A good rule to live by in modern America is that you can never be too cynical. No matter how negative your view of something, particularly politics, you are most likely being naive or optimistic relative to reality. If you go back a few decades, you’ll find that every cynical joke about how things will get worse turned out to be sunny optimism, at least with regards to politics and culture. Sadly, the doomsday predictions about economics, meteor strikes and other catastrophes turned out to be false.

As the Biden – Ukraine story begins to unfold, that old rule about being too cynical starts to look prudent. The degree of corruption in the Obama years among the Democrats is beyond what even the cynical imagined. So far, this looks like Joe Biden, while Vice President, pressured the Ukrainian government to give his crooked son a pass on some crooked energy deal in Ukraine. Biden’s son was being paid fifty grand a month for what appears to be a no-show job in a business about which he knows nothing.

Financial shenanigans are nothing new in politics, but this rises to a whole new level, which raises the first question. How crooked were these people? It’s one thing to use your influence to pressure a business for favors to a relative or political ally. This appears to be an effort to manipulate foreign policy in an effort to funnel cash to the son of the sitting VP. This is much more flagrant and much more dangerous than shaking down a contractor or taking a bribe from a donor.

This is not some one-off thing with Biden’s kid. His crooked dealings in China have long been part of the background noise of the Democrat primary. He’s also been into shady dealings with domestic financial firms and lobbying shops. The picture that emerges is of the loser son, who uses his family name to facilitate get-rich-quick schemes. He’s protected from scrutiny by his famous father. This is not Hillary Clinton level corruption, but the flagrant and reckless way in which it has gone on is amazing.

Speaking of Clinton, the effluvia of corruption that surrounds Hillary Clinton’s time in the Obama administration adds some context. The assumption has been that she was selling favors out of the State Department while she was Secretary of State. She was also eyeball deep in the Uranium One scandal. You can’t help but notice how the old Soviet Union keeps playing a role in these stories. The whole Russian collusion narrative takes on a new meaning in light of these revelations.

Of course, this not only leads back to the Russian collusion hoax, but to another question that naturally flows from all of this. How stupid are these people? Take a look at the recent Biden flap. It has been known for a while that the Trump administration was trying to get that story in the media for a year. It was ignored for the obvious reasons, so they appear to have pushed this whistle blower story. The media took the bait, only to learn that it was not the smoking gun of impeachment they imagined.

Now, this may have been dumb luck on the part of Team Trump. In politics, it is better to be lucky than good. Luck in politics is to be blessed with very stupid opponents. That seems to be the case here, but at a much wider scale. Biden had been bragging in public about throwing his weight around with the Ukrainians when he was VP. Rudy Giuliani had been pushing this story for a year. It should not have been too hard for the media to see what was coming, but they fell for the story anyway.

The question of competence is even stronger when you bring in the seditious plot run by the FBI against Trump in 2016. There was never a reason to do this. All Clinton needed to do was run a reasonably competent race and make sure to grease the Democrat machines in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. Instead they went for the insanely complicated entrapment plan. Cartoon super-villains in the movies are more sober minded with regards to their schemes than these people.

This brings up something else. Why did they go after Paul Manafort, who was also involved with the Ukrainians? The assumption has been that he was low hanging fruit, but now that it is clear Biden was involved in similar dealings with Ukraine, the case takes on a new dimension. Maybe going after Manafort was about protecting Biden and by extension the Obama administration. It could be serendipity, but if you were going to look into Biden’s corrupt dealings, paying a visit to Manafort in prison is a good idea.

When Hillary Clinton arrived in Washington, her first move was to seize the raw FBI files on the political class. At the time, it was alleged she did this to get dirt on Republicans, but everyone knows Republicans are harmless. Given that Clinton operatives eventually made it to the top of the FBI, it brings that scandal back to life. Is it possible that the point of that caper was to seed the FBI with Clinton operatives? Maybe that caper was really about turning the FBI into an arm of Clinton Inc.

That sort of thinking raises the obvious question as to the purpose of the Obama administration. It is looking more and more like it was taken over by Clinton cronies and Obama was just a decoration. The most cynical said Obama was a figurehead and the real power were left-wing ideologues. Maybe the real power was the Clinton graft machine that had slowly consumed the Democrat party and the political class of Washington. Team Obama was just assimilated by the Clinton Borg.

Every time a new rock is overturned, new questions arise about what went on in the Obama years. They always seem to have some connection to Hillary Clinton, which raises a lot of other questions. The main question, of course, is will we ever get the answers to any of this. The answer to that is where we started. You can never be too cynical these days, with regards to politics. That means we will never know the truth of these scandals and we will never reach the end of them either.

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179 thoughts on “Questions

  1. The Clinton Foundation provided the walking around money to all the DNC / media grifters. Whether Hillary (or Soros ?) controlled the Obama administration, I do not know. I think it’s pretty clear Hillary controlled the DNC though.

    • Yep. The Clinton Crime Family has controlled the DNC for years. The Obama people had their fundraising arm Organizing For America which ended up part of the DNC. So Obama started up Organizing For Action that he controlled.

      Still a mystery IMO who controlled/controls Obama.

      Pretty amazing how quiet he’s been lately, huh?

  2. Z, IMO you have to get past this “Trump is a bullshitter moron” stuff. He’s played the press (mostly actual bullshitter morons) like fiddles since day 1.

    • Trump is a salesman … all he sells is Trump. He’s been doing it all his life … if I did something for 50 years nonstop I’d be good at it too. But for those who thinks he plays 4 dimensional chess? No. He’s a marketing guru … in other words a bullshitter.

      • I’m not one of the 4Ders. And you can denigrate it as mere marketing bullshit if you want. But he’s successfully maneuvered dedicated opponents into defeats for three years now. Puts him ahead of any POTUS in my lifetime.

        • I hear you; what I do like about Trump is that he has all the right enemies. His instincts are generally on our side. It’s grand political entertainment to see progressives corkscrewing into the overhead. But when he can’t address a relatively simple issue by stringing together 3 or 4 coherent sentences? This screams “moron.” And his incessant need for fan-based rallies? This screams “salesman.” This is what’s sad – the fact that he’s the best POTUS our side can probably hope for.

          And this is why it’s absolutely nuts to hope for (i.e. vote for) salvation from Washington DC. Watch Trump for entertainment but don’t bet your future on it.

          • The problem is that we bet our future on whoever sits in the White House, and the rest of the choices are a whole lot worse, not even close.

  3. Recklessness.

    From twitter:
    “It’s a victory dance. He knows surviving four “death camps” is absurd. That’s why he tells the story: to prove how much psychological dominance their narrative has over their enemies.
    “They will believe anything we tell them.””

    Now why am I pouring out my heart here?
    Ukraine. The Holodomor and gulags. Turkey.
    Not one synagogue or rabbi was harmed, yet they did shit that was Vietnam-level horror, Khmer Rouge atrocity, you in-country vets know what I mean.

    In front of crowds. And took PICTURES.
    I discovered those this weekend.

    My mind is wrecked. Demons. Demons.
    And they are taking over the world.

    • The Soviets even had the audacity to use Auschwitz as a prison/execution camp for zeks, political prisoners, after the war.

  4. “No matter how negative your view of something, particularly politics, you are most likely being naive or optimistic relative to reality.”

    From the very beginning there was no way this nation-State was going to be any different. The government gives the power mad sociopaths the powers they would never have had without the guns of the State. It looks to me that most here agree considering the comments here and in other threads.

    The question becomes this: once the USA falls apart what sort of government, if any, do the survivors institute. Perhaps it is time to talk about what fallows the fall.

    • The Problem is if we don’t win the future won’t matter for us and we haven’t figured out how to win yet let alone worry about what sort of gov we should have…

  5. Politicians are almost always the front-men for the people who hold real power. You lived in MA during the Mumbles years (bag man->coat-holder->driver->mayor-for-life!) Didn’t that ever give you pause? The Clintons are far more interesting. Bill was brilliant but “white trash,” Hillary was middle-class-boomer college smart (she failed the bar on her first try, etc.) but she’s not stupid. Oddly, while Bill was governor, AR was the hub for the illegal activities known as Iran-Contra. Years later Bill called GHWB “dad” and all the little Bushies voted for Hillary. Go figure.

