other family members and employees worked together on the family farm or in the family business. Also, the family was a mini-welfare state. That’s probably one reason why gay marriage was unthinkable even in cultures that tolerated gay activity – the family was a practical institution, not a romantic one.

            Steven Sailer has written about “affordable family formation.” People who live in low-cost areas tend to have more children and vote Republican.

          • You and A.B. Prosper should get together in the 7.5 Billion People Aren’t Enough Club. Why should taxpayers subsidize having more children?

          • So someone will pay for your social security check.
            Little details like future income tend to fuck up retirement

          • Children are on ongoing 18+ year expense. A one time subsidy won’t help and thus far it hasn’t anywhere

            I’ll note no one has gotten the fertility rate above replacement for very long in any nation in deep decline. If the US rate drops again, we won’t be able to either

            This is fine with me so long as immigration is controlled and we are aware of the consequences and ready for them

          • I’d bet money that if 40% of their income wasn’t going to taxes, they’d make plenty of babies.

          • A.B., last time we “talked” you claimed you would favor a much lower population as long as whites would breed more. Now, here you go again:

            “This [population decline and economic shrinkage] can be tough as this means less revenue every year and revenue needs even in a frugal state will outstrip available taxes during a decline for quite some time.”

            Regardless of what you say when I call you on it, you have bought into the idea that prosperity must be achieved by population growth. You can’t even imagine a steady-state economy. You are fixated on growth, growth, growth.

            Don’t bother denying it again. I won’t believe you. You are an overpopulation enabler.

          • Practice your reading comprehension a bit will you.

            Every political choice has consequences and tradeoffs in the short, medium and long term and noting those is advocacy of one or the other

            For example I understand that if people have less kids, a large enterprise , in this case Toys R Us will close and that some areas may have extra costs fixing sewers for less flow.

            This is perfectly OK, the tradeoffs may be worth it , minus migration I think they are but its behooves people to understand what is coming and to understand and be ready for it

        • I am pro soft eugenics in case anyone asks. However you really do not want to pay people to get sterilized as this can easily take out a lot of otherwise healthy , sound and fertile young women down on their luck or whose circumstances will be easily improved

          Also the various hormonal birth control methods are a hazard, There is evidence that they mess with hormonal mating cues (and yes human’s use these too) and create inappropriate mating habits. They also foul up the water as well

          The solution is far more social but its expensive

          subsidize non hormonal contraception and make sure any women who wants it, married or not can get it cheap . Feel free to exclude abortion as this is a feelz issue for conservatives even though nothing is more eugenic.

          Cut off aid for “single mothers” anyone not married at the time of birth.

          Default to paternal custody. This incentives men to pay the bills and makes less visitation games. This will means replacing social workers who favor matriarchy or who won’t comply . It also lets you morally lock up deadbeat dads

          gene test before the above, mandatory unless he adopts someone else’s kids .

          Lastly, make sure the wage arbitrage, immigration and such stop and that the economy supports one wage earner, a decent life. This will not be easy, with automation, might not be possible but without that? You get too much schooling , too many poor people with poverty habits who would otherwise be working or even middle class. Worst of all, you get two working parents

          To do any of these things you need a lot of authority and a big government boot in your hands . That alone might be the biggest hurdle, not only with natural competition from existing state but your own guys “libertarian” tendencies

          Eugenics is fash and requires the kind of State either Left (NDSAP) or Right (Old USA) that supports such ideologies

          • I think you’re right except about automatically awarding custody to the father in case of divorce. I think that fault should be brought back if minor children are involved and that the innocent party should get the kids. Some woman who is cheating on her husband shouldn’t be awarded the children in case of divorce. Let her pay child support and arrange for visitation. Men stay in horrible marriages because they figure that they will still lose custody if they file for divorce.

            A friend was married to a man who liked his liquor and when he get drunk he got punchy. My friend divorced him when their son was 2 because she didn’t want her son to learn that wifebeating was acceptable. Her husband’s father was dead, but his stepdad was abusive and his mom eventually divorced him.

          • Best method is to increase a child tax exemption. Anyone on welfare would not be eligible (or, a dollar for dollar reduction in exemption for each welfare dollar received), and make sure it stays undiminished through the middle/upper middle classes. This would hopefully encourage producers to breed. In fact, do it on a bell curve adjusted to the mid-upper middle class so that the biggest advantage goes to that group (say families with combined gross income of $100K). To some extent, a progressive tax system naturally creates this curve. Natural filters take care of the rest.

