Wrong From The Beginning

A popular topic in dissident circles is the failure of the so-called conservatives to do anything to halt the advance of the Left. The way the conversation goes is to start with some event, the “conservative case for some lefty idea” and then move to mocking a particular conservative, who exemplifies the type. This can go the other way, as well, if the latest surrender is being led by a clown nose like David French of Kevin Williamson, two men who have become the face of modern cuckery.

There is an assumption among dissidents that these types know full well that they are just props for their Progressive handlers. They are aware of the truth, but choose to lie for a living, as it pays better than being honest. While this may be true with hucksters like French or an oleaginous grifter like Dinesh D’Souza, it is not so obvious with the bulk of the conservative believers. They see themselves as an authentic opposition to the Left and they think it is an effective opposition.

Here is a typical example from American Conservative of the sort of material popular with the normie conservative. It’s the standard rant against identity politics and multiculturalism that avoids anything dangerous. Right off the bat, the subhead gives the game away. It is going to be the conservative case for democracy, an idea conservatives have opposed since forever. It’s also un-American. The Founders were quite explicit and very public in their opposition to democracy.

Now, putting that aside, the writer gets going with the claim that “a healthy democracy demands that voters resist voting out of personal advancement. Your vote should be determined by what is best for the nation, not what is best for you.” In other words, the functioning democracy, not even an ideal one, is one where the members are ready to sacrifice themselves and their interests for the greater good. Presumably, there would be strong moral prohibitions against appeals to individual interests.

A normal man could be forgiven for wondering if this is a post about membership in a suicide cult, rather than a human society. This definition of democracy can only lead to a piety spiral, where citizens prove their virtue through self-abnegation. If the greatest good is sacrifice to the whole, then the normal human desire for status is going to lead to extreme public acts of piety. Since the most one can give of themselves is their life, the ultimate act of sacrifice to democracy would be suicide.

In addition to being insane, this definition of democracy is wrong. The Greeks certainly understood that the citizen’s relationship with his polis was reciprocal. We know this from Plato and Aristotle. The reason Athenian democracy could work was the individual gained something from his inclusion in the polis and, in turn, the polis got something from his participation. The Greeks were not lunatics forming a cult. As a result, they also limited the vote to Athenian males. You had to be born into the polis.

Later, he claims, “Multiculturalist ideology and identity politics have corrupted the way we understand participatory democracy.” A few paragraphs later he writes, “Any serious thinker knows that having a society that isn’t multicultural is an impossibility…” The reader might miss this obvious contradiction, as these statements are separated by a few paragraphs, but the writer should see the error. If a democracy must be multicultural, then multiculturalism is a necessary element.

The thing is, the general tone of the post suggests the writer is oblivious to this contradiction. Instead, he looks at the inevitable result of multiculturalism, which is social conflict and eventually violence, as the result of the bad people he calls Marxists, who subvert the system in some way. These Marxist, presumably, convince the citizens to be selfish individualists. Ironically, the assertion here is Marx and Marxists were suffering from false consciousness. They were not collectivists after all!

Toward the end of the piece, we get this gem. “Oddly, identity politics and multiculturalism are similar to Randian objectivism—they reinvent the political field as a means of advancing self-interest.” While it is amusing to see libertarians and cultural Marxists at the same trough, that’s not the intent here. The implication is that any politics that places the individual or his group at the top is inauthentic. True politics is the complete elimination of the individual and group identity.

Putting aside that this sounds like a suicide cult, the obvious problem here is that the total devotion to the democracy is a form of identity politics. The members of such a society would be warranted, maybe even required, for example, to go over to another society and murder all of those people. After all, to be outside the democracy is to be opposed to it, as anything but total immersion in the democracy is immoral. A smart man would then wonder if this is why democracy tends to be aggressive.

What’s going on here is the writer, like most conservatives, is desperately trying to reconcile a grab bag of principles that have been handed to him by the Left. He wants to believe democracy is wonderful. He wants to believe multiculturalism is the natural way of mankind. He believes all people are equal and infinitely malleable. Therefore, the only way to reconcile these “truths” is a form of politics that eliminates all individual and group identity. Everything that makes us human must be sacrificed.

Not only is this monstrous, it is an affirmation of the core of radicalism. This is the argument Progressives make on a daily basis. It is what justifies their war on anyone that opposes them. They feel completely justified in destroying the lives of those who disagree with them, because dissent is to put something before the whole. Just as the virtuous must fully submit themselves to the democracy, they must also sacrifice anyone who dissents. Democracy demands your total commitment.

The writer of that American Conservative piece does not follow his own logic nor can he, because he believes the same things the Left believes. That is and always has been the problem with the so-called conservatives. Their starting point is the same as the people they claim to oppose. They embrace the same universalism, the same egalitarianism and the same worship of democracy. From the beginning, American conservatism was about accommodation. It was wrong from the start.

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167 thoughts on “Wrong From The Beginning

  1. The American Conservative is run by Rod Dreher, who is National Public Radio’s idea of what a Christian looks like.

  2. The convergence of The American Conservative into the Neoliberal HiveMind is partly described by Ron Unz in his lengthy post about his sale of the magazine 8 years ago.
    The current publisher, Jon Basil Utley is a wet on immigration, & the magazine won’t touch the issues of racial differences in IQ, or racial patterns in criminality.
    It craves approval from the DC establishment. The idea for its founding was to oppose “Invade the World-Invite the World”. It now opposes Invade the World, but just peddles localism & traditional architecture etc to get into compliance with The Bland Bargain.

  3. I appreciate Zman’s nod to Pat Buchanan’s “Right from the Beginning” in the title but the conclusion is nagging at me. For some reason I associate “Right from the Start” with Goldwater but I can’t pin it down.

  4. Thank you for the great blog. Have lurked a few weeks. Watching the impeachment inquiry drama today really has me thinking we need a reset. I am getting so tired of the games. On the one hand it is good for the common man that THIS congress is not able to “do” anything damaging, but seriously, I don’t know if y’all feel the same but it is getting really tiring. I am a simple slave who would like to have more of my own money to spend on things that matter to me. (Lower taxes is alright by me). I am also sick of the only groups that can claim identity are non-whites, sick of hearing about white privilege, the attack on males, miscegenation on all forms of entertainment and commercials 24×7.

    Never thought I would be considered a radical, always have been independent / conservative. White and saddened about the dispossession that has already happened. I am a transplant to CA and can tell you we are a distinct majority. Look it up only 23% white here in the entire state for the current public school enrollment. 10 years ago I didnt sense or feel it, now it is a definite. It happened that fast.

    All of a sudden I am a ‘white preservationist’, a term I made up myself (not sure if others had done so, haven’t seen that term used anywhere else), due to the fact I have 3 children and know the demographics not only in the US but worldwide.

    I believe we have entered into the ‘failed experiment zone’ and it will only get worse from here. I don’t know what is on the other side, but at the present, where we are is untenable.

    I have not found any solutions out there that are viable – have even thought about moving out of the US to a different situation, my heritage is Scandinavian, but those countries do not want someone like me and my family, despite skills and descent.