    • The Bushes did a much better job of covering their tracks than any of the other sold-out pols of recent decades. W the amiable doofus was perfect cover for the people actually running the show.

  6. Pardon me if this has already been asked…..

    Who ELSE’S children have vast fortunes in their accounts due to geo-political (or just political) crimes or grifts?

    Yes, Kerry’s nephew. It cannot possibly end there, can it?

    • Dad29: Not sure who Kerry’s nephew is. John Kerry had two daughters by his first, divorced, now dead, wife, Julia Thorne. Her brother David Thorne was a classmate of Kerry’s at Yale; a younger brother, Brinkley, also at Yale a couple of years later, married the sister of Tricia Nixon Cox’s husband, NYS Republican Chairman Eddie Cox. Weird how that stuff works, isn’t it? Perhaps you mean John Kerry’s stepson, the child of Teresa when she was Mrs. John Heinz, Jr./III ? married to the Republican US Senator from PA. I just heard on Hannity during a report by Peter Schweitzer and John Solomon, that young Heinz, who had been in partnership with Devin Archer, asked to be removed from this investor group when Biden’s kid joined up. Discovered by a leaked email. Didn’t want to be further associated with them re: Ukraine. Devin Archer had been Campaign Finance Chair for Kerry back in 2004, when he ran against Bush. Yechhh.

  7. Two words: Dunning-Kruger. I know they’re the Internet’s two favorite words, but it’s actually the correct diagnosis in this case. Hillary and Obama, at least, are convinced that they’re very very smart… and since running zany, insanely complicated scams is what people who fancy themselves very very smart think people who are actually very very smart DO, they went for the zaniest, most insanely complicated scam their little pea brains could manage. I almost feel sorry for Slow Joe Biden — he knows he’s not the quickest on the uptake, but has to fit into the car with the rest of the clowns.

  8. Well.. other pretty lies have helped us get us here too. There was a time I never would have let myself think this way…but now? The writing is on the wall: if you put negroes and women in positions of power, this is the kind of shite that will happen. They are generally too stupid to see corruption as a double edged sword that could come back to gut them. They will happily close ranks around men like Biden as long as their own positions at the trough are secure. They are inevitably shocked and horrified when the other side starts playing dirty too… and the truth is we will have to be willing to fight that way at some point too.

    Forgive me, I am one of the slow kids… but recently I’ve begun to suspect that there are no shortage of Jews that are more than willing to capitalize one this state of affairs too. I fear that racism, sexism and even anti Semitism are much more than mere “social constructs”.

    • That’s funny, never knew that former head scumbag Paul Ryan was either black or female! The Congress that has been selling us down the river for years on trade and immigration has long been majority white male. Bush clan, anyone? We have a corruption problem in DC, that’s pretty obvious. What we need are men and women of integrity, if they meet that criteria I’m not going to worry too much about skin color or sex.

      • Everything is a matter of degree. Granted, corruption is endemic – and wherever you have money and power, you are going to have at least some.

        But I remain correct – if you were to see – at the federal level – the level of corruption you see on the city councils of Detroit, Baltimore or New Orleans… the country would have blown up long ago. And look at the prime movers that are blowing up the Democrats today: AOC and her brainless hag squad. Warren and her fake indian crap… Obutthole tripled the national debt in 8 years. To compare that lot to Bush is to be obtuse to realities. He was a veritable saint and intellect in comparison.

        • Mr North American Union/Amero/Family Values/send jobs overseas Bush? Mr “Islam is a religion of peace, lets invite in a few million more muslims before the Twin Towers stop smoking” Bush? Mr “let’s set up a security apparatus that will give us total access to the private information of all Americans” Bush? That man has done untold harm to this country, to the degree we may never recover from it. We’re going to have to strongly disagree on your point.

          • Surely you jest.

            Look around you. 1/4 of North American women are on antidepressants and prescribed psychotropic drugs. They actually fight for the right to abort their own late term babies, and cut them up and sell the parts for profit and brag about making you pay for it. Women in pink pussy hats encourage their sons to emasculate themselves, and divorce their own men in divorce court after they’ve torn up their own families.

            The black moslem baboon they voted in to replace Bush fought for the rights of perverts to use the same washrooms as young girls. He encouraged black thugs to disobey the law, attack whites and blame them for problems that blacks created for themselves. When those simian morons burned down and looted their own neighbourhoods, they’d have us believe it was the fault of white racism.

            If you want to talk about stupidity and evil… George Bush was a piker compared to he feral backs and women that plague us today.

            Tell me again about how bad Bush was – and pull my other finger. It has bells on it.

          • And if plenty of white men and women didn’t agree with Obama, none of this would have passed. Who is currently making the US safe for H1Bs? Mike Lee, a white guy last time I checked.
            Got nothing against white guys, my dad was one, my husband, brothers in laws, son in law, son, uncles, cousins, grandparents. All wonderful men, the kind we need more of. But putting all the blame/responsibility elsewhere is not honest. Example, no woman would be able to have an abortion if a man wasn’t having unprotected sex with her. Blaming everyone but your own sex/racial group for the mess we are in completely detracts from your argument and doesn’t help fix the problem. And no, I’m not saying that everyone else gets off scott free. We all have a finger in this crappy pie that’s currently in the political oven (with or without bells).

          • Most women are prone to herd behaviour, and fall into socialism and fascism by nature. The founding fathers of the USA understood this, and wisely prohibited them from voting or holding positions of authority in government.

            Demographically speaking, if women didn’t vote, disastrous leaders like Obama and Hillary would have been laughed out of serious politics. As would their policies. Demographically speaking, women drive divisive policies like social justice, multiculturalism, victim politics, mass immigration, state censorship and will happily trade rights and freedoms in return for security – real or perceived. It is my contention that all such doings are grounds for repealing the 19th Amendment. Currently women and race whores are tearing the Democrat party to shreds – look at the key players: AOC and her vibrant and diverse hag squad, Warren the fake Indian, Kamala – a grasping whore of epic renown. Their MO is always the same: with fake accusations of rape and racism against their enemies that grow more implausible and laughable each passing day. What women and diversity have done to the Democrats… they will do to the nation if they ever get into power. Our blog host runs semi-regular lectures on Girl Science on his podcasts for a reason.

            Sure, there are sinners everywhere… but it is becoming increasingly clear that they tend to concentrate and coagulate amongst groups of women and ethnic/racial trash… and possibly Jews as well.

            And for the record… I am not happy about any of this either. I wish I was wrong too… but the realities of all this are what they are.

  9. The Venn Diagram of elite corruption has too many circles to prevent their overlap and our unruly rulers no longer care to hide it. They’re practically shapeshifting in public now and can barely be troubled to lick the baby-blood from their last Spirit Cooking breakfast from their lips before sauntering into the public eye. Sleepy Joe’s crooked fam doesn’t even hold a candle to the other remaining legacy Dem dynasty (the Cuomos, not that fallen Great House in Beantown – at least we’ve seen them House of Usher at last – knock on wood),

    Spurius et sum. Take that. conjugation spergs (but let’s leave that poor Swedish kid out of this – FAS kills, I blame the moldy Red vodka her parents are still swiling). These swine simply can’t help themselves and see no need to try in our present forgiving and permissive wallow. Paging Dr. Dutton – we’re gonna need a bigger you-know-what.

    Civilization is inflicting me with its discontents this am – my God, Diego, what have they done to you…

      • Day drinking required – thank God I’m self-employed, the boss gave me the day off. Good memories here, but Broadway is a road to perdition this am. I miss bears, cougars & feral pigs already.

        • Avast! You are witness to historic times.

          Perhaps, old and white haired, speaking of impossible things in your youth to scoffing tribesmen, you shall live to see the return of bears, cougars & feral pigs.