      • Exile, any future White polity that plans to survive and thrive will have to be fairly authoritarian on a number of issues, not only breeding. Even if every Mestizo or Negro or Hebrew vanished tomorrow, the White population would not automatically and immediately revert to seeking virtue and disdaining vice. It took centuries of social pressure and plenty of executions to get the English to where they were, and Hogarth’s depictions of London’s stews weren’t meant purely to amuse. As I’ve noted before, Covington’s books face this squarely. One must also assume that sometime, someone (highly likely female) will start pushing for exceptions or fairness or any other utopian fallacy that has repeatedly deviled the human race. That kind of thinking will have to be ruthlessly squashed, up to and including forcible exile – of someone’s White daughter or son – to avoid the infection spreading. People don’t like facing hard choices, but avoiding them in an ethnostate will get us right back to where we are now.

        • The use of exile and the need to avoid “lawyering” for exceptions, likely from the wahmens, is part of what I’m proposing as my basic structure for discusion of American White identity. In a three-zone apartheid structure we’d be exiling non-conforming Whites to either the mixed ethnic areas or to “free cities” where the Poz would end up running free, but firewalled from the rest of us. It’s a long-term multi-generational thing, what we can do now is to start developing these ideas as desired “futurism,” forming physical communities at arms-length from Poz Central and start home/private schooling the generations who will start implementing this stuff.

        • I’ve heard of Harold Covington, but never read any of his books. What did he propose?

          • Covington didn’t have good aesthetics as a young man. Later, he wrote 5 novels about a white homeland in the Pacific Northwest. C’s thesis was that we cannot retake the entire country, but we can make the price of holding on to the NW so high that the elites will let the NW go.

            In his last book, he required that the NW scientists invent magic weapons to prevent the USA from hitting the NW with neutron bombs. This is a concession of the difficulty of his vision.

            I like his novels a lot and he was impressive.

          • Ris – His books take place during different times, but there was requisite national service – 2-3 years – where everyone did manual labor and/or infrastructure work – no ever going back to importing other races to do work we ought to do ourselves. Television and education, at least in the beginning – was tightly controlled, with no degeneracy or pornography or faux history. Anyone who had miscegenation or any anti-White activism in his past who thought to sneak in was hunted down and removed. I did not agree with everything, of course, but he at least addressed the problem that you can’t take 3 generations reared on alien worship and rap music and leave them to their own devices. Leadership is not merely political or military, it is cultural.

        • Amen.
          We are who we are because our ancestors hanged the antisocial element for 1000 years.
          That’s why nig@ers are nig@ers, they didn’t get enough hangings.
          Bring back lynching and everyone will benefit.

      • Who is “we”? The intelligent have already voluntarily limited their own breeding (severely) and volunteered (insisted) that the unintelligent be paid to breed.

      • Exile, re: refusal to breed as a biological failsafe, I wouldn’t be surprised. It strikes me like the theory of “situational homosexuality” (wish I could remember who said it). Even if you assume that prison rape is 100% about dominance, it seems like there’s a LOT more homosexuality in prison than even that would account for. But it happens in the free world, too — e.g. all those stereotypes about the navy back in the age of sail. Cargo space being what it was, they couldn’t be at sea longer than a few months… and yet, if the stories are even half true, they were buggering each other almost before they lost sight of land. The theory is it’s some kind of biological failsafe that happens because of perceived high population density, especially a too-high proportion of males. Which also makes sense in light of Calhoun’s rat experiment — theoretically they should keep breeding until they spill out of the cage, but eventually they just… stop.

        • Human males with high testosterone have a high sex drive and need release.

          being social animals they take opportunity .

          Prison sex isn’t all that common anyway and tale of sea wives are exaggerated somewhat for the shock and titillation value

          This is also why prostitution was tolerated in the past , better a minor sin (seeing a hooker) than opportunistic homosexuality or adultery

          As for current gayness , society puts a social premium on being gay, it is in Jim’s words high status so more men some who are somewhat bIsexual, are willing to give it a whirl

          It’s still pretty rare and huge increase, far far more than we actually have doubling the number of gays would be a 6% rate at most

          It’s probably 3.5% rather than 2.5% or so , the norm

          This increase is do to homosexuals who in the past who would have married or remained celibate no longer doing so and a few of the aforementioned bisexuals as well.

          • I am a criminal defense attorney and a lot of my clients have been to prison. They tell me gay sex in prison is mostly a negro thing. The Whites and Mexicans shun their co-ethnics who do it.

            The negroes believe that it is not gay to stick it in another man, but it is to receive it. Makes no sense to me, but that’s negro logic for you.