    I am not discouraged, I am trying to solve the problem/develop solutions, however, at this point it may be time to fish and cut bait on the US experiment as it seems to have run its course.

    Sorry for the rant and tangentially related topics above.

  5. .most white people pick their political affiliation at the brand level not at the feature level. Whites pick based on what team they want to be on. Conservatives want to be on the traditional American capitalist team. Since they don’t pick based on features (except 2nd amendment) it is very easy for them to be led by the nose to embrace all kinds of contradictory beliefs.

    Other tribes pick because of which party or ideology is going to provide them with the most gibs and advantages once owned by whitey.

    Conservatives tend to embrace leftist beliefs both because the left controls the culture and conservative values have the soul of an accountant. There is nothing transcendent about worshiping small government compared to being color blind to invaders. Option B allows a conservative to feel like a good person (and get cheap lawn care).

    • Man, you’ve diagnosed them perfectly. I deal with one every day — his last words will be “but what about all of the job creation and GDP?” And even when you’re dealing with people like this one-on-one, they’ll sit and take the factual and historical beatdown — because, really, at this point they have nothing — only to drop an anti-Semitism or race card on you. They are not immune to using the same tactics used on them by their liberal friends — in fact, they relish the opportunity to dish it out.

      It’s all about profits, taxes, and development. They worship money and have the souls of accountants, as you say. I regard them as a serious threat, as they are the ones mostly likely to serve as our future kapos.

  6. From Wikipedia

    Unz made an unsuccessful bid for the Republican nomination in the California gubernatorial election, 1994. He received 707,431 votes (34.3 percent) in the primary race against the incumbent Pete Wilson, who won the primary with 1,266,832 votes (61.4 percent).[6] Newspapers referred to Unz’s candidacy as a Revenge of the Nerds and often quoted his claim of a 214 IQ.[7][8][9][4]

    In 1994, he was opposed to California Proposition 187, a 1994 ballot initiative to establish a state-run citizenship screening system and prohibit undocumented immigrants from using non-emergency health care, public education, and other services in the State of California.[10] During his gubernatorial campaign, Unz was a featured speaker at a 70,000 person anti-Prop. 187 rally held in Los Angeles, which he claims was “the largest pro-immigrant protest in American history.” Unz helped organize this event with the assistance of future California Senate President Kevin de Leon.[11][better source needed]

    I’ll read the referenced WWII article, but UNZ would appear to have the Chosen People proclivity for welcoming third worlders to the US, paid of course by good goys,

  7. Burkean Conservatism itself was an accommodation to the emerging Liberal world-view. American Conservatism (such as it ever was) could not start with any of the premises of the European Right because of the rejection of the divine authority of the English Monarchy. The Founders then enshrined the notion of ‘popular sovereignty’ as the foundation of all legitimate authority for representative rule. The Founders — at least at the start — left up the problem of who would be the electors of the representatives of the individual states up to the individual states. It’s not exactly ‘democracy’ but the notion of ‘popular sovereignty’ does not make much sense without some coincidence with ‘democracy’.

    • The Founders then enshrined the notion of ‘popular sovereignty’ as the foundation of all legitimate authority for representative rule.

      Was that before or after “….laws of Nature and Nature’s God”?

      Some would argue–I among them–that the Founders started off with the right idea, ‘God, Nature’s Laws, inalienable rights,’ and the nation did just fine with that combined with popular sovereignty. The trainwreck began when Nature’s God and his laws were shoved aside by the Progressive Movement of the early 1900’s and were then finally buried by SCOTUS beginning with the Warren Court.

      By the way, how was Burke conceding to the Liberal weltanschauung?

  8. Ah, the globalists have shown their hand yet again. First it was a rogue parliament. Now it is literally a rogue court in the UK, all trying to thwart Brexit.

    In my view, THIS IS THE TEST!! Hopefully BoJo is sincere in what he says.

  9. Most of us thought we were really fighting the Left and that our “leaders” had our backs, it is only recently and especially since Trump, that it became apparent that conservatism is a cash printing scheme for grifters.

    • I think it will become more obvious over time that everyone is being played by all the leadership, some of whom have our backs on some things, and that the only chance for us is to not play—separatism and bar the door. Trojan Horses will show up at the gates. Can’t let them in. In the meantime, pretty much all of us are living in enemy territory (though the Bitterroot Valley may be exempted). Helluva situation for the most numerous constituency in the most powerful country. I guess that’s why we are specifically targeted, as we are the biggest threat.

    • Yep – When a guy like Lindsey Graham is out there “protecting your interests”, you know you’re watching kabuki theater.

      • When I hear the words “Lindsey Graham” it’s like waving the red cloak in front of a bull. I’m in shock that something hasn’t come out with Miss Lindsey in his silk stockings like J Edgar Hoover.

    • I outgrew that fallacy long ago. I proudly called myself a conservative during the late ’80s; now I cringe at the very word and unabashedly call myself a fascist.

  10. Fun fact, the legend goes that Athenian democracy was the first ever to allow women to vote at its inception. First vote is what they should name Athens. All the women voted for naming it after Athena. All the men voted for Zeus or Poseidon. There were more women and that vote was honored. Immediately thereafter, the men took the right of the women to vote away!! LOL

  11. People need to read more Confucius, specifically the Doctrine of the Rectification of Names.

    It’s basically ancient Chinese Wittgenstein: you cannot have a useful political discussion if you are using inaccurate, misleading, and dishonest terminology. If you call illegal invading foreigners “undocumented immigrants” instead of what they are, which is mooching criminal foreign paupers, then no productive discussion is possible. This is of course what the Left always wants: to preclude any possible realistic discussion by Talmudically re-defining the terms outside of the boundaries of reality. It’s the main reason they always win.

    Nothing can be done right if you are not speaking with accuracy, precision, and proper distinctions and absence of conflations (basically: garbage in, garbage out).

    One of the main reasons the cucks seem to cuck so hard is that they cannot bring themselves to state out loud what would be obvious in ten seconds to a neutral Martian observer.

    There are two main Third Rail subjects in American public discourse which, despite being painfully, obviously true, can never, ever be spoken aloud:

    1) Negroes have no business living in an industrial society, let alone a post-industrial society. America has tied itself into endless suicidal knots trying to accommodate that which simply cannot be accommodated. Some negroes have managed to adapt, but a certain non-trivial portion of negroes simply need to have a territory of their own, where they can live in an environment which properly suits them, and which is NOT a White environment in any way whatsoever.

    2). The Left is not a principled position; the Left is simply the handmaiden of the Jews. The Left is a front for the Jewish will to power, period. All of the Leftist cat’s-paws, hirelings, mercenaries and unwitting useful idiots are simply weapons in the age-old Jewish toolkit, whose first principle is: make others do your fighting and your dirty work and your heavy lifting /for/ you. When one considers that the Left’s endgame is identical with the Jewish endgame, which is the absolute destruction and desolation of the White European peoples and of Christendom, to be followed by permanent Jewish power and permanent enslavement of the filthy goys, things come a little better into focus.