  10. The thing that gets me in our politics, now seeping into general life, is the atmosphere of nightmarish unreality.

    Open and obvious corruption, persecution, and coup attempts. All airbrushed out of reality because the media is completely owned by the establishment and the Parenthesees.

    And the Establishment hardly pretending to care any more. When they cover up their crimes, that’s good for them. But when Biden-level morons spill the beans, well, that’s also good–as a brutal flex on a populace powerless to do anything about it.

    It’s all good in a one-party state.

  11. At the risk of doxxing myself, I’ll admit to living in the greater Filthadelphia metro area so I hear a lot more about the Biden clan than the rest of the country. One thing that’s easy to underestimate is just how much of a scumbag Biden’s son is. Several years ago Biden’s other son was found to be suffering from an aggressive and terminal form of brain cancer. While he was dying in the hospital, his brother “Ukraine” Hunter was f*****g his wife. They pretended to be a couple for a while but not too long after his brother died Hunter moved on to “better” things. All this happened right around the time of the 2016 Presidential election and I’ve always thought it was part of the reason Biden didn’t run then. He knew the Cankles mafia would have done all they could to make that story front-page news.

    • The dead son is the one who was a JAG Corps lawyer in Iraq, right? I
      know Joe’s first wife and daughter were killed in a car accident. He then married “Dr.” Jill Biden. Were the two sons their children or the first wife’s? (Sorry, I’m too lazy to look up a time line for these clowns.)

  12. If you open the Overton Window somewhat to consider Hillary and Obama action in Libya, you will find that the Libyan terrorists were funded and supplied by the Obama regime with the object of creating a Muslim Brotherhood State. Why?, Because they thought they could control it from the USA [ Clinton ] and Obama a traitor and Islamic. I am sorry the link has been taken down to this evidence by Vimeo, but anyone wanting to see it, I can get you in thru Subscribesstar subscription, Its Crowdsourcethetruth by Jason Goodman

    • That misadventure had something to do with the gold-back currency that Ghaddafi was setting up. Where did all that gold get too?

      • Also Qaddafi held back the hordes trying to migrate from Africa into Europe. Once he was removed the invasion started in earnest. Miission to islamize Europe quickly became irreversible.

    • Plus, (((Sarkozy))) got the oil, the EUSSR soviet got the gold, an oil bank, and shock troops.

      Our and Israel’s contras got the weapons, the command heights of Golan, eyeing the oil of Mosul and the offshore natgas of Palestine and Cyprus. Anything to counter Russia’s South Stream and Iran’s north-south bypass.
      Turkey’s Erdogan, of course, is playing all sides.

      Egypt almost got an MBrotherhood caliph, and they’re trying again. The secular Baathist regimes of Syria and Iraq ruthlessly suppressed the Brotherhood, while protecting Christians.

      • By the way, Hillary was on the board of a French consortium. They hired ISIS fighters to work in their Mideast concrete plants inbetween campaigns.

        In the off season, as war has ever been done.

  13. A fine example of what democracy yields:

    Give the hogs the keys to the palace and it doesn’t stay a palace for long.

  14. Biden had been the personal face to Clinton’s rotten war on Serbs. The entire policy driving it was from the CIA and Frank Wisner Sr school of post -USSR adventurism and dealing with Muslims in Somalia, Bosnia and Afghanistan. In other words, we tried to fill the Soviets’ shoes in a rush to expand global reach. Our 90’s dalliances with Empire were a total disaster, culminating in USS Cole, the bombing of Nairobi and Dar Ed Salaam embassies, and 9/11.

    Here’s Biden’s extremely controlled speech when he revisited the region in 2016. A reporter’s question(s) at 3:04 is edited out (3:10). Notice he works in his (other) son in his weird, customary way we now know so well. Afterall, what good is a satrapy without the state spoils for the bureaucrats to offer their offspring? (See also, Kerry)

    Kinda makes Felicity Huffman spending her own money to advance her kid’s future look like a chump in comparison. If she’d just donated dough directly to the school with an art wing or new student center, instead of paying a third party flimflam man, no one would ever have heard a peep.

    • Based on what we now know about Clintons they probably were paid by some Muslim entity to destroy Serbian Christendom.

      • Anna, Clintons and Mad Albright were grabbing the Afghan-Albanian heroin pipeline into Europe, along with natgas, mineral, and uranium deposits, and the Kosovar ports.

        Westley Clark brought 4500 Afghan mujahideen to the Muslim Albanian KLA mafia, creating ‘AlQaeda’, in the same way Daesh/Isis was created.
        Kind of like Muslim Contras.

        You’re right about the Serbs, and how our media demonized them. The Muslims had been rioting, killing cops, burning churches, and taking Christian territory for years.

        • This is part of the ancient war on the Aryans, since Iran is Aryan, as is Europe, the Colonies, India.

          The First Christians (Syrian, Armenian, Greek, Anatolian, Chaldean, Koreshite Arab) and Jesus’ people, Aramaic-speaking urban Jews, are all accused of having accepted foreign gods (foreign culture, such as Greece, Rome or Persia), and must die.

          Converso or Mennonite Ukrainian kulaks, Catholic Serbs, Orthodox Rus? Zoroastrian and Christian Persians? They must be consecrated (sacrificed and burned on the altar) unto the True Lord.

          And he ain’t yours, heretics.

          • This is faith and prophecy, not Western reason. Indigene hindbrain thinking vs the frontal cortex thinking of the Aryan invaders.

            The Left hears only the True Faith, and anything is permissible for the ultimate victory.

            Islam and Communism are both modern branches of Abraham’s original faith.
            Islam was dying, Communism came under attack in the Cold War, so Holocaustianity was introduced to save them.

            It did. Their raiders are here.

            Anna and Zman are correct, this is a demographic, religious war. On the hated Caucasian invaders.

      • The Clintons were the Democratic version of the Bush family – the left-wing entryist dynasty for the Trot side of the dialectic sandwich.

        • You bet, Exile. Everyone forgets that HW Bush introduced the governor of Arkansa as a dark horse candidate, to the outcry of the old mainstream Democrats. “He’s too dirty!” they said.

          Everyone also forgets that the former head of the CIA, HW Bush, cofounded Carlyle Group with partner George Soros.

          Carlyle is the world’s largest equity fund, just as Adelson’s casinos are very good at laundering money.

  15. I wrecked my brain in 2014 trying to understand why the State Department orchestrated an overthrow of then Ukrainian government of Yanukovich. Of course he was Mugabe style corrupt, and a lot of Ukrainians joined that American made revolution. The fact that money and food was handed out to the participants attracted even more people and a new President was installed. This one was a “chocolate oligarch” and didn’t need to put so much into his own pocket. The next step was to arrange for billion $$ “loans” which were promptly laundered into we know now whose pockets.

    • Bells of Hell, something we can agree on. Speaking of doing dirty laundry right out in public, Mx. Nuland told us why State did this in her leaked phone convo – Yats was “our guy.”

    • Not only was Yats our guy, Yulia Timinov, Poroshenko, and the entire Kiev gang were as Tribal as Nuland and Kagan.

      They grabbed the Ukraine once before, Holodomored the Christians and went on to put or kill 66 million Christians in gulag slave camps.

      Those slave camps worked the mining and timber concessions to Joseph Schiff, who routed the Tribal loan of $22 million to Lenin and Smolnekov(?), agents sent by the Weimar administration.

      Now they can bottleneck Russian gas supplies to Europe, or hold them hostage for a very high price. That’s why Yukos and Lukoil, energy companies owned by Tribe, were involved, and why Putin jailed their owners, Kherekofsky(?) and Bherezhovsky(?).
      Sakishvilli of Georgia, an ally shabbos funded from New York, was intended to be a staging base for the attack on Iran.

      Aha, just realized the role of the petrodollar.
      It undergirds the Basel BIS banks, born of Versaiiles reparations, and the Rothschild SWIFT payments clearing system.