    • “…they absolutely must reconstruct their society along Spartan lines.” I agree, but I think the problem lay in liberalism and liberal ideas, and that an illiberal Right system, with an illiberal Right elite propagating “Spartan” values downward to society, could cope with “universal prosperity.”

      Something very much tied into all this is that liberal universalism advocates bringing prosperity to the whole of the globe, via a universal liberal individualism (with some universalistic collectivism mixed in, appeals to the good of the whole of humanity, while appeals to rights and freedoms in the name of universalism are individualistic in nature), a globalist plutodemocratic open market. Of course, the problem, and what liberalism/the liberal elite class attempts to hide (or justify), is that this globalism/universalism kills the prosperity, well-being, and patrimony of “us”, whites (but not so much that of the liberal elite). We must regain a sense of us vs. them, friend vs. enemy, West versus “the rest”, valuation of the “closed society” versus the “open society”, which is the heart of “Spartan” values: martial values, Duty, discipline, sacrifice, honor, and, to really upset some people, anti-universal collectivism. Without these “closed society” values, held and propagated by an empowered illiberal Right elite, the population sinks into a materialistic/hedonistic stupor, as has occurred with whites under the liberal system. Liberalism, liberal democracy + capitalism, does not give rise to such elites, holding and propagating “closed society” “Spartan” values, it gives rise to an elite bent on ruling over and profiting from globalism, bent on propagating liberal values, and having a population of materialistic/hedonist/indoctrinated peasants beneath them (who are made to view them, and the liberal system and values, as legitimate).

      One thing I’d like to add to this, is that I’ve recently recognized a central reason for medieval Catholicism’s appeal to me (as against modern Christianity). Medieval Christendom was still a closed society. Until the whole of society, and the whole of the world, was medieval Catholic, it was still “us versus them”, battle and martyrdom. Today’s Christianity is milquetoast universalism, the global brotherhood “open society”, on the other hand.

      To give credit where it is do, this “closed society” versus “open society” concept is Nietzsche derived (from his ‘Untimely Meditations’) relayed to me via Leo Strauss, Greg Johnson, and the German Conservative Revolution intellectual movement.

    • Europeans?
      Whites in the US are only 60%.
      Europe is still 85-90% white.
      I don’t grok.

  42. Unfortunately, even among my Conservative friends, the majority will bail on a conversation that has to include genetics to get anywhere beyond shrugging your shoulders.

    • From what I can tell, this resistance to judging groups of people by their biological heritage is rooted in a resistance to judging an individual by qualities that the person has but did not choose.

      This feeling is appropriate when dealing with individuals. We don’t want to judge a person badly because he was born ugly or poor. But refusing to judge large groups in an unflattering way may destroy Western civilization.

      • Yes the fetish of the individual prevents most people, conservatives included, from recognizing group traits rooted in biology.

        They will, however, pat themselves on the back for extrapolating the talents and attributes of their black friend at the law firm onto the entire population of blacks.

        Which then, of course, anchors them in the prog religion’s original sin of evil white man keeping everyone else down.

        Meanwhile, the talents and positive attributes of the other 30 white partners at the firm can’t possibly have anything to do with ‘skin color’.

        So even the self-proclaimed conservative, with evidence all around him, will still fall through the trap-door created by the left (and likely reinforced by his tradcuck churchian experience).

        There is something else going on. Decades of NLP and other agitprop 24/7 streaming into the otherwise lucid minds has burned a blind spot that seems impervious to evidence in real time.

        Its gonna take something drastic. Like being willing to be called racist to honor the truth.

        • The Boomer’s grandson getting the s**t beat out of him for being white won’t be so suicidally altruistic.

          Whitey will never fight back until he feels pain. The future has plenty in store for us.

          • I would agree and also add it will take pain to get them to even think and plan for fighting back…

          • The whites who constantly cuck to the POC need to be taken to task for their positions.

            Once they’re forced to shut up – it will remove at least some of the pressure on those who want to fight back but see nothing but opposition everywhere they turn.

            Rosanna Arquette recently came out and apologized for her whiteness. Seems like most cuckservatives will expend energy trying to argue her out of her lunacy.

            I tend to think it’s far more effective to take advantage of the craziness that’s obviously bouncing around in her head to come to a solution. In this case – the energy expended in trying to convince her to just commit suicide to atone for her sins, is likely far far less than that which would be expended trying to argue her out of her position.

            With any luck the trend would spread and all these lefties that have convinced themselves they are evil because they are white – would just take the next logical step and commit mass suicide and spare the rest of us from having to put up with them.

            Yeah ok , maybe it’s not “nice” to take advantage of other’s mental illness. I would argue however that there’s far too many cases thruout history when if certain people would have just killed themselves and spared the rest of us – the world would have been a much better place.