    A while ago I was talking to a not-partisan, non-aligned, not-terribly-political European friend who professed complete bafflement at the American political scene.
    I told him, “American politics only makes sense when you understand that the United States Government hates the American people.” He took a moment to chew on this, then you could see the light bulb flash on in his brain as he suddenly said, “Oh my God, that makes total sense, you’re right.”

    USG hates the American people. USG is effectively the Left. The Left is effectively the Jews.

  12. While PJBuchanan was a founder of that website, I suspect that he’s distancing himself from it. The site is run by a bunch of girly-girls, one of whom is a State wannabee who pre-purchased his striped pants, another whose “column content” is 75% supplied by email correspondents.

    Anyone who understands Edmund Burke understands that FAMILY is the cornerstone of society; building up from there is the way it works. It is impossible for “family” to be multi-cult, of course–albeit there are heretics in most families who are treated exactly as they should be: separated but not un-loved. For that matter, an understanding of the term “culture” means understanding that “culture” flows directly from “cult.” Again, a family does not have disparate “cults”….other than above-mentioned heretics, (etc., etc.)

    On the other hand, it IS possible to have multi-racial culture, so long as the cult/culture matches across the board. The vast majority of minorities in the USA are “law and order” types–and queer “marriage” is repulsive to them. That is why they are NOT idolized by the kulturgeist-MSM.

    • There is an election coming up, he is pandering to dumb people in his base.

      Actions speak louder than words, his appointees are pressuring social media companies to censor “patriots”, and he as authorized the federal agencies to focus their resources on arresting as many “patriots” for speech crimes as possible.

      There is no reason to praise him for words at this point.

        • Read up on the Trump administration’s strategy to counter “White Nationalism”

          Then think about where you are posting

      • I never believe they will do the good that they promise, I do believe they will never do good that they don’t.

        I think his chats with Farage is convincing him that nationalists far outnumber globalists, It makes it tough for no borders democrats.

    • Read Unz and get back to me. It looks to me like both Trump and his opponent are ultimately captive of the 3%, as is DC generally. So the paths may vary (and I still support Trump over the rest of ‘em), but the destination is clear. 1%s and 3%s always support the establishment of an all-powerful elite, because that’s how they survive and thrive. When the mask is pulled off, as it was in the ‘30s and is happening now, the shit gets real.

      • Trump knows the truth. Putin knows the truth. Folks, you have to understand that there are CONSTRAINTS on what they can do. You must PLAY THE SYSTEM. What the hell do you think would have happened if Trump had raided the oligarchs in his first few days. Putin didn’t move on them until 3 or 4 years in. FIRST you solidify power. THEN you move. Second term is where it’s at. In the meantime, he’s already worked wonders given these constraints!!

      • Not sure he is completely captive but he sure as hell is not in control of much. Certainly not the DOJ, FBI or intelligence agencies.

    • Trump is going to be impeached. Already Romney is calling for his removal and McConnell has signaled he’s ok with that. They might even remove Pence and install Hillary.

      Look how they cancelled Brexit. Conservatives would rather have a Labor govt than Brexit. All without elections.

      Trump is likely removed by Jan at the latest. Say Hello to President Harris. Our Macron.

      • I don’t know about that, but I do see the Ukraine thing as one of those “Let’s you (Biden) and he (Trump) fight”. Mutual destruction to let in the proggie choice in next year’s election.

      • Whiskey, you need to get a grip or go back on your med’s. There is no basis in any precedent or law for any court to order Hillary Clinton into office as a remedy for an election fraud. At best at local levels does one see a redo once in a while. But at the presidential level?

        • No basis of law to cancel Brexit either. Hillary is on a listening tour. Considering her medical state that can mean only one thing. She’s got most of the FBI and DOJ working for her or at least their spouses.

          The natural and eternal enemy of every politician is the voter. Hence escape into hereditary bureaucracy and gerrymandering. Heck the deep state deep sized Salvini and is stuffing Italy with Muslims and Africans and won’t have another vote in years. The FT has been running articles about what Corbyns cabinet will do and who gets nationalized. Labor can’t win an election which would see Prime Minister Farage but can make a deal with Euro loving Conservatives.

          Don’t worry Chief Justice Roberts will sign off on it. The success in canceling Brexit and Salvini means that every other branch of the elites will try the same thing. Warren would increase Bezos tax bill by 9 billion. Think they’ll allow her anywhere near power?

          I think 44% of White Women supports impeachment of Trump. Well duh. The whole point is to rub our noses in it. The humiliation of deplorables is the goal. War on vaping? Deplorables vape. Upper class tokes.

          You can’t overestimate the venality and duplicity and stupidity of our ruling class. They want to cancel elections and deplorables. Some White woman in Hong Kong was caught on video screaming at the protesters saying security is more important than freedom. That’s every White Woman everywhere.

          I’m not saying it’s a slam dunk. I’m saying that’s the plan. And Roberts like the UK court will say it’s ok.

  13. Great post. In a multicultural society, pledging your allegiance to the state, is like pledging your allegiance to the DMV. That’s how it feels. When I look at the American flag, I feel nothing, because it’s not about “us” as an extended family of people who value the same things. It may as well have corporate logos on it. No one would ever stand in front of the DMV and protect it from being burned down by a mob, except for police that are paid to do that. It’s just a Star Wars bar scene that runs on tax money. We used to be a special country, now it’s just a mall full of people with no identity other than to their ethnic enclaves. Eventually, you get a war, or a national crisis of some kind that shatters it all into pieces.

    There’s always an era on the horizon where the citizens must pull together and sacrifice, this won’t happen in the next crisis. The article cited is begging for something that’s never going to happen.

    • The article/author in question begs for something that can not happen because he has the wrong model of the disease. He might as well attempt to cure cancer by bloodletting. He is a product of his limiting ideology which is why he serves as “a good example of a bad example”. 😉

    • The propaganda still holds away though because parents are still sending their young to fight and die for it…You should see the cognitive dissonance on some sites about that issue…

      • That’s exactly right. You can never tell a family that lost its son in Afghanistan, or Iraq, or Vietnam for that matter that their son died in vain. No one can stomach telling them that, and they would lash out in rage if you said it. They still cling to things like “honor,” “valor” etc., which really do exist, but are null and void if the underlying struggle is for Raytheon’s stock price.

        • That’s just one of possibilities in a country for us is that young men would have the opportunity to serve but for our people, our values, our country not for those that hate everything we stand for and our very existence…

    • We were a nation at one time.

      Excerpt from The Federalist No. 2:

      With equal pleasure I have as often taken notice that Providence has been pleased to give this one connected country to one united people–a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs, and who, by their joint counsels, arms, and efforts, fighting side by side throughout a long and bloody war, have nobly established general liberty and independence.

      This country and this people seem to have been made for each other, and it appears as if it was the design of Providence, that an inheritance so proper and convenient for a band of brethren, united to each other by the strongest ties, should never be split into a number of unsocial, jealous, and alien sovereignties.


      No magic dirt to be seen.

      • Nope. No magic dirt. I’m not even sure if the Ellis Island era was good in the long run for this country. Look at what those Italians did to New Jersey (joking…kind of).