      Kissinger arranged the petrodollar, then talked the Shah into quadrupling the price at OPEC. The Shah got ideas of a non-Arab
      Muslim trading bloc, reasserting Persian civilization over the Semitic construct of Islam. (Non-Arab Muslims outnumber Ishmael’s seed 3 to 1.) The Shah was then betrayed and deposed by a British-Indian golem kept in Paris on the CIA payroll, Ayatollah Khomeini.

      The Bushes were heavy hitters in the energy sector since the Texas Railroad Commission. Pappy even called out the Army when his portion of Q8, the Kuwaiti state oil company, was threatened. Shabbos pays very well indeed. Goldman Sachs and FDR’s Lend-Lease infiltrators created the CIA, remember, as well as Bretton Woods and the UN, (and built the EU/Euro, and Mao’s Red Princes, getting their mil tech from Israeli middlemen while supplying them harvested organs.)

      • (Tried to edit, “on Bush’s CIA payroll”.
        Apologies for the odd segue.)
        1979 also resurrected jihad in Afghanistan, courtesy Pappy and that dupe Charlie Wilson. The Contra turf wars over Ollie’s Latin-Mena cocaine pipeline popped up right after that, until Cartel banks were moved to convenient Mexico, controlled by President Salinas and his brother, Pappy’s partners in the oil patch days.

        We shabbos have plenty of traitorous enablers. The system’s incentives really do matter. Do those incentives cultivate loyalty to self, or loyalty to the Greater? Which one takes you further?

  16. Their behavior was fairly rational given that they were operating on the presumption that Hillary was going to win the election. Biden assumed that he would never run for office again and he probably had a good shot at Secretary of State in a Clinton administration, where he could run his own pay-for-play operation. Hunter Biden’s corrupt has been public knowledge for years, but the MSM refuses to cover any story that negatively impacts Democrats. None of this would have come to light had Clinton won in 2016.

    Biden is not going to get the nomination. I’m Scotch-Irish, and therefore stubborn, so against all evidence I will stubbornly cling to my prediction that Kamala Harris is the dark horse (no pun intended) in the race and will come from behind to take the nomination. Warren is too grating, like fingernails on a chalkboard, and Bernie is insane. Wall Street hates both of them. It all begins in South Carolina for Harris.

    The good news for our side is that the 2020 primary is proving that moderate Democrats can no longer get traction in the Democratic party primary process. None of the moderate, sane Democrats (Hickenlooper, Bennett, Bullock, etc.) got anywhere in the primary. You have to be full-on bat-sh!t crazy to get through the nomination process in the Democratic party now. Trump may have a decent chance in 2020.

    • The few white normies left in the Democrat party are complete and total fools. They are another step down from those GOP cuckservatives.

  17. Wow, ZMan, I like your thinking. Wellesley Girl Hillary Clinton attracted my (fellow Seven Sisters grad a couple of yrs older than she, so I know the type!) attention way back in the 90s when I used to subscribe to American Spectator monthly mag. No internet then, so I had to do some research in local public library etc. to discover her background and associates. A bunch of these have died/been suicided/met with accidents like plane crashes in Yugoslavia, but a number are still around. A few are quietly enjoying retirement.

    Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott’s 1st wife — and Derek and Cody Shearer’s now-deceased sister was dumpster diving to unearth garbage on Bill’s various Arkansas romances as well as serving as a sort of non-Secret Service body guard for Hillary. The Gordian knot to be untangled starts with all these clowns enjoying life in the Ivy League/Rhodes Scholarships, and their intense avoidance of military service because Vietnam. This wasn’t the sex, drugs and rock and roll crowd, really, although they participated from time to time, but their heart wasn’t in it. These folks had their eye on the long game — taking over the government — and we’re not done with them or their outsize ambitions yet.

    Obama with his all-female band (Samantha, Valerie, Susan and “Michelle”) was a younger version of this crowd, still Baby Boomers by birth age, but a younger, less-intelligent offshoot. Sort of lazy but mean, too, like their older siblings. Light-skinned black women so grateful for the attention and status he gave them. I still think Barack’s ace card up his sleeve is that he really is a 100% US citizen, but admitting that would mean that his true birth father was geezer Frank Marshall Davis who the communist-associating grandparents encouraged to fool around with their dumb-as-a- brick daughter Stanley Ann Dunham. They borrowed the identity of Kenyan Obama who was safely back in Africa after a brief sojourn in the USA. I always thought that a “tell” of Barack Obama’s was that he had a Chicago barber flown into DC for his haircuts at the White House — no stray DNA floating around; also, I was interested to learn that at fund-raising parties in various cities he almost never ate anything, so no DNA on a fork or plate. His increasing thinness attracted my attention, too. I think the guy was doping in the WH, stuff being brought to him. There was just something jumpy and weird about him. He controlled all situations, no free and easy “pressers” on the way to the helicopter like current President performs readily. Not really sure what his future holds.

    The whole Trump Must Be Destroyed movement got going when Trump admitted to being a Birther and appeared ready to spend time and money investigating Obama’s origins during the 2008 campaign. That’s why McCain popped up as a candidate, to muddy the waters on birthplace as he was born in Panama when his parents were there on US Navy duty. This shouldn’t have been an issue but as I said it was meant to blur distinctions re: US Constitutional requirements for Presidency. Similar nonsense with Mitt Romney. Shitty candidates, both these guys.

    Appreciate the opportunity to opine on this topic. Will forward a check soon;-)

    • Dr;
      Excellent timeline. Something to keep in mind about Obama and his role in all this is that he is a product of the Chicago Machine, aka ‘The Combine’* as a ‘frontman’.

      Chicago has been run like a (semi-controlled) Latin kleptocracy for at least the last 140 years. But they used to have a ‘code of crookedness’, enforced, for example, by the Dailey Machine back in the day. For example, it featured ‘honest graft’. Unlike the full-on 3rd world version**, you only had to pay one guy one time for any particular carve-out re the Administrative State. But that discipline*** is mostly gone now.

      One of the features of The Chicago Way was ‘frontmen’ (not all of them men), who were the public faces of the various factions in the colorful kaleidoscope of crime making up the Chicago Machine. The aldermen did the heavy envelope passing, the frontmen made the aspirational civic virtue speeches. There were the earnest good-gov white frontmen for the N side rich libs and the Hyde Park, U of Chicago, red diaper babies; The black reverends for the W and S side ghettos, etc. Obama was a frontman for the black upper class faux radicals, personified by Valerie Jarrett, slumlord.

      As such he was thoroughly immersed in and well aware of political corruption, but trained to avoid looking, winking and nudging all the while. IOW, perfect for the Clinton Swamp. The surprise is that this is any kind of surprise.
      *The name is to give proper recognition to the Repub jaw of the pincers.
      **Third world, you have to pay everybody every day or join a gang/faction for protection.
      ***Selective prosecution by The Cook County State’s Attorney was the ordinary enforcement muscle against wayward members (unless the matter concerned the mafia faction). The Jussie Smollet affair shows that the current incumbent is an incompetent AA hire that is too dumb to understand her role in the ongoing drama that is The Chicago Way.

      • Another bit of the old machine was related to me when I went to school in Chicago was the honest graft meant that the cousin that needed a job got put to work driving a bus or running a sanitation crew. Useful things that had side benefits for everyone. Now that person becomes the third deputy commissioner for Diversity Shit and provides nothing of use to anyone.

        • Sam;
          Can absolutely confirm: Back in the day I knew a couple of city patronage hires who were fellow B schoolers at Red Diaper Baby Credentialing U. They did useful (but not strenuous) stuff like be court bailiffs, process servers in safe neighborhoods, etc.

          The one I knew better made the interesting and (somewhat) plausible case over beers that the city was *better off* with patronage workers. Their job performance reflected (dimly) on their politico sponsors. And, *they could actually be fired* for screwing up, unlike their unionized co-workers. There was even an avenue of appeal available should they become insufferable: You could go to whomever was further up the greasy pole (i.e. had more ‘clout’) than their sponsor, even to ‘da mare hisself’. It was well known (inside) that ‘da mare’ did *not* appreciate being pulled into an attempt to defend some absolutely worthless patronage hack. And he had many ways of making his displeasure manifest.