          • Yeah – maybe.

            I still say somebody who takes this position can be “played”.

            Atone for your sins Rosanna and go to meet the almighty where you can be righteously punished.

            These people are very mentally disturbed. Might as well take advantage of that. We recently had a trial here where a high school girl encouraged her boyfriend to commit suicide – and he did.

            Jim Jones pretty sufficiently demonstrated that people can be convinced to take their own lives with enough indoctrination.

            The current day left – with all of it’s anti-white white people – is demonstrating their ability to be indoctrinated into believing almost anything.

            All we need to do is insert the urge to suicide and maybe some of these problems will solve themselves.

            Maybe this is a job for 4Chan.

          • None of them are really sorry for being white.
            For fu_ks sakes, if there where any actual sorrow we would have seen this form of “repentance” by now. Or at least by now some of these preening A-holes would have taken up some “mission” work and relocated to walk among the brown and black but no, here they remain to lecture us (and embarrass themselves).

          • I would like to see some enterprising young bad thinker buy up some property in the ghetto and offer to house our diversity living friends in it for free. Running public advertisements and sending public invites would make for a good time. You could post the diversity in someone like Arquette’s neighborhood and make a sincere offer to let her live in a diverse one for a month.

            Call it a celebrity outreach for diversity.

          • LOL.

            Diversity swap.

            Some brothers from the hood live in your nice house in a safe white neighborhood for a month – and you go live in the Section 8 apartment that one of those brothers shares with his baby mama.

          • Even better idea is to spend a year in a career that forces you to interact, especially if you are labelled the “authority figure.” Those in the medical field and legal fields, education, social work, and law enforcement have a tougher time that anyone who would take part in an “exchange” situation.

            It’s the closeness, particularly if you have a job to do and expectations to live up to, that causes the conflict. The “historically oppressed” will like the man who exchange homes with them much better than the one who is insisting that they follow rules, especially if there is a attached for not doing so.

            Sadly, that’s something that a person really has to experience to understand, so we are faced with a millennial population that does not have a clue, and the rest of us bear the burden.

      • The refusal to judge large groups in an unflattering way has been indoctrinated into us for decades. I’m in my 50’s, so I remember how common it was to talk disparagingly, point out differences, and make jokes about other racial groups. Eventually I noticed there were some people who disapproved of that kind of talk, and then later on, it became a taboo subject. And that’s where we are now, and soon it’ll be a crime to speak openly about group differences.

      • Spot on. This is really the heart of the matter for Whites – we don’t want to disrespect an individual and deny him basic dignity based on his race but we have to recognize the reality of his group traits. I’ve never dug deep into this to have a strong opinion on whether this inner conflict is a mostly genetic, cultural or socialized trait among muh people. Need to do so for my future projects, thanks for the reminder.

        • It is often possible to leave race out of the conversation wrt group differences. Most of my conversations stay within race, but discuss groupings of people. Those I talk with are quite aware of lower class, lower IQ whites whom they run into daily. Most all of the basic HBD concepts can be elaborated upon without triggering these folk.

          • And many of them will go so far as to use the term ‘white trash’, but dare you use a “slur” against *any* other ethnic group, and you’re an evil person. I always say “oh, I didn’t know it was okay to compare an entire group of people with garbage”

      • Yeah but……….. we do judge individuals badly based on the qualities they have but did not choose.

        Or are you telling me that you would welcome a society that passes laws that force you to accept a mate chosen thru some sort of lottery system – even though that person may be hideously ugly, have a genetically inherited intestinal problem that causes them to fart violently and continuously – and is about 4ft 5 inches tall – even as a fully “grown” adult?

        An awful lot of men would likely welcome the above mentioned system – but I think you’d find that the women would object , probably even violently. Based on the type of stuff that Heartiste used to post – and even the dating stuff discussed on drive time radio shows – it’s plainly clear that women are far more choosy than men are when it comes down to REALITY – but the words that come out their mouth – and that flow from their fingers into countless articles and “studies” directly contradict what they do in that reality.

        My point here is – it’s well past time to start calling people on their bullshit (and most of those people may well turn out to be female). One of the ways to do that – is to tell people right to their face: You’re full of crap – and here’s why”

    • Fortunately, it doesn’t take a majority to swing group preferences, and dissident thought is growing

    • Our friends in the media are handing out more red pills now then any of us ever could by accusing every white they see of white supremacy. Whites seem to be taking on a tone of pointing out violence and tribalism from minorities. Many still in denial but they’ve began drifting away from equalitarianism and that tends to be a one way trip.

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