    • Unfortunately, a lot of whites still believe that we’re the special country that we once were. They live in 80-90% whites areas, watch their multi-culti shows with their smart blacks and listen to Fox News. As a result, the reality that they see everyday confirms that we’re just fine, that all these blacks and browns are just whites in blackface who will see the CivNat light some day.

      It won’t be until the actual reality pushes up to their doors that they’ll wake up. The question is how far down the road will we be by that point.

      • @Citizen
        You are so right about that Brother…I have experienced that many times with those who have never come in contact with diversity in numbers… I think to answer your question look to SA to see how far whites will go before they wake up…It’s a downer for sure…21000 murders and 45000 rapes a year with a pop 1/7th our size..I think the US had right around 18000 murders if you believe the numbers that is…I have to shake my head most times at the willful ignorance of people on that and many other subjects… Always enjoy your and others comments because they are a dose of reality and sanity just wish they were done f2f so something productive could come out of it…

        • But there’s also the reality that the other side is simply factually wrong. Their world won’t work. They will get weaker over time.

  14. Conservative believers see themselves as an authentic opposition…

    Yeah, my take on the sociology of journalism is that it’s not so much shilling as selective platforming.

    The Powers (and Moneys) That Be decide what idea they wanted pushed, and then go out and find a true believer in that idea and give him a platform.

    It’s much tidier than hiring a grifter scumbag to just lie; that could bite you back down the road. And the true believer, being a true believer, probably doesn’t even care that he’s being used as a pawn.

    • There is selection pressure in every field of endeavor. Like minded people will cluster together. Zealots and fanatics will cluster, mostly due to driving off non-believers. This is why tend toward infighting. I think Conservative Inc. just sold out, but their asking price was never high, so it was an easy sale. Now they have to keep reaching further into the barrel to find people willing to write for less and less.

      • It’s deplatforming. As the Unz piece shows, the most prominent journalists, historians, and thinkers were DISAPPEARED from the scene during WWII and after. Conservatism, Inc. has been CAPTURED. It’s not that it was false opposition to start with, it’s that the REAL reactionaries were flushed from the movement of Con, Inc. Look at the family background of those who were purged. Look at the family background of those who took over. Then you will see the truth.

  15. When white American Southerners celebrate their Southern heritage, some even lament the fall of the Confederate States of America during the ‘War Between the States’, when they fight tooth and nail to protect the Confederate Battle Flag, monuments to Confederate heroes, make excuses for the KKK, set up White Citizens Councils, etc, etc … is that an example of multiculturalism? does that break civic bonds? are they a danger to democracy??

    We must use context. Some identity politics are heatlhy and necessary while others are evil and must be destroyed

    • Tiny Duck,
      you’re getting better at this trolling stuff.
      much more subtle this time.
      you say “is that an example of multiculturalism?”
      you say that as if multiculti is the be-all and end-all, the thing that everyone wants, that everyone needs,that everyone must be forced to accept.
      I don’t accept it.

      “Some identity politics are heatlhy….
      others are evil and must be destroyed”
      And you’re the jury and executioner, I suppose?
      Eff Off

    • Why don’t you give an example of “healthy and necessary” identity politics? It’s easy to poke at the Cracker Barrel people.

    • Of course, the healthy identity politics are those practiced by POC, while the unhealthy (to be destroyed) identity politics are practiced by Whites. So we replace holidays, like Columbus Day, with Indigenous Peoples Day and remove statues of Jefferson Davis or Robert E Lee, and replace them with statues of Pancho Villa (this happened where I live).

      Sorry Tiny Duck, no one here is buying such gibberish.

  16. The club-footed conservative is a necessity in the progressives’ march to utopia. Without them the proggies would flameout almost immediately.

    If you are going to turn nature on its head you can’t do it in overdrive. This would result in an almost immediate and crushing blowback. The drag in the drift ever leftwards provided by a cooperative opposition allows the poison to seep in unnoticed or barely noticed by most.

    “Defining Deviancy Downward” and thus learning to live with it is the roll of the conservative.

  17. Imagine a standard 2×2 game theory table. Each player has 2 choices: (1) play identity politics or (2) not play identity politics (IP).

    The four outcomes are:

    (1) They don’t play IP, you don’t play IP = harmony
    (2) They don’t play IP, you play IP = you win
    (3) They play IP, you don’t play IP = they win
    (4) They play IP, you play IP = conflict

    The fatal flaw of conservative thinking is that the other side can be persuaded to stop playing identity politics. They will never stop. This is a reality that anyone with normal life experience has observed. Thus, practically speaking, the only two choices in the game are:

    (3) They play IP, you don’t play IP = they win
    (4) They play IP, you play IP = conflict

    So the only two choices in front of us are Conflict, or They Win.

    Now, consider audience. Above I said that conservatives’ stupidest wishful thinking is that they can persuade the other side to give up identity politics. But he’s not even talking to the other side! This man is writing for the American Conservative magazine. His readership is not They, its You!

    That means he’s really bringing about this category:

    (3) They play IP, you don’t play IP = they win

    At a time when there is a desperate, existential need for this guy’s readers to hear that it’s OK to take their own side, he is helping the other side win.

    We have to play identity politics. Tribe up or die.

      • Well worth watching.

        Murray is a different type of Conservative Inc cautionary- not progressive like the NRO crowd – but a cautionary reactionary.

        Because of his social position he can’t move any further right than that. When our movement inevitably gets more traction as whites are forced into “playing the game back” there will be a lot of people like Murray who will cross over. Many will probably assume leadership positions.

        But they will need to be watched very closely. They have a lot of vested interests in the current arrangements.

        He’s in a way similar to Ron Unz and Michael Savage: he attacks progressivism because of the counter-reaction it may unleash. They are willing to roll things back, but only to the point where their interests survive.

      • Murray: I’m afraid the white man will start playing this game back

        Yoda: afraid you should be. AFRAID YOU SHOULD BE.

    • We have to play identity politics. Tribe up or die…
      Which is why I’ve been advocating for building Communities for quite some time now(which I’m starting to sound like a broken record to some I know) but I know if we don’t then it means the death of everything good and our future…

      • Yep, that’s just the way it is. I’ll keep my Korean dentist grandfathered in, but going forward, we need to pool our resources like Mormons.

        • I think the worse things get the more people will start thinking that way…Let’s hope that there is still time to do what is needed before it gets so bad that nothing is possible…So many possibilities when enough folk get moving in that direction…

          • In my work we have the news feed on all day in the background. Watching what is going on in DC, I am truly in despair for the first time. I have always watched the proceedings with a gimlet eye, believing that these people are simply provocatively posturing to get their way. Today, I have come to believe they are pure evil, determined to utterly destroy what is left of the west for their narrow personal gain and sense of retribution. They are treating second hand “somebody said something” whispers as gospel and the bragging about criminal acts on videotape as nonexistent. I have tried to see the best in people, even people I disagree with, but this is so over the top. I have lost hope. We are doomed, as a culture. I am to the point where if I saw their heads mounted on pikes, I would cheer. That is a very bad thing, and it is caving in to the hindbrain emotion. But it is where I am at on this black, black day. It has been a long time coming, I suppose, and inevitable. But things crossed the line for me today.