          Given the actual realities on the ground, I had to concede his point. These ‘rules’ were a big part of why The Machine was accorded some grudging admiration. Now it’s all corrupt degenerates and 3rd. worlders. The city’s current finances reflect this.

    • The Becky Mafia has been most useful to the (((Others))). Hits me pretty hard the way you lay it out, kudos. Reminds me of Queen Anne saying “if 100k women were actually dying of anorexia, there would be a dozen ambulances on call for the Wellesley graduation ceremonies.” Better days, those.

    • Samantha Power was born in 1970 so Gen X is not off the hook. Susan Rice was born in late 1964 so she is barely a Boomer by the orthodox definition.

      • Ripple, I should have checked these ladies’ vitals before posting. I’m so old that I think people who graduated from college in the 80s are still in their 20s;-) Trouble is, looking at Samantha Power makes me physically ill. I’ll bet she whines when she speaks and twirls her dirty hair. Pls don’t tell me if I’m right OR wrong about this. Certain patterns keep reappearing watching all these people, and as I trained as an art historian, I do notice things with the old “compare and contrast” trope we learned to use. Except for H. W. Janson’s History of Art, there really was no textbook for art history, so rather than reading about a picture you looked at it and developing a discerning eye. So it is too with live people and their behavior;-)

        • Samantha Power is that girl in college that is kind of bright, argues well, but has just a ridiculous outlook on cultures and people. Also an entirely outsized concept of her power to change the cultural conversation. Somewhere along the way, connections and promotions kept her career going, to the point where she actually was in a position to do some things. That’s where her unrealistic view of things blew her up. She is probably shell shocked, and has no idea what happened. All very predictable. In a few years, she’ll start making the rounds of whatever is left of the media, like Madame Albright does today, depending on people to have forgotten what a screw up she was. Or she’ll be getting out of jail after Barr and company get done (I wish).

  18. I know this is going to make me sound insane, but the reality is far, far worse than what you have enumerated. The Clinton’s have been a world-class criminal enterprise since the 90s and routinely use blackmail and murder to ensure their livelihood. The Obama Administration took corruption to stratospheric levels and you left off the list the kickback he got from Iran for the repatriation of $140 billion to the Ayatollahs. This is why tyranny is inevitable here. It’s the only way these crooks can avoid a public hanging. They must own the police and be ruthless in preventing awareness and rebellion. French Revolution redux here we come.

    • Why did she have global immunity?
      For the same reason she headed the State department.

      CIA is under State.
      Hillary was the face of the State ‘intelligence’ apparatus. She had black ops immunity.

      State has been pro-Arab since forever.
      Plus, CIA banksters funded the Google/Facebook/Amazon/Disney monopolization of our economy.

      You’re seeing horizontal integration between piracy companies; government, corporate, and mafia. A Nomenklatura.

      Built by nepotism, as opportunists follow the strong horse. Sticks and carrots gave us Javanka. Those sticks and carrots are really, really bad stuff.

      Even if we balkanize, we’ll have a soviet.
      That is probably the goal.

  19. Gut feel on the whole FBI thing was a bunch of partisans stumbling over each other to find ways to curry favor with the incoming queen for what they all assumed would be eight years that encompassed the final stages of their government careers. She was going to win. But it was about accumulating brownie points to cash in for promotions when the new administration started filling slots. LIttle different than random gang killings done simply to show loyalty and obedience. Also, when casual corruption becomes a habit, the ethical checks that exist in most people, simply don’t. Seen this with corporate fraud cases over the years. Guy starts out by carefully cutting checks to a fraudulent supplier, carefully papering the transaction and keeping it below a mandatory audit amount. Then he get bolder, more careless and more expansive…until one day someone reconciling the bank records says “WTF?”.

    • I no longer see a rational motive to this stuff. This Biden – Ukraine flap looks like another scheme to pump air into the impeachment effort. They get this whistle blower to make wild claims. When those claims are not released, the Dems claim obstruction and start impeachment hearings. It looks lie another ham-fisted political attack. Maybe it is needed to elevate the blood pressure of the Left. It just seems like they are recklessly playing into the hands of Trump.

      That said, I do wonder if maybe this is part of a longer game to get Biden out of the race. Whatever foolishness people like Schiff and Nadler make of it is worth it to get Crazy Uncle Joe out of the way. It’s clear the best hope is Warren and she will need time to build black support. Getting Biden out early helps her campaign.

      • The idea that the Obama years may have been a facade for the Clintons could be right. Then you have Biden as the new facade, but that one isn’t going to make it. Warren and Kamala are auditioning for the new part, but Warren has ambitions of her own and Kamala is not fully baked yet. So it is a careful game of footsie going on there between the fake Indian and the ranting banshee.

        • Kamala has the same problem that Hillary did. Deep down, she is just a vile, reprehensible person. You can hear it every single time she speaks. She has nothing but contempt for the common folk.

          I dunno, maybe women in general are just not as good as hiding that type of stuff as men are, although Warren does seem to be better at it than most.

      • May be their desire to get Trump is stronger than a fear that Ukraine’s dirty dealings will become widely publicized. If somebody starts digging deeply into it, Manaford is in danger of being Epsteined.

      • When will all of this stop? That is my question. Did we not think this was over after Mueller was stuffed into a nursing home? I certainly began to have thoughts of that nature. But then I took note of what has been occurring around me, and that is the intrusion of politics into every corner of everyday existence, into every aspect of basic human sociality, which has made all of it so distasteful and repugnant and fraught with danger that the wise have retreated into what was once known as the “idiotic”: private life. This has been by design, I suppose.

        The truly ignorant — and I mean, deep-down, Weekly World News-levels of ignorance — now obsess over politics and inject it everywhere in social life. I often study at a public library (a quiet one in a very small town: no homeless, no drugs, an actual library) and at least once a day — even here — some jackass has to mouth off at the front desk about Trump for everyone to hear. It destroys everything, as the purpose of the comment is literally to start a fight; the person hopes that someone has the nerve to gainsay their opinion, and off we go. This destroys the social fabric, as thymos then runs riot.

        I am so tired of it all. I often wonder in my even-more conspiratorial moments if Trump isn’t in some way part of a larger scheme that he’s probably not even aware of himself. The hate surrounding this guy’s name alone will tear apart a family, a workplace, a book club — anything. You only need one person to start popping off, and the atmosphere turns to stone. Whatever you’d been enjoying until that moment then ends. In response to this, behaviors then become unpredictable, guarded, fearful, devious: all negatives, all destructive. I note how others feel morally emboldened to say the absolute worst things — truly harmful, violent toxins — about those who “support” Trump. Eventually, that rage is going to manifest itself physically, in your own life, if it hasn’t already. But what social good does any of it serve? None. It has no bearing on lived reality, in our own experience of existence from hour to hour. Nevertheless, this Spectacle has consumed it and turned it into a source of power. We are sacrificing everything to this Moloch and few notice it, let alone ponder the inevitable price tag.

        I enjoy each day now, take it all in, because a year from now, I fear for where we’re going to be. I simply don’t trust others any longer to act like rational beings in public. I assume the worst. Which is probably the point of it all, starting from the Clintons’ ascension in the 1990s until today. I am old enough to remember this country before them, and what we had is dead and buried.

        It is tragic to look around at people who have everything in common except their feelings about images on a screen, who are nevertheless ready to hack each other up on behalf of those images. An old story in the pages of history — or page, if Lord Byron is to be believed about all those volumes vast — yet one that we generally want to avoid in the brief span that constitutes a human life on this earth.

        • What are these vile people going to do when Trump leaves the scene? They will need a new straw man. Who will it be? Honestly, I have no idea. Trump revels in the role, and I see nothing or no one that can take his place. But find something or someone, they will. Those sorts of irrational passions do not just go away, they must be fed.

          A minister friend, very old, refuses to give up the idea that Satan thrives in the hearts and heads of people whose minds and hands are idle. There might just be something to it.

          • Dutch, if you assume that a single entity/person is needed to be focused upon. If no individual is found of sufficient stature, then they will go about creating boogie men, such as White Supremists and the like.

          • I think Trump is the last of the Mohicans. Whatever happens next will be entirely new. This is a short-term operation running very high on RPMs. After Trump, “white men” tout court.

            Or, as the tweet from the House Ways and Means Committee announced last week about someone in Florida: “She was attacked by a member of Incel.” They’ll get the mob to buy into this, eventually.

          • Oh they will be coming for us Brother…Trump is just standing in the gap right now and although he doesn’t do everything we want at the very least he is keeping them coming for us with fury of a woman scorned…

          • Dutch,

            Who will the new strawman be when Trump leaves to motivate their rabid base?

            Check the mirror my friend.

            They think they are that far along. Yessir. We are the new whipping boys. They’ve been telegraphing that punch for a while now, White Man.

            Think of it like one of those stupid Time Magazine ‘Man of the Year’ gags where they pick a whole group of people (MetooMovement or You the Facebook User, etc.)

          • These people would wither and die without inferior, awful people to blame, demonize and look down on. The Donald is just the Emmanuel Goldstein du jour.

          • If there is another Republican President, whether the media does their normal; “He’s literally Hitler” routine or their batshit crazy “He’s REALLY literally Hitler and running genocideal concentration camps on US soil while leading White Supremacists to enslave all the brown people” routine simply depends on whether the Republican President is a member of the established, controlled opposition or not.

        • The hate, deep visceral hate of Trump, that is palpable in America, is IMHO a symptom of the loss of RELIGION as a vibrant presence in the population. As empty pews have steadily increased, true political leftish activism has waxed that is, like some religious beliefs, mindless, irrational, and emotional. The population is in effect trading religion for chiefly leftist politics.

          Dan Kurt

          • The new religion of the new masters tears down some temples and takes over others.

            We are the Hagia Sophia mosque, the old Titans of Cronus to the new Olympians of Zeus.

            Someday all this will be but a line in a book: “And the green vine grew mighty upon the eagle, the bear, and the dragon.”

          • “And the green vine grew mighty upon the eagle, the bear, and the dragon.”

            Fantastic imagery.

            Yet, paper-scissors-rock;
            vine covers bear,
            bear shits on vine,
            eagle pecks dragon,
            dragon burns vine…

            thankfully, no guarantee that the Green Vine (btw which one , islam or enviros?)
            can kill the bear or eagle or dragon.

          • Someone pointed out that earlier Black leaders were ministers. Now, even as Blacks lose interest in religion, the new leaders are leaders of secular leftist outfits such as BLM.

          • It works both ways, Dan. Traditional religions are becoming more political and political activists are becoming more “religious”.

            Here in town, the Episcopal priest married his boyfriend in his own church.

            The Unitarian church hangs a large BLM banner.

            The Baptist church houses illegals, sponsors gay pride events, and celebrates diversity as part of their liturgy.

            Meanwhile, leftists worship Gaia and Plato’s Philosopher King (God)?

        • I understand where you’re coming from – and largely agree.

          But in regards to that guy at the front desk of the library who is just saying Trump to piss people off: I also understand where that is coming from as well.

          I think what you’re seeing there is a manifestation of what happens when you just relentlessly pick at somebody constantly. They seethe at the constant affronts, but there’s nothing much they’ve been able to do – because the sociopaths who were constantly taunting them would just go: ” what are you talking about – i wasn’t doing anything – what is wrong with you!?!” every time even a little bit of protest came from the perpetually oppressed.

          So what you’ve got now is a bunch of people who have been pissed for a LONG TIME, who have figured out that they can inject misery into the lives of people who have been engaging in all of that subversion for so very very long.

          I mean seriously – if all it takes is to utter the word “TRUMP!” in the presence of lefties to drive them into a frenzy – there’s an awful lot of people out there who are going to be really hard pressed not to take that bait.

          Again – I understand where you’re coming from. But that Trump guy wasn’t the one who set the society on it’s path to destruction.

          • Yes, that is all true. I didn’t mean to suggest that Trump was the cause, although I can see that my wording might allow for that interpretation. Early in the morning is my only excuse.

            I simply cannot make sense of it any longer. There is no rational basis for this level of hysteria. I wasn’t much of a Donald Trump fan before he was interested in politics, to be honest. I can understand not liking the guy’s personality, for instance — we all have certain types who just don’t sit well with us.

            But there’s no need to go around suggesting they should be executed for treason, which was the theme of the day this afternoon after Bill Weld opened his ancient, WASPy mouth to suggest precisely that.

            It’s like the type of things you’d hear high school kids talking about 30 years ago. Adults don’t talk this way in public. Or didn’t. Now they all do: throw everyone in jail. Everyone’s Hitler. Execute traitors. You can’t have a civil polity with this kind of language. It means you’ve decided to go to war. Do these man-children not understand this? We are being told that we are verboten, illegal, outside the law. Very well, then. War we shall have, for that is the only recourse of the man outside the law, in exile from his own country while still in it. So, if this is how people choose to conduct themselves politically, then they will pay a political price for it: war is in the realm of the political, naturally.

            Where did this all come from? Damned if I know. But we don’t need to go down this path. Or didn’t. There was no material or moral need for any of this. When I consider why it happened, late at night, I come to some very uncomfortable conclusions. I know what this country was like in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, and this is all wrong. All wrong.

            We’ve chosen to destroy ourselves, apparently. Or decided that it was an interesting social parlor game to play for a while, until the people playing it learn the lesson that it’s not a game to those they’ve been stomping under their boot.

            Either way, I won’t be sticking around next autumn to find out. I’ll just keep an ear to the radio from the safety of Somewhere Out There. I will be avoiding all those who wish to take out their personal and petty resentments on others in public while claiming divine right to do so. Might circle back around — in God’s good time, of course — to catch up with all of these wonderful folks down the road, though. I keep a scorecard.

        • You can’t even talk about the freaking weather anymore without it being politicized, thanks to the Gorebull Warning doomsday cult. Pisses me off.

        • Ironically, 99% of the people you describe have no idea why they think what they do. Their opinion about Trump is in service of protecting the Clinton class and very little else, and they have no clue. Most of those same people have done well under Trump, if not at least held their own in spite of the widening gap.

          Another thing, about Ivanka spouting off her socialist workplace policies – If she has her heart set on politics (instead of going back to business) that will surely affect Trump’s actions somewhat. I had assumed he planned on doing the heavy work in his 2nd term, but if she gets hooked on swamp juice as a future, he will surely be less aggressive about dismantling the rot.

      • Kavanaugh-2-point-ho = ghey op. Biden = ghey op (if anyone cared about Ukraine, look at Granny Capone & Uranium One, FFS). Iran = bag of ghey ops. Every major news event since 2016 has been a Keystone Kops Kaper by the ADLFBICIADOD. They’re not even good at this sh*t anymore. At least try to Gulf of Tonkin me before you slip me the civic pickle.

        • I’m afraid you all are right, I am getting fitted for the target to be painted on my forehead as we speak. Trump has this magnetic effect, in that he sucks up all of the anger and bile, and pulls it in his direction. He is beneficial to the rest of us in that role, and we are going to miss him dearly when he is gone. No one else in his right mind would want to inherit that mantle, so it is going to be us, I’m afraid, individually and collectively, who will be the new targets.

      • “That said, I do wonder if maybe this is part of a longer game to get Biden out of the race. ”

        Bingo. That’s the right call I think. This is exactly the way we need to read and process “news.”

      • My first reaction was that this was staged to fuck over joe.

        He’s a formidable, if misunderstood, campaigner, Witness his latest LGBTABCDEFGEtc . move.

        Joe Biden – Male convicts that identify as female will be housed with women.
        “In prison the determination should be that your sexual identity is defined by what you say it is not what in fact the prison says it is.”

        With this superb jujitsu move Joe has wiped the slate clean of 40 years of pretending to be a law and order Democrat just so he can finally provide the most vulnerable among us, the felonious misgendered, the justice they deserve.
        Joe has righteously locked up the convict vote that the Democrats have so assiduously created in the past 20 years.