          • Dutch,

            Steady Man. Don’t take it all on. Hope. You are not alone. We are not alone. We are becoming.

            Do you think as modern society grows more openly hostile to Our People they are gaining converts or losing? Do white people seem to be gaining trust in the system or eschewing it more so, daily?

            It’s easy to forget when you scout ahead, and are few in numbers that, you aren’t alone. The vanguard can sometimes feel isolated. Give it time. More are awakening. More are becoming disabused with the way things are, not less.

            I’m not saying a future for Our People is a sure thing. Far from it. What greatness ever came easy? Steady Brother. Our enemies have forced us to become, and we are. We’ll see if it is enough.

            As for your hindbrain reflex: You dont seem a hateful person from the many posts of yours I’ve read. It is not only okay to hate wickedness, it is demanded of decent men.

          • @PM
            Amen Brother…I’ve met Dutch and he is a very good man but has the same visceral hatred of evil as I do so I can relate to what he is feeling…I had the same thoughts when I read Unz’s article…

          • Penitent Man: ” It is not only okay to hate wickedness, it is demanded of decent men.” This. Vox had a good post a year or so back about how hating evil is a GOOD thing. Of course, it directly contradicts the nice churchian soccer mom to whom Christianity means being nice. I recently chided my good Christian friend when, just after complaining about the trannies she is forced to deal with in her small business, she insisted she loves everyone. I forcefully reminded her God does not want her to love evil, and no, you cannot separate the sin from the willful sinner.

          • Steady brother, you’re deep behind enemy lines. We need ya, your not just a good joe, but a great mind as well. And decent af

            On radio, today: a theory that Dems know they’re going to lose, so they are planning to blame their loss on a failed “impeachment” drama. It’s just theater, grist for the ‘news’ cycle.
            Evidence: multiple repeats at the news break that “Hunter Biden was found to have done nothing innappropriate.”

          • That’s what they are, and have always been, mad about. Hillary’s CIA front “foundation” promised lots of out-of-sight gravy for everyone, til Trump upset the apple cart.

          • Thanks for all the props, brothers. Just a really bad day, we all get them now and again. Someday, a bunch of us need to get in the same room together. That would be one hell of a conversation.

          • Low-tech skills are important, but you must become technology-friendly and include automation in your alternate communities. Form the communities into trade network/s. Think of these networks as a Hanseatic League for the 21st century.

            The initial attraction to alternate communities will come from more intelligent members of the trades and lower middle-class. As middle-class jobs are lost due to global outsourcing, H1b, and increased automation, more people will become interested in what you are offering.

            You call yourself “Lineman.” I assume you have basic electrical skills. So imagine an alternative community or network where young men are provided apprenticeship training to build Multimachines (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multimachine) and incorporate printer technology (https://www.engineering.com/AdvancedManufacturing/ArticleID/15719/7-Examples-of-How-3D-Printing-is-Being-Used-in-Manufacturing-Today.aspx) in the manufacturing process. You will sell products manufactured by your communitiy inside and outside of your trading network.

            That’s just one idea – there are many more.

            Myself and a friend advocated these ideas up until 11 years ago. We were too early and our foundationally conservative audience too indolent and insouciant. The times are changing and spicy times are just around the corner. This is how the remnants of western civilization can be preserved.

  18. “Your vote should be determined by what is best for the nation, not what is best for you.”

    “ask not what your country can do for you,
    ask what you can do for your country”

    (of course, it was still Our Country back then)

    Hey JFK, where is the reciprocity?
    One hand washes the other;
    the country must do something for me, before I do something for it.
    Give me Liberty, give me Freedom, and Privacy ..
    and I’ll do my part to make the country a better place for everyone.

    • Of course, you have it backwards
      “Give me Liberty, give me Freedom, and Privacy”

      should be “Give me nothing, just stop taking what I already have”

      • Which always reminds me of that incredible—yet apparently appealing lie—that we should “give back” to society (or be considered a selfish and bad citizen). As if we stole something, rather than earned it, and along the way of earning such did not support and contribute to that society through a myriad of taxes, obedience to laws and regulations, and a general contribution to a capitalistic economy.

        • I am sick to death of constantly hearing about how I have to give back.

          Last time I checked – society hasn’t given me shit. Yet every year I need to fill out a long form and spreadsheet out how much I have “given” to society, just so I can keep a little bit of what I earned and not find the agents at my door.

          • Here, here, Calsdad. Every so often when the kids visit and the discussion arises, I get to lecture them on their “privilege” and their “need” to give back—least the virus spread to the rest of the in-laws.

            The base lecture usually reviews how they grew up and had to work for their spending money. How they had to study and obtain scholarships from the “name” schools they were able to be accepted to and how, even then, they both had to work while in those schools, in order to graduate debt free. Waiting until graduation, then marriage, then a few years to save and buy a house, then children. All the right things done.

            Seems cliched, I know, but it’s true—and I won’t let them be poz’d. They don’t *owe* people shit.

  19. The civic nationalists that I know believe that most people can be persuaded that race-blind, small government is best. If certain groups fail to be persuaded, it is only because the civic nationalists have not made the argument effectively enough.

    This is their faith, which I used to share, but eventually I couldn’t dismiss all the disconfirming evidence. Eventually, I concluded that tribalism is the most powerful force in the world, not the only powerful force, but the most powerful.

    • If certain groups fail to be persuaded, it is only because the civic nationalists have not made the argument effectively enough.
      Yep exactly which sounds a lot like what the communist spout about their evil ideology that it just wasn’t done right and they will do it better…
      They both intentionally forget the human nature component and that all people and all races are different and have different motives in the way they live their lives…If people would be honest with themselves and with others they would admit that some people can’t live next to each without conflict and to avoid conflict there is a need for separation…

      • There may be a difference between how a person lives his life as an individual versus how he lives his life as a member of a group.

        Let’s say that you have a friend named Joe. Joe is Black. He’s a wonderful, selfless guy. Would give you the shirt off his back. That’s Joe as an individual. On the other hand, when Joe starts thinking about his group, he’s selfish. Civnats confuse Joe the individual man with Joe the Black man.

  20. It’s easy to dismiss Adam Ellwanger as an incompetent thinker or unintentionally stupid, but the reality is that he’s a paid propagandist. He is promoting a specific narrative in service to his handlers, who wish to remake society as worker drones managed by an elite class of their betters. You can count on Adam to make rousing speeches for the downtrodden in the detention camps. He’ll be about as useful as a shit stain.

  21. It’s all over but the shouting. Yesterday’s performance at the “U.N.” by a mentally ill teen age girl to the cheers from the Media, the “UN” delegates, and the s***-for-brains Millennials proves the West has degenerated into lunacy.

    A Faux News contributor was banned from Faux for pointing out the fact that the Asperger’s/Fetal Alcohol teenage freak was in fact a freak – and being used by the cynical Left to push Global Marxism in the name of “Climate Change.”

    And where is the Right/Conservatives/GOP/whatever-the-hell on this travesty today? Nowhere. Conservatism is dead. The American Republic is dead.