        Similarly he gets no credit for 40 years of self denial in resisting the superior pulchritude of the American Negress and restricting his groping to white girls. The black women’s vote is rightfully his.

        How can Fauxcahontas combat this?

  20. “How stupid are these people? ”

    In the late 90s I was a military aide in the Clinton White House. The answer to the above question is that these people are not stupid – far from it. President Clinton was probably the most brilliantly gifted man I’d ever met to that point. Hillary was incisively sharp. Their cling-on staffers weren’t brilliant – not by a long shot – but they all had one thing in common: hubris to the nth degree. And hubris makes people do incredibly stupid things.

    Sometimes hubris manifests itself as Machiavellian narcissism, and this is probably Biden’s bent. Couple that with his abiding mediocrity, and you get the buffoonish, arrogant clown we call “Uncle Joe.”

    But as bad as Biden is, he’s one of the more harmless variety of politicians. From what I gather of those in the know, Obama was more of a diabolical, highly manipulative sociopath. Sociopaths, by the way, rule DC politics. Too great an issue for a blog entry, but you really can’t understand American politics without understanding how a sociopath operates. Suffice it to say we normal folk have a hard time understanding the logic (or lack thereof) in sociopathic behavior.

    Not sure where Warren lies on the narcissist-sociopath scale of deviancy, but she ain’t normal either. Trump is obviously a 24-carat narcissist. We’re not going to see a stupid person in the White House in 2021, but a narcissist-sociopath is guaranteed.

      • Doesn’t matter if the reckless corruption is known. The Administrative State/Media Complex will cover it up while Trump’s Deep State AG, William Barr wanders off to play his bagpipes. In the meantime the GOP orders another round of cocktails and interns while going on CNN/Faux News to bitch about Trump’s “style.”

        We are so screwed.

        • Bingo. Righto,Carl. Wish I could vote this up two times. It’s not really being reckless if you know the media has your back. Most Americans do not know how bad the media really is.

          Those of us who are the most cynical know that it is next to impossible to know the full truth about anything, so we’re suspicious about everything. Is why we watch sports. At least we can know for sure what the final score was in this arena.

          • You can’t blame the media. The jig is up and has been for some time: everyone – even the lefties – know that the mass media is pozzed and biased beyond any usefulness… and even they are beginning to tune them out. CNN, the NYT and other donk mouthpieces are watching their ratings and readership dive. It has gotten so bad that Hillary lost the election not to Donald Trump – but Pepe The Frog.

            The battle now is on the internet. Even if the left assumes total and complete domination of the social media, they will shoot themselves in the balls the same way they did with the heritage mass media.

            Unless something huge changes, I am predicting Donks will be routed in the next election.

          • Martin Armstrong agrees with you:



            The minorities they keep telling need the Democrats to ignore the fact that unemployment for both the Blacks and Hispanics in America is at record lows. We have Bernie swearing he will control every aspect of the economy and Elizabeth Warren being advised by the Communists from France – led by Thomas Piketty.

            This is what I mean that they are so fixated on Trump, they simply take the opposite of any of his policies. That really makes no rational sense. They are dividing the party between liberal politics and the extreme left. It looks like the computer may be correct on that one as well. The Democratic Party may split. The party name would not be abandoned. They will keep that. But there is some great divide unfolding.


        • Spot on. Glad to have read your comment before posting a redundancy.

          The terrifying part is there is absolutely no need for them to be coy. The propagandists will push the party line, the hired help in the Ho House will earn their bribes, and the corporations who own both are ready to punish anyone who dissents.

          The upside to the well-earned hard cynicism is that if things do get hot, and that appears very likely now, no one will believe a freaking word out of their mouths. The propagandists and puppet politicians will be the first against the wall as their paymasters flee to friendly shores if that goes down, and surely they know it.

          In the interim, welcome to the USSR II although the first one actually semi-cared about its citizens.

      • Z-man, it looks to me like the recklessness of people who have gotten away with it for too long. From my own past experience in the military and corporate worlds, I would usually get in trouble when I had gotten away with doing something…erm…questionable…for a while. I’d get sloppy.

        I think that the leftists have held the reins of DC for so long, they just got sloppy. Hillary’s sloppiness with her bathroom server, the graft, etc. are great examples. Everyone assumed she’d be President. The assumptions led to recklessness.

      • At the risk of sounding like Sailer (PBUH), once Lois Lerner went cavewoman on her hard drive and got six-figure pensioned and mansion-arrested for her crimes, there was no longer any need to encourager les autres. The body politic is too high on propane grill gas & opioids to keep a Republic.

      • I hear you L/C & as an observer of politics for 35 years I’m struck by that too. But I suppose there’s no need for prudence when the sociopaths (usually with high-IQ) own the media & education complex; they have relentlessly and successfully churned out a majority class of non-thinking, screen-dependent folk (i.e. voters) uninterested in discerning entertainment from reality.

        What we’re seeing in the political and cultural realm is what sociopaths do for enjoyment – deconstruct and demolish – and I presume they sense they’re in a position to be a bit more carefree. Rare is the newscycle that lasts >48hrs … people like Hillary, Biden, Fauxcohontas (and Prince Andrew) say to themselves, “this too shall pass.” Their handlers advise them to take a 72-hr vacation while things blow over. Usually they’re right.

      • A key attribute of psychopaths is recklessness. Not at first, they are good at pretending to be/do whatever they need to get what they want. But at some point they always get bored with the charade and mess up royally–by that time, they just don’t care what they say and do while the rest of us non-psychopaths are standing there agape, in shock at what they have done.

    • Agree 100%!

      As an aside, however, no can really give a good assessment of “intelligent” or “stupid”. Some people are brilliant in some aspects of life, but borderline retarded in others. IQ is a guesstimate at best. Education means little. Some of the dumbest people the Booby’s ever met are in academia and have PhDs, but some of the smartest, too. Some people never graduated high school yet succeed spectacularly in life, while other dropouts turn out exactly as you would expect.

      Just some Booby droppings to think about.

    • Government power attracts the absolute worst sort of person in the world. Extreme hubris, narcissism, sociopathy… It all comes screaming towards me out of the TV screen when any of these people are on.

      That is what gave made me such a small government / libertarianish bent. These are terrible people who want power over us and have to be restrained.

      • That is what gave made me such a small government / libertarianish bent. These are terrible people who want power over us and have to be restrained…
        Yea but the only way they are going to be restrained is by having someone more powerful doing it… Quite the quandary for those who just want to be left alone…

        • Well… for a few years a restrictive Constitution, States that guarded their authority, and citizens ready to hang traitors worked. That damn broke long ago unfortunately.

        • Reading Burnham’s “Machiavellians” broke my heart with truth. I think it was Pareto, one of those guys at least, who said we will always have an elite. The best we can do is switch them up often enough to level the factional playing field. One of the other guys Burnham cites (Mosca?) said that fear for their own safety was a useful tool vs. corrupt elites, but in (((Bill Barr’s))) Woke America, any Jeffersonian invocation involving liberty, plants & fertilizer = Timothy McVeigh, so I’ll wait until I land on the free-er soil of Putler’s Russia before I comment further on that.

          • Bill Barr’s father is of Jewish descent but converted to Catholicism. His mother is Catholic and he was raised Catholic. But the Jew haters love their one drop rule. Those Jew genes are the determining factor for everything Mr. Barr does and every thought he thinks, right? It’s no wonder that normies who stumble upon this and similar sites think they’re playpens for Nazi sympathizers.

          • I agree. Some of the best allies on our side are refugees from Jewry, Inc. They know the score better than we do.

          • Being a Jewboy myself I know a lot more about Jewish @$$holery than those who obsess about some public figure’s 25% Jewish ancestry.

            It also cracks me up when the Jew-obsessed use the name “Shlomo” as a nickname for the malevolent Jew. A Jew named Shlomo (Solomon in English) is likely to be a Hasid, our Amish equivalent so to speak, who just wants to practice his odd customs, live in his insular community, be left alone, and is likely to be conservative politically. The Jews who cause problems are more likely to be named David, Jonathan, or Michael.