    We have entered “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” territory and we are a small minority of “McMurphys.” The Media/Deep State’s Nurse Ratched means business and Ze is not going to tolerate any dissent whatsoever.

    A fight, or total submission, is coming. Soon.

    • It isn’t over until the fat lady sings. The more the average normie is exposed to the obvious delusional rantings of under aged mentally ill children *demanding* that the “adults” in the room do as she says, the more potential converts we will have at our disposal. The more cheers and applause from the so called “adults” in the august body of the UN, the less credible such an institution becomes and the easier to discredit and ignore,

      Take the article cited today by Z-man. Immediately I saw—not misguided conservative clap trap wrt Democracy—but opportunity for discussion/conversion. As Z-man wisely pointed out, the article is steeped in contradictions—obvious contradictions, even for a normie (with a bit of guidance) to dIscern. And the opportunity to correct/explain those contradictions and to provide a better “fit” of theory/science to the observable facts, lies with an understanding of HBD science.

      For example, the contradiction/admonishment of groups sacrificing their group self interest for the good of the whole, i.e., the democratic “polis”, is a wonderful entry point to any number of works on “genetic interests”, which explains why the appeal to group solidarity is so appealing and why groups that do not do so in such an environment are doomed to replacement. See Frank Salter’s, “Genetic Interests, Family, Ethnicity, and Humanity in the age of Migration”, for an example of one such foundational work. Dutton’s, “Race Differences in Ethnocentrism” is another good reference and much more current.

    • Climate Cult is about creating a speculative market for carbon offsets. If you understand how the subprime crisis worked, you also understand what’s in store for us: literally unlimited speculation, unlimited energy prices – think California under Enron, only on a global scale. There are trillions, if not tens of trillions of dollars, right there for the filching. Conservative Inc. is drooling.

      • Just to let you know, California just tied with Denmark in electricity prices. Look out Germany, we have your number.

        • Just to let you know, California just tied with Denmark in electricity prices.

          Today, yes, after Cali gained some measure of control over their market. But during the Enron supremacy, you’d see rolling blackouts and public utility companies being gamed to buy in the $1,000/MWh-range.

          It will take carbon traders sixty seconds to figure out a way to securitize carbon credits like they did with energy contracts, and then it’s off to the races.

          • Yes, it was really bad that year, with rationing of electricity by the day. Even Mexico was selling us power at 10 times the normal price. It resulted in Governor Schwarzenegger, who was yet another disappointment.

          • @JR Wirth
            About ten years ago, there was a month-long spell where the wind turbines didn’t perform, either due to calm or storm. Denmark had decommissioned a number of (top modern) coal plants to harvest the green dividend, so we had a big deficiency in supply.

            In these circumstances, we buy from Norway or Sweden, but this was coming on the tail end of a multi-year drought in Scandinavia, so their hydro storages were bone dry.

            So we phoned Germany to help us out, but they were in the same straits: they had decommissioned traditional plants and now their green toys didn’t produce.

            Not an electron to be had for love nor money in all of the region, and Christmas was days away. Luckily, one of the decommissioned coal plants hadn’t been demolished yet, so we fired up the boilers and Christmas was saved.

            Wind comes with a built-in kamikaze business model: they produce when the prices are low – since every mill in the region is spinning – and are idling when the prices goes up.

            Sometimes, we sell electricity to Norway at a negative price, since it’s cheaper to pay them to take surplus production off our hands, than it is to idle the mills. This allows Sweden and, in particular, Norway to act as a battery for the region, the price spread amounting to rent.

            You can’t just build more hydro storages, because you need a decent-sized mountain range to make an efficient dam.

            In effect, only Sweden, Norway and Scotland has the potential to expand their storage capacity on any meaningful scale, and Sweden and Norway has put a moratorium on new dams since they’re so environmentally destructive.

            You could theoretically build new dams in the Alps, but then you’d have to flood a lot of densely populated valleys.

            The problem with intermittent production, as illustrated by the case above, will only exacerbate as more wind is rolled out. The only world in which all this makes sense, is one in where you design the grid to game the customers.

    • When I read things like this, I go into flights of anxiety. But you’re right.

      On a coast with no dependents, no family or friends whom I can trust, and a minor physical disability that could cost me my life if things break down.

      Anyone in middle America or mountain west who needs a great writer, worker, and all-around reliable and highly competent person, I’m your man. No dependents and I’m ready to go. Quite honestly, I can’t sleep at night any longer in the supine and prone position I’m in. The breakdown of the family has affected a lot of us in ways we can’t articulate, but are now beginning to understand: one wakes up alone in middle age, with a still-living family out there, all of whom are dead to each other.

        • I live in northern NJ and know two couples who plan to retire to Idaho. They’re very conservative, pro-Second Amendment people, so they’ll fit in.

          I may need to flee there someday, too.

          • Diversity is being showered upon Idaho by Uncle Sam and NGOs. We are also being inundated by California cockroaches scurrying away from the disaster they created.

          • Chobani yogurt company imported a bunch of refugees to work in their production facilities. It’s just not as bad.

          • Idaho will be better than where you left but not as good as you might imagine. More liberals are moving there and the conservatives there will tell how you much they support lots of immigration so long as it’s legal. They may be conservative with respect to 2A and fiscal issues but they want to welcome refugees and diversity.

          • I live in MA – in what is apparently one of the whitest areas of the country if I believe one of the articles I read recently.

            When I first moved into my town 20 years ago – seeing dark faces was almost unheard of. There has definitely been an uptick in black faces in these parts over the last 5 years or so – but the vast majority of what I see is whites, Asians, and hispanic types.

            Hearing that places like Idaho and some of the southern states are getting more and more pozzed is depressing – because I always hoped there would be someplace to run to when this area went full commie.

            Now I’m starting to wonder if the place to run to might exactly where I am already.

          • It might be. And thanks to all above for the suggestions and advice. I’ll be doing some research.

            I’m familiar with that part of Massachusetts, and — yeah — northwestern Mass. on the NY/VT border seems like a decent area, too (in addition to central and western Mass.). The farther away from major highways and railway tracks, I figure, the better off you are.

            Northern Maine (another area I’d like to explore) would be tough, but if you have a few trustworthy friends with you, I’m betting that’d be ideal. Nothing except nuclear or volcanic ash is ever getting up there.

    • This guy. Kindred spirit. Saves me the time n effort wordsmithing my own thoughts. “Fight or submission”? Bet on submission. We have too few warriors.

  22. “This definition of democracy can only lead to a piety spiral, where citizens prove their virtue through self-abnegation. If the greatest good is sacrifice for the whole, then the normal human desire for status is going to lead extreme public acts of piety. Since the most one can give of themselves is their life, the ultimate act of sacrifice to democracy would be suicide.”

    I think this is how the good whites have been acting for the past 50 years at least and now they are taking all us bad whites down with them

  23. “From the beginning, American conservatism was about accommodation. It was wrong from the start.” Amen & Amen.

    Democracy is probably the wrong approach on a deserted island of 10 people, but democracy in a nation-state of 300 million, many of whom are illiterate? Sheer lunacy. But lunacy is what we get when people are conditioned to consider “democracy” with positive connotations and when very few can actually define the term. And If there’s one thing the progressives have shown over the last century, it’s that there’s no accommodating them … for them it’s join us or bugger off. Once they get the upper hand it’s join us … or die.

    A representative republic was challenging enough to pull off, but this democracy business is a dead-end – literally. If there’s going to be a reasonably coherent dissident conservatism it will need to revolve around a dis-uniting – a physical partitioning of CONUS.

  24. The former german chancellor, Helmut Schmidt said this in 2004 about multiculturalism and democracy;
    “Helmut Schmidt, the former German chancellor, has inflamed the country’s debate on immigration by saying that multiculturalism can only work under authoritarian regimes, and that bringing millions of Turkish guest workers to Germany was a mistake.
    “The concept of multiculturalism is difficult to make fit with a democratic society,” he told the Hamburger Abendblatt newspaper.”

  25. Reminds me of a piece by the Anti-Puritan:

    “The mainstream right performs a valuable function for the left. As a controlled opposition, it makes the left’s ever increasing tyranny excusable. No monarch would dare impose gay marriage on an unwilling population. Nor would a one-party state like communist China. When commies take over they wind up owning the whole thing, and making them owners of an economy makes them behave responsibly toward their possessions. The level of madness of the politics of America is only made possible by a group of people who fight, and always lose. Even the process of compromise makes the left more radical. If one is to negotiate to a compromise, then he should start out with the most extreme position imaginable. That way, when compromise occurs, the resulting midway point will be what he actually, and secretly, desires. Under a one-party leftist state the people would feel the weight of all oppression acutely, forcing the regime to back off on its more radical ideas. “Compromise” with controlled opposition encourages insanity while one-party ownership suppresses it. Political parties have incentives to behave irrationally while state owners are incentivized to conserve their property and budgets.”

  26. Briggs has an excellent post on this subject today.


    “The objection will be that NR was founded explicitly right wing. This is not so. Standing athwart history yelling stop is not reactionary. It is cautionary. And that is what conservativism is: caution, not reaction. Conservatives want to be seen doing carefully what progressives want done yesterday. Reactionaries want to get off the ship altogether.”

  27. As soon I hear or read a “conservative” ranting about “democracy” I know the author is either a liar, an idiot, or both. If I continue reading, it’s only to try to figure out which it is.

      • “The guy who wrote the AmCon piece is a college professor”

        Well, that explains it right there. Outside of a few maverick reactionaries in fringe universities, no college professor has had a rational thought since about 1968. Even Buckley would be stunned by the vapidity of this tripe, not the least feature of which is that a committment to “democracy” as this guy understands it would seem to preclude belief in any religion.

  28. This is why understanding the true nature of history is so important. Ron Unz has a recent 20,000 word piece on the travesty of WWII. Even this brave man cannot come right out and say it, but he gets as close as he can by saying the INVERSE of the “legend” of WWII is true. Z man says that the “myth of Lincoln” is the “conservative” true founding of the country. I would disagree. I would say WWII is the “myth” that our current society is structured around. THIS PIECE IS A MUST READ! The same monsters got us into Iraq and now want to take on nuclear Russia.

      • LOL, true in “theory”. In popular culture, WWII dominates everything. No one smears their opponents as a “rebel”. No, the go to smear is the Nazi one. Just compare how many frigging movies WWII gets vs the Civil War.

        • “In popular culture, WWII dominates everything.”

          WWII does not dominate everything. Holocaust dominates everything.

          In American political discourse, WWII mythos equals Holocaust mythos.

          American history now equals Holocaust Holocaust Slabery Slabery Holocaust Cibil Rights Movement Holocaust Racism Holocaust Slabery Holocaust.

          Nearly every American under age 40 thinks WWII was fought because Holocaust. If you ask a Millenial or a Zoomer why Hitler was bad, xe will tell you, “because he killed the Jews.”

          Did I forget to mention Holocaust? Oh, I almost forgot to add… Holocaust!

          • I will know that man actually landed on the moon once there is a holocaust memorial on it. LOL. But yeah, I’m putting the roller blading accident in the same bag as the overall WWII legend, obviously.

          • I’m a tailend Boomer with a father and uncles who fought in the War. We knew about Ann Frank and concentration camps, but the focus was on the war itself. I don’t think that I heard of the word “holocaust” until the broadcast of the miniseries “Holocaust” in 1978. That seems to have kickstarted the Holocaust focus.

            There was a Holocaust memorial in Washington DC before there was a WWII memorial. Shows you what matters.

          • This was my experience as well. Everybody knew that Hitler killed Jews but it didn’t dominate everything.

          • That, too.

            A friend of my mother lost her GI husband and brother in the War, but they’re chopped liver.

          • You know it’s really bad when you go into a library and it outnumbers any books on any of our history…That alone should wake people up but nope they want to keep their head in the sand…

          • The holocaust is our modern religion. All around most of the the planet you can find Holocaust memorials in the same way you used to find statues of Jesus, Zeus, or Lenin

    • It’s only 43 pages as a PDF and well worth the paper.
      I skimmed it and will re-read slowly.
      Rob Unz is a national treasure. The world is a better place for him being in it.

      • Amen. And this is why I disagree with both Z and Vox about the Candace Owens of the world. In this day and age of smearing and ad hominem, ONLY A JEWISH GUY can expose what’s been going on the last century. At least initially. He provides excellent cover for GETTING THE FACTS OUT!! Everyone else is always smeared as a nazi, etc. Ron Unz is an amazing man and thank God for him!!

        • Unz has proven his chops.

          Don’t follow CO as much, so not sure if she is the real deal. Vox and Z being smarter than I and following more closely would cause me to defer to their judgment.

          • There’s nothing wrong with Candace Owens. She’s one of few who have the balls to attack academia. Whether you agree with everything she says or not is less important than the fact the she at least knows where the source of the problem lies.

          • I really don’t know much about her. But it goes to my point that sometimes you need someone with an inherent shield to the neverending smear machine to flip the script a bit and get the facts out there. IOW, stop playing the same morality play on the stage the left sets up.

          • “I really don’t know much about her.”
            All you really need to know about Candace Owens is that she’s black.

        • If you’re Catholic, you can understand Candace Owens by thinking of her as being like a priest. Only a black (like Candace Owens) can absolve you of your sins.

          • I’m not super-de-duper familiar with Candace Owens, so I’ll ask the question: Does she peddle DR3?

            If she does, she’s a gatekeeper. If not, that would be a powerful ally indeed.

      • I feel guilty criticizing jews on his website because he is on the side of the angels. There are some really over-the-top anti-jewish articles published on the website, but he doesn’t stop it. A number of once independent bloggers that I like are also sheltered there, such as Steve S., RamZPaul, Audacious Epigone and Paul Kersey.

        • Who wants to stand among 100 million other people, with a flimsy piece of paper in hand, dictating nothing and signifying zippo?

          It is a kind of stand to have never voted in one’s life, as I have not. I would not vote if I was paid to do so (unless the money was greater than an hourly wage).

          The end of the world will be marked in flames burning all the voting slips of paper.