        • The restrained was meant to be the armed American citizen who would hold the f**kers feet to the fire when they stepped out of line and throw them out of office when it got bad. And failing that, overthrow and replace the ruling regime.

      • “These are terrible people who want power over us and have to be restrained.”

        No. They must be suppressed.

        • As Zman points out, this isn’t going to end well. We’re not voting our way out of this realilty. A few days ago, we had a thread on civil war. I think that some sort of civil war is coming and that is the only way the Cloud People will be suppressed.

          I’m sorry to write this and hope that I am wrong.

      • The problem is less of how to restrain and more of how to implement restraint. In that matter we are asking the powers that be to correct themselves. A political solution to the problem. I believe the consensus here is that will never happen.

    • Trump is a benign narcissist. All extremely successful a born with a narcissistic nature. He has conscience judging by his publicly known behavior.

      • For all of Trump’s public flaws, grift/corruption does not appear to be a major problem for him. He has 10s of thousands of people who hate him with a fanaticism rarely seen. He has had teams of lawyers looking at his life trying to find some crimes. Yet, despite this, he has largely emerged completely clean.

      • If all it takes for a person to reverse course on policy is an appeal to his/her vanity, then it’s not benign.

      • Pres. Trump has an ego the size of the Grand Canyon.

        A retired hedge fund manager suggested to me: Pres. Trump is in real estate. When the left cannot tax people any further because there’s nothing left to tax, then they take property. Trump might realize this fact.

    • Pathological narcissism.
      A corollary to pathological altruism.

      Won’t listen
      All about them
      Persuasion is useless
      Reverts script, won’t change
      Inverts story, always justified
      Never wrong

      Other tendencies have been described as inheritable, such as paranoid aggression (MAOA), or Negroid violence (MAOA2a).

      We’re seeing birds of a feather flock together.
      We are spotted owls, they are barred owls taking our territory.

      • You’re right. Just saw a piece on Lynn’s work on group psycho tendencies. Dark Triad traits have always been selected for in group leadership, but we’re not even QC’ing the rejects now (see Chris Cuomo, Caroline Kennedy & the entirety of the Scranton Clanton Gang, from Sleepy Joe to Cokey Beau).

      • Point of accuracy, since this one annoys me: spotted owls are not a distinct species or even subspecies; rather, about as different as black Labs and yellow Labs: Spotting is a recessive color pattern of barred owls, and they freely interbreed. Spotting is less viable (poorer camo in the woods) thus has remained rare, or as the econazis like to put it, “endangered”.

        • What’s that about camo?
          Similar to “sociopaths can act normal, and are manipulative, even evincing piety, worth, or charm, yet while they hate you?”

          Hmm. So patho-narcissism, a lack of empathy, would be the opposite tail of the spectrum. Patho-altruism is an over-abundance of empathy.

          One feels nothing, and venerates itself, the other feels too much, and looks for approval.

          Yet both can interbreed. Who is endangered, who is fit to the environment they create?

          • (This low-caste, unworthy one, too far from mainstream thought to expect much, is humbly grateful and much surprised.
            Many thanks, fam)

          • (And thanks twice, Compsci, I even see the religious and spiritual phenomena in HBD terms, as part of an ecology.

            Thus I cannot be mainstream, and don’t sound normal. My hoots and calls belong to no known Tree, my barks to no certain Pack.

            Trying for something new here.
            As if Liet-Kynes had once trained for the preisthood.)

          • We omnivores are the Herd who Hunts.

            Old bulls ring the females and offspring, while fringe packs bark. Eventually, some of their barks outshout the old bulls, and a pack becomes the new Herd- with the formerly dominant herd joining the broken fringe of packs, mournfully lowing the old songs.

          • Alzaebo,

            I can hold the idea of black holes, the Divinity of Christ, species evolution, the Trinity, ancient Egyptian history and Saint Michael all in one beautiful melange-filled goblet as well.

            If Dutch hadn’t ridden to your defense I would have (not that you needed it).

            You’re a reliably unusual and good read. Stay so. Maybe some of the newer posters lacking it will pick up on the civility vibe here and contribute appropriately. Already seeing some promising new minds to keep it fresh.

          • Some people make distinctions between psychopaths and sociopaths: psychopaths are born, sociopaths are made; psychopaths like to inflict suffering, sociopaths don’t care one way or another; and so on.

            On top of that there are malignant narcissists. The terms seem to be used interchangeably.

      • The Last Psychiatrist has reams of great material about this. The irony is they will preserve the narcissistic idealized self image at the cost of even doing things they like. That’s why they’re so pinched and cramped and stressed. There’s a good Screwtape letter about this type of thing. By comparison I’ve seen Trump seem tolerably happy, a major Democrat? Can’t think of one,

    • When you consider the aggression, manipulation, and other antisocial traits needed to succeed in the political system, it’s hardly surprising that so many incumbents are narcissists or sociopaths behind a benign public mask.

      The scent of power (and it’s power more than riches) is catnip to these moral deviants.

      • Yes, Gravity, that’s the camo.
        We’ll never ‘get’ their thinking, or see the opportunities they do. I believe Zman can, somewhat, and is a valuable scout in Indian land.

        Who here dreams as they do? Who hankers for power, can imagine such fiefdoms?
        I say no one here.

        I mean, if it ain’t useful, helpful, or at least harmless, why do it? I’ll never understand.
        I won’t see it coming, either, I’m such a naive doof.

    • Compared to the Chinese leadership they are dumbshits and hayseed hicks. China had laughed all the way to the bank the way thanks to the self-serving perfidy of the Clinton’s, Bushes and Wall Street We gave them trillions in IP and manufacturing know-how all for chump change. Not to mention pumping Fentanyl into our country and killing over 60,000 Americans a year.

      • The Cloud People don’t care. They only care about their individual selves and, possibly, their families. Do these whatever you want to call them have “friends” or do they have “temporary allies”?

    • Years ago, still a young man, I visited a friend in DC who was involved in politics in a junior way. I was remarking that the young political crowd in DC struck me as profoundly unhealthy. To put this in context I had just spent a week hanging out with Wall Street sociopaths (visiting another friend training to be a banker). These were all people in their 20s. The Wall Street kids had some normal, albeit highly intelligent members, and only one guy I got evil vibes off of. More amoral leaning and ambitious. The DC kids were almost uniformly hateful.

      EDIT: this is one of a long stack of experiences that convinced me the primary war is spiritual more than anything else. Solzhenitsyn had it right “Men have forgotten God”. Not in a “religion is a pillar of civilization way” but in a God is real and so are His enemies way.

  21. You make these allegations as if they were facts. I have watched all the major tv news networks and read daily the NY Times and Washington Post. Nothing like this has ever been revealed by them or if mentioned they didn’t draw the nefarious conclusions you have.
    Really Z, what gives? With all it’s faults this is still the greatest country on earth and our leaders may fail from time to time, but so what, they have feet of clay like all. 🙁

    By the way what is happening with the investigation on Trump’s intervening in Biden’s Ukraine dealings, that’s where your interest should be. (ok, enought already)

    • You are pulling our legs David Wright > You’ve watched all the major news networks …. Really, friend, if you are serious, I think you best stay with CNN , you are so far away from actuality.

        • Mr. Wright, as an Iraq Veteran, (who had to be rotated home due paper cuts and computer eye strain) *and* a man who’s be called a “race traitor” for adopting a beautiful yellow child from Burma, let me set you straight on the Never-Trumpers. You Sir, have used the unchristian method of “Sarcasm” to defame us like the Vulgar Trump. Needless to say as Ivy League Lawyer (Harvard class of ’95), I could take you apart verbally, but Jesus would disapprove. I fear for America’s Future when ruffians like you are about. /s/ Donald Belgium.

    • You obviously have not heard the tape of Biden bragging about getting the prosecutor looking at his son fired.

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