    • Epiminondas posted the link to Unz’s article in yesterday’s Z-posting. If you have any interest in why the world you live in is so mixed up, this is a must read. I am an armchair 20th century history buff, and this thing addressed a number of questions hanging around in my understanding. I am not saying you should 100% buy what Unz is selling. I am saying that if you do not read this thing, you are missing out on a whole dimension of our history that has been suppressed. Close to home, Unz explains why my German relatives, who have a strong sense of their own history and family experiences, have a much more nuanced understanding of the Nazi years than they could ever specifically convey to me, an interested and mostly sympathetic listener—one of those “It’s a German thing, you wouldn’t understand” things. Sorry to rant on so, but this is a must read if you have any ambition to claiming an understanding of where we are and what is going on. It is an epic read that will give you information to fill that mental bookshelf deliberately kept empty and bare by the powers that be, whether it is 10% correct or 100% correct. It will, at the least, suggest some questions you should be asking about a lot of things, whether or not Unz comes to the right conclusions. Just read it.

      • I have read the entire thing, including many of the source materials, such as Suvorov/The Chief Culprit, and Barnes’ works and Irving’s work and Hoggans’ work. Not only is Unz 100% correct, but there are frankly even more supporting information that he does not mention. It is beyond shocking. Woe to the special people if the truth does ever get out there…

    • I referenced this article yesterday to someone on here who thought Churchill was the Man of the Millennium. After reading that article you realize ol’ Winston was a pathetic sap.

      • The money shot:

        “… the inescapable conclusion is that in per capita terms Jews were the greatest mass-murderers of the twentieth century, holding that unfortunate distinction by an enormous margin and with no other nationality coming even remotely close. And yet, by the astonishing alchemy of Hollywood, the greatest killers of the last one hundred years have somehow been transmuted into being seen as the greatest victims…”

        • And the lesson that should be shouted from the rooftops, these people also got us into Iraq and are right now beating the drum incessantly for war against Russia/Iran/Syria, you name it. Putin is vilified by these same damn people the same way another famous leader was. again and again and again.

      • I have read all six volumes of Churchill’s biography at Hillsdale. It goes right up to pre WWII. Looking back, one thing that struck me was how incompetent he was at military affairs. He was no coward, but he was an unhinged lunatic and a horrible military leader. And quite the prolific writer.

    • This is something we need to address as dissidents. As an empire, the USA enjoys power of position that manifests itself in any number of ways – mostly economic.

      The realities of empire are what they are – in order to have legitimate interests abroad, you have to be willing to defend them from third world mutts and gangsters that would threaten them. The dissident right forgets this at their peril.

      Iraq had a hand in that war too, and to ignore it and blame a shadowy cabal of jews and USA globalists is to be ignorant of the realities of the geopolitics of empire.

      • Global power is a mixed salad of interests centering on the homeland of the Americans; but — there are a few other powers.

        The key fact is the other powers save energy and money by moving a lever under the butt of American interests.

      • The United States was never designed to be an empire – and in fact the men who founded the country specifically took measures to make sure it never became one. The recommendation against a standing army was one of the most obvious ones.

        If you believe that the US is an “empire” then that is an admission that the nation has been taken over by outside forces. Who are proving hostile to the intent of the founders – and detrimental to the people who want to live here in peace.

        The United States has no legitimate interests abroad – any more than I have “legitimate interests ” in my neighbor’s property and family down the street.

        The geopolitics of empire are that elites use a country for their own ends – and inevitably what happens is that the “empire” destroys the host country.

        Which is exactly what is happening to the US.

        • There’s a wide distance between our having interests abroad, expressed non-coercively and non-threateningly, versus trying to promote them through military force. The first is legitimate — or would be if the U.S. was managed for the benefit of its people instead of the deep state. The second is not.

          • Exactly.

            A country may have “interests” in getting access to a reliable and affordable source of oil. The country that happens to have that oil – also has it’s own interests. In a sane world – each party negotiates and comes to some approximation of what they both want. If the country with the oil wants to sell it for a ridiculous price – you unfortunately have to walk away and find another solution. You might have no oil – but they have nothing either if they insist on selling for a ridiculous price.

            The simplest way I’ve explained this dynamic to some of my dumber right wing acquaintances is to point out that every single one of them likely has an interest in getting sex from Giselle Bundchen. Giselle on the other hand – has absolutely no interest in giving them any sexual access.

            If they push the issue – we call that rape, and your ass goes to jail.

            The same dynamic should apply in relations between countries.

            The whole “empire” thing – is just an excuse for acting like an asshole.

        • Partially true, CD. No, the USA was not designed to be an empire. But… out there in the world there are some really, really bad people with empirical intentions and they will be more than willing to hurt us and our allies.

          As for no interests abroad? Think: foreign investments? Trade agreements? What do you do when you build a factory with allies in Africa – and the local warlord decides to kill your employees and take anything of value? Or some rag head in the middle east, with a hate-on for Americans – decides to fly one of your own planes through one of your sky scrapers? Yes, you DO have legit foreign interests, and yes, unless you are willing to protect them as an empire would – you WILL lose them and there is nothing ethical or moral about letting gangsters steal your stuff. Or that of your friends.

        • Washington wanted ro rule the Indians (which is imperium).It was one of the reasons for his hostility to the British.

          Forts criss-crossing the lands of the natives ,using cavalry to harass and intimidate the local population is imperialism.

          • In my little world, the real estate agent / brokerage field appears to feature a fairly high percentage of cat ladies, would-be cat ladies, over the hill housewives whose looks are fading or have already faded, overweight housewives, women with empty nest issues, and, of course, scolds.

          • The ratio of real estate brokers to sales is a pretty good illustration of Pareto’s rule. About everyone with some spare time thinks he/she can become a RE agent and pick up a hefty commission as a side hustle. Community colleges feed into this delusion with course offerings and night classes. Most of these agents do not even book a sale a year and are basically inactive.

            Recently, I’ve heard there are increasing sales being made by the largish companies (Zillow for example) that make offers themselves for your property. Even heard brokers recommending such to their clients when the need to move is high and the home is in “poorish” shape for sale.

            A good agent is golden, but a bad one is costly.

          • A friend of a friend, who was a real estate saleswoman, told me that the real estate business was a scam. Ninety percent of the people who start school on January 1 will be out of the field by December 31. In the meantime, the schools, the textbook publishers, etc., make their money. Real estate schools only teach the rules, the agencies teach how to sell.

          • One of my favorite and most hilarious novels has a 60ish guy finding himself in the real estate biz — The Lay of the Land, by Richard Ford. But it works best if you read the first two books in the trilogy, The Sportswriter (which is OK) and Independence Day (which is wonderful).

          • All 100% commission gigs have a failure rate over 90%. Low barrier to entry with a very small amount of people making a lot of money. Network marketing is probably the worst of the lot. 100% commission industries prey on desperate people and get them to spend a lot of their meager resources on chasing the dream. Network marketing companies are the most shrewd because they usually require the mark to buy a bunch of their product

          • “In my little world…”

            Good job of covering the female terrain in the real estate business. You get to move out of your cubicle and into a window office.